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17 Oct 2012 19:14:48
Gordon strachan favourite to take over when Craig levein is sacked in next couple of days.


IMO Rednapp and Jordan would be really good

Is this a joke?

Strachan has been touted as the next scotland boss! most fans want him and the media are shouting for him aswell. Its also a well known fact that Strachan is desperate to manage scotland

Malky would be the best man for the job. But I dont think he would leave for a lesser outfit. As for Gordon Strachan how many Cardiff City fans would swap Malky for him? Answer : Approx. zero.


Would want Craig over Gordon anytime

Have to agree with 1st poster i think rednapp and joe Jordan would be perfect and bring success tbh.

I think it would be coyle or steve kean haha

Offer it to Sir Alex, he's the only person that has the ability to do anything with the squad successfully



17 Oct 2012 16:53:58
Southampton declare interest in Southends on loan Watford winger Britt Assombalonga


Britt ain't going anywhere he will be part of watfords plans next year why leave to premiership club to to rot in the reserves like marvin sordell.watford do not need to sell anymore unless southampton have 13 million to give for him.let's face it the Pozzo's do want some cash back from buying the club and that is the sum they would be looking at not like Bassini when a sniff of 100,000 came along he snatched people's hand's off. {Ed003's Note - 13m might be a tad overpriced}

Ed - agreed - anything over 10m is not justifiable yet {Ed003's Note - just spat my coffee over the keyboard sorry for the delay in replying ;) can folk start leaving a name or tag so I know who I am talkingto}

If he would sit and rot in Saints reserves, how can he be worth 10-13m?? He isn't good enough, it seems, to be in Watford's first team!

Ramirez cost similar, is straight into the first team and is rated as one of the worlds top young players.

Matt Phillips is priced at around 6m.

Unrealistic valuation.

Saint Martin

How deluded first 13million then 10million, lucky if you get 2million!

CALM DOWN saints fans he's just emphasising that we dont need to sell our players to survive anymore with our new billionaire owners! (feels good to say that) But i disagree very much he's worth over 2million already at the rate he's scoring. Personally i'd let him build up his confidence at the rate he's scoring could get 30 by the end of the season, then straight in the first team next season, when vydra will be starting for udinese!

Look - Saints paid 7m for Rodriguez who is worth about 10 bob so - 10m for Britt is about right

So, he's scoring for Southend-whoop-y-doop!
Could be in Watfords first team NEXT season-whoop-y-doop!

Sounds a real world shaker, doesn't he?

Forget Saints paying anything like that for him. If we want to add to our Development Squad there are plenty of better players out there for much less money. (Besides, 50% will be developed in-house.) Maybe you can afford to keep him-but only if he wants to stay. If he wants to move on, you don't have a chance of keeping him.
Saints already have 4 youngsters in their first team squad and they are able to compete to play in the Premiership but your young "stars" are out on loan at Southend and may make the first team next season! If they are any good (like 10m worth) why would they put up with that? The only reason for them to do so, is they are not really that good!

As for Watforddogs, don't believe all you read. Think about some of Saints past/current forwards, like Le Tissier, Channon, Shearer, Beattie, Lambert, Keegen. (There are a lot more I could name.) I think you will find the club is pretty good at identifying good forwards, and Rodriguez will be another one.
Anyway, as you are now a feeder club for Udinese, he will go there for nowt, if he is any good, and you will be handed another of their cast-offs.

Dont worry saints fans you wont be in the prem too long, so dont get too big for your boots. Wasn't long ago you and southend were in the same league!
Why slag of a player you know nothing about who has scored 9 in 12 not bad! ay. Doesn't matte what league your scoring in if you score thst many ASK LE FONDRE 3 YEAR CONTRACT FOR HIM league only a season ago

As a Southend fan I believe he will be playing in the Prem one day but not anytime soon. He has got a lot of potential but in reality the step up from us in League Two to Watford in the Championship is massive let alone the step us from us to the Prem. He should remain with us until the end of the season to keep developing as a player learning from people like Harris and Sturrock and developing and gaining confidence by continuing to score at the rate he is doing at the moment. Next season he should be in the Watford first team or at a team in League One on loan and then after that then you can start talking about a move to a Prem team. I think you are all jumping the gun a bit in this case.

To the poster that said Southampton are good at identifying good players... they can also pick some stinkers (like all clubs!) ... do you remember Ali Dia??

As for watford being a feeder club for Udinese... hmmm did Granada become a feeder team...erm nope... What we do get is one of the best scouting networks in the world, a pool of over 150 players to enhance the team (for no cost to us!) so im quite happy being a Watford Fan.. so enjoy your short stay in the premiership i am sure it will be brief!

