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Couple of things I want to clear up. Firstly to the person who said Aguero moved to Atletico for £25m, it was actually around £14m, and his agent tried to instigate a move to Liverpool from Independiente for the same fee, but Rafa was wary of spending that much on an unproven talent. To the person in the ‘administrative role’ at Anfield, even if you are an admin, I can’t imagine you have the influence to instigate a possible multi–million pound managerial departure, regardless of how ‘odd’ Benitez’s behaviour has become. The 6+5 rule is unlikely to happen, just because of EU statutes already in place, but then footballers are treated as ‘modern slaves’ according to Blatter, so I guess with that ludicrous reasoning it should be fine. Also, I don’t think that the poor performance of the English teams at international tournaments is behind the 6+5 rule, it looks more likely a back up in case Uefa don’t get the EU to back the idea that under–18’s moving to big clubs is a form of ‘child–trafficking’, which is another stupid ploy. It’s obviously not the motive behind the move, it seems to me that Uefa and Fifa are concerned that the top English, Italian, Spanish and other leading teams across Europe are able to take the brightest prospects from around the world, making tournaments such as The Champions League pretty much dominated by those teams.
On to rumours
Miguel Veloso – £14m – Very possible, but Wenger has in the past waited too long on players like him
Michael Owen – Free – Wenger may see Owen as good cover if he gets rid of Bendtner and/or Van Persie
Mahmadou Sakho – £7m – very good young French defender, Arsenal seems a likely destination
Niko Kranjcar – £12m – Might fit well into Arsenal’s side, he would jump at the chance as well
Ashley Young – £20m – Maybe, depends entirely on whose in charge in the summer, and if Villa get into Europe
Ricardo Quaresma – £15m – Could make an offer for the on–loan player, if he impresses
Mario Balotelli – £22m – Expensive, but exciting prospect, still seems unlikely though
Yuri Zhirkov – £14m – Most likely signing for Chelsea, he also seems keen to move
Sergio Aguero – £30m – Depends on how much cash Benitez has to spend, even then Atletico might try and get more money
David Silva – £20m – Would give some much needed creativity on the right wing, Valencia need the money, that’s for sure.
Juan Mata – £12m – cheaper than his team mate and more likely if Liverpool don’t get some much–needed investment
Micah Richards – £10m – Arsenal’s his preferred destination, but would be Liverpool’s top choice as he can play right–back as well, particularly with an Ageing Hyypia and reportedly unhappy Agger
Man Utd:
Carlos Tevez – £30m – Not sure about this one, depends entirely on whether Man Utd really want him or not
Karim Benzema – £30m – If, and only if they don’t sign Tevez
Sergio Ramos – £30m – A lot of money for a full–back and I can’t see it happening unless Real Madrid Really want C. Ronaldo in the summer
John Fleck – £7m – Ferguson would probably like the young Rangers Striker, and as he’s still only very young, Man Utd may see him as a good long term investment.
  Right, first things first:

This season may have been a huge blessing in disguise for Arsenal fans. Wenger has realized that the currant squad is simply not strong enough to compete in all 3 major competitions and win them. He has narrowed down the key area's of the team which he wants to strengthen, and will do so over the summer with maybe to finishing touches being applied in Jan.

Firstly he knows that a solution has to come at the CB position. He wants Arsenal to get more phyiscal at the position, and sees 3 players as the perfect solution to this slot:

Sebastien Bassong is the tall, strong, quick and intelligent CB who is needed to deal with the aerial threat many teams pose to Arsenal.

Joleon Lescott is another in the same mould, who Wengar loves. Also will help with the new 6 + 5 rule which Wenger has been planning for quietly for a number of years.

Giogio Chiellini is the jewel Wenger is enamoured with. He is widely considered the best Centerhalf in Serie A and is certainly an excellent player.

One of 3 will then partner William Gallas at the back next season, with Johann Djourou the first choice cover. Also being brought in is a shock signing of Jack Rodwell, whom Wenger believes is the next Rio Ferdinand and in 3–4 years will replace Gallas at Centerhalf.

