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17 Sep 2012 22:49:04
Leicester City want to sign Tom Elliott from Cambridge on loan with a view to a permanent deal in January.



17 Sep 2012 21:12:55
Ryan Hall to Bristol City

Not likely Considering he played for Blackpool in a development squad game today



17 Sep 2012 16:21:00
chris wood to pompey on a 1 month loan, and if long goes expect bogdanovic or scott allan to also come for a month.

Chris Woods has just signed on a two month loan deal for Millwall, source Satelite channel

He obviously dosen't know that Wood has already signed for MILLWALL!

I thought he ,d gone to Millwall ?

Chris Wood went to Millwall today, get your facts sorted



17 Sep 2012 16:15:46
Doncaster to renew interest in nicky weaver after Neil Sullivan pulled up injured in warm up at Colchester at the weekend!

Why do you need weaver when you have got maxted?

Also what about busby 2nd year yt

Agreed we signed the lad so show faith in him
same as the other young lads we signed apparaantley they all featured in a reserve game
behind closed doors on monday none of them even on bench so far apart from patrick mullen v hull in cup and never featured since i know they were signed as potential but sureley room in our squad for cover at least.keep maxted on the bench rather than pay a journeyman keeper 5 times his wages...



17 Sep 2012 15:48:20
marek stech is on his way out of yeovil, as his oustanding performances have earned him a move to Blackpool. The deal was reached as a pre contact agreement a few days ago and he is set to join up with them in january, his replacement is Jamal Blackman on loan from chelsea, who will join us in january till the end of the season.

Btw,i have connections inside the club

Doubt it mate everyone says they have connections in the club when players were rumour to coming in and they got all of them wrong.

Dont be stupid why would we sign a keeper when with get gilks and halsted and kettings to back him up. Think before you make a rumour up

Would be a cracking signing for Blackpool, it honestly would. But I would just like to state here and now that this is utter rubbish and will not happen!

They will have to pay money for him worth at least 1 million

Sorry guys I was joking to trick me mate

Why would people even belive this. How can you see hes worth 1 mil

Admittedly he is too good for Yeovil but presumably he's really happy there



17 Sep 2012 15:33:45
emile heskey offered deal

Emile heskey offered deal to where?

Conference side, not sure which

Leicester probs

Well get the zimmer frame out ,,



17 Sep 2012 15:22:51
Bristol Rovers to sign ex crystal palace striker Calvin Andrew on a 2 year deal.

Truly awful player, I doubt this and Mcghee has said it will be a loan striker to cover for Matt Harrold who is injured.



17 Sep 2012 15:00:54
Millwall to sign Alan Hutton on loan from AV.

Dunne was awful again tonight. With Tam needing games, I hope Smith is fit for Saturday or we bring in a new right back. On the bright side Taylor and Wood did well when they came on.

Your right mate,dunne is league 1 at best! If we do not get anything from the next three games we will be in serious 'TROUBLE' once again!! Injuries obviously do not help though?

It wasn't just dunn.wright, henderson and osbourne were all awful,and why has kj changed the formation twice since the great performace against m'boro,dont get it.

Dunne got beat every time doubt hutton will come but something needs to be done kj needs to go sorry to say

KJ says the same thing after we have lost a match! 'We must stop the goals going in' Statement of the obvious'! yet another change in the formation of the team! It's all starting to get 'VERY BORING'1!

I wrote the 'Dunne was awful' bit at the top.
Would like to say I totally agree that Wright was also poop! At fault for the first goal, just waving a leg at the ball when a block tackle would have possibly stopped the move. I hope KJ moves Trotts back to the middle alongside Jimmy (can't pass water, but puts himself about) and if he recovers from his knock Taylor and Henry on the flanks. (I also thought Henry was poor last night).

Changing manager is not going to help us. KJ is a very good manager at this level - pity some of our players aren't. With the quality in depth of our squad a few injuries make a big difference. We're in the same position as a lot of the 'lesser' clubs in the premiership - first eleven reasonably competitive but after that..... KJ knows our weak links but a club like ours can't just go out and spend money to solve the problem. Even loan players cost money!!

