Football Rumours Archive May 19 2013


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19 May 2013 23:35:47
Stuart McCall, Craig Levein, Paul Dickov or Michael Appleton will become Doncaster's new manager tomorrow. Announcement at 4pm

Inother words. you don't know



19 May 2013 23:33:26
Frank Fielding will join Doncaster Rovers as a replacement for Gary Woods, who's recently been released, despite starting over 40 games for them last season.

You can start all the games you like, if your not good enough, you shouldn't be at the club and that's what's happened

Yes disappointed about the arrival of mr shockov that'll be another four season tickets not sold (hope he proves me wrong but I very much doubt it) I thought with winning the league last term, John ryan should have a little more ambition and at least give themselves a chance of competing in the championship (odds on dickov first manager in championship to be sacked) I'm afraid it doesn't look good from where I'm standing we will be the laughing stock of the league disgruntled rovers fan



19 May 2013 23:32:32
Preston, Barnsley, Crewe, Oldham, Bradford are all chasing free agent Lee Novak.

He would be a quality signing for any of them teams.

You missed Birmingham!

Novak agreed 3 year deal with brum!

He's going to Birmingham.



19 May 2013 23:25:16
Terry Connor set to be named Bristol rovers new assistant manager this week reuniting him with John ward



19 May 2013 23:05:31
Steve McLaren is now the bookies favourite to take over at Millwall

Please don't let this happen jb

Forget the press image. This would be a fantastic appointment for a club of our size and stature

If this happens i'm cancelling my season ticket

I fear for Millwall this season whoever gets the job it looks like half the season ticket holders are going to cancel their ST's.

Wonder if Rafa fancies a trip from SW to SE (If he does I'll cancel my ST)

Then again what is Mancini doing?

Be careful what you wish for

If this happens I give up I can't take no more all we will be doing is going backwards

Richard Shaw's name had already been mentioned down at the den even before Jackett had jacked it in

I hear that Hope Powell might be interested in the Millwall job!



19 May 2013 22:39:22
Martin Paterson rejects new turf moor deal & is now being linked with a move to Leeds United

No he hasn't. at least not yet



19 May 2013 22:19:29
Chesterfield ins:


Done deal for doyle

Can see this happening with the exception of boco

Ravenhill doesn't fit into Cook's policy

What policy would that be then? He doesn't really have a clue to be fair

True town fan I see!
Cooks policy is to bring in young hungry players who will work hard not some past it midfielder! In cook we trust!

He said young and experienced players mate so your also wrong! Check the official site

Doesn't have a clue? Proper town fan giving Paul cook a chance with his own team etc. grow up and go and surport another club. in cook we trust



19 May 2013 22:19:04
Simeon Jackson is a target for Ipswich and Wolves.
Yeovil boss Gary Johnson has a set of targets for the Championship including Will Grigg, Shaun MacDonald, Ohminor Bhasera and Jeff Hughes.

Doncaster's new manager Paul Dickov who will be announced tomorrow wants to make Jean Yves Mvoto his first signing and is also after Danny Murphy.

Simeon Jackson, he maybe a Norwich striker but yes please he works hard! better than Chopra

Paul dickov new manager of donny three less season ticket holders

As a Yeovilo fan there is no one I would like more back at Huish Park than Shaun MacDonald. One of the best midfielders I've seen! I'd welcome Will Grigg as well.



19 May 2013 22:07:06
big rumors that tottenham are preparing a 15-20 million bid for Benteke.



19 May 2013 21:08:22
Blackburn have completed the triple deal for Portsmouths Simon Eastwood, Millwalls Chris Taylor and Notts Countys Alan Judge. They will all become official Rovers players on the 1st of July! Also, they will not be moving for Genks Gregorsz Sandomierski as they were put off by the £1 Million asking price. He is linked with Hull City




19 May 2013 20:55:45
Bale and AVB to Real Madrid to replace Chelsea bound Ronaldo and Jose.

Great deal. Benitez to Tottenham?

Ronaldo would not even consider moving to Chelsea. He'd feel like he was betraying everyone who'd ever helped his career



19 May 2013 19:59:51
Norwich boss Chris Hughton wants to sign Harry Arter and Gary Johnson wants to sign Glovers favourite Shaun MacDonald to be the main man for the Championship.

These are to be replaced by Bradley Johnson who will be part exchange and Dale Stephens from Charlton

Never in a million years!

You expect Johnson to drop down a league?

That's actually one of the worst I have seen, Johnson going to Charlton?

20 May 2013 08:51:22
MacDonald won't be cheap and I doubt Eddie Howe would want to let him go. Never say never, but I'd be surprised.

LOL - Johnson has been excellent all season and I'm fairly sure he's the only one to have played nearly every Premier League game.

20 May 2013 11:03:01
lmao, a player on Englands radar playing in the championship? johnson may go but if he does it will be to a bigger club!

Harry arter will become another Jacob Butterfield

Dale Stephens used to play for Norwich I swear!



19 May 2013 20:53:18
Wolves winger Bakary Sako is set to snub a deal to sign for Fulham in order to sign for Norwich City at a fee of £3.5m.

Why would we buy him, no better than what we have

Clubs will not get Sako for less than the money Wolves spent on him. He is not one of the high earners that that has to go. Just look at the money Moxey got for Fletcher, Jarvis or Kightly none of them are worth the money their clubs paid for them. I can not see Sako playing in league one having said all that.

No thanks

HE IS AWESOME. coming from a wolves spporter btw.

Wba after sako too but they will probably get scott sinclair

Deal agreed with Fulham already, 3m with add ons deal along with Amorebieta, Boateng & Stekelenburg

Sako is a good player, but we relied on him way too much and it caused a real imbalance in our team.



19 May 2013 20:49:10
Leicester City are in talks with Alex Baptiste but face competition from other championship clubs after his contract is set to expire at Blackpool Leicester were interested in January



19 May 2013 20:31:06
Any Preston news ed?



19 May 2013 20:31:54
Sunderland want nick Powell from man united on loan

19 May 2013 23:19:35
Will di Canio go back for charltons danny green after trying to sign him for Swindon.



19 May 2013 19:55:40
big rumor-cant reveal source-just have to wait till it is announced. paul bodin will be leaving swindon-he will be replaced by current boss kev mac whos remit will be to build a youth set up most teams outside the prem would be proud of and to get these youngsters in to the first team squad. swindon will invest big money in youth system. swindons new manager will be current england under 21 boss stuart pearce. none of this will be announced until pearce contract ends with the fa in the summer.

Thats rubbish, k mac youth team coach previously and stuart pearce lives in wilts. p bodin is sueing the club and is likely to leave anyway. 2=2= this rumour

Well not sure if I beleave this or not? it makes sence & I can see mac doing the youth job and bringing them through!! nothing on the swindon web site or has this leaked out yet???? steong romuers anyway



19 May 2013 19:55:23
Bristol City rumoured to be looking at Rotherham number 1 Scott Shearer as a replacement for Tom Heaton.

The same shearer that punched a ball into his own net whilst playing for the Gas? I don't think so.

Let him go, injury prone, get ian bennet from hudd town, would do a great job in league 1,



19 May 2013 20:05:46
Huddersfield Town are looking at Wolverhampton Wanderers duo Karl Henry and Adam Hamill.

Hope not.



19 May 2013 19:21:11
As a Huddersfield town fan I'm happy to say we are agreeing vaughans wages

You wish he ain't going back to Huddersfield a better team will sign him, so stop making up rumours.

What makes me think the first comment was a Derby fan. I wonder. Anyway, he loves it here at Hudds and seeing as he's getting married soon, he won't want to be moving to the peak district when he can stay in Liverpool if he moves permanently to Hudds. But anyway, no way we've agreed his wages when he's going off on his stag tomorrow

'stop making up rumours'

'football-rumours. co. uk'

Are you serious?

Whos agreeing them we the fans, or we "Dean Hoyle"?

I think he meant 'We' as the club in general. Meaning the supporters and everyone associated with the club



19 May 2013 19:19:46
If norwich fail to sign hooper they will go for Kone. Also, norwich are set to sign Adam le fondre.

Here we go again, anybody else?

I would like to see Kone at SAFC looks a good player

I would really like us to sign Le Fondre, I think he would be a great player to have in the squad

Kone is a very good player, but he's old same as holt we need younger players

Why do Norwich fans want Le Fondre. Has anyone actually seen him play? He really does lack quality. Reading got relegated remember and they were by far the worst team in the league.

