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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 17 2012 

16 Jul 2012 23:34:33
Stoke are looking to Replace Jon Walters who is likely to leave to Celtic for £4 million with totenham striker Jermain Defoe(9)(25)


16 Jul 2012 23:33:39
Palace set to sign Ross McCormack after he has turned down a move to Brighton. Leeds have no option but to accept Palace's deal over a player swap deal for Mackail Smith. Palace are thought to have offered £850k up front with a hefty promotion add on.

Boyd fee agreed, subject to Boyd accepting contract. Talks are taking place tomorrow but are thought to be a normality as Boyd is a lifelong palace fan.

Benhaim and Aluko are thought to be having talks with Palace later in the week. Ramage is training with Palace but they have not offered him a deal as Dougie doesn't see him a first team player.

Puncheon will also sign, subject to terms being agreed. Puncheon will move to Palace as part of the £2million compensation package for Clyne.(12)(24)Sorry but did you say Palace and promotion in the same sentence? Lmao :D
Knew it wouldn't be long before palace were linked with McCormack and Boyd because Brighton have been, not very original.
Promotion.....hahaJealousy is not a nice trait.

Mark (Brighton)Made up nonsense. Ben Haim is bleeding Portsmouth dry and wont leave whilst they still have to pay him 35k a week and certainly isn't a palace target. Aluko is going to the premiership, most likely Everton.

McCormack and Jose Baxter to be confirmed within 2 weeks.What do you mean, 'Leeds have no choice?' We're being taken over! You have to sell to buy!


16 Jul 2012 23:22:50
Liverpool could make a shock £25m move to bring Fernando Torres back to Anfield should they manage to recoup upwards of £20m from Andy Carroll. Liverpool are not prepared to take a massive hit on Carroll as they feel he can turn into a fantastic striker but if they can convince Chelsea to send Torres back then Carroll will be leaving. Liverpool are considering the future of a number of players including Charlie Adam,Jay Spearing and Joe Cole. Aquilani is looking likely to stay unless Rodgers can manage to bring Joe Allen in from Swansea but that isn't too likely this summer. Gaston Ramirez is the most likely player to join Liverpool this summer while Theo Walcott and Victor Wanyama are strong outside bets. I'm predicting Carroll will stay and the transfers will be OUT-Kuyt,Aurelio,Maxi,Cole,Adam,Pacheco,Spearing IN-Borini,Ramirez,Wanyama, Rodgers will also likely have Liverpool academy's two stand out prospects Raheem Sterling and Suso in his plans.(6)(50)Did you just wake up and decide to write utter nonsence on here?
Robbie isn't getting rid of Torres, and I doubt anyone at Anfield would want him back.
In-Dempsey walcott borini allen. Done

JkcTorres already been told whos crucial to Chelseas plans :SAllen in, have a word!!Saying that you Liverpool supporters thought you had signed Sigurdsson!! LolIf torres went chelsea woudlnt have a striker and now i think torres will give his full potenetial becuase he is an amazing player and should have had a better chance at chelseaI don't see why Chelsea would want to get rid of Torres. Then again, I don't see why Liverpool would want to get rid of CarrollRodgers cant sign any swansea players until next summer.

Andyp MUFCRodgers CAN'T sign Allen, its in his contractHe can and he will im a swans fan and if liverpool bid more than 16 million he is theirs he loves the club but would not turn down a oppurtunity like that show henderson how crap he is compared to our midfield maestro btw heared that fee may rise to 20 000000 worth every pennyGentlemans agreement that can be broke if allen decides he wants to go!If any Swansea player is not in laudrups plans lfc can bid. Or if the player hands in a transfer request


16 Jul 2012 22:57:02
Derby county to sign

James Caton(Young Trialist)
Krystian Pearce(Barkers Replacement)
Aidy white(Roberts LT Replacement)
Gary Kenneth/Richard Keogh
(Shackells Replacement)

No striker as Steve davies is staying
for the last year of his contract if
promotion is achieved he will stay for
longer and with up to 5 youth
strikers have made Massive
improvements are will feature

Aidy White lol no. Davies is off tooDavies isnt off.2 clubs have made bids for him that were totally unacceptable and the club would prefer to have him here scoring goals and loose the 250k they payed for him by getting it back with promotion.Davies is currently attempting to resolve his issues he dosent need to move he wants to move because its akward between him and another player.


16 Jul 2012 23:08:36
Robert Snodgrass Leeds to Norwich (is it a city?)

I cant believe Norwich fans asking "if he's good enough" Lambert thought he was and according to you lot he was god, well until he got a better offer from a team who struggled in the prem last yr.
In my opinion snodgrass is better than the other 2 you had off us last season.
Carefull what you slag off especially when you continue to buy our players, last thing you want at the end of the season is Delia slurring, " Where are you ? Lets be having You" How many sherberts had she had? I no its a poxy stadium, with a sparce fan base, but surely she could see a few supporters there. Or was she at Tescos :)(6)(12)Get your Snodgrass shirt out....and dry your eyes son!Is this the sparce fan base that sells out week in week out even when in league 1?Not really any need to respond to this with any thought
clearly a desperate old leeds fan who just figured out how to use the internet. and longs for the days of Don. but they won't come back, you will be stuck in the championship, and continue to be a feeder club to teams in the premier league.
have fun during your abysmal season with your new manager, colin.Coming from the fan of the team that closed the top tier of their main stand when in league 1 as well. OTBC

ps. Thanks for all these players, its a nice feeder/parent club thing going on ;)This forum is not for people to be rude. I am sorry about the demise of Leeds but please don't get upset when other teams do a lot better than yours. {Ed013's Note - I think both sets of fans are being rude. Colin is the rudest comment on there}I agree with the last post with far too much animosity on this site between fans about something as small as transfers. Players move on to other clubs it doesn't matter whether a club is bigger historically or not it's down to the players wish and what they want.Yes Norwich is a city, and it was once one of the biggest and most important cities in England. Just like leeds were once one of the biggest clubs in England. But you don't see us bragging about our cities history. let it go.Colin actually refers to the popular nickname for Warnock."Colin" was actually quite funny - for about a day, then when everyone realised where it came from the joke was lost and it's now just plain disresectful, as ED says.

There is no need for any insults on here, either about anyone or directly to them.

If you can't be constructive, why post at all?The question of how big is a football club, a very emotive issue.
Is this by current attendances?
Percentage of current attendances versus population of that Town or City?
If so, Norwich had an average of 26,505 and according to the census has a population of 174,047 therefore 15.29% of the Norwich populus watch their team.
Leeds had an average attendance of 23,283 out of a population of 443,247 which is 5.25%.
I thought I would compare Leeds with a similary placed team in League 1 last year, Derby, who had an average crowd of 26,281 out of a population of 229,407 which is 11.46%.
Is this a fair way to measure a teams current stature, I don't know?
It does make you think.
Are Leeds a big club or have they just got potential?
By the way Sheffield has a similar population to Leeds, and Wednesday averaged 21,336 and United 18,701, so 9.1% of Sheffield's population were watching 3rd tier football.I'm a big Norwich fan. We don't need to have any animosity with any other sets of fans. Let's keep our heads down and let the gaffer get the business done. Let's all just get behind him if it get tough next year!How on earth can you you judge the size of a football club against it's town/city population?

Do you know just how few Man Utd supporters actually come from Manchester?

If you are going to base it on population you need to start taking into account the number of children under a certain age, deduct a ratio for men to women in the city, deduct anyone claiming benefit - it's just crazy....

The size of a club is judged first and foremost on it's average weekly attendance, no matter where it is situated.

You can make numbers and statistics read however you want, but you CAN'T change the attendance at a game!Okay, either way, if you do it based on % or avrg number of attendances, Norwich get more. and as for the Colin being disrespectful, did it only become disrespectful once he became Leeds manager? thought so...Makes no odds whats been said here, crunchers bid was rejected , leeds will always be a bigger club than norwich,and this time next year when howson and johnson are preparing for the championship,and leeds the prem, it'll be why oh why did i leave {Ed013's Note - Norwich are the better team, but Leeds are the bigger club. I hope that settles it!}Ok Ok I was wrong, Snoddys not going to Norwich, and Norwich have a bigger fan base than i thought, well i counted at least 13 reply's to my initial Rumour, Andy LUFC fan through thick & thin not just recent glory hunters :)


16 Jul 2012 22:47:00
Bradford City are chasing Nathan Doyle and are keeping a close eye on an un named premiership striker from a top 3 prem club(2)(13)Berbatov?? LOL If it's from a top 3 Prem Club then it must be a young reserve/youth PlayerWas will keane at man u but hes now injured


16 Jul 2012 22:41:11
Tranmere to announce the loan deal of Liam palmer tomorrow until January 2013(9)(1) 



16 Jul 2012 22:24:13
Akos Buszaky could join Bristol City as early a Thursday after agreeing terms. Would be an excellent signing. It appears that talks with Forest broke down earlier today.(7)(25)


16 Jul 2012 21:40:23
real madrid have moved ahead of chelsea in the hunt for inter right back maicon(10)(3)


16 Jul 2012 21:45:33
Keith Treacy has agreed terms with Barnsley, 400k fee(10)(3)Spoke to him yesterday and a move to Barnsley is (his words) "not the right one at this time"!


16 Jul 2012 21:45:18
Derby and Cardiff are to battle it out to sign centre-back Richard Keogh from Coventry.(18)(10)It'll be interesting to see how this one goes. Cardiff may be able to offer him more money, but he's also settled in the Midlands.Keogh will not be joining the squad on their tour of Scotland. Cardiff is his most likely destination in a cash plus player deal.Keogh's wife's from Bristol, my money would be on Cardiff signing him (Earnshaw coming other way?)Lol went down asda and poped over to ccfc stadium with my son and was speaking to suited an booted fella and when i asked him about bellamy he said not 100% on that but when i mentioned is Keogh coming to Cardiff he replied wow aint that done already and smiled an walked off into stadium?

so i aint saying he is there but staff officials are confidently joking about him coming here. {Ed003's Note - I'm sure the store manager was chuckling for a reason,but why did he go to the stadium? tickets maybe ;) }


16 Jul 2012 21:40:00
Micheal Flynn set to sign for gillingham
was training with them at le touquet training camp!
very reliable!

robbo(8)(4)Needs to be seen in a couple of Matches first.


16 Jul 2012 21:34:51
swansea are set to move for wolves forward kevin doyle(11)(10)Doyle will sign for Sunderland AFC in the next 7 daysHe wont sign for sunderland he would sign for swansea cause they play much better football!


16 Jul 2012 21:30:18
sunderland are heading the chase for blackburn midfielder steven nzonzi(19)(3)Whats he like? by the way I think you will come straight back up next season


16 Jul 2012 21:27:20
Swindon chairman Jeremy Wray has dismissed reports linking STFC with Harry Kewell saying the first he had heard of it was in the press! swindon still in talks with Spurs about John Bosock and are being linked with Sanchez Watt of Arsenal(5)(4)Matt Richie will sign for Bournemouth soon I been told hope not but could possible happen


16 Jul 2012 21:03:07
Middlesbrough transfer targets for the summer

Jamie Ashdown - free transfer released from Pompey and had been on trial for last 2 weeks at boro he will sign a 2 year deal

Andre amougou - slight hitch over wages but is willing to sign for the club and deal should be ironed out before the start of August

Tony Mchmahon - will be signed to a considerably lowr wage contract and would play understudy to Stuart parnaby

Akos Busaky - Forrest have opened talks but boro could pounce if a deal isn't struck for the former qpr man could be singed should boro miss out on must alpha caryoll

Mustapha Caryoll - the two clubs wide apart in transfer value
and boro could pull the plug on the deal

Simon cox - boro have missed out as blackburn look certain favourites to sign him on a permanent deal rather than the loan that boro seek(8)(10)


16 Jul 2012 21:16:12
Tranmere have agreed a six month loan deal for sheff wed midfielder Liam palmer(4)(2)Having watched his progress over the last few years Palmer is a rising star. Very skilled attacking midfielder. A full or half season in a good footballing side will benefit both parties. I hope he does go on loan as Tranmere can play some nice football. Just remember he's ours so don't get too attached:)Done well every time he's come off the bench for us. Looks a classy young player, definitely one for the future. Scottish under 21 international.Believe he is a good player, hopefully he does the business for us ( tranmere ) and goes back to sheff wed a better player


16 Jul 2012 21:08:29
Gabor Gyepes to return to his old club
Northampton on a month by month
rolling contract. Will be announced
officially by the end of this week.(5)(6)More likely off to Pompey were he is on trial.


16 Jul 2012 21:03:25
Fulham have apparently just signed up a 16 year old from PSG, also called Moussa Dembele. Life is going to get very confusing. (The younger a highly rated under 16 French international). That's the end of the chant 'There's only one Dembele'. {Ed003's Note -lol}(8)(5)On the other hand, whats the matter with 'Two Dembeles! There's only two Dembeles'. Furthermore, bear in mind that should Dembele the Elder get the move to Man Utd that many predict, then we can just revert to singing 'One Dembele! There's only one Dembele'. But if that transfer goes through then you can expect Sir Alex to drive to Stevenage Rd SW6 just to be sure he collects the right Moussa.And I thought the point was to be able to sell Moussa (1st one) andstill keep hold of him by saying they bought the younger oneIf only we could have a team of 11 Mousa Dembeles


16 Jul 2012 21:03:09
Shola Ameobi to Reading for 4mill on a 3 year contract.(6)(29)Why would he leave toon for us? very good player and would have him but why?Biggest laugh ive had in years!Yeah this seems like a bit of a fantasy deal in my opinion. Not going to happen.

