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19 Oct 2012 23:23:09
Millers Corney on trial at oak well looks a good prospect



19 Oct 2012 18:58:24
Karl Robinson did apply for the bourmouth job .He stayed at a hotel close to the ground two weeks ago

He never got asked.

So did i but i didnt apply for the job !



19 Oct 2012 17:54:38
Roma are set to sign Slovenia midfielder Josip Illicic from Serie A rivals Palermo for a fee worth around £7 million.



19 Oct 2012 17:03:01
Scotland are set to sack Craig Levein after the weekend and replace him with Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbray. Mowbray, who has managed in Scotland with Celtic and Hibernian wants an international job and the SFA will break their usual tradition of employing a Scot.
The 48 year old is also expected to break a tradition. He usually has Mark Venus as his assistant but this time will appoint fellow Boro coach Mark Proctor as his number two. Proctor also has a background in the country after playing for St Johnstone as well as coaching at Hibernian and managing Livingston.

The've had a non scot before in bertie vogts

Clearly rubbishe (at least hope so)

If this happens after an un extremely unsuccessful spell at celtic, there would be major uproar. Why would they pay compensation when you have a host of managers not in work, strachan, Walter smith, mcleish, billy Davies, Gary mcallister, Joe jordon and even harry redknapp just to show the English what they are missing

Not even redknapp could turn scotland into an even average team,beaten by wales ,lol

If this happens then Im boycotting future games, Mowbray had a dismal record as Celtic boss, hasnt worked wonders at Boro, his only decent time as a manager was wth Hibs, terrible choice when we have guys like Smith, McLeish and Strachan out of work atm.

Worst manager in Celtic's history and the most boring man in the universe. Sadly this man will leave Boro after doing nowt and then drift away from football.

Tradition? Bertie Vogts!

In mowbray we trust ... hes one of our own !! once a red always a red ...... up the boro

Why would Mowbray walk out of a job were he is worshiped to take on a job that is nearly impossible to do well in he will stay with boro for years UTB

Get a grip, what absolute rubbish is being branded about on here, Mowbray only had a decent record at hibs?? what a stupid thing to say. he was adored at west brom, need I remind you of the final day of their premier league season when thousands wore mowbray masks in a bid to keep him from joining celtic, and as for the comments about the job he has done at boro, they couldnt be further from the truth, after that prat strachan nearly killed our club, with his ridiculous signings, except barry robson, on ridiculous wages, kris boyd 30 plus grand a week, never in my life time is he worth a 10th of that, mowbray has come in, had to cut his cloth accordingly, slash the wage bill season after season, spend next to nothing, mostly free transfers, and yet season after season we have improved, he saved us from sure relegation after strachan, and WILL lead us back to the premier league, the man is a GOD and is easily a better manager than those mentioned who are out of employment for the scotland job. Mowbray wouldn't be so stupid to take it if it came available, not even a management team of ferguson, wenger and mourinho could turn scotland round. UTB!!

^^^^^^^^^^^well said mate couldn't of put it better myself imwt



19 Oct 2012 15:23:02
Roma are wanting to make a winter move for young Birmingham winger Nathan Redmond.



19 Oct 2012 15:19:44
Serie A side Roma and German giants Bayern Munich have both had £17 million bids accepted for Spain striker Fernando Llorente. The Athletico Bilbao star is preferring a move to Italy but with Bayern having a good relationship with Bilbao, the deal could go either way.



19 Oct 2012 15:17:28
Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross is subject of three bids for a January move after the 25 year old declared his desire to play for England regulary.
Liverpool are favourites to land Shawcross. Brendan Rodgers is wanting more recruits in defensive positions and sees the former Royal Antwerp loanee the ideal man.
A surprise contender is Swansea City. Shawcorss was originally asked to play for Wales was wanted to play for his home country. With the Stoke player having family around the Swansea area, he could be tem tempted with the move if a fee can be agreed.
The final club in for the defender is Portuguese giants Benfica. The Lisbon based club are keen on the defender after boss Jorge Jesus declared his desire to add height to his back four.

So what has his desire to play for england got to do with moving to swansea or benfica,or liverpool if it comes to that,who are no longer a force, plus the fact he's not good enough for england

I jusy laughed out loud... how outlandish!
Family in swansea.... his family (Mrs and Kids)is in chester, his parents are in Buckley...(north Wales) utter tosh.. agree with the post above about the wanting to play for England. benfica wont help that...

What a load of rubbish. Swansea, don't make me laugh, he lives in Flint and he has NO desire to play for Wales, IF he plyed for Wales it is because he lives just over the border. I think he may move, but UTD will surely be favorites. Count out Swansea mate h



19 Oct 2012 10:16:48
ex west ham player josh payne .with aldershot town at the mo,is wanted by portsmouth fc.appleton hopes to get his man in jan. and holsworth needs the funds.other clubs are watching payne aswell.

