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2011 23:41:13
portsmouth football club to be re-ignited with former defender sol campbell, he said he would love a second stint on the south coast, other teams interested include brighton.(8)(16)Hilarious! Not sure which is funnier, the idea that Campbell is worth signing or the fact that you appear to love the idea!

btw - re-ignited? you're gonna set him on fire again?Brighton are interested in him for other reasonsSol wants to move to the South Coast so he can set up in business as an Ice Cream vender by the Sea, say's he would rather do that than play for Pompey.With him & Benjamin there's nothing better than going backwards good old skatesAbsolute tosh. Everyone knows what sort of wages Campbell demands (even at his age) and that is WAY beyond Pompey's budget. It was paying him the sort of wages that we did that got us into all that mess before so we're not going down that road again.Must have buried the hatchet over image rights


15 Sep 2011 22:23:34
This may come as a shock to many but i have been told that if Bristol City get the go ahead to build a new stadium then the clubs billionaire backer Steve Lansdown will invest heavilly in building a side for the premiership and that David Moyes will return to the club as manager.(10)(35)I can quite believe this, Moyes would love to return to the west countryMoyes will never move back to the south as he is settled in the north he still lives in preston and his family are happy in the north ,also he would get a bigger club than brizzle cityWould this be the same Steve Lansdown who is actually a Millionaire not a Billionaire? and is it the same Steve Lansdown who has gone on record in the Bristol Evening Post to advise BC supporters that he is no longer supporting the club financially? He has a commitment to build the stadium, but that's where it ends.

Are you the same BC fan who reckons that Martin O'Neil is going to replace Millen and that Maynard is only waiting for him to arrive before he signs his new deal? Cos if so - take a tablet and calm down!Well done to the plastic Bristol City fans you have lost the plot worse than the Leicester & Southampton armchair lot !


15 Sep 2011 22:16:16
Championship leaders Brighton are set to loan in Norwich City's Aarron Wilbraham. The versatile striker will stay on loan until January 1st. This comes after Brighton failed to secure the signing of Billy Paynter from Leeds in August on transfer deadline day.(11)(15)According to thom kirwin on twitter bp can go on loan after brighton game


15 Sep 2011 20:58:50
The Mirror has said that Blackpool have put in an offer for El Hadji Diouf.(18)(12)

Be about right, no skill, no class, he should fit in perfectly.As a QPR old boy say it so Ollie


15 Sep 2011 20:43:09
chesterf'ld fc are set to offer darren huckberby a one year contrack(7)(19)


15 Sep 2011 20:37:45
Saints to sign Matt Mills on loan, after a bad start and fall out at current club leicester-SSN

It is thought that Matt would be delighted to make the move, after starting his career there and is a boyhood saints fan.....Offcourse though his brother Jospeh is no longer at southampton after joining Reading after being surplus to requirements at southampton. Mills though is good freinds with Adam lallana and a couple of the other players who have come through the ranks at southampton, which could help swing the deal in saints favour instead of Norwich city.

Expert progess in the next couple of days.(24)(9)Absolute tosh, Leicesters record signing going out on loan dream on mateCan't believe there is any substance in this rumour, but would be delighted if it did happen,never wanted to see him leave,always thought he had a good future and wanted it to be with Saints.Unrest in the leicester camp! love itThe same matt mills who was born in Leicester, grew up watching leicester and said it was a dream come true to sign for boyhood teamAnd ssn has nothing about this on either leicesters page or southamptons so try againThe same matt mills who was born in Leicester, grew up watching leicester and said it was a dream come true to sign for boyhood team
'Grew up in Leicester, watching Leicester' - The Mills boys grew up in Swindon, my brother was in the same class as Fish for 3 years. Then two of the four got picked up by Southampton, inevitably following and watching the Southampton first team with the rest of the Academy when they had days off.

This is obviously made up so why are you getting all ancy about it? Mills has had a very poor start to the season also.Players can only play for a maximum of 2 teams a season which Matt Mills has already done.
No football club would buy/loan a player who they could not play until next season


15 Sep 2011 19:37:43
QPR not only after David Beckham but also Michael Owen and Joe Cole in January(14)(33)All the has-beens and rejects i see.....Dear me, QPR are a waste of space....These players wont do anything other than promote QPRs name in the middleeast etc and give more money to the chairman.....Yeah and promoting the clubs name in the far East is a bad thing ?? But no non are going to happen (QPR fan)Why not sign "Take That" instead and have a proper Boy Band.The Joe Cole thats on a season long loan to Lille. LMAO at ur pathetic excuse for a rumourQPR are an accident waiting to happen , it may look rosy now but all these players will clash at some point ,mark my words . There seems to be an element of sweetshop mentality as in i will have that one ,that one , oh and chuck a couple of them in the bag .Someones gonna be sick later.I dont think so personally


15 Sep 2011 17:43:01
brentford are ment to sign harry arter on loan to a proper deal(1)(19)Thank you for this rumour, it has been a big help.......but only in helping me decide not to send my little one to a school in BrentfordHarry Arter is a star player for Bournemouth, so i highly doubt this will happen-unless he somehow see it as an upwards step, which tbh i doubt it-But the attraction off london might swing the deal perhaps?


15 Sep 2011 17:18:10
Wolves chairman Steve Morgan is reported to be a little disappointed with the transfer activity at Molineux over the summer. There is reported to have been more money available to McCarthy. Morgan sanctioned a £9m bid for Diego after the signings of Johnson and O'Hara, but the player wanted to move to a team playing in Europe.
It is believed that a good sized kitty will be available to MM in January and that Morgan is getting itchy feet and wants a big named land mark signing to lead the club forward.(22)(7)No one would of any note would sign for a team that will struggle to stay up this season thats why mm signed deadwoodHaving money is one thing, getting players to come is the hard part


15 Sep 2011 16:46:31
brentford will complete the loan deal of David Clarkson 1 month loan(11)(10)Goodluck clarkson at brentford if go on loan but fight for your place st bristol city dont give up


15 Sep 2011 16:35:25
Matt Oakley to sign on loan for Derby from leicester(16)(20)


15 Sep 2011 16:03:21
James Beattie will be a blade again on friday 23rd after medical booked at Thornbury Hospital at 10am terms agreed already at £7000 a week.



