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2011 21:46:26
Apparently Barnsley have agreed to take Nile Ranger or as we call him Nil Ranger,on loan. This benefits his health as some unsavoury characters in Newcastle want a little chat with him. Your club is making a massive mistake. No first touch,no skill,no hope. The clown is nothing but bother as you will find out before he is jailed early next year for assault. You have been warned.(9)(7)Must be the loan ranger then prHe is just a name to pad out the options and give competition for places, not bothered if he never features and is only on loan until Jan 14th.


18 Nov 2011 21:18:09
Auditer at Wolves has unofficially told me that Wolves are losing a lot of cash and been advised they will need to either raise revenues or think of selling assets to keep profitable. Doyle is looking like going to newcastle for £4m (poor scoring record has reduced price) and Hunt to Qpr for 2m(7)(12)Baggie boy go back to sleep.Doyle wouldnt get near Newcastles reserve team so this is rubbishDeluded and sad baggie fan.Amazing that the baggies page on this does not have a banter column etc , yet the Wolves one does.


18 Nov 2011 19:10:18
brain howard back to sheffield united(3)(8)He never wanted to leave and is said to be well up for a return to SUFCBet he is a clever player "brain" howard.


18 Nov 2011 17:48:58
Boss Eddie Howe has swooped to strengthen the Clarets' strikeforce with the loan capture of Wolves frontman Sam Vokes.

The 22-year-old has joined Burnley on a deal running until January 15 and could make a debut against former loan club Leeds United at Turf Moor on Saturday.(12)(4)


18 Nov 2011 13:59:58
Portsmouth are set for more financial problems after Snoras bank, owned by the co-owner Usmanov was placed into administration with debt of over £200M(18)(8)Kick them out of the league if this true they have scammed everyone before with the financial irregularities at that excuse of a football club, they stayed in the premier league under false pretence on other peoples money.They managed to cheat and swindle the entire football community the last time they went to the wall....lets hope they get thier just reward this time.....bottom feeding dross...Ahhh obviously two southampton fans making comments. The people that i feel sorry for are the hard working backroom staff that could all be looking for new jobs as christmas approaches. Remember never wish ill on anyone lest it comes and bites your clubs arse!Cos Saints had loads of sympathy from pompey when we were in financial difficulty, didn't we?Saints fan here who hopes this isn't true. Whilst I was angry with the attitudes of some Pompey fans a couple of years ago, I will never forget how terrible the feeling was that my club could go out of business. I don't wish that on anyone. (not even the Skates)Saints fans if they go bust who will you have gragging rights over? I want portsmouth to stay afloat just so leeds can pick up 6 pointsWalob!! There's no knock ons for pompey at all. Clutch at straws scummers clutch at straws! Bring on the 18th to shut you up again....Usmanov? Dinlos can't even get the name right! It's antonov FFS!, 18th December can't wait to be sitting in the worst stadium in the league , signing away while saints are running riot , can't wait skates can't waitSnoras was nationalised by Lithuanian government. There was plenty of scam operation under Antonov and his associates guidance. Can't really see realtion to Portsmouth on this one, though.


18 Nov 2011 13:58:48
Plymouth Argyle have signed former Tranmere player Maxime Blanchard on a short term contract untill January, thereby not tying up a loan spot. He is expected to be in the squad for saturdays game at Torquay. COYG(9)(1)


18 Nov 2011 13:55:18
nick barmby will be given funds to send at hull city and will try to sign eustace from watford and gerrard from cardiff(2)(11)"given funds to send"? HUH?Dont need either of those thanks. Forward has got to be the prioritySend us some please!


18 Nov 2011 13:54:57
Nial ranger on loan till january confirmed by club now(11)(5)


18 Nov 2011 12:07:09
Torquay United's Lee Mansell has a loan move to Bristol Rovers until January blocked by the board(0)(10)


18 nov 2011 10:48:31
are you living in cloud cuckoo land?? cms & noone for 6m if you're lucky!!(4)(7)I think not according to there 3 nill trashing over you


18 Nov 2011 10:46:22
Reading are interested in signing Darren Ambrose in January.(2)(12)Herd theyre getting coppinger or kris commons


18 Nov 2011 10:15:29
Does anyone know anything about a bid being on the
table to buy bfc from patrick cryne . heard a rumour
yesterday which was said to come from a club source(8)(9)Adam pearson from hullYes its up for sale, he wants big money,or in barnsley terms 3 wippets and a jack Russell..


18 nov 2011 09:11:50
dave jones candidate for the northern ireland job.

how will he manage that. doesnt he no you get use loan signings as an international manager(6)(7)Michael O'Neill has thrown his hat in th ring for this one. He's from Norn Iron and his contract with Shamrock Rovers is up in a monthDave Jones is a quality manager. He should be the next Northern Ireland manager.The Rebulic have ben 'loaning' players that wouldn't make the England Squad for yearsIts international all the players are loans from clubs


18 Nov 2011 08:39:07
Queens Park Rangers are planning a £2m bid for Fulham striker Andrew Johnson in the January transfer window.(14)(8)


18 Nov 2011 07:25:58
QPR and Southampton are believed to be keeping a close eye on Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard. Sources: BBC Gossip Page and footie-online(14)(9)Saints will open contract talks with Maynard in jan. There other option is Billy Sharp. Expect more nearer the time


18 Nov 2011 03:08:51
Doncaster are looking to take Derby midfielder Paul Green back to the club(13)(6)


18 Nov 2011 01:42:14
17 Nov 2011
Leicester to sign a few of Hull City players in january including the returns of Matty Fryatt and Jack Hobbs, also Robert Koren and Tom Cairney will sign for the foxes.

Hmmm? Really think that'll happen?
1: Leicester sign up Nigel Pearson despite being told "No" so its fair to assume a contract will be in place preventing NP signing any of our squad till at least 2012 and by then he'll be long gone,
2: Nigel Pearson leaves Hull without even saying "Goodbye" and finally,
3: Why sign for a manager who'll be sacked before Christmas?(5)(7)Hmmm really not bitter or twisted then?If there is a choice of hull on 15k or leicester on 25k whos going to turn it down, start learning pal there is no loyalty and money talksNow now, stop the bickering lads! From a neutrals point of view the first reply does have a point. You have stolen their manager despite them saying you couldnt talk to him, so do you really think that Hull are suddenly going to accept bids for all of their better players from the same club? Loyalty and wages have zero to do with it if the selling club refuses to pay.

So on that basis to have a chance, Leicester would have to pay well over the odds to sign those players in an already inflated transfer market due to the time of year. Think about it with your head and not your heart and it clearly will not happen as you have described. Ps im a Norwich fan, we did this a couple of years ago when acquiring Paul Lambert from little Colchester so im speaking from experience!We don't want Matty Fryatt back! He isn't a Championship player and he certainly isn't a Premiership one! Pearson's revised bank balance will mean that he can revise his transfer targets accordingly.If this plank knew anything about the Hull City squad, he'd know that only one of the four players mentioned would be a big loss and there's two far more important players he hasn't mentioned. Apart from the recalling of Waghorn, I doubt we'll see any movement of players from Hull to Leicester.You can take fryatt hes crap and dont think our captain will leave when he wont get played over mills and bamba + why would he sign cairney when he didnt play him at hull?Hull fans don't need to be too concerned, the manor of Pearson's departure suggests he has zero faith in the HC Squad, he did well with the resources available but, let's face it, they're not exactly frightening anyone are they? We were happy to see the back of Fryatt but we felt the loss of Hobbs for a while. Waggy will be returned at some stage but otherwise, i doubt we'll see much, if any, movement.

Leicester's owners have said they'll back NP in the transfer market once he's had time to work with the squad and assess what he has but NP isn't a chequebook manager, sure he'll have some ideas and he'll now have the funds to see those idea's through, but he's not Sven, he'll work the problem, not spend around it.

Leicester will get better now, i think most people will an ounce of common sense know this. It may not be immediate, but it'll happen. Quietly confident that we'll at least make the playoffs now.


