Football Rumours Archive June 17 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 17 2012 

16 Jun 2012 22:43:25
Bradley Wright Phillips will not be at Charlton next season(24)(21)Is he holding out on his new contract? Does that mean he wont be there next season or just that he wants some more money? He has a year to go and stated he is enjoying his football but, it can be a fickle game football. We'll see.If he does leave, he won't go for less then 1M Fact!Says who??Wright-phillips is my fave player at charlton and CP wont want to sell him!!I posted this weeks ago. BWP has had preliminary talks with Ipswich. It's more about whether his family are happy. He's going make no mistake. At least we've got KergsAs a charlton fan. Yes he might have score a bag load of goals , but he is awful , he won't run for the ball , he is slow! Get rid of him and buy someone else , I'm quite happy tho to keep BIG YAN tho.He's not cafcs main striker choice anymore so we will be selling himBWP abandoning the sinking ship already, looks like he's on his way to Palace! Up the EAGLES!Am not surprised by this!! only that other championship clubs want to sign him, he's a proven flop at this level and only scored in a team that walked lge 1, he's not young and offers little sell on value should go for 800k-1m. hudds fanThere are only two reasons he would leave. The first would be to go to a 'bigger club' (i.e for more money). The second would do that CP could bring someone else in who he thinks can do a better job in the Championship.

If he went to Ipswich, that would most definitely be reason two!Don't care, we got Kermorgant and Haynes + bwp could of scored more than half of his goals!!Is another club going to ignore the fact that BWP can't pass a medical and cough up decent money for him? The only reason Charlton turned a blind eye to his knee issues was because he was so cheap (they paid less than 150k) and they desperately needed a goalscorer. If he leaves The Valley it will be for peanuts (unfortunately). They'd be better off keeping him for this important season and letting his contract run out.Charlton fan myself and i really dont mind if he goes especially if rumours are true about this sloan privat!I have it on good authority that Charlton want Wright Phillips out - not the other way aroundWhy would he go to palace, well swap him for zaha...Great, Wright -Phillips is terrible, we dont want him if we want to challenge for promotionHe will stay.How can he have prelim talks with Ipswich, he is under contract at Charlton and if he has I'm sure the press would have reported it.


16 Jun 2012 22:38:43
Derby have Stepped up their move
for Cash Strapped Rangers Young
Centre back Ross Perry(11)(6)


16 Jun 2012 22:33:53
15 Jun 2012 19:15:30
Paul Smith is in talks with Southend the ex Swindon keeper was made number 1 by Sturrock in 2006 at Swindon


i take it you mean, Phil smith,(4)(6)


16 Jun 2012 22:29:57
Free agent Alessandro Nesta could move to China. Guangzhou Evergrande who are managed by Marcello Lippi is keen to try and lure Nesta to China.(10)(4) 



16 Jun 2012 22:21:57
With Marton Fulop and Keith Andrews both out of contract at West Bromwich Albion, Ipswich Town are looking to sign them back to Portman Road. Both said they loved there time there, which was the season before last. Fulop is expected to be signed as a first team 'keeper, whilst Andrews will be made captain.

Ipswich also want to sign back Gareth McAuley, but with two further years on his contract, this is a doubt.(3)(22)I honestly doubt we would sign either of these two. First of all, I don't think we would want Fulop back, especially after his WBA debut. Secondly, I think Andrew will be looking to stay in the Premier League and may hope for a new deal at WBA when they get a new manager.
Would love to see McCauley back at Town as I firmly believe he is one of the best centre-backs we've had in recent years. However, he is a key member of the WBA team and can still make the grade in the Premier League.Andrews was there the season just gone on loanWow you might get fulop back, the only reason why Albion haven't given Andrews a new contract is because he wants to consent rate on the euros, even if Albion don't offer him a contract he will get snapped up into a bigger club than Ipswich.

Also no chance of getting macauly as he 2 years left and already 33 years old.Is this the same keith andrews who said he would rather play in the conference than ever go back to ip5w1ch after the way they treated him plus the most embarassing game of his career losing 7 1 to little peterboroughBoth players left for more money ...... we don't want mercenary's at town thank you very muchCould see Andrews and Fulop happening but GMac is highly rated at WBA and I can't see him leaving anytime soonI hope Fulop goes to Ipswich. He was usless for West Brom (Arsenal, final day). Just wondering who West Brom will get as cover keeper if he leaves and Myhill is swapped as part of the foster deal?No. Keith Andrews did not say that because he loved his time here and it restarted his career coming here. However I don't ink he will be back as another Premier League club will go for him.^^he never said that

Find the article or video and prove me wrong

He did say that he was ever grateful for Ipswich for getting his career back on track

And that he would love to come backWhat did we do to treat him badly? He was named captain for a few games, he used us to move to a premier league club, and we benefited from that


16 Jun 2012 22:21:49
Theodor Gebre Selassie's agent Pavel Ngbyczek has said the Czech international has attracted interest from the Premier league including Everton and Reading. Would cost in the region of 3-4 million.
Reliable source

WHU fan(14)(8)Been one of the better players for Czech so far in the tournament, would be interesting to see how he handles some of the better teams in terms of his defensive ability as it hasn't really been tested so farWould be perfect for reading. Play him at fullback with CummingsSounds like bigger clubs are interested tooLove this lad great signing quite pacy too


16 Jun 2012 22:04:54
Burnley Transfers and Interest:


Luke O'Neill - Mansfield (£200,000)(Done)
James Meredith - York (Major Interest)
Jason Shackell - Derby (Major Interest)
Steve Davies - Derby (Major Interest)
Adam Clayton - Leeds (Interest)
Alex Bruce - Leeds (Little Interest)
Paul Robinson - Bolton (Interest)


Martin Paterson (Transfer Listed)
Dean Marney (Interest from Ipswich)(7)(13) 

Bruce isnt with leedsI bloomin' hope we don't sign Marney. He may be solid at Chanpionship level but he doesn't offer anything that Hyam, Drury, Bullard and Stevenson don't already have.Martin Paterson isnt even on the transfer list, and he will be a major part of our squad next seasonI wouldnt touch any of them with a barge poleBullard going to ChinaYOUR NOT GETTING JASON SHACKELL.
its James bailey and Steve davies
The only team that could afford shackell is stop with the BsFor god sake Martin Paterson is NOT transfer listed ok !Paterson is going to Forest if the takeover goes through for 1MRobinson would be a terrible signing, Meredith and Clayton are almost certain and we can't afford either of e derby players and I'd drive Paterson to his new club


16 Jun 2012 21:43:39
Liam Dickinson to Yeovil(7)(12)Source?Took the words out of my mouth, I heard this yesterday and came on this morning to post it and you've beaten me to it! We know GJ wants someone to lead the line and he has Championship experience it would be a great signing on a free...Heard from where! Stop making stuff up! Can't be from club they are all on holiday! Would be a poor signing IMO anywayGary johnson actually confirmed in the local press few days ago that he cant afford to give dickson the wages hes wanting . johnson claimed that southamptons promotion has priced him out of a move for himRumours can develop from hearsay ... and how would he not be a good signing? can score goals and does everything a good target man does... good players get released its not unusual...


16 Jun 2012 21:30:44
Crewe after Swindon's Billy Bodin.(12)(6)Billy bodin set to sign for torquay united but compasation due to swindon after they offered a two year contract bodin has already has had talks with torquay


16 Jun 2012 21:24:29
Michael Jacobs staying with mate Tommy Rowe this weekend looking around Peterborough prior to medical on Monday morning.(6)(20)This would b a great signing and I hope it happensHow do you possibly know this ??A likely storyPeterborough think they are signing everyone none of these players they are linked with wont go there because they are crapThe posts on here aren't necessarily from Posh fans


16 Jun 2012 21:11:29
Nicky Shorey to sign for Watford tomorrow after failing to agree terms with Leicester and Sean Dyche felt he was in need of a LB.(5)(23)Strange when he's talking to two PL clubs...Shorey is awful, he wont get into any prem team (albion fan)Won't sign for WatfordWe're in the middle of a takeover, no one is going to be joining us too quickly.


16 Jun 2012 21:10:03
Reading have agreed a fee with Hertha Berlin for Australian International Nikita Rukavytsya.

Yep, never heard of him before either, but I'm told he's a very pacey left winger and/or striker.

Player is currently in talks with the club and very keen to come to the Premier League.(7)(12)Nikita is a good player, used to play as a striker with Perth Glory and had a decent goalscoring record, now plays as a winger. I think the Premier League is a step too far for him though - he found the Bundesliga a little tough.

IanLot of pace not the best finisher and his work rate isn't the highest. Maybe given more game time he will show his full potential.


16 Jun 2012 21:03:50
Reading fc news

Sigurdsson to sign liverpool, admitley far to good for us and wouldn't want a return, good luck to him, liverpool have got themselves an incredible player.

Other targets
ST-Magia or N'Doye (expect one of these to sign for roughly £7mill)
CM-Keith Andrewa free
CM-Carlos Sanchez free
LM-a left mid is believed to be a priority but there a number of "loose rumours" with little evidence
CB-Mariappa from Watford £2.5mill (rising to £3.5mill with add-ons, possibly Simon Church swap)
RB-Gunter £3mill(10)(11)Church is off to Brighton. Talks on-going. Watford have enquired though.

Mariappa to Reading nearly done. Fee agree a long time ago, contrary to what Watford have been falsly leaking to press.

Reading have NO INTEREST in Magia or N'Doye. This is agents drumming up stories to get their players a move.

