Football Rumours Archive June 19 2013


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19 Jun 2013 23:44:34
Hull city reportedly very interested in securing the services of Marouane chamakh to boost the forward line

What a great signing that will be. I think he'll be unstoppable once he gets a string if games together. Arsenal don't know what their loosing.

On loan maybe. He didn't cost anything to Arsenal so his wages could be too high for us.



19 Jun 2013 23:25:08
Korey Smith signs 2 year deal at Oldham will be announced soon

Confirmed on official 2yr from 1/7/13 fantastic coup for latics

Official! 2 year contract. On our website. Awesome signing!



19 Jun 2013 23:18:14
Cardiff bid 8million for tom ince. Source dailyfail.

It has also been accepted

Hopefully he will be coming to City I think they have accepted it because its round their price range they set for Ince and Liverpool can activate a £5mil release clause so Blackpool want to get the most money out of it {Ed003's Note - complete rubbish how can livepool have a release clause lol.}

Ed, liverpool a 30% sell on fee which means an 8 mil bid would actually only cost them 5mul. {Ed003's Note - it said liverpool could activate a release clause! Anyway no bid has been accepted}



19 Jun 2013 23:10:55
Bradford City and Swindon Town are fighting to sign Dean Parrett.

Dean Pareto was on loan at swindon and was sent home in disgrace so he won't darken the doorstep again

Swindon sent Parrett away from a loan after three games because of his billy big time attitude, lazy player we wouldn't have him back.

Doubt if Dean Parrett will sign for STFC as he left a loan spell early and seemed to have a poor attitude whilst on pitch.

Doubtful, Swindon sent him back early into his loan spell due to poor attitude.

Hes crap swindon don't need him he does not pass



19 Jun 2013 23:08:46
Derby have accepted a fee for frank fielding so just needs to put pen to paper now

Thanks Frank now go and enjoy being a No1 :)



19 Jun 2013 23:03:00
Any news on James Vaughan and Simon Jackson ed?



19 Jun 2013 22:26:35
local paper understands Swindon Town are keen on making Tottenham defender Jack Barthram one of their early summer signings on a Free Transfer

Damian pipe down lol



19 Jun 2013 21:45:26
Scunthorpe United have handed a trial to Ex Sheff wednesday midfielder Sean McAllister.



19 Jun 2013 22:07:31
Wantaway Rochdale player Bobby Grant is believed to be on his way to Morecambe. The deal could be dependent on Dales instance on a fee for Grant, who is still under contract at Spotland.

Why would he want to go to Morecambe when league 1 clubs are interested

Morecamebe fc won't pay a fee there skint

Not exactly skint but unlikely to pay a fee for Grant assuming if this is actually true.

Always plays well against Morecambe, and the type of player Morecambe need, but can't see it happening.

Hope he doesn't join us. Our fans hate him!

Where do you get the "skint" from?

and there's only 2 "e"s in Morecambe



19 Jun 2013 21:39:35
Walsall manager dean smith has held talks with Mat Mitchel-King, and Scott wagstaff. These deals are in "advanced talks" and the pair look likely to be playing at the bescot next season

20 Jun 2013 07:19:41
Hope Wagstaff does sign



19 Jun 2013 21:46:33
Mark Duffy is being closely watched by Doncaster who had a bid rejected today. Also Sheff Utd are interested in the winger too. But Laws insists he won't sell him cheap!

He will sell him cheaply, he has no option.

Morecambe paid Southport 20K, Scunny paid Morecambe 35K, so DRFC won't pay anymore than 50K I reckon. Now if another club pays more, that's up to them.



19 Jun 2013 21:45:15
jara reyes signs 1yr deal at forest

Pure quality, well done the forest transfer team!

Forest are spending millions.

What? I'm glad we aren't and are being clever, great signing and on a free, if we don't get promoted we are screwed, like Leicester and QPR.



19 Jun 2013 21:36:01
Morecambe FC, sign right winger Marcus Marshall on a 2year deal, FACT!

Unlucky. He is absolutely dreadful

Jim Bentley will get the best out of Marcus Marshall just like he did with Kevin Ellison and Jack Redshaw.



19 Jun 2013 21:21:37
Crystal palace to sign Scott mcdonald

Great!. really descriptive on this one

Doesnt make much sense - a not very productive Middleseborough striker?



19 Jun 2013 21:20:13
Dean Parrett set to join up with Blackpool hoping to impress them in pre season training

Who is he?



19 Jun 2013 21:06:31
Blackpool will announce the signing of Ryan McGivern on Friday

19 Jun 2013 21:33:27
'He singed a 2 year deal with Hibernian

He sinnged a twoyear deal why



19 Jun 2013 21:05:13
has anyone got any rumours regarding notts county



19 Jun 2013 21:00:54
Middlesbrough have took a step closer to the signing of Jozsef Varga today.

This is one rumour I hope is true. Good player

20 Jun 2013 09:07:16
Middlesbrough have signed midfielder Jozsef Varga of Debrecen.

20 Jun 2013 09:20:07
Fingers crossed.

Yes its true deal to be done in the next 72hr

Would be an excellent signing and really show our intentions for season

Reality is you've no idea if it's a done deal. Mowbray wants someone in by Monday - could be anyone but let's hope it's a decent player

You jumping to conclusions over what it says in the gazette mate? haha it says we may sign (A PLAYER) in the next 72hrs NOT varga pal! could be turnbull or messi for all we know!

How do you know?

I am in the know pal so ul see

Invariably when someone on this site says that they're in the know, they aren't.

Oh am in the know mate words will be eat haha

Haha get in am right watch jozsef

Signing on season long loan

22 Jun 2013 20:10:17
Bound to get 1 of the players we've been linked with right outta all the other "RUMOURS" you probably put on this site lol well done on ya 1 though even though it was pretty obv :-) (good signing) UTB

Haha thanx pal albert will cum soon hhhh



19 Jun 2013 20:59:24
Ian Holloway is becoming increasingly frustrated with Palace co-chairman, Steve Parish, over transfer policy. Holloway has identified several targets he feels would give Palace a fighting chance ahead of their Premier League campaign; however, Parish is remaining stubborn on transfer fees and wages.

As a Palace fan, I wouldn't be surprised. It's still early on but I am starting to find myself already becoming a little on edge at the lack of activity around the club. Could really do with seeing some movement soon, however I'm sure the board are doing their best.

Very frustrating that Parish is not investing millions of pounds on multiple new signings and giving each of them 5 year Premiership wage contracts. I mean if Palace do go down at the end of the season (hope not but odds on!) then what is the worst that could happen. Administration and 15 point deduction. Someone would come in a buy the club - they always do. It is worth a punt. OR maybe Mr H, if he is frustrated should apply for Real Madrid manager

20 Jun 2013 08:21:04
You are so obviously not a Palace fan as you would know that we have loads of irons in he fire and have actually signed 3 players, although these won't be announced until 1st July when their current contract ends. Also Ian and Steve have a great working relationship and its Ian hows saying to STve that I want?/ but he overpriced, when Steve was happy to pay the required amount.



19 Jun 2013 20:54:04
steve evans leaving lee clarke coming in



19 Jun 2013 20:39:41
Aston Villa set to bid £2.5m for millwall winger james henry

Take the money. Do they want Trotter as well

Doubt we do - we have plenty of wingers now.



19 Jun 2013 20:34:11
Saw Cresswell at tibshelf service station this afternoon! Either visited home or been for talks with Chesterfield!

That's the 'FUNNIEST' rumour that I've seen on here for a 'LONG TIME'! Dreamers HA HA!

Darikwa is a good player but lacks star quality he'll be a good championship player in the future but I think the premier league will just be too much for him as it is for bowery



19 Jun 2013 20:30:36
After not achieving promotion again, Wrexham will sack their manager and replace him with former manager Dean Saunders to bring back success.



19 Jun 2013 20:30:34
Sunderland are set to sign Lazio right back Luis Pedro Cavanda. Today Sunderland signed young Swedish forward David Moberg Karlsson, who has been earmarked as a one for the future by Paulo Di Canio. He will start off in the development squad until he is ready for the first team in the Premiership, BLACKCAT

The revolution is starting

I think we need to see some departures before there will be many more coming in, as apart from Bramble and Kilgallon there has not been much reduction in the wage bill. would be good to see Elmo actually sign for Hull after his 'love-in' with Bruce- and if he takes Bardsley with him so much the better. Similarly, Ji seems better suited to the bundesliga, and his departure would make space. Campbell was the one we should have hung onto- still unbelievable that O'Neill would let him go then throw all that money away on Graham, who works hard but probably needs a fresh start somewhere fans are not counting the hours since he scored a goal. Those four should go, and if Palace pursue interest in Vaughan and we can find someone to take McClean- the worst player almost every time he played last season, and that is saying something- that will be quite a good clearout.
Personally I am not convinced Larsson has the pace to fit in with Di Canio's style, and I don't know what people see in Cattermole, who can't tackle cleanly, pass more than four yards, head a ball or shoot- fastening his laces seems to be the extent of his footballing skills- but I don't imagine we will find takers for all the dummies collected by previous regimes. But it is time we saw some movement, as keeping these players on is false economy anyway, giving them away would save money and we have seen enough of them all (except Ji) to know we would be better off playing some of the youngsters at the club, especially now we are bringing more promising young players in.



19 Jun 2013 20:29:16
Shelton Martis is set to sign for Darlington to help them get back to the football league.

Come on Darlo. Get back in the league where you belong!



