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18 Aug 2012 22:16:28
My brother is a trainee physio at Wigan Athletic and he has confirmed to me that Conor Sammon has gone to Derbt and that we have a medical lined up at the DW and the Writington Country Club for Matt Phillips from Blackpool on monday.

He wasnt told fees etc.


Really bright to reveal the position of your source (if true). Guess he'll be out of a job soon.

Matty phillips is not going anywhere as holloway said and this is a quote ' my chairman Karl Oyston doesn't want to sell him' and ' we wont sell are prized players' and ' we're not short of a few bob' means matty aint going anywhere

Phillips is not going to Wigan.

Don't worry, his brother can't be fired from a fictional job anyway.

This is not true



18 Aug 2012 22:09:44
Brighton in talks with Stoke striker Kenwynne Jones re a permanent move

We way we can afford him

He wont drop down to your level

Another FM 12 rumour

Off to Villa

Pure rubbish one player that might be on his way tho is Ricardo fuller....could be the big target man we need.

Fuller would be ideal

Not going to happen, brighton have budget restrictions which are making the search for a decent forward a non starter

Fuller has signed for chalton



18 Aug 2012 21:27:32
Sheffield Wednesday are close to signing Jay Bothroyd on loan from QPR until January.



18 Aug 2012 21:25:06
West Brom's Jerome Thomas is likely to depart the club this summer. He was left out of the team vs Liverpool on saturday. His most likely destination is a championship team. Possibly Bolton, Middlesbrough or Blackburn

Forest are favourites

He's not fit after an injury in pre season so that's why he wasn't picked today. I can't see West Brom letting him go.

I think there is some truth in this as with summer arrivals, he is essentially 3rd choice LW. He has his moments and served. Lub really well but is now the time to move on? Think so for both parties.

They should ship out brunt as well,only seems to turn any kind of performance once in a blue moon .

Chris Brunt would be good at boro but not a chance.

He's going Forest.

Rubbish. Comment regarding brunt
Mr dingle I presume

Brunt is too inconsistant but if you can afford to have a player in your team that performs 25% of the time that he is on the pitch then you are gonna struggle.

Why get rid of brunt? i personally wouldn't have him in my first 11 however you do need cover and i actually think he would be great as cover for left back now shorey has gone.

I think Brunty has underperformed since he was made captain,remove the Botham syndrome from his shoulders let him play his natural game and watch him go.

Steve Clarke has said he has no intentions of stripping the captaincy from i think this clarifies that brunty's departure is utter rubbish?

Haha Brunt as a left back. I think he would rather leave the baggies before that happens. Brunt is a good midfeilder, and the sad think is we have too many players ahead of him, like dorrans, mozza etc

JAY TEE is not leaving especially to a champ team. BRUNT LEAVING BAGGIES?!! who is writing this muck, must be a dingle still crying over the 5-1

What i meant when i said watch him go was watch his play improve without the responsibilities of captaincy weighing him down,not watch him leave,although i think olly is the obvious choice for captain.

I went watching Bolton and derby tonight and was sat in the corporate suit and victor anichebe was there with his family maybe a possible loan move? Wouldn't be a bad deal for Bolton I think he would do a job in the champ



18 Aug 2012 20:46:00
Tottenham will turn their attention away from Fernando Llorente to Edin Dzeko from Manchester City



18 Aug 2012 19:59:34
Barnsley to sign Martin Cranie on monday.Source Keith Hill on the radio.

Barnsley should tie Stones on a long contact, this lad could be a big star.

What a fantastic performance from young stones, and all the new signings

Interesting that Mike Phelan from Man Utd was in the crowd scouting players yesterday... watching Stones myself, i would suggest he has a very bright future and agreed should be tied to a long term contract before anyone tries to nab him



18 Aug 2012 19:36:17
Leeds to hijack sheff wednesday move for qpr striker jay bothroyd


Takeover or not leeds united will always be the number 1 side in yorkshire



18 Aug 2012 19:17:35
paul caddis and simon ferry have both handed in transfer requests to jeremy wray following another disagreement with dicanio.rooney is also said to be considering his position.

Why would ferry, since PDC has been in charge hes played most games?

And Ritchie, Collins and Foderingham from what I heard.

No, It was Flint , McEvely and Roberts. Roberts was pissed off about not making th ematchday squad even though he was injured.



18 Aug 2012 19:13:48
Sunderland to try to tempt Fulham with an offer for Clint Dempsey after Wolves wanted ridiculous money for Steven Fletcher. They're also looking to bring in a left back. A possible move for Sinclair also on the cards.

Dempsey wants the chance to play in the CL full stop. He won't move to another mid table club would be pointless.

A whole new team would do,smae old as last season nothing changes,nell wolvo



18 Aug 2012 18:54:49
Derby County are to make a bid for Hearts left-back Danny Grainger.
Also, the signing of striker Conor Sammon is expected to be announced by the club on monday morning.

He was at the game north stand in the marstons



18 Aug 2012 18:37:20
Larnell Cole and Jesse Lingard to join Notts County on season long loans

Not them try for Scott wootton



18 Aug 2012 18:16:54
Tom huddlestone to stoke. Done deal

Hope this is true

To much of a footballer for stoke pulis needs to change and fast the games we have got coming up we will find it hard to get points

Why are we after another injury prone player we need a cm but not him whitehead delp and whelan arnt good any more

I agree. Delap, Whelan and Whitehead are no good any more. We need another quality CM to partner with Palacios who I think will be great this season.