I'm sorry but Le Fondre is Champioship at most. All he can do is come on for ten minutes and score a tap in. NO THANKS.

Le fondre scored 11 or 12 goals this season most as a sub so norwich could play van wolfswinkle and Kone/holt up front and bring le fondre on to score late on

No, I don't want someone to warm the bench. We need someone who's going to push for a first team place

21 May 2013 17:09:37
Absolute rubbish! RVW is whey better than AlF but he is good though, and Kone will never go to Norwich, maybe Crystal Palace if they are promoted as their main man is now out for nine months



19 May 2013 19:15:27
tv source for monday morning:
Swindon Town have sacked manager Kevin MacDonald (sunday night) after his poor run of results and loosing in the play offs. The club confirmed it was a only a short term deal until the end of the season.
Bookies favorites:
Kenny Jacket
Phil Brown (Southend)
Karl Robinson (MK Dons)
Ian Wright
Paul Dickov
Steve Lomas (St Johnstone)
Simon Greyson (Preston)
Danny Wilson
Dean Smith (Walsall)

Football has gone mad. In the play offs and sack the manager.

19 May 2013 20:04:31
Don't think this is true but I want it to be true as a stfc fan I want him out

Most likely Paul Dickov because the others are better than Swindon. The other managers already hold strong managerial positions

As if Grayson would leave Preston for Swindon, especially seeing as he's only been here 3 and a half months

20 May 2013 06:52:41
No way would dean smith go to Swindon he is a Walsall man himself

God please let this be true.

20 May 2013 10:11:35
Dean smith signed a new contract last season and wants build on the success he had last season excitin times ahead for the saddlers

KMAc is on holiday as is the Chairman/owner of town, so unless he is going to sack him from his sunbed via Sype, not likely

Dickov has the Doncaster job.

Well for the dreamer who made the pathetic story up about kmac getting the sack today and Stuart Pearce taking over? Well dreamer it's now 20. 30 and still kmac is the manager! Why spread silly rumours, do you get off on it, get back to smoking that funny stuff in your pipe my friend as you are deluded and have a problem.

This is b*******! K-Mac wouldn't get sacked now, that would be a stupid decision if that happened.

Re read post. won't e announced until pearces contract with fa ends in summer. read post properley before dismissing it. pearce to swindon will happen-just wait and be patient

You don't know what your talking about mate Pearce has another year to run on his contract, unless you are the one that gave him it?? Lol

You re-read the post, the one that say's Stuart Pearce will be next STFC manager is the tard above, not the tard who posted this one. Anyway it didn't happen. And Jed has Tweeted how pleased he was with the finish considering what has happened this season.



19 May 2013 18:33:09
Cheltenham town will sign out of contract Peter leven to replace marlon pack, the attacking midfielder scored three penalties against the Gloucestershire club last season.

Impressive. Three penalties!



19 May 2013 18:25:22
Oxford are set to make a bid for forma player Chrissy Hackett who lost in the play off final with current club Northampton Town. 50K is what Northampton want for him.

Not at £50K. has loyalty to the club, but its not likely he will come back

Hackett is worth every penny some ox fans have no ambition. Don't think it will happen though

Chris Hackett was desperate to re join Oxford last summer, and Oxford turned him down.
He has 1 more yr left at Cobblers, they'd want more 50k as he's one of the best wingers in LG2. and Wilder has listed the 9 positions he wants to sign. A winger is not one of them. there's no truth in this at all.



19 May 2013 18:31:31
Cheltenham this week will sign a deal with out of contract Torquay power house renne Howe. He will sign a 1 year deal with a clause for a further year.

More chance of him signing for Oxford

Rubbish, He's Torquay like a stick of rock. as long as the offer on the table is accepted. With ryan jarvis now gone to York we need him!



19 May 2013 18:22:23
Any rumours for who Southend are going to sign

No one they are in a transfer embargo due to failure to pay players - reliable source

We are not in embargo YET

We are NOT under a transfer embargo. Not really a fan if your going to state serious false information.

We will probably go in embargo soon though

Another winding up order RM Shaks! Know your team!

We paid it off



19 May 2013 17:56:23
Any Oldham news Ed?



19 May 2013 17:06:53
Any more Pompey news Ed? anymore signings?

Pompey, I really hope they bounce back and get promoted next season, it is sad to see such a great club on the fall. I remember when they came to Cardiff, their fans are a credit to the club, we were all in the pub together and they are so friendly. Some of them even jumped on the bus to the ground with us, sorry but we won 3-2, but it was a great day and one I will not forget, come on Pompey!. One City Fan.

19 May 2013 20:24:03
Thanks mate means alot, its been 4 years of hell but now we can rebuild.



19 May 2013 18:34:07
Rotherham have offered contracts to Marlon Pack of Cheltenham and Sean Colhessy of Southend. They are also preparing a bid for Falkirk striker Lyle Taylor. They have enquired about free agent Jay Simpson (released by Hull) but his wage demands are too high. Former Sunderland keeper Craig Gordon was on the millers' radar too but persistent knee injuries mean he's likely to sign for Dumbarton as player/coach as he cannot play first team football on a regular basis. Steve Evans will also try to take Arsenal forward Sanchez Watt and Czech winger Martin Zemen on loan.

How many more times do you people have to be told Sanchez-Watt is being released by Arsenal. Who you going to loan him from?



19 May 2013 18:39:37
Busy week of announcements at Bristol Rovers this coming week.

Managerial No2 will be announced and will be a HUGE shock to everyone.

Rovers have been snubbed by John Joe O'Toole but have replacements in the wings and they will be proven to be Elliot Benyon and Peter Levens.

One more midfielder in talks but The Gas are competing with Chesterfield for Amin Linganzi. Rovers have the contract edge but Chessie are local and Accringtons ex Manager is No 2 there.

Steve Mildenhall will be announced on a two year deal.

Accringtons ex No. 1 aswell!



19 May 2013 17:58:38
James Dayton expected to sign for Oldham as Oldham have said they're expecting to sign someone tomorrow or Tuesday, he has already said his goodbyes at Kilmarnock, he will know Johnson from playing together at kilmarnock and on the Kilmarnock forum they expect him to sign for Oldham along with Gros signing for Oldham as well.



19 May 2013 17:24:44
Oldham set to sign James Dayton from Kilmarnock



19 May 2013 17:45:38
Derby County must have Netherlands connections as I understand they will be attempting to sign:

Dutch, Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie (NEC) striker Melvin Platje. On a permanent deal.

And J�rgen Locadia on loan to give the PSV youth player game time.

This is the first I have heard of this and maybe someone with more knowledge might know why derby are suddenly making moves in the Dutch area.

If true than Jonny Metgod is link to Dutch football, first team coach at Derby

Why isn't this dutch makeover being reported in the forums etc. too be honest apart from O'Connor from Donny Rovers most of our signings are not bolts out off the blue and fans get wind of them.

I do hope we would run out to the theme to Van Der Valk.

There is at least one Dutch based Rams fan who would have an inkling of this was happening.

Again if your proved right I will eat humble quice.

No the link is Steve Mclaren.
Johnny Metgod is just helping to show them around and seal the deals.



19 May 2013 17:42:23
Huddersfield are looking at possible targets including:
Lee Camp (Norwich City)
Adam Hamill (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Keith Fahey (Birmingham City)
Johnny Russell (Dundee United)
Gary Mackay-Steven (Dundee United)

Huddersfield could not afford Russell and Mackay Steven, who could easily play at a higher level. Russell already has had a Italian team bid for him.

19 May 2013 19:16:41
we can easily afford any of those players.
we still have 8 million from Rhodes transfer to budget with.

Why could we not afford them, £5mil would do just fine, and good amount for youngsters

19 May 2013 20:43:31
As a forest fan, lee camp when he wants to be he is the best keeper I've ever seen. So basically don't upset him or he will sulk like a little baby and play badly.

Not impressed with any of them, either dummy spitters or untested at this level. We can do better with whatever money we have to spend than this lot. Not a very convincing rumour imo.

Dundee Utd are absolutely skint - both players available for peanuts.

You're not impressed with them lot? get your head outta your arse, I'd love all them to sign for us!

