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18 Jul 2013 23:12:37
Albert adomah will be leaving bristol city to either Wigan or Cardiff for a fee of 1 million pounds but they also want Fraser Fyvie or Rude Gestede on loan in the return. Either for a moth or season

There is also a 3rd club in for Albert this club is Middlesbrough

Its dragged on to a point I will be glad to see the back of AA now, its not his fault, but City should set a price and the clubs that are "chasing him" should meet it or not.

Bristol won't get many payers if they think they can pay in moths.

We have plenty of money to spend plus the mil were getting for Adomah lol



18 Jul 2013 23:03:36
{ED003's Note - We are thinking of taking the predictions a bit further by creating its own page and doing a weekly prediction on ten games, we simply don’t have the man hours to do more but anyway the thinking is I will randomly select ten games each week for posters to give their predictions on, these matches will range from The Prem to SPL,FL and Conference and give posters the chance to have some banter afterwards aswell (remember banter not hatred or foul language) For this to work so posters can actually build up banter one thing we will insist on is for your nickname/tag to be registered any without won’t be posted (to avoid trolls) We could even work out a league table for posters predictions if it takes off. Will this interest anyone? Ed's will compete aswell.

Yep interested {Ed003's Note - good start,remember to register your name}

18 Jul 2013 23:43:32
Ohhhhhhhhh yes {Ed003's Note - You arent a dog I've seen on tv are you? }

Great idea!

count me in.

I've been looking at your site for a while now and never posted anything let alone register but this sounds like a good idea so just registered, cheers

Not sure if I was logged in ed. so i'm saying yes please again

19 Jul 2013 10:33:09
I'm in

19 Jul 2013 10:55:23
Sounds great Ed

19 Jul 2013 12:41:02
sounds good to meemee ; )



18 Jul 2013 21:56:17
blackpool interested in signing cameron stewart from hull

According to sky sports {which following the made up story about paul ince wanting to resign, I don't believe anything they say}

Same used to belive them but after the paul ince story I wouldn't belive a word they say {Ed001's Note - that did us editors a favour then! The amount of times Sly make up stories and we try and point out they are complete fantasy only to get told it was on Sly so must be true. It is like banging your head against a brick wall, people don't realise how much they just make up to stir up betting markets.}



18 Jul 2013 20:21:13
Middlesbrough will plan a double swoop of Matthew Bates and Shola Ameobi.

A deal for Titus Bramble may also be made if he fails to join Ipswich.

What do you mean a swoop? Matthew Bates is a free agent, doubt we'll want him back after his leg breaks and personal terms last season, also Shola Ameobi isn't going to happen

Dont need or want any of these three, they don't offer anything in regards to quality. not even benchwarmers



18 Jul 2013 20:49:59
Ipswich linked with Cameron stewart, who has a year left at hull, he has been allowed to find a new club.

Charlton and blackpool also interested.

Please tell me this isn't just guess work. He'd be a great signing.

This isn't guess work you can find all the information on sky sports

19 Jul 2013 12:36:33
hes been awful don't no what happend to him was playing some wonderfull football why he went down hill is strange and sad for a talented young footballer

You can have stewart he won't fight for the ball lazy player hull should have took the 1 mil when offered

He's awful now don't be so happy he used to be good maybe if he gets his confidence back up he could be as good as he was before

19 Jul 2013 13:29:10
Charlton linked with Cameron stewart, who has a year left at hull, he has been allowed to find a new club.

Ipswich and blackpool also interested.

Speculation, this link has been squashed by ITFC

But sky specialize in guess work

19 Jul 2013 14:46:51
bit over weight if you ask me

I agree he is overweight

Come on I'm a hull fan and Stewart is a good player only reason he's been crap this season is the shocking injury he got if you can tell me any player what comes back from a injury like that n plays class week in week out course is confidence is going to be down he just needs time



18 Jul 2013 20:34:47
Zoumana Bakayogo is in talks with 4 different clubs ranging from ipswich to blackpool to bristol city and barnsley

He's not talking to Bristol City

Errmmm released by tranmere because he is surplus why the hell would we (pool) want him

Or Barnsley

Not Blackpool either, they not interested

He wasn't released because he was surplus, he rejected a new contract and is highly rated

19 Jul 2013 15:41:18
I love that some people think that because a player played for little old Tranmere in League 1 then the likes of the mighty Barnsley wouldn't be interested in him.

I tell you what, whoever he ends up signing for, the fans will LOVE him. He lacks a little defensively but improved steadily over last season, but going forward he just destroys opponents, and he will keep running until his legs fall off. If your club signs him then be happy about it!

Or Blackpool

Right now anybody new at the pool is a bonus and if he can run with the ball all you have to train him is[which way to point before he shoots!!]



18 Jul 2013 20:45:42
Tranmere Rovers will complete the signings of trialists James Rowe and Shaun Jeffers later this week

Rowe confirmed 1 yr deal

Jeffers has turned down the offer in a dispute over accommodation, can't say am that bothered we are okey for forward cover IMO just need defensive cover an we'll be ok



18 Jul 2013 20:18:39
Billy Sharp won't be coming home, chaps! : ( Heard tonight from a reliable friend of mine that we (Donny) did make an offer but it was rejected because we wanted to spread the cost.

Sharp apparently has offers from Reading and Forest. No-one else has made any official move for him, and I'm told he's opted for Reading. I thought he'd go back to Forest, but it sounds like money talks.

It's expected to be completed next week when the club gets back from Spain or Portugal - not sure which they're training at.


Burnley have made an approach

Not to let you know we (forest) haven't made any bid for billy sharp. davies has already made it clear he doesn't want him

Forest hardly used him when the new manager came in, and he won't be working under Adkins again after he fobbed Billy off in the prem last season.

Adkins did NOT let Sharp go out on loan! It was the owner!!

Share is coming! My nurse at hospital is coppingers wife and she's told me he's coming

Doncaster still the club billy sharp wants to come to and a deal will be done when team returns from portugal.

It was Cortese that sent Sharp out on loan to forest not Adkins.

Share and Share alike

Sure, money talks, but I'm sure it wasn't just the potentially greater offer Reading made for Sharp, it was the attraction of a growing club with a lot of ambition and a lot of attractive prospects. Sorry but I felt like you were giving the impression that Reading bullied and outpriced Forest out of a move, leaving Sharp to make a choice out of greed. I'm sure this wasn't the case (not completely, anyway)

Pretty sure money is not the main factor in Billys future. He justs wants regular football surely. My understanding is that prior to leaving Donny he could have joined Leicester for more money but chose Southhampton.

