Football Rumours Archive July 16 2013


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16 Jul 2013 23:01:51
Den Bosch striker Tom van Weert will complete a move to Bristol City.



16 Jul 2013 22:51:47
Steve Bruce (Hull City) is to make a formal bid for Hugo Rodallega by the end of the week.

How much?

No truth in this.

Graham has completed his loan spell.

Also The Rod is in Costa Rica with Fulham.

17 Jul 2013 15:19:58
He's reasonable backup and doesn't cost a fortune - better to keep Hugo than buy Odemwingie

But I think hugo would want first team football instead of warming the bench



16 Jul 2013 22:23:25
Danny graham leaves sunderland training camp to sign for hull city in the next 48hours!

On loan.

Bye bye graham bye bye graaaaaahaaaaammm bye bye!



16 Jul 2013 21:46:35
Gary Woods the former Doncaster Rovers GK is on trial at Bradford City.

Bristol City are also interested in signing Woods. O'Driscoll rates him from his Doncaster days and sees him as a challenger to Fielding for the keeper position

He wouldn't be to bad for them; as long as he's 3rd choice keeper

He is a brilliant League 1 GK. Bradford City will be a great team with him in it.



16 Jul 2013 21:38:16
Just hear that Ian Holloway is back in Blackpool with offer for Gilks.

Tom Ince. Due to have medical at Everton this morning. Bid accepted last night by Blackpool.

No way



16 Jul 2013 21:15:56
Blackpool looking at signing Tom Hateley who is a free agent.

Would be a very good signing.

Played for us against Kendal town



16 Jul 2013 21:15:26
Titus bramble on trial at itfc along with Frederic vesali in friendly against gillingham

Sign up both

Sign Bramble and Vaseli, Doherty as well then loan Khumalo and I will be putting £20 on us for promotion! {Ed029's Note - Oh you're in for a shock with Khumalo. We had high hopes for him at Reading but he was a disaster.

Bramble not on trial training and playing to keep fit mick has said he's not discussed him joining yet! He will talk though but I hope he doesn't sign, too accident prone and no footy brain!

Vesali yes please



16 Jul 2013 20:45:41
Neil Dann on verge of season long loan to Millwall as no longer seen as a first team player at Leicester



16 Jul 2013 20:44:52
Jamie Devitt is holding out for a 2 year deal at Chesterfield.

I Originally posted about Devitt being offered a deal on 22 June.

Keep him holding out. Once signed he'll stop trying. There's a reason he moves around so much. Shame as talented.

Don't think Cookie will let him slack! If he does, he's off!

For both clubs its better if a deal gets done. For the player to get promoted, for Southend to get the much needed cash and for Chesterfield to sign one of the best defenders in league 2. Southend should be negotiating because as soon as his contract is up he's gone and it'll be better to get some money for him. 50-100k deal and everyone should be happy. Apart from Southend fans who ultimately want promotion that won't come this season.



16 Jul 2013 20:26:09
Portsmouth in talks with free agent Rory delap

Not going to happen. Better, ex prem players like Gary O'Neil and Matt Taylor, both free agents, would be signed ahead of Delap but Pompey will not pay the sort of wages these players require.

Highly doubtful. Doesn't fit in with GW's policy at all.

Going to Burton isn't he? Was on trial with them at least last week

17 Jul 2013 11:18:33
Come on wakey wakey, you need to get a grip here, our wage structure is max £500 per week. we cannot afford any of these players - that is why we are scouting the conference and below.

Hardly just scouting from the conference and below as we have brought in league 1 and 2 players on free transfers and the budget is more at £1000 a week for each player. though agreed I would be surprised if we will bring in any of the players from above.

Absolutely no chance of Delap signing for Pompey, he lives 20 minutes from the Pirelli stadium!

Another ex super saint!

Rory Delap has signed for Burton Albon.



16 Jul 2013 18:52:44
Histon fc matty waters is to train with brentford fc



16 Jul 2013 19:54:47
Although they have made no official bid yet, Bristol City are confirmed to be interested in Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack. Cheltenham chairman Paul Baker confirmed they were in talks with 2 league one clubs. Despite City's interest, Crawley still remain favourites for the signature of the 22 year old

If he chooses Crawley over Cty we wouldn't want him!

Really don't understand the opposition to him joining Crawley - he'd be in the first team and they'd pay well. Why not?

Bristol City have more chance of going up, and SoD wouldn't try and sign a centre midfielder unless he was for the first team considering we have Wagstaff, Wynter, Elliott, Kelly, Kilkenny, Reid

No opposition to him joining Crawley, just how lak of ambiion imho.

Personally I don't think city have a better chance of promotion than crawley, I think we will be top half maybe flirting with play offs!ps I have supported city since 1971 so think I have good experience of what to expect

Crawley under a transfer embargo due to poor finances. I told you the bubble had burst. freefall to follow.

Crawley are not under a transfer embargo complete tosh

18 Jul 2013 16:36:30
Where do they get these rumours just somebody scare mongering



16 Jul 2013 19:25:32
Boro are going to make a loan bid for eduardo Vargas, they will offer him a very generous wage, with the option to buy him at the end of the season. Boro will use the wages freed up by scott mcdonald after he departs.

McDonald off to Celtic to make room for a new striker. We are definitely trying to take Shola Ameobi who will come in and replace Miller from last year. Vargas if the deal can be done will replace Scotty Mac. Both quick off the shoulder strikers. And Steven Ireland definitely not coming to Boro.


To follow on Scotty Mac is seen as a replacement for Gary Hooper who will join QPR or Norwich. No fee the club will finally get him off the wage bill


And where is scott mcdonald going exactly havnt heard any news about him leaving

Shola ameobi has no pace at all. He can't play off the shoulder of anyone.

Why are we going for Shola we need goals not another miller!

We will only have rights to him if we get promoted next season. this stint at the boro is to get him in the premiership window

Got to admit I'm not that impressed with the 1 in 3 ratio for a striker (was much worse in Italy). I take on board what was said about him being a RW and that is a good ratio for that position but shouldn't we concentrate our scarce funds on a centre forward?

There is no way the hoops will take mcdonald back. Seen this rumour mentioned a few times - a load of nonsense.

Ameobi is not coming to boro. why would Mogga buy someone as inconsistent as him. we are trying to get promoted, not relegated!

You say that about Shola. Do you think it was the answer bringing Miller in last season. Wasn't it the aim to get promotion last year. Was he going to get us promotion. Not in a million years. Shola is a far better player than Miller. Has bags of experience and might just do a job. Not saying he will get loads of goals but may be effective for us. I know who i'd rather have out of the 2.


You say shola can't play off the shoulder. Read the comment again I was referring to Scotty mac and Vargas. Similar in style and stature. Not Ameobi


Vargas will add a lot of extra flare up front, if he doesn't score he can assist his strike partner (main; hopefully), and boro will get a lot of goals next season

There is so much expectancy of Main. He will no doubt be a top goalscorer one day for us, but not yet. The best bet is to get him out on loan, he's not going to start 20/30 games for us when he probably could for someone ese. Get him the experience, let him score some goals and get his chest puffed out and come back to us a better player.
I wouldn't like to say we will have a 'first choice' striker/strike partnership, if I had to put my hat on one though I think Juke is a shoe-in

Anyone else think this is yet another example of a player we've no chance in getting, I may well be cynical but I think the club put it out there to make the fans think there looking big time!

Me two mate I put post out on this site same as you I think wer geting linked to players we have no chance with cum on let's say we got alrert then vargas a good cb and a good st we be a strong team just dnt think its going to happen stop leading us on mogga.

Agreed, love mogga but all these rumours aren't doing us any good, with the players linked we'd have walked this division! I want nothing more then us to win something with mogga but some serious signings re need soon please.

