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18 Jun 2013 22:35:59
Bournemouth have signed Elliott Ward who has been released by Norwich. They want to sign Frazer Richardson, Zoumana Bakayogo, Stephen Gleeson and Danny Ings.

Can't see all four happening but all the players have been linked.

19 Jun 2013 06:50:34
We are the club that made a bid for vydra at 8mil

19 Jun 2013 12:52:20
These Bournemouth rumours are silly I know money talks but it's not a great prospect going to a small club I don't think any would consider to join

Why would we go for bakayogo when we have just got ward not happening!

Bournemouth bid 8m for Vydra? haha

^No we weren't you liar. Remember FFP!

Im pretty sure the guy was joking lol

Just signed Elliott ward so no need for thomas rogne, frazer Richardson and tranmere's zoumana bakayogo. £8 m for vydra is totally out of the question however year loan of midfielder james ward-prowse would be excellent for Bournemouth, rather then mkdons Stephen Gleeson whose got reputation of hard tackling but lacks discipline would be to much like harry arter?

20 Jun 2013 10:37:45
Not just about size of club. Things such as area etc do make a difference.



18 Jun 2013 21:41:29
League one side Walsall are close to signing former Hull winger Francis McCaffrey, the NI under 19 international did not make a single first team appearance last season but scored 5 in 13 for the reserves {Ed003's Note - register your name S,saves you filling in the email field each time}



18 Jun 2013 22:50:12
Millwall will sign burton midfielder Jacques Maghoma this week

I think you will find he is signing for Bradford City.

WHO?We are setting are sights a lot higher than him!

By the looks of things he signing for all 72 football league teams!

71 as it doesn't include Burton lol

He's practically at middlesbrough now



18 Jun 2013 22:49:04
Bradford City are set to sign John White. White was given his debut by Phil Parkinson when at Colchester.

19 Jun 2013 10:18:46
Bradford City are interested in signing French Midfielder Therry Racon - Telegraph and Argus 19/06/13

19 Jun 2013 13:20:29
Sean Murray from Watford to sign for Bradford City on a 1 year contract.

19 Jun 2013 18:08:06
Steven Gillespie bombarded by local press in colchester today. After 2 small interviews with the northern striker, he has hinted a move back to the u's. The Liverpool born striker also stated that if he had the offer in front of him, it would be one he couldn't turn down.

Source- Football 24/7 magazine



18 Jun 2013 22:47:58
Bradford City are in talks with John White who rejected a contract at Colchester United.



18 Jun 2013 22:24:31
Danny Ings has had offers from Bournemouth and another championship club and is deciding which offer to take

So your saying he is being taped up?

Me being A Bournemouth fan hopes he takes the other offer waste of money!



18 Jun 2013 21:47:07
Thiago to become David Moyes first signing ad Manchester United boss.

He's already signed an Argentinian full back.

He's already signed a right back, Varela



18 Jun 2013 21:32:52
Out of favour wolves winger Adam Hamill is a loan target for former club Barnsley along with Swindon and Rotherham.

Hammill won't joined Barnslwy now they've signed Dale Jennings

If we was getting him we would by him not loan

Why would we want a player like ham nils back when he left us in the lurch like so many others. Half a season wonder, then thinks too good for us and leaves, and then end up failing

That will make room up for the wing that would be a great signing and keep robberts and sell luke rooney



18 Jun 2013 21:10:09
Hull City have joined the race to sign Thomas Ince from Blackpool.
Can't see it happening but they have joined the race.
The money would be a problem but nothings impossible in football.

Yes it is Ince has already stated his desire to move to an established premier league club if he does move this summer.

Have hull got a spare 10 million plus? if not they not even at the starting gate considering ince is expected to sign a 1 year extension when he returns from holiday



18 Jun 2013 21:01:01
Marlon pack to posh

Going to Bradford City if Nathan Doyle leaves.

19 Jun 2013 02:08:11
He is holding out for a move to Bournemouth and has offers from Charlton and Derby seriously do not believe he will join Bradford.



18 Jun 2013 20:54:52
southampton putting 8 million bid in for gary hooper.

3 years in the spl saints please don't sighn him

Agree with you mate don't sigh him.

Hes roooobish

Hope not I'd rather saints get Adrian Lopez hooper can go to hull

No thanks. Way to much as well.



18 Jun 2013 20:51:18
James Vaughan tosign before Friday for Huddersfield Town

Hope so, and a few more I hope.

Thank goodness, I've heard over rumors, let's just get him back at the mac before anyone else.

Don't think so, he is going to Blackburn so we can get Martin Olsson. Makes sense as is much closer than Norwich to his family in Liverpool / Birmingham.

19 Jun 2013 10:39:18
this is far from a done deal, rumours are that norwich are using him as a makeweight for other deals.

Any particular Friday in mind?

Couldn't care less so long as we sign forwards as good or better than James.



18 Jun 2013 20:47:42
News from the West country:
Bristol Rovers are hoping to sign Jon Joe �Toole on a two year deal.
Cheltenham are close to completing deals for Brian Saah (two year contract) and Gavin Williams (One year).
Swindon and Exeter both keen to bring down their wage bills before signing new players.

Yeovil fan here and super gav will be a good signing for cheltenem because he can still play brilliantly well on his day and will definatelty improve your team

It'll be a 2 year deal with the option of another year after that.

More on this tomorrow.

Saah is going to Wycombe.
Cheltenham are set to complete the signing of 22 year old Troy Brown formerly of Aldershot.

John joe otoole has gone to irland with colchester on pre season

He flew out with the Colchester squad yesterday but is expected to fly into Bristol Airport tomorrow to sign for Bristol Rovers. I've talked to him and he expects to sign a 3 year deal which he prefered over the 2 year deal Leyton Orient were offering.

So he is going to turn down a league 1 club because they are only offering him a 2 year contract that is ridiculous

21 Jun 2013 05:37:54
With respect he's turning down Leyton Orient for Bristol Rovers, far better future prospects, including playing in a brand new ground during the contract, besides, we'll be in league 1 next season I'm sure!

Plus he knows the club and has the respect and adoration of the fans already at rovers

How on earth can you say that Bristol Rovers will be League 1 next season when they didn't get promoted last season?

Swindon are lowering their wage bill, but since none of these 3 play for us I'm not sure it's relevant :)



18 Jun 2013 20:40:12
Walsall are rumoured to be asking Ferbian Brandy if he wants to sign a new contract tomorrow, if the play does not sign or try's to stall he will be released Dean Smith already has a good idea who will replace the striker and will be on trial when the players return to training next week.

As a Walsall fan hope he does get released now I want players who want to play for Walsall. been dragging on far too long good luck too him but can not help feel he is a one season wonder, p. s he will sign for Sheffield utd.

20 Jun 2013 14:25:54
He is going to sheffield utd



18 Jun 2013 20:34:44
Oldham in talks with Doncaster over a deal to bring billy paynter to boundary park. Korea smith is also set to sign this week however mvoto is on his way to charlton on a free transfer

Paynter is under contract at Donny.

Maybe K Smith but other clubs will want him.

Really need to stop making things up as LJ is on holiday and he already knows the players who he is signing.

Paynter is contracted until 2014.

Smith is NOT coming to BP. Highly doubt Paynter would come. However, M'voto is a possibility (having said that i'm sure he said he likes where he lives)

Wrong post. This should have gone below.

I doubt paynter, he'd probably want to try his luck in the championship, didn't go great first time round

Korey smith signed for latics but won't be announced till july 1st

Korey Smith officially has signed a two year contract. On our website. Brilliant signing. Gaffers



18 Jun 2013 20:31:40
Charlie Austin is in a hotel in North Lincs ahead of a meeting with Hull City hierarchy Wednesday morning.5 mill plus will be the fee.



18 Jun 2013 20:19:16
Leyton Orient have agreed a deal to sign O'Toole from Colchester United.

Orient's scouting network can only stretch as far as Colchester?! You can have Andy Bond instead.

Pretty sure O'Toole is off to Bristol Rovers

19 Jun 2013 13:33:40
Don't want col utd cast offs anyway, can do much better!

O'Toole? never heard of him.
Still, sounds like the type player Orient would sign.

Next Exciting chant from the south end. '' we have big O'Toole, and tiny Cox ''

O'Toole wants to play in League 1 and stay in the South East but his medical may be a problem for Orient. Bristol Rovers have a history of signing crocked players so he could well end up there.

'O'Toole? never heard of him'.

Used to play for Watford. looked not too bad. career went down the pan?

Hope this isn't true, we can do so much better.

Last count 6 or 7 colu cast offs in the orient squad

20 Jun 2013 12:53:36
Colchester re distance we trawl for players your latest aquisition Jabo was originally an Orient player suggest you go further than the M-25

David Mooney - who only ever had on loan.

Nathan Clarke - ditto.

Lloyd James - who you offered a contract too and he knocked you back.

Kevin Lisbie - Who would walk into your team.

Not a Cast off in sight.

However don't let the facts get in the way of a good sound bite.

20 Jun 2013 20:06:06
Hmmm sour grapes me thinks!

Col you can have Lloyd James back, one of the worst players I have ever seen in 23 years of supporting Orient

There not cast offs, there good players that realised the were to good for Colchester & wanted to move on.

When I went to leyton orient this season I didn't hear any chants from the O's when Colchster won 2-0? Is Lloyd James really a cast of when he's your best midfielder haha

Colchester did the double over the O's last season. you can keep are old dogs bones!

I think Colchester are a better team that orient and I support oldham

'Colchester did the double over the O's last season. you can keep are old dogs bones!'

Ok we will. So Col you did the double; so freakin' what? We finished way higher than them so it seems the 'old dogs bones' are doing alright.

Im pretty sure we leyton orient will finish higher than either Colchester united or Oldham athletic, and how the hell can a team who just about stayed up be better than the os? think its trolling at its best.

Colchester Head to Head beat the O's twice!

Jabo chose col you over orient that proves were the better side

'Jabo chose col you over orient that proves were the better side'

Or possibly because we didn't offer him a contract? Thought of that possibility?!



18 Jun 2013 20:26:54
Peterborough have bid for MK Dons midfielder Stephen Gleeson.

Dream on

When will they get the message? This is "bid" number 1132 and they still haven't got him?! Give up the fantasy guys, Pish-Posh are not getting Gleeson unless they offer insane money. Get over it.

And it will be rejected, as it was a couple of years ago!

Should get him for a free!

This is a rumour site you know, and there are some wild ones, this falls into that category. we don't want or need him

We won't go after Gleeson. That horse bolted along time ago.

POSH have not made a bid for this "past sell by date" player. Simply not good enough with poor discipline record.
The reason mk fans get so ruffled when Posh bid for their player is that they have so few of their own, most will be loan players,.


As an MK fan I agree with you. Our club is being run on a shoestring in terms of squad management and we barely have enough players to fill the bench.

It's disgraceful.

