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01 Aug 2012 22:10:49
Danish side Brondby is in serious talks with the defensive allrounder and former Fulham player Fredrik Stoor. Stoor is playing in Norway atm.



01 Aug 2012 22:17:00
Derby set to bid for 2 strikers in the next 48 hours. The Rams will only sign one of them though as the rest of the money/ what they get for Davies' departure will go to signing Connor Sammon on loan. The 2 strikers are; Billy Kee from Burton Albion with a fee of £400,000 being branded around. The second is Lee Barnard from Southampton with half a million being the most likely fee.

All wrong.We are not getting connor sammon because we want to buy not loan.Billy kee is a possible but other targets are already in progress definately not lee barnard

Pittman is going to be one of the strikers that derby sign, meaning davies is coming the other way plus cash bcfc, reliable source

Think that Lee Barnard would be a good signing.
I know that Billy Kee is a regular scorer for Burton but will be able to step up to the Championship?

Would live to see LB go to a decent club like Derby. He's been great for us and will be z real fans favourite wherever he goes.

The 2 strikers we are after are Brett Pitman from Bristol City and James Vaughan on a loan deal from Norwich.

Brett Pitman I HOPE NOT!! Watched the local derby in bristol yesterday and was not impressed, Bristol city may have won 3-0 but they looked poor and did not pass the ball around well. thay are going to struggle this season and may even go down. oh and any rumours of liam fontane coming to the saints forget it he is not very good with a slow football brain



01 Aug 2012 21:02:33
Bristol City
Mark Wilson
Kyle Bartley
Sam Baldock
Steve Davies
Brett Pitman
Damion Stewart

Would be great can't see us signing davies and baldock, would prefer baldock. Also bartley is unlikely to join us

Im hoping this will be true! city will be a new team with better players, del boy knows what hes doing were on the up!

When we getting them then!! So I can get the cider in! No buzsaky then??

Davies aint happening we dont need that type of player!
Buzsaky is still on may sign later today or tomorrow!

Davis is happening derby have said hes in talks with bristol city



01 Aug 2012 21:02:14
wba to sell long for 10m back to reading then are going to buy flecther from wolves for 13m imo the better player

Nothing would make me happier to see Shane back. It won't happen as WBA will not sell him.

Um no.... we wouldny spend that much on him...

Long for 10m haha more like 4m max

Not 10m reading wouldn't pay that for who they sold for 7m one year ago.

Shane long is not worth 10 million Defoe deal is not dead yet rather have him anyway spurs are looking for a new striker paving loan deal to Reading fc

I like Long but don't rate him at 10m, it just would never happen. Like above guy said Defoe deal isn't dead in the water but the only thing that makes me think that is the fact he isn't being linked with anymore clubs. Liverpool seem the only team midly interested but dnt think Defoe wants to live up North. As i've said before Defoe would compliment two of our strikers very well, whether it be the Pog playing or Roberts. He'd get goals that's for sure.

I Brifely spoke with Defoe yesterday and asked him if he was coming to Reading all he said was No and drove on

Fletch would never go to the tescos

Linked with Defoe don't be silly he was never going there as for Shane long good player but he won't leave WBA for the only club smaller than them in the prem

Long 10m NO CHANCE ..
PLECTHER 13M...13 pound yes... not worth a ponny more

We sold Long for £4.5m last summer. I cant see us paying more than £6m at the most if he was available. There's better strikers like Defoe and Steven Fletcher available for £10m



01 Aug 2012 20:59:14
Sky Sports reporting Bellamy to Cardiff is a done deal

Does it ah it must have been when you checked it cos when i checked it nothing between Bellamy and us is happening, stop putting rumours with bad sources

We hope so come on bellars come home mate. back to wales.

CB39 WILL be a Cardiff player in the next few weeks!!

Going to qpr

Oh qpr dont even know if they will sign him and neither do we what is the point in claiming when even us Cardiff City fans qpr dont know anything, plus its more likely for us to bag Bellamy anyway ;)



01 Aug 2012 20:50:41
Stockport County are to take barnsley keepr Lukas Lidakevicius on season long loan

No there not, steele is injured they need him



01 Aug 2012 20:32:34
Sheffield Wednesday set to sign
rurik gislason from OB



01 Aug 2012 20:11:04
Anthony knockaert signed for Leicester City



01 Aug 2012 20:09:39
leeds to offer 2million for jermaine beckfrod whilst keeping ross mccormack after offering him 15k a week plus captaincy.

Not a hope! Beckfords wages are far too high and ross as captain, not that type of player mate. I like the sound of pearse as captain, think kenny will get it tho

Mccormack has been at Leeds for a while he knows How leeds works pearce and kenny are newcomers they havent earned the captin armband

Bates to spend £2M on one player ? lol
As for his wage demands, pie in the sky rumour me thinks.

Warnock doesn't use keepers for captaincy, hence stripping Lonergran of it upon his arrival..

Money from snodgrass sale to be used to buy him and Mackail smith

Well warnock gave the qpr captaincy to kenny when ever tarrabt was injured in the championship I think it shoul be given to Pearce or an experienced cm like Norris or Austin

Money from Snodgrass sale £1.5M up front plus up to another £1.5M depending on appearances etc, so how you plan to sign two players with £1.5M and the wages these two guys are on is beyond me



01 Aug 2012 20:08:52
Leicester City are set to sign winger Anthony Knockaert from French side Guingamp, BBC Radio Leicester reports.

The Foxes scouted Knockaert on several occasions last season and the 20-year-old has also been linked with a move to Premier League side Newcastle United.

If a deal is completed, Knockaert would become City's sixth summer signing.


I can see the headlines now: It's a Knockaert. {Ed003's Note - Cheers Stuart}

Thank you. But my name's not Stuart.



01 Aug 2012 18:19:27
Southampton,Reading,Werder Bremen and Fulham have scouts at the Coventry City Stadium reportedly watching Japan GK Shuichi Gonda of FC Tokyo

Southampton have already signed a young goalkeeper to train up... Southampton will be looking for a keeper with top flight experience.

Why would Reading be there? They have at least 3 very good Goalkeepers. They are sorted for a fair few years.

He has been amazing at the Olympics

Would be a good signing. Would love Ryo Miyaichi from Arsenal on season long loan too.

Has he? I'm sorry I didn't know cause not many people tend to watch the Olympic football. On a serious note I am not saying he's a bad keeper I'm just saying it seems to be the same generic list of clubs people throw at players who they think might go higher. I have to say Reading's manager said 'no more signings are being looked at', Southampton already signed a young and talented keeper and I'm not sure Fulham want him either. I have no idea about Werder Bremen though so I won't put out an opinion.

Not neccessarily...youth are cheap to pay/buy in some cases and can eventually turn a big profit. Just because we already have gazzaniga doesn't mean we might not be interested in more youth even if they are for the same position.



01 Aug 2012 19:09:12
Salim Kerkar previously of the old Rangers has signed for Charlton



01 Aug 2012 19:05:42
Milton Keynes Dons can confirm the signing of striker Ryan Lowe for an undisclosed fee from Sheffield Wednesday. (Mkdons website)

Good signing..... from a Wedneday fan

Yes good signing wished he would get a chance in championship but with the players we are getting up front he wont play

All the best good luck



01 Aug 2012 18:47:55
tottenham are in pole position to bring in brazilian and inter keeper julio cesar



01 Aug 2012 18:44:49
wba and norwich are both tracking honduras international andy najar currently of dcunited

Wigan also in the hunt. Have had a few Honduran players over years which could make us favourites

There is a lot of media speculation connecting Najar to Norwich, as well as Wigan and west Brom, even from such esteemed sources as The Washington Post as well as a fair stack of papers on this side of the pond.

Unlikely. We ducked out of signing Michu. We haven't signed a foreign player except Ayala and he was already playing in the UK when we signed him. The trend is not to risk relocaters or those without experience of UK football even when the foreigner has such obvious moneyball credentials as Michu i.e. an amazing goals to games ratio from midfield.Plus this Honduran is a winger. Not sure we need 4 wingers.More likely a Wigan signing. Romao the same it wont happen.Same with rumours on this Polish left back -all talk. If we were going to sign this type of player we would have done so already.



01 Aug 2012 17:50:07
Oldham are set to sign Left Midfielder Daniel Jones from Sheffield Wednesday on loan. The out of favour midfielder will go to Oldham till the end of the season.

Hope u do did nought for wednesday but is fast

He was good last time he was with us, could fill our left midfield gap :)

So so hope so, he was quality last time!

Hope he does as he was quality when we had him last time and played all the time, has a good left foot and will play well with Grounds.



01 Aug 2012 17:39:02
Wolverhampton has been scouting for attacking midfielder Riku Riski, who plays in Hönefoss BK in Norway



01 Aug 2012 17:31:28
Bolton are trying to raise the momey to make an improved offer for prestons Danny Mayor

If Bolton are struggling to raise the money to buy Danny Mayor they must be in financial difficulty. I cannot imagine the fee will break the bank.

