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19 Feb 2013 22:16:12
Keith curle new Pompey manager when they are out of admin

Heard that the offer to buy Pompey by Keith Harris was turned down as it was classed as an orville offer {Ed003's Note - Get your coat! }



19 Feb 2013 19:28:16
Matthew Pearson will follow fellow team mate Craig Curran out on loan to Limerick until the end of June. It is expected that a new RB/CB will then come in as a replacement.



19 Feb 2013 21:08:16
Well mark robins promised lots of goals but I assumed we might score some of them 9 goals against and counting in 2 games! and there's time for a few more tonight, lillis back? quickly.



19 Feb 2013 21:01:12
dean hoyle, makes confession. we want di caneo. robins getting push at weekend.

It will take a miracle to get us out of the mess that Larry grayson left behind, The team is at best poor. Lillis did a good job to get the best of out what he had, afraid it may be too late to save us.

I think all town fans need to be more positive M. are been in the job a week. let's have some perspective UTT



19 Feb 2013 20:52:02
Alan Knill at aldershot v Torquay tonight, set to be unveiled as manager in morming

Signed to torquay



19 Feb 2013 20:17:20
have posted several times that the next swindon manager has been to several games in the past few months. the new owners were not willing to work with di canio and would not allow deal to go ahead until di canio left. the new owners did not want to be the ones to dismiss di canio hence the deal wouldn't go through until patey had removed di canio. the takeover will be completed by the end of the week when the new swindon manager will be announced. the new swindon manager will be STEVE COTTERILL who is currently coaching qpr on a short term basis until the swindon situation was sorted.

My god you do live in a fantasy world mate, I think you need to see a shrink, patey for one has had nothing to do with Paolo going, you are so far from the truth, dream up something that makes sense.

Wait and see. this is happening. then doubters can come back and apologise. steve cotterill will be the swindon manager when takeovr complete. hence why paul bodin was not made caretaker manager

21 Feb 2013 13:14:26
hello swindon are going up so no need to worry!COYR!



19 Feb 2013 19:38:35
Fabrizio Picaretta will remain Swindon manager until the end of the season; also, whent the takeover is completed by the new consortium Wigan Athletic striker Connor McManaman will sign on an emergency loan deal.

All back room staff resigning in morning so you have got this one wrong

19 Feb 2013 23:59:15
Paul Buckle will be the next Swindon Manager

Why did you sell Ritchie.
Worth keeping hold of him and getting some (i repeat, some) riches from the Championship promotion HUH!

We don't have a Connor McManaman so this is clearly rubbish. We do however have Callum McManaman who's not going anywhere COYL

Because we had too. As fans we didn't want to see him go but that's life. As fans we feel like we have been shafted lost our wealthy owner & our great manager. But we still love our club COYR'S

Ritchie left for bigger and better things. You can't stop players bettering themselves unfortunately. Great player and hugely ambitious so wish him all the best

Bigger & better things? didn't know Bournemouth was bigger & better. He went because he was told that he needed to be sold to keep the club afloat. I would of thought you Bournemouth fans would understand having being so close to folding a few years ago but some of you have short memories. I just hope in a few years time you are not in the same position again. As a fan from another club I don't want to see clubs in this position. So gloat if you want about Bournemouth are going places. let's see where you are in 5 years time, hope you not in the position we were in.



19 Feb 2013 17:18:25
Paul Trollope has emerged as a leading contender for the Swindon managers job. After a successful period as first team coach at Birmingham and Norwich City, the new owners believe the time is now right for Paul to return to management with his hometown club.

Perhaps negative hughton can apply too



19 Feb 2013 19:09:02
Norwich City have launched an enquiry to sign Stade Rennes winger and Burkina Faso international Jonathan Pitroipa after being impressed with his recent displays in th African cup of nations tournament.

Put your self in Pitroipa's shoes here.
Everton or Norwich?



19 Feb 2013 18:39:09
League one side Walsall have approached Stoke about taking Austrian goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann on loan until the end of the season

22 Feb 2013 19:10:05
Just re-signed Aaron McCarey from Wolves on loan till the end of the season.



19 Feb 2013 18:49:30
Paul buckle could make a speedy return to football after leaving Luton with Torquay as he helps them until the end of season following lings illness



19 Feb 2013 17:02:50
my mate who works for a well known newspaper l says there's a rumor going around that wenger is on the verge of quitting if results in the champions league don't go the right way he could easy throw the towel in and walk away

I doubt HE'D pack it in until the end of the season at least.
Even then I think if he leaves,
it'll be because he's been sacked.