Reading have tabled a bid for Pavel Pogrebnyak (Free) and Jordan Rhodes.I have heard that Church could be used in the Bridcutt deal, although this is just a rumour and not concrete information.Highly doubt you'll get Pobgrebnyak or Rhoades as both seem to be wanted by more established pl clubs. Plus pobgrebnyaks wage demands appear to be very high.If what you are saying about Marriapa is true why is the Reading newspaper now saying Watford have rejected your bid and are going to come back with a higher bidPavel Pogrebnyak will end up at Fulham again and despite what a lot of Reading fans keep saying Mariappa deal isnt nearly done at all, other clubs are interested and it highest bidder wins!The best targets for liverpool are afelay krasic and why are people saying that they will get robben or villa no chance also definitely getting sigurdsonWe've stopped looking at gunter after 2mil was rejected, and the royals dont consider him any better than that.Whether or not the Mariappa deal was agreed ages ago, which I HIGHLY doubt, there's new owners coming in so it's back to square 1.How do you know more than the press on the topic of Mariappa? Do you also know more than the football club? The managers? Mariappa himself?Reading have offered 35k a week for Pog. People still seem to think this is the same carefully prudent Reading that John Madejski lead. It isn't. The owners are very wealthy and very ambitious.

Reading also matched Swansea's terms for Sigurdsson (37k a week).


16 Jun 2012 20:57:07
Leeds transfers

Jason Pearce-Portsmouth (DONE)
Paddy Kenny-QPR (Almost done)
Paul Green-Derby (Major interest)
Greg Halford-Portsmouth (Major interest)
Lee Peltier-Leicester (Major interest)
Matt Kilgallon-Sunderland (Fair bit of interest)
Keith Andrews-West Brom (Not much interest)
Nathan Delfouneso-Aston Villa, loan (Not much interest)
Sean St Ledger-Leicester (Little interest)(7)(19)Paul green lost interest in Leeds after Warnock made comments about the player being a risk.Green took offence as he see's himself as an established championship player(Whichhe is).He is joining Birmingham along with Keith AndrewsGreen going to hudds, peltier said if was to leave leicester that was also to be a return to hudds as he loved his time with us, grayson tracking andrews but far bigger teams interested and can't see that happeningGreens very average ,so better suited to birminghamDon't see Delfouneso and St. Ledger heading to Elland Road. It'll be interesting to see if this investment / takeover comes to fruition.U sure kenny deal is almost done ? he wont be sold unless we sign another gk


16 Jun 2012 20:46:45
Carlisle United looking for a striker to fill the boots of Francois Zoko who quit the club. A move for Jordan Cook looks unlikely as the striker wants to test himself in the championship but has not ruled out a return to Brunton Park. Freddy Eastwood was the latest to be linked.(2)(7)


16 Jun 2012 20:44:58
Middlesbrough manager tony mowbray hoping to replace nicky bailey and scott mcdonald with jacob butterfield and peterboroughs paul taylor,also hoping to hijack blackpools move for paul anderson(9)(8)Where is Scott macdonald goingWigan are interested in McDonald and Boro are desperate to get rid due to him being clubs highest earner, fulham want baileyWe can't get rid of him, no one wants him except middle east teams but he won't go there!!Butterfield wont be arriving !! its prem or he`s staying put.To work in the family business?This is a load of rubbish mogga said anyone we want to keep we will keep bailey is going nowhere, macdonald however is getting pushed out but wont go i hope its true wigan want himMcDonald turned down a 100k a week contract from a Saudi Arabia club he's going nowhere as no one will offer more than that obviouslyHas nothing to do with money why McDonald turned down the Saudi offer, he stated that his family are settled in the uk


16 Jun 2012 20:43:02
Have been informed Bristol city are to offer a trial to polish striker Patryk Małecki. They have invited him over for pre season training.(6)(11)Believe it when i see it


16 Jun 2012 20:41:26
huddersfield still being linked with stephen quinn from sheffield united played well against town in all 3 games last season(15)(8)There is more chance of Rhodes going to Blades then that happening.What a load of rubbishRhodes won't go anywhere unless we get a decent replacement, and Beckford could be the answer under Grayson, despire what others have posted!Quinn lives between Huddersfield and Sheffield - would be an easy move for him.


16 Jun 2012 20:27:22
Reading are still in talks with Pavel Pogrebnyak & Junior Hoilett.

Offers are on the table for both players.(9)(20)Hasn't junior signed for mochengladbach or however you spelt itReading matched Swansea's offer of 35k a week for Gylfi Sigurdsson, and Fulham have only offered Pavel Pogrebnyak 25k a week. Reading clear favourites to sign the striker with their new money.That deal fell through. Linked with a move to Turkey instead.Hoilett demand too much in wages - put Borussia MG off.How reliable are those wage figures? I can't see us offering that much and breaking our wage structure, not really 'the reading way' that was made such a big deal of in the takeoverYou will not get these players, bigger clubs will get themIf QPR can get cisse and zamora then Reading get pogrebnyak is not unbelievable is it?So are Reading another club with their foundations built on shifting sands (like Portsmouth) their new Russian owner - where is he getting the money from - how ridicolous...why would Hoilett and Pavel sign for a small club?The 'Reading way' is to buy mostly young and hungry players. It's got nothing to do with wages.

If Reading want to progress into a club pushing for europe, as AZ does, then wages have to increase with it, and the club are more than happy with it.


16 Jun 2012 19:42:53
tom taiwo to sign for back for leeds(5)(16)


16 Jun 2012 19:39:43
Swansea to make incredible move for free agent Alessandro Del Piero. Del Piero recently said he would love to play in the Premier League before he finishes career and the Swans are set to give him that chance.(6)(26)Just to be linked to a player like Del Piero show how far we're come but I can't see see one coming off.


16 Jun 2012 19:37:44
Barnsley Fc Ins:
Mido free unattached
Darius Vassell free unattached
Paul Green free unattached
Miles Addison free Derby County
David Button loan Tottenham Hotspur
Lewis Grabban 230k from Rotherham United
Matt Hill free unattached
Chris Dagnall loan Rotherham United
Jacob Butterfield free (1m compensation) Newcastle United
Scott Wiseman loan Rochdale
Sam Patterson loan Grimsby Town
Brad Kilburn loan York City(7)(25)Miles addison has a year left on his contract and is under 24
Lewis Grabban has already signed for crawley
Paul green is going to birminghamGrabban signed for crawleyButterfield's compensation wont be any greater than 300k.

Newcastle have dropped their interest. Reading, Southampton and Barnsley have contracts on the table. Expecting Reading to nail this one. They're offering wages that Fulham can't compete with for Pavel Pogrebnyak.Lewis grabban already signed elsewhereLol clearly you don't do your research Lewis grabban signed for bournemouth not Barnsley if your gonna post rubbish on here at least get your facts right.Didn't Grabban just sign for Bournemouth?We aren't signing most of those. Mido is a strong possibility, also signing Williamson from the blunts, Kevin Kilbane also a possibility as player coach. Lewis Grabban signed for Bournemouth 2 weeks agoProves wat you know we at afc bournemouth have already signed lewis grabban better luck next time.Didn't Lewis Grabban sign for AFC Bournemouth on 31 May this yearAddison still has a year left on his contract, so Derby would command a fee for himBarnsley won't want Addison didn't impress on loan last season. Scott Wiseman not going anywhere either established himself in the first team last season. Most of this is made up!Grabban went to AFCB for 300kHaving had Addison already at Barnsley(on loan)we dont want him big and very slow


16 Jun 2012 19:35:28
Reading have agreed a fee with Huddersfield for striker Jordan Rhodes and are now in talks with the player.

I've got no idea what the fee is. Anyone telling you that is clearly lying.

Reading defender Sean Morrison is moving in the other direction for third spell at the club, this time on a permanent deal.(11)(40)What a load of rubbish. How can he be in talks when he is on a family holiday. Fact. Please stop making up utter rubishAnd how do you know they have agreed a fee. I think your talking rubbish to be honest. It would have to be in the region of 8-9 million for dean Hoyle to even listen. Reading wouldn't pay that much for a striker that isn't proven at championship level. So you reading fans can keep dreaming. Jordan Rhodes is staying at Huddersfield town for at least another season.Funny doesnt say out on hudds website so there is only one person 'clearly lying'!Won't go to small club like readingThis is quite possible and I am pretty sure all the past 3 comments have been Huddersfield fans worried their player is off to bigger and brighter things!
having said that i doubt he will move on THIS season.The sane town fans do fully understand if rhodes wants to move on to the prem. they also understand the fact that the club want a certain amount in transfer fee. 8-9mil i think is a bit too much. i think 6 mil and clauses may see him go. if its to reading maybe morrison and church may get thrown in


16 Jun 2012 19:27:52
Tranmere set to sign free agents:-

Michael Flynn
Craig Fagan
Anthony McNamee
Andy Taylor
Liam Dickinson
Lateef Elford Alliyu and
Sammy Clingan(5)(11)As a tranmere fan, may i ask who is michael flynn? thank you. however i would love to see fagan, mcnamee, taylor, dickonson lateef and clingan but wages with 1 or 2 of them might be a problem! personally i would love to see suso and tony silva come in on loan from liverpool. and maybe try and get antony kay and iain hume. for me the no go's have to be fagan and clingan definately!Michael flynn would be good he has a bit of experience he was released by bradford at end of season so we will get him on a freeDon't get why tranmer want all the league two rejects!


16 Jun 2012 19:15:59
jon paul mcgovern to decide if he is going to rotheraham in the next 48 hours(5)(2)Why, does he want to do some shopping because most of the town centre is closed down. He won't be going to Rotherham


16 Jun 2012 19:14:06
zoko to sign up at crystal palece by the end of the week and tom taiwo going to bradford city(7)(13)Taiwo either going to Bradford or Doncaster. Ironic if it ends up being Doncaster as David Syers will then be stuck in the Doncaster reserves.Bradford city are pushing the boat out on this guy, he favours a move to city as he lives in leeds with his young family and has publicly stated he does not want to be far away, city train on the border of leeds so this move will be ideal for him. He is a far better midfielder than syers and would be a great asset to city


16 Jun 2012 19:01:54
Derby to sign Michael Jacobs,Paul
Dixon and Fegor Ogude in two weeks(6)(16)THis is true i have seen its all over twitter and Dixon is having Croftys old home ask lee croft @LeecroftFirstly, Lee Croft's twitter is @Croft7. Seconly its not all over twitter. Finally, coming from a Derby fan, you're deluded.


