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16 Aug 2013 23:12:02
Stoke just need a winger and a goalscorer that's it. Perhaps we should sign Junior Hoillett - 5mil, Garath McCleary - 2mil and troy Deeney (or Mevlut Erdinc) - 6mil.

Absolutely right. A goal scorer and a decent winger will see us ok this season. Trouble is that everyone else needs the same and we seem to be tightening the purse strings at a time when others are spending big.
I fear that if we don't see some decent additions before 2 sept that we are in for a troubled season. Fingers crossed the club have their eyes on suitable targets.

Spending big does not equal success - please see QPR

Spending not at all, does often equal relegation, been there before, done that. Everyman and his dog seems to be able to sign players, we can't even get our signature's, are we shopping in pound savers by the way?

We're a different club to QPR, we need the money for quality players. We can't afford to take a chance on another cheap player and hope he does a good job, like we did with Kightly. Hoilett and Deeny I'd say at this point. This Turkish guy doesn't look any better than Walters to be honest. Need some Europa League standard players to make a difference to the season, even though we are not in the Europa league and the chairman probably isn't willing to spend that amount of money.

Honestly, any addition that creates some pressure on the opposition box is probably enough to add the extra bite we need. I'm anxious to see if Pennant will play like he did two years ago, as if we don't have a striker that can make something from little, we instead need width to give the centre mids space, as there actually is quality there for all we bypassed them in the past. Unfortunately Ethers looks like a shadow of his former self while Shea and Kightly tend to cut in too often to provide consistent width.

So yeah, I'd even take a goalscorer OR a player who will try to beat a man out wide.

We have already spent in the region of £90 million since joining the premier league. This has allowed us to hold are own. The chairman now wants us to become more self sufficient but the signings made by the previous manager does not give us much to sell on for a profit. That's the problem we have now

17 Aug 2013 10:17:02
Troy Deeney is good - but you will need both of his legs - so beeter up that bid to 10p!

Just can't see us staying up to be honest, norwich have made some great signings, as have cardiff, hull have also done a bit of decent business, villa have strengthened plenty also, can't see goals coming from any of the strikers, so looks as though we are doomed!

17 Aug 2013 20:00:51
If you offer £5 million for Mccleary then you'll get him

Mr Coate's spend money I don't think so.

So you seriously think that Hull and Cardiff have better squads than Stoke! Stoke are a couple of signings away from being a very good side.

If Scott Sinclair and Jermain Defoe are worth around 5-6mil then McCleary is not.



16 Aug 2013 22:30:27
Gareth Barry on way to everton on a loan deal for 12months



16 Aug 2013 22:18:01
Blackpool interested in free agent Nicky Shorey who has been training with Millwall

I can't see this happening. We have Robinson and Harris for the left back spot, unless he wants to push Robinson up to LM while Phillips is recovering.

Gone to Bristol City now, which is about his level.



16 Aug 2013 22:21:30
Gareth Barry on way to everton on a loan deal for 12months



16 Aug 2013 17:58:14
Reading to sign Mike Van Duinen for 1.5m. The 6'4 striker plays for ADO Den Haag. And also Ebrahim Savaneh for 2.8m from OH Leuven.

Apparently we're going to bid £3 million for Cameron Jerome - would be very happy with this!

I would be shocked if we signed Cameron Jerome, he was an average championship player and definitely wouldn't get us the goals we need next season

There is more to being a striker than just goals. jerome would be ideal for the system we will mostly be playing. he is certainly more than an average championship striker and I am more concerned about someone scoring the goals we need this season rather than next season.

Agreed. I think you've made the assumption too early that we're definitely getting promoted this season - once we get into the premier league we can worry about recruiting players to keep us there

18 Aug 2013 20:16:49
Hope this isn't true! I saw Cameron Jerome play for Blues when I lived in Brum and he may have well wore his boots on his shins as that's where it hit him!

Wouldn't be a player I'd want. Be better off with Kenwyn Jones

I'd just like to see one paid for marquee signing to show some intent

But it's not just a case of getting the players to stay in the league, we need the players to get there. We're showing we certainly have the quality to compete with the better teams in the league but with some smart additions we can be more than in the fight for promotion we can be the team other teams are needing to chase.

Cameron scored a banger against us for Stoke! Also was top Scorer in the championship I believe one season.



16 Aug 2013 17:28:43
Blackpool in talks with o'hara

Would love this to be true, get either O'Hara or Barkley in. Another winger and a RB and we have a strong team.