Sign a new right back,then get billy Davies in jackett's run out of ideas.....

Jackett's time has come to an end,we need someone with new ideas,it seems to me that jackett is in the comfort zone with the chairman and does what he wants,cos the chairman loves him.we need someone with a bit of passion I.e billy Davies to shake things for jackett!!

I think it is fair to say that we have had alot of untimely injuries which dosen't help to be fair! But I think as regarding the poor crowds at home games maybe fans are getting fed up with the same excuses every week? It is turning into a repeat of last season Im afraid 'A STRUGGLE'!!

What is Billy Davies gonna do?? Unless he brings £20 million of his own money!! Course it's going to be a struggle when we are getting crowds of 9,000. I love Millwall but WE ARE NOT A BIG CLUB. Palarse and the clowns get bigger crowds than we do - are they not struggling? We have been the top team in South East London for the last two seasons and I'm sure we will again this season. Jackett has taken the club forward and continues to do so. Changing manager costs money both in pay offs and enticements. When it gets tough we Lions stick together and tough it out, we always have. I'd hate to be in the trenches with some of you lot!

Same old millwall,want people through the gates,but won't try to improve the squad,why will fans pay to watch this week in week out,it's gonna be a long season I think!!

To the man who asks 'maybe 'fans' are getting fed up'. 'Fans' may get fed up but they still support their team which includes turning up and paying your money so the club can survive and maybe progress. I understand if people can't afford to go, or have to work, but sorry, in my book you are not a fan if you don't turn up cos we're not playing Man U, or cos a club like ours can't afford players of sufficient quality 'like the ones you see on the telly'. I'll be there again on Saturday, paying my money and cheering the team and the manager on in the hope that it will inspire my club to compete against another club with bigger gates and more money than us - and I'll be proud to be Millwall and I wouldn't swap that for anything!

This will be a long season just as last year we need passion on the field are we getting it from the players we are doing our bit paying to watch what we need is 11 neil harris playing with passion every week

Well I paid on Tuesday and will turn up on Saturday. Dunne was poor, Henry was poor ( but he new it and acknowledged the fact) Wright again unusually poor, Poor Malone and Taylor where the only bright points for me...... I hate to say it but KJ got it mighty wrong against Cardiff they where there for the taking, a lot worse than Boro.

We are sooooo sloooow in our build up it allowed Cardiff to get everyone behind the ball and pack their area..... I love em but I am if anything a bit more worried than I was last season.

I am a Millwall fan through & through & go to the games whenever possible,but the thing that really worries me is that we took 4/5 years to get out of League 1! And now it seems that we are in real danger of going back their and nobody but nobody wants to go back there?? The team really has to get a couple of wins very soon starting with Brighton otherwise this season will simply 'PASS US BY' And nobody wants that to happen !! COYL FAITH!

Every team comes to Millwall and parks the bus in front of the goal. The Abdou, Wright and Trotter combination is expected to move the ball around to make space for Henry and the strikers to score the goals. The Lions will pick up enough points from the lower teams to stay up. Expect 60+ points.

I am confident if we stick together we will easily survive this year. The last thing we want to do is get on the players or managers back, hows that gonna make the younger players feel? What are the better players like Keogh and Trotter gonna think, are they gonna wanna stay? So many new players say that they are looking forward to playing in front of our fans, let's make em all feel proud to wear the shirt. I remember last year when there were calls for Kenny to go on forums like this; at the ground his name was still sung - proper 'Wall. Please let's not start sounding like palace fans! WE ARE MILLWALL...

I 'll have what ever you're taking....I honestly hope you are right.

I'll tell u what billy Davies brings,passion,personality and motivation,and man management,the bloke we've got in charge has none of these qualitys,I've seen more passion in a wet lettuce,if he don't get his own way he just stops playing them,he's got to man up,he did well in the beginning,sometimes players just need a kick up the arse to sort thing out,not a manager that sulks!!

