Football Rumours Archive June 15 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 15 2012 

14 Jun 2012 23:52:18
Charlton looking to sign: (In this order)

1. Michael Kightly – Free
2. Anthony Wordsworth – 500k plus Paul Hayes
3. Keith Andrews – Free / Andreas Ottl - Free
4. Rémy Cabella – 750k
5. Luke Chambers – Free
6. Kyle Bartley – Free
7. Andy Drury – Free
8. Sloan Privat - Free
9. Emmanuel Ledesma - Free
10. Änis Ben-Hatira– 350k
11. Christoph Janker – 350k
12. Chris Wood - Loan

Leaving the club will be:
Paul Hayes - Colchester
Leon Clarke - Crawley
Andy Hughes - Released
Yado Mambo - Dagenham & Redbridge
Dale Stepens - Bolton Wanderers
Michael Smith - Hartlepool - Loan (view to perm)

.......and possibly John Sullivan with Sir Chris looking at David Ospina From OGC Nice if he were to loose Sullivan.(9)(48)Michael kightlys got a year left on his contract and would never leave wolves to go to charltonI would love to hear your explanation for how Charlton will get Michael Kightly on a free! He is under contract!

IanYou have basically compiled a list of signings that won't be happening, well done.Kightly?? He will either be at Wolves or PL, certainly not Charlton.Wolves are about to sell jarvis, why would we then sell our other winger kightly for free when he has 1 year left on his contract.Half of them I wouod like but Bartley is not on a free, ledesma was a diving light weight at the valley and chris wood is crap and slow, words worth yes, Baldock yes, Andrews yes, and others that SCP is keeping secret,Ben-hatira ,janker and Andrea ottl all play for hertha Berlin - charlton are looking at 2/3 players from clubs who relegated from the bundasliga - so those 3 would fitAndy Drury will not leave Ipswich, and certainly not on a free transfer.They do believe in being loyal to the players who brought promotion to Charlton!
Who needs "supporters" like this?Where did you get your information from,this list looks like it came from all the football manager on playstation the rumour sites and paper talk,and 99 %is wrong unless your the ceo of charlton.Most of these will never happen, charlton fan.Kighly under contract at Wolves so won't be available on a free and even if he was he wouldn't go to Charlton!Michael Kightly isn't out of contract so you wouldn't get him on a free.U cant be getting ledesma as he is off the the mighty boroI no dale well and he won't be joining boltonPlease share what you have been taking, Stephens to Bolton do me a favour!For heaven's sake! Leon Clarke will not be joining Crawley. He left his loan spell early last season as he refused to play for the club whilst Evans wasn't there.We had our squad reshaped last season cp won't be doing it again for shore.Even if half these rumours were true, how u going to sign andy drury on a free when he still under contract at ipswich. at least be realistic if u gonna post a rumour on hereGuy earlier said Chris Wood was rubbish and slow. Oh yeah, I forgot he scored 16 goals last season in the championshipNone of the above names will be coming in or leaving!


14 Jun 2012 23:18:57
Syahrul Azwari Ibrahim - A Malaysian under 23 striker is to sign for Cardiff City in July, he will then be loaned to Newport County for 6 months so he can settle into life in South Wales.(8)(23)A signing to sell shirts and the clubs profile to the Malaysian market, organised by the Malaysian owners for the benefit of the Malaysian owners.I don't think it is, as an outside opinion, his stats are decent and he's only 19 anyway so Cardiff can get him quite cheaply, its worth the risk, some of the best player and managers in the world were risks!


14 Jun 2012 23:16:14
Reading ask for permission to talk to pilkington of Norwich and still interested in Jarvis for 3 million(7)(39)I think every club would be interested in Jarvis at £3m! More like £8m before Wolves would let him go.Do Reading fans not read newspapers or watch skysports? Wolves have already rejected 4mill for JarvisThese players combined will cost well over 10mInstantly refused, plus i know you have cash but i dont think you will be able to afford what it would take to make us sell. Would be looking at £10mill + in todays market.Oh yes, half of the clubs in UK would be interested in Jarvis at £3m-but it's not going to happen.On what reasoning have you fantasised that Pilkington would consider leaving Norwich for Reading?

His next step will be based on career progression not, at best, stagnation.

Norwich are hardly one of the giants of the game but they are ahead of Reading in all aspects and yes, even finances and wealth generating potential.Jarvis is probably rated at double that and I cant see Pilkington leaving Norwich for usReading wont get jarvis to meny bigger established prem clubs want himSince he cost £2.5m as a League 1 player, he will now cost £10m minimum, scored 8 Premier League goals in his first season and still only 24!

McNally (Norwich CEO) will reject it anyway :)Pilkington isnt a manager, you dont ask for permission to talk to him you make an offer to the club probably around the 3-5m markWell that request will be refused full stop. Pilkington will not be going anywhere next season his 3 year contract expires in summer of 2014 and Norwich have an option for a further year. He just turned 24 and his value will only continue to increase over the next couple of seasons if he shows the same form as last season, and indeed may well be knocking on the door for full international honours either with England or Ireland (he has already played u21 for Ireland).
When he does move it will only be to a top six club, certainly not a club who with due respect to Reading are smaller than his current club.Wait, so we are getting £20-30million to spend to improve the squad but we cant affored to spend £10million+... is it just me or does that not make any sense ?!?!Where did you get £20-30m from? Its been confirmed to be around £15m.Combined these players would cost well over 15m, which I can't see reading spending that on just two players.
Jarvis and pilkington are too good for Reading.Norwich in no way head of us in finances and wealth generating potential if we solidate a prem spot we will easy get 33,000 plus. Also we will be head of you in football terms soon. But with all that said we can get a better players!


14 Jun 2012 23:14:04
Burnley Ins

Paul Robinson - Bolton (free)
Luke O'Neill - Mansfield (£200,000)
Jason Shackell - Derby (£1.3m)
Adam Clayton - Leeds (£1m)

No more players will be leaving Burnley on a permanent basis.(18)(18) 

Robinson would be the worst signing fact!Its already been said many times old news
jason shackell isnt leaving if your gonna put the rumour put the right price when you apparently bidded that Nigel laughed
his head off 4 million asking price either
pay it or shut up if you feel hes not worth it that proves that raising a players asking price will stop interest from
clubsA million miles away. Sad we have become a club lacking any ambition and unable to attract players from NTFC. Well done GSERobinson wouldnt go to burnley . couldnt afford his massive wagesShackell £1.3 million in ur dreamsHow many times? Shackell's going nowhere for under £5mYou wont get shackell for 1.3How does this work then when you have had a two bids turned down the first being 1.2 million for Jason shackell I hardly think he will leave derby for 1.3 milNo way will Jason Shackell leave for 1.3m,you have already had a 1.4m bid rejected mate, get it right son, come back with double that!1m for Clayton are you mad,I thought this was a done deal a few days ago? Me thinks he's going to sign for huddersfieldWe will not get clayton for 1mill,warnock said on 5live the other day that clayton is wanting to stay at leeds but if they do sell it will be no less than 2mill and that was from warnock.


14 Jun 2012 23:13:17
Bournemouth to make an ambitious attempt to offer Harry Redknapp a job as Director of Football(26)(28)Possibility it being on short term 'director of football' temporary post basis I would think, Harry is still wanting to manage a big club for a few more years. Bournemouth would be good semi-retirement project but i don't think he is ready for that yet.


14 Jun 2012 23:12:56
Sunderland have loan listed Connor Wickham, Steve Bruce at Hull City is interested as he sees Wickham has alot of talent and would be a good partner for Fryatt(20)(14)Lets hope this is true would be a good signingUnder the terms of the transfer agreement Ipswich have first refusal. Paul Jewell already expressed an interest!Ipswich have first refusal as part of the transfer that took him to Sunderland!


14 Jun 2012 23:09:11
Arsenal are keen on signing Russia international Alan Dzagoev, 21.
The £13m-rated CSKA Moscow midfielder is out of contract in December.(32)(7) 

Chelsea NO1 target.Chelsea owner has said thats whohe wants.Hes just signed a new contract 2 weeks ago lolThat isn't true because arsenal are looking to sign santi cazorla from malaga for a fee around 15 million


14 Jun 2012 23:02:57
yeovil have handed a trial to oxford city (blue square north) defender james clarke. mainly to see if he can make the step up to leauge 1,
sorce :sky sports transfer centre(5)(3)You realy are a master of the bleeding obvious.Hows it obvious when no one else has wrote it on here ?Because its on official sites... this is a rumour site not a 'confirm what every fan will know the second it comes out' site... {Ed003's Note - Not everybody reads every clubs official site though,so confirmed signings are good for me}


14 Jun 2012 22:56:46
Roberto Di Matteo wants to take advantage of Tottenham's managerial situation by signing Kyle Walker and Emmanuel Adebayor (I know he isn't contracted to Spurs but Chelsea hope to beat them to his signature)(17)(21)


14 Jun 2012 22:47:03
Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael Van Der Vaart all to leave Tottenham this summer due to their disappointment that Harry Redknapp has left the club.(37)(12)Walker will leave too either to city united or chelseaDam that will give us one big transfer budget then easy over 120 million get a grip bale and vdv are going know where and as for modric psg will get him.Celtic is a great football club deserve to play better teams, i would have thought ledley would leave for any prem l team now every game u play nx season will be a walk over. Im sure players just get bored.Lets wait and see who comes in. Modders may cahnge his mind as well if someone like AVB comes in!Why would walker leave as he has just signed a new contract.They should be glad he has gone-they can progress with their careers now in the game, as can Tottenham.If their loyalties are to Redknapp then they need to seriously question what motivates them in the game as football and improving and progressing their professional careers isn't at the forefront of their ambitions.I suppose this is the same Kyle Walker that signed a long term contract earlier this year? From what I hear, Terry/Lampard/Mata/Torres/Marin/Hazard all want to leave because Di Matteo was employed!
Apparently Messi wants to leave Batcelona because Guardiola left!


