Football Rumours Archive July 19 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 19 2012 

18 Jul 2012 22:48:37
Mark Wilson ex Celtic right back on trial with Bristol City(15)(9)Wanyama = 5 mil
Heard that Celtic were after Jordan Rhodes (5mil) and Marcus Henrikson (3 mil) using up Ki's 8 mil


18 Jul 2012 22:24:03
After the signing of Nathan Clarke, defender Ben Chorley is rumoured to be on his way out of Leyton Orient with Southend United his likely destination.

Chorley was left out of tonight's 5-3 friendly win at Sutton United.(5)(3)Whether Chorley is on the move i don't know, but its not southend he's going to. Chris Phillips, a local southend echo reporter, said on his twitter that we will not be moving for him, end of discussion.Yeah because he was injured. Having said that, I'd be happy to see him go.He had a slight injuryChorley will sign for the Daggers in the next couple of days.


18 Jul 2012 21:56:18
Arsenal's Henry Lansbury told he can go out on loan again after talks with Wenger about his future at the club. Bristol City have made moves along with Watford and Millwall(9)(26)Watford are one of his favoured clubs after a very successful loan deal in 2009-2010 so I could see this happening! but how many loanees are we going for/can have?!He'll be loaned to a Premier League team if he does leave Arsenal.Must be getting a bit annoyed going out to loan for so many clubsI have heard that Aresnal may sell him... with Watford one of the few clubs interested in taking him permanently.He won't come to Watford on loan. All loans will come from the pool of players within the Pozzo's ownership


18 Jul 2012 21:51:20
Arsenal defender Kyle Bartley will leave this summer permanently.

Leicester are rumoured to be interested dependant on the sale of Lee Peltier.

Arsenal will ask for £2million plus.(13)(16) 

He has just been promoted to the first team squard.


18 Jul 2012 21:01:55
Stoke City will lose out on the signing of Michael Owen, who has entered into advanced talks with Aston Villa and is expected to sign in the next week(15)(17)Has he?? Lambert has stated in the Birmingham Evening Mail tonight that he has absolutely no interest in Owen!!Good...hope this is true....dont want him dossin on the stoke treatment table thanksLambert has said he has no interest in the treatment table hogger.
Go get relegated with Stoke why don't you!


18 Jul 2012 20:50:04
Leyton Orient have completed the signings of former Huddersfield defender Nathan Clarke and ex-Colchester utility player Lloyd James.

Both have signed two year contracts.(10)(3)Wish Clarke all the best an excellent pro and a descent defender in that league true Huddersfield ambassador

Scott tLeyton Orient have got an excellent signing there.
MalhamterrierWish NATHAN all the best he is a true pro thro and thro and will always give 110%, on top of that a really nice honest guy (well he is a yorkshireman).Always Liked Huddersfield, best of luck in the Championship where you belong.

O's supporter.Orient are prob the only reason I'll miss league one, and Rochdale. Top clubs hope NC does well there you've got a good un O'sAl the best to the O's as well. have a great season. {Ed003's Note - aww.........get a room! }Nathan a true pro and a lucky club you O's are to have him, thought he would have signed for a club closer to home. Hope it works out for club and player.Col u fan speaking for the majority here lloyd james great vision and passer reminded me of a poor mans glenn hoddle but nathan clarke im afraid orient uve just relegated urselves to league 2 if i called him a sunday league defender it would be insulting them


18 Jul 2012 20:48:28
Clyne signs 4 year deal with Saints. source sky sports. Zaha next !!(28)(14) 

Dont want Zaha. very good player but i dont like his attitude along with his big-ego.


18 Jul 2012 20:30:34
Liverpool ARE NOT siging Joe Allen because in Brendan Rodgers contract he is not alowed to sign any Swansea players for 12 months!(32)(25)There's no such contract .and Liverpool sign players at a managers request the players don't sign for the manager they sign for a clubThats incorrect, he can sign Swansea players but only if another club also bid for the same player! Get facts right firstYou are not allowed to put that in a contract but there was apparently a gentlemen's agreement same as he did with watford, still bought danny graham a year later thoughThere is no such contract only a verbal agreement between Rodgers and swanseas chairman, that he will not raid Swansea of their players! If he puts in a transfer request or if an offer is too good to turn down then that is another thingIt is only a gentlemans agreement that Liverpool cant sign and Swansea players unless other interest from a 3rd party is present. Then Liverpool may sign himStupid comments boys FairPlay, you all now there is such an agreement but Swansea will have the option to overrule if Liverpool can make a better offer than we are willing to accept off anyone else.
All in all calm yourself down local boy Joe ain't as thick as Brendan to gamble his career like that at a fine stage in his career whilst he is progressing mighty fine with the jacks maybe on a year or two bit I just can't see it now.... Tomo ;-)All us jacks know joe is destined for the top but if we have to sell him now if he wants to challenge himself we should ask for at least 20m seen as chelsea paid 25 for someone with no experience of high level football but the comment above is correct I don't think joe would walk out on us yet cos he has years left of his carearDon't forget, joe has 3 Years left on his contract and Swansea are in a good financial position so don't have to sell...I think he will stay this season and move on next year. Not ready for Liverpool and the critics there yet. 1 year prem experience is not enough.Tomo's right, the contract exists, however swansea have implied they are prepared to rip it up if a big enough offer is on the table.


18 Jul 2012 21:01:14
Burnley to wrap up the signing of Sam Vokes by the
end of this week. And can someone Please tell me
how much Burnley signed George Porter from Leyton
Orient for?(19)(5)Fee still to be agreed. He was out of contract but we owe a fee because he's under 24, it will be minimal and no more than 200,000.From the Orient side of things, we wish it was £200,000. His tribunal takes place soon. it should be around the £90,000-£100,000 mark.Sam vokes is in ireland with wolves and wont b gettin back til next weekDoesn't matter if Vokes is in Ireland. Burnley sold Chris Eagles and Tyrone Mears to Bolton last summer in the middle of their tour.Aye its a long flight fron Ireland!!! MmmmmSam vokes will sign for burnley on Monday for a fee of £950,000


18 Jul 2012 20:42:24
Arnaud Mendy set to sign for Afcb for fee believed to be in the region of 45k. Various sources.(4)(4)


18 jul 2012 20:18:02
nottingham forest will approach blackpool for permission to speak to ian holloway about the manager's job at the city ground. karl oyston is expected to grant forest permission and holloway is said to be keen on the move due to the lack of financial backing from oyston.(27)(19)Would love this to be true, Would be great manager for forest. But got my doubts.Would be perfect for us, and i would welcome him in a heart beat....but honestly do not believe it!He's nt leaving Blackpool do sme research firstI will be sorry to see Ian go to Forest but
by all reports down in Nottingham he has been seen at the ground. Best of luck Ian and thanks for your efforts at Blackpool.Great REAL!! Ollie's going nowhere, signed a 3 year deal, go and annoy somewhere else {Ed003's Note - The above post is complete nonsense,he is in Portugal}1. He is in portugal until Sunday.
2. He has expressed how pumped up he and his team are for the next season.
3. Blackpool have a better team and will be promoted next season.He's been seen at the ground! Last time I checked he was in Portugal for the training camp. He is not leaving Blackpool. He says he is looking forward to the new season and in a better frame of mind than last seasonOllie is in the middle of building a lasting legacy at Blackpool, KO is setting up an academy in place of the centre of excellence and we have a plethora of trialists all of which are impressing. Seasider91I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the fact that Ollie publicly committed himself in his weekly columnI guess Mr O'Driscoll might have something to say about this!!


18 Jul 2012 20:17:19
Defenders Robbie Neilson and Steve Haslam have joined Burton Albion on trial(7)(5)


18 jul 2012 20:03:05
sorry palace fans but your so called true fan is now on the verge of signing a three year deal at your arch rivals!! george boyd has been seen leaving brightons amex stadium and i have a pic to boot. also tottenham to sign grant hall from brighton tomorrow!(14)(25)I think this is a very pointless move for Boyd, he should go to someone that have a chance of going up like Blackpool. Just look at CMSWhere's the picture?Palace have never really been interested. We asked how much, Peterborough said 1.5 million so we left it and haven't been back and aren't likely tooNo of course we have to chance of going up haha we will be up before Blackpool ...I'm pretty sure we are all in the same league and that we all have the same chance as each other to go up. If i am honest I think Blackburn and Leicester will go up automatically and its really between 10 other clubs for the play-offs it is such a tight league its unbelievable! But Boyd would be accepted very nicely at the albionThey don't allow pics on this website!! {Ed003's Note - of course we do,click on player sightings on the left hand side of the page,some crackers on it }Boyd is not coming to brighton. do we really have to keep saying it ?.Not been seen at the amex. no photo. no truth in the rumour. but how quickly do palace fans switch from "best thing since sliced bread" to "we never wanted him" when they think a player is going to turn them down


18 Jul 2012 20:00:42
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates is waiting for a response to his offer for Burton Albion striker Billy Kee.(6)(3)


18 Jul 2012 19:55:57
sunderland will sign steven nzonzi and martin ollsen from blackburn, also now wolves have signed siguardsson, sunderland will step up their persuit of steven fletcher. kieran richardson has refused to sign a new contract and will be shipped out for 3m or less as he's out of contract next summer.(15)(13)


18 Jul 2012 19:53:05
lee peltier to have talks with posh and another championship side when back from tour with leicster, after 3 clubs have bid 600k(12)(20)


18 Jul 2012 19:48:42
Cheltenham Town are set to sign veteran striker Andy Gray who is currently a free agent.(5)(14)Hmmm funny how he's on trial with leeds then.


18 Jul 2012 19:41:09
Stoke in advanced talks with nzonzi who is set to sign soon beating everton and villa to the chase(22)(5)Has already had talks with sunderland,signing when o,neil comes back from peace cup.He doesn't want go to the north east .and not many players do and the fact he lives in the north midlands already


18 Jul 2012 19:38:56
Lee Hills signs for Stevenage on a 3 year deal(8)(3)


18 Jul 2012 19:37:32
News from Sussex local paper the Argus is that Sean O'Driscoll is one of the managers who has been interviewed for the Notts Forest position. It is rumoured he might work with Glen Hoddle as Director of Football.
Out of contract Brighton youngster Grant Hall is being considered by Spurs although Brighton's 3 year contract offer is apparently still on the table - Spurs favoured.(6)(5)It's Nottingham Forest every manager who is out of work has been linked with the post. Just wish something would happen soonO'Driscoll is in work but would do a good job for Forest. He propped up Cotterill before he went to Crawley


18 Jul 2012 19:31:18
Any news on Adomoah?(3)(15)Possible going to southampton but Zaha from palace is another option for the saints.


18 Jul 2012 19:22:23
AVB seen in london hotel speaking with
hulk theres a picture.
Also his assistant manager was
in attendance(22)(15)Obviously wishing him luck wit the chelsea move cos theres not a hope he's signing for you spuds


18 Jul 2012 19:24:34
Oxford are in talks with Zavon Hines. The former West Ham youngster can play as a striker or a winger.(14)(11)Not a bad signing I suppose but wandering why we would want another forward not as if we're ever gonna play 442We are not after a forward! We have 7!
Its been said all summer by the manager and chairman. And in press today that we're signing 2 more players. One right back and one centre midfielder.


18 Jul 2012 19:18:13
milton keynes are monitoring Alfie
Potter during the pre season games to make sure his injury has totally healed expect a bid before the season starts(4)(11)


18 Jul 2012 19:16:53
I've been told Matt Ryan's mentor John Crawley has advised him to leave Central Coast Mariners and join either Tottenham Hotspur (with a view to be loaned out), Burnley and I've been told their is a slight interest from Ipswich town in which Matt and John aren't interested.(5)(3)Matt Ryan is a good keeper....shame to see him go to the Spuds.Ipswich aren't interested now we've got Loach - J2BLUENow loach has signed ,Davies will arrive within the next 5 days as soon as a fee is agreed.jewell is then waiting on two prem players for a year long loan as soon as the clubs sort out their squads.this is genuine news from staff at portman road.Previous poster. You forgot about Cheick Kourouma signing soon and one or more of the trialists may sign. Bahamboula looks like a promising young player to get.No loansThe young lad has not signed yet.there is a big problem so I here through the grape vine so do get excited yet my friend.