Kolo Toure will be sold to Manchester City to finance the summer spending.

Also joining him will be Niklaus Bendtner, whom a bid was rejected for late in Jan from City. However now Wenger has his eye on the Adebayor like Guillaume Hoarau of PSG to replace NB.

The final area Wenger looks to, to add depth at quality to is the Center of the park. He loves Denilson, Song , Cesc , Wilshere and Ramsey but Diaby has fallen out of favour and will be loaned out to an EPL side coming up from the Championship (my guess is Wolves or Birmingham, whom AW has excellent relationships with).

To replace him Wenger will bring in none other than Mahamadou Diarra, of Real Madrid. He is the kind of strong DM that Arsenal require and is the missing piece of the jigsaw. If Diarra cannot be attained look for the super talented Hernanes of Sao Paulo (the ridiculous assumtion of the UTD fan that they will get him for squad depth, despite Barcelona having a bid rejected last summer?) to come in or even a surprise bid for Scott Parker of West Ham.

Wenger will also enquire about youngsters Collison, Neymar of Santos and Camacho of At. Madrid. However will most likely be priced out for all 3.

In Arsene we trust.
  This is not a rumour, more an observation that Im voicing after the last few weeks listening to UEFA/Platini/Blatter. Over the years UEFA and Blatter and later Platini all criticised English fans abroad, although showing their two sides they did say Liverpools fans where the best in Europe. Now they are using the 6+5 rule to try and bring down what we all know is the best league in the world, I believe they are just anti–English and will do anything to bring that league t its knees. To show its two faces, UEFA stated that if fans in Rome/Roma disgraced the name of the game by thier behaviour the final of the European Cup/Champions League would be moved and then after numerous recorded incidents in the ground and the one that disturbs me most,a coach was stopped by a car, a Roma fan smashed the windscreen and threw a flair in, and when the driver opened the door to let in fresh air, roma fans armed with hammers tried to invade the vechile, (incident well documented in papers and to the police). Yet UEFA does nothing but say the final stays in Rome. Its obvious that one if not two english are going to make it to the final. How far will these people take thier hatred of England, (or is it thier worry that all the money is going there) will it take the death of a fan. Come on treat us all fairly its not the fans fault that the league is the best in the world, stop the bias behaviour in UEFA.

sorry for the rant
  Sometimes this site makes me laugh, theres a bloke on here who seems to have info on every club out there. . and can reveal his source if asked. . GO ON THEN, tell us!!!! Or theres the gooner who constantly posts on here. Its quite clear you read the newspaper and then come on here and tell us what you read!!!! Then theres the non liverpool fans who seem to know everything going on at the club??
The fact is this, no one knows anything that's going on at Anfield, and probably not many other clubs. No one knows if LFC is being sold or not, no one knows how much money we will have in the summer. The only things known for certain about LFC is we have interested buyers who are being scared off by the ridiculous asking price. Rafa is targeting a right back and a second striker who can play behind Torres as well as alongside him.
Stick with what youse know, and not who is currently the best on Football manager games!!
  Manchester United Ace Cristiano Ronaldo has opened talk with the Manchester club about signing a new 5 year deal worth 200K a week, a few clauses have been built in. 1) he cannot buy out his contract when he enters his last 2 years,2) if he hits 24 goals a season in the premier league he will be given a bonus of 17% of his new wages.

Time for rumours now:
Manchester united are rumoured to sign a few young players but at the moment the only deal i see progressing is the tevez deal for 21 million, it has been announced by tevez's agent and rights owner Jia Boorcharich(spelling) that his fee will decrease depending on goals scored compared to games played ratio, so unless tevez starts scoring hat–ricks for the rest on the season expect a cut down price for the star. Manchester City made a 69 million pound bid for Wayne Rooney in January but were told not to make an offer for the star in the summer as they will all be rejected.

If Manchester united win everything this year then expect a massive announcement to be made about the club or someone who works in the club about there future.