17 Nov 2011 23:02:49
latest response re Mackail Smith and Nne.
Perhaps you should go and see your GP for a referrL as you clearly need help !(5)(6)There both not cut out for the might of soton, as lets be honest if they wanted them they would have them just like that...hope that helps brighton fans


17 Nov 2011 23:00:47
Agreed. We are let down by a small handful of 'longstanding' fans with unrealistic predictions. However, I did see a special someone in West Quay earlier today which creates further discussion....Super, super sub, super, super sub, super, super sub, superberbatov!

COYR(2)(5)And you go and post sh#t like that


17 Nov 2011 21:24:36
I have heard today from a reliable source that a bid is on the table to buy Barnsley fc from Patrick Cryne.(11)(4)Who is this reliable source and how much are they worth or is it a single investor
Are the investor/s british or foriegn
more info please


17 Nov 2011 20:12:48
Norwich City bound midfielder Leon Britton has been spotted house hunting near where his parents live in the Larkman area.(5)(10)Nobody goes to Carrot Road willingly.Not the most architecturally beautiful area of Norwich to put it kindly I am sure he would have earned enough money in his career to help his parent move to a leafier area.


17 Nov 2011 19:18:01
heard today off a good source that richie ryan who plays for sligo rovers in ireland will be signing for dundee utd very soon on a 18 month contract FACT(8)(3)I would not have slept to-nite if i had not herd this


17 Nov 2011 16:58:31
Centre mid Scott davidson of small none league team rishton utd has joined fleetwood town on a 2 week trail which looks set to become a permanent deal worth around 400 pound per week and if promoted to the football league up too £500...
Source: I'm one of the talented players rishton team mates for now(4)(10)I'm a big fleetwood fan and I've heard this too... He better be gifted as we have a very gods squad at the momentWasnt aware that Fleetwood was a hugely religious club, are they Quakers or something?


17 Nov 2011 15:48:07
qpr to bid for anelka,defoe or pavlyuchenko in the summer along with a centre half(6)(19)Will they want to play in he championship then ?Q.P.R might stay up so what you sayingI think he's saying they wont!Dont make accusations already, not halfway through the season and your saying they will be in the Championship. Who knows what might happen in the league? But i think QPR have a good enough squad for the premier league


17 Nov 2011 13:49:30
Very close family friends with the club doctor at Watford football club. The u21 centre forward marvin sordell, who seems to be the only good player on an extremely average Watford side, had been tapped up by Liverpool as a prospect for the future. No idea over the fees or technicalities, but this is true.(8)(17)There are far better players in the Watford Squad than Marvin Sordell, but you wouldn't know that.

Do you homework!!If this doctor is a friend of yours, ask him to do a brain scan.Ur talking pants mate. Whats the club doctors name then?Marvin sordell is not leaving


17 Nov 2011 10:50:35
Hibernian and Southend United have thrashed out a compensation package of £100,000 for manager Paul Sturrock. Luggy's last game in charge will be Tuesday's home FA Cup replay against Preston North End. The Southend Board have refused permission, in the short term, for Graham Coughlan to join Luggy as assistant at Easter Road, as he will be appointed as caretaker manager until the end of the season. Then a view will be taken on long-term management direction. If, Coughlan retains Southend in the promotion places and they end up in League One for 2012/13 the job is his. Play-off's or worse will see a new manager and management structure implemented.(10)(10)What Rubbish yawn yawn. Can the person who posted this reveal their sources?First of all he was going to Plymouth now this. Why would Sturrock move from a team that he is likely to get promoted than go to a second rate scottish team.
Im a Swindon fan and cant see it happenning. Sturrock knows L2 inside out and will get Southend up this season as he has the knowledge and experience of this league.Source: Former Board Member at SUFC and part of the consortium who wish to take over at the clubOk so you name your source: But in all honesty what are the chances of this happening?Pile of tripe.

Name the man of the consortium, im in good touch a with of few myself.

Go on your turn.Hi as a hibs fan i really dont want a second rate manager in the second or third league of england who wont ever be anything better to take over as manager at this time.time to get real guys this wont happen.bigger fish in the oceanI hope what the Hibs fan writes above is correct - However I'm a Southend supporter and my gut feeling is this may well be true. Sturrock doesn't see eye to eye with Chairman Ron Martin.


17 Nov 2011 10:04:27
Barry Fry has told Southampton they will have to pay
8,400,000 for midfielder Grant McCann
Time has come for the slippers by the Fireside Barry
take off the eight and your about right
PS THEN AGAIN IT IS THE DAILY STAR(7)(10)Well,we're all well aware of the stupidty that flows out of Fry's big mouth,we've heard enough of it in the past,he's not the legend he thinks he is,poor old man.It is the daily star. But that is a quote from the old fellow, If that's the case then we'll be laughing all the way back to the south coast with the cheque still in our pocketFry allways did talk stupidWhy would Saints want McCann? He's ex-Scunthorpe hence the link with Adkins. If Adkins really wants him then i wont argue but think this is papers filling spare spaceThis is a deffo smoke screen as Atkins is after peter whittinghamBarry Fry talking up his players yet again ! he tried it with Craig Mikel Smith, Norwich told BF no thank you, overpriced ,and Brighton fell for it, while he's busy he has not exactly lit up the front line for Brighton.
Don't know much about McCann, so he can't exactly be ripping up teams, so the 8.4M is utter tosh....


17 Nov 2011 09:35:05
James beattie. Has today started training with the blades, now lets hope he signs..(18)(5)He's still training with Bournemouth?Look on the sufc web site, or sheffield star..Blimey, there's clutching at straws and there's CLUTCHING AT STRAWS! Beattie is gash, and you hope he signs? whooo you lot must be badBeattie is clutching at straws he is a has been and i always thought was a highly overrated player. When he got his call up for England all the so called professional in the game didnt seem to think he was England material and i agree with them.
Beattie has been desperatly trying to get back with Southampton as he still has a house here but im afraid James you are past your selll by date and L1 or 2 is now your level. Lets face it he was useless in Scotland at Rangers so if you can do it there which is the equivalent of L2 what chance has he got of a championship team.Do Sheffield United need someone to man the burger bar then ?He's looking for a rest home to see out the last couple of years of his career, if Rangers let him go on a free, he must be way past his best,how he ever got capped by England is a mystery, never looked like he wanted to work for the team.


17 Nov 2011 09:29:04
wolves 2 sign shelvey and mccormack in january

express and star(2)(24)Mick out we dont want them


17 Nov 2011 06:29:42
Scouting staff of Heart of Midlothian Football Club, was being spotted in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium when watching the games between Malaysia vs Cambodia and Indonesia vs Thailand. With the aims to evaluate and perhaps, to capture promising talents from South East Asia, they noted that few players seem to be good enough to plays abroad. Malaysian young midfielder is among one who already caught their interest. With the age of 17, he has accurate passing ability as well as to interfere with opponent's passes.(5)(7)Total crap the scumbos are skint its now the 2nd month in a row the players wages have not been paid on time last month 18 days late,mad vlad has already said he is not investing any more cash so where will the money from these signings come? and how can they afford to send scouts to the far east when they are skint? they have spend all there cash from season tickets and the revenue from the spurs game, they only managed to punt wallace in the summer to the forces of darkness who couldn't pay all the dosh up front but instead over 3 years


17 Nov 2011 06:23:51
Leicester to sign a few of Hull City players in january including the returns of Matty Fryatt and Jack Hobbs, also Robert Koren and Tom Cairney will sign for the foxes.(9)(24)As a Leicester fan i'd like to ask, are you on drugs?Sorry to say mate ,that will not happen ,so go spead a bit more crap some-were else ,pearson as no chance end ofYou're sorry Pearson won't sign those mentioned? I'm delighted personally, they're crap! Nick Barmby will need all the help he can get... Barmby - pfft!Bar the exception of Koren, the other 3 players aren't as good as what LCFC currently have in there team. DULL CITY!Another deluded Leicester fan, those players won't be leaving, and Pearson will end up getting sacked when his squad fail to get promotedI should add, Pearson can sign Fryatt, against West Ham he had his usual hatful of chances and failed to score, and the club can sign a goal-scorer with the compensation money from Leicester.Sense spoken by the poster referencing West Ham. Fryatt wouldn't be fit to lace the boots of Beckford or Nugent! And Hobbs is cumbersome, and gets turned easy - again watch the west ham highlights.