18 Jul 2012 19:15:42
nzonzi could be on his way to viilla as a replacement for jean makoun who is free to leave.sunderland are also interested.(6)(19)Stoke and everton are way above villa in the pecking orderNzonzi is coming to sunderland


18 Jul 2012 19:12:17
walsall are set to offer former tottenham hotspur goalkeeper oscar jansson a 1 year-deal as backup to jimmy walker and david grof after liam maher left the club(3)(12)


18 Jul 2012 19:12:35
Portsmouth are set to sign 2/3 of the players who are currently on trial with us once Varney and someone else goes, players are likely to be Mcleod, Dumbayu and possible either Brian Howard, Simon Gillet, Jon Harley or Simon Eastwood(7)(7)Can't see this happening considering the embargo on the club and having no feeasible way of meeting the league's criteria in order to start the seasonRegardless of who they sell they are still under a transfer embargo and will not be able to sign anybody until they are out of administration. Unfortunately given the current situation, that won't be any time soon.Heard Luke Rodgers is on loan. Source port vale websiteUnless the league think that we are going under (or want us t go under). They will eventually have to allow us to sign players or we won't be able to field a team.

The league 'accepts' that teams require a minimum of 20 players to be able to compete and field a team.How do you know only 2/3 of the trialists will sign ? We are going to have to sign at least 12 free agents to form a squad so I would imagine that we will sign 5/6 of the trialistsLuke Rodgers is on trial, as he is avaliable on a free.There isn't a transfer embargo. The club is allowed to sign players once given the 'green light' by the football league not once they come out of administration. Once they've sold players on high wages they are allowed to replace them with people on lower demands.Yes it says on pompey news website appleton looking to sign at least 6 of the trialists on tour when given the green light and has 5 other free agents at home in england wanting to join the clubPompey need to shift at least 6 high earners to get the 'green light' from the FL, the transfer embargo for in-coming players is still in place.


18 Jul 2012 19:12:10
chelsea are looking to add another attacking option to there ranks by making a move for shakhtar star willian.the brazilian would welcome the move but the ukranian outfit have rejected chelseas initial bid(9)(6)How do chelsea think they are going to be playing all these 'new' players?


18 Jul 2012 18:44:49
Liverpool owners say Liverpool have signed Dempsey, Fulham say Liverpool havn't even made a bid! Who to believe?(9)(16)Fulham want Andy Carroll on loan thats probablly why Fulham are denying the Clint Dempsey dealYou believe Fulham, obviously. Because if he has signed they would be waving bits of paper, or a contract, and Dempsey would be waving a red shirt. But instead the American's announcement has been withdrawn. We've all heard of transfers being agreed 'subject to a medical', or 'subject to personal terms being agreed'. But in this case the solid agreement seems to be so way off that you wonder just what LFC are doing. It is customary to keep things quiet so negotiations can proceed in an orderly manner, and then take advantage of a public unveiling of a new signing. Now Liverpool may have blown everything.Arsenal are also looking at Dempsey


18 Jul 2012 17:22:37
Any stoke news Ed?(7)(8)Close on owen apparently and from what ive heard walters to celtic or sunderland (not my news just rumours)


18 Jul 2012 18:33:35
Ryan Hall privately turns down the offer of fresh terms at Southend United. Southend leave Contract talks too late and face the prospect of losing Hall, Kane Ferdinand and Sean Clohessy all for nothing next summer as they are all out of contract then.(7)(7)TBH this is b and made up seeing as they haven't entered contract talks with these players yet so they can't get turned down!Utter rubbish


18 Jul 2012 18:18:52
Nottingham Forest to approach Blackpool over move for Ian Holloway. Interesting...(23)(18)Maybe thats why Oyston has offered Holloway a new 3 year contract.....?Of all the managers mentioned holloway would be my choice by a country mile ;-}I know where Holloway will be come the start of the season and it won't be the east midlands, more like the north west coast!Here we go again !Behave Ollie's out on a team bonding exercise with his team, he's staying put at the seasideWhy would anyone "manage" Forest when some committee bods decide who to buy and sell.


18 Jul 2012 18:17:44
Oxford set to complete the deal for Robbie Hall on a season long loan.(6)(6)Terms agreed with Big Sam after pre season game.Not suprised the amount of forwards west ham have at the club


18 Jul 2012 18:17:22
Arsenal will bid for Yann M'Villa this week.(19)(10)


18 Jul 2012 18:16:44
Huddersfield will capture Chris Iwelumu as he is surplus to requirements at Watford.(11)(18)Wouldn't want him ! All our strikers are better !If he's surplus at watford then he'd defo be surplus at huddersfield!!
terrier85I hope this is a non starter, why buy this kind/age of stiker when we already have lee.No chance, too old and not good enough.The dizzying heights of the second tier must have made you light headed, Terrier85!

Been linked with Inzaghi, Del Piero or Iaquinta recently?Errm, Huddersfield fans, calm down! You should feel honoured to get our rejects.As a Watford fan, I do have to agree with the Huddersfield train of thought here... Why sign Iwelumo when they already have Alan Lee to do the exact same job? [always been an admirer of Lee - bully on the pitch, nice guy off it]Good signing. Has the experience to keep Huddersfield up, but TBF is nothing more than a mid-table bit player. Would definitely find his level with them. But yh, surplus at Watford.Surplus at Watford? How is Iwelumo surplus when including him we only have three/four strikers :Iwelumo, Garner, Assombalonga, and Vydra. Garner is not championship level and Britt made one start last seasonHaha terrier85 you joker!He isnt surplus at watfordHardly this hes light headed , why would town need an over the hill striker with an average goal scoring record when our 2 main strikers the older of which is only 23 combined for 57 goals in all comps last season and we already have Alan Lee. Iwelumu is not needed or wantedThe only prob with him leaving is we are only left with garner for the pre-season


18 Jul 2012 18:15:22
Oldham will complete the season long loan signing of defender Reece Brown from Man United this week. Oldham also looking to revive their bid for Charlton striker Leon Clarke, Charlton rejected a bid from Oldham last week but the Latics are hopeful a 2nd bid will accepted this time round. Chris O'grady is also on the radar of Oldham(5)(0)Only 16 starts in 2 years for rangersWhy would we want chris o'grady back he wasn't the best for us and Leon Clarke will not move to Oldham and we haven't got any more interest in him any more that was said by Paul Dickov.


18 Jul 2012 18:09:08
Burnley to sign highly rated Marlon Pack from Cheltenham for 300,000(12)(10)Not for £300,000 they won't, it would take much closer to double that.£500,000 at least.And a friendly. Has to involve a friendly, Cheltenham-Burnley transfers always do.450,000 and its a done deal


18 Jul 2012 18:04:36
Southend United are looking to take goalkeeper Yves Ma-Kalambay on trial with a view to signing him permanently if he performs well in pre-season.(8)(1)


18 Jul 2012 17:55:44
Swansea City have joined the race to sign Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama. They see him as an ideal replacement for Joe Allen who looks set to join Liverpool for 12m.(6)(22)Yes that makes sense Swansea buying a 10 m player to replace a 12m player!

BrianWanyama would cost 10m don't think swansea pay that for players?Wanyama is no where near the player that joe allen isJoe Allen ain't leaving for less than 15 million and Wanyama is on Laudrup's watch list.In rodgers contract it says hes not allowed to sign any swansea players for 12 months {Ed025's Note - if a team comes in for a player, and swansea agree to sell, as long as liverpool match their price, then he can go to them..Brenden Rodgers cannot sing any swansea players for 12- monthsIf Swansea agree to sell a player or the player hands in a transfer request then Liverpool can sign Swansea players! I've also heard this rumour about Wanyama, he has rejected a move to Man City because he does not want to warm the bench and is looking at his options from other interested parties.


18 Jul 2012 17:40:54
Bristol Rovers are keeping a watchful eye on the Jamie McCombe position at Huddersfield.

A commanding centre back is high on their wanted list and JMc may just fit the bill.(9)(7)He would be excellent at this level and has lived in Bristol before. Scores a few and good in the air, just not as quick as the championship requires of a central defender.Agree... he would be best defender in lg2!
terrier85He more than likely to drop to league 1 but certainly not league 2The Gas looking at yet another ex-City player? Boom Boom a good player at that level, good guy


18 Jul 2012 17:37:41
Berra to hold talks with Celtic on return from Ireland.(6)(9)I would willingly drive him there myself, even give him a piggy back.Hope not he's rank rotten may get a game for the newco in div 3 though


18 Jul 2012 17:31:12
Doncaster will use the sale of Brian Stock to fund a move for Stevenage's Mark Roberts and Jon Ashton. Dean Saunders is refusing to give up on the pair(9)(6)And gary smith's not selling the pair!Chairman has said no moves for players in the same league


18 Jul 2012 16:59:17
Cheltenham town are deep in talks with notts county forward Lee Hughes(3)(15)By deep do you mean in a mine? Lee Hughes has stated time and time again he wants to finish his playing days at NCFC, he signed a new contract with them a couple of months ago, (KC was manager) so unless he is no longer wanted (difficult to believe as most team want a striker who is almost guaranteed to score 15+ goals a season ) sooooo if this is true it will be a major shock!!!Are Nott's County going to buy a strikerDo not let hughes go, he will get 10-15 goals this season even from the bench.
Can't beleive they have not signed the following proven players
Sam Lloyd
Kieran freeman
Luke Rodgers

and letting steady eddy go, with that long throw was criminal


18 Jul 2012 16:47:09
Southampton have made a bid of £1.5m for Bristol city centre back Liam Fontaine he will fly back from Spain to discuss terms with the Saints(7)(24)Unfortunetely I have just heard this also so think this has some truth in it. Yet another centre back we have to find! :(Why would we want him? he wasnt good enough in the championship why would he be good in the pl.The same liam fontaine who failed a medical at saints last season?Not an official bid though so just a rumour plus another pointless rumour as he has just been made club captain... fonts only wanted to go last season as he wasnt given a fair chance by keith millen but said he wants to stay and work with mcinnes plus he loves the club! and contrary to the belief of some bitter gasheads on here we dont need the cash.Find this one hard to believe as he failed medical in summer , rate this highly unlikelyFontaine was excellent when the Robins beat us at St Mary's last season, really calm & strong, I think this would be a good reasonably priced buy as long as he can stay fit.Fly to England to see who? Saints just left for the French/Swiss Border Training Camp.Just signed a contract extension...another made up rumourNot what we need. Not better than we have. Desperately need some solid premier league experience at the back.This would be a disappointing signing. I think with the clubs ambition we should be looking at a centre back like Villarreal's Mateo Musacchio available for around 6million. Young & has had experience in La Liga & at International level.Firstly City have just made Fontaine captain
Secondly he was one of the players McInnes said the side was being built around
Thridly not really what Southampton need


18 Jul 2012 16:41:06
David jones is wanting to sign Luke Moore from Swansea(6)(7)


18 Jul 2012 16:40:37
Kolo Toure could move to russia and play for Eto'o's team(12)(7)


18 Jul 2012 16:36:09
Bradford City are interested in taking Huddersfield Town youngster Jimmy Spencer on loan.(1)(12)Hope not we have baker and hannah as understudies pp looking for more experienceHe's more of a wide man, would be good.We need experience up front not youngsters. How will our forward line improve if we bring youngsters in.Spencer isnt a wide man hes am out an out strikerHe scored goals in L2 on loan at Cheltenham last season,so he has got form at that level.


18 Jul 2012 16:35:47
Plymouth Argyle have had a bid for Calvin Zola in the region of 65k accepted by Burton Albion. Source; my brother who works at the Pirelli Stadium.(10)(11)Heard this aswell strong rumoursIs this actually true or notIs this actually true or not


18 Jul 2012 16:35:20
Derby very close to signing Richard Keogh from Coventry.

Aidy White from Leeds is a target, but i doubt it will happy(12)(15)Aidy white,Richard keogh and krystian pearce all attending training tomorrow confirmed on twitter most of the derby players have added them.Discussions still to take place between Warnock & whites advisors. He will still be in Leeds tomorrowHow do you know the three you mention are attending training tomorrow? It does sound promising as a Derby fan I certainly hope so because if your right these players would definitely improve the team. {Ed003's Note -White is still having talks with Leeds and Keogh is also wanting a Leeds move in preference to other clubs who have come in for him. Source a Leeds Academy CoachRichard keogh only wants to play certre back this not what cardiff city want and if he wanted to come to cardiff he would have done it by now its got to be suitable for both parties.Academy coaches no nothing a nd have no contact with 1st team affairs so this is rubbish...stop making up sad tales of woe!!God would he just leave the club. Am sick of hearing about him being linked with every championship club. get on with it.Richard Keogh is signing for Derby ,with James bailey going on a season loan to the sky blues as part of the deal .Keogh was tempted with the promise by Clough to make him captain ,while Shaun barker is sidelined for the whole season. Richard didn't want a move to Cardiff because he would of only been back up the two center half's that Cardiff already have. SOURCE----UNNAMED AGENT.!Callum ball signed from derby county on a season long loan


18 Jul 2012 16:25:04
Liverpool are set to offer Swansea Jay Spearing along with £6.5m in a player plus cash deal for Joe Allen. Wigan want Jonjo Shelvey on loan. Liverpool are not interested in Clint Dempsey. Liverpool are interested in Gaston Ramirez but could lose out to Juventus if they don't move soon. Liverpool will allow Alberto Aquilani to leave Anfield if they recieve an offer in the region of £5m with Roberto Mancini considering a shock move.(2)(24)Probably a swansea fan trying to get a decent player and £6.5million for a player nowhere near that amountYes cos of course the Swansea board take advice from this siteJay spearing decent?? have a wordSpearing is no where near good enough to replace joey!


