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19 Feb 2010 22:13:50
After Briartore has walked from QPR, it's hoped that there will be some more stability and that the club will be thought of as a serious force rather than a serious farce in football.

QPR will look to make decent signings in the summer, and appoint a manager that will last for longer than a certain film starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.

Expect a decent campaign next season, plus news of a new stadium near/on the gasworks site at Kensal Green.

(if you didn't get the joke, the film in question was 9 1/2 weeks)..


19 Feb 2010 21:28:19
Heard from a mate that picks up coaches and youth team from lennextown that no one speaks to boruc at all he is the most unpopular player in years but only with the current sqaud ment to be brown and mcgeady are the dressing room main men anybody else hearing this hope its sorted quick if its true scottish cup is best bet for silver this term don't know if mowbray has what it takes boards fault again if they broke the bank for keane last jan 4 in a row would be in the bag


19 Feb 2010 19:35:27
new liverpool fc squad 2010/11=
GK=reina, calavari, gusalucsi.[itanje out 200k]

RB=johnson, kelly, darby, onuaha[4m, man city]

CB=carragher, pique[p/ex]/godin[8m], agger, ayala, krigaikos
[strtel, jueventus, 8.5m]

LB=ansaldi[8m], insua, mavinga.
[auerelio, brazil, free]

DCM=toulalan[18m], plessis, davies[5m]
[mascherano, barca, 35m][lucas, aletiico, 7m]

ACM=gerrard, ireland[11m], spearing.
[aquilani, jueventus, 16m]

RM=maxi, kuyt, husklepp[2.5m]

LM=dzsudzsak[11m], riera, , ledley[3.5m]
[benayoun, russia, 12m14m]

ST=torres, ngog, jananovic, cardoza[10m]
johnson , carragher , godin/pique , ansaldi
maxi , gerrard , toulalan , dzsudzsak
torres , cardoza
if ur wondering who is balazs dzsudzsak, look him up.he is small, fast, skillful left殆inger.
from`a 6'6"ft giant'.


19 Feb 2010 20:11:09
Dave Mcdonough, Head of Analysis, at anfield told me Liverpool are on the verge of bringing portsmouth's vadir belhadj to anfield. And Also apparently Sammy Lee is trying to persuade Rafa to sign seal and deliver on Maurouane Chamakh.


19 Feb 2010 18:52:28
More news from Pompey:

Belhadj good as gone will make the move to Anfield by the end of the month.

Diop may consider a move to a top 6 Championship club (that is, one with a realistic chance of going up) West Brom have already enquired and he could soon be turning out for the Baggies.

Hughes/Smith/Brown off to Championship in the summer, quite a few clubs interested. Hughes likely to go to Bristol City, as interest from Swansea City has waned. Tommy Smith to Forest with Danny Webber on initial loan permanent move in summer depending on the sales of Robert Earnshaw to Celtic and Joe Garner to Southend United.

Michael Brown is due for talks with Sunderland and Middlesbrough next week.

Hayden Mullins is wanted by Swansea, Reading, Middlesbrough and QPR, but could be on for a shock return to Upton Park on loan, as Matthew Upson is unhappy there Upson in turn will be loaned to Arsenal in order for him to stake a claim for a World Cup place in Fabio Capello's team and to give backup to Sol Campbell.


19 Feb 2010 17:20:16
Leicester are looking at bringing in Zavon Hines and Boupa縫iop in the next 2 weeks. Nicky Adams will join Orient on loan until the end of the season next Wednesday after Leicester's game at Doncaster.


19 Feb 2010 17:27:01
Following the bust up at Man City when Mancini told Bellamy to stay away for 3 months, Forest have nipped in to grab Bellamy to help them get promoted. He knows Gunter and Earnshaw so is glad to play and help. Dan


19 Feb 2010 17:29:53
After such a (lets just say not one of his better games) between the sticks on wednesday night, wenger has decided that fabianski is not the solution to his keeper crisis (well almunia ain't exactly the best).So with some of the fabregas money in the summer, a big bid will be made for man citys joe hart currently on loan at birmingham city.
Also expect a cheeky little attempt to bring michael owen to the Emirates in the summer

FAIL! Wenger has NO INTEREST and will never have interest in the greedy midget! As for Fabianski, he'll be gone. No bid for Joe Hart, Manuel Neur insetad. Fabregas going nowhere


19 Feb 2010 17:32:25
Just heard from a very close source to Vermaelen, that Suarez is Wenger's top target this summer if Eduardo leaves or RVP doesn't recover his form.