19 Jun 2013 19:53:43
Luke Rooney in talks with Crawley town over a move to the Broadfield stadium

Crawley don't need rooney they are getting john Bostock and sanchez watt shortly deal will be announced fist in Crawley observer

Watt and bostock are not coming to crawley! Luke Rooney is a possibility though

Watt flopped at Crawley in league 2. Likes the 'footballer lifestyle' a bit too much as well. Doubt Ritchie Barker would want him and his small time gangster attitude. Bostock would want way too much money for Crawley. Fully expect him to go to a championship club.



19 Jun 2013 19:30:31
Jake Cassidy to Preston for £250,000. Heard this from a very reliable source.

19 Jun 2013 20:37:52
as a preston fan I can't see this happening as Grayson wonts a striker on loan from prem

Would be ideal, but why would Wolves want to let him go? And can't see us signing a player like that until a couple leave

Very much doubt it seeing as we're cash strapped and only looking for a premiership loan. If and that's a bid if it was true en I wouldn't grumble, he was quality last season at Tranmere from what I saw of him

Would be very happy with Cassidy but its very unlikely

I'm sure It won't happen before the PNE v Wolves match if it is to happen at all

21 Jun 2013 12:10:06
We won't get cassidy because he is a valuable member of the wolves team, although we are interested in a player called leigh griffiths who is currently out of favour with wolves.



19 Jun 2013 19:09:05
Rumoured transfer of Derby's Theo Robinson to a league one club is wide of the mark.

Robinson can do a job in the Championship and has admirers, expect a move South.

Off to Yeovil Town


Good luck Yeovil

Chins up Yeovil

Good luck Theo chap

20 Jun 2013 10:20:02
He's going to Charlton.

Thank goodness it's not Town!



19 Jun 2013 18:54:20
We've just agreed a fee for fielding so looks like it will be a done deal when sod is back from his short holiday any comments on goal keeping lummie



19 Jun 2013 18:53:33
Drenthe has confirmed on his Instagram that he is signing for Reading. His account is Royston87drenthe. The club announcement will be this week.

Along with sharp?



19 Jun 2013 18:48:34
Motherwell looking to bring John Sutton and Gunnar Neilsen back.



19 Jun 2013 18:46:12
Elliot Ward just signed for Bournemouth - promoted to championship this season.

Is he good?

Lots of championship and some premiership experience. Big lad and a threat from set pieces. Exactly what AFCB need I would say.



19 Jun 2013 18:45:16
Rotherham still set to sign Worrall from Bury but the deal to sign Milsom from Aberdeen seems to have fallen through. He now appears to be going to Notts County. Steve Evans has already identified new targets in Danny Kearns from Peterborough and Lee Croft ex Oldham.

19 Jun 2013 23:29:45
Another rumor that's rubbish. One will sign by Friday and the other one no later than next Tuesday. (That's what I have been told anyway) don't know which one will sign first

Yeh it's true worral going Rotherham should be signed in next few days

Worrall deal's just been confirmed. Good luck to him.

He has gone now officially

Confirmed 200k fee

You get 200k off the bury mail?
Where did they get it from since the fee was undisclosed?


20 Jun 2013 21:23:44
It could be £150k tops but not 'up front'

This figure of 200 k is presumed not set in stone. It's more likely to be 140k with add ons.



19 Jun 2013 18:17:44
Huddersfield town are set to pounce on highly rated Crewe Alex striker max Clayton.

Could see this {Ed003's Note - When Prem sides have been quoted around £5m ? }

What all of them? {Ed003's Note - PILE ON!!! }

I'm taking this is a guess, people ear were looking to sign young players and max Clayton comes into mind, won't mind him tho, good talent

9 goals last season for crewe, come on do us a favour.

On June 7th Dean Hoyle went on record as saying "loan players will be crucial part of our recruitment policy". do we really believe that Town are going to be spending £5m + on this lad. Wise up.

Awesome if we do, like this lad, one for the future for definite.

Worth no where near 5m and i'm a crewe fan. if he goes it'll be for 1-2m



19 Jun 2013 18:17:24
Sheffield united looking at 7 players one of them Michael brown

He is a terrific player. We will be sad to see him go. i'm sure he will be a great addition to your team. Please

And the other six are? come on spill the beans we all want to know.



19 Jun 2013 17:13:30
Really hope Hughton makes every effort to sign Nathan Redmond. I can't think of any reasons not to sign him!

He must have bigger ambitions. if Swansea or West Brom come in for him then Houghton would have had to have an incredibly 'intimate' relationship in order to persuade Redmond to join Norwich.

Here's a reason. Birmingham will ask for silly money when a foreign player with more experience can be brought for less.



19 Jun 2013 17:08:50
Scunthorpe manager' Brian Laws has admitted Doncaster are the 1st club to bid for highly rated winger' Mark Duffy. The offer has been rejected.

If duffy does move to Donny it could mean that kyle bennett is not going to sign a new contract.

Or is that a pure guess?

I would have Duffy in the Rovers squad instead of Bennett without any doubt.



19 Jun 2013 16:53:52
Rotherham to sign Leroy Lita and release oddjob

Hope we do.



19 Jun 2013 16:34:18
apparently notts county are going to sign joe garner can anyone shed any light on whether its true or not

Hope not rubbish goal scoreing record

Pay as you play deal only. guy will not last a whole season

So is that a yes then?




19 Jun 2013 16:28:11
Shrewsbury are set to sign Derby striker Theo Robinson for a undisclosed fee, who has recenty been put on the transfer list. COYB



19 Jun 2013 17:30:55
Chris O Grady completes 2yr deal at Oakwell
Wombwell RED

Chris O Grady is Red is a Red
Chris O Grady is a Red
He Hates Dee Dars



19 Jun 2013 17:26:05
Birmingham to sign Mark Little on a free contract after little left Posh this summer.

19 Jun 2013 19:47:35
Ex wolves player doubt he want to go brum



19 Jun 2013 17:24:55
Mark little is waiting for blues to offload players, as will sign for Birmingham City in the next few weeks.



19 Jun 2013 17:24:01
Fellaini has been spotted at Shenley and so a transfer to arsenal looks certain.

Could be going to Watford. their training ground is just over the fence from Arsenal.

19 Jun 2013 23:28:20
Fee believed to be around £22m and wages of 110k p/w



19 Jun 2013 16:05:08
Huddersfield are in talks with 23 year old Salisbury city striker Jamie white. Jammer will be a massive loss for the whites if he leaves, but the lad deserves his chance at league level if the move comes off, the guys a goal machine! Hopefully a potential link up with Huddersfield could be on the cards for us if the move happens

If this is true, then I'd expect Hudds to loan him back to Salisbury for development purposes

He is either a hidden but hot prospect or we are dredging the lower leagues and none league in the hope of landing the new Charlie Austin. Just hope these rumours are wide of the mark and we have some serious proven players on our radar. Time marching by and whilst I don't want to see us signing players on the fly other rivals are now strengthening while we appear to be keeping our options very much wide open.

That's what we were told when Novak arrived at Hudds, ie how good he was.

I don't think he needs any further development personally. i'm a Southampton fan first and foremost, but i'm local to Salisbury, so catch as many of there games as I can. I no a few of the the lads at Salisbury city through playing local football. He came through the ranks at saints, alongside the likes of Walcott and Bale, but suffered some horrendous injuries. was top scorer for the youth team 2 years running, then did his cruciate ligament. Just as he was breaking through to the first team he snapped his leg in half. Then it all went down hill for saints and he got lost in the mire. His goalscoring record since he left is possibly one of the best in non league football.

Jamie White has signed a two year deal at Bristol Rovers. to be announced on Friday

Gasheads think they have this dude signed and sealed

20 Jun 2013 04:40:44
I got to play with Jamie as a Schoolboy and he is really good! He did ok for Southampton Youth and reserves but only made 1-2 appearences in the first team.



19 Jun 2013 16:27:02
Martin Olsson and Grant Holt in Blackburn/Norwich swap deal

Don't believe this for a moment, Grant Holt? I think not, he is not going anywhere, perhaps James Vaughan. I Think this is a Blackburn Fan wishful thinking.

Highly doubt holt would drop down a league + wages

Fingers crossed

The papers are saying vaughan plus cash

Olsson will not sign! Norwich buying Elderson from Braga - hence the reason we're flying out for a pre-season friendly

Elderson is a better player than Garrido. How much will he cost?

I hope this will happen Rhodes and him would be deadly

Norwich are flying to America and Austria for pre season I was in a meeting with McNally and Chester yesterday



19 Jun 2013 16:50:03
Northampton set to open talks with Isaac Osbourne if midfielders Ben Harding and Luke Guttridge leave the club due to rejecting their reduced terms.

Luke gutteridge is on his way to oxford united

21 Jun 2013 21:14:15
luke gutteridge looks like on his way to oxford united



19 Jun 2013 16:44:37
Neal bishop linked with shrewsbury after failing to agree a new contract at notts county

19 Jun 2013 17:22:35
also, he didn't fail to agree terms at Notts, they agreed to rip up the last year of his deal so he can move to another club!

Shut up you fool he agreed a new deal months ago we released him in a statement it said HE IS SET TO JOIN A CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB

Notts have released him.

19 Jun 2013 17:13:45
give over! He's got offers from Sheff Utd and Blackpool for starters!

19 Jun 2013 21:04:11
Deal agreed to Blackpool 2yrs plus 1

Bishop is a load of monkey do do, the championship side would get him won't play him



19 Jun 2013 16:41:57
O'Grady as signed a 2 yr deal at Barnsley

Marvelous news for us. If we can get a fourth striker a centre half and keep the other players who haven't signed yet think we will have a decent season

Nice to see tarn spending some money for once instead of going for free agents. Just need to get a couple of big strong defenders and another striker and well have a great season. Would be great if we could get stones on loan! I predict 13-14th in league next season. YOU REDS!

