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15 Aug 2012 22:40:47
Carlo Nash to sign for Barnsley

Hes just signed a 1 year contract at stoke

No he is not we have signed David Gonzalez on a non contract basis to cover steele & Alnwick



15 Aug 2012 22:32:12
llorente to replace rvp at arsenal

Looks like he has gone to Juve.. Not sure if it has been confirmed tho..

They have already replaced him

Enough with this nonsense why would wenger buy a 6'5 striker when he already has Giroud While the 24mil arsenal are getting from rvp is to cover the replacements of podolski and Giroud Arsenal won't buy any more strikers Period......

I've heard that Wenger wants Hernandez to replace RVP.

Why are they replacing podolski and Giroud??

Arsenal should have tried to sign sturridge from chelsea last season! a very promising & very talented young player!! any views on this?



15 Aug 2012 21:49:25
Tottenham have joined Newcastle and Swansea in the race for former Liverpool and out of favour Hoffenheim winger Ryan Babel, 25.



15 Aug 2012 21:10:56
Any middlebrough fc news?



15 Aug 2012 20:55:18
QPR are set to sign Berbatov from Man United after they signed RVP. QPR will then and only then let Bobby Zamora go on a season long loan to Brighton.

Would be a coup for BHA buy it's feasible and I like the logic. I'd wet my pants if it happens

Zamora will not leave and will start against swansea on the opening day

BZ didn't get off the bench on Saturday.
And they lost 0-5 !



15 Aug 2012 20:48:52
RVP agree fee for utd sign by tomorrow.



15 Aug 2012 20:46:28
Stoke are in talks with Bolton regarding the possible signing of South Korea winger Lee Chung-yong. Would be happy to see TP pull this one off!

Not going to happen in a million years. we need CYL to helps get back to the Prem. where we belong. So back off Stoke.

Lcy has said that he owes bolton for the season that he was injured so hes not going anywhere

I think Bolton will try to hold on to the rest of their squad, I can see them struggling in the championship as it is! Get us another striker TP!!

Bolton struggle in the championship what planet are you on?

CYL never go to stoke, stoke are the old bolton only one direction that balls going is high and long!

Stoke are the 'old Bolton' - yeah, they're in the premiership while you'll be playing Brighton and Millwall.

Stoke will go the same way ! only a matter of time that things will catch you up. I hate Pulis thinks he's better than anyone else. Same with hios bully boy Stoke.



15 Aug 2012 20:17:10
Chris Wood has been linked with a number of clubs (including former club Bristol City) but only on a season long loan deal as Steve Clark looks at Wood as a good prospect for the future after watching his performances for New Zealand at the Olympics. From source close to West Bromwich Albion.

I hope we get baldock as well!

Deal very close!



15 Aug 2012 20:03:23
Manchester United signing the captain and top scorer of Arsenal, Brilliant! Tiote of Newcastle will be next!

Thats Taggart all spent up, Tiote is well out of his price range

Not if he swaps berba for him

Nufc dont buy goldon oldies on big money,if he goes he ll go to a big club chelsea or maybe man city

Tiote is off to Arsenal to replace Song.

Rooney will play atticking midfield scholes giggs kagawa nani cleverley to name a few. where will tiote fit in

Tiote won't leave



15 Aug 2012 20:03:07
Robin van persie to seal his move to man united before saturday source sky sports bbc



15 Aug 2012 19:51:56
Arsenal have agreed a fee with man united for striker robin van persie



15 Aug 2012 19:49:31
BOLTON WANDERERS are currently in talks over
a move for an unnamed Defensive Midfielder.
They are hoping to have someone in place
before the season starts.

This has to be maurice edu

Xavier hochstrasser as Carlos Sanchez deal is dead in the water

Daily Mail says it's Hochstrasser from Luzern and Swiss Olympic team.

Maurice Edu would be a good signing and cheap. Add to our US contingent. Shame about Sanchez he would have been a really good signing and ideal replacement for NRC.

I read recently that Bolton were linked with McEachren at Chelsea, is he a centre mid player. I hope we not in talks for him as I believe we need an experienced centre mid player. I wish something could be reserected with Sanchez!

What went wrong with Kaliffe Cisse? Everyone was raving about him.

Sanchez to Bolton deal not dead in the water he has a dealine to sign or not sign!
It's Sanchez or another first come first serve!

Sanchez to Bolton not dead in water he has a dealine to give answer he came to Reebok stadium a couple of days ago and was impressed and wants to come but his agent is being a tool! It's out of him and another first come first serve!



15 Aug 2012 19:47:39
Man it'd sign van persie 4 year deal for 24 million



15 Aug 2012 19:47:19
Heard an astonishing rumour that STOKE
CITY have enquired about CHUNG YONG

STOKE will need very deep pockets, more so than
SWANSEA had with the Mark Davies failed

Hes got A 6m prem club release clause

How much is lee chung worth

We've got pennent and kightly. how many right wingers do we need?

Chung-Yong clearly worth more than STOKE can afford. There has been no follow up story, so i'm guessing they got sent packing. Anyway I think they're trying to blow their budget on Michael OWEN.

Chung Yong isen't worth more than stoke can afford, Stoke Won't pay the money Bolton want for him, Get your facts right :)

Ok, so stoke won't pay what bolton want for him. Sounds like they can't afford or they would match the valuation. A player can only be accurately valued by his current employers not by potential buyers or I would go down the FERRARI garage and give them a fiver for one. Facts my stokie friend are obviously not your strong suit.

So stoke chairman peter coates is worth at least £800 million but we cant afford the 6m prem release clause in his contract? I somehow doubt that

So, if its true about his release clause. Then why not pay it, that's a steal for a player of his quality. Obviously you think the prospect of playing for stoke in the prem is an appealing one. By the way this summers transfer plans have gone for stoke many players don't have that same opinion, and by looking at your squad, that prem place my not be for much longer.



15 Aug 2012 19:42:28
Notts county to sign Emile Sinclair from Peterbrough



15 Aug 2012 19:34:22
Manchester United agree deal with Arsenal to sign Robin Van Persie



15 Aug 2012 17:51:28
Millwall are set to turn their attention to Brighton defender Marcos Painter after missing out on Barnsley defender Jim McNulty. Manager Kenny Jackett is wanting a new left sided defender who can play full back or centre half and feels Painter would be the right player.
As for McNulty, Wolves are expected to have a £500,000 bid accepted for the player as they want to strengthen their line with players with Championship experience. McNulty could sign a two year deal.

