Football Rumours Archive May 15 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursMay 15 2012 

14 May 2012 23:50:26
Rumours round the Huish is that Andy Williams is to join Walsall on a two year deal after turning down the Glovers to move closer to the midlands area to be closer to his family in Hereford(9)(13)He signed a year deal with Yeovil last week....That was gavin who signed last week, andy has walked out


14 May 2012 23:49:34
pne are set to raid stevenage for players such as Roberts, Laird, Wilson, Byrom and possibly Freeman(8)(28)Didn't Westley sign in his contract that he wasn't allowed to sign stevenage players?WHY would any player who have Championship clubs looking at signing them follow a manager who openly dropped them when they were heading for promotion and joined a club in major termoil like Preston. Would any decent player follow Westley to a club that's only signing players who are on Bosmans this year. All these players are in contract and would command a mid level transfer amount. PNE WILL NOT sign any Stevenage players unless they are FREE.......100% factThat was only till the summer ,he agreed not to make any moves for stevenage player dueing the season ,but now the season is over he will make moves for roberts who wants to move back to the north ,laird,byrom and boswickTrue but that clause was only in the january window mate.Yes but that was only for this season. i.e. in last Januarys transfer window. He is now able to sign Stevenage players.Erm Laird is out of contract....FACT! not to sure about the rest.After watching Stevenage last night....Just 9 shots on goal and only 4 on target. With just 40% of possession and beaten by a very poor side.....I think PNE should just sign all of Stevenage and stay in League 1 for the next 10 years.


14 May 2012 23:43:14
Tottenham want Papa Cisse and will offer 22m.(14)(58)Is that pappis cisse's dad? I heard he's pretty good!

Ben X.We paid £8m a few months ago and he has scored 13 in 14 - you think Spuds will get him for £22m? Mike Ashley made Liverpool pay £35m for Carroll, imagine how much Papiss will be..


14 May 2012 23:25:49
Bristol rovers defender Byron Anthony to sign for Exeter city he has been linked with many clubs such as Northampton and Carlisle but it is believed exeter will be the quickest to sign the welshman.
Source, my mate.(Dave)(6)(3) 



14 May 2012 23:25:34
To all PNE fans who think you've pulled off a major signing in John Welsh, you haven't, he's not even that good, and certainly will not get you promoted.(10)(4)Sounds like another sad pathetic tranny fanSour grapes how can you say that about a player who gave you great service and played over 40 games last season.


14 May 2012 23:02:31
According to his agent, Hamdan Razina, Cameroon journeyman Patrick Suffo is in talks with several league 2 clubs. Barnet, Accrington Stanley and Morecambe thought to be top of the list.(2)(6)


14 May 2012 23:00:44
Morecambe are interested in letting Trevor Benjamin return to the Football League from Seaton Delaval Amateurs.(1)(6) 



14 May 2012 23:03:28
Reading have submitted a 5.5 million pound offer for Jordan Rhodes(30)(48)The lad hasnt finished scoring yet, he guna score tonite & make it 40 goals plus this season. HUDDS wont do any deals until promotion gained or not. UP THE TOWNIts going to take more than that. West Ham had a 6 million bid turned down in JanuaryNo one will bid for him until its known what league he is in next year.
If championship he'll stay or will cost 7+
If league one could be as low as 5


14 May 2012 22:41:28
any transfer news to celtic Ed ? {Ed003's Note - If you check out the Celtic site I'm sure you will find out the lastest rumours, that's if they are not to busy talking about Rangers}(7)(2)Let's face it the only way they can dominate a piss poor league is because Rangers have gone into meltdown.


14 May 2012 22:37:04
Tomasz Kuszczak set to sign for Mainz on a Bosman.(17)(11)I heard talks with Mainz broke down.Fed up of being fergies benchwarmer


14 May 2012 21:56:28
4 players set to sign for pne any ideas who ed? {Ed003's Note - I don't at the moment apart from the speculation on here}(5)(3)Roberts joel byrom scott laird and jeffrey monakana i heard.


14 May 2012 21:54:44
Celtic closing in on Burnley winger Ross Wallace for 500K(12)(26)More cracking ambition from Celtic.Wallace has played for celtic beforeWasn't good enough first time around when he was there so stop posting pi


14 May 2012 21:49:34
Newcastle utd duo joan edmundsson and peter lovenkrands will join Kobanhavn(21)(3)Edmundsson signed for Viking over a month ago...


14 May 2012 21:20:18
Sharps, wroe and sherriff all reject offers of new contracts(12)(2)Very highly doubt that.


14 May 2012 21:20:06
Following relegation Bolton are tracking poeple they believe help them get back to the premiership, those are:
Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield / Jay Rodriguez - Burnley
Matt Mills - Leicester
Danny Guthrie - Newcastle
A Left Winger(11)(43)You wont get any of themHah, this is so funny, Bolton are in debt and will have to offload most off their players, on top of this twelve players are out of contract. They have a third rate manager, who has no tactical knowledge what so ever and jay rod would never ever ever leave for a team burnley fans hate so much.Bolton are not in debt they owe £100m to their owner who has confirmed he will continue to back the club and the £20m loan by Barclays has been extended, get your facts right. Burnley (being bitter since 2010) because we are a bigger club.Matt mills likely to be heading to leedsGuthrie will stay in the Premier League and play for one of the Midlands clubs. He wants to move back home.

I'd guess at Aston Villa, but depends who their manager will be.You will find Bolton releasing or shifting on 10-12 players before they even think about buying anyone!



14 May 2012 21:19:38
12 May 2012 21:56:13
bristol city are to rebuild their squad with the signing of left back PAUL DIXON from dundee utd when his contract runs out, city are also interested in highly rated northampton town cm MICHAEL JACOBS

Both of them are coming to derby
as we are massively interested and
Bristol city just escaped relegation and derby top half finish.You decide

So what derby fan dont think bristol city will be push overs we bounce back

Derby are a much bigger club than Bristol City! They attract an average of 27,000 crowd per week and in the prem 33,000!
The club as a whole is massive for championship standards and in my opinion i think they will get play offs next year

Student tickets and free mobiles? Well done Derby, absolutely huuuge! BTW, a BCFC season ticket holder at Derby Uni was offered this! Forest are bigger and I'm a lifelong City fan.

Sure Derby get more support at the moment but they wouldnt get any more fans in the prem then they get now. Bristol City would outsell Derby twice over in the prem as Bristol is one of the biggest citys in the country and Derby is tiny.

What are the criteria for determining the size of a club? Back up your claims with reasoning.
Regardless of size Derby are a more attractive proposition right now, the squad is settled and moving forward.

What bristols 21000 seater stadium would outsell derbys 33000 seater stadium twice over, good one, even if u get the one your putting planning permission in for then thts only planned for initial 30000 with a 40000 option and pride park has an option to add 10 - 20000 seats aswell if it wanted to double tier

yeah well you didnt did you, it doesnt matter about the size of your stadium or how many supporters you have blackpool have been in the prem and could be again and they have hardly anyone turn up and thier stadium is tiny so....... COYR(3)(29)What a load of rubbish! Jacobs has already turned Derbys contract offer down!Jacobs hasnt rejected Derby. Bothroyd rejected an bid but the team was never revealed. We are favorites to sign him, and will get him, trust me. As for Dixon, i know hes signing for us.Lmao. So when your manager says he's turned down our offer. You know he's signing for you ha!He's out of contract so turning the offer down just means if derby are to get him we'll have to up our compensationI didnt write that mini COYRs15 May 2012 09:14:59

He's coming to Derby. We're talking contracts with the kid right now, althought it may go to a tribunialHe has rejected your contract that Derby put to him! Nothing to do Northampton agreeing a fee. That's come from Clough himself. Dear oh dear he's not going to derby so get over it!Bristol City do not bounce back. You have gotten worse and worse since that play off year. You were saying "We're on the up" after a few wins mid this season and look where that got you?Dixon is going millwall mateHmmm. Clough said it himself? Where? Cus in the paper yesterday he said "We're still working with this one" And that we're very interested.
Stupid person haha. When he comes to derby i will laugh at you.


14 May 2012 21:08:19
Walsall are rumoured to be signing Dominic Baines, the younger brother of Leighton, after speaking with Sat Baines the chef at Walsall.(9)(2)


14 May 2012 20:42:11
Martin Jol is keen on signing Gennaro Gattuso on a free transfer from AC Milan in the summer for Fulham after declaring his ambition on getting into the top 6.(22)(5)Martin Jol stated at the start of the season that he wanted to reduce the average size of the squad, surely by bringing Gattuso in it will have the reverse effectI thgought Gattusso's career was over due to a serious injuryDiarra and Gattuso centre mid would be a bit defensive


14 May 2012 20:40:56
Many people saying that Barnsley don't have a big transfer budget when yet do they know or seem to listen to the radio and the fit that there is a suspected 1-2 million pound budget from past sales and future ones in order to maintain a championship status, know you facts before you start posting rubbish!(1)(13)Sorry to burst your bubble but 1-2 million is a pretty small budget these days...Yeh but its not a few hundred like previous rumours have stated. weve got £500,000 from Vaz Te gunna West Ham, Butterfield will cost beyween £1.5 and £2 million with other fringe player leaving. The only reason why Cryne and Rowing don't dish out the money is bcos the cock up Robins did with the loan wages of Harewood, McShane and the short term deal for O'Connor. O'Connor was on £20,000 a week, with half of that coming out of Cryne's back pocket, McShane was on £12,000 a week and Harewood was on a mere £5,000 a week but still had to pay his wages when he was injured for the last 2 months of the season.


14 May 2012 20:39:17
Last season Berbatov was the premier leagues top scorer, this season he has started just 5 games. I would bet my house on the fact if he had started the other 33 games he would have scored more than the 6 goals that City won the league by. Fergie has cost his team the league and maybe he should realise that he is NOT bigger than the club and maybe he should consider stepping aside? Thoughts please.(33)(28)Fergie is utd, without him they wouldn't of been close to city this season! Utd will regret the day he steps down.. I bey your not even from Manchester.. Sunderland fan.Who would you want instead though? Theres not too many managers about who could step into his shoes.For Berbatov to have played you would have to take Welbeck out of the team who scored 12 goals! Which means Berbatov would have had to score 18 goals to make the 6 goal difference!Berbatov is a 30 goal a season man. So 18 in the premiership would of been easy!Being that it was 8 goals difference and not 6 shows u dont no ur facts already


14 May 2012 20:36:34
Heard that altrincham striker damian reeves could sign for Yeovil but Barnsley will have first pickings

He's going Doncaster, and if not Donny, he'll be going Oldham(7)(7)


14 May 2012 20:36:18
Leicester City are very close to signing two players in the next week.
City are keen on signing Norwich defender Ryan Bennett on loan for the season. The former Grimsby and Peterborough player has been told he is available for a loan spell away from Carrow Road and will link up with City in pre season.
Secondly, Preston midfielder Paul Coutts is subject of a bid from Leicester and will hold talks tomorrow evening with manager Nigel Pearson.(3)(31)Ryan Bennett plays week in week out for Norwich, why would he go out on loanYouvegot as much chance of getting ryan bennett as signing messi


14 May 2012 20:35:53
Lambert off to Villa unfortunately seeming increasingly likely. He didn't participate in the lap of honour and his press conference concerning his future at the club wasn't convincing.(31)(27)


14 May 2012 20:35:06
Steve Morison will return to Stevenage if they go up(6)(36)I don't think so some how do you, hes doing very well thank you in the Premiership.Millwall mate?I can see him leaving Norwich, but not to a league two team lol.

Someone like Leicester


14 May 2012 20:32:27
clyne to swansea from palace. he's out of contract(13)(16)Even though Manchester United want himSSS next season for swansea Second Season SyndromeWhy SSS Swansea won't sit still ,they will invest more money and kick on.


14 May 2012 20:27:01
3 premiership clubs will test Chesterfield FC with a 1.5mill bid for Jordan Bowery after strong scouting reports(7)(15)


14 May 2012 20:24:22
Asa Hall and Richard ODonnell to sign for Rotherham United(16)(8)How come it says on our website that he is off to a club in a higher league?Steve evans has already said he is not intrested in richard odonnellHalls going to a league 1 club!! another ridiculous rumour from dellusional rotherham fans, wake up mateHall has signed for Shrewsbury.


14 May 2012 20:21:32
good news coming from barnsley hill leaving mick mccarthy in ...FACT(8)(19)If only it wa true...I really would love this to happen. But how do you know this is it just a made up rumour or do you actually know the goings on inside Oakwell.McCarthy as already said coming back to Barnsley is not in his plans after being sacked by Wolves.He is off to Villa..Sorry to burst your bubble, mr fact. i cant see us being able to afford his wages. robins wouldnt work on the budget set for him so do you think macca would ? me neither.


14 May 2012 20:21:19
Brighton's main scouts are apparently watching stevenage tonight...could be looking at freeman or bostwick?(15)(1)


14 May 2012 20:21:07
Newcastle will try and persuade Barcelona to let them have Affelay on a season long loan.(27)(11)Not on loan, but a permanent deal is possible.


14 May 2012 20:10:01
swansea set hold talks with tottenham and hoffenheim this week, over the possibility of signing sigurdsson for 7.5m and caulker on a season long loan, also meant to be signing james collins from villa for 3m and aiden white from leeds for 1.5 m and redmond from birmingham for lita and routledge plus 2.5m and there meant to be signing lacina traore for 3m, mark davies from bolton for 3m, watch this space i say..(6)(14)Sigurdsson wont go for less than 9 million.You dont have the kind of money your talking about hereWhy would aidy white go for money when he's out of contract? {Ed013's Note - Compensation as he is under 24}Swansea haven't got the money?. Fininshed 11th in the Premier League and earned 45.9 m from tv revenue and prize money official figures, never mind other revenue sponsors gate receipts merchandise. Some of you have no clue.Why wouldnt swansea have the money ? there completely debt free and have money to spend . they finished 11th with the same squad they got promoted with bar 3 players , why dont you think before you post


14 May 2012 20:05:43
Any new transfer to Kilmarnock? {Ed007's Note - Sorry mate, nothing.}(2)(4)


14 May 2012 20:07:07
Reading youngsters D'ath and obita to go to Oxford on loan for season both Oxford boys so makes sense(9)(7)Not sure about that one, I think they will be too good for league 2 sides next season. Would love to see them at a higher level, obita especiallyDefinatly be at a higher level. d'ath player league 1 last season so hopefully he'll be in the championship and obita should be in league 1 next season atleastNever ins million years would we send two of our brightest youngsters to oxfrd.Yeovil want d'ath and he wants to rejoin on loan
DevonGreenNot sure D'ath wants to go back to Yeovil isn't a winger but had to play there for Yeovil


14 May 2012 20:00:31
billy kee burton ben davies derby to join shrewsbury next week collins to sign(12)(8)You missed the last 2 important words - "for watford"You 'Wat For'.....lolNo chance watford dream on


14 May 2012 19:58:55
wayne brown to turn down oxford and sign for the shrews(8)(11)


14 May 2012 19:58:36
Any real brighton rumours ed? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(1)(4)


14 May 2012 19:56:43
Luke Freeman will leave Stevenage, if they do not gain promotion. Charlton are rumored to be interested as they need backup for Jackson.(16)(3)Would really like that!


14 May 2012 19:48:27
QPR are set to finalise a permanent deal with AC Milan concerning Taye Taiwo. The deal is believed to worth around £4million.
The club are also trying to sort out a deal with AS Nancy for Samba Diakite. The deal is believed to be worth £3.5million. Mark Hughes is also believed to want a new Goalkeeper as Paddy Kenny has been unreliable. His top targets are Craig Gordon and Allan Mcgregor.(20)(7)


14 May 2012 19:47:53
andreas oper signed for Nea Salamis Famagusta in january 2012 on an 18 month contract. so how have contract negotiations broken down ? sorry good player, but unreal .(4)(0)


14 May 2012 19:41:11
owen and heskey now having talks with pj over move to itfc asap(4)(32)And then u woke upIpswich rumors are ridiculousThats ipswich fans 4 you, always living in dream land, about time they woke up from it.


14 May 2012 19:38:25
any rotherham news ed?? {Ed025's Note - no mate..(1)(5)Andy Williams has rejected a new deal at League 1 Yeovil and has looked round the League 2 ground. Your website says 2 player to be announce tomorrow or wednesday. he's probaly one of them


14 May 2012 19:38:04
just heard from the horses mouth,the norwich manager is off to aston villa.genuine(23)(28)I know i shouldnt bite, but this is bcks. Nothing has been decided, Lambert was at the end of season dinner last night openly discussing his plans for Norwich City's close season. If a deal had been discussed and was close to being finalised this would not have happened. He may be in the running, but to say its done is 100% untrue.


14 May 2012 19:31:55
Reading have had a 4.25 million bid for Peter Whittingham accepted. He's expected to take his medical sometime this week, and will discuss contractual terms on Friday.(22)(20)Top player could be a great addition if and I stress IF this is trueHe signed a 2 year extension at the start of this season and he's got a 6 mil release clause so if you were to get him you'll need to up the offer and give him a lucrative deal to draw him away as he's married to a girl down cardiff and doesn't want to leave apparently - west ham fanReading will sign Garath McCleary on a free transfer from Nottingham Forest on a three year dealOdd since hes left for the far east on holiday this morning


14 May 2012 19:31:21
Walsall to sign Asa Hall.

He has turned down a deal at Oxford. It has been confirmed that he has been offered more money at a club in a higher league nearer to home. He lives in Dudley so there is only one club it could be. Surprised as thought the Saddlers had no cash.

