Football Rumours Archive June 17 2013


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17 Jun 2013 22:38:56
The winger Rotherham are in talks with is Danny Green from Charlton

He's in New York so that's not true, wishful thinking.



17 Jun 2013 22:34:07
Mk dons interested in barnsley striker chris Dagnall

Not going to happen.

Only if Barnsley give him away for nothing. And even then I doubt it's true. Why jump on a sinking ship?

You've got no chance mate, Daggers is happy at Barnsley and Flicker and will only get better next season.

I hope not. not a very prolific scorer tbh

He played well in the FA Cup game v. Dons last year. He's a scouser as well, so this is very believable considering our squad is made up of scousers and ex-Sheffield Wednesday players!

Ye because they have got the standard of football he wants
He will be a first team player next year as he was last

18 Jun 2013 13:47:39
Robinson is desperate - last chance saloon time for him - MKD board losing patience at him constantly bemoaning his budget.

Yes Robbo moans but anyone would. If the Board had spent mone on a quality striker last year and this we would have gone up easily. Either they pay and we progress or squeeze by on loyalty and loanees and we stay where we are - mid table obscurity and boring.

That's rubbish. Robinson isn't moaning about his budget. He has no budget to moan about!

:- (



17 Jun 2013 22:32:00
Bobby Grant is interesting Bradford after he sent in a transfer request at Rochdale. Grant impressed when Rochdale beat Bradford in December and Phil Parkinson could be tempted to bring him to Valley Parade.

Lets hope he brings his pal Kennedy as well



17 Jun 2013 22:17:25
George Francomb has agreed a deal in principle to sign for AFC Wimbledon, and will undergo a medical on Thursday after arriving back from his holiday in America today.

That would be a brilliant signing top player. Anyone know if any of these Rene Howe rumours are true?

What rene howe rumours

Howe would we know?

Haha good one

Join the Dons George and we'll get your career back on track. The fans love you and this can only help.



17 Jun 2013 22:17:08
Martin paterson from burnley is set to join huddersfield town on a free contract as he is going to reject their contact extension and shun wolves to stay in the championship!

Paterson will pobably go to wigan along with mcann

Patterson is a Backward step, and after seeing rumours of GTF from Blackpool is even a Further backward Step, Please do not become the same old Town, False promises. we shouldn't be losing signings of Dale Jennings to Barnsley, or the Lad from Walsall. we had this when we could and SHOULD have signed Ricky Lambert.

Can't see it myself, he has been hit by injuries but had a full season last term but for a striker eight goals is not enough in my book. Wolves will sign him.

Ive heard this rumour! Would be a top purchase if we do end up getting him! If he play enough games he's easily a 15+ goal a season striker

Is Dale Jennings the answer? For Bayern II he's played 30 odd games in two years in Germany's 4th tier. If he was that good Premier clubs would be after him.

We will see how good he is when we play you. looks like robins is doing what he did to us, the next thing he will be talking about the budget and then go on gardening leave. I hope I'm wrong, always had a soft spot for huddersfield hope it all go well. See you next season.

Cannot imagine why you would think Town wouldn't spend £250k on a player. Sights will be set higher than that for the right personnel.

When is Pato a 15+ goals a season striker - not since joining us. Even in his best season when we got promoted - just 12 or 13 in the league and that under a manager who played him up front and liked to attack. I'd like him to stay with Burnley but even if he does, he's not the main, or even second, goalscorer.



17 Jun 2013 21:26:13
Danny kedwell is leaving gillingham to rejoin a f c Wimbledon. on a 2 year contract. Will be confirmed next Tuesday. Good Source inside afc Wimbledon

18 Jun 2013 23:21:33
Heard a fair bit about this rumour in a few different places, getting excited love keds

This was strongly hinted at in January and didn't happen, I'm not getting excited until it is confirmed. George Francomb would also be a lovely signing.

19 Jun 2013 16:32:02
Dons fans you love keds so much but you gave him stick at every match against gills

It's easy for short sighted fans to make noise. He did too much for our club for any serious Wimbledon fan to ever have an issue with him and he turned down more money to join his boyhood club and be near his family. In my book that is completely understandable. Overwhelming majority of Wimbledon fans rate Kedwell very highly.

Thats because straight after cuming back from vegas he asked to leave personally I don't want him back for that

You will always get persons jeering Keds, but how can you fault the bloke, he always gives 100% I'd love him back but he's at his home town club and will fight for his place at Gillingham because that's the kind of bloke he is



17 Jun 2013 21:26:04
hull city are confident they can purchase austin somewhere around their valuation of 4, 5 mill, and they'll be going for the jugular this week

Burnley will only listen to offers starting at £7m

So you would know that they will only accept bids starting around 7 mill as you are on the board. Okay :/

In his last year of contract? Don't be silly.

Austin will go for £5m tops.

Hull won't pay more than 5 mill as hooper will cost around 5 mill now he's announced he wants to leave and austin is not worth more than hooper. Both have little left on their contracts.



17 Jun 2013 21:24:54
Sources tell me John joe O'toole will sign for Bristol Rovers tomorrow after both parties agree a deal today.

Considering John ward said that he is willing to wait the whole of the transfer window to sign John joe as he feels that that's how long it's going to take

Thursday he will be announced on a 3 year deal.



17 Jun 2013 21:17:27
Wes foderingham will not leave swindon to go to sunderland as he hates paolo and also john bostock set to sign aswell as cebellos and mason from spurs swindon are also interested in sanchez watt

18 Jun 2013 09:23:37
Im swindon fan do you really think bostock going to sign for us
I see him in the ch
ampionship where he get more money

I think this is true have heard all three of these players atleast twice

Sanchez Watt is rubbish, wouldn't want him at Swindon.

Are you mad, I would take just about any player, we have only get 5 players left

Wes set to leave is he? Just signed a contract extension, more value for Swindon then. lol



17 Jun 2013 20:54:04
HTAFC are close to agreeing a deal for Rochdale striker Bobby Grant who earlier today submitted a transfer request which was accepted by Rochdale



17 Jun 2013 20:50:45
got this on good word ross turnbull was due to sign for everton deal agreed until moyes went to Manchester United moyes shook his hand and apologised, ross agent has spoke to sunderland and hull but it looks like he could be signing for Norwich as ross reckons that ruddy is going to villa

Press unbelieve all you want mate that has come from the horses mouth as they say

Trust me when I say this, Ruddy will not sign for Villa, Unless Villa pump up £15-£20million as Ruddy has got 3 years with the option of another to go on his contract, I doubt Villa will pay this.

17 Jun 2013 23:40:33
who keeps coming up with this nonsense. Ruddy certainly won't go to villa cause they don't need him! Guzan is very highly rated by Lambert and didn't he win player of the year last season? Ruddy is settled and expect him to stay for another year after his disappointing injury last season.

No chance

Villa have spent less than 10 m on 3 players. No chance they'l stump up the 15m required for Ruddy when they already have Guzan who's an excellent keeper. Ruddy will only leave for the No. 1 shirt

Keep on dreaming! Even if Ruddy did go (which he won't) Hughton/McNally have more sense than to buy a player who has been a back-up keeper throughout his career as a replacement. I think we would probably go in for Fraser Forster again.


To be fair, Ruddy was the back up keeper at Everton for years before he came to us, playing (I think) one cup match in his total Toffee time. Don't think for a moment he'll be off but it is possible to be a very good keeper without getting many games.

Firstly when we signed John Ruddy aged 23 or 24 he had already played over 100 first team league games in his career for various clubs in Leagues 1, 2 and the SPL. We signed him for around £100k. If we were to sell him it would be for £10mill+.

I am sure if a championship team could sign Turnbull for £100k that would be a cracking signing but NCFC are a completely different club now to when we bought Ruddy, not only the level we are playing at, but also financially and in stature.

If we need to replace Ruddy, a player valued at over £10mill we need to be looking for someone who hasn't spent his whole career happily playing second fiddle!



17 Jun 2013 20:46:46
As Liverpool are poised to sign Simon Mignolet, Sunderland are hoping to sign Middlesbrough's Jason Steele. Tony Mowbray looking at Ross Turnbull, Brad Jones and Scott Flinders for replacements - TGT

Ross wants to stay in premiership mate

Steele will not leave but even if he did I doubt any of the 3 players mentioned will be brought in as his replacement

Once again it seems as if boro are at the bottom of this transaction sequence, Turnbull and Jones are both a joke, left us to enjoy limited bench appearances elsewhere, can do sorely better mogga!

