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15 Sep 2012 22:40:00
chris wood is on is way to millwall on loan from

Is this just all talk.. believe it wen I c it...

We need a proper centre half as well as a striker. Robinson as much as he loves the club is awful he is slow got bad positioning, but everyone thinks he is quality coz he puts his body on the line he is a centre half, that's his job.

Millwall do need a nother striker,every one at the club does no this! But most of all we need a 'LEADER'! I am afraid that with all his passion 'ROBBO' is not the answer! This will sound 'CRAZY' but we need a 'John Terry' style type of player? And they are not easy to find??

Jackets tactics against Hull made us look a joke! If this happens again I would start looking around for a manager who knows about tactics/formation of the team! How many games do we have to get 'BATTERED' before Jacket realises! He even admitted that he got it wrong! And against Sheffield Wednesday!

Me personally I have lost interest in Kenny Jackett and his tactics,he baffles me,and I have supported the club for 40years!!! {Ed003's Note - Why are you having a conversation with yourself ?}

If we don't win one out of the next three games then Jacket should 'GO' {Ed003's Note - weird :-/ }

I am most definately not having a conversation with myself! I am just letting off some steam! The trouble is that some Millwall fans just 'DONT' like to hear the 'TRUTH'! {Ed003's Note - ok}

Forget strikers,centre halves,KJ has to get his team&tactics right from the start,as simple as that,otherwise if we dont get one win in the next three games it will be time too look for another manager!

Note to ed - he's probably having a conversation with himself cos no one else will listen to him cos he talks so much rubbish!! Robbo - first game back after a double hernia operation - bound to be rusty - he was as good as any in the division last year. KJ got it wrong Saturday - doesn't make him a bad manager. We are Millwall - we are not going to win every week. Hull spent a lot of money and have started well. We are 3 points off the playoffs and 1 point off relegation. It's going to be a very tight division this year with us competing against teams with more money and more fans- Some people need to get real!

Stop talking wet robbo is the man

Was it me or did Taylor in goal have a shocking game? Looked like he didnt move for 2 of the goals and the one that went under his body capped it! new GK needed and it shouldnt be forde!!

One mistake and we need a new keep...KJ shouldn't have played Robbo so soon..... he is no better than the lads already there...short memories you lot we where on it against Boro. .....For starters... How about 15,000 of us turn up on Saturday...tomorrow night would be nice but I know the missus won't let 5,000 of you out on an evening. Get there early enjoy a beer or two or get a Starbucks or some of the new tasty grub the club has arranged..spending some of your hard earned on the club you all "love" and then we can all moan about money they don't spend.......untill that magic day we'll all have to turn up and suck it's all we can afford ! ...... and before you start chuntering I will be there tomorrow night leaving Spalding at about 4 pm getting home past midnight up early for work next day. ....I'll do it all again on Saturday if they loose as well........Come on you Lions

Cant be that much of a fan, otherwise you would know we play Tuesday night!

Totally agree...Come on you Lions.. Been waiting 3 months for the season to start - yes KJ made a mistake with formation - he knows that I'm sure - At the moment we are in same position as this time last year with 6 pts - next 5 games critical for character of team. Not sure what other Lions think but moving out all 3 of the old guard in defence was perhaps a little hasty as regards cover. They may not have been super dynamic but they all played tons of games for us and knew the system and each other and were quite solid most of the time. The result was disappointing but we have got to get behind the team and manager...Brighton will bring 2000 at least ..should be cracking games.. hope for draw against Cardiff and who knows against Brighton - wont be easy...the Wood signing from WBA sounds promising..a positive move..dont lose heart yet...

The biggest disappointment to me this season so far are the crowds! We've kept all the players we wanted to keep and brought in a few more - all financed by the Chairman. Stop thinking we're Real Madrid, stop slagging off the manager and players and, if you can, get down the Den and support the team. Come on you Lions!