Forest don't even want him

Sharp coming will depend on wether the investment comes through or not



18 Jul 2013 19:18:57
matthew barnes homer is set to sign for notts county

Sorry to hear that
Luton fan

Why you sorry

18 Jul 2013 20:58:54

Carnt be that bad if he scored 19 goals last season

Barnes-Homer not joining Notts County. Fact. Failed trial.

Well luton would of got promoted 3 seasons ago if your manager hadnt dropped your top scorer for that season (barnes homer) in the playoffs. Top scorer last year even though he was in a mid table team scored 2 against runaway leaders in championship and scored goal of the season in conference. can't be that bad can he give him a chance he will score goals

Notts county have just signed bell from Coventry he is a midfielder not sure on the contract source Eurosport

21 Jul 2013 20:18:21
Notts to sign mark fotheringham after impressing in pre season, showumni to sign for Hartlepool notts could secure the signature of another striker.

And Pearce is on his way to a loan deal not sure where but was told its Div 2

Fotheringham was immense against the turks good signing if true

Pearce carnt go out on loan not contracted to the club

Watch out for notts next signing Pearce will be gone with the way made for MF and MH to sign fans will be pleased with MF the fans favorite he us already keen to join the ranks. ,. believe



18 Jul 2013 19:08:58
Berahino, Wootton and McCourt to complete moves to Peterborough.

Please can we have some decent players

Club are not after wootton

Are you trying to say Berahino and McCourt aren't decent? I would take them two in a heartbeat

19 Jul 2013 14:06:28
Berinho is quality and the Derry Pele i'm not too sure about. But Posh aren't signing anyone until players leave, when will all you fools realise that! Its on record so believe it! Fry had done 2 deals a month ago, Payne was one and when Gayle left he completed that deal, who the other is I don't know but until we can offload nothing will happen.

So why did we already bid for Wells, Paterson and Freeman (as confirmed by the club), if we're not signing anyone yet?



18 Jul 2013 19:07:26
Arsenal's hopes of signing Gonzalo Higuain have been dented by reported interested from Chelsea

Mourinho said Rooney was the ONLY player he would try to sign

Don't believe everything Mourinno says

The squad needs a new striker, so I would be very surprised if Rooney was the only one being looked at.



18 Jul 2013 19:06:39
Peterborough United are set to seal the signing of West Brom striker Saido Berahino for a fee of £650k

Someone got pay for the academy

We must be mad

Not saying it won't happen, but Berahino is on West Brom's tour in Austria at the minute, so guess its not imminent

If we sign him, it'll be on loan



18 Jul 2013 19:06:32
Porto are now ready to listen to offers for Christian Atsu with the player entering the final year of his contract. Liverpool have been long-term admirers of Atsu, but Everton and Tottenham are now ready to make moves for the Ghana international



18 Jul 2013 19:00:58
Former Celtic winger Paddy McCourt will sign a 2 year deal with Peterborough United.

Paddy McCourt is 29! No further research needed.

Maybe, maybe not, he is having a trial with the Posh in the match against Northampton at Sixfields on Saturday

18 Jul 2013 22:41:30
adislam Ibrahim from city

He is on trial with posh at the moment and will play against Coventry B this week.

If he is fit Peterborough might get five games out of him in 2 years! He is a waste of space but is undoubtedly talented.

Not yet he won't he is on trail at posh

He played well against Northampton and set up the winning goal. I can see him signing soon

Darren Ferguson tried to sign McCourt for Posh before he went to Celtic and has said he hopes to land him this time around, despite his age. Had a 30 minute run-out against the Cobblers and created the chance for the winning goal



18 Jul 2013 18:04:57
Cheltenham Town have signed highly-rated left back/left midfielder Craig Braham-Barrett on loan from Macclesfield until January, with a view to a permanent deal.

Watched this guy at Macc in December when doing some scouting work, he' good, looks like he's got real potential!

Heard another macclesfield player on his way is matthew barnes homer



18 Jul 2013 18:02:44
blackpool have signed rochdale striker bobby grant on a 2 year deal

Brilliant signing incey not

He is playing against witton albion on thursday night

18 Jul 2013 22:02:34
ha{Ed003's Note - No trolling,if you want banter post something new that will be put on the banter page mate}

19 Jul 2013 02:24:28
Definitely not champ quality

Charlie austin made the move from league 2 to the championship and look how he's turned out a great signing for burnley

Who says?. Ex Liverpool youngster that left to get some football under his belt and scored 16 goals last season.

Last player to join Pool with the same background was Tom Ince.

Amazes me how so called fans just automatically decided a player is not good enough. Maybe that's why so many are not managers

19 Jul 2013 15:45:50
Lol, I've always said he's a L1 backup striker at best, he has a solid left foot, a shocking temperment and has a lot to learn, regardless he won't do anything at Champ.

21 Jul 2013 09:37:57
As a dale fan not too bothered that Grant has gone to blackpool not abad player but has suspect temperment missed Quater of last season through being petulant he has plenty of bottle but uses it the wrong way but we do wish him all the best and as we got a decent price for him we have the best deal



18 Jul 2013 17:57:53
Reading have made a £2.2m offer plus centre-back Kaspars Gorkss to Leeds United for striker Ross McCormack. I understand the offer has been declined by the player has expressed an interest in talking to Reading and the clubs are still in negotiations.

Brian McDermott is keen to bring Kaspars to Leeds, who is currently 4th choice at Reading, but would be a key figure at the back as Leeds try to plug a leaky defence ready for a play-off push next season.


Is this the same McCormack that said a couple of weeks ago that he wants a new deal at leeds

Totally untrue but If it was I'd take hand and all.

This doesn't make sense, 'I understand the offer has been declined by the player has expressed an interest in talking. ' Are you saying it's been declined by Gorkss, McCormack or Leeds?

How can gorkss be your 4th choice when the season hasn't even started yet come on give it in kidding yourself

No he doesn't want a new deal. Keep up!

Sorry, I'm still lost, who doesn't want a new deal?

Ross does want a new deal, keep up!

Clearly 'by' was a typo for 'but'. Not hard to figure out. But McCormack has publically said he doesn't want to leave so this is untrue

Ross signed a new contract less than a year ago and publicly said (and tweeted) numerous times in the last month that he's going nowhere. We'll leave it at that now, shall we?

If Leeds defence is leaky, they wouldn't be looking at Gorkss

Why? Gorkss is a beast at Championship level.