19 Feb 2010 17:34:32
Swansea city are looking to bring welsh under 21 centre back James Wilson to the Liberty from Bristol City the chairman is said to want to bring young welsh tallent to swansea and Wilson has been on the raidar since his impressive performance against the sawans last year whilst on loan at Brentford and is said to have impressed this year playing on loan my sources tell me they will look for a loan deal with a veiw to a permanent move in the summer


19 Feb 2010 16:45:54
After his umpteenth career bust勃p, Wales whinge肪ag Craig Bellamy will quit Man City in the summer and move to either Birmingham City or West Ham United.

According to a contact at Man City, he took exception to being called 'un vero bastardo' by one of the training staff after refusing to train.

Guess the truth hurts, eh Bells..


19 Feb 2010 16:46:23
After such a (lets just say not one of his better games) between the sticks on wednesday night, wenger has decided that fabianski is not the solution to his keeper crisis (well almunia ain't exactly the best).So with some of the fabregas money in the summer, a big bid will be made for man citys joe hart currently on loan at birmingham city.
Also expect a cheeky little attempt to bring michael owen to the Emirates in the summer


19 Feb 2010 16:32:10
Joe Cole is staying at Chelsea.
Simple. Carlo has made it clear he has a future at the club and Cole want's to stay with the team he loves!


19 Feb 2010 16:40:22
Just to mention the rumours regarding THFC,

Q. boruc or mcgeady will not be going to WHL in any capacity
A, spurs already have their sights set on who they want out wide and in goal players such as capel & loache

Q & A, as for defoe going to man united? theres more chance of rooney going to spurs and that won't happen will it?? defoe has already left once and will not be moving again!

Q, modric to man united as well?
A, mods is desperate to sign an extension of his contract at tottenham and will honour the length of the said contract!! when mods does move and he will one day do so? and only then will he move abroad
Q & A, mourinho to WHL if the rumour is true that harry has in fact had enough? then what has been said regarding levi that he has infact opened talks with jose are pretty correct? we all know how levi deals? the wheels are in motion to bring in mourinho with mourinho giving levi reasons to continue.
Q & A, no other players from palacios, lennon gomes, dawson, bale, kranjkar will be leaving WHL

and yes were now going to get the puddlers saying all the above mentioned are life long liverpool fans and will join them instead or man utd fans saying why would they all turn down the questionable biggest club in the world well its because they want too turn you down and as for liverpool well if what was apparently said by lennon and bale then i don't think you would welcome them to liverpool?


19 Feb 2010 15:26:50
Any Barnsley fc rumours ?


19 Feb 2010 15:30:02
'Mowbray is staying at Celtic in the meantime. He must finish second at least and land the Scotish Cup. The board has told Mowbray that he will be allowed to sign two Central Defenders in the summer and two other players of his choice. Keane will not be signed on a permanent deal but a year loan may be negotiated in the summer with Spurs having first refusal on Boruc and McGeady.'

Good shout there have heard that one of the defenders will be Cardiff's Kevin McNaughton.


19 Feb 2010 15:37:02
Was speaking to John Kay last night who is on the board of GV, he confirmed that Trevor Hemmings has indeed made 3 offers to buy Shaw's shares already this season.

He will make a fresh offer in the summer, if Shaw refuses to sell again GV will pull out of PNE. They will offer there shares for sale and will not put anymore money into the club..

The above clarifies what I've heard.

I can't blame Trevor Hemmings as Derek Shaw is showing no ambition and is happy to see the club potter along.

The real danger is that Fergie Junior is turning the players off from playing for him by his attitude, and whilst some slated the Posh board I don't blame them for offloading him.

Have heard he sent a youth player home in tears, and the boy's agent (his Dad) wants to move him to a new club as soon as possible (Blackburn and Carlisle are interested in acquiring his services!)

Preston are going to be deep in it by October, they need a new owner and a manager with at least a shred of decency. Fergie Junior has zilch of that.


19 Feb 2010 13:29:01
Latest from Crisis FC (Pompey that is!)

With or without the backing of FIFA/The FA, the club will be off僕oading players even if it means cancelling contracts and up to 10 players leaving for nothing.

