Football Rumours Archive June 15 2013


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15 Jun 2013 22:58:10
Crystal Palace-
Danny Rose (loan)
Charlie Austin
Jeff Hendrick
Curtis Davies
Bakary Sako
Kevin Phillips
Jamie Ward

No way are you getting 2 derby players

16 Jun 2013 09:32:50

Ward is awful
Hendrick we have better kids
Austin worth about £8 mil +
Rose no way

Dont want any of them all average championship players even KP is going to struggle in the Premier League

They are all poor, need bent, odemwingie, Defoe, ince, Phillips, bartra and McCann

Ward might be OK as a squad striker, Rose is one of the best left sided english players. Austin would be great, but yes, very expensive

16 Jun 2013 16:06:27
like Crystal Palace would get Gent, Odemwingie, Defoe or Ince. Come on mate, you're dreaming and you're going straight back down to the championship where you belong.

16 Jun 2013 16:07:29
Sako coming to Fulham.



15 Jun 2013 22:34:14
Rotherham are in talks with Peterborough striker Tyrone Barnet who worked with Evans at Crawley

Have Miller's got a lot of cash then

If he get Matt Tubbs too he will have Crawleys old forward line, and Crawleys loss will be Rotherhams gain.

Crawley town are close to revealling the signings of drury worral bostock and watt in the coming days or possibly week.

You bet we have =)
See you next year ;)

Actually we have around 1 million to spend this is from increased gates last year and also the money still available from the sale of le fondre plus a 15% sell on clause

We've got too much cash if we re going to sign Barnett.

Posh won't want much for Barnett. He is a good player, I reckon he could leave for £500k if not less. They want to get rid of him. He'll be a good player for you, he deserves better.

We gave Barnett nothing but support when he signed and he let everyone down. Comes across as not being bothered in the slightest

Barnett is NOT a good player at all. very lazy and lethargic.

cant wait to see the back of him



15 Jun 2013 22:16:16
David Mooney close to making a return to Charlton after expressing a desire for more first team football.

He gets first team football at orient and added to that he's not good enough for the championship.

Mooney was not liked by Charlton fans and he would never return to the Valley. He is only just L1 quality and he is nowhere near capable of playing Championship football.

Is this the same person that also said kyle reid was coming back?
Mooney wasn't good enough the first time.
What absolute rubbish

He won't come back - the crowd won't have it!

This must be a wind up. He wasn't good enough when last at CAFC and he would not have improved.



15 Jun 2013 22:03:04
York city to complete signing of Ryan cresswell and rene Howe next week.

It's seems Howe is here and every where, and he's a bleeding donkey, what do people see in him?



15 Jun 2013 21:58:48
SOD has said that he has had contact from Premier League keepers but don't know who. Source: Local Newspaper

Also Adomah has recieved an offer from two unknown prem clubs, rumoured to be Crystal Palace and Cardiff. Crystal Palave are the favourites to sign him however no offer has been accepted or rejected by Bristol City. Source: Local Newspaper

Sod has been saying lee camp is the premier league keeper

True, Palace and Cardiff would certainly fill the bill as unknown Prem teams!

No, SO'D has implied it's Lee Camp, he hasn't named any names at all!

All SOD really suggested is he is being asked about our goal keepeing position by potential suiters as everyone knows our number 1 spot is there for the taking.

Sounds like there are still a few players out there that would rather be Bristol City's number 1 and play every week than a second or third in the Prem or Championship.

Ipswich can't afford camps wages so we def can't it's gutting but we won't sign him



15 Jun 2013 22:19:07
Doncaster are the latest club to declare their interest in former Bayern Munich starlet' Dale Jennings

Sorry donny fans you have the worse manager I have ever seen at oldham. the fitness levels and diet under his management at oldham were a disgrace. we conceeded so many goals in the last 5 minutes. filled the team with loans and was slow to sign players end of season. pds results were masked by the fa cup run. he broke the record for the number of games without a win then the number without scoring. we have signed 4 players already. watch the fitness!

Think the record has stuck, probably still vinyl.

Whos in the championship though and what league will you be in next year ;)

Maybe you are right? But your board played a part in preventing him getting the extra players he needed. Wish you all the best in the 1st Division, hopefully not in free-fall and the board have learned from their bad management? Have a good season!

May be your right you sound like a decent bloke. Best of luck to you I am not anti doncaster far from it. pd had a budget matching mid table teams and above he wasted it and we payed quite a few players off eg warren feeney was a big earner for us and was even releasedby pafc in div2. our new manager LJ is a breath of fresh air and fitness improved quickly. I was told he removed biscuits and high sugar foods and was astonished that pd had them available at training sessions. You will soon see how good PD is his excuses at oldham were legendary.

Reply whos in the championship and whos in div 1. if you have dickov in charge by the end of the season you have a very good chance of being relegated. if he had kept his job at oldham I have no doubt that we would have been relegated to div 2. watch dickov for the excuses, poor discipline, poor fitness, average and quite a lot loan signings that seem to happen later than other clubs. this is not a dig at doncaster its a dickov reality he really is that bad. Get rid sooner rather than later and your chances of starting up will shoot up.



15 Jun 2013 22:11:48
Charlton Athletic are on the verge of completing the signing of Clayton Donaldson. Confirmed in the local press that a bid had been accepted.

He's out of contract anyway so its a free transfer?



15 Jun 2013 21:41:51
New millwall boss Steve lomas is interested in signing 20 year old Englishman dale Jennings from European champions bayern Munich but will face competition from a host of other championship clubs including Barnsley and Huddersfield

The reds will buy him. We've got a good future ahead with changes in the football club, new signings etc

The reds will get him

Local press have announced no interest from Huddersfield town

Reported has signed for Barnsley.

Sounds like a decent player, going to be down the pecking order there, like to see him at the den

Dale Jennings signed for Barnsley 2hrs ago on a 3 year contract



15 Jun 2013 21:28:32
Millwall are looking into the possibility of resigning Steve Morison from Leeds. The welsh forward is struggling to settle in Yorkshire and is seeking a move back south to his former club. BMcD is in talks with former reading and wolves star Stephen Hunt and his brother Noel about linking up together at eland road.

Plausible till you mentioned Stephen Hunt

Don't be decieved Stephen hunt is and will always be better then noel hunt.

I am begging this is true, maybe I should give him another chance but from what I've seen of him since January he's been poor.

As long as they don't sign Mike Hunt I am happy

Nothing to do with Morison but I wonder if SL is showing any interest in the Hearts winger Novikovas as he must know him well as he was on loan at St. Johnston? Could be worth a try?



15 Jun 2013 21:06:45
Schmeichel to hull
Also defoe on loan to hull

Wishful thinking.

Kasper isn't coming mcgregor is almost concrete done

Defoe on Loan to Hull, Are you Crazy? I'am a HCFC Fan and we've got more chance of signing Theadore Whitmore back then that happening. We need 2 Out and Out strikers and I'm Sure Bruce will get his Men.

16 Jun 2013 12:52:39
I thought Hulls owners announced that they wouldn't do business with Leicester City

That all stems from the way Nigel Pearson left Hull to go back to Leicester and then trying to unsettle Hull players a year ago.
He was interviewed on Radio Humberside after a game (I heard this on my way back home to Brum) and was asked "Are you leaving Hull to return to Leicester City?" and his reply was "I'm under contract to Hull City and will only leave if Assem Allam (Hull Chairman) let's me".
Within days he sloped off, signed for the Foxes and the following transfer window he was told certain players (Chester, Hobbs and Stewart) were not for sale but carried on trying to poach them by talking them up in the press and it took our chairman saying that to get it into Pearsons head, we wouldn't be dealing with him at all.



15 Jun 2013 21:05:37
My mate has heard Mick wants fellow Irishman Richard Dunne at Ipswich but wages are a big issue he also wants Keith Andrews and Glen Whelan but is trying to offload players he dosen't need first he thinks they might like the project he's starting and settle for pretty much the same or less wages

Hyam and Skuse are decent players so we don't need another defensive midfielder like Whelen and Dunne is almost past it, Chambers and Smith great pairing.

None of this is true!!



15 Jun 2013 21:04:49
Swansea are looking at Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata to resolve their striker problems. The Spaniard has impressed so far this summer at the European u21 championship's scoring 4 goals in 4 and are hoping to land him for a bid in the region of £3-5m.

We definitely need a striker as priority. We can't afford a top established striker so we have two choices. We either spend on an older player like kone or Castro or we take a risk on a young striker with promise such as morata. Personally I'd take the latter.

Would be a great signing. Him and cornelius

Oh damn now brendan will be putting a bid in too

Have to agree, morata and Cornelius could be great signings for the swans, 12-14mil. Be well worth a punt, maybe obenwinge for experience swell, be a very happy jack if that happened

Swans should go for 2 good young strikers and one old another young striker could be vydra from udinese he was class last year for Watford or castagnos from fc twente



15 Jun 2013 21:00:45
Luke McCullough is to snub a move to Doncaster in favour of a switch to Oldham as he believes he will have more first team opportunities there.



15 Jun 2013 20:55:31
Oldham set to sign Kyle Letheren on a free transfer.

I could see this happening for the number 2 spot

Johnson knows him from Kilmarnock if it happens he will be nr 1 and Simpson ne2



15 Jun 2013 20:48:10
Simon Grayson is reportedly interested in bringing Fulham striker Marcello Trotta to Preston. However this might prove to be hard as Trotta turned down a move last summer.

15 Jun 2013 22:20:40
the reason he turned down preston was because of westley

Still under contract so would command a fee.

PNE can't pay for any players and I doubt he would take a drop in wages

Grayson is looking for a loan deal for a premier league striker, and who said Preston can't buy players with a fee involved?

Well apart from Beavon who cost £200k. NO other PNE player had a fee.

No money will be spent this season.

He meant loan.

I'd be disappointed to see him have another season in League One, although to be fair, he hasn't earned a chance to play in the Championship. Many Fulham fans have written him off forgetting how young he is. Very frustrating as he has the ability to be very good, but struggles with consistency. If any team can get him on top form all season, he will do well.



15 Jun 2013 20:14:49
Aidy boothroyd from Northampton town has show high interest in burton Albion striker Calvin Zola. The Cobblers tried to sign Zola before the start of last season but he decided to join burton, he has been speaking to other clubs but Northampton are in pole position to sign him.

Will sign for port vale when micky adams returns from holiday

16 Jun 2013 00:35:23
And bayo will go to burton

Calvin Zola will not uproot his family from their current home due to schooling and as he lives a long way away from Northampton I cannot see this one happening. Port Vale is a possible but as they have just resigned Lee Hughes, have Tom Pope, rumoured to be signing Ricardo Fuller I cannot see Zola being the main target for Vale

No chance will Zola go to another L2 club.



15 Jun 2013 19:55:45
Derrick Williams of Aston Villa to sign. For Bristol City his week.



15 Jun 2013 19:52:00
Joela Grant and Owain Fon Williams to sign for Ipswich.

True. Owain fon Williams understood to be going for medical in the next few days and Joel grant has been offered a contract. Fon Williams is a decent player but if grant was that good bigger clubs would be in for him. Mick knows more than us anyway!



15 Jun 2013 19:27:45
Anybody know if there has been any development regarding Michael Higdon?



15 Jun 2013 19:25:46
Bury are interested in Southend defender Ryan Cresswell but will struggle to compete with the money being offered by Fleetwood and Chesterfield

Not with our new owners we won't!

Fleetwood are reported to have bid 100 000, if our new owners match that then I'd be really worried

Dont think Chesterfield are in the race now Southend have priced him out. He wants to come they want to much money.

He's a good defender and I'd love him back at Bury but he's not worth 100k

Southend need to sell Cresswell for the biggest fee possible. They need the money upfront which is why they turned down Fleetwood's 50k plus add ons. The player wants to move nearer his home and is not interested in Fleetwood. He would prefer to move to Chesterfield who want to sign him but will not be held to ransom on the fee. York have put a bid in but it is less than Fleetwood's and will be turned down. Likely scenario: nothing happens for a while, offers turned down by Southend or the player, Southend's need for cash reduces the asking price and a move to Chesterfield is agreed.

