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17 Jan 2012 23:38:32
Wolves have enquired again to Leeds about Snodgrass after his quick return from his op.

The deal is likely to involve Keogh moving to Elland Road.(17)(22)Here's an idea.
Give up.
wallyI can't figure out if your name is wally, or you are just being rude and offensive ?
Perhaps you would care to enlighten us ?Why is every move for a player involves keogh according to wolves fans,leeds sent him back and Grayson said on lutv that he was not for them.You are dreaming sunshine


17 Jan 2012 23:32:02
tomas priskin in talks with chesterfield over a deal till the end of the season which would be extended to an 18 month deal if they stay in l1(1)(18)


17 Jan 2012 22:56:14
saints are in talks with montpellier . with a loan deal for tunisia defender teddy mezague . the 21 year old has play only 4 games this season.(4)(12)


17 Jan 2012 22:48:03
Oli Johnson to sign for Carlisle on a 1 year deal by Thursday.

Quotes from Johnson in Wakefield express:

Cumbrians’ boss Greg Abbott has invited Johnson to train with his troops at Brunton Park and Johnson is hoping to impress the League One promotion hopefuls with a view to securing a contract.

Johnson said: “It has gone well at Carlisle and they seem pretty happy with me.

“I am just waiting to see if they are going to offer me a deal and I am hopeful that I might find out by the end of the week.

“Any deal has got to be right for the club and me.”(3)(4) 



17 Jan 2012 23:39:44
To the poster who claimed Ipswich and Southend agreed a fee for Ferdinand on sunday in readiness to sign on tuesday. What Happened? A touch of the porky pies perhaps? No key player at Roots Hall is leaving this month. Tara Brady, CEO, and Manager Paul Sturrock issued statements recently confirming this. Carry on talking about us if you wish but theres no point in saying our better players are going because they're not going to this window.(4)(6)Clubs always say that them money ends up talks and they accept the offer and the player leavesNot when Blues are certainties for promotion - if we were'nt in the hunt then I would agree with you.


17 Jan 2012 23:37:47
Why all the fuss regarding Southend's activity? Anyone willing to comment on Blues players being sold are simply wasting their time and energy. The likes of Mohsni, Hall, Ferdinand and Grant etc are not going this month. Maybe two or even three could depart in the summer but for the time being no-one is leaving. Fringe players might but the better players are not. Anyone who disputes this and there will be some who will I'm afraid have a slight on the Club and know next to nothing about us. Up the Blues.(2)(3)


17 Jan 2012 23:02:23
Is there any truth in lee croft signing with st Johnstone as his mrs has been posting on twitter about moving with him!(7)(3) 



17 Jan 2012 22:22:43
I have heard that we are close to signing a young player on a pre-contract agreement, Zacaria Labyad (not sure if that is the correct spelling) from PSV. My source is my next door neighbor who is best friends with Neil Lennon. Not sure if he is any good all I know is he is a midfielder. Hail Hail(3)(10)18 Jan 2012 02:54:18

Young 18 yr old right winger. Good stats


17 Jan 2012 22:21:55
Burnley to sign Derby midfielder Paul Green as dean Marney goes the other way along with £200k(6)(10)Lies, marney has been one of our better players this season much improved on earlier on, in his burnley career. Why would we swap him for a below average player, get a gripIf he's so average then why is he a Ireland international they could choose other Irish players in the premier league ?Because he's one of the only players who plays week in week out that's why he plays for Ireland only a couple of their players play regular football, for a derby team with no competition in midfield. He wouldn't even get on the bench at burnley as another RofI player Keith Tracey has found out


17 Jan 2012 22:20:04
Lee Wallace of Rangers to sign for Wolves for around £1.5 million.(9)(18)At least double if your going to start a rumour dope.Rangers bought him for that u muppet, if he was be to be sold it would be close to double that figure. P.s stay aff the glue.Why should he double in price now he has played for the Mighty Rangers for six months lolHes not a premiership playerOk, so you can buy players for what their club payed for them now ... mon rangers, lets get messi on the cheap, lol, wolves win NOTHINGWolves wont be a premiership team


17 Jan 2012 22:03:44
Stoke city to sign cahill nzonzi and defoe by end of the month and sell fuller tonge soarse and arismendi as well as loaning marshal to sheff wed(11)(29)


17 Jan 2012 21:56:30
any rumours on players commin into glasgow rangers(3)(15)Marvin cellik
Enar jaager
jorge claros
sandaza WAS NOT offered a pre contractAny has been from the lower leagues in England over 35. That will do yousDoes the Tax Auditor count?You should pay Aluko back first


17 Jan 2012 21:56:13
Newcastle have completed the signing of the senegal international striker papiss cisse from freiberg, he has signed a five and half year deal and arrives for a fee of around 10 million, he will also wear the famous no. 9 shirt(26)(12)No pressure then!No 9 is his number anywayFAMOUS lolI'm not newcastle by any stretch but growing up the only famous number that was ever spoken about was the newcastle number nine shirt as worn by Milburn, macdonald & shearer of late! I know other teams have thrown their own numbers into the ring but the famous one I'm afraid is the newcastle no 9! Once again I'm certainly not a newcastle fan but history is where it is and the history of the shirt is with themYep, am a little worried about where that leaves Damba Ba (probably gone in the summer but then a 30million transfer fee for someone who cost nothing is pretty good), however Cisse's strike rate is even better than Ba's was in Germany!5 1/2 year deal? No wonder players choose Castle over other clubs....big gamble. Don't think he will partner Ba for long, if he doesn't go in this window then definitely in the Summer (PSG me thinks)Yep, gone in the summer I think, a shame but that's Ashley for youBa isnt going anywhere he is getting improved contract at newcastle if u follow hom on twitter he post missing nufc missing st james park n pleased cisse has joined him stop with ur rumours that he is leavingNot worth that sort of money


17 Jan 2012 21:21:46
Charltons 20 year old 6 foot 4 striker HAS joined Accrington Stanley on loan

Source: CAFC OS(8)(3)


17 Jan 2012 21:15:50
southampton set to let Jon Forte join walsall on loan deal to end of season(17)(4)U hear about the kid from france


17 Jan 2012 20:57:15
ryan bennett from posh to swansea 3.5 million(9)(11)


17 Jan 2012 20:33:24
Hey ed any Cardiff rumours!!!!!! :D(4)(6)We have been linked with this Cambridge winger, don't know anything about him. We might be upping out bid for noone but Malky wants to keep it quiet I think! Also we are interested in signing mackie! Don't know anything elseBetter be some ...


17 Jan 2012 20:22:47
Brighton are close to signing Ben Dickenson from Dorchester for around £100,000.(17)(4)


17 Jan 2012 20:18:59
afc bournemouth have taken watford and northern ireland international michael bryan (21) on trial(12)(1)


17 Jan 2012 20:18:36
man utd to sign van persie and hummels in summer
man utd to sign shaqiry this month
tottenham to sign rio ferdinand in summer(16)(64)Van persie will stay at arsenal!Who ever put this is teeling trust, i heard that too {Ed025's Note -Lol, muppet!Haha another person behave van persie is worth to united he gunner for life he aint goin anywhere u wud someone leave wen they are on a high and breaking records for arsenal SNM


17 Jan 2012 20:10:41
Southampton have now give up on hooper and will instead turn there interest to kris Boyd as perfect replacement for lambert(10)(28)....saints dont need to replace Lambert!?Is lambert going anywhere, i dont think so.Hooper was a non starter anyhow . too good for yous

daviebhoy08Ha. He must be too good for Celtic then.Yeah ok, celtic two times european cup winners. the saints couldnt even win league 1 last year, and then you would struggle to find anything else they have won.Your a little club compared to celtic. southampton known around the coast,celtic worldwide.your highest crowd attendance would only fill a small part of our ground.Don't live in the past mate, you know yourself that Scottish football is dead in the water. How many players have come south of the boarder only to fail. Scott macdonald couldn't even get in our team yet banged them in up in you poor attempt of a league. Why would hooper want to play that level of football for any longer than he has to,,,Sorry, while I respect all that Celtic have achieved, and yes they are a bigger club that Southampton, they have only the 1967 European Cup, although you've been runners up as well. Just saying that as (I'm assuming you are) a Celtic fan, you should learn your own history before criticising others.Since when did Celtic win two European trophiesKris Boyd. Goal machine in the SPL, Shite in the championship. Different level of football !!Whats celtic won recently? Its been all rangers for the lastfew yearsGetting bored with the whole who's bigger rubbish, does anyone actually care who's won what in the past? Personally all i care about is now, and if we get a bid accepted Hooper he will come, its simple as that, you would be niave to think to the contrary; MONEY TALKS. If not, i'm sure there are better players out there for that sort of money and is he even good enough for the premier league anyhow?