Pearson won't be back to hull for any players!Peason sacked after 3 months and my old freind n barmy taking city into them prem full stop


16 Nov 2011 22:09:17
Craig Dargo on trial at Partick Thistle.(4)(3)Top news there mate cheers. I'll tell the national papers.


16 Nov 2011 21:30:04
Young Leyton Orient winger George Porter has been getting lots of attention from championship clubs and will be subject to a bidding war between a few clubs with Ipswich most likely to get him.(10)(3)Matt Porter Leyton Orient Chief Executive said there has been no bids and they will reject all bidsReject all bids? Every player has his price, this is a nice statement of intent but, we all know if a good bid came in he'd be off.


16 Nov 2011 21:17:45
Fleetwood's prolific striker Jamie Vardy is attracting interest for league one and championship clubs, for his performances this season(11)(2)Clubs may be interested, but Fleetwood and Vardy would want to be paid handsomely. Possibly more than what clubs would be willing to risk.


16 Nov 2011 18:58:45
Why would Brighton (or anyone else) pay £1m for Steve Harper? Good keeper. Good servant. But his fee earning days are behind him at 38. Best NUFC can hope for is a free transfer to take him off the wage bill.(15)(7)


16 Nov 2011 18:06:06
Southampton will complete the signings of Celtic defender Jos Hooiveld on a permanent basis,
Peterborough Skipper Grant McCann for £500,000 & Doncaster Starlet Billy Sharp for around £3.5 million in January

Southern Daily Echo - Saints
The Sun - Sport
Sky Sports - Southampton
Etc.(19)(32)Grant McCann is a no go he is not for sale unless a stupid amount is offered. He has rubbished the rumour on his twitter account.Dude ! Southampton will be paying At Least 1 Million for Joos Hoiveld !Sharp has already rejected a move to Southampton, in the same way he rejected a move to Leeds, so any rumour concerning those two clubs must surely be bogus. Ipswich one could be on the cards though, tractor boys.
wallyHa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!Billy Sharp £3.5m?? You may as well sign Billy Connelly!!


16 Nov 2011 16:51:31
Talks are ongoing between Tottenham and Man city for Carlos Tevez.
Spurs will also snap up Adam Johnson.(11)(37)No they want Adam Johnson has just signed a new deal at Man City until 2015.Johnson just signed a new deal at cityHmmm... I think you will find Adam Johnson is near to signing a new four year contract for City! How would Spurs buy Tevez, when City are considering holding Tevez registration card! And Harry has said "we can't afford him.. no chance"!Lol, epic fail

NazCan't you Spurs fans get in to your thick heads. TEVEZ IS MISSING HIS FAMILY WHO ARE BACK HOME IN ARGENTINA AND WILL NOT MOVE TO ENGLAND. {Ed001's Note - Tevez's family have moved to England recently.}Ed001- So Tevez is now in Argentina and his wife and Kids are in England? {Ed001's Note - no, his family have finally moved to England to be closer to him, so his pathetic excuses about being homesick and so needing an extra 50k a week to stay are now of no use.}Tottenham would be a good move for Johnson as he will get regular games and id rather have him in the England squad than Walcott and if he does go there it would improve his England chances for next year.

As for Tevez everyone should avoid him like the plague the guys an idiot.I wonder what price would be put on a transfer package given his very public bad behaviour? Harry has taken these situations on before and success has followed Mr DiCanio springs to mind. He maynot have been able to afford Tevez a year ago but now.....who knows.


16 Nov 2011 15:47:35
Southampton are looking to sign Kudus Oyenuga from Spurs on a Perminant deal in January after the 18 year old impressed on trial with the south coast club, scoring twice on his debut for the U21's
Oyenuga will be placed in the Saints development squad as a future prospect(20)(10)You can have him as a free gift. We big boys recognise the plight of the poor, small, lower league sides.As a spurs fan I'd like to apologise for ridiculous comment posted above, we've had years of mediocrity in PL & I for one appreciate our upturn even more for it, southampton have a great record of developing young players & hope he carves out a good career for himself.
Finally hope to see use back in topflight soon use have always played football the proper waySaints want to take this young lad because they can see the potential and they can develop him...Spurs youth set up is sh#te..spurs simply cannot develop players, especially with Harry "Bagpuss" Redcrapp in charge...So Kane, Carrol, Caulker and one of the best developed player King make Spurs youth setup poor does it? Idiot

I hope he does go to Saints and manages to get himself a decent careerSaints fan here, Oyenuga looks a decent player but he has had one good game in the u21 lets just see how good he is after a few more games and if any club can move him on in his career then it is Saints. As for the ONE person Spurs fan that says "we big boys fan recongnise the plight of the poor", lets not forget were your best player by a mile came from, yes Mr Bale. When the real Big boys of the Prem and Europe come for him he will go, dont get me wrong off course you are a much bigger club than us but not to sure you can call yourself one of the true Big Boys of the Premiere League. You need to be finishing top 4 consistently to do that, like Arsenal have for the last 10 years +.
Beleive it or not i surported Spurs as a kid in the days of Hoddle and Waddle etc.. but fans like him and all clubs have them including Saits really PS me offGreat! It worked again! If you go fishing there another Saint on the end of the line.You really must remember Saints, this is a banter/rumour site. Not anger management therapy for you lot.If its 'Great!' why the pompous lecture? Its called passion, something you obviously lost years ago


16 Nov 2011 15:29:54
i have heard a rumour that butterfield will be swaped for andy johnson at fulham(3)(30)You must stop visiting the funny farm mate
it will seriously effect your healthMore chance of it being Andy Pandy


16 Nov 2011 15:26:06
brian howard to return to the mighty reds in january(11)(15)Was told he had agreed to join millwall
in jan on permanent deal
Or as he had a change of heart
anybody else out there know anythingIt was on sky news some time ago that he had been told by reading manager that he was free to find another club as he didnt have a place in the reading squad,was also under the impression he was staying at Millwall


16 Nov 2011 15:25:09
I have heard on the oakwell grapevine that jason scotland was been measured for a barnsley shirt.(4)(21)What about shorts/socks and jockstrap


16 Nov 2011 15:11:34
Derby to return for John Eustace in the January Transfer window with Dyche ready to sell him due to the recent impressive partnership of Buaben and Hogg(4)(11)


16 Nov 2011 15:07:26
Aston Villa set to shell out £8m to land Scott Sinclair to fill void left by Ashley Young.(25)(23)They wont! Sinclair is an attacking player!Sinclair isn't good enough.Sinclair is clasHe is no where near good enough for the villans


16 Nov 2011 14:13:27
mate typo Wigan(3)(10)


16 Nov 2011 12:56:00
burnley dont have 5m to spend . Flood stated eddie has a bit of money but not a lot . Loans look more likely(8)(7)


16 Nov 2011 12:51:08
adam johnson is on his way out of manchester city and is joining tottenham for a fee around 12m(12)(46)Cannot believe city will let a player of his
quality go .At these times of vastly
inflated transfer fees he will be a bargain
buy for somebody.PS NO PLAYER WORTH
THIS FANS PAY THE PRICE FOR ITI bloody hope so!Hes just signed a new contractHe has just signed a long term deal at City so I very much doubt this will happenPlenty of pubs for him in LondonAs a spurs fan, this is so not true!Oh yeah, of course they are! With Bale and Lennon in the side!So the announcement of a new deal at City is all tosh then is it ?How much is in it for Harry?


