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19 Mar 2013 20:55:20
Walsall have got Kristian Joensen on trial from Faroe Island side NSI Runavik.



19 Mar 2013 20:54:12
Grimsby Town have made an ambitious bid for Hull City defender Abdoulaye Faye.



19 Mar 2013 20:49:58
Maynor Figueroa has rejected a new deal at Wigan Athletic in order to force a move to another club. Figueroa is out of contract in the summer and has been allowed to speak to clubs since January and has done that by speaking to three parties.
Aston Villa are favourites to bag the Honduras international. Paul Lambert has been admiring a number of Figueroa performances this campaign and is willing to try and bag the defender if Villa stay up.
The 29 year old has also been speaking to Chelsea and Tottenham but wants regular football every week.

If he is speaking to teams in England they are breaking the rules the 6 month rule is only allowed if a player is talking to teams from abroad. Villa Chelsea and Tottenham would know this and would not risk the accusation of tapping up a player.



19 Mar 2013 20:42:05
Middlesbrough are in talks with manager Tony Mowbray about settling his contract and making him leave the club by mutual consent.
Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson has been unhappy with how the Riverside club have fallen from automatic contenders to outside the play off spots and wants to talk to Newcastle coach Willie Donachie. Donachie is wanting to get back into football management and sees a move to Boro as an ideal place the rejuvenate himself as a boss.

No chance! Mowbray is a legend at this club and Gibson has never been someone to chop and change at the first chance he always gives his managers a chance confidence is low at the moment yes but it will return and we will come good again we have been through a lot worse at this club this when tony Mowbray was skipper and between him the players and the fans we overcame just like we will this time so far anyone who is saying that tony will walk or the club will force him to walk give your heads a shake

This just isn't happening

The club and mogga have a long term 5 year plan to get ourselves back in the top flight, so far it is pretty much on track, I doubt Mowbray will leave before the 5 years is up unless we are threatened by relegation.

Also, if mogga did leave, I would like to think the club would be a touch more ambitious than donachie

This is not true. Mowbray is a true middlesbrough ledgend. The Fans love him, The Board love him and The players love him. He took us from the bottom of the league to the top in less than a year whilst slashing our wage bill in have, having almost no funds and having to massively reduce the playing staff and the expenditure. We play some of the best passing football in the league under him and he will be at boro for a very long time, no matter how bad we do in the league. Even if we got relegated I doubt he would get sacked. He is a Boro hero. Spirit of 86.

No matter how bad middlesbroughs form Is or how personic some of our fans are Tm is and will be the best thing to happen to us since relegation! He's a true Teessider thru and thru and I for 1 will always be behind him 100% good and bad! So come on lads if ya with tha Boro get behind him he is Boro!



19 Mar 2013 20:36:52
Why don't wba go for Jordan Rhodes his shown he can score goals

Cash money that's why



19 Mar 2013 20:25:37
Nick Barmby seen tonight with Rotherham United Chairman
at black tie event in Sheffield. Read what you like into this, is he Steve Evans' replacement? Rob

Evans has to go. I'm not sure he is at the same games I go to. Every week he tells me just how great we were and that we played the opposition off the park but in the Rotherham United games I watch I never see this!

As a Hull City fan, you'll be getting a great young manager with a big future in the game. Fingers crossed for both Rotheram and Nicky!

20 Mar 2013 16:58:35
Hi hope Evans does get the sack and never works in football again, let's hope Gillingham get promoted by hammering him in a few weeks time



19 Mar 2013 19:07:27
I for one would like to know why southampton striker Rickie Lambert is not in the England squad. 13 prem goals, I think its a joke, what do you guys think?

Hes not in the secret boys club

19 Mar 2013 21:11:34
Him and Grant Holt up front would lead us to glory in Brazil next year. {Ed034's Note - haha

Agree completely, there's no argument, holds the ball better than crouch, scores more than any other englishman and is more passionate than most. no brainer! give him a chance!

It comes down to his off the ball movement, his pace and his all round techincal ability. How many of his goals are not from set-pieces and penalties.
He needs to be playing for the top teams in Europe or at least in European competition. If he was so good why haven't any of the big 6 come in for him?