18 Jul 2012 16:18:14
Steve Clarke wants to sign a Claudio Yacob, a defender and a striker.(10)(2)Although Claudio Yacob is a versatile player - he is actually a definsive midfielder.

Get you facts right!!Get your facts right, he said and a defender and an attacker.


18 Jul 2012 16:08:22
Salim Kerkar, formerly of Rangers, is on trail with Charlton and has gone out to Spain with them, he rejected his new contract to newco rangers so he is a free agent(5)(2)Also a guy from Spain who is 18 is on trial but no on preseason tour(I think)Salim Kerkar has only had 16 starts in 2 years at RangersSo rangers are a top world class team and you can't expect someone on the fringes to start every gamePlayed a lot last year though about 14 games + his injury a beginnig


18 Jul 2012 16:07:40
Huddersfield town to sign Sean Morrison, Anthony Gerard, lee Peltier and Ross McCormack with Antony Kay, jamie McCombe and anton Robinson being allowed to leave.(12)(23)If this happens I will be the happiest Town fan on the planet and with what we have plus this list a top six is nailed on. Also have to say that some of the outgoing on the list are pretty decent players, just not quite good enough to get us a to the top end of this league.It'll be gerrard over morrison, he can't have all 4 (lynch n clarke aswell) too many unhappy players! plus got murry wallace aswell, hope we get rid of kay,robinson,boom boom tho and couple of others,can't see spencer and atkinson getting games,maybe get rid of arfield OR gobern
terrier85Mate if you sign gerrard that would be a great coup for you he is a quality player gutted to see him leave the bluebirds.just hope we get some sort of fee for himWould happily take Gerrard over Morrison, think it would be one or the other not both we are top heavy with centre backs as it is ,
not sure about Peltier comming back. McCormack would be a good signing as wellStraight from warnock today, 5 clubs asked about mccormack but i want to keep him, if not we wont sell until we have signed replacement,peltier going to leedsIt will be gerrard or morrison not going to sign both otherwise that would mean realistically 5 players vying for CB including clarke, lynch and wallace, so it will be one or the other and the morrison deal is looking less and less likely if that.LooKs like Morrison. Cardiff City have just turned down a bid for Gerrard. Either increase your bid or offer us Rhodes in exchange!


18 Jul 2012 16:05:32
Joe Allen has a price tag of 15m and Liverpool are prepared to pay that!(6)(24)Well seen as it says in B. Rodgers contract that he can't sign an Swansea players for a year I declare this rumour a LIE!!!That's not true bredan rogers signed a contract saying he can't sign any swansea players , dempsey and walcott should be find by the end of weekHe is an good championship player, 6 million at bestOf course theyre prepared to pay it,liverpool love paying way over the odds for avarage british players,why change tradition?


18 Jul 2012 15:57:26
Yeovil to sign Nicolas Bignall on loan from Reading...

source is club official at poole town friendly.(7)(4)Probably permanent I can't see why reading would want to keep Bignall.Why sign him on loan? Why not... ooh I dunno... snap him up on a free transfer?His contract ended at Reading end of JuneHe's still under contract so unless hes transfer listed, Reading would be entitled to a fee... So yes, it may well be a loanJosh webb of reading going to yeovil not bignall.His contract ended summer of 2012 which is ummm let me think NOWActually you'll find it's young forward Gozie Ugwu who is joining Yeovil on loan.Its not bignall its gozie ugwuWe signed ugweu frm reading :/Gozie ugwu has signed on loan at Yeovil till the end of January from reading


18 Jul 2012 15:50:13
Blackpool are tryin to get ex A Villa
and Hibs star Isaiah Osbourne(15)(5)Ain't get already signed for an undisclosed sum?


18 Jul 2012 15:45:25
David Ball to Join Rochdale on there tour of Austria(6)(4)


18 Jul 2012 15:30:11
Heskey and Fuller to Hull
Dempsey and Allen to Liverpool
Ablonaghor to Sunderland
Lucas Moura and baines to manu
Modric to Real Madrid
Hulk and oscar to chelsea
Berbatov to ac milan
Agger to Barca
Weir to everton
kolarov to juve
imbrahomovic to psg
Scott Dann to Ajax {loan}
adebayor to spurs
hoilett to qpr(15)(30)Weir to Everton? Weir's already a coach at Everton. I think you've taken what he said out of context. He said he'd play again if the club was short of defenders. Please read headlines thoroughly.Allen not going to Liverpool as Rodgers can't sign any swans player till next yr. {Ed003's Note - It's not quite as straight forward as that}It's more of a gentleman's agreement than something set in stone
Q90His contact states he can't buy a player unless both player and club agree on terms that is accepted by the Swansea board. Long story short, Swansea will sell if they feel they're getting the better end of the dealFuller mabye but heskey wont come coz bruce doesnt want him anymoreNeither Heskey nor Fuller are in talks with Hull City, these rumours only started because the Daily Mail were a bit short of copy.Close friend of steve bruce has told me fuller to sign in the coming days on 2 year contract


18 Jul 2012 15:24:49
portsmouth have 3 more trialists gone to pompey training camp today. they are Preece ex barnsley keeper, greece centre back and 20 year old from french champions montpellier(8)(9)David Preece, Julien Lopez and Sotoris Balafas, the names of all 3


18 Jul 2012 15:16:09
MK Dons to Loan Jabo Ibehre to Walsall for 6 months with view to a permenant move.(6)(8)Why when the plan is to keep all the squad together!Is this trueNever going to happen hes one of our best players n yh this is a rumour site bt please make them realisticDid he even start a match last season? Hate to see it but there could be some truth with more strikers coming in.He is not our best player. He is awful. 12 goals in 91 apps speaks for itself. Robbo get rid of him!!Jabo's not for scoring goals but for holding the ball and pushing through big center backs. He has good worth ethic and has apart of a lot of the goals last season. If you go to the games you should know this.None of the strikers Robinson is looking at, or any of our current strikers offer the same physical presence as Jabo. For a promotion winning squad sometimes you need to have a plan B.How can he be part of 'a lot of the goals' from the bench? If he was that good then they wouldnt be looking at strengthning the position would they. and yes I am down there every week, he is the most frustrating player when he is on the pitch.Well be quiet; Jabo is one of our better players, every other fan other than you thinks that so your argument is invalid.


18 Jul 2012 15:41:30
Lpool are preparing to make a bid for
Swansea midfielder Joe Allen(13)(10)


18 Jul 2012 15:36:04
Walsall are interested in signing free agent alan O Brien on a 1 year contract.(5)(7)


18 Jul 2012 14:56:17
ipswichs move for scott loach appears to be in the balance as blackburn have come in with an 11th hour bid to steal him away from their championship rivals(12)(9)Said he's not interested In a rival bid, has his heart set on his boyhood club IpswichLoach will sign for Ipswich tonight.hemis a life long fan and with no disrespect to rovers they are no better than Ipswich,and anyway he is a local lad.Nope, he's a town fan. Would be very surprised if they got himLoach set to sign for Ipswich on thurs!He is an Ipswich fan and already lives in the south. Town have it in the bag.Ipswich have signed him.


18 Jul 2012 14:29:21
Wigan to sign Marco Pappa, Liam Trotter and Charlie Austin before the transfer window closes. Also looking at the possibilities of Jonathan Hogg and Craig Cathcart.(8)(18)No chance will you get Charlie Austin. Burnley don't need to sell and certainly won't want to. I'd also query why Wigan would want him, he's had one fairly good season in the championship, not ready for the step up to the Premiership yet.Not really the type of players we should be going for, No Premiership experience there really ,Austin has a 6m price tag and I dont think wigan have enough money to pay thatVilla will never recall Hogg from Watford and sell him to a competitorAlso heard that they were interested in Hogg and Cathcart. Pappa and Trotter deals also said to be moving closer. Cant see Austin signing though. Ps, what have Villa got to do with Hogg, he's a Watford player.Uh how could Villa recall Hogg from Watford when he joined Watford on a permanent deal last year?Why do people think that Wigan cant afford £6million :P course we can... just wont spend it on a player who isnt worth it


18 Jul 2012 14:23:15
Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels says that the club "don't have any money in the pot" but insists that Rory boulding still could sign, because of his low wage salary.(4)(2)


18 Jul 2012 14:14:11
Watford's Joe Garner and Chris Illewomo have been told by zola this morning to find new clubs after last night pre season game. Zola has told Pozzo family he needs strikers who can score goals at this level he they want to get to the play offs and beyond.(17)(5)Burnley fan, Iwelumo scored 10 goals for us before we sold him to you. Aside from that he is honestly the worst Burnley player i've seen in watching for 13 years.I think we already new this would happen.There is no way after one game he is going to tell people to leave, although I would gladly get rid of JG, would be gutted if Big Chris went tbhIt's Iwelumo
And although this would be a good move, I just think Zola's too nice to tell them to leave after just 1 game and about 5 days training.Good, the pair are not good enough for the championship, poor signings in the first place if you ask meWould happily see joe garner leave, but big chris has more to give


18 Jul 2012 14:05:29
South African international Surprise Moriri, is due to link up with international team mate Kagisho Dikgacoi at Crystal Palace. A fee has been agreed, and it now all down to personal terms.(9)(6)Palace will sign Paul Hayes from Charlton and Beavon from Wycombe


18 Jul 2012 14:03:16
fulham in talks with chelsea over the possible loan move of lukaku
west brom hopeful of signing claudio yacob later this week
newcastle still hopeful over carrol and going to up there bid to 16m after 13m was rejected
van persie interesting man u man city and juventus
AVB wants hulk
owen got a number of offers but looks set for stoke
southampton to sign clyne in the next 48hours
simon cox to blackburn for a fee in the region of 2.5 m(17)(5)Clyne signed,4 year deal,SSN,
yabba dabba doo.Happy with £2.5 million for Cox. Doubt it'll happen though


18 Jul 2012 13:54:30
Palace keeper Julian Speroni to leave for undisclosed fee.

I know someone at Palace and they cant say who he is going to but he did say that "Julian wants move north to be closer to his family"(1)(20)Ha ha, you might have had some people. But Speroni's family are really happy in south london and if he was to leave palace its to return to his native argentina


18 Jul 2012 13:51:49
Eric Husekleep will join bran for a fee of 900k(9)(14)


18 Jul 2012 13:51:46
Sources are saying that Zaha wants to move down to the south coast as his comination with Clyne is pretty impressive(15)(18)That's good. Shame Clyne wont be signing for Southampton. Source Nat himself, brilliant package offered but wants to join a top 7 club"That's good. Shame Clyne wont be signing for Southampton. Source Nat himself, brilliant package offered but wants to join a top 7 club"......Wow how wrong are you?! Made yourself look like a fool.

