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ieve this or don't believe this but david bentley is joining man u.
deal is 7.75 million.

pavlencheko is being watched by liverpool and milan and have made enquires to spurs.

im in the know..:–).


" MAN UTD NEWS " heard a wee rumour from an older x–player that united are watching tom huddlestone! [spurs] has presence at 6ft 2", great passing ability, not afraid to put his foot in. This could be a surprise signing in jan cash plus couple of fringe players. A future england player no doubt just the sort united need at 22 years of age. jdayr


Liverpool targets: Emile Heskey, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Eljero Elia, Matt Upson, Patrick Vieira, Antoine Griezmann, Nilton Ferreira Jnr, Zhano Ananidze, Vladimir Koman, Juan Mata, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Connor Wickham, Bojan Krkic, Herita Ilunga, Goran Pandev, Carlton Cole, Sergio Busquets, Gai Assulin, Simon Kjaer, Ryan Shawcross


James Milner leaving this side of the World Cup ?....please stop my ribs are splitting....and for £15m ? stop it please it hurts....

Leeds–boy Milner will not go Man Utd in a million years (unlike his turncoat pal Smithy)...and certainly not to sit on the bench swapping chewing gum tips with Nani and Anderson.

If Jimmy goes after his outstanding World Cup 2010 performances (he is a cert by the way), it will be abroad, most likely to Real Madrid, where they are prepared to offer around £25m for Milner and VDV plus cash for Cuellar – contact has already been made, but rebuffed by Villa....but no doubt they will be back. MON will use the cash to bolster Villa for next years Champs League campaign along with the £50m Randy Lerner has set aside if Villa qualify.


Sir alex decided to spent some of his transfer money on player like Benzema , Goucuff and Defour.


Comrades! News from the front line. As you know my sources are impeccable concerning the inner workings of the club. This is fairly detailed – so pay attention. Gillette was in London last week wooing potential investors. Purslow has also been active in this area conducting ointerviews etc. There are 3 serious offers on the table (one arab origin, one chinese origin, one my don't source doesn't know but thinks may be another Yank – a friend of Hicks)however the bidders all want the same thing – an active one third share. All are bidding around the same mark – £200M (consisting of one third of the assessed value plus a privilage bounty). The Americans are not keen as they are looking more for a backseat equity–only investor and are reluctant to sell a share to someone who wants an equal part in the day–to–day running of the club. The Americans believe a fair valuation of the club is £550M or thereabouts. The club's debt is currently £240M or thereabouts. The Americans see any investment into the club being used in three areas only – some to kick–start the building of the new ground, some to pay–down more of the club's debt and some to go outside of the club to pay of their respective debts in other ventures they have. None will be for players. The Americans believe that transfers should be funded solely from club profits and revenue from transfers out. They also are adamant that wages are part of transfers and it's all 'player money'. Pair of buffoons but there you go. Onwards to sod all!!!!! RED LENIN (gutted)––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


To the man that said man utd will sign huntelaar he is wrong he can't score for milan and hasnt started a game i don't think saf wants to buy a player who hasnt started a game for a few months.Ferdinand will leave for spurs for 19 million vida will sign on and i have heard from an unreliable source that a unknown premiership club will make a sneaky bid for wrexham fc 's chris maxwell [gk] and neil taylor [fb] both of these players are welsh and are usually in wales's under 21 squad so they have played top flite football although playing in the blue square premier


Expect city to test liverpools financial troubes with a double bid for 100m for gerrard and torres. it will be interesting to see liverpool owners response


Wat are the FA doing??? leaving derby out of the bid and florist in??? just shows how much stability is in England when people are picking a stadium that hasn't been built yet for definite. I don't know if England should get the world cup anymore, it would be funny to see forest build that stadium and not even fill half of it up, premiership or not and plymouth haha do they have more than 5000 fans??? To the clown that thinks derby will buy miles adison, he is a derby supporter you idiot and would rather die than play for you inbreds. Derby will look to the scottish league for players and the lower leagues or youngsters. Dickov and campbells loans will be extended till end of season. Bet you those rumours are right. I think Billy Davies is jelous of us Derby lot aswell haha he is such a disapointment in football, he can't revive a club or player to save his life.


