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Carlos Javier Kiquabol of Cerro Porteno has emerged as a target for Reading

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 Exclusive: Two Dutch Starlets from Hoofddorp FC Amm Van der Pand and Frank der Daar are to sign for Leicester City on the weekend, they had there medical and finishing off final contract talks, they both will be unveiled at a press conference on Monday morning with Matt Jarvis and Trevor Sinclair. Press Conference at 10.30am



 I have transfer news regarding Liverpool Football Club. Two players are set to sign within the next 20 days. They are:

FERNANDO JOSE TORRES SANZ – Atletico Madrid – Striker (Spain) Price – £18. 75 million agreed (medical arranged second July 10.30am)

RICARDO ANDRADE QUARESMA BERNARDO– Porto – Winger (Portugal) Price – £11.5 million agreed (medical arranged sixth July 10.00am

Deals for Daniel Alves Da Silva of Sevilla, Florent Malouda of Lyon, David Josué Jiménez Silva of Valencia and Samuel Eto'o Fils of Barcelona have fallen through.


 Sunderlands Team 07–08




4. Jason JOUMAS (LM)

5. Danny COLLINS (CB)


7. Carlos EDWARDS (RM)


9. David HEALY (LF)

10. David NUGENT (RF)

11. Ross WALLACE (LM)


 'If you must post Rangers rumours, at least be sensible. ' This is a rumour sight, contemplating possible transfers for entertainment purposes that others aren't seen before. All you have done is list the players the press has mentioned, completley boring and un–original. You have, nor do many, any clue as to Walter Smiths plans. Fowler, McFadden, Anderson, Todd, Pascal Feindouno, Rommedahl, O`conner, Aghahowa, these are very realistic targets that you have mentioned as 'no ways'. They are far more realistic than Nigel Quashie who only signed for West Ham in January. Everyone know about Naismith, Cuellar and McCulloch, either come up with something original or don't bother.


 My mate works at the club and he's quite up in the ranks there so he hears little tidbits of information now and then. And anyway he says that Everton have made an appraoch for Raul of Real Madrid and Julio Baptista also of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid have allowed the club to to talk to the players and hopefully with all things going well in just a matter of days Everton could be announcing two massive signings.


 Sunderland are ten days away from announcing Nugent which could be done at the weekend jussi jaskelinig Kevin nolan and a unnamed centre back and possibly a left back

ps peaple I no smb peaple will think this is codswallop but its not I am someone who is in the no

plus reo oker is on Keanes shopping list but he has high wage demands and Keane has already said he will not give a player over the ods ammount of money


 Oh how times have changed in Glasgow

Celtic Truths

Celtic Will Sign the following before the beginning of the season

Gennaro Delvecchio AC Milan

Massimo Donati

Roy Makaay (final Pay day)

MarcioRigters (Nac Brenda)

Steven Naismith (if Rangers do not up there bid)

Freddy Ljungberg (1yr deal)

Jason Koumas (if the Italian swoop fails)

Appiah will stay with fenerbache or return to Italy.


Bellamy (Craig enjoyed his time with Celtic and may return)


Miller (Everton)

Balde (Bolton)

Gravesen (Sunderland)

Jarosik (Spurs)

Marshall (Norwich)

Beattie (West Brom)

and I've got it from a very reliable source Celtic will bring in 1 superstar before the end of the window. possible Riqueleme but we shall see