16 Jun 2012 19:00:43
Abdoulaye Faye in talks with Bolton about a return to his former club following his release from West Ham(10)(5)


16 Jun 2012 18:58:49
Lubo Michalik (who rejected a contract from Carlisle, says he wants a new challenge) is set to join Polish champions Slask Wroclaw and could be playing Champions League football next season(4)(6)Has been mentioned in polish football sites


16 Jun 2012 18:50:54
Free-agent Mohamed Diame has agreed terms with West Ham United. He will sign a 3 year contract, worth £7m. Diame, 25, has passed a cardiac medical and a normal medical and hopefully the signing will be announced next week.



16 Jun 2012 13:46:07
ed any blackpool rumours {Ed003's Note - only the waiting for a reply to the offers made to Bednar and Anderson at the moment}(4)(3)He wont leave forest (anderson) due to the takeover and promising times trentside however i wish he did go, been useless for 2 seasons nowRumours that Oyston will announce the building of the new training ground later this week (just 4 years late) also very dodgy rumours that Heskey is about to join (Nooooooooooooooooo!)Well Heskey will fit in well down the on the sands with the other donkeys


16 Jun 2012 18:39:49
Luke Summerfield has been spotted at the Greenhouse Meadow. The signing of him is set to be released later this week.(2)(5)


16 Jun 2012 18:38:35
good to see sky sports have finally picked up on Gylfi Sigurdsson being in talks with Liverpool, and other club is Reading. expect him to be Liverpool player soon
MrRfc(20)(7)How many of @Fridays_Legacy tweets are you going to post?

Great to see we are prepared to spend upwards of 8m, but it'll only ever be for the right player. We wont throw money about for the hell of it.

Completely different football club now.What happened to Crouch signing for us?Not going to join us (Reading)I never said crouch was signing for us, anyway why would we want him.
MrRfcReading have no chance your going back downyou're

Reading will be fine next season.


16 Jun 2012 18:37:33
swindon set to release nathan thompson(2)(14)They have offered him a new contract which he is expected to signHe will be signing a new contract very soon.


16 Jun 2012 18:29:52
West brom look set to sign Aston villa defender Steven warnock and fulhams andy Johnson(4)(17)Want Hutton too?No chance of warnock getting in ahead of ridgewell, he won't fancy sitting on the bench


16 Jun 2012 18:23:27
Good signs for Everton fans at the minute Mandzukic has gone from 18/1 to 6/1 to join Everton



16 Jun 2012 18:23:16
Keith Tracy is millwall bound as well as a mystery midfielder who I have heard is wordsworth but this will only happen if millwall get the 3 million asking price for Liam trotter. Also millwall to sign Harry Kane and andros townsend from spurs now Harry redknapp has gone(5)(15)3m for trotter,I'd take it! A very good player when HE CAN BE BOTHERED/INTERESTED!I'll drive him there! Too slow and has been spotted multiple times going out drinking on a friday night before a game. Makes no impact anymore and we (burnley) would be happy to take any money offered. What is the price your willing to pay?Wishful thinking as far as kane&townsend are concerned im afraid! coylBelieve IT when I SEE IT!Keith Treacy maybe, although you can't spell his name.
Wordsworth maybe.
Kane and Townsend, we can dream I guess.Originally i heard a straight swap for mquiod but now he's gone to Bournemouth my mate who works at millwall has said we offered bouazza plus 300k and if that dont work then we will move for other targets.Strange as Treacy is in talks with Sheff Weds as apparently he lived his Liam there. Too slow for us


16 Jun 2012 18:19:28
Burnley are set to sign James Bailey for 800,000 next week from Derby with Zevon Hines joining Barnsley on Loan for 6 months(10)(5)Bailey is worth more than that and this is coming from a claret, we can't afford him


16 Jun 2012 17:57:12
nigel-reo-coker joining bristol city on a free after being released by west ham(1)(40)Do you not know he left West Ham years ago and was released by BOLTONNigel reo coker played for bolton, do u know anything about football?Rubbish rumour as he was with Bolton last season and left when they got relegated so can't see him going to bristol cityReo-Coker didn't take up his option to stay at Bolton so he wasn't released or did he play for West Ham! Back to the drawing board for your rumours i thinkThats weird thought reo coker was last at BoltonAwful just awful,can't even be bothered correcting thisHe was Released By Bolton Not West ham he played for the hammers a few years agoHe left bolton so thats a fail on your behalfDidn't know we signed Reo-Coker again, so I very much doubt we can release him...Bolton you mean lolHe left Bolton after they got relegated because he had a clause in his contract saying he cud leave for nothing because he didn't want to play in championshipFunny how hes at BoltonI suppose that means Jordan Rhodes is going to join Huddersfield from Ipswich!
Think before u post your rubbish!!Hes going to derby there trying to sign every player that can walk and breath


16 Jun 2012 17:58:13
Manchester United youngster Robbie Brady is wanted by Peterborough United.(7)(11)


16 Jun 2012 17:55:01
Bournemourth to sign unnamed foriegn based striker that has been released by his current club, will be one of the best forwars at the club - Source BBC and Eddie Mitchell(10)(6)The striker hasent been released and we havent agreed a fee thats wat the delay is overEddie mitchell has already stated that a transfer fee would be involved. if he has been already released by his current club why should money be involved?Someone said earlier it was Dimitri Sychev, the Russian internationalWhat was your average home gate last season. You seem to be buying alot of expensive players ( wages ). Just hope you don't go over the buget which would be set by Football league which is 55% of your turnover last seasonImproved facilities at bournemouth plus maximising profits on commercial activities,football revenue increases and good support and sponsorship have been the best part of mitchell's leadership. Just walk around the ground and outside areas you can see for yourself the professionalism. AFCB are on the up and new finances are bank rolling the climb up the leagues.I agree with the last poster, we're spending money like it's not an issue. We have no income, just huge expenditure. If the Russian guy pulls out, or starts demanding some return on his investment, we're doomed to insolvencyIt goes on your turnover last year what is your average home crowd last season? I don't dispute your owners are bank rolling your team but if your average home gates are only 7000 that will determine your overall budget for players wagesthis season


16 Jun 2012 17:54:15
Peterborough United will complete the signing of ex Celtic defender Darren O'Dea on a 3 year deal when he returns from Euro 2012 next week.(6)(15)We couldn't afford joey bartons wages


16 Jun 2012 17:47:08
Burnley interested in james meredith from york for a free transfer.. expect the transfer early next week.(8)(2)


16 Jun 2012 17:45:27
Bilel Mohsni been linked with a move to brentford, im on my phone so i cant provide a link, however its on the Southend local papers website. take a look yourself.(5)(0)Just as he has a one year contract extension and Paul sturrock confirmed that he isn't leaving?No it's not.There's nothing on the echo's website also he just signed a 1 year deal a couple of weeks ago so this is obviously a load of rubbishContracts extensions mean nothing when a transfer fee in involved! durrr!It really isn't.Yes it does, because that means he will not go and why would he go to a small team liike brentford when bigger championship clubs have previously expressed an interestBrentford are a bigger club than southend! what/who have southend ever produced?Yes Brentford are a bigger club than southend but with the likes of Charlton, Blackpool a Westham watching him, why would he want to go to a club who are only a wee bit better than southend and seem to finish mid table every season.


16 Jun 2012 17:42:52
Leicester City may be prepared to offer the £4m that Derby want for centre-back Jason Shackell(4)(23)They dont want 4 million at allWh ydo lester over pay for average at best centre backs ? e.g. millsThey will not get 4 mill from leicester for him we are not interested in himHes worth 300k at most hes rubbish


16 Jun 2012 17:40:25
Lee Croft to sign for Oldham Athletic this week(10)(11)Lee Croft was a decent player in his brief spell with Latics,but he was a bit of a loose cannon,hope if we do get him hes calmwd down a bit


16 Jun 2012 17:38:41
All these people linking everyone left right and centre with Man Utd are wrong, they was intrested in a certain polish forward but now the euro's are under way have opted out, the only players they are intrested in now are, Baines and Danni Alves. trust me, i work at united. also they are pondering over whether to give a chance to Liverpool youngster Nathan Eccleston as he has failed to break through but united tried to signed him 3 years ago.(7)(15)Loads of rubbish 'i work at united' haha. i work at chelsea and were planning on bringing rolando bianchi back to the premiership as he failed to break through at city, that will work nicely with our shock move for kiki musampa also a former city rejectVilanova said Alves will be staying at BarcaEcclestone? Liverpool are trying to offload him but no championship clubs will take him, why would united


16 Jun 2012 17:34:53
David Norris has been rumored to leave pompey, with Sheffield Wednesday his preferred destination. Crawley are About to sign Eunan O Kane, from Torquay, while keeper Bobby Olejnik is set to join P'boro. The Gulls will use this money to bid for Billy Bodin, but face competition from Crewe. Southend are set to complete moves for Kevan Hurst, Phil Smith, and Freddy Eastwood within the end of next week, though the rumor mill is spinning with Ryan Hall being linked with various clubs. Sheffield United will start the bidding for 28 year old Wycombe starlet Stuart Beavon.Michael Jacobs will not join Derby as they will not meet Northampton 's valuation of the 20 year old. Sources: NewsNow, Sky Sports, BBC Sport, Club rumor pages.(8)(5)Sounds believable all except the Jacobs transfer - that's what tribunals are forMichael Jacobs has told everyone he is joining derby.Derby have found out that
the compensation will be 575k and because the chairman isnt being co-operative they will wait intill the end of the monthNot believeable after the player signed a new contract today.......What, Jacobs signed a new contract?