LoyalRoyal94Fantasy deal? Why? He's terrible!!Going to be hard enough for Reading to survive without signing rubbish like AmeobiSource: Your Imagination! TheRoyalAgree with above would be a shocking signing!Hope this is true..... I'll collect my winnings now on Reading getting relegated.


16 Jul 2012 20:49:04
Former Luton hitman Amari Morgan-Smith is on trial with Doncaster(6)(2)This is true cos he started in Doncaster's friendly against Cleethorpes Town when we won 4-2 and Dean Saunders scored!!


16 Jul 2012 21:08:41
James Caton is a definite 100% signing according to him(7)(4)Good he feels confident.Mason bennett says hes very quick and skilful.The whole team had a race at markeaton park and
robinson cam first tyson second and caton third and bennett 4th


16 Jul 2012 20:53:27
Arsenal flop Marouane Chamakh will leave Arsenal this summer and return to Bordeaux.(13)(4)


16 Jul 2012 20:49:33
Rumours of a Charlton move for Sam Baldock are gaining momentum but it relies on two things:

1. Charlton need to offload both Leon Clarke and Paul Hayes. Deals for both are thought to be in the pipeline.
2. Baldock needs to agree to a rather significant wage cut. This could prove to be the stumbling block of any permanent switch.(5)(7)Why would he take a wage cut? He can see out his contract with West Ham.Why? Maybe because he wants to play football? It's not just about money for everyone!No it needs west ham to want to sell him unless bfs tells him he has no future at the club if you are going on the report in the s/m that he has fallen out of favor with bfs then you may find the s/m wrong he has played in all three pre season friendlies scored in all three games,that doesnt sound like someone who has fallen out with bfs,Give him 6-8k a week basic and if he's that good give him a bigger goal bonus the more he scores the more he earns.I would love to see Sam come.

We need Clarke and Hayes to leave regardless of Sam coming in."Why? Maybe because he wants to play football? It's not just about money for everyone!"

Yeah I agree with that, after all he is a footballer.The reason why he's played the pre-season friendlies this early on is that he's in the shop window. He wouldn't have started against Southend if Big Sam wanted to keep him. Charlton have agreed a fee with West Ham it's now down to the player. If Berbatov is going there then Baldock isn't even gonna make the 23 for the new season.


16 Jul 2012 20:46:26
Chelsea have agreed a £25 million fee for Oscar! {Ed003's Note - What! }(24)(11)


16 Jul 2012 20:40:30
Swansea to sign marc albrighton form villa as villa need to sell to buy wouldn't be a bad signing!(3)(19)He's broke his mettatasal at the moment so doubt he'll be going anywhere, and lambert wont get rid of any young lads straight away untill his had a good look at them. the likes of dunne, collins, warnock, hutton maybe Island may leave to cut wages.He's crock(again)-not going to USA and probably won't start season-can't be sold in this state-swans should stick to pursuit of dos santosGood player,Swansea might be just the club to bring the best out of him,with their passing style.Villa dont need to sell to buy we still have about 20 m to spend and we have a whole back 4 to sell


16 Jul 2012 20:19:36
Bristol City and Nottingham Forest both intrested in signing former QPR midfielder Akos Buszaky.(9)(5)Well pretty sure City may as well forget it then.Not sure about that seeing as Forest don't have a manager and their fans are already revolting against the new owners, reckon City is more likleyIf gianni palladini is involved at Forest then buzz will join them for sure. As for having no manager to decide on signings gianni will do just what he did at QPR. I rekon this could be the reason Mcarthy didn't want to be considered gianni is a nightmare just watch Forests agent payments go through the roof. Also watch out for the italian 4th division players signing on 5 year contracts


16 Jul 2012 20:18:16
Yeovil to sign a striker in the next couple of days. Could be Danny Weber after his release from Leeds Utd. The Glover were intrested in January but missed out on the striker(2)(4)It'll be a young one i can assure you... no more old crockers up front thanks... especially with his injury recordGreg Draper on contract Balanto on loan for wing option plus another loan Joe Edwards and triallist ClarkeYeah it will be a young one, Likely to be somebody who was released by a premiership side or someone from non leagueIt could be a loan striker who is young or a permenant striker who is mid 20Hopefully Zavon Hines Released By Burnley TodayIt should be a permanent but you never knowHinds isn't that goodHinds is quality and zavon hines is very likely to sign i am toldHines is more of a winger so i dnt think it will be him


16 Jul 2012 20:31:22
A fee has been agreed between Crystal Palace and Southampton for Nathaniel Clyne. Clyne has been offered a contract and is expected to sign soon. Most likely to be when the club returns from it's camp in vian.(17)(4)Deal to be all done in next 48hrsThats complete rubbish, it was announced that nothings been agreedExcellent. Now all we need are 2 centre backs cover for lallana and a right midfielder.Brilliant signing..cant wait to see him going down the right..Now get a CB!Not rubbish, the tv have said he will be signing in the next 48 hrs. Check the website!
I feel this is a big statement as to where saints are heading. Seeing as man u. And Newcastle were both wanting his signature!!
Ummm every reputable news source out there is saying it will all be tied up by thurs pm at the latest and that a fee has been agreed!To the post above regarding signings. I thought we may get a right mid but with De Ridder, Guly, Punch, Chambers and Chaplow able to fill in too I don't think they'll go there. If the Buttner deal ever goes through I think he'll be AL's cover with young Luke Shaw as cover for Fox at LB.
I'd feel happier if we got two CB's but I get the impression they'll just sign one as Seabourne seems to be in the reckoning again and a keeper.
Clyne is a top signing for us btw. Surely Richardson or Butterfield to leave now?We have cover for Lallana coming it's Buttner when he finally signs. We just need to try to grab Zaha from palace cause he'd be perfect to work with Clyne again. Then 2 CB's I hope we can get some talents to come our way but it'll be tough to find ones who fit the mould. Luckily we already have 2 who are very good but still we could use better. (Or at least one who is extremely good and another very good one).


16 Jul 2012 19:45:24
Nicky Maynard in talks with Steve Kean over a loan deal(4)(24)Yeah i can really see bfs agreeing to that one after keen n venky,s stabbed him in the back


16 Jul 2012 20:09:51
Richard Keogh expected to complete his move to Cardiff FC for a fee of 950K with Robert Earnshaw going the other way(20)(18)


16 Jul 2012 20:06:04
notts county has not made a offer for lloyd sam come!! on!! curle make some guilty signing(4)(6)He's on trial at Portsmouth. He's gone with them to Spain.


16 Jul 2012 19:59:01
My mate works at anfield and has heard that Liverpool r interested in a move for berbatov if the price is right suarez and berbatov up front i think it would work well(9)(27)There will only be one striker at Liverpool next season mate


16 Jul 2012 19:51:04
Crystal Palace are to add David Norris to their squad this week. Also to sign is Sammy Clingan.(9)(13)


16 Jul 2012 19:50:21
Dagnall who is at Barnsley fc is being touted by Bradford City who made an offer last week(4)(11)Chatting rubbish and why would we get him againWhy??
because hes a quality proven goal scorer and better than we have got! next questionThe deal for Hanson from Barnsley has been on the table since Feb/March when PP got Dagnal. Agreement was that they could have him for set amount plus Dagnal now on loan, and then permanently, in the summer. Expect it to go through once PP secures his big striker capture (not A Gray by the way) which should open a few eyes.It's not Andy Carroll is it!?


16 Jul 2012 19:49:51
Readings lawson D'ath set to be released with all he new signings coming in no chance in the future so will let him go(2)(10)Why would we release him when we can put him out on loan...Because reading don't believe he will make the gradeRubbish. He'll go out on loanHe is one for the future and you think we are going to just release him from a contract he his currently under?No way reading will release him he will be a very gud player in 2 or 3 years same goes 4 obitaD'ath, Obita, Samuels and Hector are all players for the future at reading and anyone with a brain see's that, don't talk rubbish with no clue to what goes on at reading. TheRoyalWe rate Lawson D'Ath as highly as we rated The Sig, I hardly think he would be going anywhere.

LoyalRoyal94D'ath is thought of VERY highly throughout club. He will most likely go out on loan but no more than that.This is the most stupidest thing ive ever had hes meant to be one of the best young talents we have at the club, this will never happen


16 Jul 2012 19:38:33
SSN are reporting that The Royals are back in for Gunter with an improved bid. Together with Marippa this is likely to complete the signings for this window.(13)(6)


16 Jul 2012 19:28:37
Gary johnson has said that he is going to sign another striker and it wont be izale mcleod(6)(4)


16 Jul 2012 19:22:31
Burnley to sign Brett Pitman for 750,000

To be announced later this week

BC wanted 1M while Burnley offered 450,000

they have settle on a deal of 750,000(17)(14)


16 Jul 2012 19:12:18
Fulham are faveorites to sign Dimtar Berbitov from Man United after he said it was time to leave. The fee is likely to be 7m possibly rising to 8.5m(7)(12)I've read on the man utd website that sir alex told him that he will go for a 5m bid!His agent says he is going to italy.


16 Jul 2012 18:57:49
Joseph Mills to join Burnley at some point this week. Jason Roberts tweeted this earlier which does confirm a Reading player is on the way out.

"One of the worst things about Football is Teammates leaving so frequently...we can always remember what we achieved together ‪#Champions"(9)(4)Or it could mean a reading player had just left Or he was just saying it because he doen't like it #thinkYes but the #Champions bit clearly refers to the current Reading squad as they are champions so it means someone is leaving and the rumour is Mills to Burnley.Or Antonio leaving?This is true hes already had his medical at turf moor and deal should be completed soonCurrently undergoing a medical at Burnley.


16 Jul 2012 18:53:48
Leyton Orient have signed young keeper Ryan Allsop on a short term deal.(4)(0)Everyone knows


16 Jul 2012 18:50:30
Derby County to sign

James Caton
Krystian Pearce
Conor Sammon (loan)
Richard Keogh(9)(15)


16 Jul 2012 18:46:52
Stoke striker Jon Walters is looking for a move away from Stoke . The Ireland International believes he is worthy of improved terms at stoke however stoke will not budge . Celtic and Sunderland are interested along with rumoured interest from Wigan, Norwich and Aston Villa(6)(14)Absolutely no way he will be joining NCFC. Apart from him being a former Binner he's crap!Walters is no way good enough for Celtic or Villa.Of course he's good enough for Celtic, he was good enough for Ipswich in the championship, so he's definitely good enough for Scottish football!I wouldn't like him at Norwich. I think we can look elsewhere.Waters wouldn't go to Norwich as he doesn't want to return to the championship.(when they are relegated next season) Celtic are not as good as most championship sides so that rules them out too.Agree that Walters may not be a Worl beater..... but plenty good enough for a lower Prem team like Villa or a team in the Celtic Premier League13 goals in 74 appearances for Stoke. I hope we don't sign him. Not a good enough scoring rate for an attacking midfielder let alone a striker.


16 Jul 2012 18:46:39
Palace teenager Wilfried Zaha set for a move to Everton.(16)(26)


16 Jul 2012 18:44:36
Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni in talks with Charlton.(3)(12)Speroni is a brilliant keeper and should be at a top championship clubSo you are agreeing that this move is likely then?Never going to happen, Charlton don't have half a million to spend on a GK when we have the best GK in league 1 last year. He would put that to a 20+ striker.

Powell has already said on the Charlton website that he wants Sullivan to go out on loan or perminate.(said after the Welling game). So he can get games.

I see that Jacbo being a close no2 to Hamer if we get him in. Pope no3.


16 Jul 2012 18:40:00
bolton have taken kalifa cisse on trial formerly of bristol city and reading. dont know much about him but big strong holding midfielder.(7)(3)Good signing, can also drop in as centre back. Think he played some of his best games at Reading as a centre back actuallyHe was brilliant at reading and we should have never let him go. great player.Pretty decent player - solid championship standard. Get him on a free and that'd be a good deal :)What makes you think he's big and strong?Was good in his time at Reading not too sure what he is like these days. Could do a job though.Saw him last time we played Bristol, does a job as a strong defensive midfielder, surpises me Bolton are showing interest though. Definately worth it on a free. Not known for his goals but scored a thunder bolt for us once.Proper rated him while he was at Reading and was disappointed when we let him go. definitely better when playing as a centre back though


16 Jul 2012 18:38:41
Aston villa are about to sell off some of there prize assets due to a lack of transfer funds, with manger Paul lambert having to sell before he buys any more players

Outs: given, dunne, warnock, albrighton, delph(10)(11)Prized asset cnt wait to see the back of themAlbrighton should be kept, he's a star of the future, lambert would be an person to get rid of him. a very good player very technical. and warnock is another player worth keeping. given is a quality keeper, he should be getting rid of his flops not him these players...We arent getting rid of prize assets! warnock dunne collins hutton delph are all surpless to requirementsOh no we can't afford anyone, not that our owner is worth 10 billion or anything like that.
Villa have not announced they have to sell to buy or announced a transfer budget.
Dunne & Hutton will go but I am not seeing any more sales really.