Southampton are probably going down and Watford may go up so we could loan him to Southampton next season.

Sensible post

Nice to see comments already reference Saints going down already. 8 games in & a premiership record goals conceded but people are not looking further than those headlines. If you check the points on the board we are really not that much out of touch with the teams above us & if we stay with them until January then we will be fine. We still have at least 3 solid players out for the next few weeks but on their return everyone will see what a great attacking side we are. I predict finishing 12th this season.

He was a boy amongst men end of last season. Still a long way to go.... he's a good prospect but not worth anything crazy, yet.

He's probs closer to 1m than 10m, to be honest



17 Oct 2012 16:19:30
Matt Richie will NOT be joining AFCB.

Ryan Lowe will go out on loan from MK Dons to Leeds United.

Zola and Paterson from Burton wanted by Coventry City, both signing January.

Northampton's Kelvin Langmead attracting lots of interest, Brighton are top club to watch him so far.

Kelvin Langmead the average League Two player, being looked at by Brighton? Yeah...

Where has the zola to coventry come from ? i bet it isnt even true anyways

Paterson is rubbish, quicker he goes the better

Lowe to Leeds is a good shout. Both Zola and Paterson have started the season well at Burton so can this having legs. Langmead was our player of the year last year and has started this season 'on fire', if Brighton are looking at him then I say good luck!

'Paterson is rubbish' obviously a bitter little shirmper! He has started the season very well as has Zola so no doubt other clubs will be looking. Langmead is Northampton's best player so again, probably true. As for Matt Ritchie, he is a Pompey boy, AFCB would be a good move for him closer to home, again could be a good call!

Interesting Lowe to Leeds, don't think he's up for it to be fair! No better than a lower league player in mho. Zola would be immense for Coventry, heard good things about Paterson. Langmead is a battler but Brighton maybe a step too far.

I think lowe should go back to bury we're they all love him

Coventry should sign lago junior from numercia and maybe Zola if he keeps up the form and sell baker and odonovan. Replace baker with Williams from crystal palace

Defo sign mcgoldrick as a regular and lago junior buy Williams or loan in. Bailey til the end of the season and sell baker odonovan and Malaga



17 Oct 2012 14:59:29
David Goodwillie has cut short a loan spell at Crystal Palace and returned to Blackburn after failing to settle.


Failed to settle, and had very poor performances

What 32 mins as a sub.

They should give him a chance {Ed003's Note - He has returned to Blackburn but due to the terms of the original loan he cannot play until January}



17 Oct 2012 14:58:04
Crystal Palace has opened talks with Owen Garvan on a new deal to see off interest from his old club Ipswich


Doubt we're after him. He is a decent player though. Shame we let him go.

Owen Coyle.will be installed as town boss next Tuesday in time for the Derby match.!

I think paul jewell is going to stay as he was at playford rd watching u21s against Qpr with Hutchins .m.evens must still be backing him why would any manager be watching u21s if he was thinking of quitting ?

Its owen coyle. he drove down my road in newbourne on tuesday 23rd oct



17 Oct 2012 14:56:33
Tim Sherwood wants a face-to-face talk with Blackburn's owners before agreeing to manage the club.


Ha! Blackburn have to get past Daniel Levy first. Only one winner there i think.



17 Oct 2012 14:55:45
Bolton to chose from Dougie Freedman, Mick McCarthy or Graeme Souness.


No to all of the above ... Let's give Phillips, Darby and Lee a few games and see what happens. We have nothing to lose. I would also wait until November for Solskjear to win the title again for Molde then make a move for him.

Certainly don't want any journey men as our manager.

I'd have souness back at blackburn

Graeme 'all my players are always injured' souness good luck with that



17 Oct 2012 14:42:10
Port Vale looking into the possibility of loaning MK Dons striker Ryan Lowe after Paul Wildes takeover is complete.

Will not happen as Micky Adams thinks he is massively overrated



17 Oct 2012 14:08:01
York interested in trying to do a loan deal for MK Dons' Ryan Lowe. Percentage of wages likely to be the stumbling block



17 Oct 2012 09:18:17
Neil Harris currently stalling a loan move to Barnet and hoping to fight for a place in the Southend Team although, Tomlin, Britt, Benyon, Eastwood and Clark Harris above the pecking order.

He is injured at the moment and is ahead of Benyon and Clarke-Harris so he won't be going to Barnet anytime soon.



17 Oct 2012 08:08:00
Crystal Palace are set to sign Mansfield's
hot shot striker Matt Green.



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