You've got to remember, we are not a premier league club, and for this unproven crap going round, everyone said that about Rhodes, goes and scores 29 goals, you have to sign unproven players to have any chance of success.

Starting to think that this signing Adam Hamill rumour has been posted by Adam himself, from what I saw he wasn't consistent enough to warrant signing him but could be wrong if he's going cheap / free. Why so many rumours about midfielders, last time I checked we had no strikers and were desperate to strengthen our defence.

Oh and we definitely don't have 8 million from Rhodes as it was split over several annual payments, that deal was done more to cover the wage bill and club costs so Hoyle wasn't subsidising the club every season. Hoyles plan is to get the club paying it's own way he's a business man at the end of the day, not an arabian billionaire

Imo we already have enough unproven players.

Youre the one that needs to remember were not a prem league club, the Rhodes money wasn't up front. It is to be paid In instalments. Ill be drawing the pension before we get it. If we get it!

Our unproven players will be coming through the academy, not the transfer market.



19 May 2013 17:38:28
Seen as Yeovil Town are a Championship team now they are looking to bring in:
Fabian Brandy (Walsall) to partner Paddy Madden up front
Richard Wood (Coventry)
Scott Arfield (Recently released by Huddersfield Town)
Stephen McPhail (Cardiff City)

YEOVIL team to stay up for free

1 Alexander Rangers
2 Saunders Motherwell
3 Broadfoot Blackpool
4 Zaluikas Hearts
5 Webster Hearts
6 Barr Hearts
7 Davidson St Johnstone
8 McCourt Celtic
9 Boyd Kilmarnock
10 McFadden Motherwell
11 Driver Hearts
12 Samson St Mirren
13 Weatherspoon Hibs
14 Stevenston Hibs
15 Higdon Motherwell
16 Humphrie Motherwell
17 viguirs Ross County
18 Rogne Celtic

Unless Yeovil invest big time, they'll be straight back down on today's showing.

The thing is yeovil won't sign all of them 18 players you said^^

Yeovil are not playing in the spl?

If you get mcPhail, you have got a really good player and you will have a much better chance to stay up, but he could easily go to a bigger club

What do you mean on today's showing? They played a very good team and showed the resilience needed to win the game

Poor Yeovil won't know what hit them. They are going to have to set their sights a lot higher than this list if they are to survive with their dignity intact this coming season.

Poor Yeovil eh that's what every club have been saying for 10 years and we keep moving forwards. Funny how we are now above Portsmouth, Wolves, Sheff Utd, Coventry, Bristol City etc etc. poor Yeovil not got a chance yawn

Ha, I guess the top comment was from a city or rovers fan? How about you just be happy for us rather than be bitter

This is a tight league, and from what I saw of the play off final your in for a big wake up call, you will struggle.

20 May 2013 21:33:16
If Arfield goes to Yeovil he, l do good for them from a HTFC fan. he couldn't get in our teem. by the way congrats on your promotion see you next season

Yep base your opinion of the next season on one game. The fact is Yeovil have been fantastic all season and deserve to go up

Not saying you don't deserve to go up, and all credit to you for doing so. What I am saying is that I think you will struggle, and will need some quality signings from the championship or above to survive this season. Without them your in for a shock and likely to go back down. To be fair, the same goes for the rest of your promotion enterage.

There is a big gap between the championship and div1 now and its getting bigger.

If the gap is so big you'd expect far more relegated Championship sides to be able to go straight back up!



19 May 2013 17:32:02
Ross County german striker German striker, Steffen Wohlfarth is a target for English sides Barnsley, Oldham, Stevanage and Portsmouth.



19 May 2013 17:08:27
Manchester United In's :
. Gareth Bale - 60 Million
. Leighton Baines -17 Million
. Ezequiel Garay - 14-16 Million
. Asmir Begovic - 12. 5 Million
Manchester United Out's :
. Anderson - 6 Million (SC Braga)
. Luis Nani - 19 Million (Juventus)
. Federico Macheda - 3 Million (Hull City)
. Anders Lindegaard - 10 Million (Stoke/Monaco)

10 million for lindegarrd what

WHY would stoke want lindergaard? he's terrible and no way near worth 10mil, butland will be 1st team keeper, stoke may buy another GK but will only be for around 2-4mil! and bale will not go to united

Don't be ridiculous, Bale won't be going to ot, and Begovic is either joining Arsenal or staying put. Lindegaard isn't worth more than 3 mill, anderson maybe 2 and nani 10/12

I doubt anyone will pay £10 million for lindegaard especially stoke. If Lindegaard is worth £10 million, begovic is worth £50 million

Oh yes 19m for nani more like 5m get real

I said since last season that hull need this macheda he is a good striker I believe he would be great for a team like hull UP THE TIGERS!

Pulis values Begovic 20 million.

Where's fallani

Why would stoke sell one of the best keepers in the Prem then buy a 2nd or 3rd rate keeper for only 2.5m less?
Begovic will carry a min £15m price tag anyway.

Bale will probably go to Utd but not for £60m (although he's no doubt worth it). I can see the whole affair being very messy with Bale handing a transfer request and Spurs being forced to sell. Bale needs to be playing in the Champions league and Spurs can't provide that.

Anderson isn't worth 6mil he's never played and always injured worth about 1-2mil



19 May 2013 16:56:05
Ipswich set to announce 2 signings this week, both free transfers. expected to be jay tabb from reading and mark Yeates of Watford

Until Watford know which division they are playing in next season there will be no player movement.

Total guess work

20 May 2013 07:35:10
Yeates can not even get on the bench at Watford so may be true, same goes with Forsyth who will join Derby. Watford will be glad to get the two off the wagebill.

Strange as Yates was on the bench for the play off semis

Decent champ player, not quite prem standard, will do very good job at Ipswich.

Yeates has been good for Watford this season and he has come on so much under Zola - back to the form that saw Middlesborough pay 6-figures for him.

Sadly, I feel Yeates will want to move on as game time at Vicarage Road is limited and he could demand 1st team elsewhere.

Yeates was not on the bench for the 2nd leg of the semi final.

I also beleive that he is out of contract 30 June 2013 so could move regardless of WFC's wishes.



19 May 2013 16:55:40
Paul Dickov latest name linked with Sheffield United job with Karl Robinsion going to Doncaster.



19 May 2013 16:55:30
Charlton and Birmingham are fighting it out for Brentford forward Clayton Donaldson. Charlton look to be winning battle as already on good terms with Brentford after selling them BWP and Hayes.

Got this a mate who is neighbour to Rosler and said it would happen if the Bee's did not win promotion.

That's strange because Birmingham haven't got any money to spend.

19 May 2013 18:46:43
its also strange because bwp has only been on loan and not sold

Okay then.

Birmingham can't afford donaldson, ther'yre going to have to sell their best players this summer to stay out of administration

19 May 2013 21:43:29
us blues don't have any money so we can't get clayton donaldson not true unless they released him or something stupid wish it would happen

20 May 2013 05:31:34
Birmingham will struggle to find buyers for players that have proved to be average at Championship level, in a season when the other clubs are looking at FFP.

It's about the wage bill, they need to bring in players that fit the new reality.

20 May 2013 10:23:55
charlton sold paul hayes at the end of last season

Rosler wouldn't discuss transfers of his own players to anyone trust me he has always been a confidential man.



19 May 2013 16:48:24
Cardiff close on there first signing with the capture of an unknown South American striker.

Brilliant. who is it? ahaha ;)

Wellington Nem, you heard it here first!



19 May 2013 16:47:50
Donny to loan out harper to either scunny or Rotherham! Donny also will look to bring in Sanchez Watt and Nick Powell on loan as well as signing Billy Sharp, Will Grigg, James baxendale, David Button, Dean Furman, John lundstram and Harry Maguire

The club have said to expect quite a lot of signings this season as we only have 7 players under contract at present

Jordan Ball and Paddy Mullan who were surprisingly released will sign for Chesterfield next week Ball can be a goal machine

Sharp won't sign for you again

Last time I checked Sanchez-Watt was being released by Arsenal so who are you going to loan him from?



19 May 2013 15:20:15
Craig Alcock a target for newly promoted Bournemouth as they believe who could be tempted to move closer to home!



