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17 Feb 2012 23:20:08
After being spotted in Monaco with owner Ken Bates, Neil Warnock is hot favourite to become the next Leeds manager following Grayson's sacking on the 1st of February, Warnock is set to be unveiled by the board on Monday afternoon which means Neil Redfearn will most likely manage his last game as caretaker manager on saturday at home to Doncaster.(7)(5)Leeds have got warnock


17 Feb 2012 22:10:19
Port Vale are keen on signing LA Galay midfielder Dan Keat in the summer.(2)(7)


17 Feb 2012 22:07:50
Burnley are set to sign striker Daniel Cousin until the end of the season. Cousin was supposed to have signed for Rangers but a deal fell through because of the problems at the Scottish club.(12)(6)Mmmm this would make it 36 strikers we have then...........DOH


17 Feb 2012 22:04:57
Birmingham City are set to sign two strikers on pre contracts for moves in the summer.
American striker Conor Casey is set to sign a two and a half year deal from Colorado Rapids but will sign on the 1st of July.
Portsmouth striker Marko Futacs is also set to sign for Birmingham. The Hungarian attacker is set to sign on loan for a month and could be extended month by month until the end of the season. Pompey are keen on letting a number of players go out on loan so they can free up wage bills to pay off their debts.(6)(11) 

Connor casey is also being linked to stevenage, to join former rapids manager gary smith in hertfordshireBirmingham have caleb folan and Danny webber on trialAbsolute rubbish


17 Feb 2012 22:01:35
Victor Chandler to buy Nottingham Forest, with Rangers to be sold to Paul Murray (ex-director) and Portsmouth going to a consortium led by Guy Whittingham.(18)(17)Why would a bookie buy a football team? They would no longer be able to take bets on games in that division.

Even better they would have to cover forest's £6m a year loss. Double fail.The Forest one is right, but Ally McCoist himself could be interested in saving his club. He'd take over and appoint Steve Clarke (Chelsea Assistant) as manager.

Pompey will be bought by a local investor for £1.Wow, so all three have buyers like that. magic.


17 Feb 2012 22:00:50
Cardiff City are close to signing Plymouth youngster Luke Young on a pre contract agreement. Young is only 18 and has put a number of superb performances together in previous weeks for the struggling League 2 outift.(2)(5)In your dreams! Bryher PilgrimThey need to, as they are likely to miss out on promotion via playoffs YET AGAIN this season!


17 Feb 2012 20:51:32
Barnsley could still sign a prem central defender on loan
before end of window,could be from Chelsea heard this
from a good source and not HP(9)(3) 

You can have Johnson from wolvesNo thanks hes carbage!Why do people pretend they have these sauces just admit

a) you made it up or
b) you heard it on a fans forum/newsparer article.


17 Feb 2012 17:39:13
The signing on loan by Brighton of Razac and Assulin from Manchester City confirmed on the club website. The signings were completed in time for both players to be considered for Sunday's FA Cup tie against Liverpool.(9)(3)


17 Feb 2012 17:13:14
Why suddenly the stories of Sturrock going to Huddersfield? Where is this coming from? Any links?(5)(12)


17 Feb 2012 15:19:05
Charlton have signed a new shirt deal with Kappa and a new sponsorship deal with Les Bordes, a leisure development. Both have been secured by Tony Jimenez, the Club's director and owner of Les Bordes(0)(4)


17 Feb 2012 15:07:06
theres rumours at the training ground that coventry have made an approach to loan out of favour forrest striker dexter blackstock on loan.(3)(12)RubbishTotal tosh!


17 Feb 2012 15:04:04
Despite only three names being reported in the press, the Wolves board have actually interviewed nine candidates over the last three days at the Royal Garden Hotel in London, with some not-so-obvious names now being thrown into the hat.

A Wolves supporting member of staff on reception had the opportunity to speak to George Graham after an interview, and despite George's obviously guarded demeanour, got the impression that the Wolves job is a far from forgone conclusion and felt that George had impressed the Molineux board enough to have a good chance at being offered the role on a short-term basis, with a move to a Director of Football type position should the club retain their Premier League status.(7)(16)Why would george graham discuss things with a staff member,get real.How convenient,a wolves supporting receptionist indarkest london,just where the wolves board are holding their interviews,Nine candidates interviewed and the receptionist can only remember George Graham!Wolves fans... From what ive heard today i would not bank on getting a full time boss in.. Wolves have interviewed everyone they want to but are yet to decide wether to get someone in on a long contract or just something till end of season!Howard Wilkinson..nailed on till end of season..