14 Jun 2012 22:39:12
Michael Jacobs/Derby County development coming on the Chron web site first thing tomorrow morning #ntfc #dcfc

Off the writer of the northampton chronicles twitter.(5)(4)They are struggling to secure a compensation package, northampton want 500kWe've offered £500k, Northampton want £750k


14 Jun 2012 22:36:53
Nicky law back at Bradford city apparently. Don't know how true but heard nahki wells is part of the deal ??(2)(8)Nahki wells is under contract and has stated he is going no would cost motherwell or any other club over 500 k
to even think about him leaving city.


14 Jun 2012 22:13:53
Yeovil Town to sign free agents Callum Kennedy on a 2 year deal (released by Swindon) , Jamie Cureton a 1 year deal (released by Leyton Orient, Rene Gilmartin 2 year deal (released by swindon) and Jason Euell on a 1 year deal (released by Charlton)

Yeovil are to allow Anthony Edgar to join league 2 side Plymouth Argyle.(7)(7)Sorry I was suppose to put released by Watford for Gilmartin.Anthony Edgar - PlymouthNone of those players excite me seem like average players, I think garys looking for more players that can change a gameCouple of those players getting on in their years... got enough experience in our club thank you... we need quality and we'll get it


14 Jun 2012 20:45:49
alright ed! have you heard any rumours regarding tranmere? cos half the things i see on here are is complete bs i think! i hope we sign andrew taylor, lionel ainsworth, freddy eastwood, james wallace and another centre back and goalie! also raheem sterling on a season long loan! {Ed001's Note - not a chance of Sterling, only thing I have heard, which seemed in any way possible, was the return of that Dale Jennings you sold to Bayern.}(1)(4)Jason Mooney keeper, currently on trial. He's a giant and was pots at Oxford City last season.


14 Jun 2012 22:26:44
Doncaster have officially signed David Syers after he is out of contract at Bradford City!!!!(15)(5)


14 Jun 2012 21:48:22
Norwich City are reportedly interested in Joe Ledley.(17)(25)If JL was to leave Celtic it would be to far bigger team than Norwich city!
Sorry but it's just fact.

Mr Green FingersNot even heard if him, but I have heard of norwich, dj don't think he's bigger than them.
Mr unbiased truthmanI wouldn't read to much into this, no one knows who Chris Hughton is after, he's hardly been in the job 5mins & is on holiday at the moment.Wouldn't want him back at Cardiff even if
someone paid us. He even had the cheek
to comment on the change of shirt colour!With two years left on his contract and Ki likely to leave celtic, maybe even wanyama if these reports are true. Celtic will price norwich of JL for another year at least!Ia gree that Celtic are a bigger club, but the fact is they are in a smaller league than Norwich. To play against many top clubs week in week out may be more attractive than just one fixture/team in the Scottish League! That being said he'll get Champions League with Celtic albeit a quick exit.


14 Jun 2012 20:27:04
Colchester are interested in Torquay's out of contract defender Mark Ellis, although compensation could be a problem.(5)(9)


14 Jun 2012 20:22:13
Burton to break their transfer record by signing winger Shaun Whalley from Southport to replace an outgoing Jacques Maghoma who has offers on the table from higher leagues and abroad(5)(7)


14 Jun 2012 19:38:43
Brentford to sign free agent Christian Riberio(5)(18)


14 Jun 2012 19:21:20
QPR are set to sign Robert Green soon and Ryan Nelsen set to have medical at QPR within the next 24 hours. Andy Johnson is also set to join QPR and Bordeaux defender Benoit Tremoulinas has said he would be interested with a move to QPR(25)(16)For Robert Green to go to QPR from West Ham would be a side step at best and a backward move in my opinion. If he went to a team with top ten possibilities or even better a top six possibilty then I could believe it, but QPR? No chanceGreens on his way to QPR and your opinion has nothing to do with it. His reason for the move is the ambition of the cubWhy is QPR a side/backward step? The only way is up!Green step backwards? Qpr have got the money, and have better potential than west hamHow are West Ham better than QPR when they have just had a season in the Championship and QPR had a season surviving the premiership, I wouldn't be surprised if west ham got relegated again seeing as they didn't finish top of the table and only came up because of the play-off's. Another reason he is leaving is because West Ham are looking at the Bolton keeper jussi jaaskelainen and Rob Green is a first team player.


14 Jun 2012 19:15:14
Charlton to make shock bid for Crystal Palaces Glenn Murrey(5)(21)Is that murray youre on about , dream onTake him, he's been very poor this season. Lazy, doesn't do anything.No just noHe's rubbish .... £3.5millionWhen do you want us to drop him offMurray goin nowhere needs a proper strike partner than the crap we have had the last few seasons and a greedy winger that likes to take all the glory he has scored and laid on important goals get off his back and let him get on with it , CHARLTON DREAM ON !!!!


14 Jun 2012 19:03:50
Burnley hope to sign Sam Vokes or Kyle Lafferty this week while Martin Paterson will join Notts Forest for 1M(15)(13)MA already said no one will be coming or going till T/O sortedHow can you say that anyone will be signing for forest in a weeks time? We are in the process of being taken over, as yet nothing is agreed with any party and certainly no budget for players has been given.
Why make things up?? Baffles meMartin patterson is transfer listed at 500kPato for 1m. I will drive him there myself :-)Pato isn't transfer listed , and he's worth more than 500gWe turned down 2m from portsmouth in Janruary so dont think we'll accept 1mDrive him there yourself? Assume you're a Derby fan then! Good player. Looked good in prem league too before injury plagued 2 seasons. Very highly regarded in football. Worth considerably more than £1m. When fit, considerably more than £2m.Paterson is joining derby mate
forest carnt pay a tenner nevermind a million.(burnley fan)Paterson is joining derby mate
forest carnt pay a tenner nevermind a million.(burnley fan)

wait till takeover we might buy the league


14 Jun 2012 18:59:11
Burnley are very close to capturing long term target Jason Shackell for around 1.5 million and Sam Vokes for around 500,000. The larets have been chasing Shackell since last summer and Clough has stated the fee received would go to strengthening the Rams squad.

Vokes enjoyed a 2-month loan spell with the Clarets earlier this season scoring 3 times. The Wolves front man has had limited playing time and with only 1 year left on his contract Eddie Howe is close to securing his signature for 500,000.

Source: Lancashire Telegraph, Burnley Express.(14)(9)Why are these rumours about Shackell still coming up? anything under 2.5m clough won't listen toHis asking price is 4 million.
Very Close Your deluded.Hes not going
anywhere hes said himself.So stop you
only got 4 million money for jay rod with add ons.
Your chairman said 3 million will be used to pay other finances.Money speaks at the end of the day..he hasnt been refused permission to speak to burnley so if the player wants to go, then derby will accept a fee. as a burnley fan i hope this deal materilizez..but to derby fans..i always say if you aint a top 4 english club then you are a selling club UTCWise words but he has said he dosent want to leave before all this rumour started happening if hes a long term target Eddie howe hasnt been a long term manager.So unless it was your board
if so why didnt you get him when he was at barnsley.Lets everyone face it we are not selling we are already loosing 7 first
team players why would we sell apart from barker our most prized possession.If the club needed money we would have
accepted enquirys for will hughes and mason Bennett.But no we are fiancely secure with two of the investors putting more money into the club to gain a bigger share.6m plus add ons for jay actuallyShackell that played for wolves the one who was absolutely shocking worth 4 mill I'm a wolves fan n there's no way he's worth that much we sold him cause he was uselessShackell will be captain next season in the abscence of Barker, captain of a club that is financially solid with a year on year progression on and off the pitch and a batch of talented youngsters coming through. So why would he give all that up for a club of no more than equal standing??It was with his GREEDY agent wanting a big fee!!!2,5m thats more like it for the best center back in the championship!The reason we didnt get him from barnsley is that we were priced out of the move..and even thought he said he didnt want to go....owen coyle was commited to burnley, brendan rodgers was happy at swansea and harry redknapp rubbished rumours he was leaving tottenham...what a person in football says and what they actually do are a million miles apart... UTCHe's crap anyway!! hardley got a game for us at the wolves! TOO SLOW!! no where near worth 4 million pound.


14 Jun 2012 18:49:24
Andrew Taylor ex Sheff Utd LB in talks with Walsall and Shrewsbury(2)(8)Hes gonna re-sign for tranmere!Shrewsbury dont need one. Jacobson is good enough


14 Jun 2012 18:48:49
Southend legend Freddy Eastwood is set to join the club with the striker set to join on a two year deal following winger Kevan Hurst in to the club this week.(13)(7)


14 Jun 2012 18:41:33
Any crawley town or crystal palace


14 Jun 2012 18:22:03
Crystal Palace to sign Ben Watson on loan.(7)(18)I would have him back in a shot...quality midfielder and great delivery....


14 Jun 2012 18:15:12
Matt Lowton to go to Norwich , a fee of 1.5 m , Chris houghton would of took him to birmingham(11)(14)


14 Jun 2012 18:03:29
Barnsley set to land free agent mido! 3k a week(19)(8)What a signingHope Hill can work his magic and rejuvenate his career like Vaz Te last season. Get him scoring goals at oakwellI would be over moon with this signing. proven goal scorer in perm and international level. Keith hill just can't please some fans, gets slaughtered for bringing in league one players then goes for a player who would be a big signin for the reds and people still aren't pleased!