17 Jan 2012 19:58:32
Chaplow to re-sign for Burnley 500k
Straight from the club!(4)(29)Only if Charlie or Jay come the other way lolNot a chance mateWhy would chaplow move to burnley when he is a key player at the team who are top of the league?500k would by the grass hes walked onBurnley! Y on earth would he go to there,lol COYRExcelent plyer,well underated.going nowhereYou talk rubbish but I do find your imagination humorous! He's injured, has ambition and is a key player for the team at the top of the division.Why would he move to burnley, well let me guess erm maybe because we are his home club, the club that helped him make it as a proffesional. Also when he was with us he got into England's under 21 squad, boom sit downChaplow will not be leaving saints for burnley. FACT! Sit downNot in a million yearsNo chance , chaplow is one of our best players , most underated player in the champ and he can play in the prem next year with saints, also 500k wouldnt be enough , our chairman dosent sell cheap look at alex oxo


17 Jan 2012 19:53:08
Yeovil have got sam walker on a suspected 3 month loan deal(10)(2)


17 Jan 2012 19:51:52
Coventry City are considering giving Tamas Priskin a trial / short term contract to end of the season following his release from Ipswich Town.(14)(3)


17 Jan 2012 19:39:02
Barnsley are looking to bring in old boy Brian Howard on a free transfer and have offered £300,000 for Tubbs of Crawley.
Linz.(17)(11)Tubes would cost at least 1mill and much bigger clubs in for him like hudders.Barnsley fan here- tubs is valued at at least a million so why would crawly even consider a 300k bid?


17 Jan 2012 19:35:22
looks like emil heskey to link up with sunderland
loan deal until end of season .(17)(23)Can't you just buy him please NOWMag alert!!We have a big useless forward called Bendtner so I doubt it..


17 Jan 2012 19:33:47
Jordan Rhodes is discussions over move to Wolves, cash plus Andy Keogh deal expected early next week(11)(30)Must be summet in the air in the midlands 2nite,wot a load of rubbish!
1. he's not going anywhere
2. wolves couldn't afford him
3. JR too good for you
4. ur talking carpHe wants to play in Premiership with an ambitious club, he knows he can never do that with his current clubKeogh would never drop to L1 unless he was well over 30 and not 25,had his heart set on leeds but they decided against it,anyway we are in a right mess if we have to be looking at L1 players.That is being a bit deluded if you really believe Rhodes will not be leaving L1 this month,a championship club will take the risk that he may be able to do it at higher level.Are wolves really that ambitious?? they have mick mccarthy in charge and are fighting to avoid relegation each seasonExactly(comment above) West ham had a 4mil bid rejected and they have offered 4.5-5.5mil AND rhodes DOES want to play for west ham as they will be in the prem and they are in london which is where he wants to go, I AM RELATED TO HIM SO I KNOW!!Keogh actually did a good job for us at leeds,his workrate was 2nd to none,however he did only score 2 in over 20 games for us,not a replacement for JR if its goals you wantOh dear just another pityful wolves fan who thinks their the club to lead a class player forward. i will say it now, rhodes will not go UNLESS the club agrees a loan back deal in which we guarantee to keep him until may.Pityfull wolves dont make me laugh at least we are in the prem league which is what your team will never beWhy would we want to buy a lg1 player? Especially for 4m!

Fletcher is doing the business. NO THANKS!Yeahhh.. i'm related to him too..yeah....and he doesnt want to go to CHAMPIONSHIP wet sham.Keogh would score a hatfull at that level though he will not drop to that level so what Rhodes is doing this season is no different to many strikers could do who are playing in top 2 leagues,leave him alone and let west ham add a few more mill to their 100mill debt., wolves couldnt afford him?! We are one of the only teams in the Prem which actually MAKES money. And when has a player that can 'do it' against League 1 players been better than a player scoring goals in the prem(Fletcher).

Who does Rhodes even play for?JR isn't proven in the championship so he would be a gamble for any premier league club. You can't put unrealistic transfer figures on a player who is unproven.There's always some person that has to say he's related to Rhodes. No you are not you sad individual. Wolves could only dream of getting Rhodes. You wait he will be at the likes of fulham, Spurs, Sunderland next season


17 Jan 2012 19:32:55
i need some rumours please! cheers Charlton! COYR(2)(10)


17 Jan 2012 19:14:20
David Ball is linked with a loan move to Brentford(10)(1)


17 Jan 2012 19:03:57
Swindon interested in Accringtons 35year old midfielder Bryan Hughes. Source- BBC Sport(4)(19)


17 Jan 2012 18:58:55
Tamas Priskin to sign for Watford since he has been released by Ipswich(13)(10)If he does many fans will throw away season tickets as he is always offside !If we throw them at the linesman to distract him that might work.....don't think 10,000 will be enough to get us through too many games though.


17 Jan 2012 18:57:11
Swindon have signed Luke Rooney from Gillingham on a 2 and a 1/2 year deal for an undisclosed fee.(10)(0)


17 Jan 2012 18:50:01
There is a rumour that Marc Bridge-Wilkinson could return to Vale on a short term contract. Any truth in this?(2)(5)Didn't he play last time Vale won a game?


17 Jan 2012 18:48:34
Yeovil Town set to offer youth star striker Gary Degan a professional contract. Degen will accept the contract and reject offers from a host of premiership clubs.(3)(3)Only if he plays for nothing.


17 Jan 2012 18:47:44
Yeovil Town set to sign Bilel Mohsni from Southend United.
From a reliable source(4)(10)When? Only that Paul Sturrock said last week he's not going this momth.


17 Jan 2012 18:35:41
ipswich have had a 2m joint bid for portsmouth players

jason pearce and joel ward

portsmouth would not want to let these two go and dont think they would want to leave to ipswich because they are both portsmouth boys.(7)(15)These will both be Ipswich players by the end of the transfer window. I think for 2.4 million pound because pompy need the money to invest in other areas, Ben :DPompey will take what they can get. Might pay the ticket staff for a whileOr just 2 pay off sum of their debts!Not if they don't want to go. End of!Despite what you all think PFC do NOT have to sell any players unless Appleton wants them to go. These 2 players are the future of the club. Why would they want to join a club 3 points and minus 15 goals below Pompey? An awful lot of uninformed fans out there who no nothing about Pompey out there!To the PFC fan above, remember Balram.....? He's your new "owner". You better hope he wants to part with more cash as you don't have much of the 10m CSI loaned you left. Don't forget, you still have to pay the debt off.I'm sorry Pearce joined this year and has said on many occasions that he enjoys his football at Fratton Park. Joel also if a true blue as he has come up from the ranks, he is starting to make it on regulary now, and I feel that he will stay. Would love to know the source of this information. ct.


17 Jan 2012 18:34:57
wigan are looking to sign peter whittingham from cardiff for a fee around 6.5million(4)(26)Not too sure about the fee involved here, whittingham is good but not 6.5m good


17 Jan 2012 18:33:03
Derby have secured the loan signing of Sunderland starlet Ryan Noble - SSN(12)(3)As a Mackem, I know Ry will score a hatful of goals for you if he gets enough minutes on the pitch. The boy is a pure natural finisher. Hope he does really well for DCFC.Great signing for Derby-dont be put off by his small size-this kid is special!


17 Jan 2012 18:32:43
All these rumours are just rumours now for a rumour with a bit of bite Brighton will sign a prem player in the next 48 hours(2)(10)James Tavernier on loan from Newcastle?Good player.Jara or cox from west bromAnd that bloke from Dorchester for 100,000We are sussex by the sea. the pheonix is rising and the albion will be a force soon.You heard it hear first Seaguls will be going for Jamie Whisken of AFC Totton as he has been recommended by a senior player at the club


17 Jan 2012 18:30:45
cisse having medical today will sign before midnight and the fly out to join senegal in the african cup of nations(17)(4)Yeah cos everton are going places !.......championshipWat has everton got to do with newcastle signing some one


17 Jan 2012 18:11:35
David weir to be released by rangers, is to open talks with Cardiff city(9)(13)He said he's pursuing his career in England he's coming to Everton, stop dreaming !Weir is about 80 how can he possibly keep playingIf he's going to everton he will be their best player, they are awfulCardiff have 5 senior CB's on their books right now - no need for any more!


17 Jan 2012 17:51:57
Southampton are set to sign DJ Cambell off QPR for 600k and Jason Puncheon.(6)(29)DJ Campbell isn't good enough for us. We will only sign players that are going to be prem quality, DJ has already peaked and is championship quality at most.Rubbish he wouldn't even get on the bench?And QPR have just said they don't want Puncheon!QPR don't want Jason Puncheon and why would we want DJ Campbell? He's a greedy tw@, who makes these rumours? And im a saints fan ffsThis would be horrible!Believe it or not you are championshipOne self centered played for another and a fee. No thanksYou can have dj for nothing..i will drive him down to southampton


17 Jan 2012 17:48:12
Ipswich targets at the same club are Joel Ward and Jason Pearce at Portsmouth.(5)(9)You were all so accurate when it was Richie & Caddis. I will believe this when I see them signed.Won`t be going to Ipswich, end of.


