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14 Jan 2012 22:02:50
Ipswich want:
Paul caddis(rb)
Scott Cuthbert(cb)
From Swindon town!(7)(18)cuthbert left in preseason numpty.Good call, except you're 6 months late. Cuthbert left in the summer.Doubt it, both key to Swindon. Di Canio wants them up, so he's only buying.Scott cuthbert left Swindon last season. Caddis ain't going anywhere!Thats funny......Scott Cuthbert dont play for Swndon anymore, and hasnt for sometime now. No wonder Ipswich arn't doing to well....they dont even know who plays for which team...ha.Sorry,
Someone inside Ipswich told me that the 3 bids jewell has made is for
Matt ritchie
Scott Cuthbert
And Paul caddis of swindon

And I knew Matt Ritchie was at swindon aswell and thought Cuthbert was because the other two were!Ritchie wants to stay as he knows we will be premiership in 2 years timeRitchie wants to stay as he knows we will be premiership in 2 years time.

Ha Ha Ha, dreaming I'm only dreaming.Ipswich want...a new manager and roughly 11 players,good luck with that.That's Ipswich relegated thenPaul Jewell - Is suffering a torrid time and as much as he wants Matt & Paul he'll have to wait till the end of the season. But something tells me that he needs a quick fix now.....he'll look elsewhere believe me........nothing will happen....this thread is pointless!The person who posted this originally obviously hasnt a clue about who is at STFC as Cuthbert left before the season started. Where do you people come from and get your stupid made up stories from


14 Jan 2012 22:00:45
Heard today from a pretty decent source that Saints are keen on getting in Okaka from Roma, had previously been on loan at Fulham. As with Papa Waigo and Guly, Cortese has used his italian connections.(18)(10)It's the sort of thing I can see us doing.
Whether there's anything to it is another matterI can confirm this is accurate!He hasn't got the most amazing goal tally. Would this really be a good buy?


14 Jan 2012 21:48:21
Bristol City are after Swindon Town midfielder Matt Ritchie.(8)(26)


14 Jan 2012 21:43:38
Millwall, Hull and Peterborough interested in Ryan Hall of Southend. Apparently Millwall mulling over a bid for him.(3)(10) 



14 Jan 2012 21:43:19
if sordell leaves the hornets dyche has lined up replacements and other targets with consists of jason puncheon 2million pounds (southampton),lee novak 600,000 pounds (huddlesfield) hogan emprhim (qpr) 975,000 pounds. sordell in posied to to bag watford a tidy 5 million with sell-on fee.(14)(6)Puncheon worth 2m since when their desperate to get rid 1m will easy get himHUDDS will not let "super" NOVAK go for 600k2 mil for Puncheon. Thanks very much. You can take him now.


14 Jan 2012 21:11:17
Bournemouths Jayden Stockley to join Swindon on loan for rest of season so he can gain first team experience


First team experience? That's why he's just been recalled from Accrington :/(2)(16)Its part of the deal to bring Ritchie to the promotion chasing Cherries.Joggon Richie isn't leaving us, only for Di Canio's huge asking price, and as we are on the up why would he leave ??Maybe 15000 a week might have a factor in his leaving? Or is he one of the many players who play only for the love of the game


14 Jan 2012 21:10:38
Huddersfield town striker Jordan Rhodes is set to join an unnamed premier league league club, a deal of 6 million is set to take place. Supposedly they think wolves, fulham, Bolton are the favorites to take him(12)(14) 

He is having a medical at newcastle tuesdayNewcastle already got rid of one player that can do it in the lower leagues but not top fight. This would be yet anotther one and a big mistake!Fulham have to many strikers and so have bolton. i have also heard everton are after rhodesRhodes could easily do it in the prem hes a better version of Shane Long who is already class {Ed003's Note - Class ? }


14 Jan 2012 19:42:45
According to Paul Jewells post match press conference Town have bid for 3 players from 2 clubs.

One is rumoured to be Matt Tubbs and the other two are from Swindon apparently Matt Ritchie & Paul Caddis.(12)(26)Actually I believe one to be Southend's Kane Ferdinand. In my honest opinion I don't think Swindon will sell Ritchie just yet. Not the way they're going at the moment.Neithers going!! Di Canio won't sell either as they are KEY to our promotion campaing, and if we want back to back (I do) we need them :PSorry but money talks here, Ritchie and Caddis will double there wages and Tubbs will triple his at Ipswich

Sauce TWTD


14 Jan 2012 19:28:12
Huddersfield Town have made a bid for James Wilson (bristol City) £250k with a 20% sell on(4)(18)Take a hell of alot more than that to get wilson, and why would he go to a smaller lower league club?


14 Jan 2012 20:32:00
arjen robben back to the prem?(8)(47)Help if you let us no who toSpent his whole career being unhappy in England and also in Spain. He is playing his best football at Bayern and seems happy he will not leave


14 Jan 2012 20:24:50
why do bournemouth fans think they are a bigger club than swindon same division next season bigger crowds(4)(23)We don't.
Nor do we believe that Richie is worth £500k plus so more than happy for you to keep him in Division 4.I dont think any Bournemouth fans have said they are have they? You are just paranoid because they are buying your best player now wipe away the tears and blow your nose and man up, they seem to be getting it in the neck nearly as much as us saints so in the words of Noah and the whale "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N"At this moment in time, surely Bournemouth are bigger than Swindon?


14 Jan 2012 20:19:39
Neil Warnock to be the next Watford
Manager ,& Smith & Helguson will
follow & re join WFC & Marvin to go to
Fulham for around 2m(12)(28)Happy with thatClass, there is no way on this earth that Colin will be the 'orns ManagerSome forums are saying that he has told close friends that he will take a break from football unless bates at leeds offer him leeds job because Grayson is on thr brink.he wants to be near his family in Yorkshire.


14 Jan 2012 20:13:28
Trevor Francis is the suprise name that is going to be Carl Fletchers mentor . He was born in Plymouth and is said to have agreed to join. He mentioned the fact on Al Jazeera Sports where is currently working as a pundit .(6)(15)I hope so he would be a good mentor for Fletch .


14 Jan 2012 20:11:08
Ipswich town boss Paul jewell comfirmed that ipswich have made offers for 3 players from just 2 different clubs
Said to be swindons-Paul caddis and matt ritchie believed to be a £1.5-£2million and ronan Murray or tamas priskin
And the other player believed to be colchesters Mangus okuangae! :)(13)(10)As said before I think one is either Kanr Ferdinand or Anthony Grant of Southend. Don't think Swindon will sell Ritchie in this window the way they're performing at the moment.


14 Jan 2012 18:57:35
Goian's injury today has put his transfer to Bolton in jeapordy and Rangers are going to consider selling another top player, with Lee Wallace being touted.(4)(23)There is no transfer ... dorin goian and lee wallace are brand new players ... we didn't buy them so we could sell them a few months later ... bolton are going down anywayDon't talk crap for one he can't play with 3 clubs in one season, now go away and worry about hopper going to Southampton !!Thot u said top player?? There is only jelavic, davis and mcgregor!!!To the Rangers fan pretending to be a Saints fan & peddling all the nonsense about 'Hopper'- his name his Hooper & is going nowhere. Secondly, Lee Wallace signed for Rangers on 21st July & has only played for Rangers. There is a very strong possibility that Wallace will now have to go & McCoist has been in conversation with Mick McCarthy!If Goian did go............which I don't think he will, a good replacement would be Grant Hanley from Blackburn. He's been outstanding for Rovers whilst fulfilling the boots of the regular CB`s who are injured!! Just a thought!^Talk ste


14 Jan 2012 18:56:32
Brighton have signed goal keeper David Gonzalez. Source inside club has confirmed and will be announced Monday.(15)(6)


14 Jan 2012 18:54:22
Celtic agree fee in principle with Southampton for the services of Hooper as they indicate their main target for his replacement has been found and a fee agreed with his club.
Personal terms will now be discussed monday /tuesday.
Indications from within one of the clubs is 7.2 million pounds plus a player valued around 500k going the other way.(Totalling 7.7 million pounds)...3 times what was paid for Hooper 16 months ago ... The board could not turn this down.
A.R.T(35)(26)What a load of utter piss
Hooper is not for sale
7.2mill, ffs, Celtic will not sell at that price, and no Southampton player is god enough for Celtic
utter pissAdd another million and it's a deal buy Rhodes for 6 millionHooper doesn't want to go to a championship club with no realistic prospect of staying in the prem.

Not a Celtic fan btw but no player with any ambition would choose a yoyo championship team over a team in Europe who win trophies .

A much more realistic outcome would be hooper staying at Celtic and assuming his current form continues perhaps a move to a mid level premiership team . A deal which he gladly acceptHaha go away...hoopers not leaving get that into ur head....hoopers not for sale lennons words so go look somwhere elseNeil Lennon stated after the game today that the second bid was rejected, Southampton will not spend 7 million on hooper.

Basically your post is utter sht

SkIs that lira your talking about ? Not worth that for a blue square quality player could not lace jelavic bootsHooper isn't worth £7M
There's plenty of better strikers for cheaper so look elsewhere!There's a few things really starting to pi55 me off now!! Rickie lambert could be a sensation at parkheed, lallana could be great also so to the deluded that says no Southampton player good eniogh.... Think again! Celtic are also no longer in europe so why would hopper stay iff that's what he wants, even nxt season, one or 2 games doesn't really need to be considered as a run in Europe!! AND IF any team offered 7.2 or 7.7mill for any of our players it will be considerd and probably accepted. God man.......I think most of southamptons players could walk into your team... lallana, cork, fonte to name but a fewNo real prospect of staying in the premier league? you know that how?As someone replied 3/4 of the saints side would walk into your celtic team who bye the way would struggle big time in the prem league which would never happen, and when saints do go up there will be plenty more big signings so get your facts wright about saints finances thats all cheerio .Dear deluded Southhampton fans, you are a provincial club who can possible get the fat £20 million cheque from the prem league. But you just need to ask the players who walk onto the hallowed turf of celtic park, Nothing gets close to it. Sure if you get to the prem you can offer a lot of money (must make you feel a bit dirty though/like a pimp) but in a players life their is a little more than just money. The Nou Camp, San siro, Old trafford. Thats what celtic park rivals not a wee south coast chicken shed which has achieved nothing in the game.Dear deluded Celtic fans. Non of your players are as good as you think they are (NON OF YOUR PLAYERS ARE WORTH £7.2 MILLION). You wouldn't last a season in the EPL. Decent Championship team at best. Celtic are only successful becuase they play in a wussy league called the SPL where all the teams are terrible. We shouldn't bother with Hooper anyway, wouldn't do a job for us.Dear deluded Southampton fan your are deluded. Did you not just sign a player we've been trying to get shot of. I would try and explain the arguement as to why Celtic would pump your wee team. But alas i don't believe you have the brain capacity. By the way you should move to Scotland where you could get your prescription for free. Now run away its time you took your pills.:)


14 Jan 2012 19:20:12
ED002: We have been linked with both Ganso and Ocampos for some while now. Rumour surface, that Ganso's agent is talking to Spurs about his client. The quoted transfer fee sound funny at some 18 million, it obviously could be inacurate. If he were available as the story suggest, would Chelsea be interested this window or the Summer?

Also what do you think of Ocampos. We seem to be looking for a replacement for Malouda, or someone to play on the left side of attack, anyway. Beeing linked to Di MAria, Hazard, De Bruyne, Ocampos. Hope we get either one of them. My preference is Di Maria. He obviously is already established player with top side experience and still very young.

Still, do you think we will bid for Ocampos? {Ed002's Note - I am not so sure that the club has any stomach for further discussions about Ganso - there are lots of complications and caveats and don't believe everything you read in the press. As for Ocampos, he would be one for the future but has been looked at by a number of sides with Bayern Munich and Chelsea maintaining an interest. I understand that Diego Caniggia took a look on behalf of Liverpool but it was decided that he would be too expensive to buy and that seems to have ended any brief interest that Liverpool had. Inter Milan, Sevilla and Palermo have also shown an interest and Juventus (not either of the Milan clubs) made a bid. Perhaps one for next year as a move in January seems very unlikely.}(2)(7)


14 Jan 2012 19:17:22
Billy Sharp has rejected Leceister and stay until end of season(19)(13)Rumoured the greedy swine wanted to be the highest paid player at leicester and unfortunately the Thai's have pulled in the purse strings a little and not paying that kind of wageThat's why he opted out of the move to Southampton in the summer....hes only staying at Donny till a prem club offers him BIG MONEY. Watch him move then.He is not good enough for prem so he will be waiting along time.if a club in Yorkshire bigger than donny meets his clause price then he will be off.u know nothing about hte situation or the player, rejected southampton cos of the travelling rejects leicester cos they r crap. He loves donny and the fans, if he wanted the money he would have joined burnley when he had the chanceSour grapes ladiesYes like saints said he wanted more money the manager and so will say that cos hes turned em down so make out uve pulled plug if it makes u happy


14 Jan 2012 18:21:51
Chelsea are in talks Athletic Bilbao over a double deal to bring Javi Martinez and Iker Muniain to the club, thought to be around 32M for the pair.(13)(26)More like 32 million each


14 Jan 2012 18:19:56
Herman Hreidarsson will sign for Coventry on a free transfer this week from Portsmouth.(21)(12)


14 Jan 2012 18:07:27
liverpool 2 sign jordan rhodes by weds(9)(45)Surely you lot will wait till the toon put a 4 million bid in then come in with a 30 million,and still think youve got a bargain.Talking as a Liverpool fan - we already bought a guy that can make it in the lower leagues but can't step up. We don't want to make the same mistake and buying Rhodes, I have no doubt, would do that.Definitely staying until the end of the seasonWhy when they have lots of young strikers


14 Jan 2012 18:05:05
liverpool desperate 4 a striker got to go for 1 of podolski,defoe,forlan,tevez,klose,ba,bojan(25)(23)Defoe or Ba. Podolski would go to Arsenal, forlan and klose recently moved in the summer and Bojan not good enough.Not a cat in hells chance of any of them! If you cant beat Stoke Rugby Club no hope.Ure reply doesnt make sense,surely if they cant beat stoke then they need a striker,u numpty!!!!!!!!!C'Mon the mighty potters it would help your club if you stopped Caroll from diving and played football.You're not famous any more


14 Jan 2012 18:01:31
BREAKING SFC NEWS.......Nigel Atkins has just stated on Radio Solent that he expects to have signed a new striker before the next home game.....He also confirmed( reluctantly )that they have bid for Hooper but wouldnt talk any futher about it...(25)(7)We know it will be leeIt's Adkins not Atkins. He will have another striker and Hooper. Plus one or two more and players back from injury.
Top of the league for 4 months fact!He said they hope to bring in someone other than Lee this week, but he didn't say it was a striker he just said he is still looking for another one.Hooper won't join Southampton. Commons, maybe, Hooper, not a chanceAnd the football world give a sh1t because?Stupid comment above.


14 Jan 2012 18:00:37
Leacock isnt signing for Ipswich as he has signed for Leyton Orient until the end of the season(10)(3)


14 Jan 2012 18:44:36
celtic wont let hooper go as they look like losing stoke to newcastle in deal which will see goalie move to celtic on permenant deal(3)(21)Utter bull

daviebhoy08What utter nonsense!

we have first option on forster for 2m, so why would lennon get rid of his joint top goalscorer, who incidentaly is worth more than 2mIf the money is right then the player will leave. We are a team in Scotland and cannot turn down silly money but I think it will have to be around £7mStokes isn't good enough for Sunderland never mind NewcastleNo one put a price on stokes celtic could get forster and 3 mill for stokesYou have to be kidding!
anthony stokes is no better than anything we already have - in fact he'd be lucky to get a game in the championship after watching for blunderland!


14 Jan 2012 18:30:03
Bournemouths Jayden Stockley to join Swindon on loan for rest of season so he can gain first team experience(6)(12)Jayden is a great guy and I'd wish him every success where ever he goes on loan too. But I'd pmsl if it turned out to be Swindon....


