Football Rumours Archive March 16 2012


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15 Mar 2012 23:01:20
Liverpool are hoping to make David Hoilett their first summer signing. Dirk Kuyt,Maxi Rodriguez,Fabio Aurelio,Brad Jones,Alberto Aquilani,Joe Cole and Dani Pacheco are all expected to be heading for the exit while Charlie Adam's form will have to improve or he may also be sacrificed. {Ed025's Note - you forgot carroll and henderson..(12)(17)And Johnson, and of course Suarez will want out.Kuyt wont go anywhere and neither will Adam. Dirk Kuyt is to liverpool man utds Park is. A 'big game' player as we saw in the carling cup final. Adam has a lot more to come and he has made an average transition from. Blackpool to Anfield, that is very hard to do as we have seen with many other players. They Do need a better passer in the middle of the park though as they miss the likes of Alonso.


15 Mar 2012 20:54:04
Guiseley have just signed Jason Price!(10)(4)


15 Mar 2012 20:48:25
Preston have made a bid to sign Shrewsbury striker James Collins.(5)(8)


15 Mar 2012 20:46:49
Oldham Athletic are keen on signing Doncaster defender James Husband on loan until the end of the season. The Rovers youngster is keen on first team football and could link up with Paul Dickov until the end of the season.
Another player wanted by Dickov is Bradford captain Michael Flynn, who is subject of an undisclosed bid from the Legaue 1 club.(3)(4) 



15 Mar 2012 20:43:24
New Notts County manager Keith Curle has held talks today with chairman Ray Trew and has been given the go ahead to bag upto four players in the summer.
Curle has made a bid for Preston utility player Paul Parry. Parry has told current North End boss Graham Westley that he wants a summer move away from Deepdale after not agreeing with recent tactics.
Paul Dummett, currently of Newcastle United, will sign a season long loan deal for the whole of next season. Curle struck the deal late last night. The defender is currently on loan at Gateshead and has so far impressed and is keen on a chance in the Football League.
Curle has made an ambitious bid for Charlton midfielder Scott Wagstaff. Curle is only expected to pursue the bid of County get promotion to the Championship.
The final player wanted by Curle is Adrian Reid. Reid has been training with the club since he was put on gardening leave at his club Portmore United of Jamaica. United have suspended the 26 year old for breach of his contract (training with DC United behind Portmore's back) and could sign a season long contract once the season ends.(2)(7)Paul parry is not leaving pne he as said more than once he loves it at pneParry's out of contract at the end of the season. I doubt he'll stay unless he agrees to a new deal on vastly reduced wages.


15 Mar 2012 20:31:53
Dave Jones has been given over £1 million to spend in the summer transfer window and has already announced that he is expected to sign around three players on pre contracts in the next week.
Colchester defender John White has already held talks with Jones this week and is expected to sign for around £220,000 in the next week. The 25 year old is not expected to sign a loan deal but will stay with United until the end of the season.
Jones is also keen on making a bid for Hull striker Aaron McLean. The former Peterborough hitman has declared himself being unhappy at being played out of position and has not recently played a lot of football. McLean is expected to stay at The KC but if Wednesday get promoted or Hull City achieve the same but to the Premier League, it could become a reality that a season long loan deal could be struck for next season.
The final player expected to sign is another Colchester player in Jordan Sanderson. The 18 year old hasn't played at all this season but has impressed Jones in the reserves and is seen as the 'next big thing' to come out of the Essex side.(4)(16)


15 Mar 2012 20:24:09
Sheffield United are expected to sign Bristol Rovers striker Matt Harrold on loan until the end of the season with a view to a full time deal in the summer.(2)(13) 

This is a typo its actually Harold Steptoe that united are interested in, aparently "Hercules" his cart horse will fit in well with their current back four.UTO


15 Mar 2012 20:12:58
Bradford city are set to do a deal with Morecambe about a deal to swap Robbie Threlfall with Phil Jevons on an end to season loan deal.(2)(7)


15 Mar 2012 19:39:43
Sheffield Wednesday are going to re-sign former youth team player Paul Green from Derby if they return to the championship.(4)(7)


15 Mar 2012 18:22:31
middlesbrough about to sign polish international malecki on a free transfer from wisla krakow after he was allowed to leave after a bust up with the manager(13)(5)Good business by boro could put a couple of 1,000 on their crowds as north east has loads of poles living here ye think sunderland would sign a japanese player and newcastle an israeli to get more in the groundsHe has been on trail and has now gone back to poland, mogga hasn't ruled out signing him in the summer


15 Mar 2012 16:34:59
Hayden Mullins sign for Reading on loan(20)(1)


15 Mar 2012 16:05:42
It does now appear that Oxford's money issues are VERY real!!....

Some very worried people behind the scenes.