16 Jun 2012 17:22:46
Simon cox being tracked by a host of championship teams due to his excellent performances in the euros, the club looking to loan him out for he season and many clubs are waiting to pounce(5)(9)Cardiff want himExcellent performances at the euros?? But he is a good playerPretty sure he only has one year left on his contract so it will be sale or nothing.


16 Jun 2012 17:21:02
Huddersfield looking to sign Nathan Baker on season long loan from aston villa to fill left back position. Although grayson would be interested on a permanent deal Villa still rate the enland junior highly. Baker signed a 3 yr contract recently but it's thought the wages won't be a problem for huddersfield to match.(13)(0)Baker is becoming more of a regular.
He's a centre back too.
Never going to happen!With Cuellar gone & Collins + Hutton leaving , Villa don't have a huge budget.
He is not leaving. Dream on.


16 Jun 2012 17:17:37
CARDIFF CITY. was just down club shop and seen malkay and 2 men in suits walking out,of stadiumi never seen them before but my friend said it was matt lowton from sheff utd and the other one must have bern his agent.(6)(13)Funny, Lowton is away in the US...His agent is Jamie Hart, and I was with him yesterday!You're clearly blind, Matt Lowton is staying in the same hotel as me


16 Jun 2012 17:10:35
Zoko has has made his mind up where he wants to play his football next season, and that club is Preston, he wants to be part of westleys revolution.(5)(12)SO WHAT!Zoko left Carlisle for a "Championship club" may not have noticed.....but Preston is a League 1 outfit with NO MONEY to spend.

PNE fans would love Westley to sign a player fans have actually heard of without having to search Wikipedia to find out who they are and where they have been for the last 10 yearsWhat nonsense. he rejected them weeks ago, just like many other players who have more sense. zoko will be in the championship next season after attracting interest from various clubs in the leagueAs a pne fan i cant see this happening if it was goin to happen it would of ben done weeks ago as he is a free agentSo was laird he was offered a contract at millwall look where he is now. Zoko has been at deepdale the past couple of days talking to westley. So u never know.Zoko signing for middlesboroWestley has gone back home to Hertfordshire & Ridsdale has been on Holiday...So unless Zoko has gone down to Deepdale to look at the empty football must have got him mixed up with the groundsman digging the pitch up last week.It doesn't matter if westley has gone on holiday, if you didnt previously realise, its the chairman and the board which sign players not the manager. yes, the manager has a fundamental say in who to sign but he isn't the one paying. zoko has been at preston for a good week and was spotted several weeks ago talking with westly. ya'll should be ready for another westley revolution upset"........and knows full well pne are becoming fore favourite for the title." HA HA HA. Favourites in whose mind? Except for the deluded Nobbers' minds that is. Preston will be lucky to finish above half way!


16 Jun 2012 17:08:00
celtic linked with sandaza as a back up striker! also joey barton...(6)(23)


16 Jun 2012 17:02:23
I am friends with Aidan White's(leeds
and he has told me that the
following clubs are after him :
Arsenal- he probably will reject
West Ham- he will probably reject(6)(11)Why would he reject arsenal?I doubt arsenal want him, he isn't that good!He wouldn't get much first team footballArsenal? Are you kidding me?


16 Jun 2012 16:55:12
Its being reported that the reason the michel jacobs to derby transfer has fallen through is because bristol city came in last minute and offered northampton more money. It also helped that bristol city were offering jacobs a better weekly wage.(3)(12)Jacobs has already said that he's joining Derby - the fee looks like it will be set by a tribunalBristol city are better aswellWhats up with Bristol city fans acting as if all our targets are going to them instead

Paul Dixon
Michael Jacobs
Daniel Powell

will all sign for Derby 100% all three have told local papers and people their main preference is derby as they have been flattered by the posistive comments made by derby manager Clough.Dixon was thing to say he might go to you.But Jacobs is our N01 target and we will not give up intill we have got him we have agreed a 575k settlement fee.^^^^this man above don't know nothing does he Paul Dixon is signing for Bristol City fee was agreeed 2 weeks ago and it's just personal terms to be done^^^^^ You are wrong too , no fee involved
PD is a free agent , contract expiredBristol city are better? Your good at jokes mate. You nearly got relegated last season and derby finished mid table :L^well this guy doesnt have a clue either how can a fee have been agreed when heis out of contract.Do bristol city fans constantly watch this page cause 1st it was dixon (which could be true) but no way are they getting jacobs, hes joing derby, were a bigger/better club with a bigger fan base... just look at the table if you think im being unfair!The fee is because of his age dont anyone on here know rules.


16 Jun 2012 15:54:10
Jon daly from Dundee united to sign for Bolton in next few week(2)(6)Poor mans Kevin davies


16 Jun 2012 16:22:18
Since getting promoted to the Championshipl, Sheffield Wednesday have been looking to offload some of their 'deadwood' players - with this Oldham Athletic had made an approach for their former winger Jermaine Johnson, he is expected to pass a medical this week and will join for an intial 6 month loan with the option to extend at any time.(3)(11)What tosh. JJ wants to stay at Hillsborough but has only been offered a one year contract which he is discussing. Why would he drop a division for a six month contract. This is made upCan't be a loan he's out of contract!


16 Jun 2012 16:11:50
Mathew Green (played on loan for mansfield) to sign for Sheffield United next week.(4)(6)


16 Jun 2012 16:11:31
3 players defiantly signing on the 1st july think you can guess who ! Paddy kenny , Matthew killgallon and a mystery player who been on trial last year ! Roll on the 1st July something positive at last ! On and on !!(5)(10)


16 Jun 2012 16:09:16
Huddersfield have set targets of;-
Sean Morrison
Keith Andrews
Paul Green
Jermaine Beckford(12)(20)Morrison: 99% sure
Andrews: not likely
Green: likely
beckford: I BLOODY hope not.
not wanted- not neededBeckford isn't wanted nor is he neededMorrison - yes
green - likely
beckford - no thanks

swap andrews for grant mcgann and that's spot onIf we sign beckford, i will not go and watch a game next season!Acutally i think huddersfield town are a proven club and 4 some 1 to score 40 goals 4 a proven club is pretty good
UTTYe league 2 got 6 million
but in other ppls minds it mustt go
league 2 free transfer
league 1 500,000
championship 1,000,000
premier league 50,000,000
ye cus that really makes sense
look at chaimberlain, he had no championship expeirience he went 2 arsnal 4 12,000,000


16 Jun 2012 16:07:08
Rumours are that Bournemouth's unknown target is Dmitri Sychev. Reports in the Russian media are that is on the move to England.(6)(8)....yeah because they are somehow signing a Russian internationalWheres this come from.he sounds a gd player proberley could play in a higher league than us at afcbHes premiership bound knew this rumour didnt stack upIt is possible because i think our owner Maxim Demin has links with Lokomotiv Moscow soooo. But i doubt it is because we're supposedly looking at a big targetmanDon,t be negative as afcb are on the up, reading, swansea etc have gone from small clubs, good investment has transformed them into preiership teams. Mitchell has said today that next season we will finish in automatic promotion to championship. I am not the biggest fan of mitchell, but accept that mitchell is transforming the club and players will be signing up as championship footy is very likely with the russian finances. premiership infra-structure is going into place and ho[pefully the bournemouth football fans will come in large numbers


16 Jun 2012 16:03:44
Heard that Alessandro Crescenzi has been linked with a loan/ view to permanent move to the South coast with Southampton. Currently Italian under 21 player with good experience and lots of potential. Plays as an attacking right back. Roma player who spent last year at serie B.

Not 100% on this rumour however my contact said the Saints chairman has good relations in Italy(13)(3)Sounds interesting. Something you could see happening. Saints usually pick up a player like this eg. Guly.


16 jun 2012 15:24:49
nick powell going to prem new boys only fergie rates him that highly and want to see if hes up to it(3)(8)


16 jun 2012 15:13:51
celtic bid 4.5m for jordan rhodes and kelvin wilson on loan as part of deal with huddersfield getting first option. needing strong cb for champship, deal be done before july 1st july for celtic,s champ's league qf(4)(28)Add a 5m to that 4.5m and the Hudds chairman may listen. Otherwise they've stated he's not for sale.

Even reading between the lines of Simon Grayson's comments 8m is the starting price!No they havent9.5m for a player who isnt proven at championship level? Please wake up and smell the coffeeThats funny cause i saw a paper saying 4.5 mill plus add on and he would go to Celtic and that was the manager saying to Celtic put that up and he is gone.....he has 1 good year playing in a crapy league and he is worth 8mill??dont think so, not many ppl knew him before last year^ that would be 3 good years, do your homework before postingOh its in the papers so it must be true! The scottish prem is a step down from the championship so why would he go there?Course he's worth 8million. He's a scotland international and he's banged 40+ goals in a season. Can you think of anyone who has banged over 30 goals in league 1 in a season? NO! Look at nick powell? 6million and he has been playing in league 2! Jermaine beckford also a league one player went straight to everton for 5million and he was like 25. So yeah, 8million+ is a good deal! If someone were to buy him for 8 million i would consider it a bargain! {Ed025's Note - everton got beckford on a free..He will not be going to the crappy spl. he,s at championship level now which is 10x the spl. Rhodes is worth 4m but we dont need to sell and our chairman has stated it would after be a stupid offer for us to consider. so 8m minimum and i dont think celtic could manage thatAgree think he's worth about 6m but cos he's tied down at town and we have LOADS of money it would take stupid bid for deano to let him goSpot on, the SPL is literally one of the worst league in europe. And correct, id say Rhodes is worth around 4-5 million, but we DONT NEED TO SELL, thats why the offer needs to be around 8-9 millions. The people crying and getting sour because they say we are over-rating him need to get that through their heads..and stop getting jealous.Also names such as oxlade chamberlin (15 million) LEAGUE 1 Fabian Delph (8 Million) LEAGUE 1 have not been mentioned. RHODES can cut it at international level wouldnt have a problem in prem cant think of a better realisrtic player in championship tbh anyway !