I'm sure most north end fans will chip in to get rid of ... Most overrated player ive seen .. 1 game in 10 & that not that good .. Wel well overrated .. Get rid

Bolton are trying to raise money to sign a League 1 player, are yiu havin a laugh? We are not that desperate, we don't need another winger, We need a striker and a centre midfielder as a priority and the injuries don't clear up a centre half or two.

Mayor has loads of ability , unfortunately with a prat like westley in charge he will never have been treated properly

Mayor absolutely garbage .. Better players on worden park on Sunday morn .. Very overrated .. Never turned up for north end even 4 previous manager . So not just westly .. Very big ego ,overrated . Get rid

He didn't do it 4 brown either... Ability ?? 1game in 10 he'd turn up .. Ur havin a laugh .. Ability lolololololo

Take em both mayor and proctor, unfortunatey they feel they should be prem players with not even 50 games 10 goals between them., sell sell sell, they lost their heads

What a load of rubbish. Mayor & Proctor wanting to play at a higher level- they have only been playing 5 minutes. These kids deserve a clip round the ear!!

Money's not the issue. Read it again, it says "raise momey". They're trying to get in touch with Mayor's mommy, but she ain't picking up the phone.

Bloody Hell.... I certainly don't want someone with a big head at Bolton. We had that last year with Reo-Cocker, massive chip on his shoulder overrated who thought he was bigger and better than the club. Bolton is a family club not an ego club. Don't want overrated egos at Bolton...

Mayor is an enigma,i hope Bolton get something out of him,and we get him out.

Mayor has been at boltons traning ground

Mayor Would be good


We don't need Mayor we have plenty of wingers in the squad, if we did take a winger I would look at Judge from Notts Co and take Ryo on loan again from Arsenal. Please not Mayor.

Our next moves should another striker and more cover in defence.

Mayor has ability but only displays it very occasionally

Mayor is an amazing player but he shouldnt go to bolton theyve got 2 much wingers . Mayor is a mate of my sister



01 Aug 2012 17:30:01
Middlesbrough have officially signed mustapha carayol this afternoon...... Confirmed on MFC official website

Very poor signing for Boro. Struggled last year in a very poor 4th division side.

Completely disagree. Carayol will be a squad player at first, but training with better players and coaches will help him develop. He will be one of the raw diamonds Mogga finds this year.

Struggled? He was only their best player....

You're literally the only person who isn't ecstatic by this signing. Muzzy has tons of pace, likes to take people on and judging by the BRFC fans looked far to good for L2 last year.

So zoko scores 14 on the left wing last season makes twice the number of assist. And you pick this guy. He is also a lot quicker stronger and more skilful

Boro have had a 2mill bid knocked back for albert adomah if we can find 3mill hes a boro player is he worth 3mill dose this mean marvin is on his way and a mistory club has bid for paul taylor hope its us class player.

Who is this guy muzzy very poor watch muzzy 4 the boro he will hammer the champo our team lookin the part now and muzzy makes us stronger just watch

Jealous people he was there best player last year

Boro have not got 2mil to offer its sell to buy n there's no way mogga will sell emnes he's stated he's building the squad around him so not a chance!

I'm a boro fan n I'm not excited by carayol at all. YouTube makes every player look good, look at tarmo kink, alvez, zammama, McDonald n kris Boyd they all look great on YouTube but useless in a boro shirt n they all except tarmo came from a better league. He's got a lot of work to do to step up to the champo

Zemmamma McDonald and Boyd all came from the Scottish leagues, while Alves came from the Dutch leagues.

"better" is not a term I would use to describe them.

Listen in mogga we tust he has obviously watched him a few times and had all the reports so why winge already give the kid time and get behind the boro if your a real boro fan

Exactly what i was gonna say, mcdonald boyd and zemmama all came from the spl which is now a one man horse race league. The dutch is between 3 team tbh aswell. The championship its between 10 plus teams.

Carayol came from league 2... Spl is realistically abetter league than league 2 id say so a better league is definately how I'd describe them n alvez came from heerenveen who have players in European cups against the best in the world also the Dutch league is better than our English division 2 so yeah definately better

Also you don't pay 12.5mil for anybody from league 2 do ya???



01 Aug 2012 17:28:34
Ipswich looking at signing Arsenal midfielder Nico Yennaris on loan until January

Good player Nico would be a wise move to get him out on loan

That is all guess work.arsenal will not let him go to Ipswich and Davies will not be coming to itfc.that is genuine

Don't see this happening, which is unfortunate as he is a top class, young player.

Only be good if it would be season long loan no point otherwise just screw us wen he goes in januar



01 Aug 2012 17:25:24
Stoke to bid for Allan hutton

Why are we intrested he is not the best



01 Aug 2012 16:59:52
Sky Sports News have linked Norwich, as well as Wigan and West Brom, with Honduran Andy Najar who is currently playing in the Olympic squad.

Would be very happy with this deal. Very promising young winger

Wigan fan here would be a good signing



01 Aug 2012 16:59:00
Wigan athletic interested in Andy Najar from d.c united the 19 year old is highly regarded especially with his role in the olympic squad and Mohamed Traore from Odense is also a talented replacement for diame as his physical presence is a main factor in his style of play much like momo diame.



01 Aug 2012 17:10:42
Brightons new big striker is going to be Ross Mccormack I can confirm the fee will be in the region of 1.5 to 2 million and will be announced in the next few days

I'm a Huddersfield fan who wouldn't mind McCormack signing for us,although getting sick of all the rumours about him.I have heard from someone who knows his parents that Brighton is his likely destination if Leeds can't persuade him to stay.He'd be a good signing for you guys.

He has just said his first choice would be to stay at Leeds,If the contract is what he thinks he is worth.By the way no way hudders Warnock has said if he goes we want a player in exchange,which all points to c m smith to Leeds or no deal

2 mill plus CMS

Hope so, really do but think he might stay at Leeds in the end

His buyout clause is 2.5; nice try though

He is hardly big is he

Why would it be 2 million and CMS that's like 4 million in total and any way Poyet would never sell CMS it will be a straight 2 million and will be announced in the next few days

May happen now hoskins is outter for six weeks with a broken foot

That's stupid why would we get rid of CMS to bring in someone who's in my opinion more lazy and wouldn't bring anything more to the club than CMS already does. Poyet wants to strengthen not weaken.

The confusion here is that warnock stated he wanted a player swap deal. With RM now rejecting the latest contract offer. He is not in a position to be calling all the shots. So may have to settle for cash.

I have heard from someone at the Argus that Leeds have definitely enquired about CMS, whether or not the deal will go through or not is a different matter.

If there is a deal it will be not far off a straight swop, if only so Palace fans can claim that Brighton paid too much to take McCormack when he was actually desperate to sign them

Macca is NOT lazy, works hard for 90mins, definately got a better work rate than CMS, also more talented.....

Brighton will only sign mccormack if CMS goes the other way as theyre preety similar players

How is mccormack a big target man?



01 Aug 2012 17:01:56
Aberdeen are going to be signing three other players before the end of the window, but one before the game on Saturday.
Barry robson will sign for 100k
Michael Kane loan from manchester united
Salim kekar

Robson has moved abroad

Robson cant be enjoying canada homesick within 2 months eh.

Salim kekar has signed for charlton

Wise up all done at abn



01 Aug 2012 16:45:14
With Bristol City closing in on the signature of Sam Baldock, I understand that they have simmered there interest in Steve Davies.

Davies is now likely to join Ipswich Town after the ITFC and DCFC agreed a fee of 750k, with added clauses.

Deal set to be completed soon, with Davies travelling to ITFC tomorrow for talks and medical.

Well if bcfc get baldock,davis wait and see

Derby fan-Bolton,Bristol city and Blackburn are the only ones in it now.
Ipswich were told 1 million or nothing.They said they had no more so thats the end of it.If you are not interested anymore it will be blackburn.
Nigel said he wouldnt sell to Jewell anyway after he ruined derbys finances with stupid spending in 2008 which clough has had to work hard to change.

City are after baldock and davis as pitman is going to derby

Pitman isnt going to derby and mcinnes has already said that davies isnt the type of striker he wants



01 Aug 2012 16:20:14
Derby have signed James o connor from doncaster for a undisclosed fee and Derby are still considering the offer bristol city have given for Steve Davies which is money plus bret pitman

Pitman has scored today!

Strikers wot we need not a bunch of defenders, he must think theo,s gonna hit 20 alone, pull ya finger out clough n get a striker

McInnes told The Post: "Steve Davies is one we are aware of, but he is not the type of striker we require right now.

"There has been no contact with Derby and we have definitely not made an offer."




01 Aug 2012 15:41:30
Leeds United have taken French prospect Kevin Gomez on trial. He played in last nights Development squad game

Snodgrass gone norwich for 3 million and 1.5 upfront, surely enough to get max gradel back in the white shirt MOT

I don't think Max is coming back. He's pretty established in the first team.

