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Keirrison will NOT sign for liverpool!! I repeat will NOT sign for liverpool after signing for brazillan side Palmieras, and has settled. Everyone expect there not to be many big names and big prices happening in the transfer window as many owners want to sell the club, so the activity of new owners will be more fluent than the players. Arsene Wenger will not be selling none of his younger fringe players to other clubs. E.g Diaby and Song ( as some people have noted about). The signings that may happen have had been strongly noticed in strong media reports such as and other trustworthy media reporters.
Alvaro Negredo –> Fulham in the region of £7m. This will be the only deal the cottagers will purchase, there may be loan deals made permanent for dacourt and barnes aswell.
Nene –> Arsenal. He has realeased a statement saying that he is focused at the Nacional and will decide when the campaign is over.
Anatoly Tymoschuk –> Bayern. The Ukranian will finalise this deal within the next 24hours as a deal as been reached with his club, Zenit.
Gervinho –> Premiership Club, Strongly Linked With Arsenal. This one has been long speculated for the last 3 transfer windows. Arsenal have been tracking Gervinho since his Beveren days, and made make up their mind on the Ivorian.
Cho Won–hee –> Wigan. Subject to work permit and should be done soon, Cho rejected a move to Monaco months ago and his contract at bluewings has expired and wigan are set to complete on a free transfer.

From A09
  LFC are looking to strengthen their:
–Goalkeeper(if Reina leaves)
–Centre Back(if Agger leaves)
–Right Back
–Left Back
–Centre Midfield
–Right Wing
–Left Wing

They are looking at signing
Glen Johnson/Rafinha RB 9m
Gareth Bale/Fernando Navarro LB 8m
Michael Johnson CM 5m
Adam Johnson L–RW 10m
Kuba/Aaron Lennon RW 10m
Ezequiel Lavezzi/Vagner Love ST 13m
Fred ST free

If Agger(10m) and Reina(15m) do leave, Liverpool will sign:
–Rene Adler 7m GK
–Per Mertesacker CB 18m

Liverpool will have a 30m budget and will use the following funds to buy the players

–Andrea Dossena Napoli 5m
–Yossi Benayoun Atletico Madrid 8m
–Andriy Voronin Hertha Berlin 2m
–Charles Itandje Nancy 2m
–Lucas Juventus 8m
–Jermaine Pennant free
  Johnny Heitinga is to be signed in the summer by Newcastle aswell as Daniel Díaz of Getafe and Juan Román Riquelme of Boca. Although Diaz maybe the easier target than Heitinga.

  To the person who said:

I just want to say to all the people that keep saying that players playing in the Spanish La Liga can not be bought because they have buy out clauses in excess of 60 Million.
It is well known that most Spanish La Liga players have large buy out clauses, but that does nt mean anything. Two Examples;

Riera Buy out clause close to 20 Million, sold for 9 million

Torres sold for 20 Million, Surely his clause was large.

Stop the Bull, if a serious of offer in excess of at least 20 million came in for these players, there clubs would strongly consider selling.

So in reality, it is extremely possible that Ageuro could be signed for between 20–30 million.

Yes, its true that a 60 million buyout clause can b negotiated to a lower price, and Fernando Torres' was around 42 million euros, Previously it had been around 50, after the 2006 world cup, but because of finacial difficulties Atletico reduced after turning down a 25 million pound bid from a club that was believed 2 be Man United in 2006 and Torres was bought by Liverpool in 2007 for around 27 million pounds. In 2007, Aguero's clause was 50, now it is 60 due to his excellent performances, Atletico are not in the same situation now as they were when they sold Torres and the fact that they increased his buyout clause means they want more money, so,yes they would take maybe a 30 million pound bid seriously but they could wait and let a bidding war erupt between all the clubs that want him (Inter, Madrid, Barca and Liverpool). And as for Riera, Espanyol are in a perilous financial situation, and accepted that he would leave so they took the offer with open arms.
  Have heard from a source close to the club that Crystal Palace are close to agreeing a loan deal for Darius Vassell
  "When Leicester get promoted they will sign the following players:

David Martin On permanent Basis

David Connolly

Nathan Tyson

Adam le fondre

And Finally Simon Cox"

You from FoxesTalk?. Their all deluded aswell. Doubt we will sign anyone like Connolly. Wouldn't even touch Tyson, overrated. Possibly Martin. Mattock will be sold for 1.9m to West Ham. Fryatt will be sold for 2.3m to West Brom.

