Football Rumours Archive June 18 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 18 2012 

17 Jun 2012 23:25:33
Barnsley to sign Patrick Agyemang, just been released from QPR. Been in talks with Keith Hill earlier on today(13)(16)The same paddy agymang who is set to sign for pneI thought he send for Tranmere last weekHe wont join pne.


17 Jun 2012 22:07:20
Fleetwood Town set to bid for TNS New Zealand striker Greg Draper. The Kiwi made an impression in his first season in Welsh football. A bid of £50,000 will be made.

Mark McAllister of Linfield is also set to move to England with Shrewsbury. The striker who once was on Celtic's radar will join the League 1 club for £60,000.(13)(8)Draper has already stated his desire for higher football, but the offer of Champions league football and more wages than Fleetwood could pay I'm sure he'd stay in TNS, also 50 Grand is not enough to sign him, you are underestimating TNS' wealth.Tns could pay higher than them? doubt that very much, moving to from that small welsh league to league 2 is an improvement!TNS are backed by a millionaire.Welsh league football is on a par with unibond division 1


17 Jun 2012 21:21:57
Paddy McCourt having talks with LA Galay(27)(12)


17 Jun 2012 20:45:17
Burnley to wrap-up signing of Adam Clayton on Monday for 800k.(16)(33) 

He's on holiday in Mexico- only went end of last week.You'll find he's going to HuddersfieldSigned before he went!! Announced on Thursday up the Town


17 Jun 2012 20:27:20
After weeks of speculation firm offers have been made for Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha.

West Ham are believed to have bid £5m plus Sam Baldock on loan for the season. The deal will include add-ons.

The surprise team to have made a bid for Zaha is FC Schalke in Germany who are believed to have offered £1m for a season long loan for the winger with a view to a £7m move at any time throughout the loan.(9)(34)We turned down 8 million from Bolton for Zaha in January, we wouldn't accept 5 million plus Baldock on loan. He isn't worth the extra 3 million in difference just to have on a season loan which we would probably have to pay his wages too. Zaha has 5 years remaining on his contract, unless a good offer comes in the only player were going to be forced to sell is Clyne. - Palace FanZaha may go next season, not this one.
Oh and you would be looking at 9-10mQuestion for the week: How many pieces will Sam Baldock divide into?
Appears he is being offered on loan to all comers.May I quote the response of the CPFC owners to speculation of an offer from West Ham ? ITS POO !Zaha is good but only worth about 5 millionWilfried Zaha to West Ham, the story that has dominated the thoughts of numerous Hammers fans for the last week or so, has been confirmed as complete and utter rubbish by the people at the top of Crystal Palace, not that it'll stop countless rumours continuing to spread throughout the summer.

The Irons faithful, clearly still basking in the glory of a Wembley triumph over Blackpool in May, seem certain that any player they turn their collective attention to; will jump at the chance to be part of Fat Sam's footballing revolution, sadly for them, everyone else is far from convinced.

Numerous in the know sources have done their best to sound like they've got a clue what's going on with it all recently, when in fact, it really has been a case of the blind leading the blind.

Figures of between 5-7 million have been touted as potential fees, with the likes of Baldock, Piquionne and Seares all included as possible makeweights in a deal, with one particularly frustrating individual claiming that, Zaha will either sign for West Ham or commit his future to Palace in the next 5 days. A ludicrous statement, given that Zaha is in fact sunning himself on a beach at the moment and only signed a five year deal in December.

There have also, rather predictably given their collective arrogance, been countless protestations that they are a massive club compared to us, leading to the conclusion that Zaha himself would be overjoyed at the opportunity to leave Selhurst Park, a viewpoint that with only the slightest bit of research on their part, could have been written off as completely false.

Putting all of that to one side though, a definitive answer was given by Stephen Browett on the BBS last night, who when asked to clarify whether or not the rumour was bogus responded, It is. Poo that is.

Admittedly not the wordiest of responses, but in the circumstances, it's all that was required.

Every year supporters vow not to get sucked into transfer rumours and yet, without fail, they always manage to dominate discussion, it's just the way it is. Thankfully for us, I'm sure we'll be the first to know if anything changes in relation to this particular story.

Hold on tight, it's going to be a long summer.Considering it was in the press that Baldock has been told he can leave West Ham, why get him on loan..........Zaha leaving Palace dream on, got at least another 2 seasons before we sell him on.Why is it that people cant get there head round the fact that players want to play in the prem rather than the championship its like they are bad alcaholics in denial.if the clubs agree a fee then he will go "END OF"Can't you Read! The clubs haven't agreed anything - The Palace Co-Chairman has said the West Ham story is "rubbish" . Zaha won't be joining West Ham - End of!


17 Jun 2012 20:11:25
Tottenham have bid 15m for Munian.(3)(47)Who bid they have no manager {Ed003's Note - I think that doesn't matter,Spurs are looking for a head coach not a manager }Disagree Ed cos doesn't that just make us just like Chelsea just needing a "yes" man like Di matteo, if that's the case why do you think AVB the's man as he stood up to Chelsea player power and it cost him his job {Ed003's Note - I suppose it depends on how close the dof and manager work on player recruitment really,each club are different but just because no manager/coach is in place now doesn't mean spurs are not being active}


17 Jun 2012 19:55:01
Derby set to sign nicky Maynard and Sam baldock on season long loans from west ham utd, Simon cox and free agent James McFadden also interest derby.(5)(40) 

Same old Derby, always dreaming.I'm a Derby fan and this rumour is an absolute joke. No way Derby would pay these players their desired wages.Simon Cox is the only half believable name on that list (derby fan)Deluded.


17 Jun 2012 19:48:53
Transfer listed Peterborough midfielder George Boyd is the subject of £1.5m bids from Burnley, Brighton, Huddersfield & Ipswich(24)(9)Would live Boyd and mccan at town. Quality creative player is Boyd.Not worth anything like that much.Palace fan - he won't go to Brighton unless they pay more than the others - which they won't. He will go to IpswichHe supports Palace so wouldnt go to Brighton.
I hear Palace want him themselves!Ipswitch god help him, a season fighting the dropI'm an Ipswich fan and I know he's a very good player. However I can't see Paul Jewell buying him for such a large sum of money when there are other good players in the lower leagues, who will most likely cost a lot less......and palace cant afford himBoyd is out of contract, so would not cost anything, god some on here get the rumours from disney !!Boyd isn't out of contract he's refused to sign another one and fergie jnrs new policy is to transfer them if 1 year to go and there dont wanna sign..... n rightly so.
because of this he's not worth half of this,plus he's hot n cold and i wouldn't be bothered if hudds got him or not! bigger and better players bound for the galpharm!Boyd has 1 year left on his contract - I live in the real world!Boyd isn't out of conract! one year left!
so yes he will cost a tidy sum.I believe Boyd has a year left on his contract but as hes refused to sign a new contract, like Paul Taylor, B'roro have transfer listed him.How is Boyd out of contract. It's been well publicised that Peterborough have place him on the transfer market because he's entering the final year of his contract.
Rather sensibly, they want a fee for him rather than seeing him leave on a Bosman at the end of next season.Think you're mistaken. Peterborough have a policy to sell their players prior to their contracts running out so as not to lose out on transfer fees.No he isn't he's got a year left.Contract runs out at the end of next season!!!Boyd has a year left and not a freebee! If he is not sold will feature for posh next season same as Taylor!Hello mickey mouse, Boyd has a year left on his contract so won't be a freeBoyd has one year left to run on his contract and is for sale because he won't sign an extension. If he goes he will command a decent fee.Errrrrrr, looks like you've been talking to daffy duck then as he's not out of contract, just on the transfer list. Won't be coming to Brighton though.I think palace will get relegated this season because they have only one player in zaha and when he goes to a big club like brighton palace will fall through the divisionsHe played with CMS and poyet wants him he will join Brighton he supports palace when he was younger so whatGeorge Boyd has a year left on his contract (apologies to Disney!) - he turned down the offer of an additional 12 month extension which is why he was listed so Peterboro can get some money for him now rather than wait a year and let him go for nothing.I wish they would put the posts up a little quicker! by the time they appear, i'ts old news! get your act together