16 Jul 2012 18:36:36
Leyton Orient have signed 20 year old former West Bromwich Albion and Millwall goalkeeper Ryan Allsopp on a short term six month contract.

Orient are also expected to complete the signing of Lloyd James after the midfielder rejected a new contract at Colchester.(4)(0)Ryan allsop joined an icelandic side so thats very doubtfulVery doubtful? thats why hes signed now


16 Jul 2012 18:34:27
Carlisle have taken Mark kerr and Jim McAlister on trial, has anyone any thoughts on their ability now for league 1 level,(3)(2)


16 Jul 2012 18:32:50
Q.P.R. Have Made A £9Million Offer For Real Sociedad's French Winger Antoine Griezmann.

You Heard It Here First People! ;)(6)(12)He looks a really good prospect, not seen any suggestion of any bids thoughI thought QPR only buy players who are over 30? :)

LLS83He's worth more than that, supposed to be a next frank ribery


16 Jul 2012 18:29:50
Bolton have taken Bristol City's Mali international midfielder Kalifa Cisse on trial. Source: Bristol City official website.(12)(2)This is the only statement on this site that is 100% true. Excellent player and would love to keep hold of him at City.


16 Jul 2012 18:22:38
along with stoke.
Michael Owen to Stoke/West Ham on
pay-as-you-play deal
interested too)
joey barton to blackburn on season
long loan with scott dann out to
wolves for 2.5m.(1)(26)Tal ben haim is poor and bolton wont pay 35k a week wages that he demands, he'll end up going abroad to like chinaWhy would Scott dann go to wolves?Savic to West Brom... yeah we have better CB's in the reserves team! No Chance.Cisse and ba 2 west ham! u kidding me in your dream more like you'll get maiga
toonfanRead the post properly you muppet before slating another team - It doesn't say Ba & Cisse to West Ham, it says that West Ham are also interested in Saha. You're far too quick to stick your tuppence worth in.No he means saha to newcastle as a backup for ba or cisse with west ham interested in saha aswell lol^If you read it properly it says West Ham are interested in Saha, not Ba and Cisse.Read it again toonfan - Saha nor Ba or Cisse

West Ham fans know they're gonna get shafted yet again !If Savic comes to the hawthorns, i'll never go up againHe means west ham are interested in saha, not ba and cisseDon't need Haim. He s... on us when he left for nothing to go to Chelsea. Ever since then his career has gone down hill. Over rated and over paid.


16 Jul 2012 18:22:30
Hull City's J Simpson to sign for Millwall after spending a loan spell there last season(10)(8)Only way we will sign him is if he's freeNot after his performance tonight !The loan last season wasn't very successfulI'd prefer him to Batt, N'Guessan and Marquis as an option off the bench. He did fairly well in my opinion, scored a few goals in a bad spell for us.


16 Jul 2012 17:50:24
Kenny Miller has now officially left Cardiff City for MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps. This means Cardiff will sign Richard Keogh and step up their chase for Liverpool attacker Craig Bellamy.(17)(7)


16 Jul 2012 17:45:40
Kenny Miller has left Cardiff City for Vancouver Whitecaps. Fee unknown. Source Official Website - Cardiff City(17)(3)


16 Jul 2012 17:38:30
Sly Spurts understands Reading are closing in on the signing of Nottingham Forest defender Chris Gunter.(20)(8)


16 Jul 2012 17:35:12
Kenny Miller has left Cardiff and signed for MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps

Source: Official Club Website(16)(4)


16 Jul 2012 17:30:25
The Saddlers are close to signing defender James Chambers (1 year deal) and striker Thomas Sowunmi who is currently on trial at the midlands side (6 month deal)

Walsall have offered a trial to former Neath player Udo Nwoko.

SHEFFIELD United could be forced to wait up to a month before signing Darryl Westlake, due to Walsall are trying to hold out for around £75,000 in compensation. Where as United are reluctant to pay that much, so it could go to a tribunal.(3)(4)


16 Jul 2012 17:27:09
Victor Moses has just sacked his agent Tony Finnigan in response to talking to Martinez and the squad and will be signining a new deal with Wigan.(8)(12)Smartest move he could have made. Well done Victor.


16 Jul 2012 17:20:58
liverpool to sign -
Lewis Holtby from Shalke for 8.5m
Granero from Real Madrid for 8m
and another striker, dont know who... possibly Sturridge?

also a romour going around about Theo Walcot for 15m, not sure what to think about that

selling Carroll back to Newcastle 12-15m
Bellamy to either QPR or Cardiff
heard Henderson going back to Sunderland on a seasons loan, Sunderland also interested in Downing, O'niell is a big fan(6)(23)No thanks you can keep henderson he is garbageHalf of this is unbelievable.. they wont settle for less than 15m for carroll, holtby and granero would be good signings, but cant see downing going or henderson seeing as they are both expensive flops worth 20m each.. bellamy is deffo on way out though. walcott wouldnt fit in at liverpool. sturridge would be a good signing for any top sideHoltby is an evertonian, and has already said if he does move it will be to everton or to arsenalHoltby never said that! he said he will play in england soon!


16 Jul 2012 17:30:02
The agent of N'zonzi is currently discussing business with Stoke city, despite sunderland being favourites. I have on good authority that N'Zonzi does not want to move to the north east, and Stoke could well be in with a good chance of signing N'Zonzi within the next couple of weeks.

Moreover Stoke have also had external chats with a club down south regarding Ryan Shawcross, Stoke do not wish to sell but if a player exchange plus cash is in the offering Ryan could be heading down south.(15)(12)Ryan hasn't improved his level the last few years and isn't a top 4 club defender .so I can't see that happeningSpurs defoeStoke would have to be offered a stupid amount of money to part with Shawcoss.Stoke to sign olsson -7m nzonzi -4m jarvis -8m and defoe -6mQuality player tbf, him, defoe, olson, and another and i would be very happyMaybe heading down south to hold talks with southampton, we need another CB.Southampton? No chance!Shawcross to saints are u 4 real.u cant afford him for a start and if a player swap was involved who have u got that is any good that we would want.deluded premiership new boys.Why go to Stoke since Blackburn and Bolton have gone down apart from Wigan they are the smallest clubWhy have saints got no chance are club is a lot bigger than StokeShawcross to Soton? Have a day off.:-)He turned down man utd thats why they have no chanceStoke the smallest club..... that'll upset Wigan, Reading, West Brom, Norwich, QPR, Fulham, Swansea. Besides we play rugby; seeing as no one else has mentioned it!


16 Jul 2012 17:19:54
kenny miller has joined vancouver whitecaps(17)(2)


16 Jul 2012 17:14:02
Wrexham have signed Martin Riley from Mansfield and are set to sign striker Jordan Connerton.(8)(1)Who are Wrexham, which pub league are they now in.


16 Jul 2012 17:00:33
South Korea midfielder Kim Bo-Kyung is poised to join Cardiff City from Japanese side Cerezo Osaka, source bbc(19)(5)


16 Jul 2012 16:56:40
Greek winger Vasilios Koutsianikoulis and Apostolos Vellios (season long loan from Everton) could be trialling for Hull City in the friendlies this week(8)(4)And Vasilios crosses for Vellios to Volleyos... i actually really want this to happen just to see commentators get it all mixed up...


16 Jul 2012 16:28:44
League 1 side Walsall will follow up the signings of Florent Cuvelier and Dean Holden by signing released West Bromwich Albion midfielder Sam Mantom. Ex Barnsley striker Andy Gray has been in talks with both the saddlers and Bradford City but is currently on trial at Leeds United. Walsall have also been linked with james chambers(11)(6)Sam Mantom has not been released! check you factsMantom not been released !


16 Jul 2012 16:31:58
Wolves have shown interest on bringing In blackburns Scott Dann for an approximate fee of 5 million pounds. Dann seamed keen on the idea of reuniting a partnership with roger johnson(8)(22)Dont think so, Johnson returning to Cardiff......stokebluebirdWhy move to another Championship club? If he goes anywhere it will surely be to a bigger (Premier League) club.Roger is staying and danns not coming we are signing a centerhalf,left and right back this week from abroadOne Cardiff are a no go club moving nowhere so Johnson will stay and Scott Dann wants to go to wolves as blackburn are wanting to sell there big names as they are wanting to start a clean slate so I can see this going through from a spurs fanRealy hope this is true we have youth players a lot better than Scott dann, think every rovers fan will be gla to see the biggest flop since grabbi leave.


16 Jul 2012 16:26:42
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates is thought to be interested in signing Michael McIndoe.(7)(6)


16 Jul 2012 16:17:19
Colchester have signed ex-Sheffield Wednesday striker Clinton Morrison, 33, on a two-year deal after he was released from the Championship side last season. He will now fly out to join his new team-mates on their pre-season tour of Holland.(11)(5)


16 Jul 2012 16:16:42
Rochdale will sign David Ball and Ian Craney by the end of the week(2)(8)Craney quite possibly, but David Ball, no chance!Believe craney might sign due to having a good game wendesday but ball wont sign he going to sign for fleet woodDavid ball,whitefield lad,signing for bury. on loan.Joe thompson believed to be after a move to tranmere


16 Jul 2012 16:15:19
Danny Gabbidon will be a Notingham Forest player by the end of the week(15)(14)Thank f, lets get shot of the rest of the deadwood, Bothroyd, Campbell, Smith et alSo who's buying him when they haven't got a manager and don't know who he'll want when he eventually does come in?


16 Jul 2012 16:14:02
Norwich have launched a new bid for Leeds captain Robert Snodgrass around £2.5-£3m and if all goes to plan will sign by the end of the week. Ryo Miyaichi is also set to join the Canaries on a season long loan. A bid for Curtis Davies is on the table and all 3 signings are set to link up with the squad when they return from Austria to train at Colney and prepare for the friendlies.(22)(9)2-3m joking right ? snoddys worth atleast 8m !All won't go well, you've put a bid in, which is derisory,and will be rejectedHe's valued at 8 mil so i don't think warnock will sell that low8 mil for a player with 1 year to run on his contract and refusing to sign another? Are you mad or just plain stupid? 4 mil sounds about right.What a player is worth and what they will sell for are two completely different things.
Football at the end of the day is a business. Think of it this way, you have a computer thats worth 800quid, that at the moment, your boyfriend wants (I'm assuming all leeds fans 'go' a certain way.) and he offered you 300 quid for it.
in a years time, your computer will have no value to others. so it makes more sense to sell it now than have something you can't do anything with."8 mil for a player with 1 year to run on his contract and refusing to sign another"

Snoddy is waiting to see what happens regarding a takeover, otherwise he'd already be history, and he is certainly worth closer to 8 million than 3 million to Leeds. Maybe not to you, but then you aren't looking at 80 - 90 million bonus's on reaching the premiership are you?I think 8 mil is too high for a player in the last year of contract. But 2.5-3 is far too insufficient. I would say 5-6 million would be fairer for a player of his age and calibre. Perhaps with Andrew Crofts included if Leeds really have shown an interest in him.

P.S. - Leeds fans! please stop complaining about us stealing your players. We've taken TWO, that's it. From Brighton we've taken TWO, not so much as a whisper. From Peterborough THREE, NOT A BLOODY CHEEP."But it’s understood neither the Canaries, currently in Austria for pre-season training, or Aston Villa – whose manager Paul Lambert has maintained a long-term interest in the player – have made an official offer" Source YEP

So get your facts right.........You do all realise how transfers work don't you? Selling club starts high, buying club starts low, negotiate, agree on a figure in between.How can he be worth 8m? He's got 1 year left on his current contract and IF he told warnock he don't want to sign another one (i know about the takeover blah blah) then realistically it would take alot less than 8m to prize him away.


16 Jul 2012 16:07:55
wolves tracking the progress of fc Copenhagen's Christian Grindheim

u heard it here first(8)(8)


16 Jul 2012 16:05:38
norwich have made fresh bid for leeds winger robert snodgrass two bids in the last week ///online links(20)(4)No they haven't:

"But it’s understood neither the Canaries, currently in Austria for pre-season training, or Aston Villa – whose manager Paul Lambert has maintained a long-term interest in the player – have made an official offer"Up the city.Bid rejected think norwich need to get the picture that we wont be selling snoddy to you for the sort of money that has been metioned mot?


16 Jul 2012 16:05:07
Norwich have bid for Snodgrass!(21)(5)Do one nawich. Stop taking Leeds players especially captains.Hope he {Ed003's Note - That is just damn right pathetic!!! }Ed003 - was prior post one with harmful wishes on Snodgrass? {Ed003's Note - it doesnt matter,we really need to cut out the nonsense,the eds are deleting more than are being posted at times,it's frustrating for us and is taking us longer to update because of it.}


16 Jul 2012 16:01:57
It appears that Brett Pitman will leave Bristol City for Burnley. City have submitted bids for both Simeon Jackson and Sam Baldock.(17)(16)Baldock will not be leaving. dunno where u got this from. loada rubbish.No-one said he would be leaving...just that a bid had been submitted.