The media picks the England squad,
Roy's not his own man, doesn't have the guts to tell the media etc where to go.
It wouldn't matter if Rickie had scored 30 goals already this season he still wouldn't get in, Southampton are only looked on as being a feeder club for the so called big boys, well sod 'em, Rickie, you're a legend to all of us, long may you keep bangin' 'em in, Englands loss, Saints gain. Amen.

Peaple like you keep slamming him. Even though top english scorer. Best english striker this season. Rickie the GOD

Its always been the same - certain players will always get picked.
lambert should get his chance he's a grafter

Because he doesn't play for
man utd
i say ferguson picks the england
team anyway
hodgson just manager by

"It comes down to his off the ball movement, his pace and his all round techincal ability"
You clearly have not seen Lambert play, he has amazing ball control, I'v seen lambert make players like vidic look stupid with is strength and ball control. He has not got a great amount of pace but his all round techincal ablity is first class. He does not just score goals but creates many plays and chances. I think Lambert would be amazing in the England team playing behind a striker like Rooney. There is hell of a lot more to Lamberts game than most people think. 1 example of Lamberts off the ball movement against Liverpool, he made a great run around Glen Johnson which took him out of the game, leaving loads of space for J. Rod to run into and score a goal. Don't make comments on players you don't no anything about!

10 times the player danny wellbad is. top 4 closed shop strikes again

Sounds like you boys need to get the knee pads out.

Agree total joke top English scorer got to be worth a shout as does Garry hooper

Defo should be in the squad no question. Top scorer (and only 3 penalties so not many) and class act. Link up play, first ball control holding up ball would play right into Rooney's hands.

If he was so good then why haven't the big boys come in for him with a bid? Even Redknapp at QPR with money to burn and a liking to spend it didn't make a bid when they needed a striker.
As regards to comparisons with Wellbad, Wellbad like Rooney, and Sturridge offers versatility to the team, and can play wide. The game has evolved from a player that can only play in one position. The "out and out" striker role is becoming obsolete. too one dimensional.

If he has 20 League goals by the end of the season he should without question get a chance in a friendly in the summer. The work he has put in the last few years and the amount of goals he has scored is incredible. he at least deserves that one chance to play for his country and show what he can do, if he impresses he should keep his place.

Reminds me of Marcus Stewart at Ipswich 21 league goals in first season in prem and was not only overlooked by England but somehow the then bench warmer Sheringham pipped him to player of the season. Yes I know it was a long time ago but that was the last time we had a good team

I. T. F. C

For the ignorant persons who know nothing about Lambert, try watching him. Also, don't think there have been no offers for him-simples mate, as with Luke Shaw, envious clubs have been told he is not for sale.

21 Mar 2013 20:23:17
Lambert is good goal scorer but lacks pace, at times I wonder what he is doing on the wing for saints we need him in the box would he be in a top 4 team? But he has been great for saints and deserved a new contract.

If it came down to off the ball movement and ability then the team would be built round rickie you clearly have never seen him play

He's scored against man city Manchester United and Chelsea, just because he's not playing in Europe doesn't mean he can't score against the best! He is the best English finisher in the league. Hodgeson has recently put Osman in the squad who is 31 so age can't b a factor. Danny wellbeck has scored 1 premier league goal this year yet still makes the squad. And Sturridge is of the same mould. Lambert would provide something different to the rest of the strikers and hopefully if he continues to score for us then his chance will come.

I don't think his pace should be the reason he isn't in, Andy Carrol and Crouch aren't fast yet their usually around the national squad, and Welbeck on form definetly shouldn't be in there, Lambert has more prem goals then these 3 put together season and deserves a call up



19 Mar 2013 19:06:32
If southampton stay up they will look to strengthen their squad with no less than 6 players, with the budget being rather high. Billy Sharp is a name on lips, but it is expected that the regardless of the saints stature he will return to the club at the end of the season, for how long? who knows as Lambert and Rodriguez are a different level.