19 May 2013 15:09:38
newly promoted cardiff are looking to make a move for danny simpson when his contract runs out at the end of season, however they face competition from championship teams leeds, notts forest, bournemouth and bolton

There also looking at brayford

Bolton are desperately in need of a decent right back and I think Simpson will do quit nicely. Only time will tell who Dougie brings in.

I'm sorry but if we (Cardiff City) show interest at the same time as those other clubs we'll be getting him unless Simpson is guaranteed prem football straight after next season but if we are after him he's ours unless another prem club are after him



19 May 2013 15:05:45
Any Ipswich news?!

Not on the weekend, no.

No, I don't really see there being anything until it actually happens. Mick isn't the sort of manager to just go flinging rumors everywhere. A lot of the stuff coming out at the moment is just guess work.



19 May 2013 15:04:06
Man City Ins -




19 May 2013 15:03:39
Chelsea Ins -


When will these teams learn? Shaw is not going anywhere



19 May 2013 14:59:15
Bristol city talking to former trialist frank feltscher about a possible deal

Heard this too now we are down!



19 May 2013 14:43:55
Any rumours on Luton Ed? {Ed001's Note - none that I know of sorry.}



19 May 2013 16:28:57
sam baldock to sign for charlton 750k, big signing for the addicks as we need more goals good news about harriot aswell, could be a great season

He'll sign for Burnley

He is not signing for burnley we've already agreed a fee

I would rather spend 750k somewhere else. I hope this doesn't happen

Who would we rather spend 750k on I think he would be a great signing



19 May 2013 16:19:41
Oldham to announce a signing either tomorrow or tuesday

Jamie Cureton.

Other names going around are Dayton of Killie now a free player.

Only LJ will know the name rather than folk just guessing names.

Cureton would be a gud signing though.



19 May 2013 16:18:34
bebo (chris maguire) spotted at pittodrie last week

Please take him. Awful player and couldn't buy a place in the team last season

19 May 2013 20:26:09
^^ You must joking lol good player



19 May 2013 16:16:02
Alan Julian released by gills having played 39 games this season, is on ardleys radar



19 May 2013 16:15:58
Karl Robinson to Sheff united in next 48 hours ITK



19 May 2013 15:46:07
Local journo source quoting the Brighton Chairman Tony Bloom is meeting with Roberto DiMatteo and asked for permission to talk to Eddie Howe from Bournemouth.

Eddie Howe is apparently the number 1 target.

Can't see Eddie being interested in moving to Brighton, or Mitchell allowing them to talk to him given length of contract

Possible but unlikely. Eddie has just returned to AFCB. Last week he was told by the Board that there will be no interferance in the team. He has been given a massive budget. He is in the Championship. He lives 15 minutes away from the club. His family are happy.
Now if Brighton had gone into the Premier League then it might be a different story

It will be di matto

Havin' a laugh

He wouldn't want Eddie Howe if he is meeting with di Matteo he will get di matteo

This must be the same person who said one of their reserve player lewis dunk is valued at 3m

Can't see Arter going Eddie and others have put a lot of faith in him over the past couple of years with the amount of yellows he's had

Eddie howe will have the biggest budget in the championship (fact ) and has no reason to leave. the next 3 weeks will show our intentions. {Ed003's Note - A bold statement.}

Owls fan in peace what went off poyet, really thought you had the manager to take you up playing good football.

Alan Boksic. Croation national team asst mgr. This has come up before. i'd support this. Great credentials.

Bournemouth can only spend what they make, because of the new fair play rules that have come into the championship, so it looks like you won't be spending much because your attendences are bad compared with the 32,000 of brighton every week

Di Matteo, or Neil Warnock would be my first 2 managers in mind

We can and have made lucrative sponsorship deals with our Russian Investors to inflate our revenue way above what you would get for a 32,000 seat stadium

32,000 at brighton every week, what planet are you on, you clearly have not been going to the Amex as the highest att was against wolves at just over 30,000, some people? from a season ticket holder not a JCL

21 May 2013 14:42:10
stadium fully developed now, so 33 000 actually, sold out season tickets as well

21 May 2013 19:00:29
Pretty sure it's 30, 500

Capacity is 30750 minus the segregation and at wolves last game of season there was 30003 the highest attendance at the AMEX. UTA!



19 May 2013 16:04:34
Matt burton set for 2 week summer trial at afcw



19 May 2013 15:38:39
Cheltenham are hoping to clinch the signings of Jamie Cureton, Peter Leven and Chris Robertson. The deal for Cureton is close to being finalised after Exeter could not match his wage demands. Yates has been chasing Robertson for over a year while Leven is less clear due to interest from other league two clubs.

No truth that Cureton or Leven will be joining, but Robertson is a possibility.



19 May 2013 15:03:05
swansea and norwich want harry arter from bournemouth. Arter had a great season getting in the league one team of the year and would get bournemouth a huge profit as they only payed £4K for him.

I think Swansea should go for better players than League One players.

What club do you support

If Harry wants to warm the bench for a Premier League side and double his wages then this is possible. But I think he would prefer to continue his progress under Eddie Howe and establish himself as a Championship player.

Williams jumped two divisions when he joined us, easy to say he's been top prem quality most of time here so far. Players can successfully make the transition, Allen was thrown in the deep end (admittedly not in the prem) as was Ben Davies (who should've at least had a nomination for young player of the year award!)
I trust the board (mostly).

Picks up too many yellow and red cards with clumsy late challenges. With the pace of the prem I think he has the potential to break the record for cards in a season!



19 May 2013 14:20:17
heard that Laudrup's agent is a special guest at the Chelsea game.

Obviously Mourinho is the top candidate for Chelsea, but looks like Laudrup must be up there with a chance too.

If Chelsea came knocking, would he be able to say no?



19 May 2013 13:51:52
Derby Countys Tom Naylor to go back where he came from (Mansfield Town)!



19 May 2013 14:51:33
Rovers will announce the next manager at 4:00pm tomorrow.
Likely to be Appleton.

If he gets the job i'm ex season ticket holder

Please no

Which Rovers?

As a Blackpool fan I can only offer you my deepest sympathy.

Hopefully you should be rid of 'Lord Vodermort' by Christmas.

How does this guy keep getting jobs?

19 May 2013 17:55:50
Phil Neville



19 May 2013 14:39:57
Prem duo Swansea and Norwich are tracking Harry Arter

Who the hell is this guy. Never heard of him and I've watched a fair bit of league 1 this season

Let norwich have him



19 May 2013 14:27:39
Jamie Cureton set to join Cheltenham Town on a 1 year contract early next week

19 May 2013 15:35:51
I have also heard this will be a decent signing.

Cureton will not be joining Cheltenham, sorry to disappoint you.

Cureton will be very limited in options if his wage demands don't drop - League Two is becoming more financially stringent nowadays. CTFC very unlikely to be his destination.



19 May 2013 14:26:06
CHeltenham Town will let Ed Williams and Joe Hanks go out on loan for the season to neighbours Bishops Cleeve

Not a chance that's way too low for their development and will go to somewhere like Gloucester City

MY's stock would drop severely if he let young pros go on loan to sides that aren't even in one of the three Conference divisions, no disrespect to Cleeve.



19 May 2013 14:25:38
Chris Solly Looks set to complete a 1.5 mil move to West Ham

Charlton Will use this money to sign Former right back Simon Francis (1 mil) and Sam Baldock (500k) To strengthen their squad

Francis impressed when he was at Charlton and is thought to be the perfect replacement for Solly, Francis is also a favourite with the fans

He's out if contract this summer so he won't be 'sold'

No one will pay 1 mil for simon francis

19 May 2013 15:35:13
haha. Simon Francis was terrible, he's not fit to lace Solly's boots and he was never a favourite with the fans. Chris Powell basically paid Bournemouth to remove him from our wage bill.

19 May 2013 15:14:29
What nonsense, Francis was a disaster at Charlton last time and he was booed by the fans. he will not come back!

Ha charlton won't sell solly for more than 4 mil so.

Francis=We hate him + he is crap

Solly won't go, he said he want to make it to the prem with charlton

Haha can't believe anyone would even consider this too be true! As said before, francis was terrible and whilst he's out of contract next summer, I'd like to think solly's worth more than that!

As mentioned, Solly's vallue is 4 mil

Francis was the worst player to ever put on a charlton shirt.