15 Sep 2011 15:02:04
How can George Elakobi be going to Leeds on a permanent in January? when he is off playing in the African cup of nations(11)(5)He could still signElokobi plays for Cameroon - they have not qualified for the ACN. However, Wolves are not going to sell their 2nd choice left back.Why wouldnt they sell there 2nd choice lb .u all there or wat


15 Sep 2011 14:22:56
free agents El Hadji diouf and Pablo Counago to Blackpool, diouf offered £14,000 PW(7)(16)!?!? - 14k a week, - nobody earned more than 10k a week when blackpoo were premier league, - Jog onWe are not in the premier league


15 Sep 2011 14:21:54
Fulhams chief scout which is Martin jols brother has been a regular visiter to Cardiff cfc in recent weeks to check on Peter whittingham... Expect a move in January for the star midfielder(18)(8)Star? HUH. Next to the man on the moon.He's just signed a 3 year contract extension...He signed a contract just 2weeks ago you idiotJust cause he signed a new deal doesn't mean he wont turn down a move back to the premiership, he is a very good player on his day so no suprise theres interest.Fulham would need to pay big bucks to get him now!! Non starter!! Must have been playing football manager too late last night!!


15 Sep 2011 14:14:40
Northampton are looking to sign Bradford City's Lewis Hunt on a 2 month loan.(11)(7)


15 Sep 2011 12:38:35
Svens time at Leicester is limited - the board have run out of patience and will look to recruit Poyet as his replacement as soon as possible.(22)(26)I'm a Leicester fan, please answer me this, why would Poyet leave at this moment in time to come to Leicester?
Sven WILL be given time time to sort it out. We no longer have Mandaric as an owner.......It was Martin Allens couzen (footy agent)that told us at last weeks awards - apparently it was mandrik that appointed sven and the new Thai consortium were never happy with the appointment....only telling what I've been told....Martin Allen's cousin was miles off the mark then sunshine, Mandrich appointed Paulo Souza was was binned 8 games into the season, it was the new blokes who recruited Sven, Milan was long-gone by then.

As for Poyet, doubtful to say the least. Not only is he doing a sterling job at Brighton, but Sven has been given the financial muscle to do his job with a promise of whatever he needs come January. We play Brighton this weekend, a win would see us unbeaten in 4 having knocked off two league leaders in the process. Nobody is hiding from the fact that it's not gone to plan thus far, but it was always going to be a reach for 12 new players to gel straight away.

Beat Brighton and the season will start slipping in to place. The Haters will still hate us, they'll still predict doom and gloom, Sven sacking/walking out, owners going bankrupt blah blah blah - but even they'll start to accept that we're starting to go in the right direction, and they'll hate us even more for that (big deal)

Beating Brighton is a tall order at the minute, but we're easily capable of doing it, just depends which side turn up... the one that humped Forest for 60 minutes, the one that humped Soton for 45 minutes, or the one that folded against Forest in the final 30 minutes, or the one that almost folded against Soton in the second 45 minutes - we're very hit and miss at the minute!15 Sep 2011 19:43:58
I'll think you'll find that Milan was still advising the consortium when Sven was appointed sunshine - you don't appear to know your own club very well, so have a look at this link and learn something. dear the wheels are falling off crisp munchers aren't they!
Even quicker than expected! lolThe foxes season could go t@ts up if they dont get some decent results in there next 6 games its still early yet one win can move you 5/6 places at the moment the foxes face brighton/cardiff/boro/derby...who are in the top 6 at the moment then the brum which could also prove an hard gameUmm, the smug git who posted the link should maybe shove his head back up his own arse... Milan was still advising the new owners, but he had no input whatsoever when it came to hiring Ericsson. In essence, he was indeed ‘long-gone’. there’s a pretty huge difference between being involved in the day to day running of a club which includes the recruitment of a manager and the subsequent negotiations - and being involved in an advisory capacity, paint it anyway you like, you’re wrong - sunshine.

As for the other dimwits who appear to be happily celebrating anything with a negative twist to it, I think you should remember that a) it’s a rumour site and b) you’re clearly still jealous - see you in May? I doubt it somehow.


15 Sep 2011 12:02:05
Leeds News - Mccormack is set to sign a new 2 year deal, Whites eying up a move for ex wolves keeper marcus hanneman.

Nunez has rejected a four year deal and there is rumours he is holding out for a move to sunderland next season with reports that they are scouting him!(9)(21)Quite beleivable until you mentioned 4 yrs no wayI have watched every minute of every game that Nunez has played for Leeds, although very promising, he is far from the finished article. I don't see how a PL club would be eyeing up a move for a player who can't get regular football in an average Championship teamNo way ken bates will offer any player a 4year contractWhy are leeds looking for another keeper? andy lonergan has been fantastic with some of the saves he has made....nunez still has time on his contract and so does mccormack


15 Sep 2011 10:55:59
torres has had enough of chelsea and is planning a move back to home country spain in the january transfer window. soure- daily mail(25)(13)He can sulk closer to home , how sweet.Should never left the reds torres n suarez could have been class but instead you left king kennys army to join them ya bak jan if you beg nando


15 Sep 2011 10:49:19
34 year old Former Larissa and Hull striker Daniel Cousin is set to join league one side Walsall on trial(8)(7)Nonsense, he only left Larissa because they were relegated from the Greek Super League, he's way too good to play in League One, he'll probably take a big final pay day in the Middle East.


15 Sep 2011 09:32:19
James Beattie to Bournemouth. He has been spotted at Dean Court(10)(33)I hope he is enjoying his tour of the Football grounds. I wonder where he will be seen next.His agent was using a scare tactic...if you don't decide where to go soon, you could end up here...


14 Sep 2011 23:48:09
Burnley are set to sign Man Utd young Star Paul Pogba on a season long loan deal. Burnley manager Eddie Howe has been to watch him and believes he could be a huge boost to the Burnley squad.(8)(14)If he's as good as the reports from OT he'll make a massive impact in the championashipYou can't do season long loans anymore - just 93 day max emergency loans - so - you are obviously making it all upThey may well fancy him, who would'nt? but theres no way he will be allowed to leave.Blimey Carl asaba would be a huge boost to that squad!!I am a Burnley fan and this is the WORST squad we have had since we got promoted from League One in 1999-2000.

The man to blame is director Brendan Flood who has brainwashed chairman Barry Kilby and is now asset-stripping the club to offset his business failures with bankrup Modus in my opinion.
He owes an Irish bank millions.