Ok, so if Ross wants a new deal, who has expressed an interest in talking to Reading?

"How can gorkss be your 4th choice when the season hasn't even started yet come on give it in kidding yourself"

I guarantee he will be forth choice behind mariappa, pearce and morrison. All reading fans know this

You reading fans may no that but does the man in charge know it doubt it some how

I bet you any money you like adkins knows it. mariappa and pearce will be the first choice partnership with morrison next. gorkks is definately forth choice {Ed029's Note - Exactly that.

Take the money he runs around like a headless chicken play the young kid



18 Jul 2013 17:41:01
West Brom have registered an interest in Stoke Ciy Striker Kenwyne Jones

I really do not want him, what a waste if money man

Who do you think wba will go for since you lost lukaku?

This can't be true surely

Please take him

Diouf from hannover that's why we played them last night to see this diouf

Jones won't go to West Brom because we are rivals

Diouf is going stoke

Doiuf ain't going stoke at all mark my words he will be a west brom player by nexty week

It does seem likely wba will sign diouf, we have a habbit of playing friendlies against teams who have players we are targeting, Mallorca- Valero gent- el ghannasy and now dioufs team

Right diouf is coming and will sign next Wednesday. you heard it first

Signing for who albion or stoke


Albion will sign diouf

Are you sure, West Brom spend money?

No barnet will

Diouf is in our budget so yes

Diouf will cost around £4m-£4.5m and is only on 25,000 a week. Which is well in West Bromwich Albions budget.

Think he will cost more than that

Hannover would like £6m but has only 1 year left on his contract so he will be available for £4m-£4.5m.



18 Jul 2013 17:30:37
Burnley closing in on former Sunderland striker Ryan Noble

18 Jul 2013 18:46:17
Dreadful goals record at senior level including an unsuccessful loan spell at Hartlepool. Also very injury-prone - the Clarets are preparing for relegation if they sign this type of player to replace Austin & Paterson.

18 Jul 2013 18:47:29
League Two level at best.



18 Jul 2013 17:18:32
Rotherham looking at Nathan Delfouneso on loan. Will be fantastic signing for us & will see us as one of the front runners for promotion.

I too have heard a loan move for Delfuoneso is in the offing. Exciting times at NYS. {Ed003's Note - Villa don't want to loan him they want to sell}



18 Jul 2013 16:26:45
Confirmed by middle of next week. liverpool will sign bernard from atletico miniero meeting his £20million buy out clause. rodgers will then set his sights on papadopolus. and if he can raise money from more sales lauch a bid for alonso! {Ed001's Note - how is it confirmed?}

What a load of tosh

As Ed003 says. Villa want him off the books. Blackpool want him back & Wigan are very interested. No offence to any Rotherham fans but he won't be going on loan. it's cold hard money.

As a Pool fan. it would be good to see him back but I doubt KoKo would part with his hard earned cash {Ed001's Note - I think you must have clicked the wrong reply button mate.}



18 Jul 2013 15:49:01
Liam Dickinson is in line to sign for northampton, but port vale still interested as he is now injury free!

Vale defo not interested micky has wished the lad well

Port Vale have officially ended their interest

18 jul 2013 23:25:38
he his a player who is always going to pick up knocks and be out of action for months, save your money & sign someone else. he has spent the last 18 months trying to get fit & he is still very poor.

Port vale end her interet in liam

Looked like he had talent but not fit enough maybe a pay as you play contract

He lasted 20 minutes in a trial game, before limping off injured. He won't be coming to Sixfields.



18 Jul 2013 15:33:47
Tranmere Rovers are set to sign Huddersfield town midfielder Chris Atkinson on a 6 month loan deal.


With all the midfield players that Town have shed since the end of last season, expect one or two loan signings in the next few days for those midfield positions. Plus a centre half and possibly another striker.

Apparently our 4th & final striker is Collins from Swindon who was rumoured a couple of weeks ago now



18 Jul 2013 15:30:47
Rudy Gestede to leave Cardiff for around £300,000. Bristol City, Yeovil Town and Bradford City have all expressed interest as Malky is set to close in on another striker

I really don't see us (Bradford) spending £300,000 on anyone.

No way would any of those teams pay that for him.

18 Jul 2013 18:46:03
I sincerely hope not. Rudi remains a great prospect and a wonderful servant to the club even in his short time. A loan maybe would be good all round.
Old bird

Couldn't agree more old bird a good year on loan an we would get double that anyway bluuuuebird

He proved his worth last season. Stole points when we were facing none. Needs more first team experience.

Agree too. Need to keep Rudy, but a loan spell would do him good.

If City sell Baldock or Davies we will be in for a striker, and a loan sounds as likely as any other rumours I have heard.

As a Bradford fan who doesn't know the player at all, he hasn't scored many goals anywhere in his career and I think we'd want more of a proven goalscorer, i'm not saying he isn't a good player though

I really do not see this happening Mr Johnson said he is looking for more defenders more than attackers but we will wait and see.

Bigbyrd YeovilFan

No this is not happening Malky Mackay has expressed that Rudy will be apart of his plans this season

Well at first all of us City fans have doubted Rudy but he's gotten better and better each season he's a really good target man, if he could add more goals to his game he will be quality to me

As a Cardiff fan I wouldn't wanna see him go. but if he did he'd cost a lot more than that

Rudy is useless, scared of running at a defender/keeper and is 24. Not exactly one for the future, I'd happily take £300,000. Also Bradford are looking for him on-loan, they are unwilling to pay £300,000. Yeovil are about to lose a striker and find Rudy a good replacement. Bristol City are losing Adamoah and another forward and so are going to try to get Rudy and Marlon Harewood

Yeovil are NOT about to lose a striker!



18 Jul 2013 15:07:06
Oxford look set to join the race for Ryan Cresswell.

Is this the Ryan Cresswell who signed for York yesterday?

No richard cresswell signed for york

No. Richard cresswell joined York. This is Ryan cresswell of Southend. Personally I hope we get him. Can't have raynes as first choice cb next season

I think they mean the Southend United Defender?

18 Jul 2013 19:08:23
Still wants to move north

19 Jul 2013 10:17:53
mullins of rotherham will be first choice at the kassam with jake wright



18 Jul 2013 14:58:03
Barnsley to take ricardo fuller on trial and also looking at signing mclean from hull on season long loan. Think that's how spell his name

Dont want fuller too much like scotland already got our old fella last half hour sub. Mclean be decent. Rather have fryatt though lethal in and around box. Bit like owen with the finishing

Fuller would never happen he's well past it and when stoke played at oakwell last he spat at ponty so isn't really liked

Fryatt will be a key part of Hull City's squad next season, capable of scoring goals in the PL.



