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17 Jan 2012 00:41:10
QPR are in for samba in jan(12)(23)


17 Jan 2012 00:37:58
QPR in for zamora
in jan(29)(14)


17 Jan 2012 00:30:39
Leicester are about to join in the race for Jamie Vardy's signaturesource SSN(27)(8)Dont think fleetwood will let he go anyway they dont really need the money


17 Jan 2012 00:25:43
King Kenny to bid £6m for marvin sordell as he seeks to repeat success of previous years when he took another Wfc player John Barnes . He should look at teaming him up with Danny graham also IMHO.(9)(26) 

What pay double to what Watford want?


17 Jan 2012 00:19:40
Real Madrid attacking midfielder Esteban Granero & lille striker Moussa Sow, both want a move to liverpool both to be around 8m. And Lille and Liverpool maybe will do straight swap and 2m for Sow.(30)(22)These to players would be to great signing for liverpool football club.


16 Jan 2012 22:46:56
Tendayi Darikwa, the young Chesterfield CAM is set to have a medical with Championship high flyers Southampton. It is an undisclosed fee thought to be around a quarter of a million pounds. What are your thoughts on this Ed?(12)(9)Does'nt seem likely, with an already full midfield, and with the recent loan signing of Falque, i would think that CAM is far from what we want. We would need to make a pernament signing of a RM/RW, and another striker, not to mention an addition to defense maybe, possibly a RB? Richardson is great, but if he's out, then we cant keep playing a LB there.I havent really seen saints purchase policy target players based on there possition tbh. If he represents value then he would be added.


17 Jan 2012 00:00:49
Gary hooper to saints really ? This ain't gonna happen , if saints have 6 or 7 million to spend on a striker I'm surely Huddersfield won't refuse that kind of money for jordan Rhodes .(8)(24) 

Ermm yes we would, were richer than you think, wanna beFirst of all, cut the wannabe crp, we're much better than you huddersfield, secondly, because one person says it doesnt reflect all saints fans, I personally don't want rhodes, he's a good player yes, great player perhaps, but he wont fit into what we need up front, he's a poacher, we dont need that.Look, Celtic are a bigger club tha Saints, but lets be honest, scottish football is a joke. There are only 2 clubs and thats why you always qualify for europe and get knocked out early as you play good sides. Celtic and rangers would be mid / lower premier league at best !!Huddersfield have and will continue to reject offers for Rhodes 6 million or higher it won't make any difference.Southampton are still just wannabies.
Do they play in europe? no
have they won the the european cup? no
who has the better history and trophie wins? celtic
( league one runners up and potential championship champions dont count,and thats a push to remember you winning something.) relegation next year. Know your place in football, you are not as big as you think you are. take the slap and go sit in the corner were you belong.Who has more trophy wins rangers or celtic...hmmmm.

and whats this southampton wouldnt want rhodes....stop kidden yourself this boy is going placesRhodes to stay, bigger than saints.... . however saints are a bigger team than celtic playing sunday league with a rangers side that would defo struggle in championship, for me southampton were only team better than hudds last season but somehow brighton finished top. think both saint and hudds going up this year. sottish football is useless if either glasgow team had anything about them they would drop down to english football like cardiff and swanswea but don't want to get embarrassed week in week out! about time those north of the border wound their necks and got ready for their next big games.... spl giants st jonhson away in front of 2500 men in tartan skirts! get back in your box!Have rangers ever won the european cup? twice? no

When it comes to the biggest club competition in the world rangers and the saints will always be way behind. But if you close your eyes you can dream, but thats all that it will ever be, a dream.To the poster 2 above. What the hell are you taking? Rangers and Celtic sell out 50,000 plus seater stadiums twice a week. They have more fans in England that Southhampton, They have both been in a European final in the last few years (drawing with Man Utd, Beating Liverpool, Lyon, Sporting Lisbon etc en route), are two of the most supported clubs in the world (fact) and would destroy low quality teams like the saints. Rangers have won more domestic titles than any other club in the world, and while the spl is awful, you can only beat whats infornt of you and i am struggling to think of the last time southhampton won anything and struggling even more to think of a time when anyone cared. You would not be trying and failing to buy old firm player if you were a big club. Brush the chip off your shoulder, drop the biggoted anti-scots banter and p1ss off to your next half filled stadium (at best) game against some other diddy team.


16 Jan 2012 23:57:46
Drogba and Alex to make the switch from Chelsea to their London rivals QPR. The combined cost for their pair is said to be around £8-£10million, with Alex to be making the switch for £3-£4million and Drogba said to be worth £4-6million.(10)(45)More likely Drogba will go to an Italian club or ArsenalYour maths are pony. That'd be £7-10m. In any case, we will not be signing Drogba. Not even on Football Manager games...


16 Jan 2012 23:49:05
james wallace of everton is moving to pne on loan till end of the season(23)(5)


16 Jan 2012 23:39:43
Kilmarnock have beaten St Mirren and Inverness to the signing of former Southend United and Fort Lauderdale midfielder, Grant Kerr. Kerr will sign a deal until June 2013 following his recent return from the USA.(4)(3)No it mark kerr used to play with aberdeen


16 Jan 2012 23:38:50
Neil Warnock has been approached by Watford as their next manager. Warnock is considering the offer.(9)(30)


16 Jan 2012 23:17:14
West brom and Wolves are the latest teams Enquiring about Ricky Lambert!(16)(25)I have read baggies are in for Drogba, has a medical today at 2pm, expect announcement. If not we will go for Marlon King.

Also Hodson trying to sign Dempsey and Hangerlaang to sure up the team. {Ed002's Note - Drogba is in the Middle East at the moment so will not be at the Hawthorns today.}Drogba is more likely to go to Saints than Rickie go to West Brom!It's Ok to enquire....... if he stays where he is at least he gets to play a full season in the Prem next year rather than signing for the cloggers at West Brom or Wolves


16 Jan 2012 22:58:21
amir zaki could make a shock return to pl with a move to bolton! also james tomkins linked with fulham and richard kingston linked with stoke!(8)(19)Fulham already have 4 CB better than Tomkins - no interestActually, we don't have all that much depth (especially not quality depth) at CB. Tomkins is still rather young and shows plenty of promise. Aside from Hangeland, who do we have? Hughes is good but plagued with injuries plus his age. Aside from him - Senderos who is inconsistent and has shown some real cracks, and Baird. I could see Tomkins as a potential target, he can also play RB which we need help with.


16 Jan 2012 23:05:26
Manchester United will sign AZ Alkmaar's Rasmus Elm in June(4)(16)Read that they had agreed to sign him in June on the 27th December On talk sport magazine.
Hope its true.
Man Utd Fan

James!Wow hes a cracking player, would hate to see him with the scum


16 Jan 2012 23:03:15
Man Utd to swoop for Newcastle midfielder Cabaye. Had pencilled in a summer move for him but recent displays have interested some big clubs and Fergie needs a creative midfielder asap. Bid to be around £14m(11)(41)You will need more than 14 mill.One of the best midfielders in the EPL - 14 mil? No chance, try 24 and you may get close, Manc will probably bid though. TBH he would fit into the Manu team, however so would Demba ba, Tiote, colo, Krul - as they would fit into most of the prem teams.24 mill the guy has had a few good games now he is a world beater! wake up mate he aint worth nowhere near that yetIs he not injured at the minute?


16 Jan 2012 22:22:33
Arsenal are set to sign three youths from the Sheffield City youth team:
Josh Knight- 17- winger/forward
Joe Beal- 18- CB/LB
Adam Robinson- GK

this would be typical Arsenal.(23)(15)I saw this earlier as well, must be true seen josh knight play and he's rather impressive, next theo walcott?


16 Jan 2012 22:41:16
hooper to sign for saints by this weekend, fee in region of 6.5 with add ons.
celtic to replace with craig mackail smith

the men in the know xx(18)(35)Please disregard this. Hooper has made it quite clear he is happy to go for a treble at Celtic and is very happy. Celtic do not have to sell at all.Not going to happen he himself said hes going nowereCMS isn't even good enough for the ChampionshipAs a friend of Gary Hooper 's family I can tell you this is far from what it all seems in the reports..... Gary has been denied re-negotiation on his contract and Peter Lawwell has been pulling sly stunts to get people to bid for him....Celtic havent even kept Gary in the picture with whats been going on .
3 bids have been knocked back and indications are that another million on top of the last bid will be accepted .
A.R.TSoooooooo...he's being kept out of the picture, yet he knows everything that's going on according to his last interview?

hmm, either hooper, lennon and celtic are lying, or you, the nameless, faceless "friend" is

i know who i'd rather believeDont talk rubbish. If Hoops wasnt happy he certainly wouldnt have come out in the press and said what he did. If he was unhappy we would have heard nothing from him.Hooper allegedly said he was happy at Celtic, this is just a smoke screen to get the value up on the player, scottish cups are not worth piss ...they only have 2 names on them, an Egg Cup is far more valuableWho mentioned the Scottish cups? He'll be more interested in the Champions League.


16 Jan 2012 22:38:52
Chelsea defender Alex is 90% certain to move to wolves by the end of the week for a fee thought to be in the region of £3.9 million.(10)(51)I wish this would happen, massively. But wishing isn't believing. And I don't know if Mick would be willing to pay those level of wages...Ha Wolves?Hes not going to go to wolves is heGoing to qpr , 4 mill ?If Alex stays in England, it will be in London. Not that dump-hole in the midlands. PSG or QPR.Ive heard its more 87% certain, as there is doubt about whether his mum will like the area.


16 Jan 2012 22:02:33
Burton albion have had a 30k bid rejected by Hereford for midfielder Harry Pell(3)(9)


16 Jan 2012 21:59:30
Martin Jol wants Leon Britton at Fulham and is to bid 9million for the centre midfielder WATCH THIS SPACE(7)(32)Thats like heskey for 1 millionI am watching that space but cant see anything?Nice little player - but 29 yr old - BMJ won't pay 9m for someone that age


16 Jan 2012 21:37:53
Millwall To Get Shittu and Rob Hulse?(21)(11)Need something at back n up top!


16 Jan 2012 21:21:44
Free Agent Francis Jeffers on Trial with League 1 Walsall(9)(6)Fancis Jeffers is not a Free agent,
He plays for Newcastle in Austrailia.How many teams have walsall got your signing every player around for a very small club


16 Jan 2012 21:14:36
Richard O'Kelly to join Bristol Rovers as Sean O'Driscolls Number 2 when he's finally unveilled as Manager! Ex Tranmere Manager John Barnes to Join Walsall as a Coach to Mentor Dean Smith(5)(13)Dream on matey.. Sean o Driscoll is going to plymouth!!Richard O Kelly is normally number 2 to Richard Money. Crossed wires? SOD to Plymouth?Rovers have announced they have short listed 4 candidates - ODriscoll is not one of them!Jhon barnes is living out in the bahamas why would he come abck to uk he kniows is day in british football are over


16 Jan 2012 21:00:18
Ipswich to sign a former player this week Jordan Rhodes town have 1st option on him after they had a buy back clause in his contract when they sold him(11)(26)Just that it will cost an awful lot more than what they sold him forGood try - don't think so - next you will be saying it is a right to buy for £2m - if it is market value - circa £4m - you haven't got it!!So why would he chose to rejoin you instead of joining one of the many premier league teams? stupid post.And the winner of the football rumours comedy post of the year is.......,.Another ipswich muppet unable to let go!! face it u sold him for less than a million just 2 years ago now worth ten! let it go only time you'll see rhodes again is when he bangs in a hat trick for hudds at your place next season! keano, keano, keano, keano, keano!!
muppets! up the terriersFACT. poor little ipswich fans, there is "NO" clause in JORD'S contract, no "buy-back" or release amount for any town player. just let it go, KEANE sold him for 150k, thanks alot


16 Jan 2012 20:30:28
I live in Bolton, but Liverpool are my first team, despite ball boying at Burnden for years when I was a kid.

My daughter's friend watches Bolton week in week out with all her family, and my daughter came home tonight saying that Kevin Davies is off to America.

When asked how she knew she said her friend had told her. My daughter has no clue who Kevin Davies is, so was literally just passing on what she was told. Apparently he's friendly with her friend's Dad, and has told him that he is off to America soon.

1970Red(11)(25)Ayee hes going to Vegas on holiday on holiday in the international breakOhh what a surprise that you support Liverpool and your not even from there ! COYB Everton !!