14 Jan 2012 18:28:56
QPR Targets:
Alex from Chelsea
Samba From Blackburn
Pienaar from Tottenham/Cahill from Everton
Johnson & Zamora from Fulham(27)(15)Well done you can read the paperAlex has rejected a move by QPR he wants out of England.No way will Samba go to relegation struggler club.Forget about Pienarr & Cahill too.Deluded rovers fan , just because you have the cash does not mean you will get the players you want.Cant afford any of them transfers or wages back 2 the championship for you rangers


14 Jan 2012 17:58:57
Barnsley fc to sign Jacobs from Northampton by tuesday(12)(5)Barnsley can't afford McGivern on loan so how can they pay for a very highly rated player thats going to cost them 1/4 mill at least!


14 Jan 2012 17:52:43
Hearts may have a bidding war for Templeton as Bristol City, Blackpool and Cardiff have made their interest known. Hearts want at least 2 mill for the player, developments likely next week, as he favours a move to the Championship and does not want to stay in the SPL(6)(7)2 mill??! haha, where are you getting that figure from, hearts will take ANY fairly decent fee for ANY player.2million.. No chance... Maybe £500000Bpool have offered £650000


14 Jan 2012 17:52:43
billy sharp has rejected a move to leicester city(33)(7)


14 Jan 2012 17:49:02
DJ Campbell moving back to Blackpool on loan(11)(18)


14 Jan 2012 17:47:26
Neil Warnock to take over as manager to the end of season, Millwall in relegation battle will sack manager this week.(28)(17)Suit each orther both hated


14 Jan 2012 17:34:54
Saints to bid 6mil which will might be considered by Celtic
( Spurs fan )
By the Southampton are bigger than Celtic end off(20)(30)Southampton a bigger team than celtic? have a look at yourself, absolutely clueless. southampton barely even gete 25,000 people in their stadium every week, jog on.Southampton a bigger team than celtic? haha! very good.Sorry what was that sentence supposed to meanIm not celtic or even scottish but this guy must be on medication southampton bigger than celtic lolMany times has southamton played in europe??? how many fans do southampton play there home games?? celtic are bigger than southampton and spurs put together end of a bet you think spurs are bigger than arsenal dream onYou need to learn to spell little man! think this 'spurs fan' might have an another scottish team that he supports....THE TAXMAN COMETH!!Behave.southampton are bigger than celtic?how in any way is that true.40000 season ticket holders.60000 fans at home every other week,a fantastic european record including being the 1st british team to win the european cup and a european finalist as recently as 2003.nothin against southampton but they will never b as big as glasgow celticI am a rangers fan and hate them but i can tell you they are a far bigger team than s/hampton and always will be, clown
BALLYBOYI agree, Southampton are bigger than Celtic as well as RangersThey aren't even 5% the size of Celtic.
End of !Celtic are one of the biggest teams in the world but stuck in a mickey mouse league and much bigger than spurs hail hailA Southampton fan posing as a Spurs fan! Only a small number of EPL side are as big as Celtic. With the exception of Matt Le Tis, Southampton are beyond insignificant!On what planet are you from.You really are stupid, if you think any Southampton is bigger!!! your fans total our number in the sheffield supporters club, you fool!!!Will you leave it out you only get 60k when you play the gers so stop saying you get that every week at home YOU DONT what was the attendance today?How many fa cups have celtic won? None. Only joking. i am a saints fan and i think that celtic are a bigger club. If saints get into the prem and establish them in it, then maybe.Southampton will NEVER be bigger then celtic, but tottenham are and will continue to be for years to comeBut it's well easy to get into europa league in Scotland because there's only two good teamsOh ffs, here we go again

we all know who the biggest team is, and there name doesnt begin with south

now, shut your trap and move onSoton bigger than Celtic, dream on !You saints fans are really starting to annoy me, hooper ain't going anywhere at least until summer, and as for club size give me a break Celtic have worldwide support, a 60000 seater stadium that averages 48000 fans every other week, which is within the top 15 in Europe, and a fantastic history, Southampton have never won anything and dont have any fans outside of the south coast, end if debateI think it's pretty obvious the original post was not (like 99% of them! from a genuine Southampton fan!

Most of us are normal and respectful of other Clubs.....particularly bigger ones like Celtic!The post was only written to get a response like this. And as usual everyone falls for it.Matt Le Tissiers nose will always be bigger than Celtic.Celtic have millions of fans worldwide you absolute clown ps you don't speak very good England go back to sleep Celtic are one of the biggest teams in the world always have always willToday's attendance was 56000! That enough for you?? Same every second week when we're at home! And biggest traveling support!Yes Celtic are bigger than Southampton but I read that leeds took over 5k to palace yesterday with many more missing out and Southampton,west ham also take loads away so doubt Celtic take that many away in spl.Southampton fans in over inflated opinion of their club shock.Seville need I say more
welshbhoyYou celtic fans dont like it cause you can't keep hold of your best players hooper in a saints shirt by next saturday ...............Im a Saints fan. Celtic are bigger than us but not necessarily better.You are bigger than us but that doesnt get away from the fact that you play in micky mouse lague what nobody gives a st about


14 Jan 2012 17:18:29
Mike Grella looking for an escape route out of Griffin Park. He has been consistently overlooked by UR at Brentford, and is getting frustrated at his lack of playing time. A return to Carlisle, where he scored 3 in 7 last year, on loan for the rest of the season with a view to a permenant move looks likely if Francois Zoko leaves to join Watford for 500000 pounds expected to happen in the next week.(6)(5)Doubt it mate, Jordan Cook will be carlisle's loan signing not Grella, Zoko may well leave like, but not for £500,000,


14 Jan 2012 17:08:43
Chelsea prospect Conor Clifford will move on loan to Celtic untill the end of the season with Manager Neil Lennon looking to bolster midfield with long term injury to Kayal.(8)(3)Celtic are only in the market for a striker


14 Jan 2012 16:12:25
Francisco Sandaza confirms he would be interested in a move to the championship. It is thought the Spaniard would prefer a move to a south coast club as he enjoyed his spell at Brighton last season. Saints scouts have been keeping close tabs on the striker in Scotland and now it appears Reading are interested too.(10)(10)Yes - glad to see he has the sense to repel 'The Famous Glasgow Rangers' - ha ha how does it feel when nobody wants to play for you, weegies?


14 Jan 2012 15:42:11
Maybe not in this transfer window maybe
in the summer stoke to take a look at
loaning Joe cole in summer when he
returns from Lille with a option to buy(10)(21)Don't see that happening at all really. Despite the last window dealings I still don't think Stoke appeals to players like J.Cole. He will probably either stay at Lille or I can see him going to Tottenham with Redknapp.


14 Jan 2012 15:40:40
Youth team's McAlinden is being chased by Newcastle Eveton and Ceitic(4)(10)Really great rumour no-one knows who he is! or where hes from?Wolves.Probably the lad at Wolves, but he's going nowhere.Is it the boy McAlindon a few doors away from me? didn't know clubs were looking at players so young, he's only 5!

can't be his dad, cos he only has one eye, and it's made of glass....well, maybe southampton will be in for him, seeing as they're after everyone who knows what shape a football is


14 Jan 2012 15:13:26
Southampton to increase their striking
options by signing Swansea striker
Luke Moore for £1.5 million,deal agreed(12)(27)


14 Jan 2012 14:38:05
Martin O'Neill hasn't been given any transfer funds for the January transfer and there'll be nobody incoming to The Stadium of Light. Bentner may be allowed to return to Arsenal with his loan contract being terminated..(13)(30)He has 20mil to spend so your full of it mag!Pls stay there don come back EVER again or you can free transfer and play in 3rd world countryHe would have to. Otherwise he would spit his dummy and walk as he usually doesHe doesn't even know if he has any money to spend he has a meeting with short this weekWish he was back at the villa,best manager for us in my lifetimeHe has money but the club arent saying how much as this would let clubs name their priceO'Neill wouldn't have taken the job of there was no money availableLets put it this way, whatever MON has to spend, it will be considerably more that Mr Pardew !!Mags will buy nothing as they are a selling club only


14 Jan 2012 14:13:31
Djeny Bembo Lita is not leaving Oldham. He hasn't played a first team match, due to serious injury, for over a year. Rumours of a £200K bid are silly.(13)(6)


14 Jan 2012 14:12:15
Ex-boss Steve MaClaren has offered his former club 2 players, a goalkeeper and defender. Both players will be at Rockcliffe next week for trials.
Source - Gilly.(6)(10)Any names.Dandelion and burdoch


14 Jan 2012 14:11:45
Norwich are interested in taking Oldham's Chris Taylor. They have made an offer of £75000 and Tom Adeyemi, currently on loan at Oldham.(13)(15)


14 Jan 2012 14:07:34
Derby County have tabled a £250k bid for Burton Albion forward Billy Kee. The move will see Kee staying at Burton until the end of the season.(10)(5)Where you heard that mate


14 jan 2012 13:59:28
news - flash!
southampton reject a bid from for young luke shaw
£1,000,000(7)(30)Considering £4m is the current price being talked up and Saints don't want/need to sell, it's a definite no.What makes you think that a club who can afford to shop at Harrods has suddenly decided to visit a car boot sale?Car boot sale? Ha. Look at all the Premier League players who have come from Southampton's academy. Loads of them. Luke Shaw is highly rated, with scouts from Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea all allegedly watching him recently, but Saints don't need to sell and see him as a future first team player.


14 Jan 2012 13:58:54
Alan Smith to Stoke on a free and Seb Bassong back to Newcastle for 4m.(18)(25)Hope so.keep smith well away from leeds.Smith has agreed terms with Leeds and will sign on Monday 100%, Delph is following M.O.T?! to last poster yeah right why should we believe you ?Why would stoke want smith! he would never get in the stoke sideJokes!! ;)


14 Jan 2012 13:56:49
Boro's Stephen McManus has been given permission to discuss a loan deal with Leeds and Wigan. Boro boss Mowbray has asked about a Wigan player in exchange, don't know his name, but he is a young attacking midfielder.
Source - Gilly.(7)(3)Yea cud be young callum mcmanaman. great young prospect, did well for blackpool on loan earlier in season


14 Jan 2012 13:28:09
Millwall will be looking to make a double swoop this week,with Watford striker Troy Deeney and Exeter midfielder James Dunne their targets.(4)(11)


14 Jan 2012 13:19:38
Saints have offered David Connelly, Jason Puncheon and £1.2m for Sordell(3)(30)Or not. We'll keep Connolly, Puncheon can go thoughDo you how well liked David Connelly is at Watford, absolutely no chanceHaha! I don't think so! Are you a skate?Sordell is a class forward and would get even better at saints connelly is good but getting on now and puncheon is clearly not wanted but will proberly be a load of bullEven if Connolly was acceptable - which he never will be in a million years - you are still £2.5m short - give up the lies

Lambert + £3m maybe20 lamberts and £3 more likeHa. Lambert is better than Sordell. League top goalscorer. Prices are so inflated, Sordell shouldn't be worth more than £1mil.


14 Jan 2012 13:16:26
anything on leeds ed? any truth in the clinagn or delph rumours ? {Ed002's Note - There may be something in Delph as he is available on loan.}(13)(11)Have read on a forum that lorimer says deal nearly done


14 Jan 2012 13:05:48
West ham will give 6million for Jordan Rhodes(12)(38)They need their heads tested for a brain if they offer anything likE that for what is a L1 striker.Keep it !Someone should tell West Ham that that's how much they'll pay, because this bloke is making it up as he goes along. It's not a rumour, it's a wet dream!He's worth about £1m - £2m ffsThat's why he won't go to West Ham. He's worth more than that to Town, but not to anyone else.When big sam has given up on signing him


14 Jan 2012 12:14:20
Ed is there any truth in the Delph to Leeds rumours? {Ed002's Note - I understand he is available for a loan, so it is possible.}(3)(10)Close to a deal according to Peter lorimer who may get in trouble for letting that slip.


14 Jan 2012 12:58:59
Contract talks between Andrei Arshavin have come to a halt over disagreement on Arshavin's proposed £74,000 per week. Anzhi Makhachkala are preparing to intervene with an offer for a £75,000 per week deal. Arsenal have agreed to let Arshavin go for around £6,000,000.(21)(13)


14 Jan 2012 12:41:22
Newcastle targets
Mapou yanga mbiwa 6.8 million
Aly cissokho 7.5 million
Mevlut erdinc 5.5 million
Wilfred zaha 5 million
Luuk de jong 14 million

Mbiwa set join next week will undergo a medical and sign a five year deal
Cissokho is rumoured to be a done deal but if he joins id expect it to be the end of danny simpson as hes yet to sign a new deal hell be sold for 5 million to villa or qpr
Newcastle will sign one of the other three most likely to erdinc or zaha dont see the club spending 14 million(21)(22)Haha too much fizzy pop lad, now off football manager pleaseCant afford any of these haha deludedCant afford any of these? we are not skint like most of the prem teams or in debt, we just have a tight a$$ for an owner who could afford to buy all of the above.Delude Geordie alert on here again!come on BoroClub might not be in debt to anyone but newcastle united still owe sports direct over 100 million pounds which is why non of the mentioned deals will take place shrewd mr ashley will look at young players from abroad and hope to have the success he already has and then sell on the players at a profitCant afford? The club arent poor, we are in debt to Mike Ashley (which is interest free but we still have £36m of the Nolan, Carroll and Enrique fee's. Plus the wages of Barton and the out-going Alan SmithWe shall have to see. It would be good if we can clinch a euro place... HTLZaha will be 10mill minimum, just signed a 5year deal and DF said he will cost more than a Newcastle can afford to pay


14 Jan 2012 12:27:57
Watford have accepted a 1.5 million pound bid with future incentives for Marvin Sordell from Southampton.(12)(20)What are you on, Watford turned down a 3mil bid from Southampton in AugustThis isn't quite true Watford also get puncheon as they want to replace kightly who has gone back to wolves and Saints want shot of him - Connelly is also a potential make weight in the offer, this has not yet been accepted as Watford will encourage other clubs to bid and sorrel himself would prefer a move to the premier this seasonErm, oh no they haven't.Watford would be looking for at least 4mil and Connelly would never go back to Watford and the fans wouldn't want himCome on saints - you can either afford Sordell or you can't - it will take £5m of cash - none of these made up part exchanges - they never happen. So forget the dreams and see if you are big enough to buy quality - if not go and buy someone you can afford.Why would we accept that?! hes worth at least £4m, we dont need to sell, he's our best player and he's playing today!What a joke, Watford would never want Connolly back and we rejected £3m from Southampton in the summer

Absolute crap


14 Jan 2012 12:23:43
Free agent Belarus striker Vyacheslav Hleb in talks with Wolves about a deal until end of the season

Johnny Gorman leaving the Molineux to join Walsall on loan(15)(2)


14 Jan 2012 12:33:36
Leyton Orient have completed a double defensive swoop. Former Derby County defender Dean Leacock and Tunisian centre back Syam Ben Youssef.,,10439~2576265,00.html

This will only increase speculation that Orient will be losing a defender. Terrell Forbes has been linked with a surprise move to Sheffield Wednesday. May not be a surprise after all.(2)(8)Doubt Wednesday need yet another defenderLeyton Orient signings are legit, but I really dont think Wednesday ar signing another defenderI can confirm Wednesday did enquire about Forbes during the week.Forbes in shock return to Yeovil - Bondz N'Gala to the London comedy club.


14 Jan 2012 12:28:33
Fact!! Keith hill was at the reebok stadium thursday night. Possibly for matters on his own personal future or perhaps a loan signing for barnsley. Either way been at the reebok stadium just futher fuels suggestion he is the future bolton wanderers manager(3)(25)Keith Hill to bolton no chance he is building a team for the future at Barnsley and is going to be there a long time.