Palacios isn't cutting it forget the 6m price tag he's been with us 12months and still struggling find his form and was at spurs and didnt have any form for 12months before that

Whelan and delap are awful and I don't understand why they start most games..whitehead is nothing special but he does get tucked in and is physical which is why TP starts him most games..WE NEED A NEW CM TO ASSIST PALACIOS and a STRIKER! HURRY UP TP AND GET ON WITH IT!

Hope to get popov and a goalscoring centre midfielder.would love Owen or defoe,as Walters couldnt hit a barn door

We need another CM? you're having a laugh aren't you? Palacios is fit this season and we've signed Ness and Cameron. Along with Whitehead, Whelan and Delap that's 6!

"Palacios isn't cutting it" - and what have you based this on exactly?



18 Aug 2012 18:02:08
wolves looking to bring in 3 defenders, a right back, centre back and a left back and also want a creative midfielder as well but if ohara is fit soon they may not go for one



18 Aug 2012 17:55:35
coppinger off to hull on monday possible exchange for mckenna

Mckenna is better than coppinger never going to happen



18 Aug 2012 17:04:48
Mcnulty not even in bench for reds. Is he going ? Know milwall interested ?? Great win today

Does he want to play in league 1??

Give kj five more games & see what happens! if nothing happens look at darren ferguson or maybe wisey?

Mcnulty was injured in training friday sat at
side of dugout today with strapped up ankle
he,s going nowhere

Hes going cranie coming in mcnumpy has finally been found out hes the weak link.....



18 Aug 2012 16:25:02
Victor Moses will leave Wigan for Chelsea next week. Martinez will bring in Blackpool's Thomas Ince.

I hope it is true because moses is a good player but if we cant keep him we have tom ince which is a classic player

Tom Ince is wanted by David Moyes,expect a bid early next week.

I think matt phillips is more likely, seeming he was left out today

Matthew Phillips and Tom ince won't go if they have one bit of respect for the club that made them they should stay to repay us

Hes already signed miyachi + wigan may go down + pool may go up + phillips is probably leaving = no transfer

No player s have any respect for clubs any more if the money is right they will go, not often you see loyal players to the club few and far between, look at Arsenal the amount of players they brig through you never heard of make them in to world class players then they jump ship :( sad but true

Wigan may go down Pool may go up , I may win the lottery . May has nothing to do with it . He will get more money at Latics and at the moment they are in the prem . To add to that I think Phillips is related to Boyce , cousin ? {Ed003's Note - he is}

Yes Boyce is his cousin but he still wouldn't consider Wigan.

To the original poster, why do you make up such rubbish, there is 0 chance of this happening.

Anything is possible , it all depends on if the player wants to leave !

It does not depend on whether the player wants to leave. Phillips wants to leave but is going nowhere as Ollie and Oyston make the calls and they want to keep him. Player power isn't anywhere near as strong outside of the top european teams.

BTW Ince kissed the badge after his second goals against Millwall.

Sorry but if he wants to leave and a club comes in with enough money he will go . No point having a player who does not want to be at a club . As for Ince kissing the badge , get real thats for the fans , its his job . Kissing a badge does not equal loyalty . If a bigger club came in offering more money , would he stay !

Ince is staying on the advice of his dad

I have heard Wigan are still looking at Phillips. I think Wigan could have a decent season this time around.



18 Aug 2012 16:12:20
karl hawley at todays walsall game

Spoke to him he's going to Doncaster Walsall weren't interested he said

He's been on trial at Doncaster



18 Aug 2012 15:21:43
Liverpool to sign;
Clint Dempsey - Fulham - 8 Million
Nuri Sahin - Real Madrid - Loan
Scott Sinclair - Swansea - 8 Million

Sahin is going to Arsenal

Sinclair will go to m city

I have lost every respect for Rodgers if he goes for more Swansea player despite the wellknown agreement preventing him from doing so during the first 12 months.

I agree with the lad above, Rodgers has to stick buy his agreement, I've heard West Ham and Arsenal also interested in Dempsey, Sahin closing in on loan move to Gunners, Unsure about Scotty Sinclair, fingers crossed he stays STID

So Rogers wants to sign a player that could only make Swansea's bench yesterday, speaks volumes for scouse ambitions

Only on bench causewe dont want player who dont want to be at this club same to siggi enjoy sitting on man c bench for one year and then join w.b.a on loan all player who leave end up worse off pratly last year bolton got relegated vries to wolves relegated joe and brendan to l.pool and they will be gone by next year allen to join man.u in next 2 years b.rodgers will retire after he gets sacked for finishing 5th place

I agree... im bitterly disappointed in the way rodgers has gone back on his agreement.
I also think that he will struggle at liverpool. He inherited a good squad at swansea. He and the team were a perfect fit.
Look what happened at reading when he tried to change the way they played. Gone in six months with a poor record.
Think the same may happen to him at liverpool



18 Aug 2012 15:00:13
Norwich are interested in Leeds striker Luciano Becchio

Of course they are!

