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15 Aug 2013 17:30:33
Can anybody shed any light on who the two players will be that Stoke are looking to sign within the next week. Mark Bowen stated this in Radio Stoke today. Says Diouf is not one of them and it is unlikely that the deals will go through before Saturday.

Connor wickham

The two targets are: Mevlut Erdinc on a permanant basis from rennes and Junior Hoillet on loan from QPR.

And Emmanuel Ageymang

The players are an unnamed Spanish striker and Hoillet or Sinclair.

Unnamed because we all don't know or unnamed because he is unknown in regards to talent

Sinclair is not a Stoke target, Hoilett is but the deal looks off.



15 Aug 2013 15:43:07
Freddie Ladapo loan to Woking done and dusted



15 Aug 2013 15:08:41
Danny Fox set to sign for Bolton

I hope not don't think he's good enough!

16 Aug 2013 15:12:39
Bolton fan here. cannot sign anyone till mears an mills dep�rt. fair play taking its toll. even when/if they go craig dawson the target. poor story from daily blh this.



15 Aug 2013 14:28:50
Brighton have made an ambitious loan move for Manchester City trio John Guidetti, Scott Sinclair and Dedryck Boyata.

Good move for all parties

Would be very surprised if those three happened.

Sinclair to WBA but other two could happen

16 Aug 2013 07:07:53
Would be best loan signings off season
If Brighton pulled that off, can't see it to be honest,

Sinclair linked with WBA

Be surprised if ANY of them happened.

16 Aug 2013 10:01:23
im a brighton fan and i'd be surprised if we got any of them

Good riddance. An absolutely awful footballer have never understood how he has played league football at any grade. Wouldn't have wished him on you but if your stupid enough to take him its your fault.

If there's one thing we've learned about Brighton's signings it's that we tend not to have had a scooby about them until they're done

Whos awful mate?

16 Aug 2013 12:52:11
Explain please what player your saying
Good riddance about there are 3 players being linked,

Sinclair would be to much to buy only unless they get him on a season long loan



15 Aug 2013 14:23:19
Just been told rotherham are in talks to sign a defender on loan from hull, not sure who it is though

Unlikely, if Hull let another defender go it would leave us very short in that area

Bruce perhaps?

Good luck hull today
Cardiff 4 Ever



15 Aug 2013 14:15:56
Portsmouth set to sign former Brighton Left back Marcos Painter on a free until January

17 Aug 2013 10:40:36
He will do a job for pompey in league two and one if you go up, not the quickest but can defend, good luck painter, Brighton fan,

A very solid debut against Morecombe

Looked very good v Morecambe looked a natural Left Back and impressed me much better then Butler in my opinion

I'm not surprised he looks solid in league two, he is good for league 1 too. Brighton fan.



15 Aug 2013 14:07:33
Shrewsbury have signed Adam Reach on loan from Middlesborough

Seen this too, should be revealed tommorow, really decent player SALOP

Now I've seen it all, In my eyes reach is the only youngster already prepared for boro 1st team. Mowbray is living in cloud coo coo land

16 Aug 2013 07:25:39
Bags of potential, this should determine whether he has the right attitude, lots of boro fans would like to see reach in the team on a regular basis, needs to improve his work rate and fitness then we could have a future england player in our hands, UTB

16 Aug 2013 07:48:47
Ross mcormack in the guy from Malmo a defender and we look good if we play the way we played at Carlton control games utb

If it's true then shrews have got a good player

I can confirm from a player that a new player at club this morning.
Dave casewell

Makes sense as we have wingers. It will give Adam more experience. Still need a goal scorer boro.

Not been rude but roach coming in does a great job then after a month he goes back to boro what is the point of someone coming in for a month we need a player long term so he can gel with the other players come on Shrewsbury all this short term stuff not doing anybody any good southern shrew

Boro have signed experienced Greek goalkeeper Dimitrios Konstantopoulos, 34, on a short-term contract until January

New player is dimitrios konstantopolous (ex hartlepool keeper)

Boro have completed the signing of ex swansea keeper dimi konstantopoulos until january 2014.