A bid doesnt have to be accepted!Baldock has been told he can find a new Club and McInnes is a fan


16 Jul 2012 16:01:27
Rumours going round that Charlton have agreed a fee with Palace for keeper Julian Speroni for 500k.(5)(19)This doesn't deserve a response so people don't here after..... Never would happen or wantErmmm....we've got hamer as number 1, Sullivan is number 2 but might be loaned out, and we've taken jacobo on trail this preseason and weve got pope as number 3Wind Up? Can't see that happening!Sam Baldock is rumoured to be on his way to Charlton.
if he agrees to the deal.Well if he agrees the deal the that's obvious, he won't sign if he does agree a deal
Think before you write stuff people


16 Jul 2012 15:48:59
Brentford due to complete the signing's of Jake Bidwell and Dj Campbell on loan for the season. Brentford also due to confirm a double signing on thursday afternoon of two mouthwatering signing's(3)(15)There's no way DJ Campbell will go on loan to Brentford. He'll go on loan to a Championship club.Jake Bidwell possibly on loan, DJ Campbell not a chance and our two mouthwatering signings on thurday will probably be a new pie supplier and onions for our catering team.Let's hope so. The burgers are nothing without onions.Dj campbell isnt goin . the striker thats goin to the bees is zavon hines who is a free agent . if its not hines its definatley orlando sa on a free!!!!!!


16 Jul 2012 15:48:10
Breaking News: Sky sports news-Norwich have made a bid for Leeds captain Robert Snodgrass.

Personally I feel we have enough wingers, but will he be good enough?(18)(7)No, you are right in that you have too many wingers already and one more from the championship that is unproven should definately be left well and truly alone, avoid him like the plague and leave to rit at Leeds! MOTBetter than anything you have,will he fancy going back to championship next year.I think that bennett and pilkington are better...Good enough for norwich? , ur havin a laugh ,to good for u thats why he's staying at leedsHope this is not true no better than what we already have would rather we spent on defence otbcSnoddy will be in the shadow of Bennett and Pilks so whats the point of spending 3mill on a bench warmerToo many "wingers" is the wrong term, we actually have only 2 out and out wingers, the others such as surman etc are just wide midfielders, they're not as attacking and wide as wingers.I cant believe Norwich fans asking "if he's good enough" Lambert thought he was and according to you lot he was god, well until he got a better offer from a team who struggled in the prem last yr.
In my opinion snodgrass is better than the other 2 you had off us last season.
Carefull what you slag off especially when you continue to buy our players, last thing you want at the end of the season is Delia slurring, " Where are you ? Lets be having You" How many sherberts had she had? I no its a poxy stadium, with a sparce fan base, but surely she could see a few supporters there. Or was she at Tescos :)Norwich do need another winger, Benno and Pilks need someone to challenge them for their places to keep them on their toes. Is Snodgrass better than them.. No, I dont think he is but.... Pilks and Benno both showed their worth once they had the chance, Snoddy can do the same.All just hot air...

"But it’s understood neither the Canaries, currently in Austria for pre-season training, or Aston Villa – whose manager Paul Lambert has maintained a long-term interest in the player – have made an official offer" source YEPSnoddy can do better than norwich we will be waving bye to you when where promoted this season and you get relegated back to where you belongAdding strength and depth to any squad is good.


16 Jul 2012 15:47:49
Crystal Palace are on the verge of announcing the signing of 3 new players, all three of whom have been at the training ground today. These should be announced in the next couple of days. The three players in question are Jose Baxter (3 year deal), Peter Ramage (1 year deal with a view to extend) and Zak Whitbread formerly of Norwich on a 3 year deal.

Palace also currently have free agent Sammy Clingan training with them, but it remains to be seen as to whether or not he accepts the deal on the table.(15)(4)Wow potentially 4 very good signings there, add a left winger and a poacher with the money from the Scannell, Ambrose + Clyne transfers and we could be deadlyOh great, more defenders! Already bought two in and now another two. We didn't score much last season, we need to get a goal scoring forward in, not all these defenders!Whitbread will go to a prem or MLS team.^we lost two outstanding players last year in Clyne and Gardner so we have to replace them. We relied too much on loanees last year for defensive cover, get in a couple more bodies at the back then we can look towards the attacking third where I can see us making some really exciting signings, especially since Parish said the Clyne money would be available for Dougie to spend. Personally I want Aluko + McCormack (unrealistic i know)


16 Jul 2012 15:45:15
Championship Club have bided 600K + add ons for Gillingham's Jack Payne(2)(8)Jack Payne to be signed by Hearts for 500k plus add ons.He's worth more than 500k only at age 20 and is a top midfielder...can do better than spl.


16 Jul 2012 15:42:10
I heard this morning that we (Everton) are close to signing Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace. Baxter going to them as part of the deal apparently.(8)(21)To late seen in southampton
in hotel over the weekendWould be a quality move for everton if it's true, zags would thrive in the prem whilst crystal palace would give Baxter good experience to attempt to break into the first team at goodisonNow this is funny-CP are looking at signing a player called Everton and then this rumour starts up!Baxter is a free agent that's impossibleGet all the facts right before making up rubbish, baxter isnt at Everton anymore, and a high bid of around 10-15m will be needed to sell zaha according to palace chairman in an interview last nightHe was bred in our gr8 academy! We have right to take youse to tribunal.a.ka. Crystal palace will have to pay fee!


16 Jul 2012 15:26:07
Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert has already put his own mark on playing staff at Villa Park. More activity will continue late this week with targets being signed by Paul Faulkner while the squad are away in the states. Players coming in will be;

Ron Vlar - Feyernord
Yoann Gourcuff - Lyon
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield
Robert Snodgrass - Leeds

Outgoing will be;
Fabian Delph
Stephen Ireland
Nathan Delfouneso(12)(23)Snodgrass looks to be veering towards a move to Norwich based on their bid, Rhodes won't be leaving Huddersfield unless an offer is made of 8mil+ and even then it would most likely only be to one the 3 clubs supposedly in the running. Doubt either would set foot near Birmingham, no offence.Hudds Twn:
Devrite (def), Delph, McCormack (all differences with Grayson sorted) & Austin (only if Rhodes goes - v.unlikely now)
Robinson, Govern (loan), Kay, McCombe (Clarke Scrattin' round for bargains)At this rate every premier league club is going to have a time share in Rhodes, he'll just travel form one club to the next playing 1 home and 1 away game for each teamNobody is signing Jordan Rhodes until January at the earliest.Gourcuff would be a brilliant signing.
ron vlaar would be a good signing.
but snodgrass and rhodes seem to be fishing for clubs..
stephen ireland should be kept a good player. {Ed003's Note - Rhodes isn't fishing for anything}It isn't Rhodes who's fishing for clubs, it's all made up!


16 Jul 2012 15:23:58
Coventry City looking to re-sign John Eustace from Watford for a fee of 100k.(9)(15)Our captain leaving to go to league 1?! i highly doubt tht, let alone go to coventryWould love to have him back but cant see it happeningI hope this is a joke! He may not fit in with the 'Italian' style of football that the owners will want, and he may be coming towards the end of his career, but he is club captain and a hero to fans. And Coventry are sht.Ha you what?He's too good for league one and also our captain, he won't be soldHighly unlikelyNot true. Where is the source? Eustace is a key part to the watford team even with all the italian investment now. plus no way would we sell him for 100k despite his age.Our captain is worth far more than that.And where are Coventry going to get 100,000 from? Thats a third of what they owe in ground rental alone, without taking into account their other massive debt!This will not happenEustace won't come here! Anyway, Good luck next year Watford.And the rest my Ricoh division 1 friend, dream on...1 - Useless Eustace was crap the first time round so we don't want him back that's for sure
2 - We don't owe any ground rent yet (but maybe next month)
3 - We have no third party debt all of our massive debt is to our owner so get your facts right
4 - We have a budget for next season and if we wanted to waste 100k on Eustace we could, but it would be a real waste as we need strikers17 Jul 2012 12:11:45
Eustace was crap 1st time around? Are you joking? he's one of the best players we've ever had. Do you not remember the standing ovation he got from City fans when Watford beat us 4-0 a couple of years back. If it wasn't for injuries he'd have had a great top flight career.If Coventry are that bad, and Eustace is awesome, how many goals did Watford put past us last year hmmmm I believe it was a big fat ZERO 0-0 both games, so Watford must be as bad as Coventry. Sorry but you can keep Useless Eustace.One of the best players we've ever had?? Well as a season ticket holder I remember ducking a lot as Eustace would steam late into the box and blaze it into the crowd. I blame Eustace for our Prem league demise. If he could hit the net from 6 yards we'd have got a few more points that's for sure. Good old Useless. Please stay where you are.


16 Jul 2012 15:20:58
Coventry City's Richard Keogh is expect to sign for Cardiff tomorrow for a fee of 800k with Robert Earnshaw going the other way as part of the deal.(17)(19)Good deal if it happens not sure if Earnshaw wants to play in Leauge 1Not a bad deal if it happens, Rob Earnshaw should be good in league 1.


16 Jul 2012 15:17:10
Coventry City to sign Hearts striker Craig Beattie on a free transfer. Deal expect to be completed tomorrow morning.(13)(10)On Wikipedia Craig is already a Coventry player could do a good job for us as long as we get the ball to him and with two new central defenders who can pass to a man in a Cov shirt with midfielders who know the goal is opposite to our goalie we shoul do okAnother player that would be effective in league 1.


16 Jul 2012 15:04:17
Cardiff City have made an enquiry for talented Lokeren FC forward Alfre Finnbogason, Alfre is reportedly interested and would welcome a move to South Wales as he could link up with best friend Aron Gunnarsson. This enquiry comes after City have reported missed out on Bjorn Sigurdarson to Wolves.

Meanwhile Cardiff City will announce the signing of Kim Bo Kyung from Cerezo Osaka (After 5pm the Evening) with a fee believed to be worth around 2.4m (Beating German Giants Dortmund and Celtic to Kim Signature)

Also Marlon King has turned down a move to South Wales as he and his family are happy at Birmingham. But Cardiff are in Contact with Birmingham about Chris Burke. City have reportedly have already put a 1.8m bid in for the winger !(7)(12)Could do with a decent winger like chris burke coming back to cityI dont want Burke back. Especially not for 1.8million more than we let him go for. It would be insane.

redbirdCan't let chrissy go! stay burkey so you can tear everyone apart again!! kroI'm glad m.king doesnt want to join us, that guy is a total Waste-man & Fool a bad influence to have around young up and coming players, and before anyone asks, yes i do/did no him...not any-more though!Would welcome burkey back all day long, he's a terrific player to have at the club.More chance of Burke going to Norwich to enjoy a higher standard of football!


16 Jul 2012 15:50:50
Norwich look set to sign snodgrass from Leeds for 5m plus Andrew crofts. And have also tried to tempt Andy Webster for another crack at the premier.(11)(16)I hope we haven't offered that much....
Crofts is worth 1m and no Championship player is worth 6m when they're refusing to sign a new contract with 1 year left on their old one.Doubt this very much. I'm sure we've bid for the lad, but not that much.
he has one season on his contract. It's not logical to bid 5m + a decent midfielder for him. probably a 4-5m flat out bidAndy Webster who used to play for Wigan? Your daft if true, he was abysmal with us.Not enough for snodgrass, and if he wants prem football then no good going to norwich, we all know where they will be next seasonOh really, like leeds fans all 'know' that they will be in the premier league, at the beginning of every season?
Leeds are the championships liverpool "This year is our year." Grow up and understand that leeds aren't in the premier league, and Norwich are.Snodgrass hasnt 'refused' to sign a new contract, he just hasnt signed it yetNorwich are adding wisely to what they have got and we finished 12th last season, it will be another hard season but we have what it takes to stay up.


16 Jul 2012 15:49:49
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee reportedly set to look at a few German players over the next few days that have been recommended by his contacts from his time playing for Hamburg. Two of those players are reportedly former German U20 forward Marcel Ziemer and striker Sebastien Glasner.(5)(8)Reportedly? Reported by who exactly.How do you know that it is these two players mate?How do you no this is true?Phil kite and the postMark mcghee himself in his last interview after the marine gameNeither McGhee or the Evening Post commented on the identity of the players. How do you know which players it is?I work in hamburg in local paperI can confirm it is true, my brother who works with marc ziemers cousin has contacted me.


16 Jul 2012 15:40:15
St Mirren have knocked back a bid from both Middlesborough & Sheff Wed for Paul McGowan(4)(7)


16 Jul 2012 15:34:15
Cole Skuse is being targeted by Cardiff, who are prepared to bid 750k to land their man
Bristol City also look likely to accept Brett Pitman , move to Burnley for 600k, who are also monitoring the Skuse situation
Marvin Elliott also keen on a move, as it seems clear that the Bristol City Board lack ambition(5)(15)What utter drivel, you forgot to add last one out turn off the lights. If you actually had a clue you'd know Pitman will cost at least 1m with Skuse at least the same if not a little more. Could these players leave? Of course they could but not for the money you are quoting and then only if DMc has replacements lined up.Loving this rumour as its so incredibly ludicrous... but what do you expect from a fan of a franchise club?! skusey is a bristolian through and through, would never join the redbirds as he loves bristol city and elliot has said that Ashton Gate is his second home. Since when have the board ever lacked ambition? the transformation of the club with top class training facilities, new restructured youth academy and plans for a new state of the art stadium (just a shame the council and local residents keep dragging their heels on progress) so again how is the board lacking ambition? you know nothing so concentrate on your own club and stop wasting space with... well not even rumours but absolute nonsense! Thankyou

Stroud Valley RobinTotally agree- The links with Pitman and Burnley are due to the fact that Eddie Howe was his manager at Bournemouth and there is nothing other than that linking any moveI smell gas


16 Jul 2012 15:32:43
Derby county are looking at signing Richard keogh from country but face a lot of competition from other championship clubs .(10)(7)


16 Jul 2012 15:32:31
any news coming out of west brom obout signing any defenders which are needed please mr ed(2)(3)Scott dann from blackburn,in a swop for simon cox has been doing the rounds,this is a rumour site.As an Albion fan that deal would suit me as he was the best defender at blues when they went down !Thanks for the rumour


16 Jul 2012 15:29:03
Sky Sports sources claim that Norwich have made a bid for Leeds captain Robert Snodgrass.(17)(2)


16 Jul 2012 15:27:36
Preston North End in talks with Lee Hughes (Notts County)(8)(16)Hope not he is not the type of character we want playing for our proud clubYou mean the ex Blackpool player now at Notts County who signed a new 18 month contract in 2011 untill the end of the 2013 season.....!

