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17 Mar 2013 22:05:01
odemwingie to wolves till end of season

Never going to happen. 100% un true. No Wolves fan would accept him any way

I would he hates the Albion



17 Mar 2013 18:04:33
Swindon Town to go into administration on the 18th March. Fire sale at end of season, Town will also be docked at least 20 points and or demoted, New ownwed got the club on a freebie Ritchie sale ensured survial only.
So the new investors clean up and make a few Bob as well. Again the stupid SWindletown Fans will suffer where is there mega rich Board now

Yawn I wish you would concentrate on your own club for once.

18 Mar 2013 08:50:07
a demented Oxford or Bournemouth fans setting wild stupid rumours.

Don, t be silly would have happened by now

The wouldn't have been given football league approval if this was the case as they had to prove they could run the club securely for 3 years which they did prove as they now own the club. Use your brain before you post

18 Mar 2013 13:22:15
Also as the club is effectively debt free, what exactly would put the club into administration! Its much more likely that a club like Bournemouth who are making staff redundant will go into Administration that Swoindon at this present point.

I don't think we will go into administration, but we are in trouble with Del Boy (JED) running the club that's why no loan signings coming in.

Loan signings are coming in, why would the local rag report 4 deals are as good as done otherwise?

All in the garden is not roses. Despite promises from the new board the embargo has not been lifted from a stfc fan of many years I fear the worst I think the only thing coming to the county ground will be an administrator or at best the loan signing of a pot to pee in!

Nick W didn't want to work with the new board, and I have been told by people ITK that we only have enough funds to last until December.

As has already been said here and elsewhere, we are facing a fire sale this summer, but K Mac wants to bring young players in on frees and loans and is also prepared to look at a few non-league players like Jamille Matt. The wage bill has to be halved, and next season Swindon will be lucky to stay up.

This is NOT a Pox/Bummedmuff fan, but a very realm Swindon Town Fan of 27 years.

Ha ha the Oxford pub team supporter has nothing better to do but look over to the better team for some happier times.

When will the Swindon fans believe it Del Boy (JED) will only bring more trouble to the club. There is no money coming into the club and no loan players. First team players will go at the end of the season.

I have never read so much rubbish



17 Mar 2013 17:55:54
Derby County want Albert Adomah in the summer along with Matty Fryatt, Aidy White and Lee Bowyer. {Ed034's Note - cant see how derby can afford him.

Might get bowyer, none of the others

Thought Bowyer had retired!

Fryatt - typical Clough signing. Cheap/free due to injury concerns, see Ward and Tyson!

We could afford them if we sell Will Hughes for £10m and the owners spend it.



17 Mar 2013 17:32:09
Paul jewell will be new oldham manager on Monday morning

Think you might find it's Phil Brown

17 Mar 2013 23:51:28
Lee johnson new boss

18 Mar 2013 16:49:37
You guys have real problems now! Junior Johnson will be ringing Daddy before he picks the team.

The only good thing is that he isn't playing for you!



17 Mar 2013 16:40:09
Joan Verdu will snub a new contract at current club Espanyol and join Swansea City in the summer along with Real Betis midfielder Jose Canas.

These would be great additions to the squad. This along with a top quality striker and CB

Are they any good



17 Mar 2013 15:49:50
Liverpool rejects leeds bid for sterling on loan for the rest of the season.

Rodgers came out on Friday & stated that Sterling & Suso aren't going out on loan. Do some research!

Sterling should go on loan only until may

Ya I know that but that dosent mean that they didn't turn down an inquiry from leeds for stearling.

He said he will let suso out on loan. {Ed001's Note - you mean when he said this about the rumours of Suso and Sterling going:
And Rodgers said: "It's very simple. They're not available for loan. I'm not sure where the stories have come from. They're both young players who have played a lot this year, and they've been very much a part of our group. Raheem's been outstanding this year. He's only young, and we need to nurture and protect him. On top of that, we've got a very small squad, and those two boys are an integral part of it. It's something that won't happen."
He actually meant Suso could go out on loan? He really should learn to make himself clear then I guess, as that doesn't sound like a man looking to send one of them out on loan and not the other!}



17 Mar 2013 15:16:27
Rotherham United chairman will relieve Steve Evans & Paul Raynor of their positions at the end of this season even if Rotherham gain promotion. Mr Stewart is on the hunt for a replacement and is rumoured to be after Brian McDermott to replace Evans.

If Rotherham go up I doubt this will be true unless Tony Stewart can ensure that a good suitable Manager will replace Steve Evans. The chairman and manager get along well and Tony just wants to get the club up. I have maximum respect for Tony Stewart and what he has done for our club, he has made it what it is.



17 Mar 2013 14:54:24
Paolo di canio will be names as reading manager by tuesday. this man will keep use up and if he don't he will leave use in the lorch like he did Swindon

Reading can do better than
di canio
he will do nothing for your

Eamonn Dolan will get the job

Im sure that Reading will talk to Swindon about Di Canio and if so then, following recent comments made by the Swindon chairman, it will be a definate NO GO.