18 Jul 2013 14:52:20
Arsenal are looking at Marco Reus

Is he in Japan too or are they skyping?!

Arsenal are looking at any number of players but actually signing no one.
With a reported £70 million budget this lack of action makes one doubt what the Arsenal's aims for the next season are. Presumably keep the funds for the January window and make a late run for Champions League qualification.

19 Jul 2013 10:53:19
Dortmund will NOT sell him. He is way too valuable



18 Jul 2013 14:28:22
If Craig Davies goes to Wolves Jake Cassidy will go to either Bradford or Rotherham

Let's hope neither of those things happen. Craig Davies? Like they said in Lost, never go back. We can do better.

Be a good signing for Bradford if it goes through but I can't see it

Cassidy would be a great addition for a club with ambition who needs a target man or somebody who can play as a lone striker. As he proved when on loan to Tranmere, he's more than accomplished in Div 2

Don't see Wolves letting Cassidy go to be honest.

18 Jul 2013 23:42:46
Wolves must keep Cassidy, he will be good for 15 - 20 goals this season.

19 Jul 2013 08:36:04
I loved that song 7 days by Craig Davies

It's Craig David* Sherlock

I think you need to see bo selecta to get it "Sherlock"



18 Jul 2013 14:28:01
QPR to sign Charlie Austin from Burnley for £2.5m rising to a possible £3.5m with add-on clauses activated.

Burnley have already lined up Billy Sharp as their replacement for Austin with an enquiry and will firm this up with a £1m offer after Austin's transfer has gone through.



18 Jul 2013 14:23:50
Rafa De Vita set to sign a 2 year deal with Bradford

Raffa has yet to be offered a contract by Bradford so to suggest that his signing is imminent is a little premature.

18 Jul 2013 18:55:16
Good player for swindon, good luck to him hope he gets a deal

Good luck Rafa good player who will do well for you boys. shame we had budget cuts or he would have been a keeper



18 Jul 2013 14:13:10
Sheffield united in talks with Darren ambrose.

J j Mullins

Where are you getting this from?

Won't drop down to league 1! Still has a lot to offer in the championship?!

Hasn't he been released by Birmingham and someone said he is training with us a few days ago

Not realeased told he can find a new club on a free has featured for blues in pre season

Good luck. Technically a good player, but goes missing in smaller games. Needs a 1 year contract with the option of a 2nd year if you go up - then he might put the effort in. No doubting the basic ability though.

19 Jul 2013 13:53:54
Been told by someone at the club. Has been training for 4 days with us!



18 Jul 2013 14:12:59
Luke Rooney might go to Portsmouth if GW can add funds for wages



18 Jul 2013 13:53:07
A couple of players West Ham are again MULLING over are Peter Odemwingie (proven to score goals in premier league so good choice) and Salomon Kalou (another good choice and again has scored lots of goals in premier league and in europe). Both available for a total for £5m only problem is that they are not 6'7" and ideal replacement for Carroll. They both certainly know how to score goals

Knowing West ham they will try and save money AGAIN and offer Lille £1.5m and lose out on him and offer WBA £1m and lose out on him. tv reports some midfielder West Ham United are after from Sporting Gijon available for £2.5m and West Ham had bid of £1.8m refused. Also some ukrainian forward avilable but again West ham have not met asking price and he is going elsewhere. When will they learn!

Absolutely true, and as you point out (can both score plenty of goals) but they are no good in the air and not available for 50p

Proven goalscorers - you are having a laugh



18 Jul 2013 13:47:03
Miguel victor has travelled to middlesbrough to wrap up a deal which will bring him to the riverside. Massive boost to the defense, been at great club such as benfica and spent a stint at Leicester scoring 3 goals.

He signed for PAOK last month.

Signed for PAOK last month.

Didn't he just sign for PAOK in Geece!

He signed for PAOK on the 24th of June mate

It is not Victor that we are after, we have held talks with a portuguese midfielder named Vítor.

Vitor is the defender who just signed for PAOK, jesus you correctors, at least do some damn research

I know who the defender is, what I was saying was that we are not after him for obvious reasons. I did my research and unfortunately reports in Portugal have stated that we have held talks with another central midfielder who is called Vítor, 29yr old, who currently plays for Pacos Ferreira.

Good call on the Portuguese playmaker mate, apparently agreed a contract ;-)

My pleasure. :-)

His name is Vitor and he's an attacking midfielder. you said he was a defender and his name was Miguel victor

You also said he'd played for Leicester and he hasn't - so you got it all wrong didn't you



18 Jul 2013 13:17:31
QPR will sign Charlie Austin from Burnley for around 2. 5M according to paper reports

Austin for 2.5 mill come on your having a laugh your not going to get him on the cheap if the money not right for the club the deal won't happen and austin will be banging goals in for fun at the turf

£2.5million + plus add ons from what i'm hearing sounds like Austins agents pushing for the deal. Seems very much as if Qpr will move onto Austin if Hooper doesn't sign



18 Jul 2013 13:01:19
Danny Seabourne is set to sign a 2 year contract with Yeovil he played 90 minutes In the 2-0 defeat to Torquay on Tuesday night



18 Jul 2013 13:00:25
Swansea City are interested in signing Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse after he refused to wear the club sponsor.

I think you will find we ain't!

Would be a great signing but really can't see that

Think you'll find we are!

Laudrup has said that he would not mind a big name loan signing. How about Rooney whilst he grows up?

Would be good if it could happen but I can't see it as he would want a big role and that's been taken the other will be somebody who doesn't mind being a squad rotation player so is say someone a little younger than Cisse

Wages would be to high as well as cost after the 12m spent on bony and the apparent deal for wakaso

Bring on Kenwyne Jones please. He has different qualities compared to what we already have.

Although an apparent hot prospect, I think Wakaso is just paper talk. I believe (through my own assumptions) that Donnelly will be number 3 striker and Laudrup will bring in a number 2 either on loan or at a good price hence keeping Michu as a midfielder as is his preferred role from which he is clearly more dangerous!

Could be a loan signing. Newcastle could have a different sponsor next season.

Kenwyne jones is terrible!

That loan deal for cisse sounds more appealing as then he would be just back up we wouldn't worry about his progression Etc. Rory must of caught the gaffa's eye by now he is going to be well hot when he gets going believe me

Kenwyne Jones is outstanding! Would love for him to sign for Swansea!