16 Jun 2012 15:08:45
Malaga are interested in AC Milan striker Robinho. AC Milan are prepared to sell Robinho, to help build funds to sign Carlos Tevez from Manchester City.(8)(8)


16 Jun 2012 14:56:47
Port Vale are looking at;
Lionel Ainsworth - Free
Liam Dickinson - Free
Liam Chilvers - Free
Luke Daley - Free
John Otsembor - Free(8)(10)Otsembor has signed for Aberdeen in May so your not a reliable source are you??Ainsworth, dickinson, chilvers all true, never heard of luke daley, dunno about otsembor? Reliable source: Port Vale fan, also says on one vale fan, and local paper! :3


16 Jun 2012 14:49:34
BREAKING: Steven Davies has agreed terms with Burnley after a £1.2m offer was accepted by Derby. Davies will have a medical on Monday and should officially sign on by Tuesday.(15)(10)Its 2.3 million Steve Davies and James Bailey


16 Jun 2012 14:48:06
Nigel will get 7 in and 8 out for Derby
county.With a Very Suprising news of
Miles Addison signing a New 2 year
deal.After Impressing Nigel with his
New Attitude with being in the gym
every day to prove he can make it.

Fegor Ogude
Daniel Powell
Michael Jacobs
Johnny Russell
Paul Dixon
Krystian Pearce
Ashley Westwood

Steve Davies
Paul Green
Chris Maguire
James Bailey
Lee croft
Ben Davies
Aaron Cole
Saul Deeney

This is what will Happen nothing more
or nothing less.(6)(15)You couldnt be more wrong if you tired^How?

All these players have been mentioned by
clough and 4 of them are free transfers
or CompensationDont forget shackell to burnley^
How many times? Shackell's going nowhere


16 Jun 2012 14:27:23
leon Barnett set to leave Norwich to either Bristol city, Blackpool or Birmingham city on a 3 year deal with and unidisclosed fee(12)(9)Uuum stop making up stuff , he is staying at norwich stop posting irreverent stuffWhy would he stay he is not good enough he was awful last year cost us all 3 point at villa away and never played again after thatIt would be nice to keep all our players, but its bad football and business sense. Barnett doesn't play much for us. We will either sell him or send him out on loanLeon Barnett is a good centre half-with a run he IS a prem player!!Might be made up but he will leave the club this summer. way down the pecking order at city. part exchange for Davis at brum? just a thought.Why would he definitely be staying at Norwich? He hardly plays and isn't good enough. I would rather see him go and get some money for him.


16 Jun 2012 14:23:04
steven naismith will join everton as soon as rangers go into liquidation.

Also everton after mandzukic of wolfsberg and croatia having impressed so far at the euros(17)(10)Rangers hav gone in2 liquidation and formed again and hes still ther! but he could leave over contract disputes after fifa have finished their investigations......


16 Jun 2012 14:22:50
Southend midfielder Ryan Hall is wanted by Peterborough(9)(8)


16 Jun 2012 14:21:57
Peterborough United are the only club to have matched Northampton Town's £500k valuation for midfield star Michael Jacobs.(6)(11)Derby paid 550k and they turned it down but its now come into light that his compensation would be 575k1) he would never go to boro! & 2) northampton want 650k+ for him, So they would rather it went to tribunal(posh fan) im sure Northampton wanted 1m or more?


16 Jun 2012 14:18:45
Peterborough have had a £400k bid accepted for Gllingham goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga.(6)(7)


16 Jun 2012 14:16:53
Peterborough striker Nicky Ajose will sign for Crawley Town.(9)(10)


16 Jun 2012 14:15:12
Preston North End midfielder Paul Coutts will completed his £500k + David Ball move to former club Peterborough United(9)(8)Not happening ball going barnsley


16 Jun 2012 14:12:31
Peterborough's transfer listed skipper Grant McCann will this week sign for Doncaster Rover for £250k(8)(9)Hes coming to huddersfield, why would he go to a league 1 club when huddersfield want himBecause he doesn't want to be involved in Huddersfield's relegation battle,


16 Jun 2012 13:46:57
Ryan Nelson has confirmed he has signed from QPR, nothing from the club yet. Source sky sports. Robert Green to have medical today, source Jake Humphrey, bbc sport commentator out at the euros and Fabio is keen on a move to Qpr on loan, source sky sports(14)(9)How is green gonna have a medical today?Fabio's agent has confirmed he's joining qpr on loan and nelsen is a dead cert but not sure about green having a medical today though but think he will join us later onGreen was meant to have a medical today, I saw also that jake humprehy had put it on twitter. officials from the club were meant to get sent overQPR have sent some people over to the Euros so Green can have his medical there.He is having a medical at englands training camp as qpr reps have flown out there to tie up the deal


16 Jun 2012 13:41:46
Hull set to sign nick powell from man utd on a season loan barnsley,derby and ipswich also interested(7)(22)Not sure about the other teams, but Derby won't be doing any loan deals unless it's an absolute last resortSure he's a good player. But for him to jump two leagues, I can't see him setting the world alight in the championship just yet if I'm honest.


16 Jun 2012 13:22:53
Mark Hughes has offered Joey Barton to Leicester in a straight swap for Neil Danns.

Bartons not keen to drop a division but QPR want him out(3)(28)You have to be joking Nigel wouldn't touch him with a barge poleDon't see QPR wanting Danns or Leicester wanting to lose him.Don't deserve to play for any club, leave him to rot in the reservses, nothing but a xxxxhead.We dont want danns and barton wont be going as nobody wants him


16 Jun 2012 13:22:10
Southampton are set to offer Brighton £3m plus Dan Seabourne with Dan Harding season loan for Lewis Dunk(3)(20)Don't think so! Dunk is not that good.We would never want Harding backThere is always someone posting somthing silly on here, and i think the award today goes to this one.Will never happenCan we hav Richardson or Butterfield instead of seaborneBrighton want competition for left back but Dan Harding won't be coming back to Brighton, 100% confident of that. Lewis Dunk is worth more like 5m-7m. I work with his friend and she'd tell me if he was going anywhereUpdate just bought my brighton season tickets they told me they have sold 23780 season ticketsThe Amex only holds 22,374Harding is hated by Brighton fans, no way would he be coming back to us, plus he's not good enough. And as someone else said, Dunk is worth more than that.That's a lot of season ticketsBrighton have extended the stadium to 27,000 for start of the season. No way will Harding come back, silly rumour, he's exactly like Painter our current LB, and painter isn't really good enough for championship, and we aren't ready to offload Dunky on loan, so we can forget about this.The Amex only holds 22,374 - Not anymore. Expanded to 27,250 this summer, and 30,500 next year.The amex has been expanded... keep upCapacity is 27, 500 in time for new season, increases to 28,000 at Christmas, and 30,250 for start of 2013-14 season.It is 32750 amex will hold just check thw website and they really have sold 23780 read it on line brighton are 9 highest season tickets sold in uk also on line bbc sports newsCheck out argus and sussex times its 23780 sold seanson tickets


16 Jun 2012 13:16:15
Two new signings expected at Blue Square bet premier side Stockport this week.
They are believed to be exciting former luton town player Robbie Wilmott and Luke Ashworth on a permanent basis. This will end speculation that Gianluca Havern will join the club.(3)(7)


16 Jun 2012 13:09:27
Burnley to attempt to sign;
David Norris - Portsmouth
Sam Vokes - Wolves
Darren O'Dea - Celtic
Jason Shackall - Derby(8)(11)Would be great if we signed them what source though ?Highlight the word Attempt as
Jason Shackell will NEVER sign for Burnley
and Sam Vokes will Get First Team football
now Wolves are in the ChampionshipOnly one i could see going through is O'DeaNorris is too old for Howe, we can't afford shackall and vokes will be important for wolves if fletcher/doyle leave


16 Jun 2012 13:02:17
West Brom have targeted Charlie Austin has a potential target for next although Burnley are asking for 3M while WBA have rated has 1.5M(4)(25)And burnley paid 1m so thats never goin to happenDoubt we will go for a middle of the table to relegation battle side striker.Not happening


16 Jun 2012 12:52:14
Swindon town to sign Leicester City Striker Paul Gallagher on a two year contract on Monday(9)(24)No chance he will not move there ,he is said to fav a move to preston as he and his wife still live thereBoth of you can dream on, Gallagher is going to Swindon Or Preston who are never going to get promoted !Good to have him need a good striker but andy williams will sign for swindon on july 1st good scoring strikers leicster striker out of contract swindon fanDue to be completed on Tuesday from what I hear, will cost a tranfer fee but is one of the strikers Paolo has been chasing since January.I have also heard he's signing from another source close to the County Ground....didn't want to mention it in case is was rubbish, but this kinda confirms something in it....thank god!


16 Jun 2012 12:40:01
Nicklas Bendtner to swansea what a great signing that would be !(18)(25)He's stated he wants out of the ukYeah if he can be botheredNo chance. He is no better than the strikers we have got. Much rather Danny Graham than Bendtner.Him and graham upfront together would be a good partnership!No thank you don't rate him at allWould love him to join us. Laudrup can get the best out of big Nick in my opinion and we need someone who's good in the air and get on the end of crosses.