I thought max had a shocking first year in france? Maybe not, I didn't see I just heard it. Still he wasmworshipedmat Leeds if he is coming back to England not in the prem YET then it is surely Leeds



01 Aug 2012 15:24:22
Ive just been told by chap in local bookies that Brighton's new striker that is soon to be announced is Swansea striker Leroy Lita. He was the same geezer who told me about Tomasz Kuciazck

Hope not Leroy lita isn't very good in my opinion although he is a talk target man which is what Gus is rumoured to be looking for...

It's not Lita it's McCormack

Lita is lazy but very strong to be honest I don't think he'd bring much.

We're looking to bring height to the squad. lita's hardly going to do that is he?



01 Aug 2012 15:10:49
Kilmarnock can hope for are a couple of young loan signings once premiership clubs finalise their squads. Kenny will pull a diamond from somewhere.

The two Italian players on loan sounds



01 Aug 2012 14:54:24
Alaixys Romao to sign for Norwich
BBB {Ed015's Note - Thanks Bly.}

I think your good source has just turned bad.



01 Aug 2012 14:49:05
mohammed shawky linked to charlton
and birmingham former boro midfielder



01 Aug 2012 14:38:57
Accrington Stanley have enquired about having young Shrewsbury Town striker Tom Bradshaw on a season long loan.

If Town bring in another striker then this would be very good move for all parties concerned. The lad desperately needs games.

It he going??

I can see a 6month loan

Let's him go ok next time he play very good ok

Bradshaw it not going on loan (GT)



01 Aug 2012 14:27:27
Zavon Hines this morning snubbed Coventrys contract offer almost immediately as they refuse to exeed this seasons transfer wage cap of 3.5k

Currently on trial at Swindon

He is having a trial at Swindon for a week

That's a relief. Certainly not what we are looking for. Need someone who can regularly put the ball in the net and Hines is not that person.

Trial cut short by di canio due to fitness concerns



01 Aug 2012 14:26:58
Van Persie will be a City player by the end of next week, a 4 year deal has been agreed subject to a medical, around £190,000 a week.

So RVP might get £190,000 a week but what will Arsenal receive?
Anything less than £24/25 million isn't worth it.
With RVP this season Arsenal might get to the last 16 of the Champions League. They would stand a better chance of finishing in the top 4 of the Premiership and therefore qualifying again for the CL. These would generate about £17/18 million in revenue. Denying City RVP's services for another season has to be worth another £7/8 Million.

Has he not already agreed terms with Juventus? Just the clubs to agree terms now.

Is that Bristol city?



01 Aug 2012 14:25:33
Middlesbrough in for Benik Afobe on 6 month loan but face stiff competition from Birmingham

Sorry mate he s going to bolton



01 Aug 2012 14:22:24
quinn from sheffield united could be signing for huddersfield town. hes been seen at the galpharm.

Loads more rumours telling us about this midfielder, that midfielder, we DO NOT want or need more midfielders....that method was tried and failed under clark, try strikers and a centre half!

When town played sheff u... {Ed044's Note - Grayson said after signing Keith southern that he would be the last midfield addition to his squad

Can't see it, good player but another midfielder of which we have too many.



01 Aug 2012 14:21:24
Seen at Basingkstoke v Bournemouth last night Sheff Wed and Peterborough scouts watching Marc Pugh, Wednesday scout seen talking to Joe Partingtons agent in bar afterwards. Might be something in it. Rumour from Bournemouth youth player.

Parts has been superb this pre season, I'm not surprised other teams are watching him, but Groves has said he is going to be a key player this year.

Joe part is awfull maybe he had potential 3 years ago but now injury prone and wouldn't get a game for shef wed I would be happy to pay for his taxi or train fair there

Joe parts above haha

Injury has certainly a major factor in joe partington's bournemouth development. Played yesturday against reading and looked comfortable controlling the midfield. I think this season will be his make or break season, but definately worth biding our time before allowing other clubs to take him away from dean court.

Looked more than comfortable, I and a few others gave him MOM, he wouldn't have looked out of place in Readings team.

Does that mean that sheff weds realised that pugh has been hyped to increase his value, the real mom was o'kane and partington!



01 Aug 2012 14:14:27
Southampton have been alerted to the news that Real Madrid have made their young French defender Raphaël Varane available for loan although they will face stiff competition from a number of other clubs.

Nigel Adkins is also interested in St Etienne midfielder Josuha Guilavogui while the club are eyeing a potential double deal for Rennes duo Jonathan Pitroipa and Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik.

Jeremain Lens and Adam Johnson are two other names that firmly remain on Adkins' shortlist.

Loans will not happen to Southampton they are building a team to last rather than have a few 1 seasoners. They keep saying they want to buy players. I'm not so sure about the Guilavogui rumour either...

Jonathan Pitroipa only joined rennes last summer, may take a lot to draw him to the south coast. lens not happing otherwise he would be here already nor is johnson unless we pay silly money for a loan deal. The others maybe, but the dutch league will supply us with a new player I'm sure of it..

I don't believe for one minute that Varane is available, and even he was, you'd find him being bid for by one of the Italian giants or Man U/Arsenal



01 Aug 2012 14:11:35
If stoke fail with their attempts up sign Blackburn fullback Martin Olsson , stoke will move their attentions to Aston Villa fullback Stephen Warnock , stoke will offer £2 million

Olsson coming to sunderland

Sunderland havent got a chance with Olsson! =))

Stoke seem to be after all of villas players irland will be a major part of villa this season and he would never go to a club such as Stoke end of that stupid rumour. Warnock for 2mil your having a laugh he will go for 4-5 mill easy though if you want Hutton I'll drive him to you for nowt. But as these are all rumours I dowt any of these players will come to Stoke unless you offer big wages

Some fans talk nonsense they really do. Would you pay £5m for Stephen Warnock and his wages? The man has been next to useless the last couple of years. He'd be lucky to get a move to Stoke if you ask me. He really needs to rescue his career at Villa if he wants to continue to see the sort of money he is being paid. He couldn't demand that from anyone with any sense away from Villa park. If Stoke sign Hutton then good luck to them both because he was a disaster for Villa last season. A liability and down right dangerous at times. Maybe they can get something from him that AM just couldn't. Stoke are a solid premiership team and after the season we just had, I'd hate to think some of our players would turn their noses up at that if they were being shipped out.

Kean has come out and stated he will not sell olssen so he ain't going no where and is too good for the likes of Stoke

4-5mill for warnock? get real mate

Olsson too good for the likes of stoke but not for Blackburn are you stupid and this is coming from an avfc fan who hates stoke

The likes of Stoke? What a Prem team? yea sure he may as well stay with doomed Blackburn in the C'ship.... much better standard.... what a shame you are so bitter

Olsson too good for Stoke? He's certainly too good for Blackburn cos they'll be playing Barnsley, Peterboro and Millwall next season. Don't kid yourselves Blackburn fans, all the best players will be gone within 4 weeks, I will put my mortgage on it!

Stoke are 3 times as good as blackburn but ollosen is going to no club kean has said

Warnock under MON was one of the best left backs in the country 2 years ago. Houlier came and shattered the kids confidence and made him train with the kids. He came back in the team last year under the very defensive A.M. His team was under that much pressure at the back all the time. The back four were bound to make mistakes when the opposition are continually running at you and your midfield is half way up the pitch and has given up chasing back. That's what you get for having a plum like A.M in charge, he'd make even messi look crap. With the exception of Hutton who I think is the worst player to ever wear a villa shirt the others under a decent manager like M.O.N was one of the best defences in the league. So back to the point about warnock towards the second half of last season even when he played in midfield the guy at least tried and chased back to help the defence and got some assists playing well. Personally I would keep him P.L will get the best out of him if he stays. We paid 8.5mil for him and looking at what players are going for now I would rate him at 4-5 mill which is pennies now.



01 Aug 2012 14:10:31
Alexander Buttner's agent claims Fulham are still keen on the Vitesse Arnhem full-back after a move to Southampton fell through.

Rubbish funny how butter agent said he Still believes he will move to southampton now.the 3rd party sorted

Old news re resurrecting deal to saints - believe the fulham move is now on as he's not in vitesse squad

He actually looks likely to go to Germany still.

Just wait and see

Not sure why Fulham feel they need him, forgotten about Riise?

Actually none of you have



01 Aug 2012 14:00:21
Gillingham manager Martin Allen is hoping to secure a deal for one of his top two striker targets in the next 48 hours.
The Gills have made offers to out of contract players Patrick Agyemang (former gills player who has been released by QPR after loan spells in League one last season) and David Conolly who is also a free agent. Wages are likley to be a stumbling block along with the length of any deal with Agyemang holding out for a 3 year contract.

I think we wont get agyemang but the other is possible

Both would be good signings for us,good experience and would score goals at league 2 level.

Id like to see agemang back however i doubt we can afford him.