:- (

"Our club is being run on a shoestring in terms of squad management and we barely have enough players to fill the bench. "

So, the same as 90% of other clubs in this league then?

The decision regarding not filling the bench is Robbo's. Why include players for the sake of it? Most teams have this issue of running eighteen senior pro's. You just don't look at every other sides bench on a Saturday and see how many are kids or returning from injury and won't be risked.

Every club's in the same boat.

You are missing my point sir. I have no problem whatsoever with financial prudence and building good foundations. But you can't do that AND achieve promotion on a shoestring at the same time. Winkelman's approach has been cautious, I know that, and he's right to be that way. But then if his priority is financial stability, particularly in the near future, then any ambitions and hopes of promotion should be put on hold and shelved until the finances to allow squad investment are in place. If he or the club as a whole came out and said as much then fine, I could accept that. But the spin he puts on it is that he's expecting promotion every season, and expresses his disappointment when it doesn't come. If he's so disappointed then he should prioritise any funding towards building a squad capable of delivering promotion and coping with injuries & suspensions. Otherwise, stop expressing that disappointment and say that promotion is not the priority and that there is no pressure/expectation to achieve it.


Yoevil went up with a limited budget and loan players so it can be done

My point exactly. If they can do it, why the f*** can't we? I thought we had the better "setup"?

:- (



18 Jun 2013 20:23:36
Higuian is to sign for arsenal by Monday next week
As Madrid have captured ancelotti, arsenal also
Look set to get fellaini signature as he seeks
Uefa football



18 Jun 2013 20:12:21
Swansea striker Rory Donnelly is set to join Wolves on a season long loan. Kenny Jackett still keeps in contact with Huw Jenkins and as the 20-year-old has failed to break into the first team for Swansea since his move from Cliftonville in 2012 hope's to get his career back on track with a move to League One Wolves.

18 Jun 2013 21:33:31
Wolves won't sign a sticker, already have enough {Ed003's Note - Panini ? }

Would be a good move for all concerned. Kenny gets forgotten a bit in terms of what he did for Swansea but was an important part of our development so reckon Hugh will always be willing to help him out.

If Wolves sign a stiker it will be an experienced one! Four of the five out and out strikers are under the age of 22 I believe. Kevin Doyle is likely to leave so Wolves need to replace him with another experienced striker. Hence Martin Paterson (only 26 I know) and Kevin Davies rumours.



18 Jun 2013 20:03:52
Bournemouth are looking at 2 or 3 more free transfers with championship experience. they particularly want another central midfielder and a striker. DJ Campbell, Simon Davies, Simon church and David jones are all players that have been singled out as possibilities.

I don't think DJ would drop so low even after a disappointing season in the Premier.



18 Jun 2013 20:03:20
Steve Evans still has intentions of spending big on a striker despite the signing of Danny Hylton. Matt Tubbs of Bournemouth still tops his list and James Collins of Swindon and Tyrone Barnett of Peterborough are also possibilities.

Collins wants a move to the midlands nearer his home, he won't sign for Rotherham its a backwards move from Swindon anyway. he will be off to Wolves.

19 Jun 2013 13:23:07
Roll up roll up, every player a bargain everyone for sale, at Swindon you won't see a cheaper deal, we are literally giving them away Collins for 500k, not on your life 300K too much, how about 200k, that's more like it, we gave away Ferry, Flint, McCormack, DeVita, Devera, next is Foderingham and Ward.

Pick up a bargain and see us relegated by Christmas, rock bottom prices for a rock bottom team.

He did not tell you that messi told me he's joining york city

^^ You forgot Matt Ritchie, thanks for the bargain of last season UTC!



18 Jun 2013 20:02:22
Burton boss Gary Rowett has begun talks with Peterborough striker Tyrone Barnett over a move to the Pirelli.

Zero chance, not for all the beer in Burton will Barnett drop down to League Two.

19 Jun 2013 14:39:27
Aki not the man for Burton younger more hungry players out there.



18 Jun 2013 19:45:55
Yeovil town looking at signing will Hoskins

He renewed his contact at Brighton

22 Jun 2013 09:14:35
Sam Hoskins rumoured to be interesting Gary. Source Sky



18 Jun 2013 19:43:48
Bradford City will move for free agent James Shea if Matt Duke's proposed deal to Northampton goes through.



18 Jun 2013 19:41:35
Heard that Davide Somma is interesting Chesterfield and Scunthorpe

Leeds fan here. Don't mind where Davide goes, I just wish the lad all the best. he's had dreadful luck with injuries. He's a good player when fully fit.



18 Jun 2013 19:40:20
marlon pack staying at CTFC



18 Jun 2013 19:37:45
Ben Herd has agreed a deal with Wycombe Wanderers.



18 Jun 2013 19:36:41
Hull City keen on signing Phil Bardsley from Sunderland and also enquire about Cattermole

Bardsley yes catts no



18 Jun 2013 19:35:54
Just heard from a reliable source that Chris Holroyd has been offered a contract from Rochdale.



18 Jun 2013 19:35:25
Cardiff keen to sign David Vaughan from Sunderland and have also enquired about Danny Graham

Vaughn likely to sign for Palace highly regarded by Holloway after very successful spell at Blackpool

No way we are after Graham

How wrong was u



18 Jun 2013 19:14:49
Charlton are interested in taking Hibs goal keeper Ben Williams back down south.

Could this be because button is leaving?

This rumour first started on the 2nd June. It was also suggested that once he signs for CAFC he is being loaned straight out. What does look certain is that he is not ready for championship football with a team pushing for promotion.

This rumour first started on the 2nd June. It was also suggested that once he signs for CAFC he is being loaned straight out. What does look certain is that he is not ready for championship football with a team pushing for promotion.

He's a Zambian striker who no-one has really heard of



18 Jun 2013 19:11:57
Calvin Zola signs with Aberdeen so he won't be going to carlisle but miller won't be going to Aberdeen either, looks likely he'll sign a new contract

Looks like aberdeen has lost out there, miller is a better striker,



18 Jun 2013 18:49:25
fc metz striker olivier kezman is in talks with newcastle.

Lol he already signed like last week.

Olivier keman actually never heard of olivier kezman shows how much attention some of our fans pay



18 Jun 2013 18:49:22
Tranmere Rovers are set to sign Ex Hartlpool left back Evan Horwood on a free transfer

Having a medical today

He has agreed a 2 year deal its offical so has foster and andy robinson has agreed a new 1 year deal



18 Jun 2013 19:06:12
Bournemouth have signed Elliot ward on a one year contract so Thomas rogne is not joining expecting miles Addison to complete his move to Preston north end shortly

Big bad Addison is off to wolves on a 6month loan deal asked him myself

18 Jun 2013 22:44:34
Ward's a good player though I feel Eddie Howe is being sensible giving him a years contract, as he has had a persistent knee injury. Hopefully though he'll prove a good (free!) signing. Just waiting for us to sign a decent big front man now. I fancy Sam Vokes back. Definitely not Danny Ings though, please Eddie?!

Good signing, wish we had offered him a contract
forest fan



18 Jun 2013 18:57:56
Stoke have announced their first signing or should I say resigning of Jermaine Pennant who has signed a 1 year deal on a free with an option of an extra year based on appearances and performances. Mark Hughes would also like to bring in other players such as Wilfred Bony, Erik Pieters, Faouzi Ghoulam, Charlie Austin, Martin Olsson, Junior Hoilett.

Bony would be class!!!!

Charlie austin no thankyou! stupid price tag from burnley, would rather not bother

I take all except ollson we don't need 6 LB if he get faozui and pietiers. Austin and Altidore class Hoillet good



18 Jun 2013 19:03:04
Dundee United are interested in city rivals Dundee's Ryan Conroy.



18 Jun 2013 18:55:42
oufc looking to boost there midfield options this week with the signatures of luke guttridge and sergio torres.

Sorry, only room in the budget for one midfielder.



18 Jun 2013 18:37:03
Demouge to sign for notts county from bournemouth.

He would play

Pity the only times DeMouge gets on the pitch he gets injured within 15 minutes of kick off. Would love to see him at Bournemouth as he signed as a good front man in the dutch top league. Afcb still need a quality striker and maybe DeMouge might become good?



18 Jun 2013 18:47:34
blackpool are hoping to conclude a deal with former chelsea young left back ben gordon.

18 Jun 2013 19:23:02
Hes been offered a deal by Notts County to be first choice left back



18 Jun 2013 18:19:13
Chris Basham having medical at Huddersfield Town, the tough tackling midfielder from Blackpool is understood to be moving for a fee of £650k

18 Jun 2013 20:29:13
watch this space, erd from internal town employee, I gather taylor/fletcher signed and sealed 2 year contract?

650k for some one who's played 45 times in 3 seasons! Makes sense! he must be ace! Sign him up! Lol

Would be a good signing, toughen up the midfield and take some of the strain away from our defence. Competition for Gobern and Southern but hope we get some news in the next few days on who our strike force is going to be.

No he is not.

I mentioned GTF to Huddersfield weeks ago on here and was told by several Udders fans I was wrong. I hate to say I told you so ;-) {Ed003's Note - Congratulations for posting weeks back what everyone knew,well done mate.}

On the Basham one, I'd be surprised if I'm honest {Ed003's Note - I would aswell.}

I stazrted the GTF thing many weeks ago as a spoof - would be ironic if he did actually sign - maybe Deano reads this website (NOT)

Why do huddesfeild always want our players. We wouldn't sell bas and if we did it would be more than 650k cause we paid 1.2 mil for him when we bought him from bolton. don't think GTF would leave for a team that will never got in to the top half of the laegue.

GTF would be a huge step backwards, he isn't even a sensible replacement for bench warming Alan Lee.

Would be interesting as 2 small problems GTF can not sign for anybody until end of the month and he is still on holiday and does not return to Thursday morning

GTF would be a great move. A great, experienced attacking player

No he is ours stop all these rumours he is staying

Why complain its a football rumours site lol



18 Jun 2013 18:13:28
Big Week for Bristol Rovers! Set to unveil 2 new signings! John Joe O'Toole and Alan Gow are both to sign on friday! The only problem could with the Gow deal is weather David Clarkson decides to move to Hibs! Also Sam Kelly has been invited on a trial over pre season with Bristol Rovers

Tho David clarkson is a free agent

Clarkson is not a free agent. He signed a 2 year deal with Rovers last summer so has 12 months left.

David clarkson has another year left actually

Clarkson has a year on his contract

18 Jun 2013 22:18:37
No he isn't clarkson has another year to run on his deal



18 Jun 2013 18:01:55
Tranmere are set to announce the signings of Ryan Lowe, Stephen foster and Evan horwood by Friday.

The start of many to come

Many to come? Really? Are those signings 100% true?

I'm pretty confident that we have already signed Ryan Lowe but it just hasn't been announced.

Sure thing

2 have signed so yes i'd say its true

I told you this was happening and if you think I'm just taking the glory I'm sure the lads who run this web site can confirm I'm the same IP address.