19 Feb 2013 16:22:37
Ashley Williams will join Liverpool in the summer according to Colin Pascoe's dad. I know him well and this is what he has told me.

Shame one of swans best players but I think he will go



19 Feb 2013 15:17:18
Notts County will take Jake Taylor on Loan this week from Reading after he had spells on Loan this season at Exeter and Cheltenham

You may be surprised, but Di Canio has not turned down the club without having an interview.

All options are open with Ian Baraclough looking most likely.

There are also interviews this week with the following:

Gary Johnson
Ian Baraclough (as mentioned)
Alan Irvine
Aidy Boothroyd
Gerry Francis
Kevin Blackwell

There have also been talks between the highers at Notts County and Gary Megson, though there is no interview arrangement as of yet.

(Also from what I hear Di Canio is waiting until after Saturday before talking to any football club at all)



19 Feb 2013 15:18:34
Doncaster to announce 3 new loan signings tomorrow



19 Feb 2013 15:10:52

Di Canio has apparently had contact from League 1 side Notts County. Di Canio has apparently turned the club down without even having an interview.
Blackpool are another club he made contact before Paul Ince was appointed. It is also thought that if Di Canio would have resigned earlier, he may have become boss at Bloomfield Road.
A club he could sign for is West Brom. Steve Clarke is keen on appointing the Italian to his coaching staff as an extra assistant.

Well glad we got ince because he's ten times better than di canio. Di canio is very funny though and would be quite character

Are you having a laugh?

Are you having a laugh Paul nice is the worst manager notts county have ever had, also has the biggest chip on his shoulder. Was amazed he was offered another managers job

Blackpool intrested in signing darius vassel. he's a free agent afterbeing releaed by lecister fc last season.

Glad you got ince lol terrible manager won't do nothing

Good point, keen and downing don't do enough, make clarke his assistant

Just watch how good ince will be with pool. Then well so whos laughing when where in the prem

Are you off your rocker paul ince will do nothing and i'm a blackpool fc fan di canio would of been an excelent appointement and you say we will get into the the prem I don't think you will be laughing

Paul needs to sign a foward who can finish (another kev phillips) then we will be able to go on a good run. Until then who have we got to score. Maybe give nogura a start see what he's like. Got nothing to lose. Utmp.

Always belive in pool, pool, were unbeatable and were going to win the league, pool pool, always belive in pool

Anyone going to sing this at bloomfield road

Well if you support pool be postive and say we will do somthing don't say he won't do anything. UTMP

I bet he will get us relegated he's rubbish end off no premierleague for us this year



19 Feb 2013 15:02:45
Paulo Di Canio is set to assess his options this week after being approached by a number of boards.
Di Canio will also reveal that one day he would like to manage West Ham but it is yet not right for him to manage in the Premier League.
It is thought he is keen on managing in Italy before he 'manages in the best league in the world'.



19 Feb 2013 14:50:13
Barnsley manager David Flitcroft is thought to be keen on adding a right back to his side, but will not be former defender John Stones.
Young Burnley defender Luke O'Neill, who can play anywhere along the back four is set to sign until the end of the season as cover to Scott Wiseman.

Whose this lad from Manchester United tunnicliffe

You will see soon signed on loan today
Good signing



19 Feb 2013 14:43:56
Shrewsbury have recieved four summer offers for their left back Joe Jacobson.
Derby County are thought to be leading the chase for the 26 year old, who has impressed massively for the League 1 newcomers this campaign.
Championship promotion chasers Middlesbrough, play off chasers Brighton and relegation candidates Bristol City are all thought to have had bids received and could hear something back before the weekend.

JJ is out of contract this summer so Shrewsbury would not receive a fee. Good League 1/2 player can't see him in championship.

20 Feb 2013 15:20:12
He has only just got back in the team so he has not impressed massively though he is a steady League1 or a good League 2 player.

He hasn't been very consistent for shrewsbury this season, will be very shocked if he leaves

Must be true. SWFC recruitment policy will not be complete until we sign every left back in the world.

I love JJ but even I think this is nonsense, he's struggled to keep his place in the first team at times. Is this his agent starting contract negotiations?



19 Feb 2013 14:34:22
Rotherham United have agreed a loan deal with former Lincoln attacker Dany N'Guessan. The 25 year old Frenchman is keen on getting more regular first team football and is willing to leave Millwall on loan to get it.

Well i'm afraid after tonights result I for one would like to see KJ GO! And Darren Ferguson take over? He can obviously 'MOTIVATE' his bottom of the league team a lot better than KJ! don't rule out 'RELEGATION' if there is 'NO' change!!