Not alot of rumours really, but I'll list some possible transfers and to which club for how much:

Drogba – AC Milan/Real Madrid – 14–19 million
Ballack – Roma – 7 million
Kalou – Bayern Munich – 21 million
Hilario – QPR – Free
Deco – Manchester City – 8 Million
Gerrard – Real Madrid – 80 million
Xabi Alonso – Real Madrid – 20 million
William Gallas – Lazio – 4 million
Adebayor – AC Milan – 4 million + Pato or Pirlo
Gibson – Fulham – 2 million
Fabian Delph – Manchester City – 6 million
Santa Cruz – Manchester City – 23 million
Alex – Manchester City – 16 million
Malouda – Juventus/ Manchester city – 10 million
Queresma – Tottenham – Jenas or Lennon
Kuyt – Manchester City – 7 million
Eto'o – Manchester City – 31 million
Downing – Liverpool – 20 million
Jo – everton – 14 million
Hart – Aston Villa – 4 million
Hleb – Manchester City – 11 million
Stephan Hunt – Aston Villa – 7 million

Thats all the rumours ive got for you

any arguments welcomed and i can reveal source information if asked.
  David moyes is going to be the new manage of rangers
  Liverpools impressive week with to huge wins against possibly 2 of the biggest clubs in europe has got some big players intrested in signing 4 the reds. . .
Aguero – i hear he was shocked to see Liverpool take down 2 europian superpowers in a single week and also that they put 4 goals past each of them. apparently his agent was in contact will Liverpool Sunday morning but was told that they would hav to wait for Liverpools takeover to go through before talks could begin.

Silva – he is reluctant to leave spain but hes been good friends with Torres for a long time and has seen how his game as improved since he made the move from spain and now maybe thinking about doing the same.

Adam Johnson – His agent has been in talks with Liverpool, Man United, Arsenal and also Real Madrid but the player is starting to think that liverpool wud be best for him not only because he is so impressed wit recent performances but also because there is less competition for his position than the other clubs

Expect Johnson And 1 of Aguero and Silva to defintely sign. . Silva being more likely.

  Benitez is willing to let Alonso leave the club at the end of the season for around 17mil however Real Madrid don't know this and they think Benitez will try and keep him at all costs. They will make a 22mil bid for him and will sign him.
Benitez will replace him with Gareth Barry for around 11mil since he will have only 1 year left on his contract. However, If Barry decides to stay at Villa, Liverpool will demand even more for Alonso – maybe around 25mil.

Liverpool will then move to sign Glen Johnson for 9mil. Also joining will be Kuba for 8mil from Dortmund and the big name will be Bojan Krcic for around 9mil.

Philip Degen, Voronin, Dossena, Pennant and Itjande will all leave the club.

If Liverpool have new owners, there could be one more signing. benitez wants Frank ribery but cannot afford him at 35mil unless there is fresh investment.
  This aint a rumour just wana put it straight that Athletico paid £14 million for Kun Aguero not the £25 million being spouted on here. Rafa had the option of buying him before athletico butsaw it as too much of a gamble at such a young age.41
  Just to let you all know Sergio Aguero never signed for Athletico Madrid for £25 Million it was around about £12–£13 million before you come on here saying Liverpool can't afford him get your facts straight and people may listen to you!!

I have been told by a few people close to the club now that Sergio Aguero is our main summer target and has been since Keane left in January! Benitez wanted him before he went to Athletico but Rick Parry would not sanction that ammount for an unproven player so young! You will see in the summer!
  burnley alan mahon will join blackpool on monday on loan for the rest of the season and will be replaced by lee martin of man utd who will join the club in the summer in a deal similar to the one that brought chris eagles to the club last summer
  I have seen peoples rumours and comments , i am a man city fan and i know people very well . micah richards,paul aldridge,mike doyle etc. anyway , David Villa will not be coming to Manchester , for a matter of fact he won't be coming to England because he is moving to Barcelona as a replacement for Thierry Henry who WILL join Man City fro £10m – £20m. Also on Hughes' radar is John Terry, me myself i don't think he will come but i do understand he has been on the phone to Gary Cook many of times to ask about wages and how long he would be staying for. As i said i don't think he will come a realistic target for centre back is Kolo Toure or Chiellini. I do however know that Wayne Bridge's contract states that it comes down to his performances in the team which will keep him at City , that means Hughes (backed by ADUG) will table an offer for Real Madrid's Royston Drenthe & Schneider for a combined fee of up to £30m. Expected at Madrid is also Gael Clichy for replacement for Drenthe.