14 Jun 2012 17:54:42
expect a host of free singings to turn up at qpr in the next month rob green andy johnson ryan nelson louis saha mo diame, samba diakite has already signed plus hughes wants 3 more aswell.(6)(16)Mohamed Diame is going to West HamDiame being hawked around by his agent so i guess whoever offers him the best deal will get him. QPR look like getting Diakite so probably wouldn't want another african player in the same position due to the african cup of nation coming around so soon this time


14 Jun 2012 17:49:40
Stevenage have signed Preston defender David gray(9)(3)Good signing for boro ,did well at pne shame he was releasedDid well at PNE ?? Injurie prone and made too many mistakes, glad to be rid of him


14 Jun 2012 17:45:30
Barnsley have been linked with a move for free agent Mido according to sky sports.(20)(5)


14 Jun 2012 17:31:08
Wigan and scotland captin Gary caldwell had asked his agent to open talks with Celtic about move back this summer!(6)(26)Oh god i do hope soPlease tell me this is falseNot true.Complete garbage, Why would the club captain of an established Premier league club who are on the rise leave to play in the equivalent of league 1? person .Please be a lie terrible defender every big game either a howler an own goal or a red card. Not what we need for champions league , fighting relegation at a minor club is his levelNup there targeting shane smeltz for perth gloryAll a lie, Caldwell is happy at wigan, why would he go from being captain of a prem team on the up to Celtic?


14 Jun 2012 17:30:51
Derby County are going to attempt to sign free agent James Mcfadden.(18)(6)We are only getting players under 25His wages would be too muchNot in the Rams thinking at all too old and expensiveClough is looking for young talented and hungry players that fit in with a very sensible and rigid wage structure. Not injury prone players who have had their best days behind them and who are asking for silly money.


14 Jun 2012 17:27:48
Steve Bruce has some targets set for Hull City, obviously he won't get all of them but they are:

Emile Heskey (free)
Titus Bramble (loan)
Matt Kilgallon (loan/transfer)
Ahmed Elmohamedy (loan/transfer)
Eldin Jakupovic (signed)
Tomasz Kuszczak (free)
Michael Keane (loan)
Ryan Tunnicliffe (loan)
Keith Andrews (free)
Paul Green (free)
Josh King (loan)
Frederic Piquionne (transfer)
Craig Gordon (free)(13)(37)No chanceNo chance kilgallon will ever play under bruce again, so this 1s a non starter, sorry like"No chance", care to elaborate, do you mean that these are not Bruce's targets, because they are, I said that not every single one will sign, but that these are his TARGETS, instead of gormlessly tapping stuff on your keyboard why don't you readI agree with no chance. Why would Brucey fat face target players that he knows wont play for him i.e Kilgallon and why would SAFC loan players to him that other clubs want to buy i.eKilla to Leeds, Bramble to Ipswich, Elmo to West Ham etc etc and Craig Gordon already said he wont drop a league. Dreamers......Bruce didn't play Kilgallon when he was his manager at Sunderland, there's no way he's going to sign him for another club(nor would he want to come to a club managed by Bruce).


14 Jun 2012 17:19:02
Norwich may bid for £6 million rated Belgian forward Kevin Mirallas when Chris Hughton returns from his holiday(17)(17)How can a club which is in debt afford thatHow many times, we are not in huge debt, far less than most prem clubs -You obviously have no idea about the debt situation do you. From the latest debt info i could find, only 3 current clubs in the premier league have less debt than Norwich (9million). With Norwich's debt set be be cleared by the end of 2012/13 season they are in a very strong position. Its also widely reported they have their largest ever budget (straight from the director). Expect a healthy budget of 15-20mil. Not massive by premier league standards but should be enough to add 3-4 quality players to an already strong squad.Hell, some people really don't have a clue about our finances. WE ARE ON TARGET TO PAY OUR EXTERNAL DEBT AT THE END OF THIS SEASON!Top scorer in the Greek League...

worth a look IMOObviously a jealous supporter of a lesser club quoting the debt thing again, bottom line we have no debt to speak of, in fact amongst the smaller clubs in premier league we have a much better revenue stream due to sell out every week,plus last years revenue income from premier league/sky deal was £46M, £6M more than was budgeted.
And just because Houghton may be holiday, the Chairman will already be trying to sign targets identified by Houghton, so that will not stop any potential signings being completed in his absence.Would love this to happen


14 Jun 2012 17:07:08
Agyemang may be on his way back to Preston one a one year deal as he has been released from QPR and has been seen in Preston today, Agyemang would be Westleys first choice as he said he wants a big target man.(12)(6)That would be coolAlso seen at Bloomfield road today.Hope not he was woefull last time


14 Jun 2012 16:56:33
Bad news I'm afraid. Rumour from the marketing department is Southampton are sniffing around Federici for around £2.5 million.
Personally, I think that's a good deal for us and we should snap their hand off and give Macarthy a go.(12)(23)Why woulf reading sell their number 1 keeper to a side they will be directly competing with to stay up?Speak for yourself about fighting to stay up. Soton will surprise quite a few teams next season and have ambition greater than just staying up.We wouldn't sell Fed's. Don't be silly.Don't matter to that small club reading there buying every player lufcWhy would we sell feders?? Best keeper by far in the championship last season and soon is a step down if anything...Step down? Wind your neck in did he get in the team of the season no why because Davis was better we have bigger ambitions thank youIf davis was better why do you need federici???Davis is getting on a bit... not that this rumour is necessarily true!Love how that guy says that Federici was the best keeper in the championship last season but Davies was the one in the PFA team of the year as the keeper? Good effort though mateAnd after Davis was rob green. TrollzDon't need him.Davis is better anyway, was last year thts why he was in team of year and he will better for 1 maybe 2 seasonsI think the main reason we could be in for Federici or any other decent keeper, is as cover to KD, given that we have just off loaded the number two at the end of the season. Granted, he probably wouldn't be a number 2 for more than a season and a half but then some keepers have stayed at the top of their game until 40+ so who knows.Your mate "Feders" (i'm guessing he's your mate by the nickname terms your on!) was not the best keeper in the championship last season or his fellow professionals would have voted him into the team of the year ! but who was it instead ... "Kelv"

so in answer to the other num-nuts question .. we'd want him as Davis will be 36 by the time the season starts and we're looking for a younger keeper for the future (hence the rumours with Jack Butland too)"If davis was better why do you need federici??".......We dont need Federici because this rumour isnt true! We are after Butland, thats been confirmed.Sorry, Redknapp has won one FA Cup (only just). Hardly major league success.Which team kept the most clean sheets by far last season and had the best defence in the league?? oh yeah Reading did and davis only had to face 3 shots on target when we beat you 3-1 and he let them all in, face it Federici is a better keeper by far and he's staying at Reading complete BS this rumourSorry but Davis is the better keeper..There is no arguement about it. Clean sheets can be kept by a strong defence who dont let teams shoot and Reading had a better DEFENCE than Saints last season, but when it comes to saves and performances Davis is by far the best!Yes, this rumour from a Reading fan is complete BS. Federici better than Davis is your biased opinion. Davis in the PFA team of the year is a fact, live with it. Another fact for you, Reading actually lost 1 more game than Saints last season.


14 Jun 2012 16:55:42
southend haven't received aany bids for any of their players

source - the echo

also grant has gone to stevenage on a free transfer

and kevan hurst is close to joining southend

source - the echo(9)(4)


14 Jun 2012 16:50:11
barnsley fc

mido free agent ex spurs boro westham and wigan striker
lee williamson sheff u free anger cm
kevil kilbane player/ coaching role(19)(6)He'll be like Vaz Te, bet you! Keith will kick-start his career again. Just because he got fat when he was injured doesn't mean he's gonna be a bad player?


14 Jun 2012 16:45:56
several premier league clubs including wigan, everton and qpr are tracking michael khron-dehli since so far impressing at the euros(6)(6)He will go to norwich


14 Jun 2012 16:39:29
Free agent Luke Clarke could be on his way to ipswich if the former everton mans trial is successful(6)(4)What postion does he play?How do you know that he is on trial at Ipswich?Is he a free agent or the Preston NE player?


14 Jun 2012 16:38:38
winge revin hurst will sign for
southend after agreeing personal terms
subject to a medical(12)(2)


14 Jun 2012 16:32:45
Source BBC. "There would always be a role for Redknapp at Bournemourth" - Eddie Mitchell. Went on to stress it may not be as manager. SIDENOTE - Redknapp leaves locally and does not want to move, plus the lack of availible top jobs in the south in England could see he go to any previous club in the south (Portsmouth, (doubt they have the money), Southampton or Bournemouth).(5)(18)Saints wouldn't touch him with a twelve foot stickNo way do we want him
at saints
he got saints reegated
then run back to the
skatesNo way will he go to Saints. The Swiss owners do business a different way.No thanks we have nigel AdkinsArry wont go anywhere unless it involves a larggge paycheckPersonally I've nothing against Redknapp. I was furious at the time, but then he got the skates relegated, so I forgave him. That being said, Adkins is far better than he is. So I think we'll probably just stick thanks!Stay away redknapp your not good enough for england spurs and no way do the saints need you go back to the skatesThe only chance Bournemouth have of getting Redknapp is if he decides to basically retire in Sandbanks and he helps out at AFCB, not as a full time manager though (almost a turn up if you fancy it sort of thing). However, I strongly expect he'll go abroad to a rich asian clubI reckon he'll go to Birmingham as they seem to need help with their accounts...When comparing the records of Adkins and Redknapp, neither is exactly outstanding although Redknapp has clearly won more. Think Redknapp is a better bet to bring success IF the club has a large transfer kitty, if not then he is probably not your man.Firstly, I am no big supporter of Harry Redknapp but I think some people need a reality check when accusing him of relegating Southampton. As a Southampton fan I seem to remember us being in a 10+ years situation of mismanagement, from the board down - and to add more problems to our club we were operating in a recently retired MLT mode! Our fantastic chairman then calls in the managerial skills of Harry who has ALWAYS been known as a wheeler and dealer, but when given that role will get you out of the mire. I really don't think the £90k he was allowed to spend was anything like what he thought he would get to change the inevitable course the club was travelling in!