Ha ha what next Ken Bates as your new chairman??

Ha ha ha wouldn't suprise me if that were true!!

They need a goal keeper and for defenders more like

Surely after todays performance Chris realises we need a solid defender with some pace who has expierience, bar whittaker and turner had a very bad impression on me so a new quick expierienced defender for me!!

All of those former Leeds players in their squad surely helped them today!

Goal keeper? ha! one bad game doesn't mean ruddy isn't good.

What about last years flaps going down

I saw on sky sports josh mcEachran wants regular first team football away from chelsea so maybe he would be a good idea for some pace and skill in the midfield if CH has any hope of staying up

We need decent fullbacks, Tienery rubbishe and Martin isn't good enough at perm quality (although as a central defenders i'd say he is)

Haha what a great day for leeds, that little club that have hijacked a few of our players losing 5-0 classs!

And where are Leeds? My point exactly.

Two diffrent leagues m8 where leeds? ;)

Leeds will be in the same league as norwich at worst maybe even above as we do a leauge swap, norwich have no chance of staying up as you brought all our players who wasnt good enough. howson is useless at best. jonhson the best of a bad bunch and snodgrass not prem quality by a long shot, he often went missing in championship...if norwich want someone from leeds it should be neil warnock as he is fantastic and knows how to work a team...good luck norwich enjoy your religation, lets be having you

Decent full backs. Garrido and Whittaker will be taking up those roles soon



18 Aug 2012 14:57:09
Zavon Hines signs 1year deal also Carl mchugh 1year deal today saturday

Zavon Hines made his Bradford Debut today.



18 Aug 2012 14:43:54
Cheltenham are signing TNS winger Greg Draper.

NO they only need a cm. yates may sign someone for cash I believe because he said he had to make phone calls to see which players played for who.

CM from "higher level" expected to sign Thursday

Draper would be a gamble, and desperately unnecessary unless he can play CM as well.

Darren Carter is likely to sign for Cheltenham

Darren carter was the worst midfielder we have had at preston for years and believe me we had loads {Ed003's Note - good point ;) }

Well I'm not too fussed how good he looked for you in the Championship, in all fairness league 2 is a much different level and he looked fairly good during his brief appearance last Saturday.



18 Aug 2012 14:10:54
andrew driver to nottm forest

Slowly returning to form that warrants interest from other clubs



18 Aug 2012 14:00:47
River Plate are interested in Brighton Manager Gus Poyet. From Buenos Aires Press.

Poyet is not leaving brighton



18 Aug 2012 13:54:55
anyone know who harry kewell is signing for? apparently it will happen within 48 hrs

I hope it's a championship team so Leeds new hardman Rodolph Austin can give him what for....

Middlesbrough, 2 year deal.

Cardiff city is his destination

Boro need more then him they were awful 2day



18 Aug 2012 13:19:56
Dempsey in talks with Norwich

Yeah cos he said he wants champions league what a load of cobblers

Championship more like if he signs for you not champions league



18 Aug 2012 13:18:28
recently released goalkeeper Luke McCormic is interesting stockport county



18 Aug 2012 13:09:04
Out-of-favour man city midefielder
Michael Johnson will this weekend
complete move to Portland Timbers
in USA



18 Aug 2012 13:08:14
Dedryck Boyata is close to completing season-loan to belgian side Standard liege.



18 Aug 2012 13:01:00
not a rumour but former notts county midfielder john spicer and former nottingham forest keeper paul smith join southend on 2 year deals with watford striker britt assombolonga joining on loan for a month.



18 Aug 2012 12:59:13
Zavon Hines and Carl mchuge as signed for Bradford city on bcfc website :)



18 Aug 2012 12:57:26
Was down at Rockcliffe yesterday watching Middlesbrough train. The word was that Ricardo Fuller has been offered a deal but is also considering an offer from Leeds. Mowbray believes his pace and power could make the difference in Boro's promotion push and he's the 1st choice signing. He's keen on the Mceachran loan but won't guarantee the boy first team action which is a sticking point. They think his creativity will be useful especially at home. They're also hoping Scott McDonald will recognise that his times up and head for Quatar or UAE where he's got offers. Castellan has impressed and likely to get a 1 yr offer. Keep your eye on the wild-card options who are Connor Whickham and Steve Morrison.

Well if i was Fuller I'd pick Leeds cos our manager says he will pick on form and then picks the same old same old. So what are you doing TM?

I hope McDonald gets followed by McManus and Arca cos they are both useless to us. Hope fuller and mceachran sign before tuesday. Havent seen castelan but i presume he is better on the right than haroun. Im not knocking haroun, its just that he doesnt have any pace.

Just DO NOT come anywhere NEAR MILLWALL Morison OK !!!

I wouldn't mind if McManus stays for depth, but TM seems to have proper fallen out with McDonald so I think he needs to go for the good of himself and the club.

Arca, however, is just **** and the sooner we can stop him playing the better.

''I wouldn't mind if McManus stays for depth, but TM seems to have proper fallen out with McDonald so I think he needs to go for the good of himself and the club.