17 Feb 2012 14:49:38
wolves to announce new manager over
the weekend and it could be a suprise !(11)(13)Cilla Black?Its Lee ClarkeSurprise supriseHope its the forest bossBob Carolgees ? he would work well with Cilla , he also owns a candle shop in Shrewsbury so would not have to commute very far.ITK stan collymoreBOOOOOOOOO!

It's Terry Conner!So insightful thanks


17 Feb 2012 13:34:45
Nigerian striker Michael Uchebo has been training with Brentford.(5)(8)I've heard this too.He was seen training with them yesterday


17 Feb 2012 12:36:10
Brighton have confirmed the signing of two more Man City players (after David Rodriguez in January) They are Abdul Razak and Gai Assulin. Razak has signed a 93 day loan deal and Assulin a initial 1 month loan deal. I don't see either becoming permanent signings but in the short tearm hopefully another two shrewd peices of business from Mr Poyet.(5)(7)


17 Feb 2012 11:25:25
Steve Bruce lined up to take the Wolves job. He's currently the only candidate that makes Jez Moxey look slim!(20)(21)Despite the fact Curbishley has been interview too ? bored baggie's should not be allowed near the internet.Steve Bruce lined up to take the Wolves job. He's currently the only candidate that makes Jez Moxey look slim!

Amazing, boggies fans stringing sentences together - what next poetry?We dont want himBruce is clueless,how many more clubs will fall for this numptyWhat about forest boss pleaseD1ngle5 dont frown
when you go down
the Bagg1e5 will thrive
after tanking yow lot FIVE !
There you go ...poetry
bit like watching Odemwingie really !
Next !


17 Feb 2012 10:49:01
Robert Earnshaw to Nottingham Forest on loan until the end of the season in return for Lewis McGugan on loan.(7)(22)If true this would be good business for Forest.Why would forest want earnshaw back? He left because he was past it. He can't even get in the cardiff squad these days.


17 Feb 2012 09:13:25
have Nicky Butt at 5/1 to be new Huddersfield Town manager, anyone heard anything on this?(6)(12)Your getting thick mickNot a prayer.... Experienced manager required.Only 3 realistic candidates (In alphabetical order) Davies, Grayson and Warnock.Lets hope its forests boss


17 Feb 2012 07:45:46
uwe rowsler be the new huddlesfeild boss(6)(19)No chance with this oneAny news about Uwe Rosler?


17 Feb 2012 05:40:06
QPR are looking at potential Goalkeeper signings for next season EVEN if they get relegated. Someone who could potentially be the replacement for Paddy Kenny could be Craig Gordon as he has fallen down the pecking order recently.

In MY opinion, it is Kenny's fault that QPR are so low in the table right now. He is a shadow the goalie he was last season and he has the 3rd worst saves to shots ratio in the premier league, being better than Paul Robinson and Petr Cech.(2)(10)How can you blame it all on the goalkeeper? If the defence had been better, the goalkeeper would have less to do! And, if the strikers would be better it wouldn't matter if you concede one or two goals!Gordon still recovering from injury,i think if we let him go it wont be qpr.Thjink Kenny is taking too much flack but the McGregor would be the obvious choice if we are to get another keeper


17 Feb 2012 00:20:32
Ed, heard anything about a tax/finance problem at Cardiff? Supposed to be more legal than a shortage of funds... {Ed001's Note - not recently I haven't.}(2)(13)


17 Feb 2012 00:46:28
Mike Grella to sign on until the end of season with Morecambe. Jim Bentley(morecambe manager) said on ssn website a deal couldnt be reached with an unnamed league one striker (Grella) earlier this week, but they can now get him on a free following his release from Brentford(6)(5)


17 feb 2012 00:41:58
leeds utd the great man returns

our lass works at elland road
and nigel martyn was there with
full sky press and red top
papers, all players called back
in on day off(5)(24)The only great man leeds ever had was the great don revieThey had two, but didn't know it. Well they did for 44 days.