I am an Oxford fan and I would just like to tell Walsall fans that you are about to waste quite a large wage on seriously limited player who couldn't really cut it in L2. 2 good months in 20.(8)(5)Hes on his way to shrewsburyNot likely to happen, Walsall wont offer him a big wage! More likely to go to the shrews!Heard he may go to coventry, and far from a waste he is a decent player who will benefit from a higher clubHaving watched him every week for 2 years I can assure you that he is not a decent player. Except for the last 2 months he has been the consistent weak link in our very mediocre side.Has signed for ShrewsburyHes signed for the shrews OFFICIAL

check the club websiteSo have i and to be perfectly honest ive played with him in training so i might have a fairer point


14 May 2012 19:25:06
Burnley are very close to signing 20 year old defender Tom Parkes from Leicester.(10)(5)Except he's in Thailand at the minute with Leicester's Academy....


14 May 2012 19:24:39
Shane Smeltz is a German Born Kiwi; just a bit more info for you(8)(2)


14 May 2012 19:22:07
Bournemouth, Release Symes and Cummings..(6)(1)


14 May 2012 19:00:09
Any Bristol City news that is real(4)(13)Pittman and WIlson to be sold


14 May 2012 18:59:52
Andy Williams is set to leave Yeovil to sign for Rotherham.(12)(15)Why would he go to league 2?


14 May 2012 18:56:19
i do see some silly rumours on here like saints buying good players why would they go there(8)(14)Do some research and you would not have to ask such silly questions!Because southampton is an up coming club new training fersilities worth 15mil great ground and a good place to live is why they would join southampton...they were once a a big-ish club, I think they will get there again EVENTUALLY! They had a fall from grace but are on the up, just getting annoying that saints fans automatically think they are on par with your liverpools and chelsea's so no one will take them seriously! I can see some pretty decent players going there this summer but no top names. I'm a west brom fan....a club that CURRENTLY aren't any bigger or smaller than the saints and I wish them all the best for there first season back in the best league in the world! Plus I thjink lallana is a quality player....give him to us!!Dont you mean lambert unitedSo now we are Lambert United. I recall not long ago some comments on this site that Lambert would never prosper in the Championship, that League One was his limit!
Saints continually stress they are focused on making their players the best they can be, and it is no accident that Lambert is now starting to fulfill his potential. There are few clubs in the Premiership who have the training and support facilities that Saints are building. If you guys bothered to look at the players now within the Saints squad you would see that is the case with a number of others and I believe there will be a wider recognition of this next season.The Lambert united slur is so obviously rooted in jealousy. Same people said he was L1 level at best and got made to look stupid.

Even ignoring Lambert, the likes of Lallana, Schneiderlin, Cork, Sharp, Davis & Hooiveld were amongst the best players in the league last season.

Definitely a resurgent club, Good manager, heavy investment in already excellent academy, loads of money and a sensible chairman.

All who are jealous of Saints recent revival will be disappointed if you expect them to struggle next season.


14 May 2012 18:55:18
Heard that altrincham striker damian reeves could sign for Yeovil but Barnsley will have first pickings(4)(10)


14 May 2012 18:54:36
It was just on the news that norfolk
police are investigating a break in at the
norwich city trophy room. police are urging anyone with information to come forward
two men were seen running from the crime scene with a pair of green curtains and a yelllow
carpet(25)(2)HMRC also investigating tax returns for past 20 years, tax returns show claim for silver polish!More like 30 years 2good seasons in that maybe back in the prem in 2027In last 8 years its had football L winners trophy. L1 trophy. Championship ru up trophy in it much more than most."More like 30 years 2good seasons in that maybe back in the prem in 2027"

You do realise that we are still in the Prem right? We finished 12th if you hadn't seen, so I'm not sure how your poorly constructed sentence is meant to be taken? Or were you talking about our impoverished neighbours down the road in Suffolk, aka Ipswich Town?


14 May 2012 18:23:02
arsenal to sign dempsey for 9 mill
city to sign gomez and cabaye
strong source(8)(31)


14 May 2012 18:17:39
villa looking at lambert and martinez to
replace awful mcleish(25)(12)Unless they spend money and get rid of the duds,there will be no improvement,mcleish was the fall guy.Are you for real u mug villa have some good players and some of the best youngsters in the country mcleish was the problem not the fall guy.You wont get lambert, i do belive manager was problrm. Young gardener brann herd hog yoyng winger all very good furture looks good villaWhelan has been incredibly loyal to Martinez and I don't see him leaving Wigan for a Villa side that are rapidly losing Lerner's support.Why would Lambert or Martinez leave their current clubs for Aston Villa? Above them in the league so any move would be a backwards oneNewcastle finished above Chelsea this season, yet I'm pretty sure Pardew wouldn't see going to Chelsea as a backwards move. Villa are a much bigger club than Norwich and Wigan and with a good transfer window would easily be able to finish above both of them.


14 May 2012 18:04:06
andy williams and dominic blizzard have left yeovil(14)(7)


14 May 2012 18:03:09
Ben Hamer is set to go from charlton to leeds after falling out with chris powell over his not'so private life. Charlton are also interested in a swap deal for Bradley wright-phillips and Bechio. Both will happen in the next few weeks(4)(14)Brad wright-phillips won't be going to leeds and Becchio won't be coming to charlton.Are you for real becchio for wright phillips dream on becchio is a class above phillips dream on ...foolAnd Ben Hamer wont be going anywhere either, well maybe a holiday.


14 May 2012 18:01:03
Charlton will raid league 1 this summer.Targets include:
George Porter - Leyton Orient
Paul Coutts - Preston
Magnus Okunghae - Colchester
Benjani - Pompey(12)(8)


14 May 2012 18:01:03
matty fryatt from hull is a charlton target(10)(11)No he isn't.Charlton must have millions to spend!They are buying everyone on this site!?He's going nowhere


14 May 2012 18:00:55
rotherham united have held talks with marlon pack of cheltenham and are poised to bid on him as steve evans was at the match against torquay watching him!........... 100% TRUTH(10)(12)He won't go to another League 2 club, I'm afraid. Keep dreaming!Cheltenham Play-offs where did Rotherham FinishWhoes got more money to spend on transfers and wages?Well rotherham can afford higher wages and are virtually guarenteed promotion next year with low quality of teams in league 2 and if cheltenham dont go up theres every chance he could go and im not taking sides as im an exeter fan and we've lost our best player to rotherham im just saying it is a possibilityWhy would he join Rotherham and stay in league 2 when league 1 clubs and championship clubs are looking at him ? what if cheltenham win the play offs? Steve Evans is a liability and a thug and will be watched big time next season by the FA


14 May 2012 18:00:42
Jason Puncheon linked once again to charlton(10)(15)Puncheon has just got promoted with saints......


14 May 2012 17:59:33
Kelvin Etuhu will sign for Bradford tomorrow on a two-year deal.(9)(18)


14 May 2012 17:58:18
Derby to sign Luke Chambers on a free transfer should Jason Shackell leave.(6)(12)Why would he go to derby?Cause he'd like to finish a season higher up the table !!!!!!!.You finish above us for the first season in three and you think your better than us brilliant
Don't worry, normal service to resume next seasonDon't you will with notebook Coterrill.We beat you with 10 men if you remember.Normal service to resume next season. You have half your first team out of contract, with no option to renew as, with no disrespect, you have no one to pay them. The Doughty Estate won't want any more debt as if they did your tinpot club would be worth even less, meaning you also can't sign anyone. You're the second coming of Portsmouth, have fun in League 1, in administration with your council owned stadium :)


14 May 2012 17:50:18
Luke freeman will miss tonight's game as he travels to burnley for contract negotiations(2)(23)Good one! Forgot he's not on my tv screen right now


14 May 2012 17:48:09
Shrewsbury Town are set to sign Ryan Tunnicliffe on a season long loan from Manchester United.(9)(2)Just when alex announced he will get 1st team football at man utd next season


14 May 2012 17:37:37
Burnley have had 2 bids turned down today

1.2M for Jason Shackell from Derby Co who want around 2.5M for him and 200,000 for Luke O'Neil from Mansfield Town who value hm at 500,000

Dont think we have a chance with Shackell but I expect we will get O'Neil for around 350,000(11)(3)Shackell is not worth £2.5m, ..he was useless when he played for wolves! ...mind you, all of our defenders are useless!We dont even want Shackell, its a none story, and the bid for O'Neil was a lot less then £200k not even £100k, Mansfeild are only looking for around £100k not £500kSo what Shackell was useless when he played for Wolves? He will be Derby's captain next season, and is one of the best centre halves in the division. Pique was useless for United, is he not worth £2.5m either?


14 May 2012 17:19:49
Chris Powell will wrap up 3 signings days after his return from holiday.Andros Townsend will arrive on loan from Spurs whilst Marcus Tudgay (Nottm Forrest) and John Ashton (Stevenage) Will arrive for small fees(7)(10)


14 May 2012 14:50:07
Any real southampton rumours ed?(4)(10)Any "rumours" around will be pure speculation. We know how Cortese and Adkins do their business (behind closed doors) and whilst this is frustrating for supporters, I find the "Swiss" efficiency that is now within Saints very refreshing.
Lets remember that fountain of football knowledge (Lowe) who was so keen to ingratiate himself with the supporters when he told us pre-season Saints had the strongest squad they had ever had. That was the season we were relegated from the Premiership!
So, let's keep patient and trust in our current management. A club that is investing £15m in its training facilities and not bragging about it, is one that I believe we can trust to do the right thing.More of a fact than a rumour, going stright back downGrant holt singning for 50k. this is big money for norwich2 above is a jealous pompey supporter...


14 May 2012 17:08:45
Burnley have had a bid turned down for Mansfield right back O'Neil. Expected to go in for a further offer. One other championship club also interested in the player(12)(3)


14 May 2012 17:02:47
George Boyd to join brighton for 1mill plus vincelot(8)(23)What a waste of money this would be considering they could get him on a free...He still has 1 year on his contract so he wouldnt go on a free


14 May 2012 16:52:36
Estonian international striker Andres Oper to sign on a year long deal with Yeovil after talks for a contract renewal with Nea Salamis Famagusta broke down.(9)(2)


14 May 2012 16:54:14
Carlos Cuellar set to join Southampton after being released by Aston Villa.(25)(19)He has been released to allow him to go back home to Spain. If he wanted to stay in England it would be with VillaNo, he was released because Villa didnt want to keep him on... He wanted to stay at Villa (you only have to look at his tweets to see that) but he was forced out...Oh dearHow many are saints signing,lolHe is off to Roma he admitted that


14 May 2012 16:08:42
Portsmouth are set to sign Tommy Rutter on a free, while wrapping up woking pair Elvis Hammond and Luke Robinson on a free too as their contracts will be terminated. Elvis Hammond also linked with a move to AFC Wimbledon, but a move to Portsmouth is more likelier(3)(17)Pompey cannot add to their whopping wage bill until at least another 14 players go!I suppose Elvis doesn't really need to be paid!
Can't see anyone signing for Pompey until it is financially certain they will be around next year and have sufficient funds to pay staff. Do you think there are players willing to put themselves and their families into that situation?
You lot really do need to learn some lessons in economics.Why on earth would Pompey sign Hammond who last season played in the BSS...The only Elvis the Skates will be signing is currently resident at gracelands....No signings until at least 14 players are shipped out!


14 May 2012 16:01:45
leyton orient to be signing jamal cambell-Ryce on a 1 and a half year deal, jamal enjoyed his loan and Russel slade is very keen on signing him< to be comfirmed tomorrow morning(11)(3)Sorry but hes gna play 1 and a half seasons from the start of next season????

Seriously think it through slowly not to hurt ur head


14 May 2012 16:00:43
Leeds Utd are close to the signing of Adel Taraabt with Snodgrass going to Reading.(13)(56)LOL at either of those happening.


Marching on together... minus 20,000 missing fans...Ha ha ha ha that's funnyNo way !!!!Let me the guess the person who wrote the first comment is obviously someone who supports a small team which hasnt even got a stadium big enough to get 20k fans in?Pray to godSnodgrass to reading could happen, taraabt to leeds ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


14 May 2012 15:48:44
Krystian Pearce and Ben Davies are to be involved in a swap deal. Also incoming is Steve Howard, Alex Bruce and Curle wants a right sided winger.(10)(4)


14 May 2012 15:34:35
Stoke's Andrew Davies is a target for Notts County, the central defender is set to command a fee of around £400,000.

Spurs young striker Harry Kane will be shipped back out on loan with Sheffield Wednesday, Brighton and Peterborough all looking to add to their forward line.

Australian Shane Smeltz could leave Perth Glory for Sheffield Utd. The tall striker would be priced around the £500,000k mark.(6)(8)Shane Smeltz is a Kiwi, not Aussie!£400k for someone who has never played a full season with one club? He's had more loans than the Greek Government!Smeltz is awful I live in New Zealand and the standard out here wouldnt match league 2 standard in England.Davies is out of contract and is a free agent so how can there be a fee of £400,000 and he will be signing for Bradford City after enjoying his loan spell


14 May 2012 16:31:05
Shrewsbury Town's first signing of the summer will definitely be Aaron Wildig.

Manager Graham Turner is also interested in the prospect of bringing in Everton's 20 year-old centre back Aristote Nsiala. He impressed against Shrewsbury last season whilst on loan at Accrington Stanley.(9)(3)


14 May 2012 16:27:19
Millwall have released Chris Hackett, Jordan Stewart, Jake Gallagher, Cono Mclaren, Liam Kingsmill and Rhys Paul. Source is offcial website. ST-2(6)(1)Also Ryan Allsop released although he has now joined a club in Iceland.


14 May 2012 16:41:00
Mcleish been sacked for villa
Rm(29)(9)McLeish as been sacked this afternoon


14 May 2012 16:34:50
Peterbourough's Paul Taylor is going to watford with mark Yeats going the other way on loan with a view to a permanent deal(10)(5)This one has legs - clubs met at league 1 play off match at stevenage (Watford looking at Freeman and Boro at Bostwick) - deal for Taylor is £750k + Yeates - who will replace Boyd who is off to MiddlesboroughLmfao. Maybe if it was 1.5 or 2 plus players. The chairman has stated that he would rather let the player go for free next year than take a small fee!£750k is not a small fee. £1.5m-£2m for a player who's had one good season with one year of his contract left, after Peterborough said that he will be leaving if he won't sign a new contract is ridiculous.


14 May 2012 16:16:40
Reading manager Brian McDermott has made an approach for Bolton striker Kevin Davies.

West Ham have apparently been in contact for former captain Nigel Reo-Coker.(18)(12)Approach made but Bolton want to keep him.

He says he wants to stay --- but will the lure of Premier League football pull him away?

Saints also want him back.Please be trueDavies is staying at Bolton, he doesn't want another relegation on his CV next season because that's where half of the st teams so called in for him will be.


14 May 2012 15:36:19
David McNally says that any approach for Paul Lambert will be deflected so he's not leaving us. Villa aint famous anymore, so stop thinking you have a god given right to just poach people. Anyway, PL won't go there because of what they did to his mate Martin O'Neill.(17)(7)Can't see Villa getting Lambert or Rodgers. Both have more ambition I would say.Just as Lambert was loyal to Colchester when Norwich came calling, yeah??

C'ya!!Get the facts right about Martin O'neil. As O'neil always does he walked out on Villa as he wanted more money from the chairman on players and the fact of the matter is O'Neill spent £120 million on players that he hardly played and you cant blame the chairman for not giving him more money after wasting his last lot so O'neil threw his toys out the pram and left. He will do exactly the same at Sunderland. There is no denying O'neil is a good motivator but he does three years at a club and moves on as he always has a little tantrum and in my book he is so overrated , yes he's a good manager but thats it.
As for Lambert if he wants to go he will leave as simple as that- Money talks and Vila are a bigger club than Norwich.For the record Villa didn't do anything to O'Neill he was the one that walked out and still not revealed the reason why he leftBetter being not famous anymore than never have been famous and never will be famous. For the record, I think Villa will come in for Lambert and he will go. Villa are a much, much bigger club and this is an opportunity for Lambert to work with some top players. Listen to how non-committal he was in his interview. He's going, deal with it.What top players .think you should look again at your team


14 May 2012 15:23:16
Norwich City Keeper Jed Steer is set to sign on a season long loan for Shrewsbury Town after hearing positive reports from Grant Holt and Marc Tierney about the club.(16)(5)


14 May 2012 15:19:55
Burnley have had a 1.2 million bid for derby's jason shackell rejected with clough insisting he is going nowhere. SOURCE SSN(10)(1)No bid was ever made.


14 May 2012 15:18:25
Tranmere summer targets:
Danny Mayor, Iain Hume, Anthony Kay, Mike Jones, Ryan Lowe(7)(9)Ha ha mayor and hume who ever posted this as no life tranmere cant afford hume or mayorWhy the hell would hume and mayor leave pne for tranmere. By the way pne are nicking your skipper off ya.Anthony Kay is possible I suppose but none of the others seem very likelyEvery name apart from Hume is reasonable. I doubt we could afford to buy Hume in the first place, let alone pay his wagesThere is no chance mayor would leave us for tranmere.he will only leave for a championship club.