What are you on about "personality" have u met him then? Is he a nice bloke? And are u in the dressing room each time KJ gives a team talk aswell? Anyone who wants KJ out isn't proper wall!

KJ's Personality - Have you read 'The Family'? That'll show you what he's like. What do you want PDC!! KJ is the right man for Millwall, full stop! He has stuck by us and we should stick by him. Billy Davies?? Everytime his board wouldn't give him money to buy another flop he slagged them off, til they had enough and sacked him!! He's not exactly been inundated with top job offers has he? At Derby he fell victim to the same process some of you want to see happen to Jackett; overachieved in getting them up then sacked because they were trying to punch above their weight. Did Derby improve after they sacked him? No! Get it in to your head - we are, at the moment, a small fish in this division. Look at Brighton - spent a fortune! KJ tried to get Dobbie and he went to Brighton, why? Yet if we don't thrash them on Saturday, there will be more calls for Jackett to go. Stability is the way forward, it's been proven over and over again. As my nan used to say 'be careful what you wish for'.

Kennys one of best millwall managers in my 39 yrs at the den hes up there with docherty graham mccarthy and mcghee get behind him and the team with our budget,gates were punching above our weight in the championship

Knowing what's wrong and being in a position to do something about it immediately are two different things - my wife is crap in the kitchen, she blames the cooker and I think she's just useless; I know the problem but I can't do anything about it - yet!!!

Agree wholeheartedly with the guy who rates Kenny as one of the best managers we have had. I wouldn't swap him for any of the names bandied about. With JB and KJ we at last have a chance to move forward, albeit, if necessary, slowly, but securing our future long term. Even if our worst fears were realised and we were relegated (which I don't think will happen!) he is still the man I'd back to take us back up. To the fella who lists the traits that Davies has that Jackett doesn't.... who took us up? Were you saying that when he got us promoted? Were you saying that when we were flirting with the playoffs in our first season? KJ is a top manager and we are lucky that he has bought into Millwall and what we're about. KJ and JB have balanced the books and established us in the championship. I don't agree with everything that he does but he has earnt my trust and respect.
You talk about Jackett throwing his toys out of the pram and that he should man up! I'd throw the same accusation at you... get behind Kenny and the boys and 'Wall up!!

At 10:42 on 22/09/2012 the Championship League table reads. 1st Blackburn (not played), 2nd Blackpool (played), 3rd Brighton (play today), 4th Hull (played), 5th Cardiff (played) and 6th Middlesborough (played). Now tell me who has had a harder start to the Championship season. Come on KJ and the Lions.

To the fella who thinks jackett is the best thing in the world,I agree that he as done the club proud in what he has done over the past few years,what I dont agree is that I av my own opinion and I don't like him,what a boring place this would be if we all agreed with each other,and as not being proper wall I've supported millwall for 40 yrs been everywhere with them I think I'm entitled to av my own opinion?i want the best for the club and at the moment the way it's going it ain't right I think! Even though u do,I know we're not a big club but I still want to see a bit ov passion the old millwall way,we just seem to roll over nowadays,just start playing players in there right positions would be a start?do what's best for the team,stop tinkering play a settled side for a change,so come on millwall we all love ya,it's so frustrating!!!

I am as loyal as the next Fan but what what will we all say if we are in the bottom three at the end of October? It is definately 'POSSIBLE' Im afraid to say!

The the bloke who text the last post,you are absolutely 100% right! Everyone who supports this 'GREAT CLUB' and what we stand for is always entitled to their own opinion. But if for example myself I definately think that KJ has done a 'GREAT JOB' so far! His tactics & formations from week to week are strange/weird & do baffle me alot! We have been very unlucky so far with 'INJURIES' Theres nothing any manager can do about that! Let's all hope that things 'DO' pick up, otherwise we will be heading for the dreaded 'LEAGUE 1' Please 'NO NO NO'!!