LLS83Mite want to look at the latest transfer news... Clyne signs 4 year deal at st mary's


18 Jul 2012 13:41:17
Rumours starting to surface in tabloids and local newspapers in yorkshire about Aidan White to Derby.(13)(9)Derbys number one priority is a left back due to no decent youth prospects for left back and roberts is 34 and leaving at the end of the season so i wouldnt be suprised but would be happyGot no ambition then, Derby going nowhere fastWarnock wants him to stay, gonna sit down and discuss with him again after receiving 2 phonecalls about him


18 Jul 2012 13:38:04
Van Persie - Man City
Niang - Arsenal
Oscar - Chelsea
Moutinho - Tottenham
Carroll - Newcastle
Debuchy - Newcastle
Douglas - Newcastle
Modric - Real Madrid
Maicon - Real Madrid(18)(18)


18 Jul 2012 13:17:36
watford interested in signing marc pugh for a swap money deal including chris iwelumo and 300K.(12)(12)Havent you go any midfielders you could give us instead of iwlumoNot sure how much truth there is in this? By the looks of things, we're aiming for bigger names......Watford looking at two arsenal fowardsHow many times...........Bournemouth manager is on record saying he has no interest in signing Iwelumo. They already have 8 forwards, all 8 probably better than him


18 Jul 2012 13:16:28
Leicester City's Lee Peltier in talks with Leeds and/or Huddersfield(21)(3)Must be on his mobile cos he is in Austria with Leicester at the mo. {Ed003's Note - Or his agent is doing the talking}Slightly wrong statement. Leicester have recieved offers from Huddersfield and Leeds.
Source- Peltiers agent. It said so on Radio Leeds. Huddersfield are in pole to land him again.Can buy a lot better player than him for the quoted £750.000£600,000,and he's back from austria ,and leeds are his first choiceIncorrect - not in Austria has flown home after asking to leave Leicester and in discussions with htfc and leedsTrue Ed, the agent usually does all the jaw work. Think he will return to Town, he has many mates there. {Ed003's Note - I'm also led to believe there is a definate interest in Keith Southern,however I wouldn't expect a move for at least a couple of weeks}Ed, could be true about Southern, Simon Grayson has stated he wants to sign a holding midfielder and he managed Southern at Blackpool. He fits the bill but has a bad injury history.Bad injuries in early days not so much recently!


18 Jul 2012 13:15:32
Stockport manager Jim Gannon will make a decision on three trialists currently at the club. All three have shown commitment and ambition and want to play for the club. Jim realises that to assist the players an early decision will allow unsuccessful trialists to arrange trials at other clubs as many other clubs are waiting. Jim is also hoping to arrange a trial for a goalkeeper and another defender this week.

Source Stockport Express and MEN news reporter.(3)(3)


18 Jul 2012 13:09:37
Jack Payne, Gillingham's 20 year old holding midfielder will join Reading at the end of this week . Gillingham will receive 700k and Michael Hector on a season long loan.

Payne recently rejected a move to Peterborough after learning of Reading's interest.(6)(8)Doubt it were looking for good players.Gills have not recieved an offer from Peterborough for PayneHeard nothing about this and B-Mac has said that he's not signing anyone else. However can see us making at least one more signing before Jan transfer window. Guess he wants to consolidate and see how his new signings are going to play with our champ winning players. Good move imo, signing a new team is not a good strategy."Gils have not recieved an offer from Peterborough"- and what position do you hold within either club to know this so certainly, i didnt realise fans were made aware of every bid made at any time


18 Jul 2012 13:05:42
Shrewsbury Town are closing in on an experienced centre back. (Mr T)(3)(6)Turner hasn't named the player yet though.I might be wrong but I thought I saw Lucas Neil outside the stadiumIf Lucas Neill signs for Shrewsbury i'll eat my right foot.Eddie Nolan is what I've heard.I know who it is former west ham and Peterborough defender Callum davenport he was talking to turner yesterdayNo way...if he signs I'll eat both my feet! {Ed003's Note - have a bath fist}{Ed003's Note - first,before you all jump down my throat ;-) }Davenport is a certainty.Nico yennaris is in talksAlso in talks with 2 more playersYennaris, must be on loan.


18 Jul 2012 13:03:14
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee will this week bring in former Motherwell Defender Mark Reynolds. Reynold's is considered surplus to requirements at Sheffield Wednesday and will once again be reunited with Mark McGhee.(6)(11)Hope so. League Two is about his level! No good for a Championship campaign!After speaking to Wednesday midfielder Chris Lines I understand Reynolds has declined to talk to Bristol Rovers and is looking for a league 1 club.Currently in Bristol and will hold talks in the morning! And no Chris Lines did not tell me this, i'm working at the hotel where he and a few lads are currently based! {Ed003's Note - I hope it's good pay}


18 Jul 2012 13:02:20
Shane Byrnes arrival at the Bury training ground has caused a bit of a stir.

The former loanee has returned for an initial three month spell.

Other triallists include a striker (ex Preston)..and a left footed defender (ex leeds)(2)(4)Ex striker from PNE? McLellan? Proctor? (not yet ex).Proctor would be brilliant! thanks but it does not say current preston player it says ex karl hawley for example(i hope not!!)and maybe ben parker. thats of course if this is true?"and a left footed defender (ex leeds)"

Can't be too many of them about?

Defenders from Leeds, I mean, not the left footed bit!

Leeds4alongtimeCould be the mighty Juvhel Tsoumou (ex PNE)Or even patrick agyemang?Patrick agyemang(ex pne) and andy o'brien(ex leeds) maybe?Patrick agyemang and andy o'brien maybe?Correct

and 150k plus a player turned down for david worrallOr Ricardo Fuller?Andy obrien is still under contract at leedsA.o'brien free agent according too wiki?It will be Leeds' old defender Ben Parker surely?


18 Jul 2012 12:57:58
Bristol Rovers News: This is 100% true from an extremely reliable source from inside the club..

Rovers are in talks with David Clarkson, and it looks very unlikely that he will sign a deal as he wants to play at a higher level.

They have approached Leicester for Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes on loan! Tom Parkes will sign but Cian Bolger WILL NOT.

McGhee also wants to bring in an unknown experienced centre-half, and an unknown winger.

The rumours of Alan Connell, Izale McLoed, Deane Smalley, and Eunan O'Kane are all COMPLETE RUBBISH, and McGhee has never had any interest in these players at all.

Aswell as this currently, the only german on trial with the club is Fabian Broghammer.

Rovers fans need to understand, McGhee only wants one striker and that is Clarkson, and no other players will be leaving the club.(9)(12)McGhee said that there would be more German's arriving this week.So where does he look (which he should be doing) if we don't land Clarkson? He's made it clear several times he wants to freshen things up front.More salaries higher salaries how are you going to pay all these players. do you hear that warning bell?Utter tripe..... We are talking to Connell and O'Kane, have spoken to McLeod who is gambling for a bigger salary at Portsmouth.

Three Germans are training with us ...

All you've done is state the obvious ....about Parkes and Bolger .

Clearly school has broken up early>To the guy above who appears to know what he's talking about... what have you heard on the Clarkson deal mate?

Do you know how far along an O'Kane deal is?So much rubbish here, don't listen to itTrust me all of you are just believing what you want to hear! we are not and never have been talking to izale mcleod, eunan o'kane or alan connell!


18 Jul 2012 12:13:32
Sheffield United to place a 450k bid for peterborough playmaker and captain grant mccann(7)(32)Not going to happen trying to cut costs and wages could not be met.Sheffield Utd have got no money! They are having to release staff!A deal fell through other day for sufc cus they wouldnt pay 75k for somone so very much doubt this rumourJust sold a player for up to £3m, and more big-ticket players will move out soon. The deal that "fell through" didn't fall through, Westlake will sign from Walsall with the fee to be sorted by tribunal. The redundancies are inevitable because the same set-up we were paying for in the PL is no longer sustainable and budget must be freed for another season in L1. Once McDonald and Williamson have made their minds up, and once we see who's going out the door, Danny Wilson will have his budget and McCann will fall within that.The Westlake deal didn't fall through, it is going to a tribunal. He played in a friendly last night. He will sign for the Blades. Walsall want £75k for him, but the Blades have made an offer for him which is more than what Walsall willll recieve at a tribunal but still less than £75K. Why pay £75K when we can pay less?


18 Jul 2012 11:59:10
Jon Walters is likely to leave stoke to either Celtic or Sunderland for a fee around £4 million . The Ireland international is likely to be replaced my Michael Owen on a Pay as you play deal(14)(25)So they are going to replace a winger with a striker, dont think so.Celtic paying 4m for Walters lol I'm a Celtic fan never going to happen! We can't afford that for a player with no sell on value

BrianTP loves jonny walters for whatever reason and he isnt going to sell him however it wouldnt be the worst thing if he did. As a stoke fan i dont want owen as he is past his prime and i would like to see walters and kenwyne jones leave and be replaced by defoe and steven fletcherAnd martin olsson would be a fantastic signingTo the person that said 'so they are going to replace a winger with a striker, dont think so' both walters and owen are strikers its just walters can play on the wing as well but is prodominately a strikerWalters is a striker he just had to play in RM when all that stuff happened with Pennant


18 Jul 2012 11:58:52
Luke Varney to be named a Leeds player by Monday from Portsmouth(24)(11)About time he left we need the money and taken off our wage bill.Varney has supposedly been close to a move for the last three weeks, believe the issue is wages, both what Leeds are prepared to pay and what Pompey will have to pay out over an extended period due to the deferrals, exactly the same situation as the Mullins move to Brum.Varney can move once Leeds pay Derby the £300k or (more) outstanding balance that Pompey failed to pay.



18 Jul 2012 11:53:27
ipswich town have offered peterborough united 1.7million for striker paul taylor!(2)(20)Utter rubish not true town dont have that sort of money to spendHe's the sort of pacey striker we should be targeting. However I don't think we'll be spending anywhere near 1 million for a player, let alone 1.7 million.Doubt that very much. Firstly he's not worth that much and secondly Ipswich wouldn't pay 1.7 millionclegg and pj would never spend that amount and doubt he would go! Next move onEasily worth that much, my opinoin is dont get a good wak keep him"He's not worth that much"!!! Dont talk out your backside. Paul Taylor is worth more than any player in the Ipswich squad, you really know nothing outside Ipswich to make a comment like that - im not even a Peterborough fanDon't think so, town are sensible with their money now keane has gonePaul Taylor is not worth more than JET. Just saying {Ed003's Note - I just spat my coffee out....}Oh and Cressie and Martin (when on a good run of form) are worth just as much as Taylor. Just adding.He's not worth over 750000 topsWell the Millwall fan spat his dummy out.JET was priced at 3million to put off reported interest from QPR and Fulham.


18 Jul 2012 11:48:13
Huddersfield on the verge of signing Anthony Gerrard from Cardiff, looks like the end of our interest in Sean Morrison from Reading. A pity but Reading wont play ball so we move on. Town Fan(29)(8)Play ball? If you offered enough money you could have taken him, it seems to me as though you rate your own players to highly and everyone elses not enoughWe are not a selling club and do not need to sell - oh - wait a minute, wasn,t that what HTFC fans were saying a couple of weeks ago about Jordan Rhodes? Oh well, c'est la vieTown were told, if you don't play ball with Rhodes, forget about about signing Morro. Only got yourselves to blame. Shame I wanted to see Rhodes at the Mad Stad next year!It is a shame town didnt pull their finger out over morrison,but gerrard is a quality defender aswell so happy days!
joel lynch, A Gerrard + P Clarke 3 QUALITY cb especially lynch...........
terrier85Offered enough. How highly can Reading rate him seen as he only ever played 1 cup match. Seems to me that because he did well at Huddersfield last season Reading have inflated there price or taken their bat and ball home cause Town wouldn't sell them Rhodes.Morrison wants to play for Town, they have offered around 600k for him which gives Reading a nice profit and if his isn't named in Readings 25 man squad he will probably be loaned out in which case everyone is a loser. Such is life sunshine.When did Centre backs command the same sort of fee as strikers? Whatever happens with Morrison good luck to him, he had a few good months with Town last year.! No doubt he'll be sent out on loan again. Just not to us!Lol, Anthony Gerrard is absolutley awfulReading won't play ball? LOL Much the same as with Jordan Rhodes. The offer did not new the valuation."Lol, Anthony Gerrard is absolutley awful" I trust this is based purely on the fact he missed the decisive penalty in the carling cup final?He wont be a loanee next season promise you that'Town were told, if you don't play ball with Rhodes, forget about about signing Morro.' likewise 'reading won't play ball'- stupid comments

this is not how business works so town were supposed to cave in on rhodes just because they wanted morrison. Rhodes is asset and assets are not sold on the cheap.

the situation with morrison, mcdermott still feels morrison could have a future at reading but is willing to loan him out to a championship side until january. This is where the two sides differ huddersfield want him perm. (Reading fan)"Lol, Anthony Gerrard is absolutley awful" I trust this is based purely on the fact he missed the decisive penalty in the carling cup final?
No, its based on the fact that he has no talent. Anyone can miss a penalty.Yeah you saw him take the penalty at wembley but you never have actually seen him in the season plus hes a centre half a couple of our strikers miss pens, so you cant base him as a player but one action, the only reason why we didnt use Gerrard during last season much is because Turner and Hudson is such a successful partnershipMorro has gone on pre season tour and plays, future prospect, no need to sell. Loan if anything for him.