14 May 2012 15:14:57
Shrewsbury Town are believed to be offering David Gray a contract after his release from Preston.(5)(6)


14 May 2012 15:02:54
Ben Davies has held advanced contract talks with Graham Turner and is set to complete a move to Shrewsbury Town in the next 5-7 days.(4)(6)Ben Davies is still easily a Championship player IMO


14 May 2012 14:27:43
Abu Ogogo is in talks with Dagenham about a new deal however i have heard that Gillingham & Bristol Rovers are both interested in the Daggers utility man(4)(2)Also heard dundee uniteds peter houston has this guy on his radar.


14 May 2012 14:25:09
Kyle McFadzean looks set to leave the club for Sussex neighbours Brighton for £1.1m.

Gary Alexander will link up with Steve Evans at Rotherham, whilst Cody McDonald will leave Coventry and join Crawley Town for a cut £400k(8)(13)Cody McDonald not going anywhere, we paid £500k and Andy Thorn has already said he will be key to the team next season and why on earth would he go to Crawly.Your owner wants some of her money back i doubt weather you will have the sort of funds like you've had for the last couple of seasons plus with the small crowds you get you wont be able to afford big wages anymoreWould that be the owner that's trying to buy 50% of a ground with a £90 million turnover, the one that has stated they will e backing the manager with new players an the crowds that still average between 13,000 and 14,000. I think you need a reality check.


14 May 2012 15:13:07
Burnley have had a 1.2m bid turned down by Derby for Defender Jason Shackell.(13)(7)


14 May 2012 14:45:09
Tottenham to try their luck and sign Kaka in the summer as hes surplus to Mourinhos requirements..(19)(12)


14 May 2012 14:44:13
Leeds United Incomings:
Kevin Volland
Alex Nimely
Richard Keogh
Kerim Frei
Jermaine Beckford
Matt Mills(9)(33)Kerim Frei? Behave, in the unlikely case Fulham let him go out on loan, you can only see him going to a team that will be in the promotion mix-up next year, NOT Leeds!Agree without the comment above frei is the one of the hottest teenage prospects in the premier league ( I'm not a fulham fan btw ) why would beck ford return to Leeds when Leicester will be looking for auto next season, same with matt mills and nimely will go out on loan to a low championship side so yeah LeedsKevin Volland has signed for Hoffenheim. Keep up!Why does every Leeds fan think they're gonna sign beckford, leeds carnt afford his boots!I'm a Leeds fan and I think them targets are bull, and on another note Leicester fan you was going for promotion last season and was nowhere near and it was funny when beckford was loving it and playing up to the Leeds fans on last game of season, he was loving it so much he got subbed coz of itDirty Leeds can have beckford, will drive him there if he wants to go.
Just need jermaine to drop his wages by half.. do you think he would? Seriously?Kevin volland was already at hoffenhiemBeckford isnt fancied by person and he still loves leeds so its possibleFrei will be loaned out for a season to the championship and leeds is a possible placeI would love to see leeds sign all of these players, pearson dosen't like beckford and volland was already at hoffenheim. nimely done well at coventry and fetfatzidis is greece's best youngster. MOT!Seamly beckford is going to tottenham


14 May 2012 14:26:17
Notts County have offered a 3 year contract to former Leeds United player Alex Bruce(22)(4)


14 May 2012 14:25:43
Fulham looking to niko krancjar or tomàs rosicky as a Dempsey replacement(8)(18)Rosicky? you having a laugh hes class + in arsenal's 1st team. arsenal will sign dempsey for 7m + diaby or is he out of contract?


14 May 2012 14:25:01
Tottenham's Gareth Bale to leave this summer and join Serie A giants Inter for £35 million(8)(34)Ridiculous rumour. try again.Bale will be offered a move to Man City with Adebayor and Adam Johnson moving the other way.Bale is an overrated player everyone is basing him on his game against Milan last season if Spurs were offered 35 million for himn they should bite their arm off and accept it as they should have done with Modric.He should go to MADRID for the experience! and to WORK with SPECIAL ONE!Yeah he can watch a decent team sat on the bench! he would be just like Michael owen at real an utter flop.I love how you you can sit on your computer and say hes a flop when you know damn well you would love to have him in your team name one other left midfield player in the premiership who has stood out this season......bale... end ovHe wants to play for a decent team so this is likely


14 May 2012 14:13:41
Michael Owen was guest for Brighton Chairman Tony Bloom's horse race meeting. sweet talking him maybe ?(2)(26)Cos Michael Owen owns his own horse and it was racing yesterdayBrighton fans in dreamland once again.

No chance. Move on.


14 May 2012 13:58:07
Young Polish striker Kamil Kaczmarz
has been strongly linked with Mark
Mcghee's Bristol Rovers. He is well
established striker in the Polish 2
league and has scored 18 goals this
season. Mark Mcghee will like to add
to his squad for the upcoming season
and think Kamil will be a great assett
to Rovers strike force!(7)(11)


14 May 2012 13:56:32
Yeates is still under contract, so you probably won't be able to afford him. That is unless we let him go cheaply!(1)(6)We bought him cheap, so we would let him go for cheap too.


14 May 2012 13:53:32
Blackburn to launch a raid on Blackpool ( If they don't go up ) for winger Matty Phillips(6)(22)Not really a raid then if yous are only going for one player (which you won't get)Not a chance! If he leaves he will go to a Prem Club.At the moment going to Blackburn from any club is going to be seen as a step down,with all the turmoil at Ewood park i would imagine that any player worth his salt would either look elsewhere or simply sign for Rovers for non football reasons i.e:better wages etc....Daz


14 May 2012 13:53:30
kenny dalglish moving upstairs skysports(27)(10)


14 May 2012 13:48:31
Hull Fc are to offer Bill davies a
5 year contract as they look to
re-build a squad to get back into the
PL(7)(18)Hull FC are a rugby league team, I thought this was a rumours board for football.


14 May 2012 13:46:41
If Chelski win on Saturday then Redknapp MUST GO. We were in a position to challenge for the title back in Jan, but Harry lost it. We have a good team and now it is time to push on. If we keep Redknapp then it's Eurpoa all the way, with the right man (or woman Hope Powell?) we could win the league.

Conr62(7)(26)Yet how you praised him when you were doing well? just went through a bad run of formGive the man a chance,the guy had a hell of alot to deal with during this season....court case,England talk,most clubs would love Redknapp at the helm.....DazAre you having a laugh mate, spurs were on the other end of the league, if it wasn't for Harry, you would have ended in League 1The usual moaning Spurs fans is that all you lot do moan. How can you blame Harry after what he has done for your club. You want to realise how lucky you lot are and what he has done for your team. Spurs,West Ham and Arsenal fans are the biggest moaners ever.

Get a lifeOh boo hoo, before Harry came in you were nowhere near the top 4!Crazy remember where you was before harry cameYou will get embarrassed in the chumps league ,at least in the europa league you would have a realistic chance of winning it from the off.Yeah why not get Ramos back we can battle relegation again. harry has finished 4th 5th and 4th in the last three years and I don't see Jose or Pep beating our door down for the job
Harry could do better but there's few around who could do a better job and loads who couldn'tHalf of these people aren't even Spurs fans! The league was weak this year and this was our chance to win the title. Thanks Harry, but lets move on. And can the ARSEnal fans and Spammers stop posting rubbish?


14 May 2012 13:45:50
Kelvin Etuhu to sign for Barnsley, seen this around a bit now. Hill tried to sign him last season so looks like now is the time to jump!(15)(10)


14 May 2012 13:45:19
bristol city are set to sign jason kane
dubbed the next torres(3)(16)Jason whoNext torres...... misses open goals and scores 4 goals and then he's a new hero?Is he stupidly over priced and not particularly good then?


14 May 2012 13:42:40
any middlesbrough fc news?(5)(14)


14 May 2012 13:35:31
Burnley to sign Defender Sean Morrison on a season long Loan from Reading(9)(17)Not likely.

Reading have placed a bid for Jordan Rhodes. McDermott was in attendance for the play-off first leg and Hudds want Morrison on a perm deal.

Sticking point is Reading rate him very highly and at £2.5m, whereas Hudds value at £1.2m.


14 May 2012 12:59:53
Neal Bishop of Notts County agrees part exchange deal to Middlesborough involving Ben Gibson(3)(11)


14 May 2012 13:26:23
Jai Reason to PNE already agreed terms, annouced soon, from a close club source.(10)(3)


14 May 2012 13:21:38
Owen Coyle is set to be the new Villa manager this week(15)(30)Paul lambert will beLambert or Brendan rogers, Swansea play very good football!Owen Coyle is a championship manager at best,good man manager but tactically clueless....DazWhy would Lambert or Rodgers go to Villa? Martinez turned them down before. Far better off where they are with better teams ......Villa have relegation written all over themYou guys still dont get it,villa are small time,they wont spend money thats why you will always struggle thats why oniel went,wake up smell the coffee,mcleish wasnt that bad,Lambert wont go to villa


14 May 2012 12:20:16
swans to sign lacina traore and sigurdsson, as well as caulker on loan(19)(21)


14 May 2012 11:44:17
Any Brimsdown rovers rumours Ed? {Ed003's Note - Nothing whatsoever,sorry}(3)(5)


14 May 2012 11:31:17
Bradford are expected to announce the loan signing of Will Keane from Manchester United, with the striker wanting first team oppurtunities(4)(23)Will Keane will be a Boro player next season. This is 100 per cent factScarborough, Nuneaton Borough, Eastbourne Borough, Middlesboro which one?Why would he go to league two when a host of Championship clubs want him and will get in there team!!There is only Boro my friend, the 2004 carling cup winners and 2006 uefa cup finalists, the mighty middlesbroughHe'd be better of at Park Ave. Anyway some half decent teams seem to be looking at taking him on loan so not a chance will he go to Bradford.


14 May 2012 11:30:40
John Welsh has turned down a contract extension at Tranmere to join PNE. Preston are also rumoured to be lining up a sensational return for club legend Youl Mawene after he was released by Aberdeen(15)(6)


14 May 2012 11:19:25
Heidar Helguson, clint Hill and Shaun Derry to leeds(28)(24)Maybe, no and no. SorryWe don't want hill and derry, they are old and past it. I would take Helguson though.Derry is going to Notts County in a player coaching role. Fan of the club, started his career there and wants to finish it there. He will also be captain next season.


14 May 2012 11:12:50
Tim Clancy of Motherwell speaking to Aberden, Hearts & Hibs regarding a move next season. He is out of contract and can leave on a free(5)(6)Not sure Hearts will be looking at anyone at the moment with a number of players due to leave to lighten the wage bill and also the uncertainty of the current manager's position.


14 May 2012 11:06:44
Lawrie Wilson of Stevenage, Andy Parrish of Morecambe and striker Shefki Kuqi are all targets for Graham Westley as he rebuilds the squad at Preston North End(12)(13)Wilson is too good for PrestonHa ha wilson will join westley at pne along with roberts and lairdIf Kuqi leaves Oldham then he will finish his playing career in Finland certainly not at PNE


14 May 2012 11:06:14
Southampton are lining up a £7m
bid for Celtic's Charlie Mulgrew &
Gary Hooper(42)(30)Lies!Saints fan here - Its gonna take about £8m to get Hooper alone!Hooper not worth it - i saw the five he scored yesterday and i could have scored all of them...let him stay at the level he belongs - saints can do better now...Think hooper is foolishly set to stay in mickey mouse league.He will stay where he is because he is at a better clubHooper will stay at Celtic if he thinks he is already playing at his peak,ie against second rate opposition and then getting knocked out of the Champions League immediately.
If he trusts his ability and wants to test himself he will move to the Premiership. It's that simple, and this will be a continual problem for Celtic, with their ambitious quality players flocking south for the winter. Where geese go Hoopers will follow!Mickey mouse league maybe,but cfc still 1 of the biggest and greatest club on this planet.Have to laugh at small English teams , if Hooper does go to epl it will be for a team who will last more than a season , seems Southampton are quite happy with Big Jos at centre half probably worst player to play for Celtic in last decadeCeltic are a Championship standard club in my opinion! SPL is not that good.Never thought I would hear myself saying this, but I would be more disappointed to see Charlie Mulgrew leave than Gary Hooper. He has been superb this season. Has anyone pointed out to teams going into the prem that there are plenty of bargains to be had on the other side of Glasgow? Davis, Whittaker and 'shagger' MacGreggor will all be available for a song and would do a good job. Those scoffing at the quality of the SPL would do well to remember that Hooper's record was on a par with Jelavic, and Fletcher (Wolves) is one of the top strikers in the Premiership!Hooper isn't going to sign, we have more than enough strikers.Here we go again, Celtic supporters so inward looking that they think players will not look outside of Scotland.
Sorry guys, did I not read the other day that Lennon could have £5m to spend to bring in new players? Compare that to a club like Man. City who could easily pay £110m for one player (if he became available.) I think you will also find each of the 3 new clubs into the EPL will each spend between £10-£20m this summer, so any player with ambition north of the border will be tempted.
And it will only get worse with independence, because then your clubs have NO chance of joining the EPL!Hooper will not leave one of the biggest teams in europe obviouslyWell obviously Hooper would be reluctant to leave one of the biggest clubs in Europe-but Celtic only qualify in terms of support! In terms of ability to play the other biggest clubs in Europe you are woefully inadequate and the quality gap is growing wider. Any player who feels he has the ambition and the ability to back that is NOT going to be content to continue to win a league which is a joke within Europe.
If Hooper has any ambition to be an international, he will not fulfil that playing within the SPL.H ere we go again same as last transfer window,why would he go to southampton you will back where you belong championship,skint,some bigwigs doind a runner with the cash.It must be really blissful to be that ignorant.
Check out Saints financial backing before you make such remarks-you will find their financial backing is a great deal stronger than Celtic and they now have an income stream that the EPL generates.
I can quite understand supporters backing their own clubs but the number of people on here who do so without any knowledge outside of their own localities is absurd. Perhaps it will improve once the minimum alcohol price is in force north of the border.The only reason that different from the leagues is MONEY, blane and simple. why do you have big name players because like the ex:man u coupld spend 100mill. Celtic to smart bargining for how is that 25 mill striker for liverpool doing? compared to hooper? 50 goals in 2 season for hooper. do you really think players would chose between Celtic and any lower clubs in epl no they would always chose Celtic for it is a big club with great history and support. i do believe Celitc would be a mid table team in epl, i just hope one day we can prove that to show yous. we will keep our big players unless 10+mill because they are talent but some arrogrence from most people that because it is the spl players are only worth 2-3mill. and Celtic should have advanced from the hardest group in the europa league this season only for an own goal and a pen(never was one) that cost us in 2 games, for we were up against the top club at that time in seria a as well as the eventual winners atletico, are they micky mouse clubs? by no means do we say Celtic is better then everyone else but we would make it hard on your top clubs to win. cant wait for CL so maybe there we can change some of your minds and show the class of players we have and maybe yous can start showing more respect.50 goals in 2 seasons for Hooper-yes!

But what was the opposition??

There will be players who are happy to score a hatfull of goals against poor defenders (I saw the 5 he scored in his last match). Maybe Hooper is content with that but the point is the best, most ambitious players will not. There will be a number of EPL clubs looking at Hooper and Rhodes, all asking the question, can they do it at a higher level and how much are they worth? It depends on whether a club has the money to risk.

I think Saints are in a stronger position here to make that judgement because Adkins knows the player well, but we will not pay over the odds. It will come down to what the player wants, and as we have found out, if a player sees better prospects elsewhere and wants to leave there is no way a club can keep him. Equally, Saints only want players who will commit themselves 110% so if there is any doubt about that then we will be looking elsewhere.So your saying talent isnt talent until they play a big team/league. so him being 1 of only 3 players in history to get 5 goals and breaking a 40 year record since someone did it for Celtic means nothing? your right in what you sayabout players and if you see Hooper LOVES playing for CELTIC, where else to you get a fan support like ours in the world?no where, for all the great players say it is something every players should do once.
Hoopers ambition as well as many other is CL, why would any player want to play for a team that is always fighting relegation, money thats it. Hooper as well as all players are improving and winning at Celtic.
to score no matter what league you face the same number of players and since you saw his goals how about the one he scored when it was him against the keeper?that shows what he has and it dosent matter which league it is. do you not think that because Celtic is too good that we make others look bad, for our players are wanted by man u, liverpool, clubs in spain. look at our players izzigaurie(which he would be 25mil player in epl), kayal,hooper,forrest,mulgrew,wanyama, ledley,mathews all young and wanted by other clubs. i only hope when the time comes when Celtic beat some big teams all of you doubters would we deserve more respect. go back and look at some goals we scored and im sure you will like some.And at Celtic there is presure to win every games because of its high standards and history, but i guess presure is nothing when it is not the best league eh?