16 Jun 2012 12:36:54
Leicester left back Tom Kennedy will sign for Peterborough this week after a successful loan spell last season.(12)(11)Fergi let him return from last seasons loan spell due to the feeling that he already had better at the clubPossiblyKennedy was recalled by Leicester when his loan spell was up as he was signed by Pearson. Would be good to see him back at posh.


16 Jun 2012 12:35:53
Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack will this week join Peterborough United after a £350k fee was agreed.(6)(12)No he will not.Would need more than that to price Pack from Cheltenham


16 Jun 2012 12:34:44
Peterborough are set to complete the £700k transfer of Stevenage forward Luke Freeman.(4)(15)He's a left midfielder/left winger and he is worth a lot more than than!He's a winger and he signed a 2 year deal with stevenage in january so i can't see him leavingMaybe for half that price.


16 Jun 2012 12:29:41
Bournemouth are set to raid Bristol city for Brett Pittman and James Wilson the bis spending club are setting there stall out for young hungry players with some championship experience(2)(19)No thanks to bret coming back great player thoSince when have Bournemouth been a big spending club? and if Brett Pitman leaves, it'll be to another Championship club.I wouldn't describe Pitman as hungry! Maybe for burger and chips but his lack of hunger for football, has meant his Championship experience, was warming the bench!James wilson would be a great signing being tall and mobile, will need replacement if steve cook court case goes against him. Brett p was always a sulky individual, great talent but not sure if afcb require yet another striker.They can have pitman dosent do enough work outside boxNot likely, already got good depth in the wings and up front + the new striker doesn't play in England.Sounds like miles addison is staying put at derby co, due to improved attitude. wilson now sounds likely prospect for bournemouthIf Bournemouth 'raid' BCFC for Pitman it will be because BCFC want to be raided for Pitman. He can finsh certainly, but he plays like a bloke with asthma! He's not good enough for the Championship apart from as a sub so raid away Boscombe!I do wish AFCB fans would stop embarrassing our clubs by saying we're gonna sign all these players, its just embarrassingPitmans stats speak for themselves. "he doesnt work outside the box enough". Who gives a f he scores goals and got us promoted in 2010


16 Jun 2012 12:28:21
ledley king is expected to join norwich o
on a pay as you play deal
hughtons prodigal son(8)(25)Ledley King will only play for Spurs and only Spurs.If Spurs don't give him a contract the he will do a coaching role.No chance of joining NorwichEven though he has retired? You really need to do your research first... He would demand massive wages anyway so get real .Yes but he can't play that's why he was released by spurs lol


16 Jun 2012 12:15:08
Mido signs one year deal with barnsley, source sky sports news(19)(9)Sorry barnsley fans this man is an absolute disaster wen he signed 4 boro 1st couple ov games did ok but hes a joke never settles anywer and we couldnt get shot ov him cost us about 12 million in the end and all the st with itRob staton interviewed someone at club who admit they are in discussion within mido but he has not got a medial Monday and a deal has not been struck as yetThanks for the response, we don't generally keep them long enough for them to cause too much damage, but point noted about his general demeanour,Haven't heard the best of reports about Mido. Don't think Barnsley will get caught ou with long contract and wages etc they just can't afford it. Don't think Ricardo Vazquez Te had a great reputation last year but his career has been turned around. Hope for Barnsleys sake Keith Hill can do the sameMedical is on monday set to sign


16 Jun 2012 12:12:02
Oxford are set to announce the signing of AFC Bournemouth striker Wes Thomas after Bournemouth have signed a unnamed striker. The unnamed striker could either be Leon Clarke or Paul Hayes both of Charlton(6)(10)The striker is neither of them the striker is from abroad but your welcome to thomas if you get him in the right atidude you will have a cracking playerI doubt if it would be Paul Hayes, most likely Leon Clarke.Wes thomas played solo striker last year and did fairly well as the front man. AFCB would be un-wise to sell him as he gives another option to the strike force. The club made it clear that they are happy to have the choice of eight strikers and there is no need to sellOxford are welcome to him. Make sure you've got a lot of netting behind the empty end to stop Wes's efforts on goal destroying a few car windscreens. Do oxford have any barn doors, cow's arses or banjo's?Mitchell's already said that he will stay as part of a wealth of attacking optionsWhy do people keep making things up about Oxford signing a striker?
Oxford have 7 forwards already. And both the chairman and manager have said on more than one occassion, that we are not after anymore. We are after 3 more players.
1 right back. and 2 centre midfielders.
NO STRIKERS!Wont be an option as we have loads of options up front and that includes the fact that James Constable will more than likely leave. The club have said that very little as far as players coming in - we have a decent enough squad?? I dont think so but also a factor we have no money as much was spent on loanee's last season, mostly rubbish, and also fairly big names came in - Leven, Smalley, Duberry to name 3 and all on big wages. So forwards - not likely. If Chapman goes, he will need replaceing in midfield....thats about it. There are also rumours that Chris Wilder will be on his way if the season does not start well. The excuse for not getting to the play - offs was fitness! In my book that is a management, coaches and player failure. The players have stayed in the main but cant say that for the manager/coaches long term.....Hopefully if Thomas gets linked with enough clubs on this site some chairman might just fall for the guff and sign him, we can but hope as he is sheite.Course we need a striker, the amount of chances we missed last year was ridiculous.Replacement for beano i guess. Swap deal??


16 Jun 2012 12:09:27
Ben Foster will sign for west brom next week, he already stated he does'nt want to leave the midlands. Aston Villa were intrested a few weeks ago but Birmingham will not deal with aston villa after the bick eck debacle. Birmingham also struck up a gentlmans agreement that if west brom leave Houghton they would have first dabs at Foster. The fee will be undisclosed but it will be around 4.5 million plus boaz myhll. The Mulumbu deal with Newcastle looks to be off, Manchester united were going to buy Chiek Tiote and therefore give Mulumbu a startng place however Man u lost intrest and therefore newcastle lost intrest in Mulumbu. Odemwingie wants a move to arsenal but this deal was never going to happen, all paperwork. I f he does go it will be to Newcastle. Like the Mulumbu deal it all depends if Newcastle lose Ba. Jonas Olsson to tottenham is a possible deal, don't be suprised if the managerless spurs sign him anyway.(13)(5)Only part on here thAT sounds reliable is west brom buying flopsterLet's get this straight there isn't or ever was a deal for mulumbu, there was no offer made to AlbionBirmingham will deal with anyone with money ther're broke and need to offload big earners Villa only need a number 2 Foster is to good to be a number2Was Ben foster a loan deal to west brom last season or a pernament dealBen Foster Lovesd It At The Albion & Wants To Play For Us. He Is A Real Family Man (He Turned Down Roy's Request To Go The Euro's To Spend Time With His Family) He's Also Just Got A New House And Comes From Leamington. Birmingham Need The Money & Want Myhill. So Wake Up Anyone Who Thinks Anything Else Than "Ben The Baggie" Boateng Is A Great Idea, We've Been After Him For Years And A Ideal Replacement For Mulumbo If He Does Go. As For Olson & Ondenwingie If They Think They Are "Too Good For Us" Let Them Go. Curtis Davies, Jason Koumas Where Are You Now?


16 Jun 2012 12:04:30
Mido confirmed by sky sports that he will be joining Barnsley on Monday, currently having medical!(12)(9)He will fail the medical he is very over weightGood luck with fat lad passing his medical will be a chore in itself!Celtic were offered mido but attitued and fitness not up to standardThe delay is that they can't find a big enough tape measure to go round his waistYoud be surprised i think hillcroft will ahve told him he has to lose weight or they wont sign him


16 Jun 2012 11:22:17
Burnley in advanced talks with Kyle Lafferty over a move to Turf Moor with the striker set to sign on a Free Transfer(15)(12)He isn't welcome


16 Jun 2012 11:15:47
reports in lancashire telegragh say rovers attempt to sign danny murphy from fulham on a fre(5)(12)Do you rad that paper? They make up so much rubbish it's unreal. I'm a Burnley fan and in the past 7days Burnley have been 'near signing' clayton, vokes about 3 derby players and more man city rejects! It the worst paper ever! We've been close to signing shackel for 1 million all weekAhh the Lancashire telegraph aka the Blackburn lovers paper. It only reports on Blackburn and is a joke of a paper! The spelling is poor all the time! No wonder half of lancashire keep complaining about this being or main paper! Don't believe it till others report it cause they know nothing


16 Jun 2012 10:59:29
Huddersfield Town to sign Adam Clayton in the up coming days, get in(13)(27)He's going to burnleyDon't kid yourself,the only place Adam is going to is Sheffield Wednesday 100% factOff to Burnley!!A deal is almost done with Burnley.Hope that is true, looked good last season when I saw him play, gets a few goals from midfield too. JohnThis sounds trueOn his way to Burnley!! Will be announced next week.Turf Moor bound! Spoke to Adam last night in LeedsBurnleyWhy would he sign for Burnley when he's got the chance to sign for sheff wed?
No comparison really,he could play in front of 12,000 fans at Burnley or in front of 24-38,000 fans at Wednesday
Mmmmmmm let me think
What would I prefer to do.Off to townQuality at carlisle he wasIts so funny how people come on here and pretend they know the players or they 'spoke to them' last night.You really have to ask why he prefers burnley,which is where he is going,you'll be at opposite ends of the table,burnley will be top 6,wed bottom 4From u2???Its not about playing in front of 24,000 its about what wages he gets ... say no more hes off to Burnley


16 Jun 2012 10:49:54
Bellamy has asked the malaysian board for a move back to cardiff and the malaysians want him back, heard this from good sources(16)(23)Most prob wants to leave the scousers because dosn't want to be managed by an ex jack {Ed001's Note - or it could just be a load of nonsense because Bellers is in Malaysia for charity work reasons. He has no issues with working with Rodgers at all, quite the opposite. Bellamy will only go if Rodgers doesn't want him.}I would love him back, great playerBellamy complemented Swansea last season on more than one occasion. I would luv Craig to come back to us this summer but playing in red for a premier league team or playing in red for a club in turmoil which would you choose?.In fact a lot of bellamys close friends say bellamy would love to come back to cardiff but he wants a three year contract and he hates not living with his family full time (watch this space)We won't be in termoil because the Malaysians are paying off the debt


16 Jun 2012 10:46:07
West brom look likely to gain Derek Boateng for as little as 2 million as the midfielder was a subject to racism at Fc Dripno. He is hold talks with west brom in the coming days.(18)(1)


16 Jun 2012 10:44:45
Chelsea are set to sign a big player from the bundesliga but it is not yet known who. Possible players could be

Robert Lewandowski
Neven Subotić

And also a striker but this is only a maybe(9)(22)Lewandowski is a striker..... or do you mean Lewandowski plus another striker?Lewandowski is a strikerSorry should have been more specific lewandowski and another striker


16 Jun 2012 10:42:09
Oldham are in talks with Paul Arnison, the veteran right back has been without a club since leaving Darlo last month.(3)(9)Oldham have recently signed a right back.Don't need him got Connor Brown and Carl Winchester so this rumour is wrong.