My opinion, and it isn't even a rumour, just my opinion, is that Harry will buy into Pompey and try and attract interest from other investors.To this post above ... "When comparing the records of Adkins and Redknapp, neither is exactly outstanding although Redknapp has clearly won more. Think Redknapp is a better bet to bring success IF the club has a large transfer kitty, if not then he is probably not your man" ...

Adkins has been a manager for 5 years and won 3 promotions already .. so to compare to someone who has been around for 29 years and only won a 1 F.A Cup and a couple of promotions clearly says that if anything Adkins will go on to be a more successful manager !

also "Redknapp is a better bet to bring success IF the club has a large transfer kitty"... anyone can put a side together with multi-millions ! (and then still miss out on champions league football!)

Stupid, pointless and uneducated postDoubt he will move abroad to manage he's lived in bournemouth for a long time nowHave to disagree with the person saying the earlier post ref Adkins and Redsknapp's records is 'pointless and uneducated'. Firstly, everyone is allowed an opinion without being insulted, secondly, you are actually agreeing with the second part of his/her post ref Redknapp is OK if you give him plenty of cash ( and by the way, your point that anyone can do well with a huge budget is incorrect, plenty have failed). Finally, Adkins may have won some lower league promotions but could not even get Saints to actually win the Championship, so I can follow the logic of the previous comment. Either way, lay off the insults!


14 Jun 2012 16:16:07
Burnley are having problems sorting out the deal to bring Steven Davies from Derby with Davies reluctent to sign for the Clarets with a rival bid by Bolton which Davies prefers

Bailey though should sign for Burnley though in a deal of 650,000(8)(9)Bolton Have offered 2.4 million for Davies
and BaileyI doubt it'll be that much, probs bout 800k + seeing as we signed him for about 600k ourselvesHow have Bolton got money to spend ? I thought they were in debt even b4 they went down ?Is this the out of contract steven davies?He isn't out of contract. A clause was activated for another year during the seasonBolton owe just £10m to the bank and £90m to their owner so are not in debt.Steve Davies is not repeat NOT out of contractSteve is talking to PJ about a possible move to Ipswich


14 Jun 2012 16:13:18
Derby will sign Michael Jacobs on July 1st.(12)(9)Anyone who disbelieves this as Him on Twitter.Any proof cause ive been waiting for this deal to go through with alot of different people wrong.


14 Jun 2012 16:11:44
Peterborough United to play Manchester United pre season friendly(10)(10)Simply not the caseI have heard this one as well


14 Jun 2012 15:56:00
Zoko wants millwall
move(9)(10)Hope so dont him at boroWho is zokoNot sure about this player? maybe kj knows more? if true!Yeah like the rest of us he wants Millwall to move back to the other side of the river.Lets hope kj knows what he is doing surely must wait and see what happens at spurs and try to get Jane back!!


14 Jun 2012 15:54:24
Former Southampton and Walsall centre back Ollie Lancashire has signed a 2 year deal with League 2 side Aldershot(8)(3)


14 Jun 2012 15:42:25
Barnsley are checking up on free agent Mido
source Sky Sports(14)(3)Don't think Barnsley need a beached wale up front hope they dont get him for there sakeLoads of chops for him up there!Hope this int rite his attitude is rubbish wud probably get goals but i wouldnt want him at oakwellHis he really that bad, I'm a Barnsley fan so any information would received with thanksApparently he's so lazy it's unreal! He's only good when there winning 3 or 4 nilMost likely sign him for free, whip him in to match fitness, get 10-15 goals out of him, then watch him leave for the side at the top of the Championship on January 1st for 100k


14 Jun 2012 15:40:26
millwall will get ZOKO
by next week(9)(5)


14 Jun 2012 15:34:06
luke varney,liam lawrence go to forest.
dave kitson,kanu free agents.
greg halford,erik huseklepp leave portsmouth.
portsmouth re-sign david james and papa bouba diop(9)(18)You are still in administration-how can you sign anyone???
To be able to sign someone it is like signing a cheque-you need to have authorisation and funds. Oh, I forgot, Pompey don't follow that rule!Liam lawrence will sign for CardiffNobody will be going anywhere until Poorsmouth are Liquidated. The players will be free and get all their defered wages from the FL.Pompey cant re sign Diop or James. You really think you could afford their wages? Kitson and Kanu are not free agents, Kanu has said he wants his contract paid up in full if he is to leave.I hope forest get warnock so we don't get more old playersNot sure the players and clubs are right but agree, most will leave within the month although think nearly all the players joining will be young and quite a few released from Prem League clubs.


14 Jun 2012 15:32:02
any burton rumours Ed(0)(9)


14 Jun 2012 15:24:58
Dean Saunders has made his first signing of the closed season with the arrival of midfielder David Syers from Bradford City.(8)(5)A good player lost to a better teamA good player lost to a team we will be playing next season, PP will come up with better, he is no beckham and ste with one on onesSuppose it's better sat on the bench of a league 1 club than a league 2 club.Not the end of the world it's not like we've lost maradona in his prime plenty more players who are available.He will be out injured for most of the time, and thinks he is better than he is !!


14 Jun 2012 15:20:18
Steven fetchers 12m move to Sunderland will be compete when he returns from his holiday in las veges to do his medical(20)(22)There is no way in hell we will pay over 6 million for him...clumsy cart horse!Wolves stated in local rag no offers received yet for any players


14 Jun 2012 15:08:26
Southampton are trying to tie up a deal for CArlos Vela from Arsenal. Vela who has been out on loan for the past 2 seasons has finally given up trying to make it in the Arsenal side and is looking to stay in England and play regular football.

Fee not agreed yet, but Arsenal have given the club permission to discuss personal terms.(19)(16)Why would we want a fourth striker? when we already have Lambert, Rodriguez, Sharp and lee? Cant beilieve this for a second.Can't see how this could work-unless he was used on the right wing.Would be a good signing but we already have a lot of good strikers, we need to start improving the defenceHe wants to stay in spain.Same culture
and language as Mexico.He has already told wenger and is likely to gor Real
SocidadDoubt it. We already have 5 strikers, 6 if Barny stays.Daft rumour. U can't have a clue about SFC.Carlo Vela plays as an attacking midfielder guys. So could go right mid. The rumours is probably from someones imagination though!


14 Jun 2012 14:42:32
Ledesma poised to sign for Boro in the next 24hrs, Mowbray to firm up his interest in Francois Zoko & Mustapha Carayol. He will not offer Bart Ogbeche, Malaury Martin & Justin Hoyte new contracts to keep them at the Riverside all are now free agents. Watch this space.(12)(3)Tony mcmahon has said he wants too sign a new contract at the boro and he has only just got married and i carnt wait too have ledesma signed apparently its a long contract that he is going too signLedesma will be good pelacement for zemmama, but he isnt proven in any league at all yet, as for ogbeche i think he is as good as any striker we have at the club, malaury martin is my favorite boro player so would be very sad to see someone of his potential not get offered a new contract


14 Jun 2012 14:41:31
Ex Brighton DM Alan Navarro to join Swindon Town.(16)(7)Nav is out of contract. Will do well at Swindon. His strength is plugging defensive gaps and playing short simple passes. Nothing fancy but a good honest pro.Sounds like another Johnathan Douglas. Played well for us and a excellent year @ Brentford if it comes off good businessHeard he's off to BournemouthOn holiday?^Brighton have sold more than 23000 seeason tickets repot from the argus


14 Jun 2012 14:41:02
Eunan O'kane dotting the i's and crossing the T's in a deal to join Crawley Town. Torquay want Swindon's Boden as his replcement(9)(4)


14 Jun 2012 14:35:46
Steve Clark has drawn up a short list to solve West Brom's keeper concerns. With Foster set to move to Spurs, Paul Robinson, Julian Speroni and Stephan Anderson are all under watch.(4)(15)Forster will go to west brom, speroni was going to be a back up option and still might be as myhill is going to BirminghamHow can this be? Tottenham are without a manager and again someone has to tell someone else that foster wants to stay in the midlands and he is happy at west brom ahhhhhhhFoster is still signing for Baggies.Stop posting things about foster going to spurs the fact is that he wants to stay in the midlands so he is coming to the baggiesFoster has stated he wants to stay in The Midlands... So he won't be joining any London based teams


14 Jun 2012 14:27:18
Arsenal are interested in young german star, aged 14, Bastien Scarlett from Cologne's youth academy.(12)(2)


14 Jun 2012 14:18:27
@ Kurt

It does not go down to alphabetical order lol, if it does go that far, the team that is higher in the official FIFA rankings goes through.(0)(1)


14 Jun 2012 14:15:17
MURRAY DAVIDSON IS WATFORD BOUND THE ST JOHNSTONE STAR IS WANTED AT VICARAGE ROAD ACCORDING TO THE PEOPLE IN THE KNOW(11)(2)I think you find he as agreed to join Bristol city with Mcinnes and MorrisCapital Letters! I think you're winding us upHe's of to Cardiff City then!No thankyou we have far too many cm's and he certainly wont get in over buaben,hogg, eustace, jenkins, possibly mcginn, murray can play central


14 Jun 2012 14:13:59
Ed any truth in the rumor that Sunderland are going to sign Zigic on loan with a perm deal in Jan if he impresses? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}
Thanks in anyways Ed bud {Ed001's Note - no worries, sorry I couldn't help.}(3)(10)


14 Jun 2012 14:13:34
Brighton and Hove Albion are interested
in signing Gai Assulin on a free transfer after impressing on a loan spell last season.
They are also looking at Cox from West Brom as he has become frustrated at the amount of action he has been getting at West Brom.(8)(5)Assulin is returning to Israel to play having become disillusioned with his Man City experienceCox wouldnt be a bad signing, and like the people above me said, Assulin is going back to his home country.We wont be signing Assulin and we definately won't be getting Cox, he is at the Euro's with Repbulic of Ireland and tunring a few heads.