17 jun 2012 19:44:08
bristol city transfer news please.(5)(16)None.They have no Money so only transfers will be out the door or in for free looks like Lansdown as run out of PatienceDerby County are in talks with Albert Adomah over possible move. The fee has been agreed. Personal terms are being discussed and medical is scheduled for later this week.If your that interested, why dont you just look on the official website.Yeah like Derby have the money to buy Albert..nice one!Firstly thanks to the Bristol city bank manager we have no money but were in the middle of trying to sign Richard keogh source Bristol evening post I think we have to pay money not buttons for him get your facts right also Albert going to the mighty derby lol city want at least 2 million turned down 2 million from prem Swansea so looking at 2.5 to 3 also he won't go to average championship side stop dreamingDerby are poor they have been consistently average since they left the prem only way albert is leaving is for a prem side!Every single time there is a response to a BCFC rumour some person says we are broke, in admin etc etc. Last week Lansdowne (the de-facto owner and ONLY significant creditor) re-stressed his long term commitment to the club, the new stadium etc etc so PLEASE stop inventing nonsense. Yes BCFC lose a lot of money ecah year but the only creditor is clearly happy with it for the forseeable (no, I don't know why either, but he is).What when adomah signed a new deal :sAhahha another derby rumour! please stop it your killing my insides im laughing so much! the only team albert'll go to is swansea and even thats unlikely! another fickle derby fan here! just wishing they had a player like albert thats all!In other news, Derby County are considering a move from Pride Park in order to be permanently based in Cloud Cuckoo Land.To the poster who thinks bristol city are a rich club look at your official site stating redundancies and by the way when was the last time you paid any money for a player ?,face your owner is desperate to reduce the costs and stop plugging the financial gap to the tune of 10m plus per seasonOur owner is a business man not a prat like some owners he is trying to make money not lose it ofc last season was the last time we brought some one yannick bolasie a up and coming kid with a hell of a lot of potential


17 Jun 2012 19:42:21
Real Madrid want Ramires and David Luiz.(27)(20)Almost correct, it is actually Barcelona who have enquirer about the availability of these 2.


17 Jun 2012 19:16:33
Huddersfield Town goal keeper is being tracked by Celtic, West Brom, QPR and Tottenham.(25)(8)Who ian bennett or nick colgan? smithies aint going nowhere plus think he needs a year to prove himself after some dodgy performances and injuryThat wold be smithies i assumeBennett is just as good if not better than him anyway, id cash in on a good offerBennett is older than the dust on Gods dog lead


17 Jun 2012 18:54:10
Cheltenham are looking to prize Peter Leven from Oxford to replace Luke Summerfield. The Rubies are also hoping to secure a season long loan for a front player from Reading.(1)(11)Cheltenham hav'nt got the money to buy probably the best midfielder in league 2No they are not.Peter leven to cheltenham is the funniest thing ive ever read on hereBest midfielder in League 2?? HAHA!!As a Cheltenham fan, this is hilarious. No way would we be able to afford him.Cheltenham already have the best player in league two and that is Marlon Pack.


17 Jun 2012 18:50:26
Matt Mills has joined Bolton from Leicester City!

Fee in the region of £1.8m Plus add ons through appearances and promotion!

Thanks!(15)(32)Nonsense. Leicester want back the 3m they paid Reading. (the other 2m was based on promotion and addons)5millionThats a load of bcks


17 Jun 2012 18:02:00
Burnley and Ipswich have had 1.2M bids for Stephen Davies accepted and its now up to the player who he signs for with Burnley being his prefered choice as he wants to return north(18)(6)Hope this is true would love it if he signs for the clarets isnt bailey also coming for a joint fee of 2.3m ?Its davies and bailey 2.3 millionBurnley wont spend this sort of money!He will choose Burnley over us then


17 Jun 2012 17:11:25
Charlton Athletic chief Chris Powell is keen on bringing loan trio Daryl Russel,Danny NGuessan and Hogan Ephraim back to the Valley for the new season on permanent dels.(4)(18)Preston fan here. Please let this be true.Thought russell was half decent just got sent off alot ... good physical player..... would of thought that is right up westleys streetI thought Russell was released so if this is true it would be done already. He is not good enough anyway, only when the regular two were injurred or suspended would he get a game, why sign a player to sit on the bench? We will only sign players that will improve the squad.

Nguessan wont come until his contract is up, after not playing him all season Millwall decided they want him and thus want a fee, that is not going to happen.

Ephraim would come, I think if and when he's dream of playing in the prem with QPR is dead and I think that time will come soon. Sparky will spend some money shortly, Ephraim wont make the squad again.All three are rubbish,hopefully CP as something up he's sleeve,because this squad is not good enough to set the championship alight.
Need at least 6 new quality players,not players that are not good enough for run of the mill teams.There's some good players that are being mentioned on the rumour site with other clubs,that would fit in well down the valley. Wordsworth, Jacobs,Baldock, Quinn,Boyd,Coutts to name but a few.
It will be a hard season,what we need is better players not players because they are free or cheap, because in the long run that won't help.


17 Jun 2012 17:09:37
It has emerged that Charlton will wrap up a deal for Stevenages versatile Michael Bostwick in the coming week(7)(18)"emerged" ? From where?Why are you questioning him? Who are you? I'm good friends with Luke Freeman and he actually mentioned Bostwick was in talk with Charlton and Sheffield Wednesday so be quiet.I'm not going to say that anyone is lying but it seems to me reading this site that a remarkable number of people are close friends with footballers! Just SayingIf these people really knew these players they wouldn't be pipping up about there 'mates' future!


17 Jun 2012 17:04:25
Taiwo will sign for Bradford as he as stated that he want to stay in Yorkshire Leeds dont want him and Bradford will offer him everything he needs also Doncaster have dropped out with the signing off syers(11)(14)


17 Jun 2012 17:03:43
Derby are set to announce the signing of Michael Jacobs this week with the fee set to get to a tribunal. Other players that could move to Pride Park are;

Sam Vokes, Wolves striker currently in early talks with Derby after a bid of £500,000 was accepted. Other championship clubs are also in negotiations with the player.

Curtis Allen from Coleriane is set to have a trail in pre season along with Frank Nouble.(11)(6)We are not getting sam vokes.
If we fail with Johnny russell we are not getting a striker clough will use youth players.with the main partnership being
Callum ball and Theo robinson

7 players
Michael Jacobs
Daniel Powell/Jon taylor
Fegor ogude
Paul dixon
Johnny Russell
Krystian Pearce
Ashley westwood.

these are his targets he aim to get them


17 Jun 2012 16:59:04
Andy Johnson looks like he will across London to join QPR, although Reading and West Ham have also put offers on the table for the 31 year old.(24)(9)Don't want him - we've always given him stick at the mad stad so he probably wouldn't join anywayHe's been confirmed to sign for QPR, done dealHe's been dreadful for Fulham, had he not scored that hat trick against QPR, he would have a whopping... no goals in the Premier League at all this season.

Works hard and makes good runs, but won't provide the finish.