Masch to leave in January and this will be a 14 mil plus busquets and bojan ( bojan on year loan with option to buy for 12 mil after) . In to replace masch will be Daniel d rossi from roma as his best mate is aquilani and he is the perfect replacement. Torres will have pandev as back up and the formation will be. Reina Johnson agger carragher insua. Reira (intil summer where Liverpool will buy mata for 7 mil plus reira) de rossi aquilani benayoun/ kuyt (benayoun mite go to man city for 18 mil ) gerrard torres. You'll never walk alone••• y•n•w•a


Notts Forest are in massive debt it has been revealed and need promotion this season if not we will get a 10 point reduction next year

we also will have to sell our best players and BD will walk..FACT


Kevin doyle to arsenal


January will be hectick as many have predicted.i have contacts inside of the pfa , know many agents and have insiders in most big clubs.Manchester united and aresnal shall spark a bidding war over dzenko and eden hazard.Man.u will bring in matthew upson and micah richards to deal with the defencive problems.however brede hangeland is in contedition if either doesn't move.they will also sign sergio asenjo as a replacement for van der sar who will not be offered a new contract.CFC will make a suprise move for quraesma and maicon and possibly move for pato instead of aguero.Liverpool will make a suprise bid for danny collins(who hasnt settled in aswell as thought).They will also move for hugain and ninis.Spurs will ofload crouch to fund a move for alitdore and will cut the contrct of ledley king short.Manchester city will as many predicted swoop for gatusso and will try to compete with cheleas over the signing of pato, they will also move for pjanic from lyon and holtby from shakle.Robinho will leave eastlands to join baraclona and santa cruz will leave to get more matches.Birmingham will offload striker benetiz and try to bring in beckford.They may also cut a deal for sol cambell to return to the premier league.Everton will move for qeauresma as well as CFC however they are the more likely of the teams to get him due to the number of games he would get.They may move for kevin nolan, milijas, bentley and kanu.


Frank Ribery could be available for just £25mil this summer if he refuses to sign a new contract as his contract will expire in 2011. If he is available at this price, the following will all be in the running to sign him:

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Man City, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus.


Arsenal will sign the hulk!!!


Liverpool news:
rafa will be sacked before new year. Don't yet now who will replace him. Milner will sign for 15million and that is it.


James milner to man united, nani to milan, senderos to bayern, bently to city, scott parker to spurs, wilshere loan to stoke, adriano to arsenal, neymar to chelsea, douglas costa to united, nistelroy to liverpool, van der vaart to liverpool/arsenal(loan)


Transfer News!!!!
MUFC: Expect no transfers in january for man utd but SAF has admitted he is interested in signing Huntelaar and he may even put in a sneaky bid for agureo to hijack chelsea's offer.
CFC: Agureo looks almost certain but fans believe to much money is being spent on him.
Arsenal: Van der varrt is very likely and not much else. But definatley a striker will be coming to the emirites stadium.
Man city: Sadly man city still don't think there squad is strong enough but Mark hughes very likely not to be managing the city by the end of the season with mourihnio very possible. Fernando torres could be off to city with a very bad season at liverpool and Man city Belive it or not are bidding a massive £300m Bid for Lionel Messi with wages almost £500, 000 to £800, 000 a week!!!!!!!

Come on united


Look Avfc ins

Green swap
Cambell Free
Jonoavic 5 million

Avfc Outs

Salfou 500k
Reo Cocker 3.5 million
Friedel swap
N.Shorey 1 million


You may remember my post relating to a "busy" January for Sheffield United in 2010. A source has confirmed to me that cover for the following positions are to be sought:

Goalkeeper (obviously), Centre Back (whether Kilgallon stys or not), Winger and Striker.

Blackwell is happy with the central midfield and the fullbacks but it appears Fortune is not likely to feature in the short term and a proper left winger is required to enable Quinn to move back into the centre. The winger will NOT be Treacy who hasn't done enough during his loan. The news of a striker surpised me somewhat but it appears that a player whom Blackwell rates highly may have been made available and as a result a bid or contract offer is very likely.

Whilst no names were mentioned he believes the striker and the winger will be coming from the same club in an approximate £2m double deal. This may also involve a fringe or youth player moving on loan in the opposite direction.

He had no info on the GK or CB targets but knows that the scout who recommended Kallio has been in Lancashire for most of December and has reported back recommendations from Man City, Everton and Liverpool reserve matches.