Mogga hasn't even stated who he is after! N tbh the way it's going all our target seem to be getting snapped up as we're not moving fast enough to snap up quality. Including I jury's were 17players down from last season n only brought 2 in. As a realistic boro fan i'm Dreading August 3rd :- (



16 Jul 2013 18:40:08
Djamel Abdoun of olympiakos is a 1.2m target for southampton. According the the southern daily paper

L hope not, jf that's true we may as well stick with what we've got.
Have to have better than him.

The "southern daily paper" is ALWAYS wrong re. Saints!



16 Jul 2013 18:50:22
Any Huddersfield news?

Lee camp gk training with the 1st team

Lee Camp training with town

News? yeah we still are waiting or the promised new 5 or more new signings by Robins, and the injury list grows before a ball is kicked in anger. just the usual good old town, make do and mend, and plough piles of money into canalside! Happy days.

Is Lee Camp actually training with us though? How do you know?

See the usual negative moaners are still posting.

Haha completely agree, why on earth we are chucking millions upon millions into a dodgy old building plot I'll never know. We are guna have the best training ground in league 1 though at least! Nightmare

Lee camp is training with us but we are not looking to sign him, we are just helping him keep up his fitness and abilities through pre season as he has no club interested, we could sing him but with him as 2/3 option as smithies will stay and benno is just a brill guy who will stay with us until he retires

Naah not negative moans pal, just the truth, some of us can see past the smoke!

Stead, Paterson, Vaughan, hammill, Carroll, Carr, that's 6 signings right there, Town aren't made of money you know

Town fans! Please remember that you are only allowed to say positive things. If not, Sir Hoyle will take his bat home and the club will cease to exist

We've signed 3 already in case you haven't noticed. Ps Just because you sign players doesn't mean they are better than we have got.!

Hunt is poor, look at other right backs in the division like byram, he makes jack hunt look like a piece of chicken compared to a nice steak

Canalside is the future. Can't believe people are moaning about it. At the end of the day we will have a state of the art training complex to attract the best young players around. I think some of you need to look at the bigger picture. We are nowhere near or have as much money as most of the championship clubs FFS get a grip.

We've signed four, Carr and Carroll were signed or deals agreed before the end of last season and both are currently part of the development squad. With the injuries we are picking up expect at least two more signings, midfield and a defender and I wouldn't mind betting a striker on loan will come in.

I am just stating what Robins said earlier in summer ie 5 signings maybe a couple more, Carroll & Carr were already signed at that point! The point being, why say things if you ain`t going to do what you say?

Canalside is the future? Maybe should have thought about staying above league 1 before chucking money down a sub standard building plot. You obviously haven't been to canalside. smoke and mirrors as the man said

44 days left of the transfer window. Relax.

Lets see if we are still relaxed in 44 days time. hope your right.

Why people try to muddy the waters is beyond me. You can look at club finances, signings, loans whatever if you take the time to look. Deloitte provide info on salary and finances. Huddersfield have signed 6 players, that's a fact. Carr and Carroll have both played in the 1st team in friendlies. Let's get this straight, the Academy is there to enhance young talent but that doesn't preclude them from playing 1st team football if ready to do so. Yes, 6 signings, the most obviously important being Vaughan and Hamill. Hopefully a couple more but there's always the January transfer window.

Yes look at all the young talent coming through-NOT latest being Akinson being farmed out to Tranmere, next out will be the apparently highly rated Sinnott. I've seen em in action and the only one with a good chance of coming through at our standard is midfielder Johnson. Not knocking the kids, but if there is such a song and dance about the academy, where are they? You need a good mixture of youth and experience. {Ed001's Note - it takes about ten years for changes to have any real effect on a youth academy. Look at United, the famous youth team that Fergie benefited from was all due to the changes Ron Atkinson had made while he was in charge! You have to have patience with academies.}

I think that is just a silly comment. Huddersfield have (and other forward-looking clubs have similar) a Development and Academy scheme. Jon Stead was a product of Hudds Town academy and sold him for over 2 million quid. No, you don't want to sell your talent, but the important thing is to give the young kids a chance to develop their potential and then go and play at whatever level.

You do have to have patience with academies, but you also need to look after your supporters of your club whilst waiting for the odd lad to emerge, ie put out a team worth charging the admission money for, which imo means buying as well as producing talent, to enable your club to move forward.

The Development and Academy may, or may not, produce a player good enough for top 1st team football. But, obviously, Huddersfield now being a Championship club, the level expected is higher. Dean Hoyle is the chairman and his team, I think, are aware of contributing to the community. There are kids out there unemployed and kids with substance abuse issues. If Dean Hoyle and what Town are doing with bike rides or whatever can help then we are achieving. Sure, we all want the best 1st team. Isn't that just obvious. We all want that as Town fans



16 Jul 2013 18:47:58
Who is being linked with a move to Cardiff?

No one clearly haha

Everyone, but their not happening




16 Jul 2013 18:46:03
rovers hoping to sign man city defender reece wabara this week

Doncaster, Bristol, Tranmere, Raith, Blackburn?



16 Jul 2013 18:40:49
Ex Hereford and Reading striker M. Manset is set to join Torquay United along with ex Walsall player Richard Taundry.

16 Jul 2013 22:15:07
He's joining the mighty sky blues

Not likley, they can't sign anyone



16 Jul 2013 18:34:09
Neil Danns in talks over a move to Millwall following no movement with bailey



16 Jul 2013 18:29:40
Tom Eaves loan move from Bolton to Bristol City will be concluded on City's return from a Spanish training camp.

No chance

Can he play with a broken toe? Because that's what he has got!

Where do you get your information from? You really should check you facts before posting Tom Eaves is out with a broken foot and will out of action for at least another month plus he will need to get match fit having missed all of pre-season. So either Bristol City are on a rather long training session in Spain or you are totally barking up the wrong tree. I'll go for the later. Tom Eaves is going nowhere!



16 Jul 2013 18:26:11
Paul Caddis. Swindon to Bristol City.

Im afraid not - he's going to Blackpool

He is going to Blackpool , why would he leave Swindon to go to a team in the same league, he wants championship football now.

Don't be afraid, he's not needed!

Why would he leave Swindon to go to a team in the same league?

I'm not sure, we had better ask Aden Flint?

Glenn hoddle would be perfect hoddle for manager all day long

Aden flint hasn't played in the championship caddis has, so that's why he will end up playing for a championship side this season

Yeah hoddle we surely keep us up in league2 I see we're looking to the future

LOL ask Aden Flint? the man is a donkey he is lucky to be sold to a League Club he did well for himself and his agent selling him!

Did aden flint not get swindons player of the yr.

That's why you got Aden because of the 61 mill you owe to your owner. He's great in the air but lacks pace & reading of the game. I wish him the very best but it was great business by Swindon, activate his 1 year extension, p**s off flint so he hands in a transfer request. Lol

Sounds a touch jealous pal. don't hate the guy. don't expect you know him.

No Flint never got our player of the year. He needs a very good cb next to him otherwise he is a headless chicken.

Flint is a good lad, and a very good centre back, he is strong can tackle but has poor distribution, some of us Town fans are persons, they forget how solid he was just because he has moved on I wish him well, just hope he has a mare in two games this season.

My point being though that I would expect players from a club like Swindon to see Bristol City as a move up even when they are in the same league.

The way Flint forced his move through should let you know that Bristol City are capable of buying players from "parallel clubs"

He didn't force it through if he had more than a year left in his contract it may of been different. let's see make him stay & he walks away for next to nothing next year or activate his 1 year extension & get a fee for him. Maybe Bristol city may have let his contract run down & leave for free.