Jim Mcnulty will not be leaving Barnsley he is very happy and just been made new captain

This must be a rumour made by a fellow Seagull because no one in the Champ would want Painter!

Why did we get rid of Tony Craig? Definitely good enough for the Championship, plays centre back and left back... Bizarre decision by KJ, especially if we are now looking to buy a similar player? Must be more to it.

No way mcnulty he's a star

If you don't buy at least two more players soon, we will be in serious trouble this coming season kj!!!



15 Aug 2012 19:20:03
Anyone know whether Sam Baldock is still going to Bristol City? I had heard last week that they had agreed a fee of 1.5 million but there has been no news since. Ed? {Ed044's Note - not sure, I did hear that city would only have to pay around 500k for Baldock as West Ham owe them around 1M for Maynard trasfer and West Ham may be hoping to off load him to someone else for full fee up front.

I heard that west ham cancelled the deal Sunday night. Jarvis is going to west ham in a cash plus player that player looks like Sam Baldock.

I think if Baldock were to sign now he would have to work hard to convince Bristol City fans he ants to be here.

I think if the club had highlighted any other choices we would be telling Baldock to stick it if he doesnt fancy it.

That said if he si Del's man he can be my man as well.



15 Aug 2012 19:19:45
Rotherham tracking Arbroath striker Steven Dorris. Despite Dorris signing a contract extension in June, Rotherham may make a bid for the 24 year old.



15 Aug 2012 19:17:13
hull city guin for this space....hope it aint true ...copps is class

Going forest chap

Just papers making up stories to sell, hull won't even be interested in him

Hull Have Enquired Today Steve Bruce Confirms

I'd have him in a heartbeat... class act

And today's Star is reporting Doncaster sniffing after Hull's Paul McKenna?

Curiouser and curiouser



15 Aug 2012 19:11:56
Rochdale close to signing trialist Sean McConville providing he drops his wage demands.



15 Aug 2012 19:10:58
Arturo Lupoli is currently avaiable on a free transfer. The former Arsenal striker has been linked with a move back to Engalnd? MK Dons one of the clubs linked. With Ian Wright Coaching there could this happen?

After Motherwell go out of Europe. MK would pick up Nicky Law (midfield) and Bob McHugh (forward) for about £600k and from what l've seen of MK it would be more than enough to make the championship. MK Caledonia. Good luck for the season lads.

£600K!! You're joking, right?

We simply don't have more than 10% of that figure.

I'm sure our Motherwell friend made a typo and meant £60k...

Actually we do have that amount and Robbo could spend it on players if he wished, however he is being sensible and would rather use it to pay wages on hopefully, better quality free transfers. Expect to see more players arrive at stadium:mk before the end of the month. - ClubRed season ticket holder, just behind PW's seat 5 minutes from time ;)

I think Robbo has a substantial amount to spend, maybe not 600k but Pete has given him a huge budget to spend so that we can get automatic promotion. Robbo has kept last seasons squad together and feels he only needs to bolster the squad in order to do that. I would think he will bring in a striker and a defender on loan; and hopefully a left midfielder as we desperately need strength in that area. COYD's!!

Robbo has been given half the money from the Baldock deal but Robbo won't just buy for the sake of buying, especially if he can get decent players on free transfers

You guys realize ryan lowe was bought for 500k? we can afford 600 lol

Ryan Lowe was a free transfer. He was released from his contract by Sheff W.

"You guys realize ryan lowe was bought for 500k?"

Ha ha! Where did you hear that? This ought to be good...

Robbo does not have a lot of money to spend, we was down talking to him at the training ground and he said himself he has spent only 62,000 pounds in the last 3 years!

And also ryan lowe was not bought for 500k he was bought for around 20k

Ryan Lowe was a free transfer, emphasis on free. He was released by Wednesday and Robbo probably has around 200-300k to spend but he is going to use it for the right players (probably free transfers on decent wages eg. Smithy)

Robbo has spent 90k on transfers and that was for Charlie McDonald



15 Aug 2012 19:10:39
Norwich offer Huddersfield over 6 million for Jordan Rhodes after recommendation from his former team mate Anthony Pilkington.

Hope so he's goal machine just what we need otbc

How did he do for Scotland?

6 mill plus Vaughan will do

What about Dos Santos of Spurs. Was brilliant for Mexico at the olympics and isn't used by Spurs? I wonder if Hughton watched the olympic final. Orebe Peralta has stated he wants to play in England. He scored Twice against Brazil in the final and looked razor sharp. Plays in Mexico so may be affordable? I feel we need someone of that quality as teams may have Holt figured out better this time.

Sorry to disappoint any Norwich fans, but this, without a shred of doubt is not true as I'm sure Hughton would know there'd be no point at this stage with Town's opening match against Cardiff on Friday and we've yet to even sign a striker to partner Rhodes, which would warrant an even higher bid than the quoted £8m minimum price from Dean Hoyle.

Looks increasingly likely but no cert. Blackburn seem to have ended their interest having signed Leon Best and now chasing Chamakh from Arsenal on loan.The Pilkington connection can only help get him signed.

Blackburn will most likely up their bid because Best is out for 6 months. And I doubt Dos Santos wants to stay in England, he's been a flop here and probably doesn't have the heart to stay here. He's a fringe player for a reason. Peralta did look good in the Olympics but probably not as cheap as you think as he performances last season will inflate his price.

Rhodes scored the first goal for Scotland last night.

He scored for scotland last night, first senior start, first senior goal, when will the scoring stop?

Why would a recomendation be required, had Norwich never heard of him

He's not worth 6 mil, he scored a lot of goals in league 1 that doesn't mean he'll do it in the perm, just look at chris martin was brilliant in league 1 but was rubbish when we went up. I'd rather we went for Dos Santos

Rhodes wont go untill January, Huddersfield will play poor and Rhodes will be outstanding, Rhodes will go in January and Huddersfield will be towards the bottom end of the table (Not relegated) - Seriously need a back up plan for the eventuality that the goal machine will be snapped up! - Town Fan

Don't think he's worth the risk right now.
no one had heard of him before last season. don't think he's worth a shot until people see how he does the first half of the championship season.
Certainly not at a penny over 4.5m

Rhodes' header for Scotland was brilliant, great movement and bravery to get his head down low. He would obviously know Pilkington, Snodgrass, Martin and Whittaker well. The transfer fee will be the only problem with Huddersfield holding out for £8m+. He may not be worth that but it will be what Huddersfield value him at and what they will be willing to sell him for. And to be honest Rhodes looks a better player than Martin so he could do a job in the Prem and Dos Santos never even gets a game so he could be completely useless.

