Football Rumours Archive June 16 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 16 2012 

15 Jun 2012 23:05:38
cardiff city looking at a loan deal for jay bothroyd and also after former player criss burke(21)(22)I dont want bothroyd back, burkey played brilliantly for Birmingham last season so no chance, plus burke was a person when he left us his motto is 'mo money'. As a Cardiff City fan i would like that type of winger.Hope it's trueBothroyd is not worth even looking at with a loan or permanent deal in mindI would like this to happen but Cardiff have never had a criss Burke we have had a Chris Burke though and he was greatI think with new investment we can do better than bothroyd but would take burke any dayDoubt itBothroyd lazy lump thanksSounds unlikelyNonsence with the chris burke bothroyd possability!


15 Jun 2012 21:35:11
African central midfielder cheick korouman has declined his contract offer from ipswich town. Leeds and Crystal Palace are the favourites for the 19 year old's signature.(8)(14)Doubt it probably just a Norwich fan on a wind up as Leeds and Palace are always linked with the same players as us. And have signed two of our targets -_-He has agreed terms with us already, not likely Leeds or palace will have seen him play either as he has been on trial with us for the second half of last seasonHe's agreed terms with Ipswich, it's on TWTD. And that's not how you spell his name. You don't seem like a very good source mate...


15 Jun 2012 21:37:21
Sources claim Reading are to table a bid of £8million for Steven Fletcher

Reading also face competition from Aston Villa to snap up Jacob Butterfield from Barnsley

Peter Lovenkrands is to also sign on

A bid for Robert Snodgrass is imminent(9)(35)Imminent rubbish, snodgrass going nowhereThe is all ready a 12m bid for fletcherSnodgrass going nowhere.... yeah in a struggling leeds who are no longer the force they were years ago, now not saying he will move to reading as much as id like that, i think though he should definitely be playing prem next season!^ Snodgrass is moving up to a bigger and better club than leeds deal with itFletcher isn't worth £12m!We don`t need fletcherButterfield is the only true one here."Snodgrass is moving up to a bigger and better club"....He is and its not Reading!Try 10mill + n anyway if he leaves he's going to a bigger team than youWhat sources? All of that post is a complete load of rubbish, they're not even rumours they're just made upThey can bid for every player in the prem..dont mean they will get them desperate clubs make desperate bids u see it every year no mattter who comes upErmm..why don't we need fletcher? his heading would fit perfectly into our game, and with snodgrass' delivery they could be quite a pair..Snodgrass may be going nowhere but that doesn't mean a bid can't be made.Wolves fans need a serious reality check when it comes to Fletcher and what he's worth


15 Jun 2012 19:06:45
Cheltenham Town are in the running to sign Luton Town midfielder Robbie Willmott after he turned down a new contract with the Hatters.

Would fit perfectly with Mark Yates' previous policy of signing starlets from the non-league.(4)(7) 

Massive underachiever.. Plenty of talent but went missing slot. Especially in the big ones I.e. 2x play off finals.

On side note he was offered terms on reduced wages and wants more money as only going to be bit part player in buckles squadHe made a massive mistake with Muzzy at rovers by leaving him on then bench. could happen at Luton


15 Jun 2012 18:59:02
Former Sheffield Wednesday, Chesterfield and MK Dons midfielder Wade Small has been offered a trial at league one side Walsall

Small was playing in the Isthmian League last season for Tooting & Mitcham but has been released as the club can no longer afford his £450 a week wages at the end of the 2011/2012 season(12)(3)He is still playing for them


15 Jun 2012 18:57:03
Yeovil interested in Conor coady on loan. Roger the glover.(7)(8)


15 Jun 2012 17:59:07
paul hayes to colchester on a free from charlton(5)(12) 

Could see Hayes going to Colchester as he lives in Essex but would be surprised if it were a free ,he still has two years left on his contract .

Possible makeweight for Wordsworth ?You wont get him for free mate, cmon.He has two years left on his contractHayes isn't on a free so you will have to pay or give us Wordsworth in an exchange which would be nice.Think a part ex is what is being suggested; Hayes & 700k for woody. Although I'm not 100% that Hayes is type of player we would be lookin at, I would expect us to be looking at replacing odejayi


15 Jun 2012 17:55:44
Southampton fc signings summer 2012/2013:

jack butland-birmingham
lucas neill-free
adrian mariappa-watford
geoff cameron-houston dynamo
tom ince-blackpool
danny guthrie-free
liam trotter-millwall
eljero elia-juventus
jay rodriguez-burnley-done
yakubu-blackburn(14)(53)Southampton planning on playing 5 strikers then?They wont get elia hes too good and out of your wage priceThe Yak is going to West HamSo, you can read the papers!
Apart from Rodriguez, a load of piffle.INCE said he not leavingSouthampton should try signing a decent goalie as Davis is not a premier league and as for Jack Butland going there - not a chance"Southampton should try signing a decent goalie as Davis is not a premier league and as for Jack Butland going there - not a chance"......That statement just proves you have no clue at all.Eila, ha, are you having a laughI'm a Saints fan and the above is complete BS.

We're not QPR or West Ham! We're not going to buy an entire team...Haha Elia is an international player who would go to a team like Liverpool,Spurs,Newcastle or Arsenal not a bottom half / relegation favourites. Possibly mariappa when back Jamaica and Yakubu lol keep dreaming u should sign someone like Michael OwenInce has made clear he will be staying with Blackpool next season.We wont get relegatdLove all the hate Saints get! Keep it coming because next season we are going to throw it all back in your face.


15 Jun 2012 17:32:30
Notts County have signed Bartosz Bialkowski following his release from Southampton at the end of the season(19)(4)Good signing for a first choice keeper lookingforward to see him keeping ror notts COYPSaints fans think a lot of him. Good luck. He's a top keeper that will do well I thinkHe's a good keeper. I reckon he never really had enough confidence with keep his morale up and he will be quality.I'm a jam roll myself and have bin a magpie since my first game in 1992/3 he's a well respected keeper and wish him all the best!He had a loan spell with my team, all i can say is...jokes on you, he was terrible3 or 4 quality players at reasonable cost to strengthen the squad, perhaps including 1 from abroad. Jay Rod top signing. COYR!Biakowlski isnt that goodHe had a loan spell with my team, all i can say is...jokes on you, he was terrible....
You must be a Barnsley fan then as he has only ever played two games on loan, and they were there! I assume you managed to judge him over those two games then?
Joker!Bart is a very underated keeper he deserved more of a chance at saints so however he joins will be lucky to have him and im sure he will be a first choice premiership keeper before he is 30


15 Jun 2012 17:08:00
who are southampton going to sign(5)(19)Jack Butland
Nathaniel Clyne
Adrian Marriapa
Geoff Cameron
Tom Ince
Danny Gutherie
Jay RodriguezI have heard a lot about Brek Shea not sure if its true but hey :)


15 Jun 2012 17:04:30
News on Michael Jacobs to Derby. An agreement with the player has been reached, however the two clubs are struggling to agree a compensation fee.(11)(8)Whatever the fee or whether its compensation he has said himself he is joining derby.As he was flattered by the amount of praise Nigel clugh had for him and felt that he could play better with their style of playGood to hear. Hopefully true :-)So - Derby have been trying to sign a player for 3 months and have made zilch progress - what else is there to do other than agree compo? - Don't get too excited - he makes Thomas Cywka look positively well built!To be fair Cywka was a lot better player than people, including Nigel, gave him credit for


15 Jun 2012 16:44:21
Steven Naismith wants to leave Rangers for a stable future and is looking at the Premier League or even abroad as an option.