16 nov 2011 12:36:26
leicester to raid hull in january window for there best players(15)(18)Whose their best players?That will be nobody thenOnly waghorn who is on loan from leicester - the club don't need to sell anyone.So theyre signing rob koren then


16 Nov 2011 11:38:59
Just throwing this out there i heard that in the summer saints will splash out on billy sharp and possibly jutwiecz( sorry about the spelling, the coventry striker) this is just a rumour i have also hear a young un from the prem could come down to add strength to the pile?(7)(12)


16 Nov 2011 11:13:56
Wigan to sign Jimmy Kebe for £4m in January with Kris Commons set to replace the winger in a £2m switch.(5)(22)They aye got 4 million


16 Nov 2011 10:45:07
Plymouth have signed Craig Sutherland on loan from Blackpool. He will add to Argyles attacking options ahead of the trip to Torquay. Bryher Pilgrim COYG(14)(6)


16 Nov 2011 09:14:24
barnsley to sign ravel morrison and matt kilgallon on loan until january(9)(12)Barnsley have no money !Don't be fooledDonny had him on loan & he nearly got us relagated ur welcome 2 him sorry he's not the player that played 4 sheff utd


16 Nov 2011 09:04:04
Fulham want to take Tottenham's young midfielder Tom Carroll on loan in January.(12)(9)This willl be a good move for him if it is trueHe was good for Leyton Orient Last year , but not a prem level player yet.He's gonna be the next modric, but I reckon he needs a loan at a strong championship club until he fills out a bit more for the prem


16 nov 2011 07:45:06
any bristol city transfer news,(2)(13)You're playing Millwall on Sunday, the game is being televised on SS1.


16 Nov 2011 07:01:58
Phil Neville to join Portsmouth in January. Neville is a long time friend of new manager Michael Appleton and is prepared to drop down a division to take up a playerassistant manager role.(15)(28)Nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo....oh god please no!!!Why would we want him? 3 reasons why not...wages, age, injuries. No thanks. PUP.


16 Nov 2011 00:17:04
Billy Sharp will remain a Doncaster player at least until end of the season. His traumatic ordeal away from the game has put some perspective on things and stability is what he needs right now. No pretend contact in the game just common sense. I would expect Ipswich and Saints to renew interest in the summer(18)(7)As a Saints fan good luck to Billy,would love to see him here,have so much respect for him for how he handled the death of his young son.We lost our little grand-daughter,we're still all broke up,it
does make you see what the important things in life are.


15 Nov 2011 21:22:59
As Burnley have told manager Eddie Howe he will have a budget of around £5m to spend there has been a lot of players linked with the Clarets. One of the players is Jake Livermore from Tottenham, Burnley are hoping to tie up a £1.5m deal with Tottenham for the young midfielder. Burnley have also been linked with big defender Sébastien Puygrenier Who is already on trial with the Clarets. Another main interest is in Chelsea defender Ryan Bertrand, Burnley are hoping to tie up a deal with Chelsea for £2m for Ryan Bertrand and young goalkeeper Sam Walker.(11)(23)Dont talk so stupid!!.i have never read so much tripe in all my life!.get a grip laddy no 5m will be spent by us!1. we won't spend 5 million.
2. Bertrand will be a loan at best, livermore would not leave spurs in a million years.
3. puygrenier could be a possible thoughFrom what i've heard he hasn't got a pot to pee in?


15 Nov 2011 21:15:00
French defender Sebastien Puygrenier is hoping to earn a deal with Burnley after joining the Clarets on trial.

The Zenit St Petersburg centre-back will spend this week with the Clarets, two-and-a-half years on from a disappointing loan spell with Bolton.

The 29-year-old former Monaco man joined Zenit for £4.5million in 2008 and, although his contract does not expire until the summer, the player's agent, Michael Manuello, has claimed a release could be arranged for January.

"For him to go to England was very special," Manuello told the Lancashire Telegraph.(9)(6)


15 Nov 2011 21:03:08
Steve Tilson to be next manager of Northampton Town(12)(10)Current bookies favorite is Nicky Forster who is currently manager of Dover Athletic in Blue Square South


15 Nov 2011 18:27:58
Liam trotter of millwall fc has signed a pre contract with fulham fc in a transfer agreed at 3.8m plus add ons(5)(23)U cant sign a pre contract with a club in the same countryOh dear should not have posted that! Cue Millwall are bigger than fulham posts on here!Millwall are not bigger than fulham but as a Millwall fan Trotter should stay as he still needs to improve before being tested in the premier leagueWe only got just over 2 million for Morison as much as I like Trotter cant see him going for that much, he can also be a bit of an inconsistent player at times.


15 Nov 2011 16:56:37
Ryan Bertrand not content with playing Chelsea reserves anymore and looking to secure a loan move to the Championship. The defender looks set to return to Reading with a view to a permanent move.(12)(12)Burnley are also interestedAnd thats all burnley will be..........interested!Oh please let this be trueIan Harte off to Leeds in dramatic return to old club in player/coaching role. Source - David Somma


15 Nov 2011 15:32:48
Nicky Barnby to take charge of Hull's game this weekend in the absence of Nigel Pearson.
Barnby to become caretaker with the view of becoming the Perminant gaffer(20)(10)His name's Barmby ffs.All I would say is remember Bryan Gunn at Norwich. Massive fans favourite, whopping win in first game and then down hill. There is no substitute for managerial experience and all the warm fuzzy feelings and fan sentiment won't make any difference. Get someone who knows the game and let them do the job of getting us upSomebody better tell Dougie Freedman he should be no good then.Said BarMby (appologies) would become caretaker manager


15 Nov 2011 14:45:57
Freddy Eastwood undergoing a medical at League 1 Walsall signing will be confirmed on Friday morning(4)(22)Course he is......Course he is you know youve hit rock bottom of u sign for little smallsal


15 Nov 2011 13:20:31
James Beattie has today signed for Sheffield United for a second stint at the club.(12)(31)Thats why he is still currently training with Bournemouth FC then, nice rumour mate!...Diouf trained with Preston and Wogn before be signed for Doncaster so could be a true rumour mate!...You mean Diouf trained at Wigan aswell


15 Nov 2011 12:54:31
Sheff Wed will sign scott wagstaff in
Jan so Chris Powell can bring in winger
Chris Taylor from oldham.(1)(19)Chuckle chuckle ho ho, its not April til next year mate.


15 Nov 2011 11:59:00
NIGEL PEARSON SEEN AT KING POWER STADIUM THIS DINNER TIME COULD SAGA BE FINALLY OVER {Ed025's Note - lets hope so!!(15)(16)Think he was seen at morrison's buying cream cakes for all the players :o) fun times return to the king power.I think you mean lunch time!No he doesn't as he isn't from the South of England.Roll up, roll up everbody for the circus that is Leicester CityGlad to see pearson back im not saying he will bring instant success but he can motivate a team, we have the players they just need direction. prem next season i hope??Still time this year theres still a lot of football to be played


15 Nov 2011 11:50:02
Southend United will make a bid for former striker Freddy Eastwood from Coventry should one of their key players leave(7)(22)Southend don't have any key players!Yet top of the league in 14 and a big gap between 4th and 8th.

Barker Grant Hall Dickinson Harris.Oh my god, you're top of the league after a few games into the season, they're all worth millions!Yet as I pointed out look at the gap between the promotion spots.

So they players are of course key.

And have been the best so far this season.


15 Nov 2011 11:05:49
Phil Brown approached about the vacant managers position at Hull City(8)(33)Ive just dropped him off at hulls ground just takin billy davies to airport destination isle of manIf this was true i would carry him on my back to hulls groundAm I the only one who thinks this would be a terrible appointment {Ed003's Note - No }


15 Nov 2011 09:41:59
jason koumas just been seen at oakwell could be a barnsley player by weekend(25)(16)Would bring some much needed experience
to the squad gets goals as well
I for one would be pleased


15 Nov 2011 08:33:09
Jim Gannon returns to Stockport County - the messiah returns! He has a list of seven/eight players he wants in the January transfer market, to ensure stability in BSP ex loanees James Wallace, Stephen Husband and Matt Paterson top his list. Welcome back Jimbo, lets get County on the move!(22)(7)Are you serious? If we could get Wallace/Husband/Paterson we would certainly be pushing up the table! Come on County!Gannon's first job will be to cut the wage bill - get some passion into the players that are left and then in January add some quality (like mentioned) to the squad. The only man for the job.