16 Jul 2013 18:17:37
Danny Graham to Hull on loan andTom Huddlestone to Sunderland is nearly done also. BLACKCAT



16 Jul 2013 18:11:12
Vargas will complete a move to Middlesbrough within 72 hours.

Player and club agreed a deal.

I'm a big boro fan and I honestly don't know how to react to that news goals to game ratio is 1 in 3 but he may be a good signing in mogga I trust UTB

He has played right wing a lot, so 1 in 3 is not bad when you take that into consideration, he wasn't runner up in South American player of the year & worth almost 12mil for nothing, he's obvious quality, fast, tricky & strong on the ball. I would welcome him with open arms

Yeh that's true Vargas anit a striker he's a right winger, the player lost out to neymar for south American player of the year, this would be some signing, if we can get him



16 Jul 2013 17:29:56
Jack Hunt will play his last game for the terriers tonight as Swansea and Cardiff battle it out for the pacey wing back

Why would Swansea or Cardiff let him play one last game for us? he might have got injured don' make sense?

As a testimonial, a chance to say goodbye I guess.

As in it was a friendly match and seeing as a deal hasn't been agreed with any club by the sounds of it he's still a town player and can therefore still play games for us

Yes I know he is a town player still, but so was jon stead all them years ago when we played York city, loads of rumours that he was leving to a certain blckburn rovers. then a mystery hamstring injury occurred, this would hve happened to mr hunt f he was leaving soon, because if I was trying to buy a player and it was an imminent signing I wouldn't want him getting injured in a friendly now would I?.

Hope hunt goes he's our worst player he looks like a stray cat when he's on the ball he does not know what he's doing

How can you say Jack Hunt is our worst player? that's the most utter nonsense I have ever heard.

Jack hunt is so over rated, someone take him please?

Hunt our worst player. bizarre, has this particular poster watched spencer and Atkinson, I have and hunt is in a different class.

It's ok if Jack Hunt goes, we do still have his younger brothers Isaac and Mike

Hunt can't be that bad if a good prem side are showing good intrest good one mate

Very old jokes were out in the 60's when I was at school

It's the way I tell em



16 Jul 2013 17:12:19
Hull are moving for Danny Graham. Deeneys going nowhere.



16 Jul 2013 16:56:00
Is there any truth in the Phillip Hosiner rumour? Heard he's coming to Celtic. Anyone else heard anything?

I hope so, he did well last season for Austria Vienna



16 Jul 2013 15:36:11
Oldham athletic are targeting free agent Matt Heath released by colchester his experience is just what oldham require!

He's injured at the moment but has been on trial at oxford before his injury

Wouldn't call 91 games in 5 years EXPERIENCED.

We are signing 2 CH's but he isn;t one of them.



16 Jul 2013 15:12:56
Brighton will sign Yuri de Souza from Spanish 2nd Division side Ponferradina

Regardless who's comming in or who's going out

Stop moaning

your point will never be heard get behind the seagulls

And be great full that other championship sides see us as a big threat this upcoming season
Unlike previous seasons

It's the stuff of dreams brrrriighton

According to his record and video's, he's a pretty good player that would mould quite easily into Brighton's game. But where has this rumour come from? There is no source.



16 Jul 2013 16:45:47
Cardiff are the suprise leaders in the chase for Burnley man Charlie Austin and could be ready to offer the 5M hull also offered

I highly doubt his price went up after the news of his failed medical at Hull. I feel he wants to leave as it must be awkward going back to burnley after agreeing to leave his team mates behind.

Why would they offer same as we did he FAILED the medical only worth half that

Doubt it. Why would they offer 500k more than Hull?

Good move for Charlie, closer to home and Cardiff have a far better chance of staying up than Hull would've had. DAZ

Why? We don't need him an defo not for 5 mil 2 an he's worth a punt!

I thought he failed a medical last week!

Ccfc fan here if this is true I would be really happy.

No chance, Cardiff bought Cornelius, we don't need an overpriced English player with a bad knee

No thanks.

He's got a dodgy knee, why would they offer 5 mill

Charlie has just spent a week in Ireland with the rest of the squad and there
did not appear to be any awkwardness. Charlie wants to play in the Premier League, he may have to just knuckle down with Burnley and prove the doubters wrong.

It would be interesting to draw Hull City in an early round of a cup competition!

As a Hull fan I was gutted that Austin failed his medical. I think that we should go back in for him with a reduced offer (but we won't). Whether he stays at Burnely or moves on, whoever gets him will have a gem of a player but City have been burned by knee injuries before. I doubt you'll find many City fans who think Austin wouldn't make the grade. Best of luck to him.

5m with a bad knee burnley would of robbed hull for that amount

Laughable. It was never about his knee. He failed the medical for more than one reason and its the second issue that devalues him so much

1 club has come and said he has a knee problem. Can categorically say he has never had anything serious other than shoulder injuries whilst at burnley. Need I name demba ba who failed a stoke medical and went to west ham instead. Think we may be able to tie him down on a contract now with a release clause of 4-5 mil. Just need to buy some decent players to support him. Dot think scot airfield cuts it.



16 Jul 2013 16:15:31
Cheltenham Town will complete the signing of Ashley Vincent on Wednesday following a medical.

Welcome home Ashley.

Was a bit disappointed when I first heard this because he wasn't great in his first few years at CTFC but he's a much stronger player now - physically strong and much more intelligent/pacy, could be a real League Two asset.



16 Jul 2013 16:09:04
Hi, any news on leyton orient transfer news?

Just signed yohan lasimant and will sign a loan forward from a big club and a centre-mid, maybe marvin Bartley.

We've signed Jake Larkins, Shaun Batt and Yohann Lasimant.

You're welcome.

Lasimant is the striker. No more of them coming in. Just a midfielder now.

18 Jul 2013 12:58:14
Cook is a luxury he is an individual player as distinct from a team player good luck wherever you play



16 Jul 2013 15:46:54
After missing out on Gary Hooper, Reading are now considering a �1m swoop for Port Vale's Tom Pope

Missing out?. they were never in according to Lennon. only two clubs ever bid and Reading weren't one of them. Their DOF emptied his piggy bank weeks back and realised this was never going to happen. £5m isn't the Reading Way. £500k is.

he is not worth 1m and I don't believe he will be very good in league 1!

Quite funny, popes good but 1million championship quality I don't think so

Reading were in for him offered pogprogneak in a swap deal but was turned down buy celtic and reading haven't gone back in with another offer

Hooper was said to be keen on the deal

Will score a hatfull in league 1 "feed the pope and he will score"



16 Jul 2013 15:46:01
Crystal Palace have ended their interest in Brighton's Liam Bridcutt after securing the services of highly rated Spain U20 captain Jose Campana.

Palace never wanted bridcutt

17 Jul 2013 08:21:47
You wouldn't off got him anyway mate,

Campana sounds like another Garvan. Talented but weak and uninterested.

Campana is a good prospect at a very reasonable price. Bridcutt is effective but nothing more than a water carrier

"Campana sounds like another Garvan. Talented but weak and uninterested. "

Yeah in the same way Lee Trundle sounded like Maradonna, Skillful but a little full bodied {Ed001's Note - brilliant comparison, that did make me chuckle!}

Palace were never getting briders. It was always wishfull thinking.

Yeah 'wishful thinking' because there are palace fans out there who are saying 'why can't we be more like that championship side brighton' 2-0! and we went up



16 Jul 2013 16:33:33
Bolton will make Jermaine Beckford and Andre Moritz their last two signings within the next 24 hours

Bolton to sign both Beckford and Moritz but they won't be the last. We still need a winger, a centre half and a left back as we no longer have any cover for Tierney.

19 Jul 2013 10:30:58
Tim Ream has begun to play at left-back as cover for Tierney, so we don't need to buy one.



16 Jul 2013 16:33:23
Cheltenham have signed Ashley Vincent from Port Vale on a two year deal.

1st half of the season was class but really faded badly after christmas

Good signing at Lge 2 level although blew a bit hot and cold at Port Vale.