Bury can afford him with the backing of their silent backer John Whittaker multi billionaire

There's me thinking that we might have a rich oil sheik who is our silent backer.

John Whittacker is not the backer of Bury FC.
The backer is Howard Hunter.



15 Jun 2013 19:22:20
Oldham Athletic Midfielder Lee Croft is in talks with Rotherham United and is expected to sign for the club on Monday subject to a satisfactory medical.

Lee Croft and his Porsche were seen at New York Stadium today! This rumour is true.!!

Can confirm he was there. but only in talks

Take a good look at the scales when he has a medical!

KFC Rotherham sales are going to go through the roof as this is happening. Good player initially but if he has the same career he had at Oldham his form will dip later and he will gain weight and become lazy.

Croft doens;t have a Porsche.

His AGENT dictates him as he didn;t even let Croft know that he had a deadline at Oldham to sign a contract.

POTY and he shoves it back in the fans faces. You can have him.

Croft dip in form. our own fans voted him player of the year. Stop being bitter fellow Oldham fans - move on!



15 Jun 2013 19:04:26
2 loan deals to be announced for boro, Harry Kane joining from spurs and Ake from chelsea.

Good luck with Harry Kane he's rubbish



15 Jun 2013 17:44:35
Chesterfield have renewed there interest in Accringtons full back turned winger Lee Molyneux. Cool and Richardson worked with Molyneux last season an think they can push him on once more. Wages could be a stumbling block.



15 Jun 2013 18:43:23
sunderland to sign mark schwarzer



15 Jun 2013 18:40:09
Charlton have enquired about the availability of Marvin Sordell, there's talk that Dale Stephens could move in the opposite direction.

Love to have him at the valley but would be very expensive

Stephens has been wanting a move up north for some time, this would suit both parties with Charlton badly in the need for s striker.



15 Jun 2013 18:38:20
newcastle are set to offer demba ba a route back to st jame park by lodging a bid this week.

Dont be daft he's on 80k a week now

18 Jun 2013 18:08:49
Surely joe kinnear has had his day in football seems a daft appointment to me has he enrolled for French lessons a the local college?

18 Jun 2013 18:13:18
Is making kinnear director of football a way of pushing pardew out of his job. The manager must have the final choice of players. Kinnear will upset things for sure

Kinnear seems to full of himself needs to keep a low profile, last season if Newcastle were not in Europa league they would have been a top half team. They should have picked an ex player not a wimblledon womble as director of football.

It's not rocket science pardew won't put up with kinnears meddling and end up moving on, it is a big error taking him on.



15 Jun 2013 18:35:59
simon mignolet is set to join brendan rogers new look liverpool

Hardly new look



15 Jun 2013 18:30:44
The Brentford offical radio 'Bees Player' accidentally uploaded an interview with Jake Bidwell, which was dated for the 17th of June. In the interview, he said he has signed permanently for Brentford. So expects news of the offical website soon Brentford fans.



15 Jun 2013 18:30:29
Was getting my season ticket from st marys stadium and their was a big car with blacked out back windows parked out the front by ted bates statue maybe another signing happening or been shown round the ground!

Or maybe someone just popping in for a season ticket or a shirt for his lad's birthday. "Big car with blacked-out windows". must be a big important man. doff your cap and tug your forelock. FFS!

16 Jun 2013 12:08:42
It was lovren. There was a picture on his twitter of him at the ground



15 Jun 2013 17:54:05
Rotherham manager Steve Evans is travelling south to meet a player today and meeting 2 more next week. 2 of the players he's meeting are definitely Matt Tubbs of Bournemouth and Jack Midson of Wimbledon, not sure who the third is. Also the signing of ex-aldershot striker Danny Hylton will be confirmed Monday, pretty much a done deal.

Its Tyrone Barnett at Peterborough

Matt tubbs isn't leaving I know I have spoken to him and Eddie Mitchell and he is not leaving he is playing more next season

Not the first time evans and tubbs have been mentioned in the same sentence

16 Jun 2013 01:20:49
Midson? He hinted on twitter he will stay and he rejected you last year to, plus he won't play much in L1 and we will be a lot higher up next year hopefully.

Matt tubbs is not going permanantly. also, has anyone else heard this rumour of us signing carlton cole? it would be a massive signing and a sign of intent by the club.

I can tell you now, unless Midson gets offered about £3000 a week (impossibly unlikely) he will not leave

Think Cole will be too far out of our league, his wages will be too high. Dj Campbell is much more realistic signing and Is a genuine possibility.

Midson is going nowhere

Hope we don't lose Midson. But he still has time on his contract so hopefully he wil complete it

Won't be true he retweeded someone saying he was staying loyal to the dons

I don't think midson is good enough for 3k and hope we don't sign him if that's the only way of getting him. Div 2 player only. We are after strikers better than what we've got already and Jack ain't that. Keep him at your tiny club UTM

We will swap you Midson for Nardiello and Agard.

Of all the identikit stadiums I've been to, Rotherham's is by far the best. Could be an incentive for Midson, but living in the area is going to be horrendous for anyone.

Swap a 13 goal a season for 2 strikers, one which got 20 goals last season.

Mate midson probably is league one standard at his best. Why else would Evans try and buy the guy two years running!

Midson won't leave as we let m do the tennis coaching he enjoys

Because he's unfit. Midson would be the poshest person in Rotherham if he went there.



15 Jun 2013 17:51:25
Villas Boas wants assurance on signings of Leandro Damiao, possibly Roberto Soldado and James McCarthy and keeping Gareth Bale before declining PSG



15 Jun 2013 17:49:40
Illaramendi is going to Barcelona for £15 million and will be loaned back to Sociedad for next season.



15 Jun 2013 18:11:42
If PDC wants Sunderland to improve and not face another relegation fight he wants to keep hold of mignolet

Mignolet will move on, one of if not the best keeper in the prem, I really think that without him Sunderland might've gone down.

Hes gone mate and your getting Jason Steele

As a sunderland fan this is a true statement - Mignolet deserves to be in a much better club - All the best to him if the liverpool contract goes through



15 Jun 2013 17:29:33
Jason Steele going to sunderland for 5m to replace Mignolet.

Albert Adamoah to be signed for 1. 5 with the proceeds of the sale.

Simeon Jackson close to signing on a free transfer.

Not 5m but 3 m plus add ons as Bennet sale



15 Jun 2013 17:29:25
Ipswich looking to sign Andy Reid. Andy Reid to solve ipswich's left wing issues. He has Recently signed a one year deal at forest but a fee of around £150,000 could be enough

A Forest Legend to some Suffolk boys! I don't think so!

16 Jun 2013 07:18:49
Not a chance.

16 Jun 2013 10:20:54
Are you some sort of looney? £150,000 wouldn't buy you his right boot let alone his left foot!

Reid signed a contract extension a few weeks ago. so yeah this is rubbish!

Spoke to reidy at em airport he's going nowhere!



15 Jun 2013 17:28:43
Rochdale trying hard to sign Nathan Stanton and Matt Paterson from Burton Albion.

Last time I checked nathan stanton was a free agent after being released from burton 2 months ago

You could get Stanno as he is on a free, but Pato has been offered a two year deal at Albion and will sign before the end of the month.

With Calvin leaving if we let Pato go we would be mad!

No we wouldn't

Paterson was outstanding in his games last season, so I agree. to let him go as well is just letting another goalscorer leave the club, would be a bit stupid, unless we have a couple of good strikers lined up - but with only Symes being muted by GR then I believe we should be offering Zola as much as he wants to stay and Paterson at least a two year deal. UTBs

Cannot believe we haven't snapped Paterson up already, superb goals last season. Sounds like Calvin is gone so no point in chasing after him any more. Stanno to Rochdale would be a great move for the legend!



15 Jun 2013 17:15:58
there is a big rumour going round meadow lane that marcus tudgay is going to sign for notts county the interesting thing is kiwomya has not denied it and seeing as last week when he was asked if we had signed gary madine he said no him not denying the tudgay rumour proves it has some foundation

Don't be fooled. tugay is not going to notts county. source the insider

Love for tudguy to sign for county he would score minimum 15 for us!

Whos the insider then

Hasn't he been offered a one year contract by forest?

Why would he sign he just signed a new contract

16 Jun 2013 15:22:05
Would love it to be true but very much doubt it.

He hasn't signed anything yet he was just offered a 1 year contract he hasn't accepted it

No he has not signed a new contract i'm a forest fan so I should know he's leaving he wants 1st team football



15 Jun 2013 17:11:13
There is a possibility of Nathan Dyer moving to Aston Villa, with Swansea replacing him with Diego Capel of Sporting Lisbon or Jimmy Kebe of Reading.

Replacing Dyer with Kebe? Good one.

We wouldn't want Dyer. He isn't better than anything we already have.

Dyer would be the best winger at villa don't kid yourselves. But he's not leaving swansea, he's already said he doesn't want to leave

Dyer said this year everyone who leaves swans goes down hill. , he just got married and is happy in swansea so who leave {Ed003's Note - Did anyone mention to him about things going downhill after getting wed lol.}

18 Jun 2013 08:59:28
You haven't seem his wife there a lot off junk in her trunk just the way little dyer like it ;-)



15 Jun 2013 16:55:30
Sunderlands main left back signing will be one of these :- Danny Rose, Lukas Orban or Maksim Bordachev.
They will also sign 18 year old leftback hot prospect Benjamin Mendy, who will be an initail backup at first as he is progressed through the development team. BLACKCAT

I'd rather him replace Hernandez



15 Jun 2013 16:46:39
One for the Reading fans here. Nicky Shorey is having a medical at West Ham.

Longest. medical. ever!

Was wondering when this one would show up

As a reading fan, gutted for you hammers wasehocking for us

Great signing if he was jordi alba, but its shorey



15 Jun 2013 16:06:35
Millwall will be selling Liam trotter and James Henry for a combined 6.5 million to hull city and Steve lomas will be allowed granted 4 million to find new signings.
Steven bywater. As 2nd choice. Free
Clayton Donaldson - 600k
Murray Davidson - 400k
Abeid - loan
Harry Kane - loan
Richard chaplow - free

Apparently Chaplow on his way back to Burnley

Why would you want Harry Cane he's Useless

Once again 'IF TRUE' I'd sell those two players as well & take the money & rebuild the team! £6M+though?

That's the value of the 1st team, not trotter and Henry

15 Jun 2013 21:01:26
Bywater won't sign for any team to be second choice keeper. At 32 he can sit back and do that at SWFC without uprooting his family as there is a new contract on offer but he won replace Kirkland apart from injury.
As long as Fforde is top keeper Millwall can forget this one

Abeid is available on a free transfer

16 Jun 2013 00:27:48
When did Davidson sign a new deal at Saints?
Pretty sure that he is on a free be
Think he will be looking at a few players in Scotland

On his day Forde is much better than Bywater i'm afraid! FACT!

A message for SL what we need in the team is another Terry Hurlock type midfielder who other players of the opposite team are frightened to get to close to& can also play a bit as well/creative! So get to work mate please! COYL

If they sold them two for 6.5 million I think JB would give Steve Lomas the 6. 5 back to spend on the squad as we have a transfer kitty of around 3 million without selling anyone due to the FA cup run and what has been made available since January. It would be nice to see Millwall spend that sort of money on a few players but I just can't see it but fingers crossed. COYL

Why would Saints let Chaplow leave on a free, when he still has 1 year left on his contract. If they want him Cortese will get a decent return for him.

This is just a 'RUMOUR' me thinks! But if it was 'TRUE'? there's only three players on that list that I would be interested in. Donaldson would be worth a try, Davidson & Abeid have already played for SL!



15 Jun 2013 16:05:36
Darren Ward set to leave Swindon Town this summer. He is said to be unhappy since Di Canios departure and Swindon are currently in discussions with a championship club for the defenders signature. With the recent sale of Aden Flint they will need to make some decent signings in the summer to appease the supporters.