18 Jul 2012 11:43:51
cardiff have signed the highly rated asian
Kim Bo Kyung, really looking forward to
seeing this guy in action.

source: walesonline(15)(7)Very good player fast and tricky wing good good buy.Cant wait to watch this guy play for the city!Does it really im a Cardiff City fan it doesnt actually confirm that he's signed for us and it dont say that we've signed him on any other website either but it will be a good buy


18 Jul 2012 11:14:42
Carayol deal looks set to be completed before Middlesbrough fly out to the Algarve on Monday.(16)(3)Highly unlikely as the clubs cannot agree on a fee. Plus they have another winger on trial who won't have a transfer fee and considerably less wages.Boro and carayol are sorted nw hes a boro player ul see later this week and we are in talks with two more so ths be 3 in and we geting two more a cb and striker its all go up the boro.Could happen reported in the northern echo that a deal is closeSo what are the names of these other players?Ano we got woody and parno led alredyYea just read about Carayol and the other winger is Kewell apparently... The CB is prob Bikke and the CF? Santa Cruz? Maynard? not sure on that oneThe centre back is amougou, winger is muzzy carayol and striker is derbyshire/ogbeche but hopefully we can snatch massimo off blackpoolWe want matt derbyshire!Carayol deal nearly done just need bristol rovers to drop asking price we dont want to pay no more than 100.000 for a unproven player may look good in div 4 but thats more or less non league we are also looking at david bentley what i think is better and english19 Jul 2012 15:26:09
MiddlesBoro may make a move for Forest striker, Matt Derbyshire.Boro have no chance of signing David Bentley. His salary would be way out of our league. Plus he's a London boy who would find it very hard to stomach a parmo {Ed003's Note - lol}Is their any truth in these rumours? I wouldn't want Bentley at the boro he's too lazy


18 Jul 2012 11:43:49
Anthony Gerrard is set to complete a move away from Cardiff City to go to Huddersfield Town. Fee believed to be around £300-£400k.(25)(14)Very good player , hope he dosent score against us on the opening day

cardiff fanGerrard would be a very good signing. I would say the pick of Huddersfield'srecent crop.

RedbirdGood player for cardiff but had to mutch to say like all sports men do the talking on the field.His sqaud number at cardif---6---Decent player but can be a disruptive influence in dressing room which is why he doesn't feature in Malky's future plans.


18 Jul 2012 11:27:05
Huddersfield Town looking at getting Manchester city starlet Reece Wabara on a season long loan but will face competition from Leeds(15)(15)Town don't need another defender of the untried loanee type we need a striker to play along side novak or rhodes.And Leeds aren't looking at him either, actually....

... we don't need any 'loan' players.Just because Huddersfield have left squad number 6 free, they are being linked with every Center Back goingHere we go again !! it seems every player neil warnock is remotely interested in so simon grayson is too.. simon go and find your own playersss and leave ours alone,,, ash from telford MOT


18 Jul 2012 11:17:11
Former Rotherham defender Tom newey and hull winger matty mainwaring are on trail with Scunthorpe.

The iron also considering bid for transfer listed james Bailey(10)(2)


18 Jul 2012 10:46:25
Swindon have rejected a bid of £900,000 for Matt Ritchie, PDC has said it will take a crazy offer for him to accept it for him, we are not in financial trouble and are on the up so dont need to sell, or if we do we will then have plenty of money to get a top class replacement anyway

stfc(6)(13)Can't understand why so many people are pressing unbelievable!! The Swindon press are running this story today and has been confirmed by PDC in two recent interviews!!And it's been confirmed that the bid is NOT, repeat NOT from BournemouthJust ignore the claims from the AFCB fan that keeps dragging up that we are after Ritchie. He is simply a wind up merchant, hopefully his Mother will take away his computer priviliges!! I think Swindon are going to have a great season and won't be surprised to see you in the top two, as for us I'm hoping we challenge for the Play Offs.

P.S Any chance of us spending loads of Roubles to pursuade your board into letting us have PDC?? ;-)Haha thanks mate! And im afraid not;-) sorry


18 Jul 2012 10:16:14
Sean Davis is attracting interest from league 1 clubs preston,Bournmouth and old club Portsmouth(16)(10)Sean davis could still do a job on the short term for portsmouth or bournemouth, pompey is desperate need of players while cherries midfield lacks experience.He ideal sort of player we could do with at afcb someone who will stick there foot in.He could stick his foot in, trouble is it may well come off...he's that injury prone!Agree very injury prone but he is a great player when fit and he does stick his foot in
pompey fan (come back seany davis!!!)


18 Jul 2012 10:05:39
Darren O'Dea and Tom Heaton on trial with Bristol City in Spain.

Talks ongoing with Buszaky.

Keogh - All agreed including personal terms then Cov wanted extra clauses added. Deal looks dead.

Bristol City enquired as to Simeon Jackson but fee was too high.

City looking at getting Bennick Afobe or Harry Kane on loan.

Craig Gordon is an option, but he has lots of avenues open to him so may take a couple of weeks to know one way or another.(12)(16)This all sounds like it has a lot of truth init!!Tom heaton and mark wilson are in spain....Agreed it's mark Wilson and Heston that's in Spain with city del boy still in Bristol thoughI really want city to sign buszaky as are midfield is poor at the moment, also we need another center back and o'dea is an average championship player. Would love heaton as he was super against us last season and in there cup runO'Dea has also met up with the squad over there.


18 Jul 2012 09:59:26
Oxford to will sign 3 of the trialists from
the seven that took part against west
ham , while Robbie Hall will sign on a
season long loan with Tom Craddock being
loan listed.(5)(10)Although all the trial players did well with Sean McAllister being the most obvious signing and I would love to see Robbie Hall back, but it would be stupid to loan out the best finisher at the club.Hall would be a fantastic signing, but cant help but think we have already covered his position this summer and have wide players who in my opinion have been bought around constable. rigg and potter as well as smalley (donkey in my opinion but hes here for the season) and JPP. even though hall is a great plan cant see him being brought in with the abundance of forwards we already have. but if we managed to ship out smalley or craddock then a season long loan for hall would be a great move


18 Jul 2012 09:23:00
Derby county will spend the Jason
shackell funds on Richard keogh
which derby have made a bid for
today in the region of 500k and
Krystian pearce for 175k both
expected in for next training session.(19)(11)Richard Keogh will not be joining Derby for 500k! He wants to return to Bristol but Bristol City offer of 800k plus player was turned down. They want 1mil which has been met by Cardiff but Keogh holding out for move to Bristol City hoping Coventry will grant him his wish.Coventry are reported to have accepted one offer for Keogh. they do not say who it is from. As it is thought to be for £800k, I guess no club will get him for £500k. Nor will his so-called wish to return to Bristol be granted unless they at least match the value and terms of the currently accepted bid. Simple really, with several clubs interested, Coventry are in the driving seat on this.To hear Bristol fans, you'd think they were buying ever player in the league...get over yourselve' aint that good...offer accepted is 800k from Derby!It's from derby for 800k. He's having talks with them at moor farm and being shown round the facilities. Still doesn't mean he's joining as Keogh says he wants to see all possible offers.The offer accepted is from derby but i think he will end up at cardiff with all the money they are throwing aroundThe lad Keogh is settled in the Midlands, and the only offer accepted has been the one from Derby.


18 Jul 2012 09:29:32
Norwich have a bid accepted by Leeds for Robert snodgrass believed to be £4m + add ons also Andrew crofts will go to Leeds.(25)(35)Do we atcually need another winger though?Heard on Radio Leeds that Warnock will listen to offers for Snodgrass. If Leeds are being taken over by a consortium of Billionaires from the Middle East, why would they sell their prize asset?Warnock was on talk sport 9.30am today saying a few clubs are interested in him and only 1offer fromnorwich in which they rejected out rightWhat planet are you on mate, there was one paltry bid made yesterday which was totally refused.....NW has already come out and said he's loathed to sell him!
Source?Norwich bid a pathetic £1.5mil he worth three times thatHe might not want to sell him but Bates ain't going to let him run down his contract so he is on the way to a premiership club, it might not be Norwich, but he will almost certainly be going somewhere.They would sell because Leeds may have billionaire owners but no chance of promotion Warnock still buying in the bargain basement and Snoddy might want to play in the Premier. So will be leaving this season where I don't know but NCFC have two old mates. Get over it Loiners your new owners not splashing the cash.Yes need another winger as Pilks and Bennett need competition and we need cover for injury. Plus we need to rotate players so they can contribute 100% in the games they play and don't get fatigued. Classic example of paying the price for not having cover out wide is Spurs last season. Different team without Lennon and/or Bale. NCFC deffo need cover to retain option of playing two wingers particularly where we play one up top.What you don't understand is, that football is a business, billionaire owners or not, they're not going to let snodgrass go on a free next season if leeds get another mid-table finish.
Snodgrass won't sign a new contract for leeds until Christmas at the earliest. your only chance of keeping him is to persuade him by buying good players, and finishing around the play offs area, and I don't think that's going to happen."He might not want to sell him but Bates ain't going to let him run down his contract "

Bates isn't going to be having any say in Leeds United........"Snodgrass won't sign a new contract for leeds until Christmas at the earliest"

Er, actually he could sign a new contract whenever he choses, I think you will find that xmas will be his FINAL chance, not his first........"your only chance of keeping him is to persuade him by buying good players, and finishing around the play offs area, and I don't think that's going to happen."

No, quite obviously we are being taken over by a consortium who are hell bent on not getting Leeds anywhere near a promotion playoff. They are only buying Leeds United to stop the mad Ken Bates from buying the best players around to get promotion himself......

... they have set a target of relegation this season, bankruptcy the next, and then oblivion.

All makes total sense doesn't it?

Leeds4alongtime"they're not going to let snodgrass go on a free next season if leeds get another mid-table finish"

We kept Beckford on and let him go free of charge, or did you not notice that one? And we didn't have billionaire owners then either, just the biggest money miser in the league in charge? It's called a gamble, and it paid off with Beckford, we got promoted! Same COULD happen with Snodgrass, some of us can see behind the rim of a half empty/full glass mate!This is pathetic. Leeds fans, I know you still think your the biggest thing since sliced bread but stop trying to trade on past glories, your not as big as you used to be. Norwich fans, nothing you say on here will count for anything, We MAY come back with an improved offer and we MAY get him. All of you, STOP BICKERING, it's tiresome.

Norwich Fan (But Quite Tame)


18 Jul 2012 09:18:04
Ipswich have signed Scott loach from watford for undisclosed fee

Source BBC 3 counties radio(26)(5)Would be a great signing.Watford won't get any of them 3 big namesHe hasn't signed for them yet, but Watford have accepted a bid.
Blackburn have also made an enquiry.He hasn't signed yet....Blackburn Rovers are looking to hijack the deal! Source: Sky SportsThank god this might be true..1st we gave them Priskin....then worst of the lot loach !! yippee ! Fancy Joe Garner ??Blackburn have now put a bid inMate loach is not the worst ellington wasRubbish GK... Ipswich U have bought a dud...Why are you so keen to get rid of loach? the only reason he is playing badly is because negative fans like you put too much pressure on him forcing him into more mistakes! he ll be a big lossHe'll be town player. He won't go Blackburn. He's a town fan anywayHe has agreed to sign, wouldn't turn down Ipswich as he supports themWhy are you so keen to get rid of loach? the only reason he is playing badly is because negative fans like you put too much pressure on him forcing him into more mistakes! he ll be a big loss
.........................yes your exactly right (Watford fan)Watford fans need a bit of a reality check. thinking he's bad because he had one slightly poor season and that suddenly he's not good enough for them. He's only 24. Really think he's going to prove them wrong playing for Ipswich!Try at least 2 very poor seasons! His judgement is appalling and will have you squirming with every back pass. His distribution is non existent. Once he was dropped we only lost one gameI think fans that have watched him play week in and week out for the past 3 seasons are better placed to judge Loach than fans that think he's good because of the reputation he once had. Loach was all potential, but was never really achieved. I hope he goes on and does well for you, but he will left in a lot of soft goals. Don't say you have not been warned.Loach is a good Championship number 2. Nothing number 2, I did mean backup keeper....honest. {Ed003's Note - lol}Very poor goalie when he looked so promising 3 years ago. Defence had no confidence in him and dont think he had confidence in himself! Can't wait to play Ipswich if he's in goal!Yes we only lost one game, and that was out of 2 games he was dropped, and we lost 4-0. he just hasn't had anyone pushing him for a place, he can just take it for granted, in his 1st season, we had other keepers who were pushing to start as well


18 Jul 2012 09:14:20
Keogh is about to move to Derby after Coventry accepted a bid of £800,000. Cardiff may bid as well but it is believed that Keogh wants to go to Derby. The bid is £250,000 as a first installment and the rest paid over 12 months.

