Football Rumours Archive June 19 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 19 2012 

18 Jun 2012 23:41:17
Sunderland and O'Neil to confirm Croatia's Mario Mandzukic
in next 1-2 wks. Deal will move quicker now they are out of Euros.(11)(28)He is goign to go to everton to link up with jelavicEverton bound get in.


18 Jun 2012 23:33:51
Derby county are in talks with
Nigerian Internationals Sone Aluko
and Fegor Ogude.(13)(16)And you know this how?Both decent players, u got a source for this?Yeah they look like good playersAfrican Qualifications website.It says during the match for nigeria Derby Representatives were seen speaking to the nigerian Manager and telling him of their plans for Ogude after watching the
squad and knowing of the rangers situation.They want to tie up the deal for both players when they are together which will be during an international match.Ogude has never played the Nigerian Nation side. Check his wikipdia. FailYes he has.Fail.He has been in there last 3 qualification matches.You shouldnt belive everything on wiki and its not update regularyOgude has never played for Nigeria.


18 Jun 2012 22:59:13
Any Bury FC Rumors.(1)(12)Yeah If Doncaster sell Kyle Bennett you get a percentage of the profit


18 Jun 2012 22:29:28
Any fulham news?(3)(10) 

I've only heard:
Pog to Reading 65k a week.

Linked with Mandzukic and Dario Srna but Everton are favourites for Mandzukic.

But Jol is at the Euros atm watching players so wait till after them before some deals begin to happen..Good luck to him. wasn't good enough for us last 7 games of the season, perfect player for reading thou, srna would be a great signing,regardless of his age (30) should get a solid 3 years out of him.Srna is a great player. Would love to see him at the cottage as he is class. Doubt this will happen though.


18 Jun 2012 21:35:44
james mcfadden could be on his way to ex club birmingham(22)(12)


18 Jun 2012 21:34:56
heskey will join hull in the next week to link up with former boss steve bruce(37)(8)


18 Jun 2012 21:29:50
Peterborough united to sign Jonson Clarke-Harris(16)(7) 

They already have done they just can't publicly say who they have signed. Will be announced late June.


18 Jun 2012 21:18:16
Rotherham United sign winger Lionel Ainsworth(18)(4)


18 Jun 2012 21:03:38
Alex Bruce to pick between Preston, Orient, Cheltenham and Plymouth this week(13)(14)If Preston wanted him, he'd sign for them, but they have enough centre halves now.Pne don't need anymore centre backs and after his performance for Leeds when we beat them 6-4 then I'm thinking a definate no noI don't think he would join Plymouth Argyle would be a good signing for us but i just can't see it happeningJoining plymouth from robins fanCan't see it happening, we have Purse and Blanchard already and Fletcher has already announced today that there are no iminant signings coming in.I heard he was off to Morcambe


18 Jun 2012 20:18:53
BREAKING NEWS: Chris Neal has accepted Shrewsbury's contract offer. (Mr T)(12)(9)Good signingStill not convinced by him, still atleast we have a keeperNo thanks he's crap
Terry G


18 Jun 2012 19:50:29
Fleetwood town set to sign Stocksbridge park steels young defender Tom Horton on a 2 year deal for a undisclosed fee.(14)(4)He will add some much needed steel to our defence {Ed003's Note - Awful!.. }


18 Jun 2012 19:50:19
Mokoena Off To South Africa To play with Wits(22)(3)


18 Jun 2012 20:00:14
Krohn-Dehli to Swansea City fee belived to be £2.5million. He is known to Laudrup from his days at Brondby. West Brom are also interested but are only willing to bid upto £2million.(23)(12)I've been saying all the way through EURO 2012 krohn-dehli is class and now the mighty jacks are after him great news.up the mighty jacks!Hes also been linked strongly with a move to norwich aswell but not sure on how much they would bid for him whoever signs him will gain a classy player anywayHope this is true, problem with these rumours is laudrup hasn't met with the squad yet so why would he be interested in anyone without assessing the squad first. Until he's unveiled on Thursday and at least starts per-season. I agree krohn-Delhi is class, love to see a player of that quality down the liberty. Jack Army!


18 Jun 2012 19:58:10
Cheltenham boss Mark Yates is hoping to complete deals for Anthony Straker (Aldershot) and Mark Ellis (Torquay) but this has been delayed due to negiotiations with their parent clubs who are holding out for higher fees.(7)(4)


18 Jun 2012 18:03:02
Hi ed any plymouth news? {Ed003's Note - not heard any today mate sorry}(1)(13)Alex bruce


18 Jun 2012 19:13:49
Southampton are set to sign Trippier of Burnley for a fee of £3 million(13)(31)If true, Burnley must be fed up to the back teeth with us!There is a 50% sell on clause to unlikely.Not another burnley player? Although the money we paid for Roddy i am sure they would be ringing us every day offering the whole squad!GO AWAY AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!! :-)Very close friend of trip and he said that he isnt going anywere hes happy at burnley and southampton would be the last club he would go to if he had to leave burnleyVery unlikely. And 'Roddy'? Think you'll find its 'Jay Rod', you've got one hell of a player there though!'Southampton would be the last club he would go to'! seems to me thats what certain Burnley fans were saying about Jay Rodrigez in January, oh yeah along with. 'won't go to a little club like Southampton', and 'Southampton will be back in league one next season' To be fair I doubt you even have a close friend, yet alone one who is involved with a football club. People who put rumours on here about players moving club, however ridiculous, act in the genuine spirit of this site, people who have no input other than slag off other clubs should maybe find another outlet for their disappointments!Trippier is over rated has a defender IMO and although very good going forward is not good enough defensively for the PL and im a Burnley season ticket holder

i would take 3M for himTotally agree with this dude^Trippier is one of the best right backs in england(better than glen johnson) at the moment and will play for england in the next 12 monthsWhat is it with Southampton fans? go and buy someone else's best toysWe have jack stephens up and coming so why buy a young rb get and experienced one instead


18 Jun 2012 19:13:01
Nathan Clyne is under going a medical at Southampton and it is believed that the tribunal was agreed at £1.4 million. Birmingham have accepted a bid of £4.25 million from Southampton for their young highly rated goalkeeper, Jack Butland too.(29)(41)LOL southampton why would he go to a team that are just going to go back down , when big clubs are after him dream on sad saint!Were u hear thisI keep hearing the rumours but nothing seems to be happening apart from the values being quoted in the rumours are rising. It is well known saints need another keeper. and it is well knownwe need some pace in our defence so not sure if these are rumours or wishful thinking. p.s. Hope you are spot on. Go Saints!Add in Nathan Redmond for that amount and you've got a dealWow that has to be the most bitter comment i've seen in a while by the person who wrote the first comment obliviously a skateNathan Redmonds toenails maybe,relegation here you comeClyne newcastle
butland tottenham"sad ..... {Ed003's Note - Stop picking 2 words out of banter and trying to make a mountain out of a molehill}Bitter fans on here got to be skates just hide behind you're computerA tribunal wont see a fee prior to signing. Nathanial Will have to sign for a club and then a tribunal will set a fee at a later date. So stop making rubbish up + Nat will be joining a top 5 club and not some mid-table teamSouthampton don't make me laff you couldn't afford but land, this keeper is rated higher than hart and foster by them both he will end up at man citeh,or man utd eventually try doubling your offer small clubThought he was of liverpool or norwichI have heard that butland is going to be better than joe hart but i doubt that man city would buy him as joe hart is one of the best keepers in the prem and dont forget hart is still young and didnt butland say that he wants to join a club where he is guaranteed first team football so man city getting him wont happenEveryone knows and even himself that he's too good at the moment and even more so potential wise that he's too good for a recently promoted side. He will fiercely rival Walker at right back and offers from bigger clubs will flood in for him, almost definitely reject Southampton. Same will apply for Butland excluding the contract..1) Rodriguez also has the potential to be an England striker 2) Which bigger clubs would put either of them in their first team? 3) Contracts don't last forever so, yeah, he might play for United or City EVENTUALLY 4) Where's the flood?


18 Jun 2012 19:12:10
Lee Beevers, Jon Shaw and Delroy Facey to all sign for Luton Town within the next week. Paul Buckle wants some steel in his side.(7)(15)Thank goodness, there were reports Beevers might be coming to Bury


18 Jun 2012 19:08:51
Steve Bruce's first inquiries as Hull City manager are to Leicester for the availability of Andy King, as well as to Barnsley, who he hopes to be able to lure Craig Davies from, as he seeks a partner for Matty Fryatt.(11)(20)


18 Jun 2012 19:07:26
anymore preston north end rumours please(4)(11)Fuller to sign on wednesdayThe police investigation into the pound coin thrown onto the pitch in the final game at Deepdale last season has concluded that it was not a missile - - it was a takeover bid. {Ed025's Note - nice one..Yeh that jokes never been told before has it {Ed003's Note - But this wasn't a joke }I take it the ed is a lasher fan {Ed003's Note - Never lashed anything in my life}Errrrr BILLIONAIRE chairman.Well looks like pne may well be the most hated team in league one but we dnt care ,least westley as the balls to get rid of the dead wood and if pne do go up there will be a lot of fans who will be even more pissed offHow many new players have you so far? Just hope they gel pretty quick it could take 10 to 15 games to gel only time will tell I hope for pne fans they gel as quick as poss.You nuggets keep slagging us we dont care probably nicked your best players thats why .Nicked every1's best players all you've got is free transfers, but still westley good manager think you'll be up there,but better established (gel'd)teams will beat you to top 2 finish............even if that joke as been told before i've never heard it and was laughing my head off. ha


18 Jun 2012 19:05:35
Jonathon Hogg may return on loan after a good spellcwith the Hornets.(0)(11)He all ready signed you wallyHe signed for watford a year ago!!