And another one bites the dust, and another one go's and another one go's. And another one bites the dust. Never mind lots of Saturday and Sunday football played in Swindon I'm sure we can still put a good team out that will play with passion. COYR

15 Jun 2013 22:15:33
He is 2slow donkey, good news

Flint and Ward were the rock of Swindons defence and they will both be gone. Tough times ahead. Ward may not be as quick as he once was but his experience is invaluable in this league. Mid table next season

If he leaves aswell as now we lose Mcormack and Flint do we actually have any centre backs?

This is incorrect as ward is to be named swindon captain this week when macdonald returns to work. he will be joined in defence by his brother elliott swindon have had disscussions with him as he has been released by norwich but swindon will confirm no signings until the players concerned have signed contracts for swindon. swindon feel that too many deals have been public knowledge in recent years only for the deals to fall through-so any new signings will only be announced when contracts have been signed

Elliot Ward will not sign for Swindon don't make me laugh

Darren Ward is leaving Swindon and Elliot Ward is in talks with Bournemouth. Darren Ward only has 1 year left on his contract and wants a 2 or 3 year deal elsewhere.

Good luck to him, if he goes its not the end of the world.



15 Jun 2013 16:13:37
With 'several deals being worked on' (according to the tv website), there may be a special season ahead for Saints provided the quality of signing are equal to if not greater than our most recent! COYR



15 Jun 2013 16:01:21
Liverpool are signing Simon Mignolet from Sunderland for 10 million. Stephane Sessagnon will follow him out the door to probably a French club for 6 million.
PDC wants to sign at least 10 players for Sunderland this summer. BLACKCAT

That's all paper talk mate , migs has started talks on extending his contract at safc {Ed024's Note - I think not !!}

I don't see why he would got to Liverpool as unless he gets CL football he has no chance of being the Belgian number 1. Really Liverpool is an insult for a person of Mignolets talents. I would understand if it was Arsenal. As for Sess I can see him leaving as I don't think he ha the motivation to try under PDC

I hope this isn't true? Liverpool could do a lot better than him. He nowhere as good as the keeper that. He's Replacing!



15 Jun 2013 16:41:07
Will Grigg is set to sign a new 2 year deal at Walsall and Ben Purkiss a 1 year deal

Hope your right



15 Jun 2013 15:52:28
With Mignolet signing for Sunderland they will turn to Boro goalkeeper Jason Steele in a 3 million + add on deal. Mowbray contrary to expectations won't sign a keeper but go with what he has with Leautwiiler no 1 and Ripley 2. The money will be used for much needed outfield signings. Next one out of the door is Mcdonald. Insider info.

Can see Sunderland going for Steele. As long as we get a decent fee

I can beleive the 'steele to sunderland' bit, but probably more like £5m plus add ons and Danny Graham on loan. And the club will definately bring in a keeper as leutwiler is not anywhere near being a number one. Ross Turnbull to return to he club in the next 2 weeks. Insider information.

15 Jun 2013 20:50:19
No chance 5m for steele but 3m plus add ons is what it is. Danny Graham is not connected to this deal as Boro need money for signings. He will be a loan if anything



15 Jun 2013 15:50:16
According to boro's website we are interested in Samba Sow (Lens), Javier Acuna (Real Madrid), Jacques Maghoma (Burton Albion), Josh King (Blackburn Rovers), Jamie Vardy (Leicester City), Josh Rees (Arsenal), Chris Herd (Aston Villa), Lyle Taylor (Falkirk), Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle United), David Lopez (Brighton and Hove Albion), Danny Graham (Sunderland), Tim Ream (Bolton Wanderers), Joszef Varga (Greuter Furth) and free agents Sylvan Ebanks-Black, Stephen Hunt, Gary Dicker and Dean Whitehead.

No way. When has Boro website ever said this?

It's not according to the clubs website really though is it? It's the club reporting on who the press and tv are saying we are interested in.

Sylvan Ebanks-Black lol

15 Jun 2013 20:52:47
Five of those are possible and e banks blake is NOT one of them. Wait until July 1st and you will know!

You are very welcome to Herdy!

The list is just who we have been linked with in the press, it would be ludicrous to go out and give our target list openly to the public

Tim Ream is going nowhere he has said it himself along with his agent. He is happy to stay at Bolton and fight for a place in the team.

Since when did we (burton albion) get promoted.



15 Jun 2013 15:49:59
Reported Nicola cortese has flown to holland for southamptons next signing, thought to be jermaine lens from PSV

Or Dries Mertens? I heard that that Lens was joining a Russian club for 9m

He said he didn't want to come to us, better to get somebody who does

Yes heard this too from good source, good times :D

Jermaine Lens will never join us after his comments about us. He said he considered himself too good and the attitude shown in the interview probably would've put Cortese right off. It could be him trying to sign another centre back in Douglas or realistically anyone for a position we need. Potentially someone of Dutch nationality who plays in another league. This is of course if what you've posted is true anyway.

Lens was heavily rumoured in the January window, seems like its team mates, Ola Toivonen and Dries Mertens that are being tipped this time round. Unusual for Saints targets to be named before its done but the Ramirez saga last year and the correct tip of Dejan Lovren appear to buck that.


15 Jun 2013 19:05:52
The guys has issues, we will not be signing him

Fingers crossed. We need a quality reliable winger. All the wide players we have run hot and cold. We can't afford too many off days if we want European football.

Off to holland to sign a player or to sell steve deridd?

Hope so could be quite expensive possibly a club record. We had an £8 million pound bid rejected in the summer

I don't believe we're interrested in him anymore. Far better players we are looking at

Yeah heard something about mertens

In all honesty, if he has flown to Holland, I would keep all my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed that its to complete a move for Douglas!

Its to sell de Ridder

It's likely to be Douglas as I previously rumoured which means bye bye Fonte (prob Reading) and Hooiveld (maybe part of deal). Just what we need. A complete revamp of our CBs to match the quality of our FBs. COYR.

I don't want Lens, he has a bad attitude, Dries Mertens on the other hand. yes please!

Rumours that Douglas signed for Newcastle months ago, could be false though, eds?


Douglas, Lens or Mertens would be great signings. COYR!



15 Jun 2013 15:07:12
Brighton's Manager Gus Poyet looking likely to be dismissed this coming week after a disciplinary meeting with Brightons board on Monday.
Oscar Garcia Junyent (ex Barcelona player and last seasons Manager at Macabi Tel Aviv) is being reportedly lined up as Poyet's replacement.
Source - local Newspaper journalist.

Every single manager out of a job is being linked with Brighton. Who can you believe?

This is a done deal, should be by end of this week

I think I would be happy with this appointment as a Brighton fan. He was a coaching assistant at Catalonia for a year as well as Barcelona Youth manager for 2 years. Last season Oscar also won the Israeli league with Maccabi Tel Aviv



15 Jun 2013 15:06:03
Leyton Orient's French midfielder Romain Vincelot has signed a new three year contract with the League One club.



15 Jun 2013 16:27:38
Update from South East London is that Simeon Jackson and Millwall are worlds apart on personal terms.

US owner John G Berlyson is prepared to stump up 6K basic with performance based incentives in addition.

Jackson feels he is worth more.

If that's 'TRUE'? Then JB is very naïve & that is 'Unbelievable'! I don't think this can be so! JB Knows that Simeon is a very good player & is in 'DEMAND'!

It is only a 'RUMOURS' site! Nothing on official site or any other MFC site yet!

If true i'm 'speechless'?! its 2013 jb! c'mon mate?

I doubt it, Henderson was on 15k and s***tu's on 11k

Not true atall. henerson was on 12k w week. as if they would offer that for jackson. false rumour

Thats nonsense because we were paying Darius Henderson £16k a week & offered Chris Wood that so would definatly be more than £6k!

Where are these figures for Henderson coming from exactly? He's only on around ten grand a week at Nottingham Forrest. Chris Wood was going to be on around 20 to 25 grand a week and was going to be by far our highest paid player. It's all well and good offering Jackson 20 grand a week but he hasn't proved he can score at Millwall like wood did. Give him 15 grand a week and if he hits certain targets by a certain date then give him the other 5 to 10 that he wants.

Hendro was on 15K a week and was one of the worst deals we ever done, we paid 1 Million pound to buy out his contract to sign him on a "FREE" and because he was a "FREE" we gave him 15k a week! shocking! then we let him go for Free!



15 Jun 2013 15:15:14
Hive of activity in South Croydon as Crystal Palace try to get a jump start on the other promoted teams by issuing 4 concrete bids on Monday.

Matt Phillips joins from Blackpool for fee in region of 6M. Tom Ince turned his old boss down hoping for a better offer but Holloway is to be reunited with Tangerine Phillips.

Bids and personal terms out for these 3 strikers, in this order of preference for the Eagles.

1. Kevin Doyle - Wolves - 1. 75M
2. Grant Holt now out of favour with Hughton - 3M
3. Carlton Cole - Free Agent

Holloway sees value in Doyle, who has a proven PL track record. Competition from Cardiff and Leicester

And celtic

South Croydon umm interesting as Palace are based in Norwood SE25.

Kevin doyle couldn't even perform in the championship last season never mind the prem

Firstly there are rumours about Phillips but I can't see Palace spending that much on 1 player. Secondly Palace have never been interested in Doyle or Holt. Lastly Cole ain't good enough for Prem so Palace not in for him either.

6m for matt phillips? Sounds overpriced
And as for kevin doyle, you can keep him. We shd up the anti for ince and improve our offer as he's a real gem.

15 Jun 2013 20:17:10
You can have doyle for 1 mill. don't worry about the rest. good luck next season.

Tom Ince has already said he has no interest in a move to Palace.
he's aiming higher, and rightly so, he'll go to an established PL Club if he goes this summer at all which is far from certain

I heard leeds wants Kevin Doyle

Doyle would be a good signing for that price, no he has not been at his best for the last few years but he has showed that he has it in him to do well in the Prem. Holloway is the kind of manager who brings the best out of players as he showed when he was with Blackpool



15 Jun 2013 15:44:17
Nathan stanton has signed for rochdale on a 1 year deal also becoming captin as cavangh talking to barnet he also talking to a midfilder frm notts county

When is this going to be announced?



15 Jun 2013 15:30:51
West Ham are set to sign Andy Carroll before the 20th to coincide with the new kit launch on the 20th of which he will be the figurehead

It's a lot of money to pay for someone to advertise the new kit. He's not much use for anything else.



15 Jun 2013 15:24:57
Chelsea and Everton among those in for Udinese striker.

Matej Vydra - Watford Udinese striker Matej Vydra is being tracked by a number of clubs in England and Germany.

The Czech Republic international spent last season on loan at English Championship side Watford, where he impressed scoring 22 goals in 48 appearances in all competitions.

TuttoMercatoWeb report that Premier League sides Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Sunderland, Norwich City and German Bundesliga outfits Wolfsburg and Freiburg are all vying for Vydra's signature.

The Zebrette though are not in any hurry, and a decision about the striker's future will be made in the next few weeks.

15 Jun 2013 17:08:25
There is interest from Chelsea, there was interest from spurs in january.
He had an unsuccesdful trial at everton a few years ago.

Tuttomercatoweb is not a very reliable source

I would imagine he'll sign for chelsea and spend some time back with Zola next season along with Chalobah.

That report said chelsea made a £15m which was rejected as they are looking for £18m.

To be honest if anyone offers 10 million plus for vydra I would snap there arm off. Yes he is very good when he isperforming and is probably one of the best finishers I've ever seen but let's be honest wfc fans he was pretty shocking at times after february

Finally a Watford fan who isn't acting like Vydra is the reincarnation of Jesus or something. He is a great player, but how he got player of the season in the same league as Tom Ince & Glenn Murray among others I'll never know. Still plenty of development to be done with him so whoever buys him I think it'd be wise to loan him to watford for next season should be want to go back

Tom ince and Glenn Murray? do you watch football or just read the press? vydra it'is head and shoulders above them.

Because all Glenn Murray done was score penalties or score by hoof ball and Tom ince is nothing special

You have to put that season into context, first full professional season after a near career ending injury, he's young and got a lot to learn but demonstrated that when he's fit, which he wasn't at the end of the season, he's the best player in the championship by far.