Solely would go for no less the.4 million. Also, Powell would probably look to a youngster I. e. Jordan cousins to replace him, as he has captained England U18 and is one of our brightest talents

He's not out of contract, contract runs to June 2014



19 May 2013 14:16:54
Cardiff appear to be the front runners in the chase for Bristol City winger Albert Adomah.
Crystal Palace are also interested but Ian Holloway's hands are tied until after the play-off final.
At least 3 other Championship clubs have also shown an interest (including Middlesbrough and Sheffield Wednesday)

Shouldn't think he'd be a target for prem clubs at the mo, had a poor season

Adomah is good, but far from premier league quality.

If you're going to play with 3 forwards Albert could play in the Premier League.

He needs limited defensive duties, and to be allowed to pick the ball up and run at people.

He isn't disaplined enough for 442.

Heard Cardiff is his likely destination. His wife/partner? wants to stay living in Bristol.

Why don't you pay that much for kilkenny, brilliant player, deserves chelsea or arsenal (trying to make you interested) haha



19 May 2013 13:54:14
Rotherham have had a 200k bid rejected for Chesterfield goalkeeper Tommy Lee

Can't see why they'd even bother making an offer under 500k

Get real 200k try adding another million on that figure.

20 May 2013 07:53:19
Lee release clause £500 so below that won't even be considered

£500 release clause. that's cheap, and the £200,000 is larger than that figure.

Chrtis turner said months ago 1mill minimum for lee and darikwa, even then its not likely. rotherham are stupid sometimes



19 May 2013 12:50:53
Afc bournemouth are set to sign free agent jay Simpson and burnley marvin Bartley



19 May 2013 12:40:55
Bradford hope to sign 7-8 new players for league 1 next season players include.

Maghoma (Burton)
Welsh (Carlisle)
Freeman (Stevenage)
Kennedy (Rochdale)
Flinders (Hartlepool)
Vardy (Leicester)
Dickson (just released by Southampton)
Novak & Ward ( Huddersfield)

Rumoured Out going
Connell (Burton Plymouth or Exeter)
Ravenhill (Chesterfield)
Reid (wants to move south to be near his young family)
Duke (Southend)
Doyle (Huddersfield)

Ward to bradford - bit early to be on the cooking sherry isn`t it. No chance.

19 May 2013 15:09:28
Can't see Nathan Doyle going anywhere.

Maghoma is going to BORO

Maghoma has already signed with the boro!

Novak has just turned down a deal with us as his wage demands were too great, as for Ward we paid £1m from Bolton and is still very much part of the first team set up. I think you Bantams are getting a little over excited. However congrats on getting back to League 1 and good luck for next season.

Mabye Novak but not Ward ha where did you get that from?

Ward would never step down from championship! He's got prem quality!

I know someone who knows Ward and he's on up to 10K a week with bonuses.

Bradford fans getting carried away spending money on players they can;t afford. lmao

No chance with Novak, Vardy or Ward. Can see the others being possibilities though

Good luck to Dickson if he gets a move to Bradford, don't know what the issue was but he never seemed to get a fair chance at Saints.

Danny Ward No chance. Just because he is from Bradford and started out there doesn't mean he will sign. Novak possibility.

19 May 2013 19:19:31
ward will not be going anywhere.
novak going to preston or birmingham

Ward to bradford he will get even fatter when he becomes a regular at akbars

Id love it be true wardy coming to bradford but I know him very well and he's not moving from huddersfield. and he's not on 10k a week at all more like 5 plus bonues

No chance with ward, he is too good for us, he says he is happy at hudders anyway, bolton want him back so there is no need to get so carried away

Would love to see Ward at Bradford but absolutely no chance of us signing him!!

Ward can't get in the team might be true

Cant get a game in huddersfield's 1st team! eh? are you on drugs! he has been injured for 16 games of last season and when he wasnt injured he started about 20 games.

Novak has moved to Birmingham.

Sounds about right i'd say 9 out 0f 10 chance tutte and kennedy will be moving on who can blame them top players who deserve to be at a higher level i'd go to say thank you both very much for your services and all the best for the future as use deserve it played to long for an average league 2 side and club can't match your desired ambitions which is a shame to lose players that will take us to another level with the right team around them



19 May 2013 13:49:54
Harry kewell could join a league 1 or 2 club in the summer. Mk dons could be his destination on a 5 month contract.

Should never play again. Sicknote

I would be disgusted to see this sick note has-been at MK, another Alan Smith. No thanks!



19 May 2013 13:41:40
Huddersfield are looking at:
Lee Camp (Norwich)
Lee Tomlin (Peterborough United)
Stephen Ward and Adam Hammill (Both Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Matt Mills (Bolton Wanderers)

19 May 2013 14:26:06
hi does any body know who celtic are looking to sign

Mills is going to LUFC to team up with McDermott, £1.5 million will be the fee. Can HTFC afford that? you can have him.

Try looking on the celtic rumours page

Or Celtic not bothered where he goes if someone is daft enough to pay the required £1.5 million they can have him. Very poor defender I was surprised how bad he is?!



19 May 2013 13:39:43
Crystal Palace showing interest in Madden from Yeovil and De Laet from Leciester

I would not say no. He is quick, we do need some pace off the back half.

Funny how this was posted 3-4 minutes (8-9 minutes after the match KO'd!) after Madden scored!



19 May 2013 13:38:38
Swansea City are interested in signing Brentford keeper Simon Moore.

Hope not, most over rated player i've seen in years. McCarthy or Long if we want a GK.



19 May 2013 13:37:37
Walsall set to sign free agents scott wagstaff and darren carter.

19 May 2013 14:19:13
Craig fagan, shelton martis and nicky weaver are close to signing aswell

We don't want carter smith has said it himself

Two good players

Walsall are always linked with darren carter i'm suppirsed we are not linked with kevin phillips so far, that normally happens to

Surprisingly we have but apparently he is retiring



19 May 2013 13:24:27
West Brom striker Saido Berahino (19) is to join local league one side Walsall on loan until January

The Baggies have offered Berahino's services to the saddlers as they believe their style of football will help Berahino progress and will be valuable first team experience for the youngster

Source David Oldfield (reserve team manager)

Clarke has lost it, he couldn't oaganise a raffle with two tickets, never mind pick the correct team to play utd

Leave clarke alone its his first season as gaffer and got us to 8th in prem and some people are still not happy deluded

How can you say he's lost it, made the correct subs at the correct time to inspire a fightback to 5-5
hes already a legend

A legend would have started with lukaku, dumped odemwingie months ago, sorted olsson out, we gwould have been relegated since dec, get real, defence is a joke don't we tackle anymore, :

What are you even on about? 8th in the league highest ever finish! Stop moaning you should be celebrating! No team is perfect, just enjoy the football maaan!

I suppose your not very happy because we didn't get champions league football lol



19 May 2013 13:21:03
It is thought that Curtis main will leave Middlesbrough in a player swap that will bring jake Cassidy to the riverside

Why would we release main #thefuture

No chance

I'd rather swap him for emnes and keep Curtis main

Rubbish curtis main will be a big part of how we play next season



19 May 2013 13:27:27
West Ham are ready to make a move for Sunderland's Phil Bardsley.



19 May 2013 13:18:06
Hull City's summer clear out is set to continue with 6 more players leaving the Premier League side. These players will be -

Oxley - Loan

Proschwitz is returning to his former German club on loan for a season. He is getting better but needs time to adapt, something Hull can't give him at the moment. If 1million plus was offered I would reluctantly accept it. The goal he scored against Cardiff would be worth the difference in the fee paid to his former club. Scored a wonder goal in the cup and 20 goals last season for his former club in the German second division. Clips on You tube flatter him though!

McLean works hard but like Simpson, does not score enough goals. He always gives 100 per cent but not sure he is up to the premiership grade. Stewart has struggled to recover from his long term injury, seems to have lost his confidence. Oxley has loads of potential but not delivered yet. Time is on his side because of his age and position. Cairney is the only home grown talent to have made the grade recently but not sure he will get much time in the premiership. Good rumour. Would have though all would attract fee's or go out on loan. None would should be released on a free.

Agree with the first 4, Cairney might be worth shipping out on loan to a low champ side to see if he can cut the mustard when playing regularly and same with Prosch

If Cairney left it would only be on loan, Bruce rates him and will probably get games against smaller teams.

If Proschwitz goes out on loan it'll be a British team that takes him. If he needs to adapt to British football why soul Bruce send him back to Germany?



