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19 Apr 2013 23:20:51
Derby scouts have been watching Blackpool's last few matches, with a particular interest in defender Kirk Broadfoot.

If its to show the type of player they want to AVOID singing then yeah broadfoots the man, he's mince! {Ed003's Note - he's been outstanding at centre half}

You are il informed, Derby County were scouting a different defender called Alex Baptiste, who is out of contract.

Are derby buying our whole defence. First it was crainy, then baps, now broadfoot, what next mckenize

No, Alex Baptise!

Ont think any of that will happen blackpool fc won't let best players go

Im afraid Blackpool might not have a choice in whether they can let their defenders go; Baptiste is a free agent via the Bosman ruling. They have a one year option on Crainey.

After the game today. PLEASE take Baps.

Just too old and cannot hack it anymore. his hearts just not in it anymore

22 Apr 2013 13:10:54
would take old derby boy Ian Evatt, and I beleive he too has been told that he can go this summer. Suffered injuries and not played much recently so would fit into the derby side great!



19 Apr 2013 19:01:04
Burnley to sign Paddy Madden for 1M in the summer if Yeovil don't go up

And Burnley don't go down.

Difficult to see any club simply waltzing in with a single offer and having it accepted. Being League One's Golden Boot (in waiting) one assumes that there would be some competition for his signature. Also, a lot of fans of prospective suitors seem to be forgetting that after this season Madden still has two years of his contract to run.

Doubt that burnley will be throwing around 7 figure sums regardless of the league, large cuts in wage and transfer budget at the clarets



19 Apr 2013 18:58:21
There are plenty of championship and a few premiership clubs looking at wolves bakery sako who would be available at a snip should wolves be relegated middlesbrough, Forrest, bolton, Swansea and reading are all known to be admirers of the winger

Is he any good?

On his way back to France

No championship team without parachute payments could afford him

Reading will have him!

21 Apr 2013 14:59:46
i'd take Sako at reading although we're not exactly short of wingers



19 Apr 2013 18:31:47
Notts county are having talks to sign bradley wright-phillips

Iv'e heard this to hopefully it happens



19 Apr 2013 17:45:17
Connor wickham to Middlesbrough in a loan deal next season is being discussed and will likely happen should the mackems avoid relegation

Think next year will be Connor's break at Sunderland



19 Apr 2013 17:58:49
Cardiff to Park from QPR if they are relegated - cardiff already have kim bo-young one of the far east best up coming players and with the owners wanting commercial success in the far east Park is the highest profile footballer out there so fits the bill.



19 Apr 2013 17:12:01
notts county are targeting derby striker theo robinson he is already out of favour at pride park and with derby interested in noel hunt and martyn waghorn his chances are going to get evan smaller also don't quote me on this as this next roumer isn't mine but I've heard derby have agreed to sign alan judge and notts have agreed to sign ben davies both on free transfers



19 Apr 2013 17:10:17
Southampton looking to offload player such as butterfield, Richardson, forte, sharp, and Chaplow as they look to bring in new quality that will enable them to win the premiership next season

"enable them to win the premiership next season"


That is all.

OK I'll contact the media

That's not fair, I nearly choked on my biscuit when I read that!

Id like to say i'm an optimistic saint but that's a fair big shout.

You'll be able to add it to your other trophy

I think he meant to win the champioship next season

20 Apr 2013 08:01:10
It looks like saints will be safe from relegation so in a while it's decision time to renew the season ticket, last time it went up over £200, I know there is a full house for most game but look around the ground most people are over 50. I just think the prices are to high especially for loyal season ticket holders. Every dog has his day what to stop sky tv moving to another country. It will happen, the clubs will need the loyal supporters.

I can honestly see this happening

Southampton will not be winning the premiership next season we will be competing for a place in Europe.

^to win the championship?