17 Jun 2012 16:57:22
Ebbsfleet United Midfielder Michael West looks set to
leave the Conference Club.
Crystal Palace, Gillingham and
Crawley Town chasing his signature.(5)(10)


17 Jun 2012 16:54:26
Derby centre-back Mark O'Brien to sign a loan deal with Burton Albion in order to regain match fitness(9)(13)Mark O brien
Dylan Hayes
Josh Lelan
Ross Atkins

All going on loan to burton

Connor doyle on loan to Notts county that
will be confirmed when the Krystian pearce deal isI thought you could only have 2 players from any one club on loan at a club at one time?O'brien wont be going on a long loan cus he is a promising player tht we want for the first teamAbsolutely ridiculous claim. MOB will not go out on loan due to the injury of barker.OB is one of only three fit centre halves at Derby, and with the current uncertainty over Shackell he will not be allowed out on loan until we have replacements.Injury of barker will be filled by



17 Jun 2012 16:52:25
Derby 'keeper Saul Deeney to sign a season-long loan deal with Alfreton Town(11)(6)We are getting rid of him.
we have
ross atkins
matt morch
frank fielding
Adam legizensHe also has a year left on his contract - and Alfreton would not be able to pay the kind of fee Derby would wantYou can take him...I'll pay the taxi fare


17 Jun 2012 16:47:50
Burnley are set to rap up the signing of Kyle Lafferty on Wednesday with the fee belived to be around £500,000. Also on Howe's shortlist is Adam Clayton, Bradley Wright Phillips, Jason Shackell, and Lee Tomlin.(10)(10)Thought Rangers players are free agents!!!


17 Jun 2012 16:17:48
Rotherham to sign Jon-Paul McGovern. Source - Sheffield Star & On his wiki page says he plays for Rotherham United(10)(8)Yeah, I mean nothing is official until the Wikipedia page has it onJust signed Lionel Ainsworth


17 Jun 2012 16:11:43
Everton will sign naismith from rangers. possibly mandzukic from wolfsberg, try and get pienaar back and get a new back up keeper.(20)(12)With what money?Moyes will be getting money as part of his three year deal, hes got to be getting money to be convinced to stay, and compete for top four, i gaurentee he has a transfer kittyMoyes wont stay if no money time for bill to cough upAnd they're going to be using monopoly money are they?


17 Jun 2012 15:37:47
Cheltenham's Luke Summerfield will sign for Shrewsbury later this week after he wants to be playing for a league 1 club next season.(10)(8)Average league 2 player, shrewsbury should be aiming for a higher calibre of player.No he wont be, shrewsbury had chance to sign him last summer, why would he go to a place that didnt want him 12 months agoAverage. He was one of the best. Best Cheltenham player in the play off finalLooks like he is according to the cheltenham newspaper and he was voted best player last season.


17 Jun 2012 15:35:43
celtic ins
rhodes 5 mill
ireland 1 million
owen pay as u play
westwood as foster cant agree wages

celtic outs
and considering wanyma as we would get 8 million for him(13)(47)Its been in loads of papers that rhodes is wanted by premiership clubs so why would he join Celtic? also huddersfield are wanting more than 5 millionRhodes and owen, you'd have no pace at all,Rhodes staying at huddersfield for 1 more year than EPL bound!If wanyma is worth 8, ireland is worth 10No chance with rhodes & owens going to stoke! get facts!Sunderland have already let two keepers go cant see them letting westwood go aswellStoke City are 99 % going to sign owen as he has said he wants to stay in england, to stay in the premier league and he is happy to join stoke because its close to his horse stablesOwen is joining Stoke on July 1st


17 Jun 2012 15:20:17
Bolton evening news : Keith Andrews poised to sign for Bolton in the next few days, Owen coyle tried keeping it under wraps to warn off other clubs(9)(25)How you keep underwraps a free transfer.
The pure fact he is a Free transfer is why
clubs are in for him not because owen coyle has taken interestAndrews is Fleetwood bound! or no sorry thats just what they think!Funny that, he's at ipswichFunny that he is at the Euros in Poland


17 Jun 2012 15:16:50
burnley fc are linked with York Citys left back James Meredith(13)(6)A bit late i think - he was at Watford yesterday - saw his agent in London and had a tour of the training facility afterwardsWe don't need another LB!


17 Jun 2012 14:19:17
Everton manager David moyes will snub a move to spurs and sign a new 3 year deal at the blues with a pay rise and some funds to spend in the summer.

any news on new faces apart from mandzukic and naismith ed?

@timcahill17(18)(22)Yeah, right. Moyes will snub Tottenham just like Arry snubbed England. Dream on, there will be no offer from Levy to Moyes; too defensive, too dour for the Lane.Yeah get avb instead haha bale n modric both goin be lucky to finish in the top halfNaismith isint joining everton he wants to stay with rangers


17 Jun 2012 13:33:47
modric does'nt want to leave london and wants to join chelsea(30)(13)20m plus Torres and u can have himNonsense. Modric will go where the money is, and that is Man City.Yeah and Daniel Levy really cares about that......NOT. if he is sold it will be for the money that Levy wants like last year.Def going as he wants Champions League Football which Spurs cant offer him now or in the future. Afraid they are a selling club only! I suppose the League cup might be possible


17 Jun 2012 13:29:03
celtic will sign hugo rodellaga who left
wigan on a free(27)(26)


17 Jun 2012 13:26:15
Nani heading to Athletic Bilbao as part the deal that will see Llorente and Munian head to Old Trafford!!(16)(33)Bilbao oly have players born in Bilbao, nice try.Pure crap , bilbao only play local basque players.Thought athletic could only sign players from a sertain region? don't think its happeningas nani is portugese, thats what i'v heard anyway.Bilbao only have basque born born players in there team so dont think this will happenNani will not go to athletic bilboa as they only play with players from that region of spain.No way would nani agree to that. they haven't got CL football for starters..Can't happen, Athletic Bilbao can Only buy Basque players. Nani isn't even Spanish, let alone Basque.Bilbao only sign Basque players and considering Nani is Portuguese this is pie in the sky.I recommend you get your facts right before posting made up rumours mate


17 Jun 2012 13:23:22
Northampton midfielder Michael Jacobs is to complete a move to Peterborough after the clubs agreed a compensation package.(15)(20)Hes already agreed terms with derby so cut the bs.Peterborough will be and forever a league 1 club.Your going down next seasonI think you would find that Derby and Northampton can't agree on the fee do some research :)So even that we are going down. Jacobs is signing for Posh in your view then!Deal with derby has not been done. Reading now most likely club to meet the clubs asking priceA deal has been agreed between the player and Derby County. It's just the fee that's been the problem - and that looks likely to be set by a tribunalMichael Jacobs was in Peterboro' this weekend with Rowe. They're big mates and apparently looking for rental properties! Looks like it'll be either P'Boro with good passing footy or Derby hoof it and lets see footy then.Peterborough would have no problem matching Northamptons asking price. We have more money than most Championship clubs.I think you will find that Jacobs is currently on holiday in Cyprus so I doubt he was in Peterborough during the weekend.Its funny that he was in Peterborough when he's on holiday in Cyprus, anyway he'll either sign for Derby or Reading, not you


17 Jun 2012 13:17:11
Burnley and Ipswich are keeping tabs on MK Dons Midfielder Daniel Powell with both keen on the 1M rated player(12)(8)Derbys N01 target for right midfield
they have offered 700k + ben davies
if they fail with that they will offer the same for Jon taylorCarl Robinson released a statement saying no players will be sold no matter what prices offered. Source Mk local paper and conversation with him at an event.Not happening - Daniel Powell is MK through and through. MK dons are not selling any player at any price.Even if Karl Robinson said that, that's a pretty stupid and naive thing to say. Every player has his price, and if the right offer comes in, the club will accept it, just like any other club would.


17 Jun 2012 13:10:08
Margate's 23 Year Old Defender
Curtis Robinson has been scouted by numours football league clubs over the last 2 seasons but has a trial with QPR with them very keen to sign him up. Think Chris Smalling but left footed.(2)(11)And none of them have signed him....Overpriced ?or not good enoughWell I think it's due to his position. If your a forward or winger banging in goals and getting assists at a lower level higher clubs take a gamble as with defenders most clubs go with bit of experience rather then potential. The Lad has what it takes to make the step up from non-league to pro imo.