Good player and was never given a proper chance when he was at Oxford. Done well at Aldershot, good luck to him

Pretty good post?

Pompey are in administration, so unable to sign anyone until they are not.

And, what funds? Pompey have no money to pay existing debts (61m) let alone take on new ones.

Pompey=the Fantasy Island of the football world.

Well we've signed over 20 players... ^

^ and are on a 5 game winning streak, with the leagues current (joint) top scorer. so yeah fantasy island? tbh we dont need him got all the tallent wee need

Not 5 game winning unbeaten as drew 2-2 with MK dons

I cant see him coming unless its a loan or a free even with the takeover there isnt money to spend on players

PST player budget is 2.5 m for this season. MA is juggling with just 1.5 m allocated by TB, so there should be room for signings if the PST take over.

Although much is made in the press about Appleton currently having a wage budget of 1.5m, I can assure you that it is considerably higher and although the PST allows this to reach 2.5m, there is not a 'spare' million to spend. The only way for MA to expand the playing staffsignificantly will be if the attendances increase by a few thousand each week.

It always amazes me how there is always somebody who knows so much better than the rest of us

Whoever posted this has no clue -
Pretty good post?

Pompey are in administration, so unable to sign anyone until they are not.

And, what funds? Pompey have no money to pay existing debts (61m) let alone take on new ones.

Pompey=the Fantasy Island of the football world.

Only signed players on short contracts/loans. HMRC have indicated they will now come after clubs for unpaid taxes, so PST, or not, you will be gone by Christmas.



19 Oct 2012 09:41:54
Northern Monkey

1. Lee hughes to Mansfield loan
2. Ryan Lowe to chesterfield Loan/Perm
3. Rubern Warner (Navy youth player) to Rotherham united

More to follow

Lowe turned down roterham united, can understand why a bigger club like chesterfield would suit him

Warner is a striker been watched by plymouth few times



19 Oct 2012 08:48:15
Paolo Di Canio is set to walk out on Swindon Town, he wants the embargo lifted and the board will not do this immediately, Glen Hoddle is rumoured to be the replacement if Paolo goes.

Not sure how true and accurate this is, but very good, albeit, a bit barking, and think he will look to manage a club in a higher league soon

There's a lot of talk about administration at the minute, apparently PDC has been told to cut the wage bill and trim the squad in jan which obviously he isn't happy about, can't see him walking out though as he is the big star at Swindon just how he likes it and wouldn't be at another club

There is absolutely, NO talk of administration, the club have budgets and will stick to it, if PDC wants new players then he trims the wages, if he is happy then they are too.

Hope he does go the club is bigger than he ever will be stfc forever red

Their is no talk of administration. Andrew Black and Sir Martyn Arbib are the money men and they still have plenty of it. Unless they goes bust or withdraw funding administration just isn't happening. They need to trim the wage bill to the tune of 1.5%. Its really not a big deal. Every team who are really trying to get out of the league will be up against the 65% threshold, the tribunals have put Swindon slightly over. PDC is a character who you never know with. He could walk any minute, but truthfully hes pretty selfish, hes not going until he has somewhere to go that suits him as well as Swindon. If he did go he'd be replaced by a good manager who would inherit a good squad. This rumour does seem to be one from people who don't actually know the situation at Swindon.

There's no talk of administration at all! What are you on about?

Whats with all the doom mongering? If something like that was going to happen I could see Jeremy Wray saying something on his way out. I do feel however he has been told to wait a little whilst they get the money in place to build a team and stadium for the Championship, as they either need to buy into it more or just consolidate, if they wanted to consolidate PDC would have gone already. I can see the players on loan to actually go, I can see one or two more going too so it'll be 2-4 out and one in.

I think the best place for Paulo to go is to the England team, he'll get more out of them than anyone since Venebles.

Glenn huddle fantastic unfinshed business.. Would work with the players more they woul express them selfs, forget what happened huddle was here last bring him back NOW

I dont think there is any need to panic just yet.If he walks cos things dont go his way,other clubs will be hesitant to have him as boss.

Can we afford hoddle? Bournemouth were willing to pay him 1 million a year before they got burnleys gaffer



19 Oct 2012 01:39:10
Any Huddersfield Town rumours?

Its all gone pretty quiet whith the window being closed , i fully expect lots of we are signing Vaughan and Beckford permanently and players like Norwood and Hunt leaving for the prem come december

Norwood has to stay, best town player ive seen in years.

Norwood is Paul Scholes in disguise!

Yeah easy 3 points against bristol no midfield city

Norwood is average. Very over rated.



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