Yh we're not gunna win the league all of them will go accept fraser as he's good cover for Clyne

20 Apr 2013 12:48:41
I'm a huge Saints fan, but seriously? Yes, the Club is ambitious, but there is no chance on this planet that we will qualify for the champions league next year, let alone win the league. If we have a great season, (and we could) then we might possibly qualify for a place in that other European competition most teams don't want to play in, and we might qualify for it this year via the fair play league, making any challenge for a proper European place far harder.

As anyone can see I am a hugely positive Saints fan, but posts like yours just make Saints fans sound like clowns.

Why do fans beleive this is a Saints fan written this stupid comment, probs a Pompey fan on the wind up because they are all happy again, now they are out od admin ( I am happy for you by the way). As for serious part of ths rumour Richardson I think is out of contract in the summer and no news of it being renewed the others will be off I would imagine add Hammond, De ridder, Tadanari etc. to that list, we will bring in a few as well, we might surprise a few people because I think we might see some real quality come to Saints next season not just average players but as always no one will no our targets until they are complete.

I agree, saints can win the premiership
You've got to believe

Completely off topic but why aren't saints at least a 4 star team on Fifa 13?

21 Apr 2013 12:12:04
To me if we go into Europe through through fair play it will be our downfall , you only have. to look howit has effected Newcastle or even saints a few years back. let's hope they can establish the team in the league there are already rumours both the fullbacks are being watched by Chelsea.



19 Apr 2013 16:41:56
Oxfords jake wright set to join swindon in pre season has signed a pre contract for 30,000

19 Apr 2013 18:43:30
Yeah good one. Jake Wright will be going to a bigger club than Swindon if he does leave. And it'll be for a minimum of 200k.
Danny Wilson enquired about him in Jan. And rumours of Millwall and Charlton scouting him the 2nd half of the season

No contract has been signed. £30,000 would not pay for his big toe. He is under contract to us so your fee is nonsense. I do fear he is likely to leave as he has been the best player for us and is the best centre half by a mile in the league. There are a number of clubs, rumour has it, interested in his signature.



19 Apr 2013 16:11:29
Derby want Simeon Jackson, very good source

Derby fan here, we may want him but I don't know if our wage bill could compete when going for his signature with other clubs interested.



19 Apr 2013 15:24:16
Portsmouth Ins and Outs:


Phil Smith - Released
Sam Sodje - Released
John Akinde - Released
Jed Wallace - Brighton/Stoke/Derby/Ipswich - 1mil
George Colson - Released (likely to join Stoke)
Dan Thompson - Released


Alessandra N'Diaye - Free
Svetoslav Todorov - Free
Patrick Agyemang - Permanent after loan

+ other free agents and loans

Signing New Contracts:

Liam Walker
David Connolly
Yassin Moutaouakil
Simon Eastwood
Gabor Gyepes
Johnny Ertl
Ricardo Rocha

Sodje will stay he is an amazing defender great in the air and tackling give him a few more games and he will show you what he's worth

Jed Wallace is out of contract

Jed isn't out of contract, has another year on his deal.



19 Apr 2013 15:20:30
Alex set to field starting XI of accademy graduates in final game of season provided Walsall out of play off hunt.



19 Apr 2013 13:39:49
Yeovil have been linked with fleetwood winger Gareth Evans



19 Apr 2013 13:05:08
Middlesbrough will sell Marvin emnes to viteese arhnmen in Holland for £1M in the summer that Money will go on Bristol city winger Albert adomah
the club are also trying to negotiate the season loan of Sunderland striker connor wickham. Sunderland are said to be be very interested in sending wickham back to the championship with there local rivals for experience and expect the deal to happen providing that Sunderland avoid the drop
Middlesbrough will also resign Sammy ameobi on a season long loan from Newcastle
there is also talk of a move for burtons jaqs magmahoma but the club face massive interest for his signature

I don't think that we will resign ameobi but I can believe the other two although it would be a major result if we could shift emnes and replace him with adomah I've also heard good things about the lad from burton

