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16 Oct 2012 18:21:11
David Mellor and Kirk Millar have joined Chorley Town on loan until 17th November 2012

Its chorley fc not town at least get the club name right



16 Oct 2012 17:46:59
Steve Kean has today had lunch in the
Casa Hotel opposite Chesterfields
Football Ground coincidence or what. {Ed003's Note - I bet he didn't have chicken! }}

Just when you thought things were getting even worse, this news appeaars.
However, can't see it happening because there would be no travel involved back & forth to India! (ha.ha.ha.)

I've heard he likes to play football down the wings. {Ed003's Note - good grief where did you pluck that one from? }

I just pecked it out of thin air {Ed003's Note - haha}

Have chesterfield replaced sheridan yet



16 Oct 2012 17:05:07
Wigan are close to signing Honduras midfielder Roger Espinoza.




16 Oct 2012 17:04:11
Blackburn target Ian Holloway has an escape clause in his Blackpool contract and a £500K transfer fee.


Why on earth would holloway want to go there,

Dont be stupid. Ian would not leave for blackburn. If blackburn want a good manager they need new owners. And ollie is staying where is. UTMP

There's a circus in blackpool why would he need to travel to Blackburn to see it

People joked jordon rhodes would never sign for rovers and guess what happend? Wait and see could happen more likely than rhodes was

Just hope Ian Holloway stays at Pool because it would be a massive blow to
the club. Can't see us finding a relacement with his motovational skills.

Just like rhodes was never joining the circus. money talks and blackburn have much much more than the donkey farmers {Ed003's Note - how do you farm donkeys?}

Why would ian leave for a team with ridclous owners. They have the same points as us and the same goal promation. So what would ian gain by leaving. Nothing thats why he is staying at the pool in his new house in lytham. So blackburn fans go and make up another rumour about your new manager and make sure this one has some sense to it. UTP

Chicken farmers have no chance ole's going nowhere especially there were decisions wouldn't be his own

Absolute fact Derek Shaw wants Olly as manager,thats from within the club.

Derek Shaw probably wants Beyonce as his wife its not going to happen

Look he is not going fullstop why would he go from about the same club in terms of promotion but a much much much lesser club in terms of owners who cares if they have money blackpool have money if he goes he wont get a chance he will be sacked after 1/2 year for not getting promoted why would he go ?

Ollys gone to rovers this week UTMP

Ian is staying. He has just bought a house in lytham and he wont move as him and his family are settled in the pool.

Ollys gone hope we get someone in to get promotion back on track doesn t matter bout his house Blackburn 20 mile away UTMP he only carried on what Grayson started fancy a jpb Micky Mellon ?

He has not left and will not leave. Blackburn have now apporched mcleish and thats because has told them no. So blackburn fans you will just have to keep on dreaming as holloway will never be your manager.

Bolton have freedman
Burnly have dyche
Crstyal palace dont count
And blackburn wont get a manager they will gave eric black the job
Face it ollie is staying where he belongs. UTMP

Ian better not go to palace What will the pool do without him
If ian goes we will probally end up losing a lot of our star players.
Stay ian you belong in charge of the pool

Micky mellons tangerine army utmp



16 Oct 2012 16:59:21
Fulham are lining up a £300K raid for Plymouth goalkeeper Christian Walton.


With a lack of young goalkeepers coming through their youth ranks, Aston Villa are fighting to hijack Fulham's bid for Plymouth Argyle's bright, young 'keeper Christian Walton.

If plymouth are to be play of contenders than in January we do need to be signing guy madjo and Alex Macdonald well especially madjo hes a very exspirienced player who can find the back of the net, i dont feel nick chadwick is capable of this leaue nor do i think feeney is and griffiths isnt looking like he can keep his fitness up

Sell young Christian and buy the three loanees in January, especially Guy...

Agree must sign guy

Agree i think w eneed to sell chistian as its a decent amount of money being offered and with the money, we could get at least 3 players in with that money

Sign Madjo? are you crazy. Have you been to any games this season. This guy is aweful. we have one promising forward PCH. Mac is on loan and even he is being played out of position. J

Put rhys griffiths and paris cowan hall up front with rhys griffiths knocking down the balls for paris cowan hall to run on to, just like they did with bradley wright phillips playing of fallon

Exactley well done



16 Oct 2012 16:58:01
Matt Derbyshire wants to stay at Oldham until January.




16 Oct 2012 16:55:40
Ipswich have signed goalkeeper Stephen Henderson on a three-month loan deal.




16 Oct 2012 16:51:35
Ryan Hall to Leeds on a 3 month loan, to be completed Wednesday. Southend want 800k for Bilel from Ipswich in Jan, but P.J is only offering, 600k, which they will probably accept. We are also targetting a midfielder on loan this week from another League 2 club.