17 Jun 2012 15:05:06
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez wanted by PSG(36)(19)I say let him go if we get a good offer - can't really see him fitting in to Rodgers' style of playNo way suarez going rodgers said thatYeah that's why he said himself he wants to stayWot u talkin about "let him go" get another striker and we'll have a fantastic set of forwards.He wont be sold rodgers re-assured it and he is settled at merseysideYou can want him. but you cant have itMy close contact mr stephenson sed liverpool are getting munian for 17m


17 Jun 2012 15:04:36
Keith Andrew's to sign for Bolton by the end of the week(10)(27)Huddersfield want him, but Bolton seem like a more plausable option for the Irish midfielderTalks will take place this week with Reading manager Brian McDermott who lost out to WBA at the eleventh hour in January.

He'll be OK for one season.Good luck, he's been poor at the Euro's totally out of his depth.Don't want Andrews @ The Reebok, poor player and too old for Coyle.


17 Jun 2012 14:57:23
Jordan Bowery to hand in a transfer request , also 29 goal man last season Matthew Green of Mansfield Town is to replace him.(3)(8)Were you pulled this from if true he wonts to show some loyalty to town like theyve shown him season after season and think green already gone somewhere


17 Jun 2012 14:55:12
walsall are in talk with brad jones from liverpool for a season a loan(7)(25)He wont come to us. he`s too goodHe wont come to warm the bench!


17 Jun 2012 13:55:43
WBA reported to be signing Peter whittingham from Cardiff . What a signing he would be loads of talent ,goals and assist . Can't wait.......(27)(25)Sorry mate but not long ago he signed a 3 year contractU from the valleys mate . . Championship or prem ... Where would u want to ply your trade.... Oh yea contracts ain't worth the paper there written on ,... Get in the real world.....So what if he signed a 3 year contract, means nothingEvery year we get this he signed a 3 or 4 year contract a few months ago and his family moved here so he wont leave so next time don't bother writing stuff about him okHe aint going to wba, he is staying at cardiffHope not. He found his level in the Championship.He has the talent, but lacks the energy. Will be found wanting in the Premeirship.Peter wittingham is going to leave Cardiff he wants to come back home now he will play for a big clubHow many people have posted the same "Whittingham is leaving Cardiff for ..." rumour. And how many times do all them fans hear (because his fionce doesnt want to leave Barry) WHITTINGHAM IS NOT LEAVING CARDIFF CITY!
sorry for dodgy spelling!Ha ha if he was to leave it would be to a far bigger club than WBA?!?!?!?

Just to confirm though , he isnt going anywhere!!Contract do mean something it means that WBA will have to pay loads.
He won't join WBA hes a Aston Villa lad so that would put him off


17 Jun 2012 13:36:54
Southampton will do all they can to tempt Newcastle Fraser Forster to the club, Saints are in need of a new keeper and Newcastle may be ready to sell.(23)(14)Yay, that makes 11 keepers we are after. Was wondering when we would hit that magical milestone. But seriously, we have off loaded Bart and the young Dovey from the academy so we are going to need a back up for Davis. Unless maybe Forecast is better then we think?Very unlikely. Do you think Pardew would help Cortese?Because managers have a say in players leaving. This isnt football manager


17 Jun 2012 13:02:06
Tottenham Making bid for Daniel
Sturridge(16)(31)This will happen if Modders goes in the opposite direction!


17 Jun 2012 12:40:28
Charlton set to turn their attention to Hayden Mullins after Keith Andrews has opted to stay at West Brom.

Chris Powell's former West Ham team mate Mullins is available on a free following Pompey's relegation and Reading have turned down the chance to sign him following their promotion .(15)(10)Hasn't opted to stay at westbrom, I know his contract officially ends on 1st of July or 30th of June but he is pretty much a free agent now, and he is coming to charltonKieth andrews got released!Andrews is a free and WBA didn't offer him a new deal...

Credibility lost.Andrews is never coming to the valleyWell considering the fact we have been linked with him for about 10 years and haven't signed him, I really can't see that changing. NOT HAPPENING.Andrew is on his way to reading not chalton

southampton boyWest brom have released him but not ruled out resigning him after euros, same sort of situation with Paul scharnerAndrews will sign for ReadingI heard Bolton want him!


17 Jun 2012 12:33:42
Everton chairman Bill Kenwright wants to fend off interest in manager David Moyes by giving him a 15m transfer kitty(11)(22)Ive also heard this mate but weres kenwright getting 15million unless a player is soldSadly for us fans, we don't have 15mWow 15m would temp any manager to stay that's like a half good player isn't it lol 15m lol reading will spend more then thatBaines to ManU then ... thats the only way to get 15 millDon't shoot the messenger ;-) haha, but I agree, there's no way Kenwright can afford to give Moyes 15m... Plus, 15m doesn't go far in football nowadays!David Moyes is upset at this news - he wanted a black and white kitty called smudge.


17 Jun 2012 12:28:44
Simeon Jackson to sign for swfc(15)(28)Why would he leave Norwich, ALL Norwich will be given a chance with new Norwich manager Chris Hughton - i am led to believe NO players will be sold!

This comes from Norwich Chief Executive David McNally.

But we know money talks in this game.Simeon Jackson is not going anywhere, he will be at Norwich next season and part of the 1st team squad, unless SWFC plan on making a stupid bid over 2.5M, otherwise NCFC will not be tempted to sell on.


17 Jun 2012 12:19:20
No deal agreed with Mido says Barnsley but Keith Hill strongly regrets Andy Gray release(9)(14)Nobody else appears at this stage to want grey so he would
Only have to ask him back if he really was regretting it . I am
A loyal red and grey is not good enough. SorryAnd you should know ?Wasn't Andy Gray offered a new contract at Barnsley but refused reduced terms. Really hard working honest forward but just didn't get the goals expected from him. Given the correct system/tactics and partner will be an asset wherever he goes . If I were Hill I would regret not having him even if it wasn't my first choice strikerMr hill may regret allowing Gray to move on, but having had to endure gray for three years, I'm chuffed to bits he's gone,Andy gray was good but mido will do just as good if not better. barnsley should pull out all the stops to sign mido {Ed003's Note - Why ? }Grays already signed for a club bradfordGray brought nothing to Barnsleys team last season, only scored penalties and didn't work hard enough. Not sure why hill regrets letting him go, as a supporter I'm glad.Agree with Ed. Mido might score goals at this level but been troublesome where ever been previously.


17 Jun 2012 12:09:57
Derby county are wanting Nicky Maynard and Sam baldock on season lon l(11)(18)Link?No they are not.
1.wages too much
2.we are not getting anyone on loan
3.we need to buy a striker not loan
4.Johnny Russell and a youth player
will fill the replace of Steve Davies and
Chris Maguire.Derby won't be doing loan deals unless it's a last resortAs i derby fan i have my doubts but if true ide be a very happy fan


17 Jun 2012 12:07:57
West Ham striker Ricardo Vaz Te linked with a suprise move to Sunderland as they look to fill the boots of Nicklas Bendter who's loan spell recently expired. Other players linked with a move away from Upton Park are James Tomkins (who has attracted interest from both Everton and West Brom) and Guy Demel (Who hasn't enjoyed his time in England and looks for a move to the MLS)(11)(33)As if vaz te would go to sunderland and as if tonks wuold goWhy wouldn't he, Sunderland are better than West HamI could understand Vaz Te leaving the club as there is alot of compition for attackers at West ham However Tomkins Will only move to a club traditionally considered a better team - probably not a starter but in my opinion deserves a chance - possibly totenham..?West brom and everton are both better than west ham with big sam and his terrible footballAs if West Brom are better than West Ham haha. West Ham to finish above West Brom this season and Tomkins won't leave and neither will Vaz TeNeither WBA or Everton could afford Tomkins and theres no way West Ham would sell


17 Jun 2012 12:05:56
Im told from my ever reliable Ipswich source, that they will complete the signing of Steven Davies from Derby this week. Strong interest from Burnley, but its believed they've turned their attention to Adam Le Fondre of Reading. Davies to sign for 900k.