14 Jan 2012 12:24:19
Leeds bringing in delph who can operate anywhere across the midfield, and left back.
Martin Kelly will come in in his favoured role of centre back.
Eric lichaj will come in at right back.
Alan smith will come in as a utility player, striker and midfielder.
Rachubka,connolly,Bruce,obrien,parker,Sam,paynter are all been offered to clubs for loan or transfer to free up wages.(11)(17)Dream on your now a small clubThere will not be this much action. I don't think Villa want to let Lichaj out, due to their small squad, let alone Lichaj and Delph. Adam Smith seems more likely that Martin Kelly, who is geting into Liverpool's first eleven. Bruce and Sam will be required, I think. Connolly should leave; his performance against Barnsley infuriated Grayson, and he probably won't play again.
wallyLmao! how desperate are the tin pot Leeds fans? Every time there's a transfer window, at least one of them pops up telling us all about Alan Smith returning... get over it you saddo's, Smith isn't coming back, you think more of him than he thinks of you!Plonker,its only a minority of Leeds fans want Smith back,hes past it,dont tar all Leeds fans with the same brush.Sometimes the Smith rumours have legs as we were interested in the summer but only 10% of us want him back. Unfortunately this list is more a wish list than a shopping list. We'll be lucky if we get one more in.Its a handful of obessive leeds fans dont tar us all with the same brush


14 Jan 2012 10:59:12
Celtic's look for a new striker has turned to the premiership, the Bhoys are looking at Bobby Zamora of Fulham, Hugo Rodallega of Wigan and Leon Best of Newcastle. Zamora and Rodallega having torrid times at their respective clubs and a £900,000 bid + Gary Hooper could see Leon Best head north.

Hull City could be set to sell Matt Fryatt to either Wolves or Blackburn. Both struggling Premiership clubs are desperate for a goalscorer and Fryatt fits the bill. If Fryatt is sold, then the Tigers will look to replace him with USA star and ex-Hull striker Jozy Altidore.

£25 million should see Edin Hazard complete his move to Chelsea following Gary Cahill's move which should be completed in the next 24 hours.

Rangers shall be ridding themselves of four players this window. Nikica Jelavic will be on his way to Everton after an £8 million bid has been accepted on the fly, aswell as a £5 million bid for Mcgregor from Malaga. Central Defender Dorin Goian will depart for Bolton for £800,000 as a replacement for the departing Gary Cahill and Gregg Wylde will be sent out on loan to Watford for the remainder of the season.(5)(39)900,000 + Hooper? Mental.Not sure if this is pure speculation, but you must be havin a laugh if you think Leon Best is worth £900,000 + Gary Hooper, more like £90,000 and no exchange.1. Everton dont have £8 million to spend. 2. Malaga have just signed Carlos Kameni so wont be going in for McGregor. 3. Goian is going nowhere. 4. Why would Rangers send wylde out on loan when he gets a game every week? Absolute rubbish from you!Fryatt is the answer to a Premier League side's goalscoring problems is he? Are you having a laugh? He's RUBBISH!Leon best for hooper plus £900,000 you are having a laugh. Best could not lace Hoopers boots!


14 Jan 2012 10:54:33
QPR and Chelsea have agreed a fee for Chelsea's Alex(25)(6)Alex doesnt want to goWho would want 2 go 2 a team that's going straight back down. Qpr have rubbish fans small ground and the biggest egos in footballHes off to psg


14 Jan 2012 10:18:15
Swansea to sell Sinclair and corm sinclairs reasons is that he thinks Swansea is an awful place to live and I think vorms attracting interest from a few of the top 6 also dyer might be on his way out since he is not playing enough(8)(15)Dyer not playing enough because he is same position as sinclair so why would they sell both ?R u real sinclair loves swansea.
no way we would sell vorm only for stupid crazy money like 20 to 30 million.
and dyer aint going no where
get your facts straight you muppetBoth lads like the night life and not many better places in the uk than wind streetAre you serious.. I was unfortunate to have to complete my doctorate at morriston. There are a few places nice to live but the town centre is a complete mess. Wind street is great if you fancy a fight. Christ you people need to travel a bit


14 Jan 2012 12:09:37
Nicky Maynard is going to be at the hawthorns today, watching two possible future clubs in west bromwich Albion and norwich city. It is believed that the team who impress him the most will be his chosen club, but he is more inclined to join the baggies since they can offer him more money and Chris wood has gone on loan to bristol so that is his more likely destination. Other players to join Albion are Patrick helmes for £4 million, Christian Rodriguez on
loan and rhys Williams in the summer if Middlesbrough don't get promoted. Players to leave during this transfer window are tamas, bednar, fortune and myhill will go to Birmingham if west brom buy foster if blues don't get promoted.(18)(17)So he is going to pick his future on who has the better game today get a gripHe will go where the most money isHe is in the starting line up for BCFC at Brighton


14 Jan 2012 12:09:04
West Ham Have made a 2Million Pound Bid in the first of the bids in the race for Watfords Young striker Marvin Sordell(18)(12)


14 Jan 2012 12:06:45
West Brom are interested in Celtic striker Georgios Samaras, rumours round west Bromwich is Hodgson is preparing a £1.5m bid for the Greek striker

Plus young midfielder Romaine Sawyers is heading to Walsall on loan and Bednar to Charlton either on loan or permanent(9)(15)Samaras will cost way more than 1.5 million.
He's just signed a new deal and has been one of Celtics best players this season. He's been excellent in the Europa league too against good sides before you all start with the SPL is like the blue square premiership sh!te.If we can get £1.5million for sammy I will drive him down myself, to incosistent. Played well the last 2 months but you always know theres a slump on the way with him.

SkDont read too much into this,already had their fingers burnt with Fortune from CelticSamaras was being touted at around 3-4 mill, he turned down a 3 mill move to Palermo, so 1.5 mill, your taking the pissCharlton have just brought in two strikers.


14 Jan 2012 11:58:51
stoke city renewing there intrest in Frederic Piquionne...tim cahill and agent still in talks with everton trying sqeeze fuller out of stoke ..pulis told fuller its upto him talks with fuller n everton on going(2)(15)Cahill is a footballer, why go to Stoke?


14 Jan 2012 11:52:13
3rd bid from Southampton for Gary Hooper to go in today in the region of 7 million pounds
A.R.T(20)(19)I doubt the southampton owners/board would sanction that kind of reckless spending.Not a chance, you obviously dont know Nicola Cortese.I have said this for the last 2 weeks and said it would go to 7 million . Hooper to Celtic a 95 percent done deal factoring in a 5 % chance of personal terms not getting agreed.
A.R.TQuote from neil lennon after 4m bid rubbished.......

"Southampton's valuation of the player and our valuation are some way off each other.

"I've no idea if they'll come back in for Gary a third time, but they'll get the same answer if they do. He's not for sale."A.R.T said yesterday that saints would come in with two more bids the first would be turned down, and Lennon would say he's not for sale. Then they would come back with another bid that would be accepted, I'm not sure whether he is right but he's been right so far!Southampton fans are funny! Talk about delusions of grandeur! Just because you write "£7m" it doesn't make it true, we were told it was £6m yesterday - it turned out to be nothing like that much. Maybe you lot should leave the football to the club and just concentrate on what you're good at, being laughed at as you pretend to be a big club.


14 Jan 2012 11:48:31
Tottenham striker Simon Dawkins is on the verge of joining league one side Walsall on loan until the end of the season

Dawkins has been on loan at MLS side San Jose Earthquakes during their 2011 season (played 26 and scored 6)(6)(1)


14 Jan 2012 11:28:35
Hammill seen at the training ground yesterday, Fabian delph signing on loan(12)(23)Who's training ground?Thorp arch training complex I would assume as the delph deal is rapped up for leeds but Hamill not needed.Hammill was defo not at the training ground yesterday


14 Jan 2012 11:28:00
West brom to sign Craig Gardner this month for a fee of £5 million plus an unnamed player, probably Fortuné, Bednar, or Tamas(6)(24)No chance sunderland not selling gardner, we bought him for 6m so think 5m is way off our valuationWhy would we want that lot?I'm a Newcastle fan but I think even Sunderland have higher expectations than those 3 swap playersWest brom aint got 5 million


14 Jan 2012 11:17:20
Ricardo Vaz Te is reported to have had talks with Leeds United and is expexted to sign on Tuesday for 1.2 Million. Inside source at Barnsley gave me the info and he's been right every time so im GUTTED.(17)(31)Not a chance no way bates will pay £1.2 mill on anybody.rather he uses that kind of money if we have it on salaries for delph,kelly and a quality cb for rest of season to get us out of this div!The Mighty stes ... Thats a good one1.2 mil,haha your having a laugh,maybe on some fixtures and fittings for some part of the ground,not on a player,looking through our team the whole lot probably stands us at about thatThat's right Leeds linked to another player of ours. i wish our chairman would back the manager leeds are massive they should be looking at better players from the premiership and not take ours.I wish he'd be better use at leeds than st old barnsley


14 Jan 2012 10:31:48
chelsea will sign krasic by the end of january(8)(21)


14 Jan 2012 09:49:23
13 Jan 2012 22:53:09
Southampton Transfer Rumours:
First of all I am fed up with how our club and fans are being viewed at the moment by other people who use this site. We don't think we are going to sign everybody and if there is someone that has put a rumour up that does seem unlikely then it is probably not a Southampton fan.

Tadanari Lee > Secured his Work Permit on Wednesday after it was agreed that he was a brilliant talent that would improve English Football. I don't know if he was in Japan or not but I suppose he is finalising his move at the moment.

Gary Hooper (Celtic) > As much as I would love to see him sign I don't think that the rumour is true, I can not see him leaving Celtic as they are one of the two big clubs in Scotland.

Kris Commons (Celtic) > Again a very good player which would be amazing for us but with his current injury I can't see why we would go for him. I am sure he wouldn't sign for us.

Lukas Jutkiewicz (Coventry) > I think he was a realistic target for this window but seems he is off to Middlesbrough which is a real shame. I said at the begining of the season that he would have been a great signing but I cannot see him joining now.

Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield) > No chance of him joining us, Huddersfield have said that no bids are welcome by ANY club. He would probably move to a Premier League team if anything.

Billy Sharp (Doncaster), Nicky Maynard (Bristol City) & Albert Adomah (Bristol City) We had a bid accepted for Sharp back in July which was supposed to be 3-3.25Million pounds but talks broke down over after he was not prepared to move futher down south. We have no interest in Maynard & Adomah I believe.

Besides that I can't think of any names mentioned, expect names that we have never heard of.


Jason Puncheon > Linked with Blackpool I believe in which they made a bid around £750,000 which was rejected by Southampton as they want £1,000,000. I would have accepted that.

Jonathon Forte > Heard that he has been linked with a move to Walsall, I don't know if there is any truth behind this though.

Lee Homles > Haven't heard any clubs that are intersted but will probably go out on loan like Dickson this window.

I hope this clears up some of the agressive banter to stop as it is damaging the reputation of the Club and it's fans. Thankyou.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank goodness a southampton fan who is talking sense.

i applaud your sincerity and sensible approach


Totally with you there. I'm getting fed up of the negative press we're receiving. It's only happening because everyone needs someone to shoot down because of their wealth. It happened with Leicester pre-season. It's our turn now, we just have to stay in the promotion places until the end of the season.


Which you won't


Im liking your honesty with what your saying but ive said it before where do you think your getting all this cash from?
As a club you are not wealthy!
Your previous owner was/your new owners family are but as a club you dont have that much cash.
No you don't have the ox's cash as this is paid in stages plus add on's (similar to the walcott deal).
lee plus some other small signings will be your all!



Very well said! but as mentioned above, its not the wealth that is damaging the reputation of your club. its the arrogant opinions of some fans that keep surfacing on websites. shame really, as you would think that a club that has come through the mire of administration and back would be a bit more humble in their new found success. but hopefully its just the minority


Forgot to put a name or something last night (Was Tired)

I am glad that some people do agree with me about this issue that is going on and I would like to point out that some of these crazy rumours posted on this site are probably not Southampton. I is most likely that it is other fans that are posting this to get other fans to react.

The reason we won't sign anyone like Hooper or Commons is because we won't spend more than 2,000,000 on a player. Not that we don't have a lot of money (We have a good amount of money in the bank) Just that it is the way the club is run which I am happy with.

Other Players that have been mentioned:

Robbin Ruiter > I have done much research on this and all I can find is that Newcastle are leading the chase for him. We are apparently intersted in him though. From what I read Newcastle are considering him as cover for Tim Krul.

Iago Falque (Tottenham) > I personally think he would be a good signing and add some flair to the midfield BUT is currently on loan from Juventus so I don't know how this loan would work.


Luke Shaw > Has been linked with Arsenal. The teenager who is my age is worth 4,000,000 according to The Gunners but Saints have insisted that he is not for sale. I think Luke Shaw played the other night against Bolton in the FA Youth Cup at the Reebok Staduim where there was scouts from Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal all keeping tabs on the sixteen year old. I would like us to keep him as I know someone who has played in the academy set up who said that Shaw was the next big thing behind Ward-Prowse.(8)(12)I think you are all forgetting this is a "rumour" website.One comment here made sense...its a rumour site. People can make posts that probably won't happen, every club's fans do it. Markus left a significant fee for the club and I think its out of order that because he doesn't want to waste his best friend's money it suddenly means he doesn't have the money to spend.Your spot on with your comments mate, there's so much crap put on here its mind boggling. I will say and I have this on good authority from the training ground banter that we can expect two more signings before the end of the month and neither of them currently play in the English leagues.AS a Saints fan I am loving the common sense posts here.

Lets be honest. We have money. Nicola Cortese stated more than two years ago, that we had a five yr plan to get into the premier league. He also in the same interview slated teams that were badly run and that were operated in debt. He went on to say that Finances were not an issue and that He had plans for Saints to challenge in the premier league, and his message has never changed, or been contradicted by anyone involved with the club.

From this we can see that he will spend the right money on the right players. I guess that means that we can spend big if we want to, but will never operate in a similar way to the likes of Leicester, Chelsea, or a Man City.

In this day and age where Championship clubs are paying 30k+ in wages on certain players I applaud this sensible approach to the game. At least whatever we achieve in the coming years will be managed by ensuring the future of 'our' club is not put at risk. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but personally after we were 48 hrs from going out of existence I am relieved we are run this way - while 20 miles down the road there is another example of how 'not' to run a club. These so called owners chasing the dream, and bailing out because they run out of money. I actually have sympathy for the Pompey mob, because while I hate them, no true football fan deserves to see their club go through that.It's Southampton, who cares? Well done on winning the most boring post of the week award though. You should consider becoming an author because your fairy tales are impressive.Yada yada yada, In Out In Out shake it all about. You are a pimple on the arse end of the country. Any further south and you would either be wet or French. Seriously the rest of the football world doesn't give a toss and view your irrelevant little club with the contempt they deserve!Here's an idea - keep all your southampton transfer rumours (lies) on the southampton fantasy page & leave the main pages to proper clubsAdkins would not know a decent player if he sawc one He bought carp at SUFC


14 Jan 2012 09:44:00
heard from a reliable source that newcastle are close to signing wilfried zaha for 2.5 mil and mapou yanga m biwa for 7 mil(10)(31)No chance Palace have already turned back potential suitors who have inquired as to Zaha's availability with interest at £6.5M and told them £10M would be nearer the mark. He recently signed a new 5.5 year contract which was put in place not to keep him at the club but to raise any potential transfer fee. The club accept he is a great talent and is likely to move on however Palace would like to keep him until the summer.Another 8 million pal and yes to zaha but 2.5 dream on sonny boyZaha to good for newcastle my be go to the big boys of the north east sunderland.Deluded Geordie alert!you lot really need to get a grip-Zaha will only leave us for a top 4 club


14 Jan 2012 09:40:48
Fuller could be on his way to everton in a deal that will bring Cahill to Stoke.(13)(29)There is not a hope in hell of Cahill WANTING to join Stoke, when he can stay at Everton.