Plus he is valued at around £3 million, no chance of us having that much in the budget let alone for one transfer.

See the rest of us Albion fans are still living in cloud cuckoo land!Cox would be a brilliant signing for you guys but I doubt we'd sell for less than 2.5 / 3 millionBased on STs sold and descent last season,i thought we might have a half reasonable budget this year? Can anyone tell me what the budget is this season??Tony bloom will tell one knows!Its around 10 million fact


14 Jun 2012 14:12:29
Rotherham frontman Kayode Odejayi is being targeted by Wycombe Wabderes for a fee of £100k(0)(17)Doubt it he as just signed for us from ColchesterHe`s not even officially signed for Rotherham yet. Some rumour that is!!We don't have any money & our under a transfer embargo.Signed 2 year deal about 3 week back with the millersYou aint got no money


14 Jun 2012 14:11:33
I'm from Luton, and I am old friends with Leon Barnett partners niece for many years, and I met him, like I have done alot of times when he visits family, at the park, and he honestly told me that the defence at Norwich will go under a new make-over, with new young, pacy, full-backs and young centre defenders brought in to replace aging players and to make it more a Premier League defence.
~Luton Canary~(3)(13)You so happen to know him and you support norwich and your from luton. Why would Leon barnett have any idea of what's going on. He's not Chris hughtons PA. We certainly won't sign naughton. God help us if we sign Chris gunter or Curtis Davies. Two awful players, I rate Elliot ward higher.Yeh managers trust info on policy to football players

HA! get a gripI'm his postman, and I delivered a letter to him recently which had the Bolton Wanderers badge on the envelope... Leon Barnett to move to Bolton Wanderers before the end of the month!I am Leon Barnett's neighbour. He's leaving Norwich to play for Coventry. put in a transfer request just less publicly than grant. His house is up for sale and all..I wonder if he'll "sort"out a move then lolYou're welcome to have Barnett, he is not premier league quality and we would then buy 2 CBs to replace him and Whitbread, happy days :)


14 Jun 2012 14:08:16
Emmanuel Ledesma joining Middlesbrough in the next few days, deal is 90% done. Source his agent telling sky sports(11)(5)Who said he wasnt cumming mmmm well dun mogga good little playerLooks like boro are going to show two off verry soon Mustapha Carayol and ledesma haha.Ledesma will be a boro player cum munday and carayol sumtime nxt week not bad eh.Rovers fans I know think this is some sort of April Fool. Looks OK in Div 2, but don't see him playing at a higher level. Hope Mogga knows different


14 Jun 2012 14:06:41
west ham are on the verge on completing the dela that will see former wigan midfielder diame at upton park next season. west brom, norwich and southampton were all in talks with the midfielder aswell. arsenal are planning a £5.5 million bid for peter odemwingie and manchester united are planning and swap deal with west brom for mulumbu and carrick(6)(20)Why would they swap Carrick, why would Carrick go to wba and why would arsenal buy odemwingie after signing Giroud & Podolski and bound to sign Mexican Marco Fabian!?!Cant see any of this happening...personally i can see Mulumbu going back to France and Odemwingie to France or back to RussiaMulumbu not good enough for United and West Brom won't pay the wage Carrick would be on.No Diame should end up at bigger better club like Newcastle villa Liverpool Sunderland etc, If he does chose west ham he is an idiotArsenal have just signed Podolski and there's no way Wenger will sign a forward over 30 to play back up. I'm not even going to bother explaining why the Mulumbu one won't happen because it's just daft.Correct, Carricks wages would be a non starter for the Baggies.
However, a typically crass statement from a Man Utd fan "Mulumbu not good enough"
The bloke is absolute quality in a average team, in a team of Man Utd`s class you would be eating your words.^cheers pal trust me this is reliable i work in the west brom media team


14 Jun 2012 14:03:34
gus poyet wants to be spurs next boss(17)(19)So do I!Me too but I won't get it and neither will Poyet I'm afraid.I wanna be a billionaire but that won't happen either


14 Jun 2012 14:00:11
Huddersfield to bid £800k for wantaway preston winger Danny Mayor after his steller proformance against them earlier this season(11)(9)I expect this is absolute rubbish, but I would certainly accept £800k if offered.I'd snap your hand off if we were offered that ! You get one good game in about 5 from this lad. Can't see why anyone would pay that much for him !Not good enough£800 for one performance.......laughable.One performance hes been one of our best all season!One of our best! are seriously having a laugh.


14 Jun 2012 14:00:11
West brom to sign Ben foster for 3-4mil plus myhill. They are also looking at Bram Nuytinck, a centre back from NEC(15)(4)Would be two fantastic deals if they get done... two great players coming in, one shocking player out!


14 Jun 2012 13:58:28
Chelsea set to suprise

Lucas Moura
Kyle Walker
Micah Richards
Hazard(9)(25)Why Walker and Richards? They're both right backsU won't get walker lolWhy is hazard surprise , he signed weeks ago


14 Jun 2012 13:54:55
Swindon Town could sign Brighton's Alan Navarro. for him. Dont think he is good enough for the championship but decent signing for league 1


14 Jun 2012 13:13:22
Norwich City are on the verge of signing
Greek forward, Salpingidis for £4 million
on a 3 year deal(11)(23)Sorry i'm a norwich fan and i would say NO CHANCE. not even close4m on a 31 year old wowNo chance, especially as Norwich won't give a new contract to someone of that age with prem experience and goalsAnd he is a free agentNorwich can't afford any more Greek debtLooks like he's bit busy right now to be signing contracts without even visiting our club.Norwich only have 2 foreigners (Jackson and Ayala) in their squad, the rest are English/Welsh/Scottish/Irish

Doesn't fit the profile to sign an older player


14 Jun 2012 13:10:41
Carlisle's Tom Taiwo has said he's not heard anything from Doncaster about a potential move, but would be interested if something was to arise(7)(5)


14 Jun 2012 13:08:29
these are players i have heard norwich are interested in
the summer

jozy altidore alkmar 4m
ivan klasnic free agent
ron vlaar feyenoord 4m
lacina traore 5m
ryad boudebouz sochaux 3m
isaac vorsah hoffenheim 4.5m
curtis davies birmingham 2.5m
corry evans hull 2m
chris gunter 3m

wont all happen but players we are looking at(9)(23)I can't see Sochaux rejecting a 8mil bid for Ryad Boudebouz from Liverpool and accept a 3m bid from Norwich , dream on mate!Are looking at or were looking at?The gunter and davies are the most realistic but norwich are intrested in salpingis from greeceHope so he looks a good player at both ends of the pitch


14 Jun 2012 12:56:41
Kyle Walker will put in transfer request as he now wants away from Spurs now Redknapp has left. Expect him to go to Chelsea.(27)(22)


14 Jun 2012 12:54:10
Luca Modric wants away from Spurs now Harry Redknapp has left and I expect a mass exodus of players leaving who all loved playing for 'arry so much(30)(17)


14 Jun 2012 12:38:04
Celtic mulling over Boruc/Gordon and surprisingly Paul Robinson now that Foster is dithering over a contract. Personally I wouldnt like and dont think Robinson would come anyway(2)(9)


14 Jun 2012 12:31:10
There is so much rubbish about Peterborough United on here that the only truth is that Darren has the help of his Dad in guiding Michael Owen to the posh.(5)(24)Agreed 100% rubbish!We can add this to the "so much rubbish" pile also I think, deluded if you think Owen would go to Peterborough.Owen !? dear oh dear. Totally against the whole phillosopy of the club, get real my friend.Absolute garbage!Bit hypocritical there mateWe dont get any favours from man u. when we took 2 players on loan from there last season we paid the same as anyone else would have done and when we signed ajose for 300k man u wanted all the money up front. Theres more chance of me playing for england than there is Owen coming to PoshAnd owens free agent now, not gonna be swayed by ferguson,and peterbro?, get real, lolOwens said he won't play below Premieship, if no offers he'll go abroad.
China, Russia or for some Arabs somehwere.