I thought the whole thing was a wind up coming from the other end of the A420 who have little love for the Yellows.

They need to get promotion and then sell which is not a good mix....however failure to go up will mean no increase in the value of the players.

Chiris Wilder has been instructed that going up through the play offs is the target...A Wembley final means more income for the cash strapped club.(8)(2)And your source is.....probably a Swindon fan. Worry about your own team. They are good, no doubt and will deservedly go up as champions but the money will soon dry up and with the 'cap' next season....could be a whole new problem....Not a Swindon fan im afraid you need to worry about your club and stop spouting off about Swindon all the time and their finances. I dont know how many times you lot need to be told but 99% of the players that went to Swindon this season were free transfers and all the big money earners were shipped out at the end of last season. we have the biggest crowds in the league - make the most revenue and the players are not on as big as money as you Oxford lot believe.

Players want to play for Di Canio as they see what he is doing at the club. We have some good sponsors. Samsung- four four two - EA sports - Intel - plus some other key sponsors. So where your information comes from is in your own tiny little brain and made up.

If you seriously think the people running our club are idiotic enough to get us into debt you are more deluded than you sound. They are all very successful business people and we were the only club in L1 who made a profit last season plus we sold 2 players last season for over 2 million.

So tell me your source- i know you dont know - youve made it up.You say not a Swindon fan.....and then go on to contradict yoursef. You may be right in that many of Your......players were free's. Dont know. Not that interested. But many have done well. However you are paying or should I say Swindon are paying huge salaries to their players.

I have no doubts we have depts, we dont own our ground. But the owner has stated on national radio the financial position of OUFC. Its ok, profits last season though this season not the case.

Biggest gates - wrong. Bradford have the biggest home gates. Oxford have the biggest away travelling support. Next season with the ' cap ' coming in many clubs, maybe Oxford but certainly others will have big problems. Swindon are paying huge wages and from what I know - I do have sources - Constable was offered big bucks to come to Swindon. Holmes was offered big bucks and we could not compete with the latter, hence he is now with you. Hope he playes as well for you as he did us because he is quality.
People want to play for PDC - er no, they want to play because Swindon pay good wages, much better than Oxford. But next season..... There is and always be bad feelings between the two clubs but get your facts right. I think the first sign of problemsand PDC will be long gone. Or a better offer from a bigger club, you wont see him for dustBradford have the biggest gates yes but they charge a low fee whereas we charge the most so what i meant was we create the most revenue of all clubs in L2. You have no idea what salaries our players are on you person you are guessing stop talking rubbish.Mmmm...whoever the Swindon Fan is..umm why take credit for this post? The reason I posted this was because I had to drive through Swindon and down that sodding A420 to go for a meeting in Oxford...(A road I wish to miss out on in future...sodding lorries), one of the people I met with is very well connected to Oxford and told those in attendance a few things....Because the result of that meeting did not go my way there is no reason for me to keep quiet about the content of that meeting....bottom line...If he is being truthful then Oxford are are in serious problems. Personally if I never have to go through eithe of these places again it will be too soon! ones full of roundabouts and the other full of suicidal cyclists who deem themselves indestructable!! Anyway....I have repeated what I was told...and the source is extremely solid. Take it or leave it.What you are saying about Oxford finances is true as they had an open forum the other night and they spouted out the debt figure which is just under 10 million - so its true. If Oxford fans dont believe it go on to your forum and you wil see your own fans are confirming it so its not a case of your neighbours down the road making it up -ITS FACTYes we have depts. most clubs do. We would have made profits for the second year in a row if we did not have so many injuries and had to keep going in for loanee's. Why do you think Holmes, for example joined Swindon....purely financial. Constable was offered a 5 figure sign on fee to join Swindon. I am not talking rubbish. I dont know the exact salaries Swindon pay, but I DO KNOW they are amoung the highest in the Division. Lets see what happens in the next season or two. Swindon have won the league on merit and good football, no question and I just hope that it can be sustained, thats all im saying. And going back to OUFC's financial situation, its not an issue and money is available.There is even a suggestion that we could get backers to buy the ground. The stumbling block is the crazy prize Kassam is asking and that money would not be paid


15 Mar 2012 15:27:42
I heard Jason Koumas to Bournemouth - free agent(5)(12)Wouldnt it be nice to see koumas grace a football field again. Possibly in his 1st loan spell at cardiff city at ninian park he was one of the best players ive seen. however over the last few years nothing much happened. Would love to see him back on the pitch good luck bournmouth


15 Mar 2012 13:14:16
Barnsley boss Keith Hill is set to announce the captures of Tommy Spurr from Doncaster and Burnley forward Danny Ings for deals that will be completed in the summer. Spurr will be signed from Rovers for an undisclosed fee on a three year contract while 19 year old striker Ings, will sign on loan for the whole season. The reason why Ings isn't set to sign this season has had to be waited until the end of the campaign is due to Eddie Howe already agreeing to let the former Bournemouth striker join Cardiff City on a one month loan deal.(5)(17)I doubt Eddie Howe would let a million pound striker move permanently after one season where he suffered an ankle injuryBarnsley have no money and spurr is the best full back in league!