Ipswich will not buy anybody untill we have a new manager installed.

Sorry but let's hope we loose at Hull and Jewell gets the BOOT,!

Even if we win at Hull,nothing will change .We will still be Loan Town and when all these guys return to there clubs over the next few months what happens then.?Its like musical chairs.JEWELL OUT NOW

If we get 600k I would be amazed. {Ed003's Note - Wasn't 250k the amount agreed with B'pool before it fell through?}

800 000 or even 600 000 absolutely no chance. Not with 7 months left on his contract.

That's what Southend wanted. Bilel said himself. And that was for Hall to blackpool not bilel ed. {Ed003's Note - yeah,must have read the original post wrong,sorrrrrrrreeeeee}



16 Oct 2012 16:20:54
craig gordon rumour doing the rounds in sheffield is he blades bound

We couldn't afford his wages surely?

If he signs be careful with him as he breaks easily



16 Oct 2012 15:50:28
Iain Holloway to be next Blackburn Boss.Derek Shaw Rovers chairman will officialy approach B'pool later for permission to talk to him.

I know holloway has a sense of humour but this would be lunacy

Shaw is not the rovers chairman



16 Oct 2012 15:47:20
Barnsley have offered John Rooney a contract following a trial. He will stay until the end of the season and will sign following international clearance.

Keith Hill is doing a fantastic job at Barnsley considering the very tight budget that he is working to. I also think that the Barnsley Board are doing the right thing in setting a budget that matches the club's financial situation. It is just a pity that other clubs don't do the same. We have played some lovely football at times this year and Hill & Flitcroft have been unlucky with injuries to key players. I am very worried about the "Italian Job".



16 Oct 2012 14:20:36
Chelsea are planning big changes up front, Radamel Falcoa is their top January target and it is expected Chelsea will have to pay upwards of £40m to land their man. Fernando Torres know's he will again be the second choice striker just like when Didier Drogba was there. Torres will likely hand in a transfer request should Chelsea complete a move for Falcoa and Liverpool who tried to re-sign the striker last summer are ready to offer £23m for the Spaniard who is also apparently keen on a return. Daniel Sturridge is a player certain to leave this January should anyone stump up between £8-10m for the winger/forward Liverpool,Arsenal and Tottenham are all interested with Tottenham currently at the top of the queue. Loic Remy will be Sturridge's replacement and the Marseille man will cost Chelsea around £15m.

They will never get him, very unlikely an unreliable source this is from

Liverpool dont have any money?????

Liverpool dont have any money!, we got 47m from standard charterd and warrior 2m from carroll 7m from aqualani kuyt 3m and 20m from wages being saved from august till january... u no nothing

Did we try to re sign torres last summer ?



16 Oct 2012 14:20:12
I posted yesterday that Kieth Hill of Barnsley that he had been given permission to talk to Blackburn, sorry to say my informant got it wrong and Hill as been given permission to talk to Burnley, my informer works at Oakwell.

You might want to read the papers or the internet... the Burnley board have ruled out Keith Hill.

Burnley have ruled no one out my friend and hope we get Hill.

Theyve ruled out coyle my friend

Wos your info from the window cleaner

IF Burnley want Hill,i will take him,his record at Barnsley is terrible.

Burnley are going no where near hill ! Thats y we said hes out of the running last week . Mick mccarthy is going to be the next bfc manager its going to be announced either in the next few days or at the beginning of next week ! UTC {Ed003's Note - have you heard anything about the Steven Pressley link? }

No havent heard anything on that one , dont think it will happen . In my oppinion there should be no contest it should be mccarthy ! 2 promotions, premiership experience and international experience . That tops off any other managers who might be in the running !

So why would we believe the latest story from your 'informant' when clearly his first story was a load of nonsense?



16 Oct 2012 10:10:25
Heard from somebody at our club (MK Dons) that Ryan Lowe is to go to bury on a 3 month loan deal and it should be completed before Saturday. If you guys can get him fit and then he comes back to us that would be great

MK Dons definitely willing to loan the player out. Apparently he nearly signed for Tranmere on loan last week but it fell through.

Definatley hope this happens he a bury legend .. Ohhhhh Ryan lowe :)


Its official. he's back. Ryan lowe. BURY FC.

Ohhhhhhh Ryan lowe hope he comes back top striker

Everybody at bury would welcome him back he's a legend

Not sure why he left in the first place he could have stayed at bury happy or go to Sheffield we'd and mk and not get played

Hope it happens oh Ryan lowe top goal scorer

Not sure why he left Bury?! He was quite open that it was for financial reasons - if Bury had given him more dollar he'd have never have left Gigg Lane... The irony is that Bury FC have probabaly ended up financially worse off than they would have been even if they doubled his previously salary, due to there being a massive decline in people coming down to Gigg Lane. If Lowey signs for the shakers they will find their attendance figures increase by at least 1,000 fans... Come on Bury -do the right thing and get Ryan back down to Gigg Lane!