With the money LCFC will sign –
Paterson from Burnley 1.4m
Michael Brown 800k
Jay Simpson (Loan)
Darron Gibson (Loan)
  I just want to say to all the people that keep saying that players playing in the Spanish La Liga can not be bought because they have buy out clauses in excess of 60 Million.
It is well known that most Spanish La Liga players have large buy out clauses, but that does nt mean anything. Two Examples;

Riera Buy out clause close to 20 Million, sold for 9 million

Torres sold for 20 Million, Surely his clause was large.

Stop the Bull, if a serious of offer in excess of at least 20 million came in for these players, there clubs would strongly consider selling.

So in reality, it is extremely possible that Ageuro could be signed for between 20–30 million.
  I have heard a wisper that peterborough manager darren ferguson is running the rue over goalkeeper lewis price aswell as lcoal peterborough league hot shot mark pannett .
remember u heard it here first
  Kerrison has signed a pre–contract agreement with Liverpool and will join as soon as the window opens.Also Sielva a young midfeilder from Espanyol is also on his way to Anfeild and the young signings will not stop there Jack Collison and Joe Hart (dependent on another deal) may also sign
  To the bloke who said next year Villa will be in the top 4. . we are already 3rd, so what does next year have to do with it? The Joe Cole rumour is certainly plausible, but is likely to depend on the manager situation since he does love it at Chelsea. Kevin Doyle is a non–starter with us having Gabby, Heskey and Carew. Additionally, O'Neill already said he wasn't going for Upson before, and he's old, why sign him when he's older. Watch for Lescott, a life–long Villa fan. While Everton don't want to sell him Villa can offer the money to make it worth their while. He will be key as he can also deputise at left–back freeing L. Young to focus on right–back. If Man. City don't convince Daniel Sturrigde to sign look for him to go to Villa too, young, prominent English striker. . the writing is on the wall. I also believe Fabian Delph could be a summer signing. . Rooney and Walcott were snapped up before O'Neill but with our current position, and O'Neill's reputation along with all the players we have making the England squad I think we might be able to snap him up too.

