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16 Feb 2013 22:05:08
Kevin Blackwell set to take over at Notts County who are due to play Blackwells current employers Bury live on tv this coming Friday!

Blackwell refused to speak to the media today as local journalists know that he is set to walk out on The Shakers

I don't see why we don't wait till the end of the season and get warnock in?

Please please please. If the players don't play well under warnock of course if it happends they will get a right battering



16 Feb 2013 18:15:46
Bristol Rovers are looking to sign Lloyd James from Leyton Orient on loan with a view to a permanent deal in the summer. The versatile player has found first team action fairly limited and is prepared to drop down to League Two again, after doing so last season with Crawley. John Ward is a known fan of the player after signing him while at Colchester.

He plays for Orient week in week out and is doing well. Can't see this happening, personal I feel he is very good player but some fans think he's useless personified.

There may be some truth in this rumour. James is a decent enough player, but would not be guaranteed a place in Orient's starting line-up, now they have signed Romain Vincalot.



16 Feb 2013 20:06:13
Matt Smith to huddersfield town with Alan Alan Lee going to Oldham

No chance. He's not Championship material. Not done anything in league. Quality cup run but needs to cement himself in normal games

Haha you just think this up whilst watching the game? genius

Well so much for rested players and first team selection is shocking mr robins, Norwood Vaughan should be starting, give me a break Alan lee and arfield and Atkinson are not good enough do some research don't listen to lillis

17 Feb 2013 18:40:50
Least arfield Lee and Atkinson showed a little quality. What did jack hunt do? Showed why he is unable to move to a bigger club. Poor performance from a poor player. The quicker he goes the better.

Absolute shocker Robins, I hope this isn't a taste of what's to come under your stewardship.

Give Mark a chance

17 Feb 2013 19:49:24
Thought town played well at times. Wigan were good and the premiership class showed. Much rather stay up than go through anyway. When will town fans understand that we were never going to get Adkins, Doyle, Hughes or anybody of premiership experience. Hope Mark does well and we play some of the good football we saw a bit today

17 Feb 2013 20:09:59
Alan LEE to
OLDHAM, tell yer what ile drive him there

17 Feb 2013 21:50:19
Robbins has only been there 2 mins, but yes I was down there today and jack is no premiership defender.

One game and toys being thrown out of the pram. jesus. He hasn't even had any quality time on the training pitch and games are coming thick and fast. grow up.

Jack hunt was out played and out classed in the first half, Mark needs to sign that winger on loan, not many wingers have made jack hunt look so useless in along while

18 Feb 2013 01:47:12
That is the worst I have seen a town pitch in a long time

Whot do you want fa cup quarter finals or championship football next season as a loyal town season ticket holder for more years I can remember I no whot I want, and with the way we improved after half time I think robins will keep us in it, so all you one game glory hunters who only want big time Charlie's inthe cup go to old Trafford once a year not down the John smiths

Don't blame Mark Robins for that defeat. He has inherited the team and strengthened it from the team that beat Leicester by bringing back Smithies, Clarke, Hunt and Danns. When he made changes at half time we looked much better. Also, He must have had Tuesday in mind. We cannot expect him to wave a magic wand.

This site is suppose to be a rumour site not a whinging board.

Give him a break, the team will have been picked by Mark Lillis with Robins rubber stamping it, at least he will have seen first hand who is and isn't up for a scrap. Forrest game much more important and hope Forrest get a toasting for their refusal to consider moving the match back 24 hours.

Alan Lee started yesterday to rest Norwood, Novak and Vaughan They'll be back in tomorrow I'm sure

Don`t start blaming robins, i`m no fan of his, didn`t want him as manager, but he`s here, managing our club, all the blame, especially if we go down, lies at the chairman`s door, thinking we could muddle through this season, in a good league with a poor squad, his decisions will cost us, not Robins

Jack Hunt's performance was a shocker - yes. He's no defender, play him as a winger as he has the speed and likes to go up front. Much as I like Peter Clark, he was to blame for 2 of the goals and i'm afraid a few others this season. Not able to cut it in the championship. Get another couple defenders in. While again I like Beckford, he would be as well going back to his home team if he's injured.

Agree with the one above me, move Jack hunt further up, put another full back in, hunt can then link up in an attacking mode, peter clarke not really up to championship now, so either a new cb or lynch in place of him, he`s been responsible for far too many goals at the back this season.

Absolutely hilarious how the rest of the world thinks Smith is world class cause he had two good games, albeit against Liverpool and Everton.

Guys is rubbish, 4 league goals in 18 months? Give us 6 figures for him and ill snap your hands off

18 Feb 2013 21:49:33
Yes as Much as I live jack hunt move him to wing and bring quality rb in like brayford, mears, ECT bring 2 players in on loan Callum guy in from Wigan and a quality CB

18 Feb 2013 23:26:58
Jack Hunt definitely not good enough to play at the back but agree he could play further forward and support Dixon or whoever plays at the back. PC and AL past their best and not good enough for championship. Question and mark over LN SA TC and the loanee, s. Good luck to Mark and his staff it requires hard work and support from all sides
. Good Luck

I am glad supporters realize that poor decisions have been down to the chairman grayson was a yes man, robins can get huddersfield out of this mess, if he has balls. chairman stop interfering, stay in the office, leave football to the manager



16 Feb 2013 14:51:40
Matthew Upson has been to by Tony Pulis to play well and to win a contract at Brighton as he no longer has a future at Stoke City.