16 Feb 2012 23:11:39
Alan Curbishley- Wolves
Mick McCarthy or Lee Clark- Leeds
Simon Grayson- Huddersfield(30)(15)


16 Feb 2012 23:00:08
hi ed any news on curbishley takn the wolves job cheers matey {Ed003's Note - Nothing official yet but I would be surprised if he doesnt take charge soon }(9)(4)Can't agree personal terms - according to his son on twitter earlier, he reckons his dad will turn them down {Ed003's Note - ok}His daughter replied to his tweet (which was deleted) "I feel a step closer to Matt Jarvis now" have a look for yourself , here is her name Claire Curbishley


16 Feb 2012 22:56:05
Paul Sturrock is NOT a serious contender for the Huddersfield job. Another made-up story by those who appear to be anti-Southend.(7)(6)I wish it was true but a shame its not.

He isnt the right man for the job.


16 Feb 2012 21:05:09
Paul sturrock a serious contender for the vacant managerial position at Huddersfield as the club seek an experienced manager to win promotions to get them out of league one. Southend chairman Ron Martin will need to get a very good compensation package as the club head to league one(9)(17)Who is your source mate?This is completely untrue. Once again the Sturrock bandwagon and anti-southend bandwagon is out in force.Sturrock has gone. Compensation of £1.50 Huddersfield paid was too much for Ron Martin to turn down - FACTCompo of £1.50. Sums up this WUMMate. You only said last night Huddersfield were supposedly interested in Paul Sturrock and now this afternoon its claimed a compensation figure has been reached. It wouldn't happen that quickly. As usual Sturrock did his pre match interview yesterday and was as happy as a sand boy on the training ground today. Please mate who is your source?. Conveniently you haven't disclosed this.You can take him, im sure most fans would drive him there for a good fee.

The hoofball dinosaur wont be leading us to promotion. So negative and signs to many poor players,


16 Feb 2012 20:07:16
if chelsea qualify for the champions league they will place a £30,000,000 + Torres for AC striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic who owner Roman Abromovich think can power chelsea back to titles(6)(44)Abramovich purchased Torres himself as he did Schevchenko. AVB will take the fall for failure while the misfiring players remain. Thats the way its worked at Chelsea for several years.

Through the Storm30 mill plus torres get real for a 30 yr old£30m + Torres - get real.If i was AC and this was actually real then i would snap Chelsea's hands offRoman did insist on shelling out 30mil on a 30 year old schevchenko so its not totally unbelievable


16 Feb 2012 20:02:16
Titus Bramble-Ipswich-£2.5m

deal end of season(9)(21)2.5 million. Your having a laugh. He is not worth 2 pound 50.Agree £2.50 and a bag of monster munchRubbish rumour for a rubbish playerHe will be in prison playing for strangway roversThats if hes not locked up first.
Even if he does not get custodial sentence he will be sacked by Sunderland and unlikely to play in England if he is convicted of the offence. He is facing 4 charges.If titus comes back to Ipswich, which is on the cards, it certainly wont be for that amount, he is surplus to requirements at the Mackems, so would come back on a freebe, but under strict behaviour rules, from the Ipswich board, remember, innocent until proved guilty, dont always believe the media hype


16 Feb 2012 13:43:02
appears Evans has finall upset powers to be in the FA.All his ranting etc has caught up with him.
Seems there been many complaints fro division 2 managers as to his behaviour.
As to new arrivals again players must go out on loan to secure these incomings as come the end of the season the club may be in thes//t
So sad however our gates should be better(13)(7)Evans is the biggest Arse in the whole of the FL, the guy is a muppet and it makes people very anti Crawley the way he behaves, his attitude at Cheltenham was disgusting the way he was trying to get players in trouble and influence the ref, it makes every team try even harder against Crawley and I feel the fans and club are disliked because of him...3-0 to the circus team....Evans is a vile human being and week in week out he is in the face of the fourth official and the abusing the opposing players. He incites trouble between players on the pitch and has been doing it for a long time now but the joke of the FA fail to take action.