14 Sep 2011 23:21:03
Birmingham City Loans
Josh McEachran , Romelu Lukaku , Ryan Bertrand,
Chelsea happy to underwrite deals on condition all will be playing in the Birmingham Europa League games.(5)(34)Would have thought that Notts. Forest more likely for Ryan BertrandSo much wrong with this!
- 2 loans from one club
- 93 day rule on emergency loans which would in effect cup tie the players
- the fact that McEacharan is a regular in the match day squad
Try again with a more plausible rumour - Messi going to Torquay maybeIs Messi going to Torquay then?

Will there be an option to buy if he makes the grade?
KMIt's not uncommon to loan 2 players from a single club, and there is nothing wrong with doing so.

The loan window is open for championship teams so there is no issue with that...

But the fact that birmingham havce already submitted there squad for europe and cannot change it until January would efectively prevent this for occuring!!


14 Sep 2011 22:50:27
Steve Kean is set to be sacked as Blackburn boss. Kean has already been offered by the Rovers board of being reserve team manager. Kean could be keen to stay at the club and Venky's think they could persuade the former Coventry assistant manager to move down a couple of steps in the Blackburn ladder.(20)(10)


14 Sep 2011 22:40:41
Marcus Bent has issued a 'come and sign me' plea to Cardiff City.(12)(19)Tell him to go do one!!!!!11111We werent good enuff when birmingham came calling before. tell him not to bother. he aint welcome!!!!!!He wouldnt even get in our team hes stNo thank you!!! Who's that really over the hill........


14 Sep 2011 22:38:43
James Beattie is going to Sheffield United(12)(17)


14 Sep 2011 21:35:55
Matt Mills wants out from Leicester City. He is not happy with his treatment at the club and has asked to go out on loan. Both Southampton and Norwich City are interested.(39)(30)Good, another of Sven's waste of money signings for us.Excellent, as predicted if true there is already unrest in the camp! Was bound to happen, just didn't expect it this soonM I C K E Y M O U S E

Leicester City the club that makes everyone laughNorwich City are not in a position where they can make loan signings. The loan system does not apply to PL clubs....make something else upHaaaaha! not sure which is funniest, the original post or how quickly you losers jump on it and celebrate!

So Matt Mills, The joint highest paid player at the club, the team captain in fact, is unhappy about how he's been treated? How has he been treated then oh font of all knowledge, or are you making it up to make the plebs happy?I doubt he'd want to come back to Southampton after we forced him out the door at a young age...It looks like Leicester are going to implode!!Yes, I know that Norwich can't sign him on loan, that's not what I said. It's not that hard to work it out is it that Southampton want him on loan now and Norwich will have to wait for the January window. If you think it's made up then good for you, however I know it to be true.I think you're an attention seeking tt personally.Lol, sticks and stones


14 Sep 2011 19:04:01
David Luiz and Luis Suarez will both be Barcelona players next season. Big spending Malaga will make Fernando Torres their marquee signing also next summer.(13)(52)What will the lottery numbers be this weekend?Another person talking out of his bumIf Suarez was too leave why would he persuade his best mate in Coates to join Liverpool u nerd!


14 Sep 2011 19:03:20
Bristol city manager keith millen set to leave if another loss occurs.(26)(13)Hopefully!!! he is awful, i could do betterYeah he leaves out dave clarkson who as scored 6 reserve goals in two matches and brett pittman whats so good about steadNice bloke, but its just not working-Need action sooner rather than laterPlease say this is true
keith needs to go!Looks like he will be gone after saturday then!Would really like this to be true ! Any chance you can tell us where this information is from?Bye keith millen because leeds are going to win 3-1 sorry bristol city fans m.otWho would want the job after him though? No money , relegation scrap??He better go he is st


14 Sep 2011 16:34:51
Brain Howard has been spotted at Chelsea's truing ground expect Frank lampard to go to reading(23)(35)Frank Lampard to reading...where at the library?Brain Howard? huh? Get your spelling sorted. You will give footballers a bad name calling them clever.Bet Frank is happy where he the empty quiet library.


14 Sep 2011 14:05:14
david villa is been seen outside manchester cities training base - reliable souurce(10)(57)I doubt this very much as villa played in champs league last night and scored and therefore would not be eligible to play in europe for city, and mancini was going to give up on ansri if he played in europe for arsenal, think of something half true at leastNo he hasn't. So stop making up such rubbish.Villa will be in the champo league soon with the team they are growing

(man city supporter btw)How many Manchester "Cities" are there?Villa will be in the Chmpons League? Not on your nelly mate. They sold Barry, then Milner, Then Young, then Downing.

As a birmingham fan i can tell you the dross football that McLeish insists on playing team that get into the champions league are not those that have a policy of being 'hard to beat'. With Bent there they'll always score goals, if he picks up an injury they wont finish in the top half, let alone the top 4. Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham are all streets ahead and Villa have to sell before they buy. Only player they would get decent money for is Bent Himself mot of the rest are ageing or unproven youngsters. You cant build anything without tools and materials (money) I think i'll hit the big 50 before that happens................... and i'm 26!


14 Sep 2011 13:54:57
Looks like Fulham and Aston Villa will battle it out for Brighton's Lewis Dunk for a fee of £1.6m.(14)(11)Shame if seagulls lose him. Good player.1.6m = No Chance
8m with add ons = Possible1.6m is nowhere near. Try 5+Villa will probably sign him up..
More like 2m + 9m in add on's on future.

Villa feed the top 4 with players (Young ,downing , milner etc.) He can be a top 4 club player if he progresses at Villa.


