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16 Nov 2012 22:00:17
Huddersfield to sign Antony Pilkington in january

What planet are you in. Bb

Would love this to be true, but hes getting plenty of game time at norwich and s enjoying life there... maybe if we swapped leagues ;)

Can't see that, be nice though

You had better give us that 8 mill you got for Rhodes then.

Please let this be more than just a rumour

Nonsense, hes playing first team football at norwich why would they sell him he won them the game agaisnt Man U

The guy just scored the winner against Man United! Why would he come back to the Championship!

"Never go back to a previous club."
- Motto from my father. {Ed003's Note - My mate said that once on a stag night}



16 Nov 2012 21:59:45
preston have had luke foster on trial for two weeks



16 Nov 2012 21:01:55
Derby to sign 4 Players in january for the u21 squad

Chris Forrester
Marc Mcnulty
Sean Maguire
Luciano Felipe

All have been scouted and some have had trials



16 Nov 2012 21:01:03
Tyrone Barnett & don cowie to sign on loan view permanent moves

Heard Sheffield united are getting them

Yeah heared the same thing



16 Nov 2012 20:21:12
West Brom to loan out Craig Dawson in January to ensure he gets enough first team experience. Blackpool most likely destination due to West Brom's connections with Appleton.

Not a westbrom fan but hopehe goes somewhere top of championship as he and caulker looked very good in the england u21s and he is not only a good defender but can also play.I think if he gets a good loan and performs he will be slowly put into the first team next season

I think if he goes out on loan it will be too barnsley to re-unite with keith hill who he played for when he was at rochdale



16 Nov 2012 20:12:18
Robbie Keane to Sunderland on loan in January.



16 Nov 2012 18:44:15
Chris Dagnall coming in on loan to sheffield wednesday with view to permanent from barnsley, O'Grady moving the other way on loan till January. To be completed by Tuesday next week.

Be carfull what you wish for my friend, dagnall works his socks off, but can't finish, at least ogrady scores,



16 nov 2012 17:19:28
not a rumour but fact mark allot has left chesterfield by mutual consent today thanks mark for everything and leaving like you have so has to free up your wage bill hope you have a good future cfc steve

Great servent to the club respect mark ....kev lee

Good luck Mark Allott a great servant and very much underrated by many.He will do a good job for somebody out there!

Apparently, there will be some more departures from Chesterfield before the Thursday deadline, possibly Boden, Randall, Forbes with Ridehalgh going back to Huddersfield.



16 Nov 2012 17:16:29
ruddy to hold talks with arsenal in new year watch this space someone close to the ground spilled the beans as they say not so clever we will see what happens let you no more asap

This was mentioned last week, i believe it to be true, be good for his england career as well

He signed a new 4 year deal at the start of the season and he has stated he is very happy in the area and his family are settled so he's not going and if he is it'll be for alot £15m minimum because we do not need to sell him

It must have been the cook who spilled the beans because as usual this is a load of rubbish and will never happen.



16 Nov 2012 16:03:15
barnsley set to sign henriquez on loan from man utd early next week



16 Nov 2012 15:48:40
Sullivan to re-join (the proper Wimbledon) on loan

I think you will find technically the real wimbledon are in fact MK Dons
from a Doncaster fan

I think you will find this Doncaster fan is speaking bs, he joined the true dons again, same fans, same club, same history

Great signing but we are the true dons

Neither team are Wimbledon FC, but only one represents the real supporters & conurbation in South West London and that is AFC Wimbledon!

We have Mae our own history as afc w

AFC Wimbledon, a team formed in 2002 before Wimbledon FC's move to Milton Keynes had even been confirmed or was even mandatory.

The fans abandoned Wimbledon FC to form a new club.

Neil has joined a NEW club. He hasn't rejoined anything.

Formed AFTER the move was confirmed and the club had abandoned the fans despite months/years of protesting. Same fans + same spirit = same club. Welcome back Neil!

No, formed after the move was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.

WISA told fans to stop attending games of Wimbledon FC, thus contributing to the crippling of the club that, at the last minute, HAD to move to Milton Keynes to survive from liquidation.

Winkelman held back as long as he could, giving Wimbledon fans over SEVEN WEEKS to make an offer. No offers were made, not even ONE. You abandoned the club already.

Congratulations on Neil joining a NEW club. I'm sure all of the previous Wimbledon fans in Milton Keynes will applaud him if he is playing in the match.

The club was moving to MK whether the fans had carried on attending at Smellhurst or not, that had been made perfectly clear.