Keogh has refused to sign a new contract and with the club losing money, they have been forced to sell.(16)(16)If true 250.000 up front for player of year is a joke I am sure tim fisher said the club would not do this sell him for a sum up front then the rest down the line jokeNot too sure Cardiff are interested anymore as Keogh wants to play at CB.Disgusting if true. Why sell for an offer like that when Cardiff would pay all the figure upfront. I'd prefer a player plus cash as well.Player of the year?who cares what awards he got your team went down becuase you couldnt win matches by not scoring and defending.Any champ club are taking a gamble when they sign a player from a relegated side as it could have been that player who was the teams down fall.No way will derby pay straight 800k cash as we could have just kept shackell.Nigel clough said the money will buy a cb,lb and this above is more than likely truePretty much every transfer fee is paid in installments, despite what footie fans think.

Derby will pay in installments but when they sell, they also receive in installments.

You can't have a player exchange deal unless there is a player who wants to come to the selling club.

Cardiff definitely wanted Keogh and still do but Keogh is understood to have turned them down.Keogh is a quality 2nd div player. All City fans will be sorry to see him go, but wish him well.Keogh the teams downfall you havin a laugh it takes 11 players to lose a match not 1 wot team you followThat player that could've been their downfall?!? Why would he have won all the awards if HE was the downfall? Think it through son. And if you think you are gonna get a CB, LB and ST at championship level for the Shackell cash, I think your dreaming. We have already turned down more cash than that so I would also suggest £250 is laughable.The fee you are saying is not true, we rejected 800k upfront for him.Agree with that last message some people dont no nothin bout football some guy suggestin keogh the teams downfall pmslLaughable maybe but fact.
Coventry turned down a bid previously which amounted to £1 million paid over 18 months. They have now accepted a smaller bid but faster paymentCardiff city fc only take players that want to play for them and by the sound of this richard keogh only wants to play c/b this is not cardiffs plan.Cardiff city need to pull out of this transfer the guy doesnt know what he wants if he,s like it know look out later on.forget richard keogh..


18 Jul 2012 09:07:21
Bid of 900k in for Mat Ritchie,this is only the start.Dicanio stated in Jan he would accept 2 million.
Rumour is from the South Coast and the North West 2 clubs are in for him(7)(8)Bournemouth have made a bid of 900k but i dont know how many times they need to be told the club want 2.5 million but Ritchie wont go to Bournemouth as most fans and probably Ritchie wouldnt see it as a move up more of a move down. Only one club has put an offer in according to our official site.It was not Bournemouth who made the bid, it was Sheff Wednesday. Expect several new bids coming in from interested clubs.....despite PDC stating 2.5 million he will let him go for 2 million, he has already targeted players to both replace ritchie and strengthen elsewhere, PDC is taking his time to see exactly where he will strengthen when this move goes through. If a offer of 2 million does not come in PDC will wait to January, he is sure that a offer of this amount will come in at this time and will use the money towards his transfer window dealings.Why would we be a step down correct me if wrong but you have onley just come up if ritchie had the choice i reckon he would come here.Yes I think a offer of £900k has been made, but dicanio is waitng for top offer, the £2m is not realistic as £1m would be tops for totally untried higher level player. Swindon have only got out of div2, if they manage to get to the championship then this is the time for richie's value to be anything near £2m. Like pugh at bournemouth these players are the basis of ambition to the championship, why sell while you have chance to reach the next level.Ridiculous response - in all fairness, and clearly you're a Bournemouth fan (just as I am a Swindon fan), Ritchie going to you would be a sideways move. Why go to Bournemouth if Championship clubs are looking at him? I expect us to accept offers of around £1.25-£1.5m, a fair deal and we could buy three very good players with that money (assuming Portsmouth had no sell on clause...). And just as a heads up - 3rd favourites for the title, just saying.....Just a thought.........wasnt he the player of the year in the season Swindon got relegated so it looks like he has already proved himself in league one he is under contract and we have no need to sell so anyone who wants him pay up or shut offence


18 Jul 2012 08:25:17
Leicester city about to pay under a million for Thailand forward Teerasil Dangda and midfielder Datsakorn Thonglao. Both of Muangthdong United.

Interest in leicester from the owners nation has dropped and this should again regain interest.(5)(21)


18 Jul 2012 08:54:59
Surplus to requirements Saint Lee Barnard is to reopen talks with Notts County before the end of July now Jonathan Forte looks likely to be Brentford bound(6)(13)Forte aint goin bees it zavon hines who is goin to brentford like the other guy says


18 Jul 2012 08:30:43
A number of premiership and championship
clubs have been put on alert by West Ham
after Sam Allardyce informed Carlton Cole
he could not guarantee him first team football
this season. Stoke City and Leicester
amongst clubs interested(23)(15)He has already turned stoke down with the club chairman openly putting him down in the papers so cant see that happeningStoke are not interested coats won't sign a player whom he turned them down before


18 Jul 2012 08:20:26
Walsall finalising the deals for James Chambers, Simon Mensing and Mark Wilson. Also has offers in for Ryan Valentine and best player in europe nominee Les Davies.(6)(6)We wont sign les davies


18 Jul 2012 07:48:35
Reading have signed Gunter and Mariappa.But McDermott will not stop there as Kondogbia is due to fly to England today an meet with Reading.Brain also wants anther striker.For the striker he s likely to look abroad.Urrrzzz
Source:A newspaper Online(8)(17)Doubt this. The team are in Portugal.BMac confirmed there will be no more signings....The MetroWhy would he fly to reading, he would only get to meet representatives of the club and not Brian as he is flying with the rest of the squad to Portugal today.
JmGetting Inzaghi would be a great move, although not sure how many games he would get. This would raise the profile of Reading FC across Europe and beyond, shirt sales etc plus help develop other players within the team that could learn from his experience. Just hope his english is up to speed!Kondogbia was being scouted in Estonia and Sir Brian said he was not following up any leads from there. So - probably doubtful. THink there could be more signings thoughNo he said that there probably won't be any more signings but not there won't. But I did hear that kondogbia is having talks with reading when they return to England.NH is still in Reading so transfer activity can continue if something comes up. Also, BM said no more in, but he may not necessarily be telling the truth! ;-)Who is kondogbia ????Kondogbia has also confirmed that he has had interest from reading.
He will speak to Reading.
Yes, BM said he is not interested in anyone he saw in estonia but that does not mean (like the person above said) is true.
reading will probably make an offer but that does not mean he will arrive at rhe mad stad!As said by bm , the cheque book is closed, im doneYeah they signed for that big club reading hope they like playing in front of no away fansManager 'lie' all the time, don't think were done, just got our main targets in


18 Jul 2012 07:52:14
Sky Sports understands that Manchester City starlet Reece Wabara is attracting plenty of interest from Football League clubs looking for loanees.

It is understood that Barnsley, Huddersfield Town and Leeds United would all welcome the opportunity to offer him another taste of the Championship.

League One promotion hopefuls Preston North End and Doncaster Rovers are also believed to be in the running.(7)(8)Maybe you ought to actually ASK those clubs if they want this guy or not.....I really believed all of this untill you got to the bit.....League One Promotion Hopefulls Preston North EndHow come that suddenly whatever player becomes of interest to other clubs we (Barnsley) seem to be in competition with Huddersfield,feels like groundhog day.


18 Jul 2012 07:28:31
Derby have had an 800k bid accepted for Richard Keogh. Source - Wales Online.(23)(7)Hes not worth 800k.hes worth 350k and thats the most cardiff and derby are going to pay for him.Derby are actually after Coventrys Nathan Cameron.I have also seen this but cardiff are still in with a shout its all about personal termsYes it's trueNo were not after cameron its keogh and 800k has been acceptedRichard Keogh will sign at the weekend a fee (£825.000) has been excepted ...he has turned down cardiff because he wants to stay in the midlands (near his family). source.....(unnamed agent)Its not 825k its 250k + 500k over 12 months and 50k in appearences.No way would derby pay 825k out of their 1.1 funds when they need also another centre back,left back and Striker.A defender from a relegated team declines in value dosent go up.he was one the reasons they didnt stay up because he couldnt stop other teams scoring this is a massive risk for either cardiff or derby.I really hope he goes to cardiff there are far better players that are younger and cheaper.complete waste of money


18 Jul 2012 07:20:38
Looks like Reading have given up hope of landing Rhodes from Huddersfield and will now turn there attention to out of contract player inzaghi(15)(14)Rhodes and inzaghi mentioned in the same sentence!brilliant! UP THE TOWNWell done we gave up on Rhodes about 2 weeks ago. Keep up!Only about ten years apart. Jordan Rhodes is one for the future and Inzaghi is one from about five years ago.More like 20 years apart!16 actually.


18 Jul 2012 07:12:29
HOILLET FROM BLACKBURN ROVERS(22)(28)Its to do with the sponsored planes from Air AsiaHoillet I overrated a poor side last season made him look better then he isSurely it's harder to play well/be effective while playing for a poor side!?
Hope he signs for QPR!


18 Jul 2012 07:06:57
Cy Christie from Coventry City & just back in training after injury was seen yesterday at Stoke City's training ground.
Only 19 a superb, quick right back!
Inevitable he would get snapped up(5)(16)No he was not!! He was at Ryton training ground with a personal trainer....I SAW HIM THEREHe wasn't at Ryton David Bell was on twitter last night confirming Cy, Josh & are at Lilleshall all week on rehab
I read last week Stoke & QPR were watching him
He is probably too good for Div 1 anyway & Jordan can do a job for us at this level so good luck if it is onwards & upwardsJordan Clarke is far better than Cyrus Christie so honestly not bothered is Christie left


18 Jul 2012 05:53:26
QPR waiting on Hoilett before making any more signings (expected to be 2 more) although Hoilett has been offered a deal in Germany I have seen a lot of web links stating that he will still be coming to Loftus Road for they money, which although he is clearly a fantastic player is not a good sign(6)(15)Why else do you think most of qprs players joined them in jan? Maybe it was the challenge of trying to keep them in the prem... I doubt it though.Green eyed monster from other supporters again I see. QPR are a club with some ambition but sensible people in charge. We may have avoided relegation just last year but much improvement this year!QPR are currently living way beyond their means, wages being paid are crazy for some pretty average premiership players, that's why Johnson, Green etc have joined, if they struggle next season (and they could) and then get relegated in the next couple of seasons I can see them becoming another Portsmouth....
The Owner is wealthy but he ain't no billionaire, and there is only so much money he can throw at the club before he will start to get nervous.Sounds like fulham have more to worry about than QPR. Those questioning how the club will cope money wise would be better served asking how the likes of fulham can survive with the debts they are building. And they are not alone even the bigger clubs are running up huge debts I've seen people asking how QPR will cope with the new FFP rules well if as suggested they take debt as well as income into account you could well be asking this of the whole premier league. Infact the amount of clubs holding huge debts and the new rule giving fines as a % of the debt could see some big clubs in real danger {Ed003's Note - the fine relating to % of debt is the football league financial ruling not the Prem,but I suppose you could both make sure just in case ;) }Qpr are jointly owned by 1 of the richest men in europe 30%. It seems Fernandes heads up a group of 3 malyasians who own the rest they are worth well over a £billion. All i can say is after 1 year in charge we have been told by the owners we have no debt how many premiership clubs can claim thatSorry but I think QPR are the only club willing to pay Hoilett stupid money and he's been hauling himself around every club it seems this Summer and making himself look like a mercenary. I think many of the comments above are valid and certainly not jealousy at all. Clubs like Stoke have huge money and no debts but wouldn't entertain paying players like Hoilett extortionate wages.Think you'd be suprised to see just how much debt premier league clubs have. Fulham are losing £20 million a season and carrying debts of close to £200 million. Even taking into account the value of the site that craven cottage sis on thats a big problem


18 Jul 2012 05:18:59
Brian stock set to leave drfc for pastures new thanks for everything brian good luck at burnley(5)(7)If he goes for a fee pme get 20& of any transfer feeWe were told on here last week that Stock had FAILED a medical with Burnley.We were told on here last week that Stock had FAILED a medical with Burnley.

