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I have a bit of infomation on Arsenal. Kolo Toure will be leaving for Man City and Wenger will either take money around 10–15m (as City will pay over the price value) and spend half of that on Bassong if Newcastle get relegated or do a straight swap for Micah Richards whom Wenger's a long time admirer of. Secondly a defensive midfielder preferbly Miguel Veloso. Lastly a striker will leave the club, my money's on Adebeyor or Bendtner. He'll then bring in a powerful striker most likely to be Obafemi Martins (again depending if Newcastle go down because his price value will fall dramtically).

Come On The Arsenal!!!!!! Pat Kelly.
  Forget Gerrard, Alonso and Kuyt leaving Liverpool ? Why having gone closer than ever would we dismantle a side by selling our most consistent players. I would suggest the players going will be more obvious candidates like Lucas, Dossena and Pennant (free). Agger could be flogged as well to raise c.£20m in total with the usual £15–20m from income. Total spending will not exceed £40m which is basically three decent players. Babel to play more as a striker so A.Johnson/ Downing on the left, a pacy and younger player to rotate with Kuyt on the right and a replacement for Agger. That'll be about it.
  Right, Im here to sort out all of the rumours surrounding Liverpool.
Steven Gerrard will never leave Liverpool. He has 2 years left to run on his current contract, but because of an added clause, he will sit down with the owners and who ever the new CEO is to renew his deal. He is entitled for renewal talks at any time but the clause says the end of the season. Liverpool had the option to buy Sergio Aguero two years ago but Rick Parry was unwilling to risk paying £12million on him due to his age. Atletico then signed him for £12million, not the £25million or more that has been stated on here. Rafa likes him, but a move may not materialise. Atletico would want players plus cash for him.
Gareth Barry will only sign if Alonso leaves and Villa fail to reach the Champions League places. Real Madrid and Juventus are both looking at Alonso, a figure of £16million+ is what Rafa would want. Barry would sign for £14million as he will be in the final year of his deal.
Lucas will leave but only on loan as Rafa still believes he can cut it in England. Rafa's preferation would be a team in England but a loan option to Spain is on the cards.
Dossena will stay, along with Kuyt.
Benayoun will be off, and Rafa is looking at the situation of fetching in Elano.
Aaron Lennon will not be joining but a different right winger will be signed. Glen Johnson is a possibility, depending on Portsmouth staying in the top flight.
Rafa does want a striker, I havent heard any realistic targets yet though. And, just like Rafa says, everything I have said here is FACT
Reddy for the Truth
  As reported in the papers at the weekend Rangers are having to pay 20 Million of there debt in the next 2 or 3 years to do this in the summer they will do the following


Although i do not know the exact selling prices Rangers will probebly make At least 20 Million if you inculde the Money Saved on wages

Because of the dept the players in will be

A.Dorman (S.T. Mirren)
L.Miller (Aberdeen)
S.Severin (Aberdeen)
A.Driver (Aberdeen)
Sol Bamba (Aberdeen)
J.Ross (S.T Mirren)
Totaling to around 3 Million
  First of all, lets clear up some of the asinine rumours that are habitually circulating this site. For example;
Huntelaar to Arsenal. This will not happen for a melange of reasons, firstly, why would Arsenal, who rarely spend over £10 million on any player, spend over £15 million on Huntelaar, when they already have a plethora of top quality strikers, many of whom are young. For example, Vela, others are Van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo, and both Arshavin and Nasri sometimes play as secondary strikers.
Then, we have the fact that Real Madrid shelled out £20 million on the striker, and he has since gone on to score 6 in his last 5 games. Why would they sell him for any less than they bought him?

Now onto the much publicised rumour of casillas moving to Manchester United. Why would Casillas, who is considered a legend, and called St. Iker in Madrid, move to a club that will only go downhill in the future (when Fergie leaves.)Also, how much are Man utd going to have to pay for him? Man city made an offer of £150 million for him during the summer, and that was instantly rejected by both the club and the player.
No rumours I'm afraid, I just wanted to clear some things up.
  There is alot of talk emerging from old trafford about Wayne Rooney's agent being instructed to look for a transfer after a massive row with SAF.