Pretty sure I've read that Sharp is set to be transferred to Forest at the end of the season. Or is that not official yet?

19 Mar 2013 23:40:41
Everyone at Forest understands this too. Fee fixed already.

I wish billy sharp would be
given a chance at saints
he would have scored alot
of those chances that have
been missed
he a good poacher
not been given a proper chance
which is a shame

Totally agree sharp should get a chance



19 Mar 2013 18:42:06
Michael Appleton and Darren Moore will return to West Brom's coaching staff after being sacked by Blackburn.

Oh yes, what they going to do put the nets up, no chance,



19 Mar 2013 18:11:38
Gus Poyet has pledged Albion will have another striker to assist their promotion challenge before their next match.

The loan transfer window shuts on March 28, two days before the Seagulls visit play-off rivals Nottingham Forest.



19 Mar 2013 16:48:11
Pearson under pressure from Leicester board has been told "promotion or out".

Nigel Adkins in frame as Pearson will resign by the weekend as he thinks votes of confidence are always a no vote anyway and refuses to work under pressure of the sack. rules himself out of Blackburn job but is lined up to replace Tony Mowbray at Boro' should they also fail to gain promotion through the play-offs!

He won't resign but he might get the push me hopes anyway

Judas will just walk away if the going get's tough (which it is). Lower league manager at best. Can't take the pressure or anyone with an ego to match his own.

Mark Robins to walk out on huddersfield next few days to manage Rovers, htfc club insider

Outside looking in, Blackburn fans are wondering who's next for the worst job in the championship at the moment, Blackburn fans should take a look at themselves in the mirror, it's your own fault your in this position, you hounded and harassed a man out of the hotseat that could have got you back to the prem,

The mark robins thing could have some substance, he's walked out of every club he's been at, he's only loyal to himself, don't think he is the type of person that Blackburn need,
Stability is the key.

Personally I think all managers should make a pact to all avoid accepting the Blackburn job. Teach Venkys a lesson.

Pearson is an example of a manager having too much money to spend. There was no need to bring Harry Kane in.

20 Mar 2013 12:24:32
mark robins has only walked out on broken promises and clubs in crisis. To go to blackburn would be career suicide.

No broken promises at Coventry,



19 Mar 2013 15:08:03
Mesut Ozil to Tottenham in summer, claims reliable inside source, guaranteed.



19 Mar 2013 13:53:55
I've heard that a couple of out of work managers have been approached about taking over at Rotherham.

Steve evans is the best manager in the division.

Hi Steve.

Any idea's who these managers could be.

On what basis is he the best? He only took the Rotherham job becasue they indulged his spending. Let him try his skills at Dagneham or Barnet with no budget!

The best manager in this league? Steve evans? that's the best joke i've heard in ages! He bottled it at crawley and is doing the same at rotherham! Martin aleen, mickey adams and even phil parkinson (for the cup run) are far better managers! Your club would be better off if evans left!

21 Mar 2013 05:45:01
clubs like Gillingham, Port Vale and Bradford are jealous of the fact that Evans is our Gaffer. THE MAN IS A WINNER.



19 Mar 2013 13:28:31
mark hughes to be named new leicester city manager

Ye and i'm king of england never going to happen

Why would they appoint him when Nigel Pearson is in charge and the owners back him

When? i'd be very suprised if its before the end of the season!

Devon Fox

Hughes is worse than Pearson----foxes please keep Nigel, the bad run will end and you will win the play offs. to many good players there for them not to. up the shrews

Leicester going absolutely nowhere with pearson in charge. Actually they will go somewhere - downwards!

I can see some truth in this. pearson is one more defeat from the sack! Leicester will need to go up this season for financial reasons. Their wage bill is unsustainable in the Championship.
The Thai owners will want another big name, due to their lack of football knowledge.

Hughes did ok at Wales and decent at Blackburn but has done nothing since. Great player I'm just not sure he's a decent manager.