16 Jun 2012 10:41:11
Spurs looking to sign Poland internationals

Jakub Błaszczykowski
Przemysław Tytoń

Both clubs being offered 8m and players to be on 55,000 a week

Arsenal looking to add to their squad with the hopes of signing

Yann M'Vila
Adam Johnson
Ivan rakitić
Rasmus elm
And Modibo Maiga(5)(25)


16 Jun 2012 10:37:29
CARDIFF CITY. cardiff city are close to 2 signings,matt lowton is signing from sheff utd,dont no fee,and gui assulin on a free after his release from man city.too good signings,malky is hoping for at least 8 more.biggest signing could be bellamy,hes meeting cardiff owner next week in malaysia,(12)(10)Yea cos Bellamy ripped up last time he played for diff...... He can't hack the championshipYes he wants to leave a premship winning team thats hes a huge part of play in the some people believe anything there toldWants to leave a premiership winning team??? Got more chance of a medal by going home.Then why is bellamy going to malaysia and meeting cardiff owner.i no bellamys brother and told me bellamy wants to come home for his kids,his boy his in cardiff youth and hes got a younger one in school. {Ed001's Note - already told you, he has been out in Malaysia for his charity. It has been very well publicised, clips on SSN etc. Nothing to do with a move to Cardiff. He was out there when Brendan Rodgers was appointed and did interviews regarding the appointment. It is not difficult to check these things.}I doubt 10 signings in 1 transfer windowI think liverpool will get much better and within 4 years will be challenging for cl and titleBellers is in Malaysia for previously agreed work at the Cardiff acadamy out there, his charity is in sierra Leone. Ccfc signed 10 players last summer, although not likely to happen this summer, not impossible. {Ed001's Note - he is out there to publicise his charity, which is to help people in Sierra Leone. Do you think he was kicking the balls onto a boat on SSN for Cardiff Academy? It was a charity stunt, for his charity.}It has also been reported that he is out there for two weeks. So to assume that it is purely raise awareness for his charity would be silly.We got similar amount of signings last year


16 Jun 2012 10:34:50
Michael Jacobs will not be joining derby county as derby's estimate for the player was well below that of the chairman and manager of Northampton. To be honest as being a derby fan it is unbelievable they can't sign a league two player! Derby will be lucky to sign one player this summer never mind the amount people are posting on here.(8)(3)Here hereWhat do you mean lucky to sign one player.Im a massive derby fan and no alot about the club worked behind the scenes for 6 years and the majority of the coaching staff very well and can inform you there will be 7 players in and 8 players out the biggest news being Miles addison being offered a new contract after impressing Nigel with his new look on life and has been in the gym for the past month every day.whatever the fee for jacobs he will be joining as he wants to join derby after being impressed with nigels comments about him.So whatever the fee it will be 550k on tribunal.

Michael Jacobs
Daniel Powell
Krystian Pearce
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Paul Dixon
Ashley Westwood

Steve Davies
James Bailey
Paul Green
Chris Maguire
Lee Croft
Ben Davies
Aaron Cole
Saul Deeny

This is what to except nothing More and Nothing LessThe only stumbling block has been agreeing a fee, the dealings could still go to a tribunalSo you'd want us to pay 1m, which is what their chairman wants, for a player who has only ever played at League 2 level? We will sign him, probably for between 400k and 500k, which if necessary, will be decided by tribunal, as he has already agreed terms with Derby. With FFP coming in, for you to expect us to paying 1m fees for League 2 players is absolutely ridiculous, and you are the sort of fan a club doesn't want.How do you know what fee the tribunal will impose?Tahts why this morning it said were interested and he wants to join us, we're just talking to northampton about a feeWere still signing him m8If you read thisisderbyshire today m8 it says were still after him. And we might be going to a tribunialAs a fellow rams fan i couldnt agree with you more....potless and being run by grasping fagins.....wheres all our money going glick??That's what a tribunal for mate, does not mean he ain't signing.The fact that Northampton expect us to pay 750k - 1m for an out of contract League 2 player is ridiculous. I hope they get shafted at the tribunalGlick has gone?
the club is owned by 5 investors with 2 of them wanting to go on and co-own but the other 3 want be bought out.

Derby have a starting transfer budget of
1.6 million which isnt bad especially with the money clough spends but with 7 first team players leaving expect that to at least double with Bailey and Davies leaving for a combined 2.4 million,Ovbiously dont think the money will go straight back into our spending pot
and derby fans shouldnt want it to as the more you pay for a player the more money you have to pay for the wages.I rather get lower league young gems than
well known players.With speculation of players such as Fegor ogude can be nothing but amazing as the less a player is known the less likely you will have to have a bidding war.No-one from Northampton is expecting 1m, although if he had a year or two left on his contract we would be. Is he worth it? To us he is.The point I am making is that if we don't offer the correct amount for the player in the first place another team will cone along and offer the right amount of money and Derby will loose out. This has happened before when Derby took so long trying to sign Connor Sammon and Wigan beat us to him. Also with the lack of ambition at the club why would a player want to join Derby. We need change and investment or we will be a mid table
Chmpionship club for the next 5 years or longer and I don't want that.Why would northampton be "shafted" at tribunal? it any team would get shafted it would be derby, We've put down a 750k price tag on him... & were hoping it goes to tribunal because tribunal will give us more for him!!!

Looks like derby will loose out! the deals dead...


16 Jun 2012 10:32:58
After the departure of Harry Redknap from Tottenham Gareth Bale is likely to complete a move to either Ac Milan or Manchester United. It's also likely that tottenham won't sign Emmanuel Adebayor. He's acciquired interest from Liverpool, Malaga, Inter Milan and Juventus.(14)(11)Liverpool couldnt afford the wagesLevy will not sell bale this year .He will only go if someone is stupid enough to pay Spurs silly valuation, and as you know we are in a recession.He belongs to City, not Spurs!


16 Jun 2012 10:30:28
Michael Owen set for stoke according to sky and most newspapers. Would be a pretty good signing but only if he still as good as he was 3-4 years ago. Wolves have signed bjorn Bergman for 2.4 million and he will sign 16 July. WBA are inquiring about both Craig Gordon and Ben Amos and are preparing a contract for both. Birmingham look set to be losing a few more prize players on low amounts. Nathan redmond,Jordan Mutch and Curtis Davies all look set for an exit with Southampton and reading preparing offers for Davies and it is believed that Mutch and Redmond are attracting all the big clubs(12)(8)Owen will bleed you dryBleed us dry on a pay as u play deal? good work there


16 Jun 2012 10:24:51
i was looking on my twitter today as i follow grant mccan and i was suprised when he said 'back of holiday today and then to make my decision about my future' huddersfield town leading the race(9)(9)


16 Jun 2012 10:13:31
Notts county to sell Krystian Pearce to Derby for 250k and Alan Judge to Brighton for £1.2m and sign
Luke freeman - 600k
Daniel bogdanovic - free
Lloyd Sam - free
Jonathan forte - 150k
Brendan Maloney - season long loan
Alex Bruce - free
Mike Grellla - free(4)(22)Why would freeman go to notts county when chamionship teams are interested in him?Like judge but not sure about the step up, but loving all the players people THINK we're bidding onLuke Freeman is heading for at least the championship and wouldn't sign for a nothing club like countyNo way to Freeman for that much. Judge is gong no where and if we got all of them, we'd have far too many strikers!
Alex Bruce, Lloyd Sam and Maybe Jonathan Forte. Bogdanovic or Grella but not both. Maloney will be needed over the river next season also.
Dean Leacock and Fitz Hall to come in as well as Alex Bruce in defence.Derby fan here you have Pearce transfer
listed at 130kNot selling alan judge hes signing a new contract with notts county but peace will be going without a doubt we dont need freeman we need forte ,sam,grella,bogdanovic,bruce,and moloney hopefullySeems like county are keen to take all the leeds cast offs in grella sam and bruceAll this would be good if it happened apart from the judge bitWhat's wrong with leeds's cast offs! Their all good players and will help the mighty magpies to at least the top 6!!We turned doen 500k mid season for krystian pearce, so why so little now?


16 jun 2012 10:00:26
any bristol city transfer news,
any bristol city transfer news.(5)(14)I heard a rumour yesterday that Emile Heskey has been linked with Bristol CityOMG NO!My sentiments exactly lolThat would be awesome having the banter of Heskey down the Gate!!


16 Jun 2012 09:51:13
Ryan nelsen has confirmed to press he has joined QPR on a one-year-deal with view to another season. QPR to confirm it today apparently(13)(6)He has defo signedHe has indeed!Good squad player better than hall gabbidon and ramage


16 Jun 2012 09:49:51
AFC Bournemouth have agreed a transfer deal thought to be in the region of £1 million pounds for an as yet unnamed European based striker. It is understood the Mega rich South Coast club have beaten off competition from a host of Championship clubs for the player's signature.