Hope this isn't true, Wolves hate him and he's a terrible player sign claasen or another attacking mid not him whatever u do.

I have heard this is true

What a good signing he would be. He's just like Charlie Adam but has abit more flair and agility about him, need to wrap this up quickly KO



16 Aug 2013 15:48:17
Talks are moving forward with Scott Sinclair. WBA have agreed a loan deal worth £2 millions pounds and agreed personal terms matching Sinclair's current £40,000 a week. However, there is a big sticking point on the fee that WBA are willing to pay once the loan spell comes to an end with WBA not wanting to pay the £4 million requested by City. I am still fairly confident the deal will be done in the next few days as Pellegrini has stated in a press conference this morning that Sinclair will be moving 'today or tomorrow'.



16 Aug 2013 14:19:56
mark cooper will remain as assistant manager at swindon as the board feel he is a safe pair of hands and part of the swindon family-who will be the new manager?
stuart pearce is in the office with jed and lee as I write this email.

How do u know he is sat in the office with them

17 Aug 2013 11:47:46
I'd prefer cooper than Pierce who has a terrible record.



16 Aug 2013 14:15:28
Leeds have offered 500k + Ryan Hall for rotherham winger Ben Pringle but the millers insist he isn't for sale.

Look - Rotherham are on a roll and selling star players like Pringle would make the supporters flash back to our selling club days - the chairman is ambitious and we ALL TRUST HIM.

17 Aug 2013 03:07:25
I don't think Leeds have 500k to spend right now.

Actually yes we do have £500k to spend for a transfer it's the wages budget where the issue lies, need to reduced the £15m per year to bring new faces in

I don't think leeds are looking at pringle



16 Aug 2013 13:47:35
Galatasaray forward Johan Elmander Norwich bound after tweeting today about the 'Next Challenge' in his career. Not heard too much about him other than Bolton got rid of him.

Bolton didn't get rid, he rejected there contract offer.

I'm seeing this one a lot. He is 32 and has an awful goals record at every club. Would rather of had HOLT

Great feet, check out His goal against Wolves, good work ethic, better than people think, just needs more goals in His game. Would be a decent signing. Bolton fan.

This one is true. Nice to have an international as third choice striker.

The only time ELMANDER showed any signs of good work ethic was in his last year of his contract putting himself in the shop window. The biggest waste of £8 million I have witnessed. He's not a prolific scorer of goals. He's not pulled up many trees in the second rate Turkish League.



16 Aug 2013 12:51:37
Middlesbrough fc looking to sign a defender today gazzete says David Ayala from Norwich city could be that signing.

Daniel Ayala I think you mean!

Hope so

17 Aug 2013 17:05:26
Here we go AGAIN. Seriously folks, I am one of the most dedicated Boro fans around, having supported them for 5 decades, but this is a poor, poor situation. Mogga must go. And go NOW.

Scraping a home draw against the likes of Blackpool is just not the way to get promoted.

Already lost to a promotion contender Leicester.

What's going to happen when we meet Forest, QPR, Watford, Reading, Leeds and Wigan etc. Do you really think even a top 6 finish is realistic. Nope.

Once again it is clear, fluke headed goal last week nothwithstanding, that Boro cannot defend, they cannot control midfield and they are hopeless in the last third. I think out best achievement this year will be to finish fourth bottom.

All the signs are there for a relegation battle just around the corner. Nobody wants to come to a club with no realistic ambitions of promotion, has no money to buy decent players and do not keep those that can score around.

Mogga sends Reach away and what happens? Yup, he scores. What do Boro need? Someone who can score. Go figure.

Well done to Emnes for scraping the draw but he is not what Boro need. They need a 20 goal a season striker, poacher whatever. They need goals.

They need defenders that can keep a clean sheet week in week out and we just don't have them.

The board must shoulder it's share of the blame for mis-managing the transfer situation yet again.

We need an Arab Sheikh or a rich American to pump money into the coffers, buy us the players we need to get promoted, and stay there, and we need them NOW.

No doubt I will get shot down again but is this situation what we want for our club? No, I didn't think so.

Totally agree bad management mowbray and venus this club is going nowhere filling supporters heads with these so called signings we need an injection of at least 3 new players fast and bring in martin oneill to take us that step further gibbo wake up and stick your free pint

Seriously it ain't that bad, wait and see! When we get he extra players we are looking at it we are going to give most teams a challenge. Portsmouth had one of those rich foreign owners look at them now! It ain't always the answer.