Three strikers out one old has been in harry kane to the rescue yet again

There is no need for a changer of manager, there is a need for a squad shakeup

Well wall fans who would you get in we need someone to to put this team back on track can the loss of chris wood be that much of a loss I think simone jackson from norwich he is only on bench most matches and got lots of goals playing for the gills m w

Some players think they are guaranteed a place in the starting XI. Wright should come in for Trotter. Afobe isn't a winger. It didn't help that 3 if their first 4 goals should have been disallowed for fouls.

If we happen to survive this season and not get 'RELEGATED'! Could JB please think of getting DARREN FERGUSON in the summer? KJ has done a 'VERY GOOD' job since his time at the club, but IMO things have gone very 'STALE'! We need to freshen the squad and bring in new ideas! We were completely 'OUTPLAYED' by the bottom team last night!!

I do think it might be time for a change of manager KJ is good but has lost his way since the departure of Chris wood. Bring in Nigel Adkins?

Well, seems like the first half was a tactical error in playing people out of position - going in 2-1 down not the end of the world though. Emerged in 2nd with right people in right places or so we thought. For the second half the players need to take a good look at themselves and their discipline - perhaps they should watch man united games to see how its done when you are behind in a game and if it takes till the 75th minute or later to equalise then so be it. alternatively I can send highlights of my son's U-11 sunday matches for a repeat of similar scoreline. The players embarrased the club, the fans and themselves. it is a long bad run now. get a grip Millwall.

Kenny is the best manager In the league will benifit from having a long term manager

Im sorry but kj has to 'go'! i have put my 'trust' in that man like all other 'wall' fans have for 5yrs, but after last night that was the 'end'! to expect fans to pay £26 to watch that 'rubbish' is a 'joke' i'm afraid! sean dyche, darren ferguson or nigel atkins?thats if they would want the job? someone please sos!

Apologies for the forthcoming rant!
Kenny does seem to have lost his way since the turn of the new year. I must question some of the loans he has brought in. They do smack of desperation. Trouble is the problems are more long term and deep seated. The Wood fiasco is what it was a fiasco. I have followed Wood for many years an I knew he was quality, so why didn't our manager/staff/scouts? We should have snapped him up 3-4 games into his loan. But that's water under the bridge.
We have always been slow or non existent in the transfer market. Remember Puncheon and further back Huckerby? All could have done a job and took us on to bigger and better things!
You cannot blame Kenny 100% although he seems to get the tactics wrong more often of late but the players must accept some of the blame also. The problem is we have no squad and never have. We are always down to the bare bones and if injuries come along we are bang in trouble. There is no competition for places. We have some very mediocre players at best who were good for league 1 at best and need to be moved on, problem is we don't have a pot to p**s in so who are we going to get in? More loans probably.
I keep reading that Trotter is our best asset a 2/3 million pound player which I have always found laughable. But if there is some mugs out there that want to pay it ship him out!
As a Wall fan of many years I keep hearing about our stream of good rising youngsters that are coming through the ranks. But where are they? Season after season they never appear. The bottom line is they are not probably good enough!
The club needs a shake up in this department we need to start producing our own homegrown talent and quick.
To address the manager situation. Although I would like to see Adkins he won't be coming for two reasons. We have no money and our level of ambition will not meet his! With regard to Ferguson he ain't the answer. Just because they beat us 5-1. His managerial record is poor.
Face facts Peterborough have the sign over us I can't remember the last time we beat them! But Millwall have always struggled to beat teams near the bottom like the Barnsley's and B. City's of this world.
Finally things need to be put into perspective. We have all been here before. I just wish the board and Manager would come clean and stipulate what our long term game plan and aspirations are? If its to remain in the Champ for evermore then so be it, but it would be nice to let us long suffering supporters in on the plan so we know where we stand. I think we would rather the truth than someone blowing smoke up our a**e about playoffs and the Premier league!
Talk is cheap!
I could go on.

Turn it in! Adkins maybe but Dyche and Ferguson are both mugs compared to Kenny. Remember what that bloke has done for us, he will turn it around, he did at the start in 07 and after the playoff defeat. Our squad is missing a few key players and sadly we've bought badly on the striker front. But it is not the end of the world!

Kenny jackett is the best thing about the football club and has worked wonders with a such a small budget for both transfer fees and wages. people have to face up to facts that millwall are one of the smallest teams in that division everyone is paying mill plus for players except us. I fear a relegation dogfight but a couple of decent results will keep us safe for another year. if we got to wembley this season how could that ever be looked on as failure. so chin up fans its millwall at end of day what can we honestly expect! henry to leave in summer regretably I fear but hopefully kenny will stay.

