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15 Jul 2013 22:46:16
Britt Assombalonga set for a season loan to Peterborough

Posh will not be signing anyone on loan. They've already said they can't get anyone in until they sell because of the ffp rule.

Possibly, Britt enjoyed a successful loan spell last season. However, I doubt this will be decided until late August. Watford need to finalise a few more transfers before they know exactly who they are working with for the coming season.

If true that would be great if it's who I think it is

No. No posh have never said anything like that about ffp. They can easily afford to

No. No- Watch tv Barry Fry was live talking about Posh signings etc unless I dreamt it! DOH

Considering we have 6 million for Gayle rising to 8.5 million I don't think we need money. we are stable and I have never heard anything about this

You didn't, but that was before Gayle went mate. Changed quite a lot, that £6m did

Posh are able to buy and spend after selling gayle, but have some players listed that they would prefer to sell first before buying more

I remember watching Fry on tv before we sold Gayle and he defo said we had to sell before we buy due to FFP.

he said he has been unable to confirm deals for two players due to it, though I would say Payne was one of them and that the situation has changed since we sold gayle



15 Jul 2013 22:35:43
Bristol City's Liam Fontaine is attracting interest from Blackpool.

Hmm, he's a class act so I'd expect a 7-figure fee.

Hmm but BC are in league one so they can't expect to get a high offer

I wouldn't be expecting a seven figure offer from our tight fisted chairman

I've heard that sod looking at Nathan ake on loan from Chelsea

Is that a serious statement?

Dream on pal. don't think we could get half a mill never mind a full1

After the year he has just had I would expect to swap him for a stick of that fine rock they have up there.

He's had one bad season but at the top of his game he's a class top end championship player

He's a class cb when his confident and on a roll just had one poor season

AL I am sayin is if fonts is worth a 7 figure sum. cunninghm must be worth a fortune.

He was prem bound and after one season you'd swap him for rock get a grip

He was neveer prem bound the team he was linked with season before was sheffield united and he is useless quicker we get rid the better IMO

use your search engine, a prem team tried to buy him for a million pounds two seasons ago but he got injured

17 Jul 2013 09:01:52
The season they were going up they wanted him, but he failed the medical

In fairness I was being sarcastic, Fontaine can certainly be a class act on his day.

I believe his collapes in form and confidence coinsided with his marridge falling apart.

Though when Southampton tried to buy him two years ago it was met with a similer amount of suprise as when they tried to buy Richard Dryden.

He is useless and has looked worse then last season during pre season be suited in Blackpool the donkey so I'll also take a stick of rock

RIchard dryden. lol there's a blast from the past. citys best defender ever. club legend. lol.



15 Jul 2013 22:31:46
Hull City news. Jack Hobbs looks increasingly likely to depart with Forest moving in him for him after their failed attempt to get Wes Morgan back.
Also, the increasingly desperate attempts to get a striker on board seem to be leading towards a move for Danny Graham, whilst at the Winterton friendly tonight an 'unknown' trialist looked remarkably like Daylon Claasen, a South African midfielder who has had a trial with Everton this year.

Hope this moves goes through



15 Jul 2013 22:10:36
Looks like the long running transfer saga of John Joe O'Toole could finally be over as he has rejected a move to Bristol Rovers in favour of staying east and joining Southend United he will sign a 3 Year contract over the next couple of days.

Southend are broke. What are you paying him in buttons?

O'Toole Is On His Way To Bristol Rovers And *Charlie Lee* Is The Midfielder We Are In Advanced Talks With. NOT O'Toole.

Granted, O'Toole Has Been Linked With A Move To Southend, But Hasn't Been In Talks.

Ok let me end this - O'Toole is not joining Southend. Rovers are favourites to land him but JJ wants a last appraisal from Joe Dunne to see whether he is in the managers plans after impressing in Pre-season, hence why its dragging on as JJ wants to play at the highest level he possibly can and If he's not a guaranteed starter then he will move to Bristol following his successful stint there last season. Though for now, JJ will be playing in the Spurs game Wednesday night so expect to hear something in about 10 days or so.

We have bid reported 20k for this 'Charlie Lee' don't know where we have got this money from.

The Charlie lee deal is off, couldn't agree a deal. Once again RM Shaks, you are wrong

He isn't wrong he said that you were in advanced talks will Charlie lee and he was right he never said you signed him

Dunno where you heard it is off LOL. And we would have got him on a free transfer.

Would? So are you saying the Lee deal is off?

Bit of hypocracy here, 20k bid derisory, you scorned chesterfield for a similar bid, p. s I don't think the club has 20 quid,,



15 Jul 2013 22:23:40
Swansea City are intending to make use of Rory Donelly as 3rd striker this season.

Though I really feel he deserves his chance as our 3rd striker. I believe Laudrup considers his as fourth. As we have Bony and (what looks like Di Santo) as 1 & 2. I think Laudrup considers Michu as the 3rd option. It seems Michu will play a behind the main striker but Laudrup knows that he is effective as an out and out striker

I think we forget that Jonjo Shelvey is able to play the striker role as well. I've seen him in that role at Liverpool a couple of times.

I doubt we will see much of Donnelly this season what with Laudrup going to buy one more striker. Would rather see him let out on loan to get first team experience, hopefully with a championship club!

He's got lots of potential! With Di Santo likely to join its doubtful Donelly will play first team!

Would rather give donnelly a chance than sign di santo

Di Santo not in the frame anymore according to Laudrup.



15 Jul 2013 22:03:39
Bristol Rovers are keen to take Tom Hitchcock on loan from QPR.

Tom had a successful spell with the Gas last season, scoring his first league goals.

Initially loan would be until December 2013.

Would be happy with that.

He was nothing special last season

Rather give Richards a chance as you can't play them together.

^Better than Richards.

I disagree, you have to remember this Young lad was with us from the start of the Year and only managed 2 goals - he is a Premiership striker!.

He actually scored 4 in the last 7 games

The sooner we get Richards off the wage bill the better.



15 Jul 2013 21:51:00
Bristol City will announce a signing next week rumoured to be a striker as Baldock is moving on. Also AA will sign for Wigan before reading at home in a friendly but will play his last game then.

Its nathan tyson, my mate confirmed this.

16 Jul 2013 11:07:22
Marlon Pack from Cheltenham as City have had a £100k bid accepted.

Pack is not under a contract at the moment is he? It would be compensation settlement not a transfer fee. Apparently talks have been on going for 2 weeks at Ashton Gate.

Every season its tyson give it a rest



15 Jul 2013 21:43:09
Newcastle are looking to sell Shola Ameobi before the start of the season and it is believed that Middlesbrough and Sheffield Wednesday are both takers for the striker

Heard this on the tv so it seems to be true, they said it depends if Newcastle land a replacement striker (which seems more than likely)

Dave Jones has squashed this rumour by saying that his wages, 22,000k per week, are far too high.
We can get better value elsewhere in my opinion.

Darren Bent and Lolic Remy are both going to Newcastle, Then Middlesbrough taking the Ameobi brothers of Newcastle. Source within the club.

If he drops his wages right, right down then i'd have ameobi. Good target man but could you play him and juke together?



15 Jul 2013 21:14:24
QPR want to loan Arsenal youngster Serge Gnarby for the championship season ahead.



15 Jul 2013 20:59:10
Derby to sign Reece Wabara before season starts

Apart from the car delearship episode, there was a rumour that both Forest and Leicester are also interested in the player.

He is set to sign for Donny Rovers, source - tv



15 Jul 2013 20:58:00
Swindon are set to appoint Micky Mellon as manager. Been out of a job for a while and will bring in some Fleetwood players with the budget given {Ed003's Note - He's been assistant at Barnsley for months now}

Just signed new contact with rest of management team at Oakwell

16 Jul 2013 16:22:05
I'd imagine it has a get out clause should he be offered a manager's role.

16 Jul 2013 16:33:52
Not if they want any fans to watch the matches they won't



15 Jul 2013 19:58:58
Bradford city want to sign matt green from Mansfield {Ed003's Note - He signed for Brum}

Wake up brum signed him last week where have you been?

This is true spoke to Mark Ellis

He's signed for Birmingham
But Bradford did want him



15 Jul 2013 19:44:20
Adam Le Fondre has confirmed he is happy at Reading and he has not expressed any interest in a move away from the club.