18 Jun 2012 19:05:28
West Brom have confirmed talks with Birmingham City regarding Ben Foster. It's on the official website(21)(10)


18 Jun 2012 19:03:16
While Crewe are likely to spend a large amount of the money that is expected to come their way from the Nick Powell sale on maintaining their youth facilities, they are keen on acquiring Jack Midson from AFC Wimbledon in their hunt to replace him. {Ed001's Note - they have no need of a replacement, apart from Max Clayton (who will slot into the first team), they also have Ryan Colclough and Liam Wilson to step up from their youth side. The money will go on running the club, I would think, and buying some left sided players, so that they no longer have to play 2 right backs as left mid and left back!}(4)(8)Midson is going to sign a contract when he gets back from holiday! Afc WIMBLEDON


18 Jun 2012 19:03:12
Piszchek from borussia dortmund to chelsea after impressing in EURO 2012!(9)(14)Honestly believe it will be Van Der Wiel or pushing it maybe Walker, both younger then Piszchek and better in my opinionVan der wiel is not anywhere near as good as piszcek!


18 Jun 2012 19:00:35
Charlton are considering a move for Reading striker Simon Church, who is looking for first team football.(15)(6)So many rumours about church yet NO ONE IS TAKING HIM!Cardiff intrested toAu contraire, I think that simon church will be stayingIf you want church then I will drive him down to you and then drive back to bring his stuff down aswell.."Au contraire, I think that simon church will be staying"

I doubt it IF, he does not make the 24 man squad for the league. His inclusion in that squad does not look likely at the moment.Most people are waiting until after July 1st, when the Transfer window is officially open.He would be the worst striker at charlton if we bought him so i'll think you find this move will not happen!!!!!Pogrebnyak, Le fondre, Hunt, Roberts... Why would we need Church?The transfer window opened 1st juneNO IT OPENS 1st OF JULY you can sign people on frees from 1st of June and officially join on the 1st of July FACT


18 Jun 2012 19:00:29
Goalkeeper Steve Harper to join Brighton from Newcastle. Was on loan at the Albion last year.(17)(6)Absolute rubbish he has made it clear he is not prepared to move down southIs that the same Steve Harper who couldn't wait to leave the Amex and could hardly hide his disdain on TV when Albion beat Newcastle in the FA last season? I hope he stays firmly up norf!Don't think so. Doubt the family will move and with a young kid he won't be allowed all the way down here all season. So another one for story time.I'd be surprised if he joined BHA since last year while on loan it was stated that for family reasons he wanted to stay in the North (kids schooling. Etc).Didnt want to move due to family heard that steve and his wife has friends down brighton and conisdering a move down to Brighton


18 Jun 2012 19:00:20
I can confirm Cheltenham midfielder Luke Summerfield has signed a 2 year contract with Shrewsbury Town. (Mr T)(12)(6)Good signing GTShrewsbury will anounce the signing of liam dickinson tomorrow on a free to replace james collins!

Also shrewsbury are looking to loan cofie from manchester united on loan for the season.Hope we dont have DickinsonI hope we dont get him he is horrible manDickinson is a poor striker, not good enough for Southend then he certainly won't be good enough for a team like Shrewsbury.Dickinson was good enough. But his wage went up if they kept him on


18 Jun 2012 18:53:10
Burnley close to a deal for Crewes Max Clayton for 500,000 with Burnley midfielder Steven Hewitt joing Crewe on Loan for 6 months(5)(17)Max clayton is worth 3.5 million and due to him not being transfer listed you will have to pay more.I sincerely hope this one is true, another great up and coming English talent coming to the Turf would be brilliant. With Zeki Fryers being linked from Manchester United (Lancashire Telegraph) the Clarets look to be building a great young squad.£3.5m? you having a laugh?


18 Jun 2012 18:50:47
Colchester in talks with Crawley over a loan deal for Richard Brodie.(5)(14)Good, Don't really feel that he will fit in at Crawley at all this season!I think Richard Brodie is more likely to move back to the North of England.He wants a move back to the North not further South.He went on loan to Fleetwood last season as he was home sick, so can't see him coming to Colchester. Wouldn't mind being proven wrong though.Didnt realise colchester was further south my atlas must be upside downHe's actually living in Fleetwood. So can't see him returning South when he wants a permanent return North


18 Jun 2012 18:49:08
Rotherham United sign winger Lionel Ainsworth source - club website(16)(5)


18 Jun 2012 18:46:30
Bournemouth are going to sign Danny seabourne from Southampton for an undisclosed fee(10)(15)This is believable i hear he can play centre back or left backSounds good...he will love our night clubs.As a saints fan I hope that this is just a loan to get him back to match fitness. For the cherries fans yes he has the pace to play at left back and is strong in the air. Was class act for us first half of the championship campaignWould be a superb signing, type of quality the club should be looking to sign in order to get out of league one.Hope not dont think we need another centre backToo good for Bournemouth he was brilliant before his injury. I don't think he will go anywhere inless we sign two centre backsIf this rumour materializes and dan sea bourne comes to bournemoth then he will be a good backup for charlie daniels and injury prone barrett. we have seen so many rumours regarding strikers that nothing has been mentioned about backing up our defenses. barnsley fc have been rumouring about getting harry arter from us, is there any truth?Seaborne would certainly not be back up. He'd be cherries best player my far!!Back up? Your kidding yeah? Until his injury that finished his season he was a key part of saints side that lead the table from the start. Rock solid, one of our best players. Forget back up, he'd be your best player by a mile!I think Bournemouth need more quality than the likes of Seabourne if they are serious about promotion. He wouldn't be the best player by quite some margin.He would be one of the better players in the league. He was part of our Promotion to the championship but only managed a couple of game last season due to his injury.^^
Utterly deluded. Seabourne was excellent for saints until his injury. He was more than efficient in the championship and so would excel in league 1. He would be a huge coup for your club as he is way above league 1 level. Who exactly do you have who is better? Stop chatting rubbish. I'm sure if little Bournemouth don't want him then stacks of other championship and league 1 clubs would. Get a bit of knowledge!'One of our best players' - you have got to be kidding me ! Solid enough for League 1 but no better in my eyes. Only made 14 appearances in our promotion season from league 1, lets not kid ourselves here. Decent enough signing for Bournemouth though.Dan Seabourne is both an excellent lad and player - if he came to us at Bournemouth he would be by far the best defender and welcome during his rehabilitation process to top level football.He didn't play a massive amount in the league 1 promotion but at the start of the following season he was a regular, saints were flying to the top of the league and he absolutely was one of our best players at that time. Then his injury came. He is well above league 1 standard and would be a brilliant signing for the cherries!Dan seabourne would initially be backup, until he could regain fitness after injury, that is if he comes to afcb. some players don't ever regain their previous form and that would be the same joining bournemouth or any championship side.'Eh' I don't see where he fits in at Bournemouth but is a good player.


18 Jun 2012 18:37:24
any boro rumours or strong possible transfers(3)(14)Emmanuel Ledesma to be compeleted this weekDavid worrall Bury
Kyle Bennett doncaster


18 Jun 2012 18:30:19
Peterborough are this week expected to completed the double capture of Stevenage duo Michael Bostwick and Luke Freeman for a club record deal. Posh will also complete a 2 year deal for Coventry striker Jonson Clarke-Harris.(14)(14)Bostwick is heading to Coventry and Clarke - Harris is allready at Reading me thinksYou think wrong..clark-harris has already signed for poshWhy would Bostwick head to Coventry who barely have a team, also Coventry are still unable to bid in for any players as until there finacial sitiuation is sorted outYou'd have to be mad to join Coventry over Peterborough.I know jordan as i know gael from school who invited me to a training session with the academy talkin to jordan he said he is in talks with an unamed PREMIERSHIP team


18 Jun 2012 18:30:17
Steven Naismith to join a premier league
club in the next 2 weeks.
Man City and Chelsea to join chase for
QPR and Sunderland interested in
Celtic to sign experienced CB and also
interested in signing Elm(17)(23)


18 Jun 2012 18:27:53
The 28-year-old is currently out of contract with the Saddlers and has been offered a new one-year deal.

However, rival offers are coming in for Beevers who is now believed to be considering his options.