16 Jul 2013 16:27:55
Cardiff city about to sign Kuyt BLUEBIRDS!

We need experience like Kuyt, but this is an oooold rumour.

Another has been just like bellamy



16 Jul 2013 15:20:01
Cheltenham Town are poised to sign former player Ashley Vincent.



16 Jul 2013 15:06:29
Crystal Palace have expressed an interest in Barnsley midfielder Jacob Mellis and are considering making a bid.
, believed to be around £600k but barnsley would want more than that,

Think it would take at least 1.5 mill and
maybe even more

He worth a min of 2 mil so don't think 600k going to cut it

Jacob needs to stay with flicker, getting regular football and progress his game.

And even though his contract as 1 year to run he will still be under the age of 24, so it would still have to go to a tribunal if he wanted to leave at the end of his contract.
So Barnsley still in a good position on this one, personally I think he will sign a new contract.

Double it at least and you might not be completely wasting your time

Get real, Mellis isn't worth that much, tends to to hide for long periods.

Why would they be a tribunal he never come through the Barnsley ranks?

Agree with the previous, mellis on his day is quality but he's touch and go! You never know what your going to get with him



16 Jul 2013 15:25:07
Fantasy Premier League is back and so as RedRant. Join the league 14685-5108. Bigger, Better and Much More Intense this time.




16 Jul 2013 15:26:39
According to Sky Sports Cheltenham are signing former winger Ashley Vincent from Port Vale.

This is true, he'll undertake a medical tomorrow morning



16 Jul 2013 15:25:42
Honduran international winger Mario Martinez is interesting Huddersfield Town as he's on trial with them

Is this true? does anyoneknow anything about this guy?.

Strange, he played for Honduras in Huston texas usa yesterday

He is playing for Honduras in the concacaf gold cup in the usa and played yesterday in Huston texas. so doubt if he is on trial at canalside

And he's played about 30 games in 7 years, we've just got rid of one sick note Beckford. Do not need another.



16 Jul 2013 14:49:12
Doncaster in with a shout to sign sylvan ebanks Blake and are also looking at the possibility of signing Bradley Wright Phillips.

Would be great to get SEB in my opinion.

Wouldnt want him, poor player and way to slow

A proven goal scorer at championship level though.

A proven goal scorer in the championship, 61 goals for Wolves in 6 seasons, So when I went to school that is 10 a season. How is that a proven goal scorer GET REAL

Wouldnt mind seeing BWP at donny!

25 goals in one season when he continuously started and got promoted. Might've been 3 seasons or so ago but still. Not a bad player.

Rather have wright phillips got pase and abbility to take on and players and not scared of having a shot just hopes he's like his dad

Ebanks-Blake scored 61 goals in 123 games, when I went to school that's a goal every other game, not to mention that 43% of those 123 games he came on as a sub. Sounds a pretty good option for rovers to me.

IMO Bradley Wright-Philips is a league one player which is what Charlton probably thought when they loaned him out to another league one outfit Brentford (sorry could't resist), we've already got one player who has pace to burn but hasn't lived up to his potential, Kyle Bennet.




16 Jul 2013 14:47:27
Shay given currently deciding whether to take up the offer of a one year loan deal at Doncaster, meanwhile Ireland to be announced on a similar loan deal soon.

Getting an entire country on loan would be a great help ;-)

Irish investor is JP McManus, hope it goes through and these become a posibility!

Investor is NOT JP. His interest is now GAA. Bought GAA Club in Limerick, funds that.

It is JP McManus and the deal is nearly done.

It is NOT. it IS John Gallagher.

Can any 1 confirm a name to the Irish investor, or confirm there actually is one please as news seems to have gone cold as its been like nearly a week since the rumour begun?



16 Jul 2013 14:43:20
Do any other MK Dons fans know if we are signing Santiago "the new Florian Sturm" Aloi or not? Surely King Karl has enough time to make a judgement on him by now?

Just wondering.

Karl is still looking at him, over the next few games I think he'll know whether he's the one or not. Still a few more games to go

Well, he's playing at Brackley tonight. I think he would have been released after the Dublin week if Robbo didn't think he was up to it.

My guess is there's an offer on the table and he's weighing it up.

I think he still making his decision on if we need him he normaly play's in the middle but Karl want's him on the wing a bit more. He did impress out in Ireland. But wait and see.

He did not play against Brackley as played Reeves for 70 mins then moved Baldock from right back (where he has done well) to central midfield. Think he will only stay if Gleeson does go. Still look short of goals up front as Izale still trying but just looks woeful in front of goal. Need a striker as can't rely on bamford and Smith may get 1 goal all season



16 Jul 2013 14:40:19
Southend United Look Set To Report Chesterfield FC To The Football League After The Way They Tried To Sign Ryan Cresswell.

The Spirites Recently Made A £25,000 Bid For Cresswell, Knowing Full-Well That Southend Had Already Rejected A Bid From Fleetwood Town Worth £80,000.

In Other News, Southend Have Signed Ben Coker And Are Currently Looking At Trialists Don Cowan & Mark Carrington Who Both Played In The Recent Friendly Against Chelmsford City

The FL will be very busy if clubs report all bids to them that fall below the selling club's valuation. Laughable. I bet Ryan is really impressed by his employers!

Rubbish absolute rubbish we offered 100k

How can Southend report chesterfield for bidding on a player.

Um so what they made a low bid you don't have to accept

Haha report them for bidding lower? This is the stupidest thing I've ever read, any club can bid any amount of money for any player. Fact is Cresswell wants to play for a club going somewhere and Chesterfield are clearly that club

Is this really news? Cfc make an offer for a player that gets turned down. grow up southend

Speaking to someone tonight he came to the Proact without Southend's permission

Love the fact that CHESTERFIELD are acting all Bertie Big Balls thinking they're a bigger club than Southend. When was the last time THEY were in the Championship then?

Love the fact that you don't pay your players wages?

Chesterfield approached Cresswell, but did not inform Southend, which is illegal.

Chesterfield will be mid table again, no promotion

Southend have played their hand very badly. In trying to inflate the asking price they have ended up keeping a player they neither want nor can afford. Expect a climbdown in the next 48 hours and a sale which they will claim to be a triumph but which, in reality, is nothing of the sort.

Apart from it was Cresswell that approached Chesterfield

"Love the fact that you don't pay your players wages?"

We may not have much cash right now but the fact is we are an ambitious club who will be much bigger in stature and able to challenge in higher divisions when a move to Fossetts Farm is finally secured. All this CFC "superiority over Southend" is garbage, unlike you we're not a club who has reached their full potential with their new stadium. From all the talk on here and the CFC forum you'd think they were Real Madrid or something!

We were a Championship club just six years ago, and at some stage we will be again. If you think Cresswell should leave to join a "bigger club" then you should be encouraging him to move up a division or two, not join Chesterfield.

For the record a bid of £25k knowing full well we've already turned down three times that is akin to trying to unsettle a player. If that's how CFC conduct their business then I sincerely hope they stay in this league for years to come.

If Southend don't pay next months wages all the payers are free agents

Trying to unsettle an already unsettled player.

You can't say i'm wrong when it comes to this rumour. I read it in the Echo (Southend's local paper) everything I posted originally is correct. Its a ridiculous bid!

And Chesterfield DIDN'T offer £100,000. Tell me where you read about that? You offered £25,000. Club officials stated that too

You need all the cash you can get shaks, and players, lol, you talk about your short time in the higher division,, you got lucky that season with the cast offs from the better southern teams loanees, times change, cfc are changing, watch

Have you paid your tax bill yet? I hear there another unpaid one coming very soon. rip southend.