He's not on a free so doubt he would sign for PNE untill next season at the earliest.Lets see eyNot a chance!More of a Stella signing!Not sure about this one, but not the worst striker out there - and better than why we have now (bar Humey)Not trueNo way !!!He's 36 and under contract until 2013.No value there.I hope not :/If hughesy was to go it wouldn't be a bad thing and could free up some wage and would demand a fee. On the other hand we would be losing a very good player for the club.Pleeeeaaaassssseeee NO!He wants to Finnish his football days at notts country so he going no where super subNo way do we want hughes we need a younger striker who can score 20 a season , not the useless bunch we have now , holyroyd useless cummins terrible yet we leave the best striker hume to train aprt from the squad pure madnessHume set to leave in next few weeks.....fell out with Westley (isnt that strange)

How many PNE players have fallen out with just 1 it the players or is it the manager??

When they sack will all come out.


16 Jul 2012 15:06:35
Harry Kewell is insteresting NP at Leicester city.
Winger is in England looking for a club and the wallabie legend is fancied by the foxes manager.
Be a good supply line for Futacs who has just signed from Pompey(2)(4)The wallabie legend?? can't recall him ever playing rugby union for australia.


16 Jul 2012 15:03:01
Leicester to sign Papa Bouba Diop on a free. Pearson looking to cover Wellens who is out injured until late 2012. May cash in on a central midfielder.
Would be great solid addition to squad.(3)(21)


16 Jul 2012 15:00:53
Watford want chelsea's reserve team baptism Nathaniel Chalobah on loan and also want Carlo Cudicini according to Daily Mail.(9)(1)


16 Jul 2012 14:57:45
West Brom and Blackburn are discussing a swap deal involving Simon Cox and Gamst Pederson(13)(8)Have heard that cox involved in a deal which will see Dann come to west brom with albion paying 1m on topCox will be allowed to leave but no interest in PedersonPedersen is not leaving!! stop talking rubbish mateThis will only happen if brunt leaves (highly unlikely) .pederson and brunt could not play in the same team


16 Jul 2012 14:54:17
Walsall today unveiled Florent Cuvieler and Dean Holden as their 2nd and 3rd signings. Tomorrow they will amnounce the 4th and 5th signing with James Chambers and Ashley Simmons both signing 2 yr deals(7)(4)


16 Jul 2012 14:39:26
Saha could be on a shock return to Newcastle if they fail in theirbid to sign Andy Carroll on loan(10)(3)


16 Jul 2012 14:20:42
Portsmouth can confirm that they have got Lloyd Dyer, Izale McLeod (Former Barnet), Mustapha Dumbaya (Former Doncaster and Palace), Jon Harley (Former Chelsea and Notts County), Luke Rodgers (Former NY Red Bulls and Lillestrom), Brian Howard (Former Reading), Simon Gillet (Former Donny and Saints),on Trial.

Also looking into Nathan Doyle & Tamas Kadar.

Also Luke Daniels and George Thorne on loan from West Brom.

Kanu has quit the club.

Norris, Varney, Ben Haim, Huseklepp and Halford to leave shortly.

Source : Portsmouth's "The News"(13)(15)Heard Palace were looking into Mustapha Dumbaya, would like to think we will get him. If not though, you've got yourself a cracking player there Portsmouth!Can someone explain to me why a team that has gone bust several times and is in administration can afford a freebie to Spain and signing umpteen players?Its not lloyd dyer, its lloyd sam the ex leeds and charlton winger on trial. I would like to see all them mentioned join when allowed by the football league, especially kadar and thorneYou are unable to sign any of the trialists at the moment and its not official that Kanu has quit the club...Plus he is still suing Pompey for a lot of money so he could still cause trouble for the club.They are not signed, but on trial. Pompey are the place to go, if you want to be on trial!The trip has been funded by a local Portsmouth businessman and Gibraltar FA and for the umpteenth time we HAVEN'T signed anyone. The players out in Spain are all academy players and triallists.They have also got a 10 point deduction.Why would rodgers and sam join a club with no money and -10 pointswhen notts county will be on the up
both cracking players, too good for pompeyYou've answered your own question you plank, IT'S A FREEBIE!!The trip to Spain has been paid for by the Gibraltar FA and a Portsmouth businessman."Can someone explain to me why a team that has gone bust several times and is in administration can afford a freebie to Spain?" - Plank!

Even you could afford a freebie!I cant recall Nick Powell being a striker 13 goals from an midfielder/att midfielder is quality and hes worth more than RhodesThere is no such thing in the football world as a 'free'.A notts county fan is saying these players are to good for pompey!! think you need a reality check there. big fish in a small pond we are in this league and with a 10npoints deduction we will still be there and abouts, players want to come and play for a decent manager and a club who wants to bounce back and have some ambition now, we will be back and pompey fans will pack the park week in week out


16 Jul 2012 14:20:10
Crystal Palace set to sign Everton from Heracles Alemlo for an undisclosed fee.(11)(5)


16 Jul 2012 14:31:15
brighton to sign a new striker by the end of the week, who could it be?(10)(3)You tell us!Not sure we would want Heskey, would we...?McCormack plus cash for CMSIts Carlton ColeKanu! also heard their gonna take on fitz hall who's hjust been released by QPRBrighton Manager Gus Poyet is quoted both on the Brighton club website and in local Sussex paper the Argus as still searching for a MIDFIELDER as well as a striker.
He is then quoted as saying that he hopes to make another signing by the end of the week.
So Brighton might sign either a striker or a midfielder or indeed someone in a different position!Really hope we get Boyd. Top player and imagine how good he would be in a good team. He is quick, 2 good feet and lovely touch (CMs take note!) will take a lot of pressure off bridcutt and Vicente. I work in Dubai and according to some guys at etihad airline, Santa cruz may well be going to another prem club. That's a shame, but great rumour....wishful thinking tho. We don't half get away with ourselves sometimes!Would rather keep cmsCMS is going nowhere ,he`s got 3 years left on a contract that wil see him with us in the prem.


16 Jul 2012 14:28:40
Carlisle will be looking at the Man City reserves and under 18's at any loan opportunity's.(11)(2)


16 Jul 2012 14:25:41
WHU are expected to make large bid for
Jordan Rhodes once Carrol returns
to Newcastle as expected(7)(21)


16 Jul 2012 14:24:31
WBA to pay £1m plus Cox for Scott Dann(16)(19)


16 Jul 2012 14:24:02
heard that wednesday are looking to sign Dj campbell on loan for season.(8)(11)


16 Jul 2012 14:07:34
Liam Trotter or George Boyd heading to Brighton with the expected arrival of Emile Heskey as well with in the next 2 weeks(10)(13)Not much difference between those two is there? Either /or? Are you sure?Heskey ruled out as not prepared to drop his wage demands sufficiently. Contrary to popular belief Brighton do have a wage cap and it isn't anywhere near as high as many would like to thinkBoyd and Trotter are likely but hesky would be a massive supriseWe are only signing two more players poyet says ...Heskey was a good player but emphasis on the was. He simply doesn't score enough goals to warrant the discription Striker. Brighton need someone who can both hold the ball up and score goals.Barnes has said that the next signing will be a surprise to everyone so u never know


16 Jul 2012 14:07:12
Garry Kenneth and Conor Sammon both close to agreeing deals with Derby County.(17)(9)Is Conor Sammon a purchase or season loanThink it would be a permanent deal. unsure what wigan would be willing to accept, but it's unlikely that derby would want to pay more than 1m-1.5m.Neither....cloughs gonna shove him up his jumper and run like the clappers!Don't even think Sammon's worth that. He works hard but can't finish at all. He's definitely more of a support striker and we already have Theo for that.Are they. have said all these players are for more than a month


16 Jul 2012 14:03:24
Carroll has not joined up with the Liverpool squads pre season tour - SSN.(8)(20)Hes on extened holiday after euros hes joining the 23 this month to start pre season and try and win ove brendan rodgersHe is on extended holiday after euro's due to meet up on 23rdHe is scheduled to join the squad 23 July, as on extended holiday after euro's according to BBC websiteYes he has gone on pre season tour so pack the lies in ok!


16 Jul 2012 13:59:13
Expect no more signings until the Charlton team and CP return from Spain! Ps Let's hope Kermo leaves the excess weight he has accumulated out there!(2)(4)Yeah Yann looked like he'd piled on the pounds V Welling.Lets hope we get a TOP centre back, central midfilder and 20 goals + Forward proven at that level.

Not a league 2 player and take a gamble on him because the Izle McCleods and Chris Dixson's have really worked out well in the past.Charlton have 8 more pre-season matches and about a month and three quarters training left don't tell me yannick won't be fit by then!!! I guarantee he will be great again after the spain tour!CP confirmed in the papers today he still wants 3 more signings by the start of the season all 3 in different positions, could it be a CB, CM & ST? He also confirmed talks are still on going with Baldock but his wage demands need to lower.
Paul Hayes and Leon Clarke are set to leave this week as neither have been taken on the Spain tour and these will free up fees for N'Guessian to add depth to the squad.

BWP, Kermo, N'Gessian, Clarke, Baldock, Haynes .... What a great set of forwards we would have!Sell Clarke in fact pay someone to just take him, don't sign n'guessin need better players than him

Bwp, kermo, Haynes


16 Jul 2012 13:58:00
Nick Proschewitz due in England this week for a medical which should complete his transfer from Paderborn to Hull City. Elmohamady at Sunderland subject to a bid from Hull as well,(6)(3)


16 Jul 2012 13:56:09
striker izale mcloed who has been repeatedly linked with yeovil town has to spain with portsmouth and looks like he will sign for them when there aloud to sign players again(11)(12)There embargo might not get lifted untill atleast january so it might be a team of youth :(Good!!Embargo will probably be lifted when they come out of administration and have moved on two or three of the remaining highly paid players, which should be in about two weeks time.


16 Jul 2012 14:01:51
Darren Bentley, Burnley media manager tweets: Where is this Charlie Austin to Huddersfield rumour coming from ... GARBAGE UTC !(20)(3)I didnt realise that the Burnley Media Manager negotiated transfers. They must be hard up for cash!He is 100% correct, Austin won't go to huddsfield regardless of what happens to RhodesHe said something similar about Southampton's bid for Rodriguez...Won't go he wouldHe said nothing of the sort about Southampton's bid for Rodriguez in this close season.No he didntSouthampton are a bigger club than than Huddersfield and proved it by shelling out 7m. Austin won't take a step backwards nor will Burnley 'give away' their prize assetBentley said nothing about J-Rod leaving,every1 knew he was going,it was just a case of where and for what feeRumour coming from somewhere can not be all lies there's no smoke without fireThe size of a club is not measured by the price paid for a single player. Burnley as any true football fan would accept are on the back foot financially and as a footballing entity. Hudds are investing (not selling) as a priority and are on the front foot in looking to make a serious impression in the Championship this season. Staying at Burnley is asking to stagnate Town are on the up.Stop submitting your drivel!Burnley arent on the back foot u person were sound financially and have no debt what so ever and there for do not need to sell . Do your homework m8Huddersfield Examiner quote, Town have no interest in Charlie Austin. End Of.Good coz wer not selling him


16 Jul 2012 14:01:36
Bolton are set to beat Ipswich for Leeds keeper Andy Lonergan. The deal should be wrapped up in the next 24 hours as a replacement for Jaaskelainen who left for West Ham earlier this month.(13)(3)Lonergan will sign for itfc as he will not be first choice at Bolton.He might be first choice at Bolton. Who knows? I'm a town fan but I honestly can't vouch for how good he is. However, now being second choice at Leeds makes me question his ability and is that really the sort of player we want to bring to ITFC. Once again, who knows?Longergen having medical at Bolton - source daily mirror reporter Eric Nixon on Twitter.He will be a Bolton player very soon. Medical.Lonergan signed a 3 yr contract at Bolton warming the bench.Marian Kello, goalkeeper from Hearts is on trial.