SPL outfit Inverness and Bury are both understood to be keen, whilst there is also known to be a couple of big money offers from the Conference.(6)(7)


18 Jun 2012 18:21:26
Radja Nainggolan is set to become a premier league player after bids were accepted from West Brom and Southampton(7)(12)Hes very average .. must be pants in the SPL if they want him !!Well says he is off to Juventus!Good player would love him at saints, doubt will it happen but hope it doesIn the spl? He plays for Cagliari, been linked to juventus and man city last couple of months, he's a good player and not very old either so he can improve


18 Jun 2012 18:09:25
the money from the sales of eunan o'kane and bobby olejnik will be spent on developing training facilities at forches cross, newton abbot for torquay united


18 Jun 2012 18:05:22
Cardiff are to sign Matt Lowton from Sheffield United for a fee of around £500k.
City are also hoping to land Liam Lawrence from Portsmouth in the next few days.
Finally, there is going to be a bid next week to loan Newcastle United attacking midfielder Haris Vuckic for a season.
Will post when I find more next week.(10)(17)I can honestly tell you 100% that SUFC will not accept any less than a minimum of £1.5 million for Matty Lowton.I don't want lawrenceI really hope this isnt true lawrence is awful and so is vuckic we need to sign someone to replace mcphail who is absolute pants and still manages to get a game two wingers Chris Burke and hamill from wolvesAgree on Lawrence and Vukic , Burke would be welcome back though.Lawrence can do good crosses

pompet fan:Hopefully Cardiff will be stupid enough to take Lawrence from usTo the person above. I'm a Pompey fan also, Cardiff are not stupid at all taking him. He spent a loan there last season and did well, so it works for everyone if he leaves of Cardiff


18 Jun 2012 18:02:20
Confirmed: Steven Gillespie has signed a two-year contract with League Two new boys Fleetwood Town after ending an injury-hit four years with Colchester.(13)(2)


18 Jun 2012 17:54:35
Derby close to sealing move for Martin Paterson from Burnley which will see Steven Davies and James Bailey sign for Burnley(15)(19)We enquired about patterson in january he didnt want a move.

It will be a straight 2.3million no players involed.Where does this 2.3 million figure keep coming from??Inside Info:

The offer is nowhere near 2.3 million for those two players.

The confusion has arisen as Burnley offered nearly £2.5million BUT inc shackell as part of the deal.

Burnley have left the offer on the table.

Wait and seeNo they didnt offer that including shackell .shackell has an asking price of 4 million.davies has an asking priced of 1.4 and bailey 800k.the fee
isnt straight 2.3 million its cash plus ad ons like promotion or when they scored x amount of goals.people need to start realising a player might not be worth what a club has payed for them.but transfers are like auctions if the player has many clubs interested who offers gets
him.or if the player is really important to the team e.g torres-50 million he was valued at 22 million and shackell is valued at 1.7 million hence you having to pay 4 you get it nowBurnley won't sell Paterson straight after selling Rodriguez, they need some strikers.Dont believe the hype!!2.5M for Davies,Bailey and Shackell LMAO

in that case we will take Austin,Trippier and Paterson for 700,000What complete and utter dribble saying derby want 4 million for shackell, 1.4 million and 800k for. if you honestly believe derby will hold out for such large sums u must be deluded! i dare say that our asking price would be halved on each of the players.Is it jsut me, I don't want to lose Patterson, even if he is injury jinxtNo austin + paterson and trippier would cost close to 10 them 3 i'd value at 4m for the lot


18 Jun 2012 17:39:41
Gan Franco Zola poised to become Watford manager when takeover completed. This would be bad news - Sean Dyche has done remarkable job with limited funds.(6)(26)Is that Gianfranco's brother?I hope not. It wouldn't be right to change too much too soon and Sean has the players respect.Dyche will stay at watford unless he finds a better jobFor once I think we all agree that Sean has done an amazing job and would hope that if a new manager was apointed then he would be retained within the management structureIf Zola does become the new manager of Watford, I'm sure we will see 1-2 young chelsea players coming to Watford on loan this coming season!Last time we had a couple of Chelsea youngsters on loan we played crab football.... Bridcott was a shocker!


18 Jun 2012 17:31:56
League one side Walsall are close to securing the signings of former Macclesfield midfielder Arnaud Mendy and former Accrington midfielder/defender Ian Craney

Manny Smith, Lee Beevers, Emmanuel Ledesma and Jimmy Walker are all expected to leave the midlands side by Wednesday (contract offer deadline is tuesday)(12)(3)Arnaud mendy is on mtfc retained list,so a none starter.


18 Jun 2012 17:28:43
Norwich have joined the chase to sign Matt Mills from Leicester.(20)(7)Great player!Mills is celtic for champions lge 100%Please take him....nowt but trouble from him.Bit like a Balotelli...great player...baaad attitude! Norwich are welcome to him! £2-2.5mill and i'll be happy to see him go


18 Jun 2012 17:22:40
Jordan Willis to Norwich from Coventry



18 Jun 2012 17:21:40
Norwich and Crystal Palace have agreed a deal to sign Aaron Wilbraham. Palace also want Norwich striker Chris Martin after a successful loan spell last season. Hughton is keen on bringing in Wilfried Zaha so is set to offer a 5m + Martin deal to lure Zaha to Carrow Road...
You hear it first... From ME...

YellowLad10(10)(27)Why is it everyone keeps making up rubbish about Zaha coming to their club. He's got 5 years left to run on his contract to start with, we already rubbished a bid of 5 million plus Baldock on a season loan (Our owners describing it as poo) from West Ham. We got an 8 million pound offer from Bolton in January, we wouldn't accept less then that.Wilbraham was released by Norwich so Norwich have not agreed anything with Crystal Palace which kind of makes your rumour sound hollowI saw this first on SSN at 15:20 today, so you did not break the story.Absolute Rubbish! Zaha is going nowhere unless a ridiculous offer comes in.Norwich and Palace cant have agreed a deal as his is available on a free transfer. Aaron has joined Palace but Norwich had no say in this deal


18 Jun 2012 17:11:59
Doncaster born Lee Beevers 29 is linked with a 12 month contract at Bury.

Beevers is a free agent after turning down a 12 month extended contract at Walsall.(6)(6)


18 Jun 2012 17:10:58
Middlesbrough are after influential panathinaikos midfielder Kostas Katsouranis and will be able to get him for under 2 mil because of Panathinaikos's poor financial situation(12)(7)We havn't got that much to throw away on him.He'll be 33 by start of summer. No chance of 2m. Doubt we'd take him if released. Better options elsewhere?!Seen james morrison at york races on saturday and he told me him and grahem dorrans are joining boro on loanWhy would either of them do that?Wishfull thinking i think???James Morrison, when fit, would be a great homecoming. Not sure about Dorrans, but Mogga would be.Im just telling you what he told me, i have no reason not to believe him. Just heard today from reliable source that we had bid accepted for livermoreNow Livermore would be a good signing, but do we have enough cash?


18 jun 2012 17:17:29
bristol city transfer news please,(5)(13)This is clearly not a City fan. Just someone trying to get a reaction.Any bristol city news on heskey comming to city or a new gk to replace jamesLouis saha on the way to bristol city on a pay as you play basisCity should get bas savage backYou mean

Any scotland transfer news please


18 Jun 2012 17:06:22
man united could sign modric within a week if croatia gets eliminaterd from euros despite madrid interest.arsenal to miss out on giroud with malaga offering more than arsenal.(9)(28)Madrid can offer the wage modric agent is offering whereas united cant
Have you seen skysports Giroud is set to sign for arsenal and so it M VillaWhy would united not be able to offer as high a wage as real Madrid the two clubs are the two clubs with the most income in the world.


18 Jun 2012 17:04:28
Steve Tilson WILL be the next Gillingham Manager and WILL bring in Freddie Eastwood as his first signing(10)(13)Tilson is the perfect choice as manager.Yeah because he is gonna come to us not and tilson hes crap managerThe whole Manager situation is a joke now.It would help if you could spell the name of a transfer target..shows how much you know...besides..FREDDY Eastwood..(not "Freddie") is in deep talks with us, Southend, and his family live down here, so...yeah, UNLUCKYI apologise for spelling his name wrong!!So, Freddy's family live in Essex! Its hardly a million miles from Kent! He is a long time friend of Steve Tilson!


18 Jun 2012 17:00:15
Colchester -after the Gillespe sale - look set to land: Alex Revell for £150,000 ; Paul Hayes for £200,000 ; Ronan Mauray on loan from Ipswich Town & Andy Hughes on a free agent(8)(7)Andy Hughes signed a two year contract for charlton at the beginning of last season.So he did, might be appart of a Wordsworth deal thenColchester will not be paying any transfer fees robbie cowling said so bosmans onlyApparently revell has been told he can leave for nothing. Player has been offered terms by 3 clubs one of them being Colchester he will have medical when back from holiday


18 Jun 2012 16:55:16
Sheffield united interested in Matthew Spring, Jamal Campbell-ryce, soloman Taiwo and Kevin Lisbie, Lisbie should be annonced tomorrow morning.(8)(17)Not a chance Lisbie will move tp Sheffield, he will only play for close to London based clubsNot one of those players are on the radar.Campbell-Ryce = hahah he's terribleNo he his very fast and goodLisbie for your sake I hope not a terrible lazy and selfish player who won't relocate to Sheffield will offer your club nothing and you will end up having to send out on loan. Mark my words. We (Ipswich) we're delighted when we released him.