 I don't know who this –+ AFC+ – thinks he is but he is deluded if he thinks AFC would want a nearly 30 year old unproven in the Premiership high wage demanding primadonna striker like Trezeguet. Owen would be cheap for AW and other clubs bidding would not be a problem I think. Man United don't want him, as Goonerman predicted a while back Quagliarri (spelling) has been bid for by United. He also predicted Nani and Anderson to Man United and Tuncay to Boro, class signing for boro. Chelsea won't have Owen as they have Sheva, Drogba, Kalou, Sahar, Pizarro. Owen would not fit their style of play as he is too short for the long balls. Liverpool don't want him, Rafa doesn't want him, if he did he would never of sold him, I mean come on he sold him for £8 million and bought players like Bellamy, Crouch, Kuyt who don't have owens scoring record. Owen has a get out Clause to join a top CL team for £9 million if NUFC can't get CL. AW would love Owen. It was only a few years back he tried to get Owen and Gerrard together, obvi LFC said no. Also nolan is a top player. The top CM's in England must be: Gerrard, Gilberto, Fabregas Makelele, Lampard, Carrick, Nolan, Scholes, Alonso and Essien (not necessarily in that order). So nolan is at least in the top 10.

This bloke obvi thinks he knows everything about football and refuses to let other voice their opinions. The rumours might not all be right by Goonerman has been bang on the money a few times. Goonerman, forget this person and keep up the great rumours, they're great to read and even more enjoyable when they come true.

regular rumour reader


 100% True, Harvard Nordviet has been signed by Arsenal.

My uncle who was visiting a friend near the Emirates, saw him with Wenger

Its a done deal. I am 100%

rememeber my name

= Zuber Gooner=


 Breakin newscomin out of Celtic park tommy g has signed for Man City and jiri jarodik is on his way to West Brom with Beattie also leaving to go to Cardiff, the next big signing at paradise will be frie of dortmond you heard it here first.


 I posted on Tuesday advising that through the sports management company I work with, we have been made aware deMarcus Beasley will be signing for Rangers. it was expected this would be announced today, however due to the usa's run in the gold cup it will be delayed until the 28th June. there is also said to be interest in Beasley's usa teamates ed Johnson and landon donovan.

Celtic fans need not worry as their cheif executive Peter lawell has been busy this week courting potential targets. Stephen Appiah was in Glasgow today viewing the stadium and the teams new training ground at lennoxtown. a fee of £5 million has been agreed with fenerbache and it is now up to the player if he wants to move to Glasgow. Mr lawell has also met Craig Bellamy's representatives this week and mortiz volz of Fulham. this ties in with what I predicted earlier this week, when I stated Celtic would be signing a defender, midfielder and forward. .

any more news I find out over the weekend will be posted.


 I have just heard that kieran Richardson is moving to Birmingham and joining him will be Jason koumas on loan with an option to join if the baggies don't get promoted

bolo zenden will complete a move 2 Sunderland this week along with Rossi on loan and kuscack

Manchester City will sell Richards with Liverpool and Arsenal interested

Manchester United will sign Owen and Saviola (bosman)

and Liverpool will sign benayoun and make a dramatic u–turn and give Cisse one more chance


 Huntelaar is 100 percent coming to Arsenal saw him at stansted airport met by Arsenal officials no lie all true good signing I say sad news Henry is on his way sorry 100 percent to Barcelona not Liverpool that's a joke Liverpool won't get any big names all talk Curtis Davis is joining Arsenal 7 million Senderos will leave Babel to join also and that's it apart from few younsters


 Norwich City F.C.

I have just been told of an impending piece if transfer business regarding your club. I'm actually not a Norwich fan and if I'm being honest I haven't even heard of this particular player before. Anyway to cut a long story short, I have a friend over in Hungary and he tells me that Norwich are currently thrashing out a deal with a lad called Tibor Tisza. I believe he's a young striker and the deal is very close to being completed.

Well guess we'll have to keep an eye out for that one.