Evans needs to be taken out of league football as he is a disgrace and i hope soon the FA will sort him out. He is the most despised manager in the league and i plead with the FA to go to a game and see him in action because at the moment the FA are letting him get away with whatever he want to do.Evans maybe a muppet but the FA are bigger ones they fine swindon over the trouble on the pitch tuesday night yet Evans and his creepy Crawley get away with it againEvans needs to served with a severe pinishment by the FA as the guy is totally out of order week in week out on the touchline yet the powers that be at the FA never seem to pinish him but if you wave your arms in the technical area to your players you get a 2 match touchline ban as Di Canio has.

Evans is always in the face of the fourth official is intimidating opposing players all game and he always goes unpunished. What are these jokers at the FA going to do about him as he has got away with it ofr months now.

WAKE UP FA TO STEVE EVANS!!!!!To the FA if you are doing your job correctly you should be punishing Steve Evans of Crawley Town FC he is a disgrace to football Crawley Town FC and all football supporters in the country. How long are you going to let him get away with what he does week in week out and goes unpunished. Wake up FA to what this guy does. If you wanr respect in the game this Guy is everything but respectful to anyone in opposition to him and his team. Wake up FA and Smell the coffee


16 Feb 2012 13:20:19
Arsenal, Newcastle and Fulham are all chasing Zambia captain Christopher Katongo. Katonga, who is a striker, won the player of the African Cup of Nations and will cost either side £3 million from Chinese side Henan Construction.(4)(15)Y he wont join the toon i think it is Mayuka who u meanBut....he's awful?


16 Feb 2012 12:56:40
Albion are poised to complete the signing of Manchester City's Ivorian midfielder Abdul Razak on loan for the rest of the season.

And The Argus understands he will be joined at The Amex by Israeil team-mate Gai Assulin, an attacking midfielder/winger.

The double deal is in place now that the Premier League leaders have players back from the African Nations Cup and will be confirmed later today or tomorrow.

Poyet said of 19-year-old Razak: "We were waiting. We were very close in the beginning of January. The African Cup didn't help us at all but I hope that everything is going to go through and we can do it today.

"We were following him when he went on loan to Portsmouth. He has the type of characteristics of a midfielder I want to bring, the strength, the power, thetechnical ability, box to box, so he has got plenty of things we don't have."

Assulin, 20, is an Israeli under 21 international who played for Barcelona before joining City.

Source Local evening argus(9)(18)This story re Razac and Assulin joining Brighton is covered on local Sussex paper the Argus's website today (sport).Premier league teams cannot recieve loan player outside the tranfser window, only loan them out! When will people on this site finally realise that!!!!Last time I looked Brighton were not a Premier league team!Brainless baggies fans, players like this would never sign for a factory teamJust seen Adam Johnson leaving rocklife park on his way to Middlesbrough 92 day loan reason why he is not in the squad for the porto game


16 Feb 2012 12:42:16
marko futacs,liam lawrence,david kitson,david norris, all go exit of portsmouth!
play up pompey(25)(9)Bit late to off load players you can't actually afford. I think some would call it cheatingShould be at least a 15 to 20 point deduction and not just 10 points.It is cheating.Its not cheating if players go out on loan with a view to a summer signing! Also, Pompey are now in administration and will have to slash costs, so why would they not wantto remove the high earners (Futacs excluded)? As for a points deduction, 10 points is probably the right decision.How is only 10 points right?. Sorry it has to be a minimum of 15 to 20 points, irrespective of it being a different competition it is the second time in two years you've gone into administration, unpaid fuel bills, unpaid tax bill, the claim of a restructured CVA from 20p in the pound to 10p in the pound which apparently the taxman and others know nothing about.You are living palpably outside your means and this must stop.
Personally I woul Wind the club up.Nobody wants to be in Administration but a points deduction does nothing to punish the people that caused the problem and everything to do with punishing the fans. Do agree that the really bad thing about Administration is that small businesses lose out but with Palace and others paiyng 1p in the pound, it's a bit much to single out Pompey, who are paying out far more, as the most terrible villians.