Remember people, Vydra is better than Zaha, so anything under £20 million should be dismissed. Also maybe if they offer Chalobah as well? But I think he will stay at Watford.

Lest not forget that Vydra didn't even win the Watford FC Player of the Year award which went the deserved way of Almen Abdi. For me Abdi would be a bigger summer signing for WFC than Vydra.

These reported EUR10-15m valuations of Vydra are based upon the Pozzo's recent transfer policy but realistically if the boy wants to bench warm in the top flight, be it here or Germany, let him as I fear he and his agent may well start to think they are bigger than the club.

He has the potential to be very very good, yes he is better than murray but we have to be realistic with the price. from february onwards he didn't just stop scoring he was also playing terribly, giving the ball away constantly and his general lack of interest was suprising and angering considering it is because of us he has had the chance he has in england. As a watford fan who goes home and away I have lost all respect I had for vydra and quite frankly would be dissapointed to see him in a watford shirt next season (especially when you have someone with the calibre of forestieri on the bench every game, who actually LOVES the club). What premier league club is going to spend 15million plus on a player who has never played at the top level in any country and went 12 games without a goal in the championship?

Woah, back right up there I agree to snap anybodies arm off who offers 10m plus but Tom ince? Murray!?
Are you for real he scored a few goals. Most of them were penalties as Holloway whines about a ref if he doesn't get one. He's got little ability and crystal palace will be looking for a new striker. But ince is a good young player with lots of potential. But he's likely to move to palace and that says it all, he's no vydra

Wilfred Zaha was the best player in the Championship!

Correct VYDRA was poor after he won champ player of year, but deserved it up till it was announced, ( mid season ) surely this should be done end of season! I am a watford fan, he is definately not worth 15 mill going on his later season form, but as the pozzos say, they do not need to sell anybody until they reach there valuation. If this is 15/18 mill then that's his price, let's not forget how young he is, and on his day is amongst the best finishers in any league,

16 Jun 2013 15:47:51
How did Jesus play for? Never heard of him.

Another watford fan who shares my pain. Forestieri loves the club and even if he's not playing well won't stop closing down giving a hard time to the defenders. He hit form towards the end of the season and some how vydra was starting over him in our most important games. may have cost us

It doesn't matter what he goes for because he doesn't play for Watford. Who's to say the Pozzos don't reinvest the transfer fee in the Udinese or Granada squads.

Jesus has signed for Man City. I hear Man City want Vydra and Moses to form a godly front line.

Probably going to stay in england but where who knows



15 Jun 2013 14:37:58
walsall are set to sign Mehdi Taouil, Akpo Sodje, Cameron Belford and Romaine Sawyers in the next 2 weeks

Why would they sign sawyers? He was average at best on loan? Pure guess work!



15 Jun 2013 14:35:49
Expect Blackpool to sign Krystian Pearce (Notts County, Ince likes him), Gary Mackenzie, David Goodwillie on loan, Eric Lichaj and Christophe Berra on frees and Tongo Doumbia from Wolves. Good signings.

Berra a good signing?

Let Pearce leave for free, judge leave for free, Kelly free, Hughes let him out of his contract, arquin free and just signed all the young talent on a one year contract, so they will leave for free! Rant over!

Berra a good signing? Maybe if its blackpool rugby team and if you sign doumbia please remember he needs to go back to France at xmas cause he's not fit enough to manage a whole season.

Neal Bishop from Notts County and Lee Miller will both join as well.

We don't want berra or goodwille. both been dire last season

Goodwille has potential under good guidence

So because they had a poor season, we don't want them? Good one that!
presumably DJ Campbell was on fire when designed him was he?



15 Jun 2013 14:34:29
jose mourinho is set to trim 5 big name players from his squad to make way for his own big name signings. firstly the talented but unpredictable david luiz will be sold on for a big fee with barcelona clear favourites for the brazilians signature though psg have shown some interest.
the next players to be sold on is demba ba. mourinho just doesn't see the player as the world class striker he wants and will sell to the highest bidder. the same can be said of fernando torres. the spanish who has so often flopped at the bridge will also be shipped out and its being mouted today a possible swap with ath madrid for diego godin is on the cards.
the final two first team stars are john obi mikel and branislav ivanovic. mikel is subject of interest for galatasary whilst ivanovic has many admirers most noticebly arsenal

More fiction, it was the special one, who fought to bring mikel into the club in the first place, also the player has said that his dream to play under his management again.



15 Jun 2013 14:27:08
liverpool look likely to sign sunderlands simon mignolet leaving jose reina to join boy hood club barce with victor valdes keen on a switch to either psg or monaco.

Well valdes isn't that keen as he's said he will be honouring his barca contract



15 Jun 2013 14:26:11
arsenal will sign gonzalo higuain in a 25 million deal breaking there transfer record for the long term argentine target.



15 Jun 2013 14:25:12
Good possibility that West Brom will be signing Ben Watson from Wigan (undisclosed). Albion also looking at Tiago and a loan move for Victor Moses. WBA would have liked Sinclair, but new Man City manager wants to see all of his players and City were only interested in selling him for 6.5mill which WBA won't agree to. Gera and Reid set to sign 1 year contracts. Fiorentina still looking at Mulumbu (perhaps why there is an interest in Watson?)

I actually believe everything you've said here, although I would be suprised if we sold mulumbu, watson could be bought in as cover though, and obviously there are other transfer targets but still what you've said seems spot on

If Watson can't get into the Wigan 1st team then how will he get into ours

West Brom won't get Watson, if Albion do sell Mulumbu they will use Yacub, Gera, Morrison, Thorne and Dorrans. Albion are only needing a winger an strikers and a right back if Popov doesn't sign a permanent deal from Dynamo Kiev

You've got to consider players like gera and dorrans may move on and even if they both stay both prefer a more attacking role so direct cover for the CDM spot is needed unless thorne can step up

Watson may not be able to get into the Wigan team but who said he was being looked at for an automatic first team spot. You need good cover in the PL so I think the first comment is a fair one

West Brom won't get Watson, if Albion do sell Mulumbu they will use Yacub, Gera, Morrison, Thorne and Dorrans. Albion are only needing a winger an strikers and a right back if Popov doesn't sign a permanent deal from Dynamo Kiev

Firstly, Popov is a left back not right back. Secondly if Mulumbu is sold which I don't think he will be unless someone pays a very big fee then we will definitely be in for a suitable replacement as none of the others play his type of midfield role.



15 Jun 2013 14:24:04
hulk will turn down a move to monaco in favour of moving to stamford bridge. despite playing most of his games as a winger jose mourinho has identified him as the new n0. 9 he wants at the club.



15 Jun 2013 14:22:17
wba are in talks with chelsea over the possibility of signing victor moses and nathanjiel chalaboh.



15 Jun 2013 14:21:02
newcastle are set to lose star man johan cabaye with free spending monaco set to take him back to france in a 20+ million deal which newcastle can't turn down.

Yes he will definately leave, but not for £20m. He's probably worth 8 at best. Typical deluded Geordies!

16 Jun 2013 09:56:54
Why would they sell for 8m don't need to sell only big offer would be accepted



15 Jun 2013 14:19:18
chelsea are in discussions with ath madrid over the potential of landing defeder diego godin who new manager jose mourinho has identified as the man he wants to strengthen his defensive options.

barcelona and psg will do battle for david luiz



15 Jun 2013 14:18:32
Marvin Morgan, Alex MacDonald and Sanchez Watt are all close to agreeing deals at Burton Albion.
Calvin Zola close to joining Rotherham.

Sanchez-Watt will NOT move up north to a league 2 team when he has offers from at least two south eastern league 1 teams close to London.

Gary Rowett has stated that Sanchez Watt is not a target-Source Gary Rowett

L2 Team? sure we won promotion



15 Jun 2013 14:05:36
Reports in Sweden suggesting ex-Rangers Attacking Midfielder / Striker Alejandro Bedoya is a target for Ipswich.

Think we were linked with him last year, looks a decent goalscoring midfielder. Would be just what we need.

15 Jun 2013 18:53:47
Hey mate wot is the chances off Cressie movin.

Cresswell likely to more this summer with any bid of £3.2m+ that comes. The off figure is due to payments that Tranmere would be due.



15 Jun 2013 14:00:56
Heard that poyet is going to real zarogoza they can have him we need to get of rid of these old players and put our younger players in the first team squad more, not saying get rid of all of the old players but put the younger players more of a chance like jake forster caskey and george baker



15 Jun 2013 13:48:15
Have just spoke to Steven Gillespie on train to Colchester made up story that he is getting car from there surely there are car garages up north?! Re-signing for the u's I hope!

This is just wild speculation. We have got enough passengers already we don't need another one. He wasn't nicknamed "sick note" for no reason.



15 Jun 2013 13:40:48
David Moyes to bid for Gareth Bale 65m

Spurs want £85 million for bale, media now saying that moyes has been handed a £60million "war chest" looks like he, s going to pull up a bit short then!

No one will bid 85m straight away.

15 Jun 2013 15:48:28
This would mean �60m to spend plus sales so I think that Bale is more than affordable but Moyes would prefer a fairytale return for one CR7 at a cheaper cost

15 Jun 2013 16:23:23
Eggs and basket spring to mind on this one.

Doesn't Moyes only have £65 Million to spend this summer? I doubt he would blow it all away on one player, even if it is Bale.



15 Jun 2013 13:34:29
Adam Federici is looking for a way out of reading after the emergence of Alex McCarthy. Federici doesn't want to play second fiddle after Nigel Adkins has made it clear McCarthy is his number 1

It is possible that Federici could go to Leeds utd but also will not rule out a move abroad

I hope this isn't true. we don't have adequate back up if he goes. Taylor didn't look any good and Anderson is gone on loan

I don't think Leeds could afford him

You can't have a keepr on 35k a week on bench sell him

All we need is a playmaker in the middle of the park, he would be a good signing but we need someone dominating the centre of the park, feeding the ball through to the strikers

As if federici ia on 35k a week I doubt he is pn half of that {Ed029's Note - He was on £35k in the Premier League, yes. That will come down with relegation though.

Is that true? 35k? that's quite a bit. but don't forget the awful start to the season Mccarthy had and his injury. shoulder surgery we have no back up if feders goes

It was federici who had an awful start to the season then he quite rightly got dropped and replaced by mcarthy. get your facts right. in my opinion taylor is adequate backup.

Leeds don't have £2m to sign Flapperici. Hope he goes though! Terrible attitude when he gets pulled up for poor performances. McDermott was too soft and left McCarthy out for far too long!

Did you watch the tottenham game? my facts are right I watched ever single game and it took him a few games to settel in and he made some high profile mistakes during a few of the 13 games he played

Have barely missed any home games in over 20 years long term season ticket holder mate. the few mistakes he made weren't high profile and didn't cost us points unlike the erratic and unpredictable federici.

My main point that you carefully ignored was that he only played 13 games we don't know how good he is going to be or even if were going to keep him for the summer. Fedders had a rough start but is far from a bad keeper. I understand your wage problems if he is on 35k a week its a lot but why sell him now for 2 million and only have 1 keeper? we would need to get in another one who wouldn't mind playing "second fiddle" to Alex. the people who don't mind playing second fiddle are people like Taylor who was terrible



15 Jun 2013 13:31:09
Craig westcarr is set to join bury on a one year deal after turning down walsall's offer

15 Jun 2013 15:26:16
he signed a deal in January to the end of the season. I am a Walsall fan so I know he is out of comtract

Why would he join Bury in League 2 on a 12 mth contract when he's been offered a better deal to stay at the Bescot?

Perhaps it's down to more ambition and a better wage and where he sees the future of our club.



15 Jun 2013 13:30:04
Burnley to sign Ollie Norwood, Richard Chaplow, John Eustace, Kevin Davies and Nyron Nosworthy.

All of those seem plausable, Chaplow is ex Burnley and supports the club as does Norwood, the rest have links with Dyche.