 I'm a Leeds fan so have nothing against any team in the Premiership, so here are my completely un biased transfer rumours for the top 4 clubs.


in: Babel (Ajax, 6 million), guardardo (atlas, 3 million) Trezeguet (Juventus, 12 million), Mexes (roma, 7 million), Baines (Wigan 5 million)

out: Ljungberg (Juventus, West Ham, PSV, Ajax, inter, Portsmouth, Lyon 4 million), Senderos (Newcastle, betis, villareal, PSV 3.5 million)


in: Simao (Benfica 7.5 million), Alves (Sevilla, 20 million) G. Milito (Zaragoza 7 million), D. bent (Charlton 17 million) or Torres (Atletico 20 million), Zigic (racing 5 million), Malouda (Lyon 11 million)

out: Bellamy (Aston Villa, West Ham, Blackburn, Everton 6 million), Hypia (marseille, Newcastle, Man City 1 million), Gonzalez (betis 2 million) Dudek (free) Fowler (free)


in: farfan (PSV 6 million), miguel (Valencia 8 million)

out: Wright–Phillips ( wst ham 8 million), Ferreria (Porto 3 million), Boulharouz ( PSV 3 million), Geremi (middlesboro 1 million), Makalele (PSG, Villareal 1 million), Shevchenko (Milan 15 million, no chance they will get 30 mill for him and are tryin to cut loses)

Man United:

In: quagareilla (sampdoria 10 mill)

out: Silvestre (Lyon, Newcastle 2.5 million), Brown (villa, Newcastle 2 million), Smith (Everton, Tottenham, Villa 5 million), Richardson (Everton, West Ham 2 million)

also nobody will sign either Villa or eto'o as they will be too expensive, this is based on te fatc that an average Premiership striker in Darren Bent is costing 17 million, then two of the worlds best strikers at two of the worlds biggest clubs will cost around 50 mill for Villa and 38 mill for eto'o and nobody will pay that amount of money after the Shevchenko disaster and neither player wants to leave.


 Henry to LFC, No chance, more chance of the Pope signing for Macclesfield. Bless .

Anyway Liverpool will not spend silly money this early in the window. Have heard from a source don't know how good it is that the following players will sign

Almunia – Arsenal 500 K

Carson – Out to Arsenal 5 million

Bridge – Chelsea 5 million

Rise – Out to Barcelona 7.5 m

Malouda – Lyon 14.5 M

Torres – A. Madrid 19. 95 M

Bellamy – Out Blackburn 2 m

Bentley – Blackburn Bellamy + 2 million

Garcia – Valencia out 9 million

Bent – Charlton 15 m

O'Donnell – Crewe Out 100 k

Guthrie – Southampton Out 1 million

Bennayoum – West Ham 3 M

Nett spend 33. 35 plus kids etc


 Expect curbishley to complete the signings of.

Jussi Jaaskelianen 2 million,

Nicky Shorey 6 million,

Tim Cahill 7 million + NRC,

Kevin Nolan 7.5 million,

Stelios Giannakopoulos 4.5 million,

Andy Johnson 16 million,

Craig Bellamy FREE for Benayoun.




 Coventry may look at Darren Ward as he looks to hook up with brother Elliot. Although he has received interest from Fulham. Darren has become disallusioned with life at Selhurst park and with the likes of Gary Borrowdale and Clinton Morrison leaving he is also set to leave. Coventry may also land Matt Holland in the next few days and my source also suggests Alan Lee is on the verge of joining the Sky Blues. The Sky Blues are planning bids for Tom Soares and will rival Plymouth to sign winger Scott Sinclair on loan. Rumours David McNamee will go back to Scotland with Rangers have been rubbished as he is a key part of Dowies plans.


 Henry is 100% going to Liverpool as he has had talks and the clubs are just agreeing a fee which won't be a problem as hicks and gillet are prepared to spend big on this ocasion to ease Liverpool fans fears regarding the clubs current finacial position the move will come as a shock to Barcelona as they were the favourites but Henry has now stated that he wants to link up with Steven Gerrard at Anfield next season the fee is likley to be around 15–20 million his arrival will be coupled with beniyoun all deals will be completed by the 2fifth of June