15 Mar 2012 13:08:39
Inter Milan are set to wait until the summer to appoint a new manager and could appoint former West Brom manager Roberto Di Matteo as their new boss.(2)(30)


15 Mar 2012 13:07:09
Wolves could make a surprise approach to appoint Bolton manager Owen Coyle as their new boss. Wanderers are keen on not keeping caretaker Terry Connor until the end of the season and could stump up atound a £4 million compensation fee to bag Coyle.(2)(20)As much as i dont think this will happen, ive also been told by a close friend that wolves have made contactCobblers. That is all.

GEGWolves or Bolton talk about between a rock and a hard placeLOL, Brilliant!If he gets offered more money he will go,thats the Coyle way


15 Mar 2012 12:54:10
Walsall are going to sign striker Nick Master from local Express and Star league side the Bulls. He's a big hitter.(3)(10)There isnt a local Express and Star League - Utter Rubbish


15 Mar 2012 12:43:32
Burnley have signed Derby County midfielder on a pre-contract agreement as the player's contract expires in the summer.(2)(7)Who is it though?


15 Mar 2012 11:31:10
Arsenal to sign:

Podolski, Verthongen and Gotze early in the summer transfer window. They want to sign these p[layers early so that they can show RVP they mean business in a hope that he will then a new contract.(17)(14)You mean promising prospects rather than genuine world class players like you always do. RVP will be off thenIf you really mean business, pay him the ridiculous salary he wants, simple!!


15 Mar 2012 10:21:54
Gregg Wylde could join Charlton after the cancelation of his Rangers contract earlier this week. Setanta and The Mirror both say that three premier league clubs are also chasing his signature but Charlton are offering the biggest signon fee.

Charlton can't compete with the premier clubs money should the signon fee offers be revised. However, better first team chances and the chance to join a "Gers friendly club" may sway it for them.(4)(12)


15 Mar 2012 09:14:55
Sky sports wolves after Gary megson wtf(19)(12)Denied by club - usual rubbish spouted by skyGets better do they know who was the manager of beforeIf it's true !! Just about sums up the blows in charge of this circusBlimey Wolves must be desperate if true.Wolves and Megson, ha ha.. deserve each other, match made in heavenIt's a big cloob ya naw!


15 Mar 2012 07:13:08
Hayden Mullins to Reading should be announced this afternoon. Mullins has agreed an 18 month deal which will see his wages drop from 33k p/w to 12k p/w with significant bonuses for promotion and appearances.(21)(4)


15 Mar 2012 07:08:33
Reading appear to have failed in their attempts to bring versatile midfielder, Ndumba Makeche, 17, across from Perth to the Madejski.

Makeche, recommended to the Berkshire side by former socceroo Alastair Edwards, has been named in the squad for Perth Glory's match against Gold Coast United on Sunday.(10)(3)


15 Mar 2012 06:28:42
Emmanuel Ledesma is going to sign for Walsall again on Thursday or Friday this week.(4)(9)Nope as much as I would love that for walsall, he is playing for an argentinian side called Defensa y Justicia.

Sorry Walsall fans I wish it was true.Argentinian League finished in February!It is true heis on trail at the banksNow signed and confirmed on the official siteHe as signed for walsallI apologise Im not famillar with south american season times


15 Mar 2012 03:56:17
Norwich are looking at signing Cesena centre half Steve Von Bergen in the summer to sure up their defence(6)(3)


15 Mar 2012 00:40:20
Oxford United do have a debit of close to 10 million. Look at the accounts. New accounts due May 2012.(16)(4)


14 Mar 2012 20:27:47
Hello eds,
Regarding your reports that we have been scouting De jong do you think Ola John could of caught Liverpools eyes or could he have been the orginal target.your thoughts please {Ed003's Note - He may well have caught the eye, but the interest is in De Jong as far as I'm aware}(0)(5)


14 Mar 2012 19:11:36
I have recently heard down at Gresty Road that Crewe's next shining star Nick Powell has signed a pre-contract with Chelsea, the deal has gone through as former Crewe Manager Steve Holland now works as part of Di Matteo's coaching staff!(4)(15)