15 Jun 2013 17:10:55
No chance on Norwood unless we are talking a lot of money. Cost town around 450,000 last season in compo as he was out of contract.

Daily Star and Sky today confirm what was said by Burnley FC last week that Charlie Austin is not available for less than £7m minimum

Kevin Davies is in talks with Bradford City over a 1 year deal. Close to being a done deal.

While there may be one excpetion made, Burnley won't be buying a load of players whose resale value in 2-3 years will be nothing.



15 Jun 2013 13:29:17
Crystal Palace are to enquire about a 1 million pounds Kenny Miller bid

Miller is finished at that level and international level, he stays fit though so might be signed to help bring on younger strikers like Zaha.
Or be used as a striker coach
Holly had Phillips last time who was 37

15 Jun 2013 16:15:07
, you must be joking

I also heard they have been enquiring about Vydra!

Ha ha ha ha. he was dire for Cardiff. £1m. £1 more like it

Another one seen in Sainsbury car park, not going to happen - Palace fan



15 Jun 2013 13:20:25
Simon Mignolet signs for Liverpool. 9m

Sunderland holding out for 10 million.



15 Jun 2013 13:06:22
The following players have been linked to doncaster rovers

Richie Wellens from Leicester city looks like a done deal
Nick Powell on loan from Manchester United
James bailey from derby Nigel clough have placed him on the transfer list and doncaster and Barnsley are interested in the player
Nicky weaver who was realeased from Sheffield Wednesday
Jose Baxter who has turned down a new contract with Oldham so will come on a free
Also mvoto from Oldham who has also turned down a new contract
And another Oldham player lee croft
Gary madine has again been strongly linked with rovers he was close to signing in January
Neil Kilkenny has been strongly linked to rovers and Sheffield Wednesday
James Collins from Swindon town has been linked with rovers and apparently James is interested in signing but rovers will have to pay
Dean furman, Iain Hume and John lundstram have been linked back to rovers

What a load of rubbish, where have you got Baxter turned down contract, he signed a 2 1/2 year deal in jan. get your facts right, before posting.

Baxter has 2yrs left on his deal. He'll cost

Baxter signed a 2 year deal last year. some people need to think before they make stupid rumours up

Baxter signed 2 year contract in January so will take a heafty bid to get him off us

Baxter won't be free, he's under contract.

Sorry Baxter is under contract for the next 2 years so he is not coming without a fee being involved

Baxter, no chance in a million years.
You can have the others, put is in relegation from league 1 so can't see helping you much.
See you next year

Who writes this b*******?
Baxter has a two year contract at Oldham, so how on earth would he be a free transfer? Either way DRFC could not afford his services!

Jose Baxter has two years left on his contract and we'll probably only accept bids of 700,000 or more.

Jose Baxter is already under a 2 year contract so not happening

Croft is free as he missed his deadline or his agent did and Furman you can have as he jumped ship at Oldham when his team needed him.

By the way Dickov will only bring in loans and players on a free and then your youth players miss out on playing, He ignored the youth at Oldham due to having used over 65 players.

Now you see why we struggled far too many players.

Baxter has 2yrs left on his contract and Dickov won;t go in for him as it will cost money.

Croft has been traded in for a younger model now a pacey Dutch winger, your welcome to him.

I wonder if Baxter is under contract?

What you mean donny can't afford him they just won the league so there's 6mil there so are you telling me he's worth more than that

16 Jun 2013 11:54:08
Oldham fans get a grip digging at Donny all time. what devision you lot in Donny did well last year to get promotion knack too championship. well done rovers rtid

6 million? Have they won the lottery, the prize money is about 25k for winning the league!

Did donny win the champions league as well as league 1? Must have passed me by that one

25k? the relegated teams probably got more than that! and to all above, we get it, baxter is under contract, and too be fair I personally aren't very keen on him

25K is probably about right. You'll get more TV money, but I've had a look and a few sites confirm it's around that much. Either way, it's nowhere near the 6 million quoted.

Exactly with the 6 million we can afford to spend a bit more in the window, because of the money we will receive over the year

The promotion to the Championship IS worth six million pounds in FL money, TV money and extra gate receipts for the benefit of having about 2000 fans in the away end every week instead of 200 when entertaining the likes of Oldham.
Oldham fans need to concentrate on their own team rather than enviously having a dig at Donny who will after all be in a higher division than them next season.
By the way I am not a Donny fan, just staing facts.

To be honest, I think that the Oldham fans are being a bit bitter about PD, just because he did bad at your club, doesn't mean he'll do bad at ours. I'll be frank, I wasn't quite pleased about his appointment, but give him a chance, he's a young, learning ambitious manager, and if JR saw something in him, he can't be bad

^totally agree^

Im an oldham fan and I liked Dickov as a person, however he was the very definityion of madness, trying the same old thing for three seasons hoping things would change. Hope he does well for Doncaster but I can't see it



15 Jun 2013 12:59:53
Barnsley look set to lose both luke steele & martin cranie, steele is unhappy at being only offered a 1 yr deal on less money and cranie's wage demands are too high for the reds.

Crainie accepted deal put forward and due to sign monday

Crangey is on holiday at the minute.

Cranie will sign next week



15 Jun 2013 12:54:23
Barnsley are thought to be intrested in former Rotherham and southend defender Ryan Cresswell

Are there any clubs Ryan Cresswell is not going to join this summer?

Yes, The millers

You can have him, barnsley are setting their sights higher this year with a new infrastructure in place, mid table beckons easily :)



15 Jun 2013 12:51:08
Shefffield Wednesday to sign Naki wells for undisclosed fee by end of july fee already agreed



15 Jun 2013 12:49:23
Barnsley & Huddersfield are chasing the former tranmere winger dale jennings following his release from Bayern Munich

Nigel clibbins has said that town aren't signing jennings! And nigel clibbins is huddersfield towns chief executive

He'll be announced as a town player in the next 48 hours, all but done

Town have denied any interest in Dale Jennings

Its on tv transfer centre that both clubs are chasing jennings

God sake Jennings would of been great, and we can get him on a free we should snap him up and make him a town player!

Smoke and mirrors game at the moment, Wallsall playing hard ball over Paterson so the Terriers are upping the anti and bringing another prospect into the mix. IMO Jennings is the better player and a better prospect.

Huddersfield looking at former tykes star Adam Hammil instead following his release

Doesn't mean they won't sign him, done deal

Town aren't signing anybody

Town are keeping it hush hush. new players will be paraded at new kit launch on Friday.

The kit launch is on Thursday.

Huddersfield will only have 2 youth forwards so I will very much doubt that they won't sign anyone plus Town want Hammil as it says in the examiner
Barnsley fan in Huddersfield

Wolverhampton press state Hammill is going back to Huddersfield but I can't see any report on him being released so will Wolves expect a fee?

Theres only 1 team in Yorkshire and the colour is red

16 Jun 2013 17:02:44
and they average 10 thousand. so with ffp I wouldn`t expect a great deal.

That's the Terriers in their third kit.

^ it is when we play away! UTT

That can only be York City

Towns new kit launch is Friday 21st june. get your facts right before posting. utt.

The kit launch has been brought forward to Thursday the 20th.

Dont you feel a pratt now.

The new kit just has numbers 1-8 lol.



15 Jun 2013 12:43:18
If York complete the signing of Adam Reed on a full time deal, Phil Parkinson may enquire about the availability of top scorer Ashley Chambers. Chambers is young and scored ten goals from the centre of the park last term so he ticks many of the boxes that Parkinson is looking for in a central midfielder. He will link up with former teammate James Meredith and could be the long term replacement for Gary Jones

Chambers is a striker

Take him please, only seen him perform once at york, rest of the time like a little flower

Chambers plays wide or up front. Certainly not a central midfielder.

15 Jun 2013 18:18:43
take him away please, never in a game for more than 15 mins

They'll have to pay big money for Ashley- he's going nowhere

Central Midfielder lol. Do your homework next time fool



15 Jun 2013 12:36:45
Rumours that Angelo Henriquez may be coming to Hull on a Season-Long loan from Manchester United, any thoughts?

Maynor Figueroa is set to sign a three year deal today at the KC.

Along with this there has been a supposed bid of £4.5 million for Celtic's Gary Hooper, and a £4 million bid for Burnley's Charlie Austin!

More goalkeeper talks aswell with the rumour that a £1.8 million deal for Alan McGregor has been agreed and rumours that Costel Pantilimon may be on his way to East Yorkshire (Don't really believe that though)

Any views or more rumours lads? -Rossy

Bournemouth bid of £ 3 mill is still Charlie Austin's top bid so this story is rubbish



15 Jun 2013 12:31:36
Charlton supremo Chris Powell expected to complete 3 deals next week.

2 in, 1 out. Dale Stephens is off to Burnley with Dean Marney plus 250K agreed.

Joining Marney in SE7 will be Jonathon Obika. Transfer fee in instalments.

As Marney has just signed a new contract with Burnley then this is unlikely but not impossible!

A lot could depend on who instigated the deal and whether or not it is Marney or his wife who wants to move back south.

15 Jun 2013 14:55:51
be more than 250k though

Really hope so

Can't see Marney leaving especially with the loss of McCann.

Marney won't leave he's just signed a deal towards end of season with us

Hopefully true Stephens better than Marney



15 Jun 2013 12:30:30
Richard Wright is wanted by a host of League 1 clubs with Tranmere Rovers leading the race.

15 Jun 2013 14:12:53
It's true. He doesn't want to move away from his family so local move suits him. He won't consider leeds

He hasn't played for 2 seasons. Do we really want him?

15 Jun 2013 20:27:46
he left preston a few weeks after signing because he was too far from his family who are based in the south east. only reason he was at man city was money, so he won't be up north unless its back up to a prem team for big money



15 Jun 2013 12:21:02
Tiago will sign for Sporting on a free transfer from Atletico Madrid after WBA were unwilling to meet his wage demands. West Brom however are close to signing Esteban Granero and Nacer Chadli, both on loan, from QPR and FC Twente respectively. They also have a serious interest in Yevhen Konoplyanka of Dnipro.

Who the hell are these players we are linked with. cheapoptions I expect

16 Jun 2013 09:33:57
All Young exiting prospects apart from tiago

Yeah but nobody had heard of yacob, mulumbu, odemwingie ect before we signed them

You haven't hear of granero?

Konoplyanka is class, caught my eye at the Euros as I recall. Would love to see him at the Baggies next year.

Wasn't it konoplyanka who scored a screamer against England in the world cup qualifiers

Been reading up on this konoplyanka, zenit are offering around 20 million for him which may be rejected so obviously were not going to sign him



15 Jun 2013 12:10:25
hull city set to sign free agent dean whitehead and want stoke citys wilson palacios

Not sure about Whitehead, but could see the Palacios deal happening.

Hull are interested in Pennant but it will be Burnley or Boro that get Whitehead.



15 Jun 2013 12:06:45
Leyton Orient in talks with Daniel Kearns and Ronan Murray



15 Jun 2013 12:04:52
everton have offered a contract to veteran eric abidal



15 Jun 2013 12:03:24
steven reid is likely to sign a new contract with west brom within 24 hours and zoltan gera is going to sign before monday



15 Jun 2013 12:02:57
anderlechts lucas biglia is set to move to england with wba



15 Jun 2013 12:02:36
Korey Smith is 1 million percent signing for Leyton Orient on a 2 year deal next Monday.
He turned down Oldham, Chesterfield and Colchester United.
The O's have also spoken to Shaun Batt, Zavon Hines, Joe Garner, Jabo Ibhere and John Marquis about coming to the club.
Marquis and Batts agents are speaking to Steve Lomas Millwalls new manager about whether he wants them but it's unlikely he will.
Expect at least 1 possibly 2 from this list to sign
This is all gospel truth from an insider in the club.

He hasn;t turned Oldham down at all, we don;t want him due to money and LJ won;t waste budget just for one player.

We have midfield players anyway, please get your facts right as LJ said weeks ago we won;t be signing K Smith.

We've got 4 players coming in and Smith isn;t on our list.