14 Sep 2011 13:54:15
burnley are chasing highly rated manchester united youngster,paul pogba...(19)(23)


14 Sep 2011 12:47:24
ally mccoist off when they get beat by celtic on sunday- official source(19)(33)Rangers couldn't afford to pay his severance package. He'd need to quit.What happens when they pummel the plastic paddys?Pay the tax man you cheatsTick tock, the bankmans coming, the shame have no money ha ha ha ha ha ha, it great that the celts have a few pounds coming in with there trips in europe!! Hail hailPay the tax man you cheats LOL my God


More chance of wee Lemmon getting the sack, he hasn't won the league against old men, young boys and we have no money LOL, LEMMON FOR THE SACK after they get humped on Thursday and fail, Fail to beat the Mighty Glasgow Rangers on SundayI just can't get enough PADDY

WizardMighty glasgow rangers lol if u last the season it'll be a shock. WATP ( we avoid tax payments )Since you seem to see the future could you get me the euromillions numbers for friday...... person


14 Sep 2011 12:19:32
Cardiff are hoping to sign Macheda and Tom Cleverly on loan from Manchester United as Malky Mackay hopes to put together a cardiff side capable of getting promotion(11)(56)Cleverly wont go out on loan when he has worked his way into the first team. why leave the best team in england for a team that will never get to the prem

toolI am a cardiff city faan and this will never happen not cleverly anyway he has ligemaent damage and is in the man u starting 11This is stupid and SIR ALEX FERGUSON would let tom cleverly go as he has become a big player for MAN UTD.Why would he be sacked exactly--yeh europe was a disaster,but look to the east end of the city for european disasters,they got knocked out by a team no better than malmo.only to get back in not so much through the back door but up through the kitchen sink..lennons euro record is a disgrace.FACTCleverly is out injured 4 a mnth you wouldnt no that as its eplLol Why take Cleverley on loan when he is crocked for a month!So , why will Cardiff never get to the premier league , surely they have as a chance being in the championship?? Also they are currently 6th?? Are you just a plastic , or an armchair fan? Support Man U or Chelsea by any chance??


14 Sep 2011 11:04:50
Have just heard that if the next couple of results dont go our way then jacket is out(5)(23)To be replaced by a duffle coat. {Ed025's Note - or he might sign scott parkaHaha,or even a donkey c.oat


14 Sep 2011 10:53:46
Cardiff City sign safee sali malaysian internation dubbed the malaysian david beckham could be the siging of the century!!(10)(8)Oh how realistic and original. Total coda whollop.It's true, he's joining Mohd Safiq Rahim


14 Sep 2011 10:42:50
young brighton deffender Lewis Dunk is on his way to the Premiereship in January with a host of Clubs in the hunt he will be replaced by James Wilson from Bristol City if Gus gets his way(8)(20)


14 Sep 2011 08:17:21
And this poster who said
"13 Sep 2011 12:45:07
Cardiff city are to sign Gary Taylor Fletcher after contract talks have broken down with blackpool. he will sign on loan until january and then make the move permanent. price to be 500,000 plus ad ons. he was at the cardiff city stadium today. BLUEBIRDS!"
What a load of Borrox, he'll get a better deal where he is, and is just testing Oyston patience(2)(24)We got safee sali instead now malaysian david beckham. keep the old gitNeutral on this one but don't Blackpool have 9k per week wage cap? Dare say some Cardiff players are probs on double that.


14 Sep 2011 07:08:07
Wigan made a £2.8m midnight bid for Crystal Palace youngsters Wilfred Zaha and Jonathan Williams.(4)(7)Nonsense ! Absolute dribbleWigan can do one. They have a habit of taking our players


14 Sep 2011 04:26:19
Cardiff city are to sign Gary Taylor Fletcher after contract talks have broken down with blackpool. he will sign on loan until january and then make the move permanent. price to be 500,000 plus ad ons. he was at the cardiff city stadium today. BLUEBIRDS!

What a load of bull. Blackpools best player this season so far is still under contract for 1 more year and will never be loaned out to a rival. Why bother making up such rubbish!(4)(24)


14 Sep 2011 04:03:17
crawley boss steve evans will be sacked, if they have one more bad result this season.(12)(26)Good hope the clown is ,should of been banned for life from football anyway.Thats because after last night they want a real football manager like swindon Paolo Di CanioYeah a proper football manager not a crooked fat slug !!


13 Sep 2011 21:06:33
Oli Johnson is at Crawley's game with Swindon tonight.

Joining one of those teams?(14)(8)


13 Sep 2011 19:04:36
milios krasnic to man utd(17)(25)


13 Sep 2011 19:03:20
nani to benfica for 30 mil(11)(22)Where would Benfica get 30 mil from?


13 Sep 2011 18:15:50
Southampton to sign Heskey on loan.
If he thinks they are a good enough side to stay in the championship.(14)(25)Ive just heard jay simpson to sign for millwallStay in the championship.....i think that team are more likely to go up or win it than be good enough to stay in it.....dear oh dearHe Isnt good enough for Saints....we have Lambert and CoThat is not in any way funny.Heskey is in great form recently , as a Villa supporter .. I can say , He will leave next summer not now.Doubt Saints will want him now.....he is expected to be out for at least 3 weeks with a thigh injury....Source SSNSaints are unlikely to retain their Championship status this season. Premiership next season....Heskey is not good enough to get a start spot for Saints, simples!PUP Saints have no chance of going up, wait until Pompey get hold of them.....................itll be like watching The Harlem Globetrotters taking the p, lol!


13 Sep 2011 16:05:29
Just heard some Brighton news from a VERY RELIABLE SOURCE. Gus Poyet is planning a move for another big name Spanish star when the transfer window re-opens in January.(10)(35)Haven't they already got a Spanish star in Vicente?Spanish star?Brighton? Must be Inglesias Jnr!Hmmm not so sure of this... when Harry Redknapp gets the England job (the FA are plotting to remove Capello) then Gus is a shoe in for the Spurs job. Glenn Roeder or Alan Curbishley will take over from Gus at the AMEX.Pfft... you lot are hilarious!


13 Sep 2011 15:47:53
Sergio Torres set to join Southampton on loan. The deal will become fulltime if the saints go up this season-SSN(16)(19)I heard it was fernando?Why oh why would we need another midfielder?


13 Sep 2011 16:57:44
Beatie to sign for portsmouth- worst rumour I've ever seen he's either going to saints or sheffield united.(7)(29)Sheffield United will get him I reckon...Crikey we dont want him at saints anymore. Used to be a great player, but league 1 is his leverl at best now....Go to utd...Big fish in small pond there, where as at saints you would be a tiny fish in a massive pond!Southampton are hardly a massive pond,maybe a garden pond..


13 Sep 2011 16:31:41
Mika Vayrynen signs for Leeds United on a one year contract with the option of another year, not before time, but this does seam a step in the right direction, he can play attacking or defensive roles so should be a great asset to the club.(25)(5)


13 Sep 2011 16:24:10
Bristol City want QPR striker Patrick Agyemang on loan (according to the sun) however Keith Millen, has denied any links to the gahnain strkier(5)(12)Fair enough- it's a massive slur on his reputation.Millen how can you say dave clarkson is no good in last two reserve games he as scored 6 goals do u know what doing answer no leave millen'do u know what doing answer no leave millen'

If they ever want someone to play the offspring of Stanley Unwin and R2D2, you are the man!