Southend United have been issued with a seventh winding-up petition in four years and will face a hearing in the High Court on 19 August. Doesn't found like a club going anywhere but the blue sq prem.

Cresswell threads on here are almost surreal - who is this sleeping giant called Chesterfield?!

Erm for a start pal we didn't "get lucky" that season - we sat top of L1 from Xmas onwards and won a very strong division with some huge teams in it (Nottingham Forest for example). And we didn't have loanees either, our players were contracted to the club so get your facts right before you spout your nonsense.

And for the record RM Shaks is spot on, the bid was a derisory £25k (and that's from a director on the SUFC board). If you'd offered £100k we'd have snapped your hands off because Cresswell isn't worth that. Infact if he leaves for CFC in the future your fans are going to be hugely disappointed with him as you seem to tjink he's some kind of Franco Baresi - he's not, he's a half-decent L2 CBbit slow but pretty solid. no more than that. To offer £25k when we've already (stupidly in my opinion) turned down £80k is nothing short of a disgrace.

Get ready for a non-league future! Cresswell going - no decent players in and CFC going up with Cresswell. Sorry Southend but that's business!

Another Winding up order Players unpaid problems ahead at Southend

I look forward to reminding CFC of their garbage on here when we're sitting in our new 22,000 stadium in L1 a couple of years down the line.

The money has been paid. tv sport have been mugged off.

Paid off again. if cfc think their going to get cressy they van think again and for RM shanks all he doe is type up what's in the paper. old news



16 Jul 2013 14:29:22
Campana won't be the only spanish player arriving at Selhurst Park during this seasons transfer window. Palace have a spanish defender lined up to sign and to assist Campana with settling in.

Who is it?




16 Jul 2013 14:17:54
Heard that Slade is looking at Bradley Wright Phillips and Leyton orient are the front runners for his signature as he does not wish to leave London, and see's the East London side as the ideal place due to first team opportunities and the clubs ambition for playoffs.

Personally the thought of him and Lisbie upfront together is something o's fans are all dreaming off.

Not happening.

Slade has already stated he's looking for a young, speedy striker on loan.

Wont happen now. Slade has just signed french striker Lassiment.
Next Orient signing will be a midfield player.

Cox has just got injured, and may miss the start of the season. don't be surprised to see either Rowlands or Cook back, on short term contracts.

Still think we will get a young forward on Loan. don't rule out the young spurs striker.



16 Jul 2013 14:17:40
Bradford city want to sign Simon church on a 1 year deal

There are a number of Championship clubs already interested in Church and his wages may be a stumbling block to a Div 1 club

Hope this is true can't see it though



16 Jul 2013 13:43:07
Just received a text from a friend that Villa have put in an offer for Nottingham Forest's Henri Lansbury. Apparently it is on one of the football forums.

Any truth?


That is rubbish he is not for sale at any price

Not unless you want to pay the going rate. if Wince is worth 8 Million, Henri would be 5 million to you.

Very much doubt it!

Avery good player, Lansbury, and only 22. Would like to see him at Villa Park. Too good a player for Forest, with respect, and surprised they managed to get him. Lambert would improve him 100 percent if he worked with him, as a midfielder which is Lamberts expertise.
Would be worth paying 5 million for.

16 Jul 2013 22:39:51
He played for PL at norwich

No bid for him last summer though from yourselves or any other premier team? Maybe the fact you would want him now is the player he has become toward the tail end of last season, which is down to being brought on by the excellent management of Billy Davies. He has already been improved and will come on further next season and a promotion push as opposed to another villa relegation battle would suit him better I'm sure. no disrespect of course

Villa were the 4th inform team in the second half of last season. They were a good team in the 2nd half & will not be facing relegation again next season - that I can positively say even without Benteke!

Doubt it bod.



16 Jul 2013 13:34:57
Crystal Palace, Watford and Reading are all looking at 18 year old George Sykes at Barnet

He doesn't fit the Pozzo model

Why not?

He does, but he ain't good enough. Plus already got enough strikers. Highly doubt if Reading or Palace are interested either, I think they're both looking above his level.

He is the great grandson of comedian Eric Sykes, an interesting but not so funny fact for you.

Hes never started a game for barnet



16 Jul 2013 13:29:54
Burton Albion 'super sub' striker Matt Paterson to sign for Falkirk by the weekend.

Doubt he will go north of the border. Oxford, Exeter or Torquay maybe - lives on the south coast! Will be missed at Burton.

Not by the manager he won't be

Didn't he trial at Oxford last year and they didn't sign him?



16 Jul 2013 13:22:49
Ryan Tunnicliffe to join Burnley when they get back from pre season trip from Ireland this week



16 Jul 2013 13:22:45
Any news updates on Alfred Finnbogason? He would be my choice to partner RVW up front. Kolbeinn Siggthorsson at Ajax could be interesting too, valued at £4 million. Any hope at all of getting Guidetti on a season long loan?



16 Jul 2013 13:22:10
latest player Watford are linked to is Daniel Tozser, a midfielder who plays for genoa.

Still not signed any English born players

Was linked ages ago. Don't think it will happen though! Still gets first team football in Serie A.

Lewis Mcgugan was born in England.

If I'm not mistaken, Lewis McGugan.

Uche Ikpeazu is also English born.

Strange, so far we've only officially signed two new players - Uche Ikpeazu and Lewis McGugan - and both are English.
Some people do open their mouths without thinking.

I agree we need to sign more English players! Now we have lost interest in Lundstram and we are signing another midfielder from Granada

Why do we need to sign more english players? We have already signed two more, and we have a wealth of homegrown players at our disposal. The team will essentially remain the same as last year except with the additions of Angella, Faraoni, Fabbrini, Acuna and Iriney. As well as McGugan and Ikpeazu. In terms of strength in depth, we have the best team in the league going into next year. With a bit of luck, we should be up as champions.

If you look at the starting 11 for next year there will be one English player! Mcgugan is a yeates replacement and will probably not see many games and Ikpeazu will most likely be loaned out

Hogg and Deeney are both English. Hall's future is as yet undecided however I imagine he'll stay on a pay as you play contract. Hoban, although playing for Ireland, was born in North London and has lived his whole life there. Anya is Scottish. And those are just the players from last season. We could be seeing more of Murray at left wing back from the sounds of his extra training and the fact that that is the only position on the pitch in which there is no back up, and I can see Connor Smith getting a few games in the first team this season as well. Imo Fessi is an honourary Englishman due to his commitment. So yeah, a few more than 1.

What about Bond? He was born and raised in Hemel and given the customary injuries Almunia will get, thre's no doubt Bond will make some apps.

Doyley, Hoban, Hogg, Deeney. will all play 20 plus matches

How is McGugan Yeates' replacement? He is more quality in his little toe than Yeates did in his entire body. McGugan will be fighting to start every week and I expect him to establish himself as a first team regular providing he applies himself correctly. I would expect Doyley (plays for Jamaica but born in England), Hoban (plays for Ireland but born in England), McGugan, Deeney and Hogg to be playing regularly next season.

^so deeney, doyley and hogg aren't English anymore, not to mention almunia who has a British citizenship after playing in the country for as long as he has

I want to see less English players. ¡Vamos!

Ikpeazu was born Siera Leone.

^ Since when was Harrow in Siera Leone?

Starting eleven = almunia Angela ekstrand cassetti anya iriney Abdi faraoni fabbrini deeney acuna/forestieri
That's one English player. I know iriney is a great player but I would have liked to see a great English player and an English centre back! Hogg will get games but not as many same as doyley. And yes we replaced yeates with mcgugan. He will spend most of the season on the bench and is the same sort of player but of a higher quality.