19 May 2013 13:05:40
Charlton's Chris Powell is planning for Micheal Smith to become Charlton's striking partener a long side Kermorgant, with him impressing on loan at league One side Colchester and at u21 Level

Not ready yet, when you saw him play last august you sensed he needed work on his game. sam baldock to sign for 1.5m and obika to you turn and sign for free. add azeez to the list and maybe michael smith the front line should have goals



19 May 2013 12:25:49
Charlton releasing all their strikers to gain funds and the boards approval to make a shock signing for club legend Darren Bent, after he has fallen out of favour at Aston Villa.

Much as I hope we don't sign him Fulham are interested and I think I remember seeing him linked to other premier league teams so why would he join Charlton?

Bent will never go back to the Championship. He is far too good to be playing so low.

Nope, can't see this happening as bent has had interest from Fulham I think and why would we release kemorgant who has been our main man in the last two seasons along with Jackson and solly

Would be a dream come true yann and bent

Sounds about right. Benty would be great for Fulham, his goals could help keep them up.



19 May 2013 12:05:42
League one side Walsall are in talks with released Doncaster goalkeeper Gary Woods
Woods worked with Walsall's first team coach Richard O'Kelly at Doncaster and has been recommended to manager Dean Smith by O'Kelly

Very dodge keeper

Would be a good signing for Walsall I have heard also that Martin woods is also going on a pay as you play deal to prove his fitness

Grigg and baxo to Donny has also been talked about

Baxo signed a deal not going to happen grigg I doubt too



19 May 2013 12:00:42
A very reliable source tells me AFC Bournemouth are ready to make an audacious bid for Liverpool winger Ossuama Assaidi. The Moroccan winger hasn't been in Brendan Rodgers plans all season.

Assaidi featured in a few Liverpool cup games and I thought he looked a handful. Might be a good signing for AFCB as he looks like a strong player at Championship level.



19 May 2013 11:54:37
QPR interested in Reading captain Jobi Macanuff for £500k

Wow! You could have him for free! But we'll take 500k.

Going to Leeds.

He probably wants a pay day. If he goes ill have no respect

McAnuff will not go to Leeds

McAnuff settled at reading and playing good football, also captain so why would he leave?

20 May 2013 13:26:38
i hope he does, get mackay-steven from dundee united instead



19 May 2013 11:22:17
Any goalkeeper rumours for AFC Wimbledon?

20 May 2013 13:28:38
Neil Sulivan (Free)

Steve Harper

Sully didn't get released

Steve Harper?

Steve Harper has strongly suggested he wants to stay in the north east.

Neither sully or Steve harper what's the point. Sully is 42 and Harper is 38. If we are going to get a keeper we need someone who will last us more than a couple of seasons. Unless Seb Brown will mature by then

Could not bear to have Brown in goal. I feel bad for him because he used to be a really bright and upcoming talent but now I think its fair to say he's really quite awful and definitely not up to league 2 stamdards

Me myself doesn't think neil Sullivan is worth going for. He is past it

Former Ipswich keeper, Arran Lee-Barrett, 29, may be on AFC Wimbledon's radar after being released by the Suffolk club and could be persuaded to join with the offer of first team football. {Ed016's Note - Lot's of League 1 and 2 clubs also interested, Colchester leading the race}

Recently released Bristol City keeper, Dean Gerken, 27, who made three appearances in the Champioship this season, is also being monitored by AFC Wimbledon. The 6"4 keeper began his career at Southend and may favour a club closer to home.

Personally, I believe Neal Ardley will target a younger keeper in his 20's or early 30's for a slightly longer term solution and will probably look to sign a substitute or reserve keeper from a higher division, with the promise of first team football.

Crikey, Dean Gerken would be excellent if true



19 May 2013 11:13:14
Barnsley, along with newly promoted Doncaster and League One MK Dons have expressed interest into 27-year-old Scunthorpe winger Mark Duffy

Well done to yeovil, barnsley will now be linked to your entire team,
We are linked to everyone,

Barnsley skint

Where do you get Barnsley are skint they only have a small budget and are one of the few teams in the league who are not millions in the red made a profit.

How are Barnsley skint they have no dept and have just got 3 million from stones half a million from vaz te and have not spent any money on transfers last season

MK Dons haven't got the price of a Mars bar, let alone this guy.



19 May 2013 11:41:12
Harry Kewell is set to join up with Colchester United for pre-season

Haha, this is brilliant! Please no anyway, well passed his best years (if he even had any!)



19 May 2013 11:15:02
Johnny Haynes to leave Aberdeen this summer with rotherham and shrewsbury linked with him

I have just been talking to Jonny. He is leaving Aberdeen and is set to sign when his new team mates return from US.

Whose players are away at minute in US?

Rotherham's players came back from las vegas recently



19 May 2013 11:11:45
Huddersfield Town are looking to offer Newcastle goalkeeper Steve Harper his final port of call in his career by offering him a one year contract

Got the impression that although Steve Harper said he was playing on It said in Daily mail that he has now decided to retire

No where not

No point living in the past, and trying to sign a player who is coming to the end of his career. Excellent first time around, but would cost too much in cod liver oil tabs now.



19 May 2013 10:49:20
Norwich set to make double swoop for Man City's Scott Sinclair and John Guidetti

Would love this.

Er yes please. Doubt it though.



19 May 2013 10:45:21
Watford signing Yannick Bolasie and Bachary Sako.

Both good players, but how would they fit in a 3-5-2 formation? I think they're both wingers so wouldn't fit

Even if they were interested they wouldn't sign both.

I know its not true but they would be great signings

Bolasie to Watford even if palace go up. I don't think so!!!!



19 May 2013 10:42:20
Oxford set to announce the signings of Jon Meades and Rene Howe

As much as I would love us to get Rene Howe I can see him signing for a top lg2 - lg1 team.

19 may 2013 22:14:26
we are a top lg2 team.

Are we a top league 2 team? We have finished 12th 10th and 9th in the 3 seasons back up. We ain't been a top league 2 team or finished higher than 9th in LG2 since we got relegated in league 1 in 2001!

We're a top league 2 team in the sense we're one of the biggest clubs in league 2. Bradford finished bottom half of the table a few seasons, still a huge club in league 2.



19 May 2013 10:37:16
Dunne and freeman of Stevenage are joining Bristol city for combined £1million and John fleck of Coventry for 350k as the cash strapped club need the money and him off the wage bill plus he has a family member on bcfc coaching staff
Baldock to charlton £1m
Adomah 8 clubs have made inquiries city hope this will start a bidding war as they hope to revive 1.5m +
Sod has placed a 3million price tag on Greg Cunningham as he still has 3 years left to run and as he under 24 and signed a 4 year deal last season he wages are unaffected by the FFP
Other targets I've herd mentioned Tom Eastman Colchester a CB
That's it for the moment as SOD is on a holiday/scouting trip expect a very busy 1st week back as he wants the majority of his squad together for the trip to Botswana which is at the start of preseason expect one or two African players coming back with us for a trial/perm deal, but for the next month city fans it will be quite the only announcement Maybe flinders from Hartlepool we have offered him a 3 year deal the balls be left in his court

So not true, false rumor, freeman is staying and Dunne is moving spl or championship!

Flinders got 1 year left at hartlepool. If you want him I would take 250k

Coventry fringe players have already gone. Fleck is here for the long haul. He will cost around a million. 350k is well off the mark.

The freeman rumours keep coming the bloke is not leaving

Seriously, where are we going to find £1M? Even the Adomah sale (which will happen) won't raise enough for us to spend that sort of money on two players, regardless of how good they are.

If freeman goes it will be to league 2 he has done nothing this year.



19 May 2013 10:16:54
Bristol city interested in signing reading goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen on loan for the season. City would like to sign him permanently but reading are reluctant to sell due to his age and what is expected of him in the future.

The Gas fans say he is the best keeper they have ever had, perhaps a good short term solution to losing all 3 profesional keepers this summer.



19 May 2013 10:16:21
There' strong rumours around Vicarage Rd at the mo that if WFC were to get promoted the Pozzo's are sounding Di Natale out about a potential 2 year deal to help maintain their Premiership status



19 May 2013 09:59:01
First ever post to share from a very reliable source. Chelsea are as we know interested in Luke shaw as a long term replacement for Ashley cole and were knocked back. However things have taken a twist when Chelsea offered a large sum plus the transfer (assume at least a season loan) of lukaku and shaw loaned back for 2 seasons of a 7 year contract and the perm signing of Nathan ake. Saints have had their head turned by the offer but only discussions at this stage as it is a complex offer.