The next things I can say but they are not 100% yet. Owain fon Williams is signing a new 2 year deal and we are getting a couple of loans. One is ibe from Liverpool. A young striker come winger {Ed001's Note - it is the same IP as the original post.}



18 Jun 2013 18:10:12
PDC looking to beat Newcastle to the signing of Douglas from fc twente

Have the toon made a bid know the red army have you will have to ask mr kinnear ha ha wot a joke up Sid James park!



18 Jun 2013 18:08:08
Pennant has signed a one year deal at Stoke, Great News

Why great news?

It's like having a new signing! All we need now is palacios back and we have half a decent midfield.

Because he is better than Kightly

I just hope this doesn't mean Hughes has lost interest in Hoilett cause he is a class winger.

Hoilett plays on the left resigning pennant means no money needed to pay to a club for a right winger as well



18 Jun 2013 18:03:00
Would I be right in saying Tranmere will get a percentage of Jennings sale to Barnsley?

Nope because munich released him not sold him {Ed003's Note - Didn't they not buy him? thought it was £350k.}

He's come on a free transfer, so how much of a percentage do you want?

Wasn't he released by bayern, which would mean he's a free agent? If this is the case, then tranmere won't get anything

There are reports that Barnsley have had to pay £250k for him, both in papers and on Sky.

18 Jun 2013 21:33:09
Barnsley have signed Jennings on a free after his release so tranmere will not get a penny ha ha unlucky

It was a free transfer but because he is under the age of we had to pay compensation for the player

We did yes, 250k we paid, also I hope to god, Barnsley sign a big defender for the middle! Please

The fee was 250k don rowing said it on the interview on football heaven tv radio sheffield

I can't believe that he's gone to Barnsley?

Surely there were better options open to him?

He's a class player and I really thought he'd have a few Premier League Clubs interested in him?

Can't see him staying at Barnsley long

As he is U25 yes they will recieve compensation however it will only be 10%

19 Jun 2013 09:58:45
Dale Jennings went for £250,000 to Barnsley, so they did buy him from Bayern

Barnsley have got a bigger transfer budget and now we have flickcroft. Just watch and see we will supprise every one next season

Why would Jennings go to a premier leauge club when he'll at best warm bench. he'll get game time at Barnsley where flicker will progress his career. look at the young starlets who went to the prem too early. hammill, butterfiel, haven't really done much have they

If you read up on the law, it's only compensation paid if you came threw the youth set up!

He signed for bayern from tranmere, he didn't come threw the youth set up,

I think you'll find he cost nothing, and was actually released by the Germans

^^ 250k how many times do you need telling!



18 Jun 2013 17:40:38
David goodwille set to sign this week after succesful negotiations between blackpool and blackburn.

Blackburn want to keep him! Already rejected Dundee United loan offer because they do not want him going anywhere

I thought Goodwillie was told by the new Blackburn manager, he wasn't wanted at the club.

Then again that was a week ago. They should have a new manager by next week and he may want him to stay!

Rovers said last week that he was going to Dundee Utd but there's a Championship club willing to pay more of his wages



18 Jun 2013 17:39:47

18 Jun 2013 18:12:20
crainey is going to get mugged by humphrey when preston play lashers



18 Jun 2013 17:04:08
John Sheridan has 4 signings for Plymouth Argyle lined up for next Wednesday earliest when the players return for pre season: 2 strikers, 1 midfielder and 1 defender, with the bhasera no closer to being resolved, this may include 1 extra defender as well to replace him as left back

Danny Whitaker, Neil Trotman. That's the only two I've heard are likely and also diego leon

Danny Whitaker, Neil Trotman. no thanks

Who were you expecting vidic and podolski?

Yeah why not?. C23



18 Jun 2013 16:58:43
Swedish press reporting that Norwich have had a bid accepted for Blackburn rovers defender Martin Olsson. OTBC {Ed015's Note - Player+cash deal.}

I think he is over rated but that's an what I think, I like Norwich so as a saints fan good luck next season.

Thank you saints fan, good luck to you too!

You can have him, he's worth 2m tops. he might perform in the rem to be fair but he's been useless for rovers for 2 seasons

Quick but no final ball and no better than what wee have, would he come as cover? if so and at decent enough wages then fine.

Not a bad shout, Martin Olsson is a Left back who also plays Left Mid. This offers cover/ competition for both Pilks and Garrido in one signing.



18 Jun 2013 16:58:21
Massive surprise for the fans of Oxford United this week, as they will be getting Tyrone Barnett on a season long loan. There the rumours going around the ground here at Peterborough anyway.


Would love it if it were true. Nothing locally but players report for training this Friday and fantastic if he was part of the team

More chance of my Gran signing and she's dead. Would be quality if it did happen.

Heard it is more likely to be birchell from gillingham

No chance he'd be joining us. And no talk of the rumour on your forums

Barnett wants to stay in the Championship and will sit tight on his current contract unless something better comes up, he cost P'boro £1m+ last summer, so I cannot see him moving unless a high proportion of that fee is met. I can see him staying on the sidelines at Posh as his wages will stop any club outside the Champ signing him.

Ipswich are believed to be renewing their interest in Tyrone, only injury prevented him signing last season.

We wish!



18 Jun 2013 17:21:07
Chesterfield to sign Cresswell and Sam morsey by then end of the week! Its on tv if you don't believe it guys

TV? There's no confirmation of these 2 signings on tv today. {Ed003's Note - I think Fleetwood are the frontrunners for his signature}

Cresswell doesn't want to move to Fleetwood, he wants to return home to the South Yorks area. Fleetwood have little chance of signing him which is why Chesterfield have offered less than they have.



18 Jun 2013 17:15:28
As I posted earlier, Rotherham have said they expect to conclude deals for Rob Milsom (Aberdeen) and Dave Worrall (Bury) in the next 24 hours. Evans also wants another striker and left back.

Worrall always gives 100% but can`t beat a man or provide a decent cross, which is what a winger is supposed to do isn`t it? Good luck to him though

Wonder how he's been voted player of the season and runner up over the last two seasons and also had so many mom awards and captained the team towards the end of the season if he's so bad a winger?

18 Jun 2013 21:16:01
We got relegated and could only pick two subs! Somebody had to be captain!

Good summary above. Quick, gets up and down the pitch, 100% effort, runs into a player or crosses into the stand repeatedly. Doesn't get close to scoring enough goals. This WILL be the analysis of Rotherham fans should he join them.

Who said rotherham will play him on the wing. evans may have another position in mind. remember he played all over the pitch last season

Worral was a done deal on Monday

Tick tock 24 hours have passed

Officially done deal, great signing imho



18 Jun 2013 16:48:23
Hull, Southampton and Reading target, Gary Hooper has decided to quit Celtic.

Did you meet him in vegas and he told you get off the glue.

Actually its in all the papers

Hope he goes to Reading or Hull then. I don't want us to be spending a rumoured £8million on this guy. Not that he's not good but £8million's a bit much.

Just google his name and you'll realise that this is true.

Is there any genuine transfer rumours for celtic here or just English fans trying to stir up rubbish. Hooper to good for a bottom half prem team proved himself in Europe and wins trophies with celtic.

^ I guess you don't read the papers or any of Hoopers comments.

Hooper said he wants out of Celtic, not sure what his options will be though considering the top half of the Premiership won't be going in for him. Doubt too many of the lower clubs would be that interested either although Hull is believable.

He isn't too good for the Championship, let alone a bottom half Prem team. He wants an international call up. Something he can't and won't get playing for Celtic "winning trophies".

Wins trophies with Celtic. Yeah that counts for a lot.

I would sooner have hooper than another foreign player here just for the money.

So how many Hull or Reading players play for England then?



18 Jun 2013 16:46:37
As Arsenal have now seemed to turn their attentions to signing Julio Cesar, Asmir Begovic is being lined up by AS Roma as a replacement for recently departed Maarten Stekelenburg.



18 Jun 2013 16:39:29
Norwich have made a bid to sign tottenhams jake Livermore and Kyle naughton on loan

I don't know what to make of this one. We do need LB cover so understand the rumour for Naughton BUT whilst Naughton was great for us before, the reason a player goes out on loan is to get games, with the permanent signing of garrido (whether he is better or not) would surely mean Naughton would be used as cover! Surely he won't join a club where he is sat on the bench to join another club where he would be sat on the bench!

Livermore I don't know enough about but could be good as a loan!

Martin Olsson is a good signing if we pull it off in my opinion would see Barnett going in the other direction as part of the cash + player deal.

Ola Toivenen is still not my type of player but time will tell if the deal is completed!

Whilst decent enough on the ball, can't see how Livermore could improve us, perhaps as a squad he might. ie cup cames and cover, but not good enough to start just yet. Balance is key, Tettey and Johnson had it first half of campaign, Howson and Johnson towards the end, but we're still a tad lightweight in the middle of the park, don't see Livermore changing that.

Naughton is a RB.

Chris Hughton and Jake Livermore. They really do look an awful lot alike, don't they?



18 Jun 2013 16:29:04
Ben Gordon set to spend a week training with Blackpool in the hope of winning himself a contract



18 Jun 2013 16:12:10
Korey Smith has a choice between Yeovil, Bradford City and Leyton Orient.

Yeovil the obvious choice out of that lot

Would have to be Yeovil. Player's live for the here and now Yeovil are in the championship where as the other 2 are in League 1.

He will sign for Oldham.

London may appeal to him and Orient's aim for the playoffs may entice him in.

I am not a fan, but I personally from watching them on tele last year thank Bradford are on the up! Have a brilliant manager - I think he will go there.

Not sure if he will go to Yeovil but would be a good acquisition to the squad.

You are all wrong!
He has just signed a two year deal with Oldham.
(source tv news)

Smith has signed for Oldham on a free

He signed for Oldham on a two year deal



18 Jun 2013 14:52:40
Any transfer news on Barnsley ed



18 Jun 2013 16:23:46
Bournemouth have enquired about the availability of Rhoys wiggins as the former Bournemouth player would like to move south to reunite with former manager with Eddie Howe
More to come

The bench at bournemouth injures his bum so wouldn't be a good move for him, and he's massively unpopular with the fans after the way he pushed for his move last time he was with us and disrupted team spirit

Wiggins, Wiggins! That disloyal man who couldn't wait to leave. The poster of this rubbish is either himself or family because We the supporters don't want the rat back

This is the fourth similar post with the poster saying exactly the same thing but with a different ex Bournemouth player, at least make up something more original.

18 Jun 2013 18:50:44
I thought charlton play in London wiggins club which is in the south of England lol.

He's hardly got a welcoming party down here. He ain't coming back.

Ha can't wait for him to get his next round of abuse when he comes with charlton


Although you don't want him he's joining

I can confirm that Rhoys Wiggins will be at Dean Court at the start of next season. but only because AFCB Got Charlton at home in the first game

Wiggins is a waste of oxygen.