How can an Arab or sheikh help, FFP is in play now, we need to stick together and realise we are a little club, we don't have the resource of other teams in this league. If we are in a relegation battle so be it but I don't think that will happen, mogga now has rid of everyone he wanted to go so let's give him a year and see where we are! He and us wants a team to be proud of, come rain or shine we will still love the boro!

^ have you been watching the same games as me? You claim that we are hopeless in the the defence and midfield and I have to completely disagree. In the games at Charlton, the most part of leicster, accrington and even Blackpool they both did a good job. Like you said the probelm is that the attack is lacking, however money is getting thrown at some players to try and land them, so I think it'd only be fair to say that on September 3rd. And saying that the best we can do is fourth from bottem is just being pathetic. Stop being so negative and get behind the team and the manager!

I won't shoot you down because although you seem a bit ott the basic sentiments and explanations have an element of truth I think. Very little attention paid to the defence, a distinctly average goalkeeper signed ( oh for Ross Turnbull now after many gave his potential signing the thumbs down), no additional creativity for midfield and too few forwards who don't appear up to the task. I also agree that we seem to be miles behind the better teams in the league. However we may still get some signings and loans in to help but again the longer it goes with indifferent form the less appealing we seem to prospective players, I also think that the terms we are offering can't be up to much as players seem to be falling over themselves not to sign!
Whilst I admire the up the boro brigade and in Mogga we trust crew for their loyalty surely they can't be happy with the way the close season went and the first few weeks of the season, we always say we will get players in before season starts but here we are again scrambling round with an incomplete squad and the best players/value for money etc already long gone and we will still need to get them bedded in to our style. Things may well get better let's hope so but I also wish for some sort of significant financial input to get out of this league.

With the FFP coming in to play soon a rich owner won't really make any major difference.

: for me the one striker Didn't work and since we've played that formula its never worked 442 is the best formation, we need 2 strikers asp before Wigan game .

: We know reach is a talent and we will benefit from his month loan.

: I want this African player in toleko ranite looks special talent.


Players brought in so far have been good signings i'm happy with them all, now we need to put jigaw together and sign attacking players.

None of us are happy, but sacking Mogga isn't the answer. Yes, we desperately need strikers who can finish, and possibly a creative midfielder. The club have put offers in for certain players, but if their unavailable, or don't want to come etc that isn't Mogga's fault! We all know what the team is missing. I can't see us getting into the top six, but when Reading went up, they were knowhere near until they went on that crazy 20 game winning streak! let's wait and see!

18 Aug 2013 08:10:05
Financial fair play, what has that got to do with anything forest last year had low gates 17-18k but yet they spend big where has the money come from? Possibly a gift from a investor clubs can't lose money but they can spend gifts from the chairman/owner FFP means nothing but keeping small clubs who people don't want to invest in, in their place

18 Aug 2013 08:33:08
Oh dear, here we go again!
two games into the season and the doubters are out looking for blood/moggas head.
we were at times fantastic going forwards with pace and trickery down the wings especially from carayol, adhoma showed signs also of been a great winger. the jukes stood up well to the battering he got from their defense (he was also getting some unwelcome shouts of being rubbish from the fans) and the referee was awful, we didn't get a look in.
Now people are quickly forgetting the humiliating defeat at the hands of Blackpool last season, we made them look very average yesterday. so there is progress happening here. yes. we do need a fox in the box but we looked a good team especially the second half. woody was very good, richardson looks the part at the back we had a strong showing in midfield from varga, leadbitter and whitehead. I personally think once we get our striker and another decent defender, we will certainly be looking at the play-offs IMO

I think we have a good system in place for away games. But who wants to see their team play with one up front at home?

We create the chances, now all we need is someone who can put them away and a backup to give us other options on the bench. I'd say the rest of the team is fine until we get a few injuries then we lack cover in defence.

I think we'll probably sign someone like the lad from Leeds, Then get Sharp or one of the unwanted Sunderland or West Brom forwards on loan for the season.

With two new faces that are capable of putting away some chances in the team suddenly things will start to come together.

However I can see a few fringe players leaving to ease up the finances again. Haroun, Maybe Emnes or Hoyte. With Haliday, Main and Luke Williams going out on loan until January to pick up some experience to help us in the second half of the season.



16 Aug 2013 12:36:02
Boro have signed Boro have signed experienced Greek goalkeeper Dimitrios Konstantopoulos, 34, on a short-term contract until January, this is to cover jason steele's injury as mogga doesn't feel leutwiler is good enough for the championship

Can'tstopalotus god help you he's garbage!