The ScarfWallace and Paterson were the two best loanees last season - would love to see them back at Edgeley.


15 Nov 2011 06:52:03
So where is Nigel Person then..all we keep hearing is tomorrow next 48 hours blah blah and that was over a week ago ????? something is not quite right.
COYR(13)(7)TWO OUT OF THE LAST THREE MANAGERS YOUVE HAD WERE LEICESTER REJECTS SO STOP BLEATING AND KEEP FIGHTING AGAINST RELEGATIONHe finalising his transfer list for jan before being nnounced would of been last week but poor hull counldn't find anyone decent so lcfc had to waitHe's prob already planning how he will spend his pay off when Leicester sack him in 6 months time. They do like getting through their managers don't they?Who would actually want to rush to go to a place like leicester. Most people cant wait to leave!!Seems your manager could not wait tho leave hull all though i have heard that the north is getting increceingly crapYou are going to get mclaren


15 Nov 2011 04:22:45
Dean Marney will also be offloaded in January, there are 3 clubs monitoring him. The three teams are Huddersfield, Blackpool and Falkirk.

Dont think Blackpool are interested. We are top heavy with midfield players even loaning them out ourselves. Bl;ackpool dont need anymore players at present(6)(8)Its not players need its fansTheres no chance he will go to falkirk davie c


15 Nov 2011 03:43:41
rooney is set to leave united due to arguements with ferguson he is set to go real madrid, united set to sign ballotelli to replace him {Ed025's Note - is that because ballotelli will not argue with the manager ;o)(13)(61)Fall out yes going never fall out was same only over players but this is a fall out Rooney seems to be right with look out for 1 in jan pos 2 wesly and shawcross buy back option maybe or cahill and same going out most Likly rio , evens and 2 or 3 in for next season with 2 or 3 going carick, Gibson , berba could even be moreI can't understand a word of your post, can you type something in english please.Dont worry, not everyone from Manchester talks like this, it will be his bedtime soon.Lol he just not put full stops , before slagging people off try reading it slow ! And listen to what he saying ! Cos he knows what he on about , the fall out with rooney was over class of players at man u like it was when he stalled on a new contract , and he seems to no what he talking about as he knows about the deal in place where man u can buy him back before any other club , so let's not slag people off and read it and take it in thanks


14 Nov 2011 22:42:52
Why is it that the welsh are fine with playing in the english premier league and the lower leagues but when it comes to team GB they have a problem with losing their identity?(47)(5)Im welsh and i personally dont have a problem with it as long as its not bale on his own with the rest of england players, hopefully fair from all nations. and as long as Wales team is at the top of the welsh players minds cause we're moving forward for once {Ed025's Note - no one else would get in!Ed025 what about Ramsey, midfield 3 of Wilshere ramsey and rodwell would be pretty tasty? {Ed025's Note - ok i will give you ramsey...but thats your lot!!Just hope whoever plays takes it all seriously and that the event doesnt become diluted, by club/country situations-Danger otherwise that it will become a bit of a circusThere is also Craig Bellemy!


14 Nov 2011 22:35:58
rio will goto spurs harry has been trying to sing him the past year or so(13)(29)Harry said it was Cahill he wanted in summer, Rio's a bit too old and injury prone,
Vertonghen now though looks the most likely CB to replace Bassong in JanI agree rio or plug is far too old and er lets just say injury prone to be on the safe sideHope not, the treatment room at the lane would need to be made bigger with the amount of times Rio would be in for treatmentI think he will sing the Duran Duran classic his name is RIO!!Wow is redknapp a good singer what great news.How do you sing Rio?Yep Rio is going to Spurs with Modric going to OT


14 Nov 2011 21:36:07
Norwich's Chris Martin has agreed to a loan switch to Crystal Palace(21)(10)


14 Nov 2011 20:50:32
Looks like Saints opening talks to secure Jos Hooiveld in January Source SS website(11)(6)Why does this have 2 unbelievables? He is currently on loan and has said he would be happy either way. Hardly unbelieveable!Who said unbelievable lol


14 Nov 2011 20:29:15
Chris Martin to Palace on loan. {Ed025's Note - what will the rest of coldplay make of that?(14)(5)What will Gweneth Paltrow think of it? {Ed025's Note - she will probably cry her eyes out..


14 Nov 2011 20:06:24
Southend to consider Former Northampton Boss Gary Johnson as their new manager should Paul Sturrock leave Roots Hall for Hibernian.

It is thought Hibs have already been in lengthy hush-hush talks with Blues to try and trash out a compensation compromise agreement.(7)(5)No.

Sturrock has confirmed he wont be leaving so bore off.


14 Nov 2011 19:30:00
Bristol Rovers chairman is keeping a close eye on former Bristol City and Northampton manager Gary Johnson.
The current manager Paul Buckle has been told performances must improve and if the club were to get beat in the next round of the fa cup then he would be out and Johnson in.
Johnson still owns a property in the Bristol area(7)(11)Gary johnson would take them into the conference with pride, it would be his favourite season while also seeing Mcinness keep City up in the championship.


14 Nov 2011 19:11:24
villa agreed to sing with barca's approivel for 27 million he will fly in on 1st 2nd or 3rd of january for medical and to sign on the dotted line[from very relieble sorce].(9)(16)What song are they going to sing thenThey would have to call in GCHQ to de-code the message first.Whats the name of the club he'll be singing inLooks like he's been on the sorce?Money to burn haven't they? 27m for their own player!.....What song is he going to SIGN!!"!Where can i buy tickets? is he a tenor or a tenner lol ;-)Villa wouldnt spend 27 m on anybody


14 Nov 2011 18:20:22
Kane Bywater to sign for Motherwell on loan from Rochdale after failing to impress since signing from Hull in the summer(5)(3)I can confirm this is true. Kane Bywater is known to Stuart McCall from his freelance scouting system that still operates in the Leeds and Bradford area. Don't be surprised if Kane Bywater is seen at Fir Park in the coming weeks.


14 Nov 2011 18:19:26
free agent Jim Stringer to have a 2 week trial with Di Canio's Swindon Town

St for life(7)(2)Who the hell is Jim Stringer??


14 Nov 2011 18:18:01
Southampton have opened talks with Celtic over signing Jos Hooiveld on a permanent in January. Source: its true. He's been magnificent since he's come in, and he's formed a good partnership with Fonte.


14 Nov 2011 17:50:41
Argyle to sign jon parkin on a month loan(9)(17)No way he wont go to plymouth its to far away and he wud rather join pne or a yorkshire club


14 Nov 2011 17:46:43
I said years ago Theo Walcott would make England squad when at Southampton and he did now I am saying Adam lallana will do the same for the euro squad(13)(22)Walcott is a one trick pony and the way he plays is like throwing a ball to a dog as all he ca do is run in the space behind the full back. I cant see anyhting he brings to England whereas Llalana is an allround player and more intelligent the way he plays.I thought he might be better.Look who he plays for.....hes pathetic.I doubt very much that Lallana will play for England in the Euros. Maybe 1 or two friendlies but lets face it you dont play for England unless you play for Chelsea, Man U, Man City or Arsenal.