Also, Cheick Kourouma set to join on a 1 year contract.(6)(18)Davies asking price is 1.3 million and burnley have offered that plus 800k for bailey in a combined 2.1 million deal1 - he wants to more closer to mersyside as his has turned down a derby contract to move closer to them
2 - he wont go for less than 1.2 millCue reading fans moaning alfs not for saleReading will not be selling Alf. We had this last month with the Cardiff fans. It won't happen.Le finder won't leave to a championship team - he was our top scorer last year and we will certainly want to see if he can handle the premier league, which he will in my opinionFondre autocorrectedLe Fondre is staying!!!Davies is to be sold for 1 million, not 1.3 million.
Plus Reading won't sell Adam Le Fondre.Guarantee you won't sign our top scored he's 25 and ready for the prem will easily get 10 next season so you lot can think you will get him but reading will be the one laughingNo we don't have an asking price of 1.3m. Clough said we want as close to 1m as possible...Le Fondre is very much in Reading's plans.

It's Simon Church, Manset and Brett Williams that are available.

Before you tell any more porkies, do some homework.Le fondra will go to the bigger clubWe would never sell Alfie, he is part of our plans next season and no offence, but he wouldn't want to go down a League.It aint moaning mate, Alf's a natural goalscorer. He's better than Hunt and Church. There's no way he will be sold or loaned. He might be 3rd or 4th choice with a couple of new faces coming in but he is very much in our plans.

If however he was to go then someone would need to cough up in excess of 3m.But he will be going down a league next seasonAlfie aint going, after finally settling down here, being a prem player and a player that is quality and in a team on the up... im sure he'd trade that for the lower leagues.... also i reckon church and manset are still in readings plans for future though loan moves likely.


17 Jun 2012 11:58:07
Swindon town to follow up the signings of Alan Navarro and Andy Williams with the capture of Matt Fryatt from Hull for 375,000(3)(31)He wouldn't drop down a league while he's been playing regulary for Hull (Swindon Fan)He could join championship teams fryattHA ....... Matt Fryatts going nowhere fella !! for 375,000I think we could really do with a signing like this as unlikely as it sounds. its the same old story of quality strikers being difficult to attainHe will go to afcbHe is signing on friday...........Matty fryatt is not signing for Swindon on Friday mate haha


17 Jun 2012 11:36:12
Barcelona are preparing a £25 million bid for Chelsea midfielder Ramieres(15)(35)Where would he play?


17 Jun 2012 11:03:12
Millwall keen to lure Craig Noone from Brighton. Noone is said to have a bust up at the end of last season. Kenny a huge admirer of Noone but Brighton accepting no more than 1 million.(5)(17)This is aload of rubbish! the next place craig noone is going is to the prem! not a championship relegation strugglersNot another winger kenny?!There was no fight involving Noone at the end of the season.Brighton "accepting" no more than 1m? First time I've heard of a team refusing money for a player. Nonsense in any case.Brighton rejected a 1.7m bid from Cardiff in JanuaryCardiff also intrestedWhy is he not transfer listed then?If the right offer came in then I think Nooney could be let go, unless Gus decides to change his formation and play 2 wingers this year. More likely to go if Vicente stays.


17 Jun 2012 11:00:36
Ki Sung Yueng to Norwich from Celtic for 7m(9)(39)As if he want to come to west hamNorwich aint got 7 million quid to squander on 1 player.Norwich have more than enough to pay 7M for one player assuming they think he is worth that amount, I suspect this is a rubbish rumour anyway because his real value is probably less than 4.4 million ?. Rubin kazan got a bid in excess of 6 million rejected 2 days agoHis worth and what a club want to release him are two different things. he is most certainly not worth anything more than 4M. but it would probably take 7m+ to pry him away. either way, Norwich wont pay 7m+ for him, not worth the risk. SPL - BPL is a big step up, and 7m is a lot to take a risk on one player.Jelavic?


17 Jun 2012 10:49:46
The Sunday People are running a story saying that Pavel Pogrebnyak to Reading on a free is pretty much a done deal. Apparently he knows Anton Zingarevich.(19)(21)I'm starting to like the Russian connectionWe've heard about your done deals before!Please, please let this be true. Big target man with a great shot and great goal scorer getting supplied by Readings class wingers. Sounds like a planConsidering the way that Brian said June was gonna be a quiet I figure he'd have though one of his targets was at the euro's and expecting the team to be in there for a while otherwise they'd try and snap up the players sooner so other teams wont beat us to it, if pobregnyak is our next signing then might happen soon yeah


17 Jun 2012 11:09:45
Oxford are looking at Huddersfield midfielder Oscar Gobern.(14)(12)Can't see this happening unless its a loan!No way, town are needing centre midfielders and gobern is a young talent that town are looking for... Never gona happenAs a southampton fan, I hope young Oscar gets his chance at Championship level with Huddersfield.Can't of been looking very hard or they would have realised he's absolutely useless! tell me when and i'd happily drive him down to oxford for you!Maybe on loan, he's a promising young lad, and we've just signed him for a large amount, not going that easilyTake him please!!!Also as southampton fan gobern would learn from championship football around him and would benafite but a loan would also be goodPlease take him loan or otherwise - he is uselessNot a chance, wish people would stop making things up!Yes please take him he is rubbish,Can't believe few hudds fan on here, praising gobern! the lads absolutely diabolicle(sounds right) can't tackle,track back,spread the ball around and can rarely go past a man! grayson should get rid!Take him please. I will pay for his taxi. Absolute rubbishAnyone who thinks Oscar is useless is quite frankly an idiot. He's a developing young central midfielder with plenty of promise.Promising footballer, he couldn't promise to control the ball if you rolled it to him!We'll pay Oxford to take him absolutely awful Terrible signing same with Robinson such a useless pairing


17 Jun 2012 11:08:06
Oxford are looking at Marlon Pack. This deal will not be able to happen unless Deane Smalley is off loaded.(2)(16)He is also shown on this website as an interest for Swindon and they are making an offer of 350,000. Well, even if we do ship out Dean Smalley there is no way, on that valuation we could buy him. So afraid your info is wrong. However Swindon could well be in the pipelineI can see Pack joining but this probably means Chapman going.If they are looking at him it will be on you tube they ain't got 50 pence let alone that amount of doshYou could not make this up Pack would cost 500,000 and Leeds, Birmingham and Peterborough are all interested.


17 Jun 2012 11:07:58
Oldham hoping to sign Tom Taiwo after leaving Carlisle(9)(10)I've also come across this Taiwo rumour. Could be true.
But wasn't he the player that Gerry Taggart cracked when it kicked off on the pitch that time!?Going Doncaster............. Sorry!!!!!


17 Jun 2012 10:47:14
"the Sunday people" reporting reading are close to completing deal for Fulham's Pavel Probgrebnyak after Russia were knocked out of the Euro's(12)(20)Fulham have offered him 20k a week. Reading have offered him 30k a week.

New Reading owner Anton Zingarevich is friends with the striker, so it's no surprise to see the striker opt for Reading.

If AZ keeps his promises, Reading will be playing in a 38k stadium inside three years and challenging the likes of Everton for Europa football. Where will Fulham be?

Easy decision.They will be suffering from a bloated unsustainable wage bill
and as for Europe, have respect for the current PL teams and survive the first season and then make wild and outrageous claims
just out of interest what is your ave attendance and season ticket sales?Our wage bill is fine. We are a well run club.Think of it lad above me if in 5 years there asperations are a top 10 club then in 5 years they will attract and sign bigger names and have more about them attracting more fans so why not build a 38000 stadium?Come on guys 30k a week
dont forget we have been in this position before and spent next to nothing and did well. I have been a Reading fan for 20 years and we have never got in to financial problems so cant see it now. and dont worry about the attendance if we play solid football we will be just fine..... Royals foreverTo be fair Fulham fans are split on whether they want him, great impact but was awful in the last 5/6 games, for Fulham would be no more than a squad player, you'll never fill a 38k stadium!He's saying that we wanna have stadium done in 3 years not be challenging for europa league yet, obv he would love it but im sure hes being respectful at same time, we know the challenge but in the upcomming years it would be great to set ourselves as a mid table solid team that can try make a push.We were in financial trouble when Madjeski took over at Elm Park but haven't looked back since...Y build more seats u r a small club and will always be even fulham are biggerEnough about Reading being a small club already.. We all know its going to be tough just looking at the fixture's that came out today, it has suddenly become a reality, but with BM and the board sticking together we can sustain PL football..