Don't think Brad Jones would want to come back not exactly a fans favourite

This is complete rubbish

18 Jun 2013 20:15:52
Ross turnbull hardly was boro fans most liked- sgt

Sunderland are in talks with a spanish keeper steele ain't daft he dnt want to sit on the bench when he's no1 now so why post utter cr. p

Ross Turnbull and brad jones no good we got rid of them because they were s**** so why bring them back now

Steeles going to man it'd as an improver with Angelo henriquez coming to Boro on 12 month loan plus 2mill

20 Jun 2013 07:00:21
Steele ain't going nowhere

Steele isn't going anywhere*

Are we playing chinese whispers? Ok, here goes. Steele isn't going anyone.

Mignolets going to Liverpool so steele is his replacement.



17 Jun 2013 20:42:53
Paul smith to sign for mansfield town within 48 hours. the experienced stopper will sign a 2 year contract for a fee of 40,000. smith has passed a medical at field mill and just agreeing personal terms.

Cox has stated he only wants to bring in a young keeper probably on loan from a championship side for competition



17 Jun 2013 20:39:49
Rumoured Bury targets are

Calvin Zola (Burton)
Stephane Zubar (Bury)
Ryan Lowe (MK Dons)
Jack Mackreth (Macclesfield)
Bobby Grant (Rochdale)
Ben Parker
Tom Soares
Ryan Cresswell (Southend)

Its hopeful that most of these deals will be completed this week in time for Pre Season training. Although Cresswell and Lowe look unlikely to join as they are set to join Fleetwood and Tranmere respectively.

Stephane Zubar (Bournemouth) sorry

Bury won't get bobby grant, lowe or cresswell I don't think. the others very possible. grant and cresswell will take a transfer fee to take them away, and i'm not sure how much the board are willing to provide for transfer funds/wages. the rest seem achievable in getting. if we get these first 3 that would be fantastic

Rumours are merely rumours until they become fact.

I don't see any of the players on this list signing up for The Mighty Shakers.

We will have to shop in the bargain basement league just to make up the numbers at this rate.

Cresswell will not go to league 2. He is way too good.

Bury can't sign zola he's signed for Aberdeen

Zola gone to aberdeen

He did say rumours. He never said they were definite.

Bury need to sign some of these targets before we lose them all!
Mackreth has signed an extension at Macc. today.

We won't sign any of them. Blackwell will just bring in more trialists from the French Tenth Division.

18 Jun 2013 22:09:20
Be prepared to be ever so disappointed with our transfer policy at Gigg lane fans. We might find old Kevin will have to field a team of 16 year olds come August 3rd.

Having sweated on trying to get his targets he fails and then has make a mad dash around the schools in the Bury area to snap up promising young starlets.

I suppose he might offer them the promise of a career in the conference league at the end of it.

The owner of a club has disappointed me on a grand scale, no doubt he will have his day.

To The Person Who Said Cresswell Will Not Go Into League 2. He Already Plays In League 2. For Southend. Shows How Much You Know! And It Would Take A Six Figure Sum To Get Him Away From The Shrimpers.

Zubar to sign on friday!

We won't get a 6 figure sum, let's not be silly

You will. 100000 (pence)



17 Jun 2013 20:39:18
Jordan Robertson will sign a 3 month contract at Bury FC on July 1

Check his location.

The location on his tag?

Keep him away he's been at bury before and wasnt that good, and his career as dropped dramatically. seems to be a trouble causer off the field as well.

I hope this isn't true. All the grief we gave Lee Hughes would seem very hollow if we do. No CONVICTED killers at Gigg Lane please.

He had a 3 month loan spell with us under Alan Knill and I think only scored once for us against Darlington before his enforced sabatical from Football.



17 Jun 2013 20:19:15
Official norwich have agreed to sign ola toivonen from Psv for 4.7 million and talks have begun with the player even though he is on holiday

Where does this mean Grant Holt is going? Surely Norwich can not afford to retain R V Wolf, Toivonen and Holt on their wage bill?

Why not, just because we MIGHT sign Ola Toivonen from PSV doesn't mean we can't afford the 3 players wages, silly thing to say really.

Sorry mate but its being reported that he has being in contact with his agent who is heading down for talks with west brom who are able to offer better personal terms, the fact they finished higher too means westbrom is the players preferred choice

17 Jun 2013 23:43:29
Holt going nowhere, CH reiterated how valuable he is to the club couple months ago. with Vaughan (likely), Jackson, Martin all leaving, we are rebuilding our forward line.

Hope we sell holt cash in while we can with theses to players coming in holt will only be on the bench eating trying not to fall of his chair and claim a pen lol

We've let go Jackson, Martin and potentially Vaughan. i'd say that frees up enough wages!

Looks a quality player and would definitely add to the squad. bit worried about his attitude towards the club if he has been correctly quoted to date. Hopefully this will change after speaking to David McNally and Chris Hughton. they seem to be able to talk the talk so fingers crossed!

Still want us to add someone with pace which is something we are lacking in. Redmond for example!

Norwich don't have the finances for all 3, stupid comment from you really.

Wouldn't be too disappointed if we missed out on him. From what I have seen, is a red-card candidate. We need mobility really. Also we need some creativity on the wings. Someone with quick feet.

Norwich easily have the finances! We have released two strikers and already have the Wolf. The way the rumours are going we are in the market for another striker. we would not bid for a player whos wages we couldn't afford as for West Brom, we are more sound in the wage department actually and West Brom can't afford Toivonen until they shift Odewingie.



17 Jun 2013 20:03:23
Swedish midfielder ola toivonen has announced that he has entered negotiations with Norwich city over a possible switch to the Norfolk outfit.

Clubs agreed a fee but player quoted as not been sure if he wants to join Norwich

Not sure if he wants to join norwich eh? Where is that quote? All i've read is that he hasn't seen much prem league action!

18 Jun 2013 10:32:51
Yes he did but he's now talking to us according to the EDP



17 Jun 2013 20:09:18
West Ham are looking into signing Egyptian international and FC Basel Mohammed Salah



17 Jun 2013 20:04:16
Andy Drury has signed for Crawley this evening on a 2 year deal - as I have been predicting for the last couple of weeks. Fully expect Matt Tubbs to follow suit by end of this week.

Bostock almost a crawley player should be announced shortly

= "exciting" players as promised by Low

Bostock is a no go which is a good thing his ego getsp in the way I remember when he was 16 he reckoned he was on his way to Barca
Also looks like we maybe priced out of a move for Tubbs.

CTFC should stop messing about and jut sign Tubbs



17 Jun 2013 19:59:18
Onismor Bhasera will reject a contract offer from Plymouth and re-unite with Joe Bryan at Bristol City, as O'Driscoll was impressed with their partnership down the left towards the back end of last season at Home Park.

Sheridan is believed to be looking at recently released Southampton left-back Ryan Dickson to replace him, a product of the Argyle youth system.

Talking of products from the Argyle youth system, Sheridan is believed to have made an enquiry into the availability of Ben Tozer from Northampton to provide solid right-back play and ability to cover a multitude of positions in both midfield and attack.

Sheridan is also looking at the former Yeovil man Gavin Williams, for his ties to the West Country and attacking, creative midfield play, desperately needed in this Argyle side.

Sheridan is not interested in Akinfenwa, and Rene Howe and Dani Lopez are not interested in coming down to this part of the country.

Can see Ben Tozer going to Plymouth as he's always down there and hasn't renewed his contract with Northampton yet.

Plus he was born in Plymouth and started off his career in Plymouth, can see it happening.

I know Ben's dad and he hasn't mentioned anything to me about coming back BUT, I would like him to. Though Ben has developed into a very decent CB.


This is a load of rubbish because Tozer has just signed a new contract with cobblers!

Ben Tozer has now apparently signed a new 2-year deal with Northampton.

Rene Howe lives near Torquay. Which is this part of the country.



17 Jun 2013 19:58:10
Sylvian ebank blanks and liam bridcutt will be reading fc players by the end of the week

No thanks Ebanks-Blake but I'd take Bridcutt.