16 Jul 2012 13:43:19
Watford manager is in advanced discussions with Spurs goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini who is expected to sign on loan for the season by the end of this week. Zola is also keen on bringing a couple of Chelsea players in on loan to bolster the squad.(13)(3)Heard this story for a few weeks, if true , would be a great signing, ignoring the pessimists out theree!!Heard the Cuducini rumour from a good spurs source, although will be a perm signing, not loan.38 years old and 20 appearances since 2009 when he joined Spurs? OK, on a short term deal or loan as cover for Loach I could see it, same as Kuszczak last year, but hardly a long term investment, doesn't really fit into the Pozzo's idea of developing talent to sell on, would rather see a younger keeper coming in really.


16 Jul 2012 13:40:24
Spurs linked with Inter keepers Julio Cesar and Emiliano Viviano, Viviano played for Palermo last year but is half owned by Inter. Inter have just signed Slovenian international goalkeeper Samir Handanovic which means both senior keepers may be looking for a move.(4)(5)


16 Jul 2012 13:40:03
Tug of war between Leicester and Brighton fo rWest Ham's Carlton Cole whose chances in the Premier League are going to be limited by recent signings(3)(29)Carlton cole won't go to Leicester or Brighton from the premiership other premiership teams will sign himRecent signings? West Ham have signed 2 goalkeepers and George McCartney! I am not quite sure how limited his playing time will be with these guys......Leicester dont want him, his work rate is poor. On his day he is quality but that is only 1 in 10 games.


16 Jul 2012 13:36:38
Brighton striker craig mackail - smith on his way to leeds united with mccormack going the other way in a swap deal(12)(19)Swap deal maybe but Brighton will expect cash as well at least 750.000 - 1 millionHow much are Leeds paying on top?
CMS is worth a lot more than Ross McCormackLeeds interest in Mackail-Smith first reported in The Mail on Sunday.
This Mackail-Smith swap with Ross McCormack story is in Monday 16 July Mirror.Better deal for brighton if you ask me, when given oppertunity and faith RM is a much beter player an will score alot more goalsRoss McCormack is a descent striker,but with none of the finess of CMS who would in a game run him ragged.Sorry forgot ,he did twice last year,when he was the better of the two strikers by a mile!.......HE`S STAYING PUT !!


16 Jul 2012 13:13:59
Yacob close to signing doumbia I think
is 50/50, wba also after a wolfsburg


16 Jul 2012 13:10:44
Has Anyone got any news about Bjorn Sigurdarson or Ross McCormack coming to wolves? Wolves had agreed a deal with Lillestrom for Bjorn but haven't heard anything since?
cheers(7)(6)Sigurdarson signed on the 18th of June for around 2.5m. No idea about McCormack.Sorry, the bid was accepted on 18th of June, the deal went through on 13th of JulySiggy deal with be finshed later today or tomorrow and he will go to pre season tomorrowYes he had part of medical yesterday ,agreed personal terms ,to sign today all being well and join up with the rest of wolves players in ireland later todaySig been named in the squad going to Ireland!Thanks :)


16 Jul 2012 13:08:51
Toni Silva to sign on a long-term loan deal from liverpool after impressing for Northampton last season.(8)(2)Hope not


16 Jul 2012 13:06:46
doumbia to west brom is off so west brom will pursue Argentinian claudio yacob(13)(5)True, He failed a medical on SaturdayHe did not fail a medical, west brom and Rennes could not come to an agreement for transfer money.Actually he did fail a medical mateCheers mate. I know 100% he failed a medicalHe didn't get to the medical stage, Rennes could not come to agreement with transfer money.He didn't get to the medical!!


16 Jul 2012 12:57:43
Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson has warned interested parties it would take a "serious offer" to even consider selling Jordan Rhodes.

The Scotland international is currently at the centre of a three-way tug of war between West Ham, Fulham and Reading as they all attempt to land the striker who bagged 40 goals last season.

West Ham are very keen to land Andy Carroll from Liverpool but efforts to get him on loan look to be doomed so they may instead turn their attentions to Rhodes.

Reports had indicated Reading were leading the chase for Rhodes after he had a medical at the Madjeski Stadium but the deal appears to have stalled as Huddersfield hold out for more money.

WEST HAM Expected to make £9m bid shortly if Andy Carroll attempt fails. THey are also expected to tie up a deal for Luc Castagnos and Modibo Maiga(10)(15)I can confirm Reading had made a bid plus morrison offer but as hudders rate this LEAGUE 1 'future star' so highly they want more money, but he did not have a medical. personally think they should sell him due to fact he may not perform as well in a higher league and may lose the chance to make serious money off him. TheRoyalI hope huddersfields reluctance so sell rhodes for a reasonable price doesn't mean they end up keeping a player who is clearly intent on playing in the premiership and loses his enthusiasm for playing at huddersfield !Total rubbish. Jordan Rhodes has NOT had a medical at Reading. Why make up such cobblers?If west ham are offering 9 million for Rhodes I suggest Huddersfield bite their hands off and sell. This is crazy money for a player untried at premiership level or even championship level. They could then use the cash for 2 good quality championship strikers and still have change for a playmaker!.West Ham have not got 9M let alone for one player.Well that'll be West Ham's transfer budget gone in one foul swoop and you do realise they wanted Carroll on loan, therefore I'm calling BS on this one, can't see WH spending 9 mil on anyone, let alone a player who is unproven at Champ level, let alone prem. If they spend 9 mill on Rhodes i'll laugh my toe off.Let me say this once. Reading fc. Do not want the lad Rhodes. We have enough strikers with more prem experience than rhodes will ever get
As for his asking price. No one. I mean no one will pay it.
Mhhh. Except. Wet sham. Of course big Sam loves his strikers.I'm sorry but if a fee hasn't been agreed then there has been no medical. Everything you said seemed fairly credible up to that, medicals are always the last stage of a transfer after fees are agreed contracts negotiated as a last precaution.LOL 9m for a League 1 player, Wouldnt believe a word of it if it wasnt West Ham paying up! Haha what a joke.He will score goals in championship and people saying he not worth this and that example the lad powell who played for crewe scored 13 goals went man u for 6 million so you got to be looking at at least 8 million plus for rhodes ttidHow much did Man U pay for the lad from Crewe? 4million + add-ons. I hope Huddersfield don't sell him and when he gets 30 goals this season, his value will be 20 million. He's playing for Scotland U21's and scoring for fun, so he's not bad. He's a clinical finisher and will do well in the Championship and when Huddersfield get promoted to the Prem at the end of the season. Huddersfield do not have to sell Rhodes, as they have a very wealthy owner who can go out and get the players they want. {Ed003's Note - one step at a time tiger..}People seem to forget Arsenal paid 12million for Oxlade and Southampton were League 1 at the time. With Rhodes Huddersfield are in a position where they don't have to sell and don't want to sell therefore can dictate the fee. Rhodes is certainly not forcing any move like some seem to think he has stated numerous times the club will decide his future and he is more than happy to stay at town, so only a ridiculous fee will be acceptedTown would sell for 9 mil, and as a Town fan, I'd want them to!I find it strange people saying Rhodes isn't worth 9m. Correct me if I'm wrong arsenal payed 12m for Ox, who plays half a season for the saints! HTAFC have every right to hold out for 8/9m as Rhodes is developing on all fronts strength, movement and finishing!What about AOC from Saints (L.1 then) to Arsenal for 12m+.
So, it's not unknown. Will someone take a risk on Rhodes-depends how desperate their need is, and how they rate the lad. Simples!Definately didn't have medical... total rubbish!
9 million and he'd be gone 100%......... but don't think west sham have 9m!
it's true what you say though,6m for powell means we could expect 8m for 1 of the best strikers outside PL
terrier85Powell went for 4 mill not 6!Direct from jordan himself "Yes, I had a medical at reading whilst I was in spain"

Enough said?

And for all of you saying he's not worth the money, an asking price is not a valuation, we just dont need to sell so why settle for less?Your all talking balderdash'I hope Huddersfield don't sell him and when he gets 30 goals this season, his value will be 20 million'

I know the jump from L1 to Championship is a bit smaller than Championship to Premiership, but to think Rhodes will score 30 this season is like thinking Ricky Lambert of Southampton is going to score 30 in the Premier League. It's not going to happen I'm afraid. And I completely disagree, if you ever wanted to sell him now is very much the time, but since he's such a valuable player to Huddersfield it probably isn't worth it. Besides, for Rhodes to score 30 this season Huddersfield would have to be playing in the top 6 of the championship, and while that is exactly what Southampton did last season, I think it's well beyond Huddersfield.Rhodes 'had a medical AT Reading while he was IN Spain'. That just about sums up the credibility of this nonsense. Are you sure it wasn't that he had a medical at Kuala Lumpur while he was in Brazil? Complete tripe.If Rhodes has been for a medical with Reading, that would mean Reading have made an offer acceptable to Dean Hoyle. No player would be allowed to go for a medical if the sale fee/contract had not been discussed and agreed. This means either the story is rubbish (most likely) or Rhodes failed ths medical....For me, if Rhodes does go it will be to a club who have not been able to buy the forwards they were targeting over the summer. As such I think he may end up being a transfer deadline day panic purchase by a prem club. That Is the only situation anyone will meet our valuation of a player worth more to us than any other club.The OP mentioned a few clubs so he's not definately a Reading fan...Calm down dear, it' only a rumour....Most RFC fans I speak to have moved on from Rhodes a long time ago. It's West Ham's issue now....Or not.


16 Jul 2012 12:55:03
sheff wed sign nejic pecnik(12)(3)


16 Jul 2012 12:53:00
Peterborough to sign Craig Morgan from Preston for 250k as well as Marlon Pack from Cheltenham for 300k with Paul Taylor financing the move by joining Reading for 1 million(6)(12)No Peterborough are not signing Marlon Pack.Well they'll b paying well over the odds for Morgan, not a chance he's worth that much. Preston fanCraig Morgan can stay Marlon Pack would be an awesome singing, would have though we'd have gotten more than 1 million for Paul Taylor though. Dont think this is trueMorgan is surplus to North Ends requirements and 250,000 would be a fair fee.Cool story broWe won't sign Morgan, career has deteriorated at Preston and getting on a bit now. Pack would be a good signing, but clearly is going to cost more than 1million for TaylorMorgan-Hope not!

Pack- Surely he would cost more, but would be great signing anyway.

Posh have got plenty of cash, with money from Bennett, CMS and even McClean left over + Chairmans Cash so we wouldn't need to sell Taylor (but he will go anyway, as transfer listed) Also, Taylor worth way more than 1m.Im guessing this would be todays joke rumour, lets undervalue every player we can think of then post itFinancing? We have a few million if neededWhere is this coming fromWe DONT want Paul taylorMorgan was a decent player at PNE, and took a lot of undue stick from the fans. Good luck to him wherever he goes.Firstly its onismor bhasara and this is cheltenham town rumours not bradford city rumours! {Ed003's Note - No you are just getting the dedicated Cheltenham rumours,if you visit the main site you will see @ 16 Jul 2012 12:53:00 you are on the main rumours site aswell}300,000 for Pack is hilarious, you would need to realistically double that to have a chance.Rumour seems a bit silly to me. Why would Posh need Morgan when they already have three central defenders who are better than him. The cost quoted is also silly money as he isn't worth anything like that. Maybe 100k to Cheltenham would be a better rumour and he could do a decent job there. As regards Pack, that would be a good move but unlikely to pick him up for anything less than 500k probably more like 650kIf posh give us 250k for morgan, i will drive him down thereIf pack was such a sought after player hed have gone by now


16 Jul 2012 12:50:31
ALEX SMITHIES - 700k - Ipswich

JAIME PETERS - 150k - Toronto(6)(20)If only we could get a keeper of his quality and age. But Huddersfield have no need I sell and why should he leave them for us? Plus I've always like Peters and it's a shame that he looks set to be leaving town.Who is smithies !Smithies 700k dream just because ipswich sell there assets hudders dont unless for the correct price eg rhodes thank you roy keane ha ha haWhilst on face value, (note the punctuation!) it looks like Rhodes was sold at less than face value, (look another comma) he is unproven at Championship level. The games I saw him play he looked off the mark. However respect where it is due (something you could note) he had a good season with you. Anyway hope he does move on for mega bucks as we get a good slice of the fee.

BM ITFCOh that's cruel...I'm a town fan (ITFC that is) and I'm just guessing but I would have thought that Smithies would cost between 1-2 million, at least, due to his age, ability and potential for the future. And trust me Huddersfield fans, our fans see Keane selling Rhodes as the biggest mistake in our recent history, along with falling into administration. We all knew the potential he had from a young age and he scored many goals for us at all levels.Marcus stewart? Huddersfield are small fry, league 1 is really there level!Smithies is rubbish.itfc don't need him try for noble.'Noble' who?Yeh noble is a direct comparison to Smithes. Post decent next time


16 Jul 2012 12:50:12
City are intrested in Erik Huseklepp one of a handful of Portsmouth players which been told to move on. Also city are looking at Danny webber,and tom sores both avail on a free(6)(8)Which city?!?Pointless who are city???????