It will take 15mil for jorden rhodes to go in 12 months he will be like rvp but 10 years younger

To the person who says no one had heard of rhodes until last season must have had his head buried for the last few years, Rhodes has 85 goals in 3 years at town and scored over 20 in his first 2 years, Town have been refusing offers for a long while , its just its now in the news.

Doesnt have the technical ability of RVP or the speed. Good in air and pretty good positioning/anticipationand finishing

He is worth 8m. A deal structured on appearances seems likely or with a part exchange. Long term successor to Holt and worth the investment. Proper money ball buy. Quality is quality this guy is a full international and isn't out of place at this level.



15 Aug 2012 18:54:32
Andre Moritz is in talks with Carlisle, greg abbott be-leaves the attacking midfielder could be pushed foward as a striker.



15 Aug 2012 18:26:53
Swansea youth midfield starlet Matty Hindle will sign a professional contract this summer and then will join Newport County on loan.



15 Aug 2012 18:26:15
Stuart Beavon - Signing within the next few days for Preston, already in advanced talks, fee in the region of 500k (including add ons).
Akpo Sodje - Still not 100% signed, talks done, medical done, but Westley just playing a waiting game on what he can see in the future for Akpo.
Steve Simonsen - signed, done.

Iain Hume - Medical at doncaster on monday morning and now in basic talks.
Jamie Proctor - Swansea and Blackpool both on the look out.
Danny Mayor - Blackpool and Sheffield Wednesday once again on the look out.

Westley needs to ship off the last remaining players that he doesnt need and then will be looking to bring in two more players.

These from a source inside the club.


Millwall have offered the 350.000 wycome wanted for beavon wont be going to pne also he will be on championship wages

You have forgotten the bit that healy is signing and we are not getting beavon

Sodje has signed according to media

Beavon to sign for the lions b4 aug deadline!!!

Sodje signs a short contract & Simonsen signs a 1 year contract confirmed on PNE official site



15 Aug 2012 18:25:45
James chambers and craig fagan are set to sign for walsall, the deal will be confirmed within the next few days

We won't sign him unless of course at some point he's been released from Hereford !

Neither of these players are at Hereford!



15 Aug 2012 18:23:56
Christophe Berra is being talked about as a potential Saints CB target, he could fit in well with Danny Fox as they both play for Scotland

No! Trust me as a wolves fan he isnt even good enough to warm the bench. Two words spring to mind. Headless chicken



15 Aug 2012 17:28:03
anita will be a newcastle player by tommorow latest

He is



15 Aug 2012 17:27:35
everton are closing in on the 6 million capture of olympiakos striker kevin marallas



15 Aug 2012 17:14:15
Stoke have already signed one winger, Michael Kightly, this summer, but Tony Pulis is keen to further freshen up his side in the wide areas with boltons lee!



15 Aug 2012 17:13:43
Blackpool have had bids accepted for both Danny mayor and Jamie proctor by Preston, they are having talks with the club. Plus another club is interested in them both

Crystal palace interested in proctor

They both left Bloomfield on Saturday to have trials at other clubs. Karl Oyston offered £25k for Mayor but nothing for Proctor. Dont think either of them will find a home at Bloomfield

Ha ha WRONG mayor is off swfc and proctor is of to swansea

I'm not really bothered if we don't get mayor or proctor as they didn't light league one up did they we can sign better players in my opinion. If we get them I hope they do well but I highly doubt it.



15 Aug 2012 16:42:47
Sunderland will sign Louis Saha on a free transfer within the next 36 hours and he'll make his debut v Arsenal on Saturday

Another 30 plus wat next i no got to give lad a chance but away man thought oneil was better than that by the way Jordan rhodes just scored for Scotland ?



15 Aug 2012 16:00:55
cardiff will announce 2 new signings in the next 48hrs they are harry kewell and roger johnson done deals.

Johnson maybe, Kewell no chance

Don't think so. No Watford link. Malky has no imagination, although he probably reads these forums and gets ideas...plank..

I met Harry Kewell in a restaurant in Portugal and asked him to move 2 burnley. He said he'd consider it but is likely 2 go to Swindon

Mate i follow city and the johnson one i believe is right but where did you get harry from ? avent heard that one

How true is this

Lmao.....first i here we are linked with owen then Shittu now harry kewell , what are we a grave-yard for overpayed and never played footballers...thats got to be a joke right!

Bring back johnson we need a cb for cover.

How do you know this? cant see why cardiff would want h.kewell, r.johnson would be a good signing though.

What?!?! Malky has brought in just 1 player linked with Watford (Helguson) have you ever heard of Kim-Bo Kyung or Etien Velikonja before Mackay signed them up!

Bullard is re-joining Hull.

Watford fan. Stop pining over your old boss. He's moved on, so should you. So he headhunted some of your staff, big deal, it happens everywhere. Thanks for Cowie BTW, he's a workhorse.

How can Watford fans still be on about this!



15 Aug 2012 15:41:48
charlton are monitoring sheffields stephen quinn - sheffield media

He's off to huddersfield

Um no he is not as they dont need anyone else , and the fact that , the only huddersfield link has been on here and is about 0.01% true , quinn to charlton is in all the media. so charlton is more likley.

Charlton have no money so it's unlikley.



15 Aug 2012 14:54:38
James Coppinger From Doncaster is the latest player to be linked with hull city and doncaster are expecting a bid from hull and nottingham forest

also El Mohammedy from sunderland is another on steve bruce's list as he needs to add another winger or 2

Coops lost it now , but used to be best player on pitch



15 Aug 2012 14:29:41
Jay Bothroyd to come in on loan would be a great signing also Jimmy Bullard

Why do people just presume we know what club they are talking about

On loan to where?