17 Jun 2012 10:44:41
Been told Simeon Jackson bought house in mill houses comes from Norwich prolific striker who is he signing for(8)(11)If he's prolific whats he doing in sheffield.Forest bound mateForest don't have the money and why would he go to Wednesday?Mill houses sheffield?If you want him pay pay pay got to be 3 millionHe's going nowhereHe's most likely staying if he was going Norwich would have already released him from his contract by nowJust signed a new contract so i dont think soHey guys guess what your all wrong because he isnt going anywhere and he has just sighned a new contract for NCFC so get your facts rightJust taken up option to extend his contract, we're not sellingJust signed an extended contract, sorry, not going anywhere.He performed well at the end of the season and it's well known Hughton was eyeing him up before his move to Norwich. not to mention the contract extension.


17 Jun 2012 10:33:04
I've just found out that Paul Benson is on the swindon release list , and is going to sign for Bounemouth on tuesday(5)(25)That is a lie when he signed a 3 year contract dont you mean kerrouice outCant believe that because he played a huge part in Swindon's promotion push. If he were released however, there are a number of clubs who would have him. Excellent old style centre forwardWho else is on the list then?Mr j wray I wish you would announce it through the official website firstBull why would we sell our main threat up front from last season?


17 Jun 2012 10:19:35
Swansea,s new manager to follow up the clubs interest in Middlesbroughs Marvin Emness who scored 18 goals last season.Fee between 5-6 million.reading , villa and sunderland also interested.(11)(19)5-6 million for Emnes? Rather not tbhYe right! he is a championship player not a prem 1 get real with the valuation..Good business for Boro and allow several new players to come. Hope this is true!It's all in the current contract. You Jacks will be sulking when Gylfi signs for Liverpool, Emnes will be signed just to placate fans as you loved him so much when he was on loan but were too tight when you tried to get him there. Boro don't need to sell him so 5-6m could be enough for him to go. I'd like Lita back, He can play knowing Kris Boyd won't be his waddling strike partnerReading dont want EmnesIll drive him to swansea for that amount. fair enough he scored a good amount of goals but that much money is to hard to turn down. hope wigan come in with a bid for mcdonald at aroung 2 mil n get leroy lita back in with the emes deal as he was good before we sold him.Lets Swap Emnes for Lita then..... Job done :O)Im with the person who says 5 to 6 mill for marvin look at jay rod what he went for still a cheap for a prem team soooooo wel see eh he still go 20 goals in a poor team up the boro.Lita are you jokein me he could not hit a barn door from 2yards hope i neva see him back in a boro topThere is no way we get 2 mil for McDonald. I would snap your arm off if you offered me 2m for him.5-6 million for a player who scored a few goals whilst on loan when we were in the championship NO CHANCE we've moved onwards and upwards he's not the standard we're looking to sign now even though he did score against Cardiff Red dragons ha ha.Cant understand what the obsession is with having Lita back. Backward step in my opinion!!Wouldn't want lita back not a team player at all too greedy and always offside would defo take 5-6 for emnes thoughJoseph Desire should not be part of this dealDecent striker. But worth 5-6 million, really? No way would the Swans spend that on him, when we only have a relatively small budget to begin with. Personally I can see Luke Moore staying and maybe a foreign striker being brought in like Buval or someone from previous links with Laudrup.Jacks have been linked with everyone at Boro bar Tea Lady. Why not just move up here?Lita was only really a worthwhile player back when he was at Reading. Now I would say Marvin Emnes is better, but f you were to keep Emnes and sign Lita, they could compliment eachother well.


17 Jun 2012 10:17:54
Notts county will next week sign Alex Bruce, Bogdan, Lloyd Sam, and liddell will complete his medical. Mahon will leave and Lee Hughes transfer listed, which will make well for double swoop of Fleetwood & Grella.(8)(18)The same bogdan thats just played a whole season in the premier league? i think not...They will be great signing's specialy loyd sam and bogdanavic and grella and bruce not shaw on liddel it will be sad to see mahon go he was one of my best players at notts this seasonHe means Daniel BOGDANovic.

Just an abbreviation.I think he means Daniel Bogdanovic.No, Bogdanavic who was on loan at us (County) last season from BlackpoolLee Hughes is deffo not leaving nottsWhich Fleetwood? Stuart? From Luton?I think hughesy may go, he was coming off the bench towards the end of the season it could be a possiblitiy that he will leave this transfer window.


17 Jun 2012 09:29:25
ICT are to sign Barry McGuire from Dutch side VVV(8)(4)


17 Jun 2012 09:49:52
Swindon outs
Bodin to Torquay
P Smith to Southend
M Ritchie to Reading
kerrouce to Cheltenham
Risler to brentford
Aiden Flint to Reading
Devalera to BarnetDivitto
A Williams(5)(21)We dont want richieHalve of these wont happen , why would reading want Flint ? Why would paolo get rid of his best players for the league 1 assaultRichie going to bournemouthThe only best players mentioned are Ritchie and Flint, i think we will offload at least 8 and there will be one or two suprises, if Ritchie goes anywhere he would want to go back home to pompey...


17 Jun 2012 09:47:49
Tottenham plan a sensational £13 million bid for Manchester City's Adam Johnson.(26)(28)Is that to replace united bound G Bale!13 mil is hardly sensational {Eod025's Note - it is t {Ed025's Note - most clubs..


17 Jun 2012 09:39:40
Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is expected to launch a £15 million bid for Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge blames Chelsea for being left out of the England Euro 2012 squad and wants to move on.(20)(18)The only way i could see this happening is if Sturridge was part of any deal for Modric.


17 Jun 2012 09:22:29
West brom INS (ben foster 3.5plus myhill) (James Collins 2mil) (wilfred bouma free) ( danny guthrie free). Yakubu 1mil) (mark davies 2 mil)( luciano bechio 2mil). West brom OUT ( boaz myhill part of foster deal thought to be about 500 grand ( jonas olson 4.5 mil Psg)( James Morrison 5mil Aston villa) (odemwingie 7 mil Newcastle if ba leaves) (george thorne 2.5 Chelsea di matteo rates him high)(4)(29)Odemwingie is FAR too old to play for Newcastle. Doesn't fit any of their plans.Lol mark davies is a wolves fan (but a pt) noway would he go to youIm a westbrom and no danger of these morrison to villa,pfftAbsolute rubbish. The Foster deal and maybe Guthrie are sensible the rest is just rubbishOdemwingie is worth about 3m at his age!
Morrison is worth about 3m tooI'd have Jonas Olsson but you can keep James Morrison - only really liked his duet with Nelly Furtado...You won't be getting either of them SealNever heard of bouma?Morrison is worth about 6mil he is absolutely quality, really in his best years at the moment


17 Jun 2012 09:21:22
Tom Taiwo set to sign for Bradford City next week following his release from Carlisle Utd(7)(15)Bradford need to sign quick or all good free agents will have clubs, pull your fingers out BCAFC!!!