Source: ReadingFC hashtag for website link.



15 Jul 2013 19:36:00
West brom manager Steve Clarke would love to sign blackpool winger Tom ince. However the 8 million pounds price tag is a huge stumbling block!

He turned down Cardiff because he wanted to stay at bloomfield road, not because they didn't offer him enough wages. So that's a non starter. {Ed003's Note - Nothing to do with money at all Brdb}

Or possibly he wanted to go to a club with a better chance of surviving in the Premier than Cardiff.

Wst Brom won't do anything as long as JP in charge whoever the targets are-ours or someone elses-roll on the day he goes-may it come considerably sooner rather than later!

He doesn't want to move yet because he's just had a baby and his family are settled at the moment he's staying for another year

He will only sign for a team in that area. Liverpool everton or man u

Im sorry ( and i'm a Blackpool fan) but Tom Ince has been so over hyped it is ridiculous. He would never make it in man united first team, nor Liverpool, nor Tottenham nor Everton. He just isn't that good. But we will take the 8 mill thanks very much ( just like Charlie. Charlie who? )

Ince is much younger than charlie and ince isn't at his best yet and charlie was at his best when he was in the prem with us. So you can't really compare them

I totally agree - JP ain't daft!

Im sorry ( and i'm a Blackpool fan) but Tom Ince has been so over hyped it is ridiculous. He would never make it in man united first team, nor Liverpool, nor Tottenham nor Everton. He just isn't that good. But we will take the 8 mill thanks very much ( just like Charlie. Charlie who? )
Ur not a Blackpool fan then are you any1 can c he can make first team at any club he get in go spurs Liverpool and Everton 1st team easy any real pool fan can c how talented the guy is. And why bring Adam in to it he was to good to stay at Blackpool and still is how about you start watching them play than putting rubbish on here

How dare you. I have not said he can walk straight into anyones first team.
8 mil for ince is a joke if you compare it to zahas transfer to man u. I was comparing ince to adam and adam was at his best of his career with us now he's not and ince is not at his best yet ( will be at around 25/26) and he is brillent now.
And if anyone isn't a blackpool fan its you so how dare you say that, good day sir

Replied to wrong post. Opps need to read next time. I agree your not a blackpool fan ince is brillent



15 Jul 2013 19:28:54
As I told you a few days ago and picked up by a reputable football news website (not allowed to name on here) so look on a social network under Reading and Celtic hashtags - Central midfielder Mikele Leigertwood has been told by Nigel Adkins that he will have limited opportunities next season with the likes of Danny Guthrie, Hope Akpan, Jem Karacan and new signing Danny Williams ahead of him in the pecking order, and he can leave the club.

Leeds want him but are haggling hard at the 500k asking price. Leicester and Forest are also very keen.

Why haggle over the price? If he's not getting a game and the club will have to pay his wages? Why not let him go.

Its leeds supposedly haggling over the price not reading. As he's currently under contract letting him go will cost money whereas selling him brings in money. its called business.

How many more times we aren't interested in signing him we have more than enough central midfielders

We may have enough but they are all rubish

Austin, green and murphy all better than him and there midfielders

Austin, Green and Murphy haven't got two Championship winners medals and a promotion to the PL as runners up under their belts, have they, you ignorant has-beens?!



15 Jul 2013 19:22:10
wba to hold talks with mauro zarate this week

lee cattermole to hull

Zarate signed for his old club Velez Sarsfield today

Just a thought, bear with me: I know this is a rumours page, but just because it is doesn't mean there shouldn't be a tiny bit of research involved. I've seen a couple on here this morning that have players moving onto other clubs even though they've signed for completely different clubs long before, or have assistant coaches 'out of work' who actually are still employed. This is what bugs me. I can take the misspelling or even the probability that a few posters have never seen the inside of a classroom before, due to their posts looking like they find the alphabet a challenge on a par with scaling Mount Everest, but it's when they haven't even bothered to do any reading-up on who they're posting rumours about that gets me. Back up those posts with a bit of conviction, people.



15 Jul 2013 19:17:24
Reading have had a swap deal involving Pavel Pogrebnyak and Gary Hooper rejected - The Football Family.

Reading have also made Hooper the clubs number one target this summer, and Hooper is keen on the move. Financing the deal is said to be an issue at present.

Also revealed talks have taken place with Billy Sharp's representatives, and the striker is currently unsure where his future lies. No decision expected soon.

Gary hooper has contract offers from Norwich and QPR. Not reading

Sky sports website says qpr are in pole position to sign hooper I would love to see him at reading but a deal looking less likely with vultures circling. Please Hammond do a deal fast or we will miss out and his goals could play a massive part in where we finish in the division! Anton sort him out or sack him

Sack him?
Who? The Owner of our club?
An owner can't be sacked.
He's doing great.

Reading cannot give Hooper a contract offer til a bid is accepted

To the post sack him that is certainly not about anton it's about Hammond saying for anton to sort Hammond out or sack him



15 Jul 2013 19:13:05
luis gustavo is on his way to chelsea. the brazilian is the man mourinho has identified as the plllayer to replace mikel who is to be sod for the right price.



15 Jul 2013 19:07:26
napoli are set to rival arsena for striker luis suarez

Arsenal or Real Madrid.



15 Jul 2013 19:06:02
liverpool are set to intensify there moves for top targets christian eriksen and bayern winger shaquiri

Shaquiri is on a long term contract at bayern, he may also be used as they are looking to offload Robben and poitentelly Ribery



15 Jul 2013 19:03:50
man city are cosing in on jovetic for a figure of around £26 million.

May have hit the buffers this one.



15 Jul 2013 19:02:50
wba are set to step up there move for danny rose and see him as a winger rather than fullback. moses an sinclair both oan targets aong with qprs hoillett

Both Sinclair and Hoilett are on big wages to big for West brom. Don't see Qpr loaning Hoilett out either not with the amount of players already close to exiting the club



15 Jul 2013 19:01:27
Sunderland failed in an audacious attempt to lure Italy Under-21 star Lorenzo Insigne to the Stadium of Light.
Manager Paolo Di Canio and his director of football Roberto De Fanti have been busy since the end of last season, bringing in eight new recruits, as they look to push up the Premier League table next term.
Di Canio has already raided his homeland for former Lazio man Modibo Diakite.
And now it has emerged that the eccentric Italian briefed De Fanti to sound out Napoli over a move for Insigne.

Um. let's hope he does not financially cripple Sunderland as he did his former club with bringing in players and not using them. Do Sunderland have a ' naughty step ' - if you fall out with him and his ways that's where you end up. And i'm not a Swindon supporter



15 Jul 2013 18:53:46
tottenham are set to 'get serious' and table an opening bid for Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke

£20m opening offer & it'll be rejected. Look at Barry-Gate regarding Liverpool - when Lerner sets a price, he always holds out for it!

I'm fed up of all this rubbish with benteke, he has shown his true colours by trying to push the deal through so he doesn't have to see his team mates again, villa have proven in the past they won't budge on a asking price they did it with Barry and downing, it's 25m spurs put up or move on



15 Jul 2013 18:52:51
Chris Baird supposedly training with Leicester City.



15 Jul 2013 18:52:40
The agent of Julio Cesar has confirmed that the Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper is closing in on a move to Napoli. The 33-year-old has been linked with Arsenal and Villarreal but it appears Napoli are set to win the race for his signature.



15 Jul 2013 18:51:39
Brazil defender Maicon is on the brink of a move to Roma from Manchester City after arriving in Italy for a medical.



15 Jul 2013 18:47:32
Edinson Cavani is in France today to undergo a medical at Paris St Germain and reports coming out of France suggest that he has sailed through the physical tests and is ready to complete a move from Napoli.



15 Jul 2013 18:46:32
Celtic boss Neil Lennon could move for out-of-favour Southampton striker Billy Sharp as a replacement for Gary Hooper, who is wanted by Norwich, QPR and West Ham.

{Ed029's Note - Confirmed tonight Reading tabled a swap deal with Pogrebnyak but it was rejected. Pav not suited to Lennon's style. Hooper also expressed interest in coming to Reading. Unclear if Reading will go back in but Hooper is their no.1 target.

Ed029. life is good with you inboard

{Ed029's Note - I don't expect Reading to cough up the money though. No mention tonight about Norwich or Hull offers but interest is there.