16 Feb 2012 12:26:46
Manchester United have been in touch regarding the posible availability of mario gotze! U nited are not the only club who have enquired tho with Juve amongst others showing an intrest! MUFC1984(12)(14)


16 Feb 2012 11:46:35
barnsley officially signed david cotterill today(10)(5)Very good signing well done hillcroftCant they take steve cotterill from forest as wellIsnt this football rumours not football facts ?


16 Feb 2012 11:38:40
alan curbishley is the only candidate being interviewed by wolves. steve morgan is said to be a massive fan of his and warnock and bruce are just standby incase he doesnt want it.

curbs next wolves manager(29)(10)I think he's been out of the game to long....jimYes been out too long would he bring his own staff in need new ideasNot likely...

Wolves will interview them all - there's no way Bruce or Warnock (or anyone else for that matter) would accept the job knowing he wasn't first choice.

Wolves might prefer Curbs (they might even appoint him) but they will interview othersWarnock & Bruce would accept job even if they were third choice as long as the money is good, don't kid yourself that they would refuse job if the money offered is good.Curbs and Ince - dream team!


16 Feb 2012 10:47:53
Pompey manager Michael Appleton is becoming increasingly frustrated by the situation at the club.
This has alerted Leeds, Huddersfield and Wolves.
His ability to grind out results with all the problems at pompey has made him a wanted man.
Expect a move for him after the weekend.(13)(44)The quicker Michael Appleton leaves the Pompey sinking ship the better for him, he was promised so much, and all he got was abuse, go to where your talent will be appreciated, Portsmouth FC has been run by crooks, and the pompey fans have been p///ed on for too long, start again Portsmouth, and let the fans run the club.He will hold out for the west brom job when RH calls it a day


16 Feb 2012 09:44:17
Raddy Majewski will join Reading on loan from Nottingham Forest next week until the end of the season. McDermott is trying to add a bit more creativity to midfield and has already added Tomasz Cywka from Derby.(25)(2)This isnt true seen as cotterill and raddy have spoke out and spoke its crap


16 Feb 2012 09:18:37
Coventry city have failed in bids to take Ricardo fuller from stoke and Rob hulse from qpr after both players have drafted into there respective squads for the rest of the season , also Sammy Amiobi from Newcastle has turned down the chance to join the championship strugglers , Coventry boss Andy Thorn has now to change his targets elsewhere in order to bring in a striker on loan before the 22nd march deadline.(10)(7)Sammy ameobi would be a poor signing for them seeing as he is currently injured and out for season having only come off crutches yesterday


16 Feb 2012 03:13:46
Simon Grayson was seen leaving galpharm stadium could be new manager.(28)(14)


16 Feb 2012 02:18:33
QPR are looking to tie up permanent deals for loanee's Taye Taiwo and Samba Diakite at the end of the season. After Henrique failed his work permit, the premiership outfit will also be looking to sort out a deal for him. Federico Macheda will not be returning next season following his terrible performances in a QPR shirt this season. The London based side are also expected to follow up their interest in Blackburn's Chris Samba and Tottenham's Niko Krancjar. Heidar Helguson and Tommy Smith will NOT be returning to Watford, contrary to what everyone thinks.(7)(5)Yeah we will have to stay in the Prem for this to happen but time will tellIf they are still in the PremiershipRight now QPR manager Hughes has a lot more to worry about than trying to sort out permanent deals for these loan players.
1st he needs to ensure they stay in premier otherwise he will likely be joining the ranks of the unemployed.
Frankly he and his new signings have not done a hell of lot since he came on board and I think they may well struggle to stay up this season.
If they do get relegated Mr Fernadas will have a very expensive payroll in Championship and the club could well struggle to cope with this level of expenditure.....Helguson & Smith won't be loaned out as they are both in QPR's 25 man squad and Hughes could only replace them with under 21 year olds so he would risk weakening his options dramatically especially as the ones he's brought in are doing worse than Helguson & Smith.


16 Feb 2012 01:32:01
Danny Rose -> Birmingham City
Caleb Folan -> Birmingham City
Aston Villa CB -> Birmingham City(10)(15)BCFC can not afford any Villa centre-back.
You can not even afford Heskey.Sold players - from Birmingham city
Owner in prison - from Birmingham cityThe same danny rose who just rejected a loan move to you?