I dont want him back he shunt of gone in the first place

Blackwell says he's looking at other players as well but they can only bring in 1 more loan p,Ayer so why not bring in Ryan lowe ime sure every bury fan would prefer him to any other potential target

Ryan lowe is rubbish he aint worth the shirt his name is printed on, i watched him against tranmere he is a no one and he missed a total sitter get rid and bring in a young striker for mk :)

Everybody has an off game - Ryan Lowe is quality



16 Oct 2012 09:02:22
Keith Curle (Notts County) says negotiations are continuing with ex-Chelsea striker Mikkel Forssell

Not going to happen he has turned us down three times



16 Oct 2012 07:48:35
Shrewsbury to sign rotherham striker daniel nardiello on a months loan

A month with a view to a permanent move.

The one who played for Man U but we are signing Jamie curton again on loan

Could be an interesting signing as long as he is a finisher!

What do they need a striker UTS

Saw him warming up with trainer at halftime v southend ,i could run faster ,and im 54,came on for second half, and has got some skill,but dosent like using up too much energy (lazy),wouldnt be too sad if he did go.

Nards is going nowhere, He will shine for the Millers this season, just needs a regular run of games.

Their shining alright lol

If he cant get a regular run in your team what chance has he got elsewhere ,,,lol

Scored twice for the millers on saturday!



16 Oct 2012 06:17:32
Blackburns shortlist down to Holloway, Peter Reid and Alan Shearer according to Radio this morning

Derek Shaw to make official approach for Holloway.Holloway will take job he has just perchased a new house in st Annes 30 mins drive from Blackburn.And is becoming dissilusioned with Pool chairman Karl Oyston and his penny pinching.

Tim Sherwood has got the job



16 Oct 2012 01:32:51
Roy keane to take on the Bolton job after own coyles departure !

Oh dear oh dear and you thoughth you were going backwards before



16 Oct 2012 00:40:16
Afc bournemouth will move in te loan market for Luke young qpr and Brett pitman Bristol city also Swindon matt Richie could move sooner than jan as te deal was agreed months ago

I think Luke Young is abit too good but could make sence being a right back. That way we could push Francis forward like we did to Malone. Ritchie we'll have to believe it when we see it end of story & Brett Pitman should be coming back.

Please stop making rumours up about Ritchie, why would he come to us (currently at the wrong end of the table) when he could get promoted to the Championship easily with Swindon - an AFCB fan.

First day of eddie howe training at bournemouth today, doubt he has had a chance to assess the 30 man squad in just a few hours training. Chairman has today said he will support any signings of loan players, and in january money will be made available for proper signings. In the meanwhile lets give eddie howe time to make manager decisions like players out and any players to be brought in.



16 Oct 2012 00:03:30
New manager of RoI - Roy Keane

New manager of Scotland - Malky Mackay

Why would Malky want to manage a team worse than the one he has?


The football association of Ireland would never give Keane a job , he is their biggest critic.



15 Oct 2012 22:59:02
Gents the real deal is here

Chesterfield will appoint new manager wednesdy it is not going to be an appointment to get the chesterfield fans in a good mood ----- Chris Turner will Wright as assistant and Shane Nicholson is set to be sacked and eplaced by Crossley as fitnes coach.

Sheff utd going to make a significant signing by friday ??? Striker??

Barnsly will sell C.Davies to Birmingham in Jnauary for a 1 million plus deal


You better be wrong about ct being chesterfield manager or the season tickets going in the bin (cfc baz)



15 Oct 2012 22:43:51
Blackburn Rovers have been given permission to talk to Keith Hill of Barnsley.

Get off fantasy island he's going nowhere

Hope not true done brill for barnsley with no money

Please have him.... 6 wins since jan u can have him

Don't talk so daft, Keith Hill is NOT in talks with Blackburn at all... and he has also been ruled out of the Burnley job. HillCroft are not going anywhere

I posted this rummer and got it wrong the team he as been given permission to talk to is Burnley miss understood my informer who works at Oakwell.

^^ Are you joking hes doing fantastic with the money hes got, and have you actually seen barnsley play this season.

See the post 6 wins since jan doesnt matter how were playing were going down ps i c coventry have picked up lately could b down to robins been not that bad a manager.......

This is nonsense. Why would he want to go to either anyway?

I have been told Hill as had an interview at Burnley, outcome not known, {Ed003's Note - Burnley have a list of 15 to 20 credible managers and are currently going through it to get it down to a shortlist,nobody has been interviewed yet}



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