16 Aug 2013 11:44:34
The two signings that are supposed to be made today is John Flanagan on loan and leery lita on a permanent deal, both supposed to arrive at the club between 1 and 2 o'clock, both good signings for the pool.



16 Aug 2013 10:41:29
El hadji diouf seen in the lace market hotel in Nottingham could be a done deal for forest.

Or notts county

16 Aug 2013 20:45:02
Or pure fantasy

17 Aug 2013 08:31:32
Or he could have heard about the women to men ratio. and had a night on the town!

This would simply be the worst signing in the history of Nottingham Forest.
Luckily I guess it's not going to happen.

Dior new forest man



16 Aug 2013 11:43:33
Rumour is that Hughes' is going to do his transfer business the Pulis way, by waiting until the last minute to sign his key targets. Don't believe the stories that we have pulled the plug on the Diouf deal, we are just waiting until the end so we can get him for the price we want, 7m

Hughes has less of a clue than Pulis.

Are you having a laugh? Pulis has wasted probably half of the money he has spent and left us only with begovic and n'zonzi who we could sell for a profit



16 Aug 2013 10:51:50
Doncaster to sign jamie o'hara before tonight's kick off!

Please let this be true!

Please let this be true

This is true

The same one that was part of the relegated Wolves team?

Hope not, he's never really recovered from his major injury

16 Aug 2013 14:11:08
To play tonight Friday 16th aUG he'd need to have signed with paperwork registered before 5pm Thursday 15th aug.

Not true for tonight anyways. Hopefully by Wigan on tuesday

16 Aug 2013 20:09:51
hmmm sounds dubious. I very much doubt he is joining Doncaster, another Championship team will be his destination in the next fortnight.

Def not true JR said on radio Sheffield no more signings at the moment. The next signing needs to be Richie Wellens on long term. Forget Billy Sharp don't need him he was rubbish last season at Forest sat on bench most of time

Come on you PD knockers, Rovers were great to watch last night, football we played was fast and creative, Theo Robinson will be a great foil for Brown, and we still have Forrester, and Fernandez to come, and yet to see the best of Duffy, who needs Spurr, when we have Husband, club and JR deserve more support from Doncaster folk

Well said ^^^

About time someone said something sensible on here!

DRFC played fantastic against Blackburn. We are going to surprise a few people this season. So will all the Paul Dickov knockers get off his back and get behind him and the team.
The support from the south stand was exceptional on Fri. That volume of support is worth a goal start.

Not much noise on here just now from the Oldham fan who obviously dislikes Dickov.



16 Aug 2013 10:24:03
Swansea have reignited their interest in Anzhi Makhachkala's forward Lacina Traore. The Russian side are allowing players to leave as the owner is no longer keen to invest in the side.

Don't suit our style, wages will be massive, and we have never been interested in him before

Good signing if true!
does wonders for me on FIFA :)

Now that would be a result (even though I doubt it'll happen). Up the swans :-D

6ft8 giant

Traore would be an investment at the same level as Bony. No chance.

We have been interested before

Swans are close to an £8.2m deal for lacina traore

We are not stoke.

There's no way swans could pay his wage demands! How would he suit our style?

Not sure if this is true but I know we have been interested in Traore in the past.

One thing is for sure we are going to need another striker because Michu is looking tired already.

Only time michu looked tired was at 90 minutes which is normal with his work rate! Just because he doesn't score doesn't mean he's tired

The only reason man u won yesturday was becoz its exactly the same team as last year and swans have different player which have not yet gelled together

^There's two reasons why they won yesterday.
1, We didn't finish when it mattered and dodgy crosses into the box certainly didn't help.
2, van Persie is simply a different breed of footballer, he's an absolute genius and played a part in the first three goals!

I'm a jack too so not being biased, just honest.

It would be interesting if Bony had been playing first half when for the first 30 mins Swans had great possession. A goal then could have made all the difference.



16 Aug 2013 05:10:38
Crystal Palace are preparing to swoop for recently debuted US international Aron Jóhannsson from AZ. They see him as an ideal compliment to their other recent purchases Chamakh and Gayle and the still injured Glenn Murray. AZ are willing to accept a £2 million bid for him.

He was tracked by Arsenal when he played in Denmark last year. Similarities to Bergkamp, not as talented obviously. Can play as a stritker or on the wing.

Doubt it very much



16 Aug 2013 03:28:49
Ossie Ardiles is in line for a dramatic return as manager of Swindon Town. Ossie was approached after Town missed out on Paul Tisdale and decided against employing Paul Hartley who wanted to bring in his own team whereas the club want to remain loyal to Mark Cooper who they want to keep as assistant manager.