It is believed Fulham, Porto and Lazio are all interested.(9)(24)Shows how much you go on this site. He's Everton bound.Naismith already agreed contract at everton ed just what im hearing 2million the feenaismith will join everton as soon as rangers go under


15 Jun 2012 16:43:17
wolves signing these players:
Björn Bergmann Sigurðarson £4 m
Miles Addison £2.5 m
Mark Oxley £750 k
Lewis Dunk £750 k
Kevin de Bruyne (loan)
Emmanuel Frimpong (loan)

wolves selling these players:
Sam Vokes £1-2 m
Steven Ward £1.5-3 m
Roger Johnson £2-5 m
Stephen Hunt £1.5-3m
Adam Hammill £ 2-5 m(13)(34)Give over addison 2.5m have u seen him playMiles Addison for £2.5m I think you may be a little delude my old mate!Wahey, addison at 2.5m? we'll snap your hand off at that (derby fan)Well we signed bbs for 3mill euros 2.4mill poundsYou won't get anything like that for any of those sold players, maybe the minimum you've put. In terms of signing sigurdarson I'd imagine he'll go to a prem club such as Everton or Reading before Wolves. I also cant see either of those loan players dropping out of the prem.Massive overvaluation of your players...Lewis Dunk for £750k your having a laugh nearer the £2-3 m and you might be close.Miles addison maybe not worth that but
people need to remember they are acting like he is a washed up 35 year old.Hes only recently turned 23 and centre backs go on to 34 at top level.He has everything in his ability Heading and Tackling.He has just serious physical issues with carrying to much muscle for such a pacey game.He has been in the gym everyday the last month.I know some oldies will be like you shouldnt believe that stuff but football manager is done by experts and anyone who has i advise you to check on his attributes and see for his age he looks promising and always gets into the england team when hes about 27/28.Personally i want him to stay hes a fans favourite and i bet he will proof to you allAnd youre keeping jarvis, yeah rightYou could get addison for 250k!Not defending the bloke who post this but miles addison on the current transfer market is only valued 2.5-3.5 million poundsAs a wolves fan there is so many things wrong with this postShows what you no check Ssn we signed bbsThis guy must Stale's RH man - he seems to know a lot!So that means another relegation for wolves then boing boingNo the relegation fight will be all yours this season. So clear off back to Birmingham.£2.5m for Hammil? Your having a laugh right? We had him on loan the end of last season and he was hugely disapointing, I wouldn't give u more than 200k for him.If Miles Addison is worth £2.5m,how come you can get him for £500k.However he has been out on loan and not proved to be a good player.He was a few years ago,some players are like that.


15 Jun 2012 16:41:15
Crewe are targetting two defenders. Firstly James Tunnicliffe who had a shot spell at the club on loan, he is available on a free transfer.

Craig Woodman, the transfer listed Brentford Left back is also a target with Exeter and Leyton Orient potential rivals in the process.(9)(3)Orient won't be interested, we've already signed a left back. Gary Sawyer from Bristol Rovers.Wycombe wonderers intrested in craig woodman not orient


15 Jun 2012 16:39:38
Newcastle United, Sunderland and Wigan are all interested in Celtic youngster James Forrest.

It is believed that Celtic will listen to offers in the region of £5 million(9)(25)Treble that 5 million mate.This is not true, there is now way Celtic would lisen to offers in 5mill range. at the minimum it would have to be 7mill.Haha 5 million what leg is that forDouble figures. Was in UEFA's top 50 young players in the world this season.Celtic sayed in january they would listen to 11 millionTry doubling that £5mil mate then you can post forrest is defo one for the futureNo chance,a very rounded kid wont move for 2 or 3 years,then it will be 12 to 15 mill,so forget it.He was actualy listed in fifas top 13 best young player in the world. Any offer shud b shundListen where would you rather play SPL or the BPL I know where I would rather playDoesn't mean that he never wants to try his luck down south. He is stll very young and has said that he would rather wait to fine tune his game at Celtic. He has plenty of time to play elsewhere. Anyway the club will not be in the least bit interested in 5 million offersHaha, Aye right! The lad is only 20 but he would already rip apart half the EPL defences, gonna be one of the best wingers around in a couple of years. Celtic would laugh at an offer less than £15million...they dont need the money


15 Jun 2012 16:33:00
Celtic are willing to take Joey Barton off QPRs hands, but will pay no more than £1 million and will demand that he drops his wage demands.(5)(39)He is not Celtic class and i would be surprised if it happened because it would only cause trouble, he is too much of a hot head and Celtic will stay awayAgree plus he would not get a game in fromt of Kayal, Wanyama, Ledley, Brown, Ki. All better players. I would even take our youngsters of Ibrahim, Mcgeouch before him. No place in the celtic team.

SkooterBarton is off to celtic as wanyama is on his way to qprTrouble Yes not good enough for Celtic don't make me laugh maybe he'll come as part of the wayama deal rekon QPR would even cover most of his wages they are that keen on getting shot of him. Tell you what he'd be interesting in an old firm gameFirst off Wanyama wont go and if barton is part of the deal you still need to give us 10mill because Wanyama is a beast and is going to be a great player at a top club but then again most of you epl fans wouldnt know whats going on cause you dont pay attention to spl and you not knowing that there are no more old firms as the other club is gone proves that.
which is also why you dont understand he is not good enough for us and if yous are wanting rid of him so fast what makes you think Celtic would take him, he is more of the former rangers club then anything close to Celtic.Wat old firm games lol.... Celtic should try there hardest ta keep him wanyams could be 1 o the greatsHaha barton wont go to celtic for the simple reason celtic will be offloading half of the team if rangers get demoted to division 3 as sky will be pulling their tv coverage and all teams will be looking to cut costsCeltic have all ready got Scott Brown, him and Joey Barton would just ned the spl up.Sounds like somebody hit a raw nerve. Personaly i think Barton will remain at QPR til january as for wanyama never seen himplay. I'll tell u this if he's asked the question big club or big money can u honestly say he'd choose celtic remember he's a footballer not a fan.Lol, celtic fans absolutely deluded, yeh he is a hot head and a liability. But in the SPL his class would shine through. Equivalent to Barton playing League 1 football. But obviously would not happen because he would not play for penniesCeltic are one of the best run clubs in europe dont need to sell anyone,but we will if the money is right as for the mighty EPL,THE DEATH of rangers should be a WAKE UP CALL to MAN UTD,LIVERPOOL etc if it can happen to them it CAN happen to you,WANYAMA 10MILL,KI 7 MILL,IZZY,7 MILL,KAYAL 7 MILL, HOOPER 8MILL.BELIEVE HAIL HAIL. TIMMY TIM.They shouldn't waste their money on Barton. He'll be unreliable and just cause trouble. He would give Celtic a bad name.


15 Jun 2012 16:32:20
Barnsley INS:
Kelvin Etuhu (FREE)
Lee Williamson (FREE)
Mido (FREE)
Brain Howard (FREE)
Oliver Norwood (700k)

Barnsley OUTS:
(Price to be decided at testimonial, around 1-2 million)(18)(9)Hardly, Norwood got releasedLike them all with the exception of howard he's the one who wanted to improve himself so improve somewhere elseTestimonial don't ya mean tribunalHasn't Howard already been signed up sure I heard it was Donny but might be wrong and Barnsley won't get 2 mil for butter field at tribunalHill has given up tryin to sign norwood
Barnsley are giving trials to three portugese players
Etuhu will probably do well, he'll be sold in januaryHill hasnt given up on norwood !I do hope he is sold in January, that will mean he's played well, and well get a wedge of cash again, and mr hill will have polished another player up, hence the nickname the turd polisher


15 Jun 2012 16:29:25
Huddersfield Town are interested in Hibernian youngster David Wotherspoon.(7)(4)Forest fans are a bit touchy. Quite a few bites I see! Probably a notts county fan! Lol! I think forest will end up like Bradford anyway.Wotherspoon is joining sheffield united mateWhy would wotherspoon want to join a league one club (sheffutd) over huddersfield (championshipWhy would he want to join a league 1 club if he could join a championship club


15 Jun 2012 16:28:35
Michael Laudrup will look to instantly
dip into the transfer market as Swans
boss and is looking at the potential
season long loan signing of one his
former clubs upcoming stars. Raphael
Varane who is a 19 year old French CB
currently playing for Real Madrid, he is
dubbed as the next best CB in the World
and Laudrup will hopefully convince
Jose Mourinho to allow him to leave in
order to gain some first team experience
with Swansea, however he did make
quite a few first team appearances for
Madrid last year so it could well be
very unlikely.(4)(15)If that was the case he's dubbed the next best cb in the world he would be playing first team football nowHow much would he cost?Season long loan, wouldn't cost that much .dubbed NEXT best meaning first team experience will do him the world of good if he's not guaranteed it with MadridBecause swansea city is in the premier leugueCan't see this one sorryHe already gets game time in the real madrid first team, why would he go to swansea?