Finally, to who we're selling. . why would anyone pay 6M for Shorey, when we signed him for 4M and he cannot get in the side?
  I said a few months back about the salary cap coming in to stop the ludicrous over–spending in the EPL and was laughed at – Guess what? Platini is going for it again and he has much support! The plan is as of season 2010/11 Premiership teams will no longer be able to buy their way to the top, preserving grassroots football across the globe. This can only be a good thing in my opinion. If there's no obscene wages, the big names will go Europe's biggest and widest supported clubs instead of teams lucky to get 30,000 fans or qualify for the UEFA cup.
  Been away for a bit, on holiday with the scout who goes by the alias of Neville Shawnby. We went to a dingy bar one night and, drunk on enthusiasm and malt liquor, he tells me of the youngsters he has recently been asked to took at.
One was Owen Garbutt, of the Leeds United Centre of Excellence. The sixteen year–old local lad has apparently raised the eyebrows of messrs Wenger and Rice, with some dynamic performances on the flanks.
Another was Micheal O'connor of Crewe, who I immediately recognised, having posted about him before. But Neville, being more experienced than I, quoted his excellent leadership skills and charisma. Unbelievably though, no Premier League hooks in this fella yet.
Owain fon Williams, the Welshman between the sticks at Stockport, was next. This guy has appeared, I think, on Sky Sports, and so the name should be familiar. With County's financial predicament, this one could be on the move, but Neville was starting to slur and I was a little tight myself. Charlton Athletic? Yeah, they need him. .
I did ask Neville for his opinion on John Fleck, Kerrison and Gervinho, but there is a code of conduct among the football scouts of the nation; not to reveal where not necessary. So i bought him another drink, and he said; "Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal. maaaaaate!"
I heartily agreed and drove him home. And yes, I had a great time, thank you.
Professor Malcolm Shaffer OBE
  Pepe Reina and Javier Mascherano WILL NOT be leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, but don't be suprised if Alonso does. Its possible that Liverpool may sign either of Sergio Aguero and David Villa, but will not sign both. Rafa will sign a new 4 year contract and hopefully so will Daniel Agger. Y.N.W.A
  No LFC are not signing Keirrison, he's signed for Palmeiras ahead of the new Brazilian season. Aguero isn't signing for you either, you haven't even finished paying for Torres.
  The Villa rumour is NOT beyond Liverpools grasp especially if Mascherano and Reina are involved in the deal. The Villa rumour has been simmering for some time and more often than not a lot of contributors agree with it. I told you about Scolari first a couple of weeks before and then 3 days before he got the sack. Most of the hunches on this site have strong foundations based on kean intuition, body language, some gossip and reading between the lines and acute observation. If the fans are feeling it you can be sure the manager will be too, eg look at Keane, i told you he was a Board (Parry) buy and not a RAFA buy and that he had no tactical or positional discipline or in other words he didnt do what the manager told him to do on the pitch. As such it was a matter of time before he went, it also sent a message to the CEO that the manager runs the team not him. But would you hear RAFA say this. NO. You can see Villa has a strong bond with Xabi and his chemistry with Torres says it all so to say there is no chance of him joining is incorrect. I'm not here to shoot you down but don't be shooting other people down, you should have an open mind and an understanding of the needs of a club and player. A lot of intuition on this board happens not long after its said. If I'm wrong I'll apologise but to me its clear it will happen, deferred money payments/player exchange/ first shout on a player, these days how its negotiated is flexible so don't think money is the be all and end all of a sale.
EL Torro
  With regards the comment about Sky Sports presenters, as long as there's more of Chloe Everton and Natalie Sawyer I don't mind how they get through the report just as long as they do. For top football presenters then you must count on Mark Bolton (Sky Sports La Liga coverage) and the dream duo on Setanta (James Richardson and Rebecca Lowe).
  For the Rangers fan who asked if a take over/buy out was going to happen. Firstly I am not Scottish and have no interest in Scottish football so have nothing to gain from a wind up! I don`t even live in the UK anymore but the person I spoke to also lives abroad,not saying where though.
I have spoken with a very good friend of the Chairman and I know that he and several others in a consortium have had several attempts to buy him out, I asked him a couple days ago if he was involved in the latest rumours, he was surprised that I would ask him but he confirmed that not only was he involved but that the deal was done two weeks ago and that it is all hush hush for a while, he said it was going to be realeased to everyone later.
  The following are not rumours, they are FACT.

1) Liverpool will get new shirt sponsor for next season, apparently MCcAIN and Findus who are both very impressed with the " chip" Rafa has on both shoulders.

2) The " spat" between Moyes and Rafa started after Moyes visited a Tapas bar and refused to give the fat waiter a tip, Moyes was not impressed with the waiters attitude at blaming everyone else for the poor performance.

3) Rafa does not want full control of the club, he just wants to be able to manage the Team, Hicks and Gillette feel this is too much for him and are ready to give him the executive box resturant kitchen supervisors job instead.

4) Rafa was scouting out in the North East, waiting for oil rig divers to come back to shore, he needs someone to replace Gerrard, if his " tiredness" continues, or the prison sentance kicks in before th end of the season.

  When you look at the Arsenal squad once all players are fully fit, do we really need to do that much strengthening? We have 5 top class strikers in Adebayor, van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner (takes some stick but scores some priceless goals) and Vela all battling for a regualer place in the starting strike duo, with Walcott and Arshavin also able to play the 'second striker' role if needed, and Jay Simpson set to return from his loan spell at West Brom as a very promising young striker. In defence, we have one of the best centre back pairings in the world in Gallas and Toure, who are now playing very well together, as well as Mikael Silvestre and Johan Djourou battling for their place, as well as Alex Song who can also play centre back if needed. We are very strong in the full back areas with Cilchy and Sagna easily two of the best, if not the best full backs in the prem, and we also have Armand Traore and Keiran Gibbs pushing Clichy for his place, with Eboue also able to play right back if needed. On the wings we are also very strong, with Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott, Eboue and Wilshere all fighting for their place out wide, with Diaby and Rosicky also able to play on the wings. The area in which most say we need to strengthen is midfield, however when you look at the options we have it is very promising. Fabregas along with one of Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby, Song or Ramsey would be a very strong centre mid pairing. Wenger has created a spectacular squad, and most tend to forget how many world superstars we have in the squad, as well as great depth in the squad and some great new young players comming through the reserves. I would not be dissapointed if Wenger did not make a single signing in the summer, as once all our long term injuries are back to full fitness it will be like having a new set of players. If anyone, I would like to see Alexandre Pato brought in from Milan, as he looks very promising. There should be no need to sell any players in the summer. Cesc will stay put until the end of his contract, Adebayor only signed a new four year deal last summer and is happy at the club so will not be leaving, Gallas is happy to see out his last two years at Arsenal, Toure is now happy at the club and no other players would even consider leaving. Our targets for the rest of the season should be to finish in fourth place in the league, at least get to the semi–finals of the Champions league and to win the FA Cup. We will be a new team next season and look more dangerous in the league and in the Champions league.