14 Mar 2012 18:42:07
Billy Paynter has turned down Notts County, while Lloyd Sam has been confirmed. County will now go for Patrick Agyemang, as well as Blackburn keeper Jake Keen.(2)(8)Paddy agymang as signed for stevenageThe same Patrick Agyemang who's on loan at Stevenage till the end of the season


14 Mar 2012 18:38:59
southampton reportedly interested in jason pearce,he would be a great cover but not sure if he is prem quality(9)(13)Who said they were going up there is shill around 10 games leftDoesn't need to be, as neither are youPremiership quality? Last time i checked you were still in the Championship with teams coming up fast on West Ham & your flanks.Saints have ambition, you lot obviously don't. Check again, only one team coming up fast.Lol, any other team and people wouldnt pounce, but you skates really cant help yourselves can joke of a club. Community club of the year, because your all bloody related. See you in the prem...oh wait, you'll never get there. AFC Portsmouth within 12monthsI'm no pompey fan but if you think what is happening to pompey is funny then you are no football fan. shame on you.Saints fans are all full of they think they are a big club shake your heads west ham and reading up automatic then play off winners middlesbroughCan't really see why Saints would need cover in central defence as they have 5 players available now to last through the final 10 games. Should be more than enough!
Perhaps it is a cunning plan to weaken the Pompey squad further ahead of their coming visit to St. Marys-if it happens!Just shook my head and, yep, i'm not dreaming. Saints are top and Pompey bottom. Love it!Ipswich also in for the pompey pair of Ward & Pearce,I m a football fan and i reckon what s happening to pompey is hilariousI posted about 'Premiership Quality?' 3...and, to all you high & mighty sad Southampton fans, i'm NOT a Portsmouth fan. I was just stating facts. Reel your necks in now!


14 Mar 2012 18:04:13
Nottingham Forest will offer former Burton Albion, Derby County and West Brom centre back Darren Moore a coaching role by the end of the week.(4)(10)WHY!!!!!!They could do with a driver


14 Mar 2012 17:53:15
Youn mickleover sports right back Kevin Grocott is set to sign permanently for Chesterfield and will be available for selection on Saturday when they face mk dons.(2)(4)


14 Mar 2012 17:44:54
Burton Albion are looking at signing loan listed notts county centre back Sam Sodje until the end of the season.(4)(2)Make sure you get the right one, there's loads of Sodje's.


14 Mar 2012 17:40:25
Jacques Maghoma is set to join derby county for a fee of around £200k.(4)(2)


14 Mar 2012 17:32:25
every prem club top targets
arsenal= podolski 10.6m
a.villa= olic free
blackburn= zenden free
bolton= rodrigo loan
chelsea= hulk 70m
everton= doyle 5.5m
fulham= gignac 7m
liverpool= keita 8m
man.c= gaitan 30m
man.u= hazard 35m
newcastle= corgnet 6m
norwich= snodgrass 4.5m
qpr= ballack free
stoke= lukaku loan
sunderland= k.davies free
swansea= church 2m
spurs= vertongen 15m
w.brom= gardner 5m
wigan= marippra 4.5m
wolves= frimpong loan(14)(19)LOL at any prem club wanting church, i would imagine Sig would be at the top of their listWatford accepted 3m for Mariappa but he rejected Wigan anyway. Why would he change his mind when they'll be in the Championship and why would Wigan bid more? How long did you spend making all this stuff up? Haven't you got anything better to do?Snodgrass is no longer a target for Lambert at Norwich, this ship has sailed, after he signed Pilkington instead.


14 Mar 2012 17:18:55
two transfers which will
happen from now until the end
of season
b.zenden to blackburn free until end
of season
l.podolski to arsenal 10.6mill [fee
agreed and he had medical](11)(3)


14 Mar 2012 17:07:10
aston villa will have a overhaul of
squad in the summer
players coming
holdmen free[done deal]
j.butterfield free
keane 4m
j.lewis[peterboro goalie]1.5m
pogrebynak free [if he doesn't sign
new contract with fulham]
players leaving
heskey free
guzan free
delph 2m
cueller free(4)(13)Butterfield will go to a tribunel if a fee can not be agreed due to is ageJacob Butterfield will not be free he his under24 and fee will be decided by a tribunal
guess fee will be 1k plusJoe lewis would be a free.It's Holman he is very good expect him to be a good fit at villa also how highly to people in England rate Chris herd? CheersWe at villa rate herd very highly - without him at villa our defence can't help out the wingers.
Cuellar is in new contract talks (source mcleish),delph is not leaving and mcleish has said he was gin no-where in january.
pogrebynak,johnson,guthrie will most likely sign all on free transfers.
delfouneseo,heskey and probably dunne out!
dunne will be kicked out as cieran clark is too good already!Why would Pogrebnyak leave Fulham, a team on the up, for Villa who are a team who are heading in only one direction DOWNWARDS. Not quite relegation fodder next year but will be closer to that end of the table then Europe where Fulham will be.Fulham near Europe? don't make me laugh!
Pogrebynak is on loan matey!
Dempsey is wanting european football - he'll leave.
Square one again for you dumpties at Fulham!
Villa have a promising youth selection and will be 10th-ish next year i predict - depending on transfers.^ very well said!