15 Jun 2012 16:24:28
Heard rumours that West Brom are after Frank Fielding after Ben Foster opted against The Albion(5)(17)Definitely not. If they don't get Albion (which they probably will anyway) they won't go for a below average keeper.Assuming the comment above means Foster not Albion, I totally agree


15 Jun 2012 16:10:25
Calvin Zola - plymouth

Up The Brewers!(10)(7)


15 Jun 2012 16:08:14
Fulham have completed the signing of highly rated MK Dons youngster George Williams after agreeing a compensation payment thought to be around £3 million after new Football league rules over transfer begun.(11)(3)The fee was 300k not 3 millLOL. Yes, I can't believe I wrote £3M.


15 Jun 2012 16:05:25
Plymouth Set to sign Anthony Edgar from Yeovil instead of Bristol Rovers defender Byrone Anthony(1)(10)Why instead? Edgar is a winger, Anthony is a centre back...Oh, so sign a LM instead of a defender...makes sense


15 Jun 2012 15:51:53
Hearing that a few Prem clubs are in for BHAFC youngster Jake Forster-Caskey, the lad has got a very bright future in the game, will be interesting to see if/how this one develops.(6)(3)


15 Jun 2012 15:51:44
Newcastle are interested in Celtic's Victor Wanyama and Lille's Mathieu Debuchy

Former Newcastle defender Tamas Kadar is in talks with league one side Walsall

Heard Peter lovenkrands is heading to Reading or Blackpool(15)(13)He would be better going to Blackpool as the play off final showed Blackpool didnt have a target man escpecially with Dobbie gone back.
He is more likely to get into the team at Blackpool than he is at Reading


15 Jun 2012 15:50:18
Lee Croft is on his way to Bristol City(9)(11)


15 Jun 2012 15:02:13
Dougie Freedman of Crystal Palace is looking to shake things up at Selhurst Park this summer with a busy transfer window. Joel Ward was signed earlier in the month from Portsmouth, penning a 4 year contract with Arron Martin signing from Southampton on a season long loan.

Glenn Murray is facing an uncertain future at Palace, however clubs are being put off by the high wages he is on at the moment as Palace look to offload him.

Nathaniel Clyne looks set to leave Palace on a tribunal after a fee couldn't be agreed for the young prospect. Wilfied Zaha looks set to stay at Palace however after penning a new contract in January which has 5 years still to run.

Sean Scannell is facing the possibility of being sent out of loan next season after failing to make it into the first team. Bristol City and Leicester rumored to be interested.

Jason Puncheon from Southampton and George Boyd from Peterborough have both caught the attention of Crystal Palace boss Dougie Freedman but the price could be a potential stumbling block. Danny Butterfield from Southampton also linked with a return to his former club Crystal Palace.

Siphiwe Tshalalala, was linked with Palace in January after his contract was due to expire at the end of the month. Tshabalala was keen on the deal but after Palace refused to offer a contract at least till June as they wanted to wait for his contract to run down the deal seems to be off. Tshalalala went on to sign a 3 year deal at Kaizer Chiefs at the end of January and Palace are now looking unlikely to pay a fee for the winger.

David Norris and Marko Futacs both linked with a move away from Portsmouth with Crystal Palace interested in signing the pair. However Palace are facing stiff competition with rival Championship clubs said to be looking to hijack the deal.

Anthony Gardner has all but finalized a move away from Selhurst Park with newly promoted Sheffield Wednesday his destination. Gardner had been offered new terms but turned them down after receiving a better offer from Hillsborough Stadium.

David Wright is set to accept a contract that will see his role at the club transformed into a player-coach. Wright is looking to get into coaching once his playing career comes to an end.

Kagisho Dikgacoi is also another player said to be on the move after falling out of favor with Freedman. Crystal Palace are said to be willing to accept around half of the 600k they paid for him from Fulham last year. Jermaine Easter is also on his way out after failing to impress since joining the Eagles from MK Dons. A number of league one clubs are said to be interested, Andy Dorman looks to be following Easter on the way out after sending the majority of last season out on loan at Bristol Rovers.(13)(16)Read all of that to hear the basics, still all true thoughThe most plausible post so far. needs a clear out so a good move imo!So why does the Chairman say on the BBC that you're only looking for a forward and a centre back?


15 Jun 2012 14:57:23
Steven Davies seen at Burnley training ground today hopefully to sign for the clarets for 1M(14)(9)Apparently 2m for davies and bailey might not be true though :/A bargain signing for you guys, he'd be going for 3 or 4 million if he had longer on his contract - good luck to Savies and hopefully he'll do a good job for you (derby fan)Its 2.3 million bailey and davies
@Sky sportsDerby fans, what is your opinion on these two players, what syle of football do they like to play and are we getting them for a good price or not?Really hope we sign them they would great additions to the squadIm a Derby fan.Steve davies is by far our best striker he has pace but not acceleration.He is a cracking finisher one of the best in the league and good at heading but give him a while to feel confident only 24 you are getting a bargain.James bailey is wanted by west brom and Aston villa need i say more
check Derby countys sky sports page and you will see the speculation about him.But could you please tell your Burnley fans you are not getting Jason shackell he has said in public today he has not been contacted and he wants to stay and loves being captian.Ive been working at the club shop at turf moor today and the main post is a load of rubbishCheers for that derby fan, it's quite easy to tell that Shackell will not be coming to Burnley his asking price is too high and I highly doubt he would be interested anyway.Agree with the other Derby fan. Great finisher, although disagree with his valuation. Potentially injury prone and can sometimes be lazy in his play. Can also be quite selfish in that he'll shoot from ridiculous angles and distances. Not too fussed that he's going in all honesty. He will get goals wherever he goes though.


15 Jun 2012 14:53:30
Cheltenham Towns manager is set to miss out on his third target this window with Yeovil striker Andy Williams set to snub the Cotswold club and sign for League One newcomers Swindon Town.
Yates has already missed out on Ex-Newport duo Sam Foley, who moved to Yeovil, and Gary Warren who is set to sign for Scottish Premier League club Inverness Caledonian Thistle.(4)(3)Robins(Cheltenham) are signing Plymouth Striker Nick Chadwick and Left Back Robbie Williams...Unless Cheltenham have won the euro millions, no chance of getting andy Williams he wanted over 5 grand a week!Andy Williams was never an option as he had signed a pre-agreement with Swindon months ago.

Foley is in my opinion unlikely to be successful at League One level, but Warren probably would have been a useful signing for the Robins.Cheltenham in league two are they not ?Nick Chadwick, seriously?! Rubbish!


15 Jun 2012 14:18:28
Southampton in talks to sign juve and dutch winger Elia according to press reports in Italy.(18)(25)Not a chance.Certainly is being reported in the Italian press.. Good player - quick and skillful although has been a bit troublesome in his short career. Adkins would need to ensure he will fit in to the strong team ethos at St Mary's..I'm at saints fan and can never see that happening because bigger teams are intrested but if really hope it doesYeah it's not likely but you never know, I'm not even a soton fan(Sunderland fan) and this could be a small chance but not likelyIt is in the italian press that part is true. However as a Saints fan I know this wont happen as hes being chased by bigger teams. Nice to be linked thoughI cant see this tbh he wouldnt leave juve and join us i would want to see a proven winger
if saints can match there wage demands not jarvis waste of moneyTo me he seems to be severely under rated by managers on the search, he was fantastic at Twente and Hamburg, but apparently West Ham want him aswell! For his sake i hope he goes to Liverpool & I'm a united fanDon't see it happening but if we're linked to Juve player not getting 1st team football I'd prefer Krasic, also unrealisticQuality player


15 Jun 2012 14:15:17
Kevin mirallas is the subject of a £5 million offer from stoke(13)(7)I know Greece is skint but he's got to be worth more than £5m. Besides, it doesn't matter who Stoke sign unless the system and/or style of play changes they'll be useless. We could sign Messi and he'd still srtuggle to get into double figures.


15 Jun 2012 14:09:00
any information regarding stuart beavon joining sheffield united???(3)(9)Broke down.He is currently on holiday on dubai, set to return in the next few days. As posted on here recently United are one side interested. I am aware that bids have been tabled by both United and Millwall however Wycombe's impending change of ownership means Wycombe do not wish to commit to selling yet. It is likely by Mid-July Beavon will be at another club.He wants to move to a better club than utd so prob will stay where he is.