17 Jun 2013 19:58:10
Sylvian ebank blanks and liam bridcutt will be reading fc players by the end of the week

Option A I doubt, reading looking for players for the future and they can build with. Which would leave option B very viable

Bridcutt won't leave Brighton

He would definately leave brighton for a bigger club like reading

Stui calm down dear



17 Jun 2013 19:56:53
Adam Le Fondre is interesting Derby. {Ed029's Note - Have they got the £4m it'll take to get him?

17 Jun 2013 20:26:24
We've already bought Russell so we don't need another striker

Le fondre won't go for 4 million he is worth about half that at best {Ed029's Note - Kitson and Doyle went for over £5m and scored a similar amount of Premier League goals. Also Reading don't want to sell.

Will never happen. Derby do not have the resources to sign a player of ALF's quality, and even if we were to miraculously find the money to sign him and reach his wage demands it would deem the recent capture of Johnny Russell from Dundee Utd absolutely pointless. LB & CB will be the only positions Derby will be forking out for at this stage (and it won't be much)!

The moral of the story is we should have bought him before he moved to Reading.

Hopefully Russell will be a success and become a valuble asset to the club.



17 Jun 2013 19:53:14
Afc bournemouth will sign 2 players next week a defender from Celtic and a striker from burnley

Ha ha

Its getting a bit like Southampton all over again. "we're signing every1"

Danny ings from Burnley for £1.3m ( although Burnley still owe Bournemouth part of the original fee) and Thomas Rogne just released by Celtic whos been playing for Norways u-21 recently.

Vokes and mulgrew

Don't owe anything for Ings it was part of the agreement letting Howe go back. Get your facts straight.

Charlie mulgrew? you've got to be kidding? one of celtic's best players, extended contract to 2015, love it to be true but sounds highly unlikely

I hope its vokes!



17 Jun 2013 19:45:33
Ian McLaughlin set to sign for walsall from MK dons as he will be first choice keeper at the Banks's stadium

I hope so he was the best goalkeeper we had last season in my opinion

Have MK Dons got a new keepet because Ian was their no1 at the end of the season

I hope not, he's a good young keeper! we should try to hold on to him!

For what? So we can torture him in League One forever? Let the boy go, he deserves better.

:- (

Pretty sure McLaughlin and Martin both recently signed new deals keeping them at MK for 2 years

Martin has signed, McLoughlin has an offer on the table, but hasn't signed yet. Ian's due back to England next week when we will find out what his plans are.



17 Jun 2013 19:31:06
Crystal Palace have been linked with a move for Millwall goalkeeper David Forde.

Millwall are offering David Forde a contract extension. He needs to be first choice at club level to remain No 1 for Ireland.

As a Millwall fan he wouldn't go to Palace to be a number 2. Especially in a world cup year.

No we have not we don't need a back up goalkeeper. jules is a much better goalkeeper

Forde conceded the same number of goal as Speroni.



17 Jun 2013 19:29:22
Barnsley are set to announce the double signing of Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris O'Grady and former Bayern Munich winger Dale Jennings tomorrow. Wednesday accepted £300,000 for O'Grady last week and it is expected the deal will be finalised and he will sign tomorrow when he returns from holiday. Jennings, recently released by Bayern, has passed a medical at Oakwell earlier today and is set to finalise his move tomorrow on a free transfer.

How can Barnsley get players like Jennings on a free? {must have took his dog hostage or something } surely every club in the championship could offer him more
;;Barnsley fan

Jennings officially signed coyr

Jennings a done deal, he's cost Barnsley 250k and signed on a 3 year deal

He's signed a 3 year contract

Signed, on tv and BarnsleyFC website, 3 year contract as well. Statement of intent from the new Barnsley FC!



17 Jun 2013 19:25:45
Callum Kennedy had his medical today (Monday) and will be announced as Oxford's new signing.

Winger Alfie Potter has also agreed a new long term contract deal today.

Both should be announced tomorrow. But OUFC haven't been announcing all news straight away

That's confirmed locally too. Still no news on a striker and that is a huge position to fill. Players back for training end of week so hopefully something in the pipeline?



17 Jun 2013 19:24:32
Rochdale have agreed a fee with neighbours Bury for striker Bobby Grant. Grant was at Gigg Lane before lunch today to agree personal terms.

Source - the same one who correctly revealed the names for the new Bury directors and the arrival of Ronnie Jepson as assistant manager.

Any chance of directing us to the post naming the directors before they were announced?

Thought not.

And like the Robertson story I wouldn't want Grant unless he is proven innocent in his abuse case.

We don't sign Players from Fail, it's a golden rule, this rumour as no mileage.

18 Jun 2013 17:43:38
Heard this too and the deal is done. He was back at the club too today. Deal to be announced on July 1st as well as other transfers.

Can't wait to hear the reaction to the clever (sneeky) way Bury approached this transfer!

"We don't sign players from fail"

Apart from Neil "I didn't realise there was a rivalry until I signed for bury" Edwards of course.



17 Jun 2013 18:49:40
Rotherham boss Steve Evans is to unveil 3 big signings THIS week FACT

Need to big as Evans is BIG!



17 Jun 2013 18:04:32
Confirmed; Jabo ibehre signs 2 year deal with Colchester United.

Putting an end to rumours he was set for Orient.

He had tweeted in the week "happy vs rich, crunch time" - which either suggests he has signed at colu on more money or, the more likely scenario, orient offered him more but he's happy at the WHCS

Let the good times roll

Not disappointed he didn't come back to Orient.

Never good to go back.

17 Jun 2013 19:21:56
check website unbelievables



17 Jun 2013 18:01:13
Hartlepool Manager Colin Cooper is keen to sign Bobby Grant if he turns down Rochdale. Although Cooper is keen he may find it difficult to convince the Hartlepool chairman Ken Hodcroft. Grant was arrested inn 2008 alongside Steve Gerrard for an assault though no charges were brought against him. Grant scored 16 in 28 last season for Rochdale.

More chance of pools signing Sheila grant



17 Jun 2013 18:21:03
Leeds interested in signing marlin king from Birmingham.

More just like diouf mcdermot isn't like that he won't move to leeds

I hope this rumour is not true!

If you can keep him fit he is good for 15-20 goals.



17 Jun 2013 18:17:46
Swansea City are reportedly interested in signing striker Jeremie Aliadiere from French club Lorient.

Unsuccessful in premier league plus he's 30.



17 Jun 2013 17:57:29
sunderland have had a bid rejected for matej vydra. the player currently of udinese had an excellent campaign on loan at watford winning championship player of the year. bid thought to be inthe region of 8 million.

No way will he go to Sunderland

17 Jun 2013 18:18:57
Not true it's everton

Double it and might have a chance. Vydra not going for peanuts. Watford no longer the soft touch in the transfer market.

Everyone have bid for him why every player linked to Sunderland have you heard this ed

They're looking to sell at around £18m

Sunderland signed danny but can't sign vydra they're terrible!!

17 Jun 2013 19:43:42
Watford RNt a soft touch he is even there player to worry about they get nothing for him

I heard it was swansea

Can we get away from Watford won't sell him for this amount on that amount. He's not our player! He is contracted to Udinese. It makes no difference we're all owned by the same family. They have stated each club needs to run finacially on it's own

I heard it was Southampton

I heard it was WBA

I think all the persons that keep saying he is a Udinese player will find out that all the players we had on loan this season signed pre-contractual agreements with watford at the start of their loan deals, which are due to come into effect on July 1st. Until then there will be no movement of players i. e Vydra - and why the pozzos can confidently say he will be with watford next year / is watfords decision on whether to sell or not. All these will be announced July 1st and Vydra will be going nowhere until after then

18 Jun 2013 13:15:06
I Heard It Was Fulham

18 Jun 2013 17:54:24
I heard it was spurs

18 Jun 2013 19:53:32
I Heard It was Cardiff

I heard it was norwich

I heard it was Spurs

I heard it was Watford

I heard it was Ebbsfleet.

Sunderland have had a loan bid rejected by Udinese.
So it probably wasn't them that bid the £8M

If it is Watford the fee is likely to be in the region of a slap-up meal at La Artista for the Pozzos.

It's Leicester

20 Jun 2013 09:08:13
I heard it was Hitchin Town

Its Roath Ravers



17 Jun 2013 17:57:01
west brom looking to sign former Arsenal and Barcelona player Alexander Hleb on a free transfer

Don't bother Albion he was awful for Birmingham.

Oh I don't know. for only £60k per week he will play at least 8 games per season and try not to slag his team mates off in the press too much.