Right as well all you arm chair fans every team losses. KJ said sorry he got it wrong get down the den tonight show your support and stop winging MIIIIIIILLLLLLLL

How can people say jackett must go if he dosnt get it right he's done a amazing job at millwall we were at the bottom at league 1 when he took over now look where we are we now. we need to show our support and get down the den to cheer on kenny and the wall COYL

I went last night; wasn't a great performance; Dunne was awful and Henderson looked like he's carrying a knock. To all those who knock KJ, let's put it in perspective - Cardiff have spent a fortune, get bigger crowds and sold their soul (Bluebirds in Red Kits!!) to the highest bidder and were able to rest Craig Bellamy! MFC can't afford a big squad and when we get injuries it will weaken the team. KJ has done a magnificent job given what he has. It amazes me that we even compete at this level. We are not yet in a position where we can expect to be pushing for the playoffs but we are moving in the right direction - the worst thing we can do is lose faith in the team or the manager. KJ knows what's wrong. I'll be there again Saturday supporting my club - I just hope the bloke who sat behind me last night, moaning from start to finish is installed as the manager of a top premiership club before then, as he obviously thought he was well qualified!!!

Ha Ha ! brilliant I had one of them and his dad behind me last season I've switched seats now

Lol - Could have been the same people mate. This was a father and son combo!



15 Sep 2012 20:53:21
Tom Carroll to sign for Burnley on loan up until january.
Very reliable source.

Doubt it as AVB will want him for Europa and COC

I heard this as well. He'd be gr8



15 Sep 2012 20:22:25
carlisle are set to sign marcello trotta
from fulham on loan

Isnt he at watford?

Has he got a yellow three wheeler?

He wont drop to league one he as stated that

Dont think hed come to carlisle

On the subs bech yesterday - going nowhere - Jol is developing him fast



15 Sep 2012 20:10:25
Barrow sign free agent Sean McConville former Stockport misfit.



15 Sep 2012 17:01:10
Stockport's Manager Jim Gannon wants former player Johnny Mullins on loan to solve his teams right back problems..



15 Sep 2012 17:17:20
Was at the Hudds V Derby game this
afternoon and Jonathan Greening
pulled up into the carpark.... he must
have been there watching a team he's
going to sign on loan for you would have
thought...probably Derby as cant see
Town needing another midfielder!!



15 Sep 2012 13:00:12
Swansea will sign free agent John Mensah this week, as a replacement for the injured Kyle Bartley. West Ham have played down reports that they were interested in Mensah.

He has been on trial at west ham at this stage there are no reports of a contract being offered to him so he may move on

I hope so as our defence is looking a little ropey at the moment. Williams is out of form and in another team would be dropped and Tate is a back up player.



15 Sep 2012 09:31:13
Is there any loan signings coming in. {Ed020's Note - in where??}


The budget is at capacity so it will be one in and two out If city can get lg 1 clubs to cover the wages of Wilson and Edwards and that's what is causing the issue come on mr lansdown put your hand in your pocket for a decent centre half and do what your manager is asking



15 Sep 2012 09:04:02
Nigel Adkins hasnt ruled out bringing more faces into St Marys with the free transfer windiw open

Hope so because defence is not good enough

He needs a whole new defence
after todays
or move out and get a new
manager in before its too late
catch up big time now

Le Tiss might be available



15 Sep 2012 06:41:21
Plymouth argyle. Would like to see us sign Emily hesky. Seen on BBC website he is wanted by Macclesfield. S

He wouldn't join us anyway with his wages we could get a centre mid and attacking centre mid in instead

I think he's been linked with pretty much everyone now-Personally woludnt want him,think he's past his best and wages would be an issue for most clubs

Well I think if a club in the conference could afford his wages a club like ours could. And as for being past it I think a player who is only 34 and has played in the premier league for the last decade at least and as recently as last season could do a Decent job in league 2

What is the point in us signing madjo on a 1 month loan, hes probaley the best striker out of the strikers we have and has a decent scoring record and what do we do leave him on the bench and looks like griffiths is going to be injury plagued all season

Oh for god sake please get a grip yh cause plymouth are really going to sign heskey, if u really think hes joining plymouth well your simply a fool

In reply to last post I read the other ones something you obviously didn't because I can't see anything saying that anyone thinks he's joining us just that people would like him to as a team in the conference were linked to him.

Agree about Madjo, no point in signing a player on a 1 month loan and sitting him on the bench, he could have done that at his parent club! This Is why strikers like Madjo, Sutherland, Tsounmou etc go back to their parent clubs with a very poor scoring record, but it's not the fact they can't score it's the fact they only come of the bench for 15 minutes every game they play! TomP



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