14 Mar 2012 17:00:16
lokos podolski has passed the gunners medical ahead of his proposed 10.9 million move(3)(13)I heard he has definatly signed


14 Mar 2012 12:12:05
Could any ed shed some light on a rumour? last night on and including fb (which someone cut & pasted), there was a report on the internet which was pulled nearly an hour after going on, the report came from france quoting loic remmy claiming he will be a spurs player next season and that hes looking forward to linking up with hazard?, I understand bale is staying (?), but if it were true could you see the little pearl (modric) moving?? I'm told if theres no C.L, then he will be allowed to leave BUT only to spain or italy? but its the remmy/hazard rumour ed, why would it go up and then get pulled??, it was posted on a couple of well respected sites as well as a couple of run of the mill sites? {Ed001's Note - Remy has been claiming he will be joining Spurs for a while, my thinking is that the issue will be that Spurs have yet to do a deal with his club, possibly? So any story will be pulled to avoid tapping up claims if so. Sorry, just checked it out and it his agent saying he will be going to Spurs, but World Soccer mentioned his agent dropping hints in this month's edition as well. So it does seem to be well known, like I said it can only be a lack of agreement with his club being a reason to pull it.}(2)(2)If its true about hazard and remy i for one will be a very happy spurs fan


14 Mar 2012 15:22:10
Pearce leaving Poopey for the mighty
Saints,glee.(10)(9)I'm a saints can and don't think this will happen simply because it was in the sun


14 Mar 2012 15:15:42
Lee Collins signed for Barnsley on loan from Port Vale
move to be made permanent in the summer a fee as
been agreed(19)(1)


14 Mar 2012 15:12:33
Lee Holmes has left and gone to Swindon(14)(3)Really good player and all at Oxford thought he was a great success. So gutted he has gone but only strengthens Swindon and there push for promotion. Good luck for rest of the seasonThanks, Holmes had a three month spell with us when he was 17, he was fantastic back then, I am hoping he will do well this time around.


14 Mar 2012 13:53:56
Looks like Ipswich have reopened the move for Portsmouth defender Pearce, Pompey administrator Trevor birch keen to off load Pearce from the wage bill, and has offered him to Ipswich, although there was a rumour that West Ham & Southampton were also after his services, would be a real kick in the bcks for the Pompey fans if he went to southampton, and at West Ham he would probaly only bench warm, as he would at Southampton, so hopefully he will go to a club where he will be looked after, and dont rule out Ward following him there(12)(4)


14 Mar 2012 12:28:06
CHAIRMAN John Berylson has snubbed a bid for Millwall as he closes in on five years at the helm of the club.

The Den chief rejected a multi- million-pound offer for the Lions - because he wants to keep running it.

Fans have reacted with relief to the news he has no intention of selling out soon - even if the offer is a sizeable one.

One, 'Lucky', posted on fans' site House of Fun: "If this is true then good for him and proves he has the long-term future of this club at heart."

And 'Rascalchops' said: "We wouldn't appreciate the likes of Balotelli, Tevez and the like playing for us. We want Hurlocks, Robinsons, Craigs, Harrises and, Rhinos."

A Middle Eastern consortium approached him several weeks ago with a bid and asked him to still mastermind Millwall for up to five years.

But the American is believed to have told them: "Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the employee type. Members of my family have only ever worked for themselves or the military."(4)(1)LOL What a load of old billy!This is true it was reported in south london press last weekI read in a newspaper that Evlis was alive and well and living on the moon, dont make it true now does it?


14 Mar 2012 12:17:14
Crawley will have 3 new faces on board by tuesday next week(4)(12)


14 Mar 2012 11:50:26
Jacob Mellis of Chelsea set to sign for Burnley on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanant deal in the summer, he played a trial game for the reserves last night in a trial game v Morecambe reserves(5)(3)


14 Mar 2012 10:45:34
PP will be sacked if burton fail to win on saturday(1)(9)


14 Mar 2012 08:26:09
steve bruce to resume talks at wolves ,accorrdinf to mail i hope so go to be better then tc hes a proper manager(9)(3)Ha ha this Wolves saga gets better and better keep em coming.Haha oh dear yaw are getting a royt donkey couldnt happen to more deserving set of fans.going down.