In Arsene We Trust
  Sergio Aguero will sign for Liverpool for 7m and Pepe Reina this deal will go through a couple of days after the transfer window opens
  To all Liverpool fans!! Aguero is not coming to you he has stated numerous times in the Spanish press that he is very happy at athletico plus his buy out clause is in excess of £65m, quite simply you can not afford that. David Villa has also told spanish reporters that he has no desire to join Torres at Liverpool and the recent sale of Keane to Tottenham after only 6 months didnt impress him (check out spanish football website gol), in a rough translation he sees Liverpool going through transitinoal period and he would want any unrest or change affecting his football. The good news on merseyside is that Owen will be a free agent in the summer and rumours in Spain are that he is eyeing up a move back to Merseyside. Real Madrid are seeking a compensation pay out as they had percentage of next sale clause in the Newcastle contract but of course is going free so no money is changing hands, his temp agent at Real Madrid has told the certain papers that he reguarly speaks with Owen and he has told of his desire to finish his career with Liverpool. Only other news is that Carew is being eyed up by Seville, as a rumoured agreement between themselves and city for Kanoute has already been agreed.
  Chelsea will look to make big changes to their squad in the summer. However with the club being in huge debt, they will happily clear out the dead weight (over 30's) in order to bring in some new, younger talent.
Going out will be:
–Didier Drogba – Inter/AC Milan(£16m)
–Michael Ballack – Inter/Bayern Munich(£14.5m)
–Deco – Inter(£10)
–Ricardo Carvalho – Inter/Porto(£8m)
Abramovic only wants to keep positive, younger players at Chelsea who can win trophies, players like Anelka, Lampard, Terry, Cech and Bosingwa. Alex could be promoted into the first choice centre back duo alongside Terry once Carvalho is sold.
Players Abramovic will look to bring in are:
–Robinho (Man City) – £35m
–Ricardo Quaresma (permenant deal from Inter) – swap deal with Deco going the other way.

In Arsene We Trust
  Sunderland Summer (IN’s)


Sunderland Summer (OUT’s)

  Liverpool are chasing a winger and a striker.

Striker will be one of: Aguero, Tevez or Villa.
Winger will be Navez from Sevilla

These are Rafas top two priorities.
However, depending on transfer departures, he may look at signing a right back and a central midfielder.
  Cesc fabregas gonna leave arsenal in summer coz they arent as successful as he thought they wud be, and go to barca to replace xavi, who is going to man utd. fegie rates him very highly. hargraeves and nani to leave in the summer. if tevez goes to madrid, man utd to go for benzema
  Firstly i like to plead with all the villa fans to stop dreaming, getting above their station thinkings their a top 4 team, your not. you just having a good season.

Liverpool will sign:
1 of each
STK David Villa, Sergio Kun Aguero, Henry(cheap)
GK Yohann Pelé,
LB Glen Johnson
RW Jesus Navas.

Reina(sadly due to family reasons) Degan, Voronin, Babel, Dossena, lucas and Cavelieri,Benayoun

  Newcastle united

Behind closed doors there is a lot of unrest on tyneside, i have been informed by a high places source that the following will happen:

–The club is still up for sale, but the public must not know about it, when mike ashley went to training the other day when it snowed he announced it to first team players.

– Bassong is out of contract in the summer.

– Steve Bruce will become manager once the sale of the club goes through.

– Owen isn't intrested in the club and has agreed to join man city.

in the know!
  Jose Mourinho will not become Chelsea manager in the summer. He will go one more season after this one with Inter, then once he has won Serie A 2 seasons in a row at Inter (as he did the premier league with Chelsea), he will go and manage in Spain, probarbly at Real Madrid. He will win La Liga, and then return to Chelsea. Mourinho has made it clear that he wants to win the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A before the end of his managerial career, and being as he is soon to win Serie A and has already won the Premier league twice, Spain would seem his likely destination when he is finished with Inter. He will then return to the Bridge and end his career with Chelsea. With Carlo Ancelotti having snubbed Chelsea, expect Chelsea to look to Rijkaard and Mancini in the summer to fill the permenant managers role.