Theo is a waiste of space, he should have been taught to cross by now by "le professuer"I am a Saints fan, really Lallana is good but unproven at the top level, Saints need to try and get to the prem first, then lets see how good Lallana is, dont get me wrong at championship level he is as good as there is but the top 12 in prem are miles apart from ALL the championship teams. However there is proof that allot of former saints youth players have gone on and been good for there countrys Walcott, Bale, Bridge, AOC will i would imagine going back to the likes of Shearer so it is not impossible but very unlikely lets be relisticSaints fan too, and I`m guessing many of the unbelievable`s have not seen him play, if they did they would be saying unbelievable!. A very special player with a great future."I said years ago Theo Walcott would make England squad" I dont believe it! {Ed025's Note - thank you....victor meldrew!Saints fans on here never fail to disappoint do they! Good player yes, euros no chance based on your biased opinion no doubt. Did Maynard or Rodriguez sign you said that was 100 per cent true to lolI am not a saints fan i support a lower league team but i have seen Llanna play several times and he is a quality player. Some of the comments from people on here who dont know anyhting about Llanna are most likely premier league fans who havent got a clue about any club or player outside the premier league.

Hes a better player than Walcott who is totally overrated as i sai before he is a one trick pony throw him a ball and he will run for it. You always get the feeling with Walcott he never knows what to do when he needs to deliver the ball into the box and his final ball 9 times out of 10 is very poor.


14 Nov 2011 17:37:48
i agree with arsenal changing their stadium name as it is a NEW stadium in a new location, but not just renaming for more money. maybe man u can rename theirs to webbs dreamland(8)(3)Yes, I can see where you are coming from. And because of it's new location, The Emirates would be the perfect name wouldn't it? Get a grip you fool, it's all about money!Or utd could change it from old trafford to 19 titlesNew location?? Less than a baby's stone throw away from the libraryI think Arsenal should move back to Plumstead and stop mucking about up north.Think Utd should go for the 6 minutes injury time arena, sponsored by the foul as you want, and not get sent off charity...


14 Nov 2011 17:21:11
If I were to be an Ipswich fan I would be a very very worried person, With £66 mil in debt, loseing games hand over fist faceing a religation battle very soon the way results are showing, Can't sell a decent amount of tickets for any match, perhaps Southend or Luton could lend you a couple of players, your's are ste. Lg 1 Next season 2 after that(12)(12)Not with Marcus Evans' money....dream on Canary fan.Smells like a bitter budgie. Still dusting the empty trophy cabinet?Good old Norwich fans, when you were in league 1 we actually showed some respect. Your team may be doing ok (for once) but your fans continue to have no class about them. The evans group posted over 100m profit this year! your main benefactor used to be an Ipswich fan! still love that picute of her in her town scarf. humble pie a little?I liked when Norwich were on Football focus a few weeks back they showed the trophie cabinet and I swear it was a pokey cupboard under a staircass with the Milk cup and a Bayern munich banner in only lol. may even post a linkOh dear now theres a little annoyed budgie,wonder why. Cant you just be glad for once your doing better than us and show some form of decorum?


14 Nov 2011 13:39:59
Clear noises from a source of mine that Gary Cahill will join machester united for £10 million in January. Good player with potential to slot right in and allow jones to play cm. Ferdinand will remain but jonny Evans after a string of dissapointing games will go out on loan with Wolverhampton wanderers the likely suiters as Evans was in talks with wolves in August.
Believe what you may but United are front runners but won't pay more than £10 million for a player with 6 months contract left!
Agent whisperer!(20)(19)Looks like Man U will be having a tug-of-war with themselves over Cahill......good luck with that one.You little tinker, is that you Arsene?Although your rebuttles are hilarious I am merely posting what info I have.
From a fans point of view Cahill is a good player who has been linked with Chelsea arsenal spurs and even Barcelona! So at 10 million I would say not a bad buy! It's sad that all fans nowadays want a 50 million buy just like Torres to Chelsea! Carroll to Liverpool well they worked a treat! Oh and one last rant..... Hernandez £6 million.... Enough saidWhy would you spend 10 million on a player you could have for free in 6 months?Ha ha 10mil for that donkey.Why would SAF sign another central defender after recently stating that Rio isn't his 1st choice anymore? If Rio cant' get in the team ahead of Smalling, Vidic or Jones, why would Cahill?Heard from a Bolton player that Gary Cahill is heading to London,probably will see his contract out but pre contract agreed with either Arsenal or Spurs.Your made up information is pretty woeful


14 Nov 2011 13:25:39
barnsley set to sign c martin on loan from norwich and danny wilson on loan from liverpool(18)(19)


14 Nov 2011 12:31:06
odemwingie and long want to leave WBA(27)(30)Reasons why? Or are you just a Dingle on the wind-up? I suspect the latter.


14 Nov 2011 12:20:01
Craig Mackail Smith on Southamptons wishlist at end of the season if they maintain their great form and gain promotion(11)(23)Afraid, LCFC and Nigel Pearson, already has his eye on him. you can have Long if you want he seems to be wanting out of WBASomeone else who would have us believe he knows what the manager of LCFC wants, before he's even confirmed as the new manager, jog on dopey.As its believed he will join in 24 hours after agreeing compensation and CMS would be ideal for nugent and schlupp, i would prefer to be called bashfully rather than dopey THANK YOU VERY MUCHCMS does not suit the style of play NA wants at St Marys....he is missing currently missing lots of easy chances at the moment....Ah yes, he would love to move to another LCFC...another championship team...OR...move to a prem team in Saints...jog on idiot.So, Bashful, is Schluup starting under Pearson then? Ahead of Beckford? How do you know this then, where are you getting you super scoops? Are you Nigel Pearson?Think Saints would have bought him at end of last season if that interested but expect purchase of striker in JanSaints aren't lloking for a "proven championship striker". They will go for someone that has Premiership potential or stick with what they have got.Hold your horses 'mate'. Your team aren't in the Premiership...long way to go yet.'mate' he said some one with premiership potential it won't take long for saints' returnYou southampton lot make me laugh and sooner or later your massive ego and sheer arrogance will come round and bite you in the arse really really hard, you will not go up marathon not a sprint. If I was a Southampton fan I would hate sharing my stadium with bigheads every match, it gives all saints fans a bad label. Playoffs and no higher. Hope you stay down it will knock some sense into you.


14 Nov 2011 12:13:02
Stoke Striker Ricardo Fuller rumored to be leaving because he isnt getting playing regular football.(23)(10)He cant get first team football as he is still injured !


14 Nov 2011 12:10:47
Warren Joyce to be appointed hull manager he will have Nick Barmby has assistant(7)(13)


14 Nov 2011 12:02:46
Gabby Agbonlahor to Arsenal for 8 million.(8)(37)Bcks Gabby is villa and WILL stay villaHah the biggest crock of ste i have ever heard 1. he will never leave villa and 2. ha for only 8 mill whoever posted this is a numptyAs a neutral let me says he would leave Villa for a bigger club. But agree that 1) they would never sell at that price and 2( Arsene would not spend big esp on an english player8M? Gabby supports Villa! he would never leave for a spent team like Arsenal who are rubbish these days!Gabby is villa through and through no chance he will be leaving and if they do try and sell him the villa board will have the biggest backlash they have ever had from us the supportersNO CHANCE mate jog on pal


14 Nov 2011 12:02:02
Rumoured some Permierships clubs (Blackburn, West Brom and Aston Villa) are going are bidding for Cardiff Striker Kenny Miller(19)(21)Why would villa bid for Kenny Miller? o.O


14 Nov 2011 11:58:59
Bolton again in Januray and planning to Bid for Rangers Left winger Gregg Wylde(12)(11)


14 Nov 2011 11:53:45
Luuk de Jong to move to Newcastle for £12million(15)(23)


14 Nov 2011 11:41:49
Van Wolfswinkel to United for £8million(16)(8)I think you will have to add another 10 million to that .Listen son, this is a tough financial climate we're living in we can't go spending money willy nilly, that was a believable offerI guess you are a united supporter
if you think sporting will sell for 8.million think again.Sporting going to tkae a big loss on a player they have had for less than a season? nOpe


14 Nov 2011 11:37:08
As reported in today's Leicester Mercury... Leicester and Hull have finally reached an agreement to allow Nigel Pearson to resume his role as Leicester manager. Apparently Hull wanted over £1m compensation but have agreed to a lower figure.(19)(11)Your getting mclaren


14 Nov 2011 11:35:02
Arsenal interested in signing Royston Drenthe after his loan at Everton expires(11)(12)He will sign one at everton :)Probably is actually as that is the calibre of player you attract these days!