17 Jun 2012 08:59:54
Marlon Pack is set to sign for swindon next week on a four year deal marlon was named in pfa team of the year and is a fan faviourite will join swindon for about 400k(24)(12)On his way to Oxford after that Smalley departs. From Robin WheelerWhy would he go to oxford in the basement when he can stay in the area and play for a side pushing for the championship? have oxford even got 400k to spend i doubt itWould do well at SwindonPack will only go if Ritchie staysHe already gone to Bournemouth is player exchange


17 Jun 2012 08:48:57
Matt Lowton to Norwich(13)(20)Who is he?Sheff Utd fullbackThat'd be a fantastic signing, he's supposed to be pretty good.Left/Right?RB/RM - bit like NaughtonRightWould only be for the right price. people keep going on about replacing Naughton. W/ Naughton gone, Martin will just be a full time starter. any 'replacement' will be purely an injury replacement.Finally a believable rumour and one I actually want to be true.


17 Jun 2012 08:20:42
Villa are set to offer £2million to Leicester for centre back Sean St Ledger.

Also West Ham United and Sunderland are battling out to sign left back Stephen Warnock from Villa, it's believed £2million is the price tag.

Reading are believed to be interested in Villa centre back James Collins.

Also Celtic are set to make a £4million bid for midfielder Stephen Ireland.(20)(33)Reading should buy st ledger if he is only going for 2 million


17 Jun 2012 07:43:41
Peterborough United to sign: Bobby Olejnik - £300k Torquay, Kyle McFadzean - £800k + Ajose Crawley, Darren O'Dea - Free Released by Celtic, Michael Bostwick - £350k Stevenage, Paul Coutts - £500k + Ajose or Ball Preston, Luke Freeman - £1m Stevenage, Jonson Clarke-Harris - Free Coventry, Freddie Sears - free West Ham, Anthony Wordsworth - £600k Colchester Players leaving Posh: Grant McCann (Huddersfield & Doncaster want him), David Ball (Preston target so may be used as bait in the Coutts deal, Barnsley & Huddersfield also interested), Mark Little (Rotherham), Nicky Ajose (Crawley want him so may be used as Bait in the McFadzean deal), Paul Taylor (Everton, Fulham, Reading & West Ham interested) George Boyd (Burnley, Middlesbrough, Ipswich & Leeds interested.(6)(37)Brighton want Boyd toRotherham dont want mark little now as the posh turned down a offer and we dont need him now not now that we've got nicky huntPeterboro don't have that type of money to throw aroundBostwick will cost more than 350kIf Wordsworth leaves Colchester it won't be for less than 1M.Where do you get your information from. Swap deals almost never happen and yet so many football rumours involve a 'makeweight'. Too many variables.And where are Peterborough getting all this money from???Posh better get some bigger changing rooms. Ajose may have a problem playing for so many different clubs though.I don't see how Peterborough are going to sign so many players.Peterborough do have that type of money to throw around. in case it escaped your attention we spent 1.1m on tyrone barnett!I think that you may well find that Peterborough have more money than most Championship clubs for transfers, it`s te wages that they wont pay,Very,very unrealisticStevange already turned down 500k from peterborough so will be more near 1mill !The Posh actually have more than that to spend if they wish.My friend the Posh have a substantional amount of money to spend on most of the players mentioned,do your homework before making stupid comments!Most of these are targets that have been on the Posh radar, but unlikely they will all happen. Despite MacAnthony saying there may be 8 new faces, these are all possibilities but only 50% of them may happen.Only comes to about 2.5 Million, we have it, but would we be getting value with these?Ling looking to bring in Glen Morris from Southend if the Bobby deal happens, Ling managed Morris for 10 years at OrientWouldn't mind seeing wordsworth at huddersfield yet don't think he's worth 1m
theres better midfielders about for town to snap upDon't agree with all of them, but heard that the Coventry lad is the mystery man...
Oh and posh do have money to spend if they want... Why does everyone think we are skint.... Just careful'And where are Peterborough getting all this money from??'

5 million for being in The Championship (11/12 season), Nike Kit deal which will be a couple of million, 2.5m for Mackail Smith 3.5m for bennett and maybe 3-4 million combined for taylor and boyd this summer who look set to be off. We have spent 1.1m on barnett already and made a 1m bid for vardy though he chose leicester. A lot of folk on here have not the first clue about Peterborough or our finances. We have money to spend and we will be spending it! Can see around 8 arrivals this summerTo be fair Taylor 2m Boyd 1-1.5m and that raises enough money-I reckon most of these are true but not sears and I don't think courts wants to returnComes to over 3 million then there maybe compensation to play for the younger players so make that 4mil. unless we sell boyd, mccan and taylor for a fair whack then no, we dont have the money. mackail smith's transfer fee will only cover so muchWent wont sign them all but chairman has said theres 11 mil in the club to spend, and he doesnt mind all of it to go, if it was what the manager thought was on the right players at the right pricesCoutts isn't leaving preston. fed up of people saying it, he is possibly the best player in league one and knows full well pne are becoming fore favourite for the title. he is obviously going to stay otherwise he would have left last season when they were relegated.So you are replacing ure whole squad but from what i saw when saints played peterborough grant mccan and tomlin where your best but ure reported to be selling them more then anyone else
crazyBoro have been after George Boyd as long as we've been after Roberto Carlos. It hasn't happened by now and never will. He'll go somewhere else to be mediocre.Tomlin isn't and never has been for sale, so don't know where you got that idea from?"grant mccan and tomlin where your best but ure reported to be selling them more then anyone else" Grant McCann definitely is going, Ferguson has told him he's not in his plans for next season.

So that one is genuine.Coutts WILL leave PNE whether it is Peterborough or any other club.1) Yes, we very much have the money. More money than most Championship clubs.
2) Yes, we will be signing this many players as we have a small squad as it is, without all of the outgoings
3) No, we will not be signing Wordsworth, chairman has ruled it out aswell as O'Dea, McFadzean and Sears
Please, get your facts right before commentingJohnson clarke harris, good player been scouted by every prem side in the country last season, couldnt believe city didnt want to extend his contract, but turns out he's got major attitude problems. great player-little st.It's just a wish list not a rumour


17 Jun 2012 07:36:31
Hull City striker Matt Fryatt is top of Millwall's wanted list.(12)(22)Millwall will not get fryatt he's to good for them -- burnley fanIf they want him it,ll cost them big money ,like 2.5 mill ,As a lions fan I would be interested to know where this rumour has come from?I think someones on a WIND UP!Sounds like a JEALOUS burnley fan if this is TRUE!Noo chance on this earth is Matty Fryatt going anywhere haFryat is going crystal palace. I no Tudor (HF) and he knows loads of palace insiders. Fryat is A 1 on to sign by next week. Straight swap with scannel. You heard it hear first


17 Jun 2012 07:10:30
Walsall Centre Back Manny Smith as signed for League 1 rivals Notts County on a 2 year contract(9)(7)Where has this been seen?As he signed or he will sign for nottsManny smith loves the club. he hasen`t leftNot yet mate i dont think he commingWhats the fee ?His 24 so no fee, his on a freeHis born November 1988. That mean his 23, so not freeHe was born November 1987 he is 24 was in the same youth team as Alex Nichols, Ishmel, Mark Bradley who all got their pros at the same time..... Who all are 24Walsall Official Site "DOB Manny Smith 08/11/1988" FACT


17 Jun 2012 02:35:54
tranmere rovers -s.w.a will sign luke summerfield within 2 weeks!(8)(2)He's off to Shrewsbury.


17 Jun 2012 02:25:59
hi eds just seen on ssn that leicester & cardiff are interested in signing former dundee united left back paul dixon..personally never heard of him...any of you know if he is any good? cheers

LeicesterLad(11)(12)Dixon is a good player who is strong in the tackle and puts in a good ball with his left foot.Hes going Derby.After having offers from
Millwall,Bristol city and Derby.Lol as if he will go derby instead of leicester



17 Jun 2012 02:00:07
greg halford,liam lawrence,dave kitson all leave portsmouth(23)(1)Please GodWhere did you hear or see this then?Where did you see or hear this mate?Was this an instruction, or has it happened?