14 May 2012 11:00:16
12 May 2012 11:36:40
Colchester Utd are hoping to take former player Mark Yeates from Watford on a season loan

Why only a loan? You can have him permanently! Please, pleeeaasse take him!(12)(9)He is set to join pne in a deal for mayor pne will get cash plus yeats


14 May 2012 10:48:53
Alessandro Nesta to MLS, NY Red Bulls.(23)(10)


14 May 2012 10:47:03
Akinfeev to AC Milan, Abiatti is unhappy there.(30)(7)


14 May 2012 10:31:57
Watford FC very close to agreeing a £150,000 deal to sign Luton Town winger/Striker Robbie Willmott. Although signing him from their rivals, Watford officials feel he is settled in the area, ready to make the step up to the Championship and also believe they can acquire him for a relatively nominal fee. Other players officials are discussing making a move for are Joe Lewis from Peterborough (dependent on Kuszczak's decision to sign or not). James Coppinger - Doncaster, Earnshaw - Cardiff. Players expected to leave Vicarage Road this summer are Ross Jenkins, Rene Gilmartin (already left), Joe Garner and Mark Yeates.(9)(9)Would love to see Earnshaw at Watford!


14 May 2012 10:30:10
Sir Alex has realised Utd sqaud needs
strengthening these are possible ins
and out according to Skysports News


Owen (Maybe a loan deal)
Ritchie de laet


Shinji Kagawa
Oscar de Marcos
Javi Martinez
Iker Muniain

Remember these are just what skysports
say fort id share the new with you all.

Please keep me updated on Man Utd

Thanks.(21)(18)Here's some Man Utd news...they lost the title to Man City in added time :-)Glory supporterOwen is out of contract so will go for nothing. I don't think United would sign all of these players due to the size of transfer feesWhen was this said on ssn like?in ur dream maybe?Sorry, but of course man u could sign these players, who given the chance would turn down a move too man u one of the greatest teams in the world. Finances aren't a problem as the profit united make every year even on top of the debt is massive.United will get two of those, maybe, mostly because Athletic will not consider selling Martinez and Muniain in the same summer, especially if Llorente is plucked by Barca. Kagawa is gonna be about 15 mil, and the Glazers are probably gonna let out maybe 60, so they've certainly got some leeway. Anderson, though, is going nowhere. They don't have the luxury of turning out decent midfielders when they can barely scrape together two at a time with the injuries.


14 May 2012 10:13:56
Notts County have greed to sign Daniel Bogdanoic on a free from Blackpool and will also add defender Chris Basham, also from Blackpool.(12)(9)


14 May 2012 09:51:23
West Brom to ask for permission to speak to Paul Lambert about the managers job(22)(6)Why would lambert want to go to west brom they are no bigger than norwich and we beat them twice this seasonRubbishGoing to villa.West Brom are bigger than Norwich and we beat you at Carrow Road and finished above you in the table. That said it would be a sideways move for him so can't see it but who knows maybe he thinks West Brom have better resources?They can ask. I know what the answer will be.Yes it would be a sideways move, but we beat you twice at your place and you were only above us on goal averidgeRead it again. It said will ask to speak to him. It doesn't say he will go to them. Touchy canaries. One swallow and all that!You Norwich fans can dismiss it as much as you want but the simple truth is that, if approached, lambert can tell the board he wants to speak to the interested club. At that point it's over because he can't keep him in those circumstances. A club with better resources will come in for him it's inevitable. Whether that's West Brom or villa we'll seeWell villa or west brom havent got better resources at the moment .norwich are debt clearIt will be funny when he goes to Villa!Not a chance him going to Villa there awful ive seen pub teams play better than them on a sunday league west brom though are the same standard as Norwich so it will be tough decision he will have one more season at Norwich then we shall see what he decides to doWest Brom are also debt clear and have a solid footing,however i still think the Baggies need a premier experienced boss to kick on from Hodgson. Not McCliesh,McCarthy or Lambert.Of course West Brom have better resources, try checking out our balance sheet. The Norwich Chief Exec has gone on record stating that the resources available to Lambert won't be increased i.e. wages so can he take you to the next level? West Brom may not be a massive step forward but trust me it is a step forward in resource terms and squad wiseWest Brom would be a step up for Lambert, but considering the work he's done at Norwich and their excellent season in the Prem, I feel that bigger clubs than West Brom will come calling.


14 May 2012 09:37:31
no one is signing coppinger he staying at doncaster cya.(3)(17)Doncaster will be mid table league 1 next season after their failed attempt to sign big name players on short contracts got them relegated, meaning a big over turn of players, he's a decent championship player so he's off and i feel for you having to support donny.Come on pompey get himMaybe but explain why he came out in the press and said he would love to play for Ipswich if he's not engineering a move away from the club?Watford are also interested in him but he does look like he will end up at the tractor boys


14 May 2012 09:06:26
Err, I Albion have released Navarro, they have NOT said they will review his situation like last year, he is Not coming back, as Poyet stated very strong in Midfield(5)(11)


14 May 2012 09:06:11
Jan Vertonghan was at White Hart Lane yesterday!(22)(19)He will be going tottenham I think


14 May 2012 07:50:17
Cardiff City News:


Dato Tan Chien Ghee, Vincent Tan, Mehmet Dalman, Steve Borley, Alan Whiteley, Paul Guy and Michael Issac will meet later today to resolve the rebranding issue which has been casting a cloud over the club.

Vincent Tan is disappointed that he could not get his way, but he will agree to put half of the £100m promised into the club on the proviso that he can walk away in either January 2013 or May 2013.

That leaves £50m for next season for everything. Malky Mackay will be told that five players will have to leave in the next few weeks before the board will sanction any new signings. These players will be Heaton, Whittingham, Miller, Blake and Earnshaw. Sigurdsson will join but will be the only big money signing, as Mackay will have to scour Europe for cheap deals. Mackay is keen on a few Rangers players who will cancel their deals and move in the summer:

John Fleck, Ross Perry and Andrew Little will move from Ibrox to Cardiff, whilst Cardiff are interested in free agent David Hutton as a back up to David Marshall.

Expect Cardiff to only be a mid-table side next season. There might be a new buyer coming in by November, and it will be a British buyer if the deal goes ahead.(4)(5)So £50m for 2012-13? Not too bad as you say, but we will have to jettison the dead wood asap.

The players from Rangers would be good signings and we have to hope for damage limitation!

Interesting that we could be bought before the end of the year - wonder who this person is... just hope not another Hamamm/Ridsdale!What a load of rubbish, it's all crap, topped off with sigurdson signingThat 50m will soon go.

I fear for the future of our club if we cannot find a suitable buyer come Christmas.

I expect Malky will walk this week - can't blame him if he does.As if Sigurdsson would reject premier league interest to go to an average championship teamI'm assuming he means Sigurdasson, loads of people make this mistake, the striker who plays for lillestromHeard that Malky's going up to Villa Park to chat with Randy Lerner about taking on the Villa job.

Odds are that McLeish will not be there for much longer.Reading are favourites to sign Bjorn Bergmann Siggurdarson. They put in a bid of £1.5 million plus add ons but Lillestrom want £3.5 million up front. Talks have been suspended but it's early days. Likely that they will meet and the middle and he'll go for £2-2.5 million with add ons. Everton are also rumoured to be interested.Considering that you state VT AND TG will be at this meeting, i think you need to review your information! VT isnt even in the country, only TG is attending the meeting! the 5 players leaving are Keinan, Parkin, Heaton, Quinn and Taiwo.

So before spouting bull rumours, get the information correct you clown!Under FFP rules, investors can only invest £6m. So the £50m you are quoting is against league rules, and as a result a transfer embargo will be placed on your club for the following season.And then you woke up!Total fantasy land , the board meeting is tomorrow with TG and not VT (they have already held talks in Malaysia)

FFP are active already??Celtic fan here - Teams like Cardiff should have a buyer camped in the car park outside of Ibrox - there will be a fire sale shortly and there will be plenty of good, international experienced players up for grabs in addition to the young lads mentioned in the article. For all the SPL is seen as a laughing stock there are some players who could do a great job at that level.Whats the rebranding issue, dont Cardiff like the ' annual play off failure' image?


14 May 2012 04:10:15
Matt Kilgallon back to Leeds(19)(29)How can he go back to leeds he will be an ipswich player by the end of this week^ he can go back by agreeing a transfer, duh. face it ipswich you're poor, he's staying at sunderland anyway


14 May 2012 00:37:45
ipswich and cardiff are in talks with former Posh keeper Joe Lewis.(38)(4)Is it me or do Ipswich seem to be in for every player under the sun. Tells you everything about Paul jewell poor manager did nothing last season spending loads of dosh on average playersYeah there in for every player and wont get any of them... lewis to sign for leeds along with all of ipswich's other targetsCan you please put EX POsh keeper. We don not want to be associated with him, he's awful...good luck to whoever gets him


13 May 2012 23:54:06
Not sure if you all remember the Keble Investments "failed" takeover of Charlton last year, but rumour has it that it didn't fail at all...

...Keble are the third party and are financing the operation behind the scenes. Keble investments are one of O2's key financiers, so watch this space...

...The stadium will be renamed the O2 Valley. and the roof is already being prepped for new rooftop advertising to the neighbouring visitors London City Airport.(10)(8)Cant find anything on Google can anyone give me some more info? I've the heard the o2 kit sponsership deal mentioned.DO you want to tell Trevor Hemmings this valuable information? im sure he would be awfully intriguedNo we want you to tell him.


13 May 2012 23:41:48
Adelaide's Jonathan McKain is being scouted by Barnsley, the 29 year old central defender could sign for £350,000.

Derby are chasing Australian Dario Vidosic. The midfielder is also currently at Adelaide. Fee could be £500,000.

Third Aussie looking England bound is forward Nathan Burns, the small striker is being scouted by both Huddersfield and Middlesbrough.(15)(6)


13 May 2012 23:37:11
Morecambe's Kevin Ellison thought to be the subject of a bid from Rotherham.(6)(15)


13 May 2012 22:23:30
walsall interested in free agent Lionel Ainsworth(21)(8)


13 May 2012 22:16:39
Real Madrid have bid for Robin Van Persie.(58)(45)


13 May 2012 21:14:56
Shrewsbury Town boss Graham Turner is continuing to track Burton Albion striker Billy Kee. Burton rejected an initial offer from Shrewsbury in January but are keen to lure the forward to the newly promoted league one side.(10)(6)We rejected a bid from Crawley and no other clubs and ive also heard that Burton are very interesed in Mcloud


13 May 2012 20:47:15
Oldham set to sign two players this coming week with Billy Painter on a nominal fee. The second signing will be that of Damian Reeves from Altringham. Oldham are set to beat off competition from doncaster rovers. Players will begin to sign contracts this week with dean bouzanis being first with fillipe morais next. The only two players unlikely to sign is vetran striker shefki kuqi, he is looking for a move to Finland to finish off his playing career. The second player who the Latics are set to miss out on is robbie simpson who is set to sign for coventry city. Kieran lee, chris taylor are keeping their options open and james wesolowski will sign on the next mondays deadline with bradley diallo(6)(13)Billy Paynter nominal fee? He has 2 years left on his contract and decent salary so you probably need best part of £1mReeves is going Doncaster matePaynter costing a million? You what?
I think Leeds would accept a penny....


13 May 2012 20:07:45
Newcastle are set to release Alan Smith, Danny Guthrie, Steve Harper and Peter Lovenkrands.(50)(10)That's hardly a roumour it's comin knowledgeRelease ? They are out of contract.Alan Smith on his way to Bristol City,Hopefully leeds will get Harper and Guthrie!Rumours are Guthrie to Leeds, Lovenkrands going back to Denmark, Harper and Smith to Bristol CityAre thay going to pompey because i hope soGuthrie could be a real asset for someone next season. Wouldn't suprise me if QPR bring him in to replace the man we all love to hate, Mr. Barton.Supposedly once birminghams transfer embargo is lifted they will go in for guthrie due to hughton thinking guthrie would be a quality signing, WBA want to pursuit paul lambert too


13 May 2012 19:12:46
Paul dixon to sign for bristol city on a 2 year contract.
Derby were intersted but dixon has a good relationship with mcinnes and has been persuaded to join the robins.(24)(13)Coming to Derby mate. I know people.Why would that matter.Just because hes scottish>Paul dixon is 100% coming to derby.As we have been scouting him for ages.Hes been desperate for a change in his career but with derbys small budget at that point Paul dixon agreed with derby to play his contract and join them.
I really highly doubt these other clubs will have a chance in the race to sign him as derby are desperate to get a Younger left back and have Gareth roberts as cover.The Interest for Russell has stepped up aswell after Andy garner was at the Motherwell game watching Dison and russell in their 2-0 win.To the derby fan so what who ever paul dixon joins you think your better than us childish grow up and let the season star


13 May 2012 19:08:41
Carl Lafferty is a target for Bristol City(11)(24)Who is Carl Lafferty?!kyle LaffertyYou couldn't afford him either!Rangers cant afford to keep him - thats more to the point! Plus i think Bristol City can afford £500000 which is the agreed figure Lafferty can leave for!


13 May 2012 19:04:49
hi ed, any leicester rumors(6)(17)Yes ur going down next seasonAHAHHA NNNNNNNOOOOOO


13 May 2012 19:04:29
Stockport county will complete free transfers for sam togwell, danny harrison, sean newton and may offer 10,000 for juvhel tsoumou(5)(19)Try 100.000 for tsoumou


13 May 2012 18:46:12
Shrewsbury Town Rumours:

I know there are a load of made up rumours on here but I have heard from sources within the club that there is substance in the Ben Davies Rumour. Talks have been held but an agreement has yet to be reached.

Also Marc Richards from Port Vale is still on the want list despite promotion and Graham Turner still wants to lure back Mat Sadler from Walsall who only signed for 1 year.

If funds are available Shrewsbury will be offering Billy Paynter a contract in which Roland and Turner are in deep discussions about. Turner says that he will be a great asset and would love him at the club but Roland isn't sure on the signing due to his recent injury and he would be the club's highest earner.

Toto Nsiala on a season long loan from Everton coming in.

Shrewsbury have had an approach from Watford for a compensation package for James Collins and Tranmere are trying to lure back skipper Ian Sharps.(17)(14)Ben Davies no no no yes to matt richards yes to matt sadler but david gray from preston may be a better bet,i think the fans would like a grant holt type signing a class midfielder i here dave edwards is available? need a 20 goal a season striker and a class keeper


13 May 2012 18:18:28
Hi Ed do you know if Roberto di Matteo was at the Bayern game today {Ed003's Note - last night,yes}(13)(7)Of course he was :o/That obviously means that he was scouting Toni Kroos - Chelsea are definitely going to sign him.

There is no other possible explanation for Di Matteo's presence at that match. None whatsoever.


13 May 2012 18:41:33
Charlton boss Chris Powell has identified MK Dons Stephen Gleeson and Lloyd Sam (free transfer) as possible summer signings.Magnus Okunghae of Colchester is also being chased as the Addicks try to assemple a squad fit to compete in the championship(18)(7)RubbishWe have better players in our sites than that.This isnt rubbish, at the start of the season we were after Gleeson until about December/January, we had a bid rejected in the summer for Magnus Okunghae but LLoyd Sam is a NO, he has proved he is not good enough to play for a small mid table championship side (Leeds), like said above we now have better players in sight but this wasnt rubbish! Do your reserch before you dismiss things!I like A laugh!It is rubbish because Chris Powell is still on holiday!


13 May 2012 18:41:01
Manchester United wi
ll strengthen there midfield by signing Russian international Dzageov from Cska Moscow for £16.5m, they will also sign Di Rossi from Roma for £12m(10)(55)


13 May 2012 18:37:45
Chelsea FC will sign Pato from Ac Milan for £18m, cheick tiote from Newcastle United for £12m, Nathaniel Clyne from crystal Palace for £4.5m and Christian eriksen from Ajax for £30m. Romelu Lukaku to go on to stoke city(18)(51)Luk knows nothing about rugby.Isn't clyne a free agent in the summer? :SVery much pato will go to chelsea, 1 with no champions league, and 2 18 million is way too little, nearer 35million would be requiredThey can still get in to the champs league for 1 and for 2 he has been a bench warmer all season so it wont be 35 i estimate 20-25 cos he still has considerable time on his contractChelsea agreed to let Stoke have Lukaku on loan after a deal was blocked by the FA in January re the 3 club deal.

Pato looks set to move on so would make sense12 mil for Tiote... they turned down 20 mil in the summer and he has since signed a new deal with Newcastle... eerrr yeah so lets sell him for less..... this makes your entire rumour utter shte12 mill nice one try waking up mate we are on the up and not guna sell our best players if u want tiote i think 40 upwards wud be more realistic dnt forget andy carroll went for 35 and tiotes much better than him but thanks for the laughClyne is a fee due to his age and contract situation at Palace. I can't see Chelsea spending this much with financial fair play coming in.40mill for tiote haha wouldnt waste 5mill on him, hes crap and overrated! felliani will be worth 80 if u think hes worth that ya dopeIf tiotes that crap then why are u in for him and if fellani is that good why r u not in for him must be better than your midfield where did u finish? and what was the score 2-0 i think!!!!!Funny how all newcastle fans think theyre a big club again.they had 1over achieving season and now all the fans think theyre players are world fairness a few players could step up to the top 4 cisse,cabaye,mmayb ben arfa with another good season behind him.newcastle will be back to a mid table club wen mike cashley cashes in on your top players!only down from hereJus because lpool paid way over tthe odds for carroll doesnot mean every newcastle fan can compare prices for their players to carrolls newcastle player is worth the 35 mill then stupid scousers paid for carroll.cisse or cabaye might get you 20 mill max but thats it!youll be crying next season wen ashley sells your top playersOr when Chelsea get 12 mil for Turkey Torres? LOL If we do sell our players, and not that we need to, it will be for top money... then our chief scout will find us a cheaper better replacement... lol



13 May 2012 18:35:07
any plymouth argyle news ed?(3)(14)Your skint


13 May 2012 18:15:55
hi ed any charlton rumours other than francois zoko(4)(14)Troy Archibald Henville from ExeterOther than the 15 or so in the past couple of days!