Don't think Colchester are interested either

Would LOVE to have Jabo back and would LOVE to have Garner at O's. Don't think it will happen though.

Korey Smith? I'd take him.

Is this the same insider that said we would have a rich investor

15 Jun 2013 17:27:37
unlucky. he's off to sheff united

Why would he go to a club that's going to be out of business now West Ham are on there doorstep?

SL has stated he wants Marquis. Although he may go out on loan next season at some stage.

Not out of business just yet mate

Will be around a long time my old china, and don't beleive everything you read in the paper lol

It ain't over until its over. Hearn will get his way, and The Os, at some point, will share with West Ham.
As a result, this could stop any Mega Rich people from eventualy buying West Ham. The reason is
Orient are free from debt, and would be a better choice for investement.
At the end of the day West Ham, who are 80 mill in debt, would lose-out big time! Lovely Jubly.

18 Jun 2013 11:27:50
Forgive me who' s the zombie West Ham supporter who reckons Ori
nt are going out of businehave you looked at your
balance sheet lately 90 million
in debt I ould say the boot was on the othrer foote watch this space



15 Jun 2013 12:02:33
arsenal and chelsea both want hollands kevin strootman



15 Jun 2013 12:02:02
crystal palace closing in on the signing of bordeaux defender florian marange

Yes pleease



15 Jun 2013 12:01:04
sunderland have made an audacious move for palermo striker abel hernandez



15 Jun 2013 12:00:28
juve could be set to swap paul pogba with man city for wing back aleksander kolarov who is also wanted by inter



15 Jun 2013 11:59:32
newcastle and wba will go head to head over the transfer of dynamo kiev striker brown ideye



15 Jun 2013 11:58:45
chelsea are set to raid ath madrid for defender diego godin



15 Jun 2013 11:58:07
arsenalwill sign higuain and benteke



15 Jun 2013 11:57:17
valencias roberto soldado could move to old trafford this summer

To play cricket for Lancashire I take it



15 Jun 2013 11:56:33
John White to sign for Bradford to link up with his former Colchester boss Phil Parkinson



15 Jun 2013 11:55:48
monaco are heading the race for brazilian hulk ahead of chelsea



15 Jun 2013 11:12:18
After signing Yoshida Southampton look to add third Japanese International to their ranks Hiroshi Kiyotake of Nuremburg

Translated form Calciometro

Except for the fact that Tadnari Lee is likely to be leaving us.

He does look on good player on youtube, mind you who doesn't.

Reported earlier this week that t. lees loan at tokyo isn't being extended.

De ridder looked class on youtube

Guly looked class on youtube

Hiroshi Kiyotake what a shout he looks great for Japan in brazil and World Cup qualifiers and with Lee set to leave and corteses keen eye for football becoming big in Japan, signing some of there new up and coming players would be a good move



15 Jun 2013 11:05:00
Doncaster are trying to bring John lundstram back to the keepmoat but he looks set to join Weir at Sheffield united on a season long loan

Why would Everton want him to have another season in L1 when he could come to Rovers in a higher division and gain better experience?
Lundstram will be at Donny next season.

Simple he's not really anything with Donny only to kick the ball as hard as he can into the oppositions half

Hes already said he wants to come back to rovers even if its loan or pernament

Obviously the person who wrote the last but one comment hasn't seen Lundstram play.



15 Jun 2013 10:51:34
Martyn Waghorn and Obika could be announced as Charlton players as early as next week, Powell however still has his eyes out for a natural goal scorer to replace BWP



15 Jun 2013 10:48:24
Mauricio Pochettino looking to add former Espanyol goalkeeper Christian Alvarez too provide back up and competition for Artur Boruc which will see Paulo Gazzaniga loaned out.



15 Jun 2013 11:53:33
ac milan look set to beat arsenal to the signing of qpr keeper julio cesar. the brazilian international was formerly of rivals inter.



15 Jun 2013 11:53:10
Birmingham are looking at blackpool's left back Stephen crainey.

Getting a longer contract at birmingham. ince desparatley wants to keep him but only offering him a 1 year contract. he wants a longer tearm stay.

Might be for the best, wee bob will be getting tired of not getting game time, he always looked decent when he got a chance and crainey isn't getting any younger.

He only wants a longer contract. Then he will sign.

Wee Bob is yet to show he's in the same league as Crainey!
he's done OK but no better than that

We are losing all our players!



15 Jun 2013 11:52:44
man city have identified lazios romanian defender stefan radu as a there no. 1 defensive target



15 Jun 2013 11:51:40
sylvain ebanks blake is closing in on a move to palace who may also look to sign stephen hunt both on free deals

An injury prone striker and past it winger? Not sure that's quite who we're in the market for.



15 Jun 2013 11:51:06
karl henry is se to join former manager mick mcarthy at ipswich and could be followed in by free agent chris berra.

Total guess work.

Would rather sign Lenny Henry



15 Jun 2013 11:50:16
crystal palace are set to offer 12 million for blackpool wingers matt phillips and tom ince

Even as a Palace fan, I don't think we're going to spend 12 million pounds on all our transfers put together this year. Most of our money from promotion is going into the infrastructure of the club. Unfortunately, we'll probably be priced out of moves for the pair. Would happily take them both, but it just isn't going to happen.

The two blackpool players could prove a bargain at today's prices especially both being young can't see blackpool have been paying high wages to either.

See Blackpool have quoted Palace £14m for the pair.

They got £15m for Zaha

So these 2 together must be worth £14m

Ince scored more goals and did more step overs than Wilfred. and Ollie said he was worth £10m alone.

But Palace need to patch up their ground so I doubt they have that kind of money



15 Jun 2013 11:49:53
swindon town to sign adam rooney permantley fwages used by from the wages used by cheltenham. Rooney to join cheltenham for 800k and foderingham to join swansea for 2 million

Rooney to cheltenham for 800k wake up! He was on loan at the millers last year and was the worst professional ever seen

Cheltenham will not splash 800,000 on him and any player for that matter. 100k max if we've had a very profitable year!

You seriously need to cut ties with your source! The only part of the two rumours that stacks up is that Rooney may go to Cheltenham!

CTFC don't have anywhere near £800,000 to spend, nor does pretty much any Lg2 club. And £2m to Swansea? I really don't think he's even one of Laudrup's backup targets.



15 Jun 2013 11:49:39
fulham are set to land bakary sakho from wolves in a 3 million deal.



15 Jun 2013 11:49:04
tottenham are looking to offload scott parker. sunderland are very interested in bringing in the veteran warrior midfielder.
brazilian midfielder paulinho is a top target of avb.



15 Jun 2013 11:47:26
man utd want juve midfielder marchisio after missing out on bringing in fabregas who has opted to stay at barcelona. the italian has stated he would be interested in moving to old trafford but ruled out pushing for the move as he is happy in turin.



15 Jun 2013 11:45:20
hull city set to sign marc schwarzer



15 Jun 2013 11:43:48
wba looking tro land fabrizio miccolli



15 Jun 2013 11:42:44
fiorientina look set to pip westham to the signing of veteran ambrosini



15 Jun 2013 11:41:58
paris st germain are set to bid 30 million for chelseas brzilian defender david luiz



15 Jun 2013 11:40:56
wba are looking to land darren bent from rivals villa



15 Jun 2013 11:40:25
lewendowski will join chelsea this summer



15 Jun 2013 11:39:56
john obi mikel is on his way out of chelsea and set to move to galatasary for a fee of around 16 million agreed.

Hope so he is absolutely useless!

16 million? really?
6 would be overpaying

15 Jun 2013 15:09:05
Decimal point problem - fee is 1.6m



15 Jun 2013 11:38:56
arsenal and real madrid are still in talks over higuain.



15 Jun 2013 11:38:22
Arsenal want four signings this summer:
Julio Cesar or Simon Mignolet
Ashley Williams
Luiz Gustavo
Gonzalo Higuian



15 Jun 2013 11:37:18
wba have been in contact with niklas bedneters advisers over a move to the hawthorns



15 Jun 2013 11:29:58
Steve Bruce preparing a bid for Luc Castaignos. FC Twente striker after being unwilling to meet Celtic's asking price for Hooper.
6 million pound bid for Castaignos should secure the Dutch under 21 international.



15 Jun 2013 11:28:38
just seen scotty parker on the a500; stoke maybe?

Must of took a wrong turn.

Hope not

15 Jun 2013 16:22:21
might have been going vale; (jokes)

If there was any trouble on the M6 that way (as there always is) the A500 get's used as an alternative route. Sighting means nothing.



15 Jun 2013 11:19:59
James Henry is in talks with Bradford City



15 Jun 2013 11:18:05
Chelsea are still looking to bring in more strikers. This will result in Moses going to West Brom. Unsure if its loan or permanant yet. Good source from inside Chelsea.

15 Jun 2013 12:45:21
Heard the same. Replacement for Odemwingie

Moses wants regular football, we have a good relationship with chelsea due to clarke, and previously de matteo so it's very likely to happen as soon as we find a suitor for odemwingie



15 Jun 2013 10:45:48
Chelsea set to bid £15m for Matej Vydra from Udinese, but the Pozzos are looking to hold out for somewhere closer to £18m.

Potential to be sold then loaned back to Watford, or be sold to watford on a free then immediately on to Chelsea so Watford gain the profits.

Try £3m to Norwich mate, more realistic.

Not very likely as he is not are player so way are chelsea looking at him if gos to chelsea will have nathaniel chalobah on loan for the 2013/2014 season

15 Jun 2013 12:26:12
Norwich got no chance at £3m. Bid from Tottenham of £12m rejected in January.

JM tends only to buy players that are tried and tested at the highest level.

So I doubt he would move for The Otter.

Some people need to get down from cloud cuckoo land. I am not in the know but I will put my house on this not happening

We don't need him

I'm a Watford fan and I still see this as unrealistic. Firstly, Chelsea can do better than Vydra, they would rather go for someone like Cavani who is proven at the top level. Secondly, even if they were to go for him I doubt they'd be willing to play £15m, let only £18m. The Pozzos may value him at this price, but I don't see anybody matching this price, which is why I think it's quite likely he'll stay at Watford next season (possibly wishful thinking). However, £3m to Norwich is even more unlikely than £18m to Chelsea, the Pozzos want a price similar to the price Zaha went for, and as stated above, rejected a large bid from Spurs in Janiary, so don't undermine Vydra's ability.

"JM tends only to buy players that are tried and tested at the highest level. "

Players like Drogba and Robben? oh yes.
As a Watford fan I would take nothing less than 15mill +Chalobah

Im in two minds as a watford fan. Being so frustrated for his slump in the last 3rd of the season. He obviously has ability. Scored roughly 20 goals in 20 starts but none after that till the play off semi final. I believe that it wouldn't be a bad buy for 12m. Him and lukaku would be unreal in the future but anymore than 12m seems wishful thinking

If Zaha went for what, £16mil? Then vydra going for £15mil is not unrealistic! First year of first team football and in an unfamiliar league! He's had an amazing season and has very high potential so I see why we won't let him go cheap!

Most ridiculous comment ever. as a watford fan i'd take chalobah on his own he's worth more with greater potential

Im sorry but zaha is so overrated. He only cost £16 million because he's 'English' and young.

I have to agree that is a ridiculous comment. Zaha ripped us to pieces at wembley and was possibly the reason palace got promoted. vydra in my opinion isn't even worth 10 million based on the last 3rd of the season and as I said in the comment above any premiership team that offers 16 million is taking a massive risk, a stupid risk actually. if he goes 12 games without a goal in the championship and quite frankly looked out of his depth at times during that spell then how will he fair in the premiership?

Did you go to the same wembley final as I did or were you sitting at home watching it on tv where the commentators love zaha. He was poor we kept him totally out of the game until cassettis stupid mistake. he's so one dimesional, tries to big touch it around every defender and if you don't dive in he's useless. The quality of his balls into the box are as poor as his shooting. Poor manu, he was dreadful in the euro u21's aswell. He won't hack it in the prem

Vydra out of his depth in the Championship? Lol lol lol don't be silly.