14 Jan 2012 09:35:30
Fulham have become favourites to land England Starlet Marvin Sordell from Championship Outfit Watford for £2.5million. Source:TalkSport(3)(21)Not for that money ! Between 4m and 5m perhaps.England Starlet Marvin Sordell. SINCE WHEN^ England u21's? Keep up


14 Jan 2012 09:28:49
Wolves want to sign Liam Ridgewell and Nicky Maynard(20)(15)


14 Jan 2012 09:28:40
Wolves have NOT signed West Ham's Frederic Piquionne, as reports elsewhere say. He's available but no deal. Agent trying to find him club.(19)(7)


14 jan 2012 09:14:13
any bristol city transfer news,
any bristol city transfer news,(2)(17)


14 Jan 2012 09:11:25
Fact!! Keith hill was at the reebok stadium thursday night. Possibly for matters on his own personal future or perhaps a loan signing for barnsley. Either way been at the reebok stadium just futher fuels suggestion he is the future bolton wanderers manager(5)(17)Stop talking crap not a chance.


14 Jan 2012 09:04:26
brentford will be signing neilharris(2)(7)


14 Jan 2012 08:45:21
Marvin Johnson will officialy sign by Tuesday
Source- Romulus Official Website, Sky Sports Website.

Other signings possible...

Ben Mee 950k Source-Man City Website,Lancashire Telegraph.

Tom Taiwo 550k - Sky sports News(0)(11)


14 Jan 2012 08:14:23
advanced talks of archdeacon on way to easter road...good source(3)(3)


14 Jan 2012 08:07:29
Swindon Town have not been linked with Bristol city forward Ryan Taylor and anyone who says so is talking utter rubbish but we have been linked with dagenhams Scott Doe as Paolo is looking for another center back and Doe fits the bill(2)(3)Doe would be a good signing for yous. He struggled at Weymouth in the conference and hasn't set the world alight at Daggers so would fit your bill


14 Jan 2012 07:26:08

CELTIC will step up their interest in Jordan Rhodes if Southampton come back with a £6million offer for Gary Hooper.

Saints told Hoops chiefs they were willing to pay £4m-plus for Hooper earlier this week and were sent packing.

Manager Neil Lennon wants a "No Sale" sign slapped on the 23-year-old, but admits the board will have to listen should a massive deal be put on the table.

source - daily mail(10)(21)Unless celtic are gonna offer 10m plus cash they neednt bother the lads not for sale and when he does go prob in summer it will be to a epl team no offence but the lads too good for you gunners or spurs favourites to sign him6million is not a massive bid for a player of Hooper's quality. 9 million plus will be the point when the board might decide to cash in.

If Celtic win the league this season they go straight into the group stages of the CL due to the co-efficient points Rangers accumulated with their run to the UEFA cup final a few years ago. CL group stages means a guaranteed income of anywhere between 10 and 15 million so the board will not jeapordise that for 6 million now.

MacThe winners of the SPL this season will have to play two qualifiers for the CL, its next season the winners go straight in.
also im getting fed up of all this Southampton crap, they are a joke club, will never win anything or play in europe and a step back for Hooper, and 6 mill is an insult, 10 mill is more like it, if there are any truth in the rumours, surely they are guilty of Tapping a player and should be reported to UEFA£6 million is fair price for a player unproven at international and european level. No club is stupid enogh to offer £10 million for a player like Hooper. Dream on.Sorry. I stand corrected. I looked it up and you are right, the winners go into the 3rd qualifying round and if they win that they will face a play off.

Still no chance Hoops is going to Saints.

If Fulham etc. firm up their interest then I will be a bit more worried. Also Sunderland and a few other Middle of the road EPL teams are keeping an eye on the situation but they all know he wont be cheap, it seems the only people who dont realise that is Southampton.



14 Jan 2012 06:25:55
I seem to remember reading an article in the summer about Scott Dann's move to Blackburn; when Dann moved, it was only after they promised Chris Samba wouldn't be transferred out. If Samba goes, it's possible Dann could shortly follow.(11)(6)Scott dan only signed for blackburn because stoke and other clubs pulled out of sugning him because scott dan exspected a top 4 club to come in and offering him silly money and when that didnt happen in a act of desperation he signed for the only club left offering him a deal...blackburn


14 Jan 2012 02:03:42
fredric piquionne has SIGNED for wolves on a free transfer(1)(38)Hes too old and is useless


14 Jan 2012 01:58:44
Maynard won't go to Swansea. I'd say Fulham or Everton are in the lead now.(7)(13)Maynard isnt going anywhere the manager has clearly said plus fulham and everton want rhodes instead as they see he has more resale value because of his age


14 Jan 2012 01:55:30
Jamie Murphy to wolves(6)(13)


14 Jan 2012 00:54:46
Dundee are close to signing Darren Mackie for an undisclosed fee from Aberdeen after eleventh hour talks, despite the likes of Alloa Athletic and Stockport County pursuing the faded Dons striker.(11)(3)Is Francois Zoko heading south?


14 Jan 2012 00:21:28
BREAKING NEWS...Southampton to enquire for wigans victor moses. It is believed nigel adkins is willing to pay 5m for the forward. Source: guardian sport.(5)(53)Saints are welcome to him, I'll drive him there myself!Decent winger, £5m is more than we're likely to pay. I couldn't see anything on the guardian website anyway.Oh dear, you have to hand it to these saints,they are trying to get 1st place in the delusion league....guess who are first!Another name to add to the deluded saints fans wish list, put it there under sharp, long, Maynard, Rodriguez and the bloke from Coventry!!Wow! Liverpool, man utd etc reportedly interested! Are u sure you're not reading jan 2010 version of the guardian? Idiot! And I support Saints!The only deluded people are the ones who believe this stuff and that it has been posted by a Saints fan.
The WUM quotient on this site is quite high!Maybe when you have been in the prem for at least 3 seasons .He's been wigans best player and is valued at like £15m why on earth would he go to southampton?


14 Jan 2012 00:13:08
Qpr to sign Sao Paulo striker henrique on loan to be done by Monday(19)(17)Qpr are going to sign everyone by the looks of itQPR manager to leave wthin 18 months. Legal disclaimer: This information is NOT based on insider knowledge and/or the shifting sands of Premiership football. More of just, y'know, looking at his track record and his horrendously over-valued sense of self worth.


13 Jan 2012 23:50:42
Yeovil to sign goalkeeper Sam Walker from Chelsea(9)(13)


13 Jan 2012 23:58:09
Source very close to bfc saying puncheon eager for Blackpool switch but saints blocking the move for 'personal' reasons with the player!

Money offered is not the issue(8)(19)Blackpool have not offered anything other than a further loan.Got his agent to phone leeds up to see if they still wanted him but they said no,that was 2 days ago


13 Jan 2012 23:44:55
apparently celtic have dissmissed southamptons £6m bid for hooper :((39)(12)It was 4 million celtic will accept 6


13 Jan 2012 23:03:38
Fabian Delpgh joining Leeds on loan for rest of season(10)(21)Good i hope Leeds buy him, gets totally over powered week in week outNo he does not, he is playing with useless lumps like Dunne, Hutton etc. Delph will become a top prem player.Hes a good player not good enough for the squadHe's shown glimpses of quality but I think that dm is not his best role. If he was given a license to attack more I think we would see a different side to his game and maybe a big improvement in his contributionIm a villa fan and still waiting for this guy to show me the kind of form he did at leeds he seems to have changed his game from a very skillfull attacking player to a difencesive midfielder which is very confusing.You payed 6 mill rising to 8 mill then your club don't play him in position that impressed villa enough to nip in I front of man city to buy him.


13 Jan 2012 22:57:22
Leicester ate goin to sign billy sharp, david coterill and craig dawson!(15)(19)MK Dons Fc:
Ins-Cox from leyton orient and McLeod from barnet
And 1 more mystery winger Karl Robinson is watching.Craig Dawson to Leicester? You wish.
Back to the night nurse chap, dream on


13 Jan 2012 22:53:09
Southampton Transfer Rumours:
First of all I am fed up with how our club and fans are being viewed at the moment by other people who use this site. We don't think we are going to sign everybody and if there is someone that has put a rumour up that does seem unlikely then it is probably not a Southampton fan.

Tadanari Lee > Secured his Work Permit on Wednesday after it was agreed that he was a brilliant talent that would improve English Football. I don't know if he was in Japan or not but I suppose he is finalising his move at the moment.

Gary Hooper (Celtic) > As much as I would love to see him sign I don't think that the rumour is true, I can not see him leaving Celtic as they are one of the two big clubs in Scotland.

Kris Commons (Celtic) > Again a very good player which would be amazing for us but with his current injury I can't see why we would go for him. I am sure he wouldn't sign for us.

Lukas Jutkiewicz (Coventry) > I think he was a realistic target for this window but seems he is off to Middlesbrough which is a real shame. I said at the begining of the season that he would have been a great signing but I cannot see him joining now.

Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield) > No chance of him joining us, Huddersfield have said that no bids are welcome by ANY club. He would probably move to a Premier League team if anything.

Billy Sharp (Doncaster), Nicky Maynard (Bristol City) & Albert Adomah (Bristol City) We had a bid accepted for Sharp back in July which was supposed to be 3-3.25Million pounds but talks broke down over after he was not prepared to move futher down south. We have no interest in Maynard & Adomah I believe.

Besides that I can't think of any names mentioned, expect names that we have never heard of.


Jason Puncheon > Linked with Blackpool I believe in which they made a bid around £750,000 which was rejected by Southampton as they want £1,000,000. I would have accepted that.

Jonathon Forte > Heard that he has been linked with a move to Walsall, I don't know if there is any truth behind this though.

Lee Homles > Haven't heard any clubs that are intersted but will probably go out on loan like Dickson this window.

I hope this clears up some of the agressive banter to stop as it is damaging the reputation of the Club and it's fans. Thankyou.(12)(12)Thank goodness a southampton fan who is talking sense.

i applaud your sincerity and sensible approachTotally with you there. I'm getting fed up of the negative press we're receiving. It's only happening because everyone needs someone to shoot down because of their wealth. It happened with Leicester pre-season. It's our turn now, we just have to stay in the promotion places until the end of the season.Which you won'tIm liking your honesty with what your saying but ive said it before where do you think your getting all this cash from?
As a club you are not wealthy!
Your previous owner was/your new owners family are but as a club you dont have that much cash.
No you don't have the ox's cash as this is paid in stages plus add on's (similar to the walcott deal).
lee plus some other small signings will be your all!

tommoVery well said! but as mentioned above, its not the wealth that is damaging the reputation of your club. its the arrogant opinions of some fans that keep surfacing on websites. shame really, as you would think that a club that has come through the mire of administration and back would be a bit more humble in their new found success. but hopefully its just the minorityAdkins has said that no bids have been received for Puncheon. Holloway has accepted that neither we or the player want another loan. Adkins very recently spoke of a major signing being likely.Unfortunately some people cannot be sensible or polite and post nonsense on sites such as this. I do have some inside info via a first team squad player and NO signings are close alhough it is common knowledge that the club are trying to strenghten in 2 positions.Kris Commons is not injured, Neil Lennon has just fell out with Commons because he has become a fat BD and has not been able to shift the weightI didn't realise your club had a reputation to damageGood post here - and im a pompey fan!!
Some people dont seem to realise this is a RUMOURS site so if Saints fans or Pompey fans want to post rumours why is there a problem?
If you dont like it the dont read it - not complicated.


13 Jan 2012 22:52:25
Ipswich are in talks with a centre back according to press. Is it true 3 players have been at Ipswich to day in talks if so who ?(3)(9)Dean Leacock from derby countyjJewell himself said on radio 3 bids have been made .


13 Jan 2012 22:51:50
Unfortunately it sounds like a deal has been done for Ritchie subject to contract negotiations although figures are being undisclosed, Jayden Stockley and Lyle Taylor could be joining on loan for rest of season as part of the deal. Announcement expected to be made early next week(12)(5)Give it a rest will you, its ridiculous beyond belief now, I know him and he isnt going to bournemouth, he may move yet as two championship clubs, Burnley and Ipswich are after him, but he aint going to bournemouthRitchie was bombed out of Portsmouth a year ago and they are a struggling championship side desperate for players so burnley are NOT going to sign him or any other championship side for that matter! Certainly not for what bournemouth are offering so Please think before you make ridiculous statementsBournemouths Marc Pugh is coming to Burnley so that's a lie! We would not gamble on a league 2 player and Howe signed Pugh for Bournemouth and we have had good dealings with the club Before. It sounds likely Ritchie could replace Pugh though. Try reading other sites instead of getting on your high horseWho the f are these people ?What is wrong with Swindon fans? Wake up and smell the coffee cos you are a bottom division team. The war is over and hoddle has gone


13 Jan 2012 22:23:27
Marvin Sordell to QPR with Helgusin, Smith plus cash going the other way. Good deal for both parties I'd say.(5)(20)


13 Jan 2012 22:06:34
Luuk de jong will be ging to one of the following clubs

CHELSEA FACT!(20)(30)Liverpool or Newcastle in the summer if he moves at all. Read his interview with his agentArnt newcastle intrested 2Newcastle are wanting him 2Newcastle cant compete with any of those clubs in the transfer market, well may be liverpool


13 Jan 2012 21:35:28
Steve tilson to be installed as new Stevenage manager following GW departure to PNE which will include Paul brush as his assistant.(5)(4)


13 Jan 2012 21:33:30
Freddie Eastwood is considering a move to league one side Colchester as his roots in Essex seems to swing a loan move until the end of the season with Southend now out of contention flooring the signing of flood on a free transfer(5)(8)He's a southend boy couldn't see him playing for arch rivals colchester...


13 Jan 2012 21:25:26
Rumours in Liverpool pubs are saying Dempsey defo to everton with Cahill moving to qpr(13)(34)More chance of Cahill getting the ferry cross the Mersey than joining QPR.Sure its a wind up but would love CahillI pray this is true

The ShadowDempsey stays. Only CL football, with serious chance of quarters/semis+ would tempt him.Rumours in SOME Liverpool pubs are saying LFC can make top 4 - so take a pinch of salt.Rumours in pubs in essex say football fans around the UK are becoming deluded and are just making up whatever they like and telling of it as the truth...All the Everton fans seem to think Cahill is going to Stoke!!


13 Jan 2012 21:21:24
Southampton will not announce any signings before the Forest match this weekend. However, before Leicester Gary Hooper and Tadanari Lee will sign. Southampton are also interested in a winger and a centre back, but they will look outside the Championship as they feel the players are overrated and overpriced there. No youth players will be leaving as they are the future of the premier league at Southampton and Jason Puncheon will be shipped off as soon as a club makes a bid, which none have yet(20)(21)Blackpool have had a £650,000 bid for Puncheon already turned down.Adkins has said that no bids have been received for Puncheon. Holloway has accepted that he is unavailable on loan following their enquiry.Gary hooper wont leave for the championship wen ther is interest from EPL,,,,and use might have money but celtic dont nd 2 and dont want 2 sell and hooper loves the club so use have no chance


13 Jan 2012 21:13:41
Lita to leave Swansea(10)(14)Hope he comes to barnsley fc


13 Jan 2012 21:05:57
Out of favour Rangers winger, Gregg Wylde, is set to sign for watford on loan for the rest of the season.

McCoist is keen for Wylde to get some first team games under his belt, to challenge for the first team next season.