13 Sep 2011 13:23:12
David Beckham will not be joining Brighton in January nor will he joining on loan. Beckham is poised to join QPR when his current contract expires.(15)(27)Mls side galaxy have offered him an ext 5.6 mill 4 1 yrThe last place Beckham would go is Brighton.He wont go to either!Hasn't he signed an extension for LA Galaxy?Naw, it's Notts County or Leicester surely... if the Orient don't want him. OH PUH-LEASE!QPR HAVE NO CHANCE-HE IS GOING TO SPURS


13 Sep 2011 13:21:19
Brighton's Lewis Dunk will be a transfer target for Manchester City, Fulham and Aston Villa when the transfer window opens in January. Brighton will be looking for a minimum asking price of £2million.(7)(22)Hha-who!!!!!! League 2 playerProbably to Villa or Fulham.

Villa most likely.Er 2 million 10 Million plus


13 Sep 2011 12:45:07
Cardiff city are to sign Gary Taylor Fletcher after contract talks have broken down with blackpool. he will sign on loan until january and then make the move permanent. price to be 500,000 plus ad ons. he was at the cardiff city stadium today. BLUEBIRDS!(10)(31)So we got the beast now we are after his twin pls dont so it malkyDamn cardiff must be crap


13 Sep 2011 12:33:31
Burnley to sign Michael Tonge from Stoke on season long loan(19)(14)Not possible - max length for emergency loans is 93 days


13 Sep 2011 11:51:14
sge has 6 games to improve at leicester. else its the sack(19)(20)Why post this crap the owners have said they will back him again in Jan windowYou wont go up whoever is in charge. There are far better and bigger teams in the championship than you guys....You must be a forest or derby fan thenI've heard this before, and I doubt it'll happen. If you do, you may as well go into admin now, because there are no good managers out of a job yet (Apart from O'Neill, but didn't he say he won't go back to clubs he used to manage?)...Sorry- as a QPR fan, I would say that Leicester and Pompey were clearly the best teams last year but suffering from management that couldn't motivate an emaciated Labrador to walk across the room to eat Lobster Thermidor. Warnock would have strolled it with either side. It is sad (and yet still enjoyably laughable) to think that two teams as poor as Soton (we've got Lalalana- well done) and Brighton are doing better. SGE? I really don't think he is anything other than a reputation built on being rubbish with the best England squad in years.Southampton are so carp that QPR sign a player who carnt even get in the soton squad you thinko. Dear oh dear think before you post rubbish like that. Yes his name is jason puncheon need i say more...i think this says more about how carp QPR are than saints..... On paper saints have one of the strongest squads on paper you numnut!! dear oh dear'Southampton are so carp that QPR sign a player who carnt even get in the soton squad you thinko'

Way to show him, Poet Laureate. You are too slow witted to discuss grammar and spelling with, let alone football. If you believe that to be true, you are as dim as you appear to be.Have to agree with the poster who can not spell. Puncheon is NO way good enough for Southampton. Should fit in well at QPR, as well as being a top top player for them.


13 Sep 2011 11:14:56
Rumours in Stoke are that striker Mamady Sidibe is set to leave the Britannia on a months loan to Walsall to prove his fitness

Matthew Lund could also be sent to the Saddlers on loan following his recall from Oldham due to his lack of game time at the league one side(13)(8)


13 Sep 2011 10:44:12
11 Sep 2011 19:00:26
Blackpool are very close to signing Sheffield Wednesday defender Lewis Buxton on loan until January with a view of a permanent transfer undisclosed in January.

What round objects you talk matey. lewis Buxton is first on the team sheet along with Semedo for the Owls. We dont need to sell and Blackpool would be a backward step for Lewis. Chances of this happening = nil(6)(14)How would this be a backward step? blackpool are a bigger club now then wednesday...your living five years ago bud.Wrong - if Wednesday manage to get up and Blackpool dont then they would once again be the bigger club.

Not just the size etc its also the stability that Manderic has brought.My memory must be eluding me, what division are you actually in these days ?U should stop playing near the back of donkeys on the beach the smell of must be over powering your senses. lewis is established in the team & just won our player of the monthErmm...aren't the massive Sheffield Wednesday losing 5-1 to Stevenage at present?!?!

Huge club.


13 Sep 2011 10:33:12
Michael Tonge and Ryan Shotton will both join Burnley on Loan until Jan when both will sign

Shotton for 1.5M and Tonge for 500,000(12)(24)


13 Sep 2011 09:49:36
James Beattie will sign a one year contract with Burnley. ddie Howe is keen to add more attacking options after a poor start to the season and sees Beattie as somebody who could get between 15 and 20 goals this season.(7)(24)We have more attacking options than Hamleys have toys. Focus of Eddie will be to invest in a little more experience in the middle of the park and at the back to complement and help develop the young squad he is assembling.Once upon a time Beattie would have got 15/20 per season. His recent stats show hes only capable of getting 15/20 a decade!He was like playing with a man down when he was with us (rangers) and even worse when he was at blackpool, rangers went for a pre season game at blackpool and he came on as a sub and got booed but both sets of fans !! AWFUL


13 Sep 2011 09:47:36
Former Holland international Bolo Zenden could sign a one year deal with Walsall. Boss Dean Smith has contacted Zenden about a possible one month rolling contract and is apparently keen to sign before the weekend.(7)(26)


13 Sep 2011 09:45:02
Controversial attacker El Hadji Diouf is in talks with French second division side Amiens after his release from Blackburn.(12)(11)


13 Sep 2011 09:43:43
Former Liverpool and Switzerland defender Philipp Degen has been handed a two year deal with Portsmouth. Steve Cotterill has told the right back Pompey will be challenging for promotion this season. Degen is also keen to stay in England as he would have more chance of getting into the Swiss national team once again.(5)(11)A really poor player.Challenging for promotion! . Can he not read league tables then?Fighting relegation more likely!