Not sure how much truth there is in this, but I have heard from a few different sources of a similar story. The running theme seems to be that Fergie and Rooney have a had a BIG falling out.
  "Drogba AC Milan/Real Madrid 1419 million
Ballack Roma 7 million
Kalou Bayern Munich 21 million
Hilario QPR Free
Deco Manchester City 8 Million
Gerrard Real Madrid 80 million
Xabi Alonso Real Madrid 20 million
William Gallas Lazio 4 million
Adebayor AC Milan 4 million + Pato or Pirlo
Gibson Fulham 2 million
Fabian Delph Manchester City 6 million
Santa Cruz Manchester City 23 million
Alex Manchester City 16 million
Malouda Juventus/ Manchester city 10 million
Queresma Tottenham Jenas or Lennon
Kuyt Manchester City 7 million
Eto'o Manchester City 31 million
Downing Liverpool 20 million
Jo everton 14 million
Hart Aston Villa 4 million
Hleb Manchester City 11 million
Stephan Hunt Aston Villa 7 million"

Im the guy who wrote this, there is someone saying about kuyt to juve for 30 mil, you said it was a rumour, so therefore there might not be any truth init, ballack wants to play in italy as he has never done so before, alonso is a better player than kalou but chelsea value there playes a lot more than what liverpool do.

my source? i have a friend that works for the telegraph that's called David Bond. he is normally right about these but can and has been mistaken in the past, however i believe that all of these rumours well most of them are true and all have truth about the club interested and the player, the valualtion may not be exact but is around that region, none of these deals have been completed to my knowledge there just offers that have been reported to come in. thanks any other questions will be answered, just ask, but please be polite on the matter.

1 rumour

Rumour has it, that daniel agger is off his face like Mr Mutu was which is why he has been forced down the ranks. Its a shame because he is a good player with "bags" of potential to be a true LFC Great. This all coincides with the rumour he has his own bar in liverpool that he can't be pulled away from.

Intresting story if not anything else.


To me it seems as though a majority of the rumours here point towards Aguero, Kuba, Johnson(s) and Barry. Id love to see Aguero at LFC but Rafa has always favoured a lone striker so i don't see him paying £25–30M for a striker who in all intents and purpose will be a backup for Torres. Maybe expect Llorente from Bilbao.

Not too fussed on Kuba, which probably means rafa will sign him, can really comment because i don't know enough about his game to give the lad a fair opinion

Glen johnson would be good but for me id rather see Arbeloa (massivley improved this season) used full time with Darby as backup.

Adam Johnson is Ok but he is not Champions/Champions League Quality so again im not conviced which means Rafa will sign him. Saying that if Boro go down i could see it as more of a formality than a rumour with LFC getting him.

now i do rate barry, but why get rid of a younger, more technical, better passer alonso for less than you would pay for barry. Plus Xabi has been one of, if not the best player consistantly this season for LFC.

Oh just remembered Keirrison don't know the lad but if the speculation is right (i.e. them footy manager players) then he may be worth a punt.

I would like to see the following:

Hangeland – if fulham go down
Simao – quality, with experience, can play both flanks
Kenwayne Jones – High work rate, can play as lone striker and won't expect to play every week.
Maybe a young pacey striker to come through the ranks like Nemeth or Pachaeo (please mind my spelling)

All Comments and queries welcome
  With the demise at Rangers and the club having to repay the overdraft they owe to the bank and lack of new funds coming intot he club, expect the following to be gently guided out the bluie gates at the end of the season ––– K Boyd, D Weir (no coaching role offerd), C Daily, S.Smith, C Adam, B Hemdami, L McCulloch, A McGregor, G Smith, A Velika, K Miller, M Beasley and capitan – B Ferguson. witht he above all departing and the club hoping to take in an estimated 10–13m and reduce the clubs over draft and bring down the wage bill to arround 4m a season. With the reserve league now being scrapped for next season expect the likes of Lennon, Loy, Furman, Efrem to be forced to take a step up and also boosted with possibly Creany from Hamilton, Reynolds of Motherwell and Miller from Aberdeen. Also, not sure on this one but a friend of mine who is not always wrong has told me that Barr's the soft drink company are interested in buying the name of the stadium although he could not tell me what it would be re–named to.
  Liverpool , Celtic , Real Madrid , Rangers, Chelsea and Man Utd are battling it out to sign James Mccarthy of Hamilton but it is Liverpool who are in prime position and have held talks with Hamilton for the last month and a 1.5m will be done