15 Jun 2012 14:00:03
Wolves have agreed a £2.4 million deal to sign Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson from Lillestrom. Should have a medical in July. Deal might get cancelled though if he gets injured before his medical. Sigurdarson apparently not happy that he's not being able to leave now. My source is off sky sports news.(23)(4)


15 Jun 2012 13:58:50
Leicester City will give Owen Hargreaves the opportunity to prove his fitness in pre season and may offer the midfielder a contract(13)(16)Could see this happeningI hope he does, he is quality and just didn't play in a title winning city team. Sign him up Nige.


15 Jun 2012 13:57:06
Marcel Desailly will join Di Matteo at Chelsea in a defensive coach role(15)(8)


15 Jun 2012 13:55:11
Ji Sung Park could be on the move to Suttgart for a reported £4 million as his contract expires in 2013(13)(8)


15 Jun 2012 13:53:46
This is not a rumour it is a well informed fact!! Sources close to Fulham FC have indicated Jermain Defoe will open talks over a move to the club when he returns from the Euros(10)(20)Should be next week thenCould well be right on this as Dembele has agreed terms with Tottenham. Possible swap plus some moneyMaybe he'll wait for the new manager to decide his fate..Defoe won't go to fulham as Martin jol won't give him first team football


15 Jun 2012 13:52:09
Sheffield united interested in Stuart Beavon(8)(12)The simple fact is we will not sign anyone who commands a fee or asks for more than 4k in wages. We have to sell just to continue to pay our debts or administration looms. Beavon will cost therefore he's not coming our way.


15 Jun 2012 13:52:05
West Brom will look to sign Bolton's Hungarian goalkeeper Alex Bogdan if Birmingham refuse to sell Ben Foster for £5 million. Reports have suggested the Blues want £6.5 millon for Foster which may tempt new manager Steve Clarke to look elsewhere(6)(11)Doubt it because he is called Adam bogdanAlbion will end up with Foster. If Birmingham price him too high, there will be no takers so he will end up back out on loan (which noone wants). Birmingham need to off load him because they simply cannot afford his wages.


15 Jun 2012 13:50:27
BARNSLEY FC still intrested in oliver norwood puttin in another bid watch this space worsbrough common red(13)(13)


15 Jun 2012 13:49:51
PSG have had a £37 million for Thiago Silva turned down by AC Milan(21)(9)


15 Jun 2012 13:48:56
PNE boss Graham Westley is considering making an offer for Oxford's striker James Constable although he will have to act quick as other League 1 and Championship clubs are interested(8)(13)What is the point in trying to keep your top scorer?Only teams interested in Beano are Brizzle Rovers, Northampton and Luton.
No, LG1 and certainly no Championship clubs are interested!


15 Jun 2012 13:47:52
James Collins has expressed a desire to leave Villa Park, with Swansea his most likely destination as his family lives in Wales(9)(11)I wonder if its because he's Welsh that his family lives in Wales !!!He is from cardiff so why would he go there ?He is actually frpn Newport and Swans are premier league


15 Jun 2012 13:47:14
Aston Villa will sign Kyle Naughton from Tottenham on a permanent deal for a fee in the region of £4.5 million(12)(20)When Leicester tried to sign him they wanted 10m for him!Collins is my pal ..Swansea cannot afford his wages ...if he moves its to London



15 Jun 2012 13:45:39
Preston North End in talks over signing Patrick Agyemang, Carl Baker and Laurence Wilson which will conclude their summer recruiting (according to a source close to the clubs scouting system)(6)(6)Haha untrue


15 Jun 2012 13:43:03
BREAKING NEWS! micheal owen will turn down everton and is signing for STOKE ..reason been the word is out that david moyes will leave everton and join spurs very soon info(24)(11)Owen has apparently opted for Stoke, but it's got 8ugger all to do with Moyes going to Spurs. I'm not saying that he won't go, just that in this case the 2 things are not connected.Owen at Stoke, what a laugh, he will spend all season waiting for the long punt forward and chasing it,,,,,
He's more interested in Horses these days and his fitness levels are very suspect, so Stoke are welcome to him.


15 Jun 2012 13:25:40
Hall is in talks with Swindon and Peterborough with a deal set to be completed next week.

Also Kane Ferdinand is deep in talks with west ham, no deadline is known on this deal.

However Mohsni is set to stay and David James is set to sign for us in the next few days.(6)(7)How on earth can we afford David James's wages?


15 Jun 2012 13:21:11
Wolves have signed youngster sigurdarson for £2.4 million. The 21 yearold is set to sign in July after his medical!(18)(4)So he hasn't signed then?


15 Jun 2012 13:14:05
Burnley Signed Luke O'neill For £210,000 from Mansfield on a 2 Year contract
Source Burnley Website and mansfield(8)(1)


15 Jun 2012 13:10:48
Manchester United are currently favourites to sign Luka Modric. They're also heavily linked with Robert Lewandowski.(20)(12)Is it true ?May be .Modric should stay where he is


15 Jun 2012 13:09:23
heard bad news for derby fans that if
ben foster dosent sign for the baggies
they will look to activate frank fieldings
3m activation clause on his contract!
intrest also from aston villa and spurs as
they both have old goalkeepers:given and
friedal.(7)(7)He dosent have a activation clause
he only a Team of the year clause in which he gets money himself.Derby dont
allow that clause in the contract after
getting done over with HuddlestoneVilla have announced only 2 days ago that talk of Given leaving is rubbish & he is NOT too old!.
We need a new #2 so probably that.Im pretty sure we signed him from blackburn and has never playerd for the baggies


15 Jun 2012 13:03:27
Southampton will enter the bidding war for Watford center back Adrian Marriappa, Reading have had 2 bids rejected and are considering whether they wish to make a third. Saints offer is thought to be around £3m with Lee Barnard and James Ward-Prowse joining Watford on season long loans.

Saints chairman Nicola Cortese is interested in bringing Harry Redknapp back the club in a Director of football role/ transfer adviser. Cortese has recognised no one at the club has real Premier League experience (including himself) and thinks redknapp could help the Saints become a force in the Prem. Redknapp however is more interested in a return to management.

David Connolly is the striker Bournemouth have agreed terms with and will be allowed to leave the club on a free transfer. The transfer hasn't gone through yet because Crystal Palace have shown late interest which may tempt Connolly.

Finally Saints are considering their options out wide, Jarvis has been linked but even the billionaire owners of Saints would not be stupid enough to spend £10m on a player who realistically is only worth about £5m. Saints will try their luck with a £6m bid but if rejected they will turn their attentions elsewhere.(10)(7)The Redknapp part of this undermines everything else. Cortese is the opposite of Redknapp; They would not get on, and NO saints fan would accept that albatross back at the club. Have you forgotten what he did to us!In regards to Jarvis how is he only worth £5 million?? He scored 8 goals with 12 assists in a relegated team and got an England cap. Stu Downing went for £20 million and scored 0 goals and made 0 assits. You do the math!!!I have never seen such a load of claptrap in all my 50 years of supporting Saints. If this guy is trying to suggest he is a Saints supporter then he needs to get at least one bit of information right. To be honest, this is not even worthy of correction-I just would suggest if he is wanting to support Saints he needs to do a lot more homework.How many England international forwards at 26 with a 3 year contact will sign for 5 million. Besides with all due respect to the saints he will sign for around 8 to a more established premier league team.Jarvis is Stoke bound! He wouldn't take the risk of going to a club who could go straight back down, when a club that have cemented there place in the league are after him...Bournemouth have agreed terms with a big target man, not sure Connolly really fits the bill!8 goals! Whoopie. One more than our centre back, Hooiveld who incidentally was free.Dream on Redknapp would never come back and we would never want him back in any role.Plausible with the exception of the two loan playersHarry Redknapp. Seriously? I don't believe that, Southampton wouldn't go anywhere near him, our chairman isn't an person for a change.Don't think Redknapp would come to a place where he would be hated! It's defiently not what the fans would want nor Atkins, let the manager do his job like Swansea and Norwhich have done and see how things go instead of tampering with stupid things!Saints fan here, most of this is rubbish especially Redknapp. Whoever said "Jarvis is Stoke bound! He wouldn't take the risk of going to a club who could go straight back down"....Im not being big headed, but Im extremely condfident we will not be going straight back down. People who are dismissing us straight away are going to be surprised next season trust me.Redknapp will never return to the clubClaiming you know what Cortese is thinking and not knowing that Connolly has already been released makes your whole post pathetic. Btw, Redknapp's 'Prem experience' got us relegated!You wasted at least three minutes of your life writing that tripe! Harry would not be welcome as it would undermine atkins position...that and we dont want free transfers and brown evelopes re- appearing. Ward-Prowse is in NA plans and will find his way on the bench for quite a few gamesConnolly has already been released....stupid post it was clearly posted on the offical websiteRedknapp to Saints,no way,we had enough of the bum last time.Lad at the top stop comparing peoples price think realistically he doesnt do anything amazing cause you could say carroll has scored 6 for 35m but graham scored 12 or something for 3.5 jarvis is 5m no moreRedknapp! Well this is clearly a Pompey fan on a wind up!