13 Sep 2011 09:40:47
Former Tottenham and Fulham defender Paul Stalteri is set to sign a one year deal with German third division side FC Saarbrucken. The German side have been told by the owners that they want them in the Bundesliga in three years and the Canada international is the first piece of business that could bring more well known players.(3)(3)


13 Sep 2011 09:39:52
Brighton to loan out the following of their youngsters in order to gain the valuable experience Gus Poyet wants them to gain.
Steve Cook - Charlton
Yasir Kasim - MK Dons
Jake Caskey Forster - Barnsley
Roland Bergkamp - Barnsley(7)(8)I believe the likes of Kasim, Forster and Bergkamp are not being loaned out according to a report from Gus Poyet
source - the argusDoubt them coming to Barnsley, we have academy lads breaking through to the first team, so we wont be blooding yours !I'd rather have Toby Agdestein at charlton thanks :)Bergkamp is going to Sheffield Wednesday on loan


13 Sep 2011 09:37:46
For England and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell is in talks with Wycombe Wanderes over a dramatic return to football. Gary Waddock got in touch with a one time Champions League finalist after learning Campbell was willing to play at any level but to stay down south. Campbell will sign a one month rolling contract but has targeted a return to the Premier League in the new year.(3)(10)The Prem? I think 'rolling' is about his pace these days.Bullst he would raver go to a club like man utd wayyyy!!!


13 Sep 2011 09:37:31
Brighton defender Lewis Dunk will be a January transfer window target for Manchester City and Fulham since his impressive start to the season. A fee of £2million is expected to be the minimum asking price.(1)(10)I don't know about Manchester City but there has been a few premier league teams chasing Dunk. Hopefully we can keep hold of him. At such a young age he has been brilliant so far.


13 Sep 2011 09:35:26
Former Bolton defender J'lloyd Samuel is in talks with West Brom. Toy Hodgson is keen on bringing some experience into the backline and is available on a free transfer.(4)(7)Jlloyd samual to the prem? i doubt it mate, leeds had him on trial last month and he couldnt cut it at champ level, so he is deffinately not good enough for the prem...


13 Sep 2011 09:34:14
Goalkeeper Timo Hildebrand, who was once rated as one of the future stars in world football, has been offered a one year deal by Portuguese side Maritimo. The former German international was on trial at Manchester City in the summer but will have to settle on staying in Portugal after leaving Sporting Lisbon.(7)(1)


13 Sep 2011 09:17:48
Liverpool defender Danny Wilson to complete his loan move to Leeds some time soon...(26)(14)


12 Sep 2011 22:39:32
The FA are losing patience with Plymouth Argyle, and are to tell investors and the administrators to agree a deal within 10 days or the club will be kicked out of the Football League.(12)(2)I dont think the football league will need to kick them out they will be playing in the Blue square at the end of this season anyway !


12 Sep 2011 22:19:17
Has anyone else noticed there is only one London team in the topten of pl (I know it's early in case anyone decides to state the obvious)...btw...Manu seem to have peaked early,manc I think may last longer this season,Chelsea..will get tired,and,I hope,Liverpool will be up there come may..not a bad schedule or the season end..also,Edd u r doing a great job but hey,I think loads of us would also enjoy suh a job..keep up the good work(2)(4)Man utd peaked early city last out please don't be so silly u can not even say that r u for real there. Long way to go no one played anyone yet Liverpool big money for ok players only thing going for them is no champs league talk after 20 gamesAnother deluded ScouserI did indeed notice that... then passed by quietly as it was of no significance whatsoever.Another Scouse Mouse determined to make a fool of himself.


12 Sep 2011 21:56:38
Southend to sack Paul Sturrock as manager if his side lose to Gillingham on tuesday.(6)(5)


12 Sep 2011 20:39:57
I've been told from the same person that told me Danny Graham was going to Watford and that Greg Abbott was going to be the new manager, that Abbott will be sacked after the weekend, no matter the result. United are lining up Graham Kavanagh to be the new manager with a view to signing him on a two year contract.(5)(6)Won't happen mate, sorry, carlisle couldn't afford to pay him off, the board are quite happy with mid-table league 1 football, If abbott did go kavanagh should go with him, and then start afresh


12 Sep 2011 20:32:19
Chelsea have signed Islam Feruz from celtic beating both manc clubs & spurs.
He said he had to join the best club in the UK.(13)(6)Good luck to the bhoy. It just shows you that their is no loyalty in football - now watch him rot in the reserves for the 3rd best team in England.So why did he choose ChelskiHave not got a clue. Money to throw at young up and coming talent and then.throw them on the scrap heap. Fan base wise, chelsea cannot even compete with Celtic or rangers


12 Sep 2011 20:20:30
Darren Ferguson is looking to bolster Peterborough United with a range of experienced players. Due to their defensive fragility, he is looking at bringing in Sol Campbell (currently a free agent) to support the back-line. The Posh, with Fergie Jnr's Old Trafford connections is also looking at two former Red Devils, as they are also looking at luring Paul Scholes out of playing retirement to take on a minor playing role but also assist with coaching role (vacated after a few departures in the coaching staff recently). If this fails, a move for Nicky Butt to make a return to English football for a similar role is also on the cards.(3)(15)And they all lived happily ever after!!


12 Sep 2011 19:50:00
The vacant number 18 shirt at Tranmere is to be filled by legend Jason Koumas.

He's signing a 2 year deal. Welcome home Jase!(6)(16)If only! not sure tranmere could afford his wages.


12 Sep 2011 19:30:27
beats is in talks with the blades(10)(10)


12 Sep 2011 19:06:46
SGE WILL BE REPLACED BY MARTIN ONIELL IN THE FOLLOWING WEEKS IF RESULTS DONT PICK UP SOURCE RADIO LEICESTER(10)(24)i listen to Radio leicester every sports news bulletin and i have'nt heard one single word of this story, nor was it mentioned on monday sports time.Pillock... they said no such thing, they merely reported a story that had been written in a newspaper, that doesn't mean that they believe the story, nor that they were breaking the story, it simply means that they reported the story being in the newspapers - big difference.


