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2011 23:49:47
Wolves Chairman Morgan Has Given Mick Mccarthy One More Game, If Wolves Fail To Beat Swansea Mccarthy Will Be Sacked, And Replaced By, Benitez,Poyet,Hughes, butt the most likely will be mallorca manager Joaquin Caparros,(4)(19)Joaquin Capparos will never become manager of Wolves, not in this stage! He just sign a deal with Mallorca and he has plans with club. So don't dream about Caparros.

Benitez? He's to big name for Wolves. Maybe Hughes, but i think McCarthy will be manager for a while.This wont happen. Not a hope in hell. They have to much blind faith in MM. Any drongo can see we need a change of management and that means get rid of Terry Connor as well.


17 Oct 2011 23:37:49
Wigan want to sign Watford hot shot Marvin Sordell in January.(10)(6)


17 Oct 2011 22:35:49
Lukas Podolski to Arsenal in January(29)(20)


17 Oct 2011 22:13:27
After a great start to the season, higher league clubs been scouting the best at the valley.

Solly interest from Portsmouth, Watford, Burnley

Wagstaff interest from Burnley, Wigan, Newcastle

BWP - Leicester City offer on the table... interest from Derby, Brighton, Hull

Jackson - Wigan, Doncaster, West Ham(2)(17)


17 Oct 2011 21:04:52
Bournemouth have had a bid accepted for Charlie Sheringham (son of Teddy) by current club Dartford(16)(4)He has been top scorer for last 2 seasons


17 Oct 2011 20:23:17
Jody Morris to become st Johnstone manager should Derek mcinnes join Bristol city(13)(10)


17 Oct 2011 18:45:23
Southampton scout reported seen at two matches in France over the past few weeks. Its appears he was checking out two Strikers Mustafa Durek (23) and Remy Dugimont (25), Saints are still searching for a young prolific striker to help with their push for promotion to the premiership.(11)(7)Ricky lamberts not very old and scores lots of goals so that must make him a young prolific goalscorerLambert late 20's
Think we need someone around 21/22 ideally


17 Oct 2011 18:21:37
I have it on very good authority that Sean Dyche will be relieved of his duties after Wednesday's game against Leicester win or lose. Aidy Boothroyd has already been lined up to rejoin Watford and Dyche will be offered a coaching role in Boothroyds set up.(17)(15)


17 Oct 2011 16:52:14
Benik Afobe is in talks with Brentford over a possible loan move until January.(5)(11)If u get benik afobe on loan, just watch brentford climb the table, wat a player !


17 Oct 2011 16:27:44
Heard from a very good source at Bournemouth th Chairman Eddie Mitchell is in financial trouble with his own building company and is using money from Bournemouth fc and putting it into off shore account s be prepared for some bad news bournemouth fans and soon.(19)(6)Mitchell has had six previous companies that have all gone bust and he doesnt care. i believe this rumourMitchell has had 6 companies in the past that have gone bust all in the building industry and his current company is called Seven builders which reflects the previos six that have gone out of business. I would be seriously worried Bournemouth fans.To the OP - where have you heard this (links/people) as there is no mention of this story on any AFCB forum.

I don't doubt that the story could be true - and a knock-on effect could be that EM tries to get his money back from Dorchester Town FC - but until I see something more solid (perhaps in the next few days?) then I cannot totally believe this rumour.I know someone very senior at the club and i cannot reveal names as it will cause him a major problem and me with the relationship ok you have heard these sorts of stories before from people saying they know someone but believe me this is true. I wouldnt put a rumour on here like that im not a Bournemouth supporter and i quite like Bournemouth as a team and im not a fan either from a local rival but i am very close to someone at Bournemouth fc.This has ben rumoured for almost all of 2011 so isn't really new. You'd have to question why the 'very senior person' at the club hasn't done the right thing and informed the authorities. Not doing that makes the very senior person party to it.


17 Oct 2011 15:28:24
Heard clubs watching Leeds' Academy's flying full-back Sam Byram. We need to get this lad on a pro contract, and soon.
wally(1)(6)Cheers Dad,thanks for that, now you need to go and make my tea before I get hungry. Love SamOk son, rat & chips for ya tea tonight r sam


17 Oct 2011 14:36:00
Swansea are set to bid for Ipswich midfielder Jimmy Bullard in January(7)(20)Well nugget if you had watched the game at the weekend you would change your tune as Peter whittingham rang rings round himAnd our team ran rings around yours. You were very lucky to get a point.


17 Oct 2011 14:33:43
Goalkeeper Luke Mccormack will join Kiddiminster on a short term contract as he is due to be released from prison in the next few weeks(11)(8)Thats good isnt it course harriers would get someone being released from prisonIf there's a shred of decency left in the game no club will ever consider him.Might as well get Hughes back as well, oh and Marlon King. DisgracefulAnybody who saw the pictures of the 2 little lads coffins shouldnt touch this scumbag with a barge pole.