If everybody is fit I would say the starting eleven is Almunia, Angella, Ekstrand, Doyley/Hoban, Anya (who also qualifies for England and speaks with an English accent), Faraoni, Iriney, McGugan, Abdi, Deeney, Acuna. [side note: the fact that I've left out Fabbrini, Fessi, Cassetti, Battochio etc and we've still got that team must be scary for our opponents] That's 3 English players plus Anya (declared himself for Scotland, so 4 British players). I don't see any problem with this at all. McGugan will be pushing to start, he is in no way comparable to Yeates, I imagine him, Fabbrini and Battochio will all be competing to play as the 3rd midfielder, as Abdi and one of Hogg/Iriney will surely start. Yeates was never started unless Zola needed to play him for fitness or injury reasons.

That's got to be best "paper" squad in the Championship if your players all perform then Watford should win the Championship easily.

With the rules of home grown players in a match day squad meaning a minumum of 6 players must be listed being home grown I would say Deeney, Assombolonga, Anya, Doyley, McGugan, Hogg, Hoban, Bond, Ikpeazu, Smith and Murray will be in the match day squad a good few times this season Plus any of the second year scholars they seem fit to give a run out to this season

Fabbrini is an Italian international! If he doesn't make the first team then Zola is crazy!



16 Jul 2013 13:19:48
Simon Grayson has enquired about Jordan Ibe from Liverpool after his impressive performance in the friendly against Preston last weekend. Looking at a 6/12 month loan.

16 Jul 2013 17:59:01
Lol, no chance at all. Young ibe would start every week for any team in the bottom half of the prem so y would he go to lge 1. He is also already better then sterling and will play a lot off the bench for liverpool

Ok not sure why you want to make up something like that. We have 4 wingers and he would play higher than PNE.

Why would we bother when we already have 4 wingers and 5 Strikers at the moment?

This is true

Don't know what the guy who said Ibe was better than sterling is on but I want some

It doesn't matter if we already have four wingers. It's called improvement.

Yeah improve on Holmes and hayhurst anyone will do

Improvement? Grayson clearly likes all of our wingers so why would he now replace one and have 5 wingers. Plus why didn't he sign Ibe instead of humphrey then?

Because we've signed Humphery. Ibe would cost money. Which we don't have

Ok don't know why people make up rubbish and then try to justify it. Come back when wev signed ibe or any other winger for that matter



16 Jul 2013 13:05:07
Burnley look to have won the race for the free transfer signing of Nicky Bailey after agreeing a three year deal with the player.

He has rejected offers from Millwall and Leeds United

If true 'GOOD RIDDANCE'! Messed Millwall around too much IMO!

Leeds aren't even in for him we have enough midfielders at the club already

It seems like Arfield and Jones will be two new midfielders so not sure about this one. Do think he would be a good addition however

Not much of a race, Leeds have never had any interest in Bailey, and certainly didn't put an offer in

How many midfielders are Burnley after??

Arfield is more of an attacker. Bailey would be an excellent signing, particularly considering it looks likely Stock & Bartley are no longer wanted.

I don't want us to sign Bailey, if he's decent why are Boro happy to let him leave? Plus he had a pop at Dunne when we played up at the Riverside last season. Seems like a bit of a knob end. Neil Danns on the other hand would be a good signing, a proper Millwall type player.

Don't think so. Millwall still in for him, discussing three year deal.



16 Jul 2013 12:56:32
Everton striker Nikica Jelavic has emerged as a £5m target for Bundesliga side VFB Stuttgart

Bye jelavic

Wouldn't accept less than 8m I still believe he will come good



16 Jul 2013 12:03:42
Hartlepool are looking to clinch a loan deal for Middlesborough youngsters Mathew Dolan, Bryn Morris and Ryan Brobbel.

Bryn Morris will be boro first team next year, you can have the other 2

Cant see dolan going to league 2, after having such a good season with yeovil. would like to see hm have his chance in the first team, and the other two, I would like to see them get some game time



16 Jul 2013 12:52:26
With Reading set to lose out on Celtic striker Gary Hooper to QPR, they could turn their attention to Porto striker Mauro Caballero. Porto are keen to loan the youngster out and Reading may take advantage of their current tour of Portugal to seal a deal for the Paraguayan.

Reading never even made an offer for hooper, like sharp only linked to us because of their adkins connections. No actual evidence to substantiate the rumours.



16 Jul 2013 12:45:20
Celtic receive an offer for Gary Hooper that's not from QPR or Norwich - have we finally bid?

Who then

Who are we

Stop building your hopes up Hooper will not go to Reading they can't match his wage demands

Celtics valuation is a joke. With one year on his contract

After all the Cat & Mouse between Norwich and Celtic, Hooper will come to Norwich. There are no guarantees that either Reading or QPR will be back in the Prem next season - look at Bolton and Wolves! Anyway, expect Hooper by the end of the week, if not before, for somewhere in the region of 5 million + ad-ons, and probably a sell-on clause too.

Hooper wants to play for England, won't get that with QPR, may possibly get that with Norwich if he can find a spot in the starting line up.

don't be shocked to see him turn down QPR, and request celtic to take norwich's bid. will celtic be willing to let him go for nothing next season? let's see.

West Ham still interested

Hooper wil sign for the hoops today done deal.

Already stated he wants to go to Norwich.

Hooper hasn't made any statements on his future as of this moment. Qpr are in more advanced talks but with norwich and stoke interested who knows what will happen. If west ham bid he'd jump at the chance its his boyhood club and he'd be paired with englands andy carroll.

Seems odd to get rid of Holt, a proven (given the service) performer in the Prem and costing us nothing, to bringing in Gary Hooper (having played in the equivelent of a bad Championship league) for 5 million! Holt would have been great for the last 20 minutes or so, which is probably all Hooper will get. Strange decision by CH, and one which may cost us the opportunity to up the odds/money for other players!

So your saying holt is better then hooper, man some of you are of your heads

If his prime objective is to play for England then why go to Norwich?

Hoopers in london he will go to apr gutted is a good player norwich have lost out

We don't need hooper, just heard papa cisse is on the radar as Newcastle looking to get rid to save any rift in the squad. 5mil is fee plus 40k week



16 Jul 2013 12:43:40
Looks like another West ham long time target Gary Hooper will snub the hammers for a move to QPR (how embarrassing snubbed for a Championship team). West ham are also about to miss out on Salomon Kalou to WBA after they tried to offer Lille £2.7m when they asked for £3m which albion have met. Hammers not doing well when it comes to strikers



16 Jul 2013 12:33:32
Wigan have made an improved off for Albert Adomah of Bristol City
The expectation is that City will accept the new offer and use it to finance a move for Marlon Pack

We have had an offer on the table about a week now for adomah don't know why we want him unless he's going to be backup

Nothing's been done all week because the team's in America. I think he'll sign next week along with Mulenga and this Cunningham guy.

We've supposedly pulled out of the Mulenga deal due to some of the add ons and bonuses he was after.



16 Jul 2013 12:02:10
Southampton are expected to make a bid for Sochaux winger Ryad Boudebouz within the coming days.


By whom?

Press speculation-if Saints were interested they would already be in discussion.

How good is he

He's good, and has said he would be interested in joining and as he's in the last year of his contract he could be a real bargain!

18 Jul 2013 16:40:17
I know for a fact he wants to join the Saints. But I've not heard any report on us bidding on him.

{Ed029's Note - Please don't add links!



16 Jul 2013 12:00:27
Middlesbrough are closing in on the signings of Napoli forward Eduardo Vargas and Newcastle striker Shola Ameobi.



16 Jul 2013 11:54:57
Tottenham agree 5 year deal for Man City star Abdul Razak



16 Jul 2013 10:59:50
Jol will look to bring in the following to Fulham

Before you all start screaming at me, I've had it on very good authority that Jovetic will join Man City & Jol will look to keep Dzeko in the EPL.