17 Jan 2012 17:47:04
Drenthe will go back to his old club feyenoord at the end of the season(14)(10)He plays for madrid


17 Jan 2012 17:46:42
Leeds to sign fabian delph on loan till end of season. The talented midfielder has made it clear that a move to former club leeds is very tempting as first team football at villa has been limited.(21)(11)


17 Jan 2012 17:35:39
Crystal Palace have made an enquiry to Crawley Town about striker Tyrone Barnett but Crawley Town owners are asking for around £1m for the striker, which Palace refused to pay. Palace are reportedly turning their attentions to Sheffield Wednesday's Gary Madine, who will be available for around £500,000(6)(12)I think Wednesday bought him from carlise for around that amount and He signed on a long term contract. He's also scored 11 goals this season which includes a 6 week absence with a broken toe. Add another 100-200k and its possible.Forget that price you'd be lucky to get him for less than 2m


17 Jan 2012 17:27:22
Former Wolves Striker Carl Cort set to sign for Walsall untill the end of the season(9)(3)


17 Jan 2012 17:16:11
Punceon on his way to Millwall on a perm deal very soon.(7)(13)You must be a millwall fan with spelling like thatThat figures.....dross to bigger dross.You do not have any moneyPlease take him! Just take him away! He's all yours my friend.


17 Jan 2012 17:04:57
Any News On The Man United Striker
Coming To Coventry City(11)(13)


17 Jan 2012 16:59:48
Cardiff City and Southampton are tracking highly rated Cambridge wide man Harrison Dunk

Source:TalkSport(14)(4)Anyone know anything about him. I'm a Saints fan and I'm intrigued by this, we don't normally look to non-league, bar Aaron Martin, so he must be a very promising player.Yeah, he sucks, so he'll fit right inJust jealous that whatever tinpot club you support cant sign anyone.I'm a saints fan in Cambridge, I've seen this guy play a couple of times - never struck me as anything special. L2 at best?


17 Jan 2012 16:52:52
Maynard to West Brom, and with Long and Odemwingie returning to fitness will free up Simon Cox to go on loan to Brighton with a view to a permenant transfer in the summer(11)(15)


17 Jan 2012 16:02:35
west bromwich albion have today made an undisclosed bid for liam ridgwell of blues! however birmingham are not thought to be interested in selling(20)(6)The transfer bid has been rejected by birmingham


17 Jan 2012 16:00:22
west brom been linked with a few names:
Patrick Helmes unlikely
Cristian Rodriguez possible (dan ashworth at west brom went to portugal to see him play)
Craig Gardner unlikely
Noel Hunt definate not
Nicky Maynard possible ( more than likely a summer transfer )
Apono unlikely
Not saying these will happen , just what ive read(12)(11)Gardner best player


17 Jan 2012 15:56:29
Portsmouth to sign the following players once the takeover is complete which will be bye the end of this week.

Matt Ritchie Swindon 750,000
Matt tubbs Crawley 1 million
Jamie Vardy Fleetwood Town 1 million
Mattock WBA Loan


Dave Kitson Fulham 1 million
Liam Lawrence WBA 1 million
Kanu Released(6)(35)Dont think Ritchie will be going anywhere for that money,, which I am not saying is a good price but we will only sell for a silly money bid as he is important for us to win promotion this yearUnlikely anyone would want to go to portsmuff, unlikely the sale will go through - if it does i hope it is to that joker Cala character - brilliant!!All the big names going to pompey the new owners last of the big big spenders dreaming again thoee players are looking to upgrade themselves not go downwardsWho in there wright mind would want to sign for them no money no training ground and will be fighting relegation every season dream onI love my daily laugh from the most guileble fans in the world....The takeover man with 13000 in the bank!!!!!!!!Matt Ritchie plays in league 2! As of anyone will bid 750k get a gripPortsmouth put a sell on clause in his contract when they sold him so could well get up to 50% of any fee.Typical childish comments from scummers! See your spending big so far Pmsl wonder why that is ; ) and Ritchie has a sell on fee so that price if he came back sounds about right. but all the rest are rubbish I'd say apart from mattock.....Why would fulham want dave kitsonI'm sorry but you cannot expect a mil each for Kitson and Lawrence. That is just absurd. Crawley would want more for Tubbs too, probably.
wally-10 points?No points off at all. Don`t any of you idiots read articles on the web?It's going to be so funny when the penny finally drops with Pompey fans. Who's this new owner by the way ;-)


17 Jan 2012 15:47:06
Derek Riordan given a trial bye Blackpool.He has a Turkish team after him to.STV SPORT,Ally(15)(5)


17 Jan 2012 15:53:10
Richard Kingston former blackpool goalkeeper on trial at Middlesbrough and could sign deal until end of the season to cover injured Jason Steele and Danny coyne(9)(3)I hope you sign him , great shot stopper , great guy , just needs to kick it out better , really nice guy!
think blackpool should of stuck with him!



17 Jan 2012 15:51:34
Recent rumours from Jim White says that liverpool have made a Andy Carrol equialing bid. For Lucas the Brazilian wonderkid has been spotted in Merseyside to agree a 4 year contract with the reds. This leaves the door for Andy Carrol to return to Newcastle.(12)(27)Not be happening with us looking like where getting pappis cisseLooks like you're stuck with Carroll's wage bill for 4 yearsYes, I'm sure a wonderkid would love to go to the hasbeens. Face it, Liverpool are a well spent force, deal with it.


17 Jan 2012 15:51:17
torres decides to stay at cfc(4)(11)Where else is he going to go,proved nothing yetTorres starting to show a bit of form now! wunt mind seeing him at mufc (know it wouldn't happen) but for no more than 20m!20 million ur avin a giraffeStarting to show form?!

He hit one shot that hit the bar and that's form? Give me a break...


17 Jan 2012 15:45:42
Middlesbrough intrested in a loan deal for Fabian Delph until the end of the season to sturn up tony mowbray midfield for there promotion push in the 2nd half of the season(13)(12)


17 Jan 2012 15:45:42
David Weir will leave rangers this week and will make a surprise move to league 2 side Swindon , Weir will sign an 18-month playing contract and will help a fairly youthful squad with his undoubted experience.(9)(10)He is like 43Hi might be 43 but he can still playWish Davie all the success in the future. He has done a fantastic job for Rangers, both as player and captain and deserves every credit for his professionalism and dedication.


17 Jan 2012 15:37:58
Free agent Marc Bridge Wilkinson to sign for Walsall(5)(1)


17 Jan 2012 15:30:41
Notts County could look to Deividas Matulevičius in an attempt to solve their striker issues. The youngster has been a stand out player in the Lithuanian First Division.(6)(2)


17 Jan 2012 15:36:42
West brom have bid £2.5mill for liam Ridgewell. birmingham look set to take the offer as ridgwell not happy playing championship football(5)(11)Bid has been rejectedSnap their hands off.


17 Jan 2012 15:32:50
Harry Rednapp will take the England Managers job if he doesn't win Premier League.
Will take Kevin Bond as number two and has recommended Brendan Rodgers from Swansea to Daniel Levy as the next Spurs Manager.(22)(16)Might depend on his tax evasion trialThere are a couple of names jurgen Klinsmaan, Brendan Rodgere & Moyes -
Klinsman has been sounded out as it is assumed that redknapp will either lose his court case or quit at the end of the seasonYou must be jamie redknappHe wont win prem,and he would be a loser with england,but he talks a good gameBecoming England manager will depend on the outcome of Redknap's up and coming court case for tax avoidance.


17 Jan 2012 15:30:12
WBA just put a bid in for Liam Ridgewell no idea at the moment how much for but a def bid put in just announced on Sky Sports news(13)(4)Radio WM mentioned last night Ridgewell and Cox to swap clubs on loan to season end .


17 Jan 2012 15:02:30
Falque to southampton on loan is a done deal, glasgow celtic to sell ki to villa with petrov going back to the bhoys. Jordan rhodes is going NOWHERE unless silly money is offered, Everton to offer real madrid a sum for Drenthe whfn loan deal expires. Qpr to sign Samba, Henrique, Wayne Bridge, Zamora and possibly a few others.(8)(18)Everything believable except the last bit because qpr who are a relgation threatened club will not sign the players listed for 1 reason. the players have common senseWhy would everton offer a fee when he's out of contract at the end of this season?People making complete crap up on here always get found out because their lies are so blatant and unfounded, they get found out!!!