17 Oct 2011 14:00:57
heard from a good source that barnsley want
james beattie on six month deal
they urgently need a goalscorer
creating chances and not putting them away
could jb be the answer(18)(9)I av heard he iis in talks with pne, hope not he is crap


17 Oct 2011 13:34:11
Joe Cole wants to make his move to
Lille permanent when the loan deal


17 Oct 2011 13:20:27
16 Oct 2011 12:15:59
Watford will sack Dyche when they lose to Leicester on tuesday night!

Having spoken to Graham Taylor on a number of occassions I know Watford would be reluctant to sack Dyche. I think it is more likely that another manager will be bought in with Dyche being offered a coaching job. After seeing how poorly Aidy has done elsewhere I for one wouldn't be happy with him back at the Vic.(7)(3)I would like dyche to stay as he has shown loyaltiy to us we should do the same to him. Bring in a manager with a bit more no how i think dyche will be a good manager in time.I like Sean Dyche a lot but I think it is maybe a step too far for him at the moment. I think Boothroyd would certainly give the Vic a bit more of a buzz. I would be happy if he came back.


17 Oct 2011 12:38:25
Fergie has finally released he cannot cope without Scott Rendell and will walk away from the club if they do not fund the transfer to bring him back to London Road. Wycombe have put a £4m price tag on him for when he returns from his loan with Bristol Rovers. Fergie also wants to bring back Claude Gnakpa and Jamie Day.(3)(24)


17 Oct 2011 10:37:22
Brighton are reportedly looking at £400,000 rated Craig Reid from Stevenage. The striker has hit 4 goals in 11 games and is the mould that Poyet is looking for to support CMS up front. There is competition for his signature in January from Reading however which could prove to be a stumbling block.(12)(14)


16 Oct 2011 23:09:50
Adam Federici to Fulham at Seasons end to replace Schwarzer who will finish up his career in the Bundesliga.(11)(13)


16 Oct 2011 21:30:29
Aidy Boothroyd to replace SD at Watford
after next Tuesday...(12)(16)Lets hope not little Aidy is a bigger clown than dyche! Fact.


16 Oct 2011 21:27:20
daves jones to be appointed as portsmouth manger on monday and will see the players and take charge of the team on tuesday against ipswich(12)(17)


16 Oct 2011 21:04:05
Matt Tubbs to sign for Charlton in January between 300k-800k(7)(23)


16 Oct 2011 19:12:27
Ex-Arsenal defender Tom Cruise is to sign a pay-as-you-play deal with Notts. County.

Febian Brandy also going back to Meadow Lane on similar terms.(7)(13)Nichole Kidman is also joining on a pay as you act deal.


16 oct 2011 18:58:56
big 14 days for bristol city, the result of the judicial review is due by 28/10/11, if positive news martin oneil will by appointed as manager, if negative news derek mcinnes will be appointed,(4)(24)Is this the review into the new stadium? Also, what is happening to the Gas - are they getting their new ground built?We got to wait 12 days for an appointment? Surely not. McInnes by end of this week.Yes judicial review is regarding new ground, they have had very positive feed back from bcc, which have been told by the court (cardiff court) which are dealing with the judicial review,Not a chance, Martin O'Neil will not come back into football below premiership level - especially not to Bristol City.
It's a school day tomorrow, shouldn't you be in bed by now


16 Oct 2011 18:00:03
Barnsley to sign James Beattie on a six month deal(24)(9)


16 oct 2011 17:57:38
bristol city news; martin o'neil has gone from 40/1 to 3/1 in the last 24 hrs to be the next bristol city manager, ()(8)(30)JUST GONE FROM 3/1 TO 2/1,If it happens, I will be a well chuffed City fan. Lets face it - it won't happen.Very funny joke - you can come againActually if you check betting its true
so whoever put this on here was accurate


16 Oct 2011 17:47:02
David Weir could be appointed as the new St. Johnstone boss, should Derek McInnes move to Bristol City. Jim Jeffries is also in the frame.(14)(6)Jody morris and Callum davidson have been touted for the job insider info


16 Oct 2011 17:43:28
Swansea are looking to sign Darren Barnard and Jordan Rhodes in January.(15)(8)These would be great signings for them - does that mean that Craig Beattie and Stephen Dobbie are off to Nottingham Forest and Blackpool respectively in January?


16 Oct 2011 17:30:19
Bristol City are pulling all the strings out to bring Martin O Neil in as the new manager.
M O N could walk into a host of bigger clubs but is considering the move and the ex chairman Steve Lansdown wants a top manager to move the club forward and into the new stadium that should be ready in 2013(8)(22)


16 Oct 2011 10:17:41
Saunders will break up the O'Driscoll team by January, with the midfield players Coppinger, Gillet & Oster being the first out the door in the January window.
Followed by Stock, & O'Connor should O'Driscoll get another Championship club.
Parkin isn't interested in staying after the loan spell unless things change apparently & Sharp is being now approached by Leeds United as well as Southampton, so he may yet get the opportunity in the Premiership.
Saunders wants the team to be another Stoke City & kick their way out of League 1 next year then continue towards the Premiership.
Problem is the team will lose an awful lot of supporters who want to see a winning team, but not at all costs, & five years under O'Driscoll saw quality football.
RTID(2)(15)I don't think we'd approach Sharp after some of the things he said when we last bid for him. He has no respect. And he was a no-show on Friday night. Southampton could though, thats pretty likely.
wallyYou haven't got an awful lot of supporters to lose in the first place :-)What are you talking about?Why would leeds want to sign sharp? we have lots of other strikers most of whom are better than him....mccormack made your boys look like mugs ps you are very welcome to take paynter off of usStoke didnt kick their way out of anywhere, direct football yes kicking no


16 Oct 2011 09:59:26
Right Leeds fans, here's what you've all been waiting for - lowdown on the Jonny Howson transfer situation. This comes from a friend who works at the club.