Have you forgotten, this is supposed to be a Rumours board.It aint burnley then . he failed a medical last week . get with the programme . unless he has taken a new one .


18 Jul 2012 04:00:43
Marc Pugh will join burnley with swindon town wiger matt Richie to replace both deals with be concluded before in aug(4)(14)Swindon turned down a 900k bid for ritchie last week...Come back with 2.5 mil that's the valuation PDC has put on Ritchie( source local Swindon paper) and you can have him. Before the bournemouth fans say he's not worth it , it's the managers valuation not the Swindon fans, PDC has also stated we don't need to sell are players unless other clubs pay the valuation he has put on them.


18 Jul 2012 03:56:51
20 year old Aaron Gaur is said to be attracting a host of clubs from The Championship after his successfull spell in the USA with Evergreen Valley.(3)(1)


18 Jul 2012 00:41:44
any rumours on maurice edu and carlos bocanegra, where would they end up?(1)(15)


17 Jul 2012 23:07:47
MLS agree fee with Stoke City for Geoff Cameron,personal terms wont be a problem(20)(1)His knowledge of american football will come in handy if he signs for stokeOne of the best players in the MLS. Be a good signing for Stoke. 2 million quid a real snip as well.


18 Jul 2012 02:47:08
There have been reports of a Danish trialist with Blackpool's development squad, anybody have any idea who it might be?(11)(3)I think it could be either Andreas Laudrup or Mads Laudrup (sons of Michael Laudrup). Both classed as Danish although not by place of birth and both wingers/attacking midfielders.
Also both in their early 20's so fits the roumered age.Rumoured age is 23 so you could be right with Mads, Transfermarkt doesn't know where he is either so he could be a free agent. He seems to tick all the boxes.


18 Jul 2012 01:54:03
latest big name italien linked to watford is former international iaquinta(12)(14)Don't know whether that would be true, but with Watford linked to many old-time big names, it's reassuring to note that Zola would go for the easy option of having the best so he wouldn't have to put that much effort into managing them.Del piero and inzaghiIf iaquinta, del piero and inzaghi joined, goals would fly in! doubt any will come thoughNews reporter on the radio: i was surprised by at del piero, i couldnt believe inzaghi and i almost fell of my chair at iaquinta. haha


18 Jul 2012 00:47:36
Hull City are set to sign Hartlepool United goalkeeper, Scott Flinders. Flinders will team up with former GK Coach Gary Walsh and will cost around 250k.

Hartlepool are set to replace him with John Sullivan on a season long loan deal from Charlton Athletic.(8)(10)Why we just signed 2 keepers in a week why would we then need anotherWhy?
City to try get fuller on a freeWe already have 3 keepers dont need anotherFlinders is a great keeper hope he doesn't goWhy we just signed 2 keepers in a week why would we then need another
We haven't signed anyone this week. We have a GK called Jacobo on trial but it doesn't mean we've signed him and if you believed the Speroni rumours well your just very silly.Mate, I think he was talking about Hull not cafc?.........Why we just signed 2 keepers in a week why would we then need another
We haven't signed anyone this week. We have a GK called Jacobo on trial but it doesn't mean we've signed him and if you believed the Speroni rumours well your just very silly.

I got no idea who Jacobo or speroni are but we signed Ben Amos for a season long loan from manchester untied as well as Eldin JakupoviHe thought you were talking about charlton not hull


18 Jul 2012 00:45:36
Southampton are looking to shift in the remainder of the Summer transfer window; Tommy Forecast, Dan Harding, Danny Butterfield, Ryan Dickson, Richard Chaplow, Jonathan Forte and Lee Barnard.(9)(19)And probably Jason Puncheon.Not chappersI dont think we could give Forecast away! I dont see Richard Chaplow leaving, he will be in our 25 man squad. I dunno about Puncheon, he played rather well at the weekend.

LLS83Hopefully, Jason Puncheon.Sorry left Jason Puncheon off the list. But him along side Barnard and Chaplow are players they aren't too desperate to get rid of.Considering that saints only have 2 keepers, forecast will be staying at least until another is signed

jmSouthampton will not sell them akins will give them a chanceI'm pretty certain Dickson, Forte and Barnard won't be in the 25 man squad as they've been playing for the u21 team and aren't on the trip to France. I believe the rest of the players on your list and Puncheon are all in France atm, so will be included in the squad, at least until a replacement is found and boughtChaplow is the only one that will get a chance even then i think a bit part player the rest simply ain't good enough but all played there part in our charge to the premier league so I'd personally like to thank em and wish them all the best,^
As we are likely to bring in at least 3 new faces before the start of the season then I think NA will get rid of at least half of these.
Forte, Dickson, Forecast and Barnard won't be with conned come the start of the season for sure.How many times does it need to be stated - Tommy Forecast is 4 years into a 5 year deal, has had no hope of playing in the first team the whole time, and is practically unsellable.

He won't be sold as his level is conference/below, and no one could afford the wage he currently earns. He will be released at the end of the season.

But until we sign the 1/2 goalkeepers we need he is part of the first team squad.

Barnard, Forte and Dickson have all been left behind from the training camp as all are effectively for sale.

The others are part of the first team picture, though that depends on who is signed before August 31. Butterfield is likely to be kept for experience-sake even if Clyne signs, as Butterfield's contract expires at the season's end.

Chaplow is part of the first-team squad and will remain so, though expect him to feature much less at this level and maybe be got rid of at the end of the season.

Harding should be sold as he blocks the progress of teen star Luke Shaw, but I suspect a lack of suitors combined with wage level will keep him at the club. Perhaps a loan deal away at the end of August if new signings push him out of the 25 players registered for the season.Any truth with the talk of Barnard going to SwindonForecast managed to keep a clean sheet in France! (Davis conceded a goal though) Interesting that Shaw seemed to be left wing, so Harding could stay, and will mean one less left midfielder will be needed"Forecast managed to keep a clean sheet in France! (Davis conceded a goal though) Interesting that Shaw seemed to be left wing, so Harding could stay, and will mean one less left midfielder will be needed".....I doubt Harding will be staying...If we are trying to sign Buttner that would show we are going to replace him.

It's quite early to be making assumptions but my take is that NA will use Shaw as cover for Lallana and Buttner(if he ever signs) battling for LB with Fox.Forecast is being moved to the saints reserve squad until the end of the season assuming he doesn't leave in this market (He won't nobody wants him). Harding is supposed to leave some suitors have been found including Leeds. Chaplow will stay at least until January. Butterfield will stay unless demand appears for him (Possibly may move to reserves depending on how much squad space). Forte, Barnard and Dickson will go, Forte and Dickson can't go soon enough.Forecast to be fair had nothing to do except catch atricky cross-shot. Butterfield was in the '1st team' which played the 1st half.. He did ok. Luke shaw did well when needed at left wingb and ward-prowse was solid - even when swiched to the holding role in front of what was effectively a 2 man defence in 2nd half with harding and rich pushing on as wing-backs. Sharpe got hat trick but otherwise was quie t ()! Lambert looked well off the pace. Was ipressed with seabourne. Think he did enough to warrant another look against top opposition saw tadanari lee walking (not hobbling) in the warm-up but not looking comfortable. No sign of rodrigues.Chaplow, butter6ield, puncheon + harding are going nowhere. All key part of the squad. All 4 were solid lasdt night against carpuge. Seabourne looked good too by the way, so expect him to stay. redandwhitedeeWe cant sell chaplow! hes the only ball winning/slightly aggressive midfielder we haveChaplow isn't only aggressive midfielder we've got. Step forward mr Davis!!


18 Jul 2012 00:45:16
Scott Loach to have medical at Ipswich tomorrow after club agreed fee with Watford(19)(6)Thank godness for thatI really hope we sign him. He is a really talented, young player.Opps looks like Blackburn are trying to muscle in on this one !!!Loach had potential 2 season ago but has declined. He flaps at crosses and distribution is woeful. Good shot stopper but he won;t be missed at Watford.Who is prone to errors and cannot command his box. Good luck!Failed the medical, apparently he has a dropped ball.Very poor GK...Leave it alone Watford fans. If you doubters are glad to get rid of him, just be happy. You shouldn't feel the need to come on here and slag him off. Get a life and get off the poor lads back.Watford fan here. He's not a poor keeper, and has potential to be decent. I think he's a little overrated and get beaten too easily with shots from distance though. Ipswich will have to be patient with him, and it may take 2/3 years before he comes good. Expect to let in a few soft goals this season, but I'm sure he'll come good in the end.Not the shaky Watford defence in front of him


18 Jul 2012 00:43:19
Jose Callejon, Real Madrid winger, to Fulham for circa €12m. Deal to be finalised sometime next week.(5)(37)Even tho i would love to see that i highly doubt it thoWhat a great signing that would be. Where did you hear this?Spanish sources are reporting it. I'll try find a link.


18 Jul 2012 00:39:35
After the completion of the deals around Clyne and Butter, Southampton are targeting a Centre Back, a Right Mid and a Goal Keeper as Priorities. Several names have emerged as targets and ideas have been discussed around management as well as with Club Captain Kelvin Davis to make sure the players feel represented in the decisions.
The main targets seem to be Wilfred Zaha of Crystal Palace, Paulo Gazzaniga of Gillingham and interestingly Phil Jagielka of Everton. These are not confirmed but the club in their time in Evian has considered what additions to make. Also formal bids have not been made (with the exception of Wilfred Zaha who is now in higher demand after the capture of Clyne became likely to line up on the right hand side).(3)(23)Sensible post until the bit about Jagielka. I'm a saints fan but your dreaming there. Not a chance I'm afraid!Unless you and anyone else offer a ridiculous amount of cash you will not get Zaha! So stop writing all this bs. Move on, find a girlfriend and live happyI really hope this is trueNo chance with Jagielka! I think your dreaming there. We will be getting 1 if not 2 thats back up to Davis and one for the future. We will be getting 1 maybe 2 CBs and a RM. Regards to Buttner thats not a dead cert, so if that doesnt come off then we will also be after a LB/LM. Still going to be very busy.

LLS83These are targets, not guaranteed signings. Zaha is slightly more likely to move to Southampton than you'd think, he works well with Clyne and enjoys working with him and he wants to move. Southampton merely need to make the right bid (probably including a player possibly Chaplow). Jagielka is unlikely but Saints have been looking for a marquee signing in this market and they have the budget to go for him just depends on his willingness to move down south which is where I have my doubts.Kelvin davis does not have a say in who we should and should not sign. yes this is a rumour site but please write something that has an ounce of credibility.^^
Why would nobody get Zaha unless they offer ridiculous money?
He is easily good enough to play in the prem but is stuck at a championship team. I'm sure you don't want to sell but there is interest and if he wants to go he'll go. Simple! Otherwise you will just hold an unhappy player to ransom. In the modern era the want away player always gets his way! He'll be gone be it saints or someone else!Zaha dosen't want to move to another team. He will be playing for Palace next year can guarantee you that 100% Every time i see that Zaha is going here or there it makes me laugh. So he is playing for West ham, Southampton and Palace next year he is in for a busy season.For one he's not unhappy. For two he has over four years left on his contract and for three just read what Steve Parish said on talk sport.To the poster that thinks it will take a ridicules amount prize zaha away from crystal palace I only have to remind u about the victor moses deal when he was being link with every primere league to for 10 million and signed for WIGAN2.5mHe signed a 5 and half year deal afew months ago so y would he want to leave. Freedman was his idle growin up. It would b easier for u all 2 become a palace since u want all our players. Give us £10 million for zaha then fine if not dont botherNot being funny but chaplow is a decent central midfielder and can score some decent goals, like against man u in fa cup so instead of trading him, trade them puncheon, therefore he is not on the squad list and our wingers are then sorted as we are pretty much solid in midfield if we sign the reported players, and not being funny dont think any of these players would be joining us if we werent going to strengthen at the back, cortese would tell them in an interview which positions we intend to strenghtenYou know nothing about Zaha so stop pretendingThis seems a very reasonable post.. I think Zaha is very likely, if Cyne signs that is.. I think Zaha himself will want to join his mate who he has a partnership with and will not like his mate on double (at least) his wages and playing in the prem..