18 Jun 2013 09:18:24
West Brom are after Wigan hit man, Aruna Kone this summer with a £6.5 million release clause on his contract which Albion can meet.
Also Clarke has given up on Psv striker Ola Toivonen after he is in talks with Norwich City.

I have seen league 1 players better than him



17 Jun 2013 17:54:53
Derby boss Nigel Clough is interested in bringing in both Ignasi Miquel from Arsenal and Bobby Grant from Rochdale.

Would suit Derby and Arsenal to have Miguel on loan for a while until Barker and or O'brien regain fitness. also gives Miguel experience

Hnmmm our loans from the big 2 North London clubs haven't been what you would call a roaring sucess. maybe we should see what Barnet have to offer.



17 Jun 2013 17:54:41
Yeovil are intrested in Middlesbrough's Matt Dolan. He had a loan spell at Huish Park last season and Gary Johnson thinks he can cut it at Championship level. Dolan currently has 1 year left on his contract so he would comand a fee but GJ will look at a possible loan option first.

He will be at Boro next season competing not at Yeovil. We aren't just going to give a rival a talented player.

Tony Mowbray has expressed his desire to sign Doncaster midfielder David cotter ill, who only has a year left on his contract and the fee is expected to be up to £250,000 for the 25 year old

Cotterill would be a good addition we could have someone then down each flank causing problems

Cotterill maybe going Aston villa

21 Jun 2013 10:08:58
Dolan was unfortunate to be hampered by injury while on loan at Yeovil last season. However, he appeared to be highly rated by management. What are 'borough fans views on him? Think he fits the bill for Yeo signing policy but whether or not we get him is questionable.



17 Jun 2013 17:43:24
Rotherham expect to announce 3 signings in the next 2 days. Pretty much confirmed that one is ex-Aldershot striker Danny Hylton after Evans said he was confident of the deal happening and Crewe confirming they'd lost out on Hylton to the millers. Another striker is expected to arrive with Bournemouths Matt Tubbs still a possibility and Swindon Forward James Collins also a strong rumour. Other possibilities are Tyrone Barnett of Peterborough and Danni Lopez from Stevenage. A midfielder is expected to be the final signing this week with former Oldham player Lee Croft looking likely after been seen at the NYS earlier this week. As well as these 3 signings, Evans hopes to add another winger and a left back to his squad before the new season kicks off in around 6 weeks.

OH. MY WORD. Lee Croft is not even in the country!

17 Jun 2013 20:00:56
Not bad you have 2 out of three correct with Hylton & Croft but the third man is Aron Gunnarsson.


Please be Collins or Barnett.

You have two hopes of signing Barnett, As if little Rotherham could afford him.

Another one that don't think we have the money how wrong could you be.

Rotheram have 800k to spend. Posh will want 1000k for Barnett so no, nobody is wrong mate.

You'd think rotherham are the next man city (rich wise), you got a BIT of money for promotion from LEAGUE 2

20 Jun 2013 07:02:22
Peterborough want 1000k for Barnett, presume you mean 1m? So you're saying you want profit from a striker that you've hardly played an transfer listed? because you won't have got anywhere near 1m in instalments for him.

You won't get any more than 500k for Barnett.

20 Jun 2013 09:53:52
Shows how little you know! You get almost nothing for goig up. We have got the money from the chairman.

Posh paid 1m + last summer they will not make a 500k loss. Oh and the guys wage demands also, Rotheram will need to meet his demands of around 7000+ p/w or he will laugh at Steve Evans and say. No thanks



17 Jun 2013 17:40:26
Watford and Nottingham forest are after depertivo defender laure. The 28 year old wants a move to England

As do millions of others it seems.

Lol reply of the year so far

We'll see if he's singing to the same tune when Kidderminster Harriers come in with half a grand a week. The common misperception of 'England' being the 20 odd percent of those operating in the Premier League is becoming more and more prominent!



17 Jun 2013 16:48:29
Brian Saah is set to sign for Cheltenham Town on Friday.

Wants move to close to London with ambitious L1, L2 or even Conference side.

Yates confirmed a central defender will sign this week. Could be Saah who has been linked heavily.



17 Jun 2013 17:34:04
jabo ibehre has signed two year contract at Colchester source official website



17 Jun 2013 17:31:47
Celtic to go for Scott McDonald of Middlesbrough to replace stokes / hooper. boro will let him leave to free up wages for other targets.

Fingers x!

Please let this be true, all of us boro fans would happily drive him back to Scotland, total waste of space, please leave mcdonald

Celtic wouldn't go near Mcdonald. way past his prime

Good deal for all parties involved

Here's hoping :)!

Are you lot joking - he's one of the few decent players we've got!

18 Jun 2013 09:08:39
after being frozen out, scotty came in gave 100% and scored goals!, love to keep him.

Can you stick emnes in the boot when you drive him!

18 Jun 2013 12:31:10
we need scotty, compared to emnes juke etc he is our most potent threat

Would love McDonald to stay, gave his all when he got back in the side, but it's not financially viable for the club, we could get strikers of a similar capability on a lot less money, Kevin Doyle for example.

Scott has been good at boro used sparingly but still got around 40goals in 119 appearances. will be missed if he goes

Return of the mac



17 Jun 2013 17:08:05
PSV and Netherlands U21 goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet will sign for Sunderland if Simon Mignolet leaves. Westwood will also stay. BLACKCAT

Looks that way. Westwood to be #1 next season if mingolet leaves. He will be backed up by Zoet



17 Jun 2013 16:37:14
Jake Bidwell who was on loan for Brentford for 2 seasons from Everton has signed a 2 year deal for the bees. An statement regarding Harry Forester is expected to be put on the offical site at 7pm.

Get your facts right it's 3 years.

Three years actually

Getting bored of the Harry Forrester saga now should sign or just leave, he's a good player but can be to greedy I think he think's better than he is, so make your mind up Harry Forrester by the way but I prefer Sam Saunders more of a team player.



17 Jun 2013 14:16:17
Ed is there any truth in the Hooper deal and is there any other transfer news? {Ed029's Note - To Reading? There has been contact between the clubs but heard nothing about a fee agreed. Billy Sharp is 100% the Southampton player who failed his medical last week.

Ive heard of fees around 8 mil between the clubs. but will he want to move to the championship?

Hooper won't go to Reading, he'll be playing the prem next season

The issue with Hooper is to go to the Premiership but with a side that is likely to struggle this season or take the chance that Reading will be in the promotion race. The rumours about a deal being reached with Cerltic are absolutely true, and the gut feeling, around the Madejski, over the past couple of days is that he will be a Reading player when he returns from his summer break. The Adkins connection has convinced him.

The Adkins connection certainly didn't convince him when Saints where a premier league club so why reading when they are championship?

18 Jun 2013 10:58:54
The Southampton interest in Hooper only consisted of a tentative inquiry about Hooper's availability, no transfer deal or sums involved was made with Celtic, so no formal discussions with Hooper regarding a move were held, hope that clears up that point

If Hooper is after an international call up he will have to join a Premier League side. He won't get a call up by playing in the Championship.

The Adkins connection may have convinced him when Adlins was at Southampton. Celtic rejected their bid so we will never know.

Absolute rubbish, why would a player turn his back on champions league football in order to go to a championship side when there are premier league sides interested?

st stuie

Because getting beat by a Serbian pub team in the qualifying rounds 9 times out of 10 can hardly be called Champions League Football. Also to play more challenging football week in week out. Ross County are hardly footballing powerhouses.



17 Jun 2013 16:22:55
Bit of Reading gossip for you:

Billy Sharp failed a medical at Reading on Friday. The club will out him through a second this week.

The Hooper rumours are true but there has been no medical, just a fee agreed. It isn't clear if the player is keen, or if he has other offers as rehashed by the red tops. Pavel Pogrebnyak is included as part of the deal - if any deal happens!

Royston Drenthe deal is done. 3-year deal and should be signed and completed tonight. That one in particular is a phenomenal signing.

Jimmy Kebe could be off to Swansea or Norwich. Both have placed offers of £2.5m. With Drenthe coming in this is very likely that Kebe will go. The general feeling is disappointment, as he is a fans favourite, but he is also injury prone and doesn't last more than a handful of games at a time.

Very happy with all of that! G8RFC

Simon davies off to Reading Fact.