Top six more like!

Stuff it! Finish 1st! ;P YOU REDSSS!



19 Jun 2013 16:40:11
Celtic close to agreeing a deal with Norwich for Wes Hoolahan.

If any deal for Wes has been put in from Celtic, hooper will be part of it

The only reason Norwich would even consider agreeing a deal for Hoolahan to Celtic is if Hooper was part of the deal coming to Norwich, otherwise there is no chance of him being sold.
Even then I doubt very much that Norwich would be prepared to let him go, still got at least another 3 good years in him at premiership level.

Most likely not.

Complete rubbish

Won't happen unless Hooper goes the other way

What a load of guff. Why on Earth would we sell one our best players to Celtic? We don't need the money.

Hope so

Hooper part of the deal?

Never happening, Wes loves Norwich. and he is lynchpin in our team right now.

19 Jun 2013 19:26:57
cant see norwich selling their best player, would have to be crazy bid like 10mill. which isn't going to happen

Can't see this being true but I would take it for right money; get a younger attacking midfield player with either height or pace - the two things that Wes hasn't got - oh and a right foot!

Same rational for swapping out Holty for a younger version. Both been great for the yellows but can't live in the past.

Im sure we won't be doing business with celtic after the hooper saga

Give us £10m & Hooper & we might, just might think about it.

As a Celtic fan I can tell you this is guff, that's an area we are very strong in, no offence to wes right enough, wouldn't say no to him in the hoops, just we got commons, that wee aussie guy and big Sammy can play there aswell along with a few others

Wes said in a man of the match interview in the Gunn Club that he and his family were happy and settled and that he wanted to finish his career at Norwich.

^guttered another old player that will start to bring the team down

He's just bought a new house in local village and registered his daughter at local school, so he's not planning on going anywhere

Hoolahan is awesome. the norfolk iniesta.

We can't sell Hoolahan even if we buy Toivonen. We need two CAMs.

Don't think he would leave Norwich to play in your Mickey Mouse league lmfao



19 Jun 2013 16:39:54
Heard from someone at Tranmere Ryan lowe will sign for Tranmere tomoz.

As a bury fan looks like a lot of free transfers and loan ins it will be

Shouldn't complain at least we still have a club
Revolution joke.
Long season ahead

This is true, Danny coyne will also join on a 1 year deal after being released by Sheffield united

Tranmere will sign Ryan Lowe its more or less a done deal should be signed later today. Was doing a medical yesterday with the other 2 new lads horwood and foster.



19 Jun 2013 16:23:55
Macdonald from Boro to make surprise signing at Palace!




19 Jun 2013 16:18:44
James Vaughan will return to C Palace which is his preferred destination - because of his continued popularity there - and he can score goals!

James Vaughan isn't even that popular down here.

I take it you are assuming Norwich will be prepared to sell him? I suspect Chris H will want to see him in action during pre-season before deciding if he should be sold, he was only loaned out last year due to previous injuries concerns and he had a very good season on loan which also proved his long term fitness.



19 Jun 2013 15:48:36
Odemwengie, Vaughn & Acuna could all sign in next 3 days!

19 Jun 2013 16:54:20
For who?

You have not put who for



19 Jun 2013 15:42:08
Scunthorpe have rejected a bid from doncaster rovers for midfielder mark duffy

Hes going to sheff utd instead

Championship or league one! Tough decision.

He's going to accept a contract from a tin pit club like sheff you when a championship team show interest? The same sheff you who don't look any closer to being a championship club, what a quality reply that was from you



19 Jun 2013 15:09:29
Barca to go back in for Thiago Silva.



19 Jun 2013 15:04:03
Swiss side BSC Young Boys keen on Udinese's Watford loanee Almen Abdi as a playmaking replacement for Alexander Farnerud in their midfield.

Believable. But unlikely to happen.

This is the biggest load of garbage so far

Yeah. not going to happen

Abdi has signed a contract with WFC



19 Jun 2013 14:58:45
Cardiff have enquired about ex jack Danny Graham from sunderland

Hope not!



19 Jun 2013 14:03:02
Colorado Rapids Defender Marvell Wynne Has Been See At Rockcliff.

Tell him not to jump?



19 Jun 2013 12:28:27
Phil Parkinson is interested in bringing Therry Racon to VP

Good luck, he wanted £4,000 pw to stay at Pompey after his loan.



19 Jun 2013 12:27:07
Walsall have invited Richard Peniket, Rory Gorman, John Rooney and Casey Thomas for trials.

19 Jun 2013 23:06:43
Is gonns be a direct replacement 4 Brandy who is going to Sheffield



19 Jun 2013 12:16:05
Chris Holroyd is going to Fleetwood

What by bus?

He has signed for Macclesfield



19 Jun 2013 14:48:57
Derby County


Frank Fielding - Bristol City 300k
James Oconnor - Bristol City 160k
Theo Robinson - Shrewsbury 400k
James Bailey - Charlton 200k
Nathan Tyson will see out his contract as no clubs will express interest.
Adam Legzdins wants to stay and be number 2

Shrewsbury don't even have £40,000 to spend on players. Turner is looking a free transfer market & may spend a little on one player. Despite what people may think or what the club say, Shrewsbury are losing money & have nothing to spend.

Would love Robinson but there is absolutly no chance we would ever spend £400,000

Shrewsbury are not losing money. It's just that Turner doesn't like paying fees, he never has done. Also Wycherley doesn't like giving huge budgets.

The fees for the players leaving derby will not be no where near that amount, I know for definate Franks contract has under a year left so he'll leave for peanuts and o'conner the same!

Have you told Tyson this. It will be nice for him not to be stuck indoors waiting for the phone to ring.

Why 160 grand for oconnor seems an exact/ random number.

For what its worth I think Tyson may go somewhere else just before the beginning of the season. Just a hunch, nothing to back it up.

Shrews only after free transfer players and certainly not spending that sort off money

I would be suprised if Bristol City were paying as much as £300k for a transfer listed reserve goalkeeper that is free next year.

That said if he is the man we want £300k is an acceptable amout ot pay for a starter.

The goal keeper deal is below 100k! Why you'd pay 300k for a out of favour, want a way goal keeper, I don't know!



19 Jun 2013 14:46:31
Coventry City striker Leon Clarke is on the verge of joining Brentford on a two year deal. Subject to Coventry sorting out their financial situations and the embargo upon them.

What is it with you people? a transfer embargo means you can't buy players not sell them!

19 Jun 2013 20:00:12
If they can't bring in new players then they would be stupid selling players so it does count actually

You can't buy or sell. Read the rules.

What are you on about can't sell players we sold gael bigirimana for £1 million to newcastle whilst we where still under a transfer embargo

The football league have to sanction the transfer

A decent lower division journey-man pro. Don't think so somehow.

We aren't signing him anyway so it doesn't matter

"What are you on about can't sell players we sold gael bigirimana for £1 million to newcastle whilst we where still under a transfer embargo"

With a little bit of research you would find that Bigi signed for Newcastle on the 6th July 2012 yet a month before that the embargo was lifted. You can not sell players when under an embargo.

Clarke is not for sale.

Clarke is for sale as well as the rest of the squad. Sisu will sell anyone if the price is right, all players have been told by the club.



19 Jun 2013 14:37:21
Alex Pearce is set to sign a new contract at Reading

I hope they halved the offer they made him, what a piece of work he is won't ever be welcome just put him out on loan and let's forget he ever existed

Hope not I think I say this for all reading fans we don't want him he is a greedy b#####d

He has passion but do we want someone who unsettled the squad last season though?

Reading FC have completed the Royston Drenthe deal he's posted a picture on his instagram thumbs up it a Reading training kit. At last!

Please no!

He's a measly centre back, is not worth 30k or whatever nonsense wage he wants. When you bang in 20 goals a season then you can demand dosh, pearcy has major greed

What a signing that's 2 now bring on more



19 Jun 2013 14:32:31
Sunderland have had a loan bid for Matej Vydra turned down



19 Jun 2013 14:21:59
notts county's Neal bishop leaves by mutual consent

Im so frustrated why are we getting rid of our best players kiwomya better have some good targets in mind if not we will be relegated I hope kiwomya isn't buying just young players that would be silly

19 Jun 2013 17:02:05
Bish has an offer from Champ clubs. Would you keep a player who wants to go? Much like Hughes, Hughes, Sheehan and Judge. Players will come in and not all kids.

They will be kids we have no money to buy good players

Watch season ticket sales drop this year, no ambition. Relegation very big possibility this year.

If anyone thinks Bishop is a good player then you really do need to take your black and white tinted glasses off. Good riddance. Bishop and Ince are welcome to each other.

if Blackpool do sign him I can see them taking a turn for the worst.

If the rumours are true about Sheff United, I for one cannot wait until the first day of the season.



19 Jun 2013 13:57:07
Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes looking to raid former club Bristol City for Richard Foster and Stephen Pearson - both players would welcome a move back to Scotland.
As Bristol City are looking to trim their wage bill they will be happy to accept small fees for the duo

Wishful thinking here I suspect!

I'd accept a bag of crisps for these two!

Yes please take them!

I suspect many City fans would be getting their car keys after hearing that

19 Jun 2013 23:17:59
I agree

Those lads are not setting the world alight down here, if they're on Championship wages they need to be moved on.

I'll happily drive them up to Aberdeen!

Thought you rated foster lumie

Lum on a previous post about foster didn't you give stick to another comment and you rate foster are you know changing your opinion

21 Jun 2013 09:27:25
bristol city are interested in bradley orr

I am not changing my opinion, my opinion is the same on all of our players, if they're wages are higher than their position in the squad then we should look to move them on.