The club is also considering a £750k offer for Stevenage midfield attack dog Michael Bostwick, although Bostwick has stated he wants to play at a higher level than League One.

Meanwhile, Cherries favourite and Cardiff City target Marc Pugh is mulling over a 8k pw contract offer which will make him the best paid player at the club, the deal is also said to include use of a private jet to visit family in the North West!

Loud mouth Bournemouth Chairman Eddie Mitchell has today guaranteed fans a top 2 finish, as the rags to riches club continues to be bankrolled by their Moscow / London based billionaire co-owner.(6)(13)I got a funny feeling if we do sign this striker whoever he is it will be a let down and i dnt think we can compete with championship sides for players.I agree with this rumour, except the money you've stated. I don't think we'll spend much on this striker- definitely not 1 million (we're not that rich). Also, Pugh wouldn't be offered 8k p/w, that's big money, that would increase our wage budget by about 25%!They've got him a hovver car that runs on dylithium crystals to get back to Bacup though - latest Scandanavian design and should get him door to door in about 8 minutes. As a keen environmentalist he felt that a private jet was simply too non ecological.Latest rumour is this foreign player signed for afcb is naturally a former russian international player DMITRI SYCHEV, moscow and marsaille as previous clubs, 28 years old and 5' 9'' tall.


16 Jun 2012 09:47:25
I am sure i heard Paul Ince in a interview saying that his Son should now seek Premier experiance and that the way southampton play football it would be a great move.(18)(15)Tom has stated he is staying at Blackpool next season, he is not moving.Im sure u did ..was u asleep at the time lolSaints fan here- would love to see Ince but i have heard he has stated he will stay with Blackpool for 1 more year and if there is no promotion, he will move on to the prem, I personally think that Blackpool will fight it out between Wolves, Bolton, Birmingham and Leicester for promotionActually to both the above statements ^^ Tom Ince did say " i will stay at Blackpool, i'm looking forward to my holiday and come back in July - August or whenever we come back and get training" he didn't say hes committed at all and we have all heard this story before "this player wont leave hes in love with our club blah blah bloody blah" just stop thinking you know whats going to happen in football because no1 does :L all we know is what happens when it is said on sky sports or your teams website, twitter and things like that. So don't go thinking you know what Tom Ince is going to do because its his choiceDon't think it'll happen but would love to see young Tom at Saints.Players say there their staying all the time, then week later they move to another club.Every player says that and then they move,same story ever yearWell chamberlin said he's stay at saints so... may happed


16 Jun 2012 09:44:38
Swindon town set to loan Swansea 's Luke Moore on a season long loan.(8)(19)He scored the winner against man city why would he want to go to you LOL !As long as he's not in the Swans squad next season.Believable cos he's steSeriously ? if lukewarm goes to Swindon then it is a given that Di Canio will do some serious time for GBH ,cos this bloke is bone idle and makes a sloath look hyperactive, I dont think for a second that Di Canio would tolerate this bloke.


16 Jun 2012 09:32:15
Alan Hutton to leave Villa Park after being told by Paul Lambert he has no future at Villa(22)(10)Im not surprised,huttons a thug. it was the best redknapp transfer in my opinion. thfc


16 Jun 2012 09:08:57
West Brom In's:

Ben Foster (3m)
Bram Nuytinck (2m)
Danny Guthrie (Free)
Raheem Sterling (Loan)
Fabio Borini (1.5m) - Clarke is familiar with him from his days at Chelsea(15)(13)Borini for 1.5 mil. dont think so buddy he was one of serie a's best players last season. more like 10-15 million and never to west brom in a million years. sincerely Mr RealDoubt Borini will come to West Brom as Roma were told by Parma if they wanted him he would cost 7million and the baggies wouldn't get that money, unless mulumbu and olsson leave.


16 Jun 2012 08:59:51
Liverpool realistic targets - Ramirez, Walcott, Hooper, Wanyama, Smithies, Allen{not sure if this is viable}, Figueroa-free Hopefully able to clear- Aurelio, Kuyt, Aquilani, Jones, Spearing, Eccleston, Maxi, Pacheco, Adam, Cole.

Considering the difference in wages the club wouldn't be too worse off financially if they made all these changes and the squad would be vastly improved and the future would look much brighter with most of the players being under 25.
GK- Reina / Doni / Smithies
CB- Skrtel / Agger / Coates / Carragher / Wilson / Wisdom
RB- Johnson / Kelly / Flanagan
LB- Enrique / Figueroa / Robinson
CDM- Lucas / Wanyama
CM- Henderson / Allen
CAM- Gerrard / Shelvey
RW- Walcott / Downing
LW- Ramirez / Sterling
ST- Suarez / Carroll/ Hooper/ Bellamy

This is a very strong squad and we wouldn't have to outlay near as much as last summer a number of youngster such as Coady/ Suso/ Sterling/ Flanagan/ Shelvey/ Wilson/ Morgan and Robinson could be loaned out to gain experience.(7)(37)Seriously, go back to playing Football Manager. You haven't included one true Liverpool targetCoady, Suso, Sterling, Morgan and Silver should be playing. If we can't offer our most talented youngsters a chance of playing regularly we should sell them. They are out standing and should be playing.Your not signing any swansea players! Btw I'm a reading fan not a Swansea fanWhy would a new manager who wants to play with the ball be so quick to rid himself of the likes of Aquilani and Cole?Ramires and walcott are not realistic targets considering there playing first team football for CL sidesWalcott!? Are you having a laugh!? Why would he go to Liverpool?Figueroa is not on a free, he has another season minumun left at WiganAnd walcott not going anywhereIs that an improved squad though?1.Walcott wont leave
2.Downing is a Lw
3.Shelvey isnt a prem player
4.Figuero is champ stanardCM and ST need improvingWalcott is because RVP is going


16 Jun 2012 08:40:49
Keeper Alex Cisak soon to sit down with Millwall to discuss personal terms after a £400k bid was accepted by Oldham last night. The Oldham keeper has been a target of several Championship clubs this summer, but Millwall look to have secured his services ahead of Peterborough and Watford.(8)(11)It's not ahead of Posh, we've got preferred targets that were pursued instead.Posh were never interested in him anyway.Maybe,we need another keeper!I don't imagine Millwall will be spending 400k on a third choice goalkeeper, having 2 full internationals already.He will not be signing for Watford and is likely to stay at OldhamHe has TO BE BETTER THAN FORDE! IF TRUE!Have heard that Darragh is choosing the keeper and not fergie.DO you seriously think FORDE is an international keeper? He is PAST IT im afraid! HE was VERY GOOD WHEN HE JOINED THE WALL!Millwall to sign Keith Tracey! You heard it hear first :)Forde is in the Ireland squad so yes, he is an international keeper


16 Jun 2012 07:48:17
Reading have put in Bid for swindon's
Mat Rithchie believed to be 1.5 Million.
Swindon turned down 550k fromBournmouth in Jan(3)(22)Why would WE want HIMMust be a quality player if we're competing with Bournemouth for him!I dont see why reading would be intrested in him and i hope we arent still intrested in him at afcb no way he is worth 1.5 millionWe wouldnt bid 1.5 mil for a unproven league 1 player! he's has one average season in league 2!Love to have ritchie!Why would we want ritchie
he is not a premiership player and we already have 3 class wingersAHAHA!!!!! Ritchie is a awful player why would reading want him.As much as I rate Matt Ritchie he is still a long way of prem quality and still has to prove himself in league one.Ridiculous if afcb bid for him again I will cry, he's stHe is rubbish, more like a signing for a club like RochdaleOne average season in league two!? You kidding? He destroyed that league last season and destroyed league one the year before in a s team.Ritchie is top quality staying for another season stfc fan contract runs out next year will sign a contract extension at start of season swindon town fan true not a rumourAverage season?? He won the League two player of the year award!!I'm a Swindon fan and he didn't destroy league one at all. He had a very good season in league two but was very inconsistent towards the end of season so league one will be a big challenge for him.


16 Jun 2012 06:35:40
Antonio Pedroza to go on a season long loan to Notts County from Crystal Palace(9)(5)Rubbish we might be getting montano on loan but this time a full season :)If Pedroza goes out on loan it will be to Mexico as he is homesick, otherwise he will regularly be one of Palace's 7 subs along with our other youngster AppiahNow I'm hoping we (Palace) give Pedroza some games this season. Thought we'd signed a cracking prospect when we got him from from Mexico, with their fans saying how good he was over there. Then for some reason Freedman just didn't give him any time to play. Hopefully with the 7 subs next season that will change but if not, I'd happily send him over to you guys at Notts County- Palace Fan.


16 Jun 2012 06:07:53
Manny smith to Notts County, 2 year deal on £3,000 a week, going to be announced early in the week(8)(3)No chance, and certainly not on that much money!!we need that money to pay for judge and jeff hughes wages and anyway we could be getting alex bruce


16 Jun 2012 05:19:19
Anything from Notts County Ed?(1)(5)


16 Jun 2012 04:39:30
Greg Abbott has singled out notts forrests david mcgoldrick as his number one target and there is a return to brunton park for simon hackney after rejecting a new contract at rochdale(2)(8)


16 Jun 2012 01:04:35
Wigan have apparently agreed deals with Gio Dos Santos and Dimitris Salpingidis. Wigan are also speaking with Moroccon Nordin Amrabat from Kayserispor.(13)(9)RM is a big admirer of dos Santos and has tried to sign him every season he's been in charge at Wigan. He also tried to sign Amrabat before he went to Turkey. I think these are the more likely of the three to be signed by Wigan, as they all sort of play in the same position.



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