No way hooper will join the championship



17 Jun 2013 15:57:53
notts county have lost yet another player with the news that left back alan sheehan has left the club he has reportedly agreed a move to gillingham however there is rumours of sheffield united being interested

If they think more about their wallet, let them go.

It is not on the official site.

Why don't County sign Jernade Meade then? About 100 times better and Kiwomya will know all about the young Arsenal players

Not True

I wanted meade aswell surely too good for us

17 Jun 2013 19:23:16
Sheehan IS leaving. Not been confirmed yet where but both those teams are interested. Gillingham most likely due to his relationship with martin Alled who signed him for Notts.

As Joe Martin is haggling over money I think there may be real substance to us signing Sheehan. Joe Martin had a good season but defensivly he isn't the best so wouldn't suprise me if Martin Allen let him go!

Sheehan is leaving. fact

Yep martin is going to millwall

19 Jun 2013 11:39:37
Wrong. signed a new deal at Gills today

19 Jun 2013 13:05:32
Frampton has gone.



17 Jun 2013 15:52:02
Huddersfield Town are looking at:
Adam Hamill
Luke Steele
Marius Zaliukas
Simeon Jackson
James Vaughan

Vaughn is going Hillsborough and Jackson not a chance

Illsbruhh. Ha ha ha ha, not a chance.

I doubt Vaughan will go to Wednesday.

Vaughan is coming to Huddersfiled not Wednesday. Would say they are quite realistic targets.

17 Jun 2013 19:20:59
Not a chance in hell is he going to Wednesday.
Can't afford million fee or hid wages.
Pathetic rumour from someone who knows nothing of what's going on with Wednesday.

Vaughan to Hillsborough? Why would he do that after a successful spell at Huddersfield. Looking from Vaughans point of view what advantage would he have going to Wednesday? I could understand if he went to a top championship club instead of Town

Vaughan is coming to Huddersfield town, withing the next few days!

Do you mean that Vaughan will join Huddersfield on Wednesday?

GOOD one. Vaughan on Wednesday, Vaughan for Wednesday? Vaughan for Wednesday on Wednesday, but hopefully for Town and maybe even this or next Wednesday!



17 Jun 2013 15:49:18
stoke are linning up a bid for junior hoillett from qpr but face competition from wba who had a loan bid rejected for the player in january.



17 Jun 2013 15:48:27
blackpurns martin olsson is wanted at westham



17 Jun 2013 14:27:19
Cheltenham have made a bid for Rochdale's Bobby Grant.

No they have not

Grant will be signing for Rotherham



17 Jun 2013 15:47:16
cardiff city are linning up a move for sunderland hardman lee cattermole.

No chance, mackay won't want anyone like that, and he won't pay the money for him, not a chance

Malky would think he's got too much ego and would not like his general character plus the way he handles himself on the pitch he will not like, if Malky is going to go after a player like that he will go after Liam Bridcutt of Brighton class player tactically smart good passing, good attitude and no ego, kept us at bay last season (From a Cardiff City fan)



17 Jun 2013 15:46:49
crystal palace set move for kieran richardson from fulham

No thank you cart and horse comes to mind

Fine with me he has been useless and maybe it can add some funds for a new left back.

No truth in this at all. Just because Palace are a newly promoted team doesn't mean we want to sign other premiership teams rubbish.

Good player when not injured but that's his problem injury prone useless if injured most of the time.

Fine with me too. Palace are welcome to have him. I will call him a cab.



17 Jun 2013 15:45:44
wba set to bid 2 million for blues ad former player curtis davies.

Rubbish why would blues sell him for 2. Million when they have been offered 3 million by hull plus a player.

17 Jun 2013 17:39:32
What would we want a" pub player" for? his words.
If Blues want rid, flog him to the seals at witton.

There has been no bid from Hull.
Blues would snatch the arm off the Baggies at 1. 5-2m



17 Jun 2013 15:40:28
djibrill cisse will choice between montipellier or staying in england with palace set to offer the player a deal



17 Jun 2013 15:37:44
Steve Lomas is hopeful of wrapping up the Jackson deal this afternoon, with a 2 year contract with 1 year option. Exact wages are being kept secret, but seems a compromise has been made to suit all parties.

Lomas will then turn his attention to departures as he looks to trim the deadwood. Berylson is backing is new manager where possible.

Over at The Valley, the Obika deal is gathering pace. Obika wants first team football and sees SE7 as the venue for him.

I really do hope that SJ does sign for us! But I don't think it will be as quick as this afternoon? COYL

Hope SL tries to sign SJ soon?!



17 Jun 2013 15:32:38
stoke city have rejected offers for forgotten man wilson palacios with mark hughes keen to get the player fit and ready for action next season. the welsh manager plans to use palacios as a first team member.
rumours circulating david bentley to stoke have substance with the players agent admitting a move to the brittania is on the cards. little whispers around roque santa cruz too be they are unfounded as of yet.

Tbh having a fit palacios will be like having a new signing. If he and Adam work as a partnership in midfield, we can let Nzonzi go and use the money to pay for a decent young winger like Hoilett

Or do a swap for Hoilett and Crouch. and use the money for a decent striker. Wilfried Bony? Or is he a ling shot?

6 million for hopper plus palcios then 2 million for hoillet plus crouch good deals



17 Jun 2013 15:30:18
liverpool are closing in on sevillas youngster luis alberto after the 2 clubs reached an agrrement. its claimed a 4 year deal is very close to being signed sealed delivered.



17 Jun 2013 15:29:04
nicholas anelka is on westham and wba radar



17 Jun 2013 15:28:47
everton manager roberto martinez wants juve forward alessandro matri

Won't happen



17 Jun 2013 15:27:06
juventus want carlos tevez to be the new star at turin and partner fernando llorente in attack next season.



17 Jun 2013 15:26:16
wba hope to pip celtic to the signing of young dutch defender van dijk



17 Jun 2013 15:25:39
gonzalo higuain is set to join arsenal. the club are ready to offload the player once a new manager has been installed with it the players wishes to leave spain. arsene wenger is a long time admirer and is rady to smash arsenals transfer record deal to land the argentinian



17 Jun 2013 15:25:10
Hull city ins
figueroa free transfer
boyd free transfer
hooper or bent 4.5 million (celtic) (aston villa) (finishers)
pantilimon 3 million (manchester city) or Allan McGregor 2 million
bridcutt 3 million (brighton)
ahmed elmohamady 2 million (sunderland)
carlton cole or elmander (west ham) (Galatasaray) (target man)
carlo nash (stoke) (second keeper)

hull city outs
jay Simpson (millwall)
mclean (ipswich)
mckenna (fleetwood town)
devitt (grimsby)
Olofinjana (huddersfield)
Dawson (Scunthorpe)
fryatt (derby)
fathi and gedo will not resign
stewart (charlton)

We have Johnny Russell Fryatt is not required

Hooper for 4.5 million. When Celtic have said he'll leave for no less than 7 mil. Hull fan having a laugh here I think

A prime example of wishfull thinking. Come on let's have rumours with some credibility on here.

Mclean to ipswich no thanks mick doesn't want him hardly used him whilst he was on loan! he's well past it!!

Jay Simpson won't be coming back to Millwall. We sold him to you because he wasn't happy in London.

17 Jun 2013 19:42:53
McLean will not move to Ipswich. He went there on loan last season and failed to impress.

Hooper is not even worth 1 million he's awful

Sorry but I think most Derby fans would prefer Fryatt, seeing as he's a proven capable championship striker

Ipswich will not be back in for Maclean; he made little impression during his loan spell.

Bridcutt for 3million. i'm sure some poeple don't know what they are on about

I would nt mind seeing fryatt down at the den if he is available

If Celtic rejected 4mil an extra 500k won't change their mind.

We have Johnny Russell and I would prefer a young up and coming player in Russell, one that is scoring. Than a player who was injured last season and would cost a fair bit

I think your wrong about simpson we got him from arsenal and you loand him of us

Hooper's just told Celtic he wants to leave this summer, I suspect that £5m might well now be enough.

PS - Half the stuff above is nonsense. Bent ffs!

Millwall neither want nor need Jay Simpson - he's not good enough.

Bridcutt is certainly worth a lot more than 3 million

I'd much rather have Russell than Fryatt, but thanks for telling me what I think.

Bridcutt is worth at least 6 million we won't sell him anyway!!