Turned us down once already so he is rubbish

Cisse won't wear a Wonga shirt but he's going to wear one advertising a Chinese near equivalent of Wonga?

It is nothing like Wonga get your facts right!



18 Jul 2013 12:56:53
looks like darren murphy has re joined stevenage. he was pictured in a team photo on the 16th july.



18 Jul 2013 12:52:25
Liam Palmer will sign for Tranmere on loan from Sheffield Wednesday when the Owls return from Portugal.

Surprised if this is true as we just signed Atkinson on loan?

We've just landed Chris Atkinson on loan till January.

Ronnie still wants Palmer and Gibson back

We need a left back an right back for or competition. Strong everywhere else

Ben Gibson an play LB but doubt we'll get him, class defender

Palmer deserves a chance at wednesday looked great against scunny



18 Jul 2013 12:43:38
Just returned from Holiday from Portugal, were I managed to visit the hotel were the Doncaster Rovers players are staying, Saw Richard Wright entering the hotel. May-be he was on holiday or training with Doni.

The same Richard Wright that plays for man city?

NAME that Hotel for 5 points.

The same RW whose contract expires next month, who is 3 rd choice, and may be loaned out ( if he signs up for more at MC). It is possible, not probable though.

Hotel de rumours

Not true richard wright signed a year extension to his contract at city and I am glad would not be my chose not played first team football for a long time.

RW as just sigened a new 1 year contract at Man City, but was told that this would be for cover only (ie 3rd choice) keeper So a lone move to Doni is possible, and yes he was in Portugal this week. MAKE WHAT YOU WANT



18 Jul 2013 12:38:21
Jay McEVeley could be going mk dons in a swap deal for izale McLeod, town meeting with alan Navarro today to discuss future, caddis failed to agree terms with blackpool but will still move to a championship club in the near future

Rubbish about caddis, it will take negotiation and I know about ko but he has still has talks with the pool over the weekend. Time to stop coming up with silly untruthful conclusions.

I, for one, would welcome this swap deal. In fact I think McEveley (a defender) would do a better job up front instead of Ifall McFlop, who is a complete waste of genetic material and has been in disgustingly poor for since his return. I want rid of him, pronto!

What aload of rubbish, why an earth would mk dons wanna swap our best and only striker apart from a loan player bamford, for a bloody left back?! we have a first teamer left back.

We need a goalscorer, a winger (permanent)and a centre half

"What aload of rubbish, why an earth would mk dons wanna swap our best and only striker apart from a loan player bamford, for a bloody left back?! we have a first teamer left back. "

It's all part of the crazy transfer policy that Saint Peter and King Karl are developing. Confuse every other club with bizarre, nonsensical transfers. It's going to work wonders! Trust me!

Maybe to free up the wages and get a player that Robbo actually wants rather than one Pete persuaded him to sign just for old times sake.

20 Jul 2013 11:32:24
We don't have a left back. We have Lewington who is not a League 1 player. He is too slow and can't turn. Makes perfect sense too get rid of the McFlop and get a decent left back in.

So we get rid of our only proper striker? and who will replace him? and lewington is more then capable you nonce



18 Jul 2013 12:18:39
Sheffield Wednesday will sign Leroy Lita from Swansea when they return from Portugal. This paves the way for Madine to leave with Brentford, Bradford, Tranmere and Rotherham all interested. The owls also want one more striker - probably on loan - with Jamie Vardy from Leicester and Matty Fryatt from Hull both interesting Jones.

Madine has been told he will have one final chance to prove he can cut it at this level, so will not be sold

Madine will be staying. Young with right potential! Could do with being loaned to league 1 for year or 2!

Tranmere have signed Sodje, have offered a contract to Shaun Jeffers and have another striker on a month trial from Inter. So don't think we would be after another forward.

Madine not going anywhere
Like vardy to come as he, s an owl but not see him in dj, s plans

Fryatt would not leave hull as he is/was one of the top strikers and spent a year out with injury. he is going to be one of their key players

If fryatt was leaving he would of been left out like mclean and stewart

The excellent Madine going to Brentford on a loan until Jan?



18 Jul 2013 12:10:18
Bristol City want to recoup £750k (the fee they paid) if they are going to sell Steve Davies. The 25 year old scored 13 goals last season and has 2 years left on his contract, so in no hurry to sell.
No official bids have been received but one or two enquiries have been made.

It would be a shame to lose him I think he's quality and with the players we've signed I think play offs is looking good

If you watched him vs. Rangers last week then 'quality' is not the best description of a player who lost the ball at every opportunity and was clueless as to what to do when he did have the ball in any measure of space.

19 Jul 2013 08:47:20
He isn't worth even half of the 750k. expect him to go for 100k if he goes at all

So your judging him on a friendly over the goals he scored last year for us!

Davies is a chance taker and I believe if we can convince him to stay and play he will actually be worth more next summer with a 20 odd goal season in league 1 behind him.

Who judges a player on one friendly game Steven scored 13 league goals our top goal scorer and he spent most the season under Derrick McGinnis on the bench lol

U serious on one friendly mate did you watch him last season he spent half the season on the bench and still scored 13 goals Lummie I agree keep him plus he wants to stay Steven Davies is quality



18 Jul 2013 12:09:07
Wtih West Ham waiting for Work permit approval for Duvan Zapata they are going to miss out on long time target Loic Remy who is in talks with Newcastle United as is another striker who could do a good job for the hammers Darren Bent. Gary Hooper and Charlie Austin are wanted at QPR, Demba Ba has agreed terms with Anzhi Machakakla and is expected to move shortly. Downing is going nowehere so strikers are getting very thin on the ground for West ham. Rumour has it the BFS is going to make a move for Crouch who has turned down QPR and Kenwynne Jones is another player Sam likes.

Classic West ham strategy to start the season with no fit striker



18 Jul 2013 11:50:00
Portsmouth will be only signing 3 more players. Ryan Bird, Ricardo Rocha, and a surprise center midfielder

Marlon Pack (Deal of Century)

There is no 'deal of the century'. he club have commented on this rumour/story twice on Pompey local radio. End of. Pack is just training with Pompey whilst his future gets sorted. He is from Pompey. Cheltenham will require compensation for Pack (as he's under 24), which Pompey can't pay under the terms of their admin exit (FL terms). {Ed003's Note -

Former Norwich midfielder Mickey Spillane is training with Pompey at their Essex training camp.