13 May 2012 18:03:41
Aleksandar kolarov may be interested in a move to lazio with Clichy the regular LB. Senad Lulic culd move other way.
Kolarov - 10m + Lulic(17)(15)


13 May 2012 18:02:31
Michael Jacobs will go to derby
for compensation after the two clubs
couldnt agree a deal.

Andy Garner was Present at the
Dundee uniteds 2-0 away win at
Motherwell and has made contact
with Paul dixon to discuss contract


13 May 2012 17:58:45
BILLY DAVIES next Hull manager , its a done deal(38)(22)After the frustration at Forest when they were penny pinching, do you really think Billy Davies will go to Hull under the same financial restraints?

Next.Billy Davies to be King Cod? I don't think so lol


13 May 2012 17:31:12
Ed have you heard of any Southend United rumours?(2)(8)Yeah theyre the 6th best team in essex 1 col u 2 braintree 3 chelmsford 4 maldon town 5 rayleighIf Sturrock fails to take them up he will be sacked on Thursday morning. Mohsni, Ferdinand, Granty, Hall, Prosser, Paterson, Clohessy and Martin all leaving the club.


13 May 2012 17:24:45
any rotherham united rumors Ed(1)(13)Kevan Hurst and Andrew Wright - no good thoughEr, theyre a small town in SheffieldHow are we a small town in sheffield when we play in the new york stadium in ROTHERHAM


13 May 2012 16:08:37
Yeovil to sign Mikael Forssell after the Finnish international was released by Leeds.(25)(19)Don't bother, he's awful, and unproven in the last 4 years. You'd do better with someone like paynterI thought he'd already signed for Yeovil has it not gone been publicised yet?


13 May 2012 14:50:08
Marcus Bean is joining Exeter City after leaving Brentford(9)(15)


13 May 2012 14:43:40
jon spicer to sign for chesterfield after being released from county(13)(6)


13 May 2012 14:16:29
Andy O'Brien could be making a return to Valley Parade - Been told this by someone who predicted the Guy Branston, Mark Stewart, Mitchell and the Kyle Reid transfers.(5)(17)


13 May 2012 14:09:44
David James will sign for Swindon Town as player goalkeeping coach(28)(28)His going to pompey tommorowI hope he's going to Pompey we dont want himHes going to pompey


13 May 2012 14:04:24
lloyd sam, max gradel and kaid mohamed to sign for yeovil(6)(57)What time are you due back at the lunatic asylum {Ed003's Note - I've got a couple of hours yet}Is it the 1st april already?Max gradel is plying his trade in France and enjoying it how the hell is he joining Yeovil ?? He's on about £30k a weekWhat!!!!Max gradel that used to play for Leeds?Kaid Mohamed is at Cheltenham Yeovil hate Cheltenham Cheltenham hate Yeovil so no way


13 May 2012 14:00:58
ben burgess to sign for chesterfield after release from county(3)(20)Going to Cheltenham


13 May 2012 13:23:10
Anthony Gardner is looking likely to sign for Birmingham after they offered him a contract on wages much higher than Palace offered. Palace are looking at Kyle McFadzean of Crawley as a replacement but are being put off by the £700,000 asking price.

Palace are also close to agreeing terms for Portsmouth's Joel Ward, Torquay's Eunan O'Kane and Southend's Kane Ferdinand.(12)(29)Without meaning to call you a liar, Birmingham are currently under a transfer embargo meaning they can't sign anyone....


13 May 2012 12:53:39
sheff utd will sign cody mcdonald for around 400k to replace ched evans

pretty much a done deal(23)(24)They have no moneyCody Mac not going anywher especially to a third rate side


13 May 2012 12:51:54
Michael Jacobs to Derby is a done deal, they're also looking at Simon Cox and Phil Dixon.(10)(34)Jacobs is not a done deal at all. Where are you going to find £1.5m for Simon Cox?


13 May 2012 12:47:25
ipswich have 2nd bid off 650k accepted for richard keogh , leeds and cardiff also in the hunt(22)(17)Cannot seei that being true as leeds had a bid of £500k accepted for the boy hood leeds fan and he was at training complex for talks FridayThis rumour is un-true as Richard Keogh will be staying at CCFC until at least end opf the 2013 seasonThis rumour is poop as ipswich havent got that much money jewell has been told he has 200k max200k max is rubbish mate go back to supporting the budgies


13 May 2012 12:40:35
I don't know why there are so many rumours that troy deeney is going to millwall. Not true. Fact. Watford are a better club than milwall and milwall have two goal scorers up front already. Troy deeney is watfords leading man now. He wouldn't go to milwall.(18)(6)Every player makes his own mind up!Get in the REAL WORLD MATE!How do you know what HE wants TO DO!You are milwall, we are watford. why would he want to go to you. have some common sense. doesn't take a genius to work that out.Troy deeney is too good for the milwall!Give us some evidence then milwall fans where the troy deeney rumours have come from? because we can give you endless evidence that deeney wants to stay at watford.Give us evidence that deeney wants to leave? where have the rumours come from then milwall fans?We'll have harry Kane 1st! 3m for deeney, GET REAL!You won't get Kane either, too good for you. GET REAL!


13 May 2012 12:38:15
conor thomas is set to sign for Norwich on July 1st after a successful trial(14)(12)He is under a four year contract and Liverpool were prepared to pay a £1,000,000. So you would have to match or beat it.I hope your right we don't want himIve never herd this player before were does he come from?Liverpool sent him back to Coventry and cancelled their interest in him, so I doubt he will fetch anything like £1M, and Coventry are in debt up to their eyeballs, so whichever club goes in for him is going to be in the driving seat because Coventry will sell, they have to raise funds to survive.


13 May 2012 12:30:07
Chesterfield set to attract James hayter to the b2net(6)(24)He's 34 and past it. Typical stupid rumourJames Hayter isn't 34


13 May 2012 12:25:17
Burnley to sign Shaun Hutchinson for 600,000 from Motherwell

the highly rated english born defender wants to come back and play in england and Burnley look set to beat Ipswich to the signing(15)(8)


13 May 2012 12:19:33
vistor anichebe could make a £2.2m move to wigan(29)(13)Ouch. £2.2million?! The phrase "I'll drive him there myself" springs to mind...

Why on earth would Martinez (a manager who likes to play football on the floor, with feet) spend that much on a big, slow lump like Anichebe?


13 May 2012 12:14:48
Celtic want Burnleys Ross Wallace who is allowed to Leave Burnley for 750,000(22)(21)Who ever said the SPL was made up of average Championship players..?He has played for celtic beforeCan see this one as true- mainly because he'll be going into the last year of his contract and he's on a decent wage!Ross Wallace is a decent player who is set apart by his excellent left foot. Celtic already have Chico Mulgruw who has one of the best left pegs in Britain so I doubt this will happen.

Good luck to the lad though, always liked him when he was at Celtic.Good we player but back to celtic i dont think so.


13 May 2012 12:14:41
jon macken and kevan hurst to sign for rotherham after being released by walsall(21)(11)Rotherham full of barnsley rejectsAfter andy gray as wellI would happily have jon macken at the millers


13 May 2012 12:04:13
Marcus bean to Swindon on a free.

Gloucester City signing Swansea legend Lee Trundle.(21)(13)


13 May 2012 12:01:23
Norwiich are intrested in a white a clayton leeds. (note not the fat winger) also keen on r stearman from wolves.. ipswich are intrested in s jackson and a crofts. {Ed013's Note - Howson and Clayton make a very good pairing in center Mid}(9)(19)Just let us know if there is anyone at Leeds that Norwich don't wantThat White and clayton, White only has speed, he cant pass/tackle/cross, and clayton had a few good games but went missing most of the season, welcome to both of themSnodgrass aint as fat as he used to be!We may as well change our name to mini leeds utd.lolRight, because Norwich will sell 2 players to Ipswich...Is it just me or are you becoming the old LeedsHowson and clayton are too light weight. Were for championship so definately will be for prem.Obviously the Coaching at Norwich is superior to Leeds then because far from looking lightweight Howson is looking a class act in the premier , and if he performs like this next season expect him to get an England call up.
Sour grapes perhaps because he didnt want to sign a new contract, and despite all the BS from Bates the £2M looks cheap right now and we got in ahead of anyone else, right now is value has risen to at least double than in just a handfull of games in Premier.


13 May 2012 11:56:30
Cardiff city transfers 12/13 season:

Blake £750,000
Miller £1,000,000

Bjorn sigurdsson £500,000
Albert adomah £1,000,000
Jay Rodriguez £3,000,000
Craig Bellamy £2,000,000

Jordan Rhodes £4,500,000
Jon stead £500,000
Adam lefondre £loan
Jay bothroyd £750,000
Steven Dobbie £750,000
Chris Burke £2,000,000
Nikolai zigic £1,000,000 (not sure about this one but we do need a tall forward)

We probably won't get all of these but these are the players I would personally like to see playing for Cardiff next year.(8)(60)Haha craig bellamy seeing as hes getting in the liverpool i doubt you could afford the wages he would demand no matter how much he we love to play for you
le fondre i doubt will leave readingIf lillestrom rejected a 1 million offer from reading for sigurdasson how do Cardiff have an offer of 500k accepted? Beats meSigurdsson has an asking price of around £3.5m. Jay Rod would not leave Burnley for Cardiff, he would only leave for a Prem Club. You could not afford Bellamy's wages and you would never get Jordan Rhodes, again he would go to a Prem Club. Steven Dobbie will go to Blackpool and Adam Le Fondre will be playing for Reading in the Premier League...Most of your list is fantasy!Considering Cardiff are suppose to hate Bristol city alot of your fans want our players but you have got no chanceSigerdsson linked to reading. rodriguez linked with southampton. bellamy why would he move to a team in da championship? rhodes doubt it. stead not good enough. le fondre great impact sub for reading so won't move. bothroyd can see why he'd move but doubt he'd rejoin cardiff. dobbie probably go to blackpool. burke why would he rejoin cardiff? birmingham are betta. zigic agin why leave for a team worse than he currently plays for?Absolute rubbish. Oh and don't forget whitts is on his way out of Cardiff. Enjoy life without your best playerThe pricing for most of those is way off! Jay Rodriguez would be double that, siggurdarson would be double that or more, zigic would be a lot more, so would dobbie and burke and the others would probably be more too. Rhodes is likely to go to a bigger club, and i reckon le fondre will be featuring for reading next season still as he is their top goalscorer this season. Also, why would cardiff sell miller?Players you see? you must be blindYou wont get

Le Fondre

and whittingham is coming to readingCan people stop with the Adam Le Fondre rumours. Why would Reading let their too scorer go. It's not going to happen.And who is going to pay for these players, the owners have already stated that costs will have to be cut.Total rubbishThis seems like a pretty good coiceJay rodrigues for 3 million
when 6 million has been
turned down by burnley
wake upRhodes to cardiff ! are you mad ?Craig bellamy going nowhere, and jay rod off to premier league team.U sign bellamy u wish and for only 2 m you must be kidding he may go wolves or qpr if they get relegated or not but bellamy could get in most prem teams so why he want to goto u even though he's welsh
aaron m daviesWhat formation will Cardiff be playing next season 1-1-8...This is real life not FIFA!Havent got that muchWhat you need is a reality checkDon't be silly, you don't have that kind of money for these players.Not really rumours...just who/what you want to happen?!No chance, no idea.No wayWhat a joke im a huge cardiff fan and even i think this is a load of rubbish some city fans really need to wake up and get down of there high horses why would bellamy and sigurdsson come to us you must be highCome on give the lad a break he's put down that he knows that they probably won't get many of these and honestly Cardiff might still be getting a high budget and ok the prices are way off but you don't need to keep on at him/her


13 May 2012 11:55:04
New Nantwich Town boss will be former England striker and Crewe Alex. legend Dean Ashton.(10)(14)


13 May 2012 11:54:14
Nantwich boss Jimmy Quinn will take over at Macclesfield, whilst Paul Buckle will take over at Hereford.(12)(11)Im sure paul buckle is now the boss at luton


13 May 2012 11:49:02
Reading are contemplating an audacious offer for Blackburn star Junior Hoilett with his contract expiring next month 5 million pounds might be enough. Failing this a move for either Jordan Rhodes or Simon Cox will materialise.(22)(33)If his contract ends next month why will you be paying anything? He will end up at a big club anywayShows how much u no he is a frre agent fee to decided by tribunalWe have no chance of getting him, bigger clubs will be sniffing around, also he is out of contract at the end of the season so the fee will be set by a tribunal.You wont get rhodesWere looking to buy him from blackburn with like 2 weeks left on his contract, this way we get in there first and blackburn get £5mil instead of it being decided by a tribunal.Never happen....Hes too good for Reading, he will end up with a big club.The big bad wolf will convince him to sign ;) lol


13 May 2012 11:44:07
PNE after jai reason from Braintree, not bad signing only young.(4)(11)Looks like he's going to Colchester (Source Ben Wright)


13 May 2012 11:01:11
rotherham planning a second bid for rb mark little of peterborough but if its turned down they will turn to kieron lee of oldham!(11)(8)Why would lee drop down a league when he has been linked with top championship clubs.Er, why would Little drop down from the Championship, and why would Lee go as well when Championship teams want his signature....?


13 May 2012 10:42:04
Ranieri set to turn down WBA job.
He has said he is only interested in
managing a 'big club'. WBA will turn to
second choice Gary Megson who is
keen on a move back.Comes from solid source(9)(32)West Brom might not get Ranieri but they certainly won't go for Megson. No source just common sense. Peace and Megson would not work together again.Is this the same Gary Megson who is definately not chairman Jeremy Peace,s best mate or even on his xmas card list ? more chance of getting Pep Guardiola than Megson being considered. dingle alertRanieri himself has said he would be interested in the job and no way would peace and megson would work together again! Obviously a bitter dingle!!There's more chance of me being appointed as Garry Megson.


13 May 2012 10:38:34
bristol city are set to sign highly rated k
goalkeeper jamel blackman from
chelsea on a season long loan deal
there also set to sign kyle Lafferty(4)(21)


13 May 2012 09:52:30
Chelsea planning a £7m bid for Blackburn's Martin Olsson as a long-term replacement for Ashley Cole.

Could open up the possibility of Ryan Bertrand going out on loan to Reading.(16)(29)Not true at all this one ..hes not upto chelsea standardsSounds like a Reading fan with wishful thinking, but realistically Chelsea would get a LB that isn't from a relegated club...Reading tried to bring him back on loan in January but got a flat no.

This can go down as plausible.

Reading are still chasing Wayne Bridge as well.This is from the Daily Mirror- worse hit rate than the Sun for getting transfers right


13 May 2012 09:39:07
Keith Hill Set To Leave Barnsley.(15)(35)Come on give us a clue ,where did this info
come from? next door nieghbour works at club and as said nothing about this


13 May 2012 09:37:53
Portsmouth to sign Stephan bywater as he is on a free. Alot of clubs are interested in a very good shot stopper in Ashdown.(20)(25)Again - not until you release another 14 players. Wakey wakey!Alot of players have to leave, not the other way!Bywater happy at Sheff weds and discussing new two year deal. FantasyWe need him


13 May 2012 09:36:39
Barnsley to sign Luke Varney.(31)(29)No way to good for barnsley


13 May 2012 09:34:12
Ipswich are to make an audacious attempt to sign Emile Heskey on a free transfer. It is thought that the ex-England striker is very impressed with Town's ambitions to finish in the top half of the championship within the next two seasons.

Source: A bloke I work with is mates with a lad whose son is in the academy at Aston Villa.(15)(26)LOL at ambitions of top half of the FLC. Of course he was impressed LOLHa ha ha ha ha ha ha.Top half is some real great ambition thereI would be very supprised to see Hesky at Ipswich but its possible, think he would be very effective at championship level im sure the majority would disagree but i would love to see him back at Leicester, he doesnt score alot but he's good at holding up the ball strikers love to play with him.?He will be back at leicester as they have more ambition

Source: friends friend of a friends sons friend whos got a friend whos got a friend in the academy
Maybe its the same friend?


13 May 2012 09:33:58
Bristol city manager Derek Mcinnes was at Scottish league playoff game between Airdrie and Ayr supposedly keeping tabs on Airdrie goalkeeper Grant Adam who is on loan from Rangers... He is brother of Liverpool star Charlie(6)(16)Rubbish..... charlie adam is no liverpool star!