Apparentley Howson has no issue with the money being offered (5k pay rise) but is waiting to see what sort of state the club are in towards the middle of the season as he has Premier League ambitions. The gist I got is that its considered pretty likely he'll sign by the club.(4)(17)Is your friend the club accountant??players contracts are private,this smells like b/s to me.Howson is not Premiership class, his form this season has been hot & cold, more cold actually.In that case he should sign now...13 points from 15 were going up!Original poster here - I'll refer you to the YEP interview with Howson today. He states as much.


16 Oct 2011 04:51:23
any qpr gossip ed {Ed001's Note - not much this early mate, a lot of scouting players but no moves yet, the window is still a couple of months away, no one wants to tip their hand to other teams yet.}(1)(15)


16 Oct 2011 08:08:21
ANY BRISTOL CITY MANAGER NEWS,(4)(17)No one wants the job.Yeah,you haven't got one.Oh very funny pmsl remember this bristol city always bounce back


15 Oct 2011 21:28:54
Having recently landed Peruvian 'wonderkid' Pier Larrauri, Leicester City are again set to trump the big boys with the signing of a second prodigious talent from South America.
Not sure yet WHO the target is, but believe him to be 16/17, Chilean and has been 'watched' by a number of Europe's top sides!(4)(16)Don't bother , after losing to B'ham you're going nowhere this seasonBirmingham will be a force now you watch. Individually their playes are better than championship quality and they have a manager in Chris Hughton that knows exactly how to unlock teams.

As for Chillean wonderkid joining, i doubt it very much, the only young Chillean that isn't at a top european club murdered Leicester yesterday, hit the apex from 28 yards out and won the penalty. Jean Beausejour will rip this league to pieces!


15 Oct 2011 21:13:09
Habib Beye will leave Aston Villa in January due to not being in Alex McLeish's plans.(18)(7)Beye is on 65,000 p/w .. of course he must go!Beye is old, on big dough and an absolute has been of the highest order! McLeish love this type of player.

McLeish will destroy the scum just like he did with the Blues!


15 Oct 2011 19:57:29
Barnsley midfielder, Jacob Butterfield, who again impressed in their match against Portsmouth on television, is attracting interest from a number of Premier League Clubs. Despite interesting a number of un-named clubs, four teams have already made contact over the skipper. Derby County boss has already said to Keith Hill, current Barnsley boss, 'name your price whilst Steve Bruce of Sunderland, has already apparently made a £1.2 million bid for the Barnsley born playmaker. Top Chilean side Colo Colo are keen to bring in some English talent and believe a bid for Butterfield in high wages could persuade him to move to South America. Finally, Belgian side Gent have also made a enquiry.(4)(20)What this intersting unnamed clubs, if these clubs are unamed, how do people know theyre interested and how do you know theyre interested. Who decides that theyre unnamed.

The lad is a good player but cut the bullst


15 Oct 2011 19:45:53
Wilfried Zaha is looking at the possibility of joining West Brom in January after Roy Hodgson had a bid accepted by Crystal Palace boss Dougie Freedman. The former Liverpool manager made an enquiry about the England under 19 forward and was quoted an undisclosed figure, believed to be around £7 million.(6)(19)Lies, the baggies have no money , the chairman stated that after buying Shane Long.How on earth can you be "quoted an undisclosed sum"


15 Oct 2011 19:45:13
The media are saying the Bristol City job is now a 2 horse race between McInnes and Robins, but O'Driscoll was sat just behind me in the Dolman stand today, so he must still be in contention.(10)(7)


15 Oct 2011 19:45:05
Mcarthy to leave after the Swansea game.
O'Neill to be installed.(27)(14)If only.....O'Neill would want a massive
transfer budget, but useless Morgan
would not give to him or any other manager. It's relegation for certain.Thanks Mick - time to go now.Awww the poor dod heads, how is Roger Johnson working out for ya??

Couldnt happen to a nicer team!