In Arsene We Trust
  Liverpool have signed miguel veloso!!!
i am the guy who said liverpool already signed six player who all will be revealed in the transfer window and i just found out about veloso. .it was supposed to happen in jan but lisbon asked 2 keep him till the the summer because they could not find a replacement in so short a time.

so liverpool have signed.

also mascharano will be leavin 4 athletico madrid as part as the aguero deal. not alonso as i said earlier
lastly liverpool are in advanced talks wit man city's johonson. .cud be the 7th signing. .ill keep u posted as soon as i get news on that and also the three other players. .1 is italian from wat i hear
  Unattached defender ivan helguera will sign for walsall fc on £5,000 a week!!!!!!
  AC Milan are trying to tie up a few deals that will go through this summer as they are sick of being second fiddle to Inter Milan.
Chiellini 22m Juventus
Lahm 14m Bayern Munich
Sergio Ramos 26m Real Madrid
Robinho 26m Man City
Diego 18m Werder Bremen
Adebayor 25m Arsenal
De Rossi 17m Roma
Beckham 10m LA Galaxy
Petr Cech 16m Chelsea
  My mates dad workes with newcastle as at sport pysychologyst. newcastle will bring in:

–gibbs from arsnal to replace z'ogbia
–johnston from man city
–geovanni from spurs for pace down the left
–vela or bent to replace a departing owen

–duff to celtic (to slow)
–viduca to australia most likly victory
–owen who ever wants him.

%100. mate put his life on it
  Heard from a close contact at Everton (very high up!) that Moyes will be off at the end of the season as he will be joining ManU for SAF last season in charge. Sorry Bluenoses but he's going!
  Terrance Brown is buying back West Ham United.

Expect the deal to become public knowledge shortly.
  Glad to see the rumours about boruc aren't true

Anyway, after seeing a dire old firm game, celtic are looking to replace gordon strachan with david moyes / roy keane. moyes will bring tim cahill and rodwell with him. keanes first signing would be damien duff

Watch this space

Well played boruc on old firm day.
  I'm the guy that said i must of imagined all that TV money and i dunno what you lot are complaining about cos the English leagues get gifted more money than any other league in the world. If your clubs are spending £5million on players they can't afford, that is just bad management i'm afraid. We don't have no 'umbrella–payments' in Scotland like you overprivilaged whiners do, so to hear you all complain about how little cash you have when you get gifted millions each season makes me sick. The stupid money in your league is pricing every other country out of the transfer market – perhaps a salary cap is the answer? But what you must realise is that media cash is vital to the running of a football club and to hark back to a time when money wasn't important, would be pre–WW2. Unless you are talking about jumpers–for–goalposts in the EPL, i would suggest you undertake a course in business studies. Television money & sponsorship funds football as much as gate receipts do and to deny this is DELLUDED AND SERIOUSLY DERRANGED. Yeah, sorry about the Boruc story everyone – must of been some kind of legal injunction there, unless half of Glasgow were lying to me (again).
  Sunderland summer transfer targets;

Glen Johnson – Portstmouth
Stewart Downing – Middlesbrough
Darren Bent – Tottenham
Micah Richards – Manchester City
Tom Huddlestone – Tottenham
  Sadly Pepe Reina will be leaving Liverpool for Athletico Madrid but its not all that bad for Liverpool because Sergio Aguero will be part of that deal Reina + 8m then Rafa will concentrate on bringing a goalie he is after Joe Hart of Man City if he can't get him expect a shock deal for Brad Jones of Middlesborgh they will be the only incomings at Liverpool however a mass of players will be leaving Degan will join West Ham , Pennant will join Real Betis for free , Benayoun and Intange(spelling) will both join Newcastle and Dossena could join Napoli. Very good source
  Liverpool to sign four or five of the following come the summer, depending on how many leave maybe more:
Sergio Aguero – upwards of at least £20m
Glen Johnson – £10m
David Villa – £30m (fee could go up or down depending on Valencias situation and/or Barcelona)
Elano – £12m
Kuba – £7m
Jesus Navas – £10–15m
Carlos Tevez – £30m (If Man Utd decide not to make it permanent)
Aislan – £8m
Diego (of Werder Bremen) – £18m
Ashley Young – £25m
Gareth Barry – £20m
Robinho – £30m (If Mark Hughes is still there and Man City don't improve)
Gareth Bale – £5m
Miralem Pjanic – £15m
Keirrison – £6m
Andres Iniesta – £18m
Fred – Free
David Silva – £25m
Micheal Owen – Free
Rafinha – £12m
Raul Albiol – £15m (Only if Agger ends up leaving)
Giorgio Chiellini – £13m (Again only if Agger leaves or if both Aurelio and Dossena leave)
Bojan Krkic – £15m (If Barcelona get Villa and keep Eto'o)
Thierry Henry – £10m (Again if Barcelona get Villa and keep Eto'o)