Man City also to buy Stewart Downing or Gareth Barry.
  On loan GK Taylor will sign for cardiff if they make the premiership. as will kasper schmiechel.
  Everton will try and sign these players in the summer but not all of them will come

eboue – arsenal
gallas – arsenal
rosicky – arsenal
n kranjcar – portsmouth
s distin – portsmouth
j moutinho – sporting lisbon
vagnor love – spatack moscow
b ferguson – rangers
b foster – man u
w brown – man u
JO – man city
a johnson (only if boro go down ) – boro
j utaka – portsmouth

and people may be leaving goodison are

yakubu – 14.5m – 16m
van der meyde – 3m
anichebe 6 – 9m
nash 1.5m – 3m
yobo 4m – 7m
jacobson 500k – 2m
possible income = £29.5m – £40m
  To the guy who was talking about ted rogers III the blue jays won the world series in 92/93 and havent made the playoffs since plus rogers didnt own the team at the time and the club isn't run well financially teams with half their payroll are doing twice as gd

should fit perfectly with rangers then :P
  Arsenal may make a triple swoop and start a french revolution at the Emirates, Mamadou Sahko, the young PSG centre–back who has a great left–foot and stands at 6'1 in addition to Sebastian Bassong the Newcastle CB who has been the shinig star in an otherwise dismal campaign, Wenger may complete the triple swwop with Yohann Cabaye of Lille who has been outstanding this season.

Sahko–around 5 million
Cabaye–8 million

It is possible that Silvestre will leave to play in the MLS in the summer, otherwise
no–one will be leaving the club unless an astronomical offer comes in and Wenger believes the player can b replaced, Eboue will sign a new deal as will Van Persie as Arsenal pip Aston Villa 4 4th.
tevez–real madrid or liverpool
ronaldo–real madrid
mourinho–real madrid
benzema–man utd
  Stephen Appiah to sign for Celtic on 2 and a half year deal on £30k per week. Will be given club captaincy when McManus moves on th Newcastle in the summer. Strachan wanted him for boost ahead of Co–Op Cup final but couldn't get clearance in time.
  To this is to the idiot that claimed that my report on Rafa Benitez's "oddness" must be rubbish because somehow being in an administrative role precludes me, and therefore my work mates, from expecting protection from the law regarding the right to proper conduct from other employees. My report regarded the atmosphere at Anfield and the effect of Benitez's behaviour on the the people that work there. Benitez isn't above law, just like you and I aren't. His behaviour is at work is governed by the same rules that goven your behaviour at work. Whether you chose to believe my news is down to your own take on whether it's just possible that a story here could be true. But please be advised that if you want to rubbish anything on here, at least have the good sense to rubbish it in a way that doesn't make you look ignorant and imbecilic.
  An anglophile is someone who isn't English who is in love with England and all things English, like chips and mushy peas, red buses, postboxes etc. On to football, would Rangers and Celtic fans stop going on about your teams, you are both poor, in money and in form. The only players you will be signing are nobodies and has–beens, or SPL players. All this talk of "if we were in the Premiership" is laughable, look at Tottenham and how much money they have and spend. They are still crap and won't ever break the top 4. Onto the 6 + 5 rule. It will never happen as although foreign players can still be bought, they are restricted in terms of playing, thus in terms of earning a bonus so it is still illegal. Anyway, it is not foreign players that is to blame for the poor national teams. How many genuinely talented youngsters can you name not getting a game in the EPL? It is the poor youth setup and the wrong method of coaching in this country. Under 11s managers who only want to win, not train good players. On to rumours, Aguero to Liverpool???? No way. Athletico paid £25 million for him so would not accept anything below £35m, which Liverpool do not have. Watch for Miguel Veloso to Arsenal, Wenger has never denied interest and talk has dimmed, so a sensible price may be reached. If not then someone from Ligue 1 like Cana or Makoun will come in.
  Bad news for the Hammers disaster mongers as the compromise deal to settle the Tevez affair is almost settled.
The sum of about 10 mil. is not the main reason to celebrate but the staggered payment over 5 years means it will have no real impact as long as the Irons stay in the Premiership. This now seems highly likely with the impact of some excellent buys Behrami, Illunga and Savio plus the arrival of top juniors Noble, Collison, Tomkins and Sears.
A top rated young right back and a big striker to cover Carlton are the main targets for the summer.
Unsettled Dave Kitson could be bought cheaply if Ashton is as expected retired or moved on due to his injury problems.