Wiggings will be guaranteed another "warm and passionate" reception by the AFCB faithful when he returns to DC with Charlton!



18 Jun 2013 16:22:36
Swansea City are in the driving seat to grab 27-year-old Bafetimbi Gomis from Olympique Lyonnais for a fee of 8 million.

Keep in quiet mun or Liverpool will want him

For £8 m would be a good signing. A player with a similar record to remy. We will need another striker too. Hopefully a promising youngster like morata or cornelius

That's more like it! Hope he does sign, he looks AMAZING!



18 Jun 2013 16:21:21
Crystal Palace have interest in Costa Rican winger Joel Campbell on loan, Campbell is a Arsenal player and has played in Real Betis and Lorient in France.

Hes good I think our team next season should be

He's who?

I think your team next season will be.


You will be lucky if we sign one of those players in that team of yours

That team can compete in the prem

I don't agree, I think we only should take ince or philips and play bolasie

Palace will never get Bridcutt



18 Jun 2013 16:16:14
Cagliari have said they will not be selling Southampton and Tottenham target davide astori this summer

Having signed Dejan Lovren, worse news could've come our way I think. It's probably worth looking into other new Centre Back options but we're nowhere near as desperate and I'm not sure the supposed £12million price tag would be worth it.

18 Jun 2013 18:14:23
They will sell when they smell the £12million- they just saying that!

Everyone has their price. especially in serie a

Its cover for full backs that I'm more concerned about

I think this could be good news as after signing a big strong bit slow power house in lovren I don't think we need another so hopefully that increase our chance for a double raid of Valencia for banega in midfield and victor Ruiz as a quick CB



18 Jun 2013 16:08:39
Heard Millwall are interested in driver from hearts as lomas is a massive fan an wants to add some pace and directness to the lions I for one as a Millwall fan for 30 years am quite excited for the new season

I put this rumour up a few days back as he'd be a replacement for Chris Taylor but it never got posted, I really hope we do get driver he's got class and pace, something we need at the den

I thought he was playing in the MLS league in USA?

He's on loan

Correct, he plays for Houston Dynamo on loan from Hearts. Out of Contract at end of the month.

So he could be a possible signing for us? Or any club!

Good player he's only on loan there, his contract is up over there, sign him up, good age as well, wouldn't cost a lot as well.



18 Jun 2013 16:07:38
Crystal palace will announce three signings in the next coming weeks

Jerome Thomas will sign after his release from west brom, david vaughan will also sign from sunderland after being told he can leave and Peter odemwingie will also sign from the baggies to bolster the new promoted teams squad

Johnny Parr is going nowhere, and would not bother with fringe clubs like wba and fulham

Why doesn't Ollie just buy Blackpool and move it to South London.

You would love Karl Oyston!

Johnny Parr is Staying at Crystal Palace FC

18 Jun 2013 23:27:04
"Why doesn't Ollie just buy Blackpool and move it to South London"

Surrey, if you please! {Ed003's Note - lol}

Thomas and Vaughan would be quality signings, especially since Ince is so much more expensive

Redmond for under £3mil would represent good business

We have signed Thomas, we have only sent an enquiry for Vaughn and we are yet to put in a bid for odemwinge. so you got one correct.

I don't want Johnny Parr at WBA. He seems like a pretty average left back at a team that is going straight back down. As for calling WBA a fringe team you must be joking. If finishing 8th is fringe then anyone below must be practically relegated.

SE25 is in a London borough, not Surrey. Ed.

Wow, 3 players in the coming weeks. That's some insight into a promoted club who are looking to strengthen. Couldn`t you be a bit more vague. Just get Austin, worth a £6m bid.



18 Jun 2013 15:44:06
Rotherham have signed danny Hilton on a 2 year contract



18 Jun 2013 15:44:04
Afc bournemouth have signed danny ings and Brian stock for a combined fee of 1.4m and look set to add One more before preseason burnley paper


We do not need stock, i'd be amazed if eh sings him - it'd be un necessary

18 Jun 2013 18:19:13
must be a made up Burnley paper, because nothing has been reported.

Also I think we would want more than 1.4 mill for both, try 1.7m -2 mill.

As we won't have a strike force if Paterson and Austin go

Stop getting our hopes up!

Not Likely now - EH - Signed Elliot Ward tonight

18 Jun 2013 21:17:54
No way have ings/ stock gone to bournemouth today nothing in local papers at all



18 Jun 2013 15:35:27
Southampton kit unveiling will come with two new signings to model the new adidas strip. Likely to be Hooper, to provide competition up front with Ricky Lambert. As well as Ever Banega to provide competition/replacement for Cork in centre midfield.

When will that happen?

Better not be Hooper. This is something the media can't get over but I can't see him being an improvement on the existing Lambert/Rodriguez situation.

Why would it be "competition/replacement" for Cork? Where's he off to then? You must know it otherwise you wouldn't have said replacement?


Could be a good guess

18 Jun 2013 21:47:29
Would Morgan be as good without Cork. Think first 10 games of last year. They are a very good pairing.

Will be before July 1st and a replacement as in Cork will move to the bench rather than leave the club, possibly seeing Ward Prowes going out on loan with Steven Davis as the other CM back up

Kit gets released July 1st. So then I'd imagine.

Prodomenently an attacking midfielder/ playmaker.
I've got a season ticket and I'm sure jack cork doesn't play there?
Unless we are changing are formation he is not corks replacement!

Ever Banega is a totally different player to corky banega is a playmaker small and agile whilst corky is a fairly big lad who makes great tackles in midfield to break up play

Cork and Morgan are a top 8 CM partenership

"Would Morgan be as good without Cork. Think first 10 games of last year. They are a very good pairing" most saints season tickets holders will tell you that corky was out for most of those 10 games



18 Jun 2013 15:22:24
Calvin Zola signed for Aberdeen. Knowles, MacDonald and Reed sign for Burton Albion, Matt Paterson will sign by the end of the week. One BIG signing by Friday. UTBs

Stunned that Zola has left, he has been brilliant for Burton, thanks big man all the best at Aberdeen. Happy with MacDonald and Reed and would be delighted with the news that Paterson has signed up. That one BIG signing = Akinfenwa?

Yes, goodbye and good luck Calvin. Paterson must sign soon, got to have 'The Whip' at the Pirelli. As for Akinfenwa, think he's past it now.

'The whip' can go for me over rated

Over rated? 7 goals in 15 games and three of them goals of the season? Get a grip, we need our goalscorers! Pato must stay!

Where did you hear this from?

Check his stats out before saying overrated. He started 15 games and scored 7 goals, including some absolute screamers, for me he 'lifts' the club everytime he plays. Must stay at Burton, if we lose him it will be a huge loss combined with already losing Mags and Calvin.

Got to agree with the above. Paterson was a breath of fresh air, his goals against Torquay, Port Vale and Rochdale especially and his winner against Plymouth probably the best feeling ever at the Pirelli stadium! Got to sign him up Gary, don't let goal scorers leave.

20 Jun 2013 12:15:31
So glad we signed Macdonald, he was absolute class last season! Good luck in Aberdeen Calvin!

Who is this big signing supposed to be anyway?

MacDonald is pants, wish he had signed for Plymouth! Pato will sign by the end of the month fingers crossed.



18 Jun 2013 15:13:57
calvin zola quoted as being interested in the thought of league 1 football with carlisle

He's gone to Aberdeen

Thats strange as he has signed for Aberdeen.

Get your facts right he has just signed for Aberdeen.



18 Jun 2013 15:09:07
Calvin Zola signs 2 year deal with Aberdeen



18 Jun 2013 14:59:42
6. 18. 13: Huddersfield Town are close to agreeing a deal for Rochdale striker Bobby Grant who earlier today submitted a transfer request which was accepted by Rochdale (A lot of League 1 teams have shown interest in Bobby but the lure of the championship has proved to be the key to his willingness to sign for HTAFC)


Scores a goal every five to six games in league two, you are having a laugh if you think he can move up two divisions and make an impact. Not a chance of this having any legs.

Er no thanks

Scored 16 goals in his 38 appearances - having a medical tomorrow

From brookside, ?



18 Jun 2013 14:57:37
Bournemouth plan to boost their defence for the Championship by signing former Pompey favourite Jason Pearce who is keen to move back down south. Leeds would probably accept a cut-price £250,000 fee for the central defender.

Would be a great signing and would be welcomed with open arms

So many ex players linked, there are others out there

Former Pompey favourite? Could of made it more realistic by saying former Bournemouth captain!

Would love this if true. complete professional.

18 Jun 2013 22:52:24
Be great if its true. So many daft rumours posted about AFCB. Probably by fans or bitter Swindon Towners?

Please take him, not impressed. Certain players do well at certain clubs and he'd probably flourish back down south but we'd want at least £500k

Hope this ain't true! He is a typical aggressive leedsplayer and last ew games was just starting to look good!

He needs to stay good no nonsence defender

Sorry the lad gives his all and a real honest player but cannot distribute and has no pace! Has found his level!
Lufc KEK



18 Jun 2013 14:47:40
Alexandru Epureanu to W. B. A. Can play centre back or right back. This will allow Tamas to go to Leeds

He is left footed so I doubt he plays right back!



18 Jun 2013 14:43:16
everton, southampton and westham have all been in contact with bordeaux over defender lamine sane.

And middlesbrough

And Middlesborough? I think Sane wants Premiership football.

Sane does want premier league football tv



18 Jun 2013 14:34:16
Alan Sheehan will sign for Gillingham early next week, the LB has worked previously under Allen before. Sheehan will replace Joe Martin who still has not signed a new deal.

Joe Martin is meant to be signing a new deal within the next two weeks.

Joining millwall on the 1st july

He has had since December to sign a new deal to be fair.

19 Jun 2013 11:04:50
He's signing a new 2 year deal with the Gills. Source Kentonline

Joe martin is no where near good enough for the championship. Good luck, we'l take Sheehan over him any day!

Joe Martin has now signed a 2 year deal with Gills.

Not yet he hasn`t. Nothing officially announced.




18 Jun 2013 14:31:38
Crystal palace are believed to have had a loan bid rejected for talented Everton youngster Ross Barkley, palace were told he will be in and around the first team under Martinez and is expecting to bring the best out of him.

Also palace are very close to completing the signing of released west brom winger Jerome Thomas and lastly the eagles have enquired about the availability of Sunderlands David Vaughan and stokes Cameron Jerome. but on the downside there is genuine interest in johnny parr from west brom and Fulham so far he's replacement will be Aaron creswell of Ipswich town place believe a deal can be negotiated with Ipswich holding out for £3 million.

Cress well isn't going for 3mil

Johnny Parr Staying at Crystal Palace FC, going no where - CPFC

We are not after Cameron Jerome and parr has said he wants to stay

Who is Johnny Parr?

Guitarist for the smiths



18 Jun 2013 14:29:37
Moldovan captain and defender Alexandru Epureanu on his way to West Brom

No thank you.