Rubbish, Lukaku is going to be a big chelsea player, and they wouldn't loan shaw back for 2 seasons. Chelsea will get shaw, but it will be just cash.



19 May 2013 09:43:19
Derby chasing Kirk Broadfoot (the people)

Derby won't have to chase much for bigfoot he only has one pace reverse! good luck lads

Keep him! He's dreadful!



19 May 2013 09:40:36
Gonzalo Jara Reyes, Jonas Olsson, Jerome Thomas, Marc Antione Fortune, Peter Odemwingie and Romelu Lukaku will all leave West Brom.

West Brom will sign: Sebastian Coates, Ben Marshall, Florent Malouda, Franco Di Santo and Deiumerci Mbokani.

Got a feeling fortune may get another year, and don't think coates will come in anymore, dawson can make step up with tamas as cover and then daniel donervorn as more cover

Daniel donervorn? untried and untested? glad your not manager



19 May 2013 09:36:04
sunderland look to have beaten a host of clubs to the signing of lazio defender modibo diakite



19 May 2013 09:35:16
christian erikssen is torn between dortmund and liverpool



19 May 2013 09:34:07
Bury linked with Cameron Belford's brother Tyrell Belford, who is also a goalkeeper. Tyrell was released by Liverpool last week and is currently looking for a club and Bury are heavily linked with the young 'keeper.

Would be a great signing for Bury.



19 May 2013 09:32:05
ravan rat has completed his move to westham on a free transfer from shakhatar



19 May 2013 09:28:32
monaco and ac milan have shown an interest in andy carroll



19 May 2013 09:28:08
ednin dzeko is wanted by bayern munchen



19 May 2013 09:27:46
manuel pellegrinni will be citys new boss and bring in isco of malaga and break the british transfer record for radamel falcao by meeting his 56 million buy out clause.



19 May 2013 09:26:45
incoming chelsea boss jose mouriniho would love to sign man utds wayne rooney. the blues are expected to up there interets in the versatile player but Manchester United would prefer to sell abroard rather than to a rivalbut could be persuaded if a massive offer came in eg 50millon for torres!

Whilst at Chelsea the time before, Mourinho persuaded Abramovich not to make a move for Rooney due to concerns over his unwillingness to train, which is the real reason Rooney was dropped from the man united first team.

Any move for him this time would come with contractual requirements to meet the high standards of training Mourinho insists on, this may scupper the deal.



19 May 2013 09:15:55
Derby have been watching Will Buckley at the play off games and are thought to be interested in signing him.

He won't go to derby he is under contract

1) Derby can't afford him and 2)he can go to a better team, there are premier league teams interested in him

Why would he go to mid table derby when he's already in the starting eleven in a team who reached the playoffs and are far better than derby.

Derby fan here, why would come to Derby when he is at a better team, in terms of league position and in the starting XI.

The only potential reason could be the set back at Brighton of losing the Playoffs but that's pretty much flawed as you would much rather lose in the playoffs that not even be in them.

Maybe the new manager might not see him as part of the plans. I say this expecting Poyet to leave but even that might not happen.

Rule Derby out indefinitely.

What's with all the derby hating? It said we are interested in singing him, doesn't mean that he's going to be coming. It's only speculation, chill out guys



19 May 2013 09:12:26
If Nyatanga was to come back to Oakwell I don't think that would be and thing. Bring in him, o'grady, a decent number 2 keeper and a few players with a bit of pace up top and they could do really well. Don't think Wells from Bradford would do much though, best option would be Febian Brandy from Walsall if anyone

Wells scores more goals than Brandy. Febian is more of a winger



19 May 2013 09:09:13
Scott Sinclair is to move at west brom next season for at least £4m

We need wingers and a gamble on him could pay off

Use to play football with scott back in Bristol and still in contact with him he's happy at Man city and if anything it would be a loan move



19 May 2013 09:09:02
Swindon town will be scking kevin macdonald tomorow swindon have alredy appointed a new manger to be confirmed at 2pm

Oxford fan here. I hope not, and that he gets a chance to build his own team for next season. Swindon need some stability - lot gone on this season what with a take over and change of manager. It has not been easy. Saying that, you have had a good season, just missing the play-offs. But won the Div 2 league the previous season easily and I think if PDC had stayed, you would have gone up this one. can't judge him on a handful of games but he was always on a hiding to nothing. (Sayi8ng that about PDC, from an outsider, he did not help with the finances of the Club and by that I mean the amount of players he brought in and a big expense, that did not help). Next season, you will be there or thereabouts

Total load of rubbish, the reason they appointed macdonald was because he was the cheap option and he has loads of contacts all over at all football clubs they are going to use him to bring loan players in from premier clubs.

To the "Oxford fan here" post. Fair comment and I totally agree with you.

There are lots of poor comments about our pikey board, but I actually agree with reducing the wage bill and KMac getting some good youths in the club

I say, give him the chance and let's get a better board at the club.

Yes good post from the Oxford fan, nice to see we can talk, to the dreamer who said kmac was getting sacked at 2pm? It's now 20. 30 so stop saying pathetic things about the manager unless they are true clearly they are not dreamer.



19 May 2013 08:50:47
Swindon Town have signed brian howard on a two year contract on a free transfer after he was released by bristol city he is set to become a swindon player from july 1st

Good luck with that one. He was crap at Pompey last year.

I sincerely hope not.

I am not sure he played more than 10 minutes for BCFC, seemed to be on the bench every now and then but never used.



19 May 2013 08:41:20
Norwich looking into the signature of Aston Villa striker Darren Bent

Not happening

ex ipswich player

Hope not

That would be a great signing if Hughton could get him scoring like he did at Sunderland but not sure we could afford him as well as Wolfswinkel - would probably cost about 8-10m

You can't afford his wages, he's better of at a young progressive team like villa

Ummm, I think not.

Please take him!
Aspas is the new Villa #9

Lol maybe to signature a football to sell for charity norwich don't buy overpaid overrated underplayed lazy players

Dont want him

To expensive wages

Hes the Villa equivalent of Zigic at blues. No thanks, just a drain on the clubs resources.



19 May 2013 08:30:03
DC and ertl are to sign deals early next week to keep them at pompey this is great news as they were along with agyemang and wallace are best players last season



19 May 2013 08:14:39
Bournemouth will not sign Lewis dunk instead they will get Nathan ake on loan and other news is former arsenal and bolton star striker Benik afobe is on trail at the club subject to a move to bournemouth with Ryan Fraser going the other way

19 May 2013 10:43:26
I doubt that. Afobe ruptured he's knew ligaments at Millwall so still out for another 6-7 months. Rubbish!

Afobe is not good enough for the Championship.

Ryan fraser only signed in january why would he move already? also he doesn't even play for bournemouth so how would he do at arsenal?



19 May 2013 08:05:03
Former oldham winger chris Taylor agreed a move to blackburn rovers on a free from milwall

Chris Taylor would come to us, not Blackburn. He is an Oldham fan and we are a club going places now. Unless you know something I don't?!

Taylor now goes where the money is, wouldn;t want him back anyway.

What are you talking about? (I am an Oldham fan by the way) Is it not obvious that Taylor would rather go to a club with premier league aspirations than drop down a division? If we were his only option he wouldn't have turned Millwall down! If he wants to play at a higher level Blackburn are his obvious choice. Aren't we forgetting the reason he left Oldham? It wasn't because he suddenly had a preference for London.

Yeh this is true, becomes an official Blackburn player on July 1st 2013!




19 May 2013 07:47:06
Oldham Athletic close to signing veteran striker Jamie Cureton on a 12 month contract. Lee Johnson is said to be a big admirer of the prolific striker!
It's understood that a deal is likely to be completed early next week.



19 May 2013 07:31:42
Southampton striker Jay Rodriguez is a surprise target for Liverpool and Tottenham.
Alex McCarthy could also be on his way to Liverpool for around £6million.
Everton want to sign Callum McMannnam and Arouna Kone for a combined fee of £11million.
This could signal the end for Nikica Jelavic who could move to Celtic to replace the leaving Gary Hooper who will be moving to the Premier League

Jay Rodriguez will be going nowhere. I would not be surprised if McCarthy & McManaman moved in the summer.