Ossie was great but this sounds pie in the sky!

I really do hope so :), would be great COYR

That would be fantastic if that happened, bring it on that would put bums on seats at the county ground,
Please be true!!



16 Aug 2013 07:52:59
Tottenham now in frame for P. Osvaldo, but Saints in lead to sign him still.

Still don't believe Southampton or Spurs are in for him.

I think the links to Spurs have come from a certain solar newspaper, which has involved some poor translation by their "researchers".

No they're not, he wants to go to spurs

He does not want to join us and I don't want him at Saint either. Too old, bad attitude and way too expensive, there are much better players for that money - let's hope he rejects the offer and Spurs can have him.

16 Aug 2013 20:11:22
if he joins spuds then we all know what's happening to bale

He has thank god!way to much baggage?

We have according to reports made a very good offer to Osvaldo and he still doesn't want to sign up, we need to move on and get a player in that wants to play for saints and spend a bit less money. We do need to sign a quality striker to take the pressure off Lambert.

osvaldo agreed to join Southampton after poch has convinced him!

According to a lot of sources he's all but signed for saints now



16 Aug 2013 02:57:58
Bristol City defender James Wilson is close to joining Oldham for a fee of £25,000.

City are still in talks with Southampton over a deal to bring in Billy Sharp but O'Driscoll is mainly pursuing the realistic option of Jay Simpson. Sharp remains his preferred target but the move is looking increasingly unlikely with many Championship clubs interested in Sharp.

Billy Sharp will be a NO go, Sheffield Wednesday just backed out of a deal because wage demand was to high, so you can count us out on the basis we are trying to get ours down, he earns more that Davis and Adhoma put together and we just shipped them out to get the bill down.

Oh and I think someone has left some noughts off the James Wilson fee

Latics have completed a double signing of Joseph Mills and Danny Philliskirk.

With Carey and Fontaine injured I can't help but feel Wilson has a chance of playing this month, can't see him being sold this week.

Re loan situ with sharp or come to that any loan. Normally the club that loans the player out still pays a large percentage of the players wages! Just wanted to point that out! He would be affordable it's just a case of could we or should we!



15 Aug 2013 23:38:57
Stoke are interested in mevlüt erdinç turkish striker would be a good signing I heard he is good

He is not good

He is quite a good finisher I don't know how we would fair in the prem, I wouldn't mind if we signed him but I would prefer Diouf or Deeney.



15 Aug 2013 23:23:57
Steve Clarke has stated West Brom are 'in talks' with 3 more players.

Scott Sinclair is one of those, he will join West Brom in loan in the next 48 hours with a view to a permanent deal.

Chris Baird will join on a free transfer to offer versatility to West Brom's side as he is experienced and can play in several positions.

Victor Moses will also join West Brom on loan from Chelsea. Only a season long loan with no view to permanent deal yet, however could change if Mourinho feels he is surplus to requirements in the future.

Thought Prem clubs could only have 2 loans. Stand to be corrected. but Sinclair, Moses and Vydra would breach that regulation.

Anyone beter acquintated with the rules please advise.

Sinclair to sign after load part of deal sorted and the 2mil initial fee just the 4 mil being discuss with a 2 mil bid with add on nearing the 4 mil that was requested

Is Steve Clarke refusing to spend any money? Can only imagine this could backfire. Should try to get either Moses or Sinclair on a permanent

You are only allowed 2 domestic loans. loans from overseas can compliment these.

16 Aug 2013 13:20:12
I think players from English clubs and players from foreign clubs are classed as different loan deals, 2 from England, and 2 from abroad or something on those lines.

West brom also have goran popov on loan this season I don't think it will be a problem. i'm pretty sure the ruling is that you can't have more than one player from the same team on loan.

Your also forgetting Popov in the loan part, but Premier league teams can loan only two Domestic loans, foreign loans I don't think has a limit!

Premier league clubs can loan only 2 players from within the premier league, Vydra is from abroad so it is possible.

You are only aloud two loans from premier league clubs, there is no linit on how many you can have from foreign clubs

Last year we had lukaku popov and el ganessey so shouldn't be a problem

No mate, the rule is just 2 loan signings from other teams in the prem

Vydra is on loan from Udinese, who last time I looked weren't in the Premiership.

The rules allow 2 domestic loans ie from English clubs vydra is from udinese so not a domestic loan which would make the three loans viable and those r the rules.