I hate saying this but I think that we are 'GOING DOWN' this season after a lucky 'ESCAPE' last seaon!!!! Please prove me 'WRONG'? COYL

We are now in the bottom three,how much longer do Millwall fans have faith in KJ? To turn this around? Personally I would welcome back someone like mick McCarthy if he would come back? I dont see him as a judas atall? KJ'S time as 'RUN OUT' Im afraid! Sorry KJ

Another great result today,to all the jackett lovers time to say bye-bye thanks for the memory's,I remember when teams were scared to come to the den,now they come for a jolly up take 3points thanks very much,people just live in the past what he did was good getting us promoted and the first season in the championship when we was on a roll,but now we've been sussed there's no plan b time for a change before we end up back in L1!!!

Well I went to support the team called Millwall today as I have been doing for the last 30yrs,and I must say a part from the injury list it was absolutely embarrassing! Brighton were so much better in the first half,if it had of been a boxing match it would have been 'STOPPED' Im afraid that KJ'S time is 'UP' There is 'NO FIGHT & NO PASSION' left anymore and unless we get someone quickly we are definately going to' LEAGUE 1 AGAIN' Very quickly Im afraid even before Christmas! It isnt nice for me to have to say this atall!!

Haha another great result by king kenny and his merry men (NOT)L1 here we come but don't worry jacketts there some people on here think he's f"""""g superman or there related to him lets get rid SOON clueless!!

This is one of the blokes who backs KJ. I admit he picked the wrong starting eleven today. Wright in my book is two bob. Slows the play and doesn't tackle. Trotter should always start in the middle, shame Taylor got sent off, but we were outclassed most of the day. I just happen to think that in the absence of a magic wand our best chance is to stick together. And yes, whilst my opinion might differ from yours, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

What has happened to the club we all love called 'MILLWALL'??

As a previous text has said ' THE DEN USED' to be 'FEARED' teams 'HATED' coming to the 'DEN'! Now it is simply a stroll in the park! Distusting,it makes me 'SO SAD'!

To all those wanting jb to go be careful what u wish for hes bought stabilitý to the club weve not had since theo remember the dark days inbetween more chairman than managers none had the budget for the job jb has pumped in 20 mill of hes own money to keep us afloat

How can we question the fight and passion of the players when the fight and the passion is missing from the stands!! I was very disappointed in our performance today on the field but how can we ask the players to fight when a lot of the fans seem to have given up so easily? The Den WAS feared, mainly because of the passion of us fans. Today all I heard, even early doors, was a load of moaning and a few people throwing plastic bottles. Not only were the team outclassed today, so were our fans!! Yes, the players need to do their bit but so do we!! We are the club; players and managers are employees and will come and go!

I like Kenny but he's tactics since borough have been wrong! Who ever is saying josh wright ain't all that needs to also look at trotter! 1 good game in 5 is not a 3 million rated player. I expressed my opinion live on air yesterday after the Brighton game on bbc radio if anyone heard it. No one but Robinson has any passion for millwall the only player that attempts to make a challenge is abdou although rubbish at passing the team stands off the opposition until they get to our penalty box if they pressured more up the pitch there would be less pressure on the defence. They need to pressure from the forwards all the way to the defence that doesn't happen. Kj sort it out or you will be out !!

Post about a lack of passion from the stands is right on.... we had another pathetic turnout especially from those at the CBL end. Brighton showed us up on and off the pitch. Coming to the Den is a nice day out. ...where are the ball winners in this side ?... I can pick a better back four from the squad available...Malone ? sorry son you are no left back.... sorry but unless he is getting results pretty soon I am joining the KJ out side just for the record.