01 Aug 2012 13:57:31
Bristol city are eyeing up a move to try and bring roque Santa cruz to Ashton gate

Hes on 90k a week, which is justr a tad over our 10,500 per week max wage cap. balls

A little bit just out our reach wage wise ha

More chance of seeing Santa Claus at Ashton gate and I'm a city fan



01 Aug 2012 13:54:49
Newcastle are leading the race to sign Marseille forward Loic Remy and have made a bid of £15 million.

I think you will find tottenham are

Mmmm newcastle or tottenham, mmmmm £50,000 a week or £90,000 a week, mmmm dirty huge geordie chavs or dirty page 3 models, I know which one he will pick

Hmmmmm a small london club with a teeny tiny ground and a new manager that doesnt have a clue or one of the biggest clubs in UK with a much bigger stadium and the best fans and sexiest women around. i know which one id pick too pal

Yeah, what makes Tottenham better

Mmmm a small london club with not a very good fan base and a new manager who will fail or one of the biggest clubs in the world with 50,000 geordies cheering you and a good future ahead of them, i think Remy would much prefer Newcastle. Plus he has been on Newcastle's radar for over 4 years



01 Aug 2012 13:51:27
Celtic will sign 3 of these players if they get past HJK in the CL, richard dunne of aston villa, he wants to finish of his career with the glasgow club and play CL football. John mensah the free agent who fits the bill if he stays fit. Kim ojo of Fc Brann, the target man NL been looking for. Michael ciani, wants to play for celtic and really is what they after in a CB. Markus henriksen been linked with celtic since last year, NL really likes him. Matthew etherington of stoke, celtic been watching him since last season. And joseph akpala of club brugge another target man NL rates. If not 3 of these players, i have been told 2 out of these will be brought in if they beat HJK and ki is sold for over 7million.

They wont be champ lge,so its a non starter,lennon is out of his depth in anything but spl,any manager could win up there with the money that no other club can match.

Why do Celtic need to sign anyone, the SPL is already won.

It didnt say get into the CL, it said get past HJK

Scottish football is dying!

Scottish football died in 1987 ,,,,type sabotage tv, rangers killed scottish football in the 80s and if you disagree with 1 word you are a fud....................

If Scottish football is dying it means it isnt dead, and can still be saved, and it will be saved, just watch

"Scottish football is dying!" I read the paper yesterday and all of the clubs in the SPL season tickets sold were up so Scottish football isn't dying...



01 Aug 2012 13:47:17
Wigan been linked with a move for DJ Campbell from qpr but blackburn & Watford also want him too

Oh yeah and barca are donating messi to us on a permanent basis :S



01 Aug 2012 13:42:30
West Brom's Tchoyi is wanted by Huddersfield and Brighton on a season long loan

He is a free agent ,what loan ?

Tchoyi is a free agent, he was released
by West Brom at the end of last season.

Wont be on loan as he was released by west brom at the end of last season.

Why would anyone loan a player who is a free agent?
Also the last thing Huddersfield need is another midfielder. Think you have just made this story up!

Hes a free agent

Tchoyi was released by West Brom

He is a free agent at the moment anyway so it wont be a loan

West brom released him and is currently a free agent. so a loan is impossible.

Considering tchoyi has been released by west brom i can't see him going anywhere on loan!

He's a free agent

Tchoyi has been released by West loan deal required

He was released by west brom at the end of last season, he is a free agent

Loan? West Brom released him at the end of the season!

Not even vaguely the type of player Poyet is looking for. Exciting on his day but not the player Brighton are after

He has no club so I don't know who is loaning him. Would be a great signing though.

Tchoyi is a free agent after being released by the baggies! come on ay get it right or dont say anything at all ahhhhh rant over

So is he a free agent then to clarify?

Is tchoyi a free agent or not no one seems to know

So let me get this straight.....Tchoyi is a free agent?! can i just clarify that please

I'm gonna stick my neck out and say that this fella might be a free agent, might need someone to confirm that though.

Yes Tchoyi is a free agent

Brighton and Hove Albion sign BZ (BOBBY ZAMORA) on a 3 year deal...

Tchoyi Is training with Birmingham

Is tchoyi a free agent can someone let me know



01 Aug 2012 13:40:28
Watford are to land 19yr old Chelsea
striker Romelu Lukaka on a 1yr loan.
It's a replacement for Deeney who will
be officially sack on Friday!

Please stop this. the deeney thing is probably true but lukaku is just rubbish. all the true fans know whats real and whats not. we already have 5 loan siginigs so any replacement will be a permanent signing

Haha im a watford fan and thats hard to believe. fulham and everton want him....

Think we have our full allowable complement of season long loan signings at 5.

You are allowed more than 5 loans - however you are only allowed to have 5 loan players in you match day squad.

Even though that is the case, this is unlikely to happen.

I thought the 5 loans only apply to players from clubs in the UK. {Ed003's Note - nope}

Foreign loans don't count

Nah lads, its 5 DOMESTIC loans

Lukaku has done poor at Chelsea but he can't be rubbish for the amount of money they paid for him, I'm sure he would wreak havoc in the Championship, but I'm even more sure that he wouldn't join a team in this league

He'd be more likely to join a lower Premier League team or somewhere else in Europe.

He has said in the media that he will only be loaned out to premier league teams to impress the chelsea coaching staff



01 Aug 2012 13:39:31
Zdravko Kuzmanovic is a target for
Fulham a talented youngster from
stutgarrt possible replacement for

Dembele isn't going anywhere

Considering he's a centre mid and Dembele a forward he's hardly a replacement

Dembele is a centre midfield ffs

Dembele played CM all last season, so yes he would be a replacement



01 Aug 2012 13:36:12
blackpool after luke moore from swansea
also alberto paloschi linked with mid
table teams such as swansea,wba,villa
and everton

Everton are not a mid table team

Yes they are and luke moore is abysmal.
Both TRUE facts.

Rather have stephen dobbie

Luke moore scored against man city!

Poor old Swansea fan one season in top flight and they compare them selfs to Everton or Villa lol. Everton out done your pretty football twice last season. Or and what team have Swansea never ever beaten in the league that's right Everton again. Come back and speak to me when you have done a 110 years in top flight football not one season. Longest top flight team. Thank you and good night.

Your either a RS or totally oblivious to the world of football. How can you even compare the other clubs to Everton you fool. Everton have not finished outside the top half in years. Top half team yes but not mid table. What a clown. Now your facts before posting on here tonto. {Ed003's Note - if there are 20 teams in the prem I would guess Evertons positions are considered mid table}

Hmmm.. didnt know the Premier League had 14 teams in? Everton are not mid table and if you say they are, screw your head on properly

Think the original rumour came from a Blackpool fan NOT a Swansea fan, so Everton fans can wind their necks in that the Swans are getting above themselves!

Fact is you have top 6, bottom six and the rest are mid table. Last season Everton were a mid table team. Fact!

Haha liking the comments to toward the everton fan who is off his box. And for all those years in the top flight they don't have much silverware! Haha the longest 1st division mid table team what an achievement aye? Carry on being liverpools shadow even to this day where yu both poor. Have a bit of that chow for now

Everton are a mid table team. Accept it.they are no where near the likes of the top teams in the prem and never wil be. They do not have the financial backing to become a top prem team end of story

In all that time not much silverware? Oh yeah because 9 league titles the fourth most out of anyone is rubbish? Also 5 fa cups 9 charity shields and a European cup winners cup isn't much either! Have fun with your football league trophy and league 1 title Swansea!

At the end of the day we might have not won a trophy for a while. But at least the mighty Everton are known world wide. Your Manager him self had to admit he had never heard of Swansea. And after this season he will sorry he went there.



01 Aug 2012 13:31:23
Swansea City are interested in Ricardo Vaz Te from West Ham.

West ham are interested in scot sinclair

Sinclair going to sign new deal with swans

Sinclair is staying mate :D :P



01 Aug 2012 13:30:10
Swansea city rule out a move for Simon Cox with both Huw Jenkins and Michael Laudrup saying that they are not interested



01 Aug 2012 13:20:55
burnley to finish there business with the signings of marlon pack and brian stock



01 Aug 2012 13:18:02
jake livermore of spurs to go on loan top a prem team, thought to be west brom

Very unlikely west ham tried to loan him when scott parker moved to tottenham he refused to be loaned out wanting to fight for a place in the spuds 1st team

He would not come to west brom as he would not get on the bench let alone the first team



01 Aug 2012 13:17:21
liverpool to sign affellay for 8m and allen for 15m by the end of the week

We are not even going for afellay, another pointless rumour you're trying to start -.-



01 Aug 2012 13:05:28
York will offer trialist striker Dominic Knowles a contract after he has impressed during pre-season fixtures. Liam Henderson and Michael Potts have yet to attract major interest



01 Aug 2012 12:57:42
Walsall have signed former Aston Villa youngster Connor Taylor (striker) and West Bromwich Albion's Paul Downing (defender) both signing one-year deals following successful trial spells.

