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15 Dec 2012 21:36:38
Shrewsbury are set to bid for Magnus Okunghae in January.



15 Dec 2012 21:32:26
Northamptons Clarke Carlisle is to be returned to York at the end of the current loan period, and not offered a new contract. Northampton are to renew their interest in Chris Robertson from PNE.

No chance robbo will leave preston



15 Dec 2012 21:17:21
Alan walsh to take over the bristol rovers hot seat with marcus stewart asst manager



15 Dec 2012 20:43:32
A good mate of mine plays for Nick H's side at North End. He said that all the talk around the ground this week has been that an offer has been made for Goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann from a Championship club down south. Seems Steve Simonsen is now set to take over the gloves.

Stucky will not leave pne



15 Dec 2012 19:53:43
Ben Wyatt who has been impressing at Norwich u18s is a rumoured transfer target for Man City + Utd



15 Dec 2012 19:51:44
arsenal to get sterling for 15 million as
well as diame for his 4 million buy out
clause and fernando lorente. however
i dont think these players can get
arsenal back to what they used to be,
wenger needs to bring in some world
class players or they are just going to
continue to go down hill. and, to be
honest if arsenal win most their games
in the build up to january i doubt he
will even buy these.



15 Dec 2012 18:51:25
Stewart Downing is set to be offered back to Aston Villa with no fee due to Liverpool still owing Villa around £10m for the winger.

Arsenal are also set to reignite their interest in the failing Kop winger in a swap move for Theo Walcott.



15 Dec 2012 19:04:12
! Mark McGee sacked as manager of Bristol rovers. Next in line to be offered job is Steve Tilson of canvey island. He missed out on the job at gillingham, but is very keen to get back to league football, and will save the club fr relegation. FACT as he was quick out of the away game against carshalton this afternoon

He wont save you from relegation you dont have enough quality in your squad



15 Dec 2012 17:38:45
Stewart Downing linked with a move to Southampton after Brendan Rodgers admits he has no future at Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers will be the one with no future at liverpool also

Stewie coming home to join boro,s promotion push with a permanent move on if we go up.+you cant get a parmo in southampton,so no chance of that.(sarfamton fans say ,whats a parmo !)+he doesnt fancy a relegation battle.

Stewie is joining boro he has told all his friends and family back in Teesside with a £6 million deal if we go up

Middlesbrough are welcome to him! Not good enough in my opinion + don't be so sure on a Saints relegation battle.

Please god no! He is terrible! This can't be true!

15 Dec 2012 19:24:59
Over rated player on Hugh wages no thanks

Saints 4 Aston Villa 1
Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 3

I think it is the Scousers who should look at some of Saints fringe players!

Please god no got to middlesborough

God I hope not!!

I would rather be in a relegation battle in the prem than play in the championship



15 Dec 2012 16:32:15
Rumour has it that arsenal and west ham has arranged that a straight swap will happen in January with Mo Diame to arsenal and Maroun Charmark to the hammers also west ham after Joe Cole and norwich striker Lambert

Norwich don't have a striker called Lambert. We used to have a manager of that name...

Some people who post on here
are embarrassing
lambert from norwich i mean

is this person for real



15 Dec 2012 15:05:50
Derby are to make an approach to sign Leeds striker Ross McCormack on loan in January with a view to buy in the summer.

Just not going to happen recently signed a new three year contract and is more than settled at leeds mot4life

What a joke !

Good we need a goal scoring striker



15 Dec 2012 14:30:47
Report from a tyne tees local paper.middlesboro preparing an offer for blackman in january..alf



15 Dec 2012 14:23:33
Danny Wilson has cut his loan move at Bristol City short and gone back to Liverpool due to lack of game time

Why dont liverpool give him a run,cant be any worse than they have at moment.

What a waste of money. We have problems at centreback and he is sat on the bench! McInnes should go back to Scotland with McGhee!!



15 Dec 2012 12:30:52
Swansea City to sign Barcelona winger
Isaac Cuenca in January on loan
untill the end of the season.

Quality player would be a very good signing.

With laudrups contacts in Barcelona and Madrid, I can see us signing a top player in jan probably on loan though



15 Dec 2012 11:58:12
getting close to January transfers and West ham
are to try and make an audacious bid for Loic Remy using Modibo Maiga and cash as
an incentive. Big Sam would also like to bring in Marouanne Chamakh on loan and has
targetted Chris Solly and A centre back
as priorities. Rickie Lambert and Gary
Hooper also interest Sam

No chance of Solly leaving Charlton - isnt he too short for a Big Sam side?