I wish, touch like an elephant

Wouldnt say out of favour, rangers are short in every position

Mervan Celik is set to join Rangers any day now, and with 2 left wingers ahead of Wylde, and Rangers needing to cut their wage bill, this looks definately viable.(8)(5)


13 Jan 2012 21:05:50
Newcastle set to complete a deal for montpellier cb yanga mbiwa for 6.8 million. He will undergo a medical before signing a 5 year deal

Newcastle have also returned to bid 7 million for psg striker mevlut erding, after failing in the summer newcastle can now offer erding first team football after he fell down the pecking order at psg this season(17)(12)Doubt we'd offer £7million for Erdinc when he's allowed to leave for between 5 and 6million.. also we wont pay 6.8million for a defender who wont get his gameHe will get his games hes better than williamson


13 Jan 2012 21:04:37
Anyone know what's the latest on Aaron Mclean?(0)(8)Barmby said today that nobody has approached hull city about aaron mclean and that he,s signed as full time manager with the promise none of the team are sold including cameron stewartHe's staying with Barmby Army


13 Jan 2012 20:59:21
Just heard Dempsey could be heading to everton for 6 million(13)(29)Everton through and through..... this deal would be amazingAnd makepiece to followGet real!
everton dont have £600 quid never mind 6 mill they are skint!
any signings will be loanee'or bosman's.keep sniffin that glue kid.Ed - is this you posting wishful thinking again ? :) {Ed001's Note - I think 025 might be posting from the pub after a few bevvies.....}Everton simply so not have that kind of money to spend anymore sorryIm a toon fan, but as much as i would love for Moyes to have some money to spend and to make they beloved fans happy i just dont see where Everton would get £6million for one player from maybe £6million and buy a couple of good players to add to depth.. unless he's got a few more loans lined up a jst dont see it as a possibilityMust be some one on way out, especially with Gibson signing for £2.5million. unless they're using January Sky TV moneyAdd ten million and maybe


13 Jan 2012 20:56:24
The Barnsley manager Hill will take over at Bolton in this transfer window you just watch.
Fergul.(13)(17)How good is your source?


13 Jan 2012 20:54:04
Swindon are set to make a bid for Oxford United's Peter Leven after it was leaked that he has a clause in his contract which will allow a club to buy him 100k.

Also Swindon will carry on their pursuit of Cody McDonald as the Coventry striker has struggled to settle in at the club. Most likely a loan deal with a clause in the deal if they want to sign him on a permanent deal.(12)(5)Cody McDonald is better off at CCFC not at a league 2 club, if he wants to succeed / progress in footballCody was our first choice in the summer but he didn't want to drop down to league2 cant see him doing it now eitherGet real people Cody is not going to drop to league 2! Stay off the drugsYou mean a L2 team that will soon be in L1 and maybe championship the year after.Considering McDonald started at non league level, spent last season in L2, and isnt setting the Championship on fire...I wouldnt be surprised to see him drop down a tier or two


13 Jan 2012 20:33:29
Boltons Kevin Davies in talks with W.B.A(9)(27)When he (davies) wants to move to wolves


13 Jan 2012 20:31:00
Hi from Scotland.....rumour here is that Gary O'Connor will be joining you next week, McPake will be going the other way.
You'll know him from a couple of years ago from his B'ham days, but he's picked up a bit of baggage from then. Fraud charge pending, and a drug charge also the small matter of a broken toe, which may just be a smokescreen to keep him out of the front line!(1)(13)


13 Jan 2012 20:22:58
Craig Ried despite being out until Feb is set to leave now that Westley and backroom staff have left to go PNE.(5)(3)


13 Jan 2012 20:22:51
Un-named source at Swindon Advertiser has reported that a fee of £620k has been agreed with Bournemouth for Swindon's Matt Ritchie. The deal is expected to be rubber-stamped next week, in time for Bournemouth's home match against Tranmere. This will enable Swindon to re-ignite their interest in Gillingham's Luke Rooney.(7)(16)I sincerely hope not! Ritchie is not worth that amount and I can't even see him making the first team! Bradbury is going to p#ss this cash against the wall, I wish he would listen to the fansMate, sorry but if you saw ritchie week in week out you would realise he is worth a lot more than that and you would be getting a bargainCan't agree that a tier 4 player is worth more than £500k, maybe the potential is there but as yet unproven at a higher level.


13 Jan 2012 20:22:43
the mirror is reporting that the cahill deal is finally done and is heading south tonight for his medical.(24)(5)About time


13 Jan 2012 20:16:30
chelsea to sign edin hazzard for 25 million off lile(13)(43)Lille would want at least £50million for himDid you mean the dukes of hazard?Hahhha said he would only leave for madrid or arsenal so basically because of his price tag it will be madrid


13 Jan 2012 20:11:22
Carlisle expected to make 50k bid for Swindons former celtic defender Paul Caddis next week(5)(13)Absoluely laughable. do you know anything about Caddis 50kAdd at least 600k onto that and Paolo will at least reply with a laugh any less than that and he wont even reply LOLWhat a joke, is that for his spare boots...


13 Jan 2012 20:06:41
Bolton to bid for unsettled leicester striker Beckford And Cardiff considering to bid for andy king of Leicester(8)(16)Where bolton getting 8 mill fromHe worth 8 mill?He's worth 8 mill? :/ from sales. Cahill for oneThey can bid but he cannot play as played for 2 clubs already this season everton he made 2 appearances and then for leicester so it'd be pointless plus compete waste of money too!Would love andy king to comeAndy king just signed new three year deal i'd say thats a fair price judging by other crap being spouted ie hooper worth 8, 10, 12mill depending on who you believe and jelavic 8 mill. At least 3 mill for beckford we paid 2.5mill 6 months ago seems fair to me he's also got two years of contract leftMoney Bolton got for Cahill is eaten up by their debt ant they will find it hard to bring in a player that is proven at prem level as their prem status is hanging by a thread.


13 Jan 2012 20:04:33
john sutton to return to motherwell from hearts on loan deal(7)(8)Motherwell already have one tall,slow,lazy forward in Michael Higdon dont need another one!


13 Jan 2012 20:00:59
Richard Lambert to Fulham 4.5m(5)(21)That much! ooohWOW Fulham they play the most boring football in the english league, if andy carroll is worth £35 million then Rickie would be at least £20 millionDream on lambert would not go a team like fulham he loves the south we get bigger crowds plays in a better stadium money to spend and southampton are on the upFulham are defo not the most boring team in English football. Stupid comment and im not a fulham fan. 4.5 is about the money aswell for his age and experienceDream on lambert would not go a team like fulham he loves the south we get bigger crowds plays in a better stadium money to spend and southampton are on the up.

London is still the south, fulham area is still quite exclusive and certainly better than southampton, its also not to far to commute. I also think you will find fulham have money to spend as well. Why do so many southampton fans think their club is that great that nobody would ever want to leave.Southampton fans dont venture outside their own town as people laugh and point at them,thats why they dont know what goes on in the real world and they stay inside their bubble.


13 Jan 2012 19:45:58
Burnley to re-sign Sam Vokes on Loan until end of season(5)(13)Reliable source at CCFC have confirmed Sam Vokes may sign on loan as they have previoulsy been linked with the player and that the player is similar to Lucas Jutkiewicz who is on his way to Middlesbrough.


13 Jan 2012 19:19:26
Millwall will sign Barnet winger Mark Marshall this week, and are also about to make an offer for Oxford striker James Constable. Watch this space.(7)(17)


13 Jan 2012 19:05:34
mick mccarthy made a 3.5m bid 4 craig gardiner(12)(23)No good , Sunderland want the full 4.7 million they paid for him.They would never sell him now!No way we paid 5m for him and hes enjoying it nowWe paid 6m for him and O'neill has said that he is stayingMad Mick has no dosh to spend - whoops bin for players


13 Jan 2012 19:02:02
wilfred zaha to liverpool 6.5m bid accepted(19)(26)Not for 6.5mAnd not to liverpoolNewcastle have already sighned him


13 Jan 2012 18:58:58
kolarov to juve(20)(18)


13 Jan 2012 18:57:05
fulham set to bid 6m for jordan rhodes(9)(30)GUD STUFF, The sooner they put a bid in, the sooner we can say "NO"


13 Jan 2012 18:53:31
hull to sign joshua king from man utd(22)(8)Signed on loan earlier tonight, but not available tomorrow.


13 Jan 2012 18:46:40
Any rumours regarding Blue Square Premier teams?(5)(14)


13 Jan 2012 18:30:55
Bradford are interested in Port Vales Marc Richards. Whilst Vale are in a financial crisis Bradford are trying to snap him up. Mark Stewart may be made as a makeweight on loan for the rest of the season..(9)(3)


13 Jan 2012 18:15:05
Cardiff city are to bid for David Templeton from Hearts(20)(11)


13 Jan 2012 18:12:28
Southampton considering a 6mil bid for hopper
Source - daily mirror(23)(26)This hopper best be good if he's worth 6 million...Who is this hopper a relative of skippy the bush kangarooDennis hopper (deceased), great actor, well worth 6m alive, not so sure about now:SIt's Hooper and he palys with Celtic and more to the point he's not going anywhereI wish there was a like button..lolThanks i liked the skippy line and Dennis is a class addition - you would have thought that if people were going to make up a load of garbage - they would at least get the spelling rightSo he is going to trade his bentley in and drive a Tata Gurka. More deluded saints ramblings. If and when he leaves the hoops, it will be for a step up, not a fall down the stairs!


13 Jan 2012 18:10:36
I stated well before anyone else about the money Southampton would be willing to go for Hooper ...6 million was not expected to be accepted and sources from inside Southampton think atleast 2 more bids will be needed to get their man. Celtic are lapping this up secretly and know Cortese has plenty more to offer...danger is if Celtic call their bluff too far Southampton likely to buy Billy Sharp for 3 million.
Expect a piece in the Scottish press tomorrow from Lennon re-iterating a no sale policy.
All part of the game to keep fans happy and also to tempt much higher bid from Cortese.
A.R.T(19)(12)Hooper is average worth 1million at most kept out by Sampras says it allSampras,never the same when he stopped playing at WimbledonHooper wont be sold - end of, the 6m bid is paper talk theres been an enquiry but no bid, move onWhy would you pay 3 mill for sharp when his buy out clause is 1.85 mill, do your homework, besides that he doesn't want to move to far away from south yorkshire which makes Leicester his prefered destinationKept out by a retired tennis player yeah ? wow .....Hooper is Lennon's first choice striker also the fans favorite and also the top shirt seller in Scotland...didnt play last game cos of groin niggle
A.R.TYovu certainly don't follow the Celtic then if you rate sammy above hooper,
hoops is a predator and will score in any league, finished top scorer in the championship the same yr Carroll went to Liverpool for 35m.
Hooper scored now in Europe and heading for leagues top scorer this seasonHe aint kept out by samaras . he is a starter week in week out mate . samaras plays on the wing these days with stokes and hooper thru the middle .
get facts right before posting your dribble

daviebhoy08Just because someone has a buyout clause of say 1.85 does not mean that's all they will go for especially when 4-5 teams all bidding for his services.
Hooper deal to be complete by next weds-thurs for fee of 7 million plus player. it amazes me the stuff you people can right on here .
.....A.R.TI reckon if i played in the comedy league of the spl i could become a top shirt sellerGary hooper will not be sold and if he is i should be shot at dawnShirt stealer maybe mate , shirt seller definately no

daviebhoy08No way hooiper would leave a top club like celtic to join a team like southhamptom !!Top shirt seller my a..Top club like celtic? good oneTop club like sthampton ??? dont think so


13 Jan 2012 18:01:37
wolves to put in a 4million bid for birminghams star defender liam Ridgewell expected to be training by next thursday(18)(16)Didn't he limp off injured against Wolves in the FA cup match ?Star defender? Are you having a laugh! Ridgewell is an average player at best......he has struggled to get into the Blues team this year...So you're saying we'l pay more for Ridgewell than Johnson? atleast make this beleivable


13 Jan 2012 17:51:37
Can't believe the rubbish some people dream up. Cody McDonald is going nowhere. AT is bringing in another striker and a left back following the signing of Nimely and the departure of Jutkiewicz. Roy O'Donovan may go out on loan in a bid to get match-fit, and there's a lot of work going on to help Freddie Eastwood find a new club.(13)(2)


13 Jan 2012 17:38:01
chelsea interested in edin hazard from lille(29)(17)Pretty much every good team want Hazard


13 Jan 2012 17:35:42
Harry Kewell is a shock target for Bournemouth according to his manager Bernie Mandic(6)(32)Harry Kewell split with Bernie about three months ago. And that's not a rumour.Kewell split from manager mandic in November 2011He would be a shock move for anyone!The way harry played last nite he could play chalpionship easyMandic wasn't his manager he was his agent!Harry sacked Bernie Mandic last november! Swing and a miss!


13 Jan 2012 17:34:33
Ashley Hemmings loan at Argyle extended to end of season, great news for the pilgrims COYG Bryher Pilgrim(10)(2)


13 Jan 2012 17:32:18
any more on the baba diawara front? id really like to see him in the hoops

id like to see messi in the hoops
and lavezzi
but thats never gonna happen
but diawara could
i would love another big bad or sutton
or even another jvoh or magic z
think these days are gone
anyone with real transfer targets?(4)(9)


13 Jan 2012 17:31:05
if billy is signing for Leicester why as he not signed yet fulham want him(5)(6)He has he is going for medical soon...He has not even spoken to anybody at Leicester,waiting for a bigger club than Leicester is the reason,not every player will join a club for the most money ie beckford,nugent


13 Jan 2012 17:17:23
Bournemouth will NOT sign matt ritchie from swindo. they want too much money and bournemouth dont need him now malone has signed permentantly. please stop posting the rubbish rumours!(7)(5)Hear hearNobody wants Ritchie the facts are Bradbury made a couple of bids for him and Bournemouth fans are dead against it if you read previous posts properly!Anyway who wants to sign for a tinpot club like bournemouth.Ritchie didAnyway who wants to sign for a tinpot club like bournemouth.

Certainly a nicer place to live than swindon.


13 Jan 2012 17:12:03
Peterborough to hand contracts to the following youth team players at the end of the season:

Peter Grant - Defence
Kgosi Nthle - Defence
Aaron Wickham - Midfield
Dan Lawlor - Midfield
Jacob Joyce - Forward
Jaanai Gordon-Hutton - Forward

Posh Chairman Darragh MacAnthony has said these kids are the future of the club and wants to raise them into future stars.

Next year Posh will also try and sign Josh King from Manchester Utd on loan to fill the gap potentially made by Paul Taylor leaving for a Premier League club, with Posh also trying to re-sign Paul Coutts from PNE to replace loanee Ryan Tunnicliffe. Posh also have a shortlist of people who they beleive can replace Ryan Bennett should he go.(3)(5)Coutts is not coming back to posh forget itWhy not? he's too good for another season in L1, besides pne need the cash.


13 Jan 2012 17:09:06
Expect some urgent dealings in the transfer market from Ipswich, for another CB now that Leicester have pulled Sean St Ledger out of the transfer market due to players on duty in the African Cup of nations(5)(7)


13 Jan 2012 17:04:21
Sean St Ledger has been recalled into the Leicester squad due to two centre backs playing in the African cup of Nations, which has left them weak at the back, so his move to Ipswich has been put on hold, with the chances of him not coming at all maybe until the summer

Sauce TWTD(6)(4)Why will he want to play in league 1 next year,have fun at hartlepool and bury


13 Jan 2012 16:59:52
Cardiff city interested in singing Simon cox on loan for rest of the season. Malky a big admirer of this guy. Who becomes increasingly frustrated of lack of opportunities despite a hat trick against the bluebirds(8)(10)Singing simon cox eh. could be good for moral


13 Jan 2012 16:59:07
hartlepool united manager, neale cooper, looking for new winger and striker in his home country, scotland(7)(2)


13 Jan 2012 16:45:38
Carlisle united are on the verge of signing oli johnson on a permenant deal along with jordon cook on loan from sunderland. also with paddy madden going out on loan to bradford and craig curren out on loan to crewe.(12)(2)Oli is amazing good luck if u get him


13 Jan 2012 16:37:14
Crystal palace are getting frustrated with all the bids coming in for many of their players. Creating unrest in the team as they want them for semi final of carling cup(7)(10)


13 Jan 2012 16:36:50
The bunch of fools who are trying to disrespect the Coventry family's name are laughable,these are the facts according to a friend of Jo Elliot's !! Juke went because apart from keogh and christie he was the only player anyone came in for with a realistic bid! Fulham are after keogh and stoke are after christie...after everton have there cut we should come out with 1.4 mill not a bad bit of business for a bloke who could not get in are starting line up 8 months ago,,if what I'm told is true Oliver Norwood ,and may be dan Harding may come in,,but I believe thorn has said he's going to get at least 3 more loan signings in and I quote 1 of the people he is after is "8ft 6 and can catch pigeons" check the sky blue army web site if you don't believe me..(2)(8)I'm a Coventry fan and just to let you know Joe Elliott no longer has any role at the club and has been involved with Gary Hoffman. SISU wouldn't be telling him the details of a transfer. Sadly the Juke was our only source on goals and it's not good business as we look like we are already down. Play up City, get out SISUWhat coventry did to sunderland in 1976 is unforgiveble, delaying your kick off with bristol city and playing out the last 15 minutes so we would be relegated, well guess what? i hope you's go down to league 1 and never come back up, neverBitter much?