14 Jun 2012 12:29:53
Hearing from a very reliable source that Australian Nikita Rukavytsya, currently at Hertha Berlin and a regular for them, is set to join Reading. A very speedy left winger or striker and only 24 years of age. Reading will not be disappointed with him. Still on the topic of Australians, Lucas Neill is set to join Southampton.(10)(10)Scott sinclair has requested to leave from swansea it has been turned downLooks like a good playerAnother winger..... we're not southampton (with all due respect) where as they seem to be over loading on the strikers atm we aren't a team that would be doing that with out wingers, we currently have 5 quality wingers, unless we are looking to him for the future then no we wont move for him.To the above, it is possible to get rid of playes aswell you know, ie HRK


14 Jun 2012 12:02:05
Lars Bohinen has been interviewed here in Norway. He believes Solskjær may be linked to the Tottenham job but would be surprised if he was offered it.
Source: TV2 Sporten: Tror Solskjær blir koblet til Spurs-jobben. Men det vil overraske meg om Tottenham velger ham, sier Lars Bohinen.(5)(3)


14 Jun 2012 11:58:52
Cristian Tello could join us this summer with barcelona trying to cash in on him before his contract runs out next year. Barcelona have said we can have him for 7m. A good move in my eyes hes only 20 and shows alot of promise for the future, could turn out to be one of the buys of the summer, hope we can pull it off! YNWA!(18)(7)Who is us ?We?
who is we? {Ed015's Note - Liverpool ?}


14 Jun 2012 11:52:58
Gus poyet being lined up as Harry redknapps replacement he was contacted while he was in Uruguay(16)(25)Not enough experience.
Will be AVBNope. As a Brighton fan, I can say that he is not ready for spurs yet.Doubt the very muchGood shout gus is top man


14 Jun 2012 11:49:22
any middlesbrough news??(2)(12)Sky Sports are saying that the Emmanuel Ledesma deal is almost done. Long term contract.Ledesema signing almost complete, expect an announcement in the next few days. UTB!Ladesma due to sign (sky sports)Ledsma deal 90% done should sign a lond deal sometime next week source ssnMiddlesbrough are closing in on the signing of Argentine midfielder Emmanuel Ledesma, Sky Sports understands.Middlesbrough are going to be looking at the youth team for next season. Tony Mowbry sent anumber of them out on loan last season to lower league sides to gain experience. A big season ahead for the following players: Defender Ben Gibson, Attacking midfielder Cameron park left winger Adam Reach. Fit again centre forward Charlie Wyke (Mogga belives this kid is the next Teddy Sheringham)& Luke Williams. Steve Gibson told Mogga that we have to go with the kids. All the coachs believe these kids have a massive future!This looks like exciting times for Middlesbrough with this young crop of players. Add these to the more established home grown players and Steve Gibson will have his wish. An exciting team with local youngsters pushing for promotion...come on Boro!!We have proven we have the best academy in england. bring the through mogga and reach is a quality young player. utb


14 Jun 2012 11:35:53
Stoke are to rival West Ham for the signature of Wolves £10 million rated winger Matt Jarvis. Wolves have today rejected a bid of around £4 million from West Ham today.(15)(12)Keep uping the price! a nice 25% sell on clause for the Gills :)Great player but £10m is a bit steep for a championship playerIs that not contradicting yourself if he was great how would he be a championship player?I repeat we don't need to sellStoke will end up signing Jarvis eventually, no-one will pay Wolves asking price so they will eventually be forced to sell him for less as the windows closes. Which is annoying for Stoke and Jarvis as it means he won't get a full pre-season.The best of Jarvis is yet to come so he is definately worth a good fee.The reason why wolves are holding out is because selling him for £10.000.000 is basically selling him for £7.500.000 because of gillingham having 25% of his transfer fee, which by my calculations is 2.5 mill, dont be harsh if im wrong, my maths has never been my strongest point lolIf Wolves don't get the money they want Jarvis will stay. He won't throw a hissy fit . He will just get his head down and play. But I could be wrong !


14 Jun 2012 11:31:13
Liverpool have bid of 9m accepted for Barcelona's Cristian Tello. 60k a week. Personal terms almost agreed.(10)(27)INCORRECT, Tello is going to Everton on loan, Barcelona do not wish to sell himLiverpool buying tello for 15 millionTello is not coming put a bid in i think dats all he to much like suarezTello 16 million wayyyy


14 Jun 2012 11:28:45
Fulham to sign nacer Chadli and witsel to accompany dembele and make an almost all-Belgian midfield. Qatari royal family stuff is nonsense btw, and Dempsey is off to Valencia for 12 million(2)(12)Witsel is being watched by Man Utd and Real Madrid why would he join Fulham?


14 Jun 2012 11:28:40
Peterborough Paul Taylor to burnley for 850k(3)(12)LMAO, double that figure and you may get close! Plus he wants Prem football not relegation football.Is it the 1st of April?How exactly do you know this then ?No chanceI'm sorry relegation, what are you talking about. If you watched football at all you would no that last season Burnley created the most attempts on target of any team in the championship and played some of the best football. On our day last season E.G. Against West Ham we are unplayable.o me this does not seem like relegation form now does it. Furthermore, taylor who I believe is 24 years old, what has he achieved in his career that you regard him in such high regard that he could perform for a premiership team if he has not performed consistently for Peterborough 12 goals in 45 games for a striker is shocking.Peterborough wil b fighting for survival not burnley ! We will be firing on all cylinders next season with ings and Austin and hopefully Hines wil start to show his class a bit more , that's before we've made any signings aswel ! UTC bring on the btards :) can't wait !Deluded peterborough fan there i think peterborough will be alot closer to being religated next season than burnley will what source tho ?


14 Jun 2012 11:04:35
Ed any truth in the rumor that Sunderland are going to sign Zigic on loan with a perm deal in Jan if he impresses? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}(1)(14)


14 Jun 2012 10:51:39
Fulham in talks over signing Pavel Pogrebnayak for £8 million. Meanwhile, Dickson Etuhu will join Blackburn(4)(16)He is out of contract...a FREE transfer!Why would we pay £8mil for a free agent?Pogrebnyak is out of contract he would be free.Pavel Pogrebnaysk is on a free, that proves how much you know


14 Jun 2012 10:50:03
Brentford are in the box seat to land Falkirk striker Farid El Alagui ahead of Kilmarnock and St Johnstone(2)(2)


14 Jun 2012 10:49:39
Luka Modric is atrracting interest from Atletico Madrid. Sources close to his agent suggest he is interested in a move to Spain(11)(13)


14 Jun 2012 10:48:57
Chelsea will bid for Tottenham's Kyle Walker as they search for a new right back(27)(7)


14 Jun 2012 10:48:11
Asamoah Gyan will join Galatasaray in the next 24 hours for a reported fee of £7 million(10)(19)Hope So!!!Doubt it will be 7 million but hope he goes the greedy twt!


14 Jun 2012 10:46:55
Man Utd interested in a £22 million move for Marrouane Fellaini and are also expected to launch a £14 million bid for German centre back Hummels(13)(29)You see him on the box then put 2 and 2 together and get 9 what a load of toshHummels has just signed a new contract so I doubt he will be going anywhereHummels will inevitably be much more as Germany look set to go far and he's just won the Bundesliga aswellBeing a Man United fan all my life (25years) I would love to see Hummels and Vidic in our defence next season, but even I know Dortmund won't sell him for £14million especially the way he's playing at the Euros.


14 Jun 2012 10:45:57
David Moyes has told the Everton board he has no intentions of leaving to join Tottenham(22)(22)Has he now? and you found out before the rest of the world. ok.......Good one.


14 Jun 2012 10:45:04
After Redknapp left Tottenham it is thought Jermain Defoe will almost certainly leave White Hart Lane this summer. Newcastle, Reading and Fulham are all possible destinations, although Fulham remain favourites as Defoe prefers a move to a London club(10)(12)No way will Reading pay the sort of wages Defoe would demand.Why is there a link with Harry leaving and Defoe going? If anything Defoe may now actually get a game!We wouldn't be able to meet his wage demands unfortunately (Reading) Can see him going to Fulham as they will and there in London, I imagine the sad passing of his dad will make him want to stay in London to be around family etc.....Shame, great player imoReading are close enough to londonReading already made a genuine enquiry to Spurs regarding taking Defoe on loan. If we took him on loan then we wouldn't have to pay all his wages.Well with the new owners i think it may well be possible for reading to pay slightly higher wages for a top player like defoe, and i think it would be worth it, him and roberts upfront will be a nightmare for most teams to play againstI thought he had turned us down for a loan move...Hope not though.We could pay upto half Defoe's wages


14 Jun 2012 10:42:13
Burnley hope to conclude deals for Kyle Lafferty and Steve Davies this week with deals agreed for both players

Lafferty will come for a bargin 450,000 with Rangers having to offload players on the cheap

Davies will sign for 1.2M while Bunrley have missed out on Derby Defender Jason Shackell after Derby demanded 2.5M(4)(16)Davies and bailey 2.4 already agreedLafferty bargain at 450k , not even worth half that, hes awful.Why would you pay a fee for them anyway? rangers are getting liquidated and players will be free to go the players union is telling them.Wow burnley really want to be derby, apparently wanting to sign bailey, davies and shackell!!How do you know we are after davies and bailey never heard of them !Rangers players can leave for nothing 'fact'Don't you read what your chairman has said. The majority of the money from Jay Rod' sale to pay off the debts they owe from last season!No 2.4 hasn't been agreed. They both have 1 year left on there deals and aren't worth that muchThey definately are worth tht bailey is a quality CM who i dnt want to see leave but clough obv aint got him in his plans and as for S.Davies he could play premNo the chairman said the majority would go on day to day running of the club, Burnley are not in debt and haven't been since the promotion season the chairman said some will be recycled for transfer funds believed to be between 2.5m and 4.5mThis is pprobably first true rumour posted by a burnley fan,congratulations!Don't see Davies signing for Burnley. He is easily good enough for a mid-table Prem side.