Can have more than two loans, but only two from other prem teams, so moses and sinclair would be fine as vydra is on loan from an italian team

I think you can only Loan 1 play from a club, I'm not sure how many Loan players you can have across the board.

Last season we had Lukaku & Popov on loan and we also tried to sanction Loan moves in January.

Hope someone on here has the correct answer "Edd"??

Not 100% sure but must be able to loan more than 2 as we have Popov and Vydra already, and obviously sinclair would make 3. I have sneaky feeling teir is no limits on the amounts of loanees in the squad just a limit on the number allowed to play in a game.

Clarke asked for that defeat and we got it, gutless dross

We can't play with two defensive holding players, we haven't got lukaku to get us out of the mire,



16 Aug 2013 00:47:03
United to sign John Fleck and Jose Baxter before the transfer deadline also a strong possibility Chris Porter will rejoin Oldham on loan to January

Keep Porter he's not welcome at the Park and you'll have to make a big offer for Jo

Load of rubbish yet again for Jose and Porter would never be wanted at Oldham after he duped the club years a go, the oldham fans don;t like him at all.

Nice to see another club for Jose that's all the other 91 now wanting him.

17 Aug 2013 21:30:25
porter not welcome and not needed



15 Aug 2013 23:55:03
Stephen Hunt was seen in Ipswich today, leading to a rumour he will link up with McCarthy once more.

Keep up - he's signed a season long loan with Brighton

Wasn't him was wolves is left back who signed for brighton

Stephen Ward signed a season long loan. Stephen Hunt is a free transfer. Keep up!

"Keep up - he's signed a season long loan with Brighton" Keep up Hunt is a free agent.



15 Aug 2013 23:53:36
Colchester's Drey Wright, son of former Ipswich favourite Jermaine Wright, rumoured to be linked in a proposed move to Ipswich Town after an outstanding display against Arsenal U21s in a friendly match on Tuesday evening, which Colchester won 5-1. Wright scored the first and created two more, creating numerous chances to have increased the score well into double figures.

£1.5 million and he's yours piswich

1.5million? No thanks.5million plus a tonne of clauses. The guy is a huge talent.

Not going to happen, Drey is Premiership bound not to a local rival, the U's just wouln't do it!

He signed new contract a few weeks ago.

18 Aug 2013 01:18:11
When will Colchester fans learn that we do not see you as a rival buying your players is the same as buying off another club you mean nothing to us. Plus we won't sign him anyway as our clueless owner won't pay any money to sign descent players

The last time Ipswich last paid good money for a player was the last time they won anything. that was back when their fans were wearing flared trousers and sporting Kevin Keegan hair styles. their fans think they are a 'big club' because they won something back in the '80s!. so with that in mind Ipswich mean nothing to me either!



15 Aug 2013 23:04:54
Barnsley fc are looking at two premier league clubs at two loan signings one believed to be Liverpools striker Daniel Pacheco, but flitcroft will reveal in the next two weeks



15 Aug 2013 22:34:06
Brighton sign left back ward on season long loan

He will complete his move today

We have to sign players in four positions nothing much seems to be happening

Who is this Ward?

I don't see why signing a league one player is a good thing. Surely that is not what happens in the loan system. Normally you sign players on loan who can't get in the first team of a much better team. Like bridge and upson last season. A player who is not wanted in league one should not be signed.
Another reason why players are loaned out is to reduce the wage bill like qpr and their players. However wolves do not need to do that and kenny jackett said that ward is not In his plans there must be a reason for this.

I'd say, read up on the fella. He is a Republic of Ireland international, who played for wolves during prem and chap years. He clearly wants to maintain a position in the national team at 27 and 'is' experienced! Brighton are gunning for at least a top six finish. Under the new regs and unlike last year, where there were less transfer restrictions, this is a good move by all parties. The proof however is in 'the pudding' let's wait and see eh! So to the 'new' Wardie. I say welcome, and I, like others i'm sure, look forward to watching from the north stand! Playing under the new 'Garcia system'. Bring it on!

Wolves fans described him as average he was bought as a striker then Mick McCarthy used him as a left back and that's what he is now



15 Aug 2013 22:23:58
Latest on the neil danns to bristol city rumour is that they will offer him a loan deal if they have the funds left after the signings of a new cover rb and a striker. Kilkenny is also talking to a few clubs.

Suprised that there is a few clubs interested in Killkenny,

Talk is cheap, can't see us geting rid of him, even on a free. Let him rot in the reserves, until his contract expires.