15 Oct 2011 19:41:05
Peterborough United attacker Lee Tomlin is attracting serius interest from Blackpool. Ian Holloway is keen to bring in Tomlin after being in superb form this season. Darren Ferguson has revealed he wouldn't let him go for no less than £1 million.(6)(15)Right, I'm a Peterborough die hard fan and attend every game and it pains me to say that his form has been poor this year. Hopefully his belter against Bristol city today will spark his season alite.Remember this to all teams including peterborough yeah bristol city are poor at mo but teams which have beaten us remember bristol rovers beat us 2.0 at the gate then we beat them at there ground 4.2 just keep this in mindI wasn't saying Bristol are poor, I was just merely stating that Tomlin has not been in great form this year and his goal was undoubtedly quality and enough to ignite anyone's season.To peterborough fan above yeah good goal im a bristol city fan we are poor at mo players dont click goodluck to your team in championship and your team must be good you put 7 past ipswich


15 Oct 2011 18:12:25
Neil Lennon considering his position as manager of Celtic after his side struggled to a 3-3 draw with lowly Kilmarnock today(20)(10)Whats to consider,he is not up to the job end of,but he is the cheap option dito mcoist


15 Oct 2011 16:47:23
Saunders to be sacked after argument with the Chairman last night after the Leeds defeat(5)(15)Donny were humiliated, but thats a bit extreme in my opinion. Of course, sacking O'driscoll is a huge mistake, but thats what happens when you have an idiot in charge.
wallySaunders has done well so far for donny....but they were humilated my the mighty whites!! MOT


15 Oct 2011 15:05:06
Harry Redknapp wants to bring in a Centre Back in January(14)(7)Well thats the opposite of what i have seen, Cahill=no. Ferdinand=no. They only went for Cahill as they thought The King was not going to be fit. Try again.Sean st ledger is available for loan if harry would like him, he needs a little bit of first team actionIt's not really a secret that Spurs are after a centre back, Cahill has been ruled out because of his price and Spurs aren't interested in Ferdinand because they aready have couple of injury prone defenders.
With King now injured and Bassong looking for a move expect Spurs to go back in for Cahill or someone of a similar age but cheaperCahill is number one target


15 Oct 2011 09:30:32
Spurs chasing Villa star Gabby Agbonlahor.
Villa set to offer to bump his contact upto 5 years with £65,000 p/w.
Plus, If any bid is put in .. Agbonlahor is a villa fan so will not leave.(7)(13)If hes anything like his greedy mate bent he will goAgbonlahor is a Villa fan so he will stay?

Oh yeah, thats likely! Just Like Craig Gardner was a Viler? he left. Then he was a Blue nose? he left?

Loyalty counts for nothing, especially someone as mentally 'special' as yamomsawhore!


15 Oct 2011 00:35:09
Heurelho Gomes will leave Tottenham In January due to the lack of first team football.(20)(3)


14 Oct 2011 20:42:48
walter smith to become the new nothern ireland manager.(4)(21)Ha ha good one numpty


14 Oct 2011 17:53:57
Fleetwood Town have signed Crawleys defensive duo Glenn Wilson and Charlie Wassmer on loan.(12)(3)


14 Oct 2011 17:41:38
St Johnstone have given permission for Derek McInnes to be interviewed by Bristol City. Must be odds on for the job now.(26)(4)Well im a city fan and who ever takes over got there hands full after todays match with peterboro loads of the ball and loads of chances and cant put them away cant believe it


14 Oct 2011 16:42:55
Bristol City will appoint Jon Lansdown as new manager next thursday(4)(19)What person posted this!? Really


14 Oct 2011 16:42:05
Stuart Gray also leaving Pompey to join Cotterill at Forest. Good luck Forest, welcome to the long ball, 4-5-1 style.
Dave Jones new PFC Mgr, with David James #2(7)(19)Wont happen, all the coaching staff at Forest are staying as staed by Frank Clark.Useless!! Everyne knows David James is a number 1 (even thas debatable)


14 Oct 2011 15:48:19
Arsenal want to bring in experienced Striker Luca Toni in January(9)(23)Haha , no , no they are not.


14 Oct 2011 14:42:46
If van persie stays, Wesley snjuryder to join arsenal.(4)(35)Neither will happen.Schneider and RVP dont get along so not likely


14 Oct 2011 14:40:53
This is what will happen in january.

Van Persie, to leave.
Walcott, to leave.

Jack Wilshere to become captain. As he will stay at the club throughout his career. He is a true born arsenal player.

Players in:
Eden Hazard
Adam Johnson
James Milner.

Players i would love to see come in:
David Villa
Adam Johnson.
James Milner.
Eden Hazard.

Players i would hate to see.
Drogba.(6)(43)You are playing fifa , this is not going to happen!Although this is all fantasy, I believe Drogba would have won Arsenal the league last year. Arsenal need a striker who will lead the line and benefit from van Persie and his calling to find space in the channels and out wide, also Drogba is an outstanding defender at set pieces(a high percentage of your goals conceded).Problem is, Arsenal dont just concede from corners, they cant cope with balls into the channels plus, if you put the ball between the keeper and the defence then they probably will have a small dance before it ending up in the back of the net.

Footballing wise, Arsenal layed great last season, the problem is, they are a million miles from the big 3 (Man U, Man City, Chelsea) and they have been overtken by Spurs and Liverpool. Arsenal are about as good as Newcastle at the moment!