17 Jun 2013 15:22:43
jerome thomas has held talks with wigan over a potential switch to the dw stadium.

17 Jun 2013 23:44:05
Owen Coyle
Good luck with him as your manager he obviously was waiting for your job to become vacant when he applied for the Huddersfield job lady year and told the chairman he wanted the job without attending an interview, needless to say he did not get it.

Also the same Owen Coyle applied for the Wolves job and did not get that either and Wolves are potentially bigger than any club he has ever managed.

I think waiting for the correct job means being turned down for the others he went after or perhaps those other jobs slipped his mind at the recent interview.

Good Luck this year Wigan I think you might need it

I've heard from a reliable source he is on a three week trial with crystal palace

Yes he's going palace



17 Jun 2013 15:13:32
Southend United are going to make free agents Matthew Lund, Stacy Long & Peter Leven to boost the numbers

Stacy Long joined Ebbsfleet last week.

Stacey long has joined ebbsfleet



17 Jun 2013 15:08:14
Another target for Yeovil is JJK (Jyvaskyla) midfielder Patrick Poutiainen. A bid of £100,000 has been placed for the 22 year old Finn who is unlikely to turn down the chance to ply his trade in England.




17 Jun 2013 15:03:02
Jozsef Varga from Hungarian side Debrecen latest transfer rumour for the hornets this time no loan repeat no loan. Agent has been spouting wants to wrap up a deal by the end of the week.



17 Jun 2013 15:01:12
Yeovil are set to offer released Fulham youngster Corey Gameiro a 2 year deal. The 20 year old Aussie striker is keen to play some regular football after finding opportunities limited at Craven Cottage.

Would be a good signing!


I don't know why Fulham let him go.



17 Jun 2013 13:48:07
carlos tevez will join ac milan once robiniho moves to santios

Unnamed premier league side has had an 8 million offer rejected from Udinese for Vydra in my opinion he isn't even worth that yet again Italian teams overrating their players.



17 Jun 2013 14:15:31
Rochdale s bobby grant set to sign for Oldham athletic

Hope not as he picks up far too many yellow and red cards plus he;s not good enough for league one, his level is league 2

A transfer fee will be involved, so can't see it.

When we start getting rochdale's players, that will be the day the club may as well cease to exist

Ignore the ignorant Oldham fan above me, I, as a realistic Oldham fan can pinpoint Rochdale players I would LOVE at Oldham. The two that immediately spring to mind are Kennedy and Tutte



17 Jun 2013 14:09:12
Nathaniel Chalobah will be returning to Watford on a 1/2 season loan from Chelsea, according to sources close to the West London club.

17 Jun 2013 15:44:05
Half a season is better then no season. Hope this is true. We need to sign these loan players permanently

No he won't!

As much as i'd love this I highly doubt this as most premier league teams would take him on

Hope this happens, although I have a feeling that he may go on loan to a premiership club

Not sure we need an experienced midfield player again though. He was good but we're also looking at other options in midfield.

I don't think he will come back and will end up somewhere like west brom but my concern for him is that he's not yet ready for the prem and could spend the season on the bench when he could be playing regularly

Doubt it I reckon WBA or WHU

Hes wba bound

Surely not going to West Ham. Stats show that they play the hoof game more than any other prem side. WBA more of a finesse team so more likely.

Wherever he shows up he had better bring his 'A' game, every game! Great talent but too often goes missing.

So true



17 Jun 2013 13:57:45
hulll city to make a move for kevin doyle



17 Jun 2013 13:41:48
wolves are close to bringing in burnley forward martin patterson

Would help if you could actually spell his name right! its PATERSON!

Seen as he's on his honeymoon I doubt that

He will probably get injured on his honeymoon

You can have him, he's been injured since we played in the prem, he recovered to play a full season last season and was our worst player!

He didn't even manage a full season last season either!



17 Jun 2013 13:41:08
southampton are hoping to strike a deal with valencia for argentine midfielder ever banega

Heard this quite a bit today. Apparently a fee of 9 million has been agreed. I don't know much about him. Is he the clinical and prolific crosser/getter in the boxer we really need?

Can't see saints signing hooper from Celtic, if Adkins had still at been at st Mary's it may have happened.

He is a possession player who can fit in at CM or CAM. He has excellent technical abilities, is a good dribbler, and can play great through balls. If he comes in, I would think he is most likely to replace Steven Davis at the top of the midfield three. Based on his skills, he is worth a lot more than 9 million Euro, but he apparently has some problems with drinking and partying and has been described as "unmanageable, " so there is significant risk involved. If Pochettino can get him playing well and focused, he could be a steal at that price.

I wouldn't really call him a attacking player or a winger
more of a parker player with a bit more technical abilty



17 Jun 2013 13:32:24
aston villa have all but signed sevilla reserve left back luna, 22. the player spent last season on loan at mallorca



17 Jun 2013 13:31:23
barnsley have won the race for former bayern munich youngster dale jennings on a free transfer.

He's not a free transfer

I think he is. I believe the guardian have reported wrongfully that a fee is involved. every other news source says he's been released

Yes he is

I wouldn't say he would be a free transfer either but tv said Bayern were happy for him to leave on a free transfer despite impressing in their reserves

Well he's signed now, on a free. Bayern let him go because the lad was homesick and wanted a return to England

He wasn't released, we paid £250k for him.



17 Jun 2013 13:27:02
A personal source at Portman Road has indicated two players are there today to tie up deals. One is believed to be Joel Grant and the other Alejandro Bedoya.



17 Jun 2013 12:19:35
A Southampton player failed a medical at Reading on Friday. Drenthe also set for a medical today.

Why would we want a west ham misfit and give them 1million plus Rickie, if you are going to make up a rumour at least make it slightly believable.

Not going to happen, why would lambert sign a three year extension just to be sold to west ham

Chappers no doubt

For your information I didn't fail the medical, the running machine broke and we had to postpone it.

Yours Faithfully
Guly do Prado. {Ed029's Note - Saints player was Billy Sharp.

Southampton player who failed a medical. Danny Fox? {Ed029's Note - Sharp, see above earlier reply.

Cheers Ed for clearing that up. Fox was honestly who I'd have thought most likely. Do you have any idea what was wrong with Sharp in order for him to fail and if it will mean just a delay to the transfer or it simply now not happening? {Ed029's Note - Afraid not, not yet. It could be something minor. Adkins has had him at two clubs now, I'm sure if it's minor it can still happen.

Reading just signed bridge, so wouldn't want fox as well. As the ed said above sharp failed the medical I assume, a little worrying if we are trying to shift him!



17 Jun 2013 12:15:41
Luke Prosser Has Rejected A New Contract At Southend United. Phil Brown Is Keen To Keep The Centre Back But Will Look Elsewhere If Prosser Leaves.

In Other News, Dave Penney Will Soon Be Announced As Southend United's New Assistant Manager. Graham Coughlan Will Stay At The Club In The Role Of First Team Coach.



17 Jun 2013 12:11:30
All though not exactly fitting the signing brief Huddersfield are close to the capture of Lithuanian defensive hardman Marius Zaliukas from Hearts on a free (Hearts in financial meltdown and have all their players up for transfer). The 29yr old is seen as the man to settle Town's sometime leaky backline and add some steel to the team. With Oliver Norwood likely to move to Burnley and Joel Lynch interesting Swindon and Doncaster Rovers - Zaliukas might be the answer to CD or as Def Midfield.

Zal is free because he is at the end of his contract - not because of financial meltdown.

Looks like a liability to me, far too many red cards. We need team players not renegade hot heads.

Rambo. No thanks.

Wouldn't mind him in our defence, don't know what the CB line up would be though, presuming that he'll drop Clarke, was quite sluggish last season.

It said on tv the other day that hearts make their full team available for transfer

No chance we can't afford a 2p chew

Swindon will not be paying a fee for any player.



17 Jun 2013 13:10:26
Jamie Vardy has agreed to a season long loan with The Owls. He will turn up for pre season at the end of june

Funny nothing on Leicester City's website?



17 Jun 2013 13:10:02
Patrick McLaughlin who has been a target for Bradford City for a some time now is in talks with Bradford City over a one year contract.

Every year this one pops up. Rubbish rumour



17 Jun 2013 13:05:56
Chris Hogg who was recently released by Inverness CT is set to sign for Bradford City.



17 Jun 2013 12:38:15
West Brom are looking to sign Ex-Chelsea player, Nicolas Anelka for a fee of around £3,000,000. The whole point in this deal is that if they get Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea FC again (like they planned) They will work well together.