Arca, however, is just **** and the sooner we can stop him playing the better''. I agree with most of that but im sorry, mcmanus needs to go. His wages will be high and by the looks of things he will have no impact at all this season. Mowbray giving arca a new deal was beyond believe. If someone could tell me what arca does. It would be appreciated. A defensive mid, Nope cant tackle, isnt tall/aggressive. Attacking mid, Doesnt score goals/provide assists. Left mid, rarely crosses and like above rarely provides assists.

Arca used to be a good passer of the ball but now a days he's to slow to keep up with the game which means he ends up out of position a lot, he slows the game down TO much when he does have the ball and his passing isn't what it used to be. I used to love him as a player but he's past his sell by date unfortunately.

As for McManus, all I meant was if he doesn't go then it wouldn't be the end of the world. He's not a terrible option to have as a depth CB even if we could use his wages elsewhere. I totally agree we should move him if possible, but if he doesn't go at least he's not on Skippys 32k a week.

We need to get rid of macdonald and sign harry kewell on a free transfer. This team is lacking a creator

Ye arca USED to be before that injury v sunderland but now he is useless. Centre halfs like adam jackson,ben gibson, ben burgess will be ahead of mcmanus.

I watched burgess against marske utd and he was awful would get torn to shreds in the championship

Fuller has signed for Charlton today.

He is only a kid and has only just singed give the kid a few year to learn his trade and hten we will see slating him at 19 whats all that about



18 Aug 2012 12:28:17
Swansea signings before end of transfer window:

Pablo Hernandez
Victor Wanyama
Alex Baptiste

Victor Wanyama at Swansea? Let's start talking at 20m then.

Wigan have signed miku

No wigan havent, wigan have signed kone from levante.

Miku to wigan bull s**t



18 Aug 2012 12:15:14
swindon to sign simeon jackson on loan from norwich

Jackson will play regularly this season.

You can have him norwich dont wont to play him anymore bid not even make it on the subs bench today so mite as well cash in good player but hardly used at city

He'll do!

Thats aqward as he plays regulary and norwich need him

Well swindon need another striker so possible but why would he want to come to swindon from norwich ? can,t really see it. missed out on lee Barnard from southhampton

And missed out on paul hayes who went to brentford - think we might get someone from abroad

How many strikers have bournemouth got now!!

To me its not looking good at the county ground, i think their is money issues !
need to sell first before getting any one in

What a load of tosh

There are no money issues and we dont have to sell before we bring someone in unless we're looking to pay a 500k+ fee or something.

Swindon have money just can't spend it like the likes of Bournemouth because they haven't got the infrastructure, Bournemouth brought loads of company's and did a dodgy "man city" style sponsorship to beat the new financial rules

There are no financial issues at the County Ground, there is money avaliable, PDC has started time and again that he wants to be 100% sure of the players he wants....the latest news is that there are 4 players being looked at of which STFC hope to sign 2 of.

The only reason Swindon haven't signed a striker yet is because PDC is making sure he gets the right player after the Caddis incident

Swindon DO NOT have money issues, we're one of the richest clubs from the lower leagues, if there is a player PDC wants that much, we will fork out the money to get them eg Luke Rooney last season! We're looking at 4 players but only looking to go through with 2 of them

Why are we looking at 4 if we only want 2?

Because they might not be able to join, for example, one of the players we was going to sign probably is not now because he got called up for his current side at the weekend!

Because a sensible Manager looks at people who fit the mold.....they look at more than one in case the first choice does not sign for one of a hundred reasons...he then moves onto his next target...only a fool looks at just one person for the position they want to fill....if it falls through they have to start all over again!!



18 Aug 2012 12:01:11
Scunthorpe will sign Conor McAleny till January



18 Aug 2012 12:00:21
Sunderland are set to bring in Scott Dann for 2m with Titus Bramble going the other away

Scott dann wants to stay in the midlands, west brom would be a better team to go to as they need another central defender



18 Aug 2012 11:46:04
Rochdale fan hearing rumours about signing trialist Sean McConville-IMO not up to this level. Would prefer a young pacy winger who can dribble and cross.



18 Aug 2012 11:41:58
HTAFC are set to bid 4.5 mil for the Dundee pair gary mackay steven and johnny russell

Make sure payment goes to dundee united as thats who they actally play for.



18 Aug 2012 11:36:05
Lee Barnard has moved to Bournemouth on loan until January

Mcquoid and Banard up front Sounds lethal, we should of cashed in on Tubbs when we had the chance



18 Aug 2012 11:29:17
Norwich City will loose Wesley Hoolahan to Sunderland within the next two weeks.

Hope not. i want him back in our team instead of snailgrass

He will never leave Norwich



18 Aug 2012 11:24:14
Sunderland are signing Croation left back Ivan S
trinic for around £5-£6m



18 Aug 2012 10:58:58
Emile Heskey expected at Millwall this week on a minor fitness trial and to negotiate a 6 month contract at the den

I do have a very good sense of HUMOUR!,But I Don't know if it stretches THIS FAR! WIND UP SURELY??

Speechless if true? what happened to the david connolly rumour from saints?? just another rumour i guess?

A very long season is ahead of us lions fans 2-0 down to blackp'll atm! if true heskey?? what is he going to do? wake up kenny!! dear oh dear!,will we ever buy a player??

If this is true? i think this is a silly made up rumour 1nce again! what happened to connolly or beavon kj??