He is on initial 28 day loan although GT said if all goes well then will be extended

It will go well, Reachy is an absolute talent mate, UTB



15 Aug 2013 14:05:32
Cheltenham in talks with Fleetwood in a possible loan deal for striker Steven gillespie



15 Aug 2013 14:00:32
Brighton looking to sign Danny fox from Southampton as they are in need of a left back!

15 Aug 2013 23:17:25
Great signing if it happens

You obviously have never seen fox play it wouldn't hold his own in the conference!

Can also play at right back!

Can't agree with Fox not even being conference standard. Is a target of abuse from some Saints fans and I feel after promotion to the Premier league it is a league to far for him to be a regular. However as an offensive full back in the championship he can be very useful as is able to deliver plenty of crosses of decent quality. His issues are defensively and that he is too prone to the "Hollywood" ball instead of retaining possession. Lambert thrived off of the supply in league one and championship so some of us Saints appreciate what Fox gave us but some players need to be replaced

Don't be unfair, he got into the team of the year in the championship, as long as you aren't promoted he'd do fine. His crossing was deadly in our promotion season.

Not convincingly!

He was decent in the championship but can't cut it in the prem. The only problem is, he is our only cover if shaw is injured. Although Yoshida and cork can play right back and clyne can play left back.
I am a bit unsure of this rumour.
Can't see it happening.

16 Aug 2013 15:10:56
move fox onto left midfield could be another bale

Fox is very one footed, which is left so whilst he could possibly play on the right, he would be even worse than he is at left back

Not bad for championship level, but can't play right back saints season ticket holder btw.

Right back lol, he can barely play left back! He has a decent left foot and useful at taking set pieces, but not mobile enough down the flank.

Great at corners and free kicks but has had his moments defending



15 Aug 2013 13:58:41
West Brom manager Steve Clarke says talks are ongoing with Manchester City over the potential signing of winger Scott Sinclair (24)



15 Aug 2013 13:46:44
Adam Reach (ML) from Middlesbrough to join Shrewsbury on loan til the end of the season

Might help reduce the wage bill a little to help us with a signing

Its only short term

Indeed. he'll come back stronger. Surprising turnaround re McCormack. now joining Boro, with Le Fondre joining Leeds
All parties happy

It's only a month deal though

When he plays Shrewsbury won't want to lose him n will probably ask to loan him for the season n as we have to wing wizards in carayol n adomah boro will probably let him stay at Shrewsbury to gain experience



15 Aug 2013 13:39:04
Scot Sinclair has agreed to join West Brom. Deal being held up by pay off from City for remainder of contract. Way apart I've been told



15 Aug 2013 13:24:05
Some very serius rumblings coming from Besiktas with Hugo Almeida high on the west ham hit list. Good in the air and good at holding the ball up. He has pace and a powerful finish



15 Aug 2013 13:18:40
Scott Sinclair is now in talks with West Brom (ssn.



15 Aug 2013 13:11:59
Rover sign Theo Robinson - this football rumour site is really good isn't it!



15 Aug 2013 13:08:18
Darren Bent apparently at Fulham today having medical. Reported transfer is £5m and should be finalised tomorrow.

Its a loan

He is joining one a lone spell unfortunately. I'm starting to wonder if Jol realises you actually have to pay money to sing people after loaning both Tarrabt and Bent who should be signing. Where basically just taking in players who aren't loved at their clubs and giving them a chance to prove themselves so that they can get first team action when they return at the end of the season. Jol needs to think about the future.

Both loan deals have an option to buy after the season long loan. its better doing it that way then small minded fans can't turn round and say what a waste money and he is not good enough. Please remember the Riether was a loan now perm and look how good that turned out. stay positive and let's not worry about what other new owners do as we don't want to end up being in the same position as the QPHAHAH

To the fella above.

A loan deal was the only deal Villa would accept. Both Fulham and Crystal Palace had that in place but Bent chose Fulham ahead of CPFC.