19 Mar 2013 12:34:46
Texan tycoon preston Haskell is set to buy coventry city if the club goes into administration - the stadium will be brought and massive funds will go towards transfers

Most funds will wipe out the millions of debt and not spent on transfers

Doesn't matter how many millions he will invest in the team. Two things about that, 1) what good player will want to play in the League 1, and 2) The league salary cap will still apply!

20 Mar 2013 21:19:08
heard danny redmond of wigan is a possibility on loan what do people think

Coventry are under a transfer embargo

A transfer embargo means that you need the league's permission to sign a player, not that you cannot sign a player.

We are now in adminstration and by SISU so they appoint the team who go over the accounts etc etc, They won't sell they will just use it to get rid of the debts and buy it under 35 new undisclosed investors. ACL and SISU ruined our great club personS!



19 Mar 2013 12:19:22
West Brom to sign Blackburn striker Jordan Rhodes at the end of the season. They could afford him if they sell Odinwingie

What we done to wingie was wrong even if wingie was out of control, wba management have made the whole problem worse, what a shambles we look

20 Mar 2013 00:31:47
jordan rhodes if any think we need a proper goal scorer if we don't replace lukaku we won't no what's hit us next season relied on him to much this season ( i'm feeling chairmen will splash the cash in the summer personally

Whoever wrote this about Blackburn fans only having themselves to blame is ignorant of the true facts.

Odinwingie is nothing but trouble. the sooner he goes the better. there is a 16 year old in the youth team scoring goals to replace him



19 Mar 2013 12:15:31
Derby County to sign Rory Delap at the end of the season on a one year deal!

Why would we sign a 36year old who is
at the back end of his career. Think Clough will be looking for younger players

19 Mar 2013 18:48:08
Would be good experience for us which is what we need

Yes an experienced head is needed but not Delap. At the end of his career. Clough will look for someone who can play regularly.



19 Mar 2013 10:33:34
David Fox set to return on loan to Colchester next season as he needs more game time and wants regular first team football!



19 Mar 2013 10:26:22
Having a bet on the next manager, get some money on Gareth Southgate before his odds drop, he will be the next manager, you heard it here first

Next manager of who?

Manager of who?


YEs manager of pizza hut

Who in their right mind is going to apply? not any quality managers!

He tried and failed at managment and has a cushy role as a pundit no chance.



19 Mar 2013 09:44:51
Louis Enrique. Has gone straight to second favourite as Reading FCs. New manager Plays fast attacking flowing football
Expect to hear more and more and more on this over the next 24 hours.
Would be a fantastic choice to bring in

19 Mar 2013 17:36:11
Why would he go to reading you won't get any recognised manager

Why not? Prem team, good base, good finances. Any manager who wants to create something would be interested.

Here ard some reasons why he would come to Reading FC
1, the infrastructure is already in place to grow
2, planning permission gone in to expand the stadium
3, we will drop into the championship so the new manager can start afresh
4, the new owner is a business man so wants a good return
5, the new manager wil be well paid and will be able to spend
THAT'S WHY! Thankyou for your well thought out comment brilliant

I have a good friend that watches allot of Italian football. When I asked him what he thought about Enrique coming to reading, his exact words were, "my stomach turned".
Roma under Enrique became totally disorganised, unable to defend, unable to score, everyone had to have a touch of the ball before it crossed the half way line, most of the time totally unnecessarily. a lot of their goals they conceded were as a result of a misplaced passes under pressure. Sure you could blame the players but trying to make whole sale changes right from the off is asking too much of everyone. Obvious compassion's could be made to Brendon Rodgers time at Reading.
Whilst I think most of the chairman across the country would like to try and replicate Barcelona and perhaps what Swansea have done in this country, I am not a total fan of either and this style of football. But either way dropping into the championship would be a disaster
Getting relegated to start a fresh, is utter rubbish i'm afraid. To continue to grow and improve in every way we have to stay in one of the best leagues in the world. The money we would lose out on, the teams / players we wouldn't be up against anymore. How could we continue to improve by playing lower league teams, i'm not being elitist at all but anyone who thinks that Reading getting relegated this year is a good thing is mistaken. There are no guarantees what so ever in getting promoted next season and i'd rather not have to wait another god knows how long to get promoted again.
The new manager needs to come in and have an immediate impact, it's allot to ask and we quite clearly don't have the squad for the premiership but getting relegated to the championship is really not the answer.
A manager that comes in and wants to spend a bucketful of money does worry me slightly, Reading have never done well in trying to buy in big money players, emerse fae least we forget. But if harry redknapp somehow keeps QPR up this year, will Reading regret not going out to heavily requite better players in transfer windows?

