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18 Sep 2012 23:13:47
Bristol Rovers have approached Leicester City to take Jeffrey Schlupp on loan, but the player rejected the opportunity to go out on loan to Bristol.

Source: employee at the King Power Stadium.

Possible but think he will be used as an inpact sub at Leicester this season. so dont think he will go on lone, however theres a few clubs interested so u never no.

Devon Fox

Been told he is joining sheffield united by a number of fans and a friend

Pearson wanted him to go to Bristol on loan, but he refused because of the league Bristol Rovers play in, Schullup would rather play in the Championship or Leauge One if he is forced to go out on loan by Pearson.

Source: employee at the King Power Stadium



18 Sep 2012 21:49:02
Any more news on Burnley Ed? {Ed003's Note - Not heard anything new mate,I would still expect a loan in even though Howe has said he is happy}



18 Sep 2012 20:47:15
Swansea looking at the signature of Leeds United midfielder Rudolph Austin in January.

Can't see that happening, seems happy and only been there all of two months

Ha ha ha now that is funny!

Nah,,, don't you mean Norwich !

Yeah and signing are league one midfield has done norwich alot a good ant it if i was i would get prepared for championship football next season good luck

The way he's playing he'll be going to Man City or Even Real. The man is class!

He's an animal {Ed003's Note - technically he is not,but I know what you mean lol}

Norwich will be down by january... howson is lightweight and johnsons rubbishe



18 Sep 2012 18:45:54
Paolo Di Canio has recently stated he would like to get in another player in the emergency loan window, this is believed to be current Barcelona B right back Sergio Juste who will provide as competition for Joe Devera, after Paul Caddis moved on loan to Birmingham after falling out with Di Canio. Luke Rooney is expected to go on a short term loan to another league one team to get first team football.

Someone better tell Di Canio that you can't sign players from clubs abroad during the emergency loan window.



18 Sep 2012 18:30:34
Abdoulaye Meite is on trial at ipswich, the ex-west brom centre back has a week to impress. Confirmed by manager Paul Jewell

He is too slow .

If true would be a good player for a championship team.....just don't expect him to control the ball :L

I have it from inside info at portman road that if we loose the next two games billy davies will be appointed manager.

Ipswich will be signing no one

its spin by the club, they are in debt and could be out of business by the end of season. no signings just spin to make the fans spend hard eraned cash on them. clegg, evans and pj bad as each other in my eyes.

on the other hand could happen above answer my views !

There's no way you could know that. The club is financially stable as that is the one thing Clegg has guaranteed he will do while he is there. Of course we don't have a lot of money to spend, and there is a large debt. But we will not go into administration as long as Evans is the owner. That in my mind, is solid building for the future. At least we'll still have a club and a team to still support.

Sacking PJ now would not help the club. Yes he failed to bring in adequate players over the summer but I get the feeling that that was hardly his fault, though whether that was Clegg's poor negotiating skills or ME's refusal to stump up the money. The squad, although very thin, is better than we have had in years and the last time we went up to the PL it wasn't as though Burley had come in and got us promoted in his first season in charge. Although I don't think we will be promoted this year, I don't think we should be expecting it this year either as their are a lot of clubs that have spent a lot more money than us, somewhat unsustainably. The only worry is that supporters are starting to drift away and less fans at games means less money to spend on new players.

Sacking PJ would be the best thing for this club .he is void of any idea as to how to run a club.

After tonights shambolic performance Jewell must be s??ing himself worried he is going to be unemployed soon .tommy smith you d??head

I have heard a rumour that Harry Redknapp is coming back into football and a deal has been done for a job that a manager is currently doing but won't for much longer if results don't improve. Sounds very much like Ipswich and Evans and Redknapp are good friends.

Paul jewel to be saked on fri

Harry would be great,but I'm sure you will agree he will request a big transfer fund and Evans I'm sure will not give it to him and without money Harry will find it hard,although town do have som every good players but just lack that cutting edge and aa top class defender.There are some very good managers out of work who would jump at the chance to come to this great club,but WHO remains to be seen.Has anybody got any good names.?

Or Redknapp could be going Southampton... Knowing our luck Ipswich will get Mick Mccarthy!!

Pj was a cheap option after rk, never should of got him in the first place what has he done and the tactics are not good, should give Scotland a go

Billy ' I'm going to throw my toys out the pram because my chairman won;t let me sign lots of players Davies?

I think he would last 5 minutes with how our club is run.



18 Sep 2012 17:45:31
Swindon striker Andy Williams to join Preston NE on a 93 day loan

This site is dedicated to football rumours, not football wishful thinking. 2/10 must try harder......

Preston dont need him also he did feck all against preston

Good because we want him to stay with us.