18 Jun 2012 16:51:40
Walsall defender Lee Beevers is believed to be rejecting his new contract offer at the league one side

Inverness and Bury are both understood to want Beevers
And there is also a couple of big money offers from the Conference one is rumoured to be Wrexham

Defender Vlade Lazarevski is rumoured to be in talks with Walsall(5)(4)


18 Jun 2012 16:48:18
any more cardiff city transfer rumours(5)(9)Closing in on signings of Chris Burke and bjorn sigurdarsonMatt Lowton signing for £500k in next few weeks when he gets back from his holiday (in a weeks time).Wouldn't have Burke back (fancy paying big bucks when we let him go for nothing). Also he was rubbish in the play off final. Forget Sigurdarson. He is going to Wolves.Lowton could be a good signing.It has been mentioned that Jay and Bellars may be on their way back ?


18 Jun 2012 16:46:06
Leyton Orient are to sign Alan Bennett and Jeff Goulding from Cheltenham.(7)(4)Bennett has a contract with Cheltenham so you would have to pay a fee.Cook would be a great signing. May even re-new my season ticket if this happened, but will believe it only when its on the official site.

Cant see it happening, as we only go for div 2 standard players.Alan Bennett does NOT have a contract with Cheltenham.
He activated a clause in his contract last season. This clause gave him the option of a second season.

However, he is yet to sign, but the club are confident he will put pen to paper in the next weekNot true. Bennett has no contract, he only has a contract offer. It was not an immediate extension, so no fee payable.No actually, he activated a clause giving him another year, up to the end of the 2012-13 season.


18 Jun 2012 16:40:54
Any Scunthorpe rumours please.(3)(8)


18 Jun 2012 16:35:34
Norwich will sign:
Jordan Willis - Coventry - Young defender.
Henri Lansbury - Arsenal - Wants to be back at Norwich and Hughton liked him last season.
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield - Long time interest and will link up with Pilkington.
Curtis Davies - Birmingham - From old club.
Wilfried Zaha - Palace - Hughton wants him and Palace will give him to Norwich as they have just got Wilbraham and maybe also Martin in a swap.
Pacheco - Liverpool - Cover for Hoolahan and Rodgers doesn't want him.
Kyle Naughton - Board and David McNally want to use Hughton's close relationship with Spurs to sign him.(10)(38)Lol, how much money have Norwich got!Jordan willis to sign for Newcastle will have medical this weekAbsolute twaddle!Like the list and would like to see all signed apart from zaha and davisRhodes has said he is staying and nobody will pay the 8million price tag on his head as he is only fully proven in league one but expect him to prove himself again in championship this season. That is when he might make the move to the premier leagueRhodes not going newcastle they have just bid 8m for luke de jong from FC TwenteJordan Rhodes was never going,I was talking to him at the Canal Side last week and said he had no intention of leaving.As he's just signed a 4 1/2 year contract.So basically your football manager wish listThey wont sing all them maybe zaha and rhodes is going to newcastle and that is that


18 Jun 2012 16:30:11
Peterborough utd confirm signing of Torquay utd keeper Bobby Olijnek for un-disclosed fee.(12)(4)He is the best keeper in the bottom three leagues by a mile martin ling should be given manager of the season right now if he can find a better keeperbest keeper in bottom three leagues?,jack butland who has been on loan with us(Cheltenham) all season plays in the championship for Birmingham miles better than him and also out with england at the euros. That is all.


18 Jun 2012 16:28:23
Paul Green did say he would like to end his career at Rovers, but he wont join this season(7)(6)Its birmingham then Doncaster(Derby fan)


18 Jun 2012 16:26:52
West Brom are in talks with Blues about Ben Foster, deal expected to be £4.5m plus player and announced next week(14)(7)Rumoured to be £4.5m plus Myhill and season long loan of Chris woodI heard its £4.5m plus myhill and the season long loan of cox, only time will tell


18 Jun 2012 16:24:35
QPR have announced that Ryan Nelsen and Andrew Johnson have signed and will join on July 1 when the transfer window officially opens.(21)(3)Them two sinings are very good


18 Jun 2012 16:21:15
arsenal agree a fee for oliver giroud

leebo(18)(8)Its actually olivier giroud - not oliverHe is actually spending some money for once


18 Jun 2012 16:19:19
Swansea after markus rosenberg (free transfer) and edouard duplan from Utrecht fact!!(12)(4)


18 Jun 2012 16:16:04
Gary Roberts, James Collins and Andy Williams have all signed for Swindon this afternoon the club announced and is also in local paper.(22)(6)


18 Jun 2012 16:11:23
burnley intrested in sam baldock of west ham(15)(8)There was a few rumours going around that we were interested in him but they seem to have died downKnowing Sam well he wont go that far north. I can tell you IF he leaves West Ham, his likely destination will be Watford on a season loanBaldock is signing for palace


18 Jun 2012 16:10:23
burnley intrested in newcastles leon best on loan(12)(10)Could we afford his wages ?No chance low prem league player but high championship playerGot no chance of a loan deal while newcastle have european football.straight sale possible though


18 Jun 2012 16:09:11
Nahki Wells talking with Leeds about a 4 year contract. Also interest from Racing Club Lens.(5)(15)As he's under contract, he can't talk to any club officially without agreement with City


18 Jun 2012 16:09:09
adam clayton set to join burnley at the end of the week in a 500k deal.(14)(15)Not for 500k he wontGood to see a rumour about someone JOINING burnley for a changeAt least double thatTransfer listed at 600k so not double that


18 Jun 2012 16:02:27
Gary Roberts and Michael Jacobs both signing for Peterborough.(3)(29)Oh dear! Keep up roberts has already signed for swindonDont think so my friend Gary Roberts has signed for swindon town this afternoon...Gary Roberts signed for Swindon today! And Jacobs is in talks with 5 clubs and derby his preferred club but they won't pay the compo for himWhat the same Gary Roberts who has just signed for Swindon?Gary roberts who has just signed for swindon?
DevonGreenWell 5 people have now said the same thing so a sixth person wont hurt. Gary Roberts has joined Swindon {Ed003's Note - And the last,thanks guys }The compo is 575k derby have agreed 550k you may ask why dont northampton just wait for compo it means both clubs have to 30k for the paper work and deal.
Jacobs has told the board he wants to move to derby thats why the chairman is trying to get them to up the price.But derby are playing it smart by waiting it out.He is at swindon


18 Jun 2012 15:58:23
BARNSLEY FC have signed jacob mellis on two year deal on bbc website(20)(6)


18 Jun 2012 15:55:52
Swindon announce first 3 signings
Andy Williams from Yeovil
James Collins from Shrewsbury
Gary Roberts from Huddersfield(17)(7)On the official site with interviews on player.Gary Roberts will be a really good signing for Swindon his 1st touch is unbelievable. Had some really good games for town before his hernia op. in my opinion u have got a very good player there on a free transfer. JohnBBC website says that Collins went for free (mind you it also says that Ainsworth went for an undisclosed fee)Swindon will have to pay compensation for Collins. Not sure how much it will be.They all went for free!Collins might have gone for free but they will have to pay compensation due to his ageOther way roundOther way round?? Compensation to Shrewsbury for 21 year old international


18 Jun 2012 15:55:44
Derby linked with Magnus Okuonghae from Colchester(11)(6)


18 Jun 2012 15:55:25
Former Ipswich Town loanee Daryl Murphy has failed to agree terms for the club on a permanent basis. Celtic have agreed to let him go on a free transfer despite his contract ending in 2013. The Irish striker or left winger has held talks with crystal palace and leeds united and is yet to decide which club to move to.(6)(13)Peterborough!Well he hardly set the world on fire with his performancesHaha...haha...ha.
No everyone knows this isn't true. Someone, probably a canary has decided to wind us all up by linking Murphy with Palace and Leeds. Just because we share some of the same targets.Wow original, just like the story below with the French guy -_-Big murphy is great targetmanWe can get better than him hes not really that goodIpswich, if they sing Murphy should use him in his favored position as a striker. A pacey winger with a good delivery will be much more beneficial out wide than Murphy; be it Townsend, Judge, or even Gallagher. However, would much prefer Steven daives up front that murphy, and do we really need both? Davies would most likely ask for lesser wages too


18 Jun 2012 15:47:14
QPR completed signings of Andy Johnson and Ryan Nelsen on bosmans and are set to raid Manchester City for out of favour Kolo Toure, Roque Santa Cruz and Wayne Bridge and could bag the trio for as little as £8m. (Bridge £1m, Santa Cruz £2m, Toure £5m)(17)(16)Fabio from utd joining on loan so no need for bridge.True, just writing what i've read


18 Jun 2012 15:47:11
Burnley are said to be interested in man uniteds fryers who has 1 moth left on his contract so they will look at signing him on a free transfer when his contract is out(14)(9)Sunderland and newcastle have also been linked hopefully they decide they dont want him we would be a great signing for the clarets


18 Jun 2012 15:46:52
Jamal Campbell-Ryce to Yeovil Town?(11)(10)


18 Jun 2012 15:45:38
Burnley are said to be interested in signing max clayton from crewe for an undisclosed fee after he impressed burnley scouts last year ! watch this space !(12)(6)Whats your source ?


18 Jun 2012 15:45:31
Mido had a medical today :/(15)(13)Mido is having a medical on thursday, he has also said he is hapy to be back in english football, so it looks signed and sealed! Source-his own Twitter account!Who would want mido? he's a load of rubbishMido will destroy the Championship if he gets the ammo. I do not understand the negative response.Apparently Mido is signing because he just 'loves' the pies at Barnsley! Must admit they are one of the best I've had at away grounds?