12 Sep 2011 17:40:40
I've heard Gregg Abbott is to be axed if/when Carlisle lose next 2 games, Eds, any rumours on this please? cheers(7)(7)


12 Sep 2011 17:37:36
Torres out of Chelsea, going out on a loan swap to spain, Ilker Muniain or navas going to Chelsea(12)(22)Wtf torres will never leave the best team in the world


12 Sep 2011 16:47:21
Had a nightmare last night.....someone suggested redknapp as new england manager!surely we are not that desperate!(12)(9)Funny that because last year we were.
The guy could do no wrong.Redknapp very overrated,always moaning and when it all goes wrong it's never his fault.all he's ever won as a manager is the FA cup which brought Portsmouth to the edge of extinction because of his lavish expenditure on fact everywhere he's managed there's been financial problems when he's left,west ham,Bournemouth,Southampton and Portsmouth and maybe spurs too although he's being reigned in by LevyAbout time england had an english manager. Harry would be perfect and would bring entertaining football and a high percentage of win ratios.Dont knock the guy because unless you can nominate someone else who could do a better job - and speaks english.Martin O'Neill? Harry Redknapp as england team manager? i'd rather support wales mate!Harry redknapp england manager the media will dig up some dodgy deal and make him resign within 2 years or so like venables.Acyually, you are WAY more desperate than that. Did you not see the Wales game? England- more false dawns than than Lenny Henry on tour with a pocketful of viagra.


12 Sep 2011 16:39:27
Cardiff are willing to too surprisingly listen to offers fopr rob earnshaw as they need to raise funds(2)(18)You mean the striker they've JUST signed? don't talk rubbishWho's going to sign him then? Nottingham Forest?Ha ha shocking attempt at a WUM!! Must try harder!! LMFAO


12 Sep 2011 16:04:51
liverpool and man city set to battle it out for barcelona defensive midfielder sergio busquetts. reports suggest that city have loged a 35m bid for him(7)(7)Do you know the transfer window has closed you numpty


12 Sep 2011 15:54:19
Southampton are set for the loan signing of Ipswich striker Tamas Priskin for the rest of the season(8)(6)Please let this be true!You can only sign someone for 92 days not the whole season...


12 Sep 2011 15:45:07
James Beattie will turn down all 100 offers he is considering and if he is fit and good enough will join my sunday night 5 a side team you heard it hear first OK(20)(5)Why they let numbskulls on this site, I'll never know.James Beattie is that you ? Made me laugh as he is being linked to all and sundry, to the poster above chill out man get a sense of humourI've put a counter offer in of a big box of crisps. You know how he loves to eat.


12 Sep 2011 14:43:36
Argentine midfielder Matias Abelairas, who has joined Rangers on trial, will turn down a contract offered by manager Ally McCoist to sign for top Uruguayan side Penarol. The former River Plate midfielder is keen on staying within the region of South America after having second thoughts on a move to Scotland.(4)(6)You get some dimwits on here, Up in Scotland we call the Timmy or Dimmy or Hoopy as they put poor information to try and deflect from their own problems, this is one of their poorsest attempts as they wouldn't know anything about this guy, FEAR, thy are so worried about failing for a fourth year they will try any thing sadly, FAIL FAIL and I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH LOL WizardTranslated straight from his twitter

In case that even all the physical tests, this season I will play in the Glasgow Rangers, of Scotland.I'm worried because him putting that on his twitter, there must be some rumours that he doesn't want to comePlayed today in a friendly against kilmarnock played all 90mins


12 Sep 2011 14:18:50
The latest from Ashton Gate is that Keith Millen will remain at the club for the foreseeable future after talking with Steve Lansdown.

It was said that in order for the club to go forward, continuity is key and therefore relieving Millen of his duties would be more detrimental to the club than keeping him on. Keith is confident he can turn things around and he has the full support of the players and staff at the club.

One other minor detail to note is that Nicky Maynard picked up a knock in training although the extent of his injury is unknown at the moment.(5)(8)Never seen bristol city perform like this management leave millen bring in experience manager b4 were doomedWe're going down if this is true. Millen has to go!


12 Sep 2011 13:56:53
Ross McCormack has been told by Leeds boss Simon Grayson that Cardiff City have made an enquiry for the Scotland striker. McCormack scored 28 goals in over 80 appearances for City a couple of season ago but Malky Mackay was keen on the striker when he used to manage Watford. McCormack will not join on loan until January but the more likley thing is, that the Scotland striker will talk to the Welsh club until next year then a deal can be put together.(7)(27)Don't talk utter crapTo the original poster GET A LIFEHe is bang in form playing and scoring he will not be going anywhere utter s##tHa ha ha..obvious posters a deluded cardiff fan!! keep dreaming you muppetAbsoluter ballcocks. No doubt a desparate Leicester fan trying to upset an inform player.KB is thinking kerching another one of our good players we can sell for nothingWhy make stuff up just to please your tiny childlike mind with hope, he is leeds now and as we paid for him dont expect pappa smirf to let him run his contract down and go for free or on loan, your a tw@t super leedsSo suddenly he starts scoring, and now Cardiff want him again. You're bigger hypocrites than Leicester were with Gradel.


12 Sep 2011 13:53:35
Steve McClaren is set to be sacked as Nottingham Forest boss if they dont get a result against rivals Derby at weekend. Ralf Rangnick, who left German side Hoffenheim to join rivals Schalke in March, is in line to arrive at The City Ground. Rangnick was regarded as an unrealistic target before the approached McClaren in the summer but now the former Stuttgart boss having a fall out with the board, the Schalke manager could be the next Forest man.(14)(17)Steve Mclaren needs sacking! He has done nothing for forest apart from tear up the foundations Billy Davies had took 2 years to perfect bring Billy back he should never of gone - AND GIVE HIM THE MONEY HE NEEDS TO GET BACK INTO THE PREM!!!!Im not a forest fan im a Leeds fan but i now live in Nottingham. Personally it was a bad appointment in the first place ive never rated him quite a few of my mates who are forest fans didnt want him either im sure he wont be missedAbout time u got
Off his back and got on his side he will not be sacked cos he will walk he tried to but was stopped end off day anyone who takes job will do nothing he wanted 4 players in window but was told he spent to much! How most where free , Billy a saint in your eyes the same man that only came to nottingham on Wednesday night went home on Sunday night home being Scotland, why not look how ur club is ran before you jump in not even god could get u in prem with side u got the left back story( saying u had players to play there ) was cover as he wanted a player but has to be passed by David pleat what a joke honestly back to back euro winners now listen to the say so of this man really so why not open your eyes to the mess your inWhat on earth has happened at a great club like Nottingham Forest, we all love to hate them but need them in the top flight. Sort it out Forest, your overdue a returnWhy would any top manager,British or Continental, want to become Manager of Forest when he knows that he won't be given any transfer funds. Steve McClaren has shown up the hierachy at Forest for what it is and I believe he will soon walk. Forest will then have great difficulty in appointing a new Manager with any significant standing in the game. Doughty, Arthur, Pleat out!!!Need them in the top flight? Lol
They deserve everything that comes their way. A dose of football reality will sort out the most arrogant football fans in the championship. Keep Mcclaren please! The rest of the east midlands are loving this soap opera!Your not direby or fester by any chance are you?I doubt he is a Direby fan as the spelling is good and there is more than 5 words to put together, could be a fox but they are not considered are rivals, so who knowsMcClaren was a terrible appointment in the first place. It was more about him being desperate to get a job in England than anything else, in short, he was cheap and Forest, as we all know, are a cheap club.