Connor wickham would get you 15-20 goals over a season in the championship would be a welcome signing
Always liked Adomah not just because he rips us apart every game just a very good player especially at this level and just what we need

19 Apr 2013 22:28:42
Adomah is from Bristol City.

No way in a million years you will get Connor wickham
Di Canio likes his style and will give him game time every week



19 Apr 2013 12:06:41
Swindon are set for administration if they fail to get promoted, what with there injuries they may not even make the play offs.
At end of season Flint/Caddis/Ferry with others will be leaving as salaries are way to high.
benson will return to STFC as for Pack utter B/S
Afraid swindon are in a bad way yet again

And the local Swindon journo said Ferry etc aren't on big wages, load of rubbish yet again, get facts before posting

Yawnnnnnn! Oxford fan again

I am an Oxford fan, not posted on this thread before. Think you have done great again on the field and hope you don't blow your chances of the play-offs or even automatic promotion. Last season you were excellent. But. PDC has caused financial problems with his buy, buy, buy, attitude (We don't have that problem - we don't have any money!). And i'm not convinced about your new board from Banbury and your new manager is on a hiding to nothing. So though I don't think you are anywhere near administration, I do think there are financial issues that may cause problems for you?

21 Apr 2013 10:52:45
What buy, buy attitude would that be, you've been reading too many forums. The only money we spent this season other than wages were on two players the league set the prices for.

First Paolo Di Canio didn't really screw us up it was the board and they'll be kicking themselves now with the start he's had at Sunderland. Big miss over a silly mistake but Ferry is loved by the Swindon fans and this rumour is trash!



19 Apr 2013 11:52:05
Plymouth Summer transfers

Contracts renewed (offered)

Jake Cole
Onismor Bhasera
Conor Hourihane
Guy Branston
Andres Gurrieri
Maxime Blanchard
Paul Wotton
Durrell Berry
Warren Feeney
curtis Nelson
Luke Young


Joe Bryan-Bristol City
Rene Howe-Torquay United
Jake Hyde- Barnet
Rueben Reid- Yeovil Town
Lee Cox - Swindon Town
Steven Schumacher - Bury
Jamie Young-Aldershot
Johan Hammar-Everton


Nick Chadwick
Rene Gilmartin
Jamie Lowry
Anthony Charles

There is no way that Plymouth will sign Joe Bryan, he is part of Bristol city's future, ie using academy players in the team instead of bringing them on and letting them go after putting time and money into them, as we have done too often in the past. Ida lovitt.

Some are already under contract

I'm not sure Wotton and Feeney will/should be offered new contracts. Joe Bryan will be guaranteed League 1 football next season, so why would he come back to us? Howe, Hyde, Schumacher, Young and Hammar aren't that unrealistic, but don't have any weight to the rumour at all yet.

Speaking realistically we won't sign Bryan as he will play L1 next season. We won't sign Lee Cox as he's out for 6 months.
Gilmartin will stay unless Sheridan gets someone else in since Chenoweth isn't a good enough number 2.
Feeney will also be released imo.

That would be a very good team with players like Howe, Hyde and Bryan but I doubt he will sign as he will stay at Bristol City

20 Apr 2013 06:37:11
Bhasera has interest from higher leagues, salary could be an issue for us
Wotton is considering player/coach role.

Uncle Bulgaria

20 Apr 2013 20:14:26
Sorry Pilgrims, Joe Bryan is highly thought of in BS3 and was sent out for experience. I am glad he has helped you and has done well at HP but he will be back at BCFC for next season.
Good luck anyway. CTID.

Sorry to the Bristol city fans but Joe Bryan will leave as he is not in any plans sorry to disappoint

I would be stunned if Joe Bryan was allowed to leave following our relegation.

2013/14 is going to be his year, and I fully expect it to be at Ashton Gate.

Being in league one and our need to cut the wages of our first team will see players like him promoted quicker, I expect Bryan, Ried, Burns, and Holloway to be promoted to the first tema match day squads next year.