Marlon Pack (a deal being done with Cheltenham, hence Disco Daz calling it Deal of Century)

No pack was just training your getting on me nerves TRAINING not signing when will some people notice we don't have money to spend its frees or loans nothing else

We have actually got money just not allowed to spend it. Pack will sign on a pay later deal

No he won't better then league 2 and Guy said he wants a CM who has played in league 1 Pack has been at Cheltenham in LEAGUE 2

Didn't Pack go on loan to a league 1 club from us a few years back? could be wrong.



18 Jul 2013 11:27:27
It's all gone quiet at Huddersfield recently. Anybody have any news?

Sean morrison rumoured to be in talks!

No Mate

Atkinson gone to Tranmere on loan, maybe to free up a berth in midfield, although the rate we are clocking up injuries we might need half a new squad before a week on Saturday.

I have news, just finished sealing my garage floor, but its not quite the kind of news we town fans are looking for I would imagine.

We won't be signing anyone else this summer am afraid because the club only want to spend money on improving Canelside : (.

Does anyone know if Morrison is in talks, would love him bk at town.

{Ed029's Note - No approaches for Morrison. He's pushing hard for 2nd choice so the club wont be letting go anywhere. This is one rumour Hudds fans wont let go of for some reason.

Two words Nick Powell.

Sean morrison rumoured to be in talks! ~ AS IF

Morrison in talks? He might be but it will probably be with Reading over a pay rise and contract extension. Love to see him come back to Huddersfield but can't see it happening.

The Morrison rumour once again, just like we had the stead ones year in year out, eventually was true, so expect Morrison when he is washed up in about 10 years.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, the club aren't interested in bringing in any more players. I'm 100% sure the club would rather spend money on improving Canelside, which unfortunately, won't help the club in any way, shape or form in the forthcoming season. If we are to be successful this season, we need to buy more players, and I can't see this happening as Mr Hoyle isn't ambitious enough.

Some so called supporters just don't have a clue, Hoyle not ambitious enough, the man has subsidised a hell of a lot of his own money into the club since he took over. The club is in the best financial footing in years. Hoyle has given the club assets in a premier league standard training facility and grade 2 academy which we will reap the benefits from both in the team and financially. The loss the club is making is down to the stadium shares, but once this is resolved the club will push on. The club is operating well within its means what do some fans expect, to be signing players for big money for a promotion push. Not just yet build year on year and that is what is being done, we have a stronger squad with a few very decent youngsters.

That's utter nonsense and very unfair. Dean Hoyle has put Huddersfield on a firm financial foundation. He did say when we went up to the Championship that consolidation was the aim and that's realistic. We're simply not ready for the Premiership and money won't buy that. Look at Blackburn. We bought Vaughan which was what we wanted and needed. I think many of us have seen Town when we've been way down in the doldrums and we're in a decent situation now. Sure, a couple more signings would be good and it may happen but I suspect loans. Stop moaning and start supporting.

That's all well and good having superb training centre etc, i'm all for that, but it won`t do us any use back in lg1 will it, because lg1 players and worse would be using it! We haven`t progressed the squad from 12 months ago either, just got rid of lee and novak replaced with basically stead and Patterson, the lad Carr may be a prospect we don`t know yet. So we might well struggle to stay up.

19 Jul 2013 07:56:55
so what do we want town fans ken bates in some indian chicken farmer come on use your brain canal side great for town dean well into town get ken davy too give us back what he owes and or do you want him back as chairman no so leave dean alone too do his job

Don't rise to the bait regarding Canalside.

Ok guys, you win, I get the message! Canelside is actually a great facility, and I'm glad the club have it, but Dean Hoyle needs to start pumping less money into it and other things such as pointless charity bike rides, and buy some players instead.

Some town fans do NOT HAVE A CLUE! I feel privileged to have such a fantastic chairman. I love my club to bits and deano is taking us in the right direction. Success doesn't happen over night I'm afraid, so town fans back the team stop your whining because without dean Hoyle I dread to think where we would be now.

People are not "moaning". They are being realistic and not viewing things though rose tinted glasses. These people are also good supporters and looking out for the long term. No use having great training facilities if they don't have great players to use it.

Yes mate, let's not rise to the bait.

What do we want? Tell you what town fans want if you haven`t a clue is decent football on the pitch, and players who can keep us really safe in the championship, decent progress each year as we should be able no problem to compete in the championship for a club our size without relegation worries. No one realistically expects a charge for promotion, but equally no one wants to watch a struggle each season.

Time to start investing in some new players (Leave canalside alone) Put some of JRs money into sighnings.

A reply to the person who wrote "Ok you win. ". Pointless charity events are they?. I sincerely hope you or your family never need the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Because it costs a lot of money to use it, all of which comes from charitable sources and donations like the ones you so callously deride without a thought. Shame on you. Well done all the charity fundraisers.

19 Jul 2013 22:06:12
i would have dean hoyle as owner before any one, wot he as one for own is fanastic, and may it continue, remember barry rubery? and wot happened with im, we r no wer near ready for the prem, we will be, buts let's walk b4 we can run, I would rather be in the championship and get better each season, than av 1 season as whipping boys in the prem, which we would be, don't no wot sum of you town fans want, get a grip, it ain't that long ago we ad 7 players on the buks in league 2, playing boston utd, etc etc, hoyle is a town man through and through. without hoyle we wouldn't be wer we r today,
thank you dean.

What some of you and your quite hypocritical comments don't realise is that to eventually draw the big names to the club, we have to have a professional set up. Do you think James Vaughan would have signed for us if we were training at storthes hall still, on a student football pitch! Dean has made the club look like a progressive ambitious outfit. Premier league players aren't going to want to come to a club that trains on a glorified cow field. Look how long it's taken Bradford to recover, they pushed for the premier league too soon and after they made it, hugely unprepared, their fall was quite spectacular. You're not playing champ manager now! This is a real business and a business has to have assets, players will come and go but that training facility is an investment and a tool, that we will have forever, and can be used to draw big names in eventually. And as for the charity Dean does, I cannot believe you would put the financial ambitions of a football club higher on your list than the Yorkshire Air Ambulance that runs solely on donations. I hope you have the same outlook if you or your family ever need it!

A lot of people are missing the point.
Financial fair play. Its a whole new world out there. We cannot be dishing out huge wages willy nilly. A lot of fans are living in cloud cuckoo land. Wake up Town fans

Missing the point? Think it is you who is missing the point. Town have never, and never will, hand out huge wages willy nilly! That is why they have recruited the likes of stead and Patterson, carr, carroll etc this summer, hardly van persie, rooney are they? ffp or otherwise, we are endangering ourselves with lg1 again by concentrating on the training ground too much rather than progressing the club on the pitch in the championship. Remember last season`s hammerings? Now who is in cloud cuckoo land?