16 Jan 2012 20:27:34
Neil Warnock to be the next Watford Manager. Smith & Helguson will follow.(15)(28)


16 Jan 2012 20:24:52
Southampton signed falque on loan till end of the season(9)(9)How is it unbelievable? He's signed officially, it's on both Saints and Spurs sites.You forget that people are so very stupid.


16 Jan 2012 20:23:55
Barcelona to sign Neymar(39)(18)Barca are looking at Pavelychenko as a back up strikerThey already have made a dealThe could possibly open the door for out of favour striker david villa goin to the premAre you all mental?
Barca have already agreed a deal for Neymar.
Pavlyuchenko at Barca? Really?!
And David Villa has a serious injury so if you think he's out of form I think he has a reason!
My god you people know nothing! {Ed002's Note - There is no deal for Neymar.}The same david villa who is out for the rest of the season with a broken leg?I guarantee to you that there is a Barca deal for Neymar mr Editor. {Ed001's Note - can you? Prove it then.}Barca have made a deal for Neymar he wont join until 2014 though thats what i've heard anyway


16 Jan 2012 20:40:17
Birmingham city set to sign Maynard in 48 hours for 2.5 million(18)(24)Please doNo chance of this happening.firstly maynard is worth more than this.also blues haven,t got £2.50 let alone 2.5 million.get real!!I really hope this is trueWhere are Birmingham going to get 2.5 million from, they are broke.Saw him Saturday and he was carpWe have got money pannu has reported saying we can buy players and we got investors coming inHe was carp? oh well i expect a fish will be better than big zig :LNo chance we've got no money and I haven't heard anything to suggest otherwise.We dont have 2.5 pound so 2.5 mill do me a favour and stop writing utter crapMy grandad is Tom Ross ...... Blues do hav money as reported by pannu so dnt comment untill u have the facts .... blues are having 2+ investors inject money into the club


16 Jan 2012 20:34:40
Rob Hulse and Danny Shittu to sign for Millwall on Wednesday(14)(13)Why not tuesday?


16 Jan 2012 20:18:13
Sordell target for leicster along with billy sharp. Also matt tubbs of crawley could be a target for brighton with murry likely to go to coventry(7)(24)Billy sharp turned Leicester city down on saturday nightLeicester haven't got £5m - dream on foxesJoker! Ent got 5m? wot u on bruv Leicester av got loadsa moneyLets re phrase that...leicester have wasted loads a moneyWho would want to go to Leicester anyway they are a poor poor team!Sharps already turned down a move to leicster its not gunna happen so forget about itThe Sharp move to Leicester is not dead in the water yet. The club and player are not poles apart on terms. Wait and see.Why the hell would sordell go to leicester?
dream on sonny jim!


16 Jan 2012 20:16:26
Ipswich and Bristol City are both interested in Middlesboro centre half Stephen McManus, he's not in Tony Mowbray's plans, so could be on his way to Ipswich, with the possiblity of Chopra going to back to his north east roots(14)(8)Iam a middlesbrough supporter it is true that there intrested but its unlikey chopra will be coming here


16 Jan 2012 20:14:47
Iago Falque to complete a loan move from tottenham to southampton tonight meaning spurs have signed him permanently.

Minimurph(31)(7)On official Saints siteNot necessarily, Liverpool loaned Dani Pacheco to Atletico, then they asked to be allowed to be duble loaned to Rayo Vallaceno {Ed001's Note - different situation, that was agreed in the loan contract. Spurs had to buy him to loan him on.}It's on the Official saints site so it has gone through


16 Jan 2012 20:12:36
Southampton sign Yago Falque on loan from Tottenham - Source Southampton OS(21)(6)


16 Jan 2012 20:11:04
Southampton have signed the highly rated U21 Spanish star Iago Falque from tottenham on loan till the end if the season SOURCE- Southampton FC website.(23)(6)


16 Jan 2012 20:10:50
Spaniard Falque has joined Saints on loan until end of season. See official club website.(27)(7)


16 Jan 2012 20:09:25
Saints have signed Spanish Under-21 star Yago Falqué on loan from Tottenham until the end of the season(24)(5)


16 Jan 2012 19:54:49
Hi ed do you think there is any truth in the rumours I am hearing that Middlesbrough are now interested in lomano lua lua and Orlando engelaar? {Ed003's Note - Lomano Lua Lua got injured at weekend so cant see it,dont know about Engelaar but you have had an interest in him for a while if I remember right }(4)(9)We are intrested in lua lua dont know about orlando tho


16 Jan 2012 19:52:41
Tranmere forward mustafa tiryaki is wanted by the team who rejected him in the Summer, Scunthorpe and also tranmere have had a call about the availability of joss labadie from an unnamed club(6)(5)


16 Jan 2012 20:01:54
Jermaine Defoe will not be moving to Anfield, Liverpool will not spend £10m on a player who is nearly 29. Liverpool have been tracking 4 forwards for the past couple of weeks Teixera, de Jong, Rhodes and Sow even though the club have been linked with everyone under the sun from Higuain, Bent,Llorrente,Villa,Lavezzi etc. but they have now made their move . Lille want to keep Joe Cole, Moussa Sow wants to leave and with less than 18 months left on his contract Lille can't command too high a fee. Liverpool have offered Cole, along with £8m for Sow but Lille have not yet replied. David Hoillet and Xherdan Shaqiri are also being tracked, Liverpool may move for Hoillet this January but Basle will not sell Shaqiri until the summer.(27)(20)Swaps don't happen - dream onThey would rather pay 35 million for carroll lol .


16 Jan 2012 19:59:42
charles n zogbia for sale as he made a forward pass in a game for villa,mcleish was fuming(33)(7)I don't believe this is true as villa players are allowed one forward pass each a gameHaha brilliantI'm a Villa season ticket holder and this must be specualtion about each player being allowed one forward pass per game as I am yet to see it! Warnock incapable of anything but given the ball away anyway!


16 Jan 2012 19:29:32
Frank Songo to barnsley Free(5)(13)


16 Jan 2012 19:41:02
Celtic have accepted a bid of 7.5million ponds up front along with Jason Puncheon and a fee of 250k should Hooper break into the England team during his time at Southampton.(13)(37)Celtic have not and will not accept the fee quoted plus anyone or England appearances sell on percentages or anything else. Please quote your source.Seven and a half million ponds! Either they are very small or Celtics garden is very big!Give it up!If cahill was only worth 7m than i dont believe southampton would pay that much for hooperHooper tonight said he isnt going anywhere ! especially southampton ..asEngland team..haha,wake up,he's scoring in the tin pot league,never proved himself in the premier league never mind internationalI am getting really peed off with this hooper saints celtic crap i support saints but give it a rest it s really really boring now move onIsn't worth a fraction of that. Scoring in Scotland is one thing- in the second tier of English football a far sterner task.Hes only saying that to get better personal tearmsThe whole hooper thing could be a smokescreen so adkins can do buisness elsewhere without distractionHe out scored carroll in the championship the season before he joined celtic, and was playing for an inferior team, scores in the europa league and there are still clowns on here saying he's not worth 7.5 million? Do i detect sour grapes cos he's staying put?This is boring now he's not going to Southampton he just said so todayScoring in a tin pot league is one thing... where as Carrol is overweight, unfit and not scorring in the best league in the world... for 35 million!! You do the math!!Saints rejected an offer from Blackpool for Punchoen for £75000 so why would they let him go to Celtic for far less?! Doughnut! Also time to move on from the Hooper thing-its not gonna happen.
Saints fan.


16 Jan 2012 18:38:52
Ed, what's all this stuff about aly cissokho coming to newcastle, is it true? And everyone saying the deal is off now. {Ed008's Note - Their's interest no bids have been made.(3)(12)Thanks m8Dream on


16 Jan 2012 19:33:33
Swansea looking to sign spearing(9)(20)OK for Swans benchNewly promoted championship side with 2nd tier players still riding the rush of promotion,spearing would go straight into the 1st 11,


16 Jan 2012 19:32:26
Ipswich town have secured josh carson on a new 3 year contract(10)(5)


16 Jan 2012 19:26:05
Wolves to sign Alex after Chelsea and Wolves agree a few believed to be in the region of 4million(14)(26)Im a wolves fan this will never happen in the month of sundays


16 Jan 2012 19:18:56
Celtic, Everton,Wigan,Bolton interested in Stoke Ricardo Fuller.(20)(8)Everton been after Fuller for a while and he wants a big last pay day.Why hes just come back froma nasty anckle problem and hes 32 unfit and can no longer run


16 Jan 2012 18:38:21
Liverpool to go for Sow and 1 other striker by next week(22)(14)And Carroll is goin back to tyneside but not the toon cos we wouldnt give you a fiver for him,but hes signing for gateshead,
Reserves of course.


16 Jan 2012 19:14:48
Billy sharp has been seen looking for a house in derby.(6)(33)This mans life just gets worseYes , terraced houseing is cheap he needs to be investing his money somewhere, he will never play for derby, hes just turned down £28,000, wage cap at derby et at £15k, says it all really,dream on deluded derby fansWHEN ?Theres some as soon as you pull off the M1 they should be enough to put him offThe man needs help, who would want to live in DerbyMore chance of him riding a horse in the derby!This is not going to happen why would he go to derby hes too big for them


16 Jan 2012 19:11:41
Walsall have moved fast offering season long deals to Marc Bridge-Wilkinson and Liam Hatch following thier sacking from Darlington.(8)(8)Liam hatch signed for Gateshead last weekIm afraid hatch has gone to gatesheadThe same liam hatch who now plays for gateshead?If they were sacked they wouldn't be signing on loan.


16 Jan 2012 19:09:18
14 Jan 2012 18:56:32
"Brighton have signed goal keeper David Gonzalez. Source inside club has confirmed and will be announced Monday."
Another megalomaniac who seems to enjoy inflating his own self-esteem by pretending to be well connected or well informed. It is now 7pm and no such announcement has been made.

I'm not saying we wont sign this guy, by all accounts in the media, he is training or on trial with us, but I am always sceptical when people claim to have "sources".

I really enjoy football banter and people talking through their shirts, its a good laugh. But does anyone else find that there's basically 3 types of people who post on these kind of forums. A) Real football fans who post realistic speculation regarding potential targets/ or players they would like to sign based on genuine criteria. B) People who unearth a bit of actually media reported activity and then post it on here under the "rumour" category, hoping to appear well informed to less scrupulous researchers. and then my pet peeve, C) The absolutely delusional, thoroughly immature individuals who invent stories and then try and add credence to speculative claims by pretending they are connected or informed or, in extreme cases, relatives or friends of players/managers/coach's etc. I'm still trying to get over my buddy a week or so ago that claimed he was a scout for West Brom! Lol, ridiculous.

Lets just keep it real people!

Regards, The Realist Seagull(1)(10)Can't really believe you have spent time writing this long essay! Nothing else better to do perhaps!! Let them get on with it!


16 Jan 2012 19:01:46
Newcastle signings
Cissokho 7.5 million
Yanga mbiwa 6.8 million
Darren bent 6 million + simpson ( = 12 million)
M'villa 7 million(6)(45)Another deluded GeordieDeludedYeah i agree and im a mag12m for Bent. What a joker!Dream on 12 mill for bent big mike wouldnt spend that kind of moneyM'villa is worth at least twenty million, similar to the fee that would have to be payed for bent. Also why go for cissoko who seems to have been under performing for the last two yearsNo wayHAHA Geordies are funny


16 Jan 2012 18:58:09
Eddn Hazard 20 millin plus Joe Cole

Big January for Liverpool, Hazard move may be suspended until the summer

Rodwell wants to be at a bigger club, lets get that right(10)(39)If rodwell is looking for a bigger club why would he go to liverpool?He won't go to Liverpool then!IF Rodwell moves, it woll be to a top 4 club, not poolDream on matey boyYou lot get worse !! As if any of those will go to Liverpool , wakey wakey !

Much loveI know every club has fans who have silly expectations but Liverpool really seem to have lots more than anyone. You are a massive club with a fantastic history but you are at a point where you are not one of the European or English elite.

Liverpool are a side rebuilding after a poor spell and will not be signing Europe's top players. Yes they signed Suarez and whilst he is a cracking player his conduct and reputation meant that the really big clubs wouldn't take a gamble on him. After years of claiming to be signing Villa, Silva, Di Maria etc. we are now onto the next generation such as Hazard, M'Villa etc. I think most sensible Liverpool fans feel silly by this boasting without foundation.