The club was not put into administration until an entire season after the move had been confirmed. Therefore AFC Wimbledon had already been a club for a full season and the fans were committed to supporting the future of Wimbledon, they were not going to abandon their club and attempt to save a Franchise that had already abandoned them.

It is not their fault that the "MK Football Frenzy" did not care enough to support their Franchise ahead of the move. I'm sure the five remaining Wimbledon fans that support MK may give a ripple of applause....however as they are not true Wimbledon fans they probably wont even realise that it's someone they used to watch.



16 Nov 2012 12:18:31
Rotherham United to sign young Aston Villa midfielder Courtney Cameron on loan later today



16 Nov 2012 11:50:24
Oldham Athletic will take Matthew Barnes Homer from Macclesfield on loan with a view to a permanent signing in January. Matt Smith could go the other way, the only sticking point is Smith might not be willing to drop out of the football league.
Macclesfield will be looking to offload players as they are currently overspending.



16 Nov 2012 12:12:57
alot of talk about josh payne the former trainer at west ham .swindon .leeds. and many clubs watching the 21 yr old midfielder.good source

Great player reminds me of stevie g.

Leeds definitely aren't watching him.



16 Nov 2012 10:42:24
St. Patrick's Irish midfielder Chris Forrester
will sign for Crystal Palace next week.
Forrester was spottted by former Palace coach Curtis Flemming.
The fee is set at £400.000 + add on's.

Excellent youtube of a great strike, could be a good signing



16 Nov 2012 12:12:21
What looks like a reporter and cameraman have just set up by Billy Bremner statue.

Apparently Bates is about to open his wallet and they are there to capture this momentus occasion!

Maybe the statue is about to move which is more than leeds players do on the pitch



16 Nov 2012 11:43:18
McInnis is going to sign Matthew Bates on a short term deal to try and solve the injury crisis at the back. Bates has been training with Bristol City for over a week and McInnis thinks he can fill the right sided central defending position City so desperately need.

What about the left side WIlson looked the better centre back out of him and Fontaine against Charlton I can't imagine Wilson looks forward to going to work when every day his boss is going in the press telling everyone he is not good enough

Matthew Bates to solve the injury crisis. HA HA HA HA HA. An injury prone player to solve an injury crisis. No wonder City are where they are

18 Nov 2012 16:54:00
I heard that Nyatanga and James Wilson to go out on loan in January, so this rumour could be true



16 Nov 2012 11:20:45
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST..... willian is to move to liverpool for 20million and liverpool also intrested in zaha

No they won't not for £20 mill, their coach was adamant he would only leave in January if someone paid the 35 mill euro buy out which is approx £28 mill

Is that the bloke from the black eyed peas

Doesnt he want to play in the euro champions league again ?

Utter rubbish another deluded fan with the normal deluded player wish list

Whats next David Villa and David Silva again



16 Nov 2012 11:17:16
Chris Hughton is said to be interested in out of favour Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh and Maribor striker Robert Beric.



16 Nov 2012 09:43:52
Hull City have tabled a bid for 20-year-old Australian goalkeeper Matthew Ryan who was named the A-League Goalkeeper of the year
Source: Sky Sports

They have also tabled a bid for Viking Stavanger and Norwegian National Keeper Rune Almenning Jarstein.
Engelske Hull har lagt inn et bud pƄ landslagskeeper Rune Almenning Jarstein (28) (Source



16 Nov 2012 08:29:36
Chris O'Grady to move to Barnsley with Chris Dagnall coming the other way in a player exchange deal

No thank you

Very doubtful but knowing our luck dagnall would go somewhere else and score loads. Thought ogrady had failed medical anyway

Barnsley missed out on 2 loan signings both from peterbrough, Hill seemed to be disapointed why are we going for players who cant even get a game in a team that are worse than us .

They can get a game with the posh they got drop 4 breaking club rule plus that Sinclair bloke scored 2 against us this season.



16 Nov 2012 08:05:52
Back page of The Irish Star has Robbie Keane moving to Norwich City on a short term loan dea

Keane is talking to Sunderland



16 Nov 2012 05:13:50
Norwich City scouts were in Hungary on Wednesday night to watch Hannover star Mohammed Adbellaoue among others in the friendly between Hungary and Norway in which Abdellaoue scored the winner of a 2-1 win

Oh hello... Him again, lol.

2-0, so no winner. And he only played a few minutes.
Get you facts right next time, if not you risk that nobody belive you



15 Nov 2012 23:44:59
Leeds united to sign Andrew driver to help hearts out just like when there help Portsmouth out



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