To the clown stating Billy Davies is 'jealous' of Derby....look at the table! Forest will make a move for Britton from Swansea. Linked with Wigan but Dave Whelan wants players with Prem pedigree.


I believe that Benitez has stipulations within his contract... One of those to guarantee champions league football.

If Liverpool fail to qualify for CL or Funds are made restrictive in the summer or there is an argument about something else then expect to see Benitez to Real Madrid in Summer.

Expect Real Madrid to make a move... they will drop Manuel Pellegrini allowing Benitez to exit in style.

The fans will think he was pushed before being fired and all blame will be levelled at the liverpool owners and Real Madrid will give ol' Rafa some saving grace....

The problem is.if this was to happen who else from Liverpool would follow him to Real Madrid?


To the idiot who said "Because of Robbie Savages (45) influence at the BBC" are you talking about his age? cus hes 35...

anyway as for some real transfer talk darfour is pretty much a done deal for UTD. Liverpool will buy another striker but don't expect any big names. Arsenal likewise. Chelsea might put in a sneaky bid for a new keeper, however ancelotti protests that he won't buy over xmas. J


Whoever is posting rumours about Cardiff City, whether true or false, please give it a rest as you're annoying the inbreds on their message board ;)

Giles Barnes to join the Wurzel Army oooo arrrr!!!


Craig westcarr and lee huges will sign 4 swindon in january from crisis club notts county.

danny wilson thinks that westcarr and hughes are the solution to swindon's lack of goalscorers (paynter only has 9) and that their goals can get swindon into the play–offs.


Heard from a friend in HK who has connections with the Middle East that there are goings on concerning LFC and cash injection of some sort...Stadium / Club....friend wouldn't say exactly as he works for an investment company in Asia who is linked with USA & UAE!! watch this space!


David Villa to Arsenal....
as we all know that , Arsenal is suffering from injury issues of players, esspasially , striker van prsie, the Gunners are set to put a bid for world class striker.
It will become easy because Villa , from begining love to play in Arsenal shirt and also Valencia is ready to sell their asset , to come out of there money crisis...
Best of luck " Arsenal "


Derby are in so much debt that the whole squad is up for sale. With Billy Davies from local rivals Forest ready to pounce in January for Miles Addison (£1m) and Dean Leacock £500, 000.


Just to quell the LFC rumor that eljero elia is on his way to anfield. as long as Rafa is calling the shots he doesn't fit into the scheme at LFC. also why would he want to move to LFC to play some of the time with a team in the same european competition as his current club and a worse league position than HSV, he would no longer be eligible to play in europa league if he moves. HSV just got him and with long term injuries to many of their creative players they will not be selling him till at least the summer as he is far too valuable to the league campaign (4 pts out in 5th) and too the europa league final which the team would absolutely love to be in as it is being played in hamburg. As for Van der Vaart his days in spain are numbered and all indications say england. he could fill the CF role at arsenal or play the same role or out wide for liverpool to either spell gerrard or as support to the torres/gerrard system. favor a move to arsenal as he fits much more the style they play. ( to whoever wrote this ... your jokng right ? why would elia want to move from hsv 5th in the German !! league to LIVERPOOL 7th in the premiership ? m8 get a grip im liverpool will finnish in the top 4 this year whether you think so or not and and andry voronin shows how strong the german league his even he scores for fun elia may not go to liverpool because of benitez but don't bring up stupid points like there in the same cup and lower in there league , as that is just plain and simple our league is of much better quality. anyway onto some rumors, elia to liverpool 12m goran pandev free in the summer and vargas in 8 mil plus dossena, out will be voronin 3 mil babel 8mil, aurelio 7mil, if rafa goes then lucas will also leave for 10 mil and the final person to leave will be the big greek for 1mil


Please can we have some GENUINE Liverpool rumours? Instead of people just writing down their 'dream team' or man u and chelsea fans saying how LFC going down the pan.