18 Jun 2012 15:43:17
jacob mellis to sign a 2 yr contract at barnsley tomorrow(14)(3)


18 Jun 2012 15:39:50
Burton are interested in Kidderminster centre-back Tom Marshall, after he announced that he would not be signing a new contract with the Harriers(5)(3)


18 Jun 2012 15:37:23
It is understood that Shrewsbury are looking to sign Wolverhampton Wanderers youngster Jake Cassidy on a season long loan.(8)(4)No chance be in arounf the 1st team this season


18 Jun 2012 15:33:04
Latics have signed newcastles Daniel Taylor on a year deal, prolific scorer by all accounts....(8)(5)Top scorer with newcastle's u-18's last season wasnt he? it'll be interesting to see how he does at this levelHe spoke to hearts, St Mirren, preston and an un named Championship team, yet chose Dickov due to him being an ex striker. Peter beardsley also said he's one for the future as well. Good signing for us.


18 Jun 2012 15:07:33
Some Stoke news today

A few outs first. Matthew Upson hasn't agreed terms with Soton but they are keen to sign him. Upson impressed in his few appearances last season. The Saints also asked re the availabilty of Thomas Sorensen.

Kenwyne Jones interesting several clubs but none have met his valuation yet.

3 more fringe players currently in negotiations with other clubs. Two with the same Championship side


Two French based players have had second rounds of talks. One a midfielder and one a full back

Owen will sign on 1st July and a winger and another striker/winger are set to join him.

Two Championship full backs interesting the Potters as well as a centre half.

Will be two impressive signings at the Britannia this pre season(15)(7)Strange that know clubs have met kenwyne jones's valuation yet, surely some clubs could afford a few hundred grand.Who are these mysterious players? How is it you know their nationality or which league they play in but not the most fundamental form of identification; their names?Alright , I reckon that the full-back is Bacary Sagna (I think he's french) after the dodgy rumours about him leaving the Brit. As they said Owen snubbed Everton and is set to a move to Stoke. I think Kevin Mirallas is set to Stoke also along with Romelu Lukaku (Loan as CFC think he'll benefit at a EPL squad where he's guaranteed games. Another winger being Matty Jarvis however I was more impressed by Kightly and what happened about O'Hara Ed? Also someone called Maiga-£5m? The two impressive signings being Ballack and Nesta as I noticed there up as free-agents? And surely we don't need two more CB's as we've already had Huth extend his contract and we've got Shawcross , Upson , Woodgate (Top centre-backs) , I've already personally ruled out Hoilett at Stoke , Tommy Sorensen and Upson at the Saint's no chance and pray for Anzhi to overpay for Jones! Come on you Potters!Is the French based midfielder Joe cole?Upson will probably leave and despite saying 'no chance' that deal is looking fairly likely. Sorensen wants first team football and he won't get it at Stoke. Stoke are not after O'Hara and Jarvis has been well documented. Things seem to have gone quiet on Lukaku as Stoke are hoping on a deal elsewhere, not from an English club which is very un-Pulis I know. Stoke's main striker target is from a Prem club but nothing will happen until a few players are shipped out. Stoke tried to loan Joe Cole last Summer and that won't happen this time around. Maiga is banded around by his representatives to a few clubs as are a few French and Spanish based players.'Who are these mysterious players? How is it you know their nationality or which league they play in but not the most fundamental form of identification; their names?'

Because that was all I was told by reps at Stoke. Same when Loic Remy was due for talks was told the week before that was a French based striker ,no more. This info is from the same sourceCould be a signing at Stoke in the next few days. I think it will please most fans and upset a local rival.

Sagna, have no idea where you heard that

I heard that Everton are very keen to do business with Stoke as they are looking to fund a signing of their own. Bit of a surprise this one.Stoke are a small club and saints could get upson if they wanted which I don't believe .don't forget Stoke fans whu and saints went up so you and Wigan should watch out as you're small clubs and be at the bottomOh yes Southampton the definitive Premier League team, and Stoke and Wigan are small teams WTF?. Which league were Southampton in last season??Stoke have one of the best finacial track records in the Prem, unlike Southampton and Westham that have been plauged by debt, fiscal mismanagement and administration in recent years. So maybe pretending or trying to be a 'big club' comes at a heavy price. The likes of Derby and Huddersfield were big a while back, you don't hear them going on about it, get a grip and move on.2 championship fullbacks brayford and martin olsson


18 Jun 2012 15:03:56
Fleetwood are lining up a move for Cheltenham Town right-back Sido Jombati.(12)(4)Lol in Fleetwoods dream they could not afford him, Cheltenham would want at least £200,000 and he has Championship sides watching him.£200,000, I think it would be more like £500,000, don't forget he signed an extension just before christmas.Taking him to 2014


18 Jun 2012 15:17:18
Cardiff city are close to signing marlon king,fee thought to be about 1 mill,good player but was hoping we wouldnt sign him but its happening.(8)(19)I ve heard the same,i got friends working in birmingham and its 100% happeningDoubt this he's not really Malckys kind of playersI wouldn't be shocked if it happenedI'll put a fiver bet that Marlon King will never come to Cardiff.No thanks.


18 Jun 2012 14:59:33
dear mr ed any news from west brom obout new players coming in. {Ed003's Note - Dear poster,sorry nothing today}(1)(7)Dan Ashworth today confirmed talks with Blues over Foster


18 Jun 2012 14:58:48
Bolton to sign;
Keith Andrews - Free
Ryo Miyaichi - Arsenal - Free
Matt Mills - Leicester - 1.5 million
Jay Bothroyd - QPR - 1 million
Kyle Lafferty - Rangers - 500k(14)(25)Theyd get miyaichi on loanMiyachi isnt on a freeNo to Andrews... no to Bothroyd & no to LaffertyI would like to see us sign....
Matt Mills
Simon Church
Carlos Sanchez
Kyle Bartley
John Daly
Alex Smithies
with a couple of loan signings to boost the squad.You quite clealy know nothing about football. Ryo is one of Arsenal's most promising young players so why on earth would they give him away! Perhaps they will loan him out again to gain some more experience.You can have bothroyd for free- QPR fan :D ;)Please take Bothroyd he's awful god alone knows how he ever managed to get that england capMiyaichi will only go out on loan and more than likely to a premier league club, if Moses leaves then possibly wiganBolton have first refusal on Miyaichi and Wigan won't be a Premier League club for long.Apparently we are already in talks to take Ryo on loan again next season. So fingers crossed he comes back.


18 Jun 2012 14:46:48
Bolton to sign;
Keith Andrews - Free
Ryo Miyayachi(12)(19)


18 Jun 2012 14:38:21
Gary Roberts to sign for Swindon Town this week(19)(6)Signed this afternoonHe has already signed for swindon town on a two year deal


18 Jun 2012 14:33:24
Pavel Pogrebnyak is set to complete his move to Reading in the coming weeks after Reading offered him 30K and fulham 20K, expected to be a free transfer.(23)(20)Well yes it will be a free transfer if his contract has run outHe's not great (coming from a Fulham fan) had 3-4 top class performances but the 7-8 afterwards it seems that he got sussed because he was very quiet and ineffective.

In my personal opinion, £30k a week for him is WAY too much.Pog and ALF up front will be good comboHaha I like how 30K a week is being discussed like its obscene when there are players on over 200K a week.He has just signed there why would he moveBecause he signed on loan and is now out of contract. He wants to stay in the Prem and Reading are prepared to offer more money. Money talksFrom what I saw at Fulham, he was a good player and I hope McDermott can get him playing consistently good football.Been offered 65k a week which is way out of Fulham's wage structure for the type of player he is.Out of Readings structure of 65K a week thats madness! But if we want european football and if we want to be in the big time for the long haul we've got to pay the money for these playersAccording to getreading 65k a week and he turned down 50k from Fulham. 65k! that's more then double what our highest paid player earns.Honestly i was really disappointed with pavel last season. fantastic for 3 games then absolutely awful for the rest ended up sitting on the bench as disappointing as ruiz.It's not 65K a week that's journalistic sensationalism. It'll be like Stoke do. Large signing on fee and wages of around 30-35K a weekArshavin maybe?


18 Jun 2012 14:31:12
leyton orient are in talks with Lee cook, he has been released by QPR and Orient are looking to sign him.(5)(6)Andrew cant run, cant tackle, cant shoot and is downright lazy , apart from that he is great. If Slade signs him we will all know he really has lost the plot.Yes pls


18 Jun 2012 14:24:23
Big Rumour around Huddersfield at the moment is that new signings are coming tomorrow beleived to be Giles Barnes is to be one and a new left back is the other. Think that could well be promising Premier league youngster Kieron Gibbs on loan from Arsenal.(8)(20)He has been starting for arsenal all seasonWill huddersfield fans please stop deluding themselves! im a town fan of 21 years, and some of rubbish been spouted is embarrsing. Giles Barnes maybe, but kieron gibbs! the guys 2nd choice, soon to be 1st choice left back at arsenal, tipped as ashley coles long term successor for England, and IF he keeps himdelf fit, will be a contender for england squads next season. Hes already made 36 league apperances for Arsenal, a top 4 club! Get real please, its starting to get annoyingI haven't heard anythingPromising youngster?, lol, he was a regular until he got injured, certainly wont go to huddersfieldKieron Gibbs established himself as Arsenals first choice Left Back and soon will be EnglandsCompletely agree with you mate as a town fan its pretty embarrassing.Keiron gibb, I am a town town and I cringed when I read that. Not a chance he gets in arsenal team.