You do realise Drenthe is on a season loan and is on a free come June? so they're just giving them money for nothing are they when they actually don't have anything??

go back to your xbox you cretin!!When the loan expires so does his contract with Real , he is a free agent and EFC have first option , Real will not get any money from the dealSo Henrique who has agreed to join the club will not be joining, proves that you talk sh!t, only thing that could stop that is a work permit !!


17 Jan 2012 14:56:38
Arsenal are ready to sell Arshavin for around £12mil to help fund a move for Koln's striker Lukas Podolski. However Mario Gotze is also wanted by the London club.(7)(9)What sane person would pay 12million for arshavin?We bought him for moreOnce again what sane person would pay 12m for himGive up with the Goetze rumours. He's staying at Dortmund. It's as if you people can't fathom a world where a young German player wants to stay at his home club. BVB agreed a fee for Marco Reus meaning they're really going to challenge Bayern Munich for the title. Goetze, Hummels and Reus, are there for the long haul. Dortmund are also in the enviable position of being one of 15 clubs operating well in the black so they don't need to be held to ransom by foreign clubs like Arsenal, Barca and Real. End of. If you want Goetze, watch Dortmund. It's the only way Arsenal fans will get close to him for the foreseeable future. 2013. And you'd better hope Germany doesn't win the Euros or that Bayern Munich play at the Champions League final in Munich because that would almost certainly spell the end for any German nationals leaving the Bundesliga.I agree, based on his current form I cannot see any club willing to pay his wages which are currently about 70,000/wk plus a 12M signing fee, unless of course you are desperate enough to try and stay in premier league, at the moment the only club in premier who look like gambling silly money is QPR and even they would not pay that kind of money for Arshavin.


17 Jan 2012 14:55:21
Newcastle in talks with Freiburg for 10m striker Papiss Cisse.

QPRstepping up there interest in Enrique from Sao Paulo, Alex from Chelsea...also Zamora at Fulham, and Samba at Blackburn.

Liverpool will leave it late in the window to try and get good deals on Defoe from Spurs and Kalou from Chelsea.

Spurs may turn to Athletic Bilbao Llorente after losing out on Remy(16)(12)In talks lad,done deal my son and try 7.5 million
In Pardew we trustWhy would liverpool want defoe,behaveIn Pardew we trust! is that the same Pardew no body up there wanted-fickle or what!Check your facts know-it-all, Pardew was well coveted years before he came, we all liked his style of football, the only reason we didn't jump for joy when he came was because Mike Ashley got him in and, well, you don't have to be a genius to know we would all be against anything he did.


17 Jan 2012 14:48:34
Swindon's Matt Richie has announced that he will look to leave the club in the summer despite say before that he is not interested in leaving.(7)(18)Dont talk rubbish !!Announced where??- What a load of old Rubbish!!

Swindon League 2 Winners 2011/12 you heard it here first. Quick take 5/1 on , the odds will only get shorter the longer the season goes on.......Swindon will not get out of L2 this season and he will be gone.


17 Jan 2012 14:44:44
izale mcleod is coming home to mkdons:) FACT!!(6)(13)Didn't he start his career at derby ... although if you can steal others football club and call it your own , then i guess by your standards he might well be on his way home


17 Jan 2012 14:35:07
Drogba going to China according to his driver(5)(22)Blimey, that's a lot of petrol.More likely to hit IFL first money will e so much better for a couple months wok then see where to go from there I thinkGood oneWhat's his name,Wouldn't be Rick Shaw would itShould'nt that be diver


17 Jan 2012 14:32:04
any barnsley rumours(6)(10)


17 Jan 2012 14:31:45
any takeover rumours susi out(3)(8)


17 Jan 2012 14:29:01
Nicky Maynard set to sign for WBA for £3.5m in the coming days after his appalling showing against Brighton as Bristol City are finally fed up of him.
Stephen McManus - Middlesborugh £500k
Paul McGowan - St. Mirren £250k
Francisco Sandaza - St. Johnstone £250k

Lee Johnson - Chesterfield £100k
Nicky Hunt - Huddersfield £100k

I know that Paul McGowan is signing as I have seen in sat in the park opposite Ashton Gate walking his cat.(9)(13)Wba will not pay 3.5mill for this player.

roy wants defender thats why he has bid for ridggewell


17 Jan 2012 14:28:53
The toons new number 9 is on his way,Papiss Cisse
Premiership beware the senegal soul brothers up front(21)(11)Be a force to rekon withIt will be Pele next,then Ronaldo,messi,and Gerrard!What was that u .... he s signed 4 year contract with the toon be confirmed at 10 tonight just paper work to be put in well done mike ashley & alan pardew europe here we come


17 Jan 2012 14:13:18
Burnley sign Ben mee from city(11)(3)


17 Jan 2012 14:11:38
john oster to sheff utd, nick montgomery to doncaster(2)(11)Rubbish - keep your cast-offs..........Wilson wants goals from midfield and Oster's got 2 in 89 for Donny. How prolific!He is a championship player so better than L1 players at blunts,you should bite our arm off.


17 Jan 2012 14:25:22
Tottenham are on route to complete 2 signing before the weekend. Jack rodwell is one and the other is believed to be doumbia from cska in russia.(11)(15)Unlikely however i would welcome bothWhy would Harry sign Rodwell if we already have Parker, Sandro, Huddlestone and Livermore all competing for one position? Stupid rumourThere's also that other bloke that plays in the middle... What's his name again? Luka something...


17 Jan 2012 14:24:09
Is anyone interested in fc basel player shaqiri ? everyone is mentioning xhaka, but shaqiri is soo much better . Would love in the chelsea team !(7)(6)Going to Turkey apparently mate ? Because he has roots there.


17 Jan 2012 14:22:54
newcastle in talks with freiburg for papiss cisse he is on way to newcastle now for talks he has to be quick as he flies to african cup tomorrow
sky sports news(13)(5)He is a beast.He plays for senegal yes? same team as demba ba? how comes this bloke got longer at his club then ba did?Wat a statement of intend from the townHope so mate it will take a beast to take the no 9 shirtHe didnt he has flown back from the training camp and going bk to africa tomarrowTo be honest never heard of guy until yesterday read he had a good season last but this season team in relegation battle also they have bought someone to replace him so couldn't wait to get rid of him. sounds a good deal though 7.5mill considering reports in media yesterday had him valued at 18millCould it be Demba Ba's replacement? Unlikely I know but who knows?Thats a lie


17 Jan 2012 14:22:07
WBA - Fulham enquired about Odemingie, 3 million plus up to 2 players. This could mean Maynard to the Albion from Bristol City especially as Chris Wood has gone on loan there from the Albion

RDG(5)(11)Let him go, one season wonderIs odemingie the porn star brother of Peter odemwingie?There has been no enquiry or talks between Albion and Fulham re Odemwingie. It's paper talk nothing moreI can see this happening but not for 3mill prob 5 mill


17 Jan 2012 14:18:35
Harry Redknapp to do a usual deadline day signing and bring in Ricardo Kaka for around £38mil with Pavy, Defoe and Dos Santos leaving to QPR, Liverpool and Bolton respectively.(9)(6)38 mill this spurs they be worried if they payed 38 u will bring someone in but only on cheap 10 mil very very tops one more spurs fan top 3 think they a big club can bring in anyone dream onYou realise these deals would leave spurs with one striker, who's only here on loan? eejit


17 Jan 2012 14:01:09
any leicester city rumors(6)(6)You're not doing very well are you.Little club with big ideas going nowhere'LITTLE CLUB'? yh right m8 were hardly a little club...our owners are minted and the want promotion why u think sven got sacked? 'NO AMBITION'? wot a fool u know nothing!

Nigel Pearson has made 750,000 bid for Jamie VardyYeah ive got leicester rumors bamba and king to norwich, wilbraham to leicester and 3.5mBilly sharp to hull city up yours pearsonSacking sven was a bad idea now you have boring nige. your going nowhere oh how does the table look down there COYH.


17 Jan 2012 13:42:09
Hey ed. any truth in the news liverpool have bid 5m for sinclair ? thanks :) {Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}(13)(12)


17 Jan 2012 13:50:48
Alex to sign for QPR tomorrow..
Henrique to sign within days...
Wayne Bridge still a possibility..(17)(7)


17 Jan 2012 13:50:06
"bids are flying in for chelsea superstar drogba" says chelsea manger AVB but "i am not gonna sell"(9)(8)


17 Jan 2012 13:39:01
manchester city have lauched a £35.6m bid for goal of the year scorer neymar from santos on a 5 year deal(17)(17)Never gonna happen for that kind of money plus did he not say he is staying in brazil till after the 2014 world cup?
yido1981He has already agreed a deal at Barca for either next season or the one afterThought he signed an agreement with barcelona who have lent him backWould love him@city but i believe he has already agreed a move to Barcelona`hes already signed a pre-contract with Barca has he notThink hes actually signed a new contract with santos and see's his future there after being persuded to stay in brazil by pele, who also stricly told him do not to go to the premiership as it wouldnt suit (too physical for him)Man city need to stop trying to buy the world . This is called plastic fraud .