I am not saying Foster, Killkenny, Pearson, or anyone else should be in our first 11, just if they are being paid a wage for a mid table Championship club we ahould look to clear them out.

I am sure all the lads that don't get culled will have a better time in league 1 than they did in the Championship.

You need to put a value of a wage on each player, then ask could we get a player to do as good a job for less money?

EG Is Killkenny worth £10k a week or half a million a year? or could we move him on and let someone else do his job for £4k a week?

I hope you see I am not chopping and changing my opinion on who is good enough, just hoping to see us get better value for every player, and those who can't hope to provide value for thier contracts getting moved on.

I agree with you that they are over paid and I can bet you'd find better players requesting half the wages they are on so get rid of them clear them out and rebuild with quality young players to take us back up Kilkenny and foster out

Would love Bradley Orr back hope it's true

None of the players at BCFC are on championship wages and certainly not 10k pw. They all had relegation clauses in their contracts and have taken a hit on salary. Probably more than the average League 1 salary, but nowhere near 10k pw which, in itself, is higher than the average 6k pw in the championship (source; DeLoittes annual audit of player salaries).



19 Jun 2013 13:51:34
Reading Evening Post confirms today that Gary Hooper held talks with Reading on Monday.

Same article confirms Royston Drenthe deal is close, just finer details to be agreed. Player very happy to be signing.

If Hull, Southampton or Norwich want Hooper, you better get a shift on!

Pretty certain Norwich aren't in the running any more. We have our number 1 target in RVW and are now after Toivonen. RVW is clearly a cut above Hooper and Toivonen is a different style and a bit of an unknown to me but I don't think we are interested in Hooper any longer.

Id take him, but the money being quoted for someone with 12 months to run just doesn't seem right. Better out there for less.

He said just yesterday he wants to leave celtic to boost his international ambitions.

playing for reading won't do that.

not even sure if Norwich want him anymore. that ship sailed.

if his only option is reading or hull, I'd think he'd see his contract out at celtic.

As a Norwich fan I think I can safely say on behalf of everyone. NO THANKS! your welcome to him.

Whats the point? he won't sign for reading haha. the idea is laughable. Norwich will hijack the bid last minute

Reading won't get Hooper, from a neutral perspective. He would only leave Celtic for the prem, he would not go championship. Players from the championship do not get selected for England, he wants to play for England. More chance of that staying at Celtic than at Reading.

How by being at Reading would he not be able to get in the England squad when you clearly saw last season Alex McCarthy was called up while playing for Reading you delinquent!

Is rvw van winkle or something like that and I heard fulham was in for him

Gary hooper hasn't held talks with reading.

Gary hooper going to Southampton not reading. Reading evening post haven't confirmed that's he's held talks there on Monday. Billy sharp is the 1 going to reading. Medical to done in next 48 hours

Norwich don't want him.

The link to Southampton was when Adkins was here. The links recently are lazy journalism pretty sure Pochettino is not interested at all, he and Cortese are looking a lot higher

Reading are in the championship now not the premier league that is why McCartney got called up last season, this is the reason being at reading now will be worse for hooper than celtic atleast at celtic he plays European football

19 Jun 2013 19:41:56
Norwich are not good enough for Hooper, reading are in the wrong league. Southampton are his best option and apperently interested. From a neutral

Hooper to Southampton HA!

19 Jun 2013 20:29:42
RVW is Ricky Van Wolfswinkel and he's already signed, will join on 1st July. I think you are getting confused with Marco Van Ginkel, Norwich have watched him and mad an enquiry but he has options at bigger clubs than than Norwich with Chelsea leading the chase for him.

Reading were in prem last season you delinquent! They are now championship and certainly not guaranteed promotion. Ergo different position now and doesn't help hooper anymore

Southampton don't want him, this was all to do with Nigel Adkins when the rumour first arose and the papers just have forgotten we've changed manager so are continuing the link it seems. Hooper is really not the type Cortese and Pochettino would want.

Norwich ain't good enough for Hopper but Southampton are? you wolly! Norwich have been in Prem 2 seasons now and finished higher than Southampton last year, we are on the up and signing the likes of RVW who is a million miles better than Hopper. Hopper not good enough for Norwich haha.

So now we might have billy sharp ( if he passes 2nd medical) ALF, and Hooper if all these rumours are true

Saints fan here, personally I wouldn't mind Hooper, he's given Celtic his all but it's come to the point now where he wants to get further in the game, he wants to get an England call-up. He's got a great scoring record and even if he doesn't thrive he'd still be a good sub.


If I have this right, the main purpose for Hooper moving is to try and force his way into the England squad next summer? He will do this by
Excelling in the premier league. So why would he go to Reading? He may as well just stay at Celtic if he was going to move there!

Norwich aren't good enough for Hooper but Soton are? okay pal. I'm sure hooper would much rather play with Lambert than Ricky van Wolfswinkel. Laughable

I would say that being at Reading will help Hooper in his Quest for an England place. Roy Hodgson will be sending scouts to watch Alex McCarthy so they'll be able to watch Hooper too.

Hooper is probably not good enough for Norwich or Southampton, try one of the desperate newly promoted teams or go to Reading.

Lambert actually creates a lot of chances for others aswell, while RVW is more of a fox in the box. I would've loved to be Lamberts strikepartner.

Shouldn't go to southampton, come to reading Gary!

McCarthy will most likely not be in the england squad come the first international break. Ruddy will be back in full fitness having played every game since the start of the prem. he, forster, and Hart are all a different caliber to McCarthy.

All you people saying you don't want Hooper, I agree. I would rather have Austin. If were aiming for a top 8 finish I don't think Hooper would be banging in the goals to do it for us.

Well Saints haven't finished there buying. They have huge potential given they have the 5th richest owner in the PL. so I expect they are building for at least 5th.

I don't think he will come to Southampton or Norwich, his best chance for premiership football is with one of the promoted clubs, I for one don't want Hooper at Saints.
To the Norwich fans, I bet Saints finish above Norwich next season ;)
Good luck to you next though (not against saints), I have always liked Norwich.

Having the 5th richest owners in the PL means diddly squat. You may be aiming for a top half finish as a team but nothing more!

McCarthy is better than Forster. I think the England keepers should be Hart, McCarthy and Ben Foster if he makes himself available again, if not then Ruddy.

Hooper, if he wants to make it into the England team, has to prove himself as a top standard Premiership player which I find unlikely to happen as the top clubs won't want him and the clubs which will go for him he won't be able to score too many for. He'd be best off going to the Championship and trying to get promotion with one of those clubs to boost his slightly more long run chances of getting a squad place for the next Euros, but I really don't think he is good enough for England.

Keepers should be hart ruddy Forster

Ruddy better then McCarthy?. A

Did you see the saves McCarthy made against Liverpool and Man City?

He is the heir to Harts number 1 spot. Ruddy won't even feature.

Ooo saves he made in 2 games?
McCarthy is over hyped. Hart, Ruddy, Forster all on a different level. {Ed029's Note - Bizarre comment.

I could list all his brilliant performances but that would just be every games he's played this season and last.

McCarthy has a big future and it involves being in the England set up.



19 Jun 2013 13:50:46
Kevin Macdonald is set to take over responsbility for developing Swindon towns stars of the future with Stuart Pearce set to replace him as manager

No chance of pearce coming here, we don, t want him anyhowe

Speak for yourself not other people I'm a town fan and think he'd be an exellent apointment

Oh my god where did you make this rumour from? What evidence and why on earth would he want to manage a club that can't compete because we have no money! Such a dreamer.



19 Jun 2013 13:41:27
Bristol City and Derby have come to an agreement for out of favour goalkeeper Frank Feilding to make his way to Ashton Gate. The fee is thought to be minimal.

Also on the road to the Bristol Club are out of contract Aston Villa defender Derick Williams and Southampton left back Ben Reeves.

Adomah is tipped for a move away but reports from BCFC events that he's attended suggest he's want to remain in the West Country.

Why would we sign players who combined have only ever made 21 league appearances? Reeves especially has been on loan in league two for 3 seasons now, such a silly rumour!

You are right the fee is minimal no more than 250 thousand.

Left back? Ben Reeves? He's an attacking midfielder.

Adomah will be staying in the West Country, he will be joking swindon.

20 Jun 2013 10:00:43
Yes Swindon are a joke

I would'nt worry about how many appearences these young lads have made, if SOD thinks he can improve them I'm sure he will give them a shot.

This is the nature of how he sees the club working, pick up players for next to nothing on low wages and make them fit our system.

Ben Reeves can play left back, just better as a left winger or a central attacking midfielder. He played left back against Spurs I believe earlier this season.

Reeves isn't a LB

We don't need a LB at the moment a left sided midfield player different story so Reeves fits the bill for us



19 Jun 2013 13:32:34
Stoke City are about to step up their pursuit for AZ Alkmaar and USA star Jozy Altidore by tempting the dutch club with a £6 million offer.

I would love it if we got him and Wilfried Bony! That would be a class attack! With them a decent winger and a full back, I think we would actually be a threat to some teams.

Hope this happens, we need a goal scorer and him or bony would be ideal for us

If we could sell Walters for 4 mil and get altidore for 6 mil tht would be sick

Hope this happens, not going to hold my breath though

Were not going to sell walters. Why have so many people come up with the idea of him being sold?

Whats the big thing with altidore he was a flop with hull cornelius a better bet

Yeah Altidore was a flop. 4 years ago!

But he has improved since then. Altidore and Cornelius would be a good pair signing. or Bony and a £4m forward.



