Football Rumours Archive April 15 2007


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Jol is not looking to sell many players in the off season and is looking to stiffen up the competition for places at the back and in midfield with king playing the holding role in midfield to come in next season more when Spurs scoop to buy Curtis Davis, nani, Van Der Vaart, and Dean Ashton who will be a straight replacement for the outgoing and Man City bound Mido also look for Jol to sell/ push out of door the fringe players like Murphy, zeigler, ifil and Gardner (we can only hope) :-D c.o.y.s

Hibs transfer targets

with the money Hibs get from Scott Brown which will be around 4-6 million pound then Hibs will try to lure some of these players in

colin mcmenamin Gretna (free)

zander diamond (exchange Dean sheils)

Derek Riordan 1 million from the tic

there are also 3 players from Monaco reserves who I hear are very talented

also Collins and his contacts are looking in England for top youngstars who can come out on loans.

also Alan shearer as full time coach for next season as tommy Craig is his mentor.

shearer has already took one Hibs training session

rumours about 75% true

Liverpool Football Rumours

Benitez will propose the following target players to the Liverpool board in the coming week (From a very close source in Liverpool FC)

High Priority Targets

One of: Samuel Eto'o, David Villa, Huntelaar, Toni

One of: Daniel Alves, Quaresma, Ribery or Simao

Secondary Targets, if High priority targets can't be snared

Aaron Lennon, Achille Emana (Toulouse), David Trezeguet, Valeri Bojinov

Youth Players under interest of Benitez

-Sotiris Ninis (Panathanaikos)

-Daniel Sturridge (Man City)

-Fran Merida (Wishing to use his Spanish influence to try and coax him from Arsenal, However, very unlikely as Merida has just signed a pro contract)

-Aaron Niguez (Valencia)

-Emilio Nsue (Mallorca, face stiff competition from Chelsea)

-Neri Cardozo (Boca Juniors)

Glen Roder looking 4 a big squad like Spurs so there will be now double figure signings

Newcastle transfer In

Distan free

Ian Harte free

khalid boul £5m

Rat £3m

Nelson £4m

Sidwell free

Barnes £3m

Nani £6m

Carlton Cole £1m

Newcastle out

Bramble free

moore free

ramage £750,000

baboayro £700,000

Carr £500,000

Luque £2m

(maybe Duff 4 £6m 2 Spurs)

Emre £5m

O'brian £300,000

pattison loan

edgar loan

Carroll loan

trosi loan


IN: Zigic (Santander), Diego (Werder Bremen), Metzelder (Dortmund), Alexis (Getafe), Abidal (Lyon), Soldado, Balboa, Baptista and Woodgate recalled from loan and De La Red, Casilla, Negredo, Adan, Granero, Sergio Sanchez from Castilla

OUT: Reyes, Meija, Pavon, Diego Lopez, Cassano, Raul Bravo, Guti and Beckham

We are hearing rumours here in Australia that Sydney United are about to bid for Fowler from LFC. They get to sign one 'marquee' player and since Dwight Yorke went back, they have been looking for a striker with good credentials.

We will see.

Manchester United Transfers-young players.ish

Players in: Hargreaves (17mil) Bale (8mil) Nani (14mil) Heitinga (6mil) Defoe (8mil) Nasri (mil)

Players out: Wes Brown (6mil) Fletcher (4mil) Foster (loan) Smith (6mil)

Barcelona Transfers-better team balance

In: David Villa (20mil + Deco) De Rossi&Chivu (21mil) Palacio (11mil) Alves (16mil) Ustari (5mil)

Out: Deco (swap) Eto'o (25mil) GudJohnsen (7mil) Motta (3mil) Sylvinho (1mil) Thuram (free)

Ustari/ Zambrotta/ Puyol/ Chivu/ Alves/ de Rossi/ Xavi/ iniesta/ Messi/ Ronaldinho/ villa

(Valdes/ Marquez/ oleeguer/ giuly/ palacio/ Dos Santos/ krcic)

Liverpool Transfers-approx 30mil spent

In: Eto'o (25mil) C. Davies (9mil) Quaresma (14mil) Raul (free)

Out: Cisse (8mil) Pongolle (3mil) Zenden, Fowler, Dudek (all free) Bellamy (8mil)

Chelsea Transfers-4 in 4 out

In: Lennon (10mil+bridge+SWP) Alex (free) Miguel (Ferreira+7mil) R. Carlos (free)

Out: SWP Bridge (swap) Ferreira (free) Makelele (4mil) (Ballack)

Cech/ miguel/ terry/ Carvalho/ cole/ Lennon/ Lampard/ essien/ cole/ Drogba/ Shevchenko

Real Madrid-naerly a new team

In: Gallas (8mil) G. Milito (12mil) Abidal (7mil) Navas (12mil) Saviola (free) Schweinsteiger (17mil) Trezeguet (6mil) Makelele (4mil) Ballack (7mil)

Out: Carlos, Raul, Beckham (free) baptista (13mil) Cassano (4mil) Guti (5mil) Emerson (4mil)

Casillas/ Ramos/ Milito/ galas/ Abidal/ Navas/ Makelele/ Ballack/ schweinsteiger/ Trezeguet/ rvn

Arsenal-going british-er

In: Ribery (12mil) Woodgate (6mil) Barton (6mil) Gordon (6mil) grosso (11mil)

Out: Aliadiere (3mil) Gallas (8mil) Reyes (12mil)

Lehmann/ Eboue/ Toure/ Woodgate/ grosso/ Ljunberg/ Gilberto/ Fabregas/ Ribery/ Henry/ Adebayor

Rafa is going after the following players:

-C. Davies (8mil)

-Tevez (15mil)

-Eto'o (25mil)

-Quaresma (15mil)

-Raul (free)

When he gets eto'o, Bellamy will leave (9mil)

When he gets Tevez, Kuyt will go to Madrid (10mil)

Kewell (4mil) Zenden Fowler Dudek (all free) Le Tallec (1mil) Pongolle (4mil) Cisse (7mil) and unfortunately Garcia (5mil)

23mil spent. There will also be lots of youngsters


-Reina Carson Padelli

-Finnan Arbeloa (Carragher)

-Carragher Agger Hyppia Davies Paletta (Arbeloa)

-Riise Aurelio (Agger Carragher Arbeloa)

-Pennant (Gerrard Quaresma)

-Gerrard Alonso Mascherano Sissoko

-Quaresma Gonzalez Leto (Riise Aurelio)

-Eto'o Tevez Crouch Raul Voronin

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