18 Jun 2012 14:23:05
Royals boss Brian McDermott is keen to get the player on board for next season's Premier League campaign and is reported to have already failed with one offer of £2million.

However Watford's resolve will be tested again with a fresh bid set to to go in and, if it is closer to their valuation of £3million, then a deal could be struck.

Although,while on international duty, Mariappa
hinted a move away from watford and
said that a deal from a few weeks ago
had been accepted(8)(11)Wakey wakey. He's back from international duty and this mysterious that Watford have accepted is a bit strange seeing as two bids have been rejected a few weeks ago. He'll stay at least another season now because of the takeoverSo, already agreed and NOT to Reading, so move on!Firstly i doubt he will go to reading as he knows better teams are after him. I also think he himself will hold out to see the new owners aspirations to see if they believe they can deliver what he desires.


18 Jun 2012 14:22:04
Colchesters ex liverpudlian Steve Gillespie about to sign for new boys Fleetwood with Fleets Danny Rowe talking to unnamed club.(8)(3)


18 Jun 2012 14:16:40
Transfer News at last from Huddersfield Town. Twin Signing announcment tomorrow Tuesday 19th June 11.30am. Experienced midfield ballwinner and left footed defender. No names as yet.
Maybe Paul Green and Sean Morrison but will see later!!
Paul(10)(14)If Grayson has signed them they will be talentless or over the hill, during his time at Leeds the players he brought in were usually both untalented and over the hill - but they were free I suppose.Ye well we'll see won't we 2moro at 11.30am, wheres/who's ya source?
fed up wi all posts on here we all know morrison is coming to us so i could post he's signing tomorrow and get it right eventually! greens in squad for tonight against italy isnt?I haven't heard anythingGrayson may have signed some rubbish for Leeds, however Dean Hoyle has a lot more know how when it comes to players, and won't let Grayson sign his usual type of playersAnd he has money at town. The reason they were all carp at Leeds is because they were all on a free because of a limited budget under bates.U are wrong its 11 not 12 yearsWell done! You have successfully given us town fans false information about signings well done!Well its 12:20 n nowt happened! same old..............Well its after 12 and nothing has been said. don't you feel rather stupid now for making up blatant lies?


18 Jun 2012 14:10:35
Steven Ireland being linked with a move to QPR again, QPR also interested in signing Wayne Bridge .(11)(11)


18 Jun 2012 14:08:14
Huddersfield have beaten Burnley and Derby to the signing of Adam Clayton after having a 700,000 bid accepted(8)(24)It' been accepted,no deal agreed yetI doubt he would go there, no future, besides better clubs will come in for him.Other way around my friend,other way around!!Derby weren't interested in the first placeDoubt it....................hope so but no source just sounds like you've made it up, unless your the lad that speaks to adam as he bumps into him in the street on a daily basisDerby don't want Clayton.Burnley and ipswich have had bids accepted well apparetnly anyway - and that was days agoClayton would be a really good signing for town hope this is true. JohnIle think you will find burnley huddersfield and derby have all had bids accepted talks will start when he comes back from holiday in mexicoYes sure and messi has signed for bury !! dream on terriers you will be in bottom 4 all season its taken you 12yrs to get out of league 1 !!!!1Sorry to tell you but no players are going in or out of leeds as leeds in takeover talks and bolton have offered 1.5 can not be complete till takeover complete wayne lufcAbsolute rubbish,as he says himself ,he has signed for 10 teams already,lol , if he goes ,it will be burnleyDerby never wanted him.We are only getting one centre mid fegor ogude who is more of a defensive midfielderReally, all 3 had bids accepted? this should be interesting to see where he goes!Huddersfield got no future? awh mate do some research before you come on here man, it's embarrasing to the rest of your fans and team, just even basic wikpedia will tell you about investment we have and new facilities we've got/getting. Academy 1 of best outside premier lge


18 Jun 2012 14:07:03
Ryan Nelsen WILL sign for QPR on July 1st.(22)(3)


18 Jun 2012 14:02:24
Calvin Andrews will sign a two year deal with leyton orient this week. russel slade is a big fan of the former palace front man. Slade is also looking at brining a young forward on loan from arsenal(9)(7)This has to be a wind upCalvin Andrew is a striker who has made 152 appearances and scored 9 goals with 3 assists. Tell me who would be a fan of thatCalvin Andrew's a hot prospect for the future, has a blistering goal record. Would be a cracking signing for you.


18 Jun 2012 13:38:46
Bobby Olejnik of Torquay United is due at London Road this afternoon for talks over a proposed move to Peterborough United(15)(5)Signed!Done and dusted.


18 Jun 2012 13:35:58
AVB to be named Tottenham manager this week with Vertonghen to also join the club this week(20)(17)Cappello is next Spurs bossSlavin Bilic more like a Spurs manager


18 Jun 2012 13:32:23
Stoke are going to bid £3.5 million for Drissa Diakite(5)(15)He would be a hit at Stoke.Just what we need another midfielder who can't score.WTF.His main position is a right-back...'Just what we need another midfielder who can't score.WTF.'

You obviously know nothing about him apart from looking up stats on line. He is a defensive player which might explain his goal tally.According to wikipedia, he plays in midfield and has not scored in over 150 games.As I said ''just what we need'' our problem is not in defence all though granted a right back would be a bonus, we don't score enough goals, second lowest in the prem last year and not much better in previous years, eventually this will get us in trouble or should we play to draw each game and scrape the odd one nil? Stats or not a player offering nothing from right or left back as regards some thought of goal threat is no better than what we have got, fact.Can't see why he would be that much better than Wilko? I'd rather try harder to get Brayford from Derby; best RB in the championship and still young enough to get even better, AND he's a Stokie. Reckon we could get him for £3.5-4m.Wilkinson can't defend and has shocking distribution. How can you compare a player to him that you don't know anything about? 'according to wikipedia'.............says it allFACT :-) . Yes we do need goalscorers but full backs also. So you're saying that EVERY player we sign should be an attacker. Maybe if you didn't have to Wiki players you may know what you're talking about.I've actually read about as much as I can find about him (which isn't a lot, which says a lot) and he does seem quite average. And my reply isn't the same as the wikipedia one.
I admit that Wilko's distribution isn't great but he's an awesome tackler if sometimes a little too aggressive (something that he has improved on recently).
Again, I'd like Brayford and we're screaming out for a natural left back as well, then we can see what Wilson is like in his natural position. With what he's learnt at Left Back (for the past season and a bit) maybe as a central defensive midfielder backed up by the likes of Palacios he'll be awesome?No one has said that every player we should sign must be an attacker the point being made, quite rightly in my opinion is that buying a left/right or both full backs is essential, however they should offer a certain amount in attack as well to give more options, our full backs do not attack, overlap the wingers and if they do in the case of Wilson he has to cut back onto his right foot as he only stands on his left, this needs to be addressed, along with the ability to defend. FACT to both of you.LOL.Criticise a player you've never even seen. By your logic, Ashley Young isn't good enough for Stoke :-)


18 Jun 2012 13:14:45
Grant McCann has agreed a 2year contract with doncaster after agreeing a £250,000 fee
he will be officially anounced either tonight at the fuorum of the the future
or tuesday
also brian stock has stated he is to stay at doncaster after i asked him when he was walking round lakeside last night(5)(16)That is too low a figure for Grant McCann, way off the markWe haven't got £250k, wake up!!Its true apparently it was a done deal last week but still hasnt been released!We have got £250k
a player is close to leaving us for around £700kSaunders has said we can't buy anyone until we sell


18 Jun 2012 13:11:50
celtic are to launch a bid for greece international
Michalis Sifakis if the deal to sign
fraser forster falls through souse sky sports(9)(9)


18 Jun 2012 13:11:11
Coventry have missed out on James Collins who has joined Swindon from Shrewsbury because of the transfer embargo under coventry(16)(2)


18 Jun 2012 13:03:13
Huddersfield town to bid 1.5 million for Leeds forward Ross McCormack.(17)(25)Rhodes in talks with leeds ,swap deal for mccormack and clayton, get in there MOTBless your cotton socks... Hoyle and Grayson wouldn't swap Rhodes' boot laces with Leeds! If there was one club on the face of the earth guaranteed to not be signing Rhodes, bar none it's Lds United. Much Love (Terrier)


18 Jun 2012 12:53:59
Qpr look to get Santa curz from city and kolo toure(7)(18)


18 Jun 2012 12:52:56
The potential season long loan of
Liverpool midfielder Suso to Bristol
City has stalled. New Liverpool
Manager Brendan Rodgers is assessing
his whole squad when the players
return to pre season training in mid
July and no decisions on loans out
will happen until then.