14 Oct 2011 13:29:08
Wolves set to sign Kris Commons in January(8)(22)Why would Kommons leave a massive club like Celtic to go to a future championship small club like wolverhampton?Second best team in Scotland's rubbish league, massive, yes he is, and no your not, ps you can't even spell his name so he must be having a massive influence on youWhy do we want a second rate championship player who will never hack it all Celtic fans are the same deludedEPL >> Championship >>>>>>>SPLI'd go EPL >>Championship >>> League 1 >>>> SPLWhy would a small player like him go to a club like wolves tay at the small club chris its your level


14 Oct 2011 11:19:56
I am so glad it looks like steve cotterill is finally leaving, bring on Martin Oneil and watch us climb that table, whoever we bring in the rumours is they will be given about 10-15 million in January to build a squad to get us back to the Premiere league. POP(8)(31)O'Neill..., and i'm a Pompey fan! No chance of that i think. Maybe Curbs, or Dave Jones(not my choice), Wilkins. How about Prosinecki and Bilic? PUP. KEEP THE FAITH.Dreaming your alway dreaming. Not a cat in hells chanceLets hope we get some one with an idea for attacking football oneil ,jones , zolaMate your owners are FG you over, they meant 10-15 million russian rubbles that converts to 2-3 hundred thousand GBP thats if your lucky, look ST club always will be deal with it, as for Martin O'neil you could be right but i thought he would of had more ambition than your lot, even curbs is to good for you, i would nor be surprised if someone from within got promoted.Back to the Prem will need to spend 10-15 mill to get yourselves clear of relegation you silly fishy person....going down going down COYR STIDRelegation this season im afraid no manager no money no hopeSos billy davies,pip pip.


14 Oct 2011 11:15:38
steve cotterill agrees terms with
forest so now robins will agree terms
with city as was holding out for a
2nd interview at forest, the merry go
round is about to start this weekend.(10)(4)


14 Oct 2011 07:35:04
Not a big rumour, but might interest Newport County fans...

Nick Jordan (GK) is joining on a free in January. He's currently in limbo with parent club Crawley Town and loan side Weymouth.(8)(2)Jordan was released by Crawley at the end of last season


14 Oct 2011 07:15:21
AFC Bournemouth manager Lee Bradbury wants to sign Freddy Eastwood from Coventry City now he has been told to find another club.(12)(6)


14 Oct 2011 01:04:40
Reliable source - Southampton are still tracking two Italian U21 players. One is a Forward the other is a Centre Back. The two that they are tracking are believed to be Gabbiadini a Forward and the other Capuano a CentreBack. Possible Loan transfer in the January window, with possible buy option at the end of the season.(10)(12)Who told you,is this from within Southampton F.C. or are you being a trifle
scampish.Information has come from Italy.


13 Oct 2011 23:52:59
Wolves winger Adam Hammill is set to join a Championship club on loan.
he is on the brink on being on wolves starting 11 and wolves only have 3 wingers now, this is neve going to happen(5)(17)Wolves set to sign Kris Commons in Jan


13 Oct 2011 23:47:11
Liam Boyce to sign for Inverness Caley or Norwich after his release from Werder Bremen.

Celtic, Rangers, Dundee Utd, QPR and Swansea also mentioned but either Norwich or Caley will sign him.(9)(3)


13 Oct 2011 23:28:42
QPR want to bring in Spurs defender Sebastien Bassong in January(17)(6)


13 Oct 2011 22:36:17
Wigan Athletic want to bring Darren Ambrose to the DW Stadium(5)(10)


13 Oct 2011 22:20:30
Wolves winger Adam Hammill is set to join a Championship club on loan.(7)(20)Please be forest if trueWould love if he came back to BarnsleyI think it's Ipswich!!Is the a genuine rumour or is it what you think will happen?He's breaking into wolves first team plans - aint gonna happenDeluded baggies , you have to write something about Wolves because there is nothing going on ta your club.


13 Oct 2011 22:01:16
I was driving past deadwood park
today and saw Ian Holloway arriving
in a porche cayane. Perhaps the end
of agent Keeno?(1)(15)


13 Oct 2011 20:43:59
AFC Wimbledon want to bring in experienced defender Mark Arber.(6)(6)


13 oct 2011 14:46:06
bristol city news: i have been told by a person very close to the club that alan curbishley will be confirmed manager on wednesday, he will take over on monday 17 october, but will be there at the game on sunday 16 october against birmingham,(directors box) this is alan's choice due to 3 games in 9 days on the back of no football and training for two weeks, then he will have 5 days with the players before the barnsley game,(4)(22)If this was remotely true then he wouldn't still be 40/1 with the bookmakers.Game v Birmingham is Sun 23rd-Home v Peterborough Sat 15thMore chance of him joining portsmouth


13 Oct 2011 12:23:02
I am a taxi driver in Bristol
and have just driven for a
passenger who I collected from
from Bristol Airport.
The passenger was
Scottish and flew in on a
flight from Glasgow. He
said he was down for the
Bristol City manager's job.(12)(18)A Mr McInnes, methinks - 2nd interview

Or maybe David Moyes coming back :)I would be able to spot McInnes but it certainly wasn't David Moyes.

Dark haired chap in his 40's.That's absolutely fascinating that!! Could it be Elvis Presley maybe?No deep fried banana sanwiches allowed in the back of my cab. Plus, there is a fouling charge. Do one Presley.I once told a young lady taxi driver i played for man utd .!I once told a young lady i played for bristol city ha haI know, it was Ally McCoist, he has realised Bristol City are at his level.Rab c after it is he?