Lowry at LB Robbo CB Shittu CB Osbourne RB

If Tams not around to sit in front of them then put Dunny or Smith in front of the back 4 , lets get it tight and got from there........... wheres Racon ? can he play many unanswerd questions to Mr Jackett.

season ticket holder upper Kitchener(west)

Re Wright / Trotter - I agree Trotts is inconsistent, but I'm sorry, and it's only my opinion, Wright just isn't good enough - one blinding goal doesn't make him a good player, never tackles, never runs with the ball, weak in the air, slows the play to allow the opposition to all get back behind the ball and can't spot a pass. Trotts does have talent but not on the left wing!! Brighton's right full back was causing us loads of problems first half cos he could push on. IMO we did look marginally better second half when LT moved to the middle. Lowry and Osborne both look ok but NOT together. They need Robbo organising things. Malone was exposed cos Trott's is not a left sided midfielder. Dunne, in my opinion is just not up to it, hopefully Smithie will be back next game. I am still backing KJ but I hope he puts Trotts back in the middle, drops Wright and as soon as someone if fit, Dunne. It's still early days and we have already played 5 out of the top 7.

Agree with comments that Trotter does not work well on left - he looked much better and comfortable in the middle after the team got angry and the sending off. He is ok going forward not chasing as he does not really have the speed (see replay of first goal) , unlike Henry who can play that sort of role. He can be dangerous when he is going at the opposition defence and I can see why KJ wants him in the side. We still need left sided player as we do not have the cover there (someone like Townsend was excellent for us although not likely to get him back) and agree right back - we are not far off. Kenny is the man. Just a suggestion but perhaps next match play Malone on left side of midfield with Lowry left back - this should provide good defending on that side. Robbo and Osborne in middle and Smith at right back. Defenses take time to settle which they will as they are good players.

Agree with everything except Malone at left midfield - by his own admission he was out of his depth there against Blackpool (was awful) and prefers left back. With Taylor suspended I would give the Batt a run out at left midfield Saturday and go with Malone or Lowry at left back with Robbo and Osborne (or Lowry) in the middle, and if fit, Smithy at right back, Henry, Trotter, Abdou and Batt in midfield; Wood and Keogh up front. Just my opinion!

Did you see Malone getting skinned on Saturday !!

I did see Malone getting skinned because Trotter is not a left midfielder and Brighton were able to double up on him. I don't think he's looked too bad so far personally, felt sorry for him on Saturday. If he can keep his confidence I think he'll be ok.



17 Sep 2012 13:54:53
Sky Blues have a 3 man shortlist for the managers position. Out of 70+ applicants they have whittled the 'lucky' 3 down to Richard Shaw, Paul Ince and Mark Robins. All the expensive stones have been left unturned yet again! Money talks - I don't quite know what this is saying about CCFC!

'lucky 3' I feel the irony in there.
I also think you unfortunately know where it leaves CCFC.

That seems a very weak final 3 shortlist imo

It says CCFC are now League 1 (3rd Division). Hard for supporters to take I know, we (HTAFC) have been there but we are on the way up after 11 years out and many average managers.



17 Sep 2012 09:45:35
Guys ive heard so deep stuff on the football scale its so serious that if a fat kid jumped of a diving board he would fall through to the over side of the world. this is so deep but apparently realmadrid are ready to sell C-Ron 200m as he is sad



17 Sep 2012 01:45:56
Beckford to sign for Huddersfield on loan Monday after turning down Leeds to move to a bigger club

Beckford turned your lot down because he is only intrested in a move to leeds

Bigger club what a joke mot

Much bigger club

Bigger club? Just no. Even Huddersfield fans know that's not true, although lets be honest were both in the same league, not such a vast difference as it used to be

Your having a laugh mate u have got it the wrong way round beckford has turned huddersfield down twice because hes been waiting 4 leedsutd the 5th biggest club in england to come 4 him which they are at this moment going to sign him yes today

Just like Peltier did ?

Huddersfield bigger club than leeds , your'e having a laugh !!

Dont think he will be signing today but he does right wanting to come to a bigger club. Hopefully it will go through this week. {Ed020's Note - if he does go to hudds, its not because town are a bigger club than leeds, not even a full season in the championship and you guys are already spouting your the biggest team in yorkshire lmao!!!}

That'd be the Lee Peltier who chose to come back to HTFC over Leeds until Leicester wanted more money at the last minute? Huddersfield pulled out leaving Leeds as his only choice. That is fact.

We didn't want Peltier. We have got Jack Hunt! Peltier wouldnt get a a game in our team!