Loaned to who or is this a game

It's Cardiff city I believe

Sheffield Wednesday



15 Aug 2012 14:21:13
Dorian Dervite to sign for Charlton Today (Wednesday)

Danny Green to leave Charlton for Swindon along with Paul Hayes. £400k combined fee

Chris Solly staying at the Valley

Sam Baldock to Charlton from West Ham still not a done deal. Fee and wages agreed but Charlton need to sell to buy

Alfredo Garcia Mensah and Tom Mills on trial from Maidstone.

Danny green worth more than £400k on his own mate!

Source about Hayes and Green to Swindon?

Swindon won,t be signing anyone untill players leave the club , i agree caddis may have played his last game ?
expect it to be busy come the transfer window end of aug-----but swindon need another striker thats for sure !!
paul hayes will demand to much Wages >

Rumour has it Dervite failed a medical

Yes we will be signing people before others leave, hence Di Canio trying to sign people now, he has said he might contemplate waiting towards the end of the window but that does not suggest he will offload others first

£400k for Danny Green?! Surely you jest, you've obviously not watched him play in a Charlton shirt!

Dervite has signed 1yr deal

Dervite has joined Charlton as you said, just couple days late, when will Green and Hayes join Swindon then?

Hayes would be good 4th striker



15 Aug 2012 14:35:39
nakhi wells of Bradford is set to sign for Scunthorpe

Scunny couldnt afford him. More to the point Nahki wouldnt leave City to go to a club like Scunny, and thats not meant to sound disrespectful to our friends from Lincolnshire either.

Dont think they can afford him


Good.....if it gives us the cash to buy Taiwo.

Good? haha we need Wells more than some young winger

Young winger? Taiwo is a central midfielder



15 Aug 2012 14:15:23
according to a close friend martin paterson has signed a new 3 year deal

Am sure that Paterson would love to sign a new 3 year deal as he's spent large chunks of the last three years at Burnley injured.

More likely though is that if he proves his fitness over the first half of the season then a new deal will be offered. If not then he will be released at the end of the season.

Least likely is that somebody will be willing to take a chance on him and offer Burnley a fee for him...but if they do then I'd imagine that the club will snap their hands off.



15 Aug 2012 14:12:53
Simon Church is pretty much a done deal now and will be arriving tomorrow or after friday's game. One last signing will be the talented lad from Dundee United - Gary Mackay - Steven

It helps if you put the club name! huddersfield town

Perhaps whoever posted this 'rumour' could state which club that Church might be joining - Upper Nowhere in League division 24 ! {Ed044's Note - huddersfield town

Mackay Steven is out with a knee injury



15 Aug 2012 14:12:28
Appalled to here Lukaku slagging off his club

You talk the talk now do the walk



15 Aug 2012 13:50:34
Preston to sell Danny Mayor to Sheffield Wednesday and Jamie Proctor to Swansea.

Yessssssssss get in there



15 Aug 2012 13:50:24
Arsenal out of favour forward Marouanne
Chamakh has been targetted by
Blackburn, however, West Ham have shown
an interest in the forward who is available on loan and who's wages won't break the bank
and may be about to approach Arsenal
over a loan deal for this season



15 Aug 2012 13:49:43
Stoke are weighing up an offer for England and Tottenham striker Jermaine Defoe, with Defoe likely not to feature in new manager Andre Villas Boas plans Stoke look to partner him up with old Team mate Crouch. 10m is though to be the asking price.

Will be a great signing for us



15 Aug 2012 14:02:07
sam baldock to sign for city before seoson starts along with suso of liverpool and andre amougo from good source

I really can't see Baldock being signed by Manchester City or is it some other 'City' club eg York City that is being referred to in this posting?

I sincerely hope you are right, but somehow think it unlikely

Andre amougo has signed for boro ?



15 Aug 2012 13:57:34
Bradford City are back in talks with Carlisle United over Tom Taiwo after rejecting the original compensation offer of £200k.



15 Aug 2012 13:48:36
Reading are interested in Paul Taylor of Peterborough and they will bid £1.5m for him if Simon Church is off loaded or gets loaned out

No not good enough plays for posh got a few goals lucky season unwanted wont cut it no thanks pog alf hunt and robby all better dont need a 5th striker

If this is true posh should take church in the deal

If they want him we should demand le fondre of them,

Apart from the fact that le fondre is far better than Taylor and scored around about the same goals when he was on the bench.

If they want him we should demand le fondre of them,

Thats the thing tho, we dont want him. Plus Le Fondre is 10 times the player that Taylor is.

Well we will have a chance to compare Le Fondre and Taylor in a couple of weeks in the League Cup (provided neither have been sold by then).

What you Reading guys need to remember is when you played POSH you left with your tails between your legs after being completely outplayed: largely due to Paul Taylor. and Le fondre is too lazy.

Paul Taylor is an absolutely stunning talent. Last year was his first full year and he proved to on occasions to be a real "match winner". Hard to compare him with other players as his style is different to others and it is also a bit sily to say A is better than B when you need to see a player on a regular basis to make a proper judgement in my opinion. If I was a manager of a prem clubs who wanted to improver their firepower up front and add something different would be a good investment at £2m. I am a big Posh fan and I really hope he stays at least until January. Fantastis talent in my opiinion

Well we will have a chance to compare Le Fondre and Taylor in a couple of weeks in the League Cup (provided neither have been sold by then).

Doubt it. We (reading) will field youngsters we always do in league cup.

Le Fondre is a 20 mins man. No good to us.

Le Fondre is a 20 mins man. No good to us.

thanks for that highly informed and completely inaccurate summary of lefondre.
stick to posting what you your own players.

Just to start i am a posh fan.

think many posh fans need a reality check if you think taylor is worth 2 million!

only played 1 full season and refusing to sign a new contract so will walk in 12 months if not sold,unable to lift his head up and bring others into play,26 years old and much to learn.

happy for him to stay with us as good for who and where we are but not prem standard but could make it with a bigger championship team where he will need to change otherwise he will be sat on the bench and be used as an impact player.if we can get £600k then good business for us.

Hahahhaha Reading Fans you make me laugh this is a rumours page and you lot getting all worked up. Paul Taylor is a player who has established himself in the championship but still rough round the edges is still far from playing to his full potential, le fondre isn't likely to improve anymore. Talyor would be a good buy for Reading but doubt he will go, he will probably end up at Fulham.