Is he not a singer andy williams

What a load of rubbish , where did you get that from williams to preston , why on earth would they send him out already ?????? flint & ferry & rooney to go out on loan beacuse they r not invloved in first team plans......

He scored last night so wind your neck in....

PNE did try to sign him in the summer but don't need him now.

I can't see any team in league one wanting to sign him



18 Sep 2012 16:43:57
Kallum Higgingbotham from Huddersfield to join Carlisle on loan today. Don't know length of loan

Wrong Joe garner on loan

Kallum Higginbotham and Joe Garner joining Carlisle on loan

It seems every man and his dog are linked to town,all we need is to give novac game time to find his feet in this league and add some one who knows were the net is,be it from any division.why must we rely on landing beckford.

This is expected to go through by the end of the week

Done deal on the officla site right now
i know some town fans will be dissapointed with this but in all honesty who would you take out of the first team right now to but higginbotham in

Higginbotham joined on loan for 3 months

Higginbotham is not even league 1 standard he is league 2 at best we need t send him back



18 Sep 2012 16:31:14
Derby, Forest and Leicester scouts will all be at the Pirelli stadium tomorrow night to watch Burton Albion's free scoring strike force. Wonder goals in recent games from Calvin Zola, Matt Paterson and Jacques Maghoma has alerted the already interested scouts (Billy Kee is a target for all of them). Expect bids to be forthcoming in January if these players continue with their goalfest.

Billy Kee came from Leicester...

And chances are he'll end up back there! I know he's just signed a new 3 year contract with BA but the Foxes are keeping tabs!

Another goal each for zola and paterson tonight. come on you brewers!!

Why would Billy Kee come back to Leicester? If he wasnt good enough for us then he definately isnt good enough for us now...

Why? Because he scores goals, something Leicester have been failing to do enough of recently. Should never have let him go in the first place!

Why would he go Leicester just to sit on the bench. When he can play first team football at Burton?

Billy has been on the bench at burton for the last few games



18 Sep 2012 16:15:28
Leicester to get Harry Redknapp as manager within few weeks. Takeover comes as quoted by that he is to goto championship club with money to spend.

Never moves north mate {Ed003's Note - hardly North really is it? }

Never leaves south coast or London

Harry has ready stated that he will not go to the championship and will wait for a top half prem club.
Forest offered him complete control and said he's happy to wait for big prem club.

I doubt this but although im all for giving the manager time and i do think the results will start to come, i do believe Redknapp would get us promoted, but he would also demand big money!

Redknapp is a joke of a manager. Tactically inept and in the last three seasons only Chelsea and Man City spent more and he still couldn't get a champions league place.

The fact is hes a big name and would attract be players!
Devon fox

Joke of a manager? tactically inept? good enough to get top 5, 3 seasons running, play some of the most attractive football in the premier league and make tottenham a force again. And according to most of football most astute commentaters, very unlucky to lose his job after being so consistent. so i think ill take more notice of their comments than yours!

Comments or facts. 75% of his spurs team are what Jol had brought in two years earlier and had got just as close to the champions league, Redknapp spends millions and the team are no better off!!



18 Sep 2012 14:33:56
Coventry city are set to announce Portsmouths micheal Appleton as there next manager in a three year deal will be confirmed by Thursday

Lol Mark Robins is the new manager

Ha!! Robins just announced as new Cov boss. Do some research!

He probably write this before it was announced



18 Sep 2012 13:44:54
Walsall are set to renew interest in Ben Parker and have invited Bryan Hughes to train with them at thier Essington base.

Why would we want ben parker when weve got andy taylor on a year contract?

Hope so, we could do with bolstering the squad. Parker is an excellent left back and Hughes brings a wealth of much needed experience to our ranks.

Why do people bother posting rubbish like this, get a life or a gf and stop ****ing 10 times a day.....pathetic



18 Sep 2012 12:17:43
Oxford are set to sign Robbie Hall on loan from West Ham.

Unlikely. More like wishful thinking than anything else.



18 Sep 2012 12:10:28
AFC Bournemouth will give Paul groves till January to turn around results otherwise
sean dyche will be appointed on a 2 year deal

Completly made up.

IF these two are still at DC after Christmas the crowds will be down to a couple of thousand. So boring!

Is that the watford legend - sean dyche. He has spent at least one decade at vicarage road and has done a multitude of different roles. He was not a name I would have come up with, but certainly would be interesting choice if our bournemouth chairman has the guts to give groves and son-in-law brookes the flick?

AFCB must win tonight against brentford or paul groves position won't be until january!