18 Jun 2013 14:17:43
Even dundee utd could offer more than that ha ha at least there he has the chance to get back in the Scotland set up. He only wants to sign for dundee United any way. Who wants a player that does not want to be at the club



18 Jun 2013 13:50:46
Cheltenham will offer a trial to defender Jack Deaman who was released by Birmingham. Deaman spent the end of the season on loan with the Robins.

He didn't even play!



18 Jun 2013 13:50:09
Davidson of St Johnson t oturn down Rangers, Aberdeen and Ipswich to sign fir Millwall

I think Scott Arfield would be a better option for Rangers than Murray Davidson would be. If Rangers were intrested in the pair which doesn't seem to be the case at all.

He's supposed to be quite a useful player so SL says! He should know!

Hasnt he already signed for Rangers?

NO he hasent already signed for GERS! Pretty sure he will join SL at Millwall soon 2-3wks!

He has to be better off playing in the English Championship then SD2 Surely? & be playing for SL again!IMO



18 Jun 2013 13:50:02
Milos Krasic has been told he can leave Fenerbache and is looking for a move to the Premier League. Sunderland first in line as it stands.

Not true because he is about to sign for west ham from a very realiable source



18 Jun 2013 13:49:50
Macnelly Torres to be the first of a few South American players that Martinez is to sign for Everton. a 2 million deal being lined up for the Colombian



18 Jun 2013 13:45:49
Gillingham to complete the signings of Alan Sheehan, Andre Grey and Antonio German within the next week or so with a deal for Cody McDonald seeming to be dead in the water due to wage demands from the Coventry Striker.

As a coventry fan to a gills fan. FIND A WAY TO PAY FOR CODY PLEASE.

Wasn't over impressed with German on loan at Gills. Cross between Bas Savage and McCammon = not a great mix!

Nahh German was great!



18 Jun 2013 13:42:25
Declan Rudd has agreed a new 1 year contract extension with Norwich until 2015 and has also agreed a season long loan to Preston

This is an officially reported fact, so why post it on a rumours site??

The guy is right {Ed003's Note - because it is a conclusion to a long running rumour, so why not on rumours? }

Why not, Indeed Ed. I like this site.



18 Jun 2013 13:42:10
Cheltenham Town are closing in on the signing of Gavin Williams.



18 Jun 2013 13:28:30
ross turnbull is set to re join former club m'boro on a free



18 Jun 2013 13:26:56
wigan want aston villa midfielder brett holman and boltons marvin sordell.

If you sign Holman, I wish him luck, he has a great work ethic but he just couldn't nail down a full time spot in the Villa XI

Please take sordell from us! Please!



18 Jun 2013 13:25:54
Sheffield Wednesday will announce two new signings before the players return for pre season at the end of next week. Likely to be both free transfers.

Free transfers, that's all we sign



18 Jun 2013 13:22:51
liverpool closing in on valencia wide man ally cissokho.

Left back more like, we don't need him?

Stop ridges



18 Jun 2013 13:21:55
ajax defender toby aldeiweirld has rejected a move to bayer encouraging liverpool and spurs to move for him.



18 Jun 2013 13:15:44
ath madrid want portos jackson martinez to replace falcao.



18 Jun 2013 13:15:19
man city are leading the chase for star isco ahead of real madrid.
reports in spain say that madrid are willing to offload mesut ozil to make space for isco in a bid to convince him to move to the spanish capital.



18 Jun 2013 13:13:46
everton will sign westhams mo diame

Not true he is staying at west ham he will never join everton



18 Jun 2013 13:13:08
westham have made a loan move for adebayour.



18 Jun 2013 13:12:40
Port Vale looking to sign 3 players over the coming week, after Micky Adams returns from holiday.

Centre back Thierry Audel, midfielder Jose Semedo and forward Calvin Zola are rumoured to be the targets.

18 Jun 2013 15:48:38
zola as signed for aberdeen

Calvin Zola signed for Aberdeen

Dont want or need zola, liam dickinson has tweeted that he is going to be on fire for vale this coming season.



18 Jun 2013 13:18:11
qpr to make a new bid to bring in striker peter odemwingie in the hope the nigerian will fire them back to the premier league

With swansea, hull and palace apparently wanting him, I don't think he would move to qpr over any of those 3



18 Jun 2013 13:09:57
palace are set to sign free agent jerome thomas



18 Jun 2013 13:07:53
kaka could move to spurs this summer



18 Jun 2013 13:07:11
dortmund looking to sign de bruyne from chelsea

This was also on the tv app earlier on there normally right when it comes to them sort of agreements



18 Jun 2013 13:04:02
Nathan Doyle to commit his long term future to Bradford City by signing a new 2 year deal.

I hope so. However, there has been too many rumours linking him with the 'udders, for my liking.



18 Jun 2013 12:55:19
Heard peter clark is of to preston to join ex-huddersfield manager simon grayson rumoured he's not a fan of robins style

Why would he want to move to a side managed by Grayson when he's the one who constantly had him on and off the this season? Plus the fact he's Hudds captain so I doubt he'd give that up for a bench place at deepdale

Peter Clarke was the player who confronted Grayson due to his increasingly lazy work ethic, he loves it under Robins, this is the most ridiculous, most misinformed post I have seen in quite some time, ****wit

Clark can't stand Grayson, furthermore is back from his holidays early and putting in time at the new training ground. Another duff rumour.

Please let this be true Clarke cost us to many vital goals last season he is a 1st div defender and our larry will have a good signing good luck hope he goes

Don't be silly

Clarkey won't leave town, he loves it, he will be at town next season.

Actually heard some truth in this off by next week

What a complete load of bull, clarke made a few mistakes towards end of season, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and is hudds thro and thro. captain and a leader, not graysonesque!
no chance preston!

We clearly need to improve at the back, we conceded 3rd most in the league last season, but I think Clarke has the drive to turn that round. He'll put the hard work in and under Robins guidance, hopefully he'll step his performances up next season. 18 months ago we had four Clark (e)s, I'll be very surprised if we have none on 3rd August.

Playing most of last season with hoofed balls up to a loan striker and having the ball come back at us relentlessly all game, we were bound to concede bucket fulls of goals whoever we had in our defence. We now play with 2 up front, and the goals against column has come down to an acceptable level. 2 Peter Clarkes at the back and we could take on Brazil. Looking forward to next season with Peter in blue and white stripes again. he's going nowhere.



18 Jun 2013 12:40:15
Strong rumours that Bristol City are interested in Derby GK Frank Fielding, who is not happy after dropping down the pecking order at Pride Park.

18 Jun 2013 15:22:08
He's a top championship keeper, I imagine he will want to remain in the division.

It's been reported in both the teams local media.

Lost his form, but seems a decent bloke. A big club like Bristol City could be just the ticket for both club and player

For a keeper it's all about being NO. 1 -he won't be happy to warm the bench. Who else in the championship will make him their NO. 1 except a team likely to be in a relegation battle -So Bristol city could be an attractive option

As much as I like him as a person, he was quite mistake-prone (so was Legzdins to be fair). Terrific shot-stopper but doesn't take command of his area and his short height is a bit of an issue.

I have no doubt he'd be a great signing for Bristol City though.

It would be great if we can get him

A big club (LOL) like bristol city don't make me laugh fielding wants to stay in championship not join a average leauge 1 side

Bristol City have agreed a fee with Derby for him so yes I suppose he does want to join an ''average league 2 side LOL''

Off course he would want to join a championship club. However City under SOD ain't too shabby a choice.

I think he is now third choice, and a change may be best for all concerned.



18 Jun 2013 12:24:09
Charlton are in talks with signing 18 year old striker evans kangwa

And who is he




18 Jun 2013 12:22:10
After talks with Leeds stalled west brom appear to be new favorites for wolves striker Kevin Doyle, who would fancy a move to the club as he is best mates with Shane long.

Yes, and Alan Sugar will win next year's Miss World contest. Give it a rest, numpty.

He is no good and we would not be interested in him. He has done nothing for Wolves other than contribute to their downfall

18 Jun 2013 17:13:33
actually mate they haven't stalled with leeds because there manager said he isn't deciding yet until they go back so leeds have to wait

Not good enough for us.



18 Jun 2013 12:19:37
Jake Livermore (Spurs) and Swedish international from PSV on brink of signing for Norwich , plus a big name defender. possibly Curtis Davies. John Ruddy staying alhough he has been told by Hodgson he needs to be at a top 4 club to play for England. On the Ball City.

Don't think Hodgson has said that, he has had championship keepers in the squad before.

Nonsense. Green, foster, kirkland, butland, stockdale I could go on here.

Ruddy has already played for England so why would he need to be at a top 4 club! Also only 2 of the top 10 teams last year had an English keeper which would put him as third best anyway even though he is better than foster

If Hodgson has said this then it's disgraceful Ruddy is playing EPL and facing same strikers whoever he's playing for.

Sine when has Curtis Davies been a "big name"

Im sorry but ruddy has to play for top 4 to sit on the bench for england but foster, butland, forster etc dont?



18 Jun 2013 12:16:16
Leeds are a step closer to signing rowe as a fee has been agreed, contract offered to upson as highest paid player. Also bid as been placed for pacey striker though robinson from derby believed to be around £800,000. With m. brown beingg told he can leave to free wage funds.

I'd be more than happy with 800,000 for Theo Robinson. He has a Touch like a donkey.

He spells it Theo. Would take 800k, like Robinson but won't feature much next year

800,000 would be a good bid for Theo Robinson I think Derby would accept.

;) derby fans shhhh

He won't feature at all next year if he stays, hence why he's been transfer listed. All of our other strikers are miles better than him and, if Leeds did sign him, it would only serve to show how much Leeds have fallen.

Too right we'd accept 800k, about double what we paid for him. he's also got one of the worst first touches i've ever seen.

I like Theo so I wish him well in his career. Think that would be a decent price. definitely missed his goals in the worrying dip in form after the boro game.

Pacey striker would most likely be Nahki Wells from Bradford

21 Jun 2013 13:00:41
why do we want him if were to get players get ones from low prem teams or high chanpionship



18 Jun 2013 11:32:39
Bournemouth to sign Burnley midfielder Marvin Bartley with Marc Pugh going the other way in a straight swap deal. Bartley will return to Dean Court where he is a big favourite with the fans.

Be great to have midfield hard man Marvellous Marv back for his tackling ability - just what we need - but it will be a shame to lose the creative Pugh. Up the Cherries.

(1) Burnley don't want Pugh
(2) There is no way that Bartley's value is comparable with Pugh's

Bartley may well go back to Bournemouth but there won't be any swap deals- just a straight cash deal and for a smallish amount too I'd imagine.

Pointless, Marv didn't get a game when Howe was manager of Burnley

Marvin wouldn't make us better, our midfield is our strongest department, and why would we swap a winger for a centre mid?

Marv had to tackle so much as it was usually him that gave the ball away in the first place, also gives away penalties for fun. So no thanks.