Bristol City are still keen on signing
Coventry defender Richard Keogh but
await the outcome of the players
talks with his current club over an
improved contract. If the player turns
down the new offer Bristol City may
come back in with a higher bid(11)(10)The above was lifted from the Bristol Evening Post who originally lifted the story from this very website after it was placed here by somone who wanted to demonstrate how gullable people are and how lazy the British press have become since the advent of the internet.... but I may be making this up.City should go for the ex burnley man bikey


18 Jun 2012 12:43:17
Barnsley set to sign mido and Mellis(22)(10)Mellis will signbtwobyear deal tomorrow . Mido will be at oak well Thursday x xThese 2 deals should been done and dusted by 5pm on thursday.


18 Jun 2012 11:29:52
eds-whats with the rumours suggesting that pogba is reconsidering juve move?.is modric going to madrid?. {Ed001's Note - Pogba's move was never certain, he was always just interested in who would offer him the best deal, hence why he changed agent. Modric is a target of theirs, but I can't see them buying him this summer.}(5)(5)


18 Jun 2012 12:38:40
some transfer news:

former leeds man max gradel seems to be unsettled in france and it seems as if he wants a move back to england leeds are interested but may be outbidded by other championship clubs

lavezzi is soon to confirm his move to psg

after maxi lopez claimed he wants to leave catania many pl clubs have been on high alert beleivedly aston villa spurs and liverpool

luka modric is close to a move to real madrid

brendan rodgers is interested in schalke back benedikt howedes and gylfi sigurdsson and

to finish man city are looking to their first business of the window by signing andrea rannochia of internazionale for 25million(8)(15)Man city are to swap kolarov for the inter milan left backGradel has stated how happy he is in France as he has family there. The only reason he left Leeds in the first place was to move "home" as he stated when he left.Haha, man city will not pay 25 million for him.Rannochia had a let down of a season, and said to be willing to swap for why would City feel to splash £25m, they're not muppets


18 Jun 2012 12:33:30
Looks like Shrewsbury Striker James Collins moving to Swindon for around 400k. just waiting on official confirmation(9)(7)He is out of contractThe fee will be decided by tribunal - and will be nowhere near £400kSigned on a freeHe's signed on Offical STFC website, so all this talk of him going to Watford was BsSwindon has signed james collins on a two year contractU24 Swindon. He would sell at over 400k. Be 200-350k feeIt will be £100k-£200k, I imagine.Hes the top goalscorer, u21 international and regarded as a key player at shrewsbury so will be at least 300kShrewsbury will be lucky to get more than 100k. (Mr T)Payed Villa 50k. International with goals. Hes worth double he was January 2011He was also only with you for 18 months and was not part of your youth set up!! That and the fact that the tribunals genrally tend to favour the buying club I should think 100-150kWhy would there be a fee when he went though the ranks at villa not shrewsbury plus villa released him.Shrews have asked for 400k if Swindon say no and offer lower then it goes to tribunal


18 Jun 2012 12:07:10
everton to bid 7 million for mandzucka {Ed025's Note - we wish..(14)(10)Where would you get the 7 million from?
without selling
fellainiMandzukic is a free agent!!Hes not a free agent


18 Jun 2012 11:57:51
tranmere signing james wallace(14)(2)Would be great if that's true! Did well for us last season.Andy robinson is tryin to get him to sign for us cus hes on holiday with himAndy robinson said. SWA am working on this kid few more beers & I got him !!!?? and had a pic of him sitting next to wallace so hopefuly he will sign. {Ed001's Note - ever thought he might just be joking?}Can't see how we could afford him anyway.We'll prob sign charlie barnett an chris shuker. forget the wallace/kay/clingan rumours, we've got no money an we cant attracted players.


18 Jun 2012 11:20:06
Arsenal to offer 15m for fulham wonder kid kerim frei.

Fulham also to sell Dempsey to champions league participants Malaga. With this profit they will sign hoilett, psg winger nene and Belgian international nacer Chadli(7)(35)Lies about Kerim Frei to Arsenal and lies about Nene to Fulham.

Clint Dempsey will either go to Malaga, Lille or PSG and Chadli looks certain to be Clint's replacement.15m? wonderkid? this guys delusional not to mention hoilett is gone to borrussia monchengladbach and nene is too good for fulhamWouldn't sell him for £15m, hes the best young player we have had for as long as i can remember, hope we can keep him for many years to come.


18 Jun 2012 11:19:17
Charlton are looking at Tobias Mikkelsen.(4)(9)


18 Jun 2012 12:30:19
gary johnson is intesting in signing his
son lee johnson and coles skuse(3)(15)His name is Cole Skuse and he is very much part of the first team squad at Bristol City


18 Jun 2012 12:17:05
Barnsley set to sign jacob mellis on a free transfer(20)(5)


18 Jun 2012 11:52:06
James Collins is to sign for Swindon along with town target Andy Williams this week(12)(6)He's signed on offical siteThey have already signed for swindon town on a two year deal


18 Jun 2012 11:51:10
Cheltenham Town are in the running for Colchester striker, and former player Steven Gillespie .
The Ex-Robin has been hampered by injury since his move away from Whaddon Road.
Fleetwood are believed to be another team watching the ex-Liverpool trainee, however it is thought Gillespie would favour a move back to the Cotswold's instead of the west coast.(1)(9)Joined fleetwood


18 Jun 2012 11:44:16
Any southampton fc rumours(8)(13)To be confirmed in next couple days, Ince signing for £3.5mil plus sell on's and Jaidi first role at the club is to bringing in Ă„nis Ben-Hatira (Tunisian International) from Hertha Berlin for £2mil.Really hope so


18 Jun 2012 11:14:00
Huddersfield to sign snodgrass and clayton from Leeds.(8)(37)Snodgrass is worth 5 million + why would he join a tinpot tean like Huddersfields.I am a Norwich supporter, and I recall Leeds supporters writing something similar when rumours surfaced that Johnson was going to sign for Norwich.
I suspect that Tinpot team you refer too will finish in the top 6 next season, and your famous Leeds team will be lucky if they make the top half of table, I predict Warnock will not last the Season.
Expect Snodgrass and a couple more of your better players to be sold soon after transfer window opens.I agree with ^^^^^^Thats what leeds fans are like mate we are used to in now. They talk absaloute rubbish and think the 'mighty' leeds are still in th prem. 'maaarching on together..' keep singing lads your marching knowere.I've always liked Norwich... (Terrier)Obviously total rubbish ,as you're a norwich fan, johnson wanted to leave and we were glad to see him go, snodgrass wants to stay,and if, a big if, he did leave he would go to villa to join up with howson, whos on his way there,and of course we will be swapping places with the carrot crunchers next season MOTI predict that Warnock may not make the start of the season never mind the end.


18 Jun 2012 11:09:57
Andros Townsend is going to Ipswich for a medical tomorrow(7)(19)More like Andy Townsend....Good luck with that one, overrated player with an ego to match.Does anyone know if Leeds are interested in signing him again?


18 Jun 2012 09:15:08
After already being the first to drop the Ronnie Henry and Danny Spiller to Luton rumours (both of which are now done deals) I can confirm Jon Shaw is in Luton this week for talks after hearing what Oxford, Fleetwood and York have had to offer him. There is a clause in Yan Klukowski's new contract that allows him to leave for X amount, which Luton are likely to meet after testing FGR's resilience by offering Alex Lawless as part exchange, and Michael West is still under a bid from the Hatters. Pilkington and Howells likely to sign new deals with Luton. Amari Morgan-Smith will leave if we sign Jon Shaw. Ta.(11)(4)Hope this is all true, but want AMS to stay.I like what Buckles been doing this summer. I have doubts about Shaw but for geographical reasons. Guess we'll see. Klukowski and West will be fantastic additions. Do we need a 2nd Keeper to keep Tyler on his toes?

DanmationHope we sign jon shaw but wish to keep AMS and klukowski great player and west ! buckle revoloution under wayPilkington gone to Mansfield. Shaw has never spoken to Oxford.


18 Jun 2012 10:16:54
Steve Morison to sign for West Ham(8)(23)I think this is a non starter, on long term contract with Norwich so unless West ham offer stupid money he is going nowhere.Deal agreed about a month ago, watch this space..............


18 Jun 2012 09:39:56
Gary Roberts will be signing for Swindon Town today - Source - BBC Wiltshire(13)(10)Gary roberts has signed a two year contract for swindon town


18 Jun 2012 09:08:18
Charlton are looking at Danish midfielder Tobias Mikkelsen.(10)(7)I very much doubt he would sign for us but would be goodWhy? Nordsjaelland are bound to resist the breakup of the team that won the league last term but inevitably with a club of that size it will happen.We are short on wingers......