Reports in Norwich tonight that Hooper is very close to signing for the canaries, for £4.5m. {Ed003's Note - Reports tonight QPR have upped their bid for the guy}

Where has this supposed swap deal been confirmed? I haven't seen any mention anywhere other than on this site.

If Hooper want to play for England (his words not mine), its not rocket science he got a better chance in doing so playing in the Premiership than Championship.

If he goes to QPR then its for the money not caps, he would be better with Reading or Norwich.

I've heard hooper has till midnight to chose, ch wants answer before squad flys out. Celtic want 6mil and we are only offering 4.5mil

15 Jul 2013 21:33:39
Hoopers from Essex his family are there london would be ideal for him, not sure qpr would be but who knows.

I cannot believe the ncfc board have given an ultimatum regarding hooper! They chase him for 6 or 8 months and then do not match the 5.5 mil Celtic want. He wants to come to Norwich, wages should be affordable, he's young and has family nearby. They will pay 40k a week for a 30 year old. How stupid are they. Good luck hooper at qpr.

Think we could do better, I don't think he could match what the boss is trying to build better strikers for the money.

Norwich have gone on tour to the USA with only 2 forwards of any note: Becchio and Wolfswinkel, having let Jackson, Holt and Vaughan go! Let's hope that CH knows what he's doing and we don't end up in a late late bidding war!

I think hooper will go to the prem, not a championship side

15 Jul 2013 22:52:14
Ed why would he be interested in a small championship side when clubs like Norwich and hull after him stop dreaming {Ed003's Note - I'm not entering stupid we are bigger than you shite debates.}

How would he be better off at Reading over QPR? Both Championship sides.
Are youa Reading fan by any chance?

Last time I checked reading were in the same league as QPR. so by your logic his only option is Norwich.

Reading are also Championship. If he wants in on the England team he needs to be starting for a top Premiership side but none of them want him. Best bet probably would be Norwich though.

But readings intent of signing 3 quality players will interest hopper has we will be in the premiership next year!

I'm sorry but, if he is going to be taken seriously, Ed003 needs to sort out his language and attitude! {Ed003's Note - You can take me as however you want,I'm not bothered one bit but you don't see the amount of posts that have to be deleted because of childish (shite) posts about we are bigger than you. xx }

Message to Reading fans, don't count your chickens. The Championship is not easy to get out of. Ask Bolton, Blackburn or worst case Wolves from last season, none of the 3 relegated sides went back up and teams which tried to buy their way up also failed i. e. Watford.

"Message to Reading fans, don't count your chickens. The Championship is not easy to get out of. Ask Bolton, Blackburn or worst case Wolves from last season, none of the 3 relegated sides went back up and teams which tried to buy their way up also failed i. e. Watford. "

Well thanks for the warning. I know some fans are getting carried away but most of us already know this having spent most of our years watching us struggle in the lower leagues. I doubt adkins or the players will underestimate the championship having spent time there.

Yeah same

Adkins is the right man to bring Reading back up. Was fantastic for us for 2 and a half years. Very professional, plays good football. I think they've got a good chance of coming back up. Mind you, I think Norwich will do well this year too. Depends if he wants to wait a year or try his luck with the Canaries?




15 Jul 2013 18:46:06
Juventus are thought to be preparing a £3.5m offer for Aleksandar Kolarov, while Maicon is set to be unveiled at Roma.



15 Jul 2013 18:45:14
Bolton chairman Phil Gartside has confirmed they are closing on a deal to sign Leicester striker Jermaine Beckford

About bloody time! This has got to be one of the longest transfer sagas ever and the longest 48 hours ever. But if we get a quality striker at the end of it and for FREE, it's worth the wait. Who's next Dougie?

Beckford did help hudders stay up last season. bad hamstring injury ment he missed as many games as he played. needs to keep fit. will get goals.



15 Jul 2013 18:44:13
Queens Park Rangers' havecaptured Richard Dunne, with the experienced centre-half having moved to Loftus Road as a free agent following his release by Aston Villa. He has put pen to paper on a one-year contract.



15 Jul 2013 17:58:07
It's two out for Reading and two in, as Daniel Carrico is expected to complete his move to Sevilla in the next 48 hours, and Russian international striker Pavel Pogrebnyak will next week enter talks with Cardiff City after the two clubs agreed a £4m fee.

On the way in is Billy Sharp, who will complete his long awaited move this week, and Charlie Austin who will return to the club that released him as an academy product for a bargain £2. 75m.



15 Jul 2013 17:51:56
Who is the mystery trialist who played in the chesterfield friendly?

Which friendly?

Hendrick Cakin

Hasma Bencharif, ex Nottm Forest, Macclesfield and most recently Notts County. He impressed a few years back when he played for Macclesfield against us at Saltergate (i think he might have scored too), and he'd add a bit of height to our midfield too.



15 Jul 2013 16:46:19
David Jones and Ryan Tunnicliffe (LOAN) to join Burnley this week with Marvin Bartley leaving to join Yeovil on a season long loan

Unlikely that Bartley will come to Yeovil, think Bournemouth is a more likely destination.

Doubt he will go to Bournemouth, having demanded a transfer and refused to play for them again before signing for Burnley.

Fair point. Was unaware of that. Still unlikely to arrive at Yeovil given that GJ has made it clear he is keen on Seabourne.



15 Jul 2013 16:36:36
Remy to Fulham looking on the cards, him & Berbatov would be lethal

Lethal? Remy couldn't finish his dinner.

Did you not see his goal against Wigan

I agree, berbatov's pure class passing and shooting woul link up nicely with Remy running on behind Berba. However, the court case my result in Fulham avoiding the signing. I feel we could get a player similar to him but better. Examples are, Gamiero and Cisse.



15 Jul 2013 16:28:01
Just in, striker Stevan Jovetic is now set to move for £27m to Premiere League squad Manchester City, personal terms have been agreed and rumoured that he will fly out to Manchester within the next 24 hours.

Heard utd are sniffing around him. hopefully we get this sewn up in the next few days.



15 Jul 2013 16:15:43
Not a lot of news to provide for all you Ipswich Town fans.

We do look set to sign Khumalo on a season loan to provide depth to the defence. Despite this, Berra, Stearman, Vaselli and Christie are all still in with a chance of signing.

Following my post three weeks ago regarding Swansea midfielder Agustien signing for town, he is still being considered but it has now been made public.

Also, ITFC will be announcing the signing of Doherty from Waterford this week for a fee in the region of £50k + add ons.

When I know more I will post again.

League 1 here we come. may be its the shock we need to get us ambition again.

Franco di santo to have medical withthe swans wednesday

League 1 why? Typical miserable pessimistic town fan. Mick turned us round last year and this year has his own squad to play with. Don't see automatic promotion but defo see us in the mix. Even the bookies think so

Relegation. don't be stupid! We will be looking at playoffs this year! Mick has put together a quality side, all we need now now is depth. Vaselli, Berra and Khumalo would complete our defence, I wouldn't mind Agustien on loan and then maybe a creative midfielder. Our front line definitely has goals in it now!

Playoffs is a long way off and we won't get all 3 of those centre halves, don't be silly. We'll get one, at a push two then we need a right back and maybe a creative midfielder but we don't have the money!

Vaselli and Berra both frees and Vaselli can play right back, centre and midfield, perfect squad player. Bramble and Vaselli playing in friendly tonight. Would be good to have Titus back.



15 Jul 2013 15:58:07
It looks like West Ham are going to beat West Brom to the signature of Salomon Kalou as Lille have accepted bid of £2.7m for the for chelseas forward. West Ham also looking at Mauro Zarate

Well there, s a surprise, jp sitting on his wallet as per, we, ll miss the boat again and end up with an ageing Bobby Charlton on a pay as you play contract or a maradonaesque dwarf cheat on a eat as much as you can contract and we, ll throw in the odd game for you as long as you don't ask for more than seventeen shekals and four groats a fortnit, thank you jp you tightwad twonk.

15 Jul 2013 19:37:41
West ham just show interest in anybody that Albion do! Big Sam doesn't have a clue! Maybe he needs joe kinnear!

You just made that up.



15 Jul 2013 14:51:05
Freddie Sears of Colchester has been offered a 2 year deal with Ipswich Town for around £200,000

Thsi surfaced 2 months ago and like then I doubt this will get any where near the mark. town fan

This won't be happening with our wingers and forwards being as com

However, why has Sears missed the last three friendly matches as there has been no mention of him being injured.