Why killkenny is playing week in week out.
Has only had one bad game this season has played well in a passing team.
City fans like a scapegoat this season is killkenny.
I wouldn't blame him if he wanted to leave but I haven't hear him moan once and is putting in 100% percent despiteack of backing from fans

Ha one bad game? Sub half time Coventry, sub 35mins wolves? He's happy because he's highest earner at the club and not doing a lot to earn it. He doesn't suit our team never has! Off load get someone who is willing to work work work!



15 Aug 2013 22:16:27
Burnley are having Dagenham and Redbridge winger Sean Shields scouted.

Shields has made only 1 substitute appearance since a move out of non league but caught the eye with an appearance for NI U21s in Cyprus.

Dyche see's the tricky winger as one for the future.

17 Aug 2013 19:16:10
We are 8 million on debt so don't think we will be paying money for any player. UTC

No we're not 8 million in debt, we made an 8 million loss last year. That's a different thing completely.

And this year we will make profit according to m garlick

We made an Operating Loss of £8m. We covered it through the Parachute, the sale of Jay Rod (the "up front" bit) and the sale of Fox (the up front bit). After that income was taken into account we made a profit of £2.6m. The clubs capital account has £4.8m in it which is the current balance of the £10m investment made by the co-chairmen. This season they expect a £4m operating loss and that's covered by the sale of Austin.

So were did all the promotion money go

The income from the sale of Jay Rod was included in the accounts for the year ended June 2012. (see Directors report). The parachute payment is also included in the operating loss of £8m for the year ended June 2013

Owen Coyle £1m bonus, Premiership wage contracts that didn't have the correct write-down clauses when we became a Championship Club, the truly barmy purchases made by Laws and the directors taking back their £11m in loans they put in before Premiership promotion. There's just short of £8m to come at the end of this season, which is the last Parachute Payment. Madness eh?

The financial position of £8m operating loss includes the buy back of turf moor and gawthorpe training facility.

As I remember after we got promoted Barry kilby said our promotion money will last 10 seasons where as it all gone we have not bought anyone no money spent on ground same old burnley tightest club in football league

Nope. That was funded by a bond issue where 180 + outsiders got involved at an average of about £20K each.

To be fair. Eddie Howe signed in the majority some very poor players for big fees. Laws was a joke and the guy above is right. Promotion season we had a wage bill of 9m. When we came back down a year later with a smaller squad it was 12m. Ludicrous.

^^ No money spent on the ground? We relaid the pitch, digging up the old underfloor heating (huge concrete pipe from Cricket Field stand to the old Beehole end) and relaid with semi synthetic pitch at a cost approaching £1m.

Not expecting everyone to be an accountant but you should at least know the difference between profits and debt, assets and other balance sheet items. That's just common sense. If not, avoid topics like this!



15 Aug 2013 22:02:30
Tony Mowbray is keen to take El-Hadji Diouf to the riverside after Gibson gives more investment and sees diouf as an experienced assett

Hope to god this is not true, the man's an animal, go and spit elsewhere!

Can't seen this happening because doiuf spat at a 10 yr old Boro supporter wouldn't be the best move

16 Aug 2013 11:13:52
Player coach I'm told



15 Aug 2013 20:31:48
bristol city to sign RB hately from motherwell on a free transfer. They are also look at Gobern who O'Driscoll feels he could deploy in a wide role. Jay Simpson is almost a done deal



15 Aug 2013 20:31:47
Jay Simpson is in talks with Bradford City.

Where did you get this little nugget from?

Yet another unfounded rumour about Bradford signing another striker



15 Aug 2013 20:15:11
Rumours that matt Ritchie could be on his way out of bournemouth

Matt Ritchie was injured in pre-season. Well documented ar AFCB.

Who to? .

That's total rubbish, people keep saying this because they haven't been updated on the injury, but maybe howe just doesn't want people knowing so he can suddenly bring him back and the opposition will be unaware like he normally does! I spoke to him the other day, he is very much at bournemouth!

I heard the same thing, I heard Sunderland on loan

Ritchie is on his way a figure in the region of 1.2 million has been discussed he will be off - Premier team


He only signed in january so I doubt it


Why would he go on loan! Surely if he was to go it would be permanent?

Yeah it's true it's Sunderland. 1.5 million up front and another million in add ons.

16 Aug 2013 22:07:01
DC has said he wants to sign a couple more players, he's signed 10 already. He loves Ritchie & valued him at 2-3 million when he was at Swindon. Well he's got to be worth at least 2 million then? That would allow AFCB to bring in a striker. Terrence Boyd would be perfect, A Steve Fletcher who can actually run as well as cause havoc in the box. Prolific & plenty of assists. I'm hoping we sign him!