17 Jan 2012 13:34:29
Bournemouth made an approach to Crawley again over the possibilty of signing Matt Tubbs, Tubbs wanted the move and basically agreed personal terms for a 3.5 year contract but crawley told AFCB they wanted 410k but AFCB would not pay that much for him.

Reliable source

Charlie(6)(13)Rubbish I am friends with Tubbs and he wants to stay with Crawley unless a championship club come in for him, also Crawley if do decide to sell which is unlikely in January want between 500 and 600, 000, RELIABLE SOURCEIf you were friends with him you would know this is true considering he used to play football with me and play footy for same team


17 Jan 2012 13:33:11
chelsea have today lauched a £25m bid for the signature of edin hazzard to out bid manchester city and manchester united(12)(12)Chelsea will not outbid city.Chelsea to outbid Manchester City. That's a good one. How daft would it look if Eden Hazard ended up at Manchester United for half that price? Simply because Lille wanted something from them?


17 Jan 2012 13:28:33
Walsall confirm interest in Darren Carter and Jonathon Forte -expressandstar(8)(4)


17 Jan 2012 13:27:45
Walsall have confirmed intrest in Darren Carter(7)(5)


17 Jan 2012 13:11:15
Saints in talks with Ched Evans, Adkins sees him as an ideal back up for Lambert. Sources in Sheffield say he is available for 1.5m with Ryan Doble going the other way.(7)(12)He won't be going anywhere until his court case has been sorted. And 1.5m is a joke, the guys got a goal a game ratio, I doubt sheff utd would sell him for anything less than 2.Don't think this is mover. Doble has just joined Bury on a month loan and Adkins sees him as one for the future.Rubbish. He's going down in March so nobody will touch him. It's why a number of clubs aint bid for him.Doble will be a Bury plyer until after the window closes. Also, Evans rape trial set for March - Adkins won't risk 1.5m on that basisEvans don't have gl a game ratio as that means he would have almost as many as Rhodes but even if he did nothing to get excited about it is only L1,


17 Jan 2012 12:48:14
Ipswich are aiming for a complete squad overhaul & have made an offer totalling £1.4m for Southend United's Kane Ferdinand, Anthony Grant, Bilel Mohsni, Sean Clohessy, Mark Phillips, Liam Dickinson & youth team sensation Daryl Savage.

This is from a very reliable source and his wee birdie.

blue79(6)(17)Moshni is the biggest Tart i have seen in football constantly diving and feigning injury when touched by an opponent. He is a really irritating player and when he played us thankfully we beat them as he was trying to cheat all game.

If Ipswich get him he will really wind you up watching him.

I hope its true though that Southend sell a couple of players so we can go on and win the league.Kane Ferdinand and Ryan Hall to Ipswich will be compleated by the weekendThe word around Southend is that Hall is off to the scum up the road (Col Ewe)Ipswich bid could be for Kane Ferdinand, and either Ryan Hall or Anthony Grant,Ive heard that Daryl Savage is quite a useful player. Should make the first team sometime this seasonOf course hall would want to goto col u better team ,higher division ,better ground than that old ramshackle tin hut roots hall with all the chavs watching from their flats


17 Jan 2012 13:20:49
Just been speaking to norwich keeper rudd who shares same agent as jack rodwell and he said the everton man has had talks with spurs over a move.(11)(13)Is that Declan Rudd, Norwich born lad or John RUDDY who used to play for Everton?
I'm not sure your right! and wouldn't be a good move for Rodwell either, where would he fit in?


17 Jan 2012 12:42:12
Tubbs a replacement for Murray? He left Brighton 6 months ago.(4)(9)Glenn murray. money grapping . should stay at the slum hole of croyden.Tubbs ain't going anywhere he said on Late Kick Off on Monday that he's happy to stay at Crawley


17 Jan 2012 12:35:42
Hey Ed is there any truth that Leeds united are tracking kris Boyd {Ed001's Note - I have no idea sorry.}(6)(14)Apparently, there were talks last week. Nothing appears to have resulted from them. I heard other Championship and SPL teams were also interested, so maybe he's checking out his options. Personally, I hope he doesn't join Leeds. The last thing we need now is a slow, unfit, highly-paid striker, even if it would complete our Scottish triumvirate.

Then again, the last striker we signed like him was Beckford, and that turned out alright in the end.
wallyIf larry needs to know anymore about him ask strachan,he stated the lad was a big let down for him at boro,i watched him play there,his legs seem to move but he never goes anywhere,but if he's a free agent sg and kb will be licking there lips


17 Jan 2012 12:21:02
kwasi appiah to join Blackpool by Friday on a 2year deal for 200,000(18)(5)


17 Jan 2012 11:35:56
ed, Any Burton Albion rumours? {Ed001's Note - nothing mate sorry.}(2)(5)Harry Pell could move from hereford to burton, it is belieaved that if the clubs agree a fee he wants to move to Burton


17 Jan 2012 11:35:16
Any transfer news for wigan ed {Ed001's Note - no news, this January has been very quiet all round so far, bit of a let down really.}(2)(5)


17 Jan 2012 11:49:56
maynard to sign for premier league club next week believed to be WBA, Wolves, Aston Villa, Everton, Swansea or Qpr but he doesn't want a move to Qpr or WBA as he does not like their style of Football, Swansea is his preffered destination but they cannot afford his 6 mil price tag.
Wilfred Zaha wanted at Villa which would mean Heskey would certainly leave Villa Park.
Wolves and Qpr to fight for Alex but he does not want to go to Qpr as he wants premier league football next season but they seem to be offering him more.. watch this space...
Liverpool looking at Wolves' Steven Fletcher but Mick McCarthy reluctant to let go for less than 20 mil.
Andy Carroll set for Qpr loan deal as Liverpool will turn to Qpr's Helguson if they fail with fletcher.
Harry Redknapp working on a swap deal for Demba Ba involving a fringe player, beleived to be Pavlyuchenko, Danny Rose or Niko Krancjar
Kevin Davies, Kenwyne Jones, Piquionne, or Jordan Rhodes to be nearing wolves move. for their sake i hope it's not piquionne.
Finally Arsenal looking at bringing Anthony Stokes on loan with a definite view to a premanent with Chamakh or Joel Campbell going the other way in the summer.(6)(39)All BulltJesus...did you sit up all night thinking of what rubbish to write?
maynard for the premier league nice to see you narrowed it down to just half the league...then in the next line contradict yourself by sayin hes not going to 2 of these clubs.
as for helgusson for liverpool...this rubbish doesnt even deserve a response.
anthony stokes...arsenal...haha what planet do you live on ya numpty.Anthony Stokes was at Arsenal before and Wenger let him go... I watch him regulary and although he is a good striker he has not set the world alight to change Wengers mind... as for Chamakh going the other way hope he is prepared to lose 50k a week!What is this dribbleIf stoke dont sign a forward kenwyne wont go no whereMaynard 6M, bristol city will be lucky to get 2MStokes cant get a game at celtic.gunner no wayAre u on drugsMaynard is on transfer list and is out of contract in summer so BC will sell for anything or lose for nothingWot a proper nut job u r. helguson to liverpool ? carroll to qpr ? like they would send him out on loan when they spent 35mil. as for alex to qpr its nearly a done deal along with 4 other prem players.Alex is not a done deal a fee has not been reached yetWorst rumours ever!Maynard is going to Swansea for initial 750k with Dobbbie going the other way with option to buy/sign at end of season. Deal would work out at roughly 2.5 Million.............. You heard it here first peeps!x


17 Jan 2012 12:13:08
Ghanaian 1st choice international keeper Adam Kwarasey, currently playing in Norway for Stromsogedset, is on his way to Norwich in a deal worth around 350 k £(6)(7)Actually hes on his way to the african nationsHe is indeed on his way to the African Nations Cup but did say he would defer on a decision whether to leave Norway or not until after that. No mention of Norwich though.