Sears played last night against west ham



15 Jul 2013 14:23:05
Millwall are set to sign 24 year old Chinease striker Zhang Chengdong from german 2 Budesliga club Eintracht Braunschweig for 170k.


Ooh. This is new, completely left field.

Zhang was only on loan last season at Braunschweig (who are now in the Bundesliga)- he's actually owned by a Portuguese club



15 Jul 2013 13:58:34
darren bent is on his way to newcastle but romours say that he could fail the medical criteria because he is unfit at this momment in time, also chelsea have told aston villa if they want demba ba then they would accept an offer of 7.5 million with benteke on his way out steven ireland to be released of his contract for free as he is thinking of retirement

You really have no idea.
Bent is fitter than most Villa players & as no fee has been agreed - he can't have failed a medical.

He didn't say he had failed a medical, he said he COULD fail a medical!

No he's fit and heading to Newcastle

15 Jul 2013 21:53:32
bent won't be coming back to the north east he's london bound

Bent is fully fit an ready to go I saw him at a recent festival and as for ireland retiring that is rubbish! what is he like 26 or 27? and demba ba will certainly not be signing for villa he doesn't fit into what lambert is building and his wages will be to high for the club, that's why he buys players lower down the leagues so that they can work hard and earn a new contract just like westwood has.

I think Bent will be at Newcastle next season. However he will also be at Sunderland. In both cases he will probably be wearing a Fulham top.



15 Jul 2013 13:54:29
Charlton to sign Derbys' out-of-favour striker Theo Robinson for an 'undisclosed fee', subject to medical at weekend.

Cant see any truth in this he left millwall as he didn't like london?

Won't he be on a free soon?

Good fast player

If he can't get into the derby team why do we want him. Not good enough.

Already on a free - he's been released by Derby along with Tyson. Won't come back to London though.

Why the weekend? Why not sooner?

Brilliant signing if successful, would suit our style of play

Ffs they ain't on a free, they have just been transfer listed, they have a year left on their contracts!

Neither him or Tyson are available for free, they're still under contract at Derby. They're are available for transfer.

Lol at some Charlton fans thinking he'd be a good signing. We thought that at one point too.

Why don't you want him? He's better than all the charlton strikers

Why don't you want him? He's better than all the charlton strikers
*cough* Kermorgant *cough* Simply the best *cough*

'He's better than all the strikers' really? We only have one and I'm pretty sure kermorgant is a million times better than him. Obika is the only striker we want coming in.

*cough* kermorgrant *cough* lol
He's terrible. Theo troubles every defence and can score goals! Goals you didn't have last year

*cough* kermorgrant *cough* lol
He's terrible. Theo troubles every defence and can score goals! Goals you didn't have last year
Assuming you support Derby, what on earth are you on about? Kermorgant scored 12 goals compared to Robinson's 9 last season so you're wrong there. Plus even with the goals we apparently don't have we still finished above you. I think you really need your head looked at mate.

He's terrible. Theo troubles every defence and can score goals! Goals you didn't have last year
Kermogant scored more goals than Robinson last season. Cya mate.

You say his terrible yet he had more goals to his name then Robinson and only one less then your top goalscorer Ward.

Goals we didn't have last year?! Did you miss us beating Barnsley 6-0?

*cough* kermorgrant *cough* lol
He's terrible. Theo troubles every defence and can score goals! Goals you didn't have last year

coming from a Derby fan who finished four points behind us last year with the same amount of goals, Yann Kermorgant is god and catches the eye of opposing managers week in, week out.



15 Jul 2013 13:33:44
Sevilla are understood to be interested in Reading's Portuguese defender Daniel Carrico. The Spanish side could offer Bosnian international midfielder Miroslav Stevanovic in a straight swap deal.

You mean the same Miroslav Stevanovic who is on loan at Elche for the next 12 months?

Old news



15 Jul 2013 14:03:51
Ryan Cresswell is set to agree a deal with Port Vale within the next week

Will sign tuesday

Absolute rubbish, where did you even get this from?

Don't think he would take the pay cut

Pay cut? Really! Vale are in higher league with a bigger fanbase and are owned by a wealthy chairman. Southend on the other hand are struggling financially. Not too mention the player wants to move back north.

My sources are saying he's set to sign Thursday. Deal agreed between both clubs, just need to agree personal terms and undergo a medical. ITK

A pay cut?

Tomlin went to Vale from Southend last month because of substantially more money.

Not to mention a bigger club in a higher league who aren't winded up every other month by HMRC because of non-payment of a tax bill. It must have happened at least 10 times.

Not herd of him is he any good?

Was thinking more of what pay Chesterfield or Fleetwood would offer as they are splashing the cash

Unlike Chesterfield and Fleetwood, Vale can offer the lad league 1 football



15 Jul 2013 12:51:36
Richard Cresswell to sign for York city this week as player/coach as he looks to carry on his career. He has turned down offers from Mansfield, Oldham and Carlisle to join the club who he helped survive relegation last season during a loan spell and came through the youth ranks
Also due to sign is Josh Carson on a season-long loan for the Minstemen

Hope both of these rumours are true!

Correct, both will be confirmed by Thursday

As if he would turn down Oldham to go to York! Dreaming there I think

Didn't turn down Carlisle as he was above there is only one player over 24 joining

Oldham have never been in for Cresswell either more made up statements as usual on here.

Reports suggest he will be paraded at York's home friendly tonight.

Old old news, signed yesterday and was presented to York fans last night

Considering it is from the day before yesterday it is not



15 Jul 2013 12:49:32
Newcastle to bid £8 million for Southampton's Jack Cork. Pardew has been a long time admirer of Cork and detects an opportunity following the Wanyama purchase by the Saints.

Newcastle meaning joe kinear then

Really don't see us selling Cork as it puts us in the same position last year, relying on only 2 accomplished cdm for the entire season.

Dream on. we don't need the money and we do need the player as part of a strong squad.

Rubbish, he's in talks with the club over contract extension we hear.

H aha sorry mate its only overated frenchmen for newcastle i'm affraid, plus he'd cost a fair whack more than 8 million

st stuie

Absolute rubbish! No way would cork leave.

No chance. Player is not for sale.

It's called having squad depth.

Can't see us accepting or him wanting to move, he is settled down here and with MP pressing game we need 3 holding mids so they can rest occasionally.

Rubbish, why would they say its building competition for places then sell one off? a nothing-rumour

15 Jul 2013 16:32:35
and why would jack cork want to go
backwards by playing for newcastle
dream on
plus ashley won't spend that much

Not going to happen! Southampton are building a strong team to challenge for Europe. Who's to say that Cork won't start? And the matchday squad is 18 players, and we need players on the bench who can come in and change the game. Competition for places is a good thing.

Why are we ganin for crap players like this-we need quality

Dream on!

£8million is not enough for Cork. Southampton do not need to sell their best players and we need the rotational options. Plus I still think Cork is a 1st team player.

Absolutely no chance wanyama, cork and scneiderlin will all play together as a 3central midfield partnership! That is the future of midfielders in epl watch this space

Haha. Just what Newcastle need; another C midfileder

QPR, Everton and now Newcastle. Are you the same poster? Anyway, it would be rejected. Saints are building a squad. If Pardew was such an admirer perhaps he should have bought him for Saints before he was sacked.

Will be gutted if jack cork leaves because an unknown quantity has been purchased

Rubbish plain and simple!

Dream on man!

I don't know why you all think we would turn down 8m for Cork, seems like a good deal to me. Great business. Perhaps he just doesn't fit into Poch's plans. Who knows. No smoke without fire and lots of smoke about Cork this summer.

Why is there lots of smoke about Cork this summer I heard he'd been offered a new contract and he's an integral part of the team, why would we go back to two DM's?

Cork does fit into the plans. Pochettino loves the level of effort from Cork and he is one of the players he speaks most highly of. In order to prize away a player of such significance to our side you'd have to put is stupid levels of cash. We don't need to sell at any reasonable price.

I just wonder if saints are going to have an unhappy squad last years players like cork will be moving on for sure, unless they have had offers already

It's a shame the players who got us to the prem league are gradually being released or moved on, that's life I supposed we are all used. Consolation footballers are well paid.