Until they have some trophy success, get in the CL and are genuine challengers for the title they won't get the really big names.Why would Eden hazard chuck away the chance to play for any club in Europe to choose Liverpool!! Haha liverdrool are not even in the top 6 in prem weak post


16 Jan 2012 18:57:38
As soon as Mervan Celik signs for Rangers, Gregg Wylde will be loaned to watford for the rest of the season.(7)(17)


16 Jan 2012 18:53:29
Chelsea to off load Malouda and Kalou and replace them with Sinclair and dyer from Swansea.(10)(27)Idiot post. no offence.Sinclair came from chelsea so hes not going backWhy would chelsea re-sign sinclair after selling him in the 1st place im guessing cause he wasnt good enough for em


16 Jan 2012 18:52:13
Latest Newcastle news
Aly Cissokho
Keeper for FCC Voleendam
Maybe Dirk Kuyt
Striker for Herenveen
Mpou Yanga M'bia
Luuk de Jong
Wilfred Zaha

Alan smith
Steve Harper
Danny Simpson
Joan Sidmun Edmundsson ( Loan )(7)(26)Why do Newcasle fans think players will sign for a club that wins the same as Sunderland-nowtKuyt, de Jong and the Heerenveen man?! (Elyounoussi is it?). I know Ba's away, but newcastle only really need one striker.
wallyHe's called Dost or something like that


16 Jan 2012 18:46:34
Millwall are set to clinch deals for Dan Shittu and Rob Hulse by Wednesday morning latest. Source at Loftus Road.(10)(7)


16 Jan 2012 18:43:15
Mevlut Erding not coming to Newcastle, sorry fellow Geordies(16)(5)Source pleaseHe's not good enough anyway


16 Jan 2012 18:28:28
Exodus Geohaghon following release form Darlington is interesting St.Mirren, Hibs and Dundee United(10)(3)Hes at dagenham and redbridge


16 Jan 2012 18:28:19
Aberdeen manager Craig Brown has singled out prolific Falkirk striker Farid El Alagui as the perfect addition to his strikerforce this summer.(12)(4)Whoever we sign as a striker will still require better service than is afforded our current front players.


16 Jan 2012 18:27:26
WBA: Jeremy peace won't completely break the clubs tradition of spending in the Jan window. He will allow Hodgson to make a few cut price signings...majority of deals will be loan with a view to permanent.

WBA targets:

CB: Onuoha/Tim Ream (likely going to Bolton)
CM: Gardner (unlikely due to valuation)/Dicskon Etuhu
Winger: Rodriguez (loan from Porto)

Heard from a mate that we want Aiden McGeady but i doubt that very much as my mate is full of crap! :)

Hodgson has himself ruled out signing a striker so all the Maynard rumours are more than likely total rubbish! I think we need a new striker but hey ho my opinion means jack in the footballing world!



16 Jan 2012 18:26:30
if southampton dont get gary hooper we will buy jordan roades as has been reported in the daily mirror under the huddlesfields score as said fulham and southampton are front runners to get there man(8)(21)Mirror - then it must be true! Or do you mean your magic mirror. Huddersfield don't look like selling, according to the manager & chairmanDream on both are far 2 good for southampton.....what will they ever win playing for them...NOTHINGI'm a saints fan. Can you stop embarrassing our club by making these ridiculous rumours?Yeah even in the Prem they will only pull 30k a weekIf saints get rhodes ill eat my own toeWell, yea they would win something, alot more than Huddersfield ever will so chirp down. Anyway, as a saints fan i think its unlikely we would even bother going for rhodes, he'd go prem anywayAnd everyone else who ever kicked a footballNo you wont


16 Jan 2012 18:21:52
-Young Striker James Collins From Shrewsbury Has Emerged As A Target For Watford. Collins Famously Scored The First Goal Against Arsenal In Their Carling Cup Tie At The Emirates. Sean Dyche Wants A Prolific Goal Scorer To Replace Marvin Sordell Who Appears To Be Heading Out Of Vicarage Road. Watford May Offer £450k For The 21 Year Old Striker.

-Watford Are Keen On Taking Tommy Smith Back To Vicarage Road On Loan To The End Of Season From QPR. Watford Want Tommy Smith To Replace Michael Kightly Who Returned To The Molineux Following A Very Succesful Loan Spell.(12)(5)


16 Jan 2012 18:15:15
Reds are looking at the creative midfielder Esteban Granero for around £8m from Real Madrid, also are looking at Moussa Sow from Lille, however due to Kenny's taste in British talent, Defoe is probably more likely to happen for around £10m. Also I've heard we're looking at Scott Sinclair from Swansea, not sure if there's any truth in that rumour though. One person who has been cancelled out is Llorente, possibly a move from Bilbao in the summer but not in this window(7)(16)


16 Jan 2012 18:10:11
conor sammon apparently a target for Tottenham, would take £5 million though(2)(31)They would be better going down to the river and catch a real fish


16 Jan 2012 18:08:43
Any Burton Rumours ?

Heard that harry pell of hereford said on twitter he was on his way to burton then removed it(4)(9)


16 Jan 2012 18:02:08
Dean Smith set to resign as Walsall Manager after a heart to heart with Jeff Bonser! With Steve Bull set to take over(9)(13)Lol you make me laugh, why would we want a ex dingle in charge especially such a legendary dingle, Steve bull wouldn't want it anyway. And our attendances would demise even more, steve bull lol more like bull Bull is wolves through n through he wouldnt take over at walsallWell cause that dingle is a legend he might even come out of retirement n show macken n grigg how to score twice there age twice the playerI like how you say twice mackens age when he is like 33/34....get your facts right, as much as stevey bull is a legend, we need someone else to take over someone like Sean O'DriscollOh yes ,bully is a legend at stafford rangers where he really showed em what a great manager he hoo..


16 Jan 2012 18:00:11
Notts County are in talks with Mladá Boleslav over Australian striker Kerem Bulut. The 19 year old has admitted he would like to play in England.(2)(9)


16 Jan 2012 17:59:32
Swindon hope to tie up the deal for Luke Rooney tomorrow and will then focus on trying to sign Ronan Murray from Ipswich after his loan ended. they could then try and sign centre back Sean Morrison on loan from the club they sold him too!(8)(5)


16 Jan 2012 17:54:39
Wolves look set to sign James Perch from Newcastle in order to strengthen their defence as they look to stay in the premier league. The fee is thought to be in the region of £1.2 million for the right back.(10)(17)I could see this even though mick wants a center halfFoley's coming back from injury (finally), seeing as he's first choice we'll have Stearman as backup and I think Mick will probably want to sign a central defender before anything else now, even though Berra's been our best defender and Johnson may be recovering form.


16 Jan 2012 17:54:24
After various comments on his twitter site, Winger Jacques Maghoma is looking to leave Burton Albion with a move back down to London looking the most likely destination. Upto 7 clubs are currently interested in the player. These are Leyton Orient, Crawley, Crystal Palace, Derby County, MK Dons, Fleetwood(5)(6)If he wants to move back down to London why are Derby and Fleetwood involved?


16 Jan 2012 17:54:06
Hi guys. The rumours here in the West Country are sky high. Nicky Maynard will be off to WBA in an exchange deal with Chris Wood. Paul Ince has turned down the chance to manage Bristol Rovers. Bret Pitman will NOT be going anywhere! As for Leroy Lita rejoining us? That is such a stupid rumour. BUT on the other hand, he does hate coppers! As much as I like him to come back, I cannot see it happening! Bristol City got Donny on Saturday at Ashton Gate in a relegation battle (which I hope it will be a home win!) IF Billy Sharp scores, I urge ALL of the City fans to APPLAUD him, and NOT boo him, like the Barnsley sick fans did! He had a bad year with the death of his 3 day old son. And I for 1 WILL applaud him.(5)(10)Well said-Sharp does like to wind us up and has a habit of scoring against us-If he does, thats what he's paid to do-Some things in life mean more than footballIm a hull city fan and i applaud your feelings on billy sharp,god only knows what he and his family have been throughGet your facts right Barnsley fans did not boo him he come up and gauded Barnsley fans and he deserved everything that SHOULD have been coming to him watch replays1 person did a sick chant, 4000 others booed him as he is an ex Sheff United player and always tried to wind us up. Its a love hate thing, all taken the right way. He didnt even score against us.
GET YOUR FACTS STRIAGHT.Why should someone clap him if he scores? i feel soooooo sorry for him but its dragging on too long now. i for one will not clap if he plays against us this season and scores.


16 Jan 2012 17:52:14
Liam ridgewell is in talks with wolves and is expected to sign by the end of the week for a fee in the region of £2.5 million(16)(11)I dunno ridgewell played in the fa cup maybe mick wants someone whos not cup tiedMmmm, any better idea of what region of 2.5m? Say within 1m or so.Mick wouldnt care bout the cup, he wouls go straight into left back and ward can play in cupRidgewell for simon cox swap,loan deal till end of season,
source radio wolves ,, wm


16 Jan 2012 17:36:25
Ipswich Town have had a bid accepted for Swindon pair Paul Caddis and Matt Ritchie, earlier Swindon claimed that no bids had been received for them. However, since then, an offer was put in that Swindon chairman Jeremy Wray couldn't refused. All though the bids are undisclosed Ronan Murray is thought to be part of the deal(9)(16)Rubbish!!.....Absolute Rubbish, what an earth do you think STFC are trying to achieve this season by selling 2 Players who are key to our success...

GET A GRIP!!!I'd swop him for 2 bovrils & a pie(a large one) - overated.not interested in helping team,just another overpaid average defender who can't stand up


16 Jan 2012 17:33:16
Tom Bradshaw of shrewsbury town to an unnamed SPL club(2)(8)


16 Jan 2012 17:29:22
Newcastle set to sign aly cissokho from lyon for a fee of 7.5 million, the frenchman has stated he is waiting on the green light from lyon before flying in for a medical

Danny simpson looks likely to leave with the arrival of cissokho as he has so far stalled on a new deal, also newcastle arent likely to leave santon or cissokho on the bench after paying 13 million for the pair

If simpson is to leave qpr or aston villa look favourites to sign him for a fee of around 5 or 6 million(11)(12)Whats happening with Alan Smith?6 million for simpson? i'm a geordie and find that hard 2 beleiveCissokho is a left back Simpson is a right backNot really sure Villa would be after another right back, plus Simpson isn't worth 5/6 mil pal. 3/4 tops!Ha, dream on deluded magsSanton is a rb thats where he played for inter, cissokho will play left back
Simpson is probably the most consistant rb in the league this season easily worth 5 million also arsenal may interested with there full back problemsAgree with the last statement about simpson and a would be sad to see him go


16 Jan 2012 17:20:47
Moussa Sow will join former team mate Gervinho at Arsenal for €11.5m.

Andrei Arshavin will move to either Anzhi Makhachkala or Zenit Saint Petersburg for around £9.0m.

Arsenal will offer €13.5m for Stade Rennais holding Yann M'Vila who's looking for a move away from the club, Real Madrid are also interested all though unlike Arsenal, no formal approach has been made.

There are also rumors surrounding Dries Mertens' future at PSV, having only moved in the summer from FC Utrecht, 13 goals in 12 Eredivisie games has lead to a number of clubs asking about the 24 year old.(12)(24)Doubt this one as he is looking liverpool boundYann M'Vila will join Arsenal or Real Madrid next summer for £20 million. Moussa Sow is not coming because Arsenal already have a £10 million deal agreed for Mathias Suarez of Anderlect for the summer


16 Jan 2012 17:18:19
unlikely signings this window but strong chance will happen in summer - sneijder - man utd/city
fletcher - arsenal/liverpool
remy and bent - spurs -

ba & hazard - chelsea
samba - lpool/arsenal
erdinc - newcastle
kaka - chelsea
gotze - man utd(8)(27)More chance of Harrys missus in the team than Bent? You having a laugh?