15 Dec 2012 11:58:13
League one side Walsall are close to agreeing a deal with Nottingham Forrest for striker Robbie Findley, Findley will either leave on a free transfer in january or on loan until the end of the season

Source Nottingham Post journalist



15 Dec 2012 11:30:29
Bristol Rovers youth team coach Marcus Stewart set to come out of retirement to bolster the pirates attacking options from the bench.




15 Dec 2012 07:54:52
{Ed002's Note - From reading a number of recent messages it seems that this would be an appropriate time to reprise the FFFR post:

The Demystification of the Financial Fair Play Rules (FFPR)
I will try and simplify and summarise the FFPR and give examples where I can.
Putting aside all of the “mother country” fluff, the fundamental purpose of the FFPR is to:
(1) Ensure that clubs are operating within their means with transparent financial reporting. Example: Arsenal has debt which they can manage from the money they make as a club (good). Anzhi has a very low turnover given the amount of money they spend on players through donations from wealthy owners (bad).
(2) Protect creditors. Example: When Portsmouth went bust they owed money for players (the extreme case being Glen Johnson who had moved to Liverpool but Portsmouth still owed Chelsea for), money to local businesses (tradesmen who had worked at the ground, newsagents etc.), utility companies, the police et al (bad).
(3) Encourage responsible spending. Example: Liverpool under Hicks and Gillett borrowed money against the value of the club in order to buy players (bad).
(4) Protect the long-term viability of European club football. Example: They want to avoid the scenario of clubs entering administration or going out of business.
The FFPR apply to all UEFA club competitions and will actively come in to force from the end of June 2014 taking account of the financial monitoring period (the season just finished) and the two prior reporting periods (the two seasons before that). So when they first start, the FFPR will look at the 2013/2014 returns, and they will give consideration to the 2011/12 and 2012/13 figures.
I should make clear that it is not the full accounts of a club that are being considered, but just the “relevant” income and the “relevant” expenses. “Excluded” expenses are critical to the FFPR calculations. To this end, all clubs will need to effectively produce two sets of accounts. An audited set which are provided to Companies House and the relevant revenue organisations, and a second audited return laying out the “relevant” income and the “relevant” expenses for the purpose of the FFPR.
Relevant Income
(1) Match day gate receipts. Example: The money made by the club from paying fans attending games. This includes income from cup games when played away from home – where a proportion of the gate money goes to the away side.
(2) Broadcasting rights. Example: Television income for games, money provided for radio broadcasting.
(3) Income from commercial activities. Example: Sales of bobble hats and rattles, club shop income, licensed income (e.g. DVD sales). In the future you can expect to see income from other media (e.g. streaming of games on a pay-per-view basis to the web and phones) increase.
(4) Prize money. Example: income from the Premier League, Champions League etc..
(5) Sponsorship. Example: Shirt sponsors (Standard Chartered, Samsung etc.), shirt manufactures (Adidas, Warrior etc.).
(6) Advertising. Example: Companies who buy time on video screens during games or hoardings at the stadium.
(7) Other operating income. Example: Payments made to a club for playing friendly matches in the Far East.
(8) Income from transfers: Example: All income from the sale of a player regardless of payment being due to previous clubs, the player himself etc. as they are allowable expenses which will later be deducted.
(9) Excess proceeds on the sale of tangible fixed assets. Example: The money Arsenal from converting part of Highbury in to apartments and selling them.
(10) Other income: Example: Interest on investments.
Relevant Expenses
(1) The costs of running the business (confusingly referred to as “the cost of sales” by accountants etc.). Example: Wages, ground maintenance, lighting, telephones, IT equipment, travel costs, policing costs etc..
(2) Employee related benefits and associated costs. Example: Costs of providing insurance, dental care, medical, employer NI contribution, housing, loyalty bonuses etc..
(3) Other operating expenses. Example: Payments for advertising, legal fees, agent fees, accounting fees, payments to players in relation to transfers, payments to player’s previous clubs, etc..
(4) Amortisation or transfer costs. Example: The total amount of money paid to another club to transfer a player or, if a club decides to do so, the amortised cost for that year (where a club is spreading the cost of the transfer out over the length of his contract for accounting purposes).
(5) Finance costs. Example: Bank charges, interest on loans etc..
(6) Dividends. Example: The owners may take a dividend from the profits a club makes as income.
Excluded Expenses
(1) Depreciation of tangible fixed assets. Example: The loss, if any, in value of the stadium, cars, IT equipment etc..
(2) Costs associated with the intangible fixed assets (other than player registrations). Example: goodwill, franchises, trademarks, copyrights etc..
(3) Expenditure on youth development activities. Example: All youth development expenses (housing, schooling, travel, medical etc.) are excluded from the calculations.
(4) Community development activities. Example: Outreach programmes, donations to the local community and charities, provision of equipment etc..
(5) Tax expenses. Example: Monies paid to the Inland Revenue, VAT etc..
(6) Finance costs related to construction of tangible fixed assets. Example: The interest on the £300M loan to build a new stadium.
(7) Interest payments on old loans (pre June 1, 2011). Example: Any interest due on a loan taken out for whatever purpose before June 1, 2011 is excluded from the calculations.
(8) Certain expenses from non-football operations. Example: This does not really apply to British clubs, but in other European countries clubs are often “sporting clubs” and have basketball, football, hockey team etc. all under one business.
The Calculation
FFPR calculates from a club’s “relevant” income and the “relevant” expenses whether the club is running at a surplus (profit) or deficit (loss) within a Monitoring Period (e.g. 2013/14). From this the FFPR decides if a club has met the “break even” requirement or not. This is not met if the “relevant” expenses exceed the “relevant” income by more than 5M euros (an acceptable deviation).