13 Jan 2012 16:32:49
Southampton ready to bid 6mil for hooper
Source - Daily mirror(20)(18)Celtic ready to knock back 6mil bid for hooper

source - celticHaha dream onTry over 10 mill, and then you still wont get him, he is Not For SaleOh yes. The Daily Mirror the fountain of all knowledge.They can bid all they want, he's not going anywhere.


13 Jan 2012 16:32:42
Leeds to sign one of Gael Bigirimana, Fabian Delph (loan) or Sammy Clingan(16)(19)Snodgrass going 2 Norwich seeing as Leeds are going knowhereYes, I would say one of these is likely, and we have been linked with all three recently. I hear Howson isn't too far away though, like Snodgrass, he is exceeding initial expectations in his recovery from the knee injury. We'll just have to hope that its Fabulous Delph.
wallyGael has just signed a new contract at Coventry, Delph isnt interested in coming back, Sammy will sign in the summer as he is injured at the moment.


13 Jan 2012 16:14:39
notts county sign luke freeman on a months emergency loan from forest(11)(7)It's Kieran Freeman and it's done and on the OSYes it's on this one - but his name is Keiran Freeman -a highly rated left back.He will get a great chance to show his skill at Notts and it's great Cotterill has arranged it.Expect Forest ins and outs now!!


13 Jan 2012 16:09:06
Norwich City's Paul Lambert is starting to get very annoyed with Delia and the board over the lack of funds to spend.

Clubs are monitoring the situation very closely.

Sell before he buys is the policy in camp now it seems. Their is interest in hoolahan, pilkington and crofts.(11)(29)Delia is very wise, she wants to see if, and a big if you survive this season.The problem we have is withg wages not transfer fees. PL knows best!!Well this is a load of rubbish. As soon as it comes on SSN that Lambert cannot afford "reputable" players' wages, that suddenly means that he is getting frustrated with the board over lack of funds.Thus spake the Ipswich supporter! Absolute nonsense as usual. No-one will be sold unless it is for silly money and PL won't pay over the top for any player. He doesn't really need to buy at the moment in any event.PL doesnt pay silly money for any player... let me think... Carrol, Forlan, Djemba Djemba.. i can go on... Silly money is whats always spent! {Ed001's Note - PL is Paul Lambert! What has he got to do with those players??}Better to risk relegation than administration. Yes new players would be nice and would help the team, but ask Portsmouth fans if they would trade the one or two years success with big names for a sustainable club that didnt face going out of business. We may go down this year, we may not, but if we do we will still be around as a club to fight for promotion again. Sustainability and controlled growth is the real goal for small teams. By the way being a small team is nothing to be ashamed of, small clubs enjoy a closer connection with fans and the community and a real sense of achievement when they win something.The guy above! Bet you feel like a right person now!I'm sure 'PL' (which could be mistaken for 'Premier League,' although not for long, hurhur) does indeed know best.
After all, he signed that lovable jug-head Bradley Johnson, and Steve Morison, the peanut-headed striker who can't, well, strike. As far as I can see, the only worthwile signings Norwich made in the summer were Pilko, Naughton and possibly Benno, although as that signing involved tapping-up, I don't count it. Basically, PL just bought whoever was available. So he won't sign anyone this January. Simple. So all the Norwich fans may as well get lost, unless they want to do some Ipswich bant.
wallyAnd what planet are you from?Yes, I had heard thatYeah same, not sure what planet the guy above is on, Johnson (talk with England squad in papers after such a great start to his career with us) and Morrison, Lamberts best signing probably with what he gets out of him week in week out!I fail to see how being our joint top scorer this season, makes Morison such a bad player???Why raise to wally's bait, he obviously knows little about football and even less about Norwich, the rumour about Lambert getting frustrated with Norwich board is absolute garbage as well, frustrated yes ! that he cannot get players in at a sensible wage package in line with current squad wages, because prices quoted by agents are sometimes crazy and unrealistic. He has already stated he is happy to go with current squad for rest of season if he has too.
Getting this team promoted two years in a row and at present being 9th in Premiership is amazing, and we the true Norwich supporters have absolute trust in Lamberts judgement.
Paying stupid money and risking the clubs future is not an option, Portsmouth, Hull,Leeds are all examples of what not to do.
QPR may well stay up this season by throwing money at the problem, but does that make Hughes a better Manager than Lambert?
If the financial fair play rules eventually do kick in and are properly regulated we will begin to see after a couple of seasons just who are the really successful Managers and clubs......


13 Jan 2012 16:07:52
Swindon dont need to sell so this post makes no sense - whos holding who to ransom?(5)(12)


13 Jan 2012 16:03:49
Billy Sharp at Cardiff city stadium tomorrow !(6)(28)So is dean Saunders lolYh hes playing last game 4 Doncaster out of respect to the fans before joining the mighty foxes next week...dnt get too excitedWhy would he be there he would be very lonely as city are playing the super hoops at the keepmoatThe game is at doncaster...The mighty Foxes who sit 13th in the ChampionshipWe do donny sit atm? i rest my case! were 13th yh but couple wins & were back in playoffs...only half way thru season so dnt start gettin ahead of yourselfWith the journeyman in charge at leicester anything could happen. You never know what judas will do next. A sniff of more money and he will off like a fox on the run (pardon the pun)


13 Jan 2012 15:58:44
to the guy who said that kris boyd is joining rangers.
Where is your source(8)(14)Havnt got one, made it up! Went fishing for a bluenose......and it worked.It was stafford rangers about his level


13 Jan 2012 15:56:28
albrighton to sunderland(13)(22)Looks a good young player fit in well with the messiah at the helmConsidering how marc stated how he disliked o'neills tactics & villa will never sell one of their prized assets especially a winger.
you are just mad mate.O'neill said he has next to no funds.
villa will demand at least £10m for this guy , i doubt you will sign him - infact - in you're dreams maybe ;)Marc barely got a look in under the deserter so i can't imagine he'd consider leaving Villa.

Fans love him and he's getting plenty of football.

Stop lying you pathetic mackem!The way Mclean and Larsson are playing, he wouldnt get a game anywayOh yeah , forget who would we rather join Rangers or Sunderland.
He turned down Rangers about 6 months ago & signed a new 5 year Villa contract.
Gosh, your lying is bad & google "marc albrighton sunderland" nothing at all!


13 Jan 2012 15:55:50
jimmy bullard going to rangers(4)(9)They couldnt afford his orange at half timeYeah he is a has been now better off playing lower level footballHe aint going know where he's on the bench for the Blackpool gameBullard was linked with celts a while ago
id like to see him on the back of green and white shirts rather than XXXXL kebab stained blue topsHes s..te anyways not good enoughI suspect Jimmy has got more respect of himself to become embroiled in that cauldron of hate that is Glasgow - neither of your spurious teams can expect nothing but a flood of mediocrity in the future - just accept it; nobody is interested in youse||||


13 Jan 2012 15:55:50
man city set to hi jack tottenhams pursuit of loic remy by offering 25 million(8)(29)


13 Jan 2012 15:54:53
kuyt to fc twente(11)(21)


13 Jan 2012 15:48:40
barnsley fc to play bid for charlton striker Bradley Wright Phillips in the next few days failing this they will aim to sign on form sheff u striker ched evans(11)(15)Why would Evans go to Barnsley. He's hoping to be in the Championship with Sheffield Utd next season and if not then a top six Championship club or even a Premiership club. Ideas above your station, I'm afraid!!Glad you said hoping going to be very very
disappointed teams promoted from div1
Charlton Huddersfield and of course


13 Jan 2012 15:45:26
Apparently Mathias Suarez to Arsenal for £10 million is a done deal for next summer. Looks to be a decent player. More comfortable on the ball than Chamakh who he would be replacing. Looks to have a bit of a pace too. I would have prefered Arsenal to go for someone thats a hosehold name but thats not Wenger's way i suppose.(16)(7)


13 Jan 2012 15:29:03
Carlisle's centre back Danny Livesey to join Chesterfield on loan until end of season, will be made permanent if Spireites stay up.(4)(11)


13 Jan 2012 15:23:14
Rangers have agreed fee to sell Goian to Bolton but players terms are holding up the deal. Oweny Coyle is also interested in the winger Wylde but isn't willing to pay over 1 million.(14)(14)


13 Jan 2012 15:18:40
Southampton thinks about 6m bid for hooper is no way worth 6 millionNot happeningThinks about is about right, im a saints fan but i cant see cortese paying more than 2 million for anyone unfortunatly , since marcus has died the money has dried up ,he reminds me of rupert lowe abit,surely it is time to splash the cash with the position were in but i cant see him doing it,^^ That comes from the one trophy wonders!If you think the money's dried up direct from the Leibhers'. Then what about the £7m from the Chambo sale!

Oh and btw the money hasn't dried up in the slightest!You're no Saints fan if you think Cortese is anything like Lowe!If andy Carroll is worth 35mill, then any price is believable for any playerMoney has in no way dried up, cortese has said before its all still there, just he refuses to be sucked in to paying over amounts for peopleI am a saints fan ,perhaps atkins is scared to spend to much as if we dont go up he will get sack like pardewDream on you southampton fans hooper will never got to ur club


13 Jan 2012 15:13:58
Michael Uchebo failed to impress on trial so Stoke have ended all interest in the Nigerian Striker. Pulis also playing his cards close to his chest on any other prospects stating that he's not going to go out "chasing" players to sign in this window, won't be surprised though if he's tries to pick up one or two that fail to sign for the big clubs. Personally I hope it's a full back (or 2) and another central midfielder who can actually pass the ball.(8)(5)He failed because he's not over 6ft tall and likes hoof footie, so Ipswich could be looking at him nowWhy? you dont pass the ballComment above, that's why he wants someone who can. First comment,Uchebo supposedely taller than Crouch. Agree we need two proper fullbacksBaines and hoillet. (If only we were qpr and buy everyone)


13 Jan 2012 14:41:33
Rangers confirm Enar Jaager on trial at club, move for Real Valladolid striker Javi Guerra will pick up pace this week with a £2.2m price agreed, although craig whyte is insisting that either Maurice Edu or Greg Wylde have to leave before another face is brought in.

Plus was hearing from my dundee united source that rangers are looking at Johnny Russell but his preferred destination is Celtic.(1)(11)Rangers offer contract to Mervan Celik,ex GIAS winger.And offer a pre contract agreement to Sendaza.Ayr try and re sign Ryan Stevenston.STV SPORT,AllyI heard your full of she about the Russell dealIf his 'preferred destination' is either Celtic or Rangers then he is showing a distinct lack of ambition and I don't believe he is that narrow minded - after all, Crawley Town could probably offer him better prospects in the long term; he would inevitably progress to Championsip/EPL afterva couple of seasons. You are deluded if you continue to think that up & coming Scottish players regard a move to the hatred of Glega as a step in the right direction. You both have had great difficulty in luring any real talent to your clubs eg. Craig Conway, Morgaro Gomis, Prince Buaben, Barry Robson, Scott Allan etc etc - they are simply NOT INTERESTED!


13 Jan 2012 14:41:23
Derby County are reportedly preparing to make a surprise bid for Bolton striker Kevin Davies(10)(23)


13 Jan 2012 14:33:38
Wolves looking at Blackpool's Matt Phillips and Wigan's Mohammed Diame. They could also bring in a striker, Kenwynne Jones and Nicky Maynard have been mentioned. Wolves will also strengthen there weak defence with a centre half & a full back.(16)(14)Defo dont need another winger but defence yes and big kenwyne can support fletcherSeeing is believingDefo wont get philips hes off to a big club not you , you relegation dodgersDiame wont leave wigan hes at the african cup of nations and why would he go to wolves you might get relegated yet especially if fletcher or doyle goes!Probably cause wolves are alot bigger than wigan... wigan will still finish below wolves... piss poor home support, grounds always empty, stick to egg chaseing ....


13 Jan 2012 14:27:51
6 million bid received this morning for Gary Hooper from Saints. As yet no response....(18)(22)Total MOOPOO, nothing unusual there, it's the sAIN'TS again.Because it went straight in the bin

daviebhoy08Saints probably put a 2nd class stamp on itI will piss myself laughing when this deal finally goes thru .....I think this is growing some legs and before you start i'm a neutralDont beleive it with corteseI will p""s myself laughing when this deal goes throughJust beacause you say it 50 times dosent make it true - what a lot of nonsense!No such thing as a neutral when it comes to celtic or rangers, every1 has a fav! {Ed001's Note - not true, neither of them interest me one way or the other and I know many people that feel the same way.}Thank you ed i support neither just an interested bystander, but as I said I can see this gathering momentum


13 Jan 2012 14:25:51
According to local press, Leicester City expect to tie up the deal for Billy Sharp in time for the Barnsley game at the weekend.(17)(22)Not true unfortunately! hes playing against Cardiff tomorrow out of respect to the Doncaster fans before joining the mighty foxes next week..This is a nice rumour, I like it. xHe's playing for Doncaster before signing a new contract next weekWhy u think hes gonna sign a new contract with Doncaster when ur gonna be league 1 next year? cant see it happening as Leicester can also offer more money..say bye bye Billy


13 Jan 2012 14:22:08
glasgow rangers have taken estonian right back enar jaager on trial and have offered sweden u21 international merven celik a contract(12)(7)Would that be Mick? Afterall, he's played a few gigs at Hampden!


13 Jan 2012 14:17:53
In form Huddersfield town striker has been linked with move to newcastle for the price £11,000,000, with leon best part od the deal aswell. recived from a mate who is the agent of danny simpson.(4)(39)Crap max 5MLeon Best's ego is far too big for such a "quality" player like him to be reduced to Huddersfield's level.Newcastle will not let Leon Best go with Demba Ba on African cup of nations duty11m ?you sir are a joke11,000,000 ha ha ha bullst11m + best.
you are insaneHe must have pressed the 1 key and not the 4.


13 Jan 2012 14:17:14
Contract talks between Andrei Arshavin have come to a halt over disagreement on Arshavin's proposed £74,000 per week. Anzhi Makhachkala are preparing to intervene with an offer for a £75,000 per week deal. Arsenal have agreed to let Arshavin go for around £6,000,000.(22)(9)


13 Jan 2012 14:16:47
marvin elliot has signed for southampton, will be made public in a press talk tommorow, also on there way out from Bristol city is Cole Skuse leaving to go West Ham. would be a great move for the Bristol Born lad(6)(22)Elliott maybe,but not Skuse.Dont think that he is good enough for West HamGood signing for the saints! Needs to lose a bit of weight and increase fitness, but adkins is the man to improve himThe same elliot who signed a new contract last month and is out injured?Would Southampton fans like to sign Edna the tea lady as well as Maynard Adomah and Elliott? You lot are becoming an embarrassment to your club. Elliott may not play tomorrow due to an injury sustained against Millwall in case you add 2 and to together and get 5. Talk about dreams of being Man City ffsYou saints fans are becoming jokers like leicester fans were pre season. Youre suppose to be buying everyone under the sun and ending with no one.It is obviously a fan from another club keep posting these rumours as a real saints fan wouldn't have that information as all business is done behind close doors.Will hate to see Southamptons wage bill once this transfer window closes-


13 Jan 2012 14:12:57
Out of favour Rangers winger, Gregg Wylde, is set to sign for watford on loan for the rest of the season.