13 May 2012 09:25:10
Ward Will sign for Leeds on Tuesday. Press conference organised. Shirt is ready and was sent for his name putting on it this morning. Source LUFC shop at Elland Rd {Ed013's Note - The shop opens early}(29)(19)What ward?Do club shops stay open close season?Hospital?Pompeys joel ward, and yes the Leeds club shop stays open all through summer, big club following you see


13 May 2012 09:21:45
Reading to sign Matthew Conolly, Gareth McCleary plus

1 of:
Jordan Rhodes
Bjorn Sigurdson
Jay Rodreguez

1 of:
Andy Johnson
Junior Hoillet

1 of:
Clyne(11)(45)Don't want Conolly or McCleary. But out of that list I think the best signings would be Jay Rod, Hoillet and both Marriapa and ClyneStop confusing Gylfi Sigurdsson with the Sigurdason we're linked with!!

Mariappa and McCleary are happening, not the rest. HTHWell done for recycling old rumours.Hoillet & Clyne will go to bigger clubs.Yakubu is realistic but with the teams coming in for Hoilet you haven't got a chance.Why confusing the links? We have put a bid for Bjorn. Stop thinking we are getting confused between the two.Its Marriappa!Still don't stand a chance in prem


13 May 2012 09:14:01
Norwich are willing to spend around 20million this summer targeting the likes of:
And others... So expect a big summer Norwich Fans.

JCraney99(14)(52)Its the right time spend so I think we will be getting a few of theseNorwich are in loads of debt, I doubt they will spend 20mil.We are not in debtWe can afford 20mZaha will end up at a bigger club, the rest could be possible.Lol Us newcastle got Cisse, Cabaye, Ba, Santon, Marveaux and Obertan for just over £20m but u spend £20m on unproved no1sFirstly, we are not in debt and the figure is practically correct. McNally hinted on his twitter account that Lambo will have AT LEAST £15M to spend and depending on today's result that could rise by another Million or so.All possible but think zaha is way over ratedLambert was on sky sports news in reply to anothe season with not much to spend. so keep on dreaming you mad canneries. your just a team full of leeds players. mot4lifeNorwich have a modern stadium, a vary strong loyal fan base including a sold out season ticket allocation with 2000+ on waiting list, the debt is less than 20M which is being reduced each season, Lambert's comment on Sky is a smokescreen, he keeps his transfer business and targets a very close secret and he does have serious money to spend this summer at least £16 perhaps as much as £20M.
As for the players you signed at Newcastle , you forgot to mention how much wages you are paying these guys, its more than the initial transfer Fee.
We can compete with transfer fee's its the wages that we cannot compete with if one the so called big clubs come in for the same player.I bet tay will all go to norwich


13 May 2012 09:01:07
Watford striker Troy Deeney is strongly rumoured to signing for Millwall,lets hope the money we receive for him will be spent on a good replacement.(5)(16)If he goes lets make it quick, before he goes down for 18 months for his part in the assault of 4 students. When he comes out he can join his new team and will fit in really well with the thugs at the den!If this DOES happen? You can look for your SOUR GRAPES MATE!This will only happen if you find £3m from somewhere - did you buy a lottery ticket?If Deeney is going, it's NOT to Millwall. This rumour went round in the past 2 windows and nothing happened. When have we ever sold one of our best players to an equal/worse club?This rumour has been posted nearly every day for the past 18 months, so I wouldn't take it too seriously.Id WANT Jordan Rhodes for 3m!


13 May 2012 08:56:47
Lee barnard is wanting to leave southampton this summer. Sean Dyche's watford seem to be intrested. Sean Dyche has stated to the WO that he doesn't know how much he has to spend but wants to make at least 3 signings. Other targets:
-paul Taylor (peterborough)
-James Collins (shrewsbury)
-sam baldock - loan (west ham)
-le fondre - loan (reading)
-simeon Jackson (norwich)(10)(28)Jackson is going nowhere next season apart from a goalscoring runSo your signing over 4 strikers?Lee Barnard doesnt want to leave Saints, he has not long signed a contract extension.No chance of getting le fondre or jacksonLe Fondre will not go on loan he is to good for youAlf is not going anywhere. He was Reading's too scorer why would they let him go?Like I said just rumours. just things I have heard.


13 May 2012 08:53:59
Leicester are set to sign Man United duo, Ritchie De Laet and Matty James. With Larnell Cole also on the verge of signing from United to Leicester. All 3 are supposed to be permanent signings(34)(14)


13 May 2012 08:09:40
Coventry to sign Gary thomson after they are out of transfer embargo(7)(10)This is true because it say's it on sky sports news and on Coventry city official website.


13 May 2012 08:06:15
Boro to sign Kevin Davis from Bolton on free 12 month deal also resigning Ross turnbull(7)(32)I would love Kevin Davis however not Ross turn ball back at Middlesbrough here was awful at anfield the other night : boss;man&)Kevin Davies will not move to Boro...If Bolton are relegated he will either stay there or move to a Prem Club


13 May 2012 07:44:02
overheard jamie cureton discussing move back HOME to colchester at kem izzets testemonial yesterday, the final piece of the jigsaw hopefully(5)(13)Ward turned him down last season and he hasn't done nothing at Orient or Exeter, so highly unlikely


13 May 2012 07:26:07
Joe Lewis is going to Rotherham from Peterborough agter his contract ran down.(12)(43)


13 May 2012 07:24:56
Chris Taylor - Oldham - Peterborough(6)(19)


13 May 2012 07:24:34
working over in spain and heard
on local radio channel that Andrés Iniesta
is expected to sign for Man U in summer
with the departure of Pep and the 1-0
defeat to Chelski in CL he feels a new
challenge is needed in his career and he
sees it within EPL and Man u play football how he
beleives the game should be played and
their winning mentality makes them the perfect club
expectations he would be in region of 18-25M
but at 28 this may put Man u off a possible transfer(9)(57)It must be the only media site in Spain that has said this then
Really this won't happen, Iniesta is very happy at BarcaNever gonna happen. His always said he wants to see his career out at Barcelona.

Custom Made xIf Man Utd were willing to pay £30M+ for Sneijder then don't see how they wouldn't pay the same for Iniesta... but we all know that this is a bs post anyhow; he wont leave Barca.Got to love those imaginary Spanish radio stationsBarca have one season without a major title and you say the best midfielder in the world will leave to a team with a winning mentality? What major trophy did United win this season? You're pathetic.Haha!!!!up the CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 May 2012 07:23:49
Portsmouth pair Greg Halford & Dave Kitson are.wanted by Peterborough.(31)(10)We can't afford their wages! Would go against rut stated transfer policy as well,we tend to sign younger,hungry players.Lets face it Kitson's wages are pretty much out of everyone outside of the Premier's reach


13 May 2012 07:17:18
Cardiff City transfers this summer:


McNaughton - Aston Villa
Whittingham - Newcastle
Miller - Dundee United
Heaton & Earnshaw - Sheffield Wednesday
Gestede - Swindon Town
Marshall - Wigan Athletic
Gunnarsson - Barnsley
Blake - Hibernian


Allen - Guernsey FC
Sigurdsson - Lillestrom
Bostock - West Ham
Butterfield - Barnsley (plus Gunnarsson)
Bellamy - Liverpool
Rodriguez - Burnley
Cunningham, Johnson, Nimely, Razak - Man City
Kuszczak & Amos - Man Utd(10)(60)Cracked it a last - play 2 goalkeepers,Is that the Spur's Bostock that you are buying from West Ham ? I'm sure Spurs will be chuffed with that !Considering the owners have stated that they won't be spending a lot and bills will have to be cut its unlikely you will be signing many of those players.Butterfield will only leave Barnsley for a prem team, read his comments!!One of the funniest things I've ever seen on hereDeluded Bluebird fan!

Bellamy, Allen, Sigurdsson, the Man City players and Amos are probably all you can hope for - and even they will stretch your wages!

- staying down forever SCFC!!Bostock plays for spursButterfield will go Reading or Newcastle and Liverpool will sign Johnson from Man CityI've played against Allen for Jersey FC when he was playing guernsey. Decent but can't see him being championship material IMO. Mind you, haven't seen him over the course of a season.Jay Rod to Cardiff??

This is the Jay Rod who's being chased by teams like Everton, Norwich, Southampton etc...

This is the Jay Rod who's going to cost somebody at least £6-7 million....

This is the Jay Rod who has publically announced that if he cannot get the move he wants to a decent Premiership team will sign an extension to his contract at Burnley....

Two words for this one- Jog on!!As a ccfc fan its great to read, but we would be lucky to get one player from that list, bellamy if we are lucky


13 May 2012 07:00:34
Coventry pair Cody McDonald & Cyrus Christie are wanted by Peterborough.(10)(20)CCFC maybe a league 1 club for now but why would these players want to go to Peterborough?


13 May 2012 06:58:05
Adam Drury has been offered a player coach role at former club Peterborough United.(18)(8)


13 May 2012 06:55:20
Peterborough United 1st team coach Mark Robson Is to become the new manager of Gillingham(12)(5)


13 May 2012 06:52:25
Welling duo Jack Parkinson & Loick Pires to sign for Peterborough after the play oFf final.(5)(11)


13 May 2012 04:00:14
ben davies will sign on monday for shrews(12)(9)


13 May 2012 01:45:43
Hull City are set to approach former Leeds & Sheffield United boss Kevin Blackwell over the vacant managerial position at the club.(15)(8)Jesus; I can only hope not; would almost rather have Phil Clown backWould love to see Blackwell at Hull, he's useless.


13 May 2012 00:47:23
Leeds interested in michail Antonio
Of reading. Had a loan spell at sheff wed!
Apparently he was due to come in for talks but not sure if it happened!.

source:(22)(16)I'm Leeds through and through,please tell me you're joking,what an awful thought to have hanging over us,Antonio is nowhere near good enough.He's certainly no worse than the awful over rated webber.Typical Leeds fans thinking they are a big club still! you cant sign the likes of Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka in their prime you couldnt even get back today an aging IAN HARTE!


13 May 2012 00:23:00
yeovil poised to sign striker matt green from mansfield(18)(8)Source.Heard this also from a source involved at yeovil


12 May 2012 23:49:30
Craig fagan to sign for portsmouth(10)(10)What to play in the Blue Square League next season?Players have to leave first before any come in!We are not going to be liqudatedWould be a pointless signing for Pompey. We need hungry young players to come in on low wages who want to play football. Fagan nowhere near good enough anyway.


12 May 2012 23:34:55
cox will leave mansfield after a brilliant season for carlisle when the inevitable happens and abbott goes to hull(10)(6)


12 May 2012 23:31:14
Southampton Steve De Ridder will join Dutch team De Grafschapp(20)(26)He won't go back there. He was told when he came in he would need to adapt. He loves it here, as does his family. Secondly he was told if he made an impact in the prem, which he could, he could feature at an international level in the future.De Graafschapp was his old club, and he haas lots of friends there, will be sad to see him go, he's a good player but hasn't had many opportunitiesHe wont go back, he loves it at Saints..His family are settling in and he is starting to ajust too.No way can I see him going back. Not for 'friends'. We've just got back to the prem. He wont leave if he can help it.


12 May 2012 23:21:50
Bristol Rovers have had a 100k bid accepted from AFC Wimbledon for top goalscorer Jack Midson.(10)(21)The guy's out of contract.

Hope Rovers don't go for him anyway, not the striker we need.This is true they have held talks with Wimbledon, who have reluctantly agreed to sell. They have also begun talks with Midson's agent over personal terms. They are also still VERY interested in signing Lionel Ainsworth but he has also spoke to Rotherham.How do you know this is true and that they're very interested in Lionel Ainsworth mate?Not true-contract talks ongoing. Don't make up bullDon't worry mate, we don't want him! There's much better out there.


12 May 2012 23:21:36
Preston to sign Alex MacDonald, Robin Shroot and John Ashton as Westley starts his PNE revelution(13)(8)His "revelution"??........Not much of a Revolution when he's chasing any player in the (very) lower leagues thats available on a free, is over the age of 27 and at least 6ft 3" tall........!!


12 May 2012 23:16:57
Any news on Joel ward for a move to leeds?(16)(7)Off to Ipswich apparently.Lol Ipswich fans really think their going to hijack the deal, no chance, he is pairing up with Pearce again, should be done soon then can prove the deluded Ipswich fans wrongI think you'll be a bit dissapointed, not a bad player and works hard but don't expect to much qualityHe has been in talks with Ipswich since January, hardly hijacking a deal.If anything Leeds are hijacking this deal, he had talks on Friday with Warnock and is expected to make his decision Monday/TuesdayI'd be a bit worried pairing up with Pearce again seeing where Portsmouth ended up, hardly set Championship alight last season. Might help take you down! Anyway we'll see what his decision is next week! {Ed013's Note - Portsmouth situation doesn't take away some of their players ability. They were very limited in what they had available, but had 6 or 7 really good players}Derby fan here so no connections if I was ward think I would go to Ipswich reasons for this is all though Ipswich have had a few bad years they will get better as Leeds are not going to get any better {Ed013's Note - Leeds will be much stronger next season}And of course being derby you would know all about quality players and improvingIpswich is a minuscule club compared to Leeds? Leeds are more likely to attract investment than most championship sides. The problem they have is Bates. If he wasnt there I could see an investor coming in and taking the club to be a top 10 prem side.


12 May 2012 22:49:59
Charlton Vicento signing for Bristol City(13)(16)With a name like that there is only one place he should play :)


12 May 2012 22:06:19
rotherham have agreed personal terms with richard o'donnel and danny webber, both signings to be announced next week!(17)(14)


12 May 2012 21:56:13
bristol city are to rebuild their squad with the signing of left back PAUL DIXON from dundee utd when his contract runs out, city are also interested in highly rated northampton town cm MICHAEL JACOBS(18)(9)Both of them are coming to derby
as we are massively interested and
Bristol city just escaped relegation and derby top half finish.You decideSo what derby fan dont think bristol city will be push overs we bounce backDerby are a much bigger club than Bristol City! They attract an average of 27,000 crowd per week and in the prem 33,000!
The club as a whole is massive for championship standards and in my opinion i think they will get play offs next yearStudent tickets and free mobiles? Well done Derby, absolutely huuuge! BTW, a BCFC season ticket holder at Derby Uni was offered this! Forest are bigger and I'm a lifelong City fan.Sure Derby get more support at the moment but they wouldnt get any more fans in the prem then they get now. Bristol City would outsell Derby twice over in the prem as Bristol is one of the biggest citys in the country and Derby is tiny.What are the criteria for determining the size of a club?? Back up your claims with reasoning.
Regardless of size Derby are a more attractive proposition right now, the squad is settled and moving forward.What bristols 21000 seater stadium would outsell derbys 33000 seater stadium twice over, good one, even if u get the one your putting planning permission in for then thts only planned for initial 30000 with a 40000 option and pride park has an option to add 10 - 20000 seats aswell if it wanted to double tier


12 May 2012 21:42:32
Jonas Olsson is being tracked by Southampton,Aston Villa and Everton(23)(12)Possible he may go to everton, doubt he'd go to saints or villa as he'd prefer a bigger club....saints aren't a big club anymore and villa are a sinking shipAren't a big club anymore, just because they got relegated to league 1 and Aston villa just because one bad season they're a sinking ship,
By the way I'm a everton fan and he could go to any of these teamsAnd Everton have to sell their best players each year to stay viable. Moyes does a great job but hardly the sort of "big" club an ambitious guy would want to join.I'm finding it hard why moyes wants to sign him at 29 when we have jagielka, distin and heitinga and if injuries hit Rodwell is capable of playing at CBVilla are a big club, one off season does not change that. Saints are a big club, club was poorly run it went down to League they are back with huge financial backing and state of the art training and academy facilities..Everton are a big club anyone who thinks otherwise knows nothing of football. All 3 are possible for Olsson.To the guy who said the player would not want to go to everton, outside the top four, 90% of player would walk over broken glass to join everton.Fair bet he,ll end up in italy or spain, that,s if he has a good euro,with sweden,


12 May 2012 21:23:40
Peterborough United's George Boyd will sign for Huddersfield Town for a fee of around £1.5m this summer.(7)(18)No he wont. You'll never get that much for him.He wont want to step down a league after Hudds lose the play off final again.Dream on.......


12 May 2012 21:18:41
MK Dons goalkeeper David Martin is set to join Peterborough United after the L1 play offs.(15)(9)


12 May 2012 21:15:59
Leyton Orient have signed Bristol Rovers defender Gary Sawyer on a 2 year deal.

Official Website(16)(4)This pleases me greatly as a Bristol Rovers fan. Been awful in his two years with us and he's on decent wages, glad we've managed to get rid of him!

Quite like Orient though, so good luck next year.You lie sir! No signs of this transfer on the official site!It was on official Twitter feed , Sorry for the mistake.


12 May 2012 21:15:04
Mark Little & Grant McCann from Peterborough to Rotherham(17)(14)


12 May 2012 21:12:59
Stevenage trio Wilson, Bostwick & Freeman to Peterborough in cash + David Ball deal.(8)(14)Dnt think so they av agreed to rejoin westley if stevenage dnt get prometedAll 3 of these players will have quite a heafty transfer value...£100k - £150k for them....cant see PNE being able to afford that amount and I cant see all 3 taking a paycut to join a manager who walked out on THEM when they could have made it to the Championship.