Fulham will make a 12m offer for Mcarthy which includes the loan of Woodrow & Tankovic to Wigan Athletic.

Huddlestone was all set to join Sunderland until Jol made his interest clear & Tom wants to repay faith in the man who gave him his big break.
Ipswich towns Cresswell will join for 4m + add ons

Sako will join from wolves for 3.7m

these players could be joined at FFC by Junior Malanda & Rabiu

Dzeko will never happen we can't pay 100,000 a week.

Dzeko and Berbatov would be outrageous.

But unless you got a source, then it's not happening.

Not screaming. Huddlestone, Sako, Malanda look set to happen. As for Dzeko, I don't doubt that khan would back Jol if we went for him, I don't think Jol will and I don't think Dzeko would. McCarthy is a straight toss up, wanted by half the prem and might stay one more year as he has a chance to show talents in Europa. Sorry, no nothing of Cresswell

Would seriously love all of these at FFC, but just don't see it?!

Hudlestone and Sako most likely from that list I'd say. Don't see Dzeko playing alongside Berba!

Not shouting at you but city only have two 1st team strikers at the moment dzeko and aguero, they are in the market for two more strikers, so dzeko is not for sale

Pls not Dzeko. want someone with legs ahead of berba. the lack of movement would be horrible

I would love Dzeko but I doubt him joining.

Dzeko wages?

Mcarthy and Huddlestone will be very good signings if Jol is looking to play a 4-2-3-1 then they would fit in the two very well like the thought of sako think he bring us something a bit more different as he is a very direct player likes taking players o like Dejagh does. I also think defensively fulham are sound maybe need a right back as cover for Riether but Jol does have youngester Jack Grimmer. I also think Jol needs another player like Ruiz who can play as Jol likes to say the number 10 role because we relied too much on Ruiz last year and their are better players than him in this position then leaves out striking options atm only having Berbatov, Rodellga and Trotta need to bring someone I like Remy or Bent or I've heard Kevin Gameiro from PSG could come in which would be a god signing let's Hope Kahn helps Jol and splashes some cash this summer to accomplish a top 10 or top 8 finish.

Um no, no he isn't.

Lets be honest here, that list is a mixture of linked players and wish list players. Fulham will go for someone who's value is correct. He might sign one or two of those players but I can guarantee all won't come.

Give it two weeks and we may see some movement.

I can see every player apart from Dzeko coming to Fulham. Personally I don't want Sako but that's because I think we have plenty of young wingers who need playing time to develop. Unless Sako is going to play the Dempsey just inside role I can't see the point of getting him. I would like to see more young players given a chance this season but not sure if this will happen.

Dzeko nearly signed for Fulham before he went to City! 100% true

Dzeko would not work with Berba. We need someone to run on ahead of Berba not someone like Dzeko who has a lack of movement. And all though Khan is a billionaire, he's not going to pay those sort of wages.

12m + a player for mccarthy is a joke. Good player but outrageous money for a player who plays for a team that just got relegated

What a pathetic statement that shows a complete lack of knowledge about the game.

1/ I bet youve never seen McCarthy live more than 4 times
2/ If I could be a***d I would name you 20 players who have been signed from clubs outside the top league who have gone on to become top quality players.

Very shallow view i'm afraid.



16 Jul 2013 10:45:45
After the departure of Daniel Carri�o to Sevilla Reading are in discussions with tonights opponents Beleneses about bringing two of their players to the Championship. I understand they are midfielder Tiago Silva and french striker Mamadou Diawara.



16 Jul 2013 10:37:22
Nicky Shorey set to sign 1 year deal at Millwall after inpressing on Loan.

It's up to SL?

Good player for Millwall. I do think we need a quality midfielder though, (and striker) as bless him, but Jimmy Abdou is nothing but a grafter, no real skill

I hope he's the only one out of the crew that is training with us, maybe Croft as well but Harewood and Pantsil are just not good enough.

Also, Shorey wasn't on loan at the Den? He has been training with the first team for a few weeks and played in a pre season game against Crawley at the weekend. that is all.



16 Jul 2013 11:52:37
Marlon harewood training with millwall. Please SL no no no no No! Mabey 5 years ago.

I AGREE NO PLEASE NO SL! 5-7 yrs too late I'm afraid! Let Brizzle City have him!

I'm 'FED UP' with these 'OLD PALS' acts! Let him train in Bristol?

Oh please NO NO NO NO



16 Jul 2013 11:48:53
Anthony Griffiths has agreed terms and is having his medical at Vale park. He will seal his move from Leyton Orient in time to play in tonight's friendly against Derby County.



16 Jul 2013 11:39:50
Liam Moore will sign for Brentford on a season long loan from Leicester

I hope so he is a very good player. However, I feel Leicester wouldn't loan him for a season, more likely a month on month off loan deal like last year if he needs some game time

This won't happen



16 Jul 2013 11:29:36
tranmere set to sign ex blackpool, wigan and birmingham gk richard kingston. as jason mooney is going to west brom for 200k as they look for a relacement for luke daniels

Luke Daniels just signed a new contract at west brom

Come on 200k for mooney I will drive him there myself for that, never going to happen

Mooney has just signed a new contract at tranmere

God help you if you get Kingson. He is too small and erratic. Major reason Blackpool got relegated from Premier ( after Gilks got injured). Big heart but small body!

He did make some good saves but he also made some mistakes. wouldn't blame him for our relgtation but if we had gilks all season we would yave stayed up. Never mind

Don't be daft McCarthy is staying with us and you wudnt get him for 12 mil seeing Everton had that rejected and Fulham is not that much of a big switch

Mooney a great young keeper with imo a very bright future in the game. With this being doubtful at the presant I can definately see jason ending up at a prem club in the future



16 Jul 2013 11:23:48
Portsmouth midfielder Liam Walker is close to joining Greek club Aris on a 3 year deal

Already signed ages ago

About to sign a three year deal with Pompey I'm afaid. Expected to be completed next week Story in Portsmouh News.

No such story in the news!!

Wrong he signing for Greek club



16 Jul 2013 11:21:46
Uwe Rosler still wants 2 more players to sign before the season starts, a centre back and a striker.

The centre back won't be Ward from Swindon as expected.
The striker is rumoured to be Iain Hume who has already been in talks with Brentford at the end of last season. A small fee but big wage demands stalling the transfer at the moment.

The same ian hume who is staying at preston? How verry odd

Glen Hoddle next Swindon Manager

Hope so



16 Jul 2013 10:53:39
Swindon have accepted a 300k bid from blackpool for club wantaway star Paul caddis, all the money up front with a sell on clause of 20%.

This is a pittance for a player who was the best RB in the championship last year, we have previously turned down higher bids for Cadds, this shows that the club have no ambition selling the club captain and probably best player for less than they got for Aiden Flint.

Ridiculous business unless the money is needed to keep the club running.

Its £175k not £300k

If he wants to leave so much let him no the worst amount of money in the world

He want to leave because of what he thinks of the owners I spoke to him after the devizes friendly I will not go into detail what he said about them but it wasnt very flattering towards them.



16 Jul 2013 10:19:32
Colchesters Clinton Morrison is set to join Nuneaton on a two year deal. The striker hasn't lived up to expectation at Colchester, paving the way for wantaway Notts County striker Enoch Shownumi

Lets hope so

No chance, morrison has impressed in pres season. and even if he hadn't, no way they could afford him!



16 Jul 2013 10:18:05
Drey Wright Of Colchester is being looked at by numerous Championship clubs after the talented youngster has impressed in recent games. Burnley, Ipswich and Derby all rumoured.



16 Jul 2013 10:16:28
Lomana Lua Lua offered a one year deal with Colchester United. Lua Lua started his career with Colchester and wants to finish it there.