Le fondre is a donkey

I think Le Fondre proved to have a fantastic record as an impact player for Reading last year and maybe the comment of a "20mins man" is harsh and unjustified , but extraordinarily hypocritical comment when you look up and see that Le Fondre was described as 10 times the player that Taylor.

I would love to see Taylor score on his premier league debut!

Where do these people come from better than Alf! Yeah right



15 Aug 2012 13:48:26
Crystal Palace are set to sign Wayne Routledge on a 6 month loan deal and Robert Earnshaw for a fee thought of up to 350k

Please let this be true, I wanted to sign Earnshaw when he was released from Forest. Would be a great addition to our strikers.

Routledge would be excellent, but Earnshaw has not performed convincingly for many seasons

Compared to what we have though? I'd take Earnshaw even if it's just for the bench. With 7 substitutes back, look at our bench against Exeter, I know we were missing a couple of first-team players but we need better.

Earnshaw having medical at this present time.

Hope so earnshaw is very much underated and has been for a few season. we certaintly need one or two strikers and earnshaw would be great. cant see routledge coming back though.

Would be over the moon with that, because it's better than nothing

Earnie could be a good signing for you.
Cardiff fans love him but he wont get
many games for us . Hope he goes to you and scores lots of goals. Apart from in 2 fixtures, of course.


Dougie Freedman quoted saying any further signing unlikely in this transfer window

Quoted where?

Freedman didnt say that you crazy fool

Maybe he means not futher transfers after these ones which have already been done?

No he didnt, he said we probably wont sign someone before the watford game tomorrow.

17 Aug 2012 22:17:51
Freedman said due to the tight budget its unlikely new recruits are coming in. But he is looking at what we could do. Would like to see earnshaw at palace. He knows what the championship is all about. and Routledge unlikey to come back i think, but would be nice

Would be great, but there would be a wages problem and in any case the Championship would be a step down for a Premiership player, so can't see this happen

Freedman quoted on sky sports teletext page 566. freedman admits it will be difficult to make any further signings before the end of the transfer window. in my opinion unlikely or difficult adds up to the same thing. lets just be hopeful of a couple of quality loans from the prem eh. chin up and COME ON YOU EAGLES.

Palace are looking good with new signings - really excited about Andre Moritzhe really looks a classy striker hope he gets fit soon so we can really see what he can do!



15 Aug 2012 13:48:25
Shrewsbury town are looking to sign striker Lewis Grabban and defender Paul Caddis.

Grabban wont happen

Lewis Grabban signed for Bournemouth and I think Paul Caddis will go to a Championship club next.

Grabban has just moved to bournemouth

The same Grabban who signed a 3 year deal from Rotherham to Bournemouth in the summer? Do your research!

Grabban only made his Bournemouth debut last night, he's hardly leaving already!

Grabban who has just joined Bournemouth? Caddis who has just been appointed Swindon captain? yeah sure...

Sorry, didn't realise Grabban signed for Bournemouth,

What you didn't realise he signed for Bournemouth before you dreamt this up? Lol



15 Aug 2012 13:46:25
Walsall are looking at a new, un-named striker to challenge on all fronts this season. I hear it's between Delroy Facey, Darius Vassel, Ricardo Fuller and Dely Adebola. Capital One Cup Round 2 away to QPR could be a chance for a new, big name to shine.

Middlesbrough are quite strongly linked with fuller.

Adebola signed for Rochdale last week

That'll be facey then

Its between vassell and craig fagan

Fagan dont score goals



15 Aug 2012 13:44:46
romeo casterlan could sign a contract with middlesbrough before the game on saturday . he also scored for middlesbrough reserves tuesday night .

According to some fans he hasn't proved himself but maybe down to fitness, mogga must see something in him. Wouldn't do harm we really need someone to compete for the right wing.

Boro should sell mcdonold and buy paul taylor then we will go up taylor is what we need cheek him out

Boro can't sell McDonald or even give him away that's the problem

Boro will sell mcdonald ul c

Fingers crossed mate

Even if we did sell McDonald, Peterborough want £2m for him but thats based on one championship season. Plus we need physical presence. Fuller or Morison would be brill signings.



15 Aug 2012 13:32:18
Dougie Freedman is close to agreeing a season long loan for Braga forward Yazalde after finding EPL forward targets unavailable.



15 Aug 2012 13:21:23
Everon Annouce the signings of Kevin Mirallas And Eddison Buddle



15 Aug 2012 13:32:54
Millwall have gone back in for Beavon and offered the 350k Wycombe asked for. Preston will match it but player wants to stay south and Championship football means deal should be done by Friday.



IF TRUE he would be playing for a GREAT CLUB' & would also be proving HIMSELF against BETTER PLAYERS!


Lets hope that HE 'CHOOSES THE LIONS'!

He is set for pne

I hope beavon will enjoy playing for the 'wall' good luck mate!

Beavon would be a great addition to the squad. But I still like the idea of the Keogh-Henderson partnership, Hendo may not have scored a lot for a while but he can sure set them up and Keogh couldn't stop scoring at the end of last season. It will also be quite a step up for Beavon if he does come to Millwall.

The asking price is between 450K - 550K


Henderson could not hit a 'BARN DOOR' again Crawley! He could have played 'ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT' & he still would not HAVE SCORED! Hope he FINDS THE RIGHT BOOTS VERY QUICKLY!!

Asking price is £350k

Please kenny buy us another striker before the end of aug! just in case someone gets injured!!! because we do not have a big enough squad mate!?ok!

Well it looks like BEAVON is off to Preston! I did think that he would have been worth a TRY for that DEAL! HOPE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING KENNY??!



15 Aug 2012 13:28:40
Notts County are close to signing Valencia B striker Cristian Lopez on a two year deal.

Is this Juanfri who played as a trialist in preseason?



15 Aug 2012 13:05:04
According to the DailyMail Sam Hutchinson is wanted by nottingham forest after stating they would like to take him on a season long loan



15 Aug 2012 13:11:45
Swansea are hoping to sign Mark Davies Pablo Hernandez and a striker before the market closes.



15 Aug 2012 13:10:48
Just spoken to someone inside the club and they've said that Ricardo Fuller is having talks with nott'm forest as we speak

Must be weighing up his options, personally I hope he signs for boro. We need the option of playing a fuller type of player upfront and I don't rate miller.