The most likely of these seems to be Elano, Aguero, Johnson and Kuba, but depending on what happens in the remainder of the season and if Liverpool are indeed taken over/invested into they may pursue some of their top end targets such as David Villa and Iniesta.
  Heard on the local radio station that Blackburn were keen on Australian youngster Mitch Nichols.
  Everton news

moyes will have at least 18m pound to spend in the transfer window
here are his targets

darren bent 5m
geovanni 2.5m
k richardson 5m
l young 2.5m
  Terry Venables will be the next manager of Portsmouth FC Get to the bookies quick. Dan.
  Frank Foster moving from Arbroath to Raith Rovers for 100,000

Crespo to either Everton or Wigan in the summer, could start as loan deal with possibility of being signed in the Jan window.

Tyneside youngster Lewis Petterson has been attracting a lot of interest from Newcastle after an impressive season so far at Yeovil.

Liverpool looking to sign Napoli youngster Fausto Pelusi, Rafa sees the young Italian as a real prospect for the future, expecting a fee in the region of 600,000
  Rangers skipper Barry Ferguson is to join up with former 'Gers boss Alex McLeish at Birmingham City in the Summer. .the fee has still to be agreed, but it is thought to be in the region of £1.5m.

Should Rangers fail to win the SPL, then Craig Levein currently at Dundee Utd., will take over as Manager, bringing in his own backroom staff, with Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, and Kenny McDowall all moving on
"Iain the Know".
  Liverpool may move to sign Michael Ballack and Fred on frees if they do not get a big budget this summer. It would mean Lucas gets the possibility of being loaned out for the season to another premiership or a la liga side and find regular football. It would mean the same for David N'gog as well – a chance for regular football out on loan, preferably in the premiership.
  Expect new contracts for Adrian Patulea and Lee Beevors at Lincoln, also Moses Swaibu (ex Palace) on trial til end of season.
  Expect the arrival of one Sergio Aguerro at Anfield this summer. Going the other way will be two from Arbeloa, Alonso, Reina, Aurelio and cash. In addition, expect Hyypia to retire to a coaching position and Carragher to move to Hyypia's position on the bench. Milly Insua will be given Left–Back ahead of Aurelio, and either Ramos or Micah Johnson at Right Back with Darby and Carra as cover. The two first choice Central Defenders will be Agger (for his flair and attacking potential) and Skrtel for his solidity and resolute tackling. Look towards the end of this season. Once Liverpool are assured of a top three spot and cannot win the Prem, the changes will start. Gerrard will replace Alonso in a deeper midfield position where he can dictate the play more, and the attacking mid/support striker role will be Aguerro.
  Portsmouth Football Club at a key point in their history. Current owner set to sell to one of two consortiums. One is Middle Eastern based and wants end of season deal, other is European and led by ex Spurs and Celtic player, Ramon Vega. Ramon's group wish to take control before end of March with a variable price based on Premier or Championship next season. If Ramon successful, Sven will be appointed manager. Current owner prepared to secure Sven ahead of March if agreement to sell reached. If Sven appointed, star players including Johnson, Krancjar, James, etc will stay next season, if not all are planned to be sold. The club has covered all debt via sales in last year or so (Muntari, Mendez, Benjani, Defoe, Diarra, etc) so are in better shape than newspapers suggest. Key requirement of RV's consortium is outline permission from the local council to erect a 35,000 capacity stadiium (with option for future expansion to 45,000) at location on edge of city. View of the consortium is that considering the scale of population in the South of England and the lack of other top flight clubs, the potential for growth in crowds is unlike any other.

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