Even a win should not be enough!! Everybody knows Bournemouth have the best team in league one by a country mile but they are playing Really negative football

If Groves/Brooks are still in the job til Xmas then AFCB will be fighting just to stay in League 1

We are in for a long relegation battle this season but I think the size of our squad might be enough to keep us up. I hope so anyway, if Tubbs has finally found his form then his goals should keep us safe

Dyche has been in crowd at DC last few games

Why dyche he's done nothing? I'd like Gary Johnson, somebody Experienced who knows how to play football and get out of this league, why spend a fortune on players then scrimp on the manager? Makes no sense

IF We are scimping with dyche as new manager then we are scraping the barrel with groves.

Groves is getting sacked in the morning, ding dong the bells are gonna chime :)



18 Sep 2012 10:01:07
Ed any news on Harry Kewell and Emile Heskey? {Ed001's Note - not a thing thankfully, hopefully they will do us all a favour and retire.}

EH just signed for Newcastle Jets in the A league........... Harry still waiting on a decent payday from a nth england club



18 Sep 2012 10:27:34
it looks like robbins is set to be handed the coventry job. he is now well odds on in all bookmakers. and shaw and ince the other 2 candidates odds have gone right out. does every1 think it will be a good appointment? i would have preffered dennis wise.

No. I don't. Out of the three only Brown I feel has anything to offer. Coventry really do need try harder

Coventry may aswell write off the season and go into administration to clear thier debts. They are a bigger joke than Portsmouth.



18 Sep 2012 10:10:10
Connor Wickham to sign for Huddersfield Town on loan

Would be a good move for us to let him go to Huddersfield

I sincerely doubt it Ipswich have 1st refusal all be it paying 75% of his 40,000 a week wages. even so doubt the wage demands of the loan deal even if lower than that woul dput most clubs off

Ipswich have first refusal on Wickham if available



18 Sep 2012 09:54:59
Joe Hemmingway to be offered a prefessional contract at Man City



18 Sep 2012 09:41:16
Leeds and leicester thought to be intrested in signing stoke city striker kenwyne jones on loan



18 Sep 2012 09:39:08
Beckford turns down another move to town in favour of a move on loan to his former club leeds

When did this happen then?jim lcfc



18 Sep 2012 09:11:48
Coventry City manager will be either Paul Ince or Michael Appleton who is ready to leave Portsmouth

Appleton is going nowhere! If he was going to leave, he would have months ago.

After today's performance (v Swindon) it wouldn't surprise me he's done all he can do!

Mark Robins is the new manager of coventry just to clear it up for the doubters he's just about to do a press conference.... i thank you !!

Interesting ??? considering they have just named mark robins....



18 Sep 2012 08:45:19
MikaŽl Silvestre set to join ipswich town
for the rest off the season should be in
the team for sat game against charlton

I really doubt that would happen.

Doubt that very much

Is this purely because Wet Spam didnt want him?

I dont think a 35 year old fits into Jewells younger side ideology.....

Dont be to surprised about the Silvestre rumour dont forget pj signed that waste of space Bullard . hey we might see Emil heskey signing soon

No chance!!

If any good be at own club playing every week.

sack the board... clegg.....pj..... evans be a man do it now

Dont think evans is going to sack anyone probably as not got any money left to pay anyone off because Jewell as wasted it all

Update on silvestre will be at portman road toninght to watch the match he has been looking round today and will join if he can agree terms tomorrow

Can anyone confirm this Silvestre rumour .This cant be true not another oap joining.

No it's a red herring

Silvestre deal now off as jewel to be sacked next week

There never was a deal for him pointless rumour by the football manager brigade



18 Sep 2012 08:32:37
The northern whisper is here again

Jordan Bowery loaned to Derby from villa for season

Mark Trollope - Signing for Rangers

Alan 'Buster' Brown - Signing for Hearts



18 Sep 2012 08:25:08
ANY BRISTOL CITY LOAN NEWS, {Ed025's Note - not yet mate..

Would like to say im a bristol city fan and thought how did peterborough stay with 11 on pitch refs not doing there jobs it was two red cards skuse stud marks on ankle cunningham out for month its terrible whats going on



18 Sep 2012 08:05:42
Tim Stalton is the shock target for Scottish Prem league team Dundee United. He is currently playing for Helensburgh in the scottish League, the Veteran left back had trials at Rangers in his younger days

Stalton has had a good lower league career but to step up to this level is to much he should stay as a WSM

Yet again the club settle for a second rate non league player - if this is true i will not be going again - the management should by quality a guy called alan brown signing for hearts is a target we have let go - he is clearly a better wsm



18 Sep 2012 07:37:00
I have heard that if p.j loose both home game then he will be sacked

Not true he has till christmas to get things sorted



18 Sep 2012 06:21:34
colchester fans set to boycott tonights match with crawley to try and force robbie cowling into relieving manager john ward of his duties

Will anyone notice?

Looks like they did!



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