15 Aug 2012 12:57:41
Harry Kewell has been in fantastic form for the past 3 years. Speed, strength and execution is what he offers. Would be a great signing for Boro. Sign him up.

The Harry kewel who wasn't wanted by everyone else

Are you his agent?? :)



15 Aug 2012 12:34:05
Swindon fans are going to be upset, Paul Caddis will not play for the club again, a clear the air talk went horribly wrong this morning with Caddis storming out of the training ground.

Expect him to be dropped again from the squad for the trip to Hartlepool, Swindon have also received a enquiry from Hull city this morning for Matt Ritchie after Steve Bruce was at the CG lfor the match against Brighton.

An enquiry which will be responded too by setting about a 2mil price tag

If true good sinings.

Steve Bruce was there watching Brighton as they play them on Saturday

As long as we got a good fee for caddis (800k+) , some of that could be spent on replacement RB and striker.

still dont believe it though

PDC is a great manager but people skills - zero. I think there is trouble ahead for Swindon unless there is more understanding between players and management. Good team Swindon, don't spoil it. I thought Swindon and PNE were the teams going to do things this coming season. Changed my mind about Swindon

Well they did ok against Brighton so I don't think any Swindon fans are panicking just yet



15 Aug 2012 12:26:08
Luke James to Carlisle, a 5 figure deal agreed

Is he that hartlepool striker ?

That obviously wont happen he still at college up the coast from newcastle!



15 Aug 2012 12:25:18
Jimmy Bullard will link up on Monday and train with the squad, he wants to finish his career here with a view into coaching under close friend Greg abbott



15 Aug 2012 12:23:56
The Southend chairman recently called Christian Dailly directly to offer him a 2 year deal to keep playing. Sturrock loves him. Dailly said no - he has new plans he's passionate about.



15 Aug 2012 12:18:27
Brighton in for Michael Owen. He's coming on a pay as you play deal. Wants to be part of the Gus revival. Be great signing if he stays fit. Got this on from good source.

Wants one last pay-day. If that's what you're offering then there's every chance.

Is anyone keeping a list of all the English divisions and just ticking off the name of every club Michael Owen is supposedly joining?

Won't play lower than prem plus your team has always been rubbish how is it a revival?

Quality trolling direct from Croydon.

Target man!! Never will Owen be this so stop making up cr*p

This isn't true, they're after a target man, and hinted that it would be from a foreign market as he complained about the difference between opening and closing dates in the market in the local Argus not too long ago.

Owen has publically said that he wants to stay close to his horse stable up north & will not be moving... therefore it would be safe to say that MO is not coming to the Albion.



15 Aug 2012 12:14:38
Walsall are to be given a surge of investment in the form of Director Loans, this will secure the signings of Jordon Stewart, James CHAMBERS, cRAIG fAGAN AND DARREN Carter.

Very reliable source

Dean smith has already said he will not be signing darren carter

Can't be that reliable because Dean Smith confirmed last week he wasn't interested in Darren Carter

Carters signed for Cheltenham!



15 Aug 2012 11:48:59
Lee Bowyer back training with Ipswich Town due to small squad with no one coming in

Don't talk such rubbish,get a life budgie boy!

You need your head tested rubbish.

Ipswich close to signing EDU .talks have been held and the player will sign on his return from the states today and will be on the subs bench for this Saturday.genuine

Lee is training with Ipswich to keep fit and may stay on as a coach

He is NOT training at Ipswich.what a load of rubbish.......

He is training FACT

I will hold you to that, I'm going on saturday and I expect to see Edu on the bench, I may even go and shake his hand, of he's there!!

Bowyer is not training with town he is off playing golf.

I didn't see Edu at the game today oh neither was Davies

They were both there in spirit my friend,both will sign,don't panic,that's the problem with some of you town fans.!



15 Aug 2012 11:47:12
FC Twente's Orsula will sign for Wigan this week

He's already signed



15 Aug 2012 10:37:39
Burton Albion have completed the signings of striker Matt Paterson on a free, and defender Anthony O'Connor from Blackburn on an initial one month loan.



15 Aug 2012 11:19:25
Swansea city have put in a ten million pound bid for Defoe. Sinclair is going to man city for 8million pounds plus Adam Johnson on a season long loan. Personally if we get Defoe and Johnson I think we could make it in the top 10 easy. But we should make a bid for another centre back I think.

Michael Laudrup admits the spiralling costs involved in buying British are making it difficult for him to bring fresh faces into his Swansea squad. sky sports news!!

I'm a Swans fan and you are having a laugh, we might have money in the bank but there's no way we'd pay £10 million on one player especially not on a 29 year old where it's not an investment. We couldn't even afford to paid either Defoe's or Johnsons wage demands.

Utter pants mate, do you think huw jenks will pay his extortionate wages? More chance of getting owen

What you think and what we get are two diffrent things fella.

Johnson everton bound me old mucker. So give it up



15 Aug 2012 10:51:44
Swindon a re after a striker and defender, all everyone knows atm, anyone know what players though?

It,s Brett Pitman( brizzle city) & Steve Cook(bournemouth) maybe as part of deal taking Ritchie to Bournemouth, heard this from one of the youth players.

Yeah the Steve cook one could be true, he has been told he is no longer garanteed a first team place here so is apparently looking for first team football although we are not keen to sell

Pitman wouldnt go to Swindon surely? And what position does Cook play in? Youth team player of which team exactly?

Just seen he plays CB or RB, but only joined in Januray? Doubt he will be leaving already would he..

Rumour is Ritchie is expected to lodge a transfer request in the next week, 900k Bournemouth bid plus cook who is valued round the 500k mark was apparently knocked back last night, Bournemouth apoerently prepared to offer richie 9000k a week basic

9k a week for league 1! Jesuss

Right. Ritchie said that he is going to ask for a transfer, but he is going to wait a week before he does it. Of course he did. Or maybe you can read his mind.