He's gonna snub both of you and sign for rocdale !!

My clubs bigger than your club - grow up !!

Forest fan here and im just curious as to how leeds is the 5th biggest club in England.

9TH in the second tier of english football,
13TH highest average attendence,
Nowhere near the top of the richlist.

So exactly how is Leeds the 5th biggest club in england?


Beckford isnt comming to Huddersfield or going to any other club right now , Foxes have said he isnt going anywhere..and for the record he didnt turn huddersfield down, he signed the contract it was LCFC who pulled out of the deal. i dont know how many times that needs to be stated before it sinks in.

Leeds fans take the bait once again as they always do. Just sour that Beckford doesn't want to go back to Leeds in my opinion

Jack hunt is being scouted by norwich ready for jan swoop

I am a leeds fan n i wouldnt have beckford given he wasnt even the best striker in leugue 1 billy barn door paynter out scored him his pace was his only attribute n thats fading

Would that be the same jack hunt from Rothwell ls26, a Leeds fan, Fact!!

Hi Guys,

Leeds are a big club with a decent History although they should have done better ith what they have had, poor managment and leadership has cost the club badley over the past 50 years.

I am a Leeds fan and have been since the 60's but there are 3 massive clubs in Yorkshire Sheff United, Sheff Wednesday and Leeds United, all belong to a City not a Town.

Leeds have a slightly better history than the other for-mentioned clubs i.e. (winning trophys). I would say at best even though we are where we currently belong due to lack of ambition and funds we are one of the largest clubs in England but not the 5th Biggest (slight exageration from a Loyal fan), others Championship clubs have great History's to, including Notts Forest, Derby County, Cardiff City and many more.

Leeds do need an out and out striker goal scorer to stand a chance of getting out of this division (I feel a good Loan player should help), we have some average to good players non-outstanding who I am sure will play out of their skins for the club, but if we are ever to reach the aspirations of this club the fact is money will have to be spent, good managment and leadership must be given and the current crop of players will need to play beyond their best. We are not even the best club in the Championship, we currently lie in 7th as mentioned and we well hammered by two very good teams in Blackpool and Cardiff (both away games), we will lose many more games over the duration of this season, consitancy will determine who goes up home wins and away draws with the odd away win and loss.

With their current squads I beleive Blackburn and Blackpool to be the strongest teams in the Championship and others like Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, Bolton, Wolves and Hull to have excellent teams, others like Brighton and similar teams with good team ethics and some outstanding individual players will always be there or thereabouts.

I think at best with our current squad and lack of money at Leeds United a top six position is our best hope for this season (hopefully I am proved wrong).

Leeds should look at what Swansea have done, unknown players who are doing the job for their club, lots of talent for very little money, good managment and leadership, scouting seems to work to.

Nice to see rival fans at each others throats brings back good memories.

Good Luck Guys

^ check out the league table ;-) UTT {Ed020's Note - the league table does'nt mean much at the start of the season, check back after christmas when it starts getting serious, not even 10 games in and your already stating hudds are a bigger club than leeds lol}

Leeds 3 League titles 1 FA cup 1League cup
Sheff U 0 League titles 4 FA cup 0 League cup
Sheff W 4 League Titles 3 FA cup 1 League cup
Hudds T 3 League titles 1 FA cup 0 League cup
I would suggest that Sheff Wed have the best record although Leeds do have 2 Fairs Cups

Yes but when was these titles won

When you are talking about a clubs history when does it matter when they were won, and whos the biggest does not matter, just because a club is big does not give them the right to be higher placed than the rest.

Sheffield Wed 1-3 Huddersfield


People keep telling us town fans not to live in the past! So as i said yesterday mr ed020 check out the league table :-P {Ed020's Note - and as i said, check back after christmas when the league has settled down abit!}

To use the words of Martin Luther King JR...I have a dream...that town fans and Leeds fans will some day...get along

Leeds 2 florist 1 utw

Beckford signs for Town

Hudds 3 league titles in a row only arsenal liverpool and man utd have
done that



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