16 Jan 2012 17:14:09
Luke Rooney will discuss personal terms with Swindon tomorrow (Tuesday) after Gillingham accepted an improved 160k bid plus adds on. Providing they are agreed he will be officially announced a Swindon player on Thursday after the proposed medical. The club expect him to be available for the game on Saturday against Macclesfield. Swindon also hope to have Ronan Murray signed on a permanent deal from Ipswich by the weekend. The deal has stalled given Ipswich wanted to use Murray as a 'make-weight' in any potential deal for Matt Ritchie. This move now looks unlikely however. Swindon hope their bid of around 80k plus add ons will be enough to seal the deal for Murray. Finally it is believed that Izale McLeod, Andy Drury and Lewis Grabban are still on the clubs radar, with scouts expected to watch the players again this coming weekend. Manager Paolo Di Canio is still looking for an imposing central midfielder and a experienced centre half before the window closes.(12)(4)


16 Jan 2012 17:08:20
Jordan Rhodes is a £5m target for Sunderland.(23)(21)That wont buy one leg pal double that and we will see you in summerNo he isnt !!You aint got 5 millionDidnt he score six in the cup?????????SAFC already have a lower league 'unproven' in Prem striker, by the name of Conor Wickham for £8m, so why would we gamble another £5m on another lower league youngster?(Target) - Not going anywhere!He's a target for most! 5 not even close!No he is signing for the mirror gazers at SouthamptonNo money?? That's y we paying £10m for a real striker PAPISS CISSE, not some Ipswich rejectDo u think lee clark will let his best player go to sunderland been a gordie haha and mackem call gordie deludedHe wont have a say in it its the boards decision. Cisse will sign for Toon but only cos BA is off to PSG OR Lyon


16 Jan 2012 17:08:05
glen murray, has moved out of Brighton.
He's looking for a house in and around Coventry.
Talks yesterday with Andy Thorn went well
Coventry are alot closer to his home town.
He's not been happy inthe south now for a few years.(10)(9)So why would he move to coventry and not a team like burnley who are a few miles away from maryport (cumbria) which is where he is fromI am a relative of Glenn and all these rumours are just well wide of the mark and need to stop!


16 Jan 2012 17:16:05
Papiss Cisse has emerged as Sunderlands No.1 transfer target, a realistic price of £10m has been set by the Freiburg board after not budging from £15m in the summer which put off many potential suitors. The stumbling block is getting Cisse a medical and signed as he is at the AFCON Representing Senegal but Martin O'Neill is doing all he can to make this deal happen, Ola Toivonen is pure speculation & untrue.(21)(11)I've heard this deal is one as well. Cisse was lined up in summer, but didn't happen, but SAFC board were in poll position for Jan? It was purely a case of whether MON wanted to sign him?Is he any good?I'd rather have ToivonenThis Cisse isnt as good as Djibril!He is at Newcastle having medical deal must be complete within 24 hours Senegal want him back by Friday. Rhodes a very real target for ONiel but looks like Gardiner is off to WBA


16 Jan 2012 16:52:27
Brazilian under 21 striker Henrique to qpr on loan till end of season..
Marvin Sordell also being sounded out with players like Tommy Smith and Mat Connolly going the other way..(14)(3)


16 Jan 2012 16:44:08
Nice want Elliot Grandin on loan with a view of making the move permanent in the summer.

Mr.Roller Coaster(8)(3)


16 Jan 2012 16:40:09
swindon have bid for gills rooney accepted(15)(1)


16 Jan 2012 16:36:27
Mevlut Erding to Lille or Newcastle(12)(12)


16 Jan 2012 16:32:27
Bolton Interested in a 4 million bid for Tottenham outcast Gio Dos Santos..

@Jj786bwfc(16)(17)You aint got 4 millionGary cahill money?Garry cahill money is owed you aint got any money


16 Jan 2012 16:31:31
16 Jan 2012 14:39:50
Newcastle manager Alan Pardew wants wolves striker Kevin Doyle to join him at the sports direct arena as a strike partner for Demba Ba after working with the irish man at reading.

Research your football and you'll in fact find that Doyle was signed by reading well after pardew left... E- for football knowledge!(6)(22)Ba going to PSG - signed and sealed.Why would he go to the s.d.a. anyone-its like a morgue whenever i have been there with City


16 Jan 2012 16:27:44
Paul Huntington looking to move north and has refused to sign contract extension at Yeovil where he is skipper.
Yeovil looking to sell now rather than lose him for nothing at the end of the season with Carlisle rumoured to be the most likely destination.

Danny Livesey likely to go out on loan to get regular football and match fitness but with 24-hour recall clause.(7)(1)


16 Jan 2012 16:26:54
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C to complete the signing of Frederic Piquione on a free transfer or for a cut-fee price from West Ham United F.C . The deal will be annouced before the match against Aston Villa F.C so he can be available.(12)(21)What he is older then the queen and she has more movementWe dont want himNo chance in hell agent talkNo chance. Wolves are not interested in him.


16 Jan 2012 16:23:55
berba going thank god man u to sign shaqiri(10)(20)


16 Jan 2012 16:17:40
Freddie Picquionne deal to Wolves almost
complete and John Carew and Freddie Sears
To follow close behind. This allows Sam
Allardyce more bargaining power. Contrary
to press reports, Sam Allardyce watched
Yakkinck Sagbo last week and was not
impressed. Jamie Mackie however has been told he is surplus to requirements so Hammers expected to make fresh approach. Possible ins and Outs
at Upton park




Billy Sharp
Jimmy Kebe
Jamie mackie
Matt Richie(8)(22)Billy sharp wont go to you he doesnt want to move to far from yorkshire plus he turned down leicester and there the biggest club near yorkshireI believe Man City are as close to doncaster as Leicester is!


16 Jan 2012 16:15:23
Looks like Warnock was just enjoying the game on saturday, expect Sean ODriscoll to be appointed to help Carl Fletcher before the crawley game, hopefully Fletch may consider playing again! Bryher Pilgrim COYG(11)(4)


16 Jan 2012 16:10:09
Matt Lecointe rumoured to be attracting a host of top flight clubs and there were apparentally scouts at the Burton game.(7)(2)


16 Jan 2012 16:09:50
tommy smith(qpr) to watford
james collins(shrewsbury) to watford(17)(4)


16 Jan 2012 16:04:45
Hartlepool United are hoping to sign Jesse Lingard on loan from Manchester United and Conor McAleny from Everton.(8)(8)


16 Jan 2012 16:03:57
Southampton are interested in lukaku in a loan deal for the rest of the season. Lukaku wishes to go out on loan because he's getting no first team experience which he could get at southampton.(11)(20)Already been said he's played for two teams this season therefore can't go out on loan till next season.Come on, don't post absolute crap here. We all know Lukaku cannot play for another club this season so there is NO WAY southampton would take him on loan. He can't play for anyone else.Not possible as he has already played for two teams this season...sorry saints fans, money cant buy you this transfer hahaLukaku
Doh another southampton rumour wrong!!Why would he go to that rubbish team anyway!!You CAN play for a third team as long as they're in 2 completely separate football pyramidsPretty sure Jason Puncheon played for Millwall, Blackpool, Southampton last season. Correct me if I'm wrong, but otherwise this is a new ruleHes aloud to go back to anderlect so he could move there on loan if he goes anywhere


16 Jan 2012 15:53:43
SWP to leave QPR(13)(24)He is said to be going leicester for 3 millionWot a load of crap


16 Jan 2012 15:51:15
tevez to inter milan for 20.7 million(16)(24)I think tevez will go for any money.Not true as they have offered $25 million and manchester city have said its not enough so yerh not true at allBid was actually submitted last week and has been rejected. Source: SSNThe bid is rejected, but £20.7 mill is the same as 25 mill euros whoever posted secondI would snap their hands off for that offer, with his recent history he is not worth 15m. He may even retire in a few years. I would not go near him with a barge pole even though he is a cracking talent as his attitude is shocking.Ur not lisnting thayv rejected the bid


16 Jan 2012 15:50:22
celik looks set to sign for rangers(never thot id b sayin that!) estonian full back jaager and honduran midfielder carlos are going on trial but apparently both should b rangers players by the end of next week. Flecks offski to blackpool on loan til end of season and jelavics chances of staying are 75% - 25% in rangers favour. Celtic due to hold talks with rapid viennas albanian striker sahili(or however u spell it) and should be signed by friday. Hooper could be sold if a bid of 7 million comes in but that looks unlikely.(3)(18)Jelavic will be gone as soon as anyone ponies up 5-6million, Rangers seriously cant afford to turn that down.

They have a £10 million black hole in the finances before you even consider the two tax cases. The only way Jelavic will stay is if noone bids for him and I think that would be a big blow to Whyte and co.

By the way I am a Celtic fan but I would like to see Jelavic stay. I always hate to see quality players leave scotland.

McCoist is clearly looking at targets he can get with a percentage of the fee. Why else would he be looking at 2.5million Guerra when he clearly has no money at the moment.

MacThe above post is rubbish. Rangers will only sell if a club meets Rangers valuation for Jelavic. This "black hole" is a lot of crap. Rangers dont have to sell.If I'm wrong I will happily hold my hands up and admit it but I would be very surprised if Rangers spend anywhere near as much as they sell.

Are you sure the black hole doesn't exist?


16 Jan 2012 15:47:44
remy to tottenham(16)(14)Tottenham will pay 20 to 25 millionRemy has stated to spurs he does not want to jion the club and cut all ties .says alot for ur sources


16 Jan 2012 15:27:07
My source at Elland Road has informed me this morning that there has been a £2m offer lodged for midfielder Robert Snodgrass from a un-named Premier league club.(10)(13)Leeds turned down £3.5m in July so whoever it is are wasting their time. Who is your source?While I hate Leeds £2m for Snodgrass is outrageous. He's undoubtedly one of the best midfielders outside of the Premier League right now and is worth more than £2m to Leeds.

Look at Adam Hammill who went from Barnsley to Wolves - he was Barnsleys main player and now is only a sub. Snodgrass isn't going to want to be a substitute - if he goes anywhere he'll go north of the border.My source from a 5 star hotel where Norwich do a lot of there preliminary talks has said Snodgrass had talks with the club in the summer but Norwich failed to agree a fee with Leeds so he could well be heading for NorwichWell that's a load or rubbish we were offered 3.5 million off Borewich a few months ago^what is hotel name?Move on Norwich fans,apart from snods in summer publicly saing he did not want to go to Norwich clubs do not hold talks with players before a fee is agreed.He is not fit to lace pilkinghtons boots. Norwich leicester bristol city took your best players during the summer, bates sell howson in the summer. Thats why your going to stay very av 2nd tier teamPilks was 2nd choice and snods is much better,that is why nig clubs are linked with him,if leeds decide to sell Norwich will get buried in the stampede and bj was offered a squad players wage along with Kilkenny,kasper was sold for better gk which they have and only decent player lost was gradel and that is the truth.


16 Jan 2012 15:21:19
Liverpool have offerred Lille £8m and Joe Cole in exchange for Moussa Sow.(32)(21)Sow has also stated today that it would be a 'dream' to play for liverpool. Looks like this move could be on!


16 Jan 2012 15:21:03
Southampton will put a final bid in for hooper of 6 or 7 mil If this fails marvin sordell will be the next target.(20)(20)We wont pay over the odds for Hooper and Sordell isn't good enough!

another winger will be our next target..I hope we dont go for sordell, hes a good player dont get me wrong, but i watched the watford v reading game on tv, and his attitude isnt great :/The will be going for Marvin Sordell then.Both are too good to play for the bottle merchants just watch there bottle going mid march early febSordell has a lot of potential, watched him for the u21's and he was class, would be a really good signing for me. No chance of getting hooper now, never thought we did anyway.Marvin Sordell to Southampton it is thenHooper has said hes stay so go else where...source stv scotland hooper will be playing for a mid table epl team next year no a poor mid table championship teamNo chance Hooper going to Southampton.No chance of Sordell going to Southampton - he has already stated if he leaves Watford it will be for Premier League


16 Jan 2012 15:19:47
Swindon set to sign Luke Rooney from Gillingham deal has been agreed and he is on his way to Swindon to discuss personal terms.(14)(3)


16 Jan 2012 15:18:37
Man utd will swap berbatov to leverkusens renato augusto.(11)(22)


16 Jan 2012 15:10:22
Gary Hooper said he is happy at Celtic so now saints change there focus to frank sandazza of st johnstone(19)(20)Its Francisco, but i too have been hearing whisperings of this his goals scoring record is impressive especially considering he is the quality of the team he is in (no disrespect to St Johnstone).
very much doubt hooper will leave celticHasnt this already signed a pre contract agreement with RangersHooper will hand in transfer requestThe same Hooper who has come out in the press today saying he has no intention of leaving? Stop clutching at straws mate.Hes happy playing for a good team so why move to a poor team who will never win anything...he will go to a top epl next year end ofBecause money talks.I like how Saints fans think they are the only club in the world with any money. Do me a favour and look up 442 magazine's list of the 100 richest people in football list and check out how many Celtic board members are on it. Then have a lie down.