12 May 2012 20:56:16
Barcelona to sign Rademel Falcao from
Athletico Madrid and also they plan
to bolster their defence by signing
Thiago Silva with Keita going in the
opposite direction.(24)(9)They wont get him and Bale though, so which one is it?Definetely go for falcao.hes pure class,im a spurs fan and think bale is over rated,onegood game against milan 2 years ago does not make him world class.uf barca wer to offer £30-40 mill id snap theyre hand off


12 May 2012 20:14:06
Yeovil who are intrested in GK Chris Weale from Leicester, but fear that wages may stop the deal, may switch their attentions to former Notts County GK Stuart Nelson who was released this week(12)(5)


12 May 2012 19:39:58
Port Vale boss Micky Adams looking to tie up a deal for Macclesfield Town full back Elliot Hewitt(3)(7)He is signing a new 2 year deal at Macclesfield.

Source: I am a Macclesfield Supporter.


12 May 2012 19:26:32
Reading, Notts Forest and Blackpool are all ready to throw David Bentley are lifeline.(14)(12)"a" lifeline, forest are skintHe's not exactly going to break the bank.Steve claridge would break forest's bank right now


12 May 2012 19:05:49
Damian Reeves will turn down Oldham and sign for home-town club Doncaster(13)(5)


12 May 2012 18:35:47
Midfielder Sam Togwell is being linked with league one side Walsall after his release from Scunthorpe

Source Birmingham mail Journalist(8)(3)


12 May 2012 18:31:35
After signing Caolan Lavery (striker) on a free, The Owls have offered terms to right-back Callum Bennett, who rejected a 1 year contract at Portman Road.(9)(5)


12 May 2012 18:29:13
Charlton are very keen on signing ex-Brentford centre back Karleigh Osborne.(13)(3)


12 May 2012 18:12:34
Birmingham City have offered Reading £2m for Simon Church.

Sunderland have made an offer for Zigic.(14)(17)Birmingham would feel absolute robbed if thats true. 2 million for a ST- who is useless and losing a ST who wins them games.Yep, hope it happens LOL

Brum are dangerously close to admin, so they better get used to those sort of swaps.You can have Church for free and I will drive him to Birmingham and I Wont even ask for Petrol Money


12 May 2012 18:09:07
Falcao set for 38m move to manchester city(14)(30)Nah they wont get falcao, if anyone it will be van persieVan persie at least has some loyality unlike nasri(moneygrabber)if he leaves it will be outside the EPL.barca or madrid are his optipns


12 May 2012 17:15:35
Barnsley to take nicky ajose on trial(14)(7)


12 May 2012 17:07:55
leicester have had a 1 million pound bid accepted for adam clayton of leeds(18)(21)Really cos he's being released at the end of the seasonNo he is still in contract and has been listed by warlockHe's on the transfer list, he's not getting releasedThis is a reply to the person who said clayton is being released no hes not he is on the transfer list that means for sale stick to your knittingLeeds is a little club that feeds norwich city, you can only dream of being as big as both sheffield clubsThere's likely to be a swap deal done....clayton would be sold for more than £1m without another player


12 May 2012 16:47:58
Spurs wants to make a permanent move for Manchester city striker adeybayor(28)(9)Breaking newsMaybe if you SELL BALE then you CAN BUY him?No they dont!Doubtful they will agree awageIt just sounds gd a statement of intent the same with tevez ,we really tried


12 May 2012 16:38:57
As it's looking unlikely MK Dons will get promotion from league 1 this year, MK Dons will spend some of the Sam Baldock money (around £300k of it) in order to gain promotion next season(11)(8)That'll go far then... lol

11k in your cup final. What a pathetic club!I'm not even an dons supporter lolMilton keynes dons

was it really worth killing a proud club like wimbledon for mk? no!

i'm glad they're one league behind you! pete winkloleman is a disgrace and i hope he and dons failol for ever more.I'm a dons supporter and winkleman is very unpopular with his transfer policies, in the fact he pockets any club profits! I just wish other clubs would accept us now, and put the past behind usWhat Cup final was this?


12 May 2012 16:34:59
Birminghams transfer embargo could be lifted as soon as the end of next week. Vice chairman, Peter Pannu gave a statement in the program for the semi-final second leg game vs Blackpool, which the Blues lost 3-2 on aggregate.
Pannu said: "I have been informed that once the accounts are finalised, an investor has been identified."

He added: "A club of our reputation, size, and may I now say, our achievements, would attract interest.
"I have in my own ways impressed upon the members of the parent group's board that should a suitable party come along, they should give it serious consideration."

"The consolidated accounts should be published very soon and, in any event, before the play-off final."(4)(18)It will take the Football League 2-3 months to perform the Fit and Proper Person test on the new investor, so no you wont be coming out of the transfer embargo.

Nice try tho.I heard a new investor way buying into the clubWere on a transfer embargo because of are accounts ^


12 May 2012 16:15:26
Michael Jacobs should be confirmed as a Derby County player next week after Northampton and Derby agreed a fee. There was thought to be interest from Peterborough and Bristol City but Jacobs wanted to join Derby after seeing how Clough gives young players a chance in the first team and how the club showed more ambition then others.(17)(11)Off to Palace.Another Derby fan that thinks every player wants to go to them because they are a big club. WAKE UP! Derby has no Potential to get any bigger as Derby is tiny.13 May 2012 14:23:08

Does this shut you up? No potential? Finished 12th last season and the average age in the squad is 24. I bet you're a jealous fan who wants Jacobs but knows hes coming to a bigger and better side.He's coming to Mighty Derby.


12 May 2012 16:14:06
Reading will consider to make a move for Vilmos Vanczak. The experienced Hungarian centre-back is keen to be transferred after having played 5 seasons for Swiss side Sion, which is struggling financially. Vanczak has scored the impressive amount of 9 goals in 31 leagues matches for Sion this season. He has over 60 caps for Hungary.(8)(6)


12 May 2012 15:51:53
Giovanni Dos Santos to be at Ipswich next season, Gio has tried hard to make the 1st team at Spurs but is bored of sitting on the bench, the Mexican enjoyed his time at Portman Road and has hinted he would love to play for Ipswich again.(8)(42)He'll be going back to SpainOff to Reading apparently. Norwich also keen.Yeah Reading have enquired about him but who knows. He'd be better suited to the powder puff Spanish league where players don't tackle and you can do your step overs all day long. ZZZzzz


12 May 2012 15:44:48
Alex Bruce will sign for Notts County, after his release from Leeds, on a 3 year deal.(15)(23)He's going to barnsleyWho ever gets him hes a good defenders never got a run at ER he; ll be a good signing 4 who ever ps im a leeds fanBarnsley deal wont happen. He wants to go to Notts, as they are offering a longer deal and he wants to work with Keith Curle.Correct about Curle. Warnock has recommended him to Bruce, expect to see him at County next season.


12 May 2012 15:43:50
Derby county to sign

Michael Jacobs-Nom fee
Fegor Ogude-400k
Krystian Pearce-150k
Sammy Clingan-Free Transfer
Paul Dixon-Free Transfer
Havard Nielsen-350k
Karleigh Osbourne-Free Transfer

If any of these deals falls through or derby feel they need to add theres massive interest in

Relegated Coventrys 3
Nathan Cameron
Shaun Jeffers
Jordan Clarke

Birmingham's Jake jervis

West brom's Scott allan in on loan

Reguarding Contracts

Steve davies is staying at derby county he definately wouldnt go down a league(stupid people)
His contract runs out in 2014 after nigel clough activated the year extension and added a year to him

Miles addison has been offered a cut price contract offer for 2 years and was told he would have work really hard
on his fitness and be mentored by injured shaun barker.If Miles refuses the contract hes told he will leave on a free
but it will more than likely be in a lower league club. Outs
Paul green
Lee croft
Miles addison(Possibly)
Chris jones
James severn
Aaron cole
Alex witham
Callum ball(loan)
Mark obrien(loan)
Connor doyle(loan)

Derby have Reject a 1 million pound bid for Jason shackell this morning from an unamed club.Derby county have told any interested clubs thats he nots for sale
and definately not for anything less than 2.5 million.(19)(17)He must have come on leaps and bounds since his Norwich days if he is worth anything close to 2.5M, frankly we were lucky to get 900K for him when Wolves came in for him.I hope addison does signs a new contract with you very indiferent form when he was on loan with us at bournemouth.He's one of the best centre halves in the division, and so that is the going rate. Saying that he 'must have come on leaps and bounds' is ridiculous, every player develops, and he left you at around the age of 23, young for a centre half.I think at a push all the players you've said we are getting we should do, apart from maybe sammy clingan, he might want to much wages & i hope all of those outs you've wrote happen too but i think we'll sell Chris Maguire for some money.O'Brien will not go out on loan.Shaun Jeffers is awful been on loan in league two and done nothing poor player.
Nathan Cameron bit part player and would command 500k due to his 4 year deal and Clarke won't leave his home club.But i think Derby are certian to get their
targets so wont need to bother with the
Coventry three.O brien will be going out on loan with additions of Osbourne and Pearce and Possibly Addison theres enough cover for him to get a season of games/experience under his belt the same is for connor doyle and callum ball


12 May 2012 15:28:02
michael owen set to sign for ipswich on good authority as he is mates with pj.(10)(54)Very funny as if, keep dreaming.At 32 owen will move his family to some where 5hours drive from where he lives?


12 May 2012 15:17:18
Aberdeen set to sign patrick bamford from chelsea on loan until january after darren mackie is told he has no future with the club,(13)(10)Not a chance ! if he goes anywhere it will be a season long loan back to nottingham forest


12 May 2012 15:13:41
Miralem Pjanic to sign for Leeds on a years loan deal in the next couple of weeks. He's not fit in well at Roma and would be a great addition to the Championship(8)(29)C'mon, get real, you can't afford him, neither a loan fee or his wages. And Roma won't give him for free.LOLeeds. This kid is a top prospect, and you're an average sized Championship club!The same Miralem Pjanic that was linked with Chelsea a year ago. like he'd join a mid table Championship side.


12 May 2012 15:08:23
Yeovil Town To Sign Michael Jacobs As He Dont Wanna Go championship cos hell be on bench and wants to play for higher team in first team ..yeovils his preefered destination(6)(30)Ha dream on, why on earth would he go to Yeovil?He wants to stay up north!I Heard this rumour a few weeks ago, would be a decent signing!What part of Northampton is "up North".


12 May 2012 15:06:25
19 year old northern international
caolan lavery to join sheff wed says so on ipswitch website. striker.(12)(9)


12 May 2012 15:01:26
Preston North End and Sheffield United have both displayed interest in 19-year-old Livingston striker Marc McNulty.(13)(5)


12 May 2012 14:46:30
Notts county will be looking to make permanant moves for loan signings Lloyd sam and dan bogdanovic who are both available on free transfers. They are also looking to keep Damion stewart and jon forte although there may be fees inbolved with these transfers. A deal for freeman on loan again will be discussed after the Cotterill sees who leaves so will not be sorted until the start of the season. Notts will also offer shuan derry a player/coach role as curle knows him well from QPR and Palace and derry is a known fan of the club from hus younger days.

Jon harley who was released last week will join rotherham full time after a loan deal towards the end of last season. Chilvers looks set to rejion port vale also(15)(3)


12 May 2012 14:39:13
Chris Powell will make MK Dons midfielder Stephen Gleeson his number one transfer target should the Dons not secure promotion to the champiohip via the playoffs(10)(2)Add Mk's Right winger Daniel Powell to this and this fact is complete.


12 May 2012 14:35:04
Southampton will test Norwich with a £7m bid for Grant Holt, they see him as a perfect partner for Rickie Lambert.
I'm not sure if it will happen, but watch this space as they say. {Ed013's Note - There is no way someone would pay 7 million for Grant Holt!}(6)(60)Even at £7m i don't think norwich would let holt goEspecially Saints!! Wakey wakey!We won't let him go and Saints WTF!!Holt and Lambert are FAR too similar to play together and agree with Ed Holt not worth £7mSkate rumour epic FAILHolt is not as good as everyone thinks he is ! would be the biggest waste of money since stuart downingWhy ed? {Ed013's Note - Great player, in his 30's now so Norwich wouldn't get much. They would be in dreamland if they did}I'm a southampton fan, and this is ridiculous, why would we pay £7m for a striker no better than lambert and plays in same role as lambert? Stupid rumourSaints fan and even I'm laughing at this.Lambert and Sharp are both slow and so is holt, we need a pacy strikerNo disrespect to norwich but we could do far better than grant holt. Saints are a massive club far bigger than norwich in every department, so if on ther hand hand we did want some im sure he would jump at the move, being a massive upward move for him in every department. as for 7m?? lol they would be lucky to get 500k, most of norwich players have come from league 1.. lol Saints should go for someone like defoe, saints to finnish top 8 next season8th? Dont let promotion go to your head. You think you will have a better season than one of Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool?
Secondly a far bigger club than Norwich? On which basis? I would actually consider them very similarly sized average attendances were within a few hundred of each other (Southampton actually only averaged 80% of capacity while Norwich were at 100% which they also managed last season so you cant argue it was a Premier League effect). Finances? Norwich's turnover from the most recent accounts was higher than Southampton's this year, our debt level is now below 16million I believe, Southampton thanks to generosity from their owners effectively writting off a £33m debt are mostly debt free although they made a loss last year of around £11 million. Oh and Southampton are currently in a tricky situation with 93% of turnover being spent on players wages so I would expect some restrictions on transfers this year for Southampton despite the increase in revenue from the Premier League.
Finally as for Norwich's team being full of divsion 1 players? Didnt Southampton get promoted from Division 1 last season? Doesnt that mean their team is full of Divison 1 players too? Maybe you are right and their team is full of Premiership level players yet they finished second to Reading? I guess if they have all Premiership quality players their failure to win the Championship must be explained by failures of their manager...
Listen, Southampton had a great season they have some good players and they have a fantastic record at developing young players. But they like Norwich, Swansea, Wigan, West Brom, Stoke etc are teams with limited resources. Southampton will need a lot of things to fall right just to avoid relegation. So before you start a sentence with no disrespect realise that you probably are being disrespectfulHas anyone actually realised that they were team mates at Rochdale. They most definitely can succesfully play together.


12 May 2012 14:35:04
Mark Yeates seen talking amongst Colchester manager John Ward, Chairman Robbie Cowling and Gary white, seems like he could be on his way back to Colchester (Source - kem izzets game)(6)(2)It part of a deal involving someone called Henderson - never heard of him personally


12 May 2012 14:14:02
Charlton and Millwall in discussions about swap deal for Bradley wright Phillips with n'gessan and bouazza going other way(11)(20)HOPE THIS IS TRUE!Its a very good swap if this is TRUE! But I would still PREFER harry Kane!I would rather have young harry Kane!Very good swap for who? No thanks, we'll keep BWP.This will NEVER HAPPEN. no way would we ever swap BWP for N'Guessan and Bouazza, we actually have a manager who knows what he's doing.How many clubs is this overated player going to,like his brother hyped on nameBWP is no overrated he has prem, championship and league 1 experience,he is worth more than the whole of millwall and would never leave, why wuld we want a charlton reject back? and n'guessan is 200k at the most, BWP is 1m minimum, also Shaun is not his brother, Shaun was adopted by Ian Wright who is Bradleys real dad! also there is no chance you will get harry kane he is too expensive for you, you have no money and why would he want to join the smallest team in south london?Much as I liked what N'gessan did for us while at Charlton he's the sort of player that fades drastically once a contract has been signed as Millwall have found out. So it's a thanks but no thanks from me. As for Bouazza why was it we got rid? Oh yeah he's not good enough, that was it.


12 May 2012 14:13:20
ROTHERHAM HAVING A LOOK AT GAVIN TOMLIN AND LEE NOVAK, ONE OF THEM TO BE THE MILLERS RECORD FEE IN REGION OF 300-500k...... reliable source close to the club(10)(15)Reliable source close to which club?You having a laugh? Novak worth at least £1m and Hudds won't release him, besides why would he drop to L2 when he could be playing in Championship next season!Reliable source close to which club?


12 May 2012 14:09:15


12 May 2012 13:48:34
im not 100% sure but ive heard from a pretty reliable source that swansea are rumoured to be doing a swap deal with birmingham with redmond going to swansea and routledge going to birminham plus 2m.
also heard that swansea are set to sign
lacina traore for 3m
sigurdsson for 7m
goossens 2m
james collins 4m
caulker loan
aiden white 1.5m
luton shelton 2m

but they will first have to get rid of mark gower who is interesting charlton as he has championship experience, luke moore is interesting blackburn, leroy lita is attracting bristol city, charlton and leicster city. heard it hear first!(2)(25)I'm a Villa fan so obviously i hate Birmingham but not even they are stupid enough to accept Routledge + 2mil for Redmond, he is a fantastic talent who i would gladly have at Villa Park.