13 Oct 2011 11:28:04
Arsenal set to beat everton to the signing of Northampton town star michael jacobs.(11)(14)Oh no, not another big signing.


13 Oct 2011 11:10:21
I have it on very good authority that
Norwich are in talks with 4 players
3of them being Strikers(6)(14)The 3 strikers are members of UNISONTalk about hedging your bets


13 Oct 2011 10:47:54
McFadden to Celtic...(15)(10)Thats about all he's good forHe wants to play in the premier league as he knows he will get more money.Rubbish Mcfadden wil be signing for Safc in next day or soHe signed for celtic in paper 2 mrow


13 Oct 2011 09:59:31
Leon Clarke will leave Swindon in January for 200k to Huddersfield, the current loan will finish before then and he will train with Huddersfield rather than returning to Swindon...(12)(12)If this happens it cud mean jordan rhodes mite be sold. ??


13 Oct 2011 08:12:13
Sven-Goran Eriksson wants to bring inform Charlton striker Bradley Wright-Phillips to the King Power Stadium.(8)(22)Yaaaawn, is the new game to link Leicester with every striker in the game? I'm a Leicester fan, your rumour is rubbish.


13 Oct 2011 06:42:41
Alan curbishley will be next BRISTOL CITY MANAGER!!(7)(33)More like Alan Partridge


13 Oct 2011 06:11:44
Under fire West Bromwich Albion boss Roy Hodgson's job hangs in the balance should the baggies loose their black country derby against rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers Roy could be facing the sack or be out on gardening duties with Martin O'Neill being the potential successor ,O'Neill is desperate to get back into management and still lives in the West Midlands.(7)(30)I am from West Bromwich & love the baggies but Roy's time really has come , we all know he wants the England job he has even said it,Give Martin O'Neill a crack , we seen what he done with Leicester ,Celtic & Villa.No mate o'neill on his way to forest its a no brainer he turns down ireland job same day old team mate frank clark gets to be new chairman first job find a new manager .Trapattoni has not been offered a new contract but nobody has been offered his job either ,I would swop Roy for M,O,N tomorrow. I hate Roys tactics, he has changed us from a free flowing counter attack team, to a boring mundane defensively minded pile of poo. What people need to understand is last years successfull team was RDM,s not Roys. This years team is all Roys doing and upto now we have been very poor. So its a Roy out for me.O'Neill?
He left Villa because he could not have all his star players kept while having another 280m.
You numbty .. He will never join West Brom!


13 Oct 2011 01:55:23
Burnley have successfully negotiated a fee of £1.8m for Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield. Also The Clarets are set to make a loan to buy approach for West Brom defender Craig Dawson.(6)(9)SORRY BUT YA WRONG jordan will go to a premiership club for about 4million if he goes at all.


13 Oct 2011 00:50:27
I was at The Emirates today for a work exhibition, and I saw Roy Keane leaving the stadium, suited and booted. No idea why he'd be there, hopefully to knock some sense into Wenger!!??

As much as he'd be great for us as a coach or number 2, I can't see it somehow. Anyone heard anything on the grapevine about Roy Keane and Arsenal? If I'd have read it on here I would have thought it wasn't true, if I hadn't seen him with my own eyes!(4)(21)Keane & Arsenal?
Roy Keane? what have you been smoking?Kean fergie bad blood getting one on fergie lol last thing I no that was true about Roy was he took iceland job ( not working on tills ) the international side but then just don't turn up to meet players and pressAs if things are not bad enough at Arsenal lets hope Wenger puts him in charge of player recruitment and your going down.You never know Keane could improve their disiplinary record...doubt it though.I'm not saying anything will happen, or think of what planet he'd do anything with Arsenal, but he WAS there! For whatever reason I've no idea????Michael Vaughan twitered a couple of days ago that there was a league managers conference at he Emirates where ROy Keane was a guest speaker.Sounds about right he didnt turn up for iceland and arsenal havent turned up all season


12 Oct 2011 23:51:14
The side that have had a bid accepted for Northampton player Michael Jacobs is Leicester City. Sven Goran Eriksson is keen on bringing in the young star in January for around £300,000.(5)(6)Its not i know that its a prem team im 100% sure