The way everyone is talking saint will be having a car boot sale of their players, sad to say it but that how it is people come and go with very little loyalty either way, doubt there will be another la tiss.

I haven't seen any smoke about cork. He is the Jovial character in the group and loves it at saints. I can see him staying at our club for long time. Wouldn't be surprise if he signs a new 4 year deal in the coming weeks



15 Jul 2013 12:44:17
Gills defender Callum Davies a target for Neil Ardleys AFC Wimbledon.

No way will he leave.

Maybe a loan deal, but i'm sure we (Gills) will want to keep Davies on the bench and rotate him, rather than loan him out.

At this rate it might be easier to just list the Gills players we've not be en linked with.

Maybe on loan but he has 2 years on his deal at Gills.

No it's birchell they want

Birchall yeah not bad but not really proven at league 2 level but kedwell now were talking would love to see him back. Just how many forwards do you have at Gillingham though :-)

Weston, Birchall, Kedwell, Akinfenwa, McDonald, German, think Birchall still has a lot to offer

Kedwell staying put!

They have 6 but we have no interest in birchall

2-2-6 formation then us it haha
I might come watch you to
has Deon Burton really gone then.

We replaced Burton with Akinfenwa as Mcdonald is on such a high wage and we needed to reduce the wage bill incase transfer listed Birchall and Lee don't move on. M. A wanted to keep Burton but the board felt that given his age we had an equally good player on a lower wage in Akinfenwa so it was common sense really. I can confirm that both Lee and Birchall are in talks with a number of clubs from League 1, 2 and Blue square.



15 Jul 2013 12:14:27
Following the loan signing of Akwasi Asante, Shrewsbury manager Graham Turner is still keen on taking fellow Birmingham City youngster Reece Hales on loan.

Really need at least one proven lg1 striker of the 15-20 goals a season type then we may get away with two or three unproven youngsters with potential no good going into the season with all unproven young strikers!

And where do you suppose we find this proven 15-20 goal striker? Can't see any around myself!

They have been avalible but they do cost money in terms of transfer fees or wages theo robinson, cody mcdonald, ryan lowe, calvin zola ect we will be a taking big chance if we don't sign a proven striker just look back at last year as a lot of young unproven players don't work out!
however don't blame gt as if he has not been given realistic lg1 budget by roland his hands will be tied.

Well if we don't sign anybody in the next few days I know what's going to happen we be a the bottom of lg 1 all season then back to lg2 what has happend to Shrewsbury we need some funds and quick before its too late are you taking note gt

Signing Aswaki for 1 month was a mistake
he scored for shrewsbury at liverpool.
Graham Turner should of loaned him for at least 3 months
as we are short of players with a year experience
we have 3 strikers.
shrewsbury NEED MORE PLAYERS!!!!!!!
Mike Barrett

God only knows what is going on at The Meadow, Total Shambles!
I need someone to explain to me just what is the point of signing a player for just one month?
All this clap trap about pushing for the play offs is a joke.
Why does no one want to play for us, I'm convinced there is more to this than meets the eye, and I notice the clown who said millions were going to be invested in the club plus all his other drivell has gone very quiet!


Aswaki has signed on a youth loan until his birthday - its not a mistake; it will be extended if needed after that on a proper loan basis.

Aswaki may prove usefull but we need players with proven lg1 ability.



15 Jul 2013 12:10:51
Ben Herd is rumoured to be set for a return to his old club Shrewsbury Town.

The Town are in search of a right back and Herd won't break the bank in terms of salary.

Certainly would be a surprise move.



15 Jul 2013 13:20:11
Chesterfield make official bid to Southend, for their centre back Ryan Cresswell today.

It's been rejected as the offer was as low as 25k. You would expect Chesterfield to make a more realistic bid seeing as Fleetwood had a 80k bid rejected.

Good luck

The deal is dead offered what we can Southend said NO

25k?! Did they really think we would sell for that?! You've got to question the guy in charge of finances at CFC - a bid less than 3 times what we already rejected from Fleetwood!

From the way Cresswell is talked about on the CFC forum you'd think he was some kind of defensive God! He's not - good solid L2 player (if not a tad slow which would be my one criticism) but certainly not irreplaceable by any means however £25k is insulting. Give us £100k and I'd sell him for that.

Our bid is nearer 50K and one way or another he is coming to CFC

You are joking £100k for a league 2 player with 1 year on his contract left. get in the real world

Chesterfield now confirm they are no longer chasing Cresswell as a deal cannot be reached with Southend.

Chesterfield end their interest in Ryan Cresswell, after several bid's, can't get an agreement with Southend. Chesterfield say that's the end of the matter.

What is all the fuss about cresswell?
Bloody cart horse no football brain at all meat head kick it anywhere centre back! I wouldn't give green shield stamps for him!

If Rhino Cresswell is the cart horse you say then it doesn't say much for the other centre halves he beat to the L2 team of the season does it! We would love him to stay at the Southend!

Cresswell got in the L2 team of the year due to his excellent form pre-January when votes were cast. His form dipped in the second half of the season, he's nowhere near as good as Chesterfield tjink he is. If he ended up there they'd be disappointed - he's certainly replaceable for Southend.

That's why he's only worth £25k



15 Jul 2013 12:58:28
Bridcutt to Swansea
Vicente to Brighton

Bridcutt to Swansea City.
Are you kidding? Swansea City have a lot of midfielders already and only want a 2nd striker now.

Is Bridcutt coming to join the development squad then? we've so many midfielders now that I doubt any more will be brought in.
Think we'll only be looking for one more striker for sure and possibly a RB if Richards is let out on loan!

I don't think so

15 Jul 2013 17:16:40
Hope. Liam doesn't leave, we would want serious money to let him go, five million plus, not bothered about Vicente coming back, rather have Lopez back any day,

We won't sell bridcutt and Vicente looks like he isn't coming back

Good one! Lol

Maybe the Vicente one, but Bridcutt is staying at least another season

No idea if this rumour has any legs but an interesting response from Swans fans. Liam Bridcutt would enhance your team no end - he's a class act who plays in your style. He should be playing in a top 10 Prem team - perhaps that isn't you then?

As a BHA fan, hoping he stays another year before the inevitable.

Where did we finish last year then mate he wouldn't get in our reserves

You don't no anything about him if you think he can't get in your team



15 Jul 2013 11:41:38
Brighton and Hove Albion midfielder Ryan Harley going to Crawley on season long loan with a view to a permanent deal

Brighton want to sell him, not loan him out.

Crawley don't need another winger. Marlon Pack is the final midfielder that Barker wants to bring in.

It will save BHA £5k a week wages though

Harley is a Central Attacking Midfielder, believe me, putting him on the wing would be a baaaadd move. I can see Brighton going through with this deal.

Ryan harley set to undergo medical at crawley he is going to be signing a 2 year deal

Put on real actions not words, crawley have no money for these signings, youth is where crawley going

Crawley have no money full stop. The club are not in a position to bring any experienced players in only youngsters on very low wages. The owners have stopped funding the club and despite being on the market for months there has not been one serious offer. Unless the club is sold and some serious investment comes in quickly then administration and possibly even liquidation is a real possibility.

Just a foot note Harley is not with the Brighton squad in spain and is being reported he is not part of the future squad so look likely he will be joining another club soon.

Crawley don't have 2 pennies to rub together let alone pay out £100k on Pack not to mention the rumours of Tubbs/Barnard. Crawley will only sign reject youngsters on low wages, they cannot survive on crowd of 2, 500.

Crawley have had some very big offers a big deal could be done soon a rich buyer could be buying the club so stop putting rubbish on this site crawley are one of the most stable clubs in the whole football league

Liquidation!. Do be serious!

Good job they don't have to survive on gates of 2, 500 at the moment then! League average was nearly 1,000 more than that. Not huge but unlike most clubs it has been growing. Still don't think we have the cash to splash out though and just as important we have to meet the FFP rules as last season.

I don't understand why people put these rumours on here crawley are one of the only clubs with next to no debt. We also have cash to spend

Show us the facts supporters need stability and dreams



15 Jul 2013 11:11:24
MK Dons are on the verge of signing Huddersfield Town reserve Keeper Ian Bennett as new No 2 and goalkeeping coach - Huddersfield will then turn to Lee Camp as back up / competition for current shot stopper Alex Smithies.