17 Jan 2012 12:12:58
Sam Allardyce is keen to try and bring in
2 or 3 of the following young players:

Mervan Celik - Discusions ongoing
Jay Rodriguez - Bid prepared
Billy Sharp - Talks ongoing
Fabian Delph - Possible
Peter whittingham - bid on table(9)(17)Never gunna get whittinghamMerman celik is going to rangers.Whitts won't leave us unless you bid about 6-7mil!We won't get delph,he is talking to leeds apparently and he won't choose us over them although he would be good.Mervin celik in talks with rangers west ham and Middlesbrough appears rangers favourites to sign himNo chance on getting whittingham!They;re all more ambitious than that. Most probs stay where they are till summer then try for a lower half prem clubTalks on going with billy sharp? west ham need to put a bid in first. Leicester are the only team to have bid for him so far


17 Jan 2012 11:31:12
Antonio German is training with Brentford Football Club, Uwe Rosler is looking to add to his attacking options.(1)(5)


17 Jan 2012 11:24:15
I was told by a Newcsastle player that Demba BA said his goodbye's to the players before leaving for the AF cup. However other french teams are on alert as PSG is NOT yet a done deal but France is Ba's choice.(17)(23)I was talking to Messi and he says Him,Xavi and Villa are joining Wigan. Well YOU started it!!It would be quite rude of him to go away for a month without sayin BYE wouldnt itAnother sunderland fan with an unhealthy obsession with newcastle.
very oddThat is old news on demba baI'm a tottenham fan you geordie foolNewcastle in talks with ba senagal team mate cisse to keep him at club"Another sunderland fan with an unhealthy obsession with newcastle.
very odd"
Is that same same Geordie fans that sing Man City songs even odder


17 Jan 2012 11:48:32
Celtic are planning to watch Nigerian striker Michael Uchebo in action in his club's next game,

The 21-year-old VVV Venlo forward has recently been on trial at Stoke but was not offered a contract by the English Premier League club.

Scouts from Celtic will travel to watch the 6ft 6 striker this Sunday.

He is out of contract in the summer but it is thought he would be available immediately for under 1 million euros.

Work permit could prove difficult though.(3)(5)Hes gone back africa and he was poor in his trial .and he couldnt get a work permit got refused so cant see it happeningWatch him were? hes not playing sunday hes not even in the nigerian squadRangers r bring him over for a trial so that is where celtic might see himStoke did take him and yes was going to get a contract till he could not get a work permit so
Could not make the move as for calling him he looks a good player then new kanu and u can see why , he will find his way to uk soon but not this season so sorry no trials for anyone elseResponse to the 2nd comment... I said they are watching him play for his CLUB not Country... He was capped at U20 level by Nigeria... Tony Pulis gave good reports on him but decided he wasnt for him.


17 Jan 2012 11:24:15
Chelsea looking for a deadly right winger, villas boas has had is eye on Hulk but has an interest in Jesus Navas and Lens(8)(12)DebatableNote deadly right winger...hulk is no winger ya numptySorry mate I think your wrong hulk is a brazilian striker/winger that plays for fc porto, watch football instead of reading comicsIf he had his eye on the hulk then he ain't looking for a "deadly right winger! " as hulk is not a winger!Hulk can play as a winger or a striker.Actually he plays on the right side of a front 3 or upfront, but anyhow both are rubbish! Navas wont play for anyone other than sevilla as he gets homesick! and hulk is overrated and overpriced!


17 Jan 2012 11:19:54
Barry Bannan has been linked with a move to Sunderland. With Craig Gardner not settling in the north east he could be used as a make-weight and 2-3million.(10)(14)Barry Bannan will be a Man Utd player in the summer....McLeish has stated that none of his first team are leaving or even for sale.
Gary Gardner is much better than Craig anyways.Sorry mate but Bannan is never going to join Sunderland & neither will he join Man Utd.
He is rated well but he can not even get into the villa starting squad since Ireland started playing very well anyway.


17 Jan 2012 11:16:30
QPR -mark hughes has told joey barton to find a new club ..there on going fued was followed by barton and huges not even speaking to one anougther in training ..(16)(9)Recent post from joey7barton via Twitter

"Mark Hughes and his backroom team are very good. The camp is buzzing and I am not leaving".Yeh thats him stating he wont be movedThat would be about right for barton - he should be in jail!


17 Jan 2012 11:13:57
demba ba -agent Mulders Advocaten in talks with Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo accourding to french news papers demba ba is keen to return home and is pushing for a psg move(16)(14)Bet this lad is a sunderland fan..
obsession since 1892Nope hes correctNewcastle DELUSION since 1995Haha wat a load of everyone is wanting ba out the prem there all scared of himWhen his senegal teamate gas just joined newcastle to link up with him. im doubting it!


17 Jan 2012 11:09:23
Qpr to line up 15 million pound bid for jack rodwell(5)(26)Why would Rodwell want to join QPR? Everton are much much better!As a QPR fan, wouldn't say your that much better, think we will improve from our slump, but this is B@llocks no chance of happening and I doubt it's even crossed Sparky's mindAre you in your right mined, we know jack will almost certainly go to a top four side, but qpr, what av you been smoking !Sorry my friend, dont support either of these sides but how can you say Everton aren't a better side? theres no comparison is there? on one hand a well estabilshed prem club who in last 5yrs have finished 6th, 5th, 5th, 8th, 7th. on the other, well a club just promoted from the championship and now struggling to adapt in the top league. c'mon fella take those hooped tinted glasses off.


17 Jan 2012 11:08:08
it is true Sean O'Driscoll may be the new Plymouth Argyle manger(9)(10)Not strictly. Carl Fletcher requested an advisor/mentor to assist him, someone with managerial experience, and James Brent has agreed, and O'Driscoll looks likely to be announced in this capacity before the Crawley game. Bryher PilgrimAdvistor only.


17 Jan 2012 11:02:42
joe lewis to make a move back to norwich(10)(11)At the weekend p.l. said he would think about if he needs to bring in gk. So cant see him spending 1 half to 2 million on lewis. Wishfull thinking i thinkHopefullyOut of contract in summer, so think looking at under a mill. plus we have %40 sell on so we could get him cheap. however he wouldnt want to come back sit on the bench again.


17 Jan 2012 11:00:43
Just wondering is Richard Kingston going to sign for any1 soon and if so who he might be at the ACON though(0)(3)


17 Jan 2012 11:00:37
Norwich striker Chris Martin looks to be on his way to Crystal Palace in a swap deal which would see Wilfreid Zaha going to Carrow Road.(8)(2)Wishfully thinking adding 2+2 and getting 5.zaha is destined for a big club when he moves and funny enough that means not Norwich.Lad has been outstanding if he can shine at a dive like palace. He should get a move 2 the very bestYes,but would he get a game? I think not!


17 Jan 2012 10:59:29
MAN CITY- have made enquires about ravel morrison and paul pogba from man u
FULHAM - soon to make formal bid for wba peter odemwingie as bobby zamora is in talks with QPR
MAN UNITED - in talks with BASEL midfielder granit xhaka
LIVERPOOL - soon to make a formal bid for Scot sinclair
ARSENAL- set to loose out on lukas podolski as MOSCOW LOKO said they will match any offer and better the wages then arsenal can offer him.
STOKE CITY - in advanced talks with steven n"zonzi from BLACKBURN
SPURS -will be told by loic remy he doesnt want to join them and has cut all intrested with the club(14)(14)Sinclair is over rated and has the second worst miss of the season to his nameThe top prediction about city is true.Everybody seems to overlook that city are quietly building for the future,signing some great young talentNone of this potential top talent will get a chance because city have so much money, they are like a kid in a sweet shop. How many of their much vaunted "home grown" talent of 5 years ago have been given a chance? With the likes of Nasri on the bench, it aint gonna happen is it?Why would podolski play in the russian league!? more money, he mustn't be on that much money at köln so arsenal will be able to match what he is on now without disrupting their wage structure


17 Jan 2012 10:41:20
Lets put to bed the Vaz Te rumour
No bid as been placed by Ipswich Town
His agent as had no contact with Ipswich
Source Vaz Te himself and Barnsley fc
Iwork in a newsroom and can confirm this as correct
Was asked to check this out by my mate a season ticket holder at Ipswich(12)(8)You are dead right, Ipswich have not put a bid in for himOlso why would he leave for a team that could very weel go down somthing is just not right at that club


17 Jan 2012 10:40:30
Burnley will sign DJ Campbell from QPR on Loan if they fail to sign Sam Vokes from Wolves(6)(9)No chance


17 Jan 2012 10:38:36
Rangers to make 1M bid for Burnleys Ross Wallace(2)(12)And where are rangers gettin this money fromGet a grip, the champions DO have moneyYeah and burnley to flog j.rodriguez 2 norwich


17 Jan 2012 10:27:17
Italian giants Roma and Lazio are both looking at Marvin Sordell as a player for development.(3)(15)


17 Jan 2012 10:25:59
Odemwingie to Fulham. Johnson plus cash. 100% sure(20)(13)100% kak.Hope so, wingie is not worth his wages so far this season


17 Jan 2012 10:24:50
neil warnock to be the next watford manager is a load of rubbish!(7)(19)When he is ready he will be looking for a club close to his family and that means Yorkshire.They live in Cornwall, but why let that stop a pony rumour.Please go to ipst warnock scum is where you belong!