When will jacket realise that he has to buy players! swaps & frees? we are in the championship! it is a very strong league this season!? or go down!?

BUY at least two more players B4 the end of AUG KJ or we will BE GOING BACK TO LEAGUE 1 VERY QUICKLEY IM AFRAID!! SPEND MONEY!?


I think personally kj has 5-6 games to do something! if millwall are in the bottom 3 after that then unfortunately i do think it will be time to say thanks but goodbye! bring back wisey?

You really do baffle me mr.jacket! with lack of signings! league 1 beckons im afraid!

I think that even after one game, Mllwall are going to be in serious trouble this season! Possibly LEAGUE 1 MAYBE?? WE WILL SEE AFTER FIVE GAMES??! I REALLY HOPE NOT! COYL

We had 2-3 regular players missing to day & possibly for the next 3-4 games! SO WHAT DO WE DO IF WE ARE IN THE BOTTOM 3??

In my opinion kj has got five games to survive! it is not nice to sack the guy! but if the problem is still there after five games then something has to happen??!

How can kj not play taylor for today's game?? big mistake kj!!!

I'm sorry, the twit who say's Wise was idolised at Millwall?? I'm speechless! We hated the poisoned dwarf. Are you even a Millwall fan? There's some nonsense talked on this site but you really win the prize. KJ is the best manager we've had in years. We weren't great today but lost to a very good Blackpool team and a very good player in Ince. Stop talking rubbish!

Dennis Wise was most certainly not idolised at Millwall, with his massive spending he nearly bankrupt us. Jackett is the best manager we've had, it's only been one game, to call for him to go is Ludicrous.

KJ don't sign beavon! Bring back morison! He wants out of norwich!

Too many little kids that don't know anything about football wanting Kenny Jackett out after 1 game.

Too right! KJ took over and we were struggling in league 1! Now look where we are! One loss to a good team and kids are saying get rid of KJ!

Bring back wise you must be joking,kj best manager we have had in years,come on its one game

Hang your heads in shame,one game and everyone saying managers got to go and bring back wise,you having a laugh !! kj will sort it have faith in kj and have faith in the lions

Ok then fellow lions fans,i didn't say that kenny jackett should go after 1 game! but what will we do if we are in the 2 or 3 after 5 or 6 games? remember there is no harry kane to help us this time! & henderson what is the matter with him? & do we really want morison back??!

Blackpool were unlucky to not go up the prem last season, they're a decent side, KJ isn't going anywhere... I'm sure we'll be fine. Agree we could do with a new striker though. I'd love Morison back, but I'm sure he wouldn't want come back after 1 season, plus I would have thought his wages would be too much for us now.

IT IS well known with any club that IF you DON'T get a WIN in your first 5or6 GAMES YOU ARE IN TROUBLE?! I REALLY HOPE that WE WIN THE NEXT 5 OR 6 GAMES! I would LOVE IT! COYL!

If a club si to succeed then managers need to be left to work through problems
and be supported while they do so give kenny credit for all the good work and watch him and the team develop

I do hope that your right& KJ does get it right! BUT he seems to think that HE IS happy with the players he has already GOT? We definately NEED another STRIKER to put PRESSURE on the other STRIKERS?! What do fellow LIONS FANS think?

Deluded fans on this site as usual...quick to get on jacketts back after 1 loss to one of the best teams in the league. Admittedly we do need 2-3 signings but we will not be relegated this season.

I think it is just papertalk/ rumours? Don't forget Morison COULD'NT wait TO LEAVE US! I say 'GOODBYE MORISON'! He seems to forget that he started in NON-LEAGUE football! FORGET HIM IMO!

The last text text on here was a 'FAIR' point! But we do still NEED another striker!? People seem to forget that six games go VERY QUICKLY' & there might not be enough time to turn it around/? NO HARRY KANE THIS TIME LADS!?

The last text I agree with 100pc! But what happens if it dose'nt GO to plan! What then! WE will see after six games OK?! COYL!

We dont need to rush into transfers, the teams that spend too much too soon will regret that later! we need to make sure we are financially sound and get the right players at the right price look at pompey

Re- KJ - Millwall operate on one of the smallest budgets in our division, with some of the lowest crowds. We don't have any parachute payments to fall back on - Look at some of the clubs we are trying to compete with! We could go for broke and spend lots of money we haven't got and still not go up (Look at Portsmouth). I'll admit some of KJ's selections and decisions baffle me at times (Having been at the games Tuesday and Saturday - why didn't The Batt get a run out? Why wasn't Taylor even on the bench?) but I believe he is the best MANAGER we have had for years and what he has achieved is above what we could reasonably expect. All the people reminding him that there is no HK this year - who signed him last year?? KJ saw a problem and addressed it. IKWT - In Kenny We Trust!