16 Jan 2012 15:08:50
Glen Murray has moved out of Brighton and is not expected to return.(18)(6)


16 Jan 2012 15:08:25
Rumours in france say Moussa Sow's agent will travel to London this week to meet nufc officials as nufc have made a £14m bid for the strikers services.
French correspondent on talksport.
Personally I can't see it, but hey, Ashley could make one big buy for you geordies.
RedAngel(12)(27)No way


16 Jan 2012 15:06:02
Gillingham have accepted Swindon's 2nd offer for Winger Luke Rooney. Source: Good addition to the squad as long as we keep all of our other key players. Thoughts on how much the accepted offer would have been anyone? COYR.(9)(1)On the official club website


16 Jan 2012 15:03:55
5) Given /Foster -- Not as urgent as the others
6) Michael Owen -- 1st team football
7)Ba -- £10m release clause
8) Bridge --Loan

+ One Very big name. {Ed001's Note - giz a clue Billy, which team/s are you talking about??}(2)(11)Given has a 5 year contract at Villa Park , doubt he'll leave VP in the next 3-4 years.If your talking about Ben foster then it won't happen as a deal is in place for west brom to sign him if they stay up and Birmingham fail to gain promotion to the prem


16 Jan 2012 15:02:19
Gabbidon is expected to make a move to the midlands to villa for a cash plus deal for steven ireland, Villa have been interested in Gabbidon since being released from West Ham in Summer(0)(15)Yeah coz we would let Ireland go at the moment when he is just hitting form.Ireland is worth £10m based on his appearances recently.
Gabbidon isn't worth £10 at all, not even talking £10m just £10!


16 Jan 2012 14:59:05
Gary Hooper has just stated he has no interest in joining Southampton or anyone else and will be staying at Celtic. He has also stated he hopes to sign a long term contract very soon.

Source BBC Scotland(27)(7)Hope that ends all the saints crap,no way would he be going there,why would he step backwardsSo basically..........he'd rather carry on playing in a pub team, in a pub league than potentially test himself and risk being found out to be an average player!Hooper got no ambition leave him where he is and let him rot in the Spl ie Sunday pub league coys better strikers in div oneSo we've had celtic come out and say hooper's not for sale. lennon has said he's not for sale and now Hooper says he doesn't want to leave.

what's the betting that irritating southampton fan still spews out more guff about him going to their diddy championst clubDidnt know pub teams played in the champions league, or have ever won the european cup!!Sour grapes anyone?

I believe Hoops will be playing in the Premiership in the future but I doubt it will be for Southampton.

really poor show from you saints fans, how about a bit of dignity.Pub team eh
not a bad one at that they played A/madrid,Udinasie,Rennes, toughest Europa league group there's been in a while, and only failed to qualify by two points. Not bad for a pub team with an average age of 22.7.No fan of either club but i can,t understand why you celtic fans rise to the bait of these small time championship dreamers, best to ignore their fantasies and concentrate on European football next season,johnson paint trophy qualification is their barra !Typical saints fans replys i see!
They loved the thought of him playing for them and saying how good he is, he turns them down and now he's crap and plays for a crap team. Well lets face it he is'nt going to play european football with the saints and why join a team that will get relegated next year if they go up.and finally never in their deams will they ever be european champions,on that score celtic will always be the club with the better history and the bigger trophies. your still just wannabies.Something that really aggravates me about celtic fans is that you think you are as good as all the teams that get into europe because you have no competition to get in! rangers are the only other side of note in the spl and you are normally both in the cup so its not really an achievement to get into europe is it? its like if the top teams in hampshire automatically qualified for europe! Hooper might go he might not, no one knows except him. grow up celtic fansChamionship teams cannot compete in the JPT...We do get into Europe easier than most its true but I posted this as a reply to another post about what we have done in the last decade when we have been in Europe:

2003: UEFA Cup Final (beating liverpool en route)

2004-5: Didnt get out of our Champions League Group (of death) but we did draw with Barca at the Nou Camp and AC Milan at home (who went on to play Liverpool in the final)

2006-7: Qualified from our group beating Man U in the process and thumping Benfica, went out in the first knockout round to eventual winners AC Milan.

2007-8: Qualified from our group beating AC Milan in the process, knocked out by Barca 4-2 in the first knockout round.

2008-9: Didnt qualify from our group but drew with Man U (late Giggs leveller) and beat Villareal.

Thats a pretty damn respectable record.

I am not defending the standard of the SPL but to dismiss Celtic and Rangers (who were in the 2008 UEFA Cup final and have also had very decent Champions League runs) as poor teams because of where the play is ludicrous. I can think of 9 players in the Celtic team right now who are interesting Premiership teams off the top of my head so we cant be all that bad.

MacI wasnt saying celtic or rangers are bad... i was just saying you cant use euro qualification as a measure of how good they areYou cant use EURO qualification as a measure of how good they are but you can use how they perform when they get there and both Celtic and Rangers have proved that when they are in European competition they are no pushovers.



16 Jan 2012 14:55:39
man utd to sign shaqiry from basel - £15m - £20m(20)(26)Doubt it seeing as he signed for galatararyNo way, he wants to play in the champions league


16 Jan 2012 14:38:34
is it true that jason roberts was at oakwell yesterday?(6)(12)Oakwell shut wouldn,t open it for Messi so no chance for RobertsDont want has beens at barnsleyWhy take him unless Vaz te goes....would be a decent signing, always scores and he is a big presence and quick


16 Jan 2012 14:44:51
Sunderland to make a last minute move to sign Alex from Chelsea, hijacking any deal between Chelsea and QPR or Wolves. Heskey to join for 1 million from Villa as he is a favourite of O'Neill's. A possible move for Davies from Bolton and Delph.(23)(21)I'd take alex but wouldnt want the other 3, it would be a waste of 1 million if we signed heskeyI think the heskey rumour is utter bull, O'neill is no fool, he knows heskey is past it, if anyone he will buy collins or petrovPLEASE take Heskey, Tim Howard has got more goals than him this season!!Must be a sad magPLEASE LET HESKEY LEAVE! we don't want his wages!Delph was bought for £8m.
Villa will want that money back or have him on the bench.
good luck on football manager mate!I'll have you know Heskey has scored 1 this season lol, he's scored the same as Howard.............and let's face it you were robbed for DelphSGB alert!!


16 Jan 2012 14:43:49
Arsenal are looking to improve their defence with a £12m bid for Stoke skipper Ryan Shawcross(13)(22)Arsenal also looking to improve there defence by making a £6m bid for Thames Barrier. Sources within the club see the barrier as a slightly more mobile alternative to Per Mertesacker.Arsenal won't sign anyoneHes an excelllent defender not superman.He just signed a a new contract and has stated he wont leave the club he lovesDid he not break eduardo's leg? There is no way an arsenal fan would welcome him to the club. What a carp rumour.


16 Jan 2012 14:43:02
New Zealand midfielder Jeremy Christie is training with league one side Walsall, Christie was recommended to Walsall boss Dean Smith by the same contact who recommended Luke Mulholland to the league one side.

Christie is currently a free agent after he was released by Fc Tampa Bay who play in the North American Soccer League(6)(3)What your source?


16 Jan 2012 14:42:55
Wolves are looking to offload George Elokobi and Adlene Guedioura to free up fees for their attempt to seal Chelsea misfit Alex(16)(7)


16 Jan 2012 14:39:50
Newcastle manager Alan Pardew wants wolves striker Kevin Doyle to join him at the sports direct arena as a strike partner for Demba Ba after working with the irish man at reading.(4)(17)Pardew left Reading in 2003 Doyle joined in 2005 they have never worked together. Do not credit that Judas Pardew with the genius masterstrokes of Sir Steve Coppell.


16 Jan 2012 14:38:14
Owen Coyle must be out of his mind. Seriously. I thought the interest in Tom Lees was bogus until I saw it on SSN for myself. What's the first thing you do when you lose you best defender. You look at a club with greater tradition, with most of their centre-backs out injured, at a player who just signed a new contract, who grew up locally and supports the club. I have had it with the January Window. If Coyle thinks he can poach Lees like he tried to poach Howson (and failed) then he has another thing coming. Humiliation, probably.
Bolton stand a good chance of getting Ream and Boyata. Do they even need another centre-back?
wally(11)(6)Who are Leeds again?


16 Jan 2012 14:37:44
Martin O'Neill has been told to wait until the summer to make signings due to the inflated prices seen in the January transfer window. He'll will have a transfer kitty of over £50 million(12)(21)I think he may make one or two signings but will make wholesale changes to his squad in the summerHe will sign a defender and possibly a striker this window and that will be all until the summer when he will get rid of some of bruces deadweight and bring in some qualityIf mon wants mon gets hes a god up hereImpossible, Sunderland have debts & are just scrapping through under the fair play rules coming in.
Sunderland really don't have £50m either.
Good luck on FIFA while you plan this!Sunderland have 50 million in debt ?? Really ?....mmm no where near the 120 million debt Newcastle have.As for MON snot spending untill the summer, then that is a fair assessment, The word is ..hes quite happy with his current squad


16 Jan 2012 14:30:43
West Brom are also interested in signing Chelsea defender Alex in an attempt to bolster their injury hit defence. Local rivals wolves have been reported to be interested in the Brazillian but it is thought that West Brom will beat them to the signing. {Ed025's Note - or QPR...(10)(18)Neither Wolves or West Brom will pay the fee for AlexBullst west brom are skintNo thay aint QPR are after him


16 Jan 2012 14:27:41
Manchester City are close to signing Nathan Redmond on a 5-year-cotract for £14.5millioin from Birmingham.(8)(27)I saw redmond playing for blues reserves v forest reserves about a year ago, he's a fantastic player but 14.5 mil ! !No , no & no :)
To City , he is valued at £25m.
for a villa fan like me to say that , god you'd be having a laugh to get him that cheap!My grandad is tom ross the birmingham city football club commentator and it is not true ... CH has stated there has been no bids made at all and also redmond is a big blue nose and wants to stay at the club... and also blues have put a £15million+ price tag on himNathan redmond is a tur blues nosi he aint leavaing


16 Jan 2012 14:26:22
Tottenham are reportedly interested in the signing of young wolves goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey as back up for the aging Brad Friedel(15)(13)Hennessy
15 Mill & you can have him - BTW do you not have a scouting system of your own??He will cost you 30 million


16 Jan 2012 14:25:34
gary hooper commits to celtic ,ssn, saints will have to look elsewhere,think he was overpriced any way playing in tin pot league ,(13)(15)Despite the fact that he is playing for a skint two bit team in a blue square premier standard league you cant afford him? how embarrasing for you.

Hopefully all the Saints fans who were saying we were going to "eat our words" because the deal was "as good as done" and he was "definately going to be in a Southampton shirt by febuary" will come on here to humbly apologise for some of the shocking arrogance they have shown over the past few days.

MacSo tin pot decided to stay and play in front of 62,000.championship dont make me laughStill could happen, it's called keeping people happyWell said Mac

i doubt they will though, which will just show their class(less)

obnoxious, pompous, arrogant, ignorant....that's southampton fans for youSouthampton cant afford Hooper, Celtic wont sell unless its silly money, so your looking at over 10 mill
also why would he take a backwards step in his careerWhat would be the attraction of joining southampton , they might get promoted but they will be straight back down then prob go bust againHooper scored more goals in less games than andy carroll in the championship.Your a tin potI don't normally rise to the bait of these posts but I think Celtic fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. You may habe won the European championship back in 67 but you have done nothing since of any account. Rather like Benfica and Porto you play in a tin pot league and jusy occasionally get to play a preliminary round of Champions League.
Saints are for some years now the fasrt growing club in England because of the phenominal investment put into them by the Liebherr family. They are as a result far richer than Celtic and consequently far more likely to become a top club than Celtic ever were. Their academy is second to absolutely none in the Uk and if you dont believe me just look at the players they have produced. Celitc on the other hand have produced who ? can't hear you..
So pipe down and take them seriously. If they want Hooper badly enough they have the muscle to make a deal happen whether you like it or not.
As for Hooper well he either has ambition and wants to earn good money as well as better himself or he is an also ran with the wrong attitude that we dont need at Saints anyway. Nuff said I think, jog on Celtic fans.I think you will find Celtic are owned by Irish billionaires so they have a lot more money than southhamperton or wot ever they are called and I think you will find we where at a European final in 2003 so jog on and keep watching us big bhoys on tvNothing since of any account? I think you need to check your facts. Here are a few examples of what Celtic have done just in the last decade:

2003: UEFA Cup Final (beating liverpool en route)

2004-5: Didnt get out of our Champions League Group (of death) but we did draw with Barca at the Nou Camp and AC Milan at home (who went on to play Liverpool in the final)

2006-7: Qualified from our group beating Man U in the process and thumping Benfica, went out in the first knockout round to eventual winners AC Milan.