17 Jun 2012 01:54:07
Walsall are in talks with former Sheffield United goalkeeper Justin Haber, former Accrington Captain Ian Craney and former Middlesbrough Striker Tarmo kink

Walsall defender manny smith is set to turn down his contract offer and sign for either Notts County or Carlisle(13)(1)I'm not sure I'd wish Parmo on Walsall.Good one: Haber hasn't played for SUFC for 2 years


17 Jun 2012 01:31:44
Coventry midfielder Sammy clingan is set 2 sign a 3 year deal with peterborough this week on a free after his contract expired.posh are also set 2 sign kane Ferdinand from southend for 500k and are set 2 sign keeper Ben alnwick on a free after his release by tottenham(6)(22)Surely sammy clingan doesnt want to get relegated 3 times in a row! with 3 different clubs!He can't pass forward and is not very committed to Coventry's relegation fightFerdy can be a good player, but id take 500k for him, saying that 90 % of these p'boro rumors are crap.


17 Jun 2012 01:23:10
Reports in Greece suggest Belgian Olympiacos forward Kevin Mirallas is entering advanced talks with Premier League side Norwich City to discuss a potential move to the club,
a bid of £5.5m is believed to have already been accepted by the Greek outfit leaving personal terms left to be discussed.(25)(20)The fact that Hughton hasn't even drafted a shortlist of targets yet makes this untrue. However, what a signing it would be! OTBCHope so!Pleaz stop making up bull but it would be a great signingHoughton has not yet drafted up a short list of players ? , how does anyone know what has been discussed between Chairman and Manager regarding targets.


17 Jun 2012 01:10:49
Huddersfield and Doncaster are leading the chase for Peterborough's transfer listed midfielder, Grant McCann(19)(10)Is this true? i hope it isHuddersfield are going to get himApparently Doncaster have wrapped a deal up and will be announced on wednesdayDarragh Macanthony said on twitter that there has been an offer for McCann from Huddersfield. But McCann also said he is settled at P'Borough. (Coming from a Posh fan)


17 Jun 2012 01:08:19
Swansea are reportedly interested in Sweden striker Markus Rosenberg who is a free agent after a five-year-spell at Werder Bremen(15)(12)I think he would be a great signing for the swans.... Laudrup sign him upClass striker kyle!


17 Jun 2012 01:07:40
Tom Barkhuizen will join Doncaster on loan. The Blackpool loanee had a very successfull loan spell at Hereford and Barkhuizen is confident he can step up(10)(12)That would be a good loan for him as long as he gets game time.Not good enough!! {Ed003's Note - Time will tell,he's still a youngster}Question for the Ed, are the Eds for each teams rumour page fans of that club? Just wondering because most football fans dont know much about other clubs and their players. For example I dont think a lot of people who support other teams, even in the championship would know who Tom Barkhuizen is. {Ed003's Note - most deal with their own clubs pages,ed 1,2,13,25 and myself generally deal with the main site,Tom is a kid who could have a good career but it wont be in the top flight imo}I disagree with you there, I think if he stays at Blackpool and keeps up the hard work he will get some chances in the Prem with us. If he takes his chances then who knows.... However, I dont think he will ever be a top Prem player. I doubt he will be even a regular starter for us for at least a good few years yet. {Ed003's Note - so you are agreeing with me then?}


17 Jun 2012 00:56:56
Pontus Jansson is going to wolves for 500k and will be released on the same day as Bjrn Bergmann Sigurdarson (17-20 july)(11)(4)


17 Jun 2012 00:47:26
Neil Mellor had a pre-contract agreement to join MK Dons but ended up retiring from injury.

Izale MacLeod's agent has approached MK Dons but Karl Robinson has rejected the possibility of Izale returning to MK.

MK Dons have approached Spurs about a season long loan for Adam Smith. Now Harry has left it's up in the air.(8)(13)Mellor retired due to an injury.McLeod wants to come back to us.. could happen but no source saying anything happened, and we are not going for a loan, Robinson said he will not being getting loans just buying.Mellor was never goin to join mk dons ,if he had not retired he was goin to sign a new contract at pne ,All rubbish rumours. Neil Mellor retired, Izale Mcleod is not good enough and would not fit, he is a League 2 player. Robbo would not run the risk/rely on smith to be at the club for a season long loan. He is in the market to buy not loan.


17 Jun 2012 00:33:05
Talking to DM family the other day, he's happy to stay and wants to be part of the revolution. Also says 2 strikers have been at north end over the past week. 1 being zoko and he wouldn't say the 2nd but says that we would have to pay for him.(4)(7)


17 Jun 2012 00:24:08
Chelsea, Manchester United and Newcastle scouts have been impressed with Czech Republic fullback Theodor Gebre Selassie. Though both Chelsea and Newcastle's primary target is Mathieu Debuchy.(7)(10)I highly doubt that the Czech full back is going here when Brighton weren't willing to pay 2 mill for himI doubt it.He has average pace and is an awful tackleThe last comment is totally wrong.


17 Jun 2012 00:20:38
Southampton in for Gebre selassie sources close to the Czech right back say he is keen on a move to the premiership.(18)(24)I watched him play last night and was very impressed. Yes let's sign him up.

If this rumour is true!We'll probably sign the marathon runner! Good player by the look of it, but as all of Europe is watching the Euros I feel his price is going up like the greek Debt...Agree. He was a class act last night. But if i can work that out then every other football scout on the planet can work that out. Think there would be plenty of teams interested.Yh could be true but Adkins isn't out at the Euro's watching players. (might have scouts there I don't know)
Instead Adkins was at the Ageas Bowl yesterday watching the cricket.Brighton didn't want him though?No he stated last night he was going to join Werder BremenSaints fan here. This is nonsense. He's signing for a German club.Thats the 100th player you want now lolTo all fans that are coming on here and saying saint are linked to so many players and we are living in dreamland, I have been on other teams pages and its the same!! particular that small club in Berkshire^ do you not get the condor of a rumour site its a site fair either a) true rumours b) half true rumours c) utter lies this site just puts them altogether {Ed003's Note - Or hopefully in a) rumours b) banter/dodgy c) dodgy or deleted (mistakes can happen).


16 Jun 2012 23:43:02
The unknown Bournemouth target is Stefan Maierhofer!(7)(8)He would fit into the target man we are after but lets be realistic theres no chance a player of this quality comeing to us at afc bournemouthI seriously hope so cos he's huge, a decent target man and can put the ball in the back of the net.Certainly tall enough as he is 6' 7'', he has played in various german and austrian teams but not that succesful. The same can be said abot his time in england both wolves and bristol c where it would be fair to say he also that succesful. rapid veiena he scored every other game hence international call up, but did not get that far for the austrian national side. All in All does not succeed that much and would be doubt he would make it at bournemouth.Would be a great signing. Easily better then big Fletch (the legend that he is) but somehow think the big guy might not be in the bournemouth wage rangePaul Benson from swindonDont bother we had him at wolves and he is crap^^ what part of foriegn based striker does Paul Benson fit into?Well Marlon Harewood is supposed to be singing for afcb according to the papers !Not another striker at afcb, anymore then we will be able to get rid of goalkeepers, defence and midfielders and just play a strike force.Marlon harewood another striker mentioned in echo, when will afcb actually tell the fans the transfer going on as at present everyone is just quessing and as one comment' it is getting embarrising'


16 Jun 2012 23:32:44
Wayne brown to sign a new deal soon according to skysports other league two teams were interested but brown believes that rovers is the right place to be.(4)(5)


16 Jun 2012 22:59:58
Hoffenheim's Sebastian Rudy has emerged as one of Chris Hughton's priority targets to sign this summer and plans to launch a £4.5m bid for the player in the hopes of bringing him to Norwich City over the course of the next following weeks(5)(8)Brilliant signingThat was a Lambert target, nothing doing hereNorwich will sign Kyle Lafferty from Rangers next week, subject to a medical on a three year deal, worth 750,000.Lambert target ? I've never heard his name mentioned in connection with Norwich or Paul Lambert once



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