19 Jun 2013 13:16:24
Danny Welbeck tops Joe Kinnear's transfer targets.

Dont you mean daddy warbucks?

Why leave united and join Newcastle



19 Jun 2013 13:12:20
Romelu Lukaku may be on his way to Borussia Dortmund. I hope its not going to be a permanent move for the lad cause his heart is set on being a Chelsea Legend.



19 Jun 2013 13:12:07
Jon taylor has signed his contract offer and will be staying at shrewsbury town

I couldn't find anything on the shrews website about this

You can now. Two year deal.



19 Jun 2013 13:10:01
Reading have offered a trial to American u17 captain Shaquell Moore.

Is he any good?



19 Jun 2013 13:06:21
Birmingham have rejected a 2m bid from Norwich city for young star Nathan Redmond.

It is believed Norwich are to come back with the required 3m asking price. with competition from Palace, Swansea, and WBA. Swans are the current bookies favs to sign the youngster, however it is believed Redmond has a strong desire to team up with former boss Chris Hughton.

The Chris Hughton factor should prove to be the closing point for this deal

Obviously he favours norwich. can't wait for him to sign!

I don't think so are norwich in euro no

Why would he favour Norwich, when the Swans are in Europe?

19 Jun 2013 18:46:01
Redmond isn't to bothered about playing in Europe he played that at Birmingham and scoring against Portuguese dc national. He wants first team football and either Swansea or Norwich won't provide. My guess he stays at brum blues can afford it just about. We would make more money off a free transfer as a youth tribunal than what is quoted in media 2 to 3 million.

Nothing's obvious.

You wouldn't make any more than 1. 5-2m in a tribunal.
and swans will have one season in europe. that won't be a deciding factor.

he could go to a manager and coach he knows well, or a manager that is having rifts with the board and doesn't know if he will be there come 2014.

The swans will have a season in Europe, and then follow that by getting relegated. Redmond will favour Norwich because of the Hughton links, that's why its obvious.

There is no rift with the board, but rather a rift between a agent and the club. If you wish to comment please read the full facts in the future.


The Europa league will not be an issue, the teams in it are not all big names. Many teams from premiership play weakened sides as it is less of a priority than the league.

Everton have just launched a bid at 3m for Redmond.



19 Jun 2013 13:04:49
Lewis montrose set to be southend's first signing as the club are in advanced talks with him

Strange that I thought you lot didn't renew his contract

He was at gillingham, what are you talking about?

How Is It Strange? If They Didn't Renew His Contract, How Is It Strange If He's Going To Another Club?



19 Jun 2013 12:55:33
Ipswich are closing in on the signings of Kirk Broadfoot and Joel Grant on free transfers, according to EADT.

Broadfoot on a free or Stearman for £850k. Broadfoot all the way. do rate Stearman though. Grant will be a great signing too. Another GK, creative midfielder and maybe a proven goalscorer (Ebanks-Blake) will put us in good stead for the season.

Paper talk.

Please no ebanks-blake we can do better than this loser

From previous experience, when the EADT posts transfer speculation, it's normally nearly done business. Expect Broadfoot, Grant and Brown to be announced within the next week.

Anyone think jay bothroyed would be a decent free? For town

No. I don't.

Think jay bothroyed would be a good signing for town, especially on a free!

Bothroyd is past it - we need to be looking at 18-21year old strikers being released from Premiership academies. One things ITFC should have learned by now is that some players bloom later than others. Chucking kids on the scrap heap before they're 22 is mental and has cost us at least 5 £1m+ prospects in the last 5years.

Def not. he is past it now.

Yea I think bothroyd would be a good adition

Bothroyd now he is on a free wouldn't be a bad shout although with Murphy and Nouble more target men, town need a pacey striker. Ebanks-Blake on pay as he plays contract would be best bet.

Murphy, McGoldrick, Nouble, Chopra and Marriot. Chopra out and a striker with pace to play the others as most are target men.

I would prefere campell to sign but abit worried he would be another bullard great when on loan but no product once signed



19 Jun 2013 12:49:52
Tom Eaves to sign a season long loan deal at Shrewsbury town!

Will be Bolton 1st team this season

No chance wish he would but far to good for league 1.



19 Jun 2013 12:47:50
Darren Barr (released by Hearts) will sign a 3 year deal with coventry city, at the start of july 2013.

Transfer Embargo means we can't buy any players

Correct but you can agree pre contract agreements and then sign after the embargo is lifted. We are eyeing seven players in this manner.



19 Jun 2013 12:44:04
Ex west brom trainee and hereford central midfielder is to spend next few weeks on trial at walsall.
James mcquilkin caught the eye of richard okelly during his time at hereford. Mcquilkin or jimmy as the hereford fans know him was utilised by okelly and ex hereford boss graham turner during his time at the club bit despite fans disgust recent managers including pitman and foyle haven't utilised this midfielder who can play attractive football. Walsall fans will love mcquilkin if he signs as even hereford fans say he was treated badly deserved better and is a better player than anyone at hereford.



19 Jun 2013 12:24:02
talks of a guy called darikwa from chesterfield interesting aston villa

He is a quality player and a great prospect,
Chessie Fan

He is an excellent prospect, has previously been linked with Liverpool and Everton but of course Moyes has now moved on. Be nice if CFC could get a bidding war going on.

Maybe they are to become Villa's feeder club?

Everton have also watched him several times, not sure if they are still interested, great player.

Being a Norwich fan can testify that Lambert will give time and scope to young players. My concern has been borne out by Bowrey - really difficult to get a game in the prem league - better for his development to stay and play games.



19 Jun 2013 12:41:54
Royston Drenthe's agent today confirms the deal to Reading will go ahead and the only delay is the agreement of some finer details.

Reading are also set to hold a second medical with Southampton striker Billy Jones after he failed the first last Friday.

Reading are also eyeing free agent Carlton Cole who will replace outbound Pavel Pogrebnyak who is close to joining Celtic in a £3m deal.

19 Jun 2013 12:56:59
Billy Jones?

Jones huh? interesting, So west brom are going to sell him to Southampton and then he's coming for a medical with Reading?

That's the problem with rumours. get a name wrong and everything you've said looks nonce-sense.

Does the pog deal have anything to do with us getting hooper?

Firstly, you mean Billy Sharp not Jones.
Secondly, Pogrebnyak is going to Celtic as part of the Hooper deal not so we can buy Cole.

19 Jun 2013 13:19:41
Billy Jones from Saints who the devil is that? Sharp you mean?

Billy Jones? Has Sharpy changed his name?

Billy Jones haha. You obviously mean Billy Sharp.

Billy Jones? Billy Sharp.

Drenthe signing seems to very much done.

Carlton Cole has had an offer from an unnamed premier league side.

You mean Billy Sharp not Billy Jones. I do not want Carlton Cole anywhere near the club {Ed029's Note - Drenthe deal confirmed now on his Instagram.

Do you think changing his name to Jones from Sharp will fool the Reading medical team?

Billy Jones?!

I think you mean Southampton striker Billy Sharp


A very believable rumour considering you've mixed up two players from different clubs. Having said that I expect Billy SHARP to go to Reading and wish him all the best as he played his part in getting Saints promoted and didn't get a crack at the prem that that deserved!

Carlton cole has a load of people sniffing around apparently. he's a grand championship striker but do we want him? there's rumours of better names coming in

Billy Sharp*

Prem club have offered for C. Cole apparently



19 Jun 2013 12:32:28
If a deal for James Vaughan on loan falls through, Preston boss Simon Grayson will turn to Man Utd's Will Keane

James Vaughan on loan in League 1? Yes of course he will.

Why would Vaughan be going to a League One said when most teams in the Championship would take him?

As much chance of getting Messi on loan as Vaughan.

Another one that needs the rubbish tab. You really think JV is going on loan to a 1st division club when championship clubs are trying to buy him!
Mad or sad?

Haha as if you even had a chance

19 Jun 2013 14:52:46
as a preston fan even I know this is bolloxs, will keane, adam morgan or even nick powell but vaugh no chance

Nick Powell. now you're really deluded.

95% of Championship clubs and some Prem clubs would go for Powell.

Why would he join a club that finished 14th in League 1 when you couldn't even pay 10% of his wages.

Wake up man

19 Jun 2013 15:49:27
So it is saying that j v to Preston on loan is meaning town must have signed ronaldo, messi, van persie, highs, scholes and even bobby Charlton.
Well if were making things up may as well join in with it.
Steve the terrier.

I'm not saying PNE will get Powell but everyone was saying the same "Championship clubs want him so why would he go to Preston" stuff about Declan Rudd!

Well bobby charlton played for the club person



19 Jun 2013 12:30:22
Iain Hume has agreed to take a wage cut to continue playing for Preston North End. It is likely Joe Garner will now join Notts County after North End were stalling the move until the Hume situation was resolved

We can't afford garner tbh

Grayson has said repeatedly that Hume will not be coming back to PNE.

Cant afford his wages. and as he's under contract he doesn't have to reduce them.

Will go out on loan and PNE will continue to pay a % of his wages.

Sad. but true

Why can't we? Can't be that expensive.

He just looks like a striker without a consistent pattern of goals - i. e. not a very good one.

How do you know, anyhow he's rubbish

Grayson has not even spoken to Hume, Hume is going back to training in the 1st July like normal, so all this talk about Hume not staying is wrong

Grayson has NEVER said Hume will not be coming back. The situation hasn't been discussed publicly, so stop making stuff up.

Garner won't be leaving

Grayson has never said he won't be coming back exactly but said "we can either keep him or I can afford 3 other players using his salary" so I doubt he will be here come season start a wage cut would be needed



19 Jun 2013 11:36:20
Fulham, Swansea and Sunderland are all battling it out for 4 million rated spurs midfielder Scott Parker.