Walsall continue to run the rule over trialist and look to make more signings by the end of the week

Not sure about these players, normally takes them 2 years to get them up to standard and then they are sold on, mmm we shall see

Walsall have now signed 19 year old midfielder James Baxendale.

Featherstone should be next, looked good in midfield against wolves. best iv seen anyone play in a walsall shirt for years

Haha lol obv didn't go to many games last season then cuvelier was top mantom and ledesma can't see him being any better than them

Featherstone also looked impressive Tuesday, all be it away to kiddy but still a good player! Hereford can keep facey he's a striker version of Titus bramble absolute donkey

Haha, I agree, Featherstone mid table League 2 at best, surely we can afford a little better than this!



01 Aug 2012 12:54:51
craig mackail-smith to sign for sheffield wednesday

Lol what a load of rubbish. Keep dreaming wendies!

He is on a season long loan with veiw to permenant

Not sure why Wednesday would want him really

It's true at least he's considering the move

Looks like a loan deal first



01 Aug 2012 12:54:50
You heard it here first. Derby County to sign Billy Kee from Burton Albion. The two clubs are holding talks.

Dont believe it

Billy may end up being half decent at derby, but we've got enough good league 2 standard strikers - we need a proven goalscorer at championship level

Another old post so how can we have heard it here first it was on this site 2 weeks ago get a grip

Billys not good enough



01 Aug 2012 12:46:16
Burnley have signed Sam Vokes on a three year contract from Wolves for an undisclosed fee. Source - BBC Football and club website



01 Aug 2012 12:45:58
Sam Baldock is heading to Charlton
in a deal to include Chris Solly £1.5m
3 year deal worth £18k p/w

He's signing for Bristol City so west ham don't have to shell out on sell on clauses to them when they sell Maynard to Leeds

If there was a "Tottaly rubbish" button, i would of pressed it

I have been reading the rumours on this site for the past few weeks and not one of them has turned out to be true. oh wait my mate has just text me and his girlfriends flat mates uncles brother's plumber was in the valley cafe and saw messi having a bacon roll before he puts pen to paper on a 5 year deal with the addicks.

What so is solly leaving?

No way do Charlton want to let Solly go, that young man is a star for the future. I'd rather have him than Sam Baldock.

Same here mate!



01 Aug 2012 12:44:25
David Nugent to Shrewsbury on a 6 month loan.

In your dreams

Yh right why would he go there when he can go back to preston

This should be on the banter pages Edd, its funny though! {Ed013's Note - It may happen in the future!!! how long in the future who knows!!!}

Would be class nigel jemson type with great feet would be a class signing would be very creative.

If he played like he did against us in the friendly on Saturday he woukd not even make our bench!

Why go to Preston. Hed walk in at Shrewsbury and have a superior manager



01 Aug 2012 12:41:21
Source close to the club said that Brighton are in the final stages of negotiations with John Carew...

Could happen type of player we want

Why would they buy him he wouldn't fit into Brightons style of play he just likes long balls

Brighton need a target man to be something for our wide men to aim at, I think this would be an epic signing and much better than McCormack.

Would ceirtanly make more sense than mccormack...



01 Aug 2012 12:34:36
West ham to let Sam Baldock and Nicky
Maynard go but are lining up Yannick
Sagbo and Moussa Konate who have
both stated West Ham as preferred
destination (in L'equippe)


Where did they say that they want to go to West Ham? - Konate to Udinese is what i heard



01 Aug 2012 12:30:54
Swindon are set to sign Zavon Hines mark my words STFCP

Would be good if true

On trial

He's joined on trial along with Iain Turner source: swindon advertiser

Had him on loan at end of last season, trust me he is no good. Hope you sign him at Swindon though.

We don't want him, 3 professnail goals in his career, no thanks paulo!X

I was close enough guys!

Hines only lasted 57 minutes before Di Canio cut his trial.



01 Aug 2012 12:29:10
Jay Bothroyd to Cardiff season long loan

He's not what malky wants? Cardiff are after a prolific goal scorer not a target man!

O no not jay bothroyd he.s got a big ego he thinks hes better than he is if you could play football on your backside he.d be top of the the pops cardiff supporter.

He's too lazy.......keep away...stokebluebird

Its a kind of step backwards if we get jay back! he scored a few crackers an ok player, good player at best but not good enough im afraid!



01 Aug 2012 12:10:11
James Hanson expected in York this week after a 70k deal was agree with Bradford

James has to chose between Chesterfield and York so don't know who he will go to. PP has made it clear to both chairmen that he didn't want him as part of the 2012/13 season (mobility and touch not good enough)

I know James and its complete nonsense. There is no way on earth would we sell him for a pittance to a fellow division 4 side. Rumours on here get more laughable each day.

Absoute joke, why would we accept 70k when we have already turned down 200k. why would he want to go to a smaller team with less prospects of promotion. person!

Ryan Lowe looks set to sign for MK Dons after losing patience with Bradford, who were waiting for their striker Hanson to join Barnsley first.

James hanson offers haven;t been turned down because there hasn't been any offers.



01 Aug 2012 11:59:53
Blackburn's David Goodwillie going to Charlton Athletic for £750k - which could raise to £1.4m depending on where Charlton finished in the league and other performance related bonuses.

Don't think so when they paid 3 million for him

Even though he's been released?

That means 750k then!

Never paid that,and when did he get released

Paid 2.2 he is not free agent

What anyone paid in the past is of no consequence now, his current market value is all that matters.

He has not been released he played against Go Ahead Eagles in a friendly tonight and scored...



01 Aug 2012 11:54:16
, davies having medical today at portman rd



01 Aug 2012 11:50:09
greame alexzander will bk at brentford

Alexander? I don't want him bk he's a money grabber! Now benham took over the club he thinks guna get pay day!! Don't think so!!

We never had a graeme alexander , i assume you mean gary.



01 Aug 2012 11:48:14
Sheffield United manager Danny Wilson is keeping an eye on rotherhams Ben Pringle after impressing in yesterday's friendly. If Quinn leaves, it is expected Wilson may make a bid for the Rothetham midfielder.

They wouldnt afford him!

We could not afford him. He will go for over a million in January



01 Aug 2012 11:36:12
The four trialists at barnsley are harry kewell , kris boyd ,danny s***tu and ferrie bode . Hope to take all 4 before the game at spotland all on 1 year deals.

Kris Boyd is playing for Portland Timbers.

Isn't Boyd playing in the MLS for Portland Timbers?

Kris Boyd would be a good signing. Danny Shi**u would do a job. Unsure on Kewell and Bodde's fitness. Both were quality when fit though.

Kris boyd just signed for Portland Timbers

Yes he may be, but he's still having trials at Barnsley,

Sounds like a load of nonsense to me.

Who's paying the wages?



01 Aug 2012 11:35:22
Huddersfield reject Fulham's bid for there star striker Jordan Rhodes.

If fulham add a 1 to the beginning of that £2 million, then we'll talk!

He will be going soon, once his head has been turned and he see's what he will be missing

Huddersfield accept 6m for Jordan from Blackburn

Rhodes to Blackburn? Errrrrrrrr doubt it. who would leave a club on a march for some chicken loving clueless football club owners? Its been made clear 8mill or dont waste our time. Fact

Hudds fans as funny as soton and norwich,clubs on the march indeed, get real,you'll all be going down nxt season



01 Aug 2012 11:33:32
Blackpool set to sign Stefan savic from Manchester city on loan in an attempt for promotion. Manchester city will only accept if kolo toure stays

No wont happen

I dont see that happening

Possible but he is to good for us. If we do get him then he would have a huge impact for are back line. HUGE IMPACT.



01 Aug 2012 11:23:41
Derby set to sign James O'Conner from Donny Rovers according to twitter rumours last night. Also Clough might offer Valentin Gjokaj a deal?

If this is true, i wish clough would stick to buying players that we actually need.
we've needed a proven striker for nearly 2 seasons.

O connor deal has just been sealed

Both signed source-offical site



01 Aug 2012 11:20:41
Barnsley F.C. have taken on 4 new players on trail this week, some of them with Premiership experience.

Both players on Trail from last week have left the club, the club only named one of these trailists... Maulary Martin. He was offered a deal but rejected it as we were poles apart on his salary.

Hill also expects to sign two Premiership players on season long loan deals when their clubs return from pre-season tours.

As a boro fan i am massively dissapointed to see martin leave, huge potential, distance shooter and a rocket of a free kick



01 Aug 2012 11:11:41
Real Madrid are the latest club being linked with Mousa Dembele



01 Aug 2012 10:46:53
Spurs miss out on Adebayor so likely
to turn attentions to Andy Carroll

Yeah right, Only a noob believes anything Caught offside says.



01 Aug 2012 10:42:12
Huddersfield trying to sign Sunderland striker Fraizer Campbell on a season long loan

Jordan Rhodes must be off then.

Never going to happen Sunderland got no strikers to start with!