14 Mar 2012 09:41:15
Bruce talking to Morgan!! Watch this space...(13)(7)God forbid!Can not be worst then the idot doing it nowWrong....Bruce on the piss with johnson.. more likely


14 Mar 2012 09:09:55
Lee Holmes has signed for Swindon Town on loan with a view to a permanent move.(15)(5)Official now on the bbc site Oxford fans will be sick - never mindVery good player as a saints can I'm gutted we didn't get to see more of him don't think he would get the chance to break into first team of we do get promoted, still great signing for you


14 Mar 2012 09:02:24
Reading have made another approach for Ryan Bertrand.(9)(6)I doubt that now, Ian Hartes hit some form so i doubt Brian will want to bring in another lb, hes a player id love to see at the club again thoughYep they have, but just an enquiry


14 Mar 2012 07:39:22
Liverpool's kenny Dalglish has reportedly
Said 23 million pounds is what doumbia
Of CSKA Moscow is worth yes i'am trying
To buy him(9)(20)How much is Carol worth?


14 Mar 2012 01:09:19
Barnsley are set to sign matt killgallon on loan for the rest of the season(14)(14)Kigallon is in the squad for sunderland most weeks


13 Mar 2012 22:56:02
Graham Westley will be sacked as Preston manager if they lose to Exeter on Saturday.(19)(11)Westley is losing the fans slowly with his drab style of football. With only one win since his tenure fans cannot see where the next win is going to come from. There will be only one conclusion to this situation. SadlyWestley will not be sacked pne owner belives he is the best man for pne and will get pne up next seasonUp from League Two?I hope so hes feckin useless.


13 Mar 2012 22:07:54
Robbie fowler might, might just be a Glasgow rangers player next season, I really do hope so- wee wise rab wwr(2)(36)Won't happen. He turned down 100 a week at Blackpool. Rangers won't be able to stretch to that.He'll do well in the 3rd divisionYou hope so? maybe 15yrs ago lol .... he is finished, he not even good enough to stick it out in the australian lge, please get a grip...robbie fowler mt arse, who next gary neville....Only if rangers come out of administration, otherwise they will have a transfer embargo and wont be allowed to sign anyone


13 Mar 2012 19:20:14
I've just heard from one of Steven Naismiths close friends that he is in talks with Blackpool and West Brom and could possibly join one of them at the end of the season. Naisy thinks he's most likely to join Blackpool although he wants to stay with the Gers I sure hope so!(7)(14)Naismith is too good for blackpool rekon he will go to villa


13 Mar 2012 18:19:18
Millwall boss Kenny Jackett has set out four players he would like to sign in the summer and has already opened talks with some of the for pre contractual agreements.
Jackett is keen on Doncaster youngster Jordan Ball. The young forward has been offered a new deal at The Keepmoat but is keen on fighting for his place with a Championship club and not a League 1 club. Things could change if Rovers stay up.
Cardiff striker Joe Ralls is subject of a loan bid from Jackett for a deal until the end of the seasons. Jackett is keen on taking Ralls on loan for the whole of next season too but could depend on his form at The Den once the deal is confirmed.
Hertha Berlin defender Nico Schulz is currently training with the club over a possible free transfer deal in the summer. The 18 year old defender's contract runs out in the summer and has trained with Millwall since end of February. Schulz could sign a three year deal once his deal ends.
Finally, Jackett has made contact over Falkirk goalkeeper Michael McGovern. It is no secret that the former Swansea boss wants a stopper in the summer and the former Celtic player is expected to speak to the Championship club in the coming weeks if Jackett can meet the asking price of around £175,000.(2)(10)


13 Mar 2012 18:05:28
Middlesbrough are keen on signing Arsenal midfielder Henri Lansbury in the summer.(15)(10)And westhamHope so he would bring some quality and class to our midfield


13 Mar 2012 17:19:44
liverpool aim to sign borrusia dortmund pair shinji kagawa and lucas barrios in the summer(8)(29)


13 Mar 2012 17:17:12
Chelsea are aiming to bring barcalona youngsters christian tello and afellay to stamford bridge for a combined 30 million pounds(5)(31)Affealy is 25 not exactly a youngster


13 Mar 2012 17:14:35
Real madrid could make a big 35 million pound deal for liverpool star luis suarez(30)(25)


13 Mar 2012 16:46:21
Ex Preston youth team player Josh
Morris of Blackburn Rovers favours a
move to Preston next season if Steve
Kean dosn't provide him with enough
first team opportunities(5)(3)


13 Mar 2012 15:37:40
13 Mar 2012 11:12:44
Julian Gray is resigning for Walsall until the end of the season after having his contract terminated at his current club in Cyprus

How can he resign if he's had his contract terminated?
Because he was at Walsall last season, signed for a club in Cyprus and was released.(6)(2)What you mean then is he is re signing, not resigning - dow!I hope he does!


