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Villa had already put pen to paper in a move to Tottenham for £22 million, however he has now decided he wants Champions League football, but will not be allowed to move to another Premier League club. FC Barcelona and Madrid both will not pay the money for Villa and Tottenham are trying to negotiate a a Player Exchange (notably Eto'o who has said no and Robinho) – Tottenham are now trying for a deal involving RVN, but that is all dependent on Ronaldo going to Madrid as RVN and Ronaldo do not get on. The deal could just be a loan deal, giving Tottenham time to make the CL, before they are forced to sell him. Obviously this has complicated things with Berbatov moving on as Villa was going to be the replacement.

– Secret Agent Man –

  To the Liverpool fan who stated that they believe their team to be title contenders, please do not overestimate yourselves, you and Arsenal will soon be competing with others to even get in to the Champions League. Everton rumours: –

In – Engelaar (FC Twente, £6 million), Fernandes (Season Loan), Riki (Deportivo, £3.5 million), Joe Lewis (Peterborough, £3 million). The Arshavin, Bentley and Joaquin rumours seem to be lingering but very little seems to be happening.

Out – Carsley, Van der Meyde (Reggina, Catania or Anderlecht, £1.5 million), Johnson (the Hammers, £9.5 million) and Hibbert (boro, £1.5 million).

  Arsenal Links, Rumours and Transfers

Aaron Ramsey ;

Likely to stay in reserves and play a handful of Carling Cup matches altohugh is is known that Cardiff would like him back on loan so do not be surprised if that does happen

Raul Albiol ;

Wenger rates him at £5 million although Valencia want more in the region of £10 million. It is thought that this is too much for Wenger to shell out.

Carlos Vela ;

As much as I think every gooner wants him to play there is every chance he is going back out on loan to Spain

Vincent Komopany ;

Will not be an Arsenal player this year as Wenger himself has said this, but expect an interest in him in the future, Wenger also said he is tracking a couple of Belgian players, one of these could be Anthony Vanden Borre

Emmanuel Adebayor ;

Arsenal rated him at £32 million althogh there are rumours that Milan are ready to offer £25 million, could this sway Wenger even thoguh he does not want to sell

Daniel Parejo ;

Arsenal are keeping a keen eye on this young lad but Valencia have put a £11.8 million price tag on him.

Yaya Toure ;

It not going to happen, I promise you, FC Barcelona want to keep him, we do not want to pay £15 million, end of?

David Villa ;

Although I am not 100 percent sure I could have sworn that there was a statement released a while ago by David Villa saying IF he was to move to England he would only want to play under Wenger. Although I feel that he will stay in Velencia and see if he can help them to a better position next year and if nothing happens he will be off, similar to Torres

Samir Nasri ;

Athletico Madrid have lodged a bid for him although it is like 90 percent he is Arsenal

Other Transfers and Rumours

Kaka ;

Released a statement saying that he is not going to leave Milan

David Villa ;

Said that he does not want to be in Liverpool next season

Riise ;

If he is not promised first team football wants to leave Liverpool possibly to Italy for about £4 million

Ronaldo ;

Why does he not commit himself to Man United, keeps commenting how he is only focussed on the Euro's, is this a way of him avoiding the question, he wants to leave, no doubt.

Ronaldinho ;

Not going to City, possibility of him and Deco linking up under Scolari at Chelsea.

Deco ;

Off to Chelsea, about 75 percent sure

Torres ;

Not going anywhere

Drogba ;

Released statements saying he does not want to leave Chelsea and wants to be in England next year.

Benzema ;

Lyon have ruled out an exit anywhere for Karim Benzema

Eto'o ;

Milan want him and FC Barcelona dont.

Although these may not spark the imagination of everyone, they are real rumours and statements, can we not see more of these unless someone has really sht hot info.