I wouldnt class Jagielka as 'marquee' either (no tent jokes), he's a solid centre half for a mid table team.. Saints need a centre half at least of his class in my opinion next season, as is a clear area of weakness - probably someone a bit quicker..The bit about Freedman being his idol. That was a joke right?Moses went for 2.5m becoz we needed the money (goinin in to administration) get ur facts right. We dont need the money now so we can ask what the hell we like for zaha. And he looks up to freedman. It was on the palace site begining of last season fact.Of course jagielka would consider moving to soton, NOT, ridiculousHey guys, let's have some respect for Palace supporters. Yes, Saints have an interest in Zaha, as several other clubs do. Doesn't mean we are bound to sign him, and we should remember it ain't much fun as and when your good, young talents are transfered (we have been through a lot of that.)
Thanks Palace for Clyne, (it seems definite now, but still awaiting official announcement). I'm sure he will settle in well and be a credit to the coaching your club gave him. We know our club are looking for a RM, it may end up Zaha, no-one can tell at this stage, but you would find if it is that we do our business properly.
I would hope our supporters curb their excitement if this progresses and shows your club full respect.

Saint MartinI agree that it is possible that Zaha may now sign for Southampton if the SSN report of Clyne signing proves to be correct. However I have to agree with the Palace fans that a substantial figure would be involved, maybe that £10M is not too far off the mark! Great player already IMO, stunning pace and only going to get better.Ok to the people who got passionately angry about this post, I did say these were TARGETS. These are not definite signings and are flexible and liable to change. Zaha may well leave Palace, I'm not sure if we will but you can't guarantee he won't until the market closes. Gazzaniga I reckon is likely he's the sort of player saints want, he's young, talented, has great potential and could be the top keeper for a long time after Davis.Palace have the worst support in London and you're saying saints cAnt get him don't be sillySigned clyne. Done deal this morning. Another of our targets who would never come to a small club like southampton :) next please :)Jagielka would nit consider moving to a part time prem club like Southampton ! Pure pooh talk


18 Jul 2012 00:19:59
Leeds utd are after Reading striker Simon Church on a season long loan wich would suit both clubs.(13)(13)And your source is?

Oh yes, total speculation..... {Ed020's Note - gunna have to agree with you, none of the leeds ed's have heard about this.}


18 Jul 2012 00:16:16
scott barron
of millwall will
go to leyton orient(5)(10)Just signed a new 3 year deal, awful player but jackett loves him wont happenJust heard that Lee Peltier wants to leave Leicester! Millwall should try signing him up. Would complete our defense and make us much more solid at the back! Peltier Robbo Lowry & Malone at the back! Decent back four I'd say!He hasn't signed a new deal at all, Don't know where you have seen that. With Craig going there is no way Barron will be sold as well. He's here to stay i'm afraidNo he hasn't. He's contract runs out summer of 2013 and, as of yet, he has not been offered an extension.He hasnt signed a new deal but will stay at Millwall until his contract ends next seasonIs any of our signings actually any good.Barron is being touted about - so I personally think he will go - Not good enough I'm afraid. Peltier was quite disparaging about Millwall when we tried to sign him when he left Yeovil - don't want him! As a season ticket holder I think Smith is good enough unless we get a gem for nothingGood league 1 player better going forward than defending got a decent shot good luck 2 him +you


18 Jul 2012 00:11:13
Izale Mcleod to consider Notts County and Colchester United offer whilst away in Spain with Portsmouth.(5)(15)For the last time, he is going to sign for Portsmouth.Colchester have just signed Clinton Morrison, can't see them wanting/affording McLeod now"For the last time, he is going to sign for Portsmouth"....For the last time Pompey cannot sign anyone! I doubt very much that hes going to wait around until you can...IF that ever happens of course, it doesnt look good does it.

LLS83Explain to me why McLeod who is wanted by Portsmouth would go to Colchester instead ?! They are a small club with little ambition, similar to Notts CountyPortsmouth can't sign anyone at the minute as they're still in under the embargo.McLeod has waited all summer to come on trial to Pompey, turning down moves to Yeovil & Crawley amongst others. So, yes, i reckon he'll hang about a little more to sign once our embargo has been lifted. PUP.He has not signed for anyone yet as he is waiting for Portsmouth to sign him, and he is continuing to wait.That's why he is Spain with PompeyWith players moving on, the league are set to remove the transfer embargo, they have already begun to allow new staff to be signed when before they could not.I dont think Pompey fans really understand the situation they are in still...There is a very good chance the embargo will never be lifted as the club could still fold. A reality check is needed.Portsmouth supporters know better than most how clubs work and are run with everything that has happened to them, you obviously have made your claims based on random comments (possibly not even from Portsmouth supporters) on this 'rumour' site. Are you seriously undermining a whole city of supporters based on one comment?.. I think 'you' need a reality check.I'm a Colchester fan and although I'd love us to sign Izale, it is very unlikely now we
have signed Clinton Morrison plus John Ward has said that he won't be making any more signings now anywayMcleoud is a glass hammer hes been at col u before and was useless so he will fit in a treat at pompey remember signing defoe and crouch now ur a little league 1side who sign from bottom of foitball league barnet and youll be playing barnet next year in league 2Oh we understand the situation all right. And we believe that with around 11 triallists out in Spain along with our academy boys that the end of embargo is in sight. PUP.Seeing as Mcleod is on trial with us and has been waiting for us for a long time, he will wait a week or 2 for Pompey to become more secure, we only need to get rid of 1 more player


18 Jul 2012 00:07:32
Moutinho deal is done, will be announced Monday morning. 20 million plus giovanni dos santos. 100% true. COYS(5)(30)


18 Jul 2012 00:02:33
Ex Shrewsbury Town Goalkeeper Ben Smith has held contract talks with Swindon Town and Middlesbrough.

Shrewsbury are interested in signing an unnamed premier league defender on loan though. (Mr T)(3)(7)Any news on who Smith is expected to sign for?MiddlesbroughNothing concrete but a source has indicated Middlesbrough is the likely destination and he will be a back up to Steele. (Mr T)I don't fancy taking on a player that was released by Shrewsbury Town. Fair enough, they play decent football for their level but if he isn't good enough to make the squad, I doubt he is good enough to be a back up keeper. I'd much rather have Ashdown any day of the week.True, he will be back up for either team, wouldnt be bad back up for swindon tbh


17 Jul 2012 23:44:56
Pugh to join Burnley whith zavon Hines set be his replacement joining Bournemouth on a free.(5)(14)Exactly why do we need Hines? We had him on loan before and didn't exactly move the earth for us!I thouht hines plays on the right while pugh plays on the left.More important to this silly rumour, bournemouth are looking for a left back, with the first team squad flying out to spain on friday it would be nice to get the lb before then. With moseley's return maybe we don't need a new midfielder. If pugh is signing for burnley on friday then he won't be on the plane to spain?No! Please don't give us Hines! He was terrible!Can see this happening & tbh Hines was pretty good on the left with touches standing out because they were sublime. Great for our style of play.All hines needs is games and patience . So give the lad a chance . You may just like what you seeZavon hines played a few games for bournemouth at end of last years forgettable season, I am afraid zavon hines seems likewise he's very forgettable.Hines is fast...... That is allWill pugh be on the plane for spain on friday ? Recent press releases suggest he is happy and committed to the bournemouth cause, last night at the first friendly of pre-season, pugh was quite relaxed in the 13-0 win against new milton, all the main squad played half each. Why would he want to leave afcb if they are on the up?Zavon Hines has been released by Burnley so wouldn't be involved in any deal for Pugh. Not going to happen. {Ed003's Note - I don't think anyone mentioned anything to do with a deal,just a replacement}He wants to play championship football this season


17 Jul 2012 23:30:38
Newcastle have bid 4 Million euros (3.14( for FC Twente centre-back Douglas - Sky sports, tbh I think we will need about 6 million if we want him.(17)(4)


17 Jul 2012 23:27:04
Del Piero linked with Watford.


17 Jul 2012 23:20:47
Ipswich have agreed a fee with Watford for goalkeeper and Ipswich Town fan Scott Loach> Expected to undergo a medical in the coming days. Source: Sky sports news and some randy watford newspaper.(14)(4)Please let this be true. A great goalkeeper.On a good day he is a great goalkeeper, unfortunately he has far too many bad days.Good goalkeeper in his younger days. Got to big headed with all the hype. Now has no confidence. Worst Watford keeper for years. Just watched games waiting for the howler, boy did he deliver. Goodbye and good luck Scott. Take the howlers with you.


17 Jul 2012 23:20:14
Sky sports announce Filippo Inzaghi on reading chairman Anton Zingarevich radar, huge superstar in Italy, seems unlikely and would also require a monstrous signing on fee.. This is a rumour page so what are everyone's thoughts on this? I for one would love to see him up top with the Pog!(7)(10)Personally think it would be a fairly terrible move - he's 38! Kondogbia the signing I want to see us make...He's a little poacher and in his heyday a very good one. Not sure if he would cut it at prem level these days, as the Prem is so much faster than serie A, we already have a much younger poacher in Alfie....However haven't seen him play in a long long time so it may be an inspired signing....Personally i'd rather leave it.How would this be a good signing? I would laugh if this happened!

LLS83Don't want him a great player back then but in the prem he won't be able to keep up with the pace.I'm sure you're get him unbelievable every good player has turned u down ure a small clubPast it, pick him up cheap and he could pass on some wisdom, but seems a waste of money. Northern Royal.


17 Jul 2012 23:09:53
Michael Owen looks to be edging closer to become a Stoke City player and could meet up with the rest of the squad when they travel to the US(32)(5)We all hope and pray he goes to Stoke, from all Everton fansYeah stoke fans dont really want him either, pulis has a thing with ex world class players that have played for massive clubs.
-shawcross - man u
-huth - chelsea
-woodgate - madrid
-etherington - spurs
-pennant - arsenal, liverool
-owen - madrid, liverpool, man uWell as a stoke fan im looking forward to having a striker who scored 17 goals in 19appearances for man u at the brit if he comesI agree, I'm a Stoke fan and I reckon Owen has got a few seasons in him still. Plus we have a better track record than most of getting the most out of formerly injured players.2nd poster, don't know what your point is there?
All of those signing's apart from Woodgate have been great signings that have strengthened our squad. Every now and then Pulis does mess up with a big team signings, a la Gudjonson, but on the whole he's done very well in strengthening our squad, it's just a pity he isn't as brave with out tactics.


17 Jul 2012 23:07:33
To all wolves fans fact
Johnson will not be sold nobody wants him
O Hara will stay and he loves the wolves
Jarvis will go for 8 million and it will be Liverpool who will sign him
Fletcher will go to villa for 10 million only when agbonglahor deal to Sunderland is finalized

Ins: Mills leicester 3.5 mill
Heskey free I am afraid it is true
A left back from abroud no one has been spoken to yet {Ed013's Note - The same Mills that has signed for Bolton?}(2)(37)Hope the Clarets will get a slice of Fletcher's transfer (wherever he goes).Dream on sad baggie fan , just because three is little transfer activity at you're club.Wolves have eleven strikers on the books at the club,why bother with Heskey ?Is that the same Mills from leicester that has already signed for Bolton. Better luck next timeGood job! Mills signed for Bolton a week ago for 2 million.Matt mills is at leicester, joesph mills was at reading who have let him go to Bolton... better luck next timeCardiff want Johnson just asking price is too high, city will not pay 7mill for a player we signed for 250kMatt mills signed at Bolton on July 9 th Bolton have not got anyone called Joseph mills . Better luck next time ;-)Matt Mills is at Bolton Joseph Mills has just signed for Burnley


17 Jul 2012 19:50:51
Ed are the Rumours about Tottenham and Solomon Rondon true? class act if it is! {Ed001's Note - they are one of the clubs monitoring the situation.}(2)(4)


17 Jul 2012 22:46:38
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates is hoping to complete the signing of Burton Albion striker Calvin Zola by the end of the week.(3)(3)He will be signing a striker, but not Zola.Who then?Who do you think it will be?Calvin Zola was left out of Burton Albion's pre-season friendly tonight.Could be zola, I think it will be a mid 30s target man he will bring in from league 1.Better hurry, we only have goulding and duffy at the moment!Striker that played for Cheltenham 2 seasons ago and moved to Crawley, but was quickly moved it out.He wont leave BurtonWes Thomas?Dont want him back hel only stay 1 season again...



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