Then again, they have very little to laugh about themselves...


15 Jun 2012 13:01:36
Derby county are chasing nicky Maynard and Sam baldock on season lon loans from west ham utd along with free agent James McFadden and Dundee utd's striker Johnny Russell.(3)(20)Only one out of them i can see going through and that's RussellOnly johnny Russell out of that lot
Derby are not getting anyone one one
loan or over 25.Its already been stated
nigels 8 ins and 8 outs


15 Jun 2012 13:15:11
Sigurdarson is a wolves player on the 16th of july unless he gets injured playing for his team. the deal is worth 3m euros (2.4m pound)(9)(4)


15 Jun 2012 12:54:19 is playing champions league with Motherwell so he won't be dropping to the 4th division(6)(2)Division 2 if you dont mind :)


15 Jun 2012 12:51:29
Leyton Orient have offered a 2 year contract to Michael Symes after he was released by Bournemouth.(7)(1)Hope so all we need then is jcr and we maybe good


15 Jun 2012 12:41:18
There has reportedly been a player being shown around stokes training ground two days ago (not Michael Owen). Also a deal for a young Ghanaian prospect is close to be concluded. No names for either known yet.(6)(0)I think the Ghanean lad is Rashid Sumaila - a centre-back/defensive midfielder playing for Ebusua Dwarfs in Ghana'reportedly' either means Dave down the pub or the voices in your head. What's the point of a rumour with no names.The player was seen by reporters going into the training groundSeen by reporters?? then why havent they done their job and reported it... absolutely full of s


15 Jun 2012 12:33:59
Wigan Atheltic have agreed deals for Greek winger Dimitris Salpingidis and Giovanni Dos Santos(accessing options)(6)(4)Good signins if we get them


15 Jun 2012 12:31:03

Kevan Hurst (Walsall)
Romain Larrieu (Plymouth)
Adebayo Akinfenwa (Northampton)
David Artell (Crewe)
Freddy Eastwood (Coventry)
Dominic Blizzard (Yeovil)

Anthony Grant (Stevenage)
Chris Barker (Exeter) POSSIBLE
Pat Baldwin (Exeter) POSSIBLE
Glenn Morris (Gillingham) POSSIBLE(3)(12)Blizzard has only just signed an additional years contract at Yeovil.Blizzard has signed a 1yr contract with yeovil so that wont be happening and larrieu has retired
DevonGreenDom blizzard has signed a contract at yeovilI wish we could get those players! Dave artell dominated us in the play offsI doubt Dom blizzard is going anywhere, just signed a New contract at yeovil, unless you are fronting the cash yourself?Le Keeper has now retired from football he will continue to be assistant to Carl Fletcher so he won't go to Southend.Blizzard has just signed a new deal at Yeovil, why would he move a few weeks after? Not gonna happen!Load of rubbish Blizzard has just signed a new contract with usLarrieu has retired and is now assistant manager, having just signed a contractBlizzard Has Already Signed a New Contract At Yeovil So He Is A No.Nice One Son... next time you make up rubbish check the contacts and make sure they still play football. TIPErm ok dominic blizzard signed a 1 year deal two weeks agoDo you think Blizzard has signed a new deal? Fair to say you're clutching at straws with this oneChris barker has just signed a 1 year deal with southend so that's not gonna happen


15 Jun 2012 12:26:18
Stoke are interested in singing Ivory Coast strike Arouno Kone. Spurs & QPR are also interested.(9)(0)I've heard a lot about this Kone guy. Very big in 2012 apparently.Nah not gonna happen Stoke are going for owen


15 Jun 2012 12:17:42
Huddersfield set to sign Nottingham Forrest midfielder LEWIS MCGUGAN as he wants to move to a bigger club and sees forrest fighting yet another relegation battle in the conning season. He has told me personally that he wants a fresh challenge. Source - close friend(5)(29)Not a forest fan, but in what world is huddersfield a bigger club than forest?! having said that, I'd expect him to leave, although to a better club than hudders. forest will finish in the top halfQuality player who should be playing in the Prem, so no chanceH biggest load of rubbish I've heard. I know Lewis and he laugh when I told him. Why is the point of not only making this rumour up, but also writing something silly like Huddersfield bring a bigger club than forest?? There is no part of Huddersfield that is bigger than forest.
Silly commentWhat Huddersfield a bigger club than forest........get a life,..
Those hudds fans are living in dream land since their lucky penalty shoot out got them promotion.they will soon be back where they came from...Im a hudds fan not sure about a bigger club forest is a messive club, would love him at hudds thoAren't Forest being bought out by the Kuwaiti bloke anyway? So not only will they be bigger than Hudders, but they will have more money too. So much laughter at dis..Lets just see who finishes higher up the table then we'll see won't we, still don't think LM will come to town, green is nailed on though!Just because we won on penalties doesn't mean we were lucky does it? 3 years pushing for promotion and play-off finishes doesn't sound lucky to me! lets just see were we finish compared to the mighty forest(sarcastic) you notice where linked with your best players yet you couldn't even afford our top players!What had size got to do with it. It's 12 years since forest were in the premier league. Since then they've been in the 3rd division, whilst Bradford, Swansea, etc have been in the premier league. It's not a my dad is bigger than yours comp. it's footballUnfortunately hes staying in east midlands
Birmingham,Derby or LeciesterI'm a Hudds fan, Bigger club!? I'll eat my socks if he signs for us. Quite nice they'd taste too.I'm a town fan and must admit I cringed when reading that,this is either an person town fan or someone on wind up,possibly Leeds or Peterborough me majority of true town fans are not deluded.Why does everone keep crying about the size of their bludy club? Do you really think players give a sh#t about the size of the club? They care about money. Im a huddersfield fan and our money is more important than the 'size' of us. The rumour is obviously rubbish, but we are a more attractive proposition for a player thaan notts forest, they are a stagnant club, big or not.Good response that u r right whoever offers most money get the players now not if your club 10 years ago used to be good. They will kiss the badge for a few year then if offered more money somewhere else will move on again, thats football now unfortunately. JohnHuddersfield are on the up, forest on the way down.Have him, his attitude is awful, he has bags of potential but is too lazy to put the work in. The sooner he leaves forest the better


15 Jun 2012 12:16:56
Kenny Gillet is rumoured to be moving back to Barnet after being released by Inverness(2)(3)


15 Jun 2012 12:12:18
Burnley sign Mansfield Town right back Luke O'Neill on a 2 year contract for an undisclosed fee.
Source- Burnley official website(7)(1)


15 Jun 2012 12:06:25
Port Vale interested in Exeter left back Billy Jones.
Lionel Ainsworth, Liam Dickinson & Liam Chilvers also rumoured to be signing once takeover goes through!(6)(4)All of this talk is academic as it is less than certain Ryder's bid to take us out of administration - have heard there are still problems. If he is successful then Tommo will re-sign if not, he won't. Cannot afford Dickenson unless we only sign two players! Adams has a history of going back for players he knows so Chilvers and Myrie-Williams are likely. Needs a big midfield signing to replace Griffiths and a goalscorer is a must.