Anyway i would expect Redmond to end up at a top club before long ( no offence to blues)


12 May 2012 13:44:39
Reading TARGETS:

Free agents-
Gareth McCleary (almost complete)
Danny Guthrie (Began talks)
Carlos Sanchez

Bjorn Sigardson (Bench)
Jordan Rhodes (Bench)
Ryan Bertrand (loan, looks unlikely)
Matt Mills (Bench)
There are others such as a Lb & Cb

Old Targets (not anymore)-
Dame N'Doye
Zaha (too pricey)
Clyne (too much interest)(20)(17)Matt mills would never be welcomed back by the fans!Rhodes for the bench get real!!Bench is a bit exaggeration for Matt Mills maybe he will make our Reserves bench. At a push.I just saw on an article we are after Junior Hoilett (spelling) for £5 million lol and you also forgot Jermian Defoe and add on old targets Gylfi Sigurdsson cause i doubt that will happen unless the takeover is completeIT would be Roberts and Rhodes upfrontYou forgot Jermian Defoe and Junior Hoilett on Targets and Gylfi Sigurdsson on Old TargetsRhodes would never leave to go on the bench every weekHoillet will go to a top euroPean club most likely To be in france


12 May 2012 13:21:22
Scunthorpe united to start rebuilding their squad with the free signings of
David Clarkson
Christian Ribeiro
Nicky Ajose
Danny Harrison

and may offer 20,000 for Kidderminster striker Anthony Malbon.(7)(2)


12 May 2012 13:05:16
got ayling and uvvers probs yeovil need 10 goal striker so paul hayes could be gud did well wiv wycombe(0)(2)


12 May 2012 13:28:43
Tranmere to sign Birkenhead born striker Dave Mcginn on monday morning. Mcginn, aka Ginny is on the top top of Ronnie's list this summer. {Ed025's Note - cheers ginny(6)(4)Whoever put this on is bloody genious ginny is a legend


12 May 2012 13:14:00
Coventry set to sign Winger/striker Garry Thompson on a free.(8)(3)


12 May 2012 13:06:01
Ness to Leeds defo(7)(14)Who is nessOk.... so would that be Elliot Ness ??Loch ness monster gunna bang him upfront to win headers


12 May 2012 13:02:17

Reading interested in Defoe.(19)(15)Yes I belive everything I read in a paper too that's why I wear a tin foil hat to stop the government reading my thoughts!

Be realistic you would push the limit on his wages? I'm a saints fan and as much as I rate Defoe and would love him at saints I don't think bringing in a player on his wages would go down that well with the balance of a team but if reading did get him well done what a signing that would be.

Goodluck next season

Clarkey saintThat would be a great signing. But like the guy said above, his wages will be way to high and many big clubs will be after him.Obviously they want him but the only fact is if they actually get him. Everybody would want to sign Messi but no one wouldSpurs fan here-Defoe nearly joined Stoke on loan in Jan- he mentioned the fact yesterday and remains a target for the Potters who CAN afford him. Him and Crouch of course teaming up. Only Harry prevented the deal happening as Defoe was keen to go. Have it on good authority that a permanent deal is close. Pulis is a huge fan of Defoe since his Bournemouth days. Not your conventional Stoke player but will do well thereHe's going to fulham for £9million


12 May 2012 13:00:30
woking will sign manset for 10,000(6)(11)10 grand, your out of your mind and he's out of your league.


12 May 2012 12:59:20
readings new owners are planning to sign sturridge barry drogba(11)(54)You forgot about messi and ronaldoI heard messi and Ronald's too..hoping to sign, personally i think reading will struggle, and they certainly wont sign players like these! your just the next QPR.What a jokeNot a chance!
What do you think their weekly wages are? Would Reading pay such figures and even if they did, where would this place the rest of the squad-peed off for certain!Was clearly a joke ppl.


12 May 2012 12:54:42
Northampton have bid £150000 for the midfielder/striker.
It is the first transfer fee paid in years.
Probably due to the fact they will be getting money for Jacobs.
A foreign international at sixfields this shows their ambition under boothroyd.(1)(8)What foreign international, you haven't put a name?


12 May 2012 12:54:39
Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh is interesting Stoke City for a fee of around £4million.

Arsenal in the hunt for a Striker and Centre half for the coming season and a number of targets have been lined up, Phil Jagielka looks favourite for the CB position however Arsenal may move to bring Chris Samba back to the Premierleague, after his move to Russia has not gone the way he expected in recent months.

Aston Villa are to bid for Stoke City's Kenwyn Jones with the out of favour striker looking for a move away, it's understood Stoke are also interested in Gabby Agbonglahor who has had a quit season at Villa but a player swap is out of the equation because Villa consider Agbonglahor to still have a bright future ahead of him. So Stoke may have to tempt them with a £8million+ offer if any move is to materialise.(11)(30)Dream on!
Villa have Bent & Weimann. Why would they want overrated Jones?
Agbonlahor on his day makes the difference anyway.
Soon Stoke City will be back in the Championship where they belong!Villa turned down £15m a few years back from Arsenal. Why now would Villa sell him for now!?You can talk villa are how much closer to the drop zone than stoke!15million a few years back and since then hes done nothing if thats the case sunderland turned down 15m for jones 2 years ago a year after he came stoke for 9 ..and villa next season will go downIf agbonlahor goes anywhere it will be to sunderland to join up with the guy who gave him his chance Martin O'neill, heard Jones could be coming back to sunderland aswell, but rumoursHa ha a Villa fan talking about Stoke being relegated. Stoke are a FAR better side than Villa don't kid yourself. Villa must be one of the favourites for the drop next season. Jones will go to a bigger club and as the guy above says, Sunderland are interested as are QPR. Can't see why Stoke would want any Villa players.


12 May 2012 12:31:43
Norwich are to pursue their interest in Brightons Liam Bridcutt. Norwich see him as the defensive midfielder, a poor mans Scot Parker, needed to improve their poor defensive record. Andrew Crofts who surprisingly has played a very small roll in their Premiership campaign will return to Brighton with a cash adjustment in Brightons favour.(21)(11)A poor mans Parker doesn't even play like him


12 May 2012 12:22:36
Charltons sponsers next year will either be Les Bordes or O2, O2 have apparently proposed to pay charlton extra money so that they can have their advertising on the roof of the stands, however this could result in the stadium being re-named the O2 arena/O2 valley/O2 stadium...
Les Bordes is owned by Tony Jiminez who wants it to be our sponser next year..(7)(8)Well it cant be called the O2 arena can it! Otherwise it might get confused with the er O2 arena.


12 May 2012 12:04:54
Tough Tackling centre back Luke Ferguson has been offered a 2 week trial after Bristol Rovers scout Keith Elliot has been watching his progress at Yate Town(6)(7)Buckle got rid of the last of the Rovers scouts during his stint down there earlier this season. So I'm intrigued as to how they're scouting the lower leagues.


12 May 2012 12:01:23
Latest name rumoured to be in talks with Leeds is Wigan midfielder Ben Watson. The former Palace man hasnt featured much for Wigan recently, and could be a good addition at Championship level.


12 May 2012 11:54:19
According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Darren Ferguson may be interested in the following players:

Michael Bostwick
Michael Jacobs (although Derby seem to be leading the chase)
Loick Pires
Michael O' Connor
Jamie Vardy - we are said to be one of three clubs to bid for him, along with Cardiff (the play-off bottle jobs!) and Leicester (under-acheivers who still live in the past)(4)(16)And peterborough who have achieved nothing everAs a Posh fan, i take issue with the author. no need to insult other clubs mate.Pterborough who despite being one of the smallest teams in the league, manged to stay up rather comfotablyJacobs is coming to Derby. FACT.Jacobs signed for Derby FACT.Peterborough did stay up admittedly even though being a smaller team. The part of the sentence to take most notice too... small team. better players are not going to sign. Whoever wrote this doesnt obviously know where better players will go.And Peterborough have done what?


12 May 2012 11:54:06
Cash strapped Oldham will not stand in the way of several players leaving Boundary park this summer, the first one out will be Morais to Bristol City followed By Shefki Kuqi to Preston.(7)(17)Shows you know nothing, Morais and Kuqi would be free to leave as they are out of contract.


12 May 2012 11:52:13
FC United of Manchester will sign striker Ian Lancs from Stockport County, Lancs now a veteran is believed to have thrown his hat into the ring for the manager's job at Macclesfield as he's just completed his coaching badges, but it's likely he'll play one more season at FC United.(1)(9)


12 May 2012 11:45:07
Akinfenwa and heskey to link up together at Northampton.(27)(25)


12 May 2012 11:36:40
Colchester Utd are hoping to take former player Mark Yeates from Watford on a season loan(12)(3)


12 May 2012 11:34:18
Stoke City Targets:
Romelu Lukaku-Loan-Full season
Jarvis- Wolves-Full transfer
Cole Skuse (Rumour I heard, not sure about this one myself)
A few French players as Tony Pulis was scouting their.

Salif Diao- Free
Matthew Upson- Transfer
Kenwyne Jones- Transfer- QPR, Reading, Southampton all interested!
Tom Soares- Free agent

Definitely not!-
Joe Cole
Adam Johnson


12 May 2012 11:29:50
Kieran Lee, Oldham's right back will sign when his contract expires next month.
Apparently he's won all the player of the year awards for the last two seasons.
Looked decent whenever i've seen him.

Looks like Dave Jones is busy building a decent size squad for Sheff Weds assault on the Championship(4)(6)


12 May 2012 11:28:37
Middlesbrough are intersted in Bristol Rovers winger Mustapha Carayol and Energie Cottbus Attacking Midfielder Clemens Fandrich(13)(1)


12 May 2012 11:26:09
sheff weds looking to sign adam lefondre on loan(5)(34)You have to be kidding me! Alfie isnt going anywhere next season he will feature heavily in the Prem.


12 May 2012 11:18:24
Burnley are close to agreeing a deal to sign Alex Bruce on a 2 year deal(13)(5)No we wont, EH has already said the rumours are well wide of the remark.

Not good enough for Leeds, not good enough for us either


12 May 2012 11:09:01
Swindon will sign striker Alexandre Soderlund from Hagesund on a 2 year deal.(14)(2)


12 May 2012 11:06:03
At a recent charity function I was advised that Dutch, former Real Madrid player Royston Drenthe is in talks with Charlton on a pay-as-you-play deal following the expiry of his contract at the Bernabeu. After his stuttering season with Everton and well documented personal issues he has held initial talks with Chris Powell about getting his career back on track and is taking a significant salary reduction with a view to getting himself playing regular football

This all came about as a result of his agent being friends with Charlton owner Tony Jiminez(4)(39)Why, when making things up, don't you keep it even a little bit realistic?

1) He wouldn't drop to the Championship.

2) Charlton are an average Champ size club.Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.....!!!!This is possibly the worse rumour I haven seen on this site! I like Charlton but this is very deluded thinking. Not only thinking you are still a prem club by signing a player of Drenthe's quality but to also sign him on a pay as you play deal! Absolutely ridiculous."Not only thinking you are still a prem club" I think we at Charlton are all aware of where we have been for the past six seasons thank you very much.


12 May 2012 11:05:57
Ben davies has today agreed terms with Shrewsbury town and is set to be announced Monday along with Aaron wildig as the first of many summer signings.(12)(12)Hope not can't taclke and is only any good at free kicks.He'd leave with the best wishes of Derby fans. A decent player suffering from lack of confidence and constant, unfair comparisons to Kris Commons, despite them being completely different players.


12 May 2012 10:29:03
Peterborough interested in greg halford but his wages maybe a stumbling block. Fergie was at the lamex believed to be watching stevenage pair luke freeman and michael bostwick but a move for them will be dependant on if stevenage go up. Posh have also made a bid for jamie vardy but face competition from cardiff and leicester(11)(4)Freeman only joined Stevenage in January! A move to Peterborough isnt going to happen!


12 May 2012 10:27:25
Emmanuel Ledesma considering Walsall
FC offer but could be tempted away
by Wolves. Walsall's 125th anniversary
home kit to be red and white striped
top, white shorts and blue socks, their
original 1888 colours.(13)(1)


12 May 2012 10:26:55
John welsh is signing for preston! he has turned down a contract offer from tranmere to come to preston.(9)(10)Tranmere dont really want him anymore. He's been offered a basic 1 year deal on a reduced wage. He's at the end of his career and if he got any slower he would be going backwards.....please take him!


12 May 2012 10:14:30
Oxford look poised to sign Tom Newey from Rotherham on a free as Steve Evans looks to have a clear out and rebuild the league 2 side(8)(11)Re build hes signed a new squad and half


12 May 2012 10:09:21
Oxford United to sign Leon Johnson from Wycombe as a replacment for Michael Dubbery who looks set for Northampton Town(3)(12)


12 May 2012 09:57:18
Brett Pitman to cradiff(9)(31)


12 May 2012 09:56:59
Jon stead in talks with Cardiff(7)(29)


12 May 2012 09:54:25
Southampton are still looking for a striker who has the experience in the premiership and fits in well with the team, seems like Frazier Campbell is Southampton's target, fee believed to be 4 million.(11)(23)Haha come on, hes just returned to full fitness and Sunderland defo want to keep him, so no!^^ lolHe would be a great signing for southampton, i would love to have him at norwich, i dont think sunderland would part with him even if we could aford him,About the right price, he's ok


12 May 2012 09:34:50
Barnsley Want Nile Ranger. In Part of Butterfield Deal.(15)(9)But THERE IS NO DEAL!!

Butterfield is free to leave.

Also, Ranger is valued at at least £1m and the compensation you will get for Butterfield will only amount to about £400,000.

Even your manager said that!!


12 May 2012 09:18:37
Any news on the transfer embargo
being lifted at CCFC?(2)(13)Need accounts to be sorted, sisu interested in buying ricoh then selling it up as they think they'll get more money


12 May 2012 08:58:40
Bournemouth set to take former Southampton midfielder Brian Howard and Northern Ireland international winger Michael Bryan on trial in pre-season.(17)(7)When did Howard play for Saints?

Barnsley, Sheff Utd, Reading...He was born in Winchester. started his career at Saints in 1999 as a yourt player, then went to Swindon in 2003.


12 May 2012 08:31:03
Pardew has admitted Cabaye is trying to persuade somebody he knows to join Newcastle. I reckon it's Debuchy to replace Simpson(16)(4)Your wrong cabaye is best mates with ribery so probs him......not gonna be Ribery, come on nowGiven newcastles need for cb its likely to be chedjouSurley this is illegal if this player is contracted to another club!


12 May 2012 08:28:36
Norwich City are believed to be prime contenders to sign 23 year old Caen defender Thomas Heurtaux despite strong interest from various other premier league clubs to sign the talented french defender(18)(6)


12 May 2012 08:16:15
Leicester look to seal a triple swoop from man united over the next the couple of days. Larnell Cole, Matt James and Rickie De Laet should all be joining.(24)(12)


12 May 2012 08:05:14
11 May 2012 22:01:47
Ipswich Town have recently been linked with Hull City striker, Matty Fryatt. Paul Jewell thinks that he could form a lethal partnership with Michael Chopra and would result in Jason Scotland leaving the club. However, Ipswich would need Scotland to be prepared to drop a division, as their wage budget would not allow Fryatt to sign while Scotland was still at the club.

Absolutely zero chance! Fryatt has said he wants to stay at Hull but at the same time, move a bit closer to his family home, so moving to Ipswich is a 100% none-starter!(3)(15)


12 May 2012 07:18:20
Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson and assistant manager Kevin Russell was spotted at the Lamex stadium-Stadium(10)(8)When you say spotted, do you mean the camera was on them and the commentator mentioned it too! Kyle Walker was also there too!So what?Kenny Jackett was also there as were no doubt numerous managers or scouts.


12 May 2012 07:13:00
west ham want michael chopra ,jay emannuell thomas and lee martin for a combined fee of 1 million if they get promoted source dagenham post(8)(37)They'll be staying where they are then! Source Blackpool Premier LeagueWhat a joke. We wouldn't let them go for a million each! Let alone for all three.Think thats over the odds for 3 players who are at the bottom end of the championship ,they were nearly league 1 players so would jump ship


12 May 2012 07:01:41
Stockport County are set to sign former Herford and Shrewsbury wonger Lional Ainsworth, Fc Halifax striker Lee Gregrory, and Northampton midfielder Paul Turnbull with Sean McConville making the swtich to Sixfields as part of the deal.(2)(14)


12 May 2012 06:36:40
ipswich giving a trial to american andy weiner source twtd(2)(11)


12 May 2012 02:27:18
Steve Tilson will be named the new Gillingham Manager after the weekend(5)(8)


12 May 2012 01:42:01
Rumour of Ryan Shawcross in to replace Carra, who will retire at the end of next season
Kenny to stay on for one more season
Suarez, Adam, Glen Johnson and Reina will stay,
Gaston Ramires, De Jong, Adam Johnson and Elm in(11)(27)Kenny won't be given money to spend, as his buys have been shocking. The owners don't want to alienate the fans, so Kenny won't be sacked yet, but he won't be given funds to waste again, he will have generate new signings from bosmans.


12 May 2012 01:35:02
Walsall are interested in former Leeds Striker Danny Webber and will make an ambitious attempt to sign Webber, as the replacement for released veteran Jon Macken

Source: Yorkshire post Journalist(14)(10)


12 May 2012 01:27:01
cant afford his wages are you mad ?
We were paying 60,000 a week for robbie keane not that long ago. Who you trying to kid leicester fan(2)(10)


12 May 2012 00:48:35
Michael Owen set for Cardiff city as part of there new squad(16)(54)Hhahahhhahaahhaha you are joking right! im sure he will go to a better team hmmm like reading! (a premiership side)



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