13 Mar 2012 14:59:11
I sit behind home dug out and Powell was very unhappy about the way Haynes was playing. He subbed him off. Haynes was saying "Why did you take me off?" so he wasn't injured.(5)(5)


13 Mar 2012 14:27:03
Danny Haynes has fallen out witn Chris Powell after getting taken off early on Saturday.(5)(5)


13 Mar 2012 14:23:55
Charlton Athletic have been linked with Paul Coutts. If Charlton Athletic are promoted Paul Coutts said he would be interested(3)(5)No he as not said that stop making crap up ,coutts will not leave pneCoutts does not want to be at pne you can tell with the guys attitude GET RID.


13 Mar 2012 14:22:48
Youngster Dean Tucker has been linked to sign with Chelsea FC Youth Team. Dean Tucker orignally came from Charlton Athletic Youth Team alongside Ross Phillips.(0)(3)Move to chelsea and from what one of their chief scouts said last week they dont see any of the current youth team players good enough to progress into the 1st team. So a bit of advice because there Chelsea it doesnt mean it will be a good career move. Apparently of their youth team players where Roman has splashed out 7 million and none good enough.Chelsea have a better first team but with regards to youth they are second rate and Charlton are first rate. Charlton are producing good players year after year, if he leaves charlton then good luck to him but he'd be better off where he is.


13 Mar 2012 14:20:54
RVP has been linked with a move with Manchester City, On 215k a week.(27)(32)


13 Mar 2012 11:24:30
rvp has agreed to go to man city for 210k a week fee between the two clubs yet to be disided(27)(44)Wtf jog onu fool rvp is captain for arsenal and the main man if he went to city 1 he wud not want to leave because he is captain and 2 van persie is not worth leaving on the bench he is a match winner so dream on and 3 he is very much settled at arsenal also his family and 4 van persie has made no indication that he wants to leaveMade up rumour! players can't agree personal terms or even talk to clubs unless a fee has already been accepted or in final 6 months of contract!He said he was willing to talk over a new contract with arsenal this month so why put up rubbishRVP bench are you mad he would only be on the bench at BarcaRvp has started to follow man city's owners on twitter all of a suddenMore chance of trophies at man city thats why he will leave arsenal. no brainer for a football player and he wont be on the bench {Ed025's Note - its all about money mate...or do you think he would move for 30,000 a week to win trophies?...i dont think so..Jesus if twitter is how you sign for a club, then I better get following Man U then. Just wait till the weekend, me and rooney upfront hahaaTHE ORIGINAL POST WAS DONE BY A DESPERATE SPUD!
DAVE.WCan't see this happening after Wenger has said that he wont sell to City again & I can't see the board going against him & undermining him in this way. I just wish that clubs like Man city could take the chance on youngsters like Arsenal do rather than seeing whether youngsters will succeed at other clubs and then put ridiculous offers in to tempt them. It is ruining the game. Hope he stays loyal to Arsenal, who look like they will strengthen in the summer and qualify for champions league next year. Swindon Fan.


13 Mar 2012 11:12:44
Julian Gray is resigning for Walsall until the end of the season after having his contract terminated at his current club in Cyprus(4)(5)How can he resign if he's had his contract terminated?


13 Mar 2012 11:09:27
Blackpool Fans to give a Demonstration against Oyston after the game against Brighton on Saturday(10)(14)


13 Mar 2012 11:04:25
Plymouth Argyle have been watching Liam Nichols of late. Unfortunatley he had a breakdown in training on friday and Plymouth will not be renewing their interest in this potential starlet. Same old case finding quality only to find they are injury prone and have personal problems.(2)(2)


13 Mar 2012 09:08:13
Liverpool are set to step up interest in Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland after Villa sealed the Bosman signing of Brett Holman. Aston Villa are thought to want £10m for the player who is also keen for a fresh start at Anfeild.

Both Aston Villa and Ireland will be happy for the deal to happen with the midfielder on a reported £80k a week and the clubs top earner.

In other news German reports suggest Aston Villa could be set to revamp the whole defence with names like Dann, Mancienne and Bruma all being lined up, whilst Collins and Warnock are set for moves with QPR and Sunderland supposedly posing interest in the two players.