McCoist is keen for Wylde to get some first team games under his belt, to challenge for the first team next season.(6)(9)WagesI wish, touch like an elephantWouldnt say out of favour, rangers are short in every position


13 Jan 2012 14:03:30
Andy keogh set to make Leeds move next week 750.000 the reported figure, just what we need another big target man who can't score

Andiroo(12)(19)No way leeds will pay 750k when they can get him for free in 6 months time...they would be better off paying 750k for someone like matt tubbsWhat a joke !Andy keogh is not a big target man, he is jus the poor mans kevin doyleSnodgrass is going 4 sureKeogh big target man?You can always have Beckford back he can't score for Leicester.Keogh has pottential just needs someone to tell him he is a footballer his job is to score goals


13 Jan 2012 13:30:56
Reading Fc looking to bring A Hammill on loan from Wolves to replace winger J Kebe if he leaves during this window. If the move for Hammill is a non starter then a surprise move to re sign their former winger J Henry from Millwall could be on the cards.(4)(9)Stop with all these hammill rumours they are ridiculousNot a starter for Wolves great for the royals


13 Jan 2012 13:28:22
Crystal Palace, Brentford & Leyton Orient are all interested in bringing in Oldham Athletic's Djeny Bembo-Leta. The highly rated youngster is believed to be valued at around £200,000 by the Latics.(9)(4)


13 Jan 2012 13:18:29
Jordan Rhodes --> SOUTHAMPTON £4.2m plus Lee Barnard and sell on clause with further bonuses if Saints promoted, appearances etc(9)(34)No-one will want to risk Barny with the court case hanging over himIf only, I dont believe it but I really want to.You're having a laugh pal, not a chance of this happeningMORE RUBBISH, yor 1 of about 10 clubs that have signed RHODES this week. U all make me laugh, THANKS ALOT GUYS. AGBarny is out for most the season injured!
Why do people keep linking him with moves away? It's not gonna happenSaints fan here. This is tosh. Rhodes wont leave for anyone except big prem teams. even then, he should stay where he is tbhComplete rubbish - but I'd love that deal!He's quality, therefore he'll set his sights higher than Southampton.


13 Jan 2012 13:14:57
Dj campbell on his way to derby for a loan spell(15)(9)


13 Jan 2012 12:58:47
Hi ED, any news on Kris Boyd? {Ed001's Note - nothing sorry.}(1)(5)I have some news on Kris Boyd....he is not half as good as he thinks he is.He's signing for KFCKfc have rejected himHe has more sense than to return to
Rangers anywaySorry I thought KFC was a fast food restaurantStill top goal scorer ever in spl history ha haA guy who scores goals for fun in SPL but nowhere else


13 Jan 2012 13:03:31
Cahill to chelsea done deal 7m(15)(28)Proof?Even though BBC Sport has a story to say that the deal hasnt been done yet and that means he cannot play for Chelsea at the weekend even if he signs tomorrow!He hasent


13 Jan 2012 12:56:06
Liverpool are tracking Crystal Palace whizzkid Wilfred Zaha, but the stumbling block seems to be palace's asking price which is said to be around £10million(21)(18)There is NO asking price as Wilfried Zaha is NOT for sale! Plus Liverpool payed 35 million pound for Andy Carroll, So proof that they dont mind splashing the cash for a young lad who is not the finish article yet!The same club that spent 20 mil on jordon Henderson {Ed001's Note - 15.6m.}


13 Jan 2012 12:50:41
Tommy Smith to go nowhere due to QPR being short on numbers due to injuries, suspension & Africa Nations Cup. So Watford fans git it a rest and Heider isn't going to you either as he has just signed a new contract(8)(2)It will all depend on whether the fernandes cheque book lands some of the targets - if they do then expect smith to move - if the targets work out that they will be on championship wages by June - then he will stay


13 Jan 2012 12:49:15
Ipswich town are planning an auditious bis for swindon pair paul caddis and matt ritchie a combined bid of 2.5 million is believed to be enough to sway the wiltshire club to sell.(7)(18)This deal is not as daft as it may seem, Swindon want Ipswichs tallented striker Ronan Murray worth around £1.5 million that they have had on loan, so if Di Canio wants him, he's going to have to part with Richie and CaddisMurray worth 1.5 m ur avin a laugh never played a first team game u can buy the entire ipswich team for 1.5m ,unfortunately ipswich r broke


13 Jan 2012 12:40:13
More news about WHU striking woes. It
appears that they are trying to bring strikers
in but news reports are scuppering any bids
made beacuse Premier league teams are
then out bidding them. John Carew being used a
a bargaining chip for Mervan Celik.
Sears also on his way out with a possible
cash plus player deal for Marvin Sordell of
Watford. Mark Hughes has identified
Johnson and Zamora as forwards he wants to bring in to QPR. SWP is also ready to make comeback
allowing Jamie Mackie to leave for WHU(3)(11)Why would they use carew as a bargaining chip for celik the guy is a free agent ..glasgow rangers have offered him a contractAnd we can compete bottom to mid table teams the bottom line is top 6 could loan the likes of rhodes back. like any transfer window teams want to line up replacements b4 they sell one minute no movement then the merry go round kicks of and everybody is rushing to snap up players


13 Jan 2012 12:34:47
as a Bristol City fan i am hoping that Nicky Maynard, Brett Pitman and Woolford all leave the club as soon as possible, hoping Jon Stead and Albert Adomah stay. any one have any good news on any of these? ED can you help? {Ed001's Note - well I could offer those you want out a lift to their new clubs? Not sure how much more help I could give though....}(4)(8)So they will have new clubs? {Ed001's Note - Maynard looks likely, as it stands, to see out his contract and go on a free now. This January is looking like a very quiet one, I really don't see much happening at all.}Agree about maynard and stead but pitman should stay. pitman hasnt asked to leave and always puts in a shift when called upon. pitman will prove his worth when that greedy money grabber(maynard) leaves,hasnt proven to be prolific at championship level and thinks he can do it in prem. maynard your having a laugh. the sooner you leave the better.#citytillidie (-;Maynard needs 4 chances to take 1-Thats ok, but not in the Prem-I like you Ed,you're a funny man. {Ed001's Note - I would have preferred to be known as devilishly handsome and charming, but I will settle for funny. Cheers mate.}


13 Jan 2012 12:29:11
Bournemouth chairman eddie Mitchell has again bid 500k for Swindon towns Matt Ritchie and has told Swindon the bid will now drop 25k for each day it is not accepted as he insists his Russian backed club will be run sensibly and not be held to ransom with inflated transfer fees. This will certainly cause eruptions at the wiltshire based club who were holding out for an inflated fee on the winger valued at 300k(4)(17)You bid 600k in November so you want him for lesss now and he wont go to Bournemouth. Mitchell can threaten all he likes does he think he's on the building site still with comments like that. No way will you get him for 300k your dreaming.Mitchell is such a doucheIts not being held to ransom, If Swindon want 500k for him then that's what Bournemouth will have to pay.Absolute rubbish - bit fed up now of Bournemouth fans thinking they are some big club. Swindon are in the league below and all of our players have a price, but trying to bully a club like ours just won't happen. Ritchie is probably worth 500-750k in the real world, a 500k initial bid is fair but the club rejected it so get over it. I may not agree but I imagine we're holding out for £1millionValued by you at £300K maybe - not by anyone that knows about football.
Deflate your offer all you like - we don't need the money.
Ritchie is worth more not less.This was actually taken off of a Swindon town site and i am a Brighton fan don't sweat yourselves! Jeeeez is this not a rumour site? Lighten up a bitDo the tetchy Swindon fans not realise a wind up. We all know that Ritchie is only worth about £250,000 as he is an unproven league 2 player ( albeit quite a good one). He'll probably end up as a bench warmer at a championship clubIts about time a few people got a grip and stopped bitching about a non story... He's not coming to us, as his head will be turned by a championship club like all our players were!! I'd love to have him but lets face facts neither AFCB or STFC are perm or likely to be in the near future. where has all this rubbish between the two clubs come from? no history that I'm aware of and I've been following AFCB for 20 yrs...Ritchie is on Ipswich's radar and more likely to go there than Bournemouth, as Swindon desperately wan Murray from Ipswich


13 Jan 2012 12:16:01
Southampton have made a loan enquiry for Rangers striker David Healy and have also contacted Fulham about bringing former defender Chris Baird back to St Marys(10)(25)Not sure if either would be of great help, hope we get in another CF soon though.Nonsense - Healy is not better than what we already have. Baird very unlikely signing - good player, as is someone like Andrew Davies, but where would he fit in the team?Healey is lazy and a bighead so u welcme 2 him. BUT check him out on youtube where he kicks a ball off a high roof into a skip. best on you tube??


13 Jan 2012 12:09:05
qpr have bid for steven pienaar from spurs source; ssn(15)(9)Bid has been rejected by Spurs!


13 Jan 2012 10:48:42
?Hi Ed you heard any Bury rumors? we have just got Giles Coke back on loan! {Ed001's Note - that is about all I have heard, and the lad who went out (Jones was it?).}(4)(2)Yeah it was Jones mate
and ok thanks not heard the Jon Parkin one? {Ed001's Note - I have not heard what is happening with him, apart from the jokes about his possible career change to Sumo wrestling.}Do you want Robinson from the Wanderers- we'll pay you to take him


13 Jan 2012 09:42:39
Any Sheff Utd news ed? {Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}(1)(9)


13 Jan 2012 12:05:11
Newcastle have made an improved offer of £1million for Manchester United's Ravel Morrison(27)(7)Which ha since been rejected by UnitedHe will be chomping at the bit to get to Newcastle from what i hear is he is on 2.5k a month at Man Utd ,while Nile Ranger is on 15k a week at Newcastle so i would imagine that if he went to Newcastle he would be on a min on 7k a week there plus if he is as good as they say he is .He will get premier league games under his belt sooner then later


13 Jan 2012 11:41:28
darren gibson to everton has been confirmed. he will wear the number 4 shirt(22)(12)Glad he found his level at last.Found his level he signed for everton u no good side gibson would only just get on bench for my saterday side and that would be if we had players missing and he would pay his subs every week , this is best thing man u have ever done in any transfer Market call man u all u want but getting someone to pay for Gibson that takes real skillWe will get the best of out of himHe is not united material but he can do a job for the toffees. He has a great strike on him and will score a few screamers mark my words!


13 Jan 2012 11:40:42
McGugan for Norwich!

Don't know about these Bridcutt rumours. We have holding midfielders and a big work ethic. Apart from Hoolahan though, we don't have that major skill element. I have heard people say Lewis McGugan is inconsistent, but last year at Carrow Road he was superb. Going past people at will. Forest are having a bad season and that rubs off on players. I feel the genius Paul Lambert could turn him into pure quality. He has power, great skill and a huge goal threat. He can score from anywhere within a 40 yard radius, and if it's true that he is available for 1.5million, well what are we waiting for??(20)(4)Take him ..... ill pay for the taxi£1.5 million for McGugan, I will drive him to Norwich myselfTake mcgugan he is so lazy and no world beater trust me i see him every weekDont want that peice of rubbish!Maybe he doesn't want to play on the front lawn of a Holiday Inn every weekLewis can be sublime and woeful in the same game. Whoever has managed him at forest has never been able to make him the player that Lewis thinks he is.Yes, McGugan is inconsistent, but everyone knows on his day he is a top class player. With Paul Lambert in charge I think if anyone can get him playing on a consistent basis, it is him.All you Forest fans..whilst he's a Forest player he is class, as soon as he is strongly linked with a move away he isn't good.As a forest fan i beleive this deal could be improved....

We will pay you £1.5 million to take him from us... rubbish until last season where he mis hit a few crackers,,, now rubbish again... OVERATED is an understatementIf he didnt weigh so much I would piggy back him thereYet another Forest fan who think he is now rubbish as he is linked with a move away. If he stays, in about a month you will all be saying how good he is. Pathetic Forest fans.How can he score from behind the goal? Let me guess is he quality at putting curl on his shots as well is he?


13 Jan 2012 11:16:26
Dean Smith (Walsall manager) is struggling to persuade players to come to the club on loan, so has turned his attention to free agents and is in contact with Burton O'Brien (former Falkirk midfielder) and Carl Cort (former Wolves and current Guyana international striker)(9)(5)


13 Jan 2012 11:01:00
Bristol City are set too offer Nicky Hunt & Lee Johnson for Mustapha Carayol in a swap deal, Rovers director Brian Seymour Smith is said too be holding Negotiations whilst chairman Nick Higgs is on holiday in Italy, due too return Sunday(3)(15)Which Rovers? There are a few, you know!Well,I doubt very mjuch that its BlackburnBristol...


13 Jan 2012 10:56:47
Later today Bristol Rovers are to announce Colin Lee as director of football, with Shaun North as head coach.(2)(9)


13 Jan 2012 10:53:24
Sordells proposed move to West Ham looks to be hijacked by Fulham as they look to replace Johnson and Zamora.(17)(8)I heard this 2...bugger...Every time westham bid for somone another team then wants that playerWell every decent player is on s1 radar if other clubs are finding out about our targets then there is a problem but we should be able to compete with some of these teams


13 jan 2012 11:08:45
hi all thought i'd share a bit of gossip from old prem player who still has a few contacts. he's just told me that liverpool are very close to a move for jermaine defoe, harry is willing to let him go and jermaine is very happy to leave. harry is still trying to tie up another forward if he does jermaine will be a liverpool player by the middle of next week. you heard it here first.....dandyman(15)(25)How many more times! JD would not move north of Watford. As he is not going anywhere, this poster is another fool.Bit of a step down for JD , cant see it myself !This will not happen as Spurs are doing really well in prem. Also he is a London boy and dont want the hassle of moving north - You heard it her first.Find this hard to believe considering jd found it hard to settle in portsmouth!! so i cant see him settling well up north?Common knowledge mate press been on
about it for a whileA step down...come on really...spurs are doing very well just now...but in the bigger picture it is in noway a step down...look to the future. plus u say he wont want to move bcos they are doing so well...does it occur to u that he might want to try get into the england team for the euro's atm with the amount of playing time hes getting that is not going to happen...rooney welbeck bent are all ahead of him in the pecking orderThe only striker that might move from Spurs in Jan id Pav and only if we get a replacement. As it is we only have Ade, Defoe and Pav and could not possibly afford to go down to two strikers
Really Defoe is moving nowhere, summer could be different, but he will be staying for now


13 Jan 2012 11:07:19
Stoke winger Ben Marshall has rejected a new deal with the Premier League club and is now likely to be sold to the highest bidder.
Michael Uchebo will not be signing for Stoke after the towering VVV Venlo striker failed to impress on trial(14)(3)


13 Jan 2012 10:58:37
Portsmouth have missed out on Chris Wood from WBA on loan because the Football League will not allow them to sign any players until they release someone else from the wage bill. So all transfer activity at Fratton Park is on hold until either a) the club gets taken over and someone injects funds or b) they sell someone.(12)(5)Not true - he went on loan to Bristol City proving that this was complete bsBristol city now have chris wood this was done 2 days ago, you have not missed out as you had no chance any way. hahaSorry can you not read? Portsmouth have missed out on signing him on loan because he has gone to Bristol City. For your information Michael Appleton said he was close to signing him but the FL stepped in and said we weren't able to and that's when he went to Bristol.