  I have just seen nole Hunt and Steven Hunt leave parkhead

  To the people saying that David Villa would rather play for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona than Liverpool: He did not actually say this. He said he would rather play for Real or FC Barcelona than move to "London". One can only assume he was refering to Chelsea. A move to Liverpool is still very much a possibility, as everyone knows that Rafa has been interested in him for some years and he clearly has a very good on and off field relationship with Torres, Reina and Alonso.

  I was speaking to ex Everton goalie Paul Gerrard the other day in Slaters bar in town and he said that Everton are signing Owen, Fletcher, Arshavin and unkonwn italion kid called Marco Stabilo from Pisa. Goals AOTS


  Michael Owen will be signing for Everton. He wants to be nearer his newly built racing stables.he is happy to take a pay cut for this too.

Duncan Ferguson is being lined up as David Moyes No. 2.

Arshavin is a done deal.

  My father in law is a high ranking Knowsley council official, and in recent meetings with Everton directors re the new stadium in Kirkby, he was told that not only will Andre Arshavin be joining for £9 million after the euros, but also that Juan Roman Riquelme's agent Jorge Dinero has been in Liverpool again for talks with Bill Kenwright, and a contract is close to being agreed.

  Lets nip this in the bud right now all these people going on about Man United signing all these midfeilders, has every one forgot that they have Giggs, Scholes, Fletcher, O'Shea, Ronaldo, Anderson, park, nani, Hargreaves, Carrick who are all competeing for 4/5 places. Man United will only sign to players this closed season, 1 a forward the first choice beinging Berbatov the second being Hunterlaar one of these two will be brought in, the second being a right back this will be Ramos from Madrid in a deal seeing Real gettin first refusal on Ronaldo WHEN UNITED DECIDE TO SELL. I have it on good authority that will be when Fergie leaves and not before. The Glazers know that in 2/3 years time with the learnig curve Ronaldo is on even on a short contrct he will still comand a 40,0000 pound fee and Madrid would have to pay this as a bidding war would start with Barcelona.

  I take this site with a mountain of salt, as it is mainly a bit of banter. But I wish people, when making these things up, at least try and be realistic.

The guy who thinks Bullard is coming to Everton for £7 million, and secondly Fernandes for £4 million, seriously needs his head checking.

EFC that I think ARE likely:

Bradley for 4–5 million.

Arshavin/Joaquin/Kallstrom are all unlikely, Arshavin has been given until after Euros to sort out, DM is still considering whether to make an official bid.

Moyes I think is interested in Engelaar, but may not want to pay as much as FC Twente want for him (due to Euros performances).


  Celtic were supposed to be looking at signing Stephen Parkes but Strachan is unsure of his fitness after he suffered a leg break. Parkes is been touted the next "Neil Lennon" as Strachan wants a defensive midfielder to compliment Riquelme when he makes him a Celtic player.

Heard it from reliable Parkhead sources

  Never have I seen so much rubbish about Man United on a site. Ronaldo is going which will almost definatly mean a switch with Robinho + cash and possibly Sneijder and Robinho + cash. However Sneijder's recent success in the Euros means his price has risen making this deal more unlikely.

Goalkeeper – None Foster challenging more and more for VDS position however if he is not up to it expect a replacement in January.

Defenders – Lahm is the big target and will almost definitely come as he has expressed his desire to play abroad. With Pique gone I expect this to be the only signing but Richards coming is rubbish.

Midfield – Veloso is not coming not got the tallent. Sneijder is the main target and Robinho but if Sneijder does not come then Moutinho will be arriving to replace scholsey.

Strikers – With Manucho coming expect a main front man aswell. not BERBATOV. This will be Benzema or Fabiano for definite.