Remember we were bottom 4/5 for almost all last season and still survived the drop? stronger team apart from kane already this season. have faith in kj

How did we hate wisey? that baffles me he left because yet again millwall have no ambition and he wanted to take us further. kenny jackett has done pukka for us but he needs to stand up for the supporters and tell the board that u gotta spend otherwise u lose a lote more money being relegated

Last text 100% true wise was a good manager got us 2 an fa cup final his ambition was bigger than the clubs if kenny was 2 go wise would be good replacement hope it never happens in king kenny we trust coyl

Wise was a joke as a manager; why do you think no one else has given him a management job?? He blew our promotion chances, got to a cup final by default and in spite of his management 'skills' (sic). We have a great chairman and a great manager, who will spend sensibly if the need arises. I for one am glad our club is being run sensibly, especially with the new regulations coming in. We may never set the world alight, I've supported Millwall for 35 years and my dad before me; we have good seasons, we have bad seasons, but we are always MILLWALL (and I don't mean the negative image!). That's what being a Millwall fan is all about. Even my young son gets it. If you want to win things every year go 'support' Man Utd!!!

I want millwall to be around till i die and i think every Wall supporter does. We have the best manager we've probably ever had, and the chairman spends money wisely. We always have our bad seasons(last season) but we stayed in the championship so we cant fault that. N OLU



18 Aug 2012 10:55:52
Hoolahan leaving to go to Sunderland within the month sources at a night club in the city were told ( dead cert)



18 Aug 2012 10:53:55
Huddersfield town to tie up a loan deal for Simon church in time for Tuesday's home game vs Nottingham forest as Jordan Rhodes is still struggling with a hamstring strain. Town are still interested in a winger although aren't particularly desperate after the impressive performances of arfield and scannell vs Cardiff, plus the return of ward and Kallum higginbotham.

Scannel didn't impress he just dived and cheated in that game, but I was impressed by Arfield.

When did he dive and cheat?

Scannel showed more character than anyone else on the field especially when the crowd was on his back he chased down there winger and fullback he also used a verity of skill

Scannell is quality! Every new signing on the pitch really made an impression. Town really showed last night they are a team to be feared and a team on the up! UTT

When cowie had the ball scannell tried to rob the ball off cowie and cowie made the slightest of touches and he falls over would you call that diving or just not strong enough hudders

That maybe so he used skill and pace and tracked back but doesnt explain why he dived twice, when he retires he should do some olympic diving he would be good at that

He felt contact

Cardiff were scared of Scannell's pace, that's why they kept fouling him & why the crowd booed him

The thing I noticed watching the game the other night is how much the Cardiff players and fans were constantly screaming at the ref claiming fouls and handballs that just weren't there. Was quite embarrassing really which is why I think it's a bit rich for Cardiff fans to claim there was any cheating going on by their opponents.

We won though didn't we?

There were so many fouls by huddlesfield on us we had two penalties waved aside. I admit however we were poor i worry about our chances especially if we struggle against teams like huddlesfield

What do you mean struggle against teams like us!? We played much better than you, if anything you didnt have a poor game, you were outplayed by the better team. Get over it

Teams like Huddersfield? Is that teams on the up then?

What penalties? You must have been watching a different game mate.

Yes you did win. But ask yourself a)who was the better team? B)who had the better chances? C) who played the better football? Like the legend Danny Adams said: 'if you don't get booed by the opposition fans, then you're doing you're job wrong'.

Rhodes hasn't played because Simon Grayson doesn't want him seen by other clubs in the championship as clubs have begin waiting for this to raise there bid so he most likely won't play till end of the transfer window

Just been watching Town train this morning, Rhodes definitely not fit to play and will almost certainly miss tomorrows match against Forest. Looks to me like the Simon Church rumours are a red herring and Town are sticking with what they have got.

Hope Town are not sticking to what we have got, No other goal threats, Novak workhorse, LEE couldnt hit a barn door. need another striker to Play with Jordan and that if he his staying. Striker with pace too, and another winger, we had no body on the bench Friday who could have come on and changed the game or score, look at what Wednesday are doing, they a dark horse for the play offs if not promotion.

Agree hope town not sticking with what we have got, otherwise we will struggle despite how well we played first game, Novak head down and charge, straight into first defender and lose ball or mis control it, likewise Spencer, who is no better than league 2,where he has been playing and Lee who has about as much pace as a without Rhodes we will struggle, and WITH Rhodes we badly need a FAST quality striker and quickly please Simon.

Points get you promoted though, let's see who's higher come the end of the season, bet it's city!

Cardiff had a poor game trust me. We will be far better over the season



18 Aug 2012 10:42:10
Mohammed Abdellaoue will be attending Fulham - Norwich today at Craven Cottage, he is rumoured to be on his way to Norwich.

He'll want to play for Swansea after watching us then!

Not after today's performance!

Not signing now then!

More likely to be joining fulham now .....



18 Aug 2012 10:19:38
former shaker nicky ajose has joined
crawley on a three mounth loan spell
from the posh



18 Aug 2012 10:05:26
Joey Barton to broghton on season long loan. This is the midfielder gus had been talking about. From a source inside the Albion

Won't happen. The FA have already said they will block a loan move to any Football League side.



18 Aug 2012 10:03:48
Danny Wilson is very keen on signing Lewin Nyatanger from Bristol city

Lewin inatangle, goingto Sheffield, I'll volunteer to drive him there, seriously though would be a good shout for L1

If the other bloke can't give him a lift to Sheffield then I will.

I would carry him there!

I'm happy to carry him there, let's face it Fontaine has carried him through 2 seasons!

I live near Sheffield you could bring Lewin here I'd happily put him up for the night if it meant he went.