12 Oct 2011 23:49:07
The remaining three British teams and Republic of Ireland will lose their manager in the next two months. Fabio Capello will step down as England manager after being unhappy with some contract restrictions, Gary Speed will have talks with an un-named club with a contract expected to be sealed in the next fortnight, Giovanni Trapattoni will step down as Rep of Ireland boss due to health reasons and Craig Levein is understood to have handed his letter of resignation in to the Scottish FA. All four will join Nigel Worthington, who has just resigned from the Northern Ireland national team as leaving a home nation.
England will approach Benfica for manager Jorge Jesus to take over as manager for the Euros with a view to a three year deal. Jesus has done a superb job with the Portuguese side since joining in 2009 and also made his name at Braga.
With the unexpected loss of Speed, Wales are keen to bring in Hartlepool boss Mick Wadsworth after the Barnsley born manager attracted interest of a number of teams after a superb start at the League 1 club this season.
Republic of Ireland are set to approach Tottenham coach Joe Jordan to be their new boss. Ireland are wanting somebody who can bring some discipline to the side, just like Trapattoni did. Jordan can also keep his job at Spurs with it not being a full time job. Jordan is keen on getting into management but not with a club side, until he leaves Tottenham mutually.
Scotland are expected to appoint Leicester assistant Derek Fazackerley on a two year deal after the very experienced coach was contacted late last night.
Finally, Northern Ireland are looking at the possibility of bringing in Francois Zahoui from the Ivory Coast. The inexperienced boss is wanted by the Northern Irish FA after an impressive campaign with the 49 year old known for his fluent passing football.(5)(33)I think it might be best all round if you got some sleep, whooo!Did you ever work for NEWS OF THE WORLD, biggest loadWhere do they dream up this complete rubbish.


12 Oct 2011 23:12:59
Port Vale frontman Marc Richards is set to join Championship side Watford on a 3 year deal in January(4)(11)Richards is a former Barnsley player and his mrs lives in town because of a new job. Richards is in talks with Burnley over a possible loan deal with a view to a 150,000 deal in January or a free transfer in summer.


12 Oct 2011 22:31:53
Chelsea are considering a move for Higuain should they lose their battle with Real for Neymar. United are tracking van Wolfswinkel. Arsenal could make a shock move for Drogba as Marouanne Chamahk looks set for PSG.Manchester City want Ezequeil Lavezzi to replace Carlos Tevez who is being tracked by PSG,Juventus,Corinthians,Malaga and suprisingly Bayern Munich.(10)(9)


12 Oct 2011 21:59:22
Manchester City have confirmed they have opened negotiations with PSG over Carlos Tevez(7)(21)


12 Oct 2011 21:46:47
Piero Mingoia will be joining Hartlepool on loan this weekend for three months once personal terms are agreed between both parties(1)(11)


12 Oct 2011 21:32:53
Kirkland Signs 4 doncaster on loan Saunders still scaning markett 4 a center bk(10)(5)


12 Oct 2011 19:48:30
Benfica will complete the signing of Diego Godin from Atletico Madrid in January. Carlos Tevez will sign an initial 6 month loan deal with Juventus. Both of these will happen(8)(15)


12 Oct 2011 18:48:11
Watford on the verge on clinching a 100,000 deal for highly rated young Swedish star Oliver Capper after beating Charlton and Rochdale to him.(10)(3)


12 oct 2011 17:11:47
bristol city news: just seen joe jordan walking through clifton village, as i look back him and his wife were walking into a letting agent, so was he taking his house of the market or was he letting a property?(7)(18)No he lives in bristolNo he lives in london, but has a house in bristol. the question is y he was going into a letting agent,Because the agent was letting him.He was after a cider at the coronation
tapHe's just had a load of tiling done so maybe he's tarting it up to sell.Was he buying the house next to Alan Curbishley in Clifton?


12 Oct 2011 14:49:08
im a arsenal fan and ive read on talksport that anzi are trying to grab some big stars, such as john terry, frank lampard drogba anelka. also they have intrest in robin van persie. if they do i reckon they bid about 25-30 million. what do you think?(6)(16)Yeah 25-30 million Rubles sounds about rightLooks like Russia to bring in some real big players, can see a Russian team winning champions league in a few years if the keep buying big playersVan Persie yes, hes a fantastic talent. The others are burnt out and see their playing careers through at Chelsea.He said wants to stay in prem if he was to ever move so don't think so if gunners buy he will stay if not it be fill his bank time and that would be city


12 Oct 2011 14:45:03
northampton have accepted a £250,000 from a premaship team for micheal Jacbobs, do you know who it is?(3)(8)Wolves. McCarthy has been following him since last January.It's not premiership, it's championship and it is one of three intrested teams West Ham, Leicester or Derby. I dont know which though


12 Oct 2011 13:31:50
Nothing happening at molineux?? Surely MM is looking to strengthen?(3)(13)Nope wolves dont need any more players zeil ismail is almost back to full fittness and will be one of the worlds best players: he made his reutern aganst man u youth team and got 2 goals and 2 assits.
the highly rated 17 who man u man city and chealsea and real madrid all have offerd 3m to 12m for the young 2 footed winger who has misst most of the last 18 mouths with a broken leg and ankelHow many years ago did you get that article ? He played last night against Villa reserves and scored.^^ very true he did do his reading up though he is 17 but i think hes a albion fan cause if he new anything about wolves they dont bring youngsters through till 19 if there good enoughThere will be no incomings at molineux because the manager has lost the plot and morgan is tight-fisted. end of. can't even compete for mcfadden-a free agentTransfer window is closed num nuts


12 Oct 2011 13:30:48
Leighton Baines looks to be on his way out of goodison park in january as kenwright tries to ease spiraling debts with liverpool fc or man city being his prefered destination due to family commitments(26)(12)He has said repeatedly that he will never sign for Liverpool FC - most recently in an interview in the Sunday Times. {Ed001's Note - you are wasting your time, no one ever listens, I spent all summer saying he wasn't going to join Liverpool, I have given up now!}Wouldn't want him anyway as we have Jose Enrique!Kirkby cabbies know the score !Liverpool = no chance, he pubicly has stated, NEVER.