Rooney's temper has taken him one step too far in crossing a seething Sir Alex Ferguson after united's defeat to Liverpool at the weekend. SAF kept the team locked in the dressing room for over 2 hours, and Rooney who already showed his petulance in the week and during the game felt the full force of Fergies temper for underperforming and berating teammates. This led to a massive scene and Rooney storming out red faced, there are now rumours that Rooneys agent has been mobilised to make a "becks like exit" for rooney in the summer.
  Firstly to the idiot who says gerrard to real madrid for 80 mill and alonso for 20 mill. This is absolute rubish why would either go to real madrid we have just beaten them 5–0. Xabi Alonso had his chance to leave in the summer but he has since signed a new improved contract with the club. Steven Gerard would just simply never leave the club real madrid were interested in him several years ago but he was not even interested. Also he is good friends with MIchael Owen who had a horrendous time in madrid and would never let his pal make the same mistake.
Liverpool will be signing a midfielder though either elano or flamini. AS well as another striker and left winger which may be silva.
  The guy who said "Benitez is willing to let Alonso leave the club at the end of the season for around 17mil however Real Madrid don't know this and they think Benitez will try and keep him at all costs. They will make a 22mil bid for him and will sign him." Now you have told them my cunning plan, you DOPE!!! – Rafa
  Today graham souness had a meeting with sir david murray about buying the club and he said he found a consortium and the consortium where from northern ireland and sir david will sell the club to souness and this consortium
  New drug testing to be introduced in SPL and EPL to eradicate the drug culture creeping into our football. Players that will be in trouble are Kris Boyd and Tomas Rosisky. Boyd is much publicied with having problem with Walter Smith this is in fact due to his drug problem. As with Rosisky his re occuring injury is due to his cocaine addiction, he will not play again for arsenal.
  The actual figures for Tevez gate are as follows. A lump sum of £7million which has already been paid. There is a further £7.5 million payable over the next 5 years, in addition to this there is a further payment of £10 million payable over the next 5 years which is only due if Sheffield United fail to get promoted. If Sheffield do go up then the £10mill or any proportion still outstanding becomes non payable. This deal was negotiated by three parties: Sheffield Utd, West Ham and West Ham's future new owners.

The so called claim by the Sheffield Utd players will be dismissed and the Curbishley claim will be settled out of court for less than £1mill. The FA and PL do not expect anything to come from the investigation over alleged further wrong doing and the case will be closed.

The new owners should be in place by mid April and Zola will be given a £30 mill transfer pot for the summer.
  Alex Mcleish is keen to take out–of–form keeper craig gordon from sunderland.the deal is in the region of 4–5m and Big eck is keen to take him on after his experience with the keeper with the national team.
  Villa are to splash the cash this summer to make sure they don't have another slump like they are having right now. I've heard MO'N's major target is Joe Cole and he is willing to pay up to £20 million to get him. He also wants Jenas and Bently from Spurs, which could mean the end of Reocoker and/or Barry. A leftback is the other priority with Traore of Arsenal the 1st choice. Watch this space.
  There is a pub rumour doing the rounds that Ian (Hollowords)Holloway is getting a group of people together to buy argyle. Would he be welcome back ,im not sure but he could easily turn us ficle fans around if he starts splashing the cash on better players instead on relying getting unibond players
  Gareth southgate to be sacked before the weekend and will be replaced by a list of candidates which may include neil warnock and iain dowie. . he will almost definatly be a british manager.
  Listen Arsenal fans i have some genuine information and i am not the son of Arsene Wenger i am a journilist for the Daily Mirror

David Silva– Wenger belives Silva wants to move to the Premier League and with Valencia's current financial crisis they will be forced to sell £15–20m

Gareth Barry– Martin O'neil has told Barry he will be powerless to stop him if they miss out in the Top 4 £10–15m

Mamadou Sakho– Young French defender current captain of PSG maybe future Gunners captain to £6–8m

Only going out of the club is Nikalas Bendtner he may be part of the deal to bring David Silva to the emirates.

I belive the Gunners will be better challangers next season
  To the guy that wrote the following;

Drogba AC Milan/Real Madrid 1419 million

Ballack Roma 7 million
(most likely go to Germany)

Kalou Bayern Munich 21 million
(Why would they pay that much for Kalou)

Hilario QPR Free

Deco Manchester City 8 Million
(will move abroad)

Gerrard Real Madrid 80 million
(won't happen)

Xabi Alonso Real Madrid 20 million
(Why would he cost less that Kalou)

William Gallas Lazio 4 million
(Would go to a top Italian or French side)

Adebayor AC Milan 4 million + Pato or Pirlo
(Why would Milan get rid of two of their gems and pay for a one season wonder?)