The club will survive until summer, but beyond that who knows?

Also, to the guy who posted that Portsmouth and Havant could merge well neither League or Conference rules would allow that. Plus, not all Havant fans like or support Portsmouth.

Logistically it would cause future problems what would happen to Westleigh Park if/when the club moved back to Portsmouth? Housing? Not in this market I work for Bovis and there are still 100s of mothballed properties as a result of the credit crunch!


19 Feb 2010 12:50:01
Mowbray is staying at Celtic in the meantime. He must finish second at least and land the Scotish Cup. The board has told Mowbray that he will be allowed to sign two Central Defenders in the summer and two other players of his choice. Keane will not be signed on a permanent deal but a year loan may be negotiated in the summer with Spurs having first refusal on Boruc and McGeady.


19 Feb 2010 12:59:04
There is a very goood chance that joe cole will bu at man united actually,
benzema will be comeing in, or hulk
llioris will be comeing in
santon will be comeing in


19 Feb 2010 13:20:10
Was speaking to John Kay last night who is on the board of GV, he confirmed that Trevor Hemmings has indeed made 3 offers to buy Shaw's shares already this season.

He will make a fresh offer in the summer, if Shaw refuses to sell again GV will pull out of PNE. They will offer there shares for sale and will not put anymore money into the club.


19 Feb 2010 13:22:06
United Manager & Signings

Just need to clear something up the fella who thinks United fans would have to change their tune about Jose Mourinho taking over from SAF at OT. The vast majority of United fans respect him. There have been times when he annoys everyone but I think you need to get your facts straight by laying down guesswork about United fans. David Moyes is a SAF favourite, but most United fans wouldn't be thrilled at this appointment to a lot of us, he is to Everton what Allardyce was to Bolton and he it is believed he won't have the managerial ability and fortitude to maintain United's success.

Owen will stay next year (unless United get a decent enough offer for him).
Nani stays
Anderson stays
Foster Prem Loan deal.
Macheda Champ Loan deal.
Diouf Prem Loan deal.

Ins (possibly):
Smalling (deal already done)
Benzema or Huntelaar
Di Maria and / or Defoe


19 Feb 2010 12:23:55
Joe Cole going to Man Utd on a free? Er no! If he does not get the deal he wants at Chelsea then expect him to move but only to a LONDON club. Obvious choice would be Arsenal, but his wage demands could be a stalling point. Spurs are more likely to offer the daft money he's looking for. As for West Ham, forget it as they don't have a pot to pss in! If they stay up then summer their transfer policy will be lots of cheap Europeans and free transfers from the Championship or relegated clubs. Gold & Sullivan will make a managerial decision at the end of the season Zola definitely on his way out. Fulham wouldn't be of interest to Cole either Hodgson has turned them into a useful side but Cole wants a top club with Champions League aspirations. The only way JC will head north (his last resort basically) is if City offered him some filthy lucre but this would only come off if non of the London clubs met his agents demands.


19 Feb 2010 09:44:57
Message for the guy who posted this nugget! 'Mourinho to Manu is rubbish as Fergie wants someone who will follow his ways when he is replaced, and obviously Jose will want to fo things his own way (great spelling by the way). Expect David Moyes (or at a stretch Martin O'Neil although he looks very commited to getting Villa into Champions League football) to be the next manager as both Fergie and the gLazer's admire his qualities.'

What influence will Alex Ferguson have on who takes over the club? Like the Glazers are going to be dictated to by a retiring manager who says 'I want Daivd Moyes to be the manager because he'll carry on doing things my way.'
What a complete load of bolloks! The board will choose a replacement, Fergies wishes and desires will surmount to nothing! Very surprised if Mourinho would be warmly welcomed anyway by the Utd fans unless they've changed their tune these days. No chance of Jose managing Liverpool. He'll be at Inter for at least another season yet. When Benitez does leave for Juve, expect Mark Hughes in at Anfield ex Utd and Chelsea Legend managing the scousers oh the shame, the shame!