I'm sorry, but you're making out as if Zaha is semi-divine. In case you didn't realise, Zaha also had an awful second half of the season. He got 6 goals and 8 assists as opposed to Vydra's 20 goals and 6 assists. Just because of a good performance in one game, it doesn't mean Zaha's the next Ronaldo/Messi. Honestly, the English press and general public are suckers for a quick, skillful, young English player. Yeah sure he's quick and skillful, but does he deliver results? Based on last season (bar the play-offs), that's a big fat no.

Vydra out of depth - no way! He never looked out of depth and ripped many teams apart with his direct running, his movement and most of all his superb finishing. People REMEMBER that he has just come back from a potentially career ending injury. People keep posting it but everyone seems to ignore it. You don't expect a player, after a year out, to play perfect for a whole season. It is ludicrous thinking! He was not used to the amount of games let alone the fact he has had a year off so no wonder he dropped off in form at the end of the season. As for Zaha in the final, he played his best game in a long time and the fact we didn't turn up at all helped him out a lot. Other than that I haven't seen that much consistency and he dropped off after christmas as well and he hadn't come back from an injury yet you agree that he is worth £15 million. Now that's a bit of a joke.

Zaha was only bought for £15m because he's English and has all the media hype which goes with it.

'England saviour' Wilshere would be regarded as a bit-part player in the Valencia team at best, were he abroad.

That shows the state of this country. If Vydra was English he'd be worth £25m, but then again he probably wouldn't be very good because of our coaches.



15 Jun 2013 10:42:25
Will Grigg, Febien Brandy and Ben purkiss set sign new Walsall contracts

Any news on Westcarr?

With Jamie Paterson going to Huddersfield I presume then. 3 out of 4 staying isn't bad at all

Brandy will leave, he's only interested in the money

Jamie Paterson is not going to Huddersfield as they have only offered derisory money for him

Why would you presume from reading that that he will be going to huddersfield



15 Jun 2013 10:37:55
Arsenal to re-unite January interest in Bayern CDM Luiz Gustavo but could face competition from Tottenham, Southampton and Atletico Madrid

Cant see this happening. Don't really need him got a few good CDM's



15 Jun 2013 10:32:29
Carlsile Liam noble and his agent called in for meeting early next week to talk about his future at carlsile united!



15 Jun 2013 10:28:59
Rumour is that Sam Morsy (ex portvale) is off to Chesterfield.

Confirmed we have put an offer in



15 Jun 2013 10:16:21
Kevin Davies is in talks with Bradford City over a 1 year contract.

No he isnt

Davies will be playing in championship this season

Davis will be playing int he championship next season when he gets Bradford promoted

Going to Wigan with Owen Coyle.



15 Jun 2013 10:00:58
Akpo Sodje is close to signing for league one side Walsall on a one year contract

Paul Rachubka is also in advanced talks with the midlands side

I'm sure we wouldn't sign a keeper like Rachubka, he's past his sell by date for league 1



15 Jun 2013 10:00:29
Notts county to sign mike Jones from crawley and Lewis grabban from Bournemouth in the coming week

As afcb supporter i'm first to admit that lewis grabben was not firing on all cylinders in the later part of the season. However, Bournemouth will need to sign an excellent foreward in the coming weeks, if there 's any chance of grabben leaving dean court

Grabben is rubbish let him go he is a league 2 standard player for one thing

Bye Mike. See ya

Grabban is quality, do you even watch the games

Grabben might not be championship class but we don't have anyone else so can't see him leaving unless someone else comes in

Grabben won't be sold, he's a player Eddie Howe believes in!

Ill drive grabbed

Since brett came he has not at his best but he could go matt tubes is proberly going so if he go's wes thomas who no afece but I don't rate him that much

Jones not on his way

Jones would be no loss, was a liability most of the season, bar one good goal at the end.

Grabbans finishing is shocking! Gladly off load him.



15 Jun 2013 09:58:36
Groningen want southamptons Steve de Ridder.

They can have him

Saint James

Would be a good move for steeeeeeve. He has pace. He works his socks off but that final ball crossed into the box is always a bit suspect.



15 Jun 2013 09:41:53
Norwich have lost interest in toivonen and as a result are turning their attention to Chelsea's unused Marin

Hope so.

Toivonen has just gone on holiday, we haven't lost interest in him.

Entirely different styles of play, one would not be seen as an option replacement to the other.

I bet he signs for us, ul see, don't believe everything the papers say, he's on holiday and i'm sure he will come to carrow road when he's back and will prob sign on the dotted line.

Can we have both please



15 Jun 2013 09:40:30
Alfie Potter from Oxford United is a target for MK Dons

He's just signed a new contract so unlikely

Would be an interesting one. We released him the summer before the move to MK. He was picked up by Posh and spent time on loan at AFC.

Bring him home! A decent player but lightweight and we have enough of those already. Is he any better than Bowditch or Chadwick in either of those roles? Probably not. However, would be a decent addition.

Since he's just renewed his contract it will cost them plenty.

Lightweight? Not seen him play for few yrs then
He wouldn't leave oufc for mk. He loves oufc. And would cost ya for us to even listen

Why would we even want him? He's played for both of the teams we despise the most. You can keep him! He's damaged goods in our eyes.

Glad to hear he loves Oxford because we certainly don't want him. Mainly due to his past.

You can dream of signing him, to good for Mk heard Leeds want him though.

He won't go to mk dons they are just a franchise club

He also started at Wimbledon and was a casualty of the of the move when most kids were released. That doesn't make him "damaged goods" in my eyes.

Posh & AFC on your CV? Damaged goods!

He never played for AFC. He played for Wimbledon FC, which is actually you isn't it?! well you nicked there placed anyway

We didn't steel or nick anything. they got themselvs in money trouble, they had to sell. and we payed. no nicking or steeling involved lol.

You took there place in the FL. unfairly

It was STOLEN when you left wimbledon

MK and Winkleman stole Wimbledon to get a league club in MK. There was already a non league club in MK they should have built that up but couldn't be bothered

It was DESERTED when the urchins formed AFC.

What in 1912 when they moved to Plough Lane?

They pulled the plug, not us.

Alfie has just signed 2 year contract with option of a 3rd.

The business part of Wimbledon moved to MK the local fans stayed in Wimbledon, heck you ain't even in Wimbledon, whatever, its time to move on, bury the hatchet etc. MK til I die (and yes I was a Wimbledon fan but I moved with the business, not with the fans that deserted a club when it desperately needed it's fans.

"the fans that deserted a club when it desperately needed it's fans. "

The single reason why I loathe AFC so much. They killed what remained of WFC and jumped ship.

Selfish bar stewards.



15 Jun 2013 09:34:59
The Argus are saying that, regarding Poyet, "a verdict is expected by the end of next week".
Also being reported is that Oscar Garcia Junyent is favourite to replace Poyet.
Thoughts on this?



15 Jun 2013 09:27:49
Bramble, Maghoma and Whitehead have become Tony Mowbrays first 3 signing of his Middlesbrough change around.

All to be revealed to the public on Monday.

The signings are possible but no announcements until July

Bramble is a donkey so I hope not

There is NO truth whatsoever in the bramble rumour, talks with maghoma have stalled due to boro's interest in David Lopez and dean whitehead should be completed early next week

Why Monday?

There is talk that whitehead is going 2 sign for hull.

Can't see us getting Bramble as Matthew Bates is back training at Boro

Maghoma can play a yaya toure role in the centre of the park, he is not only a winger



15 Jun 2013 08:56:10
Reading FC have signed former Real Madrid star Royston Drenthe in a 3 year deal.

Is this confirmed?

Not officially but his agent has said its a done deal

No not confirmed. When readings official site says it then its confirmed



15 Jun 2013 08:53:25
Wigan's new manager Owen Coyle will go back to former club Burnley to make his first signing by landing full-back Kieron Trippier in a £1 million deal. Coyle will also offer a deal to out-of-contract former Claret Chris McCann.

15 Jun 2013 11:09:06
1 million, are you having a laugh, Tripps is worth at least 4 million

It will cost more than 5million for Trippier

Cost more than that for Trips, one of the best full backs in the championship and will only get better.

Try 2.7 million to 3.5 million he's the best right back in this league. A million quid don't make me laugh

If judas wants trips it'll cost him far more than 1m. That's if of course he actually wants to play for a tin pot outfit like Wigan.

Trippier for one million, might pay for his left foot but not the rest o him

Judas is bewildered

15 Jun 2013 17:13:47
Did that just say 1 mil

1 million for the best rb in the league :s and also in the championship team of the year! don't think so!

No they are not. Daily Star and Sky repeat the club statement of earlier last week that the minimum bid starting price for Austin is £7m

Pretty sure austin and trippier are different players. good try though

Wow this is clearly bs firstly what's the point of trippier leaving from the championship to the championship? If he wants the best for his future he will stay until a premiership team wants him!

Doesn't fit in Wigan formation and Burnley havnt been good since bikey, dream on people saying 5 mil, if they needed a right back which're they don't move Boyce back better than trippier



15 Jun 2013 08:45:04
Rumours circulating that Ipswich and Leicester are now in a head to head battle for Wolves' Karl Henry.

Let leicester have him!

15 Jun 2013 14:02:23
No let Ipswich have him

Don care which one of you get him just want to get rid of him

No, Leicester!

Let me know where and when you would like me to drop him off.

Jez Moxeys Second Chin

Let Yeovil have him.



15 Jun 2013 08:28:29
Cameron Belford set to sign for Walsall after the signing of His friend Neil cutler as walsalls new goalkeeping coach. Also bury are set to sign akinfenwa once Blackwell gets back from holiday next week

15 Jun 2013 19:05:13
Belford rumour is everywhere so highly likely to happen

A poor goalkeeper who is particuarly bad on corners and set pieces.

Not great at defending his penalty area either as let a lot of headers in from close range last season.

Good luck to Cam i'm surprised any team in the football league would want him.



15 Jun 2013 08:26:48
Hull city are thinking of offering celtic 6m for striker gary hooper



15 Jun 2013 08:24:44
Huddersfield are looking at:
Simeon Jackson
James Vaughan
Luke Steele
Dale Jennings
Marius Zaliukas
Liam Lawrence

All apart from Liam Lawrence please

Top 2 yes, that would be a great strike force, steal no because I prefer smithies and Jennings is a great talent and Lawrence doesn't fit the transfer policy

15 Jun 2013 11:21:21
liam lawrence? mate, do some research about what kind of young hungry players town are trying to sign!

Jackson, Vaughan and Jennings. mmmm

Give up with the "transfer policy" rubbish. If the right player is available, we will sign him



15 Jun 2013 08:24:12
Gary Taylor Fletcher is going to Bradford City

Yes I've heard he's buying tickets to watch us too.

Doubt it



15 Jun 2013 08:18:08
Saints lining up another signing to be completed today of ever banega



15 Jun 2013 07:55:16
Owen Coyle may want to make former Manchester United player Frederic Veseli his first signing as the new Wigan manager, but will face competition from other championship clubs

Owen Coyle is also looking at former Tranmere and Bayern Munchen winger Dale Jennings, who was released by the champions league holders, but again with face competition from other championship clubs, most notably Huddersfield Town who are rumoured to have already approached him

Coyle is a shocking appointment, Tenner on Wigan to go down again

15 Jun 2013 19:14:28
he dose inerviews by mobile phone just ask HTFC

Does phone interviews, this is true, he told Dean Hoyle he wanted a Pre interview interview by phone before deciding whether to attend. Hoyle told him straight where to go, amazed Wigan have given him a job, relegation scrap once their best players have been sold to premier clubs.

I wanted steve McLaren as manager of wafc, Nottingham forrest had too high expectations for him, wanted promotion as soon as he took charge. but we've got coyle, sooooooo, we'll just have to see we will give hime support but if he does not deliver a top 10 finish.

Wigan sell McCarthy for 15/ 20 mill we don't need to sell anybody else, wigan players have told new manager that they will stay next season, Maloney, mcmanaman et so seems like a good deal for me

Definetly not Cresswell. Fon Williams would only join a Championship club because he won't resign with Tranmere so he is clearly looking to join a better team, not a worse team such as Oldham.