Let the Bournemouth BOYS, go home to quior boy howe, all couldn't hack it in the north west, longside dave

Bartley isn't wanted back at Bournemouth. Wishful thinking by Burnley

Not my fav when he stated that he would not were the famous red and black shirt again unless we sell him let him warm the bench for burnley

Rubbish. Pugh has literally just bought a house in Bournemouth and is very happy here.

Afcb want 3 mil for ritchie sunderland owner won't pay that



18 Jun 2013 11:23:46
Doncaster to sign there first player this season in the next week thought to be m'voto

Possible. His agent isn't replying to contact from LJ so he seems resigned to losing him. Big solid defender, but prone to a few mistakes. Would prefer him to go to the Championship rather than another League One club.

Id say we need at least 11 quality players with championship experience to sign before season starts



18 Jun 2013 12:04:57
I'm hearing that hibs are getting Kris Boyd on a one year deal and are also going to sign ex motherwell player David Clarkson.

Hearing from the Rovers side that clarkson is leaving and retuning north of the boarder so quite possibly



18 Jun 2013 12:01:31
Mornings Eds. I am having trouble with the LFC site. is there a problem or is it my iPad? {Ed029's Note - Server issues. Should be back up later this afternoon.



18 Jun 2013 11:24:48
I've just got back from majorca and got friendly with lee Hughes. He said he's 99% sure that he will sign a 12 month deal with Rochdale.
Tried to convince him to come to Torquay but he wanted to stay up north.

18 Jun 2013 14:23:29
This the same Lee Hughes who has signed his contract extension with Vale?

Well he lied to you because he's just committed to another year with port vale

Even though he has signed a one year deal at port vale?

18 Jun 2013 15:26:39
I saw him aswell, looked trim and fit, he did say that he had fallen out with 2 team mates at vale and a move was on the cards, when he saw my Oldham shirt he said mite be moving nr there soon, so maybe some truth in that



18 Jun 2013 11:22:44
I wouldn't say hylton is a big signing



18 Jun 2013 11:14:41
Yeovil Town

Am expecting to see young hungry players coming in for our 1st Championship season and not seasoned Pro's who will demand high fee's! Johnson has always gone that way with good success and Terry Skiverton has hinted that will remain the policy :) Plus our team from last season will get every chance to prove themselves!

You're down then

'You're down then' that's what they all said last season look at Yeovil now in the Championship. Never under estimate any team from any division

Bit of a sweeping statement that 'you're down'.

20 Jun 2013 16:40:25
As a Yeo fan I think we need to sign or loan two or three with 'championship' experience and several young ambitious players. Commanding CB, influential CM and strong, tall and pacey CF needed to add to squad. Probably most clubs looking for these! I think Gary will find a talented player or two overseas and a few other surprises.

21 Jun 2013 10:10:34
Already secured our best signings - Johnson, Skiverton and Way!

Dan burn and Marty Dolan will be the two loan signings

Matty Dolan I mean



18 Jun 2013 10:14:30
Crystal Palace will unveil their new signings on July the 1st. Palace are keen on Florian Marange despite high interest from Stoke City and Fulham.

Palace are also hopeful of unveiling a striker and two midfielders, one being Andre Moritz who is expected to sign a 2-year contract with the South London Club. The striker is believed to one of a number of targets, Jordan Rhodes, Alfred Finnbogason or Eden Ben Basat. Frederic Veseli is also a target after being released by Manchester United

Charlton are hopeful of landing Simeon Jackson as a top target to boost their strike force. The Addicks see him as integral if they are hopeful of a promotion push.

Lastly Millwall are hopeful of keeping David Forde despite interest from a number of premier league and championship clubs, noticeably Fulham.

Odemwingie weeks most likely striker signing at present, plus maybe Acuna. Finnbaggassen would be a great signing. These 3 would give Palace some real options going forward

Why would Fulham be interested in Forde if they've just signed an Holland international goalkeeper?!

CAFC could afford his wages but he was prone to injury.

Alfreð Finnbogason is being watched by top teams like Lazio, Milan, Liverpool and so on, no way will he move to a relegation bound club like Crystal palace.



18 Jun 2013 10:14:26
Derrick Williams (Aston Villa) to Bristol City



18 Jun 2013 10:06:53
Brentford are strong favourites to sign Darren Ward from Swindon Town he will join Alan McCormack who has already agreed to sign for Bees



18 Jun 2013 09:48:23
Dagenham Gianluca Gracco is close to signing a three year contract with Watford

Why would a team challenging for promotion to the Premier League buy a player who played once for a League 2 side last season?

I heard that Watford are sniffing around but he only just signed an 18 month contract in Jan at Dagenham. But the comment about him playing in League 2 is ridiculous as we had Anya last season who recently played for Oxford

"Anya last season who recently played for Oxford"
He played for them at least 5 years ago, he was recently at Granada and sent out on loan to Cadiz. That's a world difference to Oxford.

A strong source to Watford says he's going to sign next week

And northampton

The player is having a medical next week



18 Jun 2013 08:31:02
Norwich City are looking to complete the signings of Belgian league duo Imoh Ezekiel of Standard Liege and Ebrahim 'Ibou' Savaneh of OH Leuven at a combined fee of £5m in the near future.

Never heard of them but then I had never heard of tettey

Ezekiel is Nigerian, and scored in 50% of his games. Standard Liege signed him up last year and he is contracted until 2015 with them. So they obviously rate him.

Savaneh is a Gambian international with dual nationality (German) who scored 12 goals in 13 games for OH Leuven last season.

Both are young international strikers currently playing in the Belgian league.



18 Jun 2013 08:01:18
Brighton to sign free-agent Eric Lichaj

No he's not for you as he is signing for forest

Nffc are 95% going to get lichaj

He's wanted by Leeds and nots Forrest as well

Good signing

You mean crap signing

He has signed for forest

He's just signed for Nottingham Forest. Forest also sign Gonzalo Jara Reyes after he was released by WBA, who Brighton had on loan during the 2011-12 season.



18 Jun 2013 10:39:09
West Brom been quoted £5m for kone ov wigan

Ov, are you serious?

Wigan value him more in the region of 8-9 million. Who ever posted this need to check again.

He has a £6.5 million release clause



18 Jun 2013 10:31:27
25 year old English defender Michael Mancienne, currently plying his trade with Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga, is the subject of a £3.5m bid from Premier League side West Bromwich Albion.

18 Jun 2013 14:30:18
Dingle reject. No chance!



18 Jun 2013 10:51:37
just been to get my season ticket from bristol rovers and seen ex cheltenham captain dave bird at the ground speaking to john ward.

He's past it now and he's overweight.

If anything it will be a coaching job.

Occurred to you that they might've just been having a catch-up? Ward managed Bird while at Cheltenham.

So they just happened to meet up outside the memorial stadium to have a chat?. ok then.



18 Jun 2013 10:02:49
Shrewsbury to sign Tyrone Barnett from peterbrough on loan for the season

Would be nice but can't see it!



18 Jun 2013 09:53:20
everton have bid rejected for denmark striker cornelius

Is this a new bid or a rehash of the story from last week?



18 Jun 2013 09:47:40
Brighton and Hove Albion will confirm on Thursday that Gus Poyet will be remaining as their manager.

No the club have offerd money for him to leave

Completely agree. There would be no disciplinary if he was sacked.

I think Brighton and Bloom have screwed up, Gus may be looking else where because of how he has been treated.

That's not a screw up, he wanted to leave anyway and 90% of brighton fans want him to go

I'm a Brighton fan and the truth is none of the fans have a clue what is going on in the club. All we know is that Poyet is always talking about leaving to this or that club. Well, there's the door mate, we won't stand in your way.

True Brighton fan: The club has enjoyed its best run of form since Gus Poyet arrived in 2009, he has taken the club to new heights of technical football and we now have an identity of the way we like to play. And now you lot want to boot him out??? WTF, I understand there may or may not have been an infringement of rules of conduct, but this is a learning curve for everyone involved in the club, no-one has seen this kind of situation in the club before so its very hard to gauge right from wrong, all I understand is that I pay £695 every season to see my team progress through the league's and this is exactly what Gus Poyet has done. I love the guy and think he is a massive asset to this club, " Never bite the Hand that feeds you". In Gus I STILL trust.

Legally if you don't want to pay up up someone's contract when you sack them you have to go through the your disciplinary procedure, otherwise they are entitled to claim unfair dismissal. The rumor I've heard is that Poyet and Oatway will get the sack for gross misconduct. Rumored to be because one jokingly said to the other before the playoff semi final, "it would be funny if you took a dump in the away dressing room", and the other went and did it. Of course that's just rumors and could be rubbish. But it doesn't change the fact you carry out disciplinary procedures step by step if you want to sack someone and not pay through the nose.

Listen gus took brighton to there highest finish etc etc etc but the fact is any previese manager with the same budget and new stadium etc etc etc prob wuld of done the same. Many infact would of got promoted last season if they were more tacticlly aware.

Didnt happen yet did it oscar garcia is now the favorite to take over even though it is still not clear that poyet has left yet or not apparently bloom has offered poyet 10-15 million pounds of transfer money to persuade him to stay but only time will tell please stay poyet

Please stay poyet? Mark my word when we get a more experianced manager who dosnt play 2 defenseve midfield players at home 90 mins away from wembley, hel soon be forgotten



18 Jun 2013 09:47:21
martinez to bring kone and mcarthy plus fer to everton

Kone has stated numerous times that he is staying at Wigan, Everton can jog on!

Everton got no money never mind spending £20m plus.

Of course they got Money just Recieved a big pot from the T. V. Rights deal you Clown.



18 Jun 2013 07:45:33
Notts County to confirm five signings before preseason training.
Ben Gordon
Danny Green
Calvin Zola
Mustapha Dumbuya
Marcus Haber

They are also after another winger and a central midfielder

Zola's going to aberdeen

Hope this comes off

Yeah maybe, we need to sign some people soon ish. Give all the county fans to smile about at least. :)

He's signed FOR ABERDEEN it's confirmed



18 Jun 2013 07:33:10
Adam Reed formerly of Sunderland joining Burton

Burton finished 4th with Alex Macdonald where were you.



18 Jun 2013 08:54:53
Simoen Jackson to Millwall all but done. just needs to be rubber stamped.

Hope so as it would be a very good signing! But i'll wait till I see him in the new kit to be 'SURE'?!

In other words it`s not a done deal.

I must admit that I would be 'SURPRISED' if we managed to sign him! But football is all about 'SURPRISES'! Like Joe Kinnear?

Please be true. Hopefully Davidson next.

Can't see it, not on he's wages. But would be a great signing if true. SJ and SM up front next season

18 Jun 2013 16:14:15
Doubt it. Aldo said it will be a few weeks before a deal is done

Why does it take a few weeks, we know we need strikers sort out wages if he wants to sign he will, why wait!! {Ed003's Note - The window doesn't even open until July 1st,chillax}



18 Jun 2013 08:48:23
Huddersfield linked again with GTF. Seriously I will stop watching games if we resign him over somebody like Jennings.