We already have 2 goal keepers both of whom have just signed new deals & we have an excellent coach in Paul Heald - why would we need another?

Well maybe k. robinson wants a better keeper than you already got? because as a town fan, I rate benno so highly he is a great keeper. I will be sad to see him leave, mr constant for sure.

David Matin was subbed with an injury on Saturday - Maybe it's worse than first feared so we need a temporary back up

Bennett has already stated he's ending his playing career at Huddersfield and them possibly moving on to a coaching role with the club

So your a huddersfied fan and think very highly of the consistent goalie who is in the reserve team looooool! enough said tbh

Another Huddersfield supporter who rates Bennett. He is reserve to Smithies who is number one, but when Smithies was out injured a couple of years ago Bennett performed to a high level consistently and many supporters wanted him to be kept as number one. Just because he is number two does not make him any less of a keeper, only his age is against him.

No when he has played no town fan can ever say that benno has let down town, for example at stadium mk in the play offs, and for a vast majority of the time he has bin here he has played. he is in many peoples eyes the better keeper, I rate him and smithies as equals.

Ian Bennett is very consistent, and a very good goalkeeper, and he is not in our reserves, he's our sub keeper.

Wouldnt bat an eyelid if Beno started against forrest. Fantastic keper.

Lee Camp is training with us and we are 'helping him out' expect him to sign before the start of the season. Source Nigel Clibbens

Mk dons fans of all people should know how good a keeper Bennett is, when at your stadium in the playoffs you couldn't get anything past him. As others have said, I'd be perfectly happy with him starting at forest instead of smithies. No way we'll be signing Camp though. He's just training with us to keep up to match fitness



15 Jul 2013 11:04:56
Walsall are aiming to tie up two loan deals from Hudderfield Town this week - Midfield ball winner Chris Atkinson and support striker Jimmy Spencer. Season long loans for both players.

Not sure we'd let Atkinson go for a full season, he's likely to be kept for backup, but can see Spencer going though I don't think he's good enough for where Walsall are



15 Jul 2013 11:01:12
Cheltenham Town are closing in on the signing of former Shrewsbury winger Mark Wright.

Good player at League two level.

On his day fantastic player scores some great goals, but drifts in and out of games, won't tackle, will not roll up his sleeves and give 100%, if Cheltenham have ambitions of getting out of lg 2 which by the players they have signed suggests they will have a dam good go then you need 11 committed professionals not 10. 5
Not being harsh just realistic shrews carried him, luxury player!

I think Cheltenham are trying to sign most of the 2011-12 Shrewsbury promotion side!

Would be an excellent signing. Was an excellent player in L2 and played a huge part in getting Shrewsbury out of that league.

The previous poster is very harsh. Like most wingers Wright does his best work going forward not ball winning in the middle of the park.

Don't think I'm harsh! I liked him and always supported him, but he gave up to easily and didn't track back that's all IMO

Getting old now
but great player 2 years ago



15 Jul 2013 10:53:42
Hartlepool will sign Enoch Showunmi from Notts County this week on a 2 year deal

Please happen ill even give him a free lift there county don't need him plus he is rubbish

Ill pay! how much isit for him on the train? just got to know so I can send him the money!

So would I just to get rid of him

Lets hope he signs

Here comes the new joke. ill even drive him there myself

Enoch is staying and will be Notts top scorer this season with 20+

After last night against Galatasary I hope all you Showaddywaddy doubters hang your heads in shame & now start to get behind him. Going to be a very good asset to the team this season

But he did well in last season pre season don't get ahead of yourself mate

Showunmi impressed many fans last night, including me. hope he stays to try and prove to all of you people who doubt him he can provide goals and become influential to the team.

Enoch will still leave



15 Jul 2013 10:51:50
Alan Tate will tomorrow sign on for Huddersfield Town inetially as a loan player she is having a testimonial game for Swansa against Manchester United in mid August. This wil enable him to say goodbye to th Swanea fans before making his loan permanent. This may allow Jack Hunt to join the Swans for around 2. 75m and to move on either Joel Lynch or Peter Clarke. Nick Powell is a targeted loan signing who is expected o sign on a year long loan from Ma Utd
The final loan striker willbe annouced shortly but is widly xpected to be a continental player currently trialing with Town having been relased by a leading Spanish club.

Personal I would like tate, but alongside someone with pace. but if true, then a get rid of Clarke over lynch. this is because I think a lynch - tate partnership could have promise. I am also intrusted to see who this foreign player is.

Hopefully all true, however it would be sad to see jack hunt leave.

So you are loaning a player who has been released are you? at least think about it before you post utter garbage in future.

Only 2 things with this rumour. I don't think that hunt will leave this summer, but may do next year, and also how do we sign a loan striker that has been released by a club?

Cant be a loan if the player has been released, we need at least 4 NEW QUALITY players, to make a improvement on last years squad. at the moment Hudd Town will struggle, as nothing has been improved upon from last years team. and I mean last years team, we still had Vaughan, hammill etc, no replacement yet for Beckfords goals.
winger, striker, midfield player who has some pace and dictate the pass of the game, and a centre half, am sorry but Keith Southern and Peter Clarke up to it in the championship

The testimonial match has now been postponed so he does not need to stay with the swans until mid August anymore.
Also whether Tate leaves or not will make no difference to whether we try to sign Jack Hunt, that only depends on whether Jazz Richards stays as cover or is sent out on loan. And at the moment it looks like Richards is staying, Laudrup stated he is only looking for one more player this summer- another striker!

If there was a Spanish trialist then one would presume he would play in a friendly to be assessed? There wasn't one at Chesterfield and we played two teams! Get real, Town are all but done in the transfer market. Hammil was bought as he covers two positions hence only need three strikers plus hammil. Robins must think his defence is good enough. I beg to differ!

Can't understand why prem teams want hunt gets found out regularly defensively in the champ imagine him in the prem

With own rubbishing every report of interest in speculated transfer targets. So town who the hell are we signing, we need 1 cb at least, probs a cm or two and forward. people keep saying we have 3? don't teams normally have 4?. come on town sort out the issues of last year.

Can't understand why Town fans would post negative comments about our players who are generating big money interest. let's drive the price down?

Have to agree with you Robins must think his defence is good enough and like you I certainly beg to differ! He also stated earlier in summer 5 or more signings, where are they? This was after the 2 young lads had signed carr and carroll, so are we any better off than this time last year, answer NO. Are we being fobbed off again by the chairman, putting all money into canalside, and hoping to scrape by again by being above the promoted clubs, who may well surprise, then we are stuffed!

Town have already denied rumours of signing Tate.

So who are town signing then? does anyone actually know instead of either making things up, or guessing. I just want town to improve and be better year on year.

Also I don't think town fans slate town players to put them down, its just that town fans often don't have the rose tinted glasses on, in that norwood and hunt for example started last season like a house on fire. but when the team's form dropped their form dropped drastically and were shocking. so I think compotation is required to keep these guys on their game.



15 Jul 2013 10:35:32
League one side Walsall are set to announce 4 new signings this week. Craig Westcarr, Milan Lalkovic ( on loan from Chelsea ), Richard o Donell and Sam Johnstone ( on loan from Manchester United ) are the players. From a source who works at the club.

Lalkovic already signed and the rest look realistic

This looks true with lalkovic

Both Westcarr and Lalkovic have signed today (Tuesday). Lalkovic on loan

Westcarr signed up, milan signed, not fussed about o'donnel but hope sam signs

Westcarr signed new deal and lalkovic now signed so it looks promising this rumour

18 Jul 2013 16:55:06
O'donnel now signed so hopefully we get Johnstone on loan



15 Jul 2013 10:19:46
Walsall on the verge of offering deals to Craig Westcarr (2 year) James McQuilkin (1 year) Jordan Ball (1year) and Richard O'Donnell (1 year). Dean Smith would like 2 more forwards plus a winger and GK to finalise his squad for the new campaign.



15 Jul 2013 08:28:42
Any news on Hull strikers ed? Heard that we may be interested in Le Fondre but cannot see it happening if Reading want £4m. {Ed024's Note - Bendtner seems to be the most recent rumour.}

Gent's Ilombe Mboyo 3million

I reckon the City hierarchy must have read some message boards and seen what the vast majority of fans think about signing Mboyo and backed off. Good player but with his history I think signing him would go down like a lead-balloon.