Bristol City are building a YOUTH TEAM, there's no intention of letting a bright talent like Joe Bryan go. Get your facts straight before you state transfers that won't happen



19 Apr 2013 11:44:14
Jacques Maghoma is the L2 player in demand with many clubs after him. Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Ipswich, Notts county, derby, Middlesborough, Tranmere, Bournemouth, crystal Palace, Brentford. he has also received offers from top flight Portugal, Belgium and Scotland.

Any chance the bees can actually get him?

Been banded about a lot recently that Eddie has been scouting players ahead of next season. Could see this one paying off but only if we reach Championship

19 Apr 2013 20:59:55
Maghoma has also received offers from top flight Portugal, Belgium and Scotland for what team?

Just hope brighton aren't interested because the best players would obviasly choose them



19 Apr 2013 11:15:34
Gary Hooper & Jordan Rhodes are on Hull City's radar!

I'd be over the moon with either one could be pricey though

Rhodes for £5mill Corry Evans and Jay Simpson would be a great deal for both clubs but I doubt it'd ever happen.
Hooper would be £7mil minimum and personally I'd rather see that spread across 2 players.

By T'burg

Better not lose tonight, then.




19 Apr 2013 10:58:39
Hartlepool United released/retained list:

Neil Austin
Nathan Luscombe
Sam Collins
Andy Monkhouse
Colin Nish

Evan Horwood
James Poole

Ritchie Humphreys - Will become full time coach after gaining UEFA licence

Howard - Sheff Wed (season loan)
Hartley - Carlisle/Notts County (both have made contact with Pools)
Barron will be relieved of coaching duties (replaced by Humphreys)


19 Apr 2013 16:05:43
Wednesday will not get Howard for another season if that's what you're saying



19 Apr 2013 09:57:21
Steve Clarke wants to bring Salomon Kalou to the Hawthorns, but his wage demands may be an issue.



19 Apr 2013 09:39:31
Derby interested in
Baptiste- Blackpool
Whitehead- Stoke
Waghorn- Leicester
Forsyth- Watford ( currently on loan at Derby )
Davies- Bolton
Adomah- Bristol City


Decision yet to be made on Ben Davies

Ball is awful I would love bailey permanently but don't think we can afford his wages

Forgot to add in departures

Everyone knows adomah is going to middlesbrough

Adomah is most likely coming to boro if all else fails palace will get him

He will go to Palace unless they are promoted. In that case Zaha will be on a season loan

Please take Forsyth!

Adomah will not be going to boro or derby

Forsyth has impressed at left back for Derby.

Forsyth isn't good enough, derby season ticket holder but the board and Nigel and most fans actually think he isn't bad. He is way too slow, we can do better



19 Apr 2013 08:58:18
According to a link on E5PN website - Brighton manager Gus Poyet has dismissed rumours linking the club with a summer move for QPR midfielder Park Ji-Sung.



19 Apr 2013 08:23:46
Swindon have re entered talks with Charlton for Marlon Pack, they are rumoured to be offering 250k plus winger Luke rooney who the club paid 175K for.

19 Apr 2013 10:30:55
Funny that seems Marlon Pack plays for Cheltenham and believe me we don't have the money as there is still concern over our new owners - can't see it happenning.

Isn't Marlon Pack at Cheltenham?

I could have sworn he plays for Cheltenham

Why would Swindon talk to Charlton about Marlon Pack. Pack is a Cheltenham player.

19 Apr 2013 14:17:16
Luke Rooney is not even a L2 player, let alone championship. PDC paid well over the odds for him



19 Apr 2013 00:46:34
Swansea and Cardiff are set to battle it out for Ivory Coast striker Salomon Kalou, who is keen for a return to the premier league.

I don't see Swansea going for him.