Well he would be at home as this is where he comes from and his family still live there. But I can only see this and McCormack happening if Rhodes leaves and don't think he will.

He is our only striker so very much doubt it

What a complete load of rubbish

Hope. So. And. Hes. A huddersfield. Lad aswell

Im quite close to sunderland and im hearing from people inside that sunderland are going to make a bid for jordan rhodes and offer Connor Wickham on loan with view to a permenent deal. Hope this is true cause i like jordan rhodes



01 Aug 2012 10:24:32
Walsall are set to sign trialists
Connor Taylor ( 1 year deal, ex villa youngster)
Nicky featherstone (1 year deal, ex Hereford United)
Ben Purkiss (1 year deal, ex Hereford United)

Rumour going round James chambers has turned down Walsalls contract offer and has left the club following his trial

Walsall are in talks with former Doncaster midfielder John Oster (33) and former Hull striker Dele Adebola (37)

Connor Taylor signed monday, confirmed along with Paul Downing on wednesday



01 Aug 2012 09:57:18
Charlton are chasing Hamilton Academical starlets, Stephen Hendrie and Andy Ryan.

Train spotting his new hobby??



01 Aug 2012 10:24:07
Stoke bid £2 mil plus higgingbotham for kightly also a bid has been tabled for Aston villas hutton

Stoke and Hutton made for each other.............

Hutton is waiting please hurry and cme and get him

Personally i think hutton wud b a crackin signin. he jus needs a club to settle at and a manager to have confidence in him. spurs didnt pay 9million for him cus hes a bad player did they! so for 2mill i think it wud b a bargain!

Hutton has been dragged down by that awful club, Villa. Stoke could revive him as he is a decent player



01 Aug 2012 10:21:14
Dekel Keinan is considering an offer from Bristol City.

We had him on loan and couldnt even make the squad useless player, hes joining fleetwood.



01 Aug 2012 10:03:34
Burnley are going to sign Marc Pugh from Bournemouth for an undisclosed fee, as Eddie Howe is a massive fan of Pugh , watch this space ....

Were linked with Pugh every single transfer window because he's a burnley lad, nothing ever comes of it .. he's not good enough.

Yawn yawn, eddie howe and burnley need to 'put up' the £1m for pugh or just 'shut up', rumours just rumble on and I doubt they will put that type of money on the line and be willing to loose it when his potential does not materialize. £500,000 would be tops!

Watched him yesturday afcb v reading and it was obvious that reading's crossing was far superior. Pugh did make crosses but nearly always cut out or over hit, that is the main reason why I think this is the area that needs improving, presently he is not the best and would struggle to make his mark in the higher level. If pugh's final pass into box is improved then £1m would be realistic, this is the reason why championship clubs have not made a definate offer!

^ you shore you went to the right game yesterday?

Agree, Pugh's crossing not good yesterday.

If you watch pugh tomorrow night and just count how many pin-point balls into the opposition box he actually makes and how often he does not get pass defenders or put in decent cross! I will be surprised if he manages 1 in 4 ratio or 25%, after the game we will see.

It was Pughs cross that set up Addisons goal I believe :L

One good cross in the game, hardly earth shattering. The role of attacking midfield / winger is to produce regular crosses throughout the 90 mins and to take on and go past the opposition defence, this is only succesful if you make a goal scoring attempt. It has been quite a time since pugh has produced that quality through out the whole game and little wonder why the sheff weds agent had his eyes diverted away from pugh. Shame he did not play last night against cardiff, hopefully he will play bristol city on saturday and pugh will show some quality to make him MOM.



01 Aug 2012 10:01:22
Bournemouth are going to sign Ryan Dickson on loan for a season long loan from south coast neighbors Southampton , to sort out their left back problems, watch this space

We don't have left back problems, we're just looking for a replacement for one of the best left backs in the league...

Wouldn't be surprised at this, with us having Fox and Shaw already, and another LB/LW/LM on the way, he wouldn't get a look in. He'd do well in League 1 though.



01 Aug 2012 09:46:43
Heard from a good source that Norwich will make 4 more signings, Dickson etuhu from Fulham, Gary hooper, David murphy from Birmingham and brad jones of liverpool

Seeing as what the Norwich fans were singing about Dickson Etuhu last season, this seems unlikely.

Murphy only just joined birmingham so no chance

We won't sign hooper.
We've spent about 6m this transfer window already (1m butterfield, 3m snoddy, 2m turner. - est.)
If you take in to account that our season budget is 25m, we will save 10m for winter window incase we need extra players, or if players come up that hughton likes the looks of.
means only 9m left to spend for the summer, sorry.

Murphy to Norwich ? about as much chance as when you said Davise Burke Redmond and Butland to Norwich.

People should watch what they say, Ive seen so many Leeds fans on here saying snoddy will never go, same with howson at the time and we got them both!

Well dickson etuhu and brad jones wouldnt cost much, our departures could probably cover the cost of them. Then 9m could cover hooper and murphy so i think its a believable post

Butland was only rumoured to go to Norwich as a Rumour started that Ruddy was leaving. Ruddy stayed so no need for a new keeper

Could, minus the fact that we have no departures as of yet. And I really don't think 9m will cover them both, Celtic won't let Hooper go for any less than 7-8m, a "special relationship between clubs" only goes so far.

Make that one departure and more to come i should expect. Likely to be lappin and one out of ward/barnett



01 Aug 2012 09:27:36
Just spotted Chris Powell of Charlton in leeds train station. Any ideas folks?

The 09:45 to King's Cross.

Catching a train maybe?

Id say he`s catching a train to leeds

He's lost?!

Ross MacCormack or Ramon Nunez

Sort of thinking he might be catching a train.........just a stab in the dark tho !

Catching a train?

Linked with Ramon Nunez ? seems odd seeing as we play Crawley tonight.

Considering we are playing Crawley tonight, no you didn't spot him

Ramon Nunez to Charlton? i've heard this rumour been spread...

He has a house up there, his mum is from, leeeds

Maybe he's waiting for a train then?

... just a totally wild guess, of course, or maybe he's just got off one?

Chris Powell has a life long ambition to complete his Eye Spy book of Railway Stations left to him by his Dad.
LOL for the ancient ones who remember Eye Spy!


"LOL for the ancient ones who remember Eye Spy!"

Hmmm, I must be older than I thought!

Leeds4alongtime (told you it was a long time!)

Maybe he cant afford these petrol prices!



01 Aug 2012 09:14:49
Keith hill has 4 more trialists in this week and also said he could not sign Malury martins or the Greek player. Source= radio sheffield.



01 Aug 2012 09:05:03
Aston Villa have expressed an interest in signing former WBA man Borja Valero, who is set to leave recently relegated Villarreal. Swansea also keen if Allen leaves but could struggle with wage demands.

Great player who didn't really fit into the hustle and bustle of the premiership

Why the hell would we want anyone albion dont we are a much bigger and better club

Signed for an italian team

Signed for fiorentina



01 Aug 2012 09:04:04
Boro, having lost out on a McMahon deal (potentially to Sheffield United) boro will look at hoyte as another option if/ when parnaby can't play.



01 Aug 2012 09:00:39
Leeds to beat watford and another of other clubs to the signing of qpr striker dj campbell

Sorry ur wrong he doesnt want to leave the london area

He is going to Blackpool. Sorry.

They're welcome to him

I hope you are right - but i fear given the fact that he lives in Rickmansworth that it will be Watford - we should be aiming higher but good enough for Leeds!

Once again, he doesn't want to leave the London area

He is happy to move away from London. Get your facts right.

Wigan or stay local then Watford latter being a season long loan

Spoken to him myself and he is interested in watford but wigan could temp him because they'd offer premier league. Far to good to be rotting in QPR's reserves but he's really disapointed in how his time at loftus road has gone and thinks without the injuries he'd have scored goals. Nice fella and seemed well clued up as to the clubs linked to him and blackpool were not one im sorry to say {Ed003's Note - might have got lost in translation and it is actually Blackburn who have an interest}

I live in Watford and spoke to one of his mates in the welly yesterday. He doesn't want to move unless he has to, and if Watford can come close but not necessarily beat other offers then he will sign. Expect a movement before Saturday week. Could play in the league cup tie if all goes to plan.

No he never mentioned blackburn at all but it was a week ago and i know blackburn are now reportedly interested. I can only tell you the answers to the questions i asked him though i've spoken to DJ a few times over the years going back to his yeading days when i trained with the reserves there(not for long) He's always had a rep as being hard work but as i said before i've always found him a nice guy. Wherever he ends up im sure he'll do well and score plenty of goals.Having had a chat with him i'd be betting on watford {Ed003's Note - cheers}

Nah, dont want him, wants mcgugan to fill in for snoddy and beckford to partner ross upfront! MOT

When has he ever said he doesnt want to move away from london yeah thats right never

He left blackpool for a reason he is joining up with sg warnocks barmy army

Doesn't he actually live in Watford?