19 Feb 2010 07:52:08
Wont be a huge summer at OT guys, expect 45 signings at most

1. SAF is going to keep Nani, and hopes that Anderson will understand what it takes to succeed at OT and just follow what the coaches tell him

2. Ins SAF wants a creative midfielder, a left winger. and maybe a GK, RB and striker (provided the right players are available)

a. Joe Cole mark my words, SAF has been an admirer and he WILL sign
b. Angel di Maria is also being looked at for the left winger, even though Joe Cole could solve that position too. However, expect United to continue monitoring Silva and Mata. and if the Joe Cole deal is finalised, Mata would actually be a preferred option to Silva
c. GK Adler/Akinfeev/Neuer/Lloris
d. RB Santon (isnt getting games at Inter)/Micah Richards (shock swoop only, in case Mancio is also fired). Ideally Maicon or Daniel Alves would be preferred, but are just too expensive
e. Striker this is a tricky one. If at all United will go for a striker, it will be Benzema/Dzeko/Huntelaar/Balotelli

So basically, ins

a. Joe Cole (free)
b. Silva/Mata/Di Maria (20 25M)
c. Adler/Neuer/Lloris/Akinfeev (12 15M)
d. Santon (10 12M)
e. Benzema/Dzeko/Huntelaar/Balotelli (all in the 20M range at max)

Outs Foster (loan), Obertan (loan), Macheda (loan), Owen (2 3M), Simpson (3M compensation)

And btw, for all you berating SAF's transfer policy, do recognise that the 4+7 rule comes into effect next season. so he is trying to groom as many youth products this season as he can.

Lastly, Rodwell is still a target, but his asking price is too high


19 Feb 2010 08:39:26
Why is that the Liverpool fans on here are so deluded! This isn't fantasy football you can't sign 10 players for £200m, just as a hunch! Waste of space!

Anyhoo, real transfer rumour time. Kris Boyd is leaving Rangers. Rumours that the Gers were offering £18k a week were rubbish and in fact it was £12k a week, with performance bonuses as add撲ns. No definite on where he is going, but probably Brum.

Kirk Broadfoot has been offered £3k a week he is apparently livid! If I was him, I'd take it!

Some good news for Rangers fan though, Mowbray is not leaving Celtic. There has been serious discussions with the board and it has been agreed that the team's overall performance will be discussed at the end of the season if it is satisfactory and the board/Mowbray can see the team are moving forwards, he will stay.


19 Feb 2010 08:44:31
Joe cole is coming to manu. if deal does not get sorted out for him at chelsea. this will definately happen either way.



19 Feb 2010 09:43:42
Man utd will sign 5 players in the summer.
Krasic, smalling, rodwell, joe cole and dzeko.united will sell 7 laet, anderson, owen, welbeck and hargreaves.


19 Feb 2010 02:16:53
"I hear Liverpool have interest in Belhadj of Portsmouth. Can anyone confirm this? Loan/buy.
Also any summer transfers." Kman

The interest in the player is very real, and it appears that Liverpool along with numerous clubs from England and across Europe are waiting on the outcome of HMRCs case against Portsmouth, as there is a chance he could be available on a free. This however is unlikely, and the transfer fee the player would command is expected to be in the region of 4 million.

As I said last week Fabio Aurelio's advisers are sifting through numerous offers and his future at the club remains in the balance. Liverpool are likely to be priced out of a move for Taye Taiwo, but are tracking Royston Drenthe and Armand Traore, with Benitez already having met with the agent of the latter.
=The Doctor46=


19 Feb 2010 04:55:01
Sheffield United will today sign Crystal Palace players Danny Butterfield & Darren Ambrose. Hayden Mullins of Portsmouth has also agreed to sign till the end of the season.


19 Feb 2010 05:28:47
Fully expect 2 see Chamakh arrive at the Emirates with a salary of 5060 grand a week, if by some huge freak of nature he dosen't Loic Remy rated at 14 million will more than likely sign.

At the centre of defence expect 2 see the most changes, Silvestre, Senderos and Campbell are all expected 2 b shipped out on Frees with a deal 4 Sakho (for anyone who hasn't seen him: He is a huge talent) worth around 810 million + Players such as Silvestre (if PSG can meet his wages) and possibly Lukasz Fabianski who was wanted by PSG 2 summers ago.

With Sakho and Vermalen Wenger will have the correct balance of left footers. Stefan Savic will more than likely sign with the possibility of another CB in Serdar Tasci from Stuttgart who is unhappy and the club have made the permanant deal 4 Bayern's Neidermier. Tasci is rated at 1015 million, this deal could go thru if Gallas does not agree 2 a new contract or alternatively Nordveit could b brought back from loan.