Swansea arent

19 Jun 2013 15:39:01
fulham need him

I think he is just about got one good season left in him, he looked jaded towards the end of last season and at £4M I tthink he is overpriced considering his age.

I think he is just about got one good season left in him, he looked jaded towards the end of last season and at £4M I tthink he is overpriced considering his age.

I think he is just about got one good season left in him, he looked jaded towards the end of last season and at £4M I tthink he is overpriced considering his age.

Would love to see him at Fulham and us
Being a london club might work in our

19 Jun 2013 19:25:05
Not creative or young enough for Fulham - not required.

I didn't realise he is 32. now 4m does seem expensive

Doesn't seem too expensive for a player of his quality. Exactly the kind of player Fulham need. Good tackler, good passer and creative. Can score the odd goal too. Sign him up Fulham. COYW

4 mill for a 32 year old what a joke

Exactly what Fulham don't need. Especially for £4m. Bear in mind we paid c. that for Stek, who is arguably classes above Parker and 2 years younger, then it definitely is expensive.

Would much rather someone cheaper from Europe to come in like Capoue or Amalfitano.



19 Jun 2013 11:03:23
Shrewsbury have bid £200,000 for Matt Tubbs however have been stunned by the £575,000 at least reply, Crawley were also interested but were put off by the demands, Salop are hoping to sign a striker who could make them contenders for promotion, the town have done this in the past by shocking everyone when signing Grant Holt for a record fee

19 Jun 2013 12:58:14
You're trying to get Michael Hector and Dominic Samuel from us on loan for the season.

Shrewsbury will not be spending £200,000 on Tubbs or any other player. Long gone are the days when we spent £175,000 on Grant Holt. The club have been surviving on the Joe Hart transfer fee for a few years, they are losing money weekly & do not have the money in the bank that they claim to have.

Hector definitely not a target for Shrewsbury. Was sent home early from his loan at Salop last season for not being very good/alleged attitude problem.

If that's about Shrewsbury getting them 2. We had Hector last season and sent him packing. Not good enough and is a complete tool.



19 Jun 2013 11:03:07
Bournemouth have made a enquiry for aston villa midfielder chris herd on a season long loan but face stiff competition from Blackburn rovers and Crawley town

Doubt it, AFCB are looking to bring in James Ward-Prowse on a season long loan deal.

Would be a terrific loan signing for afcb, young but needing game time
hence possibility of moving along south coast.

James another saint's hotshot that could benefit along the south coast at afcb. Chris herd would be likely to choose top championship club rather then afcb, we at Bournemouth can only dream!

He is 24 he needs to be sold or played



19 Jun 2013 10:52:12
Andy frampton and Adam birchell to sign for Wimbledon

What gillingham striker will we be linked with next

Will quite happily take a third of the gills team from last season if they're upgrading with money!

My Norther mate reckons that someone came to look at Rory Loy last season from AFC Wimbledon



19 Jun 2013 11:24:05
Shrewsbury have enquired about Derby's transfer listed striker Theo Robinson. However it is unclear how much Derby want for the player having been part of the first team for parts of last season. Turners very keen on Theo because he was top scorer of Herefords promotion winning side when Turner was in charge

He isn't very good but his goal scoring record cannot be argued with.

500k I think

Derby fan

Again shrews not going to spend 6 figure sums on any player.

100k at most - quick player but hart scores

I assume that should read hardly scores and if it does then your wrong, theo has always scored around the 10 goal mark for derby albeit cherky tap ins but a goal is a goal



19 Jun 2013 11:11:42
Official: Troy Brown to sign for cheltenham from Aldershot later today.

Signing on Friday.



19 Jun 2013 10:59:05
Owen Coyle is eyeing up Burnley duo Martin Paterson and Chris McCann as he begins to rebuild Wigan's squad.

I can certainly see McCann going to Wigan but not Pato

Pato will announce he will leave burnley at the weekend, so wigan may be an option

I know someone linked very close to both players and both of them will be Wigan players next year



19 Jun 2013 10:56:36
Hull City have decided against upping their offer for Kasper Schmeichel and will sign Allan McGregor next week.



19 Jun 2013 10:26:52
West Brom to sign Kone for £6m as a deal for mbokani looks like it ain't gunna happen. Peter odemwingie will sign for crystal palace for £3m, Gabriel tamas is attracting interest from numerous championship clus including leeds, Burnley & Sheff wed

Peter odemwingie will sign for crystal palace for £3m nope it's 1.8 million

19 Jun 2013 13:36:31
1.8mil? you must be having a laugh

Not £1.8million, Clarke said nothing less than £4million so think again.

Kone going to Everton.

1.8 mill not a chance pal

Clarke and Peace have already said that Odemwingie won't be leaving unless clubs pay the going rate. That was £4 million in January and £3 million now. £1.8 million is a joke considering he averages nearly a goal every other game in the Premier League.

19 Jun 2013 17:47:10
Last year he only managed 5 goals (including one penalty and one deflected goal) in 25 games. I'd be very surprised if Palace paid as much as £1. 8M - perhaps including add-ons. And nobody else wants him.

19 Jun 2013 20:45:46
You baggies lot are in a different universe - you don't want him and there ain't a queue for him

If you get £2m I will be very surprised - £4m is just stupid - why would Palace pay that? Clarke can say what he likes - he will get what someone will pay because everyone knows that there is no way back for him at WBA

He is probably parked up at loftus road waiting for his agent to call him!

25 apps on the wing not as a forward that's why

1. 8 pence. who needs his sort of influence in the dressing room. probably bail ship in January if we are doing do do in the league. Which are odd's on with bookies.

Cpfc fan

19 Jun 2013 22:06:05
Three words "mame biram Diouf"

He scored 5 goals from a winger position. Played nearly half of his games as a sub. 1.8 mil would be a joke.3mil.

He got 5 goals in 25 games from a winger position and he made most of those appearances from the bench, so although I don't like him you can't question his ability or his 3 million price tag

I wouldn`t want Odemwinge for £3. Money grabbing mercenaries at Selhurst Park, NO THANKS. Mr Parish, just make sure you win the race for Charlie Austin.

The only reason Odemwingie did not score many goals last season was because he was played out wide plus all the other "KNOWN" reasons! he is a proven ST and scores goals I would value him at 3m



19 Jun 2013 10:08:16
Wimbledon are apparently due to sign Gillingham's Andy Frampton.

19 Jun 2013 11:30:10
He is my mate Dave's brother so I'm trying to find out if this is true. Fingers Crossed! Class player and Wimbledon born!

Only needs to pass a medical now. 2 year deal agreed.

Done deal

Already a done deal. Framps to AFCW on a 2 year deal.

And Ashley Bayes as a GK coach

20 Jun 2013 12:50:46
Subject to him passing the medical when he returns from New Zealand, he's signing a 2 year deal. He wants to get into coaching and gets on well with Ardley from their time together at Millwall.

Was a bit part player in a title winning team last season. So he'll probably be a good addition for a poor team like Wimbledon.

Good signing for Wimbledon, played well at full back, centre half and defensive midfield for us last year. Sad to see him go, but he has gone to a good team.

20 Jun 2013 21:36:35
Best of luck to frampton, good professional and I think he will enjoy life as a womble

A poor team that you drew with?

Dons record over last 2 seasons V Gills. P 4 W2 D1 L1. GS 9 GC 7.

21 Jun 2013 01:04:19
Wimbledon will be a much stronger side this season. mid table, pushing for a play off place.

'Poor team'? Mmmm. Think about the budget the Dons have and get real.


21 Jun 2013 15:36:00
Gills fan here, as much as I like wimbledon and feel sorry for what happened to their club they are a poor team. After all the table doesn't lie!

Dons' budget may be a factor towards them being a poor team. yes I would agree with that.

Well done on your draw with the champions! The table doesn't lie.

We have a better head to head record against e gills, okay we finished lower but they have struggled against us last couple of seasons

22 Jun 2013 16:01:27
but not as poor as Barnet or Aldershot :) we will be strong this season.

Wimbledon went through hard times at the beginning of last season. If you were at the stadium watching them at the end of last season you would not call them a poor team. At home to Gillingham last season we outplayed you and didn't deserve to lose. Away last season we had a poor first half, but dominated you in the second.

22 Jun 2013 22:47:51
I was at both games last season when we (Gillingham) was away both sides played poor, but we still won. When gills were at home we played well in the first half, in the second half we got nervous a played defensive (a familiar concept under martin Allen) and invited pressure hence why you looked better and eventually came back into the game!

When you were away we were the better side.

23 Jun 2013 13:50:03
If I remember rightly you had the majority of the chances, but couldn't score. like I said both sides were poor. the bottom line is the only thing that counts is the scoreline and we won.

Why all the bickering, we (gillingham) won the league because we were the most consistent. Footballing wise there was not much difference between any of the teams, just consistency. Good luck to framps, he was a good player for us and has joined a good team, and good luck to Wimbledon, hope you do well. stan

Sneaky feeling were get into the playoffs this season under ardley everything seems to be more professional



19 Jun 2013 10:04:07
Swindon striker James Collins will be joining Wolves in the next week, Wanderers have been tracking Swindons top scorer since January and are set to bid 500k for him next week.

Swindon look to bring back Ty Gooden if they cannot agree a fee for Theo Walcott

We already have four forwards more than capable for the rigors of league one football, why add another?

Well said my friend why are we always getin linked 2 strikers?i agree mayb 1 more but more of an experienced older head striker, any 1 no what this Collins is like anyway?