I'd quite happily drive him there and I'm only 16! Worst distribution I've ever seen on a football



18 Aug 2012 10:03:03
Bristol City News
Mark Wilson
D J Campbell

J Wilson Charlton
Bolasie Burnley
Pittman Burnley
Edwards yeovil
Kilkenny Crystal Palace
Nyatanger Sheffield United

All the 'outs' sound like complete rubbish. I can't see us losing that many players. Well done for spotting the fact that we have already signed Wilson!
And it's spelt Nyatanga.
I do hope that sign Amougou though.

Wish all those outs were true but i cant see it

Bolasie handed in a transfer request this morning saying he wanted to move closer to London, Burnley is nowhere near London

Heard we, Palace, were after Bolasie, I'll take practically anyone now though at the moment. Our squad is so small..

Charlton were after bolasie but he chose bristol instead of us, what a mistake that was!

I would like to see edwards back but its not gonna happen untill ayling gets injured



18 Aug 2012 09:51:13
As i predicted bournemouth strike force
was looking weak due to injuries. They
have just signed lee barnard till january
and should play at todays local derby
portsmouth v bournemouth, that should
give a little more spice for he is a saint.

Hi Leeds fan here,
Just watched Leeds v wolves and am impressed with Pearce and Norris -varney jury out but was ok.
Anyway reason for my message is wishing you guys all the best in your plight, been there and it's not nice. Rivalry is good but true football fans shouldn't enjoy the threat of closure for any club.
Anyway I will watch your results this year and hope you can come back. Btw Connolly is ok if a tad inconsistent
White teeth

A Bournemouth fan here. Jason Pearce is the most committed CB I have ever seen in terms of giving 100% to every performance, putting his head in where it hurts and wanting to commit GBH on every striker he plays against.

Pompey fan here - you have signed some great players and people. Pearce and Norris are quality and give their all. Varney was unlucky with injuries but did very well when on form. Also Jamie Ashdown can certainly be relied on when he's needed, and a ruddy nice bloke as well. Good luck to them all

Jason Pearce is brilliant, a sort of John Terry with brains and a conscience



18 Aug 2012 09:36:36
Looks like josh mceachran on his way to Middlesbrough on a 6 month loan deal ...source WEST LONDON SPORTS.



18 Aug 2012 09:31:47
Huddersfield chasing a striker and a winger before Tuesday's Game.

Probably Vaughan

Vaughan would'nt replace rhodes if rhodes was to leave vaughans not good enough,we need someone like austin or mccormack who will fill is place and score goals.

Can't see it, Grsyson took a full training session this morning and didn't leave Storthes Hall training complex until well after midday so doubt any signings before Forest game.



18 Aug 2012 09:07:32
Abou Diaby to Swansea or 3m despite constant injury problems.

No chance. arsenal have no midfielders to cover him leaving



18 Aug 2012 08:45:43
Portsmouth are set to add to their revolution before the game today with signings of:

Jordan Obita (Loan) - Reading
Shaun Derry (Free) - QPR
Tom Soares (Free) - Stoke
Paul Conolly (Loan) - Leeds
And an unnamed defender.

All on one month deals.

Andersen, Howard & Obita all link up due to their Reading relations.

The defender is Richard Towell, a free agent been released by Celtic.

Two Defenders in fact josh Thompson from Celtic and Burnley's Kevin Long on loan

Mikkel Andersen is apparently turned Portsmouth down

The same Mikkel Andersson who played in goal fo Pompey today?!

Well seening as he played today, I doubt that very much. ^

Strange That one as Andersen played today

Anderson played today and looked good, as did Long.

Would love to see Derry back. Proper player and could make a big difference at this level. PUP PPU

Great goal from st.barnard

All the best to pompey and there fans from leeds utd fans....keep the faith...

Hope you take a few of our young players on loan this season. Good luck Pompy.. Reading FC forever

St Barnard, Mongrel more like!

Towell and Soares will be really good additions, Towell is Irish u21 player

No one wants to join Portsmouth because there going down to league 2 have fun can't even beat Bournemouth.

From a Leeds fan good luck to an unlucky club with good fans. Fratton Park and the Pompey fans don't belong in league 1 I wish you a speedy return :)

Bitter saints fan ^^ lol man city 3 - saints 2 lol cant even beat bournmouth? pompey was all over them and they got one chance and scored to level but thats football

Goo luck to pompy, im a leeds fan so know what it is like but think you have made some good signings and hope you come back up as your a good club with great support so good luck for season...although thanks for varney what a great player a real world beater

Haha. Bitter Saints fan? Why would a Saints fan be bitter? We are in the prem and just go to watch ourselves put up a decent fight away against the champions, we are signing some very decent players, and to make it sweeter we loan a player to Bournemouth and he scored against Pompey in League 1!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA. This doesn't taste bitter at all, in fact it's so sweet it's sickly.

He said nobody wants to sign for pompey saying we signed over 10 players that seems rather odd

On a one month basis lets not forget



18 Aug 2012 08:42:24
county to sign a defender to cover manny smith.
on ncfc website



18 Aug 2012 08:26:56
Barnard off to Bournemouth on loan till January



18 Aug 2012 05:30:21
Middlesbrough set to announce signing of ex England striker David nugent on monday

Snap your hands off for nugent

Nugent is not leaving ! END OF

Never gonna happen in a month of sundays!!