He might as well. Stoke only need 2 centre backs as nobody else gets a look-in. Oh, unless Pulis plays them at full back

19 Feb 2013 20:14:25
who are stoke buying in the summer transfer window, or, who else are they keeping an eye on.



16 Feb 2013 13:04:26
john pemberton for coventry city managers job

Good choice

17 Feb 2013 16:52:36
WHO is John Pemberton please?

John Pemberton is a highly regarded coach/manager.
As a caretaker for Forest he beat Man City 3-0 away and Norwich 3-2 away. 100% record. After that he went on and kept Crystal Palace in the championship togheter with Paul Hart. He then became Sheffield you academy manager, and took them to Youth cup final.
Went to Forest again, but were sacked when Davies came in.

18 Feb 2013 21:12:13
Paolo Di Canio to be the next Cov City boss.

It should be Eric Black.



16 Feb 2013 11:42:28
Paolo Di Canio will leave Swindon at the end of the season, if he stays to the end, His is coming home to the Hammers. This has all been agread with his agent behind Swindons back, that was the whole point of his untenable and broken contract statement 2 weeks ago, the deal was done then and he had to make it clear they breached a contract point so he can walk.

He may see out the remainer of the season for the Swindon fans and will then take over from aladyce.

Is it a good move, he is a legend at Upton Park.

I think if Paolo was to go it would only be to West Ham. We love him at Swindon and would love him to stay. But after the way he's been treated by the board who can blame him. Its just another day in the life of a Swindon fan we get use to it.

What a load of carp west ham cannot gamble with there premier league status on some one who not done in it the epl /chp

Brill, The Hammers are my second team. I'd love him to go there so much.

Up STFC and Up the Hammers.

I do not think Di Canio is the kind of guy to quit with 15 games to go but I can see him leaving in the summer and if he does I wish him luck as its been entertaining with him as manager.

Nothing is ever that certain too many variables, this coming week is pivotal in both PDC and Swindons future.

PDC will know by the end of the week whether the new board are behind him or not, a win at Tranmere on Tuesday will see Swindon in the top two and could signal a charge for champions let alone Promotion.

If we don't get promoted, PDC will go in the summer that's as certain as certain can be, as he is far too good for league 1, where he goes depends on whether West Ham have avoided relegation or not. If they avoid relegation I don't think they will take the risk of a inexperienced manager, what top flight club would!

However if they do get relegated, I think it matters not whether Swindon get promoted, the West Ham board would be foolish not to make a move for him.

The only other scenario is that West Ham stay up and we get promoted, I don't see West Ham making a move certainly at the start of the season, however come mid season.

Di canio is not going he is going to change his statement and say he is staying all to be announced on Monday along with the new owners

Behind swindons back? He is under contract for another 1 1/2 years I call that tapping up which under league rules which is not allowed, if they want PDC they have to speak to the owners of Swindon first.

There is no way a p/ship team will have pdc in charge.

you would sack him after 6 mounths as its never his fault

18 Feb 2013 09:06:09
I think pdc will leave in the summer he will see this season out as his ambition to get us to the championship when he came to our club and if he achieves it he will look for his next goal with another club. PDC will eventually end up managing in the premiership and for opposing fans of him who constantly criticise him don't understand him as he is ambitious, dedicated is a winner and expects 110% from his players in training and in a game and he is right in what he expects from them as too many players give average performances sometimes especially at premier league clubs and pdc is a breath of fresh air. David Moyes when from Preston to Everton so why not PDC.


you can all debate this as much as you want, he is coming back to West Ham, I have followed him at Swindon and only Swindon fans can know the real story but he has done well and will be a legend coming back to Upton Park, we will be singing his name again soon, a group of us went to the crawley game, weren't impressed with Swindon, but the fans were singing his name the whole game.

Would be interesting for him to go to the hammers, not sure if success here would be success there but he would be loved and is a much better manager than he gets credit for, I would pay just to watch him on the touchline great man and a decent bloke.

18 Feb 2013 19:37:53
Take it from me he is leaving. oh he just did!

Paolo, done well at Swindon, I think he would struggle with a club like West Ham, can imagine paolo telling players like Nolan and Joe Cole your training 7 days a week? Not. Paolo would also clash with the owners, the only way Paolo would be able to get would be if he calms down and don't publically slag the players off on the television or with the local media, on footballing matters it should all be kept in the dressing room, one good thing with Paolo going we might get Caddis back.



16 Feb 2013 09:05:34
Strong rumour Billel Moshni will be putting a Southend shirt on again today.



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