18 Jul 2013 10:12:17
Charlie Austin being lined up to partner gary hooper, there offering £2.5 million, some strikeforce for qpr if this deal takes place, can well see this happening as Charlie wants to move further south, I can't see him signing a new contract with the mighty clarets!!

If he wanted to move further south he wouldn't have agreed a contract with Hull, until he failed his medical.



18 Jul 2013 09:36:36
Afc wimbledon transfer rumours?

We've just completed season long loan of George Porter from Burnley
its up on website so guess its pretty true haha

Afc wimbledon are keen on taking Joe Pigott on loan from charlton



18 Jul 2013 09:20:29
Wolverhampton Wanderers are mounting a bid for Wes Thomas unsettled AFC Bournemouth striker. Thomas has Championship experience and reliable sources say the Thomas deal is well advanced.

Live in hopes! AFCB fan :)

Good to hear, Thomas has been useless at Bournemouth for a long time now and I'm sure many supporters like myself would be more than happy to see the back of him after his "problems" last season!

18 Jul 2013 17:59:18
No no no, Barn door is just SO GOOD we want him to stay please ( sshh, be quiet all you WES knockers else we will be stuck Wiff i'm til is contract is up ).

Please let this be true

I could travel back that way after game on Sunday if he needs a lift?

Probly not true after newspaper claimed Wes Thomas is ready to giv Eddie and the team his all and is really enjoying training atm so dosnt sound like it to me

Still better than grabban so keep him

Definately better than Grabben and Tubbs and Championship proven.

Grabban is whayyyy better look at goal ratio in league 1 2

Grabban is rubbish so is tubbs

I will give Wes a lift to Wolverhampton myself if this is true. One of the worst signings at AFCB ever imo. Started ok but then the toys came out of the pram because other players were being paid more than him. Has repeatedly said he wants to leave, apart from a few days ago when he said he wants to fight for his place (translation: no other club wanted him. ) Off you go Wes we can all see through you!

No "the toys came out the pram" because as soon as he got concerned like any other player would if they were getting payed less then players in the same role fan like you forced him out the club for just asking the manager a simple question

Er. When he signed he as happy & one of our better payed players. It was only when new directors & money came in & we signed some useless players on silly wages she got all sulky. Point is he DIDN'T go & have a chat, he moaned to media. Now no one wants him he's changed his tune. Can't preach loyalty, then slag club off.



18 Jul 2013 09:07:21
Micheal Smith from Charlton to be AFC Wimbledon's new #9.

If anything it would be a loan deal but I can't even see that happening.

Do you not mean Pigott? As a local newspaper has reported? Again I'd think it'll only be on a loan deal but I think you've got Smith and Pigott mixed up.

Why do you think Smith was an unused sub on Wednesday?

Because Powell wanted to see coulibaly play. Just because he wasn't used in one friendly doesn't mean anything

Pigott has been the wrong name after all it is Michael Smith that Wimbledon have been after. Its possible a league one club may haver entered the chase as well. Wimbledon want Smith to be their number nine not Pigott.



18 Jul 2013 08:58:18
Release Brighton full back Marcos Painter in talks wit numerous league 1 clubs, bury, hartlepool, Portsmouth and fleetwood.

They are leagur 2 teams

Considering everyone of the teams mentioned are in league two it would suggest a typo

Not happening at Portsmouth

That is the league he fits well into and even better in league 2 where those clubs are.

He is rubbish in the championship

Anyone sayig that he is rubbish in the Championship has not seen the few games he has played. He was never going to replace Wayne Bridge in the side but when he was needed he was very steady.

I think some of the comments on here are harsh he's not that bad and I think can do a job in the championship

20 Jul 2013 12:58:45
Orlandi being chased by 2 la liga clubs so looks like his gone from the Amex

21 Jul 2013 10:31:42
Orlandi is staying!

I watched ALL the games he played and he was very steady because he barely moved and when he did then he was completely out paced.

He is a great team player though but not for this league



18 Jul 2013 08:54:04
It's simple, we've signed Lalkovic who can fill in for all 3 as he is a striker and a winger. We also have Westcarr to fill in a striking position. However, if Smith is going to play Lalkovic in the striker role, we 1) need a back up striker, 2) need a winger and 3) need a goalkeeper. This means we need another 3 strong signings.



18 Jul 2013 08:51:37
Ex Carlisle striker Rory loy in talks with hartlepool united after talks in Scotland broke down.

It looks like the players CUFC released are struggling to find clubs, apart from Collin and Welsh, 5 out of 7 with no club yet.

Proves it was the right decision by the Club



18 Jul 2013 08:51:25
Ex Carlisle striker Rory loy in talks with hartlepool united after talks in Scotland broke down.



18 Jul 2013 08:45:54
The Swindon Town Owners are still trying to move on

L Rooney
P Benson
P Caddis
A Navaro
A Ward

This would save them approx 20k per month.

They are not with ward know that as a fact, Rooney and the rest I know they are not even going to play benson or navaro

We don't have any1 called a ward? you mean d ward but no chance of him going

Save 20k a month is wide off the mark especially when Navarro is on 8k a week benson on 3. 5k so you think the others are on as little as 2k not a chance caddis is on championship money along with ward at least 5. 5k a week with Rooney on £2750 aweek

Who is A Ward?

20k a week more like

I meant week and should be D ward

Club do not want to get ward off the wage bill as they are in negotiations with the player to extend his contract for a further 2 years.

Its common knowledge that Rooney, Benson, Caddis and Navarro are not wanted but Ward has just been offered a new 2 year contract so that's a lie.

McEveley has been offered to MKD as a swap for Izale McLeod and Collins is off to Huddersfield.

These players leaving will give the new manager a more of a chance to bring in his own players as it will free up £1million in wages as all the players named are on £200k+ per year.

Paul tisadle from exter to be next manager

Swindon have no chance of swapping mceverley for McLeod as mceverley is rubbish.

FWIW McEverely is a better player that McLeod and also McLeod is a trouble maker that's why MKD want to swap them. this is not Swindon instigating the move but MKD.



18 Jul 2013 08:39:48
Norwich are said to be preparing a 7Million pounds bid for Anderlecht defender and senegal international Cheikhou Kouyat�

I don't understand, we have spent in excess of £15 million this window so far so we probably don't have too much left. Why would we fork out such a large chunk of the remaining budget when the defence is not as needy as other departments e. g. Centre Forwards!