I know he him and where he lives and he lives in rickmansworth

He lives in Rickmansworth which is about 3 miles from Watford. Blackpool are still the favourites though. You orns

He's on a good whack at QPR can't see Blackpool paying him anywhere near that.



01 Aug 2012 08:58:01
Derby to sign James O'Connor today or tomorrow form Doncaster to bolster the defensive options,he is having a medical today,we have beat off Coventry,milwall and hull for him. Also clough could bid for UAE star Eisa who scored against team GB.

Also beat off Forest



01 Aug 2012 08:53:21
Tristan Plummer to be offered a 1 year contract at Cheltenham. Fellow triallist Jordan Hibbert will not be offered anything

Actually other way round



01 aug 2012 08:42:52
any bristol city transfer news in or out,
any bristol city transfer news in or out,

Sam Baldock, Andre Amogou (Bikey) and Akos Buzasky to complete summer transfers within next 2 weeks. Confirmed by a friend on the coaching staff. Also expect a few exits of players until now considered starters. Eg Marvin Elliot, Neil Kilkenny, Brett Pitman



01 Aug 2012 08:39:41
Oldham are about to sign Portugese forward Rui Miguel who has been on trial with the club. He has impressed manager Paul Dickov in friendlies against Fleetwood and Man City.

Looking like its going to happen aswel

This has been going to happen for a couple of weeks so not really a rumour anymore.

He has looked sharp in so far could be a good signing



01 Aug 2012 07:56:44
SWANSEA City have dismissed claims that they are interested in striker Simon Cox.
Reports yesterday claimed Swansea had approached West Bromwich Albion over the out-of-favour Republic of Ireland international. But chairman Huw Jenkins has insisted the stories are well wide of the mark. Former Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers enquired about Cox during his time in charge at the Liberty Stadium....



01 Aug 2012 07:46:03
Adam Davies Has joined the saints from everton. NA going for another young keeper



01 Aug 2012 07:44:19
Says on sky sports Jermaine Beckford is making a 2 million pound to Leeds to replace MCcormack who is leaving the club. Does this mean he's coming to Huddersfield.

I don't know why lots of leiceser fans are slating. beckford he's fast and scores a lot of goals i hope he stays

No, it means he's coming to Leeds if it's true of course.....

McCormack's going nowhere (at present).

Err, it doesnt say that at all! In fact, it says Leeds are looking for a striker to play ALONGSIDE McCormack, not to replace him. Then again, I'm one to talk; I was certain he'd leave and Snoddy would stay.

You do realise his agent is his dad so it is common for him to see his son

His agent is James Grant Sports Management. Not his dad, his dad in fact works for Shef Weds as goalkeeping coach. {Ed044's Note - Yeah this is true, however I am led to believe his dad is taking all the neccessary steps to become his agent in the future.

Why then is Beckford playing for Leicester tonite then ? Surely if Leeds were about to sign him he wouldnt be involved.

Snodgrass played for leeds and still left next day

If it's on sky it MUST be true... ha ha ha ha!



01 Aug 2012 07:32:04
Brighton are today going to announce the signing of Abdal Razak from Man City and the "gem" striker Poyet has been promising will be announced on Friday. Strong rumours are it is Bobby Zamora.

Why would Brighton sign Razac when his loan spell at the club ended early for no obvious reason - the implication being he 'didn't fit'.

Dont be silly, its not Zamora, he signed for QPR in January and is in MH plans for the future..

Razak looked like he had quite a lot of potential, he had a few moments when he was on loan last year where he looked the best player on the pitch although he still has a lot to learn. Come on Gus, give us what we want more than anything (Zamora).

Let me get this right, your suggesting that Gus Poyet will sign Razak a player who he sent home because of his attitude - no way. Secondly, GP after a dominating larger midfielder, Rasak does not have this physique. I think you will find as posted here yesterday that Brighton are negotiating with Dean Hammond about a return to the club from Saints - he has been advised he would be no more than a squad player at Saints and no longer club captain.

Makes no sense as Razak joined Brighton on loan last season and left early because he couldn't get on the bench. Wouldn't say no as I like what I saw from him but doesn't make sense at all. As for Zamora as much as I'm sure every Brighton would live to see him return its not going to happen

The same Abdul Razak that was sent home early from his loan spell last season? Unlikely...

Why would we sign a player that fell out with poyet last season

It's John Carew

I'm very doubtful its Razak. He finished his loan way too early for Gus to have any serious interest in him. Mr B would be fantastic but it seems very unlikely at the moment. Although he did say all those years ago that he wants to finish his career at Brighton, I still think its too soon

Poyet and Razak fell out whilst he was on loan last year and Zamora's weekly wages makes that a none starter. Not a chance!

I think Bobby's wages are to high for him to return unless he takes a huge cut to come home!?...

Pure lies. Poyet dropped Razak because of his poor atittude, he isn't coming back.

Zamora played in a freindly the other day/week for fulham and said he wants to stay in the prem

Very much doubt Razak would return to Brighton as he was unhappy not to be an automatic first choice when on loan there. Shame as exceptionally talented prospect but needs to grow up. Brighton couldnt safford more than 15% of Zamora's earnings so again it's not going to happen

Couldn't afford more than 15% of Zamora's wages? I know we have a wage cap of 10/15k depending on who is saying it so if we can only afford 15% you are saying Zamora is on £100' per week?!?

Don't get me wrong I know he's not coming back but honestly, get you figures right!

Zamora has said that he wants to finish his career at brighton but i dont think he is near to finishing his career



01 Aug 2012 07:16:23
Central Coast Mariners goalkeeper Mathew Ryan to link up with West Brom after his Tottenham trial. Mat Ryan's forthcoming trial at Tottenham has put the goalkeeper on the radar of more English Premier League clubs, with the Central Coast goalkeeper set for further training spells along with West Bromwich Albion...



01 Aug 2012 07:14:24
Walsall have released trialists Rudy Torres, Ashley Sammons and Peter Gilbert.

Walsall sign Paul Downing..



01 Aug 2012 06:57:45
Malky MacKay is reportedly after Sheffield Wednesday's big striker Gary Madine (the goal machine). Cardiff are yet to make a bid as they are still pondering on another loan move for Newcastle United's Haris Vuckic.

Have'nt got a chance of bagging madine

The goal machine???????? Dont think so to be fair, wouldnt make starting line up, Average league one player if that.

Offer the 4 million he's priced at and you may have a sniff, but no you have no chnace

We've got a chance but Dave Jones wont want to sell him to us, he doesnt need to go to another championship team and its his home town club but we have a chance and i dont think we'd get him



01 Aug 2012 06:56:00
Stoke in talks with Right Back Alan Hutton of Villa and a bid in the region of £2m has been put on the table.
Rather unspectacular, but at least Stoke are looking at a full back.

At least he is a full back and not a centre half that pulis seems to stick out there. would be good signing.

Only just a full back.......................



01 Aug 2012 05:39:53
Walsall close to finalising a deal with stoke to bring experienced forward Ricardo Fuller to the Banks Stadium. Saddlers will also be wrapping up signings of James chambers today.

Fuller wasn't offered a contract extension with Stoke so no deal needs to be done with Stoke

This is happening fuller has been at Essington all morning

Why when fuller is a free agent... get ya facts straight DL

Fuller is no longer a stoke player he is a free agrent

LOL im a walsall fan and we would need every supporter to put 20 pound in a pot to just pay his wages for 1 day, who comes up with these silly rumours, all we can hope for is failed third/fourth division players

Great addition if so, could be the target man we always lacked

No way we wont get fuller

Could be a good signing. Fuller with Paterson playing just off him would be nice to see.



01 Aug 2012 04:36:15
Preston will sign sodje & byrom on a two year deal

Sodje has already had a number of other offers to train with another League 1 & a championship side and this has been made clear to Westley.

His wage demands may also be too high for Peter Ridsdale as he wanted £2,000 a week. PNE would only offer a 1 year contract at most and this would also be another sticking point.


Hope so. Especially Sodje

Not true his wage demands are dependent on length of contract offer.1 year more money etc simples !!

PNEIAN - Peter Ridsdale would never disclose the amount wanted by a player, also the majority of new players at Deepdale have been signed on 2 year contracts. Your comments are just made up.

Surely we can afford 2k, after all he is a striker.

Please not byrom hes rubbish

Check your facts first...The majority of "new" players have been signed on 1 year contracts.....FACT. Hume is the highest paid player on £6k a week and is heading for the door because of this.....the majority of other players are non league/league 2 and are on £1k a week as average....Sodje has asked for £2k but PNE cant afford that, so he may not sign if they get the "unamed" striker Westley is after....FACT

PNEIAN - I have checked my facts and the majority of players including Buchanan, Keane,Cansdell-sherrif,Huntington, Holmes,Laird,Mouisinho and Wroe are all signed on 2 year contracts. The pay figures you quote are also made up. Perhaps you should check your facts.