15 Feb 2012 23:23:47
Russian Billionaire club Anzhi are set to make a surprise approach to Chelsea for their manager Andre Villas Boas, to be their new manager on a three year deal.(9)(27)I hope this is true take himWhy would they want him of all the managers they could haveI'll drive him there if you want.He is rubbish


15 Feb 2012 23:22:23
Manchester City and Manchester United are both set to make an £8 million bid for Chelsea midfielder Oriol Romeu. The former Barcelona player hasn't played much since joining in the summer and could seal a move to either Manchester club in the summer.(6)(26)Hasn't played much?....Yes he hasRomeu is only 20 so is one for the future. Nonetheless, he has made 12 appearances so far this year.


15 Feb 2012 23:17:49
Everton are keen on signing USA striker C. J. Sapong in the summer. The 23 year old is regarded as a talent by Blues boss David Moyes and could sign on a pre contract as soon as next week from MLS side Sporting Kansas City.(10)(3)


15 Feb 2012 23:10:25
Chelsea have made a £5 million bid for Lens youngster Geoffrey Kondogbia. The midfielder is only 18 and is being chased by a number of Europe's top clubs but is subject of a bid from the London side.(0)(12)


15 Feb 2012 23:44:32
Curbishley to Wolves
Clark to Leeds
Mccarthy/Warnock to Huddersfield

Seems plausible(34)(15)


15 Feb 2012 23:14:42
Newcastle United are set to make a summer move for Wolves midfielder Nenad Milijas. The Serbia midfielder is keen on a move away from Molineux and could cost United around £3.5 million.(21)(4)Sell, sell!Could be wrong but i thought he was out of contract in the summer.Good take him.No chance my team Newcastle can do alot better than a sub at Wolves plus he would be like 5th choice(Cabaye Tiote Guthrie and Gosling) and y spend £3.5m on 5th choice and he is only worth half of thatA fair few Wolves fans questioned why he didn't play more, I rate him higher than Edwards myself and he's got a cannon of a left foot. Good squad player for Newcastle if true but I can't see him leaving if we go down, O'Hara would go first and we'd want to keep him if that happens.


15 Feb 2012 23:08:06
Kevin Gameiro is subject of a £17 million bid from Arsenal for a summer move. Arsene Wenger is keen on bringing another striker in and lost the battle to sign the French international from FC Lorient in the summer, with the striker opting to choose Paris Saint Germain instead. Gameiro has scored 10 goals in 22 appearances this season.(4)(10)Just maybe another jeffers, chamach or gervino. glad we got your so called reject ada loan fee more goals in half a season than those 3 put together, and as for henry, saha older but goals still flowing shame dont live in london anymore, it would be such a pleasure to wind up the gooner fansArsenal wont spend 17 million on anybody


15 Feb 2012 23:05:28
Manchester United are keen on signing Germany international Simon Rolfes from Bayer Leverkusen. Rolfes has told German television that he is keen on a move to England and could cost the Champions of England around £25 million.(0)(26)Considering his age and he is not even in the German team anymore then highly unlikely that price prob £8m maxBullst silly Man Utd fan


15 Feb 2012 23:31:27
Birmingham City are in tlaks with Aston Villa defender Nathan Baker, over a possible loan deal.(18)(8)He's just about to break into our first team so i very much doubt it plus he's too good for youToo good for Blues....haha you mug....enjoy our ex manager....he will take you down like he did with us!! So i cant wait to hear you squeal when it happens


15 Feb 2012 23:24:51
Wolves are set to make an approach for West Ham manager Sam Allardyce, to replace sacked boss Mick McCarthy, who left earlier in the week.(14)(32)Rather be at West Ham better team more money will be a premier league club next season as wellWished this was trueYou might have more money but i remember your owners at birmingham and they will never spend money.Who dreams this crap up? Allardyce is
hardly going to sacrifice probable promotion for probabale relegation.Allardyce would quit whu IF he was offered wolves job, it's a well known fact he loves the wolvesBig sam is going no where


15 Feb 2012 21:18:16
i know someone who is a leeds fan and he claims while he was over at elland rd during the week last week he saw lee clark there,swears to me this is true,maybe dean hoyle found out,rob(17)(8)If he was seen he deserves the sack im fuming at himYour getting thick mick macThis is the only reason of his sacking I can think of, pretty stupid thing to do. Especially with Huddersfield going well for promotion and Leeds dropping down the league.