17 Jan 2012 10:08:22
Some big moves for the Aussies

AZ Alkmaar striker Brett Holman is looking to make a move to Villa Park under Alex McLeish. The Villains have struggled in the last ten or so games after a great start to their season and the new boss will be looking to add a new catalyst to their front line.

Tim Cahill to QPR definitely by the 25th Jan

Rhys Williams, the 23 year-old Boro midfielder Australian star has been linked with a host of Premier Leagues including Newcastle, Bolton and West Brom and earlier in the week it was reported that his agent had met with representatives from Anfield.(2)(12)


17 Jan 2012 09:27:24
Any news on wolves targets ed, do u think Alex will join wolves? {Ed001's Note - nothing much mate, and it is possible, difficult to tell considering it will be his choice, who can say what team he will choose? On the face of it, no, but he might see a good chance to play regular football and jump at it.}(5)(8)


17 Jan 2012 10:05:20
Bournemouth loans. Jayden Stockley to Aldershot, Gary Bowles to Torquay.(3)(8)


17 Jan 2012 09:49:01
mark mcgee to be new rovers manager in scottish papers(4)(9)Ex bristol city, fans would nt accept mark mcgee


17 Jan 2012 09:45:01
berbatov to leverkusen - £7.5m
man utd to buy sturridge(10)(20)Ha ha like Chelsea would sell him, and to Man U!? This is coming from a Spurs fan.I have read some rubbish in my time but that statement blows them all out of the water. chelsea to sell without doubt our best player this season (and whos only goin to get better) to a title rival? why wud you even bother write something lke that?....blues fanI agree with the fact that chelsea will not sell Sturidge but really are you still a tital rival I dont think so!!Probally not but we'll be title rivals again as soon as this season is over!


17 Jan 2012 09:39:31
Bristol City had a £750,000 bid rejected yesterday for Fleetwood's Jamie Vardy.(6)(17)James vardy probably made this post himself hes so rubbish.750k for a conference player,what ever next. {Ed003's Note - 1m }


17 Jan 2012 09:36:57
Russell Anderson has just signed for Aberdeen again(12)(7)


17 jan 2012 09:04:03
any bristol city transfer news please,(6)(12)


17 Jan 2012 08:49:33
Malky mackay gone to Malaysia to talk to owners! Hopefully about new signings
Hooper will stay at Celtic(20)(9)


17 Jan 2012 08:48:17
Jonny Evans to Qpr(10)(21)Well he's not great, but can probably do better than that for himselfYou can keep himWhere were you when Utd needed to get rid of him? Now he's better than usual and Vidic being out for the season has given him the unlikely chance to prove he's learned something from last year. No thanks. Defenders, midfielders and strikers - can't afford to get rid of any of them right now if there's no available replacement.


17 Jan 2012 08:46:44
Zaha and clyne to leave palace. FACT!(25)(23)Ye, one day they will leave, but not today.You could say every player will leave a club at some point in their careers. However, Clyne won't leave until the summer and Zaha will still be here next season.To be honest i think they will they are to good for a lower league team they should be at a prem team like QPR 0r newcastle:)^Or Norwich:)


17 Jan 2012 08:44:19
Leeds united football club need to start looking at players with the the potential of competing at a higher level. The latest rumour buzzing around elland road is that callum davenport is on trial at the club and he will shortly be joined by that hopeless centre forward zaki who had a great 2 games at wigan last season!(3)(19)Players that can compete at a higher level cost money, which Leeds don't have or won't spend.And ill think you'll find it wasnt last season plus i would hardly call davenport a high class player along with amir zaki who had half a good season in the premiership,think your points through first and yes agreeing with the previous comment,leeds have crap all money so not much chance unless ye get some cash flowUnfortunately we can not get our hopes up Bates has already said if he does go the prem he only wants the parachute payment when they go straight back down, this will be backed up by no progression at all and no players who like sheep, leaving the fans fuming as they all like sheep and wippetsDavenport was on trial 2 years again and couldn't cut the mustard thenBates out nowSnograss to norwich


17 Jan 2012 08:39:30
QPR signings :
Alex to sign today/tomorrow
Samba to sign by Friday
Henrique to sign by Wednesday next week due to work permit
Total cost £12-13m(12)(32)Not signing samba.12-13m for these 3 combined? Even with Joorabchian's (in no way morally or legally questionable) business connections this seems to be too low to be realistic. Could see them all ending up at the club though.Spurs or qpr,I wonder who he will choose.Samba is far from done but to say there is no possibility is just stupid, Alex if he comes will be about 3-4 million and Henrique is a loan, maybe a little under, maybe a touch hopeful but well within reason.


17 Jan 2012 08:34:07
Crystal Palace, Brentford & Leyton Orient are all interested in bringing in Oldham Athletic's Djeny Bembo-Leta. The highly rated youngster is believed to be valued at around £200,000 by the Latics.

And where have Orient got that money from? Get your facts right.(1)(16)The sale of Charlie Daniels to Bournmouth


17 Jan 2012 08:21:36
Ipswich to sign Southend youngsters Kane kerdinand and anthony grant on 3-year deals along with Paul caddis on a 2-year contract!(9)(14)When should Ipswich sign the Southend players?Expect them 2 by the weekend, with Caddis from Swindon


17 Jan 2012 08:02:19
Ipswich want:
Southends-Kane Ferdinand and Anthony Grant
And people were wrong about the duo being Paul caddis and matt ritchie it turns out the final player is though paul caddis!(4)(12)Neither are going

Southend arent selling.

Swindons will though.Want but are too poorSouthend are selling they'll be none league in 4 years


17 Jan 2012 08:01:11
Watford to sign Arsenal's Jernade Meade on loan for the remainder of the season.(17)(3)


17 Jan 2012 07:56:42
spoke to a good source last night regarding Hooper to saints and yes SFC have offered somewhere around 6m payable in full, however my understanding is Hoopers agents had told the celtic board to re-new his contract and put him on level with the highest paid player in the club or he will speak to SFC, i also understand that SFC have said they will wait until wednesday latest otherwise they will move on -

Maynard! i'm hearing

Billy sharpe wanted 45k per at Leicester
Leicester interested in Zac Knight

also Reading to be taken over by some Russian money man

AW....(13)(17)Hooper has again publicly said he is happy at Celtic and will not be leaving. Celtic have again told Southampton they are wasting their time with a 6m bid. If Celtic don't accept a bid and give permission for a player under contract then he cannot speak to anyone, so the post loses all credibility.

Hooper will not leave in this window.DeludedCongratulations to the poster that has learnt the word "Deluded" ! You must have been reading this website alot as its the only thing you numpty's can say!Since when did agents tell clubs what to do?? must have been off sick the day that memo went around

the fact is, hooper has 2 and a half years left on his existing contract, and it's up to celtic, and celtic alone when they discuss any contract issues.

celtic opened discussions about 2 months ago regarding extending his contract and increasing his wage. hooper asked the club to wait until the summer so he could concentrate on his football without any niggling worries. both parties agreed this, and hooper has on 2 occasions this month came out and said he doesn't want to leave

i'd love to know who your "good source" is, because i can guarantee he/she will have no information on celtic or hooper if this is the kinda BS you're coming up withI understand what your saying and i hope he stays, if he decides to put a transfer request in if he doesn't get a new deal then lets see what happensI imagine that agents tell everyone what to do. If Celtic wait until there is 1.5 years on his contract then it will become more expensive. Speaking as a saints fan. I could never see the deal going through. IMO 6m is too much and Celtic dont want/need to sell. Its a bit like the Lambert to Necastle for 5m rumours (probably a good estimate of his value) and I am sure Pardew would love him but Newcastle will not fork out the unreasonably large wedge that would be required.Zac knight! lol. zat.Think you'll find, its Zat Knight


17 Jan 2012 07:36:27
After completing the Cahill transfer, Chelsea will be looking to open talks with Porto about Hulk who could go for as much as £84 million and about Falcao who could go for around £35 million.

On the other hand, Chelsea will be looking at selling Alex, Jose Bosingwa, Drogba, Petr Cech, Paulo Ferreria, Branislav Ivanovic, Florent Malouda and Salomon Kalou, with Nicolas Anelka already having left.