15 Aug 2012 10:50:21
Sean McConville to sign for Rochdale.



15 Aug 2012 10:46:03
West ham update for those that are interested. Blackburn have enquired about a loan
move for Marouanne Chamakh who
is on West Ham radar. West Ham also
enquiring about Royston Drenthe who
is available on a free and was at West ham Training ground 2 days ago, however, Manchester City
are also said to be enquiring after
his availablity (not sure about CITY).
Frederico Fazio expected to join in the
next few days for a fee believed to be around
£2m, whilst Hammers have pulled the plug on Alvarez deal. And finally, Hammers expected to
sign Moussa Konate on receipt of work
permit which has apparently been turned
down once. Representatives from
Hammers are also watching Yannick
Sagbo tonight play and should Konate
permit not be granted West ham will
turn to SagboCOYI.............P9389



15 Aug 2012 10:45:38
Southampton potential season long loan moves
Jarvis from Wolves
Dann from Blackburn
De Ridder to Wolves
Seaborne to Blackburn
Macheda from Manchester United

1] Saints won't do loan moves, we are all about developing our own players.

2] Wolves and Blackburn won't loan out their better players in Jarvis and Dann

3] Macheda is not good enough for the premiership

4] Macheda would become Southamptons 6th Striker

5] Unless Saints swiftly get in 2 new centre backs Seabourne will go nowhere.

Why would Wolves loan Jarvis when they have already turned down a £9m bid from West Ham ?

These just get worse and worse. The only remotely plausible one is Seabourne and for this to happen we'd have to buy a couple of CB's in first! Ridiculous!

You can only have 2 domestic long term loans

Wheres all the signings come on Adkins!

Disagree with 1 when has NA ever stated we will not even contemplate signing players on loan? if we can't get the right player permanently we definitely will try and get a player on loan if he improves the first team and helps us stay in the premier league

2] wolves and blackburn could loan players out to keep them satisfied while they try to return to the premier league next season
3] macheda is good enough for the premier league
4] macheda would become saints' 3rd best striker
5] seaborne is rumoured to be moving to either millwall or charlton

None will happen



15 Aug 2012 10:44:25
All the papers this morning are going for Kevin Mirallas to be at Finch farm on Thursday for a medical and M'Baye Niang ariving today. If both of the players sign one 17 year old the other 24 the this will end speculation surrounding Owen and Dempsey players that are too old although Dempsey would do a great job. Downing also off the radar now wages to high.
Just a right back on loan and we have a squad that may qualify for the Euafa Cup. COYBBs ( Ed any comments )



15 Aug 2012 10:37:20
QPR back in for Stephen Ireland from Aston Villa



15 Aug 2012 10:27:18
Derby are closing in on the signing of Conor Sammon, with the signing expected to be announced tomorrow morning.
Nigel Clough has also shown an interest in signing left-sided defender Nathan Baker on loan from Aston Villa.

Derby have pulled out of signing a striker after reviewing the situation that they have alot of attacking options and
with Steve davies staying this season and callum ball to come back.They wont be looking at anymore signings now after they look to progress youth left back rhys sharpe

I would love for Derby to sign connor sammon for saturday, give our centre backs an easy game. He's garbage.

More likely to buy Tinna Salmon

Doubtful {Ed044's Note -

Nathan Baker is a Center Back



15 Aug 2012 10:20:36
Norwich City to sign ex Man City left back Javier Garrido!

Very happy with this signing! InHughtonWeTrust!



15 Aug 2012 10:13:03
Manchester city want Derby countys
Will hughes and Mason Bennett

20 million and you can have the pair

Like most posts on this site they are made up by fools who have no brains



15 Aug 2012 10:12:07
Heard that cardiff city are looking to sign jimmy bullard on a free! any truth in this ed?

Source: 2 old guys at the bookies.

*Undiluted* {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}

I wouldn't back any of their tips if I were you. Not if there as bad as this one.


Bookies mean nothing when will people get that into their tick heads, they dont use information as odds its people putting the money on.

and why would cardiff want bullard hes shocking mutch is 21 and 3 times the quality



15 Aug 2012 10:05:46
Swansea lining up a bid for Valencia winger Pablo Hernandez(source-south wales evening post)

He looks good but he is on the right hand side and we need a left winger coz weve already good two right wingers

This might be true as he was swansea TODAY



15 Aug 2012 10:02:18
Nottingham Forest could let Ishael Miller, Marcos Tudgay and Robbie Findley leave for cut price to make room for new signings Simon Cox and Badler Al Mutwa with Middlesborough , Cardiff and Peterborough all ready to pick them up cheap.

We should not let them go 'cheap'.

Really? How long did it take to come to that conclusion?



15 Aug 2012 09:46:19
saints are on the verge of signing gaston ramirez 12.5m--scott dann 6m and will complete the deal for matt phillips 4.8m . coyr

Blimey, all this lot (whoever gaston ramirez is) and heralded from Man U(never heard of him either) and puyol. who writes these roumours- Hans Christian Andersen?

I live in Wales, and even I might buy a season ticket if all this lot arrive - or even half of them.

If we sign gaston ramirez i would eat my own head, im just hoping nicola knows someone in the bologna staff etc. as for th other two, would be good basic signing to help strengthen, but tbh seems a bit unlikely atm

Somebodys had a few too many drinky poos


I was wondering how long it would take for someone to mention this ramirez rumour...It was started by some Italian media guy and has spread like wild fire...I for one think its a load of rubbish...If anything we are being used as a way to get the big clubs to come back in with improved offers. As for Scott Dann we were not prepared to match Blackburns asking price and Phillips is not going to happen.


Stop embarrassing us realistic fans please!

They aren't...

The same gaston ramirez liverpool had a 12m bid rejected for? has the club decided they dont want the money and the player decided being paid less at a newly promoted club is what he wants?



15 Aug 2012 09:38:03
berba's agent confirms that his client has offer from zenit but wants to stay in prem...newc and spurs alerted.



15 Aug 2012 09:33:26
berbatov, anita and debuchy to newcastle before start of season. Source: various newspapers.

Not berbatov



15 Aug 2012 06:11:23
Matt Philips to join Everton from Blackpool by weekend for around £4 plus add ons.Duffy on 3 month loan the other way.