The Rumour is that they will offer Anelka a 2 year deal.

Sounds all very promising, but pie in the sky at best.

Lukaku isn't coming back, big shame but hardly a suprise. he was brilliant the last half of the season. chelsea will keep him and he will make a massive impact. with even more quality ariund him with the likes of mata, hazard, oscar lampard etc, this lad will smash it.

good look romelu, big fan. wba

Apparenlty they are looking at Sunderland winger Adam Johnson at a discounted amount.

Clarke is a very big fan of anelka! not west brom would pay 3million for a 33 year old though. anelka is also very close friends with mulumbo which would be a positive in persuading the midfielder to sign a new contract

Wages would be a problem as he is on high wages ATM would be a great signing though even though he is 33



17 Jun 2013 12:34:13
saints move for mauro zarate is back on, to be wrapped up next week



17 Jun 2013 12:23:42
Shaun Taylor will make a return to Exeter City as manager. One of his first tasks will be to replace Alan Gow. With Bristol Rovers turning attentions elsewhere, Gow's options now appear to be Newport County, Torquay United or Bristol City

Nonsense, all of it.

Utter rubbish bcfc

Exeter to sign Gabor Gyepes on A Free

Alan Gow is only close on 10 years too old to be considered to be signed for Bristol City we are looking for young players who can improve and have resale value, plus we have no interest in Rovers rejects they usually take our rejects



17 Jun 2013 10:58:38
southampton set to sign crew teenager Ryan Colclough for undisclosed fee and loan him back for a season APPARENTLY (unreliable source)



17 Jun 2013 10:52:05
Striker Jamie Cureton's signing set to be completed by Cheltenham Town within the next 48 hours.

Spot on - He will sign a 1 year deal at Whaddon Road

Signing Confirmed - 12 Month Contract



17 Jun 2013 11:55:21
The owls are waiting on Ivan krstanovic, the 30 year old Croatian striker, to get a work permit so he can come to S6. He is 6 foot 5 inches, so he will add an arial threat to receive crosses from JJ and Antonio.

17 Jun 2013 13:46:33
Why would he need a work permit? He is a Croat and Croatia joins the EU on 1st July, therefore he will have the right to work in the UK as an EU citizen.

You seen JJ and Antonio's crossing! he'd need to be 12ft 5

Get a winger in who can actually cross not just run!



17 Jun 2013 11:46:09
Paul Ince interested in Michael
Thalassitis, Cyprus-born, highly rated 20-year-old striker from Stevenage, would command small fee for a player with fantastic potential.

Thalassitis can go if you have 200k.

I hope this isn't true. Showing great potential. Would love to see him getting regular first team football with stevenage next year.



17 Jun 2013 11:42:52
dutch under 21 centre back on way to Celtic tomorrow
wee pat!

Wee Pat doesn't sound very Dutch.

17 Jun 2013 16:47:33
if the cap fits mate?



17 Jun 2013 11:42:26
Robert Lewondowski is set to reject Spain ad move to England. Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are eyeing his movement.

Staying at Dortmund until next summer (when contract expires) where he will move to Bayern

No he will join Munich



17 Jun 2013 11:41:42
Cureton will be signing for CTFC within the next 48 hours - confirmed by the club and local media that holidays delayed the signing but it will happen shortly. First CTFC signing of the summer, and not a bad one to get!



17 Jun 2013 11:31:01
Oxford to sign Tom Adeyemi on a 3 year deal with an option for a 4th.

Who? Where from?

Highly doubt it. He has had successful loan spells in league 1 at Oldham and Brentford. Swindon are after him according to there local rag.
Can't see us having chance of signing him



17 Jun 2013 11:19:22
Burnley close to signing Ollie Norwood from Huddersfield for 500,000

Not this again! No chance

I hope he does go to burnley, he garbage!

Why would Norwood leave? He extended his contract when Goburn renewed his, and he also has the option to say for another 12 months. Seems unlikely. -Lobs

Hes a burnley lad who still lives local, who woudnt want to play for their local team. If this is true though I think burnley are mad for not signing him when united released him instead of having to pay a fee :s

The only way this will happen is if he wants to head home to his fave team and if Huddersfield have a replacement

Hometown club. say no more

Might be his hometown club but we booed him last year and he ran over and celebrated in front of us when they scored. might not care too much for his home town club.



17 Jun 2013 10:24:31
Dale Jennings having a medical at barnsley. Source tv!



17 Jun 2013 10:14:20
Dale Jennings has passed a medical at Barnsley this morning and is finalising contract terms, deal to be announced shortly along with the confirmation of the signing of Chris O'Grady. This is seen as a statement of things to come at Oakwell as the Reds look to push on next year in the Championship.



17 Jun 2013 10:08:15
Yeovil are looking to liverpool youngster Andre Wisdom as a possible loan signing, along with fellow team mate Semed Yesil (fordward) as Yeovil look to increase their squad depth.

Another player they are rumoured to be intested in is Max Ehmer (defender/midfield) from QPR who had a previous succesful loan spell with the glovers.

They have also been subjected to the rumour of siging free agent DJ Campbell after being released by QPR as Yeovil are preparing for life in the championship and the prospect of not having Paddy Madden.

Madden's replacement looks to be a free from BCFC. Gary Johnson also hoping to sign a winger by the end of this week should be a done deal on Friday.

Madden won't be going anywhere in the summer, if however he's firing them in by christmas and Yeovil struggling then and only then might he leave.

As I recall Ehmer was a Skiverton loan signing, I can't remember Johnson being overly keen on him. As for loan signings I'd imagine we could start the season with just a couple and add any others when needed. With Madden people seem to think we're obliged to sell. Let's reiterate, he's got two years of his contract to run and it'll take serious money for us to consider selling.

Dj Campbell won't come as GJ has said there won't be any big name signings he also terminated ehmers loan so I doubt that will happen however the other 2 I can see happening as they are championship standard and they haven't got a chance of first team football at liverpool

Nooooo wisdoms to slow

20 Jun 2013 16:45:36
Madden loves Yeovil and GJ and will probably stay but club will want to get a good fee at some point. When? Think Ed Upson more likely to leave now or in Jan, if price is right. Only one year left on current contract. Hope he'll sign another.

20 Jun 2013 16:48:40
Ehmer would be a good squad player but he did have a disappointing loss of form towards the end of his loan spell with us. Probably not for starting 11.



17 Jun 2013 10:02:19
Dale jennings having medical at barnsley. Big signing for reds.



17 Jun 2013 09:20:30
Rene Howe set to go on trial at Inter Milan



17 Jun 2013 09:16:57
Zubar to sign for bury

He was in bury last week

He is in the Midland Hotel Manchester under the name Mr stevens with the account made payable to Bury FC 2013 LIMITED

Isn't he out injured until September after his serious Knee problem which he picked up against Notts County?.

Must have made a miraculous recovery

He is fit and ready to go for pre season



17 Jun 2013 09:45:59
Exeter City

Due to Exeter's current financial woe the purse strings need to be controlled more strictly, this will see big earners leaving and replaced with younger hungry players on a free/promoted from the youth team.

Tisdale will leave as a result, the same will apply to his replacement as to the playing squad, the possibility of a familiar face taking the reigns, as he is looking for a return to first team management



17 Jun 2013 09:19:03
Shaka Hislop to come out of retirement to play for the Gulls next season.



17 Jun 2013 08:58:48
Albert Adomah to refuse a move to another club and sign a new deal or play out the rest of his contract. It will take a 2.5 million pounds bid to get Bristol talking now as his recent performances in qualifiers has enhanced his glowing reputation.



17 Jun 2013 08:39:50
Expect Chesterfield to sign 3 players this week 1 being Ryan Cresswell of Southend

Really hope all this speculation over Ryan cresswell is right! Best defender in league 2 by a country mile! Along with cooper at back would be promotion all but certain! How good is your source?

Tv mate, Cresswell and san morsey who's out of contract with port vale both keen on a move to cfc

It is rite, Cresswell will be in a cfc shirt by next week! So will morsey who's contract ran out at port vale! Also either Kearns or boco will join

If we get these players in. watch out league 2 it's ours this season. come on cfc.