Right Back is another area of concern with Eboue being deployed on the wing, Ajax's Gregory Van Der Wiel (8 million) Osasuna's Cesar Azpilicueta (10 million) and Cardiff's Matthews (5 million) are all being considered.

Finally the area the is giving AW the biggest concern is at goalkeeper, Almunia and Fabianski could both b sold and Wenger is even contemplating offering Almunia 2 Osasuna as part exchange 4 Azplicueta and Fabianski 4 Sakho. This would leave Vito 'the Don' Mannone and the talented Pole Wojciech Szcesny. Therefore Wenger would prefer and older keeper to guide the 2 youngsters names such as Sorensen and Given come 2 mind but the summer will tell.


19 Feb 2010 00:17:23
Tomorrow will mark the death of Chester City Football Club.

The crisis睦idden Conference club, which is rooted to the foot of the league on 3 points, will be expelled from the league after admitting to five breaches of league rules.

The Conference has had enough of Chester City, and the club will be formally wound up.

However, football will continue at the Deva, as TNS will move there and reform in the English Pyramid as Chester United (they cannot use Chester and City together). Oswestry Town will take over TNS' Park Hall Stadium and their place in the League of Wales.

Chester will, however, have to start again from the Unibond First Division North.


19 Feb 2010 00:24:04
With Geoff Moss quitting Wrexham, they will be the next club to go into decline.

I have already got it on good terms that Dean Saunders has been linked with the Wales job (Toshack will be gone come summer) as well as several management/coaching jobs in the Premiership and Championship.

Moss is planning on usurping Wrexham FC out of The Racecourse, as he wants the stadium as the sole preserve of the Crusaders rugby league team.

In short, he wants to kill the club he claims to love.


19 Feb 2010 00:32:36
Hi Gang,

Just come out of a meeting at 'Ebbsfleet Utd'.

Immediate future of the club is uncertain, and depends on (not)myfootballlclub parasites giving us money.

Wish they'd never bothered us in the first place bring back the old Gravesend & Northfleet please!!!


18 Feb 2010 23:40:02
Gold & Sullivan are not hanging about at West Ham : Zola has been told to lose a vast majority of the playing staff not required. Scott Duxbury will leave asap and will get no money due to dodgey accounting involving holidays and Surgery for his wife that the club paid for. Fleets of cars and phones are stopping, Tony Gale & Tony Cottee lost their jobs they on £50k per year each, 3 groundsman/maintenance have gone.


18 Feb 2010 22:21:25
The announcement that Pompey have asked permission to sell some players is just one approach. A number of possible deals have emerged with a few senior players off to Championship clubs as loans or disnpensation signings. Here are a few players and discussions taking place.

Hermann Hreiarsson & Michael Brown (Forest)
Antti Niemi (Newcastle & Swansea)
Nwankwo Kanu (Swansea & Cardiff)
Richard Hughes & Aaron Mokoena (West Brom)
Tommy Smith (Watford PFC still owe most of his fee)

If I hear more, I'll let you know

Sid Six

Hi Sid, some good shouts there but don't forget that Cardiff can't buy players either and Kanu wouldn't want to drop into the Championship.

Here's what I've heard:

David James staying until end of season then retiring.

Hermann Hreiarsson Leeds United (short釦erm deal)

Antti Niemi Doncaster Rovers (short釦ern deal)

Nwankwo Kanu Hull City, 1 year deal

Richard Hughes Swansea City (short term deal, to be extended if Orlandi is sold in summer).

Tommy Smith Watford (for the reasons you stipulate, 3 year deal).

Nadir Belhadj Liverpool, 2.5 year deal

Papa Bouba Diop Sunderland (short term deal, to be extended if Jones is sold in summer).

Steve Finnan Newcastle, 2 year deal

John Utaka Free Transfer

Tal Ben Haim Celtic, 2.5 year deal

Angelos Basinas Celtic, 2 year deal

Danny Webber Nott'm Forest, 2.5 year deal

Kevin Prince烹oateng Newcastle, 4 year deal

Marc Wilson Swindon (permanent 3 year deal)

Joel Ward Aldershot, 1 year deal

Hayden Mullins Southampton, 2 year deal

Michael Brown Sunderland, 2 year deal.


18 Feb 2010 23:12:31
I went to Liverpool match today and the talk around the ground is that Liverpool are going to sign Nadir Belhadj in the summer.



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