Where do you get 15million from. the wolf was bought with last seasons money. olsson cost 2m redmond 2m fer 4t05m that's 8to9m less 2m for holt and 1m for vaughen =5 to 6 m spent. plenty more to come no need to worry.

Perhaps we have more money to spend than expected

We haven't spent that much at all. We had 30+ to spend and rvw was last years money. We have spent around 10 mil for Redmond fer garrido n olsson but we 4 back from sales of holt n vaughan

1. We've spent nearly £20m actually
2. There is plenty money left. Club is debt free and generally has a fair chunk of cash

Therefore the budget is really quite flexible.

But RVW and Garrido and Edmound were from last years unspent budget. We still have a good 20million left to spend this season, and have a bid going in for hooper

The Wolfswinkel money was last years budget. At a guess I'd say 30m (due to being debt free and increased tv money) to spend now and January including signing on fees and increased wages. Still a good chunk left.

18 Jul 2013 17:11:11
We have lots of money we will get another striker and defender. We haven't spent 15m. RVW was brought with the January money plus we got cash for holt.

Get your facts right before posting stupid comments Norwich have spent net less then £8m remember Wolfie fee was from last seasons budget and paid upfront in March. We sold Holt and Vaughan for a combined £3m. Having started with a transfer budget £40m my maths tell me we still have some £30m left to spend on players and wages. If you want a full breakdown of buys l am happy to supply as you obviously cannot count

You've been corrected already but we've hardly touched the budget. McNally widely has confirmed all the Prem cash this year is available for transfers which in effect is £40M+

As for Hooper, I hope he goes elsewhere, I doubt he's any better than Becchio and I'd rather see another player of RVW quality than a bench warmer.

Haha dose it matter long as we get in what we need, i'm sure you all have inside info to what the club has and ain't got christ

Look at Swansea they have michu & bony up front. We need another top striker and I'm sorry but hooper isn't in that class

Alright Wittyjilt calm down it was an honest mistake the guy made, he forgot The Wolf was from last seasons budget and so consequently added his transfer fee onto that already spent on the other signings. I don't think it means he can't plus 2 and 2 together and get 4 so why do you have to be such a rude person over the internet?

Papa cisse bid has been accepted by Newcastle, hope this is true. Thinking it may involve pills going the other way as Sinclair is rumoured to be interested in a move south would make good replacement

Did not wish to appear to be rude but the guys original post was way off track he had no idea what he was talking about. If l appeared rude l apologise.

19 Jul 2013 08:28:00
Just heard a story that claims city are lining up a 5 million euro bid for Catania forwatd Maxi Lopez. I hope this story isn't true as we must reqlly be struggling to sign forwards. I've only got a year left on my contract so can probably expect a call from McNally later today

Hmmm. That was unecessary wittyjilt.
Heres an equation for you. "Your comment" minus "the first 8 words" minus "the last 5 words" equals a good and informative post. His first words are "I don't understand". Well I don't understand Chinese but I don't think I'm stupid. The truth is no one on this site knows how much money we have to spend or how the transfer budget is structured. You've quoted prices for players bought and sold that you've plucked off the internet. You will notice that most prices are undisclosed and BELIEVED to be in the region of.

They gave hughton the sky some of the sky money. which is £40m

Where have you seen or who have you heard from that papa cisse bid has been accepted? Only thing I can find on cisse is a reported offer of 18M euros from Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala, with a reported 50k a week wage on offer, if its true then we (Norwich) have no chance of signing him.



18 Jul 2013 08:38:47
Walsalls fourth signing to be announced around 9am, who's you verdict SADDLERS?

18 Jul 2013 14:01:30
It was richard o'donnell but I'd like 2 see another CB signed as well tbf but hope these new players build on last season

Hopefully Deano can persuade David to loan out Sam Johnstone to us to give Richard some competition

I reckon romain sawyers!

Would give us more attacking options up front and would be a good signing.



18 Jul 2013 08:18:49
Forest are rumoured to be looking at Johan berg gudmundsson, 22 years old winger with great feet, his contract with az alkmaar is set to expire in six months so could be bought for a cut price




18 Jul 2013 08:11:02
West Brom will complete the signings of Mohamed Saleh, Armando Sadiku (loan) and Valentin Stocker (loan) from the Swiss Super League next week.

Armando Sadiku plays in the Swiss Challenge League, at least get your facts right before making this rubbish up.

Tbf his team got promoted last year so they are all in the same league now, and I would be very satisfied if we bring them 3 in plus toivonen, sorted in defence midfield and attack then

18 Jul 2013 16:20:42
I'm reading about Kenwyne jones could be on his way to albion

"I'm reading about Kenwyne jones could be on his way to albion" You know how that came about? An idiot working for a Stoke newspaper's website wrote an article about Jones coming to Albion. His stated source? An entry on this website regurgitating a rumour heard weeks ago and dismissed even quicker. If you read it, it started here. How's that for journalistic research?

*Taps Nose*



18 Jul 2013 08:01:57
Bradford City will sign GK Lee Camp who is a free agent after being released by Norwich which brought to an end a short period with the club

I guess camp will be first choice then?

I would have thought his preferred destination would be Championship he is good enough for it.

If this is correct, Campo will be a very good signing for Bradford. He is certainly capable of playing at Championship level but probably not for a team with promotion aspirations to the PL

We are being told by local media that Woods is the front runner to fill the vacant keepers position.



18 Jul 2013 07:59:14
Baggies linked with lugano striker Armando Sadiku

Yeah man I want this geezer {Ed003's Note - cool}



18 Jul 2013 03:27:11
Winger Franck Songo'o Set To Sign For His Former Club Portsmouth On A Four-Year Deal.

Shock Move!

No way he's quality an would never ever happen

This could happen cause he's a free agent what a move that would be for us he's a fast skill full winger

Not happening! wouldn't need him anyway

4 year deal, no chance.

Guy is looking for a central midfielder with league 1 experience so this won't happen

He's rubbish! don't want him anf its been stated that Pompey are after Ryan Bird, Rocha and a L1 central midfielder!



17 Jul 2013 22:41:59
Zubar to bury fc two year deal. Done deal

Failed his medical, not happening.

Bury have loaned Anton Forrester from Blackburn until the 01 of January

18 Jul 2013 21:13:19
Looks like zubar has joined bury fc



17 Jul 2013 22:00:00
enzo maresca to wba

I don't think so. Lovely bloke who was a shining light in the dullness when he was here, but not possible. We've moved on a bit now.



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