He hasn't been given the support needed to turn Forest from a good club to a great club (Championship wise) but the support he has had has been wasted on losers like Andy Reid, Johnathon Greening and Ishmail Miller, players nobody else wanted basically.

He'll quit, he won't hang around to be sacked and i doubt the Forest board would sack him as it'd mean paying him off and getting a real manager in who'd cost more money. McClaren will walk out citing a lack of support and he'll save face by doing that. Forest will simply continue to spiral downwards.

Doesn't matter who supports who when it comes to simple facts. seeya Forest, the biggest team in Div One by next season.Im a leicester fan i know we are not doing great but watching forest suffer is brilliant as long as you keep mcclaren im happy,it will be league 1 for forest next seasonMaclaren is the best appointment since clough and that takes into account clark and hart- remember the days of platt and megson? davies was an also man- he bought mcgoldrick for a million? and did he ever play the same side for more than one game?
maclaren is a great coach and will achieve - a left back is less of a need than wide players
if you want to criticise doughty ask him how much he puts into the club each year and how much he takes out?
be realistic in these economic times and if you want to take it out on anyone deal with pleat who is really useless- doughty needs to realise that friendship and business never works
arthur might need a word or two in his ear- like another good shout like after the whittingham/pratley debacle
ignore comments from the abbattoir at prod park or the crisp factory- they're dead meat or crumbs and always will be!!McClaren has had money to spend ,miller derbyshire, Reid ,boatang , and greening were not all free transfers, give the bloke a chance , still got one of the best sqauds in the league. Also note for the board instead of giving players away sell them whilst you still have a chance ,Wilson mckenna adabola Rodney all went for nothing .Being an overseas (Thailand) red, from Nottingham, I only see the reds once in a while. Due to see the Boro game in October. I agree with the comment on Doughty's spedning thoug, or lack of it. We are actually in the black, not many teams can say that without a big foreign owner! Give him time, he's not a bad coach and what use will it be in sackng him?


12 Sep 2011 13:47:51
West Ham have recieved an undisclosed bid from French side Lyon. Manager Remi Garde is keen on bringing in another striker in January and the Southern France outfit could strike a deal with the England forward in the next couple of weeks, even though the deal cannot be completed until four months time.(4)(10)What striker are you talking about cc fool he didnt want to go stoke because of his family and plus he is scoring goals at whu which is keeping us in the mix 4 a promotion fight and you think west ham will try to replace him in jan dont think so fool they knocked back a bid by a turkish stde


12 Sep 2011 13:45:27
Tamas Priskin looks set to leave Ipswich Town on loan and will hold talks on Thursday with Austrian side Sturm Graz over a possible three month deal. The Austrian league side are keen to bring in some more attacking options and could partner Hungary teammate Imre Szabics in attack.(4)(2)


12 Sep 2011 12:47:14
Bristol City's David Clarkson going on loan to Yeovil Town!!(7)(12)


12 Sep 2011 12:26:36
09 Sep 2011 17:04:57
James Beattie will move to Portsmouth on a pay as you play deal, his wife is from down south and she wants to be back close to her family, his prefered chose was Southampton but they was not interested in his services. He now looks certain to move to Portsmouth.
- stop talking rubbish. Beattie is not welcome at Pompey, there's more chance of him signing for Eastleigh(6)(15)And Emile Heskey's signing for Man Utd to solve their scoring problem.


12 Sep 2011 11:37:01
Fabio Capello is in line to sign a lucrative four year deal with FC Saturn Moscow. Saturn are keen to tie Capello down on a four year deal. Capello is set to turn down Russian rivals Anzhi in order to sign with the second division side.(6)(14)Let's hope he is,useless toer.Stupid rumour. If he goes anywhere, it will not be to a second division side in Russia. He would definitely go for Anzhi if offerred. Better players available to him and far more money.Capello is going, but only to a rich club in Serie A or maybe in the Arab Countries.

Harry 4 England manager


12 Sep 2011 12:16:30
Heurelho Gomes has been told by Harry Redknapp at Tottenham that he is no longer wanted. The Brazil goalkeeper could hold talks with rich South American side Santos over a possible loan move for January until the end of the season.(8)(7)


12 Sep 2011 12:12:16
Steve Bruce is set to stand down as manager of Sunderland and will join Swansea City. City boss Brendan Rodgers will step down for an unknown reason over the next few days and Bruce is keen on joining another club. City chairman Huw Jenkins is keen to get a manager under wraps as soon as possible and the former Wigan and Birmingham boss looks set to be the real deal.(8)(15)As a sunderland fan we can only dream this is trueWhy replace a proper manager with a 'potato head'?This is absolute nonsense Brendan is going nowhere he is committed to the swans just as the club are committed to him.Yeah, we are going to replace a decent manger with a mercenary manager with the loyalty of a lemming.


12 Sep 2011 12:08:06
Celtic are very close to signing Bruno from Real Madrid on a pre contract. Bruno is keen on moving to Britain after falling out of favour in the youth setup in Madrid and his contract runs out in January. Bruno is a striker and will sign a five year deal with Neil Lennon's men this month but will be in and around the academy.(6)(12)


12 Sep 2011 08:20:19
Ex Blues Manager Peter Taylor is being linked with a return to Southend should Paul Sturrock decide to call it a day through pressures of player unrest. Taylor was unlucky in his first spell at Roots Hall Stadium when he was constantly undermined by then Chairman Vic Jobson. It is believed he has a house in nearby Rochford and has always welcomed another crack at his home town Club. It is thought he wanted the job some years back when he was pipped by Rob Newman but should anything happen to Sturrock then Taylor will get his chance.(3)(5)



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