This is true he was at the Colchester West ham game tonight I spotted him sat with Karl duguid

Yawn, not again. Leave the poor boy alone!

The guy you saw sat with Karl Duguid was goalkeeper coach Ademola Bankole not LuaLua



16 Jul 2013 10:02:15
Burnley are keeping tabs on Norwich midfielder David Fox who is allowed to leave Carrow Road

Done deal

Every championship team should be trying to get Fox, is an excellent player and would get into any championship team.

Very good player, been unfortunate under ch, not had the opportunities. Sad if he's goes but looks surplus to requirements at city

Seems that CH goes for muscle in midfield, rather than finesse. Fox is a great player, with an ability to pick the perfect pass (look at winner against Portsmouth to win promotion!). I personally would love to see him directing things in front of a back three! Great player, will be a big loss and do any team proud, regardless of which division.

He's in our pre season tour squad so it's not a 'done deal'.

I would hardly say its a done deal! The guy is currently in California training with the lads for pre season. Only three players left behind. Turner (still not 100% fit), Bassong (being rested because of his surgery post season) and Leon Barnett (most likely being sold). If he wasn't in the clubs plans they wouldn't fly him to the states first class (which is what they flew, looks at the pics online) to Cali for pre season. Personally I think he will go this summer but not yet, maybe towards the end or the window.



16 Jul 2013 09:25:34
Watford are to take Everton midfielder John Lundstran on loan to give them more options than Battochio and Hogg. Doncaster also in the chase for Lundstram loan deal but Hornets appear to be front runners.

What when lundstram was with doncaster last season and said he wants to return?

Initially a 6 month loan

Donny set to sign billy sharpe NOT. Reading fan living in Donny.

Seems to me like Smith, Angella and O'Nien can all play CM or CDM, so not really sure whether this has any truth behind it.

Smith yes. O'Nien's not nearly ready yet and we don't want Angella in the middle when by all accounts he's the commanding presence at the back. Lundstram a likely target and we'll probably need one more in the deep-lying playmaker role.

. and let's not forget that the experienced head (beard) of Cassetti has been deployed as a DCM during pre-season as well so a new role for Marco perhaps?

Dream on Watford lundstram due to sign for Donny next week on the teams return from portugal

Watford have gone for Iriney Santos de Silva, doubt Lundstrom will happen

Well we've got Iriney now so that's that sorted. Lundstram might be a decent acquisition but he hasn't really proved himself, and he's probs somewhere between the level of Smith and O'Nien.

Lundstram was only seriously looked at by watford before they knew mcgugan was available, once he signed watford lost interest as they play similar positions

Not really. McGugan is a CAM. Lundstram is a CDM. Quite a distinct difference. We lost interest in Lundstram once we got Iriney.

Ludstrum parents sat just in front of me at the home game, they said if we get promotion Ludstrum would love 2 come back true fact Malc Morling



16 Jul 2013 08:40:32
Hogan Ephraim set to sign for Millwall on loan, following on from the news that the club have missed out on Nicky Bailey



16 Jul 2013 08:25:21
Middlesbrough have been linked with Napoli's Chile international forward Eduardo Vargas on a season-long loan.

Source: tv, The Evening Gazzette.

Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland is due at Rockliffe tomorrow for talks.

Eduardo Vargas is true, however that is completely mad eup about Ireland.

Looks very risky to me. His move to napoli looks like he was a big money flop.
Why take the risk - his scoring rates are low.

Really hope it doesn't happen, don't think he'd add anything to the squad and on high wages.

His scoring rates in Brazil & internationally are solid, especially as his primary position is right wing (just what we need) he was an 11.5 million pound signing for Napoli, I personally think this would be a great loan deal

Stephen Ireland was at Rockcliffe today. He has had preliminary talks and a look at the set-up.

He has other options, one of which is to see out his final year at Villa



16 Jul 2013 05:11:21
Ed any idea y McFadden hasn't put pen to paper at motherwell yet? {Ed001's Note - I don't know, I was under the impression the deal was done, probably just finalising the contract though, sometimes the details can take for ever. It can be as simple as one word in a contract holding up signing, sometimes.}

18 Jul 2013 10:23:28
Faddy won't be signing until next week - agent being funny regarding lengh of contract - also he's holding back for championship offer from blackburn - Barry Ferguson the wee dick has recomended him.

Faddy signed 1 year deal at m'well on 19th July

Watched the kid from Marseille Chris Gadi play at Morcambe. Looks lively! very quick and good feet.

Put some good crosses in. Need to sign him on a free. Good replacement for Humphries.



16 Jul 2013 02:02:42
Heard today Celtic are interested in signing adel taraabt from QPR, not heard a price or anything just heard we are one of the favourites, I think he would be an amazing signing exactly what we need a creative Midfielder, would also love to see us sign aide mcgeady again who has been transfer listed, got the money to snap them both up, just wages, thoughts on taraabt ed? {Ed001's Note - Taarabt is just too far up his own backside to be worth anyone signing. He is not in any way a team player. Celtic will need to play as a team, like they did last season, to progress in Europe. He is not what they need.}

Mcgreedy you serious? He's only in the game for the cash not worthy to wear the hoops again plus forest is much better than him anyway

Top player have loved watching him you will love him

Wouldnt touch him, just think Aberdeen in january, you would be playing with 10 men, even if he bothered to turn up! NO THANKS.

Aberdeen in January?

Forrest is not better than mcgeady anyone who thinks this lacks a football brain! Forrest may have potential to be better but for me he seems to have stalled and very much doubt he will be sold for anywhere mear mcgeadys sale price.




16 Jul 2013 02:08:44
tv News.

Following his release by Southampton, Millwall have confirmed Richard Chaplow will join them on a permanent basis on Tuesday if he passes a medical.

He has!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Millwall haven't missed out on Bailey, and even if they had they wouldn't resort to Eprihiem.

Good Luck Chappers! Great signing for Millwall.



16 Jul 2013 01:19:25
Free agent Bradley Wright-Phillips is being pursued by Walsall, Brentford and Peterborough. With Peterborough being favourites to sign him as they are in the best financial position after the sale of Dwight Gayle.

Not true club have no interest in him

Brentford manager Uwe Rosler has already denied that he is looking to sign BWP, as we already signed will Grigg and already have Donaldson, El Alagui plus Hayes.

We may have money but no-one is on over £5k a week at Posh plus BWP will want more and he's never really been settled anywhere or a prolific scorer so why would Posh want him?

Good player but too old for us (posh)

16 Jul 2013 10:15:57
He may well be joining Notts County

Posh are in bid for Ryan Tunniclife a fee of 250k

Walsall still looking at him but may be too old for us now and we got lalkovic on loan who may be better

16 Jul 2013 13:38:27
Not a good player and probably not good enough for Posh (and that is from a Saints fan)

Walsall won't be signing him, they have just resigned westcarr, and added troy hewitt and milan something. We also have romain sawyers on trial still and he has impressed along with a striker from the mls. As the posh fan said, good player but not our type either.

Posh have said they don't want another midfielder so very much doubt that about Tunnicliffe

Just who posted the BWP rumour?
His agent trying to fix him up with someone, anyone!

More chance of Bradley Wiggins than Bradley W P

Posh have defo got lads on more than 5 k people were on four in l2 b4 when fry had us

Love it how people are privy to players salaries, are they accountants for the players or Club? thought not!



16 Jul 2013 00:22:59
John Cofie to sign for shrews this week after playing second half against gala and tns earlier in the week.

Hope so looked very useful good movement

Hope so but think a bigger club will move for him.



15 Jul 2013 23:57:07
BATE Borisov of Belarus are confident giving pogrebnyak a way out of reading and into the champions league.



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