18 Aug 2012 05:10:13
Striker Adam Somes is a target for Rochdale, Port Vale and Doncaster Rovers. He will join one of the clubs on loan next week. Because he is under 24 if we want to sign him we will have to pay a fee.



18 Aug 2012 02:26:16
Watford's young attacker Britt Assombalonga has been loaned to league 2 outfit southend for a month.



18 Aug 2012 01:07:59
Bristol City to sign an unnamed player from QPR in the next 72 hours.

It's DJ Cambell

An unnamed player for an unnamed fee from an unnamed universe!

Yeah it's for their striker dj campbell

Dj Campbell according to a west London news site

It's DJ Campbell. Fee agreed.

That confirmed player is DJ Campbell. SSN just announced it!

Sky sports says that bristol city and qpr have agreed a fee for DJ Cmapbell

Campbell in talks with b.c.f.c

Ur right bud, on ssn now fee agree with dj campbell

DJ Campbell. Shame he won't debut today.

Dj campball SSN

DJ Campbell :)

DJ Campbell

DJ Campbell, fee agreed. Medical and personal terms to be discussed.

It's dj campbell

DJ Campbell!

DJ Campbell! What a class signing it'll be! Agreed the fee. Just need to agree Personal Terms! COYR. This is a great signing for the reds!

What are you going to call him ?

Looks like DJ Campbell

Worst kept secret - It is DJ Campbell

Dj cambell to be at City ground saturday to watch his possible new team mates.

Hope he signs as he would be a quality signing. a playmaking midfielder and i think that would be a good summer.

He's A Beast!



18 Aug 2012 00:39:41
The next players to leave
Arsenal will be Song then Theo

Will replace

Theo with the 'Ox
Song with the Real youngster (LOAN)

We will make a shock move for

Theo's just extended his contract you person {Ed001's Note -

Theo's signing a contract within the week BTW Good source..

Shock all you want, you wont get him


Walcott has not just extended his contract!



18 Aug 2012 00:36:00
Ed, could xavi alonso be coming to spurs maybe as part of Nordic deal or something? ESP if he's not being offered a new contract....

Also I'd Dawson going Liverpool? {Ed001's Note - no and no.}



18 Aug 2012 00:30:51

Sessegnon - spurs
Richardson - WHU
Bramble - Blackburn
Elmohamady -





18 Aug 2012 00:17:14
good news for city fans,baldock is set to sign for city tommorow morn,source is me,him and his dad were in the bay horse,happy dayz

To which City do you refer? Manchester City, Bradford City, Leicester City?



18 Aug 2012 00:16:18
Swansea City Signings before the transfer market ends:

Pablo Hernanadez
Alex Baptiste

Look like good signings but I'd prefer Adomah or ince instead of robson-kanu!

Is there any foundation to the diaby rumour. Would be a great signing

Miku would be great



18 Aug 2012 00:07:25
Blackburn Rovers have upgraded their offer for Huddersfield Town's star man Jordan Rhodes to 6.5 million, this could possibly match the valuation for the playerr

Needs to be 8M plus sell on clause

Huddersfield seriously need to keep RHODES. Watched them last night, they wouldn't have scored if they played all night. If they sell, they are doomed.

It does not matter what Blackburn offer as Dean Hoyle will not sell to another Championship side. Rhodes is definitely injured so don't add 2+2 and get five.

No it won't , 6.5 mill will buy the left side of him!!

If Blackburn have offered 6.5mill it will have so many strings attached you could knit a jumper with it. He is not going to Blackburn, get it!

The valuation is 8,000,000 at least!

I heard it was 8 million this is what has put a lot of clubs off..GOOD LUCK.....

Don't think so mate

Why would he move to another championship side?...

Sorry as greyson said last night jorden aint going nowhere and i cant see him going to anywhere but premiership next year maybe with town valuation must be at least 15 mil now

No they haven't, first offer was 2 million and was rejected and they were told by the chairmen he is not for sale to them at any price. Only way he leaves is if a Prem club come in with 8 million plus offer.

Doubtful as Deano says he won't sell to a team in the same league, plus I doubt Jordon would join anyway, he's happy at Town

Add another 1.5m to that and yes.

But its not 8 million
from a htfc fan.

Errrrrm 6.5mil is nowhere near our valuation, if its been said once its been said a 1000 times, 8mil, now bore off with your s#% stirring rumours.

If you value him at 6.5m then I hope Celtic move fast and get him. Well worth that, boys movement finishing etc is superb. Hope Celtic beat blackburn to him!

Seamus - Celtic fan {Ed044's Note - no one going to beat anyone to him I think it's made quite clear he'll be at huddersfield this season, unless EPL teams bid 8m+

Why go to another club in the same division, he is better off staying put surely for once why should money be the reason staying with the players you know should, stay Jordon

Wouldn't of scored if they played all night, how is it then that the Cardiff goalkeeper got man of the match?

Im a dcfc fan and i wouldnt sell him for that price. he will be worth 3 times that next season if he repeats next season real gem

Town considering blackburns last offer , looks like you were all wrong , rhodes could be gone by next week

Huddersfield town are not selling to a divisonal rival. end of.



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