In addition, a loan signing is perfect really. Bent will be old soon enough and we don't want more ageing players in our squad. Get him on a loan and if he doesn't perform he can go back to Villa. No risk deal.

What is happening at Fulham - Clearly the new chairman does not trust Jol to be there in the long haul which is why these loan deals. Fulham fans will know that Jol specifically said at the end of last season he had too many loan signings and could not build for the future.

More evidence that Jol may not be at Fulham too much longer - the bookies have him second favourite to be the first prem manager to leave - they rarely get things wrong.

By the way, Fulham have missed out on Osvaldo who will be joining Spurs for £15m.

Yeah I agree. We don't want to pay the fee and then realise that it was the wrong decision. Then if he does play well then we have an option as well as if he plays badly.

The press are reporting that there is no option to buy at the end of the loan deal.

I guess Bent would have less than a year on his contract by then so wouldn't command a massive fee if we did want him then.

I think he'll do well.

Signing players on long contracts means diddly squat these days as players soon jump ship when more money offered. I think in time to come there will be no such thing as a signing to contract a player, just pay the player wages and give the agent a fee.

Comment 3, if players are proving themselves to their parent clubs then shouldn't they play better for Fulham, Plus you don't want Jol to go willy nilly with money like QPR and end up paying for unmotivated slobs on 90 k a week.

Apparently we may be getting scott parker, or are chasing him anyway. I think that would be incredible. I've never thought anything of sidwell, and murphy wasn't bad but he was getting on a bit. To have Scott parker would do a world of difference for us because we'd have an engine in the midfield who can unite hangeland, riise, riether with the rest of the midfield. He'd also be brilliant with berba because all berba needs is someone to play him some decent balls for a change. Scott would be a great signing

Loan signings are a short term measure and do not give the club stability that Jol was asking for. Planning is difficult if you do not know for sure who is going to be around for long - it is just the here and now which is not ideal. Additionally, Jol can't play Bent against Villa.

I agree with earlier comments that it might indicate Fulham owner uncertain about Jol's long term tenure.



15 Aug 2013 13:07:13
LUTON Town have confirmed their interest in Swindon Town striker Paul Benson.

The Swindon Advertiser revealed on Friday that the Hatters have been lining up a season-long loan swoop for the frontman, which would then become permanent in the summer.

Benson has not been handed a squad number at the County Ground for 2013/14 and Town are looking to offload the former Charlton man if the deal is right.

Luton are hoping they can persuade the Robins to send the 33-year-old to Kenilworth Road, with manager John Still admitting Benson is one of his active targets.

Ruben loftus cheek spotted at training ground possible loan deal



15 Aug 2013 12:58:45
El hadji diouf due in Nottingham for talks with forest

Best one of day, could be true though have been told they need a new tea lady

Be really good signing better than we have already got no stopping us with our strike force premiership here we come! Long live King Billy

Ambitious move by county, has to be them because he wouldn't make our bench

We should not get diouf I do not rate him I would rather have some like ross macormack or chris wood or leonardo ulloa



15 Aug 2013 12:46:23
Doncaster sign Theo Robinson from Derby County

It always annoys me when we lose our better players to bigger sides : (

This guy might of ran about the pitch like a 3 legged donkey but he knew where the net was. All the best Theo.

^ Looooool.

Probably the worst striker I've ever seen in terms of actual ability to play football.

In terms of scoring goals though, he's actually very good.

What a donkey scored opening goal looked very good on the ball work rate very good pace very good. any more donkeys out there for the rovers to sign please contact paul dickov. all these comments are so way out robinson scored 9 goals up to Christmas last year that would have put him in line to score 20 for the season if clough would have believed in him. I see robinson having a good season for rovers.

^ If you're a Donny fan, I think Derby fans are better informed having watched him for the past couple of years.

Please have him in the side when you play us. Udders fan.

I think that remark could come back to haunt you.