the boleyn bugle
  Rangers to make a shock move for Will Haining ex Oldham and now at St Mirren, Walter Smith sees Haining as a straight replacement for David Weir
Also expect to see Charlie Mulgrew at Ibrox in the summer, rumour has it in Aberdeen the deal is very much done which is a big shock as Charlie is a diehard Celtic man
  Strong rumours here in BT Glasgow that David Murray has found a buyer for his beloved rangers, a senior BT source let it slip that none other than Sire Fred Goodwin of RBS pension shame is the new man!!!!
  "Breaking News. . I can reveal everton are working on a price for both Joao Moutiniho and Miguel Veleso its going to be in the region of 20–30 million pounds. .Talks are at a advanced stage my contact says. Also herd we have sent a scout to 3 time to watch kerrison from brazil . The money is coming from the dubai investment group which WILL tak over in the summer.Main reason moyes signed a contract was because they wanted him to be the man in control of there money. . . .COYB"
EvErToN iNsIdEr
  No rumour just wanted to clear up the phile issue phile actually means lover of, so an Anglophile loves England! Paedophile loves children! etc
  To the guy who talked about 'the lack of quality English keepers and strikers' in the Premiership due to foreigners.


Foster (okay, he is being kept out of the first team)

I'm sorry, but that's 6 goalkeepers who have or could easily represent the national team who play week in week out, save for Foster. What, do you think that if Stuart Taylor played every week for Villa, you guys woud find the next Dave Seaman? Dream on. You have a good selection there. I bet most other leagues in Europe would struggle to name 6 homegrown keepers who could potentially play for the national team.
Strikers, fair enough, there is a dearth of English strikers, but that's because outside of Rooney, Defoe, Heskey, Crouch, Walcott and maybe Agbonlahor (not mentioning Owen, hes lost it), what do you have? Nugent, Andy Johnson, Beattie, etc etc, fairly average strikers who you guys complain about incessantly when they play for England and simply aren't of a good enough standard.
Just face it, there is no problem. The English national team is simply going through a transitional phase where the likes of Agbonlahor, Walcott etc are just getting used to playing for their country. And your stereotypical (not all) English fan wants the glory NOW and forever, and isn't prepared to give the young crop of players a chance. Inter Milan had 2 italian players against United midweek, will Platini look into that?
  Liverpool are chasing the following players to add to their champions league list that will help them with the 6+5 rule should it come in place
–Glen Johnson 9m
–Adam Johnson 10m
–Adam Lallana 5m
–Micah Richards 10m

They are also looking at signing
–Diogo 12m
–Fernando Navarro 8m

These players are looking at leaving after no game time

–Andriy Voronin 4m Hertha
–Andrea Dossena 6m Juventus
–Philipp Degen 3m Lazio
–Charles Itandje 1m Toulouse
–Ryan Babel 15m Real Madrid
–Daniel Agger 11m AC Milan

Kriztian Nemeth, Daniel Pacheco, Steve Irwin, Jay Spearing, Damien Plessis, Nabil El Zhar, Emi Insua,Stephen Darby and Martin Kelly will be more involved in first team action

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