The truth of the matter is that if KJ left the lions teams would be queing up to take him on. The problem with Millwall is that they aspire to be greater than the sum of their parts, we work on a budget that is slim, we don't have those million pound signings, the players we do have apart from a few have not upped their game when they have arrive at the Den, and our youth team are not producing the next generation. If you think times are tough now look at the league table, the gap between us and the bottom is not that huge and don't forget last year we missed the drop by the last few games. I for one are deeply worried that is something is not done league one football may be the reality.

22 Feb 2013 10:03:24
Long suffering?!

My life there really are some moany buggers on here! We suffered before 07 but ever since we've had some quality aways (that real fans go to!) and we've had some good players. As above we don't pay good wages and clubs like Leicester feed off us in the hope one day they might get out fo this division.

The championship is the best we'll ever be so why are muppets on here expecting the board to come out with long term plans?!

I reckon a lot of the moaning on here is other teams fans stirring and a load of dodgy Millwall fans who turn up for the big games but don't go week in week out.

There must be a plan, what is life without one. you cannot tread water in this league. Generally I do trust in KJ - look at the players that have left/sold in the last few years and none of them gone onto greater things (maybe one but he is back in our league). Everyone makes mistakes in signings but as last post I too would have expected more youth players breaking into the team over this time (one star every 3 years even would save £1M on transfers). I have not seen Aiden or Connor play so can't comment on them and other up and comings - hopefully they will be of calibre required. Have other Wall fans seen these players in action?
. Any suggestions on the formation for Saturday - I would perhaps go to 4 5 1 formation for next 2 games (even 4 2 3 1 with abdou and wright sitting in front of back 4 and Keogh as part of attacking 3 - totter on bench depending how Keogh goes - not sure who to play up front though). Come on you Lions!.

22 Feb 2013 16:50:23
At the moment without a doubt this is the poorest group of player I have seen at the Den in many season, I remembers the Dawes, Briley, Hurlocks, Rhino's of Millwall past. I remember the never say die attitude, the balls of pure brass and the fight for the club that drew me away from supporting the top tier teams and in supporting my local team with pride. I'm sorry but, this is what is missing from our club, I would rather have 11 players from non-league who want to prove themselves good enough than 11 players on their last legs not giving a rubbish.

Im afraid that not like a previous post on here I am 'AMBITIOUS' as I hope that 'MFC' are too! And really 'DREAM' that sometime in the near future we will be in the PREM! Otherwise 'WE GIVE UP'? Optomism!

Well wall fans you know we the poor mans football team maybe we need to have a whip round for one of us to go get an oil billionaire who wants to invest in a football club and spend some money on players who want to play and earn there money week in week out that's what we are lacking the word is called passion m w



19 Feb 2013 13:10:27
are liverpool looking at ausburg df mid vogt



19 Feb 2013 11:47:05
Bradley Wright Phillips to sign for Brentford on loan untill the end of the season, hopefully fire Brentford to promotion. YOU REDS.

Done deal!



19 Feb 2013 09:12:59
Birmingham, Wolves, Palace, Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley are all interested in Shrewsbury left back Joe Jacobson

Cant see this being true, hardly a stand out in our team or the division, still a steady player tho, league above abit beyond him atm



19 Feb 2013 10:06:55
Paolo di canio set for serious talks about being new coventry manager today

Di Canio will never join us, no money to spend

I heard he was going for the Pope´s job. It´s just as likely

Paolo di canio to sign 3yr contract with Coventry City

19 Feb 2013 16:53:14
He's waiting for the westham job!

19 Feb 2013 17:03:17
A most unlikely appointment.
If Swindon can't give him what he wants Coventry cetainly will not.

Di canio is being interviewed Wednesday. Don't really. Want. The. Pope. Whoever. It is it matters not. adkins and pemberton are favourites, with brown and black in the mix aswell. will. Get behind. The right. Man. Pusb

He can bring cov boy James Collins from Swindon Town.

Don't want Di canio. He's a self confesed Facsist. Photo's exist of him doing the Nazi salute on the pitch whilst playing for Roma. Kick it out campaign should make a start with him. If he becomes our manager, I guarantee Clarke, Cameron and Christie will be sold.