Weve seen a lot more of Freeo at Town than all you Donny fans put together. Please play him against us, it will be a good laugh and a welcome relief to see him waste chances for the opposition instead of the frustration of seeing him waste them for us. wouldn't pay him in washers. How you managed to end up with him beggars belief. couldn't finish a packet of crisps.

Well he looked the business against Blackburn. I think Paul Dickov will get the best out of him!



15 Aug 2013 12:40:17
I've been told that the Premiership club after Leigh Griffiths is Southampton - KJ has told them he's going nowhere

Can't believe there is any truth in this.

15 Aug 2013 22:12:07
Hes at wolves

Even though he's literally just signed a new two-year deal?

No we are not he is awful

Just bought osvaldo and we're in for leigh griffiths.




15 Aug 2013 12:22:12
Doncaster Rovers sign Derby County striker Theo Robinson for an undisclosed fee.

Decent signing if he can get goals



15 Aug 2013 12:16:52
Doncaster have signed striker Theo Robinson from Derby for an undisclosed fee believed to be around £200,000. Good signing from Dicov.

DET reporting its 150,000 2 year deal. He's worth a punt for that amount, good luck to him, he always gave 100% in a rams shirt.

15 Aug 2013 18:18:36
Theo is a good player good on the Doncaster he may not be prolific but you will get at least 15 a sewason. This is from a disappointed Watford fan who let him go to early

Good luck Theo. Decent signing for Donny. Thanks for your efforts at Derby.

Hopefully start to free up some wages

23 league goals since 2010 says yep great signing. lmao

He is shocking

10 goals in 39 and 8 in 28 not bad for £150,000.

He scored within half an hour of pulling on the Donny shirt. Eat your words mate.

And 1 game proves that? Wait until the end of the season before making a judgment I say.

If you're calling me judgemental then that's very hypocritical saying as you were making assumptions about how he would do at Donny even before he played.

All the best at your new club Freeo. Please please don't come back to HTFC.

Shows what you know about your own club in his first spell with udders he scored 13 goals. lol



15 Aug 2013 12:15:24
Cheltenham are set to sign Rotherham striker Kayodie Odajayi
on a one month loan

Or Gillespie



15 Aug 2013 11:36:17
Wolves linked with roda jc kerkrade winger guus Hupperts



15 Aug 2013 11:55:18
Darren Bent having a medical at Fulham (today)? According to ssn.



15 Aug 2013 11:40:50
Ian Hollaway has revealed Darren Bent will join Fulham instead of Crystal Palace as it was originally thought. The deal should be announced later today. People's thoughts on Bent?

Class proven striker.

Berbatov - Bent

Ruiz (Attacking Midfielder)


Boateng (CDM)


Not an answer to everything but a firm step in the right direction - could work out really well?

Bent's goalscoring record is good but never thought much of him as a player when seen him live. Always looked very average and on the edge of the game. You have to question why it didn't work at Spurs and Villa for him.

If he does come to Fulham it will be interesting to see how Jol fits Bent, Berbatov and Ruiz. I assume Bent will play as the line breaker, Berbatov as the second striker but where does Ruiz play because Jol always wants to play two holding midfielders (ie Sidwell/Boateng) - and as Fulham fans know Ruiz is not the best out wide (wasted talent). Or will Jol accomodate all three by playing a 4-2-3-1 formation - that would be very exciting but begs the question why hasn't he tested it out pre-season!

15 Aug 2013 18:16:42
I don't think he's particularly good, but if he signs for Fulham, at least he'll stay in the premiership next season, which he probably won't if he goes to Palace

Money grabbing they can have him most unloyal player in football history apart from rvp palace fan

I wouldn't be happy with this at Fulham, Berbatov, Bent, Ruiz and Tarrarbt all go missing for long periods. Expect some big highs and very deep lows this year.

How is RVP unloyal. When you haven't one a trophy since the Dinosaurs were around and Man United come calling who have won the league 13 times along with bigger wages, I think most players would take that opportunity no matter how long they have been at the club.


Riether Amoriebieta Hangeeland Richardson

Sidwell Boateng

Ruiz Taarabt


Will Jol have the nerve?