19 Apr 2013 16:59:16
Alfred Finnbogason (striker)
Johnathon WIlliams (winger)
Virgil van Dijk (Centre Back)
Curtis Davies (Centre Back)

No chance, he's Arsenal bound

Awful shout you must be steaming



19 Apr 2013 00:39:54
Players leaving Cardiff City:

McNaughton - Celtic
Whittingham - Nott'm Forest
Mason - Ipswich Town (loan) as Chopra is being kicked out.
Kiss - Doncaster Rovers
Cowie - Millwall
Velikonja - Sheffield Wednesday
Conway - Middlesbrough
Smith - Bristol City
Parish - Newport County
Lewis - St. Mirren
Harris - Gillingham (loan)

Do you own Cardiff as you have very good knowledge even before the season is over. I suggest this is all guess work my friend.!!

Super Kev SHOULD get another year.

If Conway is not out of contract then there is no chance boro could afford him

19 Apr 2013 11:39:19
Why would we want Harris? A young mid fielder who has made one appearance in the FA Cup. He's still got 2 years left on his contract. Maybe he's one for the future but not for us.

19 Apr 2013 15:20:32
Super Kev too good for Celtic.


Um. no. Whittingham will not leave, he's premier league quality

Why would most of these players go if we are in the prem next season? Why would they try so hard to get to the top then just leave as they do it.

Hav you noticed cardiff are going up

No way wittingam is good enough for the prem he is terrible

U see mcnaughtons reaction in pitch invasion? He's not leaving.

Whitts has tuck around with us so long, he won't leave now we r in prem.

Whittingham is going no where
his set pieces alone are premiership level



19 Apr 2013 00:30:54
Cardiff in talks with a young Italian U21 GK over a move to CCS next season.

I Would be nice to actually know the guy's name!



19 Apr 2013 00:30:29
Cardiff are after Derby trio John Brayford, Mason Bennett and Will Hughes.

Hughes has extended his contract by a year, Brayford has just bought a house.

John Brayford will cost you 1.5 million.

Will Hughes will set you back at least 6 million having signed a new contract on Wednesday.

Mason Bennett, derby have never really had massive interest in Mason because he is only 16 years old, he can't even be allowed on Fifa 13 yet. Because he plays up front for England under 18s he would be very costly. Similar to Hughes.

If Cardiff have the money fair enough, because Derby will sell if teams meet the asking price, but they try their very best to keep hold of their young talent.

Will Hughes just signed new contract extension

19 Apr 2013 09:33:22
You will more than likely renew your interest in Brayford but he is currently in contract talks with us to extend so you will have to pay around £2-2.5m for him at least. no chance of you getting Hughes or Bennett

Brayford yes, Hughes and Bennett not a chance.
No disrespect to Cardiff, Hughes will go onto a bigger club. Bennett will stop with Derby for at least another 2 years, he'll have only just have turned 17 at the start of next season, I think Cardiff will target players that can hit the ground running in their first year in the Prem.

HA don't male me laugh! Maybe Brayford but Bennett and Hughes, NEVER {Ed034's Note - money talks and a club like derby cannot afford to turn down big offers

19 Apr 2013 16:02:03
I agree that we probably will sign more seasoned rather than promising players. Malky obviously likes the look of Brayford so he is the most likely candidate of the 3.


Brayford will do you proud, top player, top professional, all round good bloke.

They shouldn't sign them Cardiff need players who know how to stay up in the prem not players whose team is in the middle of the Championship

Hughes would be a good signing but I don't think it will be possible



19 Apr 2013 00:04:58
Cardiff city to attempt to sign striker Charlie Austin after being rejected in the January transfer window

19 Apr 2013 18:41:04
No one even bid for Austin in January, Burnley even confirmed this, stop making up rumours for attention

Can't see Austin being at Burnley next year and I can't see too many teams in the Premier league making an offer despite his record so this is a possible



18 Apr 2013 23:38:51
Sunderland and West Brom interested in youngster James Ashton.

West Brom favourites due to Clarke knowing Ashton from his days at Chelsea.

Depends who wants him more



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