Why would jelavic go to celtic?
have you forgotten that he played for rangers

Jay Rodriguez is unlikely to be leaving Southampton this summer due to Cortese having resolved the issue with the Leibherr trust. Think Liverpool will be looking elsewhere for strikers if they need them at all really that is.

19 May 2013 11:19:03
He is going, he told me. source - my brother

Cortese is staying, he won't sell Jay to Liverpool, we might even be looking to buy a Liverpool player, that's if Cortese deems there's
any good enough.
You're not dealing with the duck shooter now.

Nothing sorted at soton other than showdown talks, never a good sign. expect rodriguez, shaw and schneiderline to leave due to uncertainty

^we all totally believe you bro.

So who supposedly is your brother? Are we meant to believe you are a Rodriguez, a MacCarthy or a Jelavic? What a load of nonsense.

Cortese has signed a new contract and they have agreed a deal for the future. What the hell are you on about 'showdown talks'? The money is there, Cortese is there and Pochettino is there. Clearly someone who hasn't kept up with the stories developments.

To be fair I'm a saints fan and I'd take a great offer for him from Liverpool if they wanted him. He had good spell when poch come in but overall he ain't good enough to take us to the next level he's hardly set the league on fire now has he, nowhere near enough goals

Disagree with the above comment. JRod did take a little while to settle in but he is a young man with a big price tag over his head. The transition from Championship to prem can take a while too. He seems to relish our style and formation and Poch seems to really rare him. I only see him going from strength to strength. At Liverpool he would be on the bench a lot behind Suarez and Sturridge and it isn't as if they can even offer a step up to CL football for him. Much better off staying put and developing further.

Its his first season in the premier league. It takes players time to get good. Look at drogba and henry! Both had a poor first season, now there two of the best forwards we've had in the league



19 May 2013 03:46:22
West ham interested in a young player in Australia, M. Floris, not sure how true it is but he's a very good striker

If he is the Argentine I think you refer to, then I can tell you he thinks he is a lot better than he is. He likes diving/cheating and regularly loses the ball. Does not score many in the A-league and is carried by the rest of the team. Having said that, I hope West ham sign him and take this trash away from the A-league.



19 May 2013 02:57:22
Apparently radamel falcao will be joining man city as they have activated his release clause which is £54 million.



19 May 2013 01:14:29
Preston are ready to scupper Tranmere's chances of holding onto Andy Robinson. Robinson, who has been linked with a move to the American MLS, is frustrated by Tranmere offering him less wages than he was previously on and could follow John Welsh to Deepdale.

19 May 2013 10:50:51
we dnt want him he is past it

Yea you wish I seen him the other day in rock ferry he's retiring end of next season and hopes to become a coach at tranmere so highly doubt it was

All I can say is. HA!

A 33 year old left winger? nice try mate but I don't think Preston will be interested

Clearly the superficial fan who derided the notion of signing a 33 year old winger is either too young or has a short memory. David Eyres was a mere 33 years old when PNE signed him and he went on to become a Preston legend.

Robbo is a league 2 player. he's quality but a 25-30 game a season player and not naturally fit. I'd be very surprised if he left Tranmere but if he did i'd think he'd drop down a division not go to PNE.

Graham alexander played well into his 30's pace isn't everything if you still have the footballing brain you still have it imo

League 2 player clearly you haven't seen him play yes fitness wise he's not the best but on his day he's a cracking player good job you're not a scout mate!

He was awesome 1st half of season but very average 2nd half. His fitness is a worry. Having seen Preston twice this season I'd have no doubt he'd walk into their team.



19 May 2013 00:57:53
swansea city ins and outs

Williams & Vorm (Liverpool)
Moore (Derby)
Lita (Sheff Weds)
Obeng (Swindon-loan)
Shechter (loan expired)
De Guzman (loan expired)
Richards (Charlton)
Tiendalli (Released)

Canas (R. Betis)
Lukaku (Chelsea-loan)
Aspas (Celta Vigo)
Schmeichel (Leicester)
Michel (Getafe)
Forlin (Espanyol)

Thought L'pool board had rejected Rodgers requests for Williams, Arsenal looking the more likely contender (but hopefully he'll still be with us next season).

Vorm has stated he's looking forward to Europe with us next season (and it doesn't look like L'pool have that at the moment, at least, not that I'm aware of anyway!).

de Guzman is going to be one of our priority signings so hope that can happen.

Also, only signing Forlin wouldn't be sufficient for our defense. I would've thought an additional CB would have been on the cards even if Williams doesn't leave!
Bartley is promising but not yet proven.

Hope the others happen, though I don't know what we'll do with THREE first team GK's!

Doubt we will go after Moore, we already have two big strikers in Sammon and Martin and Clough is only looking for a proven goal-scorer now

Luke Moore to Derby, that wouldn't be bad.

Came on loan and scored a quality goal away at Doncaster but never really got it going. Looking good at Swansea with not many games, how much would he cost swans?

Swansea will not let ash and vorm both leave unless its ridiculous money plus both players can do better than liverpool, if ash leaves it'll be arsenal, and vorm will only go to top club champions league probably on the continent

Schmeichel has been linked with Hull.
Williams is off to Arsenal for £12m.
Tiendelli is staying at Swansea.
Richards has just signed a new deal, so if he does go, it'll be on loan.



19 May 2013 00:19:39
Ebanks blake to charlton (free)
Danny haynes to hudderfield (free)
jose baxter to charlton (450k)
ricardo fuller to sheffield united (free)
marlon king to charlton (350k)
Bradley wright phillips (staying at charlton)

so far only charlton news. apart from dervite and harriot signing new deals

Charlton can't afford all those players

Would love to see ebanks blake at charlton. Can't see BWP staying so another 2 or 3 strikers will be needed especially as fuller and haynes have both gone. The dream would be Darren Bent but more realistic would be Ebanks Blake and Baldock

Is there any truth in Ricardo Fuller
to Sheffield United?

Marlon king 325k no he go on a free and we don't want him



19 May 2013 00:06:36
Roberto Martinez looks set to leave Wigan at the end of the season, Stoke or Everton being his likely destination

Martinez would get stoke relegated

Martinez a very good manger & would be good for stoke city.

I reckon Martinez will have more money to spend at Stoke but Everton has a better reputation and a better squad. I reckon he'll go to Everton.

Over the last 8 years, all he has done for Wigan is kept them in the Premier League. He didn't improve the team at all and every season he saw his team go into a relegation scrap. Stoke are aiming to get in the top 10, as Martinez as a manager, he will keep us around 14th or 15th.
If Pulis does go, I'd prefer a better manager than him, Neil Lennon maybe?

Martinez had next to no budget at Wigan and performed miracles keeping them up so long, not to mention winning the FA Cup (have Moyles or Pulis done that?)
That's like saying man united shouldn't have hired Moyles because he's never won the Champions League. It's about the manager's character and what a club believes that man can bring to the table.



18 May 2013 23:51:40
Major transfers in summer
Robert Lewandowski 30m Chelsea
Arjen Robben 12m Manchester City
Stephan Jovetic 20m Arsenal
Wayne Rooney 25m Chelsea
Xabi Alonso 10m Liverpool
Edinson Cavani 50m Manchester City
Callum McManaman 7m Liverpool
Gareth Bale 60m Manchester United
Leighton Baines 15m Manchester United
Maroune Fellaini 23m Man Utd
Isco 24m Manchester City
Pepe Reina 10m Barcelona



18 May 2013 23:47:47
WBA will target Charlie Austin from Burnley for around 5M this summer

£4 million is what the agents reckon

Austin to Sunderland is a done deal

I'd take 5. nowhere near as good as rodriguez but reckon he could be a 10-15 goal a season man at a club like WBA. just needs the service and is improving dramatically year on year. best of luck we need the money to rebuild

WBA should be more concerned about figuring out a new loan deal or more with Lukaku. He had a great year but don't feel Chelsea will give him a good chance

Don't be silly, we need to keep hold our better players until someone with equal quality comes in who can score as/more goals than Austin

Do you think he is good enough for prem?

5mil take it. got a lot of areas to rebuild. need the money I don't care what the manager says we are a selling club.



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