2007-8: Qualified from our group beating AC Milan in the process, knocked out by Barca 4-2 in the first knockout round.

2008-9: Didnt qualify from our group but drew with Man U (late Giggs leveller) and beat Villareal.

Thats a pretty damn respectable record.

Your owner may be rich but its going to count for nothing very soon when the financial fair play rules you cant spend money you dont earn. If you want to flex your financial muscles and spend millions on hoops that is fine but Celtic have enough financial muscle of their own not to be bullied into selling for anything less than what they want for him.

If Hooper was available for a transfer he would have been heading for the epl as he is on a lot of shortlists there. He has already torn up the Championship for a team that got relegated so he has no need to prove himself there.

I am not defending the standard of the SPL but to dismiss Celtic and Rangers (who were in the 2008 UEFA Cup final and have also had very decent Champions League runs) as poor teams because of where the play is ludicrous. I can think of 9 players in the Celtic team right now who are interesting Premiership teams off the top of my head so we cant be all that bad.

I agree that Southampton's youth set up is excellent and british football would be in a much better state if more teams were to aspire to facilities like that.

I wont go into lists of players produced by Celtic but Aiden McGeady is being linked with Juventus and PSG for 20+ million at the moment.

MacGood luck to Southampton (I seriously hope u get into the premiere league) but some folk really are deluded to think that they are bigger than either Celtic or rangers. Southampton have done well in producing players over the years chamberlain n walcott - what really have these guys done. English clubs will take the hit in a few years when they cannot sustain the current debt levels. {Ed003's Note - Is that not why the fair play league was introduced,hence why this window is a lot quieter than normal}Hooper- Sunderland, Villa, Fulham
Stokes- Newcastle, Wigan
Samaras- Wigan, Wolves, Stoke
Forrest- Spurs
Kayal- Liverpool, Man U
Ki- Villa, Man U
Ledley- Stoke, Sunderland
Izzaguire- Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal
Brown- Newcastle
Mulgrew- Swansea
Forster- Spurs
Matthews- Liverpool

12 actually. And thats only because Wanyama hasnt got noticed yet!James Forrest has just been named as one of fifa's world 13 young players to watch this season ( along with the likes of Thiago of Barca. Surprisingly no saints players on that list. Can you hear us now?


16 Jan 2012 14:24:13
BWP has still not signed a new contract and Charlton have signed two new strikers. Coincidence? Maybe maybe not, but it smells to me like he's leaving on a free at the end of the season.(9)(9)Charlton have the option to extend his contract which they will for another year. Do your research numpty!Hope paul lambert gets him! Please norwich!Why would he leave on a free when he is worth 2-3mill and he has signed a contract as i talk to players on saturday as they arrive through the gates before the match and i talked to bwp and he said that he has!An option is exactly what is says it is an option and it is bilateral do your research NUMPTY!Just to add a fact or two to the name calling...

The option in BWP's current deal is appearance based (due to past knee issues). When the required number of apps is reached, the option is automatically triggered and he is under contract for next season. I don't think he's reached it just yet, but will do shortly (I believe it is 30 apps, he's at 27). The club will no doubt let everyone know when it happens - they are very good at keeping the fans informed.


16 Jan 2012 14:12:49
St. Johnstone admit championship interest in Sandaza who is out of contract at the end of the season. Coventry have been linked although the Spaniard may opt for a move to the south coast if an offer comes in.(10)(3)


16 Jan 2012 14:05:28
Sow will be signing for the Reds, before very long...wait and see . DanieRed(23)(14)This will be a fantastic signing. we still need to sign one more striker. kuyt has had his day at liverpool time to move him on. dont get me wrong he has been good for the reds


16 Jan 2012 14:05:10
Flecther to Liverpool for 10m.

I would want at least the 35m Liverpool paid for Carroll as Fletcher only a year older, better finisher and better temperment than Carroll, having said that knowing Wolves we would sell for 2m as we have a gentlemens agreement with the Player!!(9)(33)Carroll was a one off, you cant compare all deals to him

by your logic fletcher should be worth peanuts as Ba is better than him and he was cheapExcept that by paying £35 million for Carrol Liverpool have indicated that they are willing to pay over the odds for young British "talent". And in their purchases of Downing and Henderson they've proved it wasn't "a one off". £70-75 million for those 3 is not good business, whichever way you look at it.How is Ba better than fletcher? for starters Ba cant pass a medical, Fletcher scored more headed goals than any other premier league player in 2011 and has the 2nd best shots to goal ratio in europe. hmmm 35 mill please :)20 Mill should buy you Fletcher - Even Madrid are sniffing round nowFletcher seems an honest player that actually wants to get on the pitch and score. Why would he go to anfield and be on the bench half the time - he needs games to deliver his bestCan't see Wolves selling Fletcher. He's worth more to them than £10M.Im a wolves fan and i would not sell fletcher for less than 20 mil but fletch is a liverpool fan hm...Dont talk such rubbish andy carroll will prove all you doubters wrongAndy Carroll will score goals, he'll come good, but a £35m player he'll never be, somebody said you can't compare the two deals and I believe you're right, but for a British player under 25 years of age scoring as many goals as Fletcher is you're looking in excess of £20m unless there is a buy-out clause, but I doubt it as Wolves had their fingers burnt with Joleon Lescott.


16 Jan 2012 14:02:06
Chesterfield to confirm the signing of Soloman Taiwo this week.(7)(6)


16 Jan 2012 13:55:42
Rumours Rob Hulse to Brighton on loan till end of season(6)(9)Blimey I though Gus was building for the future. Signing Hulse would be a backward step. Can score goals if 6 yards out and facing the goal but otherwise waste of dosh. I watched him squander enough chances at Derby6 yards out?
needs to be closer than that, and he may still squander the chance..


16 Jan 2012 13:45:57
It has been announced that Wigan are
interested in Crawley Town striker
Tyronne Barnnet, but Steve Evans has
dismissed reports linking the 26 year old
with the premier league club.(5)(6)


16 Jan 2012 13:45:12
Hooper > southampton
Rhodes > Celtic
Maynard > west brom, fulham, wolves
Sharpe > stay at Doncaster
Lee > southampton
Zamora > west ham
Any Johnson > Blackburn
Sordell > wigan,Southampton,west ham,wolves(16)(30)Southampton don't need 3 strikersHooper just said on celtic website, hes very happy thereHooper is not for sale, and as Lennon says it will take silly money, do Southampton have 35 millionThey all say that!!!Rhodes wont go to celtic considering he has premier league teams after himQpr transfer latest
qpr have agreed fees with chelsea and for alex[5m] and nedum onouha[3.5m] while sulley muntari should complete his loan move from inter.milan by the end of the week. mark hughes should complete the 6m signing of stoke striker kenwyne jones who is not playing there. and now ac.milan are unlikely to sign tevez we could sign him on a 2 year loan. if we fail to sign the argie we will make a move for didier drogba when his back from the africa tournementWish some of these would happen just to kick start the transfer window, all bit boring right nowBull.... Mate this is awful!You clearly know nothing about football at all


16 Jan 2012 13:38:14
Anthony stokes move to wolves is back on in the region of 2mil, deal will be done by Wednesday and Doyle will go to Celtic for 3mil by Saturday(7)(35)Doyle 4 3 million u r takein the pStokes for 2 million is also taking the pStokes 4 2 million u r takein the pYou can take stokes for ten bob,not wanted hereAnother Celtic fan who doesnt watch Celtic?

Celtic's second top scorer (just) and by a long way the most assists this season.

I wasn't thrilled when I heard Stokes was coming but he has improved in leaps and bounds since he came to the stage he is almost as important as Hooper this season.6 mill will get you Doyle, but he wouldn't want to play in the splI agree that Doyle would be unlikely to want to play for Celtic.

Celtic will not be paying 6 million for anyone in the forseeable future.

Shame though because he would be brilliant up here.

I think stokes would do a good job for a team of Wolves stature, he is not the same player he was at Sunderland, he has got his act together and is now starting to fulfill some of the potential that Arsene wenger saw in him when he brought him to Arsenal.


16 Jan 2012 13:33:09
Southampton to announce tadanari lee has signed in the near future, likely today(17)(9)Congratulations on an interesting piece of grammar. Future tense, past tense, future tense, present tense all in one sentence


16 Jan 2012 13:21:15
vaz te having talks wid ipswich town should sign tomorrow for around £700000
murphy going back to celtic(11)(27)How is Vaz Te having talks with Ipswich he
was training at oakwell this morning ?
Anyway he wants to be playing in the championship next season not div 1Ever heard of a telephone or and agent, you numpty, honestly some people, oh and Ipswich wont be in Div 1 next seasonHA Why would he go to a club doing worse than barnsley this season more likely go to ur rivals...And Murphy going back to Celtic, we can only hope. so we wont get too excited about thisWhat a muppet. vaz te going no where


16 Jan 2012 13:14:38
Burnley are close to resigning Sam Vokes until end of season with view to a permanent move at end of season(around 1.2M)

Also Burnley have had bids for Bikey and Wallace both from Rangers but have turned them down

they bid 300K for Bikey and 600K for Wallace(16)(7)300K for Bikey Burnley would throw in the Taxi Fare to get rid.Bikey does not play for Glasgow rangers.Wallace price at least 3 million.Burnley to buy vokes from(i cant remember) and sell rodriguez to norwich...


16 Jan 2012 13:00:44
Southend United's Kane Ferdinand is currently undergoing a medical overseen by Swindon Town. The two clubs have agreed a fee of £150,00 plus add-on's which will potentially double that fee. Kane has agreed terms. DONE DEAL waiting on medical.(3)(18)Completely can he be joining swindon he is now at ipswich town about to sign for £250000 dealWho is your source. He would be a great signing for Town but I can't see this move happening. Firstly, Southend would not sell one of their best players to their league rivals & secondly their appears to be a lot of interest from Championship sides so I am sure that the player would hold out for a bigger move or stay put to be fair.Swindon have got a player in today for a medical he is a winger and his name is Luke Rooney, the deal will be done tomorrow morning after gills accepted the town bid.What a pile of tripe.

Swindon may have been stupid to sell to a league 2 rival but Southend arent.


16 Jan 2012 12:59:23
Dundee are looking to bring in east fife striker Ryan Wallace.(8)(1)Who would want to go to dundee


16 Jan 2012 12:58:39
Soloman Taiwo has agreed a permanent 2 year deal to sign for chesterfield and will play against Oldham Athletic on Tuesday night for an undisclosed fee.(10)(0)


16 Jan 2012 12:57:04
Breaking News - Chesterfield look to take Barry Conlon back to the club. Reports suggest that Sheridan admires the attacking style of the former spireite striker. He is currently a free agent and would jump at the chance to be reunited with his beloved super spireites and will accept a deal this week for £3000 on wednesday.(6)(6)


16 Jan 2012 12:54:56
Barnsley have been looking at the possibility of bringing in young Connor Coady from Liverpool, on a loan deal to the end of the season(11)(1)


16 Jan 2012 12:54:52
Ryan Wallace is attracting interest from the spl and dundee(0)(7)


16 Jan 2012 12:49:20
Josh mcheachren to sign on loan for swansea

Source:- his girlfriends twitter (Sophie off corry) said theyve just arrived in swansea(18)(8)Confirmed by Brendan Rodgers on tv yesterday.That would leave Scotty Sinclair seeing Rosie of Corrie and Josh with Sophie. Any takers for Sally {Ed003's Note - Ed 007}His girlfriend is on Corrie mate.
Your lies were even half believeable until i told you all this!


16 Jan 2012 12:48:19
Southampton Transfer Rumours Update:


Tadanari Lee > His club has confirmed that he has joined Saints but we are still waiting for news from Southampton themselves on the subject.