14 Jun 2012 10:40:58
burnley ins; Jason Shackell £1.5m

Sam Vokes £450,000

Adam Clayton £400,00

UTC(8)(19)Jason shackell is valued at 5 million by derby they have raised so high to stop interest.we bought him for 1.2 why would
we sell for 300,000 more JokersTyke here!!! I recall ur payment upfront was alot less than what u think!!!400,000 for Clayton, no chance he will fetch twice that.Over a million for clayton, so dream onWont be over a mil so wake up.Colin has stated around 400,000.Clayton is on his way now. He doesn't like it at leeds and bates is happy with the money in his pocket. Vokes is also going to sign permanently but we will have to try harder to land Shackell.


14 Jun 2012 10:40:46
sebastian schweinsteiger to sign for real madrid for 3£37 million.(7)(34)He would never leave Bayern Munich
hes known as Mr Bayern thats his twitterEven if Real Madrid wanted to sign him, the Spanish banks can't or won't lend them the money to buy him, as the banks have told Barcelona and Real Madrid that they are not prepared to extend credit facilities either of them


14 Jun 2012 10:40:44
Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers are interested in signing Rangers pair Kyle Lafferty and Steven Davis(2)(16)I'd take either one of them. They are both quality players


14 Jun 2012 10:34:50
Preston North End are in talks over signing out of favour Ipswich striker Jason Scotland(7)(11)Not this rubbish again,this did the rounds start of last season...THIS WONT HAPPEN FOLKS! PNE FCAnd wherve you heard this eh ? seems too good to be true, doubt that will happen at allScotland just signed a new dealHe's not out of favour, we've offered him a new contract. Ellington is the player out of favour and been told he can move on.Im almost certain that other championship clubs would move in for him if he did leave.Out of favour?

Getting on the pitch week in week out.

Get your facts right!

BTW he would cost 800k - 1.5MHe wouldn't cost that much. I think his contract runs out in the end of June.Scotland would be a free transfer as he's out of contract but his wages would be too high for PNE


14 Jun 2012 10:33:33
Curtis Davies in advanced talks over a transfer to Norwich(20)(7)


14 Jun 2012 10:33:05
Aston Villa will secure the signings of Kyle Naughton from Norwich(5)(15)If you do you reseach properly kyle naughton is a spurs player not norwichKyle Naughton is a Spurs player so they won't be buying him from NorwichKyle Naughton isn't a Norwich player. he was here on a season loan which has expired. Therefore he can't be signed from us. Another non-sensical rumour!It won't be from Norwich as he is a Tottenham playerI reckon Norwich would be up for getting a bit of cash for Naughton, what with him being a Spurs player. Not sure it's allowed though.Hmm do you mean the SPURS playerIs that the Kyle Naughton that is actually employed by Tottenham and who now don't have a manager to make the decision to sell?The credibility of this rumour is badly flawed, when the poster doesn't even realise that Naughton is in fact a Spurs player.He does play for Norwich, he was on loan last season from tottenhamKyle Naughton is a Spurs player, only on loan at NorwichWhy would Norwich get part of the fee considering they got the privilege of him on loan, so how is that a fair repaymentHe is on loan at Norwich from Spurs


14 Jun 2012 10:32:27
Reports in Portugal suggest Andre Villas Boas will be offered the Tottenham job in the next few days(19)(18)


14 Jun 2012 10:31:11
Ipswich have ended their interest in Stephen Quinn after it emerged that Michael Jacobs has agreed to join them, despite strong interest from Derby.(11)(12)He's already signed for Derby. We will be releasing next weekLol this isnt true, hes practically signed for us after we've agreed a friendly as part of the deal so hes already signed for derby, and it wasnt a strong interest, we've agreed a fee and contract so better luck next time matey.LOL. Jacobs has already agreed to join Derby.He's officially signing for Derby on July 1st.Not a chance. Clough and Glick have said he's there no.1 target and will not miss out on him. Deluded.Michael Jacobs is on holiday. Doubt he's agreed to join you then... News up here is that Derby are favorites. (northampton fan).Although we've been linked with Jacobs I don't think we are actively looking to sign him.
Thought Derby were close to signing him anyway?Derby get over yourself , nothing is done till its doneLooks set to go to a tribunal with Northampton's Chairman saying that Derby's bid was 'a million miles away' from their valuation.
Also believed to be an unnamed premier league side interested.


14 Jun 2012 10:28:40
Sunderland have bid £3 million for Liam trotter(4)(15)Rodney's brother,he's supposed to be good,luvley jubley.I myself dont think this will happen! but who knows with football!coyl


14 Jun 2012 10:21:24
Heard whispers around Pride Park that one of the Derby County investors was going to make a takeover bid this summer(6)(5)I heard that too and it was for leedsI heard that one of the investors was going to try and buy majority ownership from GSE.GSE do not own majority Derby County is owned by a group of American and Canadian investors. The group is led by Andy Appleby, who is the Chairman of the football club. Its owners include Tom Ricketts (Chicago Cubs‐MLB); Jeff Mallett (Vancouver Whitecaps‐‐MLS; San Francisco Giants‐MLB); Tom Vertin (Minnesota Timberwolves‐NBA); Chris Wright (Minnesota Timberwolves‐NBA); Bill Luby (six minor league baseball teams) and W.Brett Wilson (Nashville Predators‐NHL).GSE don't own the majority of the club - it's owned by an american investment group


14 Jun 2012 10:18:15
Wolves are interested in signing centre-back Vegard Forren from Molde FK(8)(5)Just seen him out side pride park, he's going to derby!


14 Jun 2012 10:15:09
Jamie O'Hara has been targeted by Reading in a potential £5.5million swoop(7)(24)Wouldn't pay the .5 big time Charlie that can't back it up!I hope not...I hope we're not going for him, I think we can better for 5.5, and we're only going to spend around that or above that amount on one player probably...Yeah, we just have the money to be spending that amount on one player, as much as I would love Jamie at the Madeyski.If you signed ohara he would be your best midfielder. Definitely premier league class if a bit lazy at times. Unfortunately was injured for most of last season, he tried to play through pain and then came back to soon which wrecked his season.


14 Jun 2012 10:03:47
Luton's top 3 targets are Keammar Daley, Danny Spiller and Delroy Facey.(6)(6)Luton are welcome to Keemar Daley. All hes interested in is pay days, not got any passion what so ever for football and is arguably the worst signing PNE have made in recent years. Expect a player that doesnt turn up to training and refuses to work hard in games, other than that he has got some talent somewhere


14 Jun 2012 09:53:03
Martin Paterson Derby County bound with Jason Shackell, Steve Davies and James Bailey heading to Burnley.

The amount has already been agreed for Davies and Bailey and now the Shackell/Paterson part of the deal has been sorted.

It seems Paterson has changed his mind and has agreed to join Derby.(5)(14)Jokers

Steve davies and James Bailey 2.4 million
You offered 1.3 million for Shackell even
though derbys asking price is £5 million
hes not leaving he said on his twitter hes not leaving.So stop now with these old rumoursIf that's true good luck to patoWere not selling shackell unless its 2m + and paterson isnt worth that!Derby have already confirmed they don't want Paterson, and only money.No because clough has said that Shackell will not be leaving Derby so this is a lieShakell is a burnley player fact just wait and see all ready had medical fee agreed !


14 Jun 2012 09:37:14
Fulham are the latest club to be tracking Peterborough's £2.5m rated forward Paul Taylor(5)(12)Now this I can believe


14 Jun 2012 09:36:12
Transfer listed Peterborough midfielder Grant McCann is wanted by Crawley Town, Huddersfield Town & Doncaster Rovers.(20)(4)Donny FACT!!!!And thisWhy would he go to donny who are in LEAGUE 1 when Town are in the CHAMPIONSHIP and he has stated that he wants to play in the CHAMPIONSHIP.Why would you choose league one over championship?


14 Jun 2012 09:34:25
Peterborough have bid £700k for Preston midfielder Paul Coutts. David Ball could be used as bait in the deal so Posh get there man.(11)(11)Wouldn't be terrible for the North End if this was true.


14 Jun 2012 09:33:12
Peterborough United are believed to have offered £1.3m + a choice of either David Ball or Nicky Ajose for Scotland u21 international Johnny Russell.(3)(18)Hes going Celtic or Derby.

They have both offered 1.8 Million + add

So 1.3 Million is 500k too short and Ajose and Ball are barely worth 20k each


14 Jun 2012 09:31:45
Rangers winger/striker Sone Aluko has emerged as a shock transfer target for championship side Peterborough United.(2)(18)Rangers have ceased to exsist. Hes a free agent


14 Jun 2012 09:30:00
Peterborough United are set to complete a double swoop for Torquay duo Bobby Olejnik & Eunan O'Kane.(5)(21)O'Kane is joining Crawley.


14 Jun 2012 09:28:54
Peterborough have accepted a fee of £550k from Crawley Town for transfer listed pair Mark Little.& Nicky Ajose. Crawley also have an interest in Grant McCann(4)(18)


14 Jun 2012 09:28:19
The Clarets are understood to have had one official £1million-plus offer turned down by their Championship rivals, but are poised to return with an improved bid, in the hope of making the 28-year-old their first summer capture.(2)(2)Who is the player?


14 Jun 2012 09:13:16
Ed listening to talk sport if spurs don't get moyes there next choice is Alan pardrew he's done a good job at Newcastle so would be a good choice. {Ed001's Note - that's if you believe them, I was told AVB is first choice. But who knows, apart from Levy and Lewis?}(3)(7)Capello to spursAbsolutely shocking Redknapp been sacked shows what spurs are LITTLE club with big silly ideasWhy would pardew leave newcastle for spurs? he's just starting to peice together his philosiphy into the teamIf He turned down England for Newcastle
Why he leave for Tottenham who Now on a Par(Dew) with Newcastle


14 Jun 2012 09:06:25
Met a bloke in the pub last night, who reckons his best friend works at Blues and is in the know and he told me to put my mortgage on Mick McCarthy going to Birmingham City.