But what if they don't then this season could be very promising with another midfielder and a Left back.



15 Aug 2013 10:39:56
Carlisle set to sign Newcastle striker Adam Campbell on loan

Now confirmed on official website.

Heard David Holdsworth is to be named new carlisle manager. This will happen midweek

David Holdsworth as new manager? No thank you. A new executive / board and a realistic budget for the current managerial team is what's needed.



15 Aug 2013 09:29:33
I see on the web that we (Norwich) and Southampton are interested in the Danish defender Fredrik S�rensen from Bologna. he's also part- owned by Juventus. Maybe the fact that we already have a swede and a norwegian in the squad can help his decission, and choose Norwich. He is pretty good, and partners with Agger on the national team.

Yes please. This part ownership sounds like a disaster waiting to happen though.

Frederik Sørensen never played in the national team

Southampton pursued him last summer and couldn't get him as the third party issue could not be resolved. It will be difficult to get him.

15 Aug 2013 12:18:00
under uk rules, British teams are not allowed players with multiple ownership. This was highlighted with Carlos Tevez when he was on loan at West Ham. When Manchester United bought him, they had to buy out his owners. West Ham were also fined for breaking the rules.

As a Saints fan, we've been linked with this chap for the last couple of years. Players with multiple owners can be extremely difficult to sign, since you'd have to agree the sale with multiple parties, which could well be extremely expensive. Perhaps that why he's been a rumour for us for 2 yrs, and not been signed.

Norwich have made some decent signings this year, and I think you guys will do well this year. Good luck for the season ahead.

Why not go for Magnusson the young Juventus defender instead?

Swedish U21. Played 20 or so games for Juve over two seasons then went to Bologna. Would be a kick in the teeth for Bennett and Ayala though if we signed him. I. e it would be a clear indication that Hughton did not rate either of them.

Multiple ownership is a difficulty but quite possible to sort. Saints did it with Ramirez. Now I see Lamela who everyone was saying couldn't come to the EPL is now a possibility, and Roma indicating they have got it sorted out.
So, a problem, yes, but not impossible.

His record is awful.

I think we need a ball playing centre back. Michael Turner doesn't get the ball moving forward. Dani Ayala has great vision and gets attacks going but is maybe a little weak on the defensive side? Bassong is solid so I think we need a ball playing centre back to balance things. Ayalas the only one we have and if Hughton doesn't think he's up to it then we really do need someone else because neither Turner or Bennett have great vision to get the ball moving. They play it around the back too much.



15 Aug 2013 08:40:30
Swindon have had talks with Coventry about Leon Clarke, Cov want upwards of 300k paid up front, Swindon will now wait for the Nile Ranger court case outcome, although it is already agreed with the player and his agent.

Don't Swindon fans hate Leon Clarke? All they did all game at the Ricoh was boo him.

'football fans are fickle' shocker! We'll bleat about everything but if someone can score on a regular basis all is forgiven

15 Aug 2013 13:06:20
Yes your right, we don't. However, if he comes in and works hard, there's no doubting that he can certainly score goals at League 1 level. So, I think most fans would hold they're tongues until they saw what he produced on the field.

I don't hate him, I don't like the way he behaved but PDC was as much to blame as Clarke, a very good player at this level though and would score a load of goals in our young exciting team. Oh and much better than the lone Ranger and his rap sheet

Yes, we don't like Clarke.

Ah yes but we are such a fickle lot. If you play for the Town then you are just wonderful.

Clarke would be perfect - don't think Coventry will get 300k though!

Ranger looks like he has talent but. he would be a very high risk!

Clarke was a little out of line but PDC could have handled the matter much better. I could not give a hoot - if he finds net, which he will, sign him up!

Nile Ranger to sign today for Swindon, and no way is Clarke worth more than £50k max.

Would sign him for 50k not 300k.

22goals last year and banging them in for fun lately. These prices are an insult. Sisu want 750k minimum but will hang out for a mill.