Gibson Fulham 2 million

Fabian Delph Manchester City 6 million

Santa Cruz Manchester City 23 million
(Why would they take £23m when they rejected £25m)

Alex Manchester City 16 million
(Why would they pay £16m for a 3rd choice centre back)

Malouda Juventus/ Manchester city 10 million

Queresma Tottenham Jenas or Lennon

Kuyt Manchester City 7 million
(Why sell for that little when Juve are rumoured at offering £30m)

Eto'o Manchester City 31 million
(Don't be silly)

Downing Liverpool 20 million
(Could you see ANY club paying £15m let alone more)

Jo everton 14 million
Hart Aston Villa 4 million
Hleb Manchester City 11 million
Stephan Hunt Aston Villa 7 million

Thats all the rumours ive got for you

any arguments welcomed and i can reveal source information if asked.

I suggest we get off the footy manager games
  I can confirm that Tottenham Hotspur will sign Giuseppe Rossi from Villarreal for one installement of 13,000,000.
  MLS Galaxy will not sell David Beckham to Milan in the summer unless a bid of over 12 million comes in for the england midfielder
  Many chamionship sides have been scouting young Stirling goalkeeper Matthew Porch and a bid in the summer for him seems inevitable
  More pony rumours from the usual suspects. Lescott to Arsenal? Nah, I don't think so. Rodwell to Arsenal??? Nah I don't think so. Moyes to Rangers? Dont make me laugh!!! Players joining Everton, Veloso, Mouthino. Nooone else cause that`ll be our budget for the season. Maybe Jo if the Yak is sold, but again, probably not.
  Rangers will not renew the contract of David Weir at the end of the season
  To the guy who wrote Tevez Lennon Barry and Aguero will join LIVERPOOL come summer:: ––
i don't think Benitez would want to sell his whole squad to buy those 4 which is the only chance on earth for you lot to get them. .

And to the guy who wrote Adam Johnson has been so impressed with Liverpool's recent form that he would snub United Arsenal and Madrid and join Liverpool instead::–– oh really? Who are leading the league? Who are still in the FA cup? Who won the Carling cup? Grow up kid. .NOW
Some real rumours:

if United don't sign Tevez which seems unlikely at the moment, then Sir Alex will sign Alexis Sanchez. .and Nani could be offloaded in the summer along with Hargreaves. . then expect to see either Axel Witsel or Miguel Veloso at United to replace Hargreaves. .Tosic will take Nani's place anyway. .
  Real Madrid are planningg a £100m raid on Liverpool for Steven Gerrard (£80m) and Xabi Alonso (£20m). Gerrard would not leave Liverpool for all the money in the world, neither would Liverpool let him go, so that deal will not be happening. The Xabi Alonso deal however looks likely to happen, as with Aston Villa looking like failing to qualify for the Champions League, Gareth Barry will look for a move to Liverpool so he can play in the Champions League. Liverpool would be keen to sign him, so will sell Alonso to Madrid for £20m, then use £18m of that money to buy Barry. If Madrid do sign Alonso and with them already having Lassana Diarra, they could look to sell Mamadou Diarra for around £12m, putting Arsenal on red alert, who are looking to add some steel to their midfield. Arsenal will also look at Xabi Alonso, Gareth Barry and Miguel Veloso to fill this gap. Arsenal are long term admirers of Niko Kranjcar, who would love a move to the Emirates. However I would not expect this to happen, as we already have Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott and Rosicky who are very similar to Kranjcar and are battling for a place in the starting XI. Another player who will leave Villa in search of Champions League football if they fail to qualify is Ashley Young. Real Madrid would be very interested in signing the winger to play on the opposite side to Arjen Robben, so expect a £30m bid to be lined up by the Spanish giants.

In Arsene We Trust (to the other person with this name, I have been using it for a long time)
  Where's all these rumours coming from about everton fc? im a massive fan and would just like to know if ther'r any truth in the matter about moutinho and the takeover?
  Lets just get this clear to all liverpool fans Sergio "Kun" Aguero will not be moving to Liverpool it will be either Inter Milan or Barcelona.