I am a Wolves fan and have no reason to lie, so please dont shoot the messenger just passing on what I heard. This guy was absolutely adamant that its a done deal.

The more I think about it, it does make a lot of sense for both parties and if Mick does go there, then I think it would be a great appointment for Blues...(13)(4)Or your a bookie!These blokes in pubs are always so well informed. I sometimes wonder why we bother to have a range of sports newspapers and a national tv news service.


14 Jun 2012 08:59:27
Saw a silver Merc SLS driving away from Stoke's ground yesterday. The only player who I can think drives one of these is Sagna, but I don't Stoke could sign him.(0)(28)Why was it a player? I've seen a few silver Merc SLS on the roadsHow the hell can sagna drive a car with his leg in plaster after breaking his fibulaDoes Jarvis not drive a SLS?My uncle owns a SLS, maybe it was him. I will ask him, if at the age of 55 he is joining Stoke....


14 Jun 2012 08:36:01
Alan Navarro to join swindon mark my words
PK(12)(4)You listen to the radio as well then ?Why would Richie sign for a team very likely to finish beneath Swindon in the lge. Swindon going into lge 2 was a mistake, one which PDC and the Bde rectified.He is a target for Swindon..However he has tweeted this morning that he was surprised to hear he was definatly signing! he said "just woke to hear from Swindon fans I'm about to sign....where has this come from, I hope it's true, can anyone tell me?" it's far from a done deal.He would be a fantastic signing for Swindon. He is a decent championship player so will be quality in league 1 (I'm a Brighton fan...)Thats because its been on the radio and website you melon....


14 Jun 2012 08:27:21
Arshavin likely to return to zenit on a permanent basis.(26)(2)


14 Jun 2012 08:26:42
Manchester united set to offer 23 million for Farfan!(3)(34)Just signed 4 year extension at Schalke and with Valencia/Young/giggs/Nani/Park and other more rated possible singings for competition DOUBT IT


14 Jun 2012 07:35:32
Bournemouth are going to sign lee brand and matt Ritchie fro a total fee of around 1 million ,from Swindon And Southampton respectively(8)(18)Do you really believe that if you keep saying it over and over, that will make it come true? It ain't going happen, but you just keep saying it if it makes you happy!Never heard of brand, barnard maybe and its not respectively, matt richie plays for swindon not saints, try typing this rumour again!! Brilliant sense of humour you have!!If you had said Lee BarnardI would have thought you had some idea what you were talking about!Lee Brand?
Barnard by any chance..What the heck are you going on about mate!!??You might get Ritchies boots from last season for that muchLee brand who is he ? does not belong in southampton squad as far as I know? maybe a southampton fan enlighten us with this daft rumourDream on ritchie alone would cost 1 million we could of sold him to a championship side why would we sell him to a club thats going to struggle in the league this season, you need to stop dreaning fella.....Oh you Bournemouth fans make me laugh, you can have Ritchies right leg for those peanutsGot more chance of getting Jo BrandYou Bournemouth fans keep on about Ritchie wake up and realise he wont go to you. He sees more potential at Swindon with Paolo in charge, like playing for Paolo and you wont get him for the money you are offering.
How many times did you try last season you offered 600k and that wasnt enough his fee is 2.5 million so cough up or shut up.

Your a smaller club than us with smaller gates and be prepared for us this season as we are going to surprise alot of teams.
By the way you have a rich russian and we have a bigger budget this year than little old cherries.

Sorry Ritchie wont be going to you so dream on.You Swindon muppets really are deluded thinking you're a big club.You surely aren't that ignorent to see how much AFCB have spent in the last few months on several players.

Doubt we'll even go for Ritchie anyway seeing as weve just signed Josh Mcquoid from Millwall and another 300k splashed out on Lewis Grabban from Rotherham,who can both operate on the wing.This won't happen. Groves has said he will only sign proven players. Ritchie is not proven and was also bombed out of PompeyMatt Richie will come to Bournemouth because there a bigger team than us we have ambition with Di Canio but Bournemouth have better team and finances if we accept a bid around 800k he will go thereUnproven? just like your manager i suppose,listen your deluded if you think he is not good enough why does your small club keep trying to sign him.We don't, we have Marc Pugh! We got burned by signing a league 2 player for big money in Matt Tubbs so we would not sign another league 2 player for big money. Don't panic Swindon, Bournemouth do not want any of your players. you are after 3 of our fringe players who have potential but that is a separate deal just to blood them out for experience. I sympathise with you because we have had clubs with money circling us before and it's not niceWhat a daft reply!! Quote "Matt Ritchie will COME to Bournemouth because there (they're) a bigger team than US, WE have ambition with Di Canio but Bournemouth have (a) better team and finances, if WE accept a bid around 800k he will go there"!! If you are going to pretend to be a Swindon fan be a little bit more could he COME to Bournemouth if you support Swindon? Silly mistake, Also NO Swindon fan would write such rubbish...Bournemouth are no bigger than Swindon and we have one of the richest boards outside of the Premier League. A very poor attempt at a wind up....does show how desperate you are though. Matt Ritchie is staying for at least another year. The matches against you are ones I really cannot wait for.Paul Groves unproven? 3 years as grimsby boss, 2 years west ham assistant manager, Portsmouth caretaker manager for 6 months then assistant manager for 3 years, bournemouth reserves manager for 1 year before promoted to first team manager?? Yeah see your point, no experience! Haha oh dear oh dear..... We don't appoint side shows, we appoint from within our club because our club is our club.We're not bothered about playing Swindon to be honest, don't get me wrong the 6 points will go a long way towards promotion but it's the teams around us at the top we're more interested in beating.


14 Jun 2012 07:49:47
matt jarvis and steven fletcher will both signfor sunderland along with gabriel agbonlahor, sessegnon will sign new and improved contract, gyan will join galatasary for 10m, ryan noble to join sheffield wednesday, elmohamady and george mccartney will go to west ham, kieran richardson will join fulham,(15)(29)


14 Jun 2012 07:43:28
Norwich City have had a £3.5m bid accepted for Dutch defender Ron Vlaar by his club Feynoord personal terms will be discussed when the player returns from his Euro 2012 campaign with Holland(17)(12)Would be a great signingWhat a load of tosh!! ^^^^Why is this a load of toshBecause you ain't got that much money and a player like that won't go to Norwich when they will be in the championship next yearNorwich City haven't got £3.5m to spend are you serious ? How many times has it been stated on this website that Norwich City are close to debt free and the board have clealy stated multiple times that Chris Hughton will be financially backed and will be given a record transfer budget and considering Norwich spent £14m+ last season it's not going to be pennies
Learn something about a club before you try and criticsize it next time eh ?


14 Jun 2012 07:43:18
Ive heard Michail Antonio will be going to Sheffield Wednesday for a fee on 800k anyone else heard the truth in this to be honest i like Antonio and think he could do well for us will be a shame to see him go(10)(7)The lad wants to go there so lets get what we canHope he is signing for wednesday brilliant player


14 Jun 2012 06:55:06
matt jarvis and steven fletcher will both sign for sunderland for a combined fee of 16m, martin o'neill wants to switch james mcclean to right wing and will play jarvis left wing, also agbonlahor will arrive for a fee in the region of 6m. sunderland will not have to pay a penny though as villa still owe money for darren bent. this deal will happen as soon as lambert signs holt fro norwich. ryan noble will join sheffield wednesday for 1m, elmohamady and george mccartney will both join west ham, kieran richardson will join fulham(12)(19)Twenty plus million and they are yours.Sixteen million does not meet Wolves valuation.Remember Wolves do not need to sell players to raise funds.That said I would rather Jarvi went to Sunderland than Stoke.Not sure mclean would work on the right wing at all16 mil for two players who got relegated haha. Holt can go to villa but can't see him going. Jarvis is over rated, fletcher worth five mil max. Your rumour was ok up to the point you said 16 mil ...


14 Jun 2012 06:51:25
stevenage sign midfielder anthony
grant from southend on a 2 year deal(11)(2)


14 Jun 2012 05:10:54
With Shefki Kuqi about to leave, Paul Dickov is attempting to bring in a Italian youngster Stefano Scappini who has expressed a desire to test himself in English football.(2)(6)


14 Jun 2012 03:15:47
yakubu to china ... 75k a week net



14 Jun 2012 02:48:11
Harry redknapp to be appointed on the afc Bournemouth board before start of season(15)(45)That is a bit of topical mischief, don't know where you got that one from? Redknapp has stated this morning that he is looking for another managerial position within footballAs a manager what has hr actually achieved dematteo won more in 3 months than harry has achieved in 30 yearsJust because he lives there dosent mean he will join there board.Why make up somthing like that its just sadHarry to the scunks then pardrew back to londonMaybe he feels like he should be putting something back into one of the football clubs that has nearly gone bankrupt since he left them...Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and West Ham all deserve the same though.Source BBC. "There would always be a role for Redknapp at Bournemourth" - Eddie Mitchell. Went on to stress it may not be as manager. SIDENOTE - Redknapp leaves locally and does not want to move, plus the lack of availible top jobs in the south in England could see he go to any previous club in the south (Portsmouth, (doubt they have the money), Southampton or Bournemouth).Trust me he will come soon Eddie Mitchell been speaking to him today about something before season starts or in a year or 2



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