18 Mar 2013 08:55:14
for all the person fans that have this issue with Di Canio need to realise he is a very clever tactician and will play a good style of football.
If you want your club to have the best defensive record in all leagues and score the most goals then Di Canio is the right man. For all the persons who don't want him and all these hyped up over paid players in the premier league who don't like a bit of hard work and dedication that don't want him at their club need to get a serious reality check. Yes he left our club but I don't blame him as he was lied to by our chairman.

Well it hasn't happened yet.
If it's not true don't post it.

Di Canio will NOT go to Reading, he is off to a team called Cessena in Italy. Personally, I thought it was a private jet but, evidently, its a club in the neither regions of the Italian league (a bit like Swindon). He was never offered the job at Reading anyway. don't rule out Birmingham City as they have made an enquiry. My source is extremely good.



17 Mar 2013 12:46:09
Phil Brown to be appointed new Oldham manager on Monday morning. Brian Horton to be his assistant.

Think its going to be lee johnson to take over



17 Mar 2013 10:47:16
Lescott is a target for Everton, Aston Villa and Stoke city.

Stoke, do they really need another centre half?

17 Mar 2013 20:08:28
I could see him going to Everton

Doubtful he will join Everton while Moyes' future is not known.

Villa need experience.

Stoke do need another centre half because we only have huth and shawcross



17 Mar 2013 03:16:12
Motherwell hope to pip Aberdeen to the post this summer for the signature of Darren Shaw. The 19 year old defender is tipped to play for Scotland at full international level within 4 years by former Scotland captain and Celtic legend Paul McStay, no less.



17 Mar 2013 03:07:22
Aberdeen in : Darren Shaw

If the outstanding 19 year old Scottish defender does sign it will be a clever pieces of business by Craig Brown and Aberdeen



17 Mar 2013 02:40:24
Xabi alonso will return to liverpool.

I would like to see that happen tbh

He is in contract talks with Real, so his agent is putting out some rumours to get him a better deal. Xabi will play for Real next year.



17 Mar 2013 02:23:04
Cristiano Ronaldo returing to mufc or not I think he does becoz of nike 350 million dollar new deal

Surely he will be going to leeds won't he after all they are billionaires.



17 Mar 2013 00:47:56
-Manchester United outcast Anderson admits he would be willing to leave the Premier League in search of first team football. Do I think he will leave? Yes, probably to PSG or another big club!

-Aston Villa striker Cristian Benteke has Liverpool, Arsenal and Fulham hot on his trails. With Aston Villa in the drop zone, many clubs feel Benteke will want a move if Villa go down. Fulham are considering offering up to £6,000,000. Do I think it will happen? Fulham are the most desperate to get a tough striker like him, so I think it will happen in June.

-Liverpool have offered a contract to Adem Halilovic of Dynamo. The 16 year old was said to have sorted a move to Manchester City in November of last year, but talks between the two clubs failed. The Ukrainian club are said to want £12,000,000 and won't accept any less. Do I think it will happen? Probably.

-Everton are in the race to sign Daniel Welbeck, although he is unlikely to want a move as he has settled into Manchester. Everton are looking for a striker to play alongside Jelavic, or as back up. Do I think it will happen? No, Manchester United want to keep him and he would never leave.

£12m, for a 16 year old? Really.

Danny welbeck is impossible to leave dude.

Maybe welbeck on loan
paddy the irish man

1 million loss for Villa on Benteke? Don't think so!

17 Mar 2013 11:53:18
Halilovic plays for the other Dinamo in Croatia dude

17 Mar 2013 14:21:14
Welbeck-"He has settled in Manchester"

Hes lived there all his life

This post is just complete nonsense! All you have done is select names then created links to clubs and made up figures.
First Anderson granted will leave but to a big club? He has already shown he cannot play at big club standard. In reality probably move back to brazil
Second Benteke for £6 million? Villa paid £7 million for him, and he has had a very good season. In reality he will leave and to either spurs or arsenal for £13-£15 million
Thirdly halilovic will not move to Liverpool. He is one of the highest rated young players in Europe, interest from the Spanish giants and the mighty money clubs will keep though deal firmly out of liver pools reach. In reality due to halilovic idolising his fellow Croatian Luka Modric an offer from Real Madrid would turn his head but don't expect him moving on the next cupple of years
Not even going to bother with the Danny welbeck nonsense. Hopefully this is helpful to you for your next post of rubbish stories

Benteke would leave if Villa go down & it'll be for £15-20m.

If danny was off to everton he would not need to move liverpool is a hour away in the car.

Benteke deal would never happen but if it did, I would be the happiest fulham fan!



17 Mar 2013 00:19:47
Richard Chaplow has joined Millwall on loan until the end of the season





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