18 Jun 2012 10:55:58
Huddersfield town in talks with adam clayton, ross mccormack, sean morrison and paul green likely to sign after returning from the euros(14)(20)Green didnt even goYes Green did go to the Euro's, he came on as Sub against Spain!!He came on as a sub for ireland against spainHe did actual. He came on as a sub the other dayYes, he did go to the eurosYes he did. He played the last 10 mins against Spain.Green did go to Euro's !So green went to the euros then


18 Jun 2012 10:45:22
Shrewsbury's James Collins to be announced as a Swindon Town player at press conference this afternoon.(7)(5)


18 Jun 2012 10:37:29
arsenal want taylor, relable source.(2)(17)Did this "relable source" happen to mention which Taylor Arsenal wanted?Paul taylor from peterborough, this was meant to be put on the peterborough rumours page


18 Jun 2012 10:35:57
peterborough midfielder grant mccann is wanted by several prem clubs, my sources say.(3)(26)I doubt he'll want to move to Scotland.Boyd has a year left on his contract how many more times do we have to say


18 Jun 2012 10:32:38
Gary Roberts huddersfield/Collins Shrewsbury//andy williams all to sign for swindon today
BBC Wilts(7)(6)They have all signed a two year contract


18 Jun 2012 10:23:34
Shrewsbury's James Collins set to be announced as Swindon's new striker later today(8)(5)


18 Jun 2012 10:05:01
ronaldinho to bayern leverkusen for 8 million(5)(35)Im pretty sure Ronaldinho bought out his contract at Flamengo is now a free signing?He's only just signed for atletico mineiro after being released from flamengoLeft flamengo so wouldn't costThought he'd just joined Atletico Mineiro in Brazil


18 Jun 2012 09:31:54
West brom are close to securing 3 transfers ben foster danny Guthrie and marcus rosenburg(9)(15)Foster and Guthrie look likely, hope the Rosenberg rumours isnt true, dont rate him!Guthrie is going to southamptonFoster is most likely to go to spurs. guthrie has about 13 clubs after him so why west brom. and rosenburg has 2 1/2 years on his contractFor the 1billionth time, Foster is staying in the Midlands, be it at west Brom or Birmingham.. most likely west brom, today was announced they're in talks so please stop with the naivety. Thankyou.Guthrie's from shrewsbury and has made it known he would like to move closer to home so West Brom look the most likely candidates.

We were after Rosenberg a few seasons ago so wouldn't suprise me.


18 Jun 2012 09:02:50
West Ham have begun talks with Salomon Kalou's representatives over a move to Upton Park. They are prepared to offer around £65k a week and a signing on fee around the £3million pound mark however it is still fairly unlikely the winger will move to east London(10)(39)He is on a free you nesbitNesbit when a player is on a free he negotiates his own signing on fee. Its not a transfer fee but a large payment to the player.He still gets a fee from the club 4 signing on with them, shows how much u noYes he is free the original poster never said they were buying him just his wage offer and signing on feeIt can b also be used to off set the players wage demands so the wage structure is not brokenHe signed to play for a club in France.West Ham to pay £65k PER WEEK???
Not a chance


18 Jun 2012 08:53:53
According to BBC Wiltshire Swindon are set ti sign released Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts(11)(10)Oh mr.roberts, bet you wish you would have signed that contract wi hudds now 10 months ago,oh well enjoy lge 1.......................... hahaGood player at league 1 level. Comes up with something special once in a while!


18 Jun 2012 08:51:44
Mr C says Olsson will sign for West Ham.(12)(18)


18 Jun 2012 08:48:15
Frank whittle is planning to buy Pne through a consortium. , whittle is a pne supporter and wants to pump money into the club, to get them to the premiership. Source close to family(4)(17)No one will buy a club absolutely riddled with debt... do you honestly think hemmings will sell for anything less than the money hes pumped in to your club? highly unlikely..My dad's Richard McGonigal who works at FWP and he's laughing at this in the office. They did sponser Tom Usher (my mate) for £500 and he supports Preston but the boss Nigel Blackwell is a Blackpool season ticket holder and cannot believe whats being said....really funny.


17 Jun 2012 23:37:26
Aubamoyang of st ettiene , rakiti,c federico fazio ,darii srna jordan rhodes will join fulham
Pog will go reading , murphy to lcfc n etuhu to stoke haliche n bh riise to barnsley n davies to derby.(1)(27)Why would liverpool want murphy? {Ed025's Note - LCFC...does not equate to liverpool mate..I agree with ED. no
Brainer.Who's davies?LCFC=Leicester City Football ClubLcfc isn't Liverpool it's more like Leicester city.Simon Davies, the welsh midfielder for FulhamDario Srna would be an amazing signing.

Murphy will not be leaving Fulham, he will sign a new contract with a coaching role in the coming weeks as he has just returned from holiday.

Etuhu suits Stoke, Halliche and BH Riise are dreadful and Simon Davies is class, shame about his injuries.Simon davies was a half decent player - but he's too old, too costly and too injury prone now for the Rams i thinkI think Etuhu and Palacios at Stoke could do a job. Is is too much to hope for that having them would allow the wingers to be more expansive and attacking??If we can get all those in would fancy us for Europe.


17 Jun 2012 21:43:55
If Rangers get demoted and are forced to let all their players go on a free these are some possible outcomes. My source is a top agent who is already trying to wrap some deals up for a few 'Gers players.

Lee McCulloch, Hull 2 year deal.
Kyle Lafferty, Burnley- Had agreed a £500,000 deal for the striker but Burnley will now wait to see if they can get him on a freebie.
Alan McGregor: Aston Villa- Could seriously be Villa's number 1 next season with Given strongly linked to QPR.
John Fleck: Stevenage or Sheff Utd.

Ofcourse other players will also be leaving but these are the stories that my source has told me.(13)(16)The players who were registered with the now-liquidated RFC will be entitled to walk away as Free Agents if they want as soon as the liquidation is official. European Employment Law guarantees them this right. Whether or not the SPL allows them back in as a Newco is irrelevant in this matter.As they aren't covered by TUPE they can all leave nowGiven has stated he doesn't want to go.
McGregor would be lucky to be Villa #2.Lafferty close to signing on a free to Burnley


18 Jun 2012 07:17:44
Watford takeover near completion. The Pozzo family already own Udinese and Granada and are looking to add Watford to the list of clubs. This should mean more money to spend on transfers. We'll never play Luton again when we are in the premier league!(8)(14)Unless you draw them in the cup?And you'll never play Luton again when your "wealthy" owners don't pay taxes and your club cease to exist!Hopefully as an existing and established club owner they will be seen a fit & proper people to own a club. Also they will not want to lumber Watford with a debt the size of a small country like Manchester United, Rangers etcDon't know why so many people disagree. its all over the news. check bbc sport, watford observer etc. it's true. If they have the money, or if they are willing to spend that much money then it should be done within 48 hours.We will never play them agin as they will never get through the 1st round of the cupI do fear that this will be good in the short term but in the long term will result in administration when the new owners get boredThe pozzo family have done wonders for udinese, no disrespect to the club but they were not very big until they came. Also they are experienced with the aquisition of grenada and will probably like to drive a few quid into the club hopefully to see their new 'london' club int the premierleagueDont think these owners will get bored, they have 2 other clubs that have had success and been with udinese a long time, on top of that they like watford because of their 'youth system' so they will want to see all of them players come throughWell they havent got bored with Granada and Udinese? Oh well, if the worst happens Elton John will bail us out!Glad I purchased a season ticket


18 Jun 2012 07:11:48
Swindon town to sign Gary Roberts today according to The Sun and radio Swindon {Ed025's Note - dont read the sun!...or listen to radio swindon..(6)(11)Sorry ED....but it looks as if this one is right!! Roberts, Navarro and Williams all set to be unveiled by Swindon Town at a press conference at 3pm today. {Ed025's Note - i dont doubt the story mate...just the means of obtaining itHAHA!!....actually it appears it may only be partially right! looks like its collins, williams and roberts all joining!! ED....are you saying that the national treasure the SUN can get things wrong?? surely not!! {Ed025's Note - ask the relatives of the 96 fans who perished at hillsborough football fans should ever buy that my view, it is disrespectful to their memory..Fair point Ed with regards to the Sun, you'll have to start listening to radio Swindon for all our news though!


18 Jun 2012 03:15:29
Chris Hughton has put Mexican super striker Oribe Peralta at the top of his transfer targets for his summer spending for Norwich City and plans to make a £3m bid for the player who scored 43 goals over the past season in the Mexican premiership(15)(5)Hmmmm could work for us, still a little reserved about a Mexican coming to Norwich, plus he's only had one good season and is now 27/28 just about his peakThis would be the best sighning everThis is just a wishlist created by someone on a Norwich forum. confirmed on that site. odds are Hughton may of not even heard of him, let alone put him on top of his transfer targets.So on here you say Hughton is interested and on the pink'un you just say he is someone we should look at, enthusiasm at it's highest.Not to mention, the mexican Premier is equivalent to League two.You cannot be serious in comparing the mexican league to league 2 do you know how many players have gone on to progress to some europes very top clubs from the mexicsn league
It is top league that you clearly haven't got the smallest bit of knowledge ofThat is rubbish about the Mexican league being equal to league 2. I know it's only a game but on fifa the Mexican teams have the same sort of ratings as our championship teams and Javier Harnandez came from Mexico and has thrived it the permMinus the fact that I moved to the states a while back? I have watched many leagues, from watching a conference games up to premier league. I have watched many MLS games and mexican league games. the league itself is appauling and Oribe has only performed this season (he probably discovered you can shoot from 40 yards out and score.)


18 Jun 2012 01:54:02
Barnsley to sign Mido, Kevin Kilbane, Lee Williamson, Harry Arter and Oliver Norwood.(14)(14)Hope this is correct, would sure up team and ensure survival in championship next season definitely.


17 Jun 2012 23:23:09
Real Madrid will try to attack more attacking flair to their squad with a £30 million bid for David Silva and despite Sao Paolo saying Lucas won't leave untill after the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Mourinho is a fan of both and main targets(10)(10)When last week he said he loved life at the ethidad



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