15 Jul 2013 09:52:09
Richie Humphreys will sign a 1 year deal at Chesterfield today.



15 Jul 2013 09:46:17
Matthew Bates, Ross Turnbull and Lee Cattermole are all training with Middlesbrough and could join the team for a promotion push next season.

Matty bates is training with no one at the moment! As for the other two they could be training but not at the boro!

Lee catermole? The other two are free agents, so understandable. Catermole is untrue

Cattermole is contracted to Sunderland

I've heard that Lee Cattermole is training at Boro despite being contracted to Sunderland. Apparently Di Canio has took the team out somewhere on pre season training and told Cattermole to stay behind. I don't think he'd join Boro though, I think Steve Bruce might end up taking him to Hull.

Cattermole is training with BORO!

Eduardo Vargas, Raul Jimenez, Joaquin Boghassain, Behrang Safri, Liam Bridcutt, Dussan Tadar, Jurica Buljat and Jelle Vossen are players that Middlesbrough are currently looking at.

Cattermole is not training with boro at all, he is still training with sunderland and is about to sign a loan deal with fulham

Cattermole is injured at present - that's why Di Canio left him behind.

Eduardo Vargas, Borja González and one other (a central defender)



15 Jul 2013 09:40:56
Albion boss Steve Clarke is interested in signing blackpool winger Tom ince. Though the 8 million pound valuation could halt any deal

To shell out 8mill on any player by West Brom would be historic. Albion don't do expensive.



15 Jul 2013 09:27:21
fulham to buy loic remy at cut price to link up with berbatov

I'd be all over that, but I don't believe it.

Wont get remy cut price, not off saggy face.

His pending court case is the reason he is still at qpr, big gamble if anyone signs him.

Remy will move to fulham



15 Jul 2013 09:21:52
Scott Brown is set to move on loan to St Johnstone.

The Celtic captain? Oh yeah, sure he is! ED, I will have what he is drinking please lol {Ed001's Note - I would assume he means the Cheltenham Town player, who is also called Scott Brown, though Bradford City and Southport both have players of the same name as well.}

He means the bradford player



15 Jul 2013 08:53:20
fulham to buy only two players in the transfer market demba ba and his former strike partner papiss cisse who is unsettled at newcastle not to make the same mistakes as qpr and buy too many players

Simply not true, we will not be buying two strikers. Especially if our limit is two players in, we'll probably bring in 4-5, central midfielders are vital.

If we're only able to buy 2 more players, why get 2 more strikers?
One striker, OK, but it's the gaping hole in CM/playmaker department that we really need plug

If you watched our pre season friendly - Kasami looked the ideal player we lacked last season.

Strength, Power, Pace, skill and creativity. Fingers crossed he gets more gametime

Kasami always looked a good prospect but seemed to fall out with Jol after the Chelsea league cup tie. Hope he can fulfill his potential and would like to see him play more. He had a big price tag for a young player so he should have something to offer.

Kasami was going to get playing time last year, but there was trouble with him and other teammates, and him and Jol.

Why can't players and managers be more professional and put their differences to one side kasami yes looks good but so does Baird look what happened to him one mistake against Southampton not featured since and now gone.

Cisse won't sign either way - FFC's sponsors are a betting company, this is why he's boycotted newcastles pre-season tour

Recon it wil be more like 4/5 players. I highly doubt we will sign two strikers seing as we have Berba. Unless we sign someone like remy and then buy someone like Odewienge to keep the bench warm. We have a gaping hole in our midfield so even I'd we do sign two strikers were going to need to sign the likes if Huddlestone too. Also I think the Sako dill will definitely happen.



15 Jul 2013 08:41:36
Hull City to open talks with Watford this week for striker Troy Deeney.

Bruce is keen to also add to his striker options Gary Hooper and is thought to be keen on both strikers as a pairing after missing out on Charlie Austin.

It is thought 3.5m for Deeney should secure their target, with a 4m bid for Hooper submitted a while ago, but are yet to hear from Celtic with a deadline date of this week.

Once the striking position is sorted, Bruce is said to be mainly focusing on loans and free transfers, with John Guidetti a big target for Bruce.

Nah, I don't think so.

15 Jul 2013 09:15:41
Millwall are you to sign Richard Chaplow depending on medical tomorrow on a two year deal!

15 Jul 2013 09:21:46
Deeney extremely unlikely to happen

Deeney isn't for sale, he signed a new 3 year contract in january.

Only a ridiculous bid of say £10m+ and we'd let him have talks, but even then no guarantee he'd move to hull. Watford have a far better long term future than Hull do.

Yawn! He would not join Hull and has just signed recently a new deal at Watford as well as buying a new home

Not happening. i'm a Hull fan but Watford will want at least 6 mill if not more. He is probs worth 4 mil but no need for Watford to sell and Deeney is settled in Watford, its a long way to Hull for someone who doesn't need to move. Also Watford will probs be Prem next season so the lure is not so great. Good luck Bruce. Hope we get him, but can't see it myself

They won't get Deeney for 3. 5! We have no reason to sell him so the only way he will go is for a huge bid

Can't see this happening.

15 Jul 2013 12:07:51
The days of clubs mugging Watford off have long gone. Club are mounting a serious bid for promotion this season and Deeney is a key player. Not for sale.

15 Jul 2013 12:11:40
Have said it before and will repeat - you need both legs and 4m might get you his left one - his head and right where the goals come from will cost another 6m

Watford aren't any better off long term! That is a fairly uneducated view as the Allams have ploughed so many millions into the club and have said they will continue to do so responsibly to get us as high up as we can be. Having said that Deeney will definitely stay at Watford as they will be prem next year. This is not to say Watford aren't aiming high, I have half an interest in Watford doing well as my relatives support them, but they are no better off than Hull

Don't rate deeney. definitely not good enough to be a PL striker. surely hull can do better

^^^ Don't rate Hull. Definitely not good enough to be a PL team. Surely Deeney can do better.

Hull should keep McLean. How many English forwards get the chance to play PL Football? Why do the foreign players get all the chances?



15 Jul 2013 08:38:07
Millwall after QPR's Shaun Derry, as it seems likely that a deal for Nicky Bailey will not get done due to his hieght wasge demands. He wasnt 19k a week and Millwall are prepared to pay upto 16k.

Millwall coach Mike Halford was at the QPR freindly at the weekend.

If 'TRUE' Shaun Derry would be a decent/useful signing IMO!

I think that you will find Shaun Derry is on about 20K a/w? If true?

Wage clearly refers to what bailey is asking for.

I think the Bailey deal will happen and now Chaplow signing will convince Bailey to put pen to paper. I like Sean Derry but I don't think he is a player that will improve us and I think Jimmy Abdou would agree with that. Unless he's off of course?!

Mike Halford as in Mick Harford right?

The only difference is Derry is 35yrs & Bailey is 29yrs! Bailey seems to be messing us around though?

Bailey can do one, I don't want anyone who is holding the club to ransom, especially someone who hasn't done much the past few seasons, if he was that good he wouldn't have been released and his greed just winds me up even more. he should be grateful like Chaplow is to that Millwall have shown an interest and waited for so long for a decision, he's MRS is a mouthy cow too

AGREE, move on to another player SL, we don't want anyone thinking they are doing US a BIG FAVER!



15 Jul 2013 08:24:51
Colchester set to sign Pappoe on loan from Chelsea on a 6 month loan deal

This isn't true!

Yes it is, he's played in all the friendlies

Yes it is, already confirmed by Colchester manager in various interviews. Just awaiting international clearance.

Plus, he's already played 2 pre season games for the U's.

Seems pretty much a done deal. Only the paper work is left to now, that's what JD implied

It is true why would I lie about that he's joining until January slowly transforming him to play left back



15 Jul 2013 08:12:23
Honduran winger Mario Martinez - currently playing in the USA - a transfer target for Nottingham Forest. Fee believed to be in region of 400k.

Never heard of this guy



15 Jul 2013 07:48:50
West Brom have made an ambitious loan offer for Swiss winger Xherdan Shaqiri following the imminent arrival of Thiago Alcantara to FC Bayern according to German newspaper Bildzeitung.