  Still a large number of unrealistic rumours being posted here. It seems pretty unlikely that Liverpool have agreed a deal for David Villa with Valencia for £17 million, £20 million or £22 million – especially given Valencia will effectively be auctioning the player between Real, FC Barcelona and Chelsea. I would expect him to move to FC Barcelona or Real for around £30 million – although Chelsea may gazump them both. This does not entirely rule Liverpool out – thLiverpool are not going to sign Nasri either – he will be off to Arsenal. Torres will not be leaving Liverpool either – be realistic please. United will lose Ronaldo to Madrid but again – be realistic – this is not going to happen behind Fergie's back and neither Ramos nor Robinho will be part of the deal. Fergie might push for one of his old favourites – Robben – though. Quieroz will leave to take over as coach for Portugal and I would think Mike Phelan will get the nod to take over as assistant. In terms of targets, I cannot see Berbatov (over–priced and too sullen) being a target – most of what is in the press is probably his agent trying to drum up interest for his client – the same goes for Jermaine Jones too. Expect Lahm to come in (right back and cover for Evra), a possible move for Lamine Diarra, + a winger and one or two forwards. Quaresma is probably Inter bound, by the way. Strikers – Roque Santa Cruz still seems most likely, and Dean Ashton might still be on the radar.

  Arsenal have signed two players from Udinese. zapater and a swiss central midfielder

  Why do people continuously write that Kevin nolan will be leaving? Firstly, he has it easy at Bolton; he's the captain, a top earner (having signed a new four year deal last year), and "undroppable" according to the last 3 managers we've had. So why would he want to leave? Secondly, he is not good enough to play for any other Premier League team. even Wigan. So nobody else wants him. And lastly, if Bolton were to sell him, he would not go for as little as £6 million seeing as that is what we have just paid for Muamba – we'd sell our captain for the same amount and leave our already depleted midfield even shorter? And seeing as our hierarchy inexplicably rate him so highly? I think not. Trust me I know on this, having watched Nolan since he broke into the team. But if you want him for £6 million, I would snatch your hands off.


Aaron mclean could be signing in the next couple of weeks

w01v3s 4 3v4

  Marlon King will re–sign for Watford from Wigan. Young CM Jack Murphy (16) will go to Wigan aswell as a possible chance of young LM Ryan Green (17). They are both thought of highley at Watford and Wigan have been trying to get them for a few months now.

  Celtic Rumours

Darren Bent–Loan with first signing option

Roman Pavlyuchenko–Celtic will sign him for £6 million

James McCarthy–not until next season

Yuri Zhirkov–4 million

Igor Akinfeev–9 million

Dario Simic–2 million

Ivan Rakitic–4 million


Artur Boruc–14 million

  Breaking Rumours. Barry will move to Tottenham and not Liverpool. fact. Martin O'Neill has been chasing a number of Tottenham players (chimbonda, Huddlestone, Lennon, dawson and Robinson) and Ramos is knows that Barry is a big Tottenham fan and confident that he can offer him Champions League football next year. Straight swap – Barry for 5 Tottenham rejects. COYS

  There definitely will not be as many transfer as there was last year. Man United and Liverpool both have budgets of about £15 million, although this could change due to the sale of player ie Ronaldo. Ronaldo will go. real have offered 75 million directly to glazer. big team transfers:

Arsenal: arda turan £13 million. if you go on the galatasaray site it says that Wenger has comfirmed his interest and inquired about the player. samir Nasri £12.5 million. all but signed, within weeks. ramsey already signed. Raul abiol £6 million. ben arfa will not be joining. santa cruz and podolski will sign. as Adebayor will leave for £30 million

Arsenal Out: Adebayor £30 million to Milan Hoyte £2 million to villa, Flamini free Milan, Lehmann free stuttgart, Eboue £4 million to Juve. I know Eboue is rubbish and why would Juve want him but that is what I thought about Sissoko.