Could be good signing if we play him up front

Im with you over these gtf rumours

Jennings signed by Barnsley - 3 year deal

Totally agree, GTF not good enough, backward step for Town if true

In all farness good as Jennings undoubtably is, why do we need anymore wingers, there's nothing wrong with the ones we've got? i'd much rather see us spend the money we have on Vaughan and at least one more quality striker.

Also heard Andy Booth is coming out of retirement, for goodness sake

I agree we need strikers primarily but who is going to play right wing?

Sean Scannell? I'm pretty sure he will do at right wing. you know where he plays

GTF, jackanory!



18 Jun 2013 09:30:23
titus bramble to sign for ipswich as well as ebanks-blake

Great. That means they won't be coming to Boro! Phew.

Please no
ebanks blake is long term injured so doubt anyone will make a move for him yet

Titus on a years contract and Blake on a pay as you play contract would be good business for ITFC. No matter what you say about Bramble, he's not a bad defender, especially for the championship.

Bramble will not sign in a million years! Would want too much money, over rated mistake prone no thanks

Bramble is awful!

Poor rumour this.

1) any centre back will be a back up due for form of chambers and smith for which Bramble won't be prepared

2) his wage demands will be massuive

3) he's awful

Given the number of premiership games Bramble has played for various managers he can hardly be an awful championship defender. Very underrated defender at premiership level. However I do not think he will sign for Ipswich.



18 Jun 2013 09:25:57
Danny hayes will sign for Leyton orient this week. Korey smith in talks aswell.

Hayes? You mean Haynes of Charlton. This could well happen, but I suspect there will be other clubs interested.
Also, We won't sign both Haynes AND Smith. Enjoy the smoke.



18 Jun 2013 09:22:57
john stead to sign for yeovil

Very much doubt this. He wants to move back up north. Bb

Oh I hope this doesn't happen. he's awful



18 Jun 2013 09:19:02
Wycombe are set to offer free agent Danny Haynes, (Striker/Right Midfielder), who has been released by Charlton Athletic, a contract offer.

Left Because wage demands were to high, hardly going to Wycombe in that case.

18 Jun 2013 16:55:34
I would assume he has other offers too.

And he's a sicknote (Sadly) so can't see Wycombe paying highly

Haynes is a striker and he is deffinetly not going to wycome if charlton can't afford his wages



18 Jun 2013 09:13:15
Wycombe winger Joel Grant is set to sign a 1 year contract extension with Wycombe, which will see him at Adams Park until the summer of 2014. He has turned down an offer from Ipswich Town, as he would prefer to stay closer to London.

I doubt that would be a reason for him not to sign, Ipswich is only a 20 minute drive more at most. It would be a no brainer for the boy!

Joel Grant is 25, he's not going to pass up an opportunity to take a massive step up in quality and size of club to stay at Wycombe just to be 20mins nearer London.

Most Wycombe fans are resigned to Grant going. However, general consensus is that the Championship would be too big a step up for him. Could do a job in League One though. Still best of luck to the lad. Got to point out though, Ipswich only 20 minutes further away from London than Wycombe? Have a look at a map mate! ;0)



18 Jun 2013 09:08:08
Gabriel Tamas to go to Leeds



18 Jun 2013 08:42:31
Toon to sign wonder boy Will Hughes for 8 million plus Perch then loan Hughes back for a season ( FACT )

18 Jun 2013 10:32:50
Yes, apparently Joe Kinnear has good contacts with Derby

Only if Joe kinear says so haha!

18 Jun 2013 14:34:25
joekingear said "no way 'cos the lad walked past me one day without sayin hello so its a non starter plus pardew might be lookin for another club, shhh its a secret so far!"



18 Jun 2013 08:35:45
Information I got from a Tranmere youth player is that several young players released by Liverpool will be coming on trial at rovers in July. Two of the names I heard are Nathan Quirk and Sam Gainford but apparently there are six or seven 18 - 20 year old's coming as rovers had a poor showing in it's own youth team last year and did not offer contracts.



18 Jun 2013 08:33:56
Anyone know what's happened to the Liverpool page? Eds? {Ed029's Note - It is under maintenance and will be back this afternoon.



18 Jun 2013 08:32:24
Hey Ed's, is the Liverpool Rumours page down? I can't access it. {Ed029's Note - It is under maintenance and will be back online this afternoon.



18 Jun 2013 08:31:04
Reports coming in that CPFC have signed Jerome Thomas on a free after being released from WBAFC.



18 Jun 2013 08:22:17
West Ham are looking out for a new winger or a striker and Nathan Dyer seems to be on their radar.
He would play upfront with Andy Carroll and be worth about 4.7 million if this deal does happen swansea would try getting Connor Sammon from Derby County to replace him.

Wow. Clueless. Dyer doesn't play up front and wouldn't because he can't really finish. Also Sammon has already showed he can't cut it in the premier league

Funniest rumour I've heard for a while.
Dyer up front lol.
Swansea are a better team and in Europe next season.
Sammon is a striker, not a replacement for dyer.

Classic rubbish made up

Best laugh ever this rumour. Thanks pal

Highly doubt Dyer wants to leave us, plus he's worth more than what's been stated, much more!

Why go to west ham swansea in europa

Why on earth would dyer want to leave

CONOR SAMMOND! Bloke puts his heart and soul into every game he plays, but I don't think he would improve Swansea.

Might be Laudrup trolling our rumour page trying to get their chairman to free up some funds.

100 grand a week west ham what a joke

5 foot 6 nathan dyer at a hoof ball team, up front with 7 foot giant. seems legit



18 Jun 2013 08:22:05
Owen Coyle's first signing - to replace Figueroa - will be Jernade Meade



18 Jun 2013 07:53:21
Not again! The sun stating robins after GTF. don't see it happening. Utt



18 Jun 2013 07:39:04
Burton have beaten Plymouth in signing alex mcdonald burton have also signed Sunderland adam reed and Dominic Knowles

For those who say this is unbelievable you should check the burton albion official website

18 Jun 2013 13:46:59
Think you will find Plymouth did'nt want him

Hi burton fan here any sunderland or york fans tell us what we can expect from/ adam reed. good signing or not/

You haven't 'beaten us' to the signing of Alex Macdonald. Sheridan didn't want him. Find it funny how you club have sweated to sign a player who nobody wants!

He don't score many anyway

20 Jun 2013 15:52:48
You are useless
If you think that was good
Then we seeyou down the league whilst we go up



18 Jun 2013 07:37:53
Shrewsbury will sign Rochdale striker Bobby Grant who has handed in a transfer request. Manager Graham Turner was intrested in him when he was at Scunthorpe.

Could be worth a punt would rather take one on liam boyce from cliftonville though

Scunthorpe to sign Bhasera from Plymouth soon, and also following him to Glanford Park is Marx Oxley on loan from Hull City and Jamie Devitt.
Grella to join Torquay and Servern to join Camebridge

Massive attitude problem. Prepare for tantrums galore Shrewsbury fans.

I read in the Scunthorpe Telegraph that he cries a lot and Knill had to sell him when The Scunny fans started to boo him last season.



18 Jun 2013 07:25:16
Cheltenham interested in Bobby Grant from Rochdale and close tosigning Brian Saah and Gavin Williams.



18 Jun 2013 07:23:00
Barnsley set to unveil chris o'grady today along with dale jennings.

soon to follow.

adam hammill
christophe berra
richard woods
possible jacob butterfeild loan
scott flinders

If we get Jennings don't think we need another wide player we have o'brien etuhu mellis rnl dagnall as well. We need a centre half and to get o'grady as well {Ed029's Note - Jennings is now confirmed.

Don't think so, only O'Grady of those will sign

Dale Jennings signed on three year deal
source official site

On Barnsley website, announced Jennings signing on a 3 year contract, great news!

Millis and daggers are not wingers and etuhu as played cdm all last season

18 Jun 2013 15:23:24
When is cog signing??

Don't want butterfield not good enough can't get into the side lazy

So much for o Grady signing today and dale Jennings wot a signing

18 Jun 2013 18:31:56
Butterfield not good enought is that sour grapes

Butterfield not good enough that's laughable from a Barnsley fan

As a long term Barnsley fan, 20 years plus, it was fantastic business selling butterfield, and it would be a backward step re- signing him, Jacob Mellis is better, and butterfield really wasn't that good, yet again another player being sold on two or three good performances, we've had better, and we've got better players!!

Butterfield was the best player at Oakwell since Craig Hignett

Utter rubbish, one swallow doesn't make a summer,

Butterfields sale was a stroke of genius on barns keys part, he was injured and had previously had five maybe six decent games!

The season before mark robins and I quote said, " the difficulty with Jacob butterfield is finding a position for him, he hasn't got the engine to play central, but is too skilful to play wide" so we at Barnsley changed our system to carry mr butterfield,

But if teams work you out and you can only play one way, then it wouldn't be long before butterfield would be warming the bench!!

You must be avin a laugh,

Butterfield is a decent player and scored some important goals. However mellis is a better all round player and we have Perkins and Dawson to do the hard work in midfield. Butterfield left too early because he smelt the money and instead of being a regular at oakwell he's scratching around on the bench at wherever he happens to be now

He happened to go to Bolton ( couldn't get a game) I think he went to palace then ( can't recall if he actually played),

Not good enough, and keep off the Rastafarian woodbines there affecting you're brain!!



18 Jun 2013 07:01:17
Bradford are interested in signing John Spicer.

18 Jun 2013 13:28:07
Maybe so but who aren't we after?



18 Jun 2013 05:41:06




The Football Fixtures are out tomorrow

How have you got them already?

Only team you will get points out of there is Hull

Do you know what Hull's first game is against?

Fixtures never work like that - if you are at home on opening day you will then have 2 away games and vice versa

18 Jun 2013 12:52:53
The premier league champions always plays the championship champions. So unless spurs won the league

Won't get points at Hull either

18 Jun 2013 14:51:35
The Premierleague champions don't always play Championship champions on opening day. 2012-13 season, defending champions Manchester City played Southampton (Championship runners up). And the season before, Manchester United played WBA (We're in Premierleague season before).

One draw out of that lot then against Hull enjoy your one season

Glad to see the saints will be winning their second game then! ;)

Southampton 3 - Cardiff 2 i'm going to say :p nah anything can happen in the prem.


This is the typical "you're going down first season" bit that random people do. Don't worry we had that too last season Cardiff fans. Look forward to seeing how the team adapts when we play you at St Mary's and you return to your proper Blue kit (I hope).

Any transfer news ed please tell me like the gomis situation

Cardiff could be good next year. Not going down in my opinion (saints fan). Better than the other promoted teams by far and better than Norwich. Will be interesting to see if your fixture list is right.

One season rubbish. swansea have established themselves well Cardiff will do the same. we just need wrexham / newport and a few others to really annoy english fans. the welsh we're coming!