Would be a great deal but not sure we could afford his wages if we were made to pay it. I know you said it was ambitious and I completely agree with that

Liverpool look to use Luis Suarez as bate to get Shaqiri, so sadly it doesn't look like this will happen : (

U must be living in dreamland mate. We r after man united old boy diouf

"U must be living in dreamland mate. We r after man united old boy diouf"

FAO the above person. it says according to a German newspaper. Learn to read.



15 Jul 2013 07:44:21
It's just been on the radio McFadden n McManus to sign contracts at motherwell today also in for a foreign striker



15 Jul 2013 05:38:56
Middlesbroughs search for a powerful centre back go on, the list include Jagos Vukovic and Dedryck Boyata. Tentative interest in Kelvin Wilson, if Boro can't finance a deal Matthew Bates is the 'go to guy'

Bates is currently in talks for a return.



15 Jul 2013 01:43:55
McFadden and McManus to sign for motherwell today (15/7)

McCall also had Lionel Ainsworth on trial and is considering a contract offer for the former Rotherham man!

Paaaaa have lionel he was a right flop

Not a flop at all - didn't get a good run in the side - just showing something and got a shoulder injury - that's just bad luck. Good luck young Lionel - wherever you go!

Lionel was a proper flop, wrong attitude, didn't have a good work rate. no place in the millers team for him. if I'm honest he only had a good ten minute spell when he played. he won't be missed. maltby miller.

Lionel been playing for youth team, last tuesthn sat at dinnington then tues at TRC,



15 Jul 2013 00:43:48
Cardiff City's Joe Mason has apparently been offered a year's loan at AFC Bournemouth. Reliable sources at Cardiff City say the deal is already done and Mason will be at Bournemouth by the end of this week ready to make his debut in the prestigious friendly against Real Madrid.

Really Hope So, would be great to have a striker of his class

Be a good player for Bournemouth could easy get 15 goals if he played every game, plus good experience to play 1st team football throughout a season.

Expect it to be perminant the way malky treated him him last season. lies thro his teeth to a few players

Well malky seems to think different. He's staying and not getting loaned out. Maybe last week of August he may consider but for now joe staying a bluebird

We need another striker who is going to score 15 goals in the season. We can't rely on the players we've got in this league, it' s too much pressure on pitman and the others, so let's get a striker who will keep us up and challenge. You've seen the potential, 12,000 tickets sold in hours for a friendly, Eddie Mitchell is right the conurbation would support crowds of 20,000 if the teams successful. The appetite is there so let's get the grub.

Ccfc fan just to say joe mason is set to join on a season long loan source: the s*n

This rumor has gone viral after a very naughty AFCB fan His Lordship, started it. FAF



15 Jul 2013 00:24:00
Oldham athletic looking at bringing Kieran lee back to boundary park on loan

Heard about this, someone told me he was spotted at boundary park on Friday, hope this is true!

Would love it to be true, was the best right back in league 1 when he was here. Can't see him making a step back down

He was too good for us at OAFC hence he moved up a league. Would be good for our club but can't see Sheff Wed loaning him out.

He was a great servant for OAFC and was one of our players who the fans respected him moving to another club.

Indeed, Kieran was adored by us because he simply gave 110% every match. He'd had three great years at Oldham and when he couldn't go any, further with us, none of us begrudged him his move to bigger and better things.

However, I have heard some there's spome truth to this so let's see what happens

Well- seens as though its just you (the poster) commenting on this post. I doubt it.

Deal should be completed in the next few days.

Would love Kieran to come back, fantastic player!
Also he isn't valued at Sheff Weds, that was shown last season when Dave Jones was asked if he might play him, he didn't even know who he was and he then thought he came from Bury

16 Jul 2013 13:07:48
Lee is injured at the moment so doubt this will happen.



15 Jul 2013 00:22:34
Lee Banard has flown out to Portugal to meet up with Doncaster

Not a chance

Could be true, Wednesday have 4 wingers now, overloaded in centre midfield and he won't get in over Buxton, but we don't have anyone else to cover at right-back so he might be kept for that.

He was on loan at Oldham last year, why not go to a championship side

The irish investor willing to invest in Doncaster Rovers is thought to be J P Mcmanus

Its 100% certainly not JP Mcmanus.

Why have Wednesday and 4 wingers anything to do with Lee Barnard?

Its john magnier and michael tabor

Hope the investors come through, maybe they will sort the injustice's happening at the club, CEO Gavin Baldwin along with FD Lee Ferriby, have awarded themselves substantial salary increases, while at the same time cutting staff in various departments, and then asking for unpaid volunteers to help the club, no wonder season ticket sales are so poor, do us supporters really want to fund these clowns salaries, I think not!

JP McManus is the understood Irish investor as talks enter a deep stage



14 Jul 2013 23:57:11
Reports of Aaron Mclean outside Crawley stadium
On friday afternoon watching the game and seen talking to SL - new signing on the cards?

So far signed/close to signing;
Steve morsion
Lee martin
Richard chaplow
Stephen bywater
Martin Waghorn - reports
Nicky bailey - for or less a done deal

The Crawley game was on Saturday afternoon mate! As For McLean he is OK for League1 'NO THANKS'! Any more 'NONSENSE'?

What game was he watching on Friday afternoon then? The invisibles?

How can a club with gates the size of Millwalls afford to pay the salaries of all those players?



14 Jul 2013 23:55:31
Ryan Bennett has asked Norwich to allow him to go on loan, with a return back to Peterborough his favoured destination.

Absolute rubbish, why would he want to go out on loan, when he is featuring in 1st team squad.

Rubbish, he's happy at norwich and will play some games

When Bassong inevitably gets injured, he'l go straight in.

DF asked about the possibility of a loan deal last season and was refused, it's unlikely that Norwich would have had a re-think.
Zak has said that he's happy to stay and we have plenty of cover should he change his mind.



14 Jul 2013 23:20:43
Halifax want Bradford duo Scott Brown and Louie Swain on season Long loans. Brown however is attracting interest from St Mirren and Partick Thistle for a possible loan move.

A loan would be a good opportunity for both of them. They both need more regular game time as part of their development.

Scott Brown is going to St Johnstone. Not Halifax or St Mirren or Patrick Thistle.

Bradford are in danger of letting go of talent if they don't get a real look at these two playing competitive football soon. Think they'll be let go at the end of this coming season if they don't prove there worth in a competitive environment. Loans would be a good move from Bradford and could lead to an easy sale.

Scott Brown to sign permanently for St Johnstone.

Scott Brown has been on our books for 3 seasons now and has hardly featured. He may be young but you would have expected a few cup/end of season appearances for him if he were going top make the grade. He lacks pace, is a bit one dimensional and his going frees up a shirt and a bitof wage for a player who will chalenge for a 1st team spot.



14 Jul 2013 22:13:55
Trialist Jamie devitt will sign a 1 year deal with chesterfield Monday

Didn't really rate him, he might have scored a cracking free kick, but I think he's far too slight. If Nicholson can get a bit more bulk on him then then I hope he can prove me wrong, but I think Connor Clifford looks a better prospect from all the players on trail.

I'd rather we got a couple of young wide players in on loan personally, the wide trailists look very poor this year, both Devitt and the young Frenchman didn't impress against Huddesfield. I do hope that we're not just signing him because he scored. I'd like to see Humphreys, Clifford, and the two Marine lads to sign permanent deals though.

The CB from Marine has signed, Matty Brown on Sunday. MM

They have played 2-3 games with us! Saturday was against championship players, then there's wage demands and areas to cover in the squad. Remember we are looking for fringe players now. Think some need to remember our position.

Clifford released from his trial

Not impressed with Brown - thought he looked like Sunday pub team player. Am worried if that is the caliber of cover - fingers crossed for no injuries and suspensions.
Agree not really impressed by the trialist players Clifford looked better player but in area where we are covered. Would have held out for a season long loan from a young upcoming player.



14 Jul 2013 21:56:01
Sunday Sun ( North East ) is saying Middlesbrough to try and get Stephen Ireland on loan & try and buy Billy Sharp from Southampton, Not sure about Stephen Ireland as his wages will be too high but Sharp maybe could move too the Riverside as Mowbray rates him very highly.



14 Jul 2013 23:50:42
Paul Dickov has reportedly spoken to Sylvain Ebanks-Blake's agent regarding a potential move to the Keepmoat.

Ha ha if they can;t afford Sharp then they can't afford Blake from Wolves. prem wages.



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