Chelsea In: Deco £10 million next two weeks confirmed

Diego £22 million

Ronaldinho £16 million

bosingwa £16 million

Chelsea Out: Lampard £18 million to inter

Drogba £15 million to inter

Malouda £7 million to Athletico Madrid

Sidwell £5 million to villa

Man United In: berba £22 million

people who say Sneijder is coming for £13 million haha, real bought him for like £23 million and he's got better and better, if they want him 45 million will do it

that is all for United as they will not get Robinho

Man United Out: Ronaldo 75 million

Pique barce £5 million

Liverpool In: dossena £7 million.

no Villa he gone to real or barce.

barry £15 million. and that other player theyve already signed

Liverpool Out: Riise £4 million to West Bromwich

Voronin £1 million to stoke

Crouch £9 million pompy.

you heard it hear first

  Dario Gradi in a senior role to Leicester City, Gerry Taggart in as manager, coach Steve Lomas and Jimmy Quinn


Wenger will look to sign 3 midfeilders, one defender and probably 1 or maybe two forwards and a possibly a goalie these are who he wants:


first Joe Hart £6 million

second coupet free


first Zapata £13 million

second Mexes £6 million

third Kompany one0 million



Snejder £8 million + Hleb

Nasri 12.5 mil

Young £17 million + Hoyte or £20 million


Toulalan £8 million

Ben Arfa £12 million

Van Der Vaart £18 million


first Villa £20 million

second Podolski £14 million

third Santa Cruz £13 million

4th Guiza £8 million

If all first choices are bought then spent will be 70.5 mil. Sales of Bendter and one other forward (rvp or Adebayor) will cut £23 million (rvp) or 37 million (Adebayor) off that. Finally if both rvp and Adebayor leave two forwards will be bought.

  Chelsea are going to make a £23 million pound bid for miguel veloso and Luis felipe scolari may also bid £27 million for Frank Ribery once he recovers from injury so scolari will go for him in the January transfer window as Ribery will not be back in action for at least two months.

  Mauro Zarate will join Liverpool on a year long loan. The cost of the loan will be £4 million with Liverpool paying another £16 million if they want to make the deal permenant.

  Newcastle United Ins:

Gomis – 13 mill

arda turan – 9 mill

Andriey Arshavin – 10 mill

Nicky shorey – 3.5 mill

Aaron spears – 250 k

guthrie – free part of milner deal

daniel van buyten – 4 mill

spent: 39.75 million pounds


James Milner – 8. 5 + guthrie – Liverpool

cacapa – £1 million – Birmingham

smith – £5 million – West Bromwich

ameobi – £4 million – West Bromwich

Duff – £6 million – Sunderland

rozehnal – £2.9 million – Lazio done deal

Carr – free

andy Carroll – Derby – loan

Barton will stay, Newcastle will also try for govou, briand, and Wayne Bridge if shorey deal does not happen

  HUFC rumour

I am good friends with someone who has very good contacts at the club and was speaking to Chris Turner. Danny Wilson's contract runs out on July first and when that runs out he will leave to go to MKDons. The favourites to take over as manager are Chris Turner or Gordon Chisholm.

The signing of Robert Snodgrass will still go ahead for a compensation fee of £95, 500

Also Jan Budtz is rumoured to be going to Lincoln City for a fee of 45k and will be replaced by an experienced keeper

The club also want to bring in another forward and a right back however they will have little money to spend as most of the budget will be used for Snodgrass.

  I'm a kopite but am sick of Reading pointless wishes on here. As a club we cannot compete financially. We are not skint as we have the Champions League money (18 million) and any cash gained from sales (which could be as much as £29 million. Rafa knows he NEEDS a wide player and a strike partner for Torres. He also wants Barry and an attacking midfield option to cover Gerrard. Villa will not come as we cannot match his valuation and cover the other players we need. Silva is still an option dependant on a bidding war starting. Rafa will get Barry probably for £15 million cash straight up. Allowing O'Neill to bid for Bentley. Turan from Galatasaray is an option but his price has doubled so. Ben Arfa is also still a target and unfortunately so is Milner. Havent heard anything about forwards. To the sad mancs who constantly link themselves to Fabiano, he is not interested– This is a fact. As is Ronaldo leaving.