Collins scored 18 goals last season for us, Most of them came from sub appearances including 4 against pompey in a 5-0 win.



19 Jun 2013 10:02:26
real madrid look to have won the race for edison cavani over man city and chelsea and now have there sights on liverpools luis suarez.



19 Jun 2013 09:59:24
sunderland are closing in on another deal this summer in the form of argentine defender lucas orban whos currently at club atletico tigre



19 Jun 2013 09:59:18
Aberdeen in talks with Liverpool FC over a loan move for Suso and possibly another young full back



19 Jun 2013 09:58:11
nott;m forrest have completed the signing of released villa defender eric lichaj

Another big money signing.

19 Jun 2013 20:36:42
Is big money the big deal? No. Good business, good signing & no money spent. BARGAIN!



19 Jun 2013 09:53:57
qpr look to have won the race for free agent danny simpson though westham have shown late interest.

Everton done deal

Doubt it because cardiff are tracking him and cardiff and sipson have alrady spoken and simpson actually said that he wants to stay in the prem so I don't know where you got this qpr thing from mate!

Being reported by a number of sources he had a medical at Qpr today. Harry Magiure of sheff utd also looks a real possibility for Qpr as well.



19 Jun 2013 09:52:51
despite real madrid seemingly leading the chase for edison cavani, chelsea have far from given up hope and are speaking with his advisers and napoli to try thrash out a deal.



19 Jun 2013 09:50:52
everton have made a loan move for thiago of barcelona. roberto martinez wants the spanish u21 captain to join him for next season whilst getting regular games and pushing for the spain world cup squad.

Why would he join Everton?

^because it would only be on loan so he will go back to barca. Quite a realistic target if barca would want to keep him



19 Jun 2013 09:49:44
arsenal, chelsea and Manchester United all want thiago alchantra of barcelona. the spanish outfit want the player to stay but he wants out for more fiorst team football with the world cup coming up next year.



19 Jun 2013 09:48:12
juventus have pulled out of the running for gonzalo higuain leaving arsenal and madrid to thrash out a fee for the striker who will move to the emirates this summer.



19 Jun 2013 09:47:10
juventus have made a bid for man city striker carlos tevez. the argentine has only 1 year remaining on his deal and is said to be excited at the possibility of moving to italy to sar for the old lady.



19 Jun 2013 09:40:27
Following on from the purchase of Andy Carroll West ham look to add Ludovic Sane. This would pave the way for Diarra to leave

Would a swap deal be on the cards



19 Jun 2013 09:39:33
The Hammers have tried to sign Romelu Lukaku and Demba Ba on loan from Chelsea, but have yet to receive definite feedback on their enquiry as Jose Mourinho attempts to balance his squad. Mourinho has his own ideas on who he wants up front and Fernando Torres may also have to make way for the likes of Cavani, Hulk etc

Makes a lot of sense for Jose to have his own ideas who he wants up front

Romelu Lukaku is already better than donkey Carroll, why would he go to West Ham to play second fiddle to the Donkey? It make more sense for him to stay at Chelsea and fight for a starting place, failing that to go back to WBA.

Lukaku has been told by Chelsea he's is in there plans for this season it was in the papers last week and lukaku himself saying he's happy to stay and fight for a place at Chelsea



19 Jun 2013 09:38:18
derby to sign carl jenkinson on loan for the season



19 Jun 2013 09:25:16
Reports suggest that Ben Watson is interesting Derby County. This is what Derby could use, a bit of experience

Nigel has already stated that he is happy with the midfield



19 Jun 2013 08:38:45
After failing with deals for Worrall and Bostock, Crawley have turned there attentions to Marlon Pack and Luke Rooney and Swindon have accepted an offer from Crawley for Luke Rooney.

Crawley will not be making any further signings for the next 8 days whilst the manager is overseas looking at young talent in the U20 matches in Turkey.

So much for the promise of "exciting" players (i. e plural) by last Friday. Only Drury signed since then

Good on Richie for doing that he may unearth some raw talent



19 Jun 2013 08:32:27
Cresswell wants to sign for Chesterfield FC hence the reason he has not moved to Fleetwood from the man himself.
Morsey will sign shortly.
Portugal trip nothing but a jolly much to the frustration of some staff. No training or games planned

It's more a bonding sesh. we've got a whole new backroom team for everyone to gell with as well as the new signings. COYB

19 Jun 2013 16:10:44
yeah yeah bonding hic up



19 Jun 2013 08:20:57
Cheltenham Town are set to complete the signing of Aldershot Town defender Troy Brown by the end of the week.



19 Jun 2013 07:31:06
Millwall striker John Marquis is attracting interest from Brentford and Gillingham.

I expect Marquis to go out on loan this season.

JM should really be loaned out for a season to play regular football & gain more experience! Up to SL!

Brentford seem to getting linked to so many strikers, John Marquis of Millwall the latest but the best one yet, hope fully will happen good player and a goal scorer which will take the pressure off Clayton Donaldson.
As long as Trotter dos'nt come back.

Goalscorer? Must be a different John marquis

I Wouldn't mind SL 'TRYING' Clayton Donaldson at the 'WALL' a good Physical presence & skillfull! A good buy at 28! IMO!

Marquis = one league goal in his career: can't see him being what Gills are looking for

Gills are setting their sights higher than John Marquis. And would have to be unlucky in the market to resort to this deal.



19 Jun 2013 07:01:19
Peterborough United are close to completing deals to bring Manchester United midfielder Davide Petrucci and West Brom forward Saido Berahino to London Road.

19 Jun 2013 11:46:13
Both on loan wouldn't be a bad thing love to see Pritchard back too.



19 Jun 2013 06:07:24
Reading will unveil Drenthe and Hooper in the coming days. Drenthe was in the hotel bar with Hammond yesterday and Hooper was at the ground over the weekend. I've heard this from 2 reliable sources who work at the Stadium.

Don't embarrass us Reading fans please. Hooper was not at the stadium he's in Las Vegas on holiday at the moment.

Drenthe stayed at the hotel on Monday night, I saw him whilst playing at the Madejski dome in the evening. My mate went to pick his agent up from the airport at 10. 30pm

I never believe anything I read on here but I would like to see hooper paired up top with Alf. A talented all English strike force, we all know what a complete mismatch pogrebnyak with Alfie was and I reckon that pairing would be totally boss

Hooper rumours ain't stopped so i'm thinking it could actually happen. Sick of celtic fans slating English football when even the championship is a better league then spl. Get off ya high horses and stop sniffing the whiskey

Hooper has tweeted photos of his holiday so he's not signing yet, although he will probably go to the PL anyway

I don't think so hooper is on holiday

Hmmm. yesterdays tweet from Gary was a car in the UK. could well be back now. But definitely wasn't on the weekend. Unless it's an elaborate smoke screen?!. probably not.



19 Jun 2013 08:16:08
Huddersfield sign Taylor fletcher on a 2 year deal

If we did, the board and all those I charge would've made themselves a laughing stock. Stating a transfer target policy then immediately going against it

Why, I thought we already had a kit man?

Where have you seen this?

What's wrong with all of you he was one of the best footballers to play for Town in the past 10 years very quick feet can pick a pss gets a regular share of goals but lacks a yard of pace. If we get Vaughn and a few other quick lads he is the perfect player to lay on the goals for them.

I hope it is true

I for one am thrilled that GTF is once again linked with Town. A very passionate and skillful player. I remember watching him previously and he was great. A great, experienced attacker, just what we need!

I hope we get him and Vaughan and Jackson. Give the ball through to gtf one on one he'll score 910 of them, great player

WAS! He WAS one of the best players, not now for gods sake!

Get real, best footballer in ten years LOL, did you see the chance he put over the bar, from two yards in the FA Cup. if is that GOOD Blackpool wouldn't want to release him

Why are we looking at players in the Championship? surely if they are not good enough for their current team, they are not good enough for us?

He is 32? He won't last 2 years

Team him up with Boothy and wind the clock back ten years while we are at it. Move on people and get into the real world, let bygones be bygones

So were signing GTF, I don't think so, maybe a couple of seasons ago we might have, he's overweight and past his best. non starter this.

19 Jun 2013 20:12:01
You mean like beckford?!

Beckford haters of the World (Leeds) Unite

without him we would be away to Notts County on August 3rd

I'll say this now, I wouldn't mind Beckford back at town, when he was fit he scored. If he kept fit all season - with breaks - I think he'd get a bag full of goals, disagree if you want.

I won't disagree with beckford quality but simply not worth the wages he demands

No pal, I agree, Beckford would be fine, if was fit for majority of season, would i'm sure score plenty, think he has a bit of an attitude though from talking to various people, doesn't for instance like going on team bus to near matches prefers own car, think town prefer lads who mix and get on well, could we afford his wages also? But I would take him.

I'd have Beckford back like a shot. Keep him fit and there's no better finisher in the championship.



19 Jun 2013 08:06:46
Bristol City showing interest in Derby defender James O'Conner



19 Jun 2013 08:06:31
over heard jon stead in the pub talking to a mate, he is desperate to sign for town but Barnsley is his likely destination! GTF and Gary Roberts to return to town before the start of the new season

Read what the chairman has said about any purchases to be made.
Must be young and keen.
Where the feck does GTF and Roberts fit into that?
Why would we want either of those players back. Do you really think either would improve the team?

This site need another tab, Believable. unbelievable and rubbish

Funny that seen as he's on hol with his family still

No thanks were getting ogrady

O'Grady as signed fo Barnsley tday



19 Jun 2013 04:09:45
Marlon Pack to sign for Charlton after a move to Bournemouth has not materialised.

Love this to happen good young player, need striker though


Seems like CAFC are second best. Very strange as CAFC will be pushing for promotion and I suspect able to offer better terms. Can somebody give an HONEST appraisal of Pack.