 Who ever keeps saying amiobei to Sunderland is stupid he is toon through and through and both his brothers are cuming through the youth ranks as I hav played against them and they said he will not leave 4 a north east club. Sunderland will sign: Nugent Alan smith, forlan or gudjonsen not all as they wudnt hav the money keiran Richardson will be signed along with thomas graveson and the rumours round the academy are andres iniesta as he wonts Premiership football but no top clubs want him

frm academy player


 Watching newsnight about the lord Stevens bung allegations, and I forget the chaps name who is a football agent and is good friends with pini zahavi. anyway The presenter of newsnight and the agent himself said that there is going to be a massive deal announced at The Arsenal probably Tuesday. Read into what you will, maybe a coincidence that the Spanish league season finishes this weekend. hey hoe I'm sure there will be plenty of rumors flying about who might be going and who might be staying.


 SPL Rumours:

I'm currently shacked up with a agents daughter and her old man has been talking about a few moves in the spl.

First off Mark DeVries is talking to Craig Levein about working with him again at Dundee United. United are also looking at the prospect of getting Gavin Rae and John Sutton but wages could be a problem with EC teams also in the hunt.

He also says that Rangers won't be doing any major deals until they get some players off the books. There is enough to get one or two in with the current budget and the main targets are McCulloch and Cueller but they want the likes of Buffel, Sionko and Novo to leave but getting teams to take over there wages is a problem. There is also suggestion that a decent bid for Boyd would be considered (3 to 4 million).

Aberdeen are looking to tie Anderson down to a new deal but if he doesn't accept a contract then 1 million+ will see him leave with Fulham being kept informed of his situation.

Hearts, expect more lithuanians and Hleb but nothing major as Vlad isn't happy at dealing with british agents. The Robson story is a non starter as he just signed a new long term deal and he is the main man at United.

Hibs; looking for a goalie and want one in asap. It won't be David Marshall, most likely it will be the Chelsea reserve lad or a French import as Collins is in talks with 3 or 4 French clubs about getting players on loan and signing one or two younger lads. They have also knocked back bids for Whittaker for around 1 million+ .

Celtic: Are expected to spend at least another 6 million and have many irons in the fire with some newspaper talk about Appiah and Maakay being true but they know that EPL teams could scupper both moves. They are also expected to let Miller, Jarosik, Beattie, Marshall and one or two others leave.

Also watch for 2 or 3 of the young lads at Clyde making the step up to the spl.

Lastly Steven Naismith is likely to be at Killie until the winter as Rangers can't afford him and he is about fourth in Celtics list of strikers. Although he his agent has said he won't go to England, if The Arsenal move resurfaces he will be happy to go.


 Sunderland will sign Jussi Jaaskelainen, Paul Scholes and West Brom duo Paul McShane and Paul Robinson for a combined deal of £9 million, with David Nugent joining when he returns from England duty in a £6 million plus David Connoly.


 A good friend of mine who knows someone who works at Anfield has just confirmed that Henry is 100% coming to the Kop after passing a medical at Melwood. Expect his unveiling this weekend along with his new strike partner, Fernando Torres.

= ZFZ=


 This just in– now that five teams have been named as cheats, the FA will have no choice but to come down hard. Bolton and Newcastle are going to be hit hard with points deductions and one will go down next season as a result– I can't predict who. Pompey, Boro, and Chelsea will all get a slap on the wrist (from the FA– not from UEFA) and a small points deduction– Portsmouth and Middlesbrough won't feel it as they are solid mid–table teams but the three points will cost Chelsea the title.

I have insider information at the FA offices and Mark my words, Newcastle is going to be deducted 8 points, Bolton 7, Boro and Chelsea 3, and Pompey 2. FIFA may also force the FA to strip Chelsea of the 2005–2006 title since the players they signed illegally– Essien, Drogba, and Cech, were all important to that title.

This year's Champions League winner was a worthy winner but should never have been there with the match fixing they did. UEFA learned a lesson and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Chelsea will be tossed out of the Champions League in a couple of weeks.



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