15 Aug 2013 00:30:33
Middlesbrough deals before transfer window ends.
Grant Hanley
Ross macormack
Toleko remiete
Marvin emnes

Good one!

Hanley is contracted until 2018. No chance

Grant Hanley has just signed a new five year deal at Blackburn?

Hanley would cost a lot of money he recently signed a new 5 year deal with Blackburn

15 Aug 2013 09:52:23
Wouldn't want Hanley, he's clumsy and slow. Much better cb's available.

Riverside return for the Yak!

Absolute rubbish where did you get that from boro trying to put a deal together for ameobi if all else fails mowbray to bring in ishmael miller

Dnt want any other than toleko we need welles

Smallwood is going out on lone soon sheff will be good 4 him good player

We need to get players in and fast. We always leave it to the last minute and never get anyone. Hopefully we don't do that this time around.

Any boro news

G. B. you talk a load of rubbish. We aren't looking at either of the Ameobi brothers and we certainly aren't looking at Ishmael Miller. Also the McCormack deal hasn't drifted, we've issued a £1.6 million (with add ons) take it or leave it offer. It'll be in the Northern Echo later today

The yak has still got it only 30 years old he's a better predator than names mentioned moore, wells, lita, miller, McCormack, i'd have the yak over those players anyday.

How ever the south African tokelo looks special. He be the one i'd would want and would excite me

Yuffy boro lad

Yuffy. totally agree on the yak point but can't really see that hapening, this african guy looks the biz but I think malmo won't release him because they wouldn't be able to replace him because their transfer window is shut

Why would mccormack want to leave leeds for us??



15 Aug 2013 00:09:08
Mansfield Town to make 3 new signings before the transfer window shuts! Ex Birmingham midfielder Eddy Gnahore on a free a long with Ex Leyton Orient utility player Leon McSweeney, they have both been on trial at the Stags. The third signing will be a striker on the hunt to replace Matt Green, so Paul Cox will turn to Everton youngster Hallam Hope who has impressed In the reserves and England U-18s Squads. However going out will be Jake Speight to Bury for a small fee as Bury are short on money and Mansfield need to reduce the large wage budget. Also going out will be Godfrey Poku on loan to Cambridge to gain playing time, also expect young academy lads Liam Marsden, Ben Birch and Jason Gregory to go out on Loan to local clubs like Rainworth and Eastwood to gain experience.

Current Squad :

Alan Marriott, Ian Deakin, Ritchie Sutton, Lee Beevers, John Dempster, Ryan Tafazolli, John McCombe, James Jennings, Martin Riley, Paul Black, George Pilkington, Liam Marsden, Adam Murray, Jamie McGuire, Lee Stevensen, Anthony Howell, Chris Clements, Lindon Meikle, Louis Briscoe, Colin Daniel, Sam
Clucas, Jason Gregory, Ben Birch, Matt Rhead, Jake Speight, Kieran Murtagh, Godfrey Poku, Ross Dyer, Calvin Andrew, Ben Hutchinson, Ollie Palmer

15 Aug 2013 07:23:30
Jake Speight will not return to Bury, he was dreadful in his time with the Shakers

Jake speight to bury? are you mad. keep him! bury have enough strikers

15 aug 2013 10:37:53
we really need a striker, the lad from waterlooville seems decent but its a big jump.

15 Aug 2013 10:59:45
Bury short on money?! Somebody obviously missed the news!


This rumour is pure wind up material, some folk obviously need to get out more.

You would do well getting leon mcsweeney, top pro and never let the os down last season, shame we let him go, good luck with that.

'You would do well getting leon mcsweeney, top pro and never let the os down last season, shame we let him go'

Agree 100% but, with this 60% salary cap, needs must.

16 Aug 2013 15:18:33
Hearing bury have approached bwfc for loan signing of chris lester and zach clough.



14 Aug 2013 23:47:53
Milwall and Doncaster both set to launch a bid of around £450k for peterbrough defender Craig Alcock, as they look to add to there squads.