14 Nov 2011 11:31:39
Junior Hoilett to Newcastle for £7 million following his outstanding performances for Blackburn this season(32)(16)Considering he's out of contract in summer, 7m is a tad expensive


14 Nov 2011 11:28:18
Onuoha to bolton for £5million as a replacement for Cahill who's going to Chelsea for £8 million.(22)(14)


14 Nov 2011 11:07:34
Kyle Walker to Arsenal for 8 million and Solomon Kalou from Chelsea for 6 million aswell(10)(37)Why would we want to sell Kyle Walker to the Goooners?? Be Serious mate!!Because they will finish higher than your yeah i am being serious MATEYet another delude crack head, you need to worry about keeping your own players! I'm sure van persie will soon gather his senses and jump ship, btw did you see walkers expression after netting the winner against your south london mob? think he'd rather play for barnet before your lot...Would be a step down for walker from a manchester united fanWhen you see an Arsenal fan make comments and statments like this you know their in trouble .... are you still a bit wasted from the weekend fella?Why would Walker want to leave a team with a strong chance of CL football next season to go to one with very little chance of making it? I can't see that one and I can't see Spurs wanting to sell him even less for that kind of money
Sounds like wishful thinkingThe calibre of players you should be moving for are mentioned on another thread above Royston Drenthe anyone? No quality player would even entertain Arsenal right now and with the imminent departure of Van Persie their demise has been set! Did i read that Fabergas has told VP he has to move on , says it all really.... COYSNeither of these players are good enough for Arsenal.Someone is living in the past.... your right they would probably turn you down now.... as they believe they can do far better!Walker is far too good to play for arsenal and even solomon 'not a' kalou would lower his standards & play for those lot.Same prat who said Drenthe going to Arsenal & Gabby Agbonlahor for 8M!


14 Nov 2011 10:47:28
Rio Ferdinand will return to West Ham in january on loan as SAF doesnt see him as first choice any longer at Old Trafford(3)(45)Not good enough for first team anymore
this would be a good move.Think man utd
have had the best years out of him also believe he wont be an england regular any
with younger hungrier players available {Ed025's Note - i agree with you mate..


14 Nov 2011 10:22:44
Leicester City set to appoint Steve Claridge as new manager with the board claiming his prolific goalscoring past will fire the club into the premier league.(15)(37)Dear ,oh dear cannot believe some of the garbage posted on here, PEARSON is the man you numpty, now jog onHull have now agreed a compensation package and Pearson will be announced later today or tomorrow. Steve Claridge? Sheesh!Stevie Claridge is a blue!Steve claridge is rubbishIm a bristol city fan i thinks good appointmet steve claridge brilliant player even at weymouthSteve Claridge is a genius. He's the crown jewel of the BBC sport department along with Garth Crooks."Even at Weymouth"....priceless!Great comedy value post well done.

Pearson gone in 6 months would be the smart money I reckon.


14 Nov 2011 09:55:10
Newcastle will loan out sammi ameobi to coventy on january to end of season loan
they will sign Maigia for 7m and Moussa Sow in January. Ryan Donaldson will go on loan to Donnie.(16)(13)Sammy is going no-where
he is a vital part of our squad and will not go to a stty little club like coventry


14 Nov 2011 09:49:49
Bradfords Mark Stewart will go on loan to Stockport.(1)(11)


14 Nov 2011 09:47:38
Burnley will be taken over in the new year but not by fun 88 but by 2 unnamed backers from the States who will run the club with brendon flood

the backers are not going to bankroll burnley but will be giving eddie howe enough money to compete within the championship(7)(17)Hicks and Gillett?


14 Nov 2011 09:47:20
Marvin Sordell to wigan for £3.5m. Watford would then get Connor Sammon on a season long loan in return.(9)(6)


14 Nov 2011 09:41:05
Burnley will try to sign Bradley Orr on loan from QPR(9)(13)


14 Nov 2011 08:17:32
Newcastle are set to announce that Coloccini, Simpson and Guthrie have all signed new 5 year deals. In January we will sign Modibo Maiga for £7m, Liam Ridgewell for £2m, Erik Pieters for £7m and Scott Loach £1.5m. Our January sales will include Steve Harper (Brighton £1m), Fraser Forster (Celtic £3m), Alan Smith (Leeds Free), James Perch (Derby £750k), Nile Ranger (Birmingham £1.5m). Vuckic, Ferguson and a couple more youngsters will go out on loan. In the summer we have already lined up Lille FC's Moussa Sow for £12m, providing we get into Europe.(10)(19)Celtic wont pay £3million for Forster. We dont have that sort of money and will return to Sports Direct arena in the summer.WOW, you know so much about your club, this has to be the chief scout, who else would know so much.Why would anyone actually PAY for a troublemaker like Nile Ranger!Nice rumour may be some truth in it but I have to agree that Celtic wont pay £3M for Forster. As far as Ranger goes I will pack his case and drive him to Birmingham good riddance to bad rubbish. Leeds cannot afford Smiths wages (Is there a Greggs in Leeds?)Alan Smith could go to rangersDon't think either rangers or Leeds would or could afford Smithy unless Howson/Snoddy are leaving for premiership? hmmmm


13 Nov 2011 20:24:19
Swansea will re-ignite their interest in Adrian Marriappa in the January Transfer Window(6)(11)


13 Nov 2011 19:39:45
Bristol City are showing interest in League 1 duo Anthony Wordsworth and Scott Laird from Colchester and Stevenage respectively.(12)(6)Planning for next season in League One, by signing League One players.Bristol city will stay up


13 Nov 2011 19:06:45
AFC Bournemouths Steve Fletcher has moved aside from being Assistant Coach, but remains a player. This is due to new Russian joint owner stating to the board that Fletch & Bradders is not the management team to run the squad moving forward. Last Wednesday, an hour after Fletch stood down a meeting was held with Alan Curbishly & Stuart Gray. If a deal can be struck a surprise new management team will replace Bradders very soon. Source - a director at AFCB.(7)(10)


13 Nov 2011 17:51:15
Rumour from a sources in Italy that a Southampton Scout seen at a Pescara Match looking at two twenty year old players. L Insigne a Forward who as scored 26 goals in 56 matches. The other an Under 21 Italian International Defender M Capuano. Sources say both will be taken on loan in January with possible full transfer at the end of the season.(9)(22)Both fit the bill of players Saints might look at but he striker is a Napoli player on loan for a year already. The plan to have 50% of the team coming from the academy makes this rumour unlikely.The plan is to get 50% from youth yes...but thats over time. It wont just make them appear cant rule out moves on that basis...yet :P


13 Nov 2011 18:11:10
hey guys heard from a good source that dundee utd are after richie ryan of sligo rovers.... he is a quality midfielder who guided sligo 2 there 3rd cup in 2 years last week(10)(8)


13 Nov 2011 16:49:36
Burnley chairman Barry Kilby has today confirmed he has stepped down. Casino giants Fun88 have completed the take over of Burnley and have given current manager Eddie Howe £4.5m to spend in the January transfer window.(8)(19)Cant see this being true utcTotally not true!!!
Shame though UTC