Forget this stupid talk about Di canio!
Pemberton or Adkins in by the end of the month, although we had better watch out - Hudds shipping 10 in 2 games may bring them back into the market place! :)

20 Feb 2013 21:58:45
Keith curle spotted at Crewe away game, prob nothing but could be something

Saw Phil Brown both before and as he left the game last night, he has a nice car! I guess if managers are interested in a job why not go and watch the teams, must look good for any interview process.



19 Feb 2013 09:12:22
Paulo de Canio installed as favourite for the Pompey managers job, he is looking for a club with a heart following his disappointment with Swindon

19 Feb 2013 11:17:25
I can see di canio heading to leeds to take over from warnock

19 Feb 2013 12:24:08
Why would he drop to a club in turmoil? One of the worst rumours I've heard in a while.

The deal is off! As can buy the club for very little once in administration. Why pay 13/15 million before depts?

With the financial turmoil your great club are in and still not having an owner paolo would end up having pompey liquidated he is just like steve evans spend spend spend

Pdc may do a you turn and come back if deal is done tonight, wray has spoken to him



19 Feb 2013 03:07:50
The take over will be complete on Wednesday morning as these things take time no matter what some may think as it took Roman Abramovich six weeks to take over at Chelsea! The board know how important PDC is to the club and fans and will do everything in their power to get him back at the club by the end of this week.

How do I know?




19 Feb 2013 08:10:02
Man City are the first team to have made a bid for Brazilian forward Neymar

I believe Barcelona have lodged a bid with Neymars club in Brazil to secure first option on Neymar, if he doesn't sign must pay significant sum to Barca. Sum is in the millions, City not first although no fee quoted to Barca.

No way jose.
Neymar wouldn't fit City's style of play.
Barca's lining up like this buoy!
Jordi Alba Pique Mascherano Montoya
Busquets Xavi
Neymar Iniesta Pedro



19 Feb 2013 06:30:10
boltons marcos alonso has agreed a 4 year deal with italian side fiorentina, he will leave for the club at the end of the season as his bolton contract will be over.



19 Feb 2013 01:57:00
Preston are set to take young Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse on loan for a month

Absolute tosh!! JWP is an integral part of the first team squad. only fringe and youth players are likely to go out on loan.

Keep JWP, send Guly.

James Ward-Prowse is my next door neighbour and I spoke to him earlier, he is not going out on loan. If you don't believe me fine but it's true, I live in Farlington, where his parents live.

New North End manager indicating he is not looking to bring in any loan players at this stage



19 Feb 2013 00:26:33
Swindons takeover if now officially OFF, apparently the clubs debts are much more than first known.
Dicanio resigned as was asked to take a pay cut and transfer list the whole squad.

DEFINATELY true, got it from a boardroom member.

Why are all the reports ie local and national press saying the takeover will go through today then?

Not true expect a statement and confirmation today or tomorrow that takeover is complete

Rubbish its gone through today 19. 2
as per advister [swindon ] dave hockerday will be new Boss

Takeover may go ahead but no money to spend dave buck wants his money de canio over spent lot of clubs doing that and it will come back to haunt them FA looking at how clubs should manage their finances so as to not go into deeper debt and stop having debt wiped off or silly money ie 10p for every pound owed look at pompey

The takeover was confirmed then PDC left

Mike Newell will be next manager, FACT!

Yes mike newell the next manager
if that's thrue they the new corstuim forced paulo OUT

Speculation all of it let's wait for reality



19 Feb 2013 00:20:01
bristol city's albert adomah is not going to crystal palace. he's happy in bristol and wants to sign a 1 year extension. hopefully this ends the speculation.

Wouldn't get in Palace reserves.

Oh and your so sure are you? Holloway was acting like he is the most needed player ever in january. Niggly palace fan, doubt you will make it up. Zaha is over rated

So over rated United paid £15M for him!!?? Get real BCFC fan!

We don't want or need him

Well zaha doesn't seem to be scoring in alll fairness and also if you didn't need or want adomah, why submit 2 offers?

21 Feb 2013 10:51:23
How good Zaha is only really matter fro another 3 months, then he is someone elses property.

Saying Zaha is overrated is a compliment to Palace as we have made enough money to buy your club from him. Adomah wouldn't get into our 1st team at present, fact!

You could buy city with that money haha, 15 mill is pocket change to our owner



19 Feb 2013 00:08:09
Swindon are set to appoint Paul Bodin as the clubs permanent manager following the departure of PDC from the County Ground. The new board will also allow him to fine tune the backroom staff to his personal choices which may mean some of the current staff will have to leave (mainly the Italian staff).


Great player but no chance of being manager task is too big for him



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