15 Jun 2012 11:58:00
Norwich close to signing Jordan Mutch from Birmingham.(15)(7)


15 Jun 2012 11:44:53
hearing that micah richards is going real madrid for 20 million so that means that 4 million will be coming to oldham for part of the deal.(2)(21)Oh my god, who makes this stuff up!?!?Even if he did leave you only get the percentage of what man c gave you not the next transferHope its true but cant see it happen as they have Ramos, only 26 years old.Why would a good English player leave a very good English team? I just can't see it.Oldham have a sell on clause, so if Richards leaves city(can't see it personally) they will receive a percentage of the fee paid to City from the buying club.

Won't happen though!Oldham have a 20% sell on clause but i can't see him going anywhere. city tried to buy the sell out clause recently for only a few hundred grand. city are a joke, they'll spend 28mill on carp like dzeko but won't give little old oldham a few million, gitsLatics get 20percent of the fee paid to man cityRe:Even if he did leave you only get the percentage of what man c gave you not the next transfer What planet are you on? I will spell it out for you ITS A 20% SELL ON CLAUSE, SO IF MAN CITY SELL HIM FOR 20 MILLION WE WOULD GET 4 MILLION. WHICH IF YOUR NOT GOOD AT MATHS IS 20%. 20% of what they gave us for him? What is wrong with these people?


15 Jun 2012 11:38:21
Burnley switch their defensive attentions to Darren O'Dea after being seemingly priced out of a move for Jason Shackell(8)(3)


15 Jun 2012 11:33:28
gary johnson is in contact with farnbrough about a possible deal to sign 23 year old defender Adam Bygrave, spells at reading, gillingham(2)(4)


15 Jun 2012 11:30:38
Crystal Palace interested in Erik Huseklepp from Portsmouth(7)(6)Il drive the taxi for himHe is an excellent player but would think it would take an offer in the 600 - 700k range to get him, even with Pompey's problems.Tried singing him before he joined Pompey aswell


15 Jun 2012 11:27:11
Phil Parkinson is keen to bring Lloyd Sam to Bradford City after his release from Leeds Utd(7)(8)He can be as keen as he wants, He's going to a league 1 sideWith all due respect why would he go to bradford when higher placed clubs are talking to him and can pay higher wages


15 Jun 2012 11:00:29
Have heard liverpool are looking at salomon Rondon a striker that plays for malage and venezuela, Check him out what you reckon ed?(6)(6)I'm a Malaga fan and former season ticket holder I personally don't rate Rondon that highly he had a decent season 2010/2011 mainly due to him playing alongside Baptista but dispite Malaga having a terrific season last term he didn't really deliver, that doesn't mean he won't prove to be top class elsewhere. I would let him go for around 15million so Malaga can bring in some more quality and goals from the attack so the can stop relying on the likes of cazorla and isco so heavily.hope this helps a bit!I think Chelsea are a bigger attraction to him after reports


15 Jun 2012 11:05:03
notts county could be getting mike grella (free) and steve simosen (free) as we need good goalkeeper and also watching a former premier league defender. i wont mind zat knight(1)(6)Signed a goalie earlier mateSteve simonsen isn't going to notts as they've signed a keeper (bartasz bialkowski) today.Steve Simonsen u having a laugh just signed th GK from Southampton Bartosz Bialkowski so no chance with that 1Defender is Dean LeacockWe don't want Grella!!I wouldnt mind grella comming to the lane. but simonsen hes not good at all hes washed up. wouldnt mind zak night he premire leauge gulity


15 Jun 2012 11:01:52
Derby preparing to make a £500,000 bid for Wolves striker Sam Vokes(10)(8)We are not getting him.there will be 8 ins
and 8 outs.

they follow

Michael Jacobs
Daniel Powell
Fegor Ogude
Johnny Russell
Krystian pearce
Paul Dixon
Ashley Westwood
Will Grigg

Steve Davies
Paul Green
James Bailey
Miles Addison
Lee croft
Chris Maguire
Saul Deeney
Aaron Cole


15 Jun 2012 11:01:32
Bradford to sign Craig Westcarr for 70k. They will also sign Chris Hackett, Andy Gray and Ricky Holmes this summer.(4)(5)


15 Jun 2012 10:56:44
Wigan to sign Aluko and Salpingidis this summer.(4)(6)Is that Aluko from Rangers.


15 Jun 2012 10:53:12
ex-Man Utd 'keeper Conor Devlin to be offered a trial at Burton Albion(1)(0)


15 Jun 2012 10:49:28
Newcastle united have a rejected a offer
for £16.5m from chelsea for hatem ben arfa(12)(6)Rubbish - as a newcastle fan hes worrh more but mainly chelsea already have mata, hazard, marin , malouda, and de bruyne to play wide they wont sign anymore wingersWhy would they pay that much for someone who wont start

Mata and Hazard will be first team
wingersI think he might want to go ,as he is a very good player and he will want champions league football next year, also the price sounds about right if a little low.Mata prefers central attacking role, as does De Bruyne who won't really feature and honestly Marin with turn out in my opinion as a feature player despite his talent


15 Jun 2012 10:23:57
Heard nicky law will be signing for Bradford city today, gutted to see him leaving Motherwell!(4)(10)Hope this is true but can't see it, Nicky law was easily their best player last seasonCould be truth in this one, Parkinson's said he wants to replace Syers with a better quality midfielder, nicky law would defo match that.


15 Jun 2012 10:08:04
Fulham to sign ivan rakitic after he revealed that he was unhappy with sevillas poor season in la liga.

The west London outfit are also interested in recently relegated villareal's borja valero, and although it's a long shot will also be bidding for nilmar.

Dempsey will go to malaga for 15million(2)(8)


15 Jun 2012 09:57:33
Burnley to complete double signing of Davies and Bailey from Derby today for 2M(4)(10)2.3 million.Bloody hell, a sensible and probably realistic post. Whats going on?Which Davies is it, as it looks likely that Steve Davies might be joining up with his old boss Paul Jewell at Ipswich.

So it must be Ben DaviesSteve Davies will not move down South. He's asked to leave Derby due to family issues and wanting to move closer to home, which is LiverpoolSteve davies and James Bailey for
2.3 million


Ben davies is going Mk dons in cash +
player deal for Daniel PowellSteve davies was at gawthorpe this morning . burnleys training ground


15 Jun 2012 09:55:09
Cheltenham Keeper Scott Brown is set to turn down offers from Torquay and Plymouth and extend his stay at the Abbey Business Stadium.
The Robins shot-stopper had been the subject of much interest following impressive displays during the play-off's.(4)(2)Plymouth did not bid for Scott Brown... Torquay and Exeter...


15 Jun 2012 09:52:44
West Ham to make a move for Burnleys Danny Ings for 1.5M

The highly rated youngster has impressed since signing for Burnley and now the Hammers are set to bid for the player(10)(7)He only played about 6 times and was injured most of the season so not sure how he impressed anyone, certainly didn't impress most burnley fans!What exactly are you expecting from a 19 year old that played few times due to a injury ?


15 Jun 2012 09:48:59
franck moussa joining chesterfield fc,
he know its a step down but happy to b
help with the fight to get them in to
championship league(3)(4)Really hope he does join!Love him to play for town it would be the signing we need for the middfieldNot going to happenFeed the Moussa and he will score he would make all the difference!
Come on you blues!They have to get out of League 2 before they can get out of League 1 into the Championship League!Chesterfield are getting a very good squad together .i am sure they will go up and stay in league 1 easy .then move on from thereCome on moose come back to town best loan signing last year


15 Jun 2012 09:43:04
Ipswich Town looking at making a bid for Spireites favourite Tommy Lee as their new keeper. Jewell sees him as an affordable option and good enough to be Town's number 1 for many years.(3)(4)Joining the bladesAnymore on fullerWasnt he married to Pamela Anderson!


15 Jun 2012 09:43:04
paul dixon to either leicester or cardiff on a free from dundee united.(5)(5)Derby and Bristol City are also interestedAre they well its still gonna be between Cardiff and Leicester most likely


15 Jun 2012 09:33:28
Talks between Macclesfield and Christian Nanetti have once again stalled, this time over Nanetti's wage demands.(2)(4)


15 Jun 2012 09:16:18
Exeter's Billy Jones could be on his way to Vale park subject to Football League approval of Keith Ryder's takeover bid.
Inital talks have been held.(6)(5)


15 Jun 2012 08:59:17
Ryan Nelsen and Andy Johnson have both had medicals ahead of their proposed moves to QPR.(13)(8)AJ is going home to PalaceWhy would he go to Palace, if he can play premier league football next year?