15 Feb 2012 20:36:27
It doesn't matter who you support, if you think Alex Mcleish is a poor manager. PLEASE sign this. is he a poor manager? You have not given hin any money to spend on players and he is doing as well as anyone would considering that the teams above have spent loads of cash. Same goes for Blackburn. If you give a manager the support and cash and they balls it up, then fair enough, until you do dont moan.Yea terrible manger like he only got Birmingham 9th in the premier league and won them a cup by being Arsenal what can get must worsePoor tactics poor motivation im sorry mcleish has to go now so villa can bring in somebody who knows how to play more than one player up front. i would rather have lee clark, simon grayson, mick mcarthy, anyday over mcmuppett why cant he just go and manage in the blue square premier where he belongsAston villa thinking they are a bigger club than they are ,you are a club with no money anymore ,you are now reaping the rewards for taking another teams manager ,keep right on mcleishServes you right villa you are only a tiny club now your big times are gone


15 Feb 2012 19:42:04
Lee Clark to replace Nigel Pearson at Leicester(8)(31)Could be true. Apparently the Thai owners were expecting a swift rise up the table and automatic promotion this season. They have spent millions at the KIng Power stadium and are stating that mid table is just not acceptable and even the play offs are looking increasingly unlikely. Expect changes soon at LeicesterI don't know if it will be Lee clark but it is looking likely that Pearson will be replaced if results don't improve soonLee Clark is a good manager, dont know why Hudds did that? Must be afet Bruce or Warnock, both of whom have managed there beforeIt's been about 3 months average duration for a Leicester managerBruce will not be Town manager again. Good luck to Lee Clark, but not such a daft decision if you are a Town fan and have seen some of the football and tactics. Sometimes they play great but other times can lose to anybody.


15 Feb 2012 19:01:57
Michael Owen due to sign on loan for Reading on thursday(4)(46)Which Thursday?Reading dont want to sign a sick noteThe first Thursday of Never.He would never sign for a club like you he would retire first he could easily afford to.


15 Feb 2012 18:11:04
Howard Wilkinson to fill in at Wolves till the end of the season,then it,s a longer contract if he keeps them up or moved out while a permanent man is found to get them back to the prem.(2)(39)


15 Feb 2012 18:05:29
manchester united interested in
signing pedro and keidra(10)(22)


15 Feb 2012 17:36:47
wolves to get bruce
grayson to huddersfield
warnock to leeds(18)(37)We dont want bruce.No we don't!Don't blame you!


15 Feb 2012 16:40:13
Lee Clarke to wolves(10)(32)That would be a disastour make no mistakeSteve Bruce will be installed within 7 days.No promotions or silverware and taking charge of a Premiership club?


15 Feb 2012 16:30:17
Arsenal to sign at the end of the season clint dempsey demba ba leighton baines daniel sturridge soloman kalou hugo rodagella and a couple of young prospects.(8)(53)Wake up lad or stop smoking those funny cigs,you can have the rest lad but baines going nowere.Terry blueIwould say your barmy but that would be
giving you a complimentYou can not even sign heskey mate.Leave the Goons in peace .... Nah what was i thinking carry on belittling the Goon!And where is all the money coming from? be realisticClint Dempsey, turned arsenal down last summer transfer window, he was their 1st choice replacement for Cesc Fàbregas but he declined the move because he said arsenal had 'lack of ambition' this is why Arsenal opted to 'panic buy' Mikel Arteta!!Clint dempsey wouldnt be arsed

demba ba if he leaves it would be for a champions league club next season

leighton baines it takes a lot of money to get Everton's top players and u no what Arsene is like

daniel sturridge rather start for Chelsea than be a sub at Arsenal

soloman kalou fair enough

hugo rodagella not good enough for Arsenal he is bearly good enough for Wigan


15 Feb 2012 16:02:20
Reason for Lee Clark sacking is because Dean Hoyle (HTFC owner) found out about a secret meeting with Leeds United about the vacant manager job combined with the defeat to Sheffield Utd, Dean feels Clark is no longer giving 100% to HTFC and therefore sacked him.(36)(7)Is this fact or fiction? where have you heard this 'cos I don't believe it.Let him go to leeds and he will nowt for them,not enough experience,he will be found out.This is bull he got sacked on his form and nothing else dean is a fan trust my source if you don't want to the you don't have to but i have a source close to dean why do you think lee has gone to the LMA for unfair dismissal?