  Expect a lot of transfer movement at Celtic Park this Summer.


Clarence Seedorf. AC Milan (free)

Jerko Leko. AS Monaco (£2 million)

Shaun Maloney + Stilian Petrov. Aston Villa (£4 million)

Lillian Thuram. FC Barcelona (free)

Darren Fletcher. Man United (£1 million)

Georgios Samaras. Manchester City (£2.4 million)

Keiran Richardson. Sunderland (swap)

Alexander Frei. Borussia Dortmund (£4 million)


Evander Sno. FC Porto (£2 million)

Massimo Donati. Sampdoria (£4 million)

Aiden McGeady. Sunderland (£6 million+ Richar'n)

Artur Boruc. Arsenal (£13 million)

Steven Pressley. DumBarton (free)

Michael McGovern. Dundee United (£300 k)

Jim O'Brien. St. Mirren (£500 k)

Chris Killen. Cardiff City (£2 million)

Derek Riordan. Burnley (£1.1 million)

  Was staying in the Celtic team hotel in Milan last december and was seated at the bar beside The Directors–the discussion was all about buying Peter Crouch – could not help overhearing, and was totally sober as a bottle of beer was 7. 50.

  Can we finish all the cheap shots of other teams and concentrate on rumours please.

And to everyone stating Newcastle are not a big club you are wrong, we have not performed on the pitch that is there for all to see, but we still have the fan base and infustructure to compete at the top. with time and patience we will be back up where we should be. okay now who I think and have been told by a very reliable source (the same source told me keegan would be taking over when big Sam was ousted won me a sweet 1, 330) will sign for the Newcastle.

Arda Turan £11 million

Amara Diane £6 million

Bafatemi Gomis £10 million

Carlos Cuellar £6 million + smith

and possibly a COUPLE of the following

seb larsson, swp, shorey, emana,

All the Best for the new season


  Mark McGhee is trying to open negotiations with Heart of Midlothian again after having second thoughts about the vacant managers job. He has realised that he made a mistake but the stumbling block could be getting owner Vladimir Romanov to give him a second chance. McGhee and his advisors have been frantically trying to set up a meeting before Romanov chooses between Thorduson and Weiss who have both been strongly linked with the Edinburgh club. McGhee would take with him Scott Leitch who was gutted when McGhee turned the job down at the 11th hour (and 59 millionins) two weeks ago.

  The Hammers Rumours–

Leighton Baines – £5 mill

Tranquillo Banetta – £10 mill

Mark Bresciano – £6 mill

Richard Dunne – £0 aka. free

These are all true rumours reported from my

dads brothers best friend (who is on the the Hammers board of directers

  Vital Arsenal rumours

3 bids have only been made recently or are about to be made. These are:

Boruc £10 million

Moutinho £17 million

Raul Albiol £8 million

These bids are all going to be made and Arsenal almost certain to get all three players

  All these rumours of Ameobi going here there and everywhere, he is only going to one club and that is Norwich City. He will sign within the next few days to be reuninted with ex Newcastle boss Glenn Roeder.

Also the Baggies lose out on Paddy McCourt of Derry City as he decides to join Norwich City, maybe persuaded by his Irish team mate Sammy Clingan.

  Rumours for Sheff Wednesday are


barry nicholson free from aberdean

james O'Connor free from Burnley

vincent pericard 100 k Stoke

Richard offiong 250 k

jody craddock

Derek Riordan from Celtic


Simek Villa 2 mill

beevers £3 million Everton and Liverpool

spurr 400 k Queens Park Rangers

Leon Clarke Southend or Oldham

kenny lunt Crewe

remember folks there only rumours

  My Uncle works as the groundskeeper at Celtic park. He told me that Gordon Strachan was in touch with Henrik Larssons agent but was keeping it quiet. Also, Celtic to sign Alexander Frei as a partner to Scott McDonald.

From a good source, 100 percent true


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