I'm a Charlton fan and I somehow do not think we will be pushing for promotion this year unless we get some firepower in the squad. Haynes and Fuller gone and even though they struggled with injuries when they did play they had a huge impact and gave us a real goal threat. Something we no longer have.



19 Jun 2013 02:27:36
Newport are in talks with both cardiff and swansea for young stars to help them to push for promotion newport are planning to try and do what swansea city done with their style of play and push for the championship

19 Jun 2013 13:32:20
They're close to getting Curtis Obeng on loan for the season.

As a Swansea fan I believe that If Newport were to take players like Rory Donnelly, Dani Alfei, Lee Lucas, Gwion Edwards on loan it would be a great deal for both sides!

Like he said, i'd love to see newport done that what swansea done b4, especiallty wiv ther playing style, be wicked!



19 Jun 2013 01:03:37
Dirk Kuyt, Solomon Kalou and Joseph Yobo could all return to the Premier League with Cardiff. Kuyt very close to agreeing personal terms

Yeah, Cardiff. I can see the appeal there (this slice of sarcasm was brought to you by Come Off It Enterprises).

Looks like we're signing Darren Bent cause of the amount of time Bent has been to Cardiff of late he's been to the Country Club with Bellamy a lot

Really hope so!!!!!!

Shut up you JACK person



19 Jun 2013 01:02:11
Darren Bent likely to reject offers from Cardiff and Everton to join Newcastle

Doesn't look likely. Villa have asked for 8m but Newcastle are coming nowhere near meeting that fee, on top they expect him to take a pay cut from his 65k per week of perhaps 15k, now I don't know Bent personally but how many of you would move employers if they offered a 25% reduction in salary?

Yeah but he seems likely to join Cardiff City cause he's been to Cardiff a few times of late been to the country club with Bellamy and one of his best mates Frazier Campbell plays for us, it sounds like he's joining us (Cardiff City fan)

He ain't French though?

Yeah but what is 25% cut to footballers.



19 Jun 2013 01:00:20
Jon Walters, Glenn Whelan and Andy Wilkinson will all start the stoke exodus this summer
Walters - Hull - £4 million
Whelan - Crystal Palace - £2 million
Wilkinson - derby - £750 k

John Walters is a good player but what the Tigers need is a goal scorer of 15+ per season and he is definitely not that.

Wilko won't leave stoke

Cant see any of them leaving. Were short of numbers already

Promotion hysteria or what? What every club in the premier league wants is a striker who can score 15+ goals but only a few get them. Walters is a workhorse but still better than what you have now.

Whelan - Crystal Palace - £2 million, were did this come from

Hull City's striker targets are Austin and Hooper, Walters won't be on our radar, he's already had one poor spell with us.

Wilko isn't worth 750k but let's hope it's all true

19 Jun 2013 14:42:09
Derby will not sign Wilkinson, he's poor

Why would Walters even consider coming back to the KC? He was treated terribly first time round.

Poor? better than Brayford

Hardly better than Brayford, just passionate. half of you nuggets form your opinions from 2 hours of match of the day a week. persons.



19 Jun 2013 00:20:53
Bury's wealthy new owners are frustrated at Kevin Blackwell's failure to sign any players caused by his increasingly poor reputation in the game he's been given 7 days to show that he can attract the players they want or he'll be replaced

It's got nothing to do with KB or his reputation in the game.

The owners have an agenda here not to spend unwisely having invested in the club, they have decided to cut their cloth accordingly by a recruitment policy which will not attract any decent players.

What a load of nonsense. the board like blackwell. they are abiding time, they will have tons of trialists coming in. loan deals will be made. i'm not sure if the owners are that wealthy. but your way off the mark about blackwell going if he can't get players.

19 Jun 2013 09:58:35
Who are these "wealthy new owners"?

I can believe this. should have got rid

Perhaps the proof of this being true is that we've made no signings yet. Training starts on Monday!

Utter rubbish. Kevin is loved by the new board.



18 Jun 2013 23:00:52
Ed, do you know who the player being swapped in the Martin Olsson to Norwich transfer is? {Ed015's Note - Rumoured to be James Vaughan.}

Where does it state it to be James Vaughn! It would be Barnett not Vaughn! Makes sense doesn't it exchange a striker (an area we are still short even if we get Toivenen) for a defender! Clever theory there!

Shame I like Vaughan, stayed clear of injury towards the end and banged em in for huddersfield, could have been a good back up striker since we've let Jackson (only one with pace) go.

19 Jun 2013 12:54:46
he scored what 13 for Huds? sad but I think he needs years of playing at that level before he'll be ready for the Prem

Could be Holty

19 Jun 2013 14:11:37
Why are all you so called NCFC fans wishing that Holt is transfered? I remember for seasons all we wished for is a striker that would bag us 10+ goals a season and Holt came up with the goods. Last season his goal scoring was poor however this was down to the system that we adopted but he is always up for the fight. With Holt you know that there will be chances for him and others around him. RVW is untested at this level and Holt should be given a chance to play alongside and I believe that the compition will bring the best out of him! OTBC

19 Jun 2013 15:14:01
To the first reply, why would it have to be Barnett and not Vaughan? Barnett is a limited Center Back who would be massively out of depth at Full Back so really no closer to Olsson in terms of position than Vaughan. And surely its all down to what Blackburn want, if we really want Olsson and Blackburn want Vaughan (a player who is surplus to requirements here) a deal won't be done using Barnett will it? Use some thought process next time.

It is clear that Vaughan will not feature for us, however if he is to be involved in the deal I would not want much cash exchanging hands as well. £1 mil tops.

Strikers we have RVW, Holt, Becchio and possibly Toivonen with a preferred formation of 1 up top from last season i'd say that's enough.

I would love holty to stay but his time could be up! He's excellent for 10 goals in the prem but I just don't think CH has any faith in him anymore

Listen, Barnett maybe limited in the prem but was a good solid CB in the championship.

We will most likely be playing a two up top formation next year so 4 strikers is not enough especially as we have released 2 and are in the process of agreeing a deal for one other (Vaughn) leaving us with holt (32), Bechio (30), RVW (25).

Toivenen hasn't signed yet and I suspect he won't. AND his prefered position is CAM so would be competition / replacement for hoolahan NOT a striker! We WILL bring in at least 2 more strikers before close of window!

I suspect Vaughn will be given some outings in pre season as he is a pacey forward as apposed to the other three who aren't particularly pacey but are strong in the air and from set plays!

I am a life long norwich fan and have a very good understanding of the game. Would you like me to give anymore thought to my findings!

Olsson would be a good signing but I can't see (I may be wrong) Vaughn being used in the swap more likely David fox, Andrew Surman, or Leon Barnett.

Danial Ayala makes more sense.

For someone with a very good understanding of the game, you do spout some tosh.

where did you get "we will most likely play 2 up top from"

2 up top doesn't work in the prem unless you play 3 at the back. otherwise you're just asking to be over-run in midfield.

and by the way, everyone. Toivonan is an attacking mid who can play striker if need be. he is competition for wes, not RVW or Holt.

Right so west ham, southampton, Wigan, Newcastle, Swansea, west Brom, us (in our first season) don't play a 4-4-2 or variation of it, 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-2-2 (always a favourite)?! You are talking utter twoddle mate?!

You sudden assertion that Toivenen plays a CAM or as a back up striker is strange as well (I made that point in my last outburst haha!

Anyway, no point arguing with you, was merely expressing my point and making it very clear that I know what I'm talking about and you my friend are a nonse



19 Jun 2013 00:03:06
hartlepool lookin at james harper

Who's James Harper? {Ed029's Note - Doncaster midfielder. Former Reading and Arsenal. Part of Reading's record 106 points side. Was a decent holding midfielder in his day.



18 Jun 2013 23:55:09
Bafetimbi Gomis has made a come and get me plea to Swansea city.

Swansea should get him.

Hope so mate

I think we are going to get him to be honest! He looks amazing!

Nonsense he is not he is having a medical at west ham should bring up the goal tally for the hammers

Dout he's joining west ham tbh!

He will join Swansea.

Doubt he's going to west ham they've got andy carroll £100,000 a week



18 Jun 2013 23:41:06
Boro have signed Bristol city winger albert Adomah oh a 4 year deal for a fee of £1m + Justin hoyte

I will have a pint of what you have been drinking UP THE BORO

Dont think they have!

Oh no they haven't!

How Albert is playing for his country at the moment when did he have his medical?

They just haven't have they.

AA will go to either Cardiff City or Crystal Palace once BCFC's valuation of £4m is met

Who dreamt this up? Absolute tripe!

4 mil are you mad we've lowered the price to 1 mil because only three clubs are interested



18 Jun 2013 22:46:21
Bristol City have got a keeper on trial, SOD has been in touch with Nottm Forest keeper Lee Camp, so could be him but another keeper will sign before first pre season match. A striker is in talks with the club and so in Ben Reeves from Southampton who plays left back and Derrick Williams from Aston Villa who can play centre back and left back. Watch this space.

Lee Camp plays for Norwich

Lee Camp doesn't even play for forest

He doesn't even play for norwich, he got released

Ben Reeves isn't really a LB either. he's a midfielder

Perhaps he's thinking we've released Luke Shaw.

Ben Reeves can play pretty much anywhere.



18 Jun 2013 23:54:13
Kone to WBA £5m + Dawson (Season long loan).

Buttner, Michael Keane, Nathan Ake, Ross Barkley are all also loan targets.
Luke Moore and Kevin Davies are permanent targets.



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