16 Jul 2012 12:50:09
church and antonio leaving this summer i want antonio to stay:( simpson mariappa on their way to the royals then if we dont start well we will bring in a striker centre attacking midfielder(4)(6)Antonio will most likely be leaving for first team play at swfc, church may be loaned out, though he is surplus, Mariappa to be announced either today or tomorrow afternoon, Simpson deal is still on. If we struggle first half of season i see anton investing in a big name striker and centre mid. TheRoyal


16 Jul 2012 12:40:29
Cheltenham are set to test Bradford's resolve with a £100,000 double bid for strikers James Hanson and Nahki Wells.(2)(16)Wouldn't test City's resolve with 100k. Wells alone is worth several times that!Dont be stupid add a zero and that might be true dingbatWhat a load of rubbish. might just get Hansons left leg for that amountIt would be more like 1 million !!!You are mental!! 100k.....h your having a laugh! wouldn't even take 100k for hanson. why make stuff up?Cheltenham having 100.000 to spend on players, is that believable??You might have well said cheltenham are testing barcelonas resolve with a bid for messi. would never happen. 100k wouldnt get nahkis leg100k for both, I'll have some of what you are smoking!Ha ha dont think soo, try trippling that for each player and your somewhere close.. Nahki 300,000 and james hanson at least 200,000 plus compo then you got a deal lol....Test our resolve? LOL! Put another few zero's on the end! What a pointless post!Haha no 100,000 wouldn't even get Nahki Wells boots never mind him and hanson aswell ...Utter rubbishThis rumour is laughable!You are living in dream land.......100k wouldnt buy wells laces, or hansons trainers !!Absolute bull we would demand a lot more for both of those players and anyway nahki wells has already signed a 1 year contract!!!!You just said nahkie wells for 400k why would they now sell 2 players for 100kBehave 100k your having a laugh that wouldn't buy Nakhis left footSure they are .......... now 200,000 might get Wells, 100,000 Hanson so they better have deeper pocketsThat will be 99k for Wells & 1k for Hanson. Snap their hands off for Hanson & keep Wells., Well at least that's made me chuckle on an otherwise wet and dull Monday!!Bradford set to sign former Millwall player Jordan Stewart on a two year deal.Bradford close to completing the signing of Omar Bhasera from Plymouth Argyle.RubbishTest there sanity more likeCardiff and Leicester battling for the signature of talented foward Nahki Wells.Craig Curran on trial at Bradford city.Firstly its onismor bhasara and this is cheltenham town rumours not bradford city rumours!Bradford fans, stop overrating your playersIf you're talking about overrating players, two words - Marlon Pack!Dont know about overated 100k for hanson who scored 14 goals for a struggling side is fair and at least 150k plus add ons for n.wells that would not be overatedJames hanson spends that in mcdonalds a year!!Right wells is staying even check o on sly spurts so stop putting that teams are trying to get him


16 Jul 2012 12:36:07
Bristol have had a bid accepted for west hams sam boldock(6)(29)Is he converting to Rugby then? There isn't a "Bristol" in the football league.BRISTOL? would you refer to teams as Sheffield? or Manchester?


16 Jul 2012 12:32:25
Simeon jackson close to agreeing a move to bristol city(7)(24)Complete rubbish, Simeon Jackson is going nowhere until Hughton has decided if he will feature in 25 man squad this season


16 Jul 2012 12:19:35
Southampton have offered a choice offer of Tommy Forecast with 1.75 million or 2.5 million with no player for Paulo Gazzaniga (Highly rated young Argentine keeper of Gillingham). This deal is designed to get the young talent into negotiations with the newly promoted side. Gazzaniga is seen as the 'ideal competition' for Kelvin Davis as he is a young keeper and should improve working with a keeper with such great experience. Rumours also suggest Saints will not sign him on a contract that is less than 4 years. {Ed001's Note - wouldn't it be more likely to be 1.75m or 2.5m + Forecast judging on his last performance!}(12)(9)Good note Ed001. But it's a little harsh on him. He's worth something. Should be 1.75 mil + Forecast or 1,750,000.50 with no player :P {Ed001's Note - sorry, I probably was being a bit harsh, he has taken enough stick on the Southampton site, I feel bad for putting the boot in now!}Ed....that comment was a bit below the belt wasnt it?I saw his performance on saturday, and that was one of his better imagine what his others have been like {Ed001's Note - poor lad! To be fair he might just have been a bit rusty.}Forecast would be welcome at Gillingham, but I'd take the straight 2.5 million. We could sign some good players for that possibly get ourselves promoted. Ideal world would be 2.5 and Forecast then we'd have a replacement sorted. He may be weak but he'd be good for us at league 2 level. If saints upped the other offer to 2 mil and Forecast we'd have that happily I think.Cant believe southampton have paid 7 million for a striker untried in the premiere league, I think when man city beat southampton 6-0 on opening day of the season and that's were they will stayThat's a lousy comment to make. Southampton are a good side and are just as likely to make it in the top flight as clubs like Stoke. Really Southampton are better than a lot of Premiership clubs and even though we're still 'unproven' we're a strong side and we'll prove ourselves don't you worry.He has scored against tottenham, fulham and qpr in cup matches so he isn't that unproven against premierleague oppositionForecast is not conference level, let alone league 2, an suggesting he's worth 750k is obscene!'Cant believe southampton have paid 7 million for a striker untried in the premiere league, I think when man city beat southampton 6-0 on opening day of the season and that's were they will stay'

Unlikely they will stay in Manchester - makes it a long commute to home games..

Although hardly worth an intelligent response - I do agree somewhat that Saints need to sign a little more tried and tested prem quality players - the current squad looks light on prem quality at present.In response to the above comment which suggests that saints are a strong side. You're wrong, we will get torn part next season. Fonte , Hoovield Richardson, Butterfield are not good enough. We will leak goals. Yes we have strong CM's and our strike force is adequate but we haven't any cover for the injury prone lallana and de. Ridder. Do prado or chapplow are not good enough at RM.The comment saying it's obscene is a bit mean but I can agree with it really, should be 2mil + Forecast or 2.5 mil without.Saints are a strong side and I think you're wrong about Hooiveld he's a very talented individual. Fonte can produce class but yes I agree we could use a new Centre Back. We're getting Clyne in at right back to replace Richardson to the bench and Butterfield will probably go all together soon. And as for the wing mid spots we have cover for Lallana (who's not that injury prone) in the form of Buttner who is a talented guy and should sign soon. De Ridder is a reasonable player but I reckon we can get a new right mid soon enough possibly someone like Zaha (not necessarily him though) and also at Left mid we have the option of Puncheon who was reasonable at QPR for his brief spell so he's a reasonable player. We are a strong side, granted we could be better but we are a strong side.Its funny that the person who said that we are going to lose 6-0 against man city hasn't left his name and what team he supports obliviously too scared


16 Jul 2012 11:58:34
Fraser Fyvie (Aberdeen) in talks Wigan(14)(5)Wigan have signed Fraser Fyvie on a three year deal.Signed on three year deal


16 Jul 2012 11:58:19
Leeds to sign former qpr midfielder akos buzasky on a two year contract(12)(21)Warnock does not rate him - did not play much when NW was at QPRWarnock didnt rate him compared to faurlin and taarabt who would always be his first choice considering his form in the last season of the championship


16 Jul 2012 11:58:00
Andy Carroll to Newcastle with LFC using the money to bid for Walcott, Dempsey also being lined up(16)(24)Not true hes stated going back newcastle would be like going back with his tail between his legs and would feel hes himself is pushing for a loan move to fulham as part of the dempsy deal ..and liverpool rejected newcastle anywaysAnd a loan move to fulham isnt failing,get a grip manMags would only offer around 10m walcott much more than that


16 Jul 2012 11:46:46
joey barton and fabian delph to sign for leeds on season long loans(16)(28)Barton will NOT play under Neil Warnock, had rifts last year and when Warnock left QPR he blasted him all over Twitter.As if Warnock would ever take Barton on a deal again after what happened at QPR. No chance.Warnocks hated leeds most of his life, didnt stop him becoming manager,never assume


16 Jul 2012 11:43:51
West Ham to sign Keiron Trippier from Burnley for 4M later this week after having a earlier bid of 2.5M turned down last week

West Ham fringe player Robert Hall will join Burnley on a Season long loan as part of the deal(9)(27)Never heard of this Robert Hall but from his wiki page sounds like a half decent player. As a Burnley fan would be gutted to see tripps go but eddie Howe could work wonders with 4 millionGreat...Burnley only paid 500,000. The BFC directors will be salivating at so much money.It would be a great piece of business but neither Howe or the fans want trip to leaveCity get 50% of sell on fee so we will only see 2M of it

Not a great deal to me has Trippier is the best full back in the champ and it will take alot to find someone has good IMOForgot about the sell on clause, is there a time limit for it?I think he will go as he is a quality player and should be playing in the premiershipThere is no sell on clause its just a rumour the fee was undisclosed


16 Jul 2012 11:38:42
Steve Sidwell from Fulham to Brighton. Doesn't fit in with Martin Jol's plans and has played for Brighton before on loan some years ago(18)(13)I'd love him backHe'd be a beast in the championship


16 Jul 2012 11:36:43
McLeod has gone to pompeys training camp in spain on trial. Source the news :)(12)(15)I'm interested to know how they can afford this training camp.Simple they havent bothered paying local businesses for their services over the past few years such as printers etc.It's a complete disgrace-a club which is still in administration, can not pay its debts and has just had another (approx.) 5m requirement to pay all its football debts in full, all of which likely to put it into liquidation, yet it is taking a group of youth players and trialists to Spain! And they still expect sympathy from other supporters?? Just hope Spain asked for money in advance, otherwise that will be another tidy sum they will be wanting the rest of the EU to bail out!I agree, I also thought it strange that Pompey with no money can go to Spain...It shouldn't be allowed simply because they haven't paid off their last lot of debtThink you will find the money for the trip was put up by 2 local businesses. No money was spent by PFC for the trip


16 Jul 2012 11:32:23
Fulham have had a 6M bid for Jordan Rhodas accepted by Town who will look to replace him with Burnley Frontman Charlie Austin for 2.5M(13)(34)2.5 million for Austin? You are having a laugh...turn it around to 5.2 million and the upstart Terriers might have a chance of landing CA :)So you think that jordan rhodes who scored quite a few in L1 last season is worth 6 million , but austin who scored well into double figures last season in the championship is only worth 2.5 million ? Get real if anything austins worth more than rhodes !UTCIs he there spanish striker??And weve already rejected a 2.5 mill bid for austin n said hes going nowhere !Charlie would cost you similar to Rhodes mate. With one year left on his deal and 21 goals to his name Rodriguez went for 7m. Charlie is the same age, and scored 17 goals last season even thought he was out injured for 2 months. Try again.I think Town would sell for six million but not sure Fulham will pay this. Hope it's sorted soon as we need time to bring in two more attackers if he is leaving.Rhodes scored 40 goals and Huddersfield turned down a 6 million bid last January from WHU. CA is injury prone and scores 16 goals and he's a world beater! You lot at Turf Moor have no idea about football.Thats funny because grayson came out and said THIS MORNING that no bids even been made for rhodes (from any club)and both the club and rhodes relaxed and looking forward to new season!
so maybe you you should thinkbefore you make things up!
like usual on this site
terrier85Berbatov possible move to Fulham is on, Jol wants him to play with Rodallega (similar to Keane - Berbatov roles). Charlie Adam swap deal with Dempsey, but if Dempsey doesn't go to Liverpool, Fulham still keen on Adam to replace Murphy. Nacer Chadhli will come in to replace Dempsey.Burnleys Charlie Austin is allowed to talk to town after a improved offer of 3.25 mill was made at 1.30 todayClatets now in for vokes and pitman Austin looks like he may go sadlyAustin is injury prone - I think Burnley should snap Uddersfield's hands off for 3.25 million. Up The Clarets.I ve just read that Burnley haven't recieved any offers for Austin and wouldn't sell even if their had! Still has 2 years to run on his contractWe will sign vokes/pitman and keep Austin UTC!Fulham won't be able to afford berba's wages eitherPitman was linked well before anyone made a bid for Austin...If Austin goes than expect Howe to go for Davies from DerbyAustins goin nowhere believe !Will somebody buy rhodes ffs. i cant take any more crap36 goals in the league below and austin has proven himself at every level and i believe jordan rhodes record for ipswich in the championship was 1 in 14


16 Jul 2012 11:27:39
Real Madrid News:
1. Hours away from Modric signing.
2. A scout will be sent by Mourinho to the Olympics to watch Javi Martinez, Hulk, Neymar, Ganso and Lucas Moura(7)(14)


16 Jul 2012 11:17:37
Mark Yates is set to complete the signings of Ben May and former Walsall striker Jon Macken. Both deals look to be completed before the Rubies first friendly at Evesham this weekend.(6)(4)


16 Jul 2012 11:16:33
Bristol City are on the verge of brining Conor Henderson to the club from Arsenal.(11)(8)I see we are after Chucks Aneke or spelt somthing like that on loan. I did some Wikipedia research on that un and I've never seen a name like it. A local lad done well.