13 jan 2012 10:52:01
stoke wont signe.. micahel uchebo.. he cant get a work permit(13)(2)


13 Jan 2012 10:50:25
Cody mcdonald heading to swindon for undisclosed fee after not settling at coventry.(7)(9)He was up for a free transfer so if you paid for him I say "well done sky blues" great bit of business, nice lad but couldn't hit a cows ar#e with a banjo! Obviously Paulo has seen something nobody else could, maybe he's a good pusher of refs?Who?? Any relation to Sir Trevor?Macdonalds home town is Chelmsford...... Coventry is 94 miles from Chelmsford....... Swindon is 89 miles from Chelmsford so I suppose that extra 5 miles closer will make him settle haha smells like Robbie Savages famous "I want to be closer to home" move. Cody is a good player though, he did well for us at Gillingham although we played him mainly as a striker and he is more of a winger. He should thrive in a low division and is a good replacement for Matt Ritchie. I would welcome him back to the GillsHmmmm i see him as more of a striker even if not a prolific striker and don't think he will fill Ritchies roll on the wing. Think the Ritchie money could of been better spent being as it was common knowledge he was free to find another clubWhat Ritchie money??????


13 Jan 2012 10:38:51
Former Man United and Norway striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is set to join League two basement club Plymouth Argyle as manager. Carl Fletcher will stay at the club as a player.(7)(32)Player manager? If only....!


13 Jan 2012 10:38:43
Calvin Andrew to join Yeovil Town on loan from Crystal Palace(12)(4)His levelI doubt it as there is already 6 loan players at the club, with matchday squads only allowing 5, with one sitting in the stand


13 Jan 2012 10:38:24
haynes as signed for charlton ath fact(16)(3)Haynes??Do you mean the ex Ipswich player Danny Haynes from Barnsley HAS signed for Charlton


13 Jan 2012 10:37:46
Maynard having talks with West Brom today. Fee agreed between clubs.(22)(10)This is not true as i Nicky Maynard is on the coach with the rest of the city team on route to Brighton for the game tommorow, get your facts right pal hahaRumour is part of the Chris Wood deal is WBA get 1st refusal on MaynardIs you really ??Only place maynard is going is carrow road for 3 million


13 Jan 2012 10:30:03
hull city will sign trevor carson from sunderland(15)(2)


13 Jan 2012 10:29:42
Young Brighton Striker Torbjorn Agdestein to be allowed to leave by mutual consent and join Yeovil Town until the end of the season(6)(4)


13 Jan 2012 10:28:40
Sunderland will sign Gary Hooper from Celtic for 5m plus Craig Gordon, Sunderland have also approached Arsenal for a loan move for Andre Arshavin and have bid 3m for Liverpool's left back Aurelio(20)(37)Couldn't see Celtic agreeing that one as craigs contract is nearly up and he would have to take a big drop in wages.Why would we offer our best Goalkeeper? When Gordon is fit he is one of the best keepers in the Premiership. He is also Scotland's best keeper. Stop posting BS.You'll see mate, this transfer will happen 100%, as wiill the signing of Aurelio, we'll have to wait and see on the Arshavin deal, it hinders on Sessegnon leaving the club with Arsenal themselves interested, as are Liverpool and 3 german clubsThats the question though when gordon is fit, brilliant keeper but too injury prone, I'm happy with Mignolet and Westwood fighting it out for the number 1, hooper and Arshavin might both do a good jobI would like to debate scotlands best keeper...a fit gordon will do very well to budge mcgregor. but i agree this guy is having a laugh that hes part of a deal with him going to celticGordon's always injured man, the demands of the premier league is too much for his body and he'll jump at the chance to move back north, get over it he's not sunderland's best keeper anywayI am a Celtic fan and there is no way Gordon is better than Mcgregor... when was the last time Gordon played a game?? As for Hooper I hope he stays.The only reason he is injure prone is cos bruce would play him when he wasnt fully fit and then he would injure his wrist again. He is sunderland's best kepper. mignolet is too shaky at setpieces and westwood has had a few howlers this season. Oniell knows how good a keeper Gordon is and wouldn't exchange him.Where is the money coming fromCeltic will sell their best striker and replace with a keeper? are you for real? celtic have 3 fit strikers and they play every game, get a grip of reality, if celtic had an abundance of strikers or even a few backups then i could see some sense in this, but to sell the leagues top goalscorer midway through a season for peanuts is some1s wishfull thinkin! the only reason this will happen if southahmpton come in with £9-10m which im sure they will not!Total and utter crap...Hooper isnt even EPL standard


13 Jan 2012 10:20:36
Norwich city will make at least 3 signings for the january trans.....(17)(15)Who ?Maynard or rhodes mcgugan chambers or gunterSo this means youve got to sell 3 players under Delia's rules then ??


13 Jan 2012 10:19:14
Brighton have taken Man City 3rd choice keeper David Gonzalez on loan - personally, never heard of him but apparently the Colombian keeper?(4)(9)He played up here in Scotland, on loan at Aberdeen for a few months! Looked decent enough, just needs to get a decent run of games and settle down somewhere!It wouldn't be on loan as he has been released by Man City.The same David Gonzalez that Leeds had on loan last season and only played once... for the reserves? :L he was no where near good enoughDavid Gonzalez has been released by Manchester City so no loan necessary


13 Jan 2012 10:18:46
The contract extension of Steven Gerrard was brought forward,as a prerequisite to a big star signing in the next few days

YNWA(11)(17)Maybe its the one that shines over Bethlehem at Christmas as it isnt there anymore?Do you know what prerequisite means?

Are you telling me that Liverpool are negotiating for a player, but that player has said "I'll only come if Gerrard signs a new contract!?Yeah, sure..Jarvis maybe? :D


13 Jan 2012 10:16:30
preston will sign micheal bostwick for 500,000 by 20/01/2012(5)(11)Do we have the money i think not or we
would have been able to agree a deal with
Nathan DoyleHa ha ha £500,000 were did that come from?Were will Preston find that sort of money from?


13 Jan 2012 10:16:14
Big rumours in ayr that we have signed stevenstone again until the end of season,him 2 young players from blackpool maybye more to follow cash came fae Calvin ayre bodog founder.(5)(3)


13 Jan 2012 10:11:58
West Brom have made an approach for Reading striker Noel Hunt, who manager Roy Hodgson wants to reunite with Shane Long, a summer signing from Reading. It could prompt a series of transfers at the Sir John Madejski Stadium, with Reading's want-away winger Jimmy Kebe in talks with West Ham United. The Royals are closing in on a replacement after agreeing a £3m fee with Huddersfield Town for the in-demand Jordan Rhodes. West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur withdrew their bids for Rhodes last week, after refusing to guarantee him first team football.

Source-The Times(4)(19)Nice story but the only truth i can see is probably the interest in Kebe. Also Big Sam has said today that 3mill was rejected for JR straight up and they are not enteratianing counter offers.


13 Jan 2012 10:07:51
Celtic to approach west ham for permission
to speak to Frederic Picquionne about
possible move north. Sam Allardyce not keen
to let Fred for anything less than sick squid(9)(8)


13 Jan 2012 08:03:30
Hi ed, just wondering if you know any possible rumours about Norwich? Cheers :) {Ed001's Note - I don't have anything new at all today, sorry.}(2)(7)


13 Jan 2012 10:04:15
nice to hear that Big Sam has highlighted
good young alternate targets to Jordan
Rhodes. Sky Sports report WHU have made
offers for Jamie Mackie at QPR and Marvin
SOrdell from Watford, both good young
forwards with lots of pace. Believed £4m would get the pair of them but Hughes has put
temporary hold on mackie deal which was
close to completion and should still be done
by end of Jan, as should Jimmy Kebe deal(7)(7)Would need more to get Sordell.After the pathetic over-reaction of some west ham fans to the sock incident its unlikely kebe will move there. Wouldn't it be nice if west ham started to clear some of their mounting debts rather than spending more money.Ah but the money for January transfers is coming from Gold and Sullivan's personal wealth and not the club. Seperate accounts etc. Don't worry, debts are still being paidYou'd probably need £4m just to start the bidding for SordellComing from Gold and Sullivan's personal wealth. That is still a debt, eventually these guys will want to see some money back.G/s have been trimming the debt inregards to over paid players


13 Jan 2012 10:01:38
Tevez to make a deadline day move to Spurs for £20m if the Remy deal cannot be completed. Remy costing circa £20m(9)(31)It's wishful thinking but why do you want to make spurs fans look like liverpool one's putting silly unrealistic targets, 1.wages 2. Man City not selling to a now potential title contenderTo be honest I don't think City care where he goes - they just want him out!

That said, I can't see him coming to Spurs...


13 Jan 2012 09:49:25
Jake Howells to join Charlton from Luton Town on a free in the summer.(5)(5)Jake is on Ipswich's radar they have checked him out again, that's twice now, so expect a move to Ipswich not Charlton


13 Jan 2012 09:40:13
Ipswich town are going to sign kane ferdinand today for undisclosed fee. Also paul jewell trying to finalise a deal for nacho novo who has rejected a return to ibrox.
Elsewhere qpr hoping to get there first signing under mark hughes,they have had a5 million bid acepted for an unnamed southampton player(3)(16)The unnamed southampton player would only be jason puncheonDanny butterfieldThey've all got names at Southampton - so dont know who this is...?They've got numbers too - which makes it easier as those Dutch and Belgium names can be quite tricky.£5m at Southampton? Lambert, Fonte, Schneiderlin, Lallana.....None of which would be going. so this sounds like bull to meAll of those four players are worth more than £5m!

Dream on.....Only possible player would be Schneiderlin. Saints don't need to sell and wont jeopardise selling first team players while they push for promotion. Therefore poor rumour!Novo never rejected a deal from rangers as rangers never offered him one .he was only training at murray park to keep fit over xmasCant think of Anyone at Saints that is worth 5m and not worth more! One of the fullbacks? Gully?


13 Jan 2012 09:35:19
Looks like Brighton are set to win the race for the signature of David Gonzalez. The 29 yearl old ex Man City Goalkeeper has been on loan with Aderdeen for this season and has had his contract terminated by mutual consent. There is a number of clubs interested but it seems the Columbian International is favouring a move to the Amex.(7)(3)Had him at leeds last season but did not impress.


13 Jan 2012 09:25:18
Ed or anyone, looking for some honest news on bristol city, Jon Stead, Nicky Maynard, Albert Adomah, Brett Pitman, someone got anything??(0)(3)Think bournemouth are in for pitman?Bournemouth are apparently preparing a £1.5 million double bid for pittman and stead according to news on other sitesIt's actually 1000000 double bid


13 Jan 2012 09:09:47
preston will not be signing Haynes fee agreed with Charlton player just to agree terms(5)(0)TERMS AGREED


13 jan 2012 09:00:25
any bristol city transfer news please,
any bristol city transfer news please,(1)(9)Are bristol city signing murray davidson,templeton,driver,dobbie where are they if we are signing themYup, you had a chance to cash in on super loyal Nicky "he loves Bristol City" Maynard in the Summer but hung on to him to help your promotion push and now he's going to leave for peanuts. Good work


13 Jan 2012 08:35:48
Any news on Southampton signings(8)(13)Yep your signing everyone and getting on everyones nerves.big club


13 Jan 2012 07:55:51
Plymouth have completed the signing of Paul Wotton. The Argyle legend rejoins from yeovil. Also signed Joe Lennox from bristol city, with another signing expected soon. Bryher Pilgrim.(11)(3)


13 Jan 2012 07:41:45
West Ham make 2million bid for Sordell(11)(14)£2m?? no way will we accept aything less that £4m. and west ham are are 2nd tear club, y would he go there when arsenal and tottenham are lookin at himTry tripling it and we'll talk


13 Jan 2012 07:33:30
Haynes to charlton, agreed terms with them, not to Preston as hill says he's not going on loan, Brian Howard to Barnsley on loan(14)(2)Would,nt mind howard especially as our
jacob butterfield out for season


13 Jan 2012 05:19:44
QPR owner prepare 20m pound for new qpr player and ready to add another extra 20m if from msia.(6)(17)They could offer 200million its pointless no1 will join a club that looks certain to go down ...come 4months time they would have try find a new clubQpr will be next man city in planing....No Chairman publicises the amount of money there is to spend..
All made up by people trying to get interest in this very quite window.If you were a Saint's fan, you would know his name is Adkins!


13 Jan 2012 03:34:33
Middlesbrough are prepared to allow Kink, Halliday, Smallwood and McManus to leave in January as they attempt to sign an unnamed PSV midfielder whose contract expires in July.
Source- Gilly.(13)(14)


13 Jan 2012 02:22:52
preston beat glasgow rangers to sign barnsley striker danny haynes on loan-FACT wee wise rab wwr(14)(38)Rangers have never been linked to Haynes anywhere.And you know it as well.Or else you would have proven it.Dunfermline signed Turner the Preston keeper FFS.Get a grip with the crap posts TimothyRangers didn't want him .... wrong again wee wise rabI think haynes would rather go chalton mate preston are steHaynes is in talks with Charlton clubs have agreed a fee just up to player to agree termsNot afact already agreed terms and fee with Charlton this mornings Barnsley Chronicle FACTAccording to Sky, he's about to join Charlton.I fancy he'd rather sign for Fleetwood than the 'famous' Glasgow Rankers!


13 Jan 2012 02:22:46
Doncaster trying 2 get mark Fortun'e bk on loan from WBA(30)(2)


13 Jan 2012 01:15:37
Walsall aren't going to buy anyone as they have no money, however they will still look to loan players now and again, but the wrong ones at that(16)(5)


13 Jan 2012 01:00:12
Brighton & Hove Albion are to bid £250,000 for Bristol City's Jon Stead, after Albion loose interest in Leed Utd's Billy Paynter.(22)(2)This is not true, i am a close friend of Jon Stead and he is not going any where, he and his family are happy in bristol, also City do not want to sell him. i would like to no where you get your rubbish rumours hahaGood because he's crap


13 Jan 2012 00:14:30
Blackburn, Bolton, Newcastle,Wigan and wolves are to sigh man u hot prospect Ravel Morrison for a fee around 1m-2m. Newcastle first to put a bid in. Blackburn and Bolton make pick to sign more proven players first. wolves have only got 5m left to spend and they are not sure he has the right personalty to be at wolves. ravel is out of contract in the summer and man u want rid fast.(3)(20)TryingApparently he off to man city or barca. He is supposed to be classMU dont let young HOT prospects go. Especially fo £1- £2m.£1-2mil, for a player who in 6 months will go for 250-300k? United will sell for 600-900kThere's been a lot of talk that Fergie doesn't think he has a calm enough temper to be part of United's future, though, and if that's the case I can see it. If any manager wants to take a (relatively inexpensive) gamble on trying to tame him they could have a top player in a few years.Talented with a total bad attitude.Y do ppl think its going to tke 1 to 2 mil to sign this lad he will be a on a free at the end the season apart from having to manu development cost which has been said to be around 300,000


13 Jan 2012 00:13:27
blackburn are in for
andy johnson
ed will he go ther(8)(24)


13 Jan 2012 00:12:46
Jamie mccoome of Huddersfield linked with 300k move to portman road with th st ledger deal falling through,definite info.and tubbs in town to talk to pj about a move to the championship strugglers.(9)(6)St Ledger deal hasn't fallen anywhere. Leicester are short on defensive cover and Pearson has blocked the move until they've played Forest in the FA Cup replay on Tues, it'll complete on Weds.McCoombe could be on as Sean St Ledger is staying longer at Leicester than the FA Cup replay with Forest, Ipswich cant be piss balled around they ned urgent cover at the back


13 Jan 2012 00:07:39
Chelsa are in for
eden hazard can you see this ed(29)(34)


13 Jan 2012 00:04:11
Danielle de rossi might be joing man city in the next couple of weeks as he has not signed a new deal with roma because they cannot agree new terms

His father is his agent and he confirmed that his son will be joing city .(21)(40)His father confirmed it? Where's the quote from his father??



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