Well you got those fixtures wrong! Tottenham at Palace!

Im sue your playing west ham for the first game

Lol the fixture list is totally wrong

Nice "exclusive". Completely wrong, you could get a job at the sun.



18 Jun 2013 03:21:48
Kalilou Traoré has seen interest from reading wigan and crystal palace to help boost their midfield



18 Jun 2013 03:20:28
From tv Website.

Thanasis Papazoglou's agent has told tv that the Greek striker is prepared to consider a move to England amid reports Charlton Athletic have shown an interest.

The 25-year-old former Greece Under 21 international is being tracked by several clubs in England after his eight goals this season helped OFI Crete escape relegation.

Papazoglou's performances saw him named in the Greek Super League's Team of the Season and he is now believed to be keen on moving to England.

How old is that rumour.
A month? 2?
Surely would have happened by now if it was ever going to



18 Jun 2013 02:54:00
New wigan manager Owen coyle wants out of favour Bolton midfielder Stuart Holden to link back up with him in wigan promotion push

There will be no promotion push under Coyle

There'll be no Holden either.

Ha ha Coyle promotion push!

Stuart Holden as signed a new contract with Bolton

"out of favour"?

or injured for two years and only returning to match fitness?

This boy can play and would be a great signing. Before his injury I remember him at the JJB, ran the show for 90 mins. Big fan of his, and would be a great relacement for McCarthy when he eventually moves on.

He signed a new contract in the summer so you can have him if you have a spare 15 million.

15 mill if he's worth tht mccarthys in the 100 mill bracket keep ya player dnt want him

Ha Ha Ha Wigan fan's get real you think your players are superstars.?
Thats why you got relegated and Whelan can peel an orange in his pocket, so don't expect anything decent to replace the likes of McCarthy.

Mccarthy is world class compared to holden he'll never be worth 15 mil in all his career, ya can keep ya players

Wigan don't need to buy a replacement for McCarthy. Young lad signed from Aberdeen Fyife will step up. Watch this lad next season, he has a big future.

Ha ha ha. Holden was top of stats in prem league with most tackles made before He got injured, yet this player is not world class unlike McCarthy.
Wake up your in dreamland.
Holden would run the game and take a breath to look in his pocket to see how McCarthy was doing because that's where He would be all the game.



18 Jun 2013 02:43:22
Wigan look to bring Michael Higdon back to the north west from Motherwell to fire there way back to the premier league



18 Jun 2013 02:35:32
Martin Paterson has agreed a new deal with the Clarets it is to be announced at the end of this week. He is currently away on holiday but has been in communication with his agent and will sign the contract on his return from his honeymoon holiday.

Any rumours about Paterson leaving are not true.

I don't think Pato had any intention of leaving, he loves the club and just wants to play 1st team football in his preferred striker role.



18 Jun 2013 00:04:46
celtics samaras to west brom 5 mill

Sammy won't be leaving celtic anytime soon

No way he is poor

18 Jun 2013 12:46:34
Please, No!

He never looked good enough for the Premiership and frankly he's not much hack in the Scottish League (which is about as good as League 1).

I'd want £5 million for taking him off Celtic's hands.

18 Jun 2013 14:32:14
And we wouldn't be wanting "Sammy" trust me


He scored in every away tie in this seasons champions league, including at barca, you know when celtic were the only british team to qualify for the last 16?but aye, you're right he's not good enough for some west midland also rans

That's ok, there are clubs in Europe and Italy that want him so why would he go to your club? Samaras has evolved since man city and is nogood ether player. Just cause he plays in spl dosent mean he is shiat for he plays for Celtic who take down giants in the game and who is amongst the best in Europe, don't hear much from west brome so know your football and not just the epl/English league is better best league.

'He scored in every away tie in this seasons champions league, including at barca'

Yeah but he only scored 9 goals in a very poor league. Don't want him at West Brom. We have better players in our reserves.

19 Jun 2013 15:23:11
hurrah for the hot shot greek. respect for sticking up for the legendary striker. and once the adventures in europe dvd has finished. then face facts. if other clubs in europe are in for him thanks to the five in ten euro roll. all well and done. but five million for him. get real. long may celtic struggle to finish the course of the spl one horse race.



17 Jun 2013 23:57:45
Joel Grant will be confirmed a Ipswich player by Thursday, joining on a free from Wycombe at the end of his contract. Gareth Ainsworth is working on a few transfer targets including a replacement for Grant and a target man style striker. He has told his current strikeforce he is confident they have the goals in them to produce a successful season.

Said Gareth Ainsworth. never.



17 Jun 2013 23:53:23
Wes Thomas to brentford with Donaldson off to afc Bournemouth, also Ritchie Sunderland for 1.2 million with Sunderland player going to the cherries.

Could be true don't think ritchie will go for half price because he is worth 2.5 mill

Be happy if Wes Thomas signed for Brentford fc but can't see it.

18 Jun 2013 12:46:19
The bees need a new striker anyway even if Donaldson dosnt leave?

Wes Thomas the waste of space big time charlie or barndoor hope he shipped out very soon send him to fleetwood or Rotherham

Sorry matt Ritchie had to be 2p no less or keep him for a season he could shoot us into the play offs next year


Wes Thomas is League2 at best. Someone or anyone take him off Bournemouth's hands



17 Jun 2013 23:52:33
West brom have targeted kone from Wigan to fill one of the voids left by the departure of lukaku and pending departure of odemwingie

That would be good he is beast

18 Jun 2013 12:43:37
Decent player but at the quoted price of £6.5 million I'd rather say no thank you.

We need a top class forward to replace the hole left by Lukaku, that's going to cost.

If Norwich can afford to bring in Van Wolfswinkel and Toivonen, with more expected to arrive, then Albion who are no smaller a club than them and finished higher in the table, bringing more money in, should be able to fork out the £8-12 million it would cost to bring in that striker and still be able to bring in a replacement for Odemwingie once he's sold! If the problem is we need to sign too many players then keep Fortune as a squad filler and spend the money it will cost to replace him on the extra for a top forward.

No one from chelsea comming to albion this season. anelka won't either as pearce won't pay 3 mill for 33 year old. kone might be on way and a big surprise? but for get chelsea players. trying to get a couple of lads from europe i'm told.

Jeremy peace is our chairman mate!



17 Jun 2013 23:51:30
Dundee United have ongoing negotiations with Blackburn about David Goodwillie coming on loan. First bid was rejected due to wage demands. But Dundee united are back in talks.



18 Jun 2013 00:30:17
Source from inside the club claims that Oxford
will be appointing former striker Paul
Moody as attacking coach for the new season.
Wilder has admitted that last season's goal
tally was insufficient and is hoping that
United icon Moody will be a positive influence
on his front line.

No need, the manager has all his coaching badges, notably the UEFA A License which enables him to coach forwards.

That would be just fine. Slight problem in that we are more than a little short on strikers to coach at the moment!

18 Jun 2013 14:34:19
Shame he's no good at it then. Wilder out.

"Wilder out" grow up and back the club. He's still with us, so get on with it and support the club. Unless you want oufc to fail
Moody has severe back problems so doubt he'd go into coaching and also has a full time job out of football now

Wilder Out!



17 Jun 2013 23:37:16
Any Carlisle United news?

Lee miller to Blackpool 2 year deal on July 1st!

He rejected the Blackpool offer and has said he wants to stay at Carlisle or go to a Scottish club



17 Jun 2013 23:03:27
Charlton's former Spurs 'keeper David Button will sign for Bristol City in time for their first pre-season friendly.
Button failed to hold down a regular place at The Valley last season.

He only signed in Jan! Hardly a failed to hold down the position situation.
on loan perhaps

Signed start of season actually and he's a reserve keeper to hamer so he not going to play week in week out.

Signed in the summer. Started 3 or 4 games and is clearly not first choice



17 Jun 2013 22:54:03
Any rumours about AFCW signing any goalkeeper (s) as personally I think both our keepers are conference standard at best

18 Jun 2013 11:17:25
New goalkeeper in the next few days according to twitter, I expect J-R to go but seb to stay at wimbledon



17 Jun 2013 22:52:36
Southend have met with Nicky Baileys representatives and are interested in bringing him back to the club after his release from middlesborough. Highly doubt we will pull it off though he will be looking for at least a league 1 side.

In the echo today Phil Brown said Nicky is someone I would very much like to speak to about coming to the football club. He also added that i'm realistic enough to know it could come down to affordability and we are able to meet his wage demands.

I don't want him after the cristophe incident

19 Jun 2013 09:54:15
His aggression, determination in midfield and enthusiasm (as long as he has now tamed it appropriately) is something we sorely missed last season in the run in. He is a few years older and wiser. I would have him again any day!



17 Jun 2013 22:51:33
Bournemouth expected to announce the signings of Thomas Rogne. They are also interested in Frazer Richardson who has been released from Southampton.

Danny Ings is expected to sign in the coming days and the other player is Brian Stock for a fee of £250,000.

Ings staying put

Frazer Richardson wouldn't let you down. Did nothing wrong at St Mary's.


I heard stock is a done deal I'm sure the spl player from Celtic is eathier mulgrew or chalmbers not sure the latest on ings but I've been told talks are ongoing

Stock deal was completed ages ago wats the latest on ings?

Mulgrew is one of celtic's best players, can't be true

really don't think we need stock unless arter, o'kane or macca are off

Fraz eichardson was a workhorse at saints. Will easily do a job in the championship. Wish him all the vest. Got a good signing potentially.



17 Jun 2013 22:50:08
Bristol City are interested in signing 21 year old Ben Reeves who has been released by Southampton.



17 Jun 2013 22:30:43
northampton town will sign jake nicholson ex tottenham player



17 Jun 2013 21:52:35
Gillingham striker Danny Kedwell is rumoured to be surplus to requirements at the gills, with a number of teams interested including AFC Wimbledon, Wycombe Wanderers and Luton Town. Kedwell is more likely to favour a move closer to his home in Kent. Antonio German is believed to be close to joining gillingham as a replacement for Danny.

18 Jun 2013 09:38:17
IF he leaves Gillingham he will go to Wimbledon. There are no league clubs close to his Kent home apart from Gillingham.

Gillingham offered Luton the chance to sign Kedwell, they offered kedwell plus cash for Andre Gray. The offer was rejected Luton and both players

I really cannot see that happening, and especially not replacing Kedwell for German who are different type of Players. Kedwell will be given a chance in League one with Gills.

18 Jun 2013 18:02:20
Ha ha Kedwell is worth 50k at least Afc don't have 50p

Would be great to have Kedwell back at AFC. Gillingham may do a deal on the price if they want him off the wage bill, particularly if Kedwell would want to come, as a transfer fee could prove a stumbling block for the dons. Training is supposedly not his favourite activity, so be interesting to see if he would fit into Ardley's system, but Ardley has so far seemed to prioritise leadership in his signings and Kedwell would fit that bill. Do it Danny. x



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