If the club exceeds this acceptable deviation, the owners of a club may contribute toward correcting it to a maximum of 45M euro over a rolling three year period (30M euro from 2015/16 on). Example: If Club X made a loss of 50M euro in 2013/14 due to the purchase of players, the calculation will ignore the first 5M euro and assume an owner contribution of 45M euro and there would not be an issue. However, for the two years following, there would be no allowable owner contribution as the full allocation had been used. If Club Y made a loss of 30M euro in 2013/14 due to the purchase of players, the calculation will ignore the first 5M euro and assume an owner contribution of 25M euro and there would not be an issue. But in this case, for the two years following, there would still be 20M euro allowable as owner contribution to cover further losses.
The Punishment
The Threat: If a club has been determined to have violated the “break even” requirement for a season it may be excluded from the next season’s UEFA competitions.
Likely Situation: If a club can show it has been moving in the right direction and doing what it can to overcome financial issues, perhaps brought on by a recession (e.g. in Spain) then I would expect a strongly worded letter as a warning. Perhaps by then end of the 2016/2017 season, If a club has been determined to have violated the “break even” requirement for several seasons then it may be excluded from the next season’s UEFA competitions.
UEFA are willing to make some exceptions to the rule and have already said they will consider:
(1) The quantum and trend of the break even result. Example: Chelsea has spent a lot this summer rebuilding an aging squad, so even with considerable additional income from winning the Champions League it could violate the “break even” requirement. However, spending less next season will show the club moving in the right direction. Expect a strongly worded letter in a couple of years time.
(2) Debt situation. Example: A possible “get out” for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United should they have a bad season and need to violate the “break even” requirement. Consideration will be given to the existing debt and the ability of the clubs to service that debt. The trend of the debt reducing and an excuse of “one bad season” and “need to rebuild the team” would likely result in a slapped wrist.
(3) Fluctuating exchange rates. Example: All non eurozone countries need to report the FFPR figures in euros which could fluctuate due to the exchange rate, whereas a number of the UEFA figures are fixed amounts (e.g. the 5M euro acceptable deviation).
(4) Projected figures. Example: UEFA will allow clubs to show that they are moving in the right direction if they provide projected figures showing that the “break even” requirement will be met in the following season.
(5) Force majeure. Example: Any extraordinary events or situation arising that is beyond the club’s control will be taken in to account.
(6) Until then end of 2014/15 only - Ongoing reductions in wage costs. UEFA will be flexible over the “break even” requirement if a club can show that their wage bill has been reducing and with the exclusion of wages of players signed before June 1, 2010 they would have met the “break even” requirement. Example: An escape route for the likes of Chelsea prior to this season with Drogba, Anelka, Bosingwa, Kalou, Cech, Terry, Lampard etc. wages excluded from the calculations. A possible future escape route for the likes of Barcelona.
The Issues
There are a number of matters that UEFA still need to figure out and a number of concerns that certain clubs and certain national associations have. Off the top of my head:
(1) Loopholes: Whilst UEFA has done what it can to block any potential “loopholes” it is well aware that exclusion of wages for players signed before June 2010 is one it has introduced itself, and one that will be popular with the higher paying clubs as a short term escape route through to the summer of 2015. The matters of excessive sponsorship will be addressed via a cap to thwart the concerns over the likes of Manchester City abusing the rules. The cap has yet to be finalised but will require ratification.
(2) Soft Sponsorship: UEFA are concerned at the aggressive approach to obtaining sponsorship some clubs are taking. Questions are being asked about the ethics in clubs having airline travel partners, photocopier partners etc.. The Spanish clubs have raised this as a concern.
(3) National Sponsorship Variations: As we have seen tobacco sponsorship leave Formula 1 UEFA would like to see alcohol sponsorship out of football. We already have a situation where sponsorship by alcohol related businesses are forbidden in certain countries. Wealthy breweries are now focussing their sponsorship in other countries thereby creating a perceived imbalance in what income clubs are able to obtain in sponsorship. The French and Russian clubs have raised this as a concern.
(4) National Financial Distribution Variations: Concerns exist in countries where different models are used for distributing prize money, contributing to the grassroots game and distributing income from television and other media broadcasting. This led to an original request (rejected) from a number of clubs to restrict the FFPR to only the wealthiest of clubs, those with a turnover in excess of xM euros.
(5) National Taxation Variations: There is a considerable difference across UEFA nations in taxation, and this is seen to be reflected in the wages paid to players. The Spanish clubs have raised this as a concern.
(6) Third Party Ownership: Countries that allow third party ownership of players are seen to have a distinct advantage in being able to keep the costs of transfer fees low as they are only paying for a proportion of a player. The English clubs have raised this as a concern.
The Great Fear
Without going in to too much detail: (a) A number of clubs take the opportunity a once or twice a year to discuss various issues including changes in rules, television rights, the power of UEFA, exploitation issues for new technology streams, etc.. These discussions, the last of which were in late August, also always turn to the possibility and structure of a breakaway pan European league. Several are ex-G14 clubs, several are not, and some clubs decline involvement in such discussions. (b) The plan is that at some point a number of clubs would break away from their national leagues and UEFA. They accept that they would be banned from all existing club competition and the players would initially be banned from all FIFA competitions as well, but know that FIFA would be looking to negotiate in any case. It would be the end of UEFA in all probability and UEFA are very aware of this. It would also result in a restructuring of many of the national leagues. (c) The clubs would renegotiate their television rights, rights of distribution via other streams etc.. (d) It remains the greatest fear of UEFA and all major national authorities that one day this will happen.