Transfer that will happen this summer with the big clubs!!!!.

Man Utd F.C
1. Franck Ribery
2. Sergio Ramos
3. Karim Benzema
4. Guillerma Ochoa/Iker Casillas/Victor Valdes
5. Ever Banega
6. Mario Gomez

1. Carlos Tevez – Real Madrid
2. Anderson – Inter Milan
3. Wes Brown – Aston Villa
4. Owen Hargreaves – Juventus

Liverpool F.C
1. Keirrison
2. Gareth Barry if Aston Villa don't get in champions league.
3. Glen Johnson
4. Gabriel Heinze
5. Raul Albilol

1. Andrea Dossena – Sampdoria
2. Andriy Voronin – Hertha Berlin
3. Lucas – Real Madrid
4. Dirk Kuyt – Juventus
5. Ryan Babel – Inter Milan

Chelsea F.C
1. Yuri Zhirkov
2. Luis Fabiano
3. Hatem Ben Arfa
4. Samuel Eto'o
5. Diego Capel
6. Victor Valdes/Manuel Nueuer
7. Marek Hamsik
8. Hernanes (May Be)

1. Salomon Kalou – Arsenal
2. Deco – Juventus
3. Florent Malouda – Bayern Munich/Juventus
4. Michael Ballack – Bayern Munich
5. Didier Drogba – Inter Milan
6. John Terry – Man City
7. Ricardo Carvalho – Real Madrid/Inter Milan
8. Petr Cech – Barcelona (May Be)
9. Paulo Ferreira – Roma

Arsenal F.C
1. Giorgio Chillieni
2. Miguel Veloso
3. Klass Jan Huntelaar
4. Salomon Kalou
5. Yaya Toure/Danielle De Rossi

1. William Gallas
2. Emmanuel Adebayor – Barcelona/AC Milan
3. Robin Van Persie – Real Madrid/Barcelona/AC Milan
4. Emmanuel Eboue – Juventus
5. Cesc Fabregas – Real Madrid/Barcelona/AC Milan

Man City
1. John Terry
2. Thierry Henry/Lukasz Podolski
3. David Trezeguet
4. Could Get Segio Aguero
5. Marcos Senna
6. World Class Right Back
7. World Class Centre back to partner John Terry
8. Could sign Luis Fabiano

Aston Villa If get into the champions league
1. Wes Brown
2. Joe Cole
3. Rafael Van Der Vaart
4. Top Class Striker

One of Man Utd, Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid will sign Napoli Striker Ezequiel Lavezzi.
  You say you accept any arguments so here are mine to this:
Not alot of rumours really, but I'll list some possible transfers and to which club for how much:

Drogba AC Milan/Real Madrid 1419 million
Ballack Roma 7 million
Kalou Bayern Munich 21 million
Hilario QPR Free
Deco Manchester City 8 Million
Gerrard Real Madrid 80 million
Xabi Alonso Real Madrid 20 million
William Gallas Lazio 4 million
Adebayor AC Milan 4 million + Pato or Pirlo
Gibson Fulham 2 million
Fabian Delph Manchester City 6 million
Santa Cruz Manchester City 23 million
Alex Manchester City 16 million
Malouda Juventus/ Manchester city 10 million
Queresma Tottenham Jenas or Lennon
Kuyt Manchester City 7 million
Eto'o Manchester City 31 million
Downing Liverpool 20 million
Jo everton 14 million
Hart Aston Villa 4 million
Hleb Manchester City 11 million
Stephan Hunt Aston Villa 7 million

Thats all the rumours ive got for you

any arguments welcomed and i can reveal source information if asked.

1. Why would liverpool sell kuyt for less than we bought him for? he surely has become a more complete player since arriving.
2. all of these man city buys seem to be low prices, im sure they will be forced to pay over the odds by the clubs selling to them. milan rate pato to be better than kaka, why would they let him go?
4. Gerrard is going knowere, he wants to sign a contract to stay at the reds for the rest of his career, so he isn't leaving.
5. who is your source then?
kingkenny 92
  I live In Portugal and the main stories going around they're are:
Moutinho & Veloso – £23.5m – Everton
L.Gonazalez – £16m – Man City
Y.Djalo – £6.5m – Blackburn
L.Lopez– 16m – Liverpool
A.Di Maria – 9m – Arsenal

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