15 Feb 2012 14:37:51
Lee Clarke has been sacked by Huddersfield, Leeds his next destination?(25)(10)Maybe and it's pure speculation from my part that DH found out that LC has been in secret talks with Leeds to get the job and maybe LC had played a similar trick with the Leicester job (and we have never looked right ever since), so Deano give him the chop.Lee Clark AND Steve Bruce partnership for Newcastle- just wait and seeHow long do we have to wait?Your getting thick mick


15 Feb 2012 14:28:06
Shrewsbury to sign striker mike grella on a free transfer following his release from brentford(6)(12)


15 Feb 2012 13:47:24
Spurs have beaten Arsenal to singing Brazil Under 20s captain 'Bruno Uvini' on loan...

not surprising really, if anyone chose to go to Arsenal instead of Spurs they would be mental.(19)(10)I'd choose arsenalHes on trial not signed yetThey can't sign him til the end of the season, prem teams not allowed emergency loansThe south American expert on talksport said he's really useless so I guess he's ideal for redknapp .Hehe, expert on Talksport... That would be a first!


15 Feb 2012 13:43:56
Lee Clarke will become next
Wolves Manager. Neil Warnock will
take over at Huddersfield.(5)(35)Poor Huddersfield.Last time it was promotion and two Wembley appearances


15 Feb 2012 13:24:01
Hudderfield are looking at three people to take charge.

The shortlist will be Tisdale, Wilder, and Di Canio.(5)(26)Like Di Canio will go there he is going to finish a job wirth us first. All the people that were slagging him off when we appointed him strangely now want him. I said a couple of years ago Clark would never get Huddersfield promoted and dont want to be cocky but i have been proved right he had the wrong back room staff who failed with Keegan.Di canio, yeah right, if he leaves us it will be for a big club....Di Canio is more overated then Clarke.

His comments will bite him on the apse sooner rather then later.Yep but Di canio is about to get us promoted, when did Clarke get you promoted !Is he more over rated or did he and lowly Swindon end your unbeaten run and spank you at the County ground, are your grapes SOUR or what !Southend fan here, yes Di Canio "might" be getting you promoted.

Will be intresting to see how he deals with the hard end towards the end of the season.

His comments such as you will win the league are deluded, last time I checked a certain team from the seaside are top not Swindon.Yep the seaside team may be top with both Swindon and Crawley having two games in hand, if I was a Southend fan, I would be more concerned about Torquay knocking you back into the playoffs...None of those will become Town Manager, Dean Hoyle is not a stupid man.


15 Feb 2012 10:58:08
David Bentley will sign for Mk Dons in the next couple of days till the end of season.(4)(30)The same David Bentley that is out with a damaged knee, and will most likely be out until April.He's going to play in France for Monaco.Actually he's looking for a loan move to the States...He is looking at the TV as he is injured and can't playA good premier league player playing at a play off league 1 team. Why?
He was good at Blackburn so i consider him a decent premier league playerI thought he was on loan at west ham


14 Feb 2012 23:57:39
Bristol Rovers boss Mark Mcghee has recommended the club appoint Shaun North as his replacement when he leaves to join an un-named Championship side. Mcghee has made no secret of the fact that dropping to league 2 was a difficult step for him and after less than a month managing in the basement division plans to take full advantage of a "get out" clause agreed with Rovers when he took the job.(10)(8)Should get buckle back if he goes, at least Gas will be in the blue square with buckle which is where they belong.... COYRFrom a Reading fan you can take it from me that McGhee only ever looks after No.1. Good manager but not loyal in any sense of the word.Im hearing the same.

Holloway to Leeds, Mcghee to Blackpool.Mcghee's off.... unvelievable!Looks afer no 1,what else would he do club would punt him in a minute,



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