But the question was. Why would any recognised manager go to Reading FC
I have the answers why as listed above
All you spoke about was the history of Readings transfer dealings Emerson fae
And how being relegated wasn't good but then admited we are almost relegated
Great response. But please just tell the guy why a manager will go to Reading FC
Bring on dick advocat

20 Mar 2013 20:57:07
I made the first comment your fan base isn't good your away support is terrible sorry it was based on fact si lufc

Rumour is. LUFC to be sold
Based on fact
Lufc get big name managers and get knowhere
Anyway this is a rumour site hope you get a buyer soon

Maybe our away support is terrible in the championship because we don't like going to garden shed stadiums in the championship?

Our away support in the premier league's been pretty decent this year to be fair {Ed034's Note - so you are saying you have a part time support??



19 Mar 2013 09:25:54
Just been told that Steve Sidwell could make a sensational return to reading in the summer. Believed to be a fee of 2.5m!

Why would he want to play Championship football?



19 Mar 2013 08:28:15
Maynor Figueroa is wanted by West Brom, Stoke and Norwich on a free transfer.

He won't leave as he's close to signing a new deal and possible in Europe with us next season.

Yup will take him. Wigan will go down so it'l be worth our while

Already said he's going west ham

19 Mar 2013 18:43:29
Wigan in Europe? Don't make me laugh

"Wigan in Europe? Don't make me laugh"
You do realise that if they beat Millwall then they'll be in Europe. Whoever they play in the final will qualify due to the league.

If Wigan get to final of fa cup then they will be in Europe.

Playing in Europe in the championship, he'll love that



19 Mar 2013 08:26:38
Scott Sinclair to West Brom in the summer for £4,000,000.



19 Mar 2013 08:25:46
Youngsters Abdi Ibrahim, Callum Reilly, Ben Marshall and Sam Byram all to join West Brom in the summer.

Byram going nowhere, unless you got 10 mill

19 Mar 2013 18:57:13
dont flatter yourself chap, he ay that good!



19 Mar 2013 01:07:08
It has been reported that Norwich City are battling it out with fellow Premier League rivals QPR and Swansea for the summer signature of out of favour Aston Villa striker Darren Bent.

Norwich don't buy players that get in a sulk when they don't play plus spends to much time in sick bay. lo

And how do we afford £65k per week?

19 Mar 2013 13:48:02
So Darren Bent will play in the Championship with the super hoops! It's all about the money, money, money LOL

Benty is a Tractor Boy. He would NEVER sign for the Budgies

Dont want him at swansea don't know what your on about

Call it £8m you can have Bent.
Canaries have more chance of signing Bent than they do of signing Weimann as the papers are reporting this morning when Villa are the bigger club which is why Paul Lambert left for Villa.


And remind me where the 'bigger' club is in the table?

You won't be so big when your in the championship.6million for bent and weimann

But yet we've had a much better season? good one :)

He can't get in a villa side fighting for their lives and certainly wouldn't get into the Norwich side just now. We have players full of commitment, not players who are all about themselves. The best has been seen from Darren Bent, no EPL team would take a punt on him, for me, he would be better moving abroad as I can't see his ego playing in champ.

Next season: Villa will finish above Norwich. Then you'll be silent!

Why would Swansea want another Danny Graham with lead shoes



18 Mar 2013 21:56:57
Doncaster midfielder James Harper to make loan move to Grimsby for rest of season.

Where did this come from?

Good, hope its true. he's shocking can't see us re newing contract in summer

First few games I saw him he was spraying passes about brilliant, I just don't know what's happened to him now



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