Wooh! Easy tiger,to much info to digest so early on a Saturday!!

Does this man city are in a bad way then cause they lost 97.7 mil



15 Dec 2012 07:44:36
We have no chance of signing frimpong arsene wenger loves him and more clubs are interested in him. I can see seaborne coming to the valley but not the rest, like the dude at the top said their pure fantasy signings.

Huge rumour that forest have made an enquiry about him.
I know people may think there is no chance but we all though that about Lansbury and he went. They are also good friends and forest have a bit of money.

If we found the money to put an offer in for Frimpong I would be astounded!



15 Dec 2012 02:27:17
Preston will shortly complete the signing of free agent Luke Foster. PNE manager Graham Westley believes that Foster, who has previously been released by Lincoln, Oxford, Mansfield and Rotherham, will strengthen North End's porous defence. Foster previously played under Westley at Stevenage.

Great CV (not!), just what we do not need another Stevenage reject. Come on Westley widen your horizons man; I know money is tight but please stop brining in very average League 2 standard players.

Westley announced in the LEP today that there would be no major signings in the Jan transfer window. He may just tinker with 1 new doubt a free agent over 30 and playing non league. Gone are the days of buying players



15 Dec 2012 01:17:55
Akpo Sodje to sign deal until end of the season at Carlisle Utd, when transfer window re opems.

Hope he signs but worried about his long standing fitness problems.



15 dec 2012 00:23:16
harry forrester
will go to millwall
in jan



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