And non league players... no and if they were, everyoe has to start somewhere

Sorry, Didnt realise Peter Ridsdale posted on Footballrumours....I give you that most of the players you mentioned WERE 2 year contracts but a MAJORITY of others are on 1 year....FACT. Pay figures are not made up, common knowledge of the pay scale and like me (your a fan) and we know the pay scale....Sodje has asked for £2k a week....FACT ( Hume was on £6k, Mellor on £9k a week) But (the real) Peter Ridsdale cant offer that kind of Sodje may not sign.....IF, Westley signs the "unamed" striker.....Sodje wont get a look in...Thats why he (and others) are still trialists......FACT

Two players that he signed this summer are in 1 yr contracts . Amoo and mokanana ( can't spell) the rest are 2 yr contracts. FACT.

I have been a fan of PNE for 52 years and on pay scales you have a difficulty in understand the difference between speculation and fact. 13 players signed, 9 on 2 year deals - so when does 4 make a majority. PNEIAN you should stick to supporting your beloved Blackpool



01 Aug 2012 02:27:16
Ashley Sammons, Pete Gilbert and Rudy Torres will not be signing for Walsall after trials at the club after manager Dean Smith didn't think they were right for the club

But trialists Connor Taylor,James Chambers, Nicky Featherstone, Ben Purkiss and James Baxendale continue to be assessed at the club

How can someone mark it as unbelievable when it is fact



01 Aug 2012 02:27:01
Philips off to Sunderland.

I dont think he'll be as good as he was when he was there before

Kevin's a bit past it now

Think he means the other phillips

Matty Phillips

Is the previous comment serious,its not kevin Phillips lol its winger Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips good player, did well at blackpool, heard he is close to signing



01 Aug 2012 02:24:32
If Jermaine Defoe is sold from
White Hart Lane, Spurs are believed
to be interested in West Bromwich
Albion striker Shane Long as a possible
replacement, as the Irishman is not
settled at Albion.

Yes he is settled at West
Brom, shouldn't believe bulls*** rumours mate

Shane long has stated he is happy at Albion and loves working with Steve Clarke

Aaa! Long isn't going anywhere dear

Absolute rubbish long aint going nowhere

When has he ever said he is unsettled at west brom? Spurs wouldnt go for long anyway

Spurs set 2 make offer for Shane long in nxt few days. Jake livermore being loaned 2 Albion 4 ssn as part of the deal.

What a stupid comment above ^ Shane Long is staying put and Jake Livermore won't be coming, our midfield is too good for him and is packed with competition already



01 Aug 2012 02:24:10
Former Doncaster, Hibernian and Kilmarnock winger Dean Shiels has signed for Rangers



01 Aug 2012 02:22:29
Bruce will offer Ahmed Elmohamady a lifeline and a changes to restart his career.



01 Aug 2012 02:19:49
Sunderland will make a double signing of Steven N'Zonzi and Martin Olsson. With an option to talk to Brambles or Vaughan has part of the deal.

Hasn't N'zonzi gone to Spain on loan?

Sounds like a steve keane signing titus bramble lol

Thought n'zonzi signed for sevillia?!



01 Aug 2012 02:18:08
Hearts to sign Rudi skacel and Roman Bednar next week, Romanov will offer Gordon a deal if he doesn't have a club by the time the transfer market closes

Doesnt skacel already play for hearts?

Out of contract, therefore not officially a hearts player

Heard this from Stuart Lovell



01 Aug 2012 01:42:01
I've heard that Robert Koren has been offered a new contract with hull and is looking forward to working with bruce , also , hull have signed Ben Amos on a season - long loan from man united

'hull have signed Ben Amos on a season - long loan from man united'

Take it you went to chippy last night?



01 Aug 2012 01:18:16
Sheffield Wednesday have tabled an undisclosed sum for Craig Mackail-Smith. Thought to be around £900,000.

Thought I could hear someone laughing.
Must be Gus!

Brighton aren't likely to accept £900,000 even if Mackail-Smith were to leave having invested £2.5 million. Anything less than £2 million is unthinkable.

Joke he is worth 3 times that

More thn that hes an international



01 Aug 2012 00:53:19
Huddersfield towns jordan rhodes today
had his agent round at his house. Does
this mean transfer offers being taken
into consideration even though dean
hoyle is confident that he is staying ?

Do you know Rhodes personally or his agent, also do you live near him?

So how would you know his agent was at his house?

No it doesn't

Funny seen as though he doe not have an agent

I guess his agent has an obligation to keep Jordan fully informed if he gets wind of any serious offers. Fell sure he will stay with the Terriers and certainly won't go to another championship club. Rumour has it that the fees being offered are relatively low deposits with many stage and performance related extras, doubt Dean Holyle will buy that.

And i suppose you know this because you live at the bottom of the garden UTT

I was walking past his house with my mate and he knows rhodes' sister who said it was his agent

The person who posted 1st, have there facts correct, unfortunatly they left out some "KEY" imformation. JORDANS agent is infact his dad (Andy Rhodes) and as they live in the "SAME" house, he has every right to be there. AG

Jordans agent is his father so how strange he is visiting him at home.

Fulham will be back with an improved offer which will be accepted,welcome to the premier jordan

Jordan's agent is not his dad {Ed001's Note - yet, but he will be.}



01 Aug 2012 00:39:15
Adam Johnson to Everton on a season long loan view to a permanent transfer at the end of the season.



01 Aug 2012 00:22:05
Sunderland looking at tom huddelstone on season long loan
Fletcher expected to sighn for sunderland in next few days in a 12 million bid and wickham on loan
Chamack expected to sighn for sunderland in a 6 million deal
ELMOHAMEDY going to reading for 3 million

Why loans?why not just buy?

Reading don't need another winger and he's not worth 3m.

Ad be very happy with this still need a LB tho

Ian harte is a good lb so we don't need a
new lb

Nikky shorey?



31 Jul 2012 19:23:32
Ed i know your busy but if u can could u clear something up for me. If the rumour is true that bristol city have an interest in davies from derby then do we still have an interest in sam baldock, or is it one or the other? Cheers

I heard he rejected a move to Bristol so you're going for Davies instead

They are signing both, Pitman is leaving

Were going for both as it is believed pitman is on his way to derby

Baldock talking to Bristol on Thursday so not rejected yet



01 Aug 2012 00:16:02
millwall are
looking at
of colchester

Look but don't touch - because if you break it you have to pay for it - and you don't have £1m

Funny how players from smaller clubs put silly unrealistic values on players who at best are average in their own league as for not havin a million pound i think youl find we have already paid 750.000 for malone

Decent midfielder can play anywhere in the middle and has a sweet left foot. Would Be a good signing for kenny jackett. Should also look at alan judge or david templeton of hearts and jamie murphy of Motherwell.

Only if they have £800,000. + to spent



01 Aug 2012 00:11:14
Sunderland are looking to get arron lennon because avb told him he's not in his plans but will look for 10 million of him and Martin ollson is looking likely to sighn for stoke in a 5 million deal interest from sunderland and southhampton

Ollson coming to sunderland, can't see us getting Lennon but you never know



31 Jul 2012 23:54:11
Derby to sign James O'Connor from Doncaster on Wednesday or Thursday. Watch this space.

Having medical at derby now

It is in the derby telegraph

Take him, very poor last two seasons,

Yeah say so in the derby telagrath

01 Aug 2012 16:01:41
Doncaster rovers give permission for James O'Conner to have medical at Derby



31 Jul 2012 23:13:35
Middlesbrough have been strongly linked with ex-Cameroonian striker Joseph-Desire Job on a free transfer.
The ex striker who played a huge part in Middlesbroughs Carling Cup win in 2004 against Bolton 2-1 has travelled to Middlesbrough tonight to talk about a contract at Middlesbrough.
I can only presume he is coming to Middlesbrough to make the strikers fight for there place in the team and to give the young academy players experience.

Sorry mate but mowbray has actually stated he's only interested in the hoyte/ carayol contracts and to see how the trialists do nothing else about a new striker or wanting a new face coming in so that's just rubbish

Ive also heard this

Aw wel in that case well see

Hes 35 year old now ,dont think so mate !

Why not he's on a free and he still fells he can do it

Boro will only sign a goalkeeper and Justin Hoyte before the start of the new season. Poss one of the Trialists at most.

They will monitor the squad and then decide if they need a new striker.

The option on buying a permanent striker is if we let Scott McDonald go, otherwise they may look to loan a striker.

Juke will be fit by the end of august and they still have McDonald, Emnes, Williams & Main to choose from.

They may even play one up front with Ledesma just behind.

Seems to be a lot of rumours regarding ex-players returning after the woodgate and parnaby deals. i honestly couldnt see gibbo going over mowbrays head like that. anyways, mowbray has said hes basically happy with the squad. cant see any more additions unless its replacements for mcdonald and mcmanus IMHO. UTB!

Aww wel in that case mogga get ya boots on!

Not a chance a guy like him is coming bac kto the boro your obviously just writing on here for a laugh



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