Mitchell has already said there is funds available! So instead of selling Ritchie let's keep our assets. There's no point selling a good player just to replace him. We need more strength in depth

17 Aug 2013 20:42:17
Boyd would be a great signing. Obviously keeping Ritchie would be perfect, but we're not lacking in midfield talent IMO. We showed we were lacking a ruthless edge today against Wigan, though Fraser & Daniels were awesome. They had to kick Fraser off the pitch in the end. He didn't do any histrionics etc. He's going to be an important player this season. As for Daniels? MOM!

Gotta say having been to the match today and see us dominate Wigan that Boyd is the man for us and with Ritchie and Fraser there to support grabbs who is looking the real deal in the middle we will do a lot of other champ outfits, bearing in mind we totally outplayed the FA Cupholders and a team in Europe today.

Sorry did I miss something, Daniels was not playing today was he?

Great game today remembering fraser is our 3rd choice right winger behind coulibaly and ritchie

18 Aug 2013 09:53:35
Sorry, I meant Francis. Thought he was awesome along with Fraser. AFCB were booted & kicked all over, Fraser especially. He's a gem that's for sure. I was surprised at how dirty Wigan were at times?

Obviously at the wrong game mate, Daniels never played. We need to keep Ritchie

Francis is a rock he's so under rated! They are! Owen coyle doesent have a clue! Sore loser



15 Aug 2013 19:33:23
Peterborough will sign Oldham midfielder Jose Baxter for £1m to replace the Palace bound Lee Tomlin.

1. Posh are awash with midfielders. just because DF said he looked at signing him last year doesn't mean we are signing him

2. Tomlins agent has persistently put out these rumours, nobody has bid, his price tag is £12 million, it's all a load of rubbish, Tomlin needs to focus for the next 18 months to get the move he wants, otherwise it'll be the bench like many others, and a move to nowhere just for the money

Unless you mean lee tomlin is buying a new house - we ain't selling him and won't be signing baxter.

Won't happen pity you haven't spoke to the chairman of Oldham.

Jose turned Posh down in jnauary can see why as they got relegated. lol

16 Aug 2013 16:31:16
Peterborough United Ajose is confirmed as training with St. Johnstone, which could suggest St. Johnstone are considering a part exchange and despite the rhetoric a deal may still be possible for Steve May

Tomlin for £12 million may be the funniest thing I have ever heard

£12mil? The club would probably accept a £3mil. Gayle was reportedly only going for £10mil but look what happened there!

Yeah look what happened, little old Posh in league 1 got £6m rising to £8.5m to Gayle. No-ones said Tomlins worth 12m, just that they won't sell unless someone offers that. Big difference

Exactly fed up with fans from "bigger" clubs thinking us "smaller" clubs just exist for no other reason than as a shop, and everyone is for sale urgently at the best price they can get, rather than for the "smaller" clubs team to do well



15 Aug 2013 19:17:17
Norwich after nick powell and kyle naughton on loan, rumours of a bid for wolves lee griffiths as back up

Bizarre, considering LG has signed a new contract.

Would welcome this apart from Nick Powell. Really don't need another midfielder. I'd rather we bought Naughton but it seems unlikely now we have Russel Martin and Whittaker at RB

Powell is no better than what we already have, griffiths recently signed a new contract at wolves, but naughton would be good back up though

Why do we need 3 right backs? Naughton wouldn't get in the team at the moment.
The only reason for this is if Martin plays centre back regularly so KN is a back up to Whittaker at Right Back. Would rather sign a centre back though as don't really rate Martin there for a whole season.

We need to a cb and a st lee griffiths would be a good signing we need a young striker from the lower league and build him up for the future



15 Aug 2013 18:57:13
Robbie Keane has been offered the opportunity to return to the premier league with Crystal Palace.

Wouldn't be as mental as it sounds. Only 33. Wages?



15 Aug 2013 16:43:46
Jon Flanagan poised to sign for blackpool on loan from Liverpool with paul ince looking at bringing evertons Ross Barkley on a season long loan

Flanagan maybe but will Martinez let barkley go? He's getting played isn't he?

Would be two good signings. I have heard that it's Wisdom Ince wants and not Flanagan.

As much as i'd love this to happen. it never will. Flanagan more likely to join.

Barkley is dependent on gibsons injury and wether fellaini goes.



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