15 Jun 2013 07:42:51
West Brom striker Izzy Brown will spend next season with his home town club Peterborough United on loan. Posh also want Saido Berahino.

Good hopefully he gets sold because his shocking and over rated

Obviously not good enough for clarke to put them in

That's about 6 strikers Posh will have next season then, Anymore?

To be fair if izzy gets first team football in league one at 16/17 then he's got a very bright future with us

15 Jun 2013 20:29:11
If isiah brown is so bad why were arsenal considering buying him

Anyway he is only 16

I like how everyone's failed to spot that he's a midfielder not a striker.

^^ we're talking about Berahino being the striker

Well he's a very attacking midfielder



15 Jun 2013 07:37:06
Fleetwood are set to sign Peterborough striker Nikky Ajose and are also interested in Daniel Kearns.

Why would an ambitious club be looking to weaken their squad?

Ajose going!?

Celebration time!

Please take Ajose. been useless and here far too long.

Kearns is a good player just not had a chance and ajose could be but needs to work harder

Ajose is a good player just not given a chance. He seemed great in one of our pre-season friendlys, but then he was shipped out on loan. Ferguson has wasted a lot of money on strikers who he has led to fail.



15 Jun 2013 07:34:10
I hear that hull have had a £1.8m bid for Allan McGregor accepted

15 Jun 2013 11:24:28
In contract talks; agent saying no major barriers envisaged. Looks a very likely deal



15 Jun 2013 07:34:00
Falkirk striker Lyle Taylor is to sign for Peterborough United for an undisclosed fee.

No he is not posh chairman doesn't even know who taylor is

Can't see posh buying any striker the desperate to get the two young ones in McDonald and Hutton and could only maybe see saido from WBA getting a loan to us and if we sell Gayle they will pay big for some one who will get goals maybe wells

Chairman said he does know who he is and didn't deny the rumour



15 Jun 2013 07:32:02
Peterborough want Bradford striker Nahki Wells and have offered Emile Sinclair + �600k for his services.

It would takeki over £1 Million to get Nahki Wells. Wells has already said he will be staying at Bradford City.

Hopeful thinking. Wells will stay at city until next year unless they receive a massive bid circa 1.5 mill up

. or in other words they are offering just £ 300k for Wells and £300k for us to take Sinclair off their wage bill. Think they'll find the answer is no thanks. Come back with £2m.

2m for a player from Div 2 that is yet to attract any concrete offers whatsoever. Yeah, right.

If le fondre was only worth £500,000. what makes you think wells is worth £1.5 million? Not even in the same league! And teams have hardly been queuing up to sign the lad have they? It will be a long wait for somebody to stump up that much cash for an average league two striker.

Sinclair is good.



15 Jun 2013 07:31:10
hull city are close to doing a 5m deal for burnleys charlie austin,

£5 million try more like £7 million

Hes in his last year of his contract if you wanna risk losing all that money don't sell him then

For a player in the last year of his contract? No.5 million max, unless other clubs become involved!

Risk losing what money? We paid 1 million for him, there for we will only lose 1 million IF we decide to keep him for the last year.

But wouldn't you want 4 million profit

Yeah you paid 1mill but when a 5mill deal is on table seems to be a no brainer for not taken it

Id rather have 20-30 goals nxt season from austin and a good league position, because let's face it we won't get any of the profit to invest in the team if he did go. We didn't last year when rodriguez went



15 Jun 2013 06:19:39
Middlesbrough manager tony Mowbray will sell muzzy carayol to fund deals for Albert adomah, graham dorrans and Robert koren

Muzzy carayol let me tell you something, that player is going to be a top premiership player, rumours of a 1 mil bid is rubbish we payed 850k for him, if he has a good season this term his value could be around 10 mil he can be as good as man united Wilfred zarah no doubt about it.

If you the think the figure of 500 grand (fee qouted) will land them 3 then your deluded

He's not going to sell carayol, even if he did. Dorrans and adomah would be too expensive, and Koren is too old

If we sell crayon if will be for ameobi and adomah

Carayol is only with boro because of Mogga. he will be sold when he is of no use. koren and dorrans are different players and won't effect muzzys role ever. adomah won't affect carayols position. bad post. don't bother again.

Why would mogga sell Carayol when he is a young up and coming player! More likely to sell Emnes and Mcdonnald.

Would happily sell muzzy for them 3 but we can't pay all 3 wages

Carayol IS on his way to Nottingham Forest there set to spend big this summer.

Carayol IS NOT on his way to Nottingham Forest. Get real.

Surely Gibbo isn't that broke to sell Muzzy for 2m. Know we're we stand if he does.

Well if he is, its going to be in the region of 5 million, 1 million plus miller is silly.

No ambition if were going to sell our best player, can't see muzzy leaving the boro anyway.

Don't wan miller anyway. He's useless

Boro don't need to sell carayol, he's young, just signed last summer and we only started seeing the best of him towards the end of last season. If we were going to sell him, it would be for over £3,000,000. Not £500,000 as somebody said

Where are you lot getting your figures from. Notts forest want him and they will pay 500 grand. None of this swap with miller and 1 million rubbish. Pick up a paper or google it instead of listening to rubbish

We bought him for 850k and miller I wouldn't pay 50p for him

By the way that's not me saying he will go for 500 grand, that is the figure reported in the papers of forests bid. Mowbray won't be daft enough to accept it. Well at least I hope not

It's just lazy reporting, they didn't even check to see how much we signed him for last season before quoting a random figure



15 Jun 2013 02:52:01
Oldham are set to sign the following players in the next two weeks
Ryan cresswell (Southend)
Owien fon Williams (tranmere)
Reece brown (man united)
Jason Kennedy (Rochdale)
Danny butterfield (Southampton)
Rob hulse (qpr)

Cresswell is under contract until 2014.

Deffinatly hope so, some good players there, especially Reece Brown

15 Jun 2013 12:59:52
Fon Williams who has attracted interest from doncaster and ipswich but will reject them and tranmere to sign for oldham hmmmmmm

Danny Butterfield, no longer a member of Southampton FC. Great man though brought a lot of banter to the dressing room and at training. Early morning joker!

Korea smith a done deal.

Won;t be signing all of them, we ares igning 2 CH's, GK and a striker but Lj won;t give the names away.

there you are you are now up to date and no need to post stuff that isn;t true and oh yeah LJ is in DUBAI so won;t be signing anybody yet. OK.

Highly doubt Oldham will get Fon Williams, he's sure to go to a championship club

Only players there i'd love at Oldham are Kennedy and Brown



15 Jun 2013 02:46:03
Keith Southern will join Akpo Sodje at Prenton Park on Monday morning as Tranmere look set to announce a double signing to kick-start their summer recruitment programme.

Keith is going nowhere near tranmere.

Really? you sure about that?



15 Jun 2013 01:24:02
Burnley will sign Oliver Norwood from Huddersfield next week for £500k.

15 Jun 2013 14:05:09
Dale Jennings now rumoured to be off to Barnsley.

Wont be going burnley

15 Jun 2013 19:16:06
no they wont,

Olly is a Burnley lad and was disappointed that Eddie Howe didn't sign him last season, I think if Burnley came up with a good enough offer the player himself may push for a move, what player wouldn't want to play for his hometown club.

From his motivation to break into an ever presence in towns 1st next season, it doesn't sound like he's give a move away from the club much thought.



15 Jun 2013 00:43:24
Yeovil looking to upstage League One offers and pull off the signing of Gary Madine from Sheffield Wednesday. G. Johnson has recognised the need for depth and variety in the squad. Marcus Haber still on the radar and Brandy due to sign very soon

He is going to Bradford.

15 Jun 2013 12:59:47
hes going nowhere



15 Jun 2013 00:23:02
Dale jennings is set to sign for Huddersfield

Just denied by the local press.

According to local press there is no truth in this rumour.

Denied by none other than Nigel Clibbens the CEO of huddersfield, you'd think he'd know who the team are signing

Pretty gutted about it imo



15 Jun 2013 00:11:42
Partick Thistle are close to signing David Graham from Morton. They're also in talks with Steven Saunders, Scott Arfield and Lee Miller.



15 Jun 2013 00:08:19
Gary Johnson has confirmed he will be trying to get dan burn and Matt Dolan back on loan they both want to come back as well



15 Jun 2013 00:31:41
Stoke City likely transfers:
David Bentley (free)
Junior Hoilett (4mil)
Adel Taarabt (bid lined up of 7mil)
Erik Pieters (bid made of 3mil)
Nicklas Bendtner (bid lined up of 3mil)
Paolo de Ceglie another alternative to Pieters
Florian Marange another alternative to Pieters
Jermaine Pennant (free 1 year deal offered)

Unlikley transfers:
Wilfred Bony (12mil)
Gareth Barry (5mil)
Scott Parker (3mil)
Stephen Ireland (4mil)
Victor Wanyama (10mil)
Jermain Defoe (8mil)

Begovic may go if a bid is made (15-20mil)
Wilson Palacios (2mil)
Peter Crouch (possibly Hoilett swap)
Kenwyne Jones (4mil)

15-20 mil for begovic? You're joking surely? 6-9 at a push

De Gea £22 million? He's better than him.

Don't want bendtner altidore would be a better signing.

Have you ever seen begovic play he was best keeper in league last year stokes full backs mad him look bad solid keeper easily worth 15m

15 Jun 2013 14:29:18
Yes 15-20 million, if de gea is worth 20+ mill then so is begovic. He is easily one of the best keepers in the league

6-9 at a push?! the bloody sunderland keeper is going for 7 mil! begovic is probably in the top 5 GK in the prem and only 25

Not sure Begovic will go for 15-20, but I don't expect him to leave for less than 12mil. He's among the top keepers for shot-stopping, but he's also excellent in the air and is a very physical presence, something a lot of the other top keepers cannot claim.
Anyway, as for the rumours, not sure I'd like to see Bendtner leading the line, but if we actually did get Pieters, Taarabt, and Hoilett, and can keep N'Zonzi and Adam, I'd be cautiously optimistic about how we'll play next term (though I'd also be a but nervous about the commitment of some of those players).

Id rather have Altidore too or Emenike but they are out of our league.

So from this starting lineup could be

Wilson Huth. shawcross Pieters

Bentley. N'zonzi. Adam. Hoilett

Bony. Altidore

Subs. Butland. Cameron. Shea. Taarabt. Kightly. Jerome. Jones

Wilson cannot play RB Cameron is more stronger in that position.

Wilson cannot play RB Cameron is more stronger in that position.

The goalkeeper merry-go-round has ground to a hault with Valdes staying at Barca. I don't think Begovic will be leaving this year BUT if he has another good year (or better) don't be surprised to see him at Barca next season.

Would much prefer if Hughes brings in a player like Keisuke Honda, free transfer and awesome player, would be better than paying 7M for over-rated Taarabt!

Should also try and bring in Brazilian defender Douglas as cover (out of contract at FC Twente)

Wilson Can't play left back? He played left back most of the time with Higginbotham in the team.

I never said Wilson cannot play left back I said he cannot play right back.



15 Jun 2013 01:26:11
Blackburn will release 5 first team players as the current wage structure is the same as a top Premier League clubs.

I don't think anyones on that kind of wage.

15 Jun 2013 11:25:48
Well, Rhodes is supposedly on over £40k pw!

Murphy is on 30k+ and is the worse player in the entire first and reserve squads



15 Jun 2013 01:25:02
Jordan Rhodes is set to sign for Crystal Palace on a 3 year deal. Fee believed to be around £6.5m.

No truth whatsoever.

Hardly think they would sell him for less than they paid after scoring 30 goals last season

As much as I would like rhodes I highly doubt blackburn would sell him for less than they bought him for, especially after he scored 25+ goals this year

15 Jun 2013 09:43:36
Not going to happen. Palace won't spend that much money on one player.

Don't think Palace would spend that much on a striker when their main targets are wingers, where most of their money will be spent. Very little on strikers.

Where did you get this from

:) No Chance and I'm a Palace Fan.



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