Heskey will be allowed to leave in the summer too leaving the sqaud thin on the ground and Olic remains McLeish's No.1 target as a replacement.

Finally Gardner, Weimann and Calrk are all set to be offered 5year deals by the club in the Summer.(7)(32)I've heard some silly rumours on this site but this takes the biscuit!

10m for that closet case? Obviously posted by a Villa fan who wants shut of him.

I wouldn't even have him at our club and I support West Ham!Complete BS Irelands finding his feet now, and holman is a winger not a cam. As for revamping defence i cannot see collins and warnock leaving as they have been vital for us this season when our attacks been off. As for Olic replacing Heskey Im liking the sound of that and our top youngsters signing 5 year deals. Still wanna see some top quality frees as well as Olic........

UTVHe's rubbish and overpriced deffo Liverpool's normal style target aka Downing, Carroll, Henderson etcAll these Liverpool fans that love Dalglish need to get their rose tinted glasses of as it seems to be whatever he does and however bad you are he can do no wrong. You gave Roy Hodgson no chance to succeed from the first game he was there and slagged him off every week so why arent you doing the same to Dalglish as you will soon be 30 points behind Man Utd and i remember when Rafa was with you and you were 30 points behind Man Utd you were going mad and wanted Rafa out. So the question is will you do the same to Dalglish. Lets face it he's bought some rubbish and paid inflated prices for Carroll-Henderson 55 million for those two is a joke.

Liverpool fans you need to look at yourselves and get this Kenny can do no wrong out of your heads.Ireland's finding his feet now? Maybe he should check he has a left and right?Ollic is not joining villa mate.
ireland is joining mls side new york red bulls anyway.
dann will join to replace collins.
dann & clark/cuellar will form the centre backs.
hutton on the left but warnock will not be at left back at villa ever again eric lichaj maybe?Ok genius whos olic joining if he aint joining villa and how the hell do you know he wont join are you his agent.


13 Mar 2012 08:08:14
Millwall sign Malik Taylor on loan for rest of season from Leeds Utd(10)(7)


13 Mar 2012 07:55:30
Pompey midfielder Hayden Mullins will sign for Reading at the end of the week.(26)(8)


13 Mar 2012 07:27:40
Chamakh (arsenal) will join a promoted side next season in the Prem. Keen to revive his carreer.(8)(30)No hes too gd for them teams..... he'll go to stoke, villa or everton on loan i bet ;)Could see him coming to Fulham.


13 Mar 2012 07:24:53
aston villa set to have a major summer clearout!

brett holman is joining on a free to replace stephen ireland (who is on £80,000 a week deal right now - who will join the mls side - new york red bulls)

ravel pogrebnyak will also join the villa in the summer on a free transfer to replace heskey who's huge contract expires this june.(6)(23)


13 Mar 2012 05:44:42
agent Ridsdale is working perfectly at


13 Mar 2012 02:16:55
wnt come to leeds from fleetwood are u mad, he must be on what 200 -400 pound a week there get a grip of course he would come to leeds(1)(5)Who is this about?


13 Mar 2012 00:56:04
Former Walsall player Edrissa Sonko is rumoured to be returning to the league one side on a deal until the end of the season(4)(8)Any players walsall try for now need to be top quality for league 1 on a free or loan. Dunno much bwt this guy as im not a walsall fan, however I live near to walsall and enjoy knowing they are on the up as my grandad supported them. R.I.P Grandad - Saddlers are on the up


13 Mar 2012 00:31:24
Admin for Oxford same as Port Vale
£10 million they owe. Rugby @ the Kassam next season. Constables now worth little. 1/2 millon rent for the stadium a year. If only we had the backing Swindon have. Bet 365 and the rich directors(9)(8)What or who is your source. These sort of posts are very damageing and you need to worry about your own club. Now let me think, who could that be!! Back it up or shut upI'm a Swindon fan and this rumour is total rubbish as the Oxford chairman came out last week and stated they were in fine health financially and they have a 5 year plan to get in the championship i'm not sure that will happen though.Swindon fan, thank you. I also agree, sadly that the 5 year plan wont happen. However, watching your boys, now thats a possibility. Play well with good players and I think the title is yours this year and there will be more to come. Unless its in the cup, not sure when we will be playing you again.This is rubbish, there is no doubt that Oxford are not in the same financial health as Swindon, but they are no where near administration, I am not sure they will get promoted next year and Kasam is fleecing their club, most of their financial plight is down to him, but they do have a lovely three sided ground to thank him for, although the toilets in the away end are in need of repair....



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