This could all amount to a £50 million gain for chelsea but the spendings (including Cahill) will amount to £126 million giving Chelsea a loss of £76 million. {Ed002's Note - Falcao does not play for Porto any longer.}(6)(25)Falcao only moved to Atletico Madrid in the summer for about 40m so i doubt they would be looking to ship him out so soon, and for a loss considering he is their top goalscorerWhy would chelsea sell cech, Im a united fan and i really rate high!Falcao no longer plays for Porto, moved to Ath. Madrid in the summer and is their top league scorer so very unlikely to move after only half a are going to regret this rubbish you dont even know what clubs the players play forWhy ivanovic and bosingwa just bosingwa


17 Jan 2012 01:33:02
Eden hazard has turned down the chance to sign for liverpool as he wants champions league football next season so joe cole will now be used as part of a deal for sow (from what ive heard not 100%) and hazard who is Chelsea's other target after the Cahill signing wants a move to Spain over a move to England but I know spurs are also interested (do you agree ed?)

Godfather {Ed002's Note - No. There was no chance of Eden Hazard joining Liverpool. Unless an extraordinary bid matching the clubs valuation is made in January, Eden Hazard will not be available to the summer. Whilst Real Madrid or Barcelona remain his preferred destination PSG, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan are all interested to one degree or another. I said over the summer that I would not be surprised to see Manchester United through their hat in to the ring with Hazard as well. I don't see Hazard moving to Liverpool, Juventus, AC Milan or Arsenal for that matter. Chelsea have maintained a long-term interest but one particularly influential party at the club sees the player as having an attitude problem. However, Chelsea have discussed the player with Lille and an offer by Chelsea is very much a possibility. Additionally they may offer up a younger player to move in the other direction come the summer (when he will be available).}(6)(7)


17 Jan 2012 04:11:29
Wigan have made a 2.5million bid for on form Celtic striker Georgios Samaras it is believed Celtic will acept the offer, and use the money from the sale of him and Hooiveld to buy Baba Diawara. Samaras had a bid accepted by the club in the past, but he would not agree terms with the new club as he is reluctant to leave Celtic(8)(15)GREAAAAAAAATTTT PLAYER!!!!!!!!If this is true, i'm taking a day off work to celebrate, and from this day on there should be a public holiday lol!!You have to stop playing FIFA 12 ultimate team kid.I dont play Fifa Celtic signed this lad last season but it fell through due to work permit and the bought Mo Bangura instead who has been a flop


17 Jan 2012 03:35:26
its simple samba is going no where in the window he's not for sale(3)(31)He's put in a transfer request. Check bbc sport. he's unsettled and will likely want to go. neutral party here!No mate, ive heard different, from my sisters, aunties, uncles 5th cousin twice removed (reliable source), samba is moving to barnsley in a deal worth in the region of im right and your wrong! ;)Well got to say my mates mam's hairdresser who knows a man who delivers the charity bags knows a man who walks a dog around a park in blackburn says your sisters, aunties, uncles 5th cousin twice removed is not that reliableSimple as that...well no it isnt in this day and age if a transfer request is put in the majority of the time it is accepted and player goes bye byeFace it if he doesn't go in the window he will go in the summer but he shouldn't have signed a new contractKeans full of carp, just wants to push up the price, A football manager with NO idea of football, total rubbish, any firm with someone no producing the goods would have sacked him months ago but you have owners just the same NO IDEA.


17 Jan 2012 03:21:54
There is a rumour going round Darlington that league one side Walsall are close to completing the signing of teenager Dale Hopson on a 18 month contract, following his contract being terminated by the Quakers(8)(8)


17 Jan 2012 01:56:51
ricardo fuller from stoke off to rangers waiting for the ink to dry on the contract the press conference- wee wise rab wwr(4)(17)Wee wise rab ... stop being wrong


17 Jan 2012 01:45:19
After spending a week on the sunny beaches of Rio de Janiero, I can confirm that veteran and slightly portly Brazilian defender Juan Fran is talking about a making a comeback to English football with city.(0)(14)


17 Jan 2012 00:41:10
QPR are in for samba in jan(12)(23)


17 Jan 2012 00:37:58
QPR in for zamora
in jan(29)(14)


17 Jan 2012 00:30:39
Leicester are about to join in the race for Jamie Vardy's signaturesource SSN(27)(8)Dont think fleetwood will let he go anyway they dont really need the money


17 Jan 2012 00:25:43
King Kenny to bid £6m for marvin sordell as he seeks to repeat success of previous years when he took another Wfc player John Barnes . He should look at teaming him up with Danny graham also IMHO.(9)(26)What pay double to what Watford want?


17 Jan 2012 00:19:40
Real Madrid attacking midfielder Esteban Granero & lille striker Moussa Sow, both want a move to liverpool both to be around 8m. And Lille and Liverpool maybe will do straight swap and 2m for Sow.(30)(22)These to players would be to great signing for liverpool football club.


16 Jan 2012 22:46:56
Tendayi Darikwa, the young Chesterfield CAM is set to have a medical with Championship high flyers Southampton. It is an undisclosed fee thought to be around a quarter of a million pounds. What are your thoughts on this Ed?(12)(9)Does'nt seem likely, with an already full midfield, and with the recent loan signing of Falque, i would think that CAM is far from what we want. We would need to make a pernament signing of a RM/RW, and another striker, not to mention an addition to defense maybe, possibly a RB? Richardson is great, but if he's out, then we cant keep playing a LB there.I havent really seen saints purchase policy target players based on there possition tbh. If he represents value then he would be added.


17 Jan 2012 00:00:49
Gary hooper to saints really ? This ain't gonna happen , if saints have 6 or 7 million to spend on a striker I'm surely Huddersfield won't refuse that kind of money for jordan Rhodes .(8)(24)Ermm yes we would, were richer than you think, wanna beFirst of all, cut the wannabe crp, we're much better than you huddersfield, secondly, because one person says it doesnt reflect all saints fans, I personally don't want rhodes, he's a good player yes, great player perhaps, but he wont fit into what we need up front, he's a poacher, we dont need that.Look, Celtic are a bigger club tha Saints, but lets be honest, scottish football is a joke. There are only 2 clubs and thats why you always qualify for europe and get knocked out early as you play good sides. Celtic and rangers would be mid / lower premier league at best !!Huddersfield have and will continue to reject offers for Rhodes 6 million or higher it won't make any difference.Southampton are still just wannabies.
Do they play in europe? no
have they won the the european cup? no
who has the better history and trophie wins? celtic
( league one runners up and potential championship champions dont count,and thats a push to remember you winning something.) relegation next year. Know your place in football, you are not as big as you think you are. take the slap and go sit in the corner were you belong.Who has more trophy wins rangers or celtic...hmmmm.

and whats this southampton wouldnt want rhodes....stop kidden yourself this boy is going placesRhodes to stay, bigger than saints.... . however saints are a bigger team than celtic playing sunday league with a rangers side that would defo struggle in championship, for me southampton were only team better than hudds last season but somehow brighton finished top. think both saint and hudds going up this year. sottish football is useless if either glasgow team had anything about them they would drop down to english football like cardiff and swanswea but don't want to get embarrassed week in week out! about time those north of the border wound their necks and got ready for their next big games.... spl giants st jonhson away in front of 2500 men in tartan skirts! get back in your box!Have rangers ever won the european cup? twice? no

When it comes to the biggest club competition in the world rangers and the saints will always be way behind. But if you close your eyes you can dream, but thats all that it will ever be, a dream.To the poster 2 above. What the hell are you taking? Rangers and Celtic sell out 50,000 plus seater stadiums twice a week. They have more fans in England that Southhampton, They have both been in a European final in the last few years (drawing with Man Utd, Beating Liverpool, Lyon, Sporting Lisbon etc en route), are two of the most supported clubs in the world (fact) and would destroy low quality teams like the saints. Rangers have won more domestic titles than any other club in the world, and while the spl is awful, you can only beat whats infornt of you and i am struggling to think of the last time southhampton won anything and struggling even more to think of a time when anyone cared. You would not be trying and failing to buy old firm player if you were a big club. Brush the chip off your shoulder, drop the biggoted anti-scots banter and p1ss off to your next half filled stadium (at best) game against some other diddy team.


16 Jan 2012 23:57:46
Drogba and Alex to make the switch from Chelsea to their London rivals QPR. The combined cost for their pair is said to be around £8-£10million, with Alex to be making the switch for £3-£4million and Drogba said to be worth £4-6million.(10)(45)More likely Drogba will go to an Italian club or ArsenalYour maths are pony. That'd be 7-10m. In any case, we will not be signing Drogba. Not even on Football Manager games...


16 Jan 2012 23:49:05
james wallace of everton is moving to pne on loan till end of the season(23)(5)


16 Jan 2012 23:39:43
Kilmarnock have beaten St Mirren and Inverness to the signing of former Southend United and Fort Lauderdale midfielder, Grant Kerr. Kerr will sign a deal until June 2013 following his recent return from the USA.(4)(3)No it mark kerr used to play with aberdeen


16 Jan 2012 23:38:50
Neil Warnock has been approached by Watford as their next manager. Warnock is considering the offer.(9)(30)



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