Gary Hooper > The other night I said that this rumour was not true. This is in fact 100% true! Southampton have already had two bids rejected for the player but are going in with a third bid to try and obtain his services.(15)(12)£35 million is Hoopers asking price can you lot afford that.

IanLets be honest would be a great addition to the squad proven goalscorer and would be great with Lambert, we would have the best strike force out side the prem by a country mile, but £35million i think celtic will jump at 6I think 3.5 m is nearer the mark for a player playing in a league par to div 1I am a hoops fan.. 35 mill? No way... 4 mill?? Taking the P!Quote from Neil Lennon "only the sort of figures top English clubs pay for strikers could coax this club to part with Gary Hooper"

There is zero chance of him going to Southampton!Forget gary hooper, southampton have no chance and when your promotions hopes fall apart between now and may, we will have the last laughNot sure on this, either not happening ot celtic very clever to get an inflated price with there statements.


16 Jan 2012 12:48:18
Leeds are targetting Sheff Utd's Nick Montgomery to strength their bench(11)(12)I didn't know Montgomery was a carpenterBolloxHaha - very good!


16 Jan 2012 12:41:38
Tottenham to sign remy & vorm before window shuts, offloading pienaar kranjcar & livermore. Liverpool to sign llorente & ganso. Everton make inquiry to chelsea to sign Lukaku on loan until end of season with Rodwell expected to leave most likely to Man Utd or City, Arsenal to sign Podolski Ganso & Samba (hopefully). Leaving the gunners will be Chamakh, Diaby & Arshavin. Watch this space !

We Are Greenock Morton Were Better Than Youu !!(10)(31)Get your facts straight swansea are not going to sell vormSo both Liverpool and Arsenal sign Ganso, how does that work exactly?Arsenal & Liverpool are going to sign Ganso? Wouldn't bet on itThey both want bigger clubsGanso cannot sign for 2 clubs!Didnt mean ganso to arsenal, gourcuffLukaku cannot sign for another club this season as he has already played for 2 clubs! This has been well published since the window opened! Please stop posting stupid rumours!Swansea will sell vorm if the price is rightSo many things wrong with this post I can't be bothered to mention them all


16 Jan 2012 12:29:04
Marvin Emnes on way to Molineux in £6mil deal(6)(29)Who does he play for? {Ed008's Note - MiddlesbroughNot disrespecting your post but the price is way way OTT for someone who doesn't score that often?He's quite a good striker actually, unfortunately boro have been plagued with bad form recently, so probably struggled to get chancesHe has more natural ability than all wolves strikers put together ,and will offer you something different ,a player who has huge pottential to be great ,and he is still only young.


16 Jan 2012 12:27:51
Liverpool set to offer Andy caroll to wolves in an attempt to bring 9- goal Steven fletcher to anfield(20)(39)Really hope this is true,as a Burnley supporter i would love to see Fletcher go on to play for one of the big boys,he did a fantastic job with us,an even better job with Wolves and i see no reason why he couldnt do a job at the very top level,excellent playerWish it were true,with good service fletcher would score no problemUtter $hiteHe will cost you 30 million hes much better than carroll will ever beFletcher too good for poolWe dont bloody want him fletcher is far betterFletcher would not get into liverpool reserves never mind are first team. you sad wolves fans. how many internation caps has he got. get real he is mediocre player in a bad sideHis low cap count can be attributed more to the fact that he's an arrogant bd than he isn't good enough. He doesn't want to play for Scotland. He texted the SFA to tell them this because he didn't get to play against Spain and the Czech Republic last year, although he was in the squad. He's a good player but a wee bit of a prime dona.The fact he's scored 18 on 25 prem games speaks for itself.. What's Suarez n cartons record?


16 Jan 2012 12:27:03
Rickie Lambert to Bolton(11)(33)Lol no chance.Possible premier league with Southampton or near certain championship with Bolton.......tough call.Why would he want to play championship football next season?Dont think they can afford 10 millionFootballers think of the now and not of the might be,have heard this 2 days ago.Why would lambert leave southampton for bolton? southampton will be in prem next season and bolton will be in championship?Na mate


16 Jan 2012 12:22:05
Rumors flying around that newcastle are verry close to signing erding and cischoco... I know wrong spelling of the name.(14)(10)Dont Know why people say "wrong spelling" because your on the Internet already, why not just take two seconds to google him and copy and paste the correct spelling in?Does the spelling matter as long as you know who is meant?Who is meant?Dreaming, no way will ashley spend 13m on them two


16 Jan 2012 12:17:42
Liverpool are set to offer £10 million for Steven fletcher from wolves.(16)(26)Not enough maybe 20 million plus andy carollHe will cost you 20 millionMaybe 15m + CarrollHe's worth more than that to Wolves.Dont need him not good enough to play for liverpool.Dont need fletcher would not get into are team on his best day


16 Jan 2012 12:17:29
Nigel Adkins publically declared his admiration for Hooper as Saints submit 3rd bid for the player. Hope it comes off but dont think it will. Source - BBC regional news.(18)(9)Adkins should f off, what part of 2 bids rejected and Hooper is not for sale does he understandIts up to the player now - Saints have demonstrated their intent and Hooper should know that they are a club going places he will also earn a lot more money there.He is for sale. The Celtic manager said that they are miles apart in their valuations. He clearly has a value and if Saints meet it he would be sold. There is a difference between being not for sale (at any price) and being not for sale unless the Clubs valuation is met.Yeh, your right he is for sale, at 35mHere hereStriaght to France after the african nations - done deal with PSG?


16 Jan 2012 12:17:27
Demba Ba to sign a new contract at Newcastle!(36)(33)Oh no he wont when other clubs sniffing


16 Jan 2012 12:03:27
New african superastar Moses to join Heskey in the Vill attack(8)(22)Moses has been around and been knowen as a good ball player for time just popped on radar has he lolHe'll part the defence!Moses,Bent,Agbonlahor,Keane & a injured heskey upfont?
5 in defence & given in goal .. team selection ey? :D


16 Jan 2012 12:01:53
Josh Mcqouid is no longer available from Millwall due to lack of cover. Bournemouth are now tabling a final bid for Matt Tubbs from Crawley Town believed to be in the region of £750,000.(7)(10)This Could happen, Matt going back to his roots, but i dont think so in this window, as he will be needed to push a promotion for Crawley, if Crawley dont make it then maybe in the summer


16 Jan 2012 12:01:17
Hammers manager Sam Allardyce is hoping
to close deals on Jamie Mackie (now apparently surpluss to requirements at QPR) and Billy
Sharp before the next home game with
Nott'sm Forest in a bid to add extra pace and
threat up front. Total cost believed to be
Herit Ilunga and £4m. Sam Also still hopeful of
closing a deal with Cardiff's Peter
Whittingham which will allow WHU to sell
Mark Noble on to Fulham for £4m.(9)(24)Your a dreamerMackie played weekend in prem why drop to a yo yo teamJamie Mackie isn't surplus to requirements, I have no idea where people are getting this fromMackie...stop having a laugh ya nugget.
Mackie was QPR's best player against newcastle hes not going to drop down a division to a small team like west ham.I'm sorry, but why would West Ham sell Mark Noble? I'm sorry, but he is one of the better players in the squad! Yes, Ilunga may leave.... but no way will West Ham let Noble go! Noble is a Hammers fan himself! You are a dreamer!You've already had a bid for Whitts turned down, dream onMackie is one of the few QPR players who (now he's fit again) are likely to survive as premiership players. Noble might make reasonable back up for Fulham, until Murphy retires."Mackie played weekend in prem why drop to a yo yo team" Hardly a yo yo club, we have been relegated twice since 1993. I would call QPR a yo-yo club but i cant as this is the 1st time they have been in the EPL since '94!


16 Jan 2012 11:56:30
Swindon town have lodged a new bid for Constable, in the region of 300k to test whether Oxford want to keep him....(5)(7)Its no where near 300k nearer 150kUnlikely considering the second bit of 200k was rejected. Oxford won't sell for anything under 250k, and that price rockets for Swindon. 300k would test their resolve.


16 Jan 2012 11:50:40
Billy Sharp will stay at Doncaster this month(22)(13)


16 Jan 2012 11:42:37
AFC Bournemouth are believed to be targeting Leeds Utd out of favour striker Billy Paynter to bolster there attacking options. Also the loan move for former striker Josh McQuoid is back on.(5)(2)Swindon fan, Paynter would be a great signing for you, hard working player who holds the ball well.Let me know when Paynter is due to move, I will drive him there myselfHope so,he is 1 of most prolific scorers at L1 level in many yrs.For all the Leeds fans who keep slating Paynter but were delirious when they took him off us i told them right from the start Paynter is a L1 players and is not good enough for the championship. If you sign him he will be a very good players for you he holds the ball up well and brings other players into the game and if he has a good partner alongside him he will score alot of goals. As for Leeds fans Paynter destroyed them when he played for us with four goals in tow games against them as he had a good partner in Austin but Leeds didnt play him properly which is why they dont like him.I'd have Paynter back at Town any day. He took a while to settle at Swindon but once we played him to his strengths and and alongside someone who complimented him (Austin) he was a fantastic player & scored some great goals (including a couple at Elland Road I recall). Honestly, if Bournemouth could get him and play him like we did then you'll see how good he is.I'm a Leeds fan and long time season ticket holder and would love to see Paynter given another chance. He works very very hard and offers a lot more than the likes of Becchio in my eyes. I'm in a minority who think like this but I still have faith that Billy can be good for Leeds and hopefully he'll get another chance. I was hoping his loan spell at Brighton would be more successful. One of his goals for Swindon against us at Elland Road was an absolute cracker of a goal.


16 Jan 2012 11:40:05
Tottenham will complete hazard and remy deals by end of the week. Defore to liverpool for 12m.
Will also bid for tim krul who is unhappy at newcastle and doesnt like the fans.(17)(27)Tim Krull is a good judge.if u new anything Tom has come out and said he wants to stay with club for long timeI hope you know something nobody else does!Hazard haha no chance, dreamland, do you havae 35 mil? no didnt think soKrul unhappy? does not like the fans?...he looked happy enough yesterday. Load of crap mate!Muppet, wake up and smell 'arrys' bum, if Tim Krul did leave the toon, it would be for a big club with a pretty stadium and an honest manager, so that rules spurs out straight away!! Who's going to sign for a club, who's manager is going to jail soon for tax evasion?? geordiepaul!


16 Jan 2012 11:38:07
Fergie has been told if he wants to sign anyone in January he should sell first. Berbatov is seen as the best way to bring in funds given his short contract length.

The money will be used to bring in a midfielder. Christian Eriksen will be approached when United play Ajax with Alan Dzagoev also an option (CSKA).(17)(9)


16 Jan 2012 11:30:27
Emile Heskey To Watford ?(19)(18)Why do people dribble so much watford could not pay his wagesThis is Utter Nonsense - With the amount of Watford posts on here the Watford Forums must be the equivalent of a Tabloid!!