16 Jul 2012 11:12:44
Celtic are to send youth team player James Alabi on loan to gain first team experience - Alloa are currently favourites to sign the striker for the season.(6)(4)


16 Jul 2012 11:07:51
cardiff have bid 1.8mil for former fans favorite chris burke and have also tied up the deal for south korean star kim bo-kyung he passed his medical and agreed personal terms should be made public by 5pm tonight(19)(14)I hope this rumour is true, i know the kim bo-kyung is real but it would be great to have burkey back!Kim landed this morning with the South Korean Olympic squad he is supposed to be in Cardiff today for the deal to sign but i dont know if thats true im in penarth road now so i'll be heading to the stadium straight after work1.8 mill for a player we gave away 12 months ago. Doesn't sound like sound business strategy to me. Good little player though.A potentially disastrous policy. Re-signing Burke for a fee of this nature would represent a blunder of epic proportion.

redbirdMore than happy to get burke back, dumb to sell him in the first place


16 Jul 2012 11:04:08
Man City are set to offload Carlos Tevez and bid 40m for Brazil striker Neymar.(11)(21)No this won't happen, he has just signed for Barcelona


16 Jul 2012 11:02:40
Liverpool have had a 9 million bid accepted from Arsenal for walcott in he is in Melwood right now(28)(28)Walcott seen at John Lennon Airport this morning.Asif u must be deluded mate. leave the gunners for the anfield mob no chance of glory there im afraidWhy would Arsenal let Walcott go for 9 million? !7-18 million perhaps.17-18m think that lad is deluded mate haha never been worth that much!How is thos guy saying no glory at liverpool im sure liverpool reached two finals last year ad when id arsenal last win somethig?Why would Liverpool want Walcott? Total There is no way Walcott will go for 9m-if he goes it will be for a lot more.There is no way Arsenal will except 9M for Walcott, even though he is not worth a hell of a lot more than this figure, however in today's totally falsely inflated transfer fees they would only consider selling him if a bid came in over 15MJust seen joey barton going into the metropole in brightonArsenal will only ever win the emirates cup and last year they didn't even win it, lol!

Lil redWalcott surely jump at chance to join liverpool, shame whats happening to gunners !Walcotts on his last 11 months of his contract so 7-10 mill is realistic! im a red & i know that so to the gunners on this..tut...tut....tut!!! KOP on :)


16 Jul 2012 11:02:23
Watford centre-half Adrian Mariappa is expected to complete a £2m move to Reading today. Hornets manager Gianfranco Zola said last week they wouldn't stand in Mariappa's way if he wanted to move to the Premier League.(12)(8)Will most certainly happen either today or tomorrow, great signing for the royals. TheRoyalGood Signing for Reading but the fee is closer to 2.8m rising to a possible 4m

Alternatively, Watford might pull out of the deal again!!Really only 2m? We rejected 2m before though?! Reading have got a good bargain there if true.Yes Watford pulled out of a deal because of interest from Southampton that wasn't even there then sold him to Reading anyway for less than what the 'previous deal' would have been. I'm sure Reading fans are right, thats definitely what happened....We're getting him for 3m with a 20% sell on clause if we make a profit2m plus add ons people come on!Does be realise how little club reading are but if no one else wants gin he should stay. at watford thfc henrySeriously where has this farcical made up story of Watford messing Reading about come from. It is quite simple in football. Club offer insulting amount for one of the best centre backs in the Championship, selling club say NO please go away and come back with a better come back with improved offer, selling club accept, deal done! At no point did Watford accept an offer from Reading until now! Please Reading fans stop embarrassing yourselves with made up stories trying to make our club look bad! Offer what a player is worth in the first place and there will be no issues!!


16 Jul 2012 10:51:45
Fraser Fyvie undergoing medical at wigan today(15)(4)LOL you would need at least 15 million for lee. He has just signed a 4 year contract extension and is only 24. I doubt he would go to wigan anyway, Even though they are one div above bolton it's most certainly a step "BACKWARDS"


16 Jul 2012 10:48:00
Spainsh GK Jacobo Sanz Ovejero is on
trail with the addicks.

played in the second half of the 4 nil welling

6.5 tall 29 year ol is out of contract so
we be another free.

I would of thought Sullivan was off then
and he fight for no1 with Hamer.

not the position we need beefin up the
most so.

Still need that Forward, centre half and
central midfilder off all that is better
than what we have.(4)(2)


16 Jul 2012 10:43:54
Huddersfield Town Transfer Rumours

By a town fan and from club source.

4 players to come in and 4 to go out: -

Anthony Kay - probable to Tranmere.
Jamie McCombe - unknown but not in SG plans.
Gobern/Robinson - one to leave - unknown location.
Rhodes - very likely on way out (negotiations ongoing)

Ross McCormack - Done deal. (announced once LUFC make significant signing.
Charlie Austin (in negotiation - will only happen if Rhodes goes)
Michail Antonio (in talks - met wage demands but player to choose HTFC or SWFC).
Dorian Dervite (almost sorted)
Others targets in mind but early stages of negotiations.(10)(28)Charlie Austin deal does not exist, Burnley we not sell, so move on with that.McCormack has not agreed to sign for Huddersfield.How many times, Grayson and McCormack dont get on, so why would McCormack sign for him againAustin would cost you a similar fee to Jay Rodriguez and Jordan Rhodes. Proven at this level, scored 17 goals last season and was injured for a couple of months. He will still be a Burnley player next season unless Premier League interest is shown.People keep saying Kay to tranmere won't happen because of his wages if he wants to price himself out of a move he can but if it's a choice between playing at tranmere on lower wages or being a reserve at HTFC I know what I'd choose!On the ins would prefer Morrison to Devrite and this could be part of the Antonio deal, the rest would be excellent. On the outs, can't see Gobern being released, he had a future at Town, the rest yes they can go but Rhodes for the right money.Listen, not being funny I am a Swindon fan, why would Austin leave Burnley to go to huddersfield. Charlie is ambitious and a real great player, but for me he would be better off staying at Burnley with a manager he has a lot of time for.Reading will have no interest in dealing with hudders after the whole Rhodes incident, all contact between the clubs over the transfer of morrison and antonio (though its total rubbish by you) are terminated. TheRoyalWould quite happily swap mccormack and austin for rhodes as he is way over rated - huddersfield town fanWait and see then rather than getting upset. If you are right and Austin wont sign for Huddersfield then no need to comment on rumours - only comment if you feel defensive and worried it may happen.Town turned down a loan move for Kay, I think they are holding out for a straight sale. would be a decent buy for a good league one club.The whole Rhodes incident where Reading fans kept spouting rumours about him signing when there had been no contact whatsoever between Rhodes and Reading. At most McDermott had made an inquiry, case closed. So unless you're the chairman of Reading FC, stop acting like you know everything about the club, your giving the rest of us a bad name.Reports are Dervite transfer is off and the local rag hinted on social media about some news regarding Morrison.
also reports in the real media today have said town have put a NEW bid in for McCormack today so how can it be a done deal."Reading will have no interest in dealing with hudders after the whole Rhodes incident"--- Grow up!! Huddersfield are well within their rights to dictate a fee over Rhodes with no need to sell, Reading might not agree with the asking price but this wont mean they wouldn't do business over other players. Personally though i think Antonio will go SWFC and Morrison will be loaned againAntonio has publicly stated that he is willing to move to Sheff Weds if the clubs can agree a fee. Otherwise he wants to stay at the Royals. It's one or the other. Hudds are not even in the equation (nor Barnsley or other rumoured clubs)!Devrite deal is off, no interest in Austin and Morrison looking doubtful. Source Huddersfield Examiner.


16 Jul 2012 10:33:15
Watford want Chelsea defender Nathaniel Chalobah on loan for the new season.(8)(3)Good player now and will be a future star.


16 Jul 2012 09:43:24
Derby county News

Steve Davies will stay after his
his only option Blackburn decided
to target Simon cox instead

Gary Kenneth,James Caton and
Krystian Pearce will sign on

A left back and Striker will follow next
week still unknown(9)(17)Savies to Ipswich

All 3 prospective signings look likely

The striker still looks likely to be Conor Sammon, and the left-back either Luke Garbutt on loan or Jack Robinson on loan.


16 Jul 2012 09:11:24
Berbatov will join fulham for 7.6 m riseing to 8.4 , his old pal n former manager martin jol wants dimitar to spear head fulham's attak n it is thought berba may be willing to help jol out but any deal will not see moussa dembele join utd after saf was told he was staying at fulham , but we have upped our interest in moutinho.(15)(27)Would be more believable if they hadn't already signed Rodallega and Petric, still possible though.Jol wants to take Berbatov out for dinner but insists no starter or desert..Just a main course meal..he has to lose a little weightAs a Fulham fan I really hope so he's a class player......keeping moussa is also vital....jus cm to play alongside and wel do wellId love this, but can i see it? Not at all, wages would be a stumbling block.More of a stumbling block would be Berba sulking.....again!Another Zamora then. Wah!!


16 Jul 2012 08:06:34
Walsall will this morning unveil Flo Cuvelier and James Chambers as their 2nd and 3rd summer signing.(10)(9)Well, Flo has signed. One in the eye for the nay sayers!Flo has signed on loan to Jan 13 with a view to extending, get in! {Ed025's Note - andy capp is still in talks..Cuvelier loan is official, on club web site, for 6 months initially - briliant news!Flo cuvelier signed 6 month loan deals

Express and star/Walsall fc twitterWalsall signed 32-year-old former Bolton Wanderers, Shrewsbury Town and Rochdale defender Dean Holden, on a one-year contract and also had a six month loan of Stoke City midfielder Florent Cuvelier on loan until Boxing Day.Dean Holden as signed a one year deal..


16 Jul 2012 08:01:02
Hull City will step up there inquiry for David Myler and El Mohammedy today offering David Myler a loan deal to the kc and El Mohammedy with a way out with a £1.75 million pound bid.

Jay Simpson Looks Set To Leave Hull This Week And Go Back To Play In London With Milwall In For The Striker.

Llyod Sam Could Be Seen Tonight In a pre-season freindly tonight(7)(11)Funny that cos Lloyd Sam is on the plane with Portsmouth going to Southern Spain for 10 days !


16 Jul 2012 07:43:32
Lloyd James will be handed a 2 year deal at Leyton Orient if the ex-Colchester midfielder impresses during his trial. Orient also hope to seal a loan deal for QPR forward Angelo Balanta this week.(5)(6)Leyton Orient have failed to sign on a years loan, two young premiership players.
One was a winger, and the other a midfielder.Orient also apparently in talks with Kieran Agard.Who were the 2 players?Heard this from a very reliable source.
cant mention the names, as Orient may be going in for at least one of them again.


16 Jul 2012 07:40:19
Neymar is to leave Santos for Barcelona, 60 million euros. This was seen in a Brazilian newspaper.(19)(26)


16 Jul 2012 06:44:08
Southampton are set to sign Villarreal defender Mateo Musacchio for a fee of 7million. Scouts have been watching him for several months and are set to take advantage of Villarreals plight into the second division. At only 21 Saints coaches see him as an ideal capture for the future and hope to partner him with young CB Aaron Martin in the future.(23)(10)Ed any truth in this one?? {Ed001's Note - all I know is that he is available for transfer as Villareal need the money.}He'd be an interesting signing. I mean the Spanish leagues aren't known for defensive superiority but he's young and has potential. Doubt he'd cost as much as 7 million. I reckon he'd come for 5million. But lets see how this one develops.Exciting to be linked with a centre-back finally. He sounds like a good capture, but I don't see how he'd qualify for a work permit unless he has Spanish relatives (he's Argentinian).

He's played for Argentina, so it would be audacious to pull off his signing.

I would say however that the Premier League being the high-tempo league it is, he shouldn't be the basket we're putting all our defensive eggs in - would surely take some time to adjust. Better to sign a more experienced CB with experience of the Premier League for this season.Just seen, he's got dual Italian nationality (hence the surname)Aaron Martin isn't good enough watched him a lot last season. Would love to believe we could capture the likes of musacchio but can't see it just yet!Aaron Martin is a class player, after his loan when he get's first team experience he will be quality, never puts a foot wrongOur worst run of form last season was when we had him at the back. His level is championship tops.


16 Jul 2012 03:55:59
Wigan are reported to be lining up a move for Bolton winger Chung Yong Lee should Victor Moses leave the club.

Latics face a battle to keep hold of the young attacker this summer as both Chelsea and Liverpool target a swoop and boss Roberto Martinez is keeping an eye out for a replacement.
Bolton's South Korean star is being mentioned as a possible target even though he missed virtually the whole of last season with a broken leg and reports claim a £3million bid could be in the pipeline.(19)(4)To the Wigan kid who keeps posting this bit of way off wishful thinking - have you not noticed that the Editor keeps removing your silly posts after a day or so of laughs?No chance of this happening he has commited his future to the club with a 4 year deal and a bid of mill is a joke.Can i just say, I am a Wigan fan and I dont understand how this is a stupid rumour?

I dont want Lee as there are much better and younger players out there than him who would come to Wigan and the fee of 3million is low but you look that Chelsea bid 3.5million for Victor Moses who is double the player Lee is and you start to see thet 3million is just an opening bid (I doubt we will move for Lee but if we did we would bid closer to 6million if wereally wanted to get him)He's too good for the Championship and wants to play in the Prem. This could happen.Moses is worth only 3.5, were you'll need 10-15 million at least for Chungy.Double the player of lee?? Are you for real
Moses had a good end of season that's what got him the good rating nothing else he's nothin but a risk! The talent lee has is class and tbh u Wigan fans need to get ready for relegation and we will be coming back up without a doubt even though we are below u we have a better squad


15 Jul 2012 23:58:21
Dempsey set to leave Fulham but not for Liverpool as everyone thinks. Instead he will join fellow American Michael Bradley at AS Roma.(18)(44)I don't know about Liverpool or Roma. I've got a hunch there's something going on with either Arsenal or Spurs



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