Man City - Kolarov and Glichy there so NO chance


12 Oct 2011 13:27:11
QPR to sign kris commons from Celtic in Jan for 3 million(10)(20)Think his time is up at Celtic, was amazing when he joined but way off the pace this season. Class player if he gets his act together. Don't think Lennon and Commons have much time for each other now.Its upsetting he's the shadow of the player from last year...and him and lennon's relationship is in tatters if qpr are willing to pay 3 million ad bite ther hands offUnlikely tbh...
was sold for 300k 9 months ago, he's 27/28, injury prone, never played in the Premiership, inconsistent, lazy...
just an older version of Taarabt reallyYeah but Warnock likes him and Tarrabt is leaving for lile in Jan for 14 million3 million what??? Pies........


12 Oct 2011 12:26:27
Words from insideColin calderwood has just said his final goodbyes to the players this afternoon.mickey o'neil to be in place by the weekend.another ex hibee in the hot seat hopefully good times returning to Easter road.(1)(15)


12 Oct 2011 12:22:38
John Joe O'Toole Set to extend contract at the U's after great Fan Support(7)(10)


12 Oct 2011 12:21:38
Patrice Evra is set to join Lyon on a 3 yaer deal in january(7)(22)Personally as a united fan I would love to see this but where is your info from?

He would not leave at least until end of season as we won't bring a replacemtn in mid season. Plus he has been our captain for most of this seasonIt is a dodgy rumour


12 Oct 2011 09:45:57
Arsenal are weighing up an 8m bid for Crystal Palace's Johnathan Williams.(2)(29)What a load of bull. Williams has already had talks with Dutch side Feyenord over a possible deal and has apparently signed a pre contract for next year.


12 Oct 2011 09:33:06
Marvin sordell of Watford will be joining tottenham for £5m in January, then loaned streight back to watford till the end of the season. Danny Rose will also return to Watford on loan as part of the deal.(6)(24)Good deal For both sides that is nice to see young English players coming thoughtDanny Rose is already about to sign for Sheffield United, thats the signing Danny Wilson has been keeping under wraps. And for Sordell, its in my local newspaper that he is keen on joining Racing Santander in Spain.


12 oct 2011 08:36:23
any bristol city manager news please!(4)(18)Yeah,I think your manager has recently been sacked.To the muppet who sent above message very funny let bristol city get on with itGlad you saw the humour in it,after all you
don't have a lot to laugh or smile about
do you?Yeah and what crap you support bristol city will bounce back look after your own teamFrom a Sheffield Wednesday fan I hear in my local newspaper that Gary Megson is in a 4 man shortlist. True or Not, good luck to Bristol from all at Sheffield WednesdayBristol City are the smallest club in the area, no manager, no money, no hope.Terry venables is the no. 1 choice!Bristol city are not the smallest club in the area but by far the biggest in the area, i presume your a rovers fan so hows league 2?^^^ Not a Rovers fan kiddo. As for League 2, it wont be long before you find out. Hows your manager search going?Well to above message grow up you muppet even if your a swinfon,rovers,leicester fan we dont care told you bristol city will bounce back thanks to sheff wed fan for messsge goodluck to your team


12 Oct 2011 00:43:36
Here is what will happen over the next year or so in the transfer windows...

Man City- Ezequill Lavezzi, Edinson Cavani
Marek Hamsik (or PSG), Alessio Cerci, Jan Vertongan.

Chelsea- Hulk, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Gregory Van der Weil, Alvaro Perriera, Nilmar

Man United- Wesley Sneijder, Theo Walcott

Liverpool- Gonzalo Higuain, Diego Godin,
Salomon Kalou

Arsenal- Benedict Howedes, Pablo Hernandez, Guisseppe Rossi


Neymar - Real Madrid
Mario Gotze - Real Madrid
Javier Hernandez - Real Madrid
Thiago Silva - Barcelona
Carlos Tevez - Juventus
Riccardo Montolivo - AC Milan
Dirk Kuyt - Inter Milan
Ganso - Inter Milan
Casemiro - Inter Milan
Gary Cahill - Tottenham


Fabio Capello (new manager)
Frank Lampard
Steven Gerard
Ashley Cole
Robin Van Persie
Thomas Vermaelen
Nicholas Anelka

Watch this space .........(8)(54)And England to win the next would cup.... stop talking complete tosh!Why waste your time writing all that out? What nonsenseSo spurs will sell there best players and not buy any in ?And how will this fit in with the new financial rules, are Chelsea suddenly exempt from theseYouve been playing fifa 12 too muchI know the new fm demo is out but even by that game this is far fetchedTook you long enough to scan all the sunday papers. What nonsense.Kinda post that has such a scatter gun apporach that by law of averages will get one move right then bang on about how he predicted it first. By the way rubbish rumours



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