Arsene Wenger has said he would do business if he can.We are being linked with whole host of top strikers but Wenger will be frugal.Gignac will not be signed as he will cost in the region of £12–15 million from Toulouse.Adriano will be perfect and available on free, he is ready made top striker and working under Wenger will get him fit and he will be eligible for champions league, Babel has been mentioned for a loan he would be great and Wenger would get the best out of him, downside is he's cup tied for Champions league.Injury news today has shown Denilson may have suffered a reoccurrence of his back injury and the full extent is not known.Wenger will look at Moussa Sissoko who will cost around £8–14 million.Matuidi is a good bet St Etienne are struggling have just sacked Perrin he would be available for £8 million.Strong tenacious tackler, all round good technical footballer.Van der Wiel of Ajax has been linked but Sakho or Subotic would be the ideal signings.they will cost in the region of £8–15 million.Arsene will spend wisely and may recoup some on selling Senderos.Bayern Munich have been mentioned for £5–6 million.Arsene may in all spend around £15 million with 3 signings and they would be ideal signings for us to kick on and fight our way to the title.Good luck at Burnley it's a big game for us.Keep the faith Gooners.


Haha forest fans think they are getting some big name signings, the only people that will join forest are derby rejects like giles barnes and jason beardsley. Derby will try and sell rob hulse so Nigel can bring in mackie who i think will be rubbish for us if im honest. Davies is jelous of the derby county fans because he knows that we hate him and he wants to buy all the players that he bought us so he thinks they can get promoted because their youth team isn't good enough and billy doesn't know how to manage a team without a bit of money.


AFC rumours

in january expect maybe one striker in either Huntelaar or Adriano, that will be it and senderos will leave

in the summer
Green will be bought to replace almunia
richards will be bought from man city
VDV will be bought for a partner for fabregas
and upfront Chamhack will also be bought on a free
going out will be Alumina, Silvestre, Diaby, Vela on loan and wilshere on loan


With Watford and Plymouth both in the news with problems, the FA and Football League will be looking closely at other clubs living beyond their means.

Watford will hopefully be saved via money from Elton John, but I suspect things won't be as 'comfy' for Plymouth.

As a journalist, with links to Plymouth, I know that the takeover in the summer by Roy Gardner did not receive unanimous approval, and many questions were asked and not answered.

There are already cries of 'board out' down at Home Park, and if the points and goals don't come then it may be a very un–Merry Christmas for the Pilgrims.


Two Cambridgeshire teams in a spot of bother:

Peterborough United seem to be heading for trouble, after first the 'sacking' of Darren Ferguson and now key–player Aaron McLean wants out. Newcastle, Nottingham Forest, Cardiff City and Wigan Athletic are keen on his signature in January.

Now, there appears to be problems in the boardroom as apparently Darragh McAnthony and Barry Fry are not speaking to each other after a verbal altercation.

McAnthony is disgusted at the way Fry conducted himself over the Darren Ferguson affair, and has threatened to walk away if Fry does not back off. Fry, meanwhile, has said that he feels his authority at the club is being threatened and feels that McAnthony has demanded too much of him, the manager and players.

Aaron McLean will go in January, along with Craig Mackail–Smith (Cardiff/Swansea/Wolves/QPR/Celtic) and George Boyd (QPR/Fulham/Newcastle/Cardiff/Middlesbrough).

Also, Histon seem to be attracting no end of problems since former Chairman Gareth Baldwin left. Their precarious league position as well as publicised on and off the field events could mean that the wheels have come off at The Glassworld Stadium, and that Histon will soon be heading back down the leagues.


Does anyone have any REAL + TRUE rumours towards LIVERPOOL ;) Please Post ... SpArKy ;)

Yeah mate straight from kenny daglish Pandev in jan 5m also Mata 10m plus riera


Juan Mata to join Liverpool either in January or the Summer. If it is the Summer then a pre–contract will be signed ready for the Summer. Mata is fast becoming a prized asset in Spain and Valencia will do all they can to keep him but he wants out. Valencia have already agreed to sign Chori Domiguez from Rubin Kazan in January and he plays in a similar position to Mata and will earn a hell of a lot more. Rafa has been following him all season and has sent scouts to watch him, plus he has been in a lot of contact with Mata's representitives about him too. Expect Liverpool to try and seal this deal as quickly as possible before other clubs start to become interested. Scott Parker rumour is a load of rubbish, if Mascherano does leave, expect Rafa to bid for Daniele De Rossi of Roma. Aquilani will have a massive influence in this deal in persuading Rafa to buy and Daniele to join. This will only happen if Masherano leaves. Thats all for now Folks...Bugs (Remember the name)



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