If you want Creswell you are going to to at least double the offer that got laughed off not so long ago!



17 Jun 2013 08:37:51
Dale Jennings to hold talks at Barnsley on Tuesday

What a wasted talent

Don't worry well improve him sell him on in jan for a profit

^^^^^thats exactly why he's signed for us, the Vaz te affect



17 Jun 2013 08:34:54
Kevin Davies has said be would be willing to join the owls. sheffield lad with family who are owls. still at 36 I would still have him strong and ariel just what we need

"strong and ariel just what we need"

He'll wash the kit too? Now that's multi-tasking!

Would be a terrible signing at 36



17 Jun 2013 08:26:47
Just heard that simeon jackson and james vaughan are signing for huddersfield going to be anncounced next week just finalising everything will be a great pair.

Would be superb signings if this is true

Hope so, I can see vaughan signing but not jackson, its on tv that millwall want him!

Last time I saw Jackson play was against Huddersfield, for Gillingham- he ripped us apart- if he's still in that physique and form I'd take him!

I hope this is true, your getting my hopes up

Next week! Oh yeh, bang on certainty.



17 Jun 2013 08:25:51
Ivan Krstanović who has scored 14 goals in 34 apps for dynamo zagreb. has said he is all agreed to join the owls just waiting for the work permit and he will be an owl in the next few days. source : sheffield star



17 Jun 2013 08:07:07
Charlie wyke plus money to hartlepool, Luke James heading the other way (Middlesbrough).

Worst loan player we ever had keep him at bori

No way will Middlesbrough allow Charlie Wyke to leave. Middlesbrough have very high hopes and know that Charlie s a late developer physically. In 2 years time Charlie will be regular in the first team. If he was to leave then Sunderland could be his likely destination, De-Canio tried a few times when at Swindon to get him on loan and still rates him very highly.

Wyke no way would rather have Luke james loaned back to us if he was to go,

He will be a top player would be good for him to come to Boro



17 Jun 2013 07:59:17
Ipswich preparing 250k bid for MK Dons attacking mid/forward Daniel Powell. He impressed in league one last year and is seeking championship football.

He didn't impress last season and has just signed a new contract so would cost a lot more then 250k

Signed a new deal.

Didnt impress yet worth more than 250k well there's a contradiction in terms.

He signed a new contract and Robinson built the squad around him gleeson and Chadwick, yeah he won't go for anything less than £500k



17 Jun 2013 07:53:21
Bradford rumoured to be looking at loaning in ex villa man Simon Dawkins as they need a replacement for zavon Hines departure

Why would we want him? Injury prone.

I can't see this happening. seems like people are just pulling random names out of a hat. As per last year when after specualtion of 100 players signing only 10 did.



17 Jun 2013 07:48:45
Southampton interested in Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Ayo Obileye and Blackburn defender Jack O'Connell with a view of both going into the succesful u21 side

Not suprised 18 yold 6-4 can pass ball can defend, and got engine DJ is making us a big hoof team, good luck yo ayo, his football ability deseves better than big hoof rubbish we are playing now.



17 Jun 2013 03:45:28
Arsenal to sign Fellaini, Cesar and a striker this transfer period. Higuain is target no. 1 but if he stays at RM or moves to another club then Wilfried Bony who scored 31 goals in 29 games for Vitesse.



17 Jun 2013 00:25:58
Bradford are preparing to hijack Notts County's attempt to sign Danny Green



16 Jun 2013 23:53:32
Swindon Town keeper Wes Foderingham will reject clubs offer of a new 2 year contract to sign as number 2 for Sunderland when Mignolet leaves for Liverpool. A bid of 600k is thought to be enough with a year remaining on his current deal.

Not a chance, dream on buddy, wes is worth double that.

600k will not get Fodders, he is already talking about a 2 year deal and things are going well.

17 Jun 2013 11:47:26
They will sell him for 6 hundred thoudsand or less if he does
sign another contract as they did flint I think he went for less than his market value same type a player as shaun taylor
will score lot of goals for city at corners if he can get his passing good which I think will come in time he is a similar build to tony adams and will be a premiership player within 3 years

17 Jun 2013 11:52:18
I also think flint is faster and beter in the air than sean morrison of reading and we sold him for around the same money

Yet Swindon sold Matt Richie for 500k. I would think 600k would be enough but I doubt Sunderland would sign him anyway as Di Canio had that row with Foderingham in the infamous Preston game when he was subbed.

Why would this happen when foderingham dosent get on with dicanio. foderingham may move but it won't be to sunderland

17 Jun 2013 14:02:58
At a team like swindon they should do a season ticket to january and then people can decide if they want to renew it because what they are doing is inticing people to buy season tickets at the start of the season and then giving there best player away for nothink half way through the season

17 Jun 2013 14:26:30
Heading for talks this week according to sunderland mate.

He's signed a new contract with Swindon your info is false



16 Jun 2013 23:50:54
Middlesbrough are interested in Celtic defender Thomas Rogne on a free transfer.



16 Jun 2013 23:42:24
Paul smith looks set to stay at southend utd. The experienced stopper had been linked with a host of teams but is happy with life at southend and is looking forward to the battle for the #1 jersey with daniel bentley.



16 Jun 2013 23:35:29
Gillingham's deon burton, andy frampton, joe martin are all set to sign new deals within the next couple of weeks


17 Jun 2013 13:19:44
Thats not a rumour its on the official site Allen said that at the end of the season all three would be offered deals.

Martin is arguing over money Frampton and Burton have been away and their agents haven't responded to queries from the club.

As for players Allen is interested in you'll never find that out becuse he won't tell anyone other than Scally and Schofield about it.

Best guesses at the moment are thet McDonald wants to come back whether he is is another question, and Payne is only going for a sizeable fee with a sell on clause or a decent striker and cash and a sell on clause. Payne was the best young player in League 2 and will probably be the best young player in league 1.

Why is this on the burton albion rumours

Because they said Deon Burton



16 Jun 2013 23:32:50
Peterborough are set to bid 150,000 + a player for gillingham jack payne. Darren ferguson sees jack as a very promising midfielder who will adapt into a quality player. gillingham set to use the money yo sign cody mcdonald from coventry.

Peterborough offered Emile Sinclair for Jack Payne last week but weren't willing to offer money aswell as a player so Gills turned it down

Where on earth did you get that figure from for Payne? He's clearly going to cost minimum 500k

No Posh did offer Money as well but Gills are holding out for more, and keep insiting Birmingham are going to pay 750K for him but we all know Birmingham have no money

Have Cody he has been awful



16 Jun 2013 23:26:31
Rotherham are trying to break their club record transfer fee of about £250k.
But who will it be?
Tyrone Barnett has been mentioned but chose Ipswitch over us last year on a loan.
Lee Croft has supposibly been seen at NYS with his Porshe, but doesn't own one.
There are some low league players been knocked around but no record fee.
Billy McKay and Rory Donnelly have been announced false by Evans.
Names such as Taylor were said but that's all quiet now.
David Goodwillie was at Dundee United but won't be there next season on loan as there are better offers.

So is it Goodwillie? Who else could it be?

Won't b goodwillie for 250k LOOOOL

250k was the previos record which Rotherham are hoping to break. That was just to show how much it was. Not how much we have been offering. We could be offering 450k for example.



16 Jun 2013 22:58:05
Kidderminster have rejected a bid for Anthony Malbon from Plymouth which would have also seen Nick Chadwick leave as part of the deal.

Even non-league clubs don't want Chadwick.

Chadwick = BEAST

Chadwick = good work effort but can't score goals for s***



16 Jun 2013 22:46:58
dirk kuyt signed and sealed for cardiff city will be announced tuesday

I have also heard that Kuyt has signed

I haven't seen any annoucement!?



16 Jun 2013 22:42:16
there will be two shock signings at preston this week one is a player from Manchester United and the other is a Liverpool player also rudd to sign a season loan deal from Norwich and stukkmann to sign a new two year contract

So you're getting Rudd and Villa are getting Steer. One of them deals is bound to fall through, can't see us selling two excellent young keepers.

Rooney and suarez I am guessing then

Read it properly, Rudd on a season long loan.

That's quite a realistic rumour given he was there last season and said himself that he'd like to go back

Declan Rudd has signed for pne it's official

Well rudd has signed let hope the rest is true

Rudd now signed for PNE on season long loan

Stuck has signed just waiting for the shock signings



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