15 Jun 2012 08:53:49
local radio in stoke just reported stoke understood to held talks with micheal owen(10)(6)Typical radio stoke, right on the pulse of things!


15 Jun 2012 08:47:18
West brom look set to sign mark davies from Bolton for a cut price due to their relegation, also royston drenthe for a free transfer(10)(9)Royston Drenthe would be a fantastic signing for us, I believe he is a quality player. However, I can't see him at Albion, he'll be looking for a, supposedly "bigger" club.


15 Jun 2012 08:21:45
Rumours flying around that michael owen has been in and around the Britannia stadium for last couple of days, anybody know anything more on this?(14)(6)


15 Jun 2012 08:16:14
Celtic are to bid 1m for Simon Church from Reading(5)(11)Why would you pay so much for someone that can only finish. he cant pass he cant head it, he may be fast but he cant do much else.He can't finish either. He cant hit a barndoor with a marble. Then again the SPL is that poor a league that he might actually have some success. Id even drive him to Glasgow for free if you bid for him.Cant head it? i swear down like was it 5 of his 7 this season were headers..... ok easy headers but he got himself in good positions for him, personally i think hes gonna be out on loan though, don't reckon brians gonna be as eager to let him go as people would believe (considering we need X amount of 'homegrown' players for next season and all.He's REALLY REALLY good at running around, which is surprisingly useful in the championship, but £1m ain't gonna happen from Celtic, no way"i swear down" eh? but i do agree with you the ltd chances he got I remember a few were headers, he is a bit underated because he's a confidence player given the chance elsewhere I could see him shine.Can see churchy becoming a good player, I would like to see him loaned out for first half of the season, then if he does well reconsider his part to play :)


15 Jun 2012 07:43:37
Watford have rejected a second offer from Reading for defender Adrian mariappa(10)(9)Fair play, get as much money out of it as we can, as he's deffinalely going....This is abouit a week old!It's complete rubbish a bid has already been accepted


15 Jun 2012 07:38:02
Bournemouth have agreed a fee for an unnamed striker who is thought to be from abroad(11)(11)Could be a Russian due to owners influence (possibly from Spartak Moscow, the team our owner is friendly with) Wont be a big nameJames Keene from Djurgaarden. Nothing to get excited about. Bournemouth have lots of forwards now, problem is, none of them are all that special.James Keane ex Pompey and a loan player for usSo now we all know where didier drogba is going lolMaxim Demin has links with Lokomotiv Moscow, not SpartakAccordin to southampton fan the mystery un-named striker is david connolly, he is 35 years old past his prime and only 5' 8'' tall. crystal palace have made a late bid for him so let's see if afcb get him. I was hoping for someone that could be a target man !Matt Tubbs is expected to resign for Crawley once Bournemouth sign a further striker this weekend.


15 Jun 2012 02:31:47
Allan McGregor to Arsenal(12)(12)Very good goalkeeper! underated!Very average goalkeeper overrated !


15 Jun 2012 02:16:27
Fulham are trying to make a deal for Mandzukic. They have been tracking him for a while and Brian Talbot, one of their scouts, has been at Croatia's last two games to see Mandzukic put in two very good performances which has finally caused them to put a bid in for him. Sunderland and Liverpool are also interested.

Also expect new contracts for Murphy and Hangeland signed within the next week after the players return from holiday.

And finally, the rumours of a Qatari takeover are true but a deal may not be struck. This information comes from a family member who has been working non stop at the club for the past couple of weeks presenting club finances etc. and is not allowed to say anymore. Watch this space.(6)(10)


15 Jun 2012 01:48:07
peter lovenkrands may sign for swindon in the next 2 weeks - available as a free transfer after being released by newcastle(11)(12)Good if true but probably a load of shtCant see it


14 Jun 2012 23:52:18
Charlton looking to sign: (In this order)

1. Michael Kightly – Free
2. Anthony Wordsworth – 500k plus Paul Hayes
3. Keith Andrews – Free / Andreas Ottl - Free
4. Rémy Cabella – 750k
5. Luke Chambers – Free
6. Kyle Bartley – Free
7. Andy Drury – Free
8. Sloan Privat - Free
9. Emmanuel Ledesma - Free
10. Änis Ben-Hatira– 350k
11. Christoph Janker – 350k
12. Chris Wood - Loan

Leaving the club will be:
Paul Hayes - Colchester
Leon Clarke - Crawley
Andy Hughes - Released
Yado Mambo - Dagenham & Redbridge
Dale Stepens - Bolton Wanderers
Michael Smith - Hartlepool - Loan (view to perm)

.......and possibly John Sullivan with Sir Chris looking at David Ospina From OGC Nice if he were to loose Sullivan.(9)(48)Michael kightlys got a year left on his contract and would never leave wolves to go to charltonI would love to hear your explanation for how Charlton will get Michael Kightly on a free! He is under contract!

IanYou have basically compiled a list of signings that won't be happening, well done.Kightly?? He will either be at Wolves or PL, certainly not Charlton.Wolves are about to sell jarvis, why would we then sell our other winger kightly for free when he has 1 year left on his contract.Half of them I wouod like but Bartley is not on a free, ledesma was a diving light weight at the valley and chris wood is crap and slow, words worth yes, Baldock yes, Andrews yes, and others that SCP is keeping secret,Ben-hatira ,janker and Andrea ottl all play for hertha Berlin - charlton are looking at 2/3 players from clubs who relegated from the bundasliga - so those 3 would fitAndy Drury will not leave Ipswich, and certainly not on a free transfer.They do believe in being loyal to the players who brought promotion to Charlton!
Who needs "supporters" like this?Where did you get your information from,this list looks like it came from all the football manager on playstation the rumour sites and paper talk,and 99 %is wrong unless your the ceo of charlton.Most of these will never happen, charlton fan.Kighly under contract at Wolves so won't be available on a free and even if he was he wouldn't go to Charlton!Michael Kightly isn't out of contract so you wouldn't get him on a free.U cant be getting ledesma as he is off the the mighty boroI no dale well and he won't be joining boltonPlease share what you have been taking, Stephens to Bolton do me a favour!For heaven's sake! Leon Clarke will not be joining Crawley. He left his loan spell early last season as he refused to play for the club whilst Evans wasn't there.We had our squad reshaped last season cp won't be doing it again for shore.Even if half these rumours were true, how u going to sign andy drury on a free when he still under contract at ipswich. at least be realistic if u gonna post a rumour on hereGuy earlier said Chris Wood was rubbish and slow. Oh yeah, I forgot he scored 16 goals last season in the championshipNone of the above names will be coming in or leaving!Not that I'm bothered as I'm a Colchester fan, but Adam drury plays for Norwich not IpswichThat's why it's Andy Drury and not Adam! TOWIE lives in Colchester!Just realised my own mistake above, yes there is an Andy drury, I had forgotten all about him. Why would Charlton want him? He was at the right level in league 2


14 Jun 2012 23:18:57
Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim - A Malaysian under 23 striker is to sign for Cardiff City in July, he will then be loaned to Newport County for 6 months so he can settle into life in South Wales.(8)(23)A signing to sell shirts and the clubs profile to the Malaysian market, organised by the Malaysian owners for the benefit of the Malaysian owners.I don't think it is, as an outside opinion, his stats are decent and he's only 19 anyway so Cardiff can get him quite cheaply, its worth the risk, some of the best player and managers in the world were risks!Im a Cardiff City fan what is the source, he has got a decent record for a 19 year old


14 Jun 2012 23:16:14
Reading ask for permission to talk to pilkington of Norwich and still interested in Jarvis for 3 million(7)(39)I think every club would be interested in Jarvis at £3m! More like £8m before Wolves would let him go.Do Reading fans not read newspapers or watch skysports? Wolves have already rejected 4mill for JarvisThese players combined will cost well over 10mInstantly refused, plus i know you have cash but i dont think you will be able to afford what it would take to make us sell. Would be looking at £10mill + in todays market.Oh yes, half of the clubs in UK would be interested in Jarvis at £3m-but it's not going to happen.On what reasoning have you fantasised that Pilkington would consider leaving Norwich for Reading?