450k is nowhere near his valuation. So dream on if you think you will get him for that

Nimely, corr blimey, never heard of him but can't be bad coming from Man City,
well done PD, he knows what we need, keeps trying shame board don't appear to backing him, sick of hearing bleeting about Billy Sharp, give up on him never really works second time round

We don't need another defender unless he is a left back, but we desperately need a recognised striker

Couldn't agree more sharp in the past as is s. o. d the future is now but who runs the club j. r wants the investment but Baldwin doesn't I thought he was just an overpaid employer.

Double it and you would be much nearer

There's only one Theo Robinson, Nimely isn't timely, or will we get them both, that would be good, at last some pace up front, watch out Blackburn

Agree Baldwin overpaid, JR wants investment because he is RTID, Baldwin is TB & DW puppet along with LF, holding club back! must have ulteria motives, I wonder what, that's the question

One things for sure, if the investment isn't made soon it'll be back down to league one. Then the cry will be, 'we've lost x amount, got to cut our cloth'

Very well paid I here.

There will not be any investment. One deal flatly turned down by 2 of the 3 owners, the other never existed. Trust me.



14 Aug 2013 23:20:25
Portsmouth needs a new defender, will be former loanee Lucien Aubey, he is a free agent and like play for pompey again.

Sam Sodje, is the favourite to return a pompey, but will not. Is Lucien Aubey

Pompey are set to complete the signing of Marcos Painter on a free transfer today.

The former Brighton left-back has been training with Guy Whittingham’s squad since the start of the week.

And his performances have convinced the Blues boss he is worth snapping up.

Painter has been signed, amazing signing, will be great at left-back!

Why are some Pompey fans obsessed with linking the club with virtually every available player who has played for us in the past 6 or 7 years? If he's a free agent and has played for Pompey in the past then he must want to come back and play here again! NO - not true.



14 Aug 2013 22:50:51
Cardiff all set to open talks with manchester city pair jack Rodwell and Scott Sinclair over a double Loan swoop for the out of favour midfielders.

Sinclair would never play for Cardiff! Don't be dull!

Pretty sure you can only loan one player from a team max 2 loanees

Don't want Sinclair let them down the road welcome him back until he wants too join a BIG club again!

Why would Jack Rodwell want o play in the Championship next season.

Sinclair maybe, Rodwell NO, city have great expectations for him this season and beyond

This is old news, time to move on

Sinclair is a ex jack, don't want him.

Caulker is an ex jack

I would sign either one of them, Sinclair played for the jacks but so did Caulker and one of my all time favourite players was a former jack i. e. Andy Legg, we need a winger and Sinclair would do well and he would fit into our team, Rodwell gets injured a lot I don't think we need him now but he would be a good signing for anyone if he stays fit



14 Aug 2013 22:39:22
Fuller to return to Ipswich

No thanks if we going to get a striker get one that scores

Nice rumour considering he just signed for blackpool.

He signed for Blackpool

He has signed for Blackpool



14 Aug 2013 22:14:48
Stoke City are highly interested in Bayern Leverkusen Midfielder/Striker Sidney Sam, with Mark Hughes keen to lodge a bid for the German international.

Who cares about midfielders at this point! We are literally days away from the start of the season and Hughes hasn't brought in any strikers for the start of the campaign. And may I remind you that when he was appointed manager he said that bringing in strikers was his top priority. We need one class striker (Around £10m) and one winger (Around £8m). I still personally believe that he should still go for Diouf. Apparently Hannover wanted an extra million, we have the worst scoring record in the league so I'd say its worth the extra million cause he looks like someone who would get us a goal or two. And Hoilett, a good young winger. Would look forward to seeing him and Shea on either sides of the wings in the future if he was to sign. BUT we need the striker first. NOW!

15 Aug 2013 20:13:15
i hope this comes off, quality player.

Hughes is trying give him some time he has tried to bring in Oliveira but his agent got involved, he tried with Diouf but they kept asking for more money you say an extra 1mil but you don't know what went on and he tried to get Mba but he got denied a permit. He is now looking at Deeney and Erdinc.



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