Good player but if the other deals go through we will have no more cash , possible to loan out Duffy or Coleman and take first option for January

4 mill is 1/4 of what we want

Nope southampton more like

You can have him for £4m, not a patch on ince

Well that wont happen because 3 months is a rip off for blackpool and also 4million hes worth atleast 6million

Sorry but that's not enough besides m Phillips is staying anyway

£4?? a bit cheaper, id expect him to go for at least a tenner

Duffy was shocking at bloomfield road in Keith southerns testimonial so rather not thanks!! coleman on the other hand is a very well respected player after his last spell for us so 10 mill and colman seems to be a resonable fee we would sell at. UTMP

Hes off to saints for 6million

No he isn't, no bid has been made, it's the papers trying to cause trouble in the Blackpool camp, plus Blackpool won't let him go to Southampton no matter what they offer after their illegal approach.

Matty is a quality player. I don't understand why no one seems to be behind him. He is absolutely key to Blackpool as is ince. His finishing is poor I admit but he's only gonna get better. Utp {Ed003's Note - I like him,infact I think he is brill}

U want 4mil off us (forest) for inceband phillips is better than inc



15 Aug 2012 01:01:31
Tello will not join. Expect an announcement from his agent tomorrow.

The MD



15 Aug 2012 06:58:08
Kewell has played played most of the last 4 seasons since leaving Liverpool. He was outstanding for the Melbourne Victory in a very tough league. On a free and play as you pay basis i can't believe even a lower PL side wouldn't pick him up let alone the championship.... go figure

He was dreadful for Melbourne Victory in a league on a par with League 2. He's massively over paid has lost his pace may be ok behind a striker in the Championship but a risk at that.

Outstanding for Melbourne Victory? I think having seen him play for Victory I know why no one wants him in the Championship let alone the PL!

Hardly outstanding for melbourne victory

The fact you mention the A-League as being a tough league is enough to make myself think you need to go figure or something. I've seen a better standard of Sunday League.

Are you his agent lol.

Firsty the A-League is horrible, the standard is extremely low! Secondly Kewell actually performed badly, he was strutting around like he was to good for the competition and then because of that didnt stand out except for the name on the back of his shirt!

Kewell has done nowt since he left leeds



15 Aug 2012 01:15:53
Notts County looking to add 3 more signings to strengthen each part of the field
Striker- J.Forte/E.Sinclair/N.Wells
Midfielder- L.Sam/Bullard
Defender- K.Freeman/N.Nosworthy

You wont sign any of these

No chance with Nosworthy he is Watford's 1st choice CB!

You dont want bullard! from an ipswich fan!

All Could be true but bullard will NOT come as how can we pay his wages? :L

No chance of getting any of these as we do not have the sufficient funds to pay the wages of any of these players. Also a few have got better deals elsewhere.

I'm a Leeds fan and know loyd san is close to finalising a move to the new York red bulls

If notts have no funds why were they in talks to sign billy paynter after they had signed zoko?

Sam lloyd now gone to america to join the new york bulls

Paynter went to doncaster what r u on about.



15 Aug 2012 01:13:44
Dundee United apparently looking into re-signing Paul Caddis from Swindon Town.

2 million is the price pay it or forget it, oh yeah all the rubbish about a fall out with Di Canio doesn't mean we are desperate to get rid it means a very good player is struggling with a personal issue and subsequently is only worth peanuts so we must accept a rubbish offer. So pay what hes worth or go away

Can't afford him

Dundee could not afford his wages yet alone the £800 000 fee Swindon will demand

They are not going to sign him,and they have not made an offer,swindon is his level,tee hee.

I take it the second comment is from LE GOD the very over sensative Swindon fan, tell me something, have Swindon got any players worth less than 2m.??. Caddis is ok rb but not at that sort of money, you in L1 not PL.

Caddis worth around 600k/700k

I agree, Caddis is definitely not worth £2m. He is however a very influential payer for us and when he plays, Ritchie plays much better. They have a great understanding and we missed Caddis when he was injured late last season.

On that basis, I wouldn't sell him for anything lower than £1m, unless he as really P'd PDC off.

I really dont think caddis leaving. we rely on him down the right hand side overlapping with ritchie



15 Aug 2012 00:17:00
Norwich City are set to sign Lazio and former Man City player Javier Garrido on loan with an option to purchase at the end of the season

Source: various newspaper reports

Good decision.



15 Aug 2012 00:04:15
Crystal Palace are close to signing Rochdale attacker Ashley Grimes after the League 2 side accepted an undisclosed bid.



14 Aug 2012 23:52:10
Swansea are set to sign Pablo HernŠndez from Valencia. HernŠndez is keen to link up with Michael Laudrup.



14 Aug 2012 23:45:53
Daniel Agger could join Barcelona in part of a deal for Cristian Tello! If Agger were to join Barcelona then Tello will be Liverpools but they will look to loan him out for first team expierence and Swansea will be the ones coming in for the young spaniard!

Daniel agger may of spoke of his admiration for Barcelona, but that doesn't mean he would go.... He is still a Liverpool player and a very good/loyal player.

Ha ha ha lmao



14 Aug 2012 22:48:19
Christian 'Chucho' Benitez

Club America -> Southampton

£2.5M all up front fee.

Proposed 2 year contract.

After a not completely succesful spell in the Premiership with Birmingham City in the 2009-10 season, and having returned to Latin America, playing for Mexican outfit Club America, Chucho is set to give the Premiership one last chance with new boys Southampton.
Chucho is said to have unfinished business with the Premiership, and Southampton are the perfect team for him, as they are searching for a forward to accompany club record signing Jay Rodriguez, playing just behind the target man and club talisman Rickie Lambert in the newly adopted 4-3-2-1 formation.

Fees are said to have been agreed between Club America and Southampton and personal terms are now being discussed.

That sounds lovely!!

We've got lallana to play that role. Can't really see us going for a premiership reject.

Please no

Doubt it, we have 4 strikers. 5 if you include Guly


Too old, 2.5million is too much, doesn't fit the mould of players we buy, too tempramental.

Take your pick!

Benitez is an out-and-out striker. He plays off the shoulder of the defenders and relies on others to release him into space where he can turn on his very impressive jets. I don't know where anyone got this "playing behind the forwards" idea. I like him and he's a good player and excellent finisher, but we have enough strikers now. I think this is very unlikely.

Id love him to be at the club but we have got anoth strikers should be after defends more



14 Aug 2012 22:44:57
On the other hand, it appears that Liverpool have missed out on Barcelona's 20-year-old forward Cristian Tello. According to Catalan radio station Ona FM, after holding talks with the Spanish Club, Tello's agent has agreed a new one-year contract that will keep the player at the club until 2014



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