His next step will be based on career progression not, at best, stagnation.

Norwich are hardly one of the giants of the game but they are ahead of Reading in all aspects and yes, even finances and wealth generating potential.Jarvis is probably rated at double that and I cant see Pilkington leaving Norwich for usReading wont get jarvis to meny bigger established prem clubs want himSince he cost £2.5m as a League 1 player, he will now cost £10m minimum, scored 8 Premier League goals in his first season and still only 24!

McNally (Norwich CEO) will reject it anyway :)Pilkington isnt a manager, you dont ask for permission to talk to him you make an offer to the club probably around the 3-5m markWell that request will be refused full stop. Pilkington will not be going anywhere next season his 3 year contract expires in summer of 2014 and Norwich have an option for a further year. He just turned 24 and his value will only continue to increase over the next couple of seasons if he shows the same form as last season, and indeed may well be knocking on the door for full international honours either with England or Ireland (he has already played u21 for Ireland).
When he does move it will only be to a top six club, certainly not a club who with due respect to Reading are smaller than his current club.Wait, so we are getting £20-30million to spend to improve the squad but we cant affored to spend £10million+... is it just me or does that not make any sense ?!?!Where did you get £20-30m from? Its been confirmed to be around £15m.Combined these players would cost well over 15m, which I can't see reading spending that on just two players.
Jarvis and pilkington are too good for Reading.Norwich in no way head of us in finances and wealth generating potential if we solidate a prem spot we will easy get 33,000 plus. Also we will be head of you in football terms soon. But with all that said we can get a better players!Norwich are set to expand their stadium to 29,000 this summer, after a second prem season, 30,000 and a third to 33,000. Norwich have held a consistant full stadium at all 3 levels of football over the last few seasons. And each of those seasons have seen amazing profits. Only three other prem teams have less debt than us. I doubt reading are a head of us financially. And as for football. Prove it by doing the double over us. (I think only 3 teams managed that last season...)It's been rumoured to be around £15m - the Daily Mail running a story pulling numbers out of thin air means nothing - if we want to buy someone and the price is right, we'll go for it. No set figureWolves fans getting deluded over how much Jarvis will go for - you're in the championship now, you'll have to take what you can get for financial reasons. He won't go for more than £6m absolute tops unless a serious bidding war ensues {Ed001's Note - don't talk rubbish. Wolves have no financial reasons to worry about! They don't need to sell anyone, they may choose to sell some, but they don't need to sell them. The only person who hasn't taken a big wage cut is Roger Johnson, all the rest had relegation wage cut clauses in their contracts. Wolves are financially well run.}Of course it hasn't been confirmed as any amount. Do you really think that Reading, who NEVER reveal the finances involved in transfers and stuff, are going to come out and say 'our budget is £Xm'? That would just inflate our prices massively.Of course it hasn't been confirmed as any amount

Spot on, just tabloids selling stories, fellow biscuitmen have some patience in Brian we trust!

And too other clubs, the reason why were like this is cos for the first time in seasons we haven't had to sell our homegrown talent to stay afloat!The biggest LOL here is someone thinking papers and SSN are fact.

You really need to grow up lol.


14 Jun 2012 23:14:04
Burnley Ins

Paul Robinson - Bolton (free)
Luke O'Neill - Mansfield (£200,000)
Jason Shackell - Derby (£1.3m)
Adam Clayton - Leeds (£1m)

No more players will be leaving Burnley on a permanent basis.(18)(18)Robinson would be the worst signing fact!Its already been said many times old news
jason shackell isnt leaving if your gonna put the rumour put the right price when you apparently bidded that Nigel laughed
his head off 4 million asking price either
pay it or shut up if you feel hes not worth it that proves that raising a players asking price will stop interest from
clubsA million miles away. Sad we have become a club lacking any ambition and unable to attract players from NTFC. Well done GSERobinson wouldnt go to burnley . couldnt afford his massive wagesShackell £1.3 million in ur dreamsHow many times? Shackell's going nowhere for under £5mYou wont get shackell for 1.3How does this work then when you have had a two bids turned down the first being 1.2 million for Jason shackell I hardly think he will leave derby for 1.3 milNo way will Jason Shackell leave for 1.3m,you have already had a 1.4m bid rejected mate, get it right son, come back with double that!1m for Clayton are you mad,I thought this was a done deal a few days ago? Me thinks he's going to sign for huddersfieldWe will not get clayton for 1mill,warnock said on 5live the other day that clayton is wanting to stay at leeds but if they do sell it will be no less than 2mill and that was from warnock.


14 Jun 2012 23:13:17
Bournemouth to make an ambitious attempt to offer Harry Redknapp a job as Director of Football(26)(28)Possibility it being on short term 'director of football' temporary post basis I would think, Harry is still wanting to manage a big club for a few more years. Bournemouth would be good semi-retirement project but i don't think he is ready for that yet.


14 Jun 2012 23:12:56
Sunderland have loan listed Connor Wickham, Steve Bruce at Hull City is interested as he sees Wickham has alot of talent and would be a good partner for Fryatt(20)(14)Lets hope this is true would be a good signingUnder the terms of the transfer agreement Ipswich have first refusal. Paul Jewell already expressed an interest!Ipswich have first refusal as part of the transfer that took him to Sunderland!


14 Jun 2012 23:09:11
Arsenal are keen on signing Russia international Alan Dzagoev, 21.
The £13m-rated CSKA Moscow midfielder is out of contract in December.(32)(7)Chelsea NO1 target.Chelsea owner has said thats whohe wants.Hes just signed a new contract 2 weeks ago lolThat isn't true because arsenal are looking to sign santi cazorla from malaga for a fee around 15 million


14 Jun 2012 23:02:57
yeovil have handed a trial to oxford city (blue square north) defender james clarke. mainly to see if he can make the step up to leauge 1,
sorce :sky sports transfer centre(5)(3)You realy are a master of the bleeding obvious.Hows it obvious when no one else has wrote it on here ?Because its on official sites... this is a rumour site not a 'confirm what every fan will know the second it comes out' site... {Ed003's Note - Not everybody reads every clubs official site though,so confirmed signings are good for me}Thanks ed. first i read it was on sky sports and not yeovils web site


14 Jun 2012 22:56:46
Roberto Di Matteo wants to take advantage of Tottenham's managerial situation by signing Kyle Walker and Emmanuel Adebayor (I know he isn't contracted to Spurs but Chelsea hope to beat them to his signature)(17)(21)


14 Jun 2012 22:47:03
Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart all to leave Tottenham this summer due to their disappointment that Harry Redknapp has left the club.(37)(12)Walker will leave too either to city united or chelseaDam that will give us one big transfer budget then easy over 120 million get a grip bale and vdv are going know where and as for modric psg will get him.Celtic is a great football club deserve to play better teams, i would have thought ledley would leave for any prem l team now every game u play nx season will be a walk over. Im sure players just get bored.Lets wait and see who comes in. Modders may cahnge his mind as well if someone like AVB comes in!Why would walker leave as he has just signed a new contract.They should be glad he has gone-they can progress with their careers now in the game, as can Tottenham.If their loyalties are to Redknapp then they need to seriously question what motivates them in the game as football and improving and progressing their professional careers isn't at the forefront of their ambitions.I suppose this is the same Kyle Walker that signed a long term contract earlier this year? From what I hear, Terry/Lampard/Mata/Torres/Marin/Hazard all want to leave because Di Matteo was employed!
Apparently Messi wants to leave Batcelona because Guardiola left!


14 Jun 2012 22:39:12
Michael Jacobs/Derby County development coming on the Chron web site first thing tomorrow morning #ntfc #dcfc

Off the writer of the northampton chronicles twitter.(5)(4)They are struggling to secure a compensation package, northampton want 500kWe've offered £500k, Northampton want £750k


14 Jun 2012 22:36:53
Nicky law back at Bradford city apparently. Don't know how true but heard nahki wells is part of the deal ??(2)(8)Nahki wells is under contract and has stated he is going no would cost motherwell or any other club over 500 k
to even think about him leaving city.



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