16 Jan 2012 11:28:53
Birmingham city defender liam ridgewell is a target for wolves after the player expressed his desire to play at the top level.(22)(7)If he wants to play at the top leavl why is he going to wolvesPremier league is above the championship believe it or not....Yeah, but you,re a pub club !Ridgewell is good enough for Prem. If Fulham loan out Briggs, would like to see Ridgewell as competition for RiiseI really hope this is true


16 Jan 2012 11:27:36
Rumours gathering pace that Huth could be on his way to Arsenal for around 8 million(8)(26)Blimey........ Arsenal looking to play some rugby! Van Persie more likely to sign for Port Vale


16 Jan 2012 11:25:54
Chelsea defender Alex has been spotted at molinuex ahead of a proposed move to wolves. It is thought that Alex is discussing personal terms. The fee for the defender is thought to be in the region of £4million.(19)(17)Going to QPR or PSGGod i wish!!!Psg, rejected qpr


16 Jan 2012 11:22:13
Barnsley looking to sign Jodie Craddock on loan(16)(10)


16 Jan 2012 11:09:07
stoke to sign Danny Zhan!(2)(17)


16 Jan 2012 10:23:29
Striker Mathias Pogba to join Yeovil Town from Wrexham.(6)(13)


16 Jan 2012 10:21:40
Southampton's main striker targets
Hooper - Celtic around 6-8mil
Sordell - Watford around 3-4mil(21)(25)Jst noNot sure any Championship club will spend that much on 2 players. That sort of money is the whole budget for many clubs. I know Southampton have the Liebherr Dynasty's money behind them, but I can't see Cortese spending that until they're in the PremiershipHooper is not for sale!!Well celtic sed they aint selling hooper and carnt c watford selling sordell to another championship sideWatford have put 4 mil price tag on sordell and dont care about hooper good but over priced 2.5 mil 2 years ago and we got money in bank for transfer this season if not why did we go for j rod,sharp,hooper obviously got money for transfersSaints are also set to offer long term contract to Saturday's referee!Every player has their you can say your not selling as much as u want but at the end of the day every player has their priceAt least saintsa fans have finally stopped banging on about maynard and sharpLets face it Celtic and Rangers are not what they used to be they were once mabey a top 6 prem club but now I think they would struggle in the Championship, as for the rest of the Scott Prem they are below League 1 level why would decent players want to play there the Championship is the second most exciting league in the world some would argue its more fun than the prem itself as a fan I love it compared to the prem but that may just be meThe referee wouldn't have mattered on Saturday anyway. I think you'll find SFC are a different class to NFFC who, under Coterill, look about as good as the atmosphere at the City ground!Neil Lennon really doesn't understand the game of Football if he thinks that Gary Hooper is worth 35 million, at least Andy Carroll had at least 10 goals before he got injured last season as justification for the valuation. Either Hooper, Sandaza, or Sordell will join Southampton by time January 31st rolls around.A player is worth what a team will pay for him. Celtic have no need to sell so they can ask for ridiculous money, that is how football works.

I dont believe that Celtic would ever get big premiership type transfer fees for him but equally they have every right to turn down bids that dont meet their valuation.


16 Jan 2012 09:51:13
Wolves enter bidding war with QPR over chelsea defender Alex(25)(19)Waste of time if he stays in the UK it will be LondonGoing to Paris


16 Jan 2012 09:45:49
Wolves to sign liam ridgewell from Birmingham for 1. 5m and Craig gardener from sunderland f
for 4m(29)(20)Wolves to get gardene for 4m no chance may be u might get him for 7mOr you might not get him at all, we bought him for 6m and it would take at least 7m if he wanted to go


16 Jan 2012 09:40:47
heskey to QPR(21)(26)Hes to good for QPRPrime target for hughes


16 Jan 2012 09:35:46
Ed, any news on where Luk De Jong will end up if anywhere this window? {Ed001's Note - Twente looks most likely, he is not keen on a move because of the forthcoming Euros. Though it will depend on whether Shteeve wants him or not, as De Jong never saw eye to eye with the previous manager.}(9)(5)Liverpool are looking at possible move for the dutchman in this window


16 Jan 2012 09:23:03
Ipswich Town To Sack manager Paul Jewell And Bring In Ex-QPR Manager Niel WarnockUnlucky!(28)(17)Better than Jewell and lease learn to spellWhere in the hell have you got this rumour from, marcus evans is backing jewell to get them back on trackVery unlucky to bring a a manager whos been successful wherever he has been!Jewel staying with ipswich and vaz te in tomorrowUnlikely after Marcus Evan's comments on Saturday! And it's "least" not "lease". . . Doh!There is only one other thing i hate in the football world than ipswich town thats warnock. Do well for u in 3rd tier nx season


16 Jan 2012 09:09:44
Maynard to WBA by tuesday, Fee Undisc.(19)(23)As a Bristol City Fan I can honestly give an opinion that Maynard is not that good and most Premiership Clubs can do better. Pitman is a far better "finisher" then Maynard and a more intelligent footballer. Sadly I am of the opinion that Maynard will see out his contract at BCFC and leave on a free at the end of the season so as to receive the "transfer fee" himself. Football is an ugly mercenary business.Why would he go to the team who lost to norwich on sat when he could he could go to norwich?He is not good enough


16 Jan 2012 08:59:06
Unsettled Demba Ba will never return to the Sport Direct Areana as he has been in talks with PSG the club he supported as a boy - £5m enough to do the deal only personal terms left to discuss.(24)(38)Absolute rubbish! He loves it in Newcastle and if terms can be agreed, he would sign an updated deal tomorrow, fact!He tweeted last night that perfect day as nufc won and senegal dosent sound unsettledWhat a load of rubbishWhat r u smoking man?..... ba not going anywher 4 5mil buyout clause 12milSilly silly muckem, stick to crying over losing sessyong and leave our happy players alone you silly muckem boy.B a sad sad makem making crap story's up again coz there always in our shadow BA is a toon player and will b for some years to come there jel of the 12 point gap we have between usFunny because I'm a tottenham fanYeah sure ? In your shadow ? are you quite sure about that ? Whos been top team in the North East for the last three years...get a grip..oh and by the way learn to spell


16 jan 2012 08:55:46
any bristol city transfer news in or out,
any bristol city transfer news in or out,(5)(15)


16 Jan 2012 08:16:50
Chris Coleman seen walking into the Vale Hotel just now....(9)(9)He was on the sky sports panel at swansea


16 Jan 2012 08:15:08
Man City transfers:

Weiss - Newcastle United
Tevez - AC Milan
Balotelli - Inter Milan

Joining will be Eden Hazard(10)(32)Balotelli will never return to Inter as
A) He supports AC
B) Inter would not have him back

research before you make stuff up pleaseWeiss!!!!!!Weiss great player...although he will stay in spain for the remainder of the season then join his dads team in the summer.

balotelli to inter...doesnt even deserve a response...easy as that


16 Jan 2012 08:05:22
Bristol Rovers have a shortlist of 4 for there managers job.
Keith Curle, Richard Money, Geriant Williams and Mark Mcghee will be interviewed in the next 48hrs with an announcement to be made late Wed or early Thursday(11)(1)Please take richard money! i hate him at luton...Richard Money the most successful Manager ever to have managed Luton....

I think he'd do you proud!!Oh dear, yous had better hope it's not McGhee. He wasn't exactly a revelation in his last job - just ask the Aberdeen supporters!


16 Jan 2012 07:55:58
It has been rumoured that Heskey to Leicester for 2.25 million as a back up striker in case Billy Sharp does not sign sharp has been rumoured to derby as Dean Saunders is a former player and sharp has commended Derby before for being sporting when his aon died and said derby county is a fantastic club(13)(16)Doubt sharp to derby. Clough doesn't have two brass farthings to rub together! The bloke has done an amazing job at derby with no money at all.No chance! Billy will not go to Derby, why would he go there if he turned down Leicester? and the club your referring to is Ipswich about fans after his sons death not DerbyIt would be nice to think that it's going to happen but I doubt if as Clough as previously said that he has plenty iof options in the attacking role - not that the fans think that!Quite a few derby fans wrote tributes for sharp + derby might have the money now due to releasing bywater, leacock, pearson, Anderson and riggot but its higly unlikey due to callum ball being in form and the return of Stevie Davies and Tyson ooh and Theo running around like a headless chicken.But isn't that what Theo was bought for? Cos' it certainly wasn't as a skillfull footballer!!As a derby season ticket holder to the guy who said it was ipswich who did the tribute derby did to i was at the match we did a minutes silece for the death of sharps child due to a number of our players specially ward having played with him in the pastHeskey aint worth £2.50p let alone £2.25 milAnd may i say Derby wernt the only club who supported Billy about his son, Ipswich did as well, so Ipswich are another fantastic club FACTBilly publicly thanked Derby over Twitter for the support. However, he did not thank Ipswich


16 Jan 2012 07:52:26
gary hooper to put transfer request in(29)(33)What a load of tosh when gary scored on saturday his delight in scoring was a joy to seeReally? I am sure the man has ambitions to play for England and by all accounts he looks good enough, but lets be fair he will never get a look in playing in the SPL its a joke of a devision, years ago when O'Neil was in charge we would have been a top 6 prem club but now I honestly think we would struggle in the ChampionshipThe CLub would not accept it, hes on good money and is scoring goals for fun, he can go in the summer for £35m like andy carrol was worth!Scoring gls in spl is no great shakes so he is not worth even 6 mill,it is L1 standard,championship strikers would have a field day up there.


16 Jan 2012 07:39:39
Derby county to sign Adam smith from tottenham for a fee in the region of £400,000(12)(11)Apparently in talks with Burnley


16 Jan 2012 07:38:20
JEREMY Wray has poured cold water on reports that Ipswich have bid for Matt Ritchie and Paul Caddis - insisting that Swindon have received no bids for any of their players. Swindon Adver....

NO BIDS FROM ANYONE...... So all the rumours over the last week are total BS...(15)(7)Jewll could be on his way out as well. Both of them are key players to us get promoted and if the 1.5 million that is reported to be is true its an insult to the two best players in L2 by a country mile.Its funny how Wray has said they have received no bids for the two players, yet they have turned down a £1.5 million for the two plus Murray, NOW WHO'S TELLING PORKIES LOLRumours are not BS Paul Jewell has confirmed he has watched both players. Ok, no bids but they have been scoutedWe will see if Money Talks here, they want Murray, and have put a £65'000 bid in for him, well we want 2 or maybe 1 of there players, after all with all the players Di Canio is signing some things got to give


16 Jan 2012 01:50:21
Newcastle reserve team striker/winger Joan Simun Edmundsson is being sent out on loan to league one side Walsall until the end of the season(23)(3)Joking arent you! he's our best player


16 Jan 2012 00:33:53
Ed is it true that Sandaza is in talks with either Brighton or southampton or both..? {Ed001's Note - I don't know who he is in talks with, but he is certainly in talks with at least 2 teams over a pre-contract.}(4)(22)Sandaza used to be at brighton (2010-11), didn't do particularly well there so I'm not sure why they would want him back.He's already been at Brighton, so I doubt he'll go back. Southampton have signed Lee and as we're all aware are looking at Hopper, so I doubt getting another striker isn't a priority for them.Im sure he got released by BrightonI believe it isnt the southampton saints its st johnstone saintsFunny how he gave an interview on Saturday saying he wont be signing a pre contract with anybody!!


16 Jan 2012 00:31:28
Saints linked with saints striker...

St Johnstone's Francisco Sandaza to open talks with championship league leaders Southampton.(19)(23)Another striker going to Saints then just like Jukiweitz and Sharp were going to do and youve lost both of them. As someone put on here last week apparently your after 18 strikers so far now this makes it 19. Its all pie in the sky stories again.Is this bloke good please,be grateful if anyone could say,not heard a lot about him,thanks.They have already signed a striker in this window.He's mediocre, so he should fit alongside Donkey Lambert juuust fine.
wallyI do hope we can find another donkey like LambertTo be honest I think this just hype. We have brought in Lee, and we are looking for another striker, but we are looking for a striker that has the potential for the premier league, not a Brighton reject.This could be true because lambert missed Southampton game to have talks with Bolton {Ed003's Note -Or through suspension }


16 Jan 2012 00:21:07
Afc Bournemouth will resign Steve Lovell after he overcome his injury that put him in to ealrly retirement he will sign six month contract(12)(4)


15 Jan 2012 23:17:22
Preston North End to send five players
out on loan till the end of the season
and they will also sign Michael Bostwick
Joel Byrom, Lawrie Wilson and Mark Roberts(5)(18)I can tell you for a fact that no stevenage players will go to preston in january as our chairman has put a clause in their contracts. and i dont rekon any will go to preston due to the way that westley left stevenageNo they wont as they have told stevenage that they will not make any bids for players till end of the seasonPreston can't approach any Stevenage Players in the January transfer window, but can in the summer FACTPNE will be in debt to the tune of £30m and odd's on still in League 1. Stevenage on the other hand could be in the Championship and considerably richer than the club Westly joined.


15 Jan 2012 21:51:50
Unsettled crystal palace striker Glenn Murray, was dropped from the starting line up against Leeds after telling DF he is unhappy and wants to leave the club, preferable in January. Murray who joined from local rivals Brighton has fallen out with a number of his new team mates and has struggled with the training methods. His agent is actively trying to find him a new club and has received 3 firm offers so far one of which is from a struggling Premier league side. I am connected to the Maryport rotary club, my source is a very close friend of Murray.(15)(7)Muppert, Murray like Zaha were being rested due to the 2nd leg of the Carling Cup coming upLets get one thing straight! I am a relative of Glenn and he is getting fed up of all this stupid rumours! He is very happy and is more than glad he left Brighton f.c and thinks they should get over it!



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