13 Nov 2011 13:00:21
Leicester City bid to get Pearson has fallen through.

Compensation cant be agreed, Leicester will now approach Lee Clark once again.(7)(30)Sounds believable but fortunately I know this to be untrueYup also not true will be done within 48 hours just sorting compo for backroom staff nearly complete. Pearson got a new house in Leicester also. Sorry hullCome back on Tuesday, see if Pearson is in by then, cos it's common knowledge that he will be.This is true my dad mr meagi is on the board n has told me that they have told pearson n hull to hull to wax offSurely if he was going to return to hull he would have been there today however i saw him pull out of his car in the king power stadium car parkPearson has done himself, he's on gardening leave atm, so the bloke saying he saw him is lying, and hasn't been at Hull training all week. If the deal falls through they're prepared to let him stay on gardening leave until his contract expires which won't hurt his bank balance, but would basically end his career. If compensation can't be agreed he has to resign, but he won't do that cos that'll be him in court for breach of contract if he does. WhupsAs a pissed off Leicester fan, we deserve EVERYTHING thats happening to us at the moment, an absolute fiasco!!....still be at the next game tho'...and what is happening to "us" at the minute then? 3pts off the playoffs, best squad in the league and we're about to name a manager with a history of bringing out the best in his players, yeah, it's a nightmare isn't it.Its easier to say 3 points off the play offs than mid table is'nt it and you only have the best squad in the league if they perform to the limit of their potential which your squad clearly is'nt at the moment, if you did have the best squad in the league you would be top would'nt you? but you are not you are mid table with a talented but VERY under performing squad so get off your high horse they're are other teams involved in this league you know and half of them are performing way better than you whether you like it or not.Easily the best squad in the Championship, and the fact that Sven has now gone because he couldn't get them motivated, to be replaced by a manager with a proven track record of doing just that, suggests that an upturn is on the cards (unless you bury your head and pretend otherwise obviously) and 3pts off the playoffs is a fact, like it or not. Jog onDesperate shame for Hull as he was building a very promising young squad and it may backfire for Pearson if he cannot get Leicester up straight away.You are just not understanding this 'Best squad in the league' thing are you?


13 Nov 2011 10:24:14
Rumour has it colin samuel has been released from his current club and is going to train with Aberdeen on monday hopefully its true as he's always scored goals wherever he's at.(9)(6)


13 Nov 2011 09:27:33
Nigel Pearson will make an agressive attempt to sign Robert Sndgrass this January.

The Scottish international is widely considered to be the best player in the Championship and Pearson will attempt to lure the Scotch marvel with a big money bid.(13)(15)I'm a Leeds fan, and even I don't consider Snodgrass the best player in the Championship. Admittedly, he doesnt start for Scotland enough, but that may be due to his relatively low work-rate. Good luck, but when Norwich tried to sign him, Bates said minimum 8mil for him, which I know is ridiculous, but that is what he said.Lol, Pearson better have another 10 million spare then because that his price tag. Plus he'll also have to find a ridiculous wage price to lure Snodgrass to downgrade his club. Just like you had to do with BeckfordTypical Leicester rubbish. You haven't learnt your lesson & your STILL talking about spending although I bet the chairman's not as keen unless you sell some of the players you bought.
I'm a Leeds fan & if you want to pay the going rate for him & he wants to join your band or MERCENARIES that's fine. We'll use the money to buy Keogh,McCarthy & another suitable TEAM PLAYER for Leeds because we have a TEAM. Oh & by the way Snodders is a very good player but he can't be the best player in the championship because he's not even the best player in our team, Adam Clayton is. So if you're going to persist with this rubbish rumour that's cool. Give it a day or 2 then you can start talking about buying Clayton too as long as you've got 20m+ for both.Leeds are going nowhere, fast.When you say aggressive will he personally raid Elland Road & take him away in a bag?Wherever they're going, they're getting there quicker than Leicester!You gotta love the dickhead Leeds fans... they're all a bit too simple to realise that it's a wind-up, Pearson isn't the Leicester manager so how could anyone claim to know who he's looking to sign in January?

Bravo to the muppet who thinks he runs Leeds btw, he talks as if they're his players and it's his money - Earth to numpty, you do realise it's the clubs who do the buying and selling don't you? Dumbass fans telling other fans how much they have to pay, and then going on to name replacement players, is laughable. Have a good day at School children, try to be good, and try not to get any crayons shoved up your nose.I love how the not-so-bright among us throw the term "mercenaries" around like they know what they're talking about.

Tell me little Leeds fan, are every one of your wonderful players Leeds born and bred? Did they all come up via the youth team and will they remain Leeds Utd players for their entire career?

If the answer to any of the above is "no" then surely that means that they too are nothing more than "mercenaries"? IE they play for whoever pays them the most money, sure they love the club while they're there, and they often pay lip service to thier old fans when they leave, but that's all it is. True players stick with the same club regardless, Giggs at Utd, LeTissier at Southampton are two that spring to mind, the rest, all of them, simply go where the money is.

Here endeth the lesson, now shush you clown.Lol, at the sad people who have been indoctrinated into believing they are psychologists. If you have nothing better to do than mask your own flaws by sitting writing tedious foul comments about others, then you yourselves are nothing short than a set of imbeciles.
Lets gather the facts shall we before one receives any foul drivel from such incoherent hooligans. No.1 - Mr Kenneth Bates allegedly said in a sky sports interview that Robert Snodgrass shall only be sold if a fee of £8-10 million pounds is produced and that such a fee shall increase if insultingly low bids are offered to him (example Norwich's 3.5 million). The 2nd point to be brought in to account is that no one has mentioned any replacement for R.Snodgrass they have simply given an example of Leicester paying excessive money for a player to drop down to their club, however i can see how easy it must be for the ill-educated and angered Leicester dole queue dwellers to misinterpret such a statement. Thirdly we already knew N.Pearson was to be named manager on Monday, therefore it could be acceptable for one to presume that he has already got targets in mind for rebuilding the team.
I suppose your going to besmirch my name in the usual derisory, childish and slanderous way in which imbeciles are so passionate about doing. To be honest one doesn't really care, as one has far more intellectual matters to worry about than the inflated opinions of a set of amoebas whom sit and debate mundane trivia whilst thinking of what to spend their dole money on.
M.O.T - Leeds, Leeds, LeedsThat last post is the reason i love this site! Someone trying (failing) to look clever bemoans people who write tedious posts and then does exactly the same thing himself. He then goes on to moan about people who insult others - before doing exactly the same thing himself, pure genius!

FYI Mr. Clever Clogs...

Doctrine is a teaching, are you suggesting people are taught to insult Leeds Utd?

Psychology is the study of behaviour, i don't see anyone studying anyone, i simply see people responding (in kind) as is the accepted practise on here.

I'm not besmirching your name or anything else, because i don't know your name. I am calling you a pillock though.


13 Nov 2011 09:00:04
very very very strong talk of the fun 88 take over at burnley word from inside is its been going on for a while and should be completed before xmas, eddie to be given big boys funds to spend(5)(12)Buying the league ,ehThis is a true talk, i doubt buy the league but there will be money to spend...


13 Nov 2011 03:45:29
jimmy bullard to liverpool. {Ed025's Note - i did not know ..has the cleaner retired?(5)(36)He's been awful since he signed for us on perm deal. Hull fans did warn us.


13 Nov 2011 01:05:07
(moroccan transfers) fulham look at the young centre mid that currently plays for the french side Montpelier youness belhanda and may approach him in jan transfers.

Herenveens left winger oussama assaidi doesnt not want to leave holland knowing aston villa and espanyol were heavy linked and showed interest in the player. oussama does not mind a move to ajax or psv in jan transfers.

18 year old Az alkaamar"s adam maher is being tracked by Barcelona,mancity,acmillan and madrid

Both Chelsea and man utd show interest in mehdi benatia but udinese are wanting him to stay till summer time and have price tagged the center back at 12million euros

Due to lack of playing time maroune chamakh has talked to his international head coach eric gerets and the head coach is wanting him to move out of arsenal to get his self inform and be prepared for the cup of nations in 2012, chamakh is being tracked by psg, Seville and Bordeaux

QPR"s adel taarabt could leave in jan due to problems with manager and team players taarabt is heavily linked with lazio,psg,arsenal and malaga

Ajax player mounir el hamdaoui has not played 1 game this season for ajax and is ready to move out ajax have said any bid lower than 4mil wont get mounir a move so fulham and Bordeaux are ready to fight for el hamdaoui.

celtics left badr el kaddouri is ready to go back to dinamo keiv in jan after his loan spell at celtic and may want a move to the